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    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Link sketch :))

    #BOTW#botw art #breath of the wild #legend of zelda #legend of zegend #Zelda#link#link botw#botw link#Zelda fanart#link fanart #i don’t draw him enough #I don’t draw anything enough #I don’t draw enough #hm
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    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #legend of zelda #zelda breath of the wild #botw link#botw fanart
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    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #SJKDAHHJHD THANK YOU AGAIN ANON #oh my god taps my beloved #he especially i thought people were going to sweep under the floorboards so I'm SO HAPPY that he's a favorite!!! #taps my beloved #anything about him should be under that tag ^ #botw#tapestry hero#ask bee#loz#zelda#missing links#linked universe
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  • rottentreegremlin
    01.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Y’all know how Link gets flashes of Zelda in skyward sword through his journey? What if we got a similar thing in botw2 where Link is just doing casual things and we see a memory of Zelda and him in their (yes it’s THEIRS) house doing something silly and you can see them slowly falling in love through the memories but they don’t quite get to admit to those feelings because clammy gan is an asshole. And I just like the idea of them maybe not entirely realizing they have these feelings for the other at the beginning. Maybe Link knows Zelda loves him but he thinks the feelings aren’t quite the same as they were or she doesn’t care for him like she did. Perhaps throughout their paralleled journeys Link realizes how much he misses Zelda and Zelda realizes how much she wants Link to stay in her life, even if he can’t remember everything they had together even if things won’t be the same as they were before, she still wants him to stay with her. But maybe Zelda also thinks he doesn’t feel the same and maybe he doesn’t remember his feelings or that he just never felt that way at all. Until she finds his adventure log in the Sheikah Slate while Link finds something she made and he realizes she does in fact still have those feelings and anyways I just want Link to be soft like in skyward sword but only when it comes to Zelda ya know? Like Link is soft in skyward sword all the time, he’s a very emotionally vulnerable, i mean especially towards Zelda but it’s all around just in his character to be open with his feeling. But in botw2 I wanna see Link just learning to accept that he isn’t as strong as he thinks he is, he may have been through many a trial to test his wisdom and power but he’s never tested his courage. He is never pushed to the limits to test how far he would go on just courage and willpower alone. He is alone yes, and he has lost people and continued his journey but that says nothing about his courage or fear when it comes to his ability to save Zelda. For all we know he could be bottling it up in favor of putting his energy into saving Zelda and only when the fight is over does he start to really become effected by it all. He finally breaks under the pressure of all these bubbling emotions and we see that in botw2 but he isn’t given the counsel he needs because by then he’s completely alone again with no idea fo whether or not his closest friend is even still alive or if he can even save her. Anyways I’m an emotional wreck about this and they had better go in depth in botw2 because their graphics and storytelling are too fucking gorgeous not to.

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  • squid-ink-personal
    01.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Taps! He wound up very shiny

    I also realized that up until now, I’ve been drawing Silent Princesses inverted. Whoops.

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  • rottentreegremlin
    01.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Bro what if when Link wakes up in botw2 (because it’s a common trend in legend of zelda games) he wakes up coughing like he inhaled too much water and it’s because he was dreaming about waking up in the shrine of resurrection only he couldn’t move to get out of the water and the water wasn’t draining away like it did before. Idk I think it would be very cinematically charming for them to do. Considering the graphics of the game it would be really cool to see them make Link and Zelda more expressive and give them more emotional responses to thing. Especially since it’s supposedly darker than majora’s mask, they better show it being just as, if not more traumatizing for them.

    #botw#botw zelink#zelink#botw2#link #zelda x link #breath of the wild #legend of zelda #rottentreegremlin ideas #rottentreegremlin fanfic ideas #rottentreegremlin fanart idea
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  • roxannarambles
    01.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The epic story of delivering the Giant Horse to Prince Sidon . . .

    I captured this beast of a horse with one thing in mind: to gift it to Prince Sidon, so he could have a steed that was hefty enough for even him to ride. I named the horse Triton (son of Poesidon). 

    The maps show roughly the route we took. This often requires holding ZL to urge your horse to go places it normally won’t. Tricky spots include strafing across one of the stone bridges and then making a tree bridge to get your horse to cross back to the other side again. Once you do that, it’s pretty easy riding to the Domain! 

    There is an invisible barrier right at the very front of the Domain, so we couldn’t enter further than we did-- but I brought it right to the front step. In the last photo you can see the horse in the background just chillin’ as I talk to Sidon.

    Links for how to enter the Domain on horseback: Reddit Post, Video for Tree Bridge, Video Showing Tree Bridge With No DLC Runes, Walking on Top of Barrier, Lots of Attempts to Slip Through the Barrier.

    And as an added bonus . . . walking on top of the Domain’s Barrier:

    Yes, we are indeed floating there. There are some places you can walk on top, although it has holes and you can fall through. (I’m trying to see if I can find a way to slip into the Domain this way, but pretty sure it’s impossible. Oh well.)

    #botw#link#prince sidon#giant horse#sidlink #marking this sidlink because I headcanon Link got this as a gift for the fish bf #game exploit#long post#mystuff
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  • sunnylaurels
    01.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    The Hero’s Sword

    Brave Warrior’s Sword-勇者の剣


    Through the Lost Woods and within the Korok’s Forest, there was a blade that banishing evil, said to be able to defeat the Resentment.

    An old tree called the Great Deku Tree said that whoever tries to take the sword brings the sword’s judgement down on themselves... The me of 100 years ago held this sword. Can the me of now pull it out?


    I got the legendary blade that banishes evil, the Master Sword. Maybe it’s just me but I think the sword itself is happy too...

    Princess Zelda is still fighting to stop the Resentment in Hyrule Castle... She believes that I will come...!

    Can I save her with the power I have now...?

    @squid-ink-personal @tortilla-of-courage @musashi @technicallya1manband

    迷いの森を抜けた コログの森に 厄災を討ち倒せるという 退魔の剣が眠っていた デクの樹と呼ばれる 巨大な老木が言うには その剣を手に入れようとする者は 剣自身に試されるのだという… 100年前は 自分が手にしていたそうだが はたして 今の自分に抜くことができるだろうか…

    伝説の退魔の剣マスターソードを手に入れた 心なしか 剣自身も喜んでいるような気がする… ゼルダ姫は今もなお ハイラル城で厄災を抑えるために闘っている… 自分が必ず来てくれると信じて…! 今の力で 彼女を助けることが出来るだろうか…

    #translations#adventure log#link's diary#botw #the hero's sword #couldn't think of a better translation for yuusha than brave warrior #wanted to use she/her for fi... but decided against it #master sword #legend of zelda #loz #last one for today #should I keep the japanese text like this? opinions please #I want this to be easy to read
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  • sunnylaurels
    01.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Seek Out Impa

    Finding Impa


    Impa of Kakariko Village will tell me which path to take...

