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  • delarverie
    10.06.2021 - 3 days ago
    #GOOD MORNING BESTIE I LOVE YOU BESTIE #is your day going okay. did you have breakfast #i missed you so much #good luck with your date i love you i love you i love you #lali 🐹
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  • taiganaut
    08.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    Bright Eyes Announce Tour Dates With Lucy Dacus, Japanese Breakfast, and Waxahatchee

    The postponed reunion run finally kicks off this July The postponed reunion run finally kicks off this July

    #RSS: News #Bright Eyes Announce Tour Dates With Lucy Dacus #Japanese Breakfast#and Waxahatchee
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  • better-than-one
    03.06.2021 - 1 week ago
    #rowan ryd#anonymous fairy #an up-to-date reference #an unusual breakfast
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  • aishiteruto
    02.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    villains never break up because they're tenacious even when they love ˖ ࣪ . ִֶʚ♡ɞ

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  • sugary-mystery
    01.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Pride Dates: Rusty

    *Ash and Rusty are getting ready for their first Pride Parade together. Ash was often busy on the day with his blog, but Rusty thought this could be a cool date*

    Happy Pride Month! I wanted to make some slices for this month with some of my characters LGBT+. This slice features the main characters from my story Coffee for Breakfast. Enjoy! 

    Disclaimer: Pride Month, Pride Parade, MLM Relationship, Kissing. Words:431. Citrus Scale: Orange. 

    The day was cloudy and a bit cold, the air was a bit strong but it was okay with me since I imagined we’ll be walking a lot today. The many flags would look great in pictures so I decided to pack my camera.

    Rusty was looking at himself in the mirror, his tail would flicker back and forth as he tried to adjust his new rainbow bowtie. He groaned in frustration, unable to tie it properly. ‘’Here, let me help with that’’ I reach for it and tied it in less than two minutes. He checked how he looked and smiled brightly.

    ‘’Thanks’’ he beamed. ‘’I don’t know how you did it. I just couldn’t keep it straight!’’

    ‘’That’s because you aren’t’’ I snorted, bursting into laughter.

    He slapped my arm playfully and chuckled. ‘’You’re pretty cheeky today, I’m glad’’ He put on the leather jacket I bought for him on Christmas, I love how it fits his orange fur. ‘’These things are cute but complicated to wear’’

    ‘’I think they make like, hooks? I think they are called. Or stuff like that online. Maybe we can get some today, my friend bought himself a pair of suspenders last year’’

    He kissed my cheek, wrapping his arms around my waist. I turn my head and kiss him back, taking my time to savor the flavor of hot coffee still present in his rough tongue. When I felt his other arm turning me around so we could kiss better I had to pull away, despite me wanting to continue things further.

    ‘’Don’t get too excited, we still have to go to the parade’’ I grabbed my backpack full of pride pins. Rusty had got them for me as a late Christmas present. I wasn’t used to wearing so many rainbows, unlike my now boyfriend who often wears printed shirts with goofy drawings, unapologetic to be himself.

    Ever since we started dating, I’ve seen many changes in both of us. At first, I thought the only one who would change would be me, now feeling much better and still taking my medication regularly, but Rusty has shown me a more extroverted side of him that feels confident and happy.

    Things hadn’t gone smoothly, but I feel damn happy to have met him. I smile to myself, feeling oddly nostalgic about all we’ve been through and how it brought us together. I feel his warm lips on my cheek, his whiskers tickling a bit.

    ‘’Spacing out again, I see’’ he giggles, grabbing my hand. ‘’Ready?’’

    I grasp his hand firmly. ‘’Yeah. Let’s go!’’

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  • inkedoutprince
    29.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Levi sleeps with socks on

    #specifically thigh highs #his brothers are used to it #he uses them to slide into the dining room for breakfast #obey me #obey me! #obey me! shall we date?
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  • redxriiot
    28.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Dating Kiri means he makes you breakfast everyday

    #hc #//Now does that mean he makes it for the person and calls them to come down for it #//Or does mean he will proceed to head to their window; get in and serve it to them in bed #//Honestly depends on if they told him VERY CLEARLY to cut that latter shit out the first time he tries it. No soft no's or he'll forget #;mun has spoken #//This is dorms considered #//In the case of them not living in the same place; he'll either personally head over and deliver breakfast or get in and make it #//Habit started bc of his childhood bestie #//Bc he heard it was cute for partners to make each other breakfast/breakfast in bed #//And his brain propelled by his massive crush went 'We're not dating but we're super close enough; so fuck yeah imma do it' #//So every day from then; aside from waking up early to help his mama and set stuff up for later; he'd make his buddy breakfast #//And proceed to climb his way up to the guy's window; get in; and wake him up for breakfast #//Ei already breaks in to sleep over; so he wouldn't have to worry about the lock when he heads back over to his house; but STILL #//Tomo got used to that too eventually; but it was awkward explaining to his mom why he no longer needed her to make breakfast for him #//He kept up doing it to another buddy when Tomo moved away; and stuck to THAT up until he had to move into the dorms #//That was the one downside he saw to the dorms; and he misses doing it SO FREAKIN' MUCH #//Free breakfasts/lunches in the kitchen/fridge are usually Ei's doing. He doesn't like wasting so they're free for anyone to take too #//He won't mind it if they do get taken unless he really had his set set on 'em. He'll be so happy the mistake came in handy for someone #//But yeeeaaahh #//He's so used to the responsibilities he had when he lived back home; he'll jump at the chance to enact 'em on someone #//Is why he offers to make everyone coffee; since he's already up and at 'em at 4am #//Honestly; the dating comment above is a head's up about dating him. But if anyone playfully asks him for breakfast? #//HE WILL PROCEED TO MAKE THEM BREAKFAST FOR THE REST OF THEIR TIME AT UA #//Or until they tell him to cut it out; even if when he's in a relationship #//Making folks food bc they asked him to and keeping it up or simply doing so on his own accord is just one more he way can show his love #//And he's got a whoooole heckuva lotta love to share for his classmates and others he's attached to #//Gets nervous at first when they try them; but if they like it? He'll proceed to not only be the happiest Kiri; but also learn everything #they like so he can vary the menu and tailor to their tastes. Ends up with a notebook full of info like Deku's Quirk analysis lmao #//Except it's specifically full of notes on what the folks he makes food for like; dislike; favorites; things they wanna try; can't eat; etc #//It's best not to ask him exactly how he goes about getting that info. Just enjoy his foods and praise him plenty pls
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  • gernades
    19.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    its canon that nancy forgets to eat when shes stressed or overworked and that makes me sad- however. the fact that carson told ace this is very significant-very meaningful!!! it really makes you wonder: do you think ace would text nancy to ask her if she’s eaten that day... or even bring her food? because ace seems to like giving things to people- food, tools, utensils for nancy’s dad at his new place, his time- he names his appliances and his car, so he clearly places a lot of importance and meaning on physical things. gift-giving is probably a love language of his. it’s likely that he’s encouraged her to eat, brought her food, or has even made a meal for her at some point

