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  • taketwo-orthree
    28.09.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    The greatest torture is looking Eat Ya Fuckin Heart Out HOT and having no one worthy seeing it

    #ibetalkin #i look like a fuckin DREAM right now #lemme paint the photo #black pants with sparkles all up on em #the are high waisted #just enough to be semi decent in my burgundy/ maroon corset worn braless of course #with only 5 bottom latchers attached so my breat are just SPILLING out nipples covered but very hot #think man made superhero suit for a woman #my hair is braided with extentions in like a cornrow style with the back hanging loose so i have a red bandana on #with a red lip #my new faux septum piercing on #LADIES I AM A DREAM!
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  • swinginclamranchrascal
    28.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #sexy af#omg#blonde#bodysuit #one piece swimsuit #girls with pigtails #braided pigtails
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  • thighridingsamu
    28.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    help i've been running into a pretty boy hella today and i grinned just now running into him again and turned the corner as quick as i could bc i bet i looked like a creep smiling at the sight of him

    #hes#beautiful #v pretty complexion and his hair is on the longer side #this morning his hair was half up half down and rn it was in two braids #v cute #and i look like a MESS today fml
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  • saayatsumu
    28.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    if i don’t read it it isn’t real :)

    #tokyo revengers spoilers #tokyo rev spoilers #draken my beloved #he can’t be dead he’s sitting in front of me and i’m braiding his hair rn. explain THAT if he’s dead. #seriously tho im crying lol #hes been my no.1 since i first got into it and #draken#ken ryuguji #draken tokyo revengers #draken x reader #tokyo revengers#tokyo rev #can posts tokyo rev
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  • itswadestore
    28.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    From Coiffures traditionnelles et modernes du Mali by Kone Mamadou.

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  • winchesterdisease
    28.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    and now an even-longer-haired sam

    ft. cas being jelly of the braid i guess

    #sam winchester #and 1/3 of cas' head #sam should've gotten to have a braid #as a treat #spn#supernatural
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  • twistbraidsnap
    28.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    New item - Wedding mix barrel hair beads! This is a very popular size.⠀ ⠀ Stop by and check them out at www.TwistBraidSnap.com ⠀ ⠀ #twistbraidsnap #naturalhair #hairbeads #naturalhairstyles #braids #braidstyles #cornrows #hairbeautydirectory #hairstyles https://www.instagram.com/p/CUX-_RbPrnJ/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • yourqueenb
    28.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    So for some reason I didn’t go through all the hairstyles when I played QB last week. And lemme just say, I really and truly would like to know what the art team is thinking half the time. Like wtf are these 😷😷

    And again, glad they’re adding more Black hairstyles, but… gotta do better

    Bc don’t get me wrong, these aren’t horrific. But the fact that the hair for the Bantu knots is straight bothers me. And something about the braids is just off. Like idk if it’s the way they’re sitting on her head, the weird bump, the fact that some of them are darker for no reason, all of the above?? I just… I’m begging y’all to give me something PB

    #choices qb #choices queen b #choices #choices stories you play #playchoices #and don’t even get me started on those red/orange and yellow braids 💀 #I forgot to screenshot them #but why does PB try to do colored hair when they CLEARLY don’t know how 😐 #really tryna have MC out here looking like the McDonald’s logo :/ #and the way I know they were going for messy cute or something with them #but they’re actually just messy for no reason 🥴 #and look like MC’s turned her hair into hay from dyeing it too much just like the blonde hair #choices app#pixelberry studios#pixelberry
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  • aestheticallyglammed
    28.09.2021 - 8 hours ago
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  • havenothingtodowithme
    28.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    You can try to argue with me that lady muzan is not a milf but I will not listen

    This list could have had only 3 tiers actually

    #you know what #i should have made a tier ONLY for kotoha #because i want to marry this woman #i want to make sweet love to this woman #i want to braid her hair and tell her that shes the love of my life #i want to help her raise her feral son #i love her #tell me which mom i forgot because i'm sure i forgot someone #kimetsu no yaiba #kimetsu no yaiba manga #demon slayer#vic shitposts#vic thoughts
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  • crypt1db1tch
    28.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    It hasn't snowed yet so technically this is still a weather appropriate outfit