    Come down from the starting land and head east, cross the twin mountains and follow the road north, and the village should be there... The hint is the light of the Sheikah Stone’s map.


    The elder of Kakariko Village Impa, told me, who had lost my memory, what happened 100 years ago. And she said to me the words of Princess Zelda, ‘Release the four Divine Beasts...’

    And it seems like the Sheikah Stone is incomplete. It might become a guide if I get it repaired at the Ancient Lab of Hateno Village...

    @squid-ink-personal @tortilla-of-courage @musashi @technicallya1manband 

    @aquaticpal Should I put the Japanese under the cut like this?

    カカリコ村に住むインパという人物が 自分の行くべき道を示してくれるのだという… 始まりの台地を降りて 東に向かい 双子山を越え 道沿いに北へ進めば その村が あるらしい 手がかりは シーカーストーンのマップの光点だ

    カカリコ村の長 インパは 記憶を失った自分に 100年前に何があったのか そして ゼルダ姫に託された言葉 「四体の神獣を 解放せよ」を教えてくれた…

    それと シーカーストーンは不完全な状態らしい ハテノ村の古代研究所で修理すれば これから進むべき道しるべになるかも知れない…

    #translations#botw#adventure log#link's diary #seek out impa #divine beasts were actually called god beasts... but that sounds weird #even if we say godly beasts I decided that divine beasts should be pretty much the same #loz #legend of zelda
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  • sunnylaurels
    01.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    The Isolated Plateau

    The Closed Land


    When I climbed down from the tower, the old man appeared and told me, that this place used to be the Kingdom of Hyrule, but was destroyed by Disaster Ganon. 

    In order to get down from this land and head to the castle where the voice was coming from, I need the old man’s Parasail. I think he’ll trade it for a sleeping treasure somewhere.


    When I came out of the shrine the old man appeared again. He said that there are a total of four shrines on this plateau, and that once I get the Testament of Overcoming from all four shrines, he’ll trade me his Parasail.

    I was encouraged to climb back up the tower so that I can look for shrines from above. I hear you can warp with the Sheikah Stone...


    The old man appeared again once I got all the Testaments of Overcoming. 

    He told me to meet him where all four shrines meet, and vanished...


    The old man was the ghost of Hyrule’s King. And that beautiful voice belongs to Princess Zelda, who is still suppressing Ganon somewhere in that Resentment-shrouded Hyrule Castle...

    “Defeat Ganon and save Princess Zelda,” He said before handing me the Parasail, and vanishing like his duty was done...

    @squid-ink-personal @tortilla-of-courage @musashi @technicallya1manband 

    #translations#adventure log#link's diary#botw#loz #legend of zelda #note: parasail is the paraglider #testament of overcoming is a spirit orb #sheikah stone is the sheikah slate #disaster ganon is calamity ganon #resentment is malice #I am using translations of the Japanese names
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  • rottentreegremlin
    01.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    So we have dark Link and we have Shadow Link from previous Zelda games.

    But we seem to have an additional Link to add in. And it’s this guy from age of calamity.

    I think Malice Link is a good name for him. Can we have him in the linked universe? Is that allowed? Can I keep him?

    #botw age of calamity #aoc link#botw#botw zelink#botw2#link #breath of the wild #legend of zelda #linked universe #shadow linked universe #dark link#shadow link #dark linked universe #wild lu #I think it would be… interesting to include him in the linked universe #especially because like… Astor pretty much snatched him from the other universe when he died #probably.
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  • freyafera
    01.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    zelink sketch from earlier

    u gotta do it link do it for hyrule

    #zelink#zelda#link#botw#zelda fanart#zelda art #the legend of zelda #legend of zelda #legend of zelda fanart #loz#loz fanart#link fanart#zelink fanart#art
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  • sunnylaurels
    01.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Follow the Sheikah Slate

    Where the Sheikah Stone Leads


    I heard a beautiful girl’s voice from somewhere telling me to go to the place marked on the Sheikah Stone’s map.

    This slate I received upon opening my eyes... This should be the first time I’ve seen it, but it feels... nostalgic. The map- I think it’s opened with a button.


    When I put the Sheikah Stone on the marked spot, a giant tower appeared, and took me up into the sky...

    From atop the tower, I could see a castle. And from that castle, I heard the beautiful girl’s voice again...

    @squid-ink-personal @tortilla-of-courage @musashi 

    #translations#adventure log #follow the sheikah slate #botw #legend of zelda #loz#link's diary #if you want to be tagged let me know! #if you think I made a mistake let me know! #if you have a specific request let me know!
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    01.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    📷Available in my etsy shop! Digital print of Breath of the Pokemon! 📷download file does NOT contain watermark

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  • linkedswords
    01.08.2021 - 8 hours ago

    i have a long post somewhere either in my drafts or in private? about link n zelda n kokichi interacting and i might post it eventually?? idk!

    #ramble #....kin n comfort collide. hylia sent the idea to me herself <3 thanks girl LOL #ok but my thoughts on hylia.. thats another post for another day #like. i am quite reverent at times to her as a goddess but other times i can be.. a little bitter? but rarely #i'd say my feelings are wishy-washy and can be easily influenced by other link kins.. flushed emoji #...is that the post. thats the post. #i made the post in the tags LOL #/hj #also i think about botw zelda's relationship to hylia as well
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  • a03-anxiousandafraid
    01.08.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I’m dropping this really close to the deadline (apologies!!) but here’s the fic I would like to enter for @behind-the-fic ‘s MFC competition! 

    Also a HUGE thank you to @quillandink333 for beta reading this for me and helping to make it better!! <3 <3 <3 

    Advice for Aryll

    Rated: T (CW: language)
    Word Count: 7856
    easier read on a03

    [Post-BotW] Link struggles with recovering memories of his sister while living with Zelda in their Hateno home. Distraught that he forgot her and having to digest her subsequent fate disrupts their lives and leads Link to take drastic measures when something strange happens to Zelda’s slate. 

