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  • creepingwolfberry
    02.08.2021 - 1 minute ago

    Oh my lord everyone watch This Is Pop on Netflix, just for the Eurodance and Schlager Parts! I am on episode three and vibing hard to Waterloo and I want it that way and Next off is BRITNEYYY

    #This is culture and I love it #throwback to my essay on how the Backstreet Boys define love in their songs #so cursed #This is pop
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  • hel7l7
    02.08.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    maybe I’m not ready

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  • kkoongie
    02.08.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Thinking about how BTS almost debuted with the name “Big Kids”

    #like can you imagine #and how ARMY were almost called Bells 💀 #not that Bulletproof Boy Scouts or Adorable Representative MCs for Youth are much butter but-
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  • ikeromantic
    02.08.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Fake It Til You Make It

    A Mitsuhide Akechi fanfiction - approx. 2200 words. This scene takes place post-romantic epilogue. Fluff and a little spice.

    First: Mitsuhide and the Maiden

    Previous: Adrift

    Kyubei watched the innkeeper through narrowed eyes. Though the man was clearly nervous, he didn’t seem to be lying. His story hadn’t changed in the last three tellings, so either he was an accomplished liar or he was telling the truth.

    “L-lord Akechi and the woman left with one of the Akechi warriors. Right after we saw the fire across the lake,” the innkeeper said for the fourth time. “Then the storm came and after that, no one saw him.”

    “Do you remember anything else? Did anyone else come in after they left? Did you see anyone acting strangely?”

    The man shook his head. “No, I mean, not really? Everyone was a bit strange after we saw the blaze. Wondering if Azuchi was still standing.” He frowned. “You think it might have been Lord Akechi? Him disappearing like that right after -”

    Kyubei cut him off. “No. That was the work of the Mouri clan.” It wasn’t the first person he’d spoken with that suspected. And why wouldn’t they? Mitsuhide was only just back from his misadventure at the shogun’s side. An ally in disgrace. A man not to be trusted.

    The worst part of all this was that Kyubei really had no idea what his lord wanted him to do. Should he quash the rumors? Encourage them? Mitsuhide’s instructions from his last letter said nothing about an attack on Azuchi - not like this - and nothing about disappearing. Of course, he pretended like he knew exactly what was going on. He had to, until he received additional instructions.

    “So . . . am I free to go?” The innkeeper was frowning now. His nervousness replaced by a desire to get back to making money at the inn.

    “For now,” Kyubei said. He gave the man a hard stare. “If I need anything else, I will send someone for you.”

    The innkeeper bowed and left, leaving Kyubei alone with his thoughts. It really seemed that in the storm, his lord had simply vanished into thin air. And Miyake too.

    Perhaps they'd left with Ranmaru, who was also missing. But if so, there would be a letter. A message. Something!

    The castle staff had no idea where he was - they’d waited for him to return for hours. Miyake’s squad couldn’t find their commander either. Both men were expected.

    And the chatelaine . . . his lady. Kyubei worried that he had failed to protect her again.


    Morning came with pale light through a high window. It fell across four careworn, sleeping faces. Sasuke and Miyake lay in a tangle of blankets on the floor, and in a bed, Mitsuhide clung to his little mouse. He woke with the first notes of bird-song, but kept his eyes shut. He wasn’t ready to confront the strange world of 500 years in the future just yet.

    His little one stirred in his arms as the sound of morning birds turned into a hum of outside activity. “Is it . . . are we really . . .” She opened her eyes and looked around Sarutobi’s flat. “We’re really here.”

    Mitsuhide nodded.

    “I want to be happy about it, but . . .”

    He shushed her with a kiss. “It will be fine. Worrying won’t return us faster.”

    She sighed and buried her face against his chest. “I know. I just hope everyone is alright.”

    “They will be,” Mitsuhide reassured her. He didn’t think of it as a lie - simply an assumption he based on his past experience. Nobunaga would handle this threat as he did others that came before it.

    And Kyubei would see to what the left hand needed to be doing.

