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    American graduate student held in Iran since 2016 on suspicion of espionage to be released

    12/07/19 3:31 AM

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    https://bit.do/WOWZ Trump, Melania meet with royal family at Buckingham Palace for NATO reception https://dlvr.it/RKqwtT <<< CLICK🔥🔥🔥 https://dlvr.it/RKqwtT

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    https://bit.do/WOWZ Pennsylvania teen posts TikTok video moments after car accident with friends https://dlvr.it/RKqj3D <<< CLICK🔥🔥🔥 https://dlvr.it/RKqj3D

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    https://bit.do/WOWZ At least 10 wounded in New Orleans French Quarter shooting https://dlvr.it/RKh9xV <<< CLICK🔥🔥🔥 https://dlvr.it/RKh9xV

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    Gabrielle Union just tweeted and revealed she had a 5-hour meeting with NBC after her “America’s Got Talent” firing weeks ago.

    Union tweeted, “We had a lengthy 5-hour, and what I thought to be, productive meeting yesterday.”

    She’s added, “I was able to, again, express my unfiltered truth. I led with transparency and my desire and hope for real change.”

    Via The Wrap:

    Union’s tweet comes after NBC and “America’s Got Talent” producers Fremantle and Syco said in a statement last week that they planned to meet with Union to hear her “concerns” about the “workplace culture” on the show following her dismissal and subsequent criticism of the environment she left behind. It was reported Monday that Union would sit down in person with legal representatives for the network sometime this week.

    NBC did not immediately return TheWrap’s request for comment.

    Also Read:Gabrielle Union to Meet With NBC in Person to Discuss ‘AGT’ Exit

    News first broke on Nov. 22 that Union and fellow “America’s Got Talent” judge Julianne Hough would not return for the show’s 15th season next year. It was later reported that Union’s contract was not renewed, with multiple reports describing behind-the-scenes clashes between Union and the show’s producers over what was described as a “toxic” workplace culture.

    Many flooded to Union’s defense after reports about her complaints began to surface, including former “AGT” judges Howard Stern and Sharon Osbourne. Both spoke out against the “boys’ club” environment on the show, which they said was facilitated by executive producer-turned-judge Simon Cowell.

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    Time’s Up President and CEO Tina Tchen publicly called on NBCUniversal to “change its culture so discrimination, harassment, and retaliation are no longer tolerated at the company.”

    “Not only did Union reportedly endure and witness racist and inappropriate behavior — including racially-insensitive comments and excessive criticism about her physical appearance — but it also appears she was punished for speaking out,” Tchen said, also issuing a petition urging the company “to take Union’s allegations seriously.”



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    Chris Brown payed a $35,000 fined after striking a deal in the monkey case, as was first reported by TMZ.

    The Blast later confirmed the story.

    Via TMZ:

    Chris’ attorney was in court Wednesday morning, as the judge placed him into a diversion program for the case of the Capuchin monkey he bought back in 2017.

    The terms prohibit Chris from buying any monkeys until June 6, 2020. He also has to pay $35,000 to the monkey retreat facility where his old monkey is now living. If he sticks with the program, all charges will be dropped after June 6. The judge also left it up to the monkey retreat to decide if Chris can have visitation with his ex-pet.

    TMZ broke the story … CB claimed he didn’t own the monkey, Fiji. The L.A. City Attorney had charged him with 2 counts of having a restricted species without a permit.

    Brown was adamant the video showing Royalty playing with the monkey was NOT taken at his L.A. home. He claimed the video was actually shot in Vegas, where the monkey lived with a relative who was the real owner.

    As we reported … Chris took major heat for posting the video of his then-3-year-old daughter playing with the exotic pet. People were freaking out that she was in danger because the monkey’s a wild animal. Chris told everyone to take a chill pill.

    Important to note … the judge said after the diversion program, Chris is free to own monkeys again – but it’s gotta be a non-restricted species and the monkey’s gotta have its papers.

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    A$AP Rocky has been denied a Swedish prison performance after a formal request, as was first reported by AP.

    TMZ later confirmed the story.

    Via TMZ:

    The rapper is heading back to Sweden in about a week for a concert on Dec. 11 – and while he’s expressed interest in possibly playing a gig for the inmates at Kronoberg prison … it ain’t gonna happen.

    The reason … a honcho with Sweden’s Prison and Probation Service tells TMZ there were logistical and security concerns that prevented them from getting something together.

    You’ll recall, Rocky himself was a prisoner for a good while this summer as his assault case stalled.

    As you know, Rocky told us he was very interested in heading back to the Euro country and giving back for the inmates with whom he was once jailed. And, of course, the same Prison and Probation Service that’s denying him now said they were open to the idea as well.

    So, what’s with the cold shoulder then? Well, specifically, the Service cited a high occupancy as the main reason for saying no. There might be other issues, though, based on Rocky’s written request … which TMZ has obtained. In a letter written sent to prison officials Tuesday – in Swedish, no less – AR’s team formally made the ask.

    According to the doc, Rocky says he wanted to swing by Kronoberg while he was in town and bring a DJ and what sounds like 11 accompanying performers and tech crew members. He also requested to have 4 to 5 different camera guys there to document it.

    Sounds like he wanted to bring a ton of people inside, which the prison didn’t seem too down for, considering they’re already packed to the gills. Plus, the request came days before the proposed show … a bit late, no?