    Golden wheat galloped across the corners of his vision and reappeared, bright as the striking sun, in the glistening soapsuds climbing up to his elbows. It was a pleasant assault of early afternoon joy absolutely begging for acknowledgement and he couldn’t help but smile at it. He knew what she wanted. What she’d be asking for the second he gave in.

    Deciding to be smart, Link took a long minute to finish scrubbing out the brown ceramic bowl he held below the suds. Dousing it with one last shower of water, he reached for a clean rag and lazily tilted his head towards the bristling ball of energy. Eyes as deep and brilliant as the ocean bore into his soul. Her lip folded neatly between her teeth to keep the tidal wave of excitement from rushing forth.

    Or at least, keep it at bay until she knew his attention was hers for the taking.

    An over exuberant gasp preceded the shrill of her voice, “You have time to play today, right?! Mom said you don’t have to leave again until tomorrow!” Her eyes were wide and pleading, fists tight and vibrating above her chest as if hanging on by an invisible thread.

    Link paused in his work and let the warm pang in his heart pull the corners of his lips higher. “I don’t know, Aryll… cleaning dishes is pretty exhausting,” the long dramatic drawls of his voice not matching the mischief in his eyes. “My poor arms might give out and then it would be all up to you to take my place and wield the sword.” He flicked his wrist with a flourish, spritzing them both with water as he draped his arm over his brow. The cloth, continuing its spin, slapped the side of his face with a heavy, wet thump!

    She cackled at his antics and jabbed a finger into his stomach. “Dummy! I wanna go see the cuccos!”

    “Oh, by see you mean harass,” Link snickered into his sleeve as he dried off his face. “What’s the plan this time?”

    A small squeal shot through her teeth. Rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet, she clasped her hands behind her back innocently and declared, “I think if we go up the winding hill with the large cucco I can jump off the ledge back towards the path with it over my head and I’ll float!”

    Ridiculous and creative- just like her. Entertaining the idea, he let the mental image of her launching into the air with a bird a quarter of her size rest in his mind only to burst out in hysterics a second later. Laughter wracked his ribcage so hard that it jostled the bowl loose from his grip. With a quick stutter of hands, he snatched it out of the air before any damage could be done.

    “Alright, alright. Let me finish this up and then we can go.” He turned back to the sink as his sister’s victorious shriek of excitement began to travel far away. But when his eyes focused on the site before him the sink was dry

    The stack of clean dishes airing out vanished only to be replaced by a simple yellow rag with nothing but a stray fork and spoon resting upon it. He lifted the bowl: a pale beige wood unlike the glazed ceramic he had before. A few stray grains of cooked rice were still caked onto the bottom of it.


    A light pressure grips his shoulder and when he turns there is hair as golden as Tabantha wheat yet the eyes that meet his are as green as the Farorean forests. Her brows are knit with concern. She studies his face before reaching up to cradle it, thumb stroking the sharp line of his cheekbone absently. When her lips part she questions him with a voice as gentle as rain, “Another memory?”

    His mouth is dry. Tongue thick enough to choke, he doesn’t realize his hands are shaking until Zelda gently takes the bowl from his wavering grasp and sets it on the counter beside them. One hand still on his face, he tries to look away but is steered back to her with ease.

    “Was it another one about her?”


    He told Zelda about his little sister when the first wave of memories came flooding back. She had known of her, of course, never having had the pleasure of meeting his sister or mother while they were alive. With all the empathy she could muster, Zelda offered him a sad smile and a tight hug in condolence. Though no amount of support could dampen the sting each memory brought with it.

    It had been so painful: seeing a young girl drag him around the grass with delicate fingers and stumpy legs to giggle at frogs and gawk at bugs. Seeing her pluck a small flower from the earth and place it in his hair as if it somehow made him royalty. Seeing her smile with love and admiration only to realize he’d forgotten her. Forgotten about his sister- the turbulent ball of joy who was counting on him to be there for her and he forgot her!

    A deep ache seeps through his chest as he leans into Zelda’s hand. Closing his eyes, Link gives her a small nod in confirmation and slumps into the silence filling the air between them. She continues to stroke his cheek, rubbing comfort back into his skin until he can muster the strength to ask the question teetering at the tip of his tongue.

    “You don’t…” his voice comes out a hoarse whisper, “…you don’t happen to know…?”

    His composure breaks before he can finish. Zelda catches him as he goes down, following him as they slink to the floor onto their knees. She rubs away the tears staining his face and coaxes him to meet her gaze. “I’m sorry, Link. I was omnipresent as Hylia, but I could only focus on small areas at once if at all. I did try to look for your family and for those of the other champions, too. There was just so much chaos. I just don’t know.”

    She cradles him until his shoulders stop shaking. Massages circles between his shoulder blades until his breathing evens out. Only once the turmoil settles into calm waters does she dare to disturb the stillness once more. Tucking a strand of hair behind his ear, she drops her lips to the shell of it and coos, “Would you like me to try and find out?”

    His warm breath fans out across her collarbone. “I-I don’t know.” It stutters forth from his lips, muffled against the fabric of her shirt.

    “Would you like to get out of the house for a bit? Change of scenery?” Her voice tips up with a hopeful inflection, one hand still soothing circles into his back.

    He’s quiet for a moment. This would mark his third breakdown this week, each getting set off in their small Hateno home. Each one about Aryll excited to have him around- excited to be with her again. It’s with a small grunt of effort that he pulls himself up and away from Zelda’s grasp. Rubbing his face clean with his arm, he regards her again with tired eyes. “Y-yeah,” he breathes out slowly. “I… I’m sorry.”

    She sets his unruly bangs back into place with a stroke of her fingers and returns a warm smile. “Nothing to be sorry about.”

    Cleaned up and less disheveled, he lets her drag him the short distance into Hateno proper. Her fingers lace through his in a tight knot, refusing to let go until they reach the general store where she needs both hands to pick up and scrutinize their produce.

    Link watches her intently. Offers up his arms to carry whatever she decides upon but otherwise spaces out to admire the way her nose scrunches every time she discovers a questionable mark or lump on a piece of fruit. He’s a good minute into appreciating the way that she absently swirls the glass jar of milk while going over her grocery list when he realizes there are eyes on him. The shopkeeper is staring expectantly.

    “I-I’m sorry?” he mumbles, trying to swallow down his embarrassment.