    Sasuke sat up, rubbing his face. “I apologize for the accommodations,” he told them. The same apology he’d given the night before.

    “At least we had somewhere to sleep.” The chatelaine sat up and wiggled out of the blanket. “I should probably check on my flat and see if it’s still mine. If so, we won't have to impose on you a second night. Although,” she sighed. “I don’t have my ID or my keys or anything.”

    “I don't mind,” Sasuke replied. “You are welcome to continue crashing here. Although, we may not be here for long. Weren’t there activities you wanted to do in this time? While you can?” His left eyebrow lifted almost imperceptibly.

    Mitsuhide gave her one of his slow, warm smiles. His fingers traced a path down her spine. “Yes, you did mention some things I would like to see, since we are here.”

    His little mouse arched like a cat against his hand. “I did . . . yes. Alright. Since we’re here, we might as well try to enjoy it!”

    Miyake rolled over on the floor and pulled the blanket over his head.

    “I take it that means you plan to stay here for the day?”

    Sasuke answered for the half-asleep warrior. “Actually, I would really appreciate it if Miyake would accompany me. I need to go to my university and make some arrangements.”

    Miyake groaned and sat up. He blinked as his gaze went around the room, taking in all the strange objects. Finally, he settled on the ninja. “You need protection or something?”

    “No. I don’t think anyone will attack me.” Sasuke felt around for his glasses and slid them on. “But I expect to be moving some heavy equipment in the lab. And I may have a friend who can help us out with those arrangements, if you're there to corroborate my story.”

    “Corr what?” Miyake frowned.

    “Authenticate. Like a two factor security key.” The ninja grinned.

    The warrior looked to Mitsuhide uncertainly.

    “If Sarutobi believes you can assist him today, then that is what you will do. I am sure my fiancée and I will be fine.”

    The chatelaine looked less certain about this, but she nodded agreement.

    The four of them took turns dressing in the ‘washroom’ to give each other privacy. His morning was one of surprise as the . . . toilet . . . squirted him with water. And warm or cold water came from a metal spigot at the turn of a handle too, spilling into a porcelain basin. There were more smokeless lanterns - electric lights they were called - and other wonders.

    Had Mitsunari been there, he was sure the scholar could have spent weeks studying every device but Mitsuhide just needed to know how to use it.

    In this place, he was the naïve child, and his little one, the wise teacher. Such a shift in their positions was hard to take. Mitsuhide didn’t think of himself as arrogant but this situation was humbling in the extreme. Thankfully, he managed to get through dressing and breakfast without any serious mishaps.

    Sasuke and Miyake left to the university. The flat was silent in their wake. Mitsuhide and his little mouse sat on the edge of the bed. She was tapping away at a . . . tablet . . . to get access to her accounts. The electronic scroll was interesting, at least. With pictures and writing all lit up so you could read it even in the dark.

    Mitsuhide stood and stretched, trying to get used to moving in his new clothes. They were Sarutobi’s and didn’t quite fit. He was dressed in a pair of pants that clung tightly to his legs and ended short of his ankle. The top was a soft weave, dyed black. It sported an odd blue character on it and the word Sonic. Sarutobi said the picture was a hedgehog, whatever that was.

    He would have liked to wear something without a picture on it. He’d had the choice between this one and something with a lizard that walked on two legs and shot fire from its mouth. Those were the only two shirts the ninja had that were long enough to cover him to his waist. And there was no way he was walking around with a bare midriff. Even if his little mouse looked interested in the idea.

    Her midriff was bare afterall, she’d laughed. And it was - sort of. She tied one of Sasuke’s shirts in a bow under her breasts and had a pair of his shorts on. Though Mitsuhide wasn’t familiar with the clothes of this time, he thought she looked like a child trying to fit into her father’s clothes. Endearingly cute, but ill fit. Some of the clothes they saw women wearing on the way in the night before would have looked much better on her.

    She looked up as if she knew he was thinking about her. “Ok, I think we’re ready to go.”