    #im rewatching the show #and when carson said that 2 ace at like... the start of s2 i was like. god fuckin. wait a minute. hold on #he’d do it very subtly too. for a while #but when they start dating im sure hed pick up stuff from bakeries or make her breakfast. i. *puts head in hands* #t #i am just rambling Ignore This
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  • fan-fangirl-world
    17.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Perfect breakfast idea with the perfect date

    RE Vendetta, yummy meal and good company. Super combo.

    #resident evil#re vendetta#chris redfield#leon kennedy #leon s kennedy #my edit #I wanted to do #this version#perfect breakfast#perfect date #by watching vendetta #the super good combo #it's a cute idea #but also a good reason #to have a relax time #break time #and enjoy it #sorry not sorry #for the#chreon#moment #chris x leon
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  • cyo-bro
    16.05.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Johnny Cage: “Soooo, Liu. If one were to, I don’t knowwww, trytobuyRaidenagift...what would one get for a god exactly??”

    Liu Kang, tired of Johnny‘s sh*t and just trying to get through his Thursday: “Are you implying that an immortal God could have materialistic bounds??”

    #Liu is so fcking tired of Johnny asking for dating Raiden advice. #Every fcking Tuesday Liu has to sit through Johnny ranting during breakfast. #He’ll be like Johnny...you don’t need mg blessing #Johnny Cage#Lord Raiden#Liu Kang #I set this during Scorpions Revenge obs
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  • toftie
    16.05.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    enemies to lovers is nice but enemies to like best friends is really good actually

    #just finished reading manhwa called look at me by kony. soo good lol #it ended on a rlly satisfying and happy note. like the two mc started on the worst terms but like at the end #theyre basically best friends for life #i cant get over how like. intimate that is. regardless of whether they had ended up dating or not which im glad they didnt #no home is also a rlly good manhwa abt the 2 mc in the beginning hating the shit out of each other but then eventually #get comfortable enough to make each other breakfast and defending the other like fuck.
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  • parveens-kitchen
    10.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Dates Almond Breakfast Smoothie

    Dates Almond Breakfast Smoothie

    Dates Almond Breakfast Smoothie – Milk of choice, banana slices, soft dates, almond butter. vanilla protein powder[Optional] and dates syrup. Blitz until smooth and enjoy. Dates Almond Smoothie – Parveenskitchen.com Dates Almond Breakfast Smoothie Simple, creamy and super healthy with no refined sugar this Dates Almond Breakfast Smoothie is fit for a simple breakfast or snack…

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  • hogwartsbitchcraftandmisandry
    10.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I’m too sexy to know about lordt of the rings and I’m not ashamed to say it

    #one time I went in a date with this guy and he referenced some lord of the rings thing #and that’s well and good but I truly was just slapped with the knowledge that I didn’t like him enough to care #and love can do A Lot #love made me care about Bruce Springsteen #and I was like... there’s more made up languages in those book than there are female characters #it’s a no from me dawg #mine #all this having been said I do truly hope you’re all having a good time with your funky lil breakfast gremlins and that gay wizard
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  • slashdementia7734
    08.05.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #Mr Spock#Star Trek #eight lucky ladies #breakfast with spock #3 crowns restaurant #Hilton Hotel #St Paul Minnesota #February 1st 1969 #9am.Saturday Morning #St Paul Winter Carnival Parade #KSTP-TV #dialing for dollars #jim hutton #fuck a space dude #advertisements#vintage ads#dating
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  • nobodysfairy
    06.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    EEEEEEK Papa’s taking me out to breakfast 🥰🥰🥰🥰

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  • parvum-os
    04.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    omggggg 😳😳😳

    #this girl is outright flirting with me omg #shes so cute too wtf and she's also inviting me to watch movies together and get breakfast and show me around town... #like i really want to get back and make plansssss #like i know i told myself I wouldn't date anyone before starting therapy #but im starting therapy next week so... #lol idk im excited shes too cute and so flirty and so nice
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