    “I said you can set that down on the counter if you’d like. We’ll ring it up when you’re both ready.” He gestures lazily to his partner who seems far more invested in his tattered old book than with doing anything work related.

    “Right,” Link breathes, shoulders stiff and back rigid. “Thank you.” Their items are carefully discarded onto the worn wooden counter. Once he’s sure the oranges aren’t going to roll off the edge he retreats next to Zelda, but she shoos him away almost immediately.

    “You should pick up some more arrows. I’ve been practicing with yours so much the tips are starting to dull.” Zelda sucks her lower lip between her teeth as she scans her list one more time. Satisfied, she hums an approval and shoots Link a reassuring smile, which he returns fondly. Her eyes follow him across the room until he’s at the display. The tenseness of his posture finally melts back into normalcy at the engagement in something mundane and familiar.

    Two glasses of milk, a block of goat butter, and a bundle of cane sugar are added to their pile. Rolling her shoulders back, a bright smile fit for pleasantries plasters itself across her face. Zelda inwardly winces. She’s been in Hateno long enough to ease off the formalities but somehow after one hundred years without a body it’s still ingrained as a habit. Luckily neither shopkeeper seems to be paying attention. A soft “hello” readies itself on her lips and promptly dies when she notices the second attendant.

    It’s the tattered old textures beneath his hand that catch her attention. Leaning over the counter, she slithers her elbows across the polished wood and eyes the yellowing pages with interest. “Beg your pardon, but what is that you’re reading?”

    The clerk looks up with passive eyes and flounders when he realizes who is speaking. Zelda has been in the store enough times over the last few months to be fondly recognized as ‘that cute blonde girl who likes arrows and literature.’ He clears his throat and stammers a greeting, slicking aside a messy tuft of hair with his fingers. “Oh it’s uh, old town records. Found it when I was clearing out some storage.”

    “For property ownership here in Hateno?” she asks, intrigued.

    “Yeah. My grandmother wrote it out before the Calamity and my mother said she stuck it in storage after trying to update it afterwards. Seeing it I-uh…” he rubs the back of his neck with unease, “I can understand why.”

    “Do you mind if I take a look?” She questions quietly, eyes darting towards her companion to verify if he’s listening or not. He’s not. Good, her mind spits out frantically, I’ve got about two minutes before that changes.

    The clerk perks up when Zelda’s eyes land on him once more. “OH! Uh N-not at all!” Limbs stuttering like his words, the book is hastily spun and inched towards her like it’s going to bite. His cheeks are a pasty red as he watches the cute blonde quickly forget he’s even there. A bemused snort puffs out in his ear and he has half a mind to smack his coworker in retaliation but neither of them exists in Zelda’s consciousness as she scours the crisp, yellow pages.

    Let’s see… Flipping the pages frantically, she’s delighted to find the entries were kept alphabetized by surname. Forrester… Forrester… AH! Her fingers glide across the paper to land on the familiar last name. A small yet triumphant smile breaks out across her face. Sliding her finger down, it isn’t long before her nail skims over a neatly written ‘L’ attached to a familiar “i-n-k” and she knows she’s in business. She hastily glances over her shoulder.

    Link’s brows are knit with annoyed disappointment. Holding an arrow up to the light, he gives the fletching a pinch and rolls his eyes in a way that says “shoddy ass craftsmanship.”

    Zelda tries not to snort at his seriousness. It’s so endearing and it’s buying her time yet that means nothing if she can’t stay on task! Shaking her thoughts into place, she lets a thin finger track across his entry. Champion, son of Arn, residency lot F12, status... her heart lurched at the next two words. In a new, looser script the words “deceased- calamity” punctuate the end of the line.

    A raw heat enters her cheeks and she has to take a breath to contain it. Of course he’s marked deceased. Hateno commoners wouldn’t have known about the shrine, but… her eyes track to the entry below it. Aryll… The entry mimics that of her brother’s but without a title. Goddesses, she was still a child. Zelda pulls a hand to her lips and swallows the heartache. Their parents names are entered in the immediate spaces following, each entry ending with the same distinct script “deceased- calamity.”

    Her heart aches. It’s exactly what she had expected yet she couldn’t help but hope her hunch had been wrong. Eyeing the page, it’s easy to see why the clerk’s mother abandoned the records. Her gentle script filled a distinct bar across the page like a plague. Flipping through the book, the same appeared to dominate the rest of the logs. She shuts the burden with a gentle hand. A shaky breath escapes her lips as she focuses on the feeling of worn leather against her fingers, thinks of the lost souls mournfully charted beneath her touch, prays an apology for their delayed recompense.

    A warm touch smoothes across the small of her back with fond familiarity at the same time a bundle of ten arrows is dropped onto the counter next to her arm. Zelda’s eyes snap open with a start. Too engrossed in her musings to hear his approach, she scoffs at herself and playfully thwacks Link in the chest with the back of her hand. “You’re so quiet, you spooked me!” Scooting the book away with the blunt of her hand, she hastily reorganizes the clutter of items before them to hide her nervousness.

    He gives her a lopsided smirk and leans in to press a soft kiss to the spot below her ear. An amused “sorry” escaping his lips before he pulls himself back a respectful foot away.

    Infuriating. Her nerves are screaming at his quick display of intimacy. Flushed pink with embarrassment, she glances up to find the clerk taking the volume back with a jealous scowl directed squarely at Link. Jeeze. Brows now knit with annoyance, Zelda hastily turns towards the second clerk to say, “We’re ready. How much?”

    She’s pleased to note Link’s behavior is back to normal once they reenter the house. Watching him put away the few items they don’t plan on storing in the slate, a stray pang of guilt creeps its way up her throat. I should have asked him if he wanted me to look, she thinks while Link drags out a step stool to reach the top of the cabinets. He’s not sure if he wants to know but I’m not sure if I should keep it from him… He still has to teeter on the tips of his toes to shove a jar of lavender back into place.

    Once he hops down he turns and is immediately met with a body pushing into him. Before he has time to blink he’s trapped between the press of Zelda’s hips and the rough edge of the counter stabbing into his back. Her fingers thread into his hair. His eyes close on instinct. It’s not uncommon for Zelda to get impulsively affectionate and after a rocky morning he’s not prepared to question it. Melting to her will, he lets his arms snake around her back and nuzzles into the crook of her neck.