    “Where to, my love?”

    “Well, first to my apartment. It looks like my rent payments have all been made. And the building manager knows me so I should be able to get a spare key.” Her smile was all relief.

    They arrived to the apartment, a small space in a tall building that reminded Mitsuhide of a castle, if the castle was robbed of all charm and beauty. Her room was utilitarian and sterile, and while there was still the wonder of technology, he could see none of her personality in the space. He said as much.

    “Hm, yeah. I didn’t really have time to decorate. The apartment came furnished. I moved in and then, well,” she laughed. “I ended up in Azuchi with you.”

    Mitsuhide pulled her into a hug. “A fate worse than death, little mouse?”

    “You know it wasn’t,” she giggled, laughing harder as he ran his fingers down her sensitive sides. Holding her like this felt like home, even if nothing else was familiar.

    After several slow breaths, they let go of each other.

    “I must confess, I cannot see you living in this place. It doesn’t seem very safe. And you don’t have much room for your sewing.” Mitsuhide couldn’t help but poke into her cabinets, shelves, and drawers.

    She nodded. “Yeah, it’s pretty small but it was a place I could afford on my own.”

    Mitsuhide heard the pride in her voice. He smiled. “I can imagine you coming here, determined to make it on your own.” He turned from the cabinet he was inspecting to see her stripping off her shirt.

    Her pert breasts were a pleasant surprise, but she crossed her arms over them as soon as she saw him looking. “I’m just changing clothes! I didn’t want to wear Sasuke’s basketball shorts all day.”

    “Please, continue.”

    “I - I can’t while you’re staring at me!” She turned so that all he could see was her back.

    Mitsuhide laughed. “Are we not lovers? How many times have I kissed, nibbled, caressed every bit of your skin from head to toe?”

    She shivered, skin dimpling with remembered touches. Slow, nervous, she turned back around. Her arms lowered, revealing her chest again. “You can watch if you want to.”

    He wasn’t sure if it was nerves or mischief that made her voice squeak at the end. Either was amusing. “Mmm, I’m a lucky man to get a show.”

    “You are,” she smiled. Her fingers went to the tie on the shorts. They fell away, pooling around her feet. Underneath, she wore nothing.

    Mitsuhide sucked in a breath.

    Her hips swayed as she walked to her wardrobe. She glanced over her shoulder at him and fluttered her eyelashes, trying to be saucy. The effect was a little spoiled by the blush that ran from her cheeks to the tips of her ears. From within the wardrobe she pulled out a little twist of cloth. It was light blue and made of some embroidered material.

    He didn’t realize he could see her skin through it until she slipped it on, slowly pulling the fabric taut over her curves. Though she was technically covered, it was somehow more tempting than just skin alone. “What . . . is that?”

    “Panties.” She giggled. Then she pulled out a matching bit of cloth and wrapped it around her chest. The rise of her breasts were restrained by this new piece of clothing as she reached behind her as if to tie it.

    “And that?”

    “My bra.” She turned right, then left, letting him get a good view.

    The sight made Mitsuhide want to simultaneously rip the clothing off her and still enjoy looking at her in them. It wasn’t possible to have both . . .

    “To be honest, it’s been kind of nice not wearing these the last few months. But I think I would feel weird if I didn’t wear them with my modern clothes.”

    “I like them.” Mitsuhide smiled widely. A grin that brought heat to her gaze before she looked away, suddenly shy. He knew this ground well. Even here in a world where everything was strange, his little one was the same.

    He stepped forward, reaching to cup her cheek. His other hand settled lightly on her hip, fingertips stroking the skin just above the fabric of her panties. She inhaled sharply, lips parting. Mitsuhide took the invitation.

    The kiss was, at first, gentle and sweet, but the press of their bodies built heat between them. Their breath mingled, tongues entwined. Hands grasping, stroking, pulling. Tearing.

    Mitsuhide stopped at the sound of fabric ripping.

    His little one gasped and reached down to feel the damage. Her eyes widened. “You . . . tore my panties.” Then she started to laugh.