    #my face#leo#brunette#lgbt#bisexual#outfit #got taken on a romantic sushi n coffee picnic date #by the mountains n river #n then had the best sex of my life #twin braids#braids
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  • mangocito
    28.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Gio with braids ✨

    #I have a fixation with wanting to see long haired boys in braids no idea why #antonio giovinazzi #f1 alfa romeo #f1#formula 1#f1 art #formula 1 art #myart
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  • hobbbitor
    28.09.2021 - 14 hours ago


    #rarity’s canon hair is so difficult #so i gave her pretty flowy braids #no ragrets#my mine#art#artist#my art #artists on tumblr #procreate#lgbt#queer artist#mlp#mlp redesign#mlp fandom#mane six #mane six redesigns #twilight sparkle#rarity#applejack
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  • somahairbraiding
    28.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    African hair braiding Seattle

    The fashion may be modified to be formal or informal, depending upon a wearer’s preference. It is nice to make a diffusion of a Hair braiding stylist who's efficient and quick when starting up for making braids. It allows the service to be rendered in minimum time and makes them easy for the traveler. Tired of having the same hairs for a completely long term…?? Then you absolutely must pass for Hair Braiding due to the fact the African hair braiding Seattle styles look to be the quality preference for a stylish and coffee upkeep hair-do. When curled, they upload an extra little bit of leap to a hairstyle.

    #African hair braiding Seattle #African hair braiding #African hair #Hair braiding and weaving
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  • somahairbraiding
    28.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Hair braiding and weaving

    It's a clean, practical hairstyle for ladies with various hairs and an identical amount of electricity. The appeal to this fashion of hair braiding is convenient to maintain. The cause that such a lot of youths flock to hair braiding as their favorite kind choice is while you bear in mind that it’s clean to control and it is available in best patterns. There’s nothing new or earth-shattering approximately this unique Hair braiding and weaving. It can be no longer new are available fashion and fancy, it could be not fashion-in advance, and it is not present day.

    #Hair braiding and weaving #African hair braiding #African hair#hair braiding
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  • iameriwa
    28.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Praise be to God

    From the age of five I was instructed to take care of my Mum and Sister.

    Why would anyone ask a child to take on such responsibility?

    I wasn't old enough to question the instruction, so did my best to adhere.

    You see my Dad died when I was five, and at that time, my baby sister was barely one.

    My Mum was constantly in and out of the hospital, managing an inherited red blood cell disorder.

    I had no choice but to grow up, and do so fast.

    Becoming responsible at such a young age was a gift and a curse.

    I didn't get a chance to enjoy my childhood, or my teenage years because I wasn't considered a child.

    Everyone who could, took advantage.

    That being said, all my experiences prepared me for the many challenges I've been through and overcome.

    I've always been wise beyond my years, and felt a sense of duty to care for my loved ones, before myself.

    However, now I've established healthy boundaries.

    I do things out of love not obligation.

    I don't allow anyone to emotionally abuse me or guilt trip me.

    I don't give anyone my hard earned money whenever they ask because they've been irresponsible with their finances.

    I don't allow anyone into my space if their energy isn't right or aligned with mine.

    I don't wait for anyone's appreciation, applause or approval, I don't need it.

    I don't hold malice but where necessary I will keep my distance.

    I don't have any expectations so don't get disappointed, just pleasantly surprised.

    I've stop holding people to my standards, I know we are all different, and have different paths.

    I've let go of all my hurt and anger

    I've realeased all my past pain and embrace my present, while remaining optimistic about the future.

    I love myself first

    I prioritise my needs first and don't apologise for doing so

    I'm focused on my mental, physical and spiritual growth and that's it.

    I'm blessed and highly favoured

    I let God guide my footsteps and walk confidently moving forward.