    “Feeling better?” She breathes quietly into his ear, the sensation making his spine tingle. He nods deeper into her neck and tightens his grip on her ever so slightly. “Good,” she smiles and plants a chaste kiss to his forehead. “Today should be a relax day.”

    But it isn’t.

    They both sit together below the apple tree with books in hand yet despite the blue sky and fresh air Zelda just can’t shake the weighted dread dwelling in the pit of her stomach. Link takes her words to heart, lounging until he starts to fidget from inactivity yet remains at her side like an obedient pet. He knows he can get up and do whatever without needing her permission, but there’s a small voice in the back of her mind saying he stays not just for her.

    There’s a light crease above his brow. A crispness in his eyes that are all too aware that this is nothing but a distraction. They’ve been together long enough to see through the other’s façade yet that doesn’t deter Zelda from hiding her unease between smiles and delicate touches. Doesn’t stop her from dragging him inside and playing him like a fiddle to throw his suspicions back into the wind. But she can only sustain the charade for so long.

    Tucked neatly in bed, Zelda holds her book in her right hand and idly combs her fingers through Link’s messy locks with the left. He hugs her middle, body flush to the side of hers, breathing a steady rhythm across her stomach when he suddenly shifts to look up at her face.

    “Something’s wrong,” he murmurs with a look of piercing ice.

    Her blood runs cold. “Wrong? With- is something outside?” Heart beginning to race, she makes to get up but strong arms hold her in place. Confused, she meets his gaze once more and shivers. It should have been a look of reassurance. Instead, it drops another stone into the pit of her stomach.

    “You’ve been on edge since we got home. Did I…” He pauses to look away. There’s a small shift in his irises and when he looks back it’s vulnerable. “Do you want to talk about it?”

    “Link…” she breathes in defeat. Of course he noticed. He notices everything so why would this be any different? A heavy sigh forces from her chest, which does nothing to placate the regret tightening her lungs. “I’m sorry.”

    He watches her expectantly.

    Zelda takes a moment to brush his bangs away from his eyes. Voice quiet and guarded, she asks, “Do you want me to find out what happened to your family?”

    His brows pinch together. “You asked me that earlier so why does it sound like something has changed?”

    Caught. Her pulse picks up tempo. “I just want to know if-”

    “You know something, don’t you?” His revelation pierces her like a knife. “Why is-” He grimaces, voice picking up volume and eyes bleeding feral. “You said you didn’t know! Why is that suddenly different?!” His chest is looming over hers now, arms caging her in. She can see the desperate heaves shaking his ribcage and it all but cements her fear: that this knowledge would break him.

    “Link, I…” Zelda gasps, shimmying her body back towards the headboard to regain the high ground. “I came across some records at the store. I’m sorry I didn’t say anything to you before looking. That was a lack of foresight on my part, but please understand.” She feels like raw meat beneath his manic stare. Feels like a lowly bokoblin seconds from decapitation when his arms tense and nails dig into the sheets.

    His pupils quake as it all hits him like a wave in the Akkalan Sea. All color drains from his skin and suddenly the only thing moving is his lips. “They died when… She’s…” He chokes on a half sob half laugh and sputters, “Fucking Calamity. You… you would have told me if… if she had made it. I-” Laughter shakes his shoulders, jostling the bed and Zelda’s mortified form with it. “Why did I hope…?”

    Link’s voice trails off as his wheezing laughter rolls into sobs. Crumbling like the remains of the lost cities surrounding them, his head falls gracelessly into Zelda’s lap as he curls in on himself. Scared, Zelda draws a blank on what to do. The whiplash of his turbulent emotions has her petrified and second guessing. Only after an eternity does she manage to smooth a hand over his shoulder to rub some semblance of comfort back into his devastated form.

    “Shhhh, hey. It’ll be okay,” she hushes with tender resolve.

    He winces in pain, barely squeaking out words between gasps. “I-It’s NOT okay! I- There has to be… something I can…”

    Zelda leans in to draw him into a hug but jerks back when Link suddenly unravels and lurches towards the end table. “LINK! What are you-?” He’s practically clawed the slate off its perch before she can finish the question. A sharp symphony of nail tapping and clicks rings out into the air as he strikes the device with belligerent taps and like a jolt of lighting Zelda is struck with terror. This situation is quickly becoming dangerous and not just for herself.

    Thinking fast, she rips the device from his grasp and hoists it high above her head. “LINK! STOP THIS!” He snarls like an animal and tries to grab it back. Using her height to her advantage, Zelda pushes herself flush against the headboard and slips a foot against his chest to push him back. The action is sudden enough to catch him off guard, but it only buys her enough time to stand up before he’s trying again.

    “THIS IS INSANITY,” she screams, trying with all her might to push him back again. “Do you have ANY idea how unsafe this is for BOTH of us?!”

    “There has to be a way to fix it! There has to be,” he chokes out strained and desperate, “something on the slate! Something!” He swats at the air just inches away. When Zelda manages to fend him off once more something in him snaps. Eyes erratic, he grabs her left wrist and pins it to the wall next to her head. 

    Zelda gasps in alarm and watches him lurch towards the slate with a vengeance. However, the second his left hand reaches the device a sharp blast of white strikes their vision, sending the slate cascading across the room. It drops to the ground near the desk with a loud THUMP and the screen fizzles to black.

    They watch it lay there in stunned silence, the events of the past few minutes really sinking in. Link breaks first: choking on a gasp of realization and looking back to where he has the person he cares about most pinned to a wall. She scoffs. Wrenching her wrist free of his grasp, she promptly scurries over to the fallen slate and fiddles with the buttons to get it to turn back on.

    It remains black and despondent in her hands.

    “Zel… I-”

    “Fuck off,” Zelda spits. Without so much of a glance his way, she throws the dead device over her shoulder at him and storms down the stairs.

    The slate hits him square in the shin but it’s nothing compared to the blow he took from her words. Bile lurches up his throat. I’m so sorry. Hands shaking, he grabs the device and tries to power it back on to no avail. Shit. PLEASE. I won’t use you ever again just PLEASE turn back on and work for her!!

    In a pure rush of panic Link takes off down the stairs. Peering around frantically, he spots Zelda curled up in a miserable lump on the couch and all the fight leaves his body. “I-I’m sorry,” comes out a hoarse whisper. She doesn’t move. He tries again. “Zel… I’m- I’m so sorry.” Again, nothing.