    He laughed too. Never in his life had he expected a woman so wonderful. A woman he would want badly enough to - literally - tear the clothes off her. This kind of passion he’d always believed was fake. Yet here he was. It was unthinkable. Incredible. “I love you,” Mitsuhide told her, smiling so widely that it hurt.

    “I love you too.”

    She gestured to the wardrobe. "I should probably, you know. Finish." It took only a moment for her to shimmy into her own clothes. Then they headed out into this strange world that was his home 500 years after death.

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  • bushidofederation
    02.08.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    . . . . . . . #hashtag#girls#boys#beautiful#beautifuldestinations#boxing#martialarts#bushido#life#lifestyle#spanish#honduras#colombia#brazil#photooftheday#henessy#mma#bushido#karate#bushidofederstion https://www.instagram.com/p/CSEV5oaLvJQ/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • miss-terra-bates
    02.08.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    An Eye For An Eye Will Only Make The Whole World Blind

    Released by ExtraNation Records 30/7/21

    #i make noise #noise makers#noise#brain noise#harsh noise #girls make noise not only boys #Bandcamp
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  • bushidofederation
    02.08.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    . . . . . . . #hashtag#girls#boys#beautiful#beautifuldestinations#boxing#martialarts#bushido#life#lifestyle#spanish#honduras#colombia#brazil#photooftheday#henessy#mma#bushido#karate#bushidofederstion https://www.instagram.com/p/CSEV2IjLXOp/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    02.08.2021 - 8 minutes ago


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  • kakashigf
    02.08.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    ive decided boys with mullets are hot

    #there was this mr hot boy at the festival last night i stood next to #he was so 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 #even had piercings and tattoos #i dont even care that he was my height short king #i couldve asked for his name from a friend but im a coward #oh well#m
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  • aotoreiki
    02.08.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    I think I’ve said this before, but thanks to Ice being on the antagonistic side multiple times (and y’know, being foiled, as the antagonistic side tends to be), he actually has a pretty large amount of respect for Rangers.

    The hostility he shows toward them and aversion he has to being around them isn’t because he “hates them”. It’s because, aside from the threat of potential condemnation should one recognise him, they remind him of what he did, both in how his actions hurt people (which is of course what the Rangers were working to stop) as well as how he failed at his own goals, his at-the-time job (while conversely, they succeeded at theirs).

    It’s just a lot easier to express all that mess as “bah, Rangers (derogatory)”, rather than saying “I’m disgusted with myself and my actions/failures”.

    #oh boy! i'm a bad guy and i'm not even good at being bad! #man is built of unhealthy psychology and coping mechanisms #headcanon: missing canalave (and my candy)
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  • linghuxcourtyard
    02.08.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    postcard to china, drummer boy.

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  • kitazawayui
    02.08.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    I wanna set you free.

    But I'm too fucking jealous.

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  • falloutboyfan18
    02.08.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Fall out boy

    📸 Michael mullenix

    #patrick stump#pete wentz#joe trohman#andy hurley #fall out boy #hella mega tour #i can’t wait to go to hella mega #queue all the love to leave my heart
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  • chubbybubby
    02.08.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    I don't know why but the belly mood of the day is Jack heavily pregnant

    #i think its just that........ he'd be so round and IRRITATED #and he'd need assistance so much #VULNERABLE BIG BOY!!!! BRAIN GOES BRRRRRRRRRR
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  • mejacinta
    02.08.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    This cast are the best. So adorable. It feels like we've been waiting forever, but here we are!!!!

    11 days to go.

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  • queenofnohr
    02.08.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    rare photo of Aias with the regular horn color for Raen males instead of the super white I play with

    my bf thought Aias looked particularly handsome and couldn’t resist snapping a shot ☺️

    #pic cropped bc.......... spoilers LOL #it’s just an area u don’t get till shb nothing major but Still #the second brightest star in summer #still a very handsome boy but Aias’s palette was made specifically with the white-white horns + scales in mind
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