    Praise be to God - Amen

    Author - @iameriwa

    ⁣Photography - @xander.foto

    ⁣Model - @attrvcion

    ⁣Hair - @tossedtresses⁣

    ⁣Stylist - @talyseanir_ ⁣

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  • drag-tween
    28.09.2021 - 16 hours ago
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  • comfyswitcherblanketfort
    28.09.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Braid, Curl, Flatten, and Pin

    projection? dont know her. 

    pairing: geralt and jaskier 

    content warnings: jask is upset by an insult to his music? hair braiding? its pretty fluffy and soft ngl


    Geralt took a deep breath, measuring his inhale, pause, and exhale, as he tried to meditate despite Jaskier’s pacing. The bard had taken a well-aimed and rather sharp insult to his music the morning before and he clearly wasn’t letting it go. He’d poured over his notebook full of verse the night before and refused to pick up his lute all the next day, so all his nervous energy was channeled into pacing and angry muttering. The witcher knew better than to interrupt him, having learned his lesson the first time he tried to tell Jaskier to relax. He simply had to wait it out or hope the bard would find a decent distraction. 

    His ears pricked up when Jaskier’s feet stilled directly behind him. For a moment Jaskier just stood there, Geralt guessed he was picking at his nails but he couldn’t know for sure. 

    “Could- Geralt, would you let me braid your hair?”

    Without opening his eyes Geralt humed a hesitant response, “You know how to braid?”

    Jaskier scoffed and Geralt imagined him putting a hand on his hip, “I had five older sisters. I can not only braid, but curl, flatten, and pin your hair into a style that would survive even a difficult contract.” 


    After a brief silence, Jaskier ran his fingers through the ends of Geralt’s hair. He just barely touched it, realistically he probably only brushed the strands to the side, but Geralt had to stifle a shiver all the same. 

    “Can I? It's calming to have something to do with my hands,” Jaskier explained, “I wont be offended if you hate it, I promise.”

    “If it stops your pacing…” Geralt sighed, feigning more reluctance than he felt. 

    He vaguely remembered the last time Jaskier played with his hair. They had both been drunk as skunks and lounging about in the evening summer heat but the warmth of Jaskier’s lap under Geralt’s head hadn’t bothered him at all. The light tugs at his hair and fingers massaging his scalp was just as intoxicating as the wine and he’d fallen asleep with his head on Jaskier’s thighs. 

    Feeling Jaskier’s fingers tug the tie from his hair and gently comb through it was an entirely different experience while sober.

    The tugs at knots stung a bit more, but Geralt was also acutely aware of every little maneuvering touch and every brush of the bard’s hand over his shoulders. He told himself Jaskier was just moving his hair, it wasn’t some secret indulgence like Geralt hoped. Regardless, his heartbeat picked up so quickly he almost failed to notice the bard’s slowing until they met at a nearly even pace. 

    As he worked at untangling, Jaskier shuffled less and less, settling into a stillness Geralt had yet to witness of the bard. When he started sectioning Geralt’s hair he began to hum, bringing the ghost of a smile to Geralt’s lips. He made a mental note of how quickly it calmed his traveling companion but didn’t dare say anything. 

    The actual braiding sensations had a very rhythmic quality to them, a gentle tug, a finger tracing a line against Geralt’s scalp, another gentle tug, and repeat. Soon enough Geralt felt himself settling into a meditative state, more relaxed than he had been all week. 

    Right when he thought Jaskier was done, he released the braid and picked it apart only to start over again. He did this several times and even if he was a bit confused, Geralt was grateful. He didn’t think he could ask Jaskier to do it again, no matter how much he loved it.

    #thats it #thats the fic #i wanted to write and dani said fluff so here we are #zero editing#no beta #we die like calanthe #geraskier#geraskeir fic#geraskier fluff#the witcher #the witcher geraskier #geralt of rivia #geralt#jaskier #jaskier the bard #jullian alftred pankratz #geralt meditating #hair braiding fic #jask braids geralts hair #braiding geralt's hair #what other tags are there? idk fam #dont read me if you find a typo #unless its funny then i wanna know lol
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