    He heaves a shaking breath. It’s over. White noise rings viciously in his ears, pounding at his muddled thoughts and permeating his psyche. Overwhelmed, he whispers out one last apology before fleeing through the front door.

    Running down the hill towards the isolated pond, he hastily throws the slate into the grass with an aggressive exclamation of, “FUCK!” In this moment alone, Link had never felt a more overwhelming hatred for himself. “Why the FUCK did I-? HOW WAS THAT SUPPOSED TO-?!! FUCK!” Clawing at his scalp, the cold night air does nothing to quell the fire raging in his skin. Grief and regret twirl a wicked tango through his veins, encouraging his limbs to fidget and strain in outrage.

    Why did I grab her like that? Why did I push her? Why did she hide it from me? Why didn’t I trust her? Why wouldn’t she just give me the slate? Why did I have to fuck everything up?!

    His thoughts are a screaming, turbulent rage. Spinning with the speed and aggression of a cyclone and showing no signs of stopping. It’s a splitting mess. So bad he doesn’t realize he is hunched over, kneeling in the tall grass, screaming at the Earth like an animal fighting for its life. Whimpering into his hands, he plans on lying in the damp grass for the rest of eternity when a pulsing light flashes in the corner of his vision.

    Side-eying the disturbance, he considers ignoring it until he realizes the light is being emitted by the abandoned slate. It’s working! A small pang of relief douses the acid in his throat. Crawling towards it at a frantic pace, the device continues to pulse until the screen is tapped active. A familiar flash of blue precedes an automated switch to the screen of runes. Bright yellow pulses around the icon for stasis but something is off. The icon, originally a lock, is now curves into a shape resembling that of an hourglass.

    Intrigued, Link angles it towards a nearby rock and gives the rune a tap. He expects the object to lock into place with yellow chains, shimmering with an unnatural sheen for a few seconds before dissipating. Instead his stomach lurches so hard he retches violently into the grass. The sting of the bile waters his eyes and for a brief moment he thinks the shock has blinded him. But when he wipes away the tears it becomes very apparent he’s not squinting from shock but from crisp sunlight. 

    He startles. Shuffling to his feet and dropping into a readying stance, he glances around with frantic urgency. Everything seems normal besides the dramatic shift from night to day. No immediate threats or danger can be found. Turning back towards the water, the only major difference to note is that the rock is no longer there. Did I… disintegrate it? What in Hylia did this thing do? A small ring around the altered slate icon ticks away slowly like a timer. Odd. Lost in thought, he startles again when a shrill call up the hill punctures his ears.


    That voice?! His head whips towards the hill. There’s no way… The abrupt familiarity has his feet moving without his consent. Rushing back up towards the house, he comes to an abrupt stop when his eyes meet golden wheat. It glistens like a dream in the shimmering sun. Elicits a desperate gasp from his lungs and before he knows it he’s seeing blue as glorious as the clear skies above.


    Her eyes widen in recognition. Cheeks puffing up with joy, she lets out an excited shriek, “LINK!!” They barrel towards each other. Catching the other in a shattering hug, Aryll laughs in giddy delight as she holds her brother together.

    He’s stunned in her grasp. Disbelief and relief fighting so rough in his heart that it burns like the air of Death Mountain. His hand snakes behind her head, holding her close as if dropping her meant the end to this new reality. He’s ready to hold her forever. 

    Aryll’s small hands push at his chest, disrupting his thoughts and ripping his attention back to the present. “Are you here to stay? Where’s your sword?” she asks with a curious smile and points to the spot on his shoulder devoid of a hilt.

    He’s caught off guard and reeling. Only manages out an, “I… uh…” before she’s jabbing her fingers at him again.

    “Why aren’t you in your tunic? The blue one? I like that one! It’s pretty. Why aren’t you with the princess? OH!! OH IS SHE HERE?!!?!” She leaps around her brother with excitement, looking around with exaggerated emphasis to find where the princess could possibly be hiding. 

    Zelda. The ache turns to heartburn and he’s about ready to throw up again. “The princess isn’t with me right now,” he says with a strained voice.

    “But why?” She stops flailing to look him dead in the eyes with oblivious seriousness. “I thought you had to stay with her? That’s what mom said! You’re supposed to help her and she’s supposed to get her powers on her birthday and then mom and I will come see you and dad for the party!!”

    Link goes stone cold at her words. Aryll is here… ALIVE. She’s describing my old life and obligations. The rune was corrupted when he clicked it so it must have altered time. Power on her birthday- she must mean Zelda’s seventeenth when the Calamity strikes. But a party? I don’t remember a part- his eyes grow wide with dread. Mom and Aryll were traveling to the castle. The king in his journal mentioned wanting to make amends when Zelda returned from the spring. That’s why they all-

    “You’re so weird,” Aryll observes, ignoring her brother’s sickly complexion to poke his nose. She lets out a small yelp when he moves suddenly to grab her hands.

    “Aryll, listen to me!” His voice is urging and stern, pupils beginning to quake with urgency. She looks up at him with concern and fidgets. “This is really important. I need you and mom to…” Something’s wrong. Aryll’s eyes grow wide with fear and he’s seconds away from asking why when he notices the blue light licking up her face. 

    His body disintegrates from her grasp, pulling him back the way it does when he uses the slate for fast travel. To his reluctant horror he watches his sister fade away, an omnipresent view taking over his psyche as time begins to ramp up towards the true present. His eyes are trained on Hateno. On the small familiar house as figures growing smaller and smaller rush in and out at an impossible pace. He sees the blur of his family depart before time gets too fast to follow and bears witness once again to the moment the sky goes dark with sickly purple. From there it’s all too fast. Too fast to catch the movements of any one person and like a shield surfing accident he’s flung forward by the immediate stop of his body landing back into its proper time.

    With a mouth full of dirt, Link sits up and spits the unwanted snack back into the path leading up to the house. Every nerve in his body screams. Like being doused with a bucket of water, he scrambles to whip the slate back out and stares daggers at the altered rune. It’s pulsing gray. The small ring around it is slowly filling back up in some sort of recharge.

    “Holy FUCK load FASTER!” Link scrambles in the dirt like an irritated animal. Completely forgetting that screaming into the night sky within a populated town isn’t the best of ideas, he foams at the mouth over the screen hissing out into the open wind, “I’m coming, Aryll! I swear I’m coming back! I won’t let you- I won’t let you go this time!”

    It’s a century before the rune lights back up, but the second it’s available Link slams his finger into it with more vigor than necessary. The nauseating pull tears his body from its place in time once again and throws him into the dirt on another pleasant day. Spitting up bile, he chokes on the acrid taste and hugs the ground to reorient himself. The effects of the rune might be wicked, but it’s nothing he isn’t willing to endure to save his sister’s life.

    He takes a minute to stand on wobbly legs. A loud POP surges from his back like a firework and he groans at the pain and relief it provides. His noises foments a small rustle from the side of the house and when he looks up he’s relieved to see his sister again. 

    “Link?” she questions with confused eyes.

    “Hey, Aryll. I’m back,” he breathes with exhausted relief. She comes to him again for another crushing hug. Embracing her much the same as before, he speaks earnestly in her ear, “I’m sorry about before. I didn’t mean to leave so abruptly.” 

    Aryll pulls back and watches him with confusion once more. “What do you mean? You were home for a whole week. We knew you had to go back to the castle. Mom said we were gunna go visit you this time.”

    Link frowns. “But I… I vanished right in front of you?” He sounds crazy. Sounds absolutely bonkers and he knows it from the skeptical look she’s giving him. When her face breaks out into a sly smile it becomes very apparent she’s unaware of what had just transpired between them just twenty minutes earlier.

    “You weirdo! You’re trying to trick me!” She taps his nose with more force than necessary and runs back towards the house giggling. “You always choose weird games. Come play with the cuccos with me!” Before he can open his mouth to retort she’s already sprinted down the hill.

    Blinking in disbelief, Link looks down at the slate. The ring around the rune ticks down just like before. This… what is this? Did the previous trip never happen? Why doesn’t she-? I don’t… Existential dread seeps into his bones. This doesn’t make any sense. Anchored in place, his breathing begins to quicken when the door flinging open and jump-starts his heart. A lean woman with delicately blond hair looms in the doorway. She wears casual clothes soiled with stains and an expression of mild confusion at the site before her. 

    Link feels his lips quiver. Trying with all his might to keep himself together, the single word that falls from his mouth sounds like sand being pulled back into the ocean. “Mom?” She offers him a gentle yet questioning smile and he falls into her with the force of a hundred years of mourning.

    She collects him in her arms like it’s the most natural thing to do. Stroking his hair with gentle familiarity, her warm honey voice coos out to him, “You never come home without a note first. What happened?” Lifting his face to look up to hers, she takes in his disheveled status and frowns. “Honey, where is your uniform? What about your charge?”

    The fingers holding his chin are warm and welcoming. Melting against it, he tries not to let the foreign comfort swallow him whole. With much effort he voices, “Zelda is safe. I have my tunic. It’s with me, I just…”

    Her brows pinch at the familiarity of the Princess’s name. “I sure hope you watch your tongue when with company. Personal guard or not, you owe her the utmost respect and that starts with her title.” It’s a bucket of ice water to his face. Mortification dripping down his spine. There’s no way he can explain to her what has happened. That in one hundred years he would appear as he does now having worshipped her in ways she would surely disapprove of. And her title… she had been so adamant he stop using it. Been insistent that the word “princess” never so much as graces his lips, only abstaining from annoyed corrections when in the privacy of his own bed.

    Link choked on air. “O-of course. I mean no disrespect.” Her gaze softens. There are still questions and concerns floating around her irises but she waits patiently for her son to open up to her. “Mom, I need you to promise me something. A-a sort of favor.”

    She quirks a brow. “Yes?”

    “I need you and Aryll to stay home during the Princess’s seventeenth birthday.” It rolls off his tongue like water flowing through a stream. Cold and crisp, it flows with a certainty and energy only replicated in a time of urgency.

    His mother, however, stops it like a dam. “You want us to turn down a formal invite to the palace? Link, do you not realize how rude and improper that is?” Her hold on him is relinquished and his heart grows as empty as the space between them. “Your father has worked incredibly hard to reach his current position. And to have a son draw the sword that seals darkness, we have an obligation to be there out of respect!”

    “But the Calamity! Mom!” He pleads, withering.

    “The Calamity will be stopped by the Princess and you WILL be there to assist her!” Her words are sharp and commanding. “You dare doubt her, do you?” Eyes fierce and full of fire, she stares him down with a stubbornness he had long since forgotten.

    “N-NO! Of course not! I know her powers will come but… it won’t be enough! I-”

    A harsh sting radiates out from his cheek. Blinking in surprise, he steers his face back towards his mother in awe. She’s never raised a hand to me before… There are tears prickling in the corners of her eyes and he knows this conversation is a lost cause.

    “I never doubted her. But her day of triumph is the same day I fall,” he states with cryptic glory, fingers beginning to tingle and turn blue. He feels the dissolve cascade up his arms and neck and just like before is torn from his body to watch the world move on. He watches time once again ramp up into a staccato blow to his ego as he fails to make a difference on the past. It all plays out the same as before.

    This time when he returns, the force throws him against the doorframe. He falls to the ground with a shout of pain and tears the slate off his hip with the arm he still has feeling in it. “Is this some kind of sick joke to you?” He hisses as the inanimate object. Throws it at the pillar to his left only to have the device bounce off the splintered wood and thwack him square in the face.

    “GODDESS FUCKING-” the next stream of profanities to escape his mouth all come out in Gerudo. Spitting fire with no end in mind, he continues to fuss until the icon lights up with its trademark glow.

    His subsequent trips are much the same. Neither his mother nor sister shows any sign of recognizing a previous visit. They both offer mention of their upcoming trip and towards any insinuation that the Calamity will come as a threat and disaster not immediately vanquished each quickly turns to chastise him in his neglect of faith in their Princess.

    Of course that’s not true. He has nothing but faith for her and had always known she would prevail when the time came. Yet the puzzle of convincing them to stay without accidentally disrespecting royalty was becoming more and more difficult as it went on. 

    “Don’t you like her? You told me you believed in her and you’re not allowed to lie!”

    “Aryll, please! I adore her more than this world knows but you have to understand!”

    “Your father and I raised you better than this. You need to be there for her when others are not! The voices of doubt she hears are louder than ours so you need to be the one to remind her that her citizens believe!”

    Each dissolve cut into his heart deeper and deeper. Each new session squeezing his empty stomach with a vice grip. But no matter how disheveled and feral he grew in form he didn’t stop trying. Again and again, his head spun at the rate time threw him forward. Hitting himself against the wall, the ground, the sign to his house, the fence; he staggers back to his feet with a sickly rage and spews his frustration at the passive device in his hands until it is time to do it all over again.

    The ruckus is loud. Annoyingly so. The turbulent crashes that land him back in the present shake the house every ten minutes or so. Zelda had tried to ignore his plight from her uncomfortable spot on the couch, but the patterns of noises were becoming more and more concerning with every passing hour. She half expected him to throw open the door and just collapse inside like a dog tuckering itself out with play. But each sudden silence lurched in her stomach like a bad omen.

    Finally, after a rather loud stream of profanities followed a disgusting crack of bones against the door, she threw her legs over the edge and padded towards him. Throwing the door open Zelda jabbed her head out to yell, “What in Hylia are you-” and stopps dead at the stillness before her. Link isn’t there which is odd. Yet he was screaming but a second ago. Looking around cautiously, she shuts the door once more and retreats inside.

    “Where’s your sword?”

    “I left it, don’t worry abo-”

    “YOU CAN’T LEAVE IT?!?!” Aryll’s angry breath puffs out in his face like a punch. “IT HAS TO STAY ON YOU ALL THE TIME!” Finger jabbing angrily at his shoulder where the scabbard should be, she sends a little foot stomping into the dirt as punctuation.

    “How about this? I promise to put the sword back on right away if you promise to stay safe in Hateno for the next few months?”

    “I wanna see the castle!” she stomps again, aggravated. “You get to live there but I don’t so I want to see it too!” Cheeks pink with upset, she turns to throw open the door to the house.

    “Aryll, wait!” Link barrels after her, making it through the door behind her just in time for his head to spin. Time rushes forth like he’s trapped in raging rapids, spitting him out so fast it flips his battered body onto the dining room table. A horrific crack flares up in his back where the edge of the wood nicks his spine.


    He groans and winces where he tries to sit up.

    “How the fuck did you just-? What was that?” Zelda’s white knuckled grip on the railing is forgone to rush to Link’s side. Utterly baffled, she makes note of his copious cuts and bruises and while she has a million and one questions begging to be asked they’re all answered at the sight of the slate.

    “I have to go back,” he wheezes, fingers gripping the small device for dear life. “I have to… have to keep trying.”

    Her eyes spot the strange rune quickly. “Link, what is that?” He winces again as he tries to get up. “The stasis rune. Why is it wrong?”

    He grimaces, balancing his weight on one leg and hobbling back towards the door. Voice nothing more than a quiet mutter; he breathes, “I have to tell them. They have to understand.”

    “Who? Who are you seeing, Link? Why are you so beat up?” She follows him out into the grass with a desperate shrill in her voice. “What have you been doing out here?”

    Link pauses just long enough to meet her eyes. The exhaustion and dread in them on full display for her to see. Breathing an uneven rhythm he croaks, “trying to save them” before vanishing in a flash of yellow light.

    “PLEASE! I know it sounds crazy and I know it’s scary but I NEED you to understand you are in danger!” He grips his sister’s shoulders with frantic urgency. Her body is rigid below his grasp, surprise and alarm evident across her face. “You and mom will get attacked on your way to the castle. Fort Hateno will be overrun. I’ll be with the Princess so I won’t be there to help you like I should but Aryll, PLEASE…” the hitch in his voice cuts him short. Arms shaking, he ducks his head and lets out a pained sob, “…please… please survive.”

    When time bellows forward it’s the same horrors as before. Their departure can be spotted, the sky breaks with corrupt purple agony, and destruction ravages the world at a pace impossible to follow. Link crumples to the ground a few feet from where Zelda sits. Jolted out of her thoughts, she lunges towards him and crushes him into an embrace. Tears pouring down her face, she sniffles into his neck and pleads, “Link, please. Please stop.”

    He’s still shaking from the recoil. Still burdened by the continuous failures of this miraculous curse. “I have to… I have to…” he mutters, voice breaking as the dam comes free once more. “I thought I could…”

    Zelda holds him tighter, feeling his heart beating wildly in his chest. “I know,” she murmurs softly. “I know. But some things just can’t be changed. I’m so sorry, Link.” The slate falls from his grip, landing in the dirt with a heavy thud. He’s deadweight now. Body lurching forward with the need for release but having nothing left to give. She folds him carefully into her lap. Arranges his head into the crook of her neck and holds him steady as he grieves.

    She’ll never know the details of the desperate attempts he made. Never fully understand the drive that led him to throw his own body into disarray for a lack of differing outcome. But worst of all, she’ll never know what neither of them couldn’t see: the way the guardians attacked his mother’s horse. The way she threw a shield out to reflect a blast aimed for her daughter. Or even the way she curled around the young girl’s quivering form when the waves became too overpowering.

    In the smoke and ashes of a fresh battleground, a small set of arms dug their way out of the rubble. Terrified and alone, she crawled towards the road to be found by a set of fleeing soldiers. They took her and other civilians to safety, living nomadically until they were able to find fortified ground.

    They would never know how Aryll persisted. How she never returned to Hateno not for lack of ability, but for lack of desire. There was nothing left for her there and so she set out to make her life anew, forever mourning the news that the champion who wielded the sword that seals darkness had fallen.  

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  • rottentreegremlin
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    It would be wild if In botw2 when Link and Zelda get reunited if Zelda mistakes Link as a wild animal and thankfully misses when she shoots at him and he flips his shit because: what the fuck dude! I’m a person! And then he stands up and sees her but she shoots again anyways just to prove a point that he needs to cut his goddamn hair before someone actually kills him for looking like a Cryptid.

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  • rottentreegremlin
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    Skyward sword plot parallel in botw2 except it’s Link going to the sky and Zelda following after him and having to go back to the surface to rest. And Link has the power to oppose Malice Ganon and it’s Zelda having ti strengthen the master sword and prove her strength as a hero. Also there’s a twilight princess parallel with the magic shown, I hope we see Hylians get turned into twili beasts. That’d be dark but so fucking good. I bet it’ll have twilight princess and skyward sword themes. Like Zelda is stuck dealing with the twili on the surface and Link is completely unaware of the stuff going on down in Hyrule and while he wishes to know the arm was basically a whole reset for him and he has to start learning how to utilize it properly so he doesn’t die on the surface.

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    Look at how @aiboo dresses her link

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