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    The New York Mets are about become much richer with a huge billionaire.

    According to Bloomberg, investor Steve Cohen is in talks to buy New York Mets with 80% steak of the team.

    Via Bloomberg:

    The transaction would value the team at a baseball-record $2.6 billion, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the discussions are private. The Mets confirmed the talks in a statement.

    The move would put a sometimes-controversial Wall Street figure in charge of a team that’s long sat in the shadow of the New York Yankees. But the transition will take time.

    Fred Wilpon, the team’s principal owner, will remain in his current role for at least five years, at which time Cohen would control the franchise, said the person. Jeff Wilpon, his son, will remain as the team’s chief operating officer for the five-year period, the person said.

    Cohen, whose net worth is $9.2 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, will remain as chief executive officer of Point72 Asset Management, the person said. Cohen didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

    Fred Wilpon is making the move as part of estate and philanthropic planning, the person said. The Wilpons will retain a stake in the franchise they assumed control of in 2002 at a valuation of $391 million.

    Fraud Case

    Cohen, 63, started his former firm, SAC Capital Advisors, in 1992 and it averaged returns of about 30% annually. But the hedge fund pleaded guilty to securities fraud in 2013 and paid a record fine as part of a U.S. crackdown on insider trading on Wall Street.

    Cohen raised $5 billion from outside clients when his family office Point72 Asset Management became a hedge fund last year, saying it was easy to gather money. He said at the time that he took only 10 to 15 meetings, including one overseas trip. Point72 now has about $14.6 billion under management, most of it Cohen’s.

    The Mets have made the playoffs just three times since the Wilpons took control, with a losing World Series appearance in 2015.

    Once one of baseball’s highest spenders, the Mets went through a period of lean years. Fans attribute that to the owners’ involvement in Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme, which put the team in financial disarray.

    The team took $65 million in loans from Major League Baseball and Bank of America Corp., then repaid them after selling a handful of minority stakes in the team. The owners also agreed to pay $162 million to settle a lawsuit brought by the liquidator of Madoff’s firm.

    Stay tuned …

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    Pope Francis got a Lamar Jackson signed personalized Baltimore Ravens jersey.

    TMZ Sports posted the pic.

    Via TMZ Sports:

    Baltimore Archbishop William Lori was bearing gifts when he hit up Rome this week … handing the pontiff his very own “Francis #8” jersey with Jackson and John Harbaugh’s signatures on it!!!

    Jackson has been playing outta his mind this season … with a combined 32 total touchdowns, 2,532 passing yards and 977 rushing yards. Now that the pope has the dude on his radar, you might as well hand him the MVP trophy now.

    Sorry, Russell Wilson … maybe next year.

    Of course, Pope Francis has been showing a lot of bias lately … remember when he accidentally tweeted support for the New Orleans Saints earlier this season???

    Consider Jackson officially #blessed. Watch out, AFC.

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    It’s officially over for Johnny Manziel and model Bre Tiesi.

    Johnny’s wife, Bre has officially filed for divorce from former Browns quarterback as was first reported by TMZ Sports and after “vows were broken.”

    Via TMZ Sports:

    Tiesi had previously called Manziel out for allegedly cheating on her … saying, “vows were broken.”

    Bre filed docs Wednesday morning in Los Angeles … which starts the process of officially ending the marriage.

    The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner and Bre started dating in 2016 and got married shortly after.

    The star quarterback previously credited Tiesi with saving his life … while he worked to beat off the field demons.

    Of course, Johnny has been fighting to get back to football after the Cleveland Browns cut him in March 2016. He had a brief stint in the Canadian Football League before getting kicked out for breaking his contract agreement.

    Manziel also played 2 games in Alliance of American Football before the league suspended football operations this past April.

    Tiesi kick-started the Manziel cleanse back in August when she had all her Johnny-related tattoos removed … saying there was a ZERO percent chance for reconciliation.

    Shortly after they broke up, Manziel spoke with TMZ Sports about the split, saying … “This is all very, very personal and very sad.”

    “I appreciate everyone who has been so supportive of both of us and I would just ask that everyone respect our privacy at this difficult time.”

    “My hope is to put my head down and be allowed to focus on work and what is required of me on the football field.”

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    Sorry Montreal Tampa Bay Rays are staying in Tampa.

    The St. Petersburg’s mayor’s office released a letter on Wednesday saying the team is NOT moving to Montreal with the talks over with the city.

    Via ESPN:

    “Both parties have agreed that the best path forward is to abide by the existing use agreement with the understanding that the agreement allows for the Rays Organization to explore post-2027 split or full season opportunities, both in St. Petersburg and elsewhere,” Mayor Rick Kriseman wrote.

    Kriseman also said the team declined to pursue “full-time” stadium options in the Tampa Bay area and that the city will not contribute public dollars toward a new stadium.

    In June, the Rays received permission from Major League Baseball’s executive council to explore a plan in which they would play home games in both the Tampa Bay area and Montreal. The Rays believed the two-city solution was the most feasible to save baseball in the Tampa Bay area after years of failed attempts to build a new stadium in the region, sources told ESPN’s Jeff Passan at the time.

    Rays principal owner Stu Sternberg had said he envisioned the plan taking effect as soon as 2024, but Wednesday’s announcement indicates that no such move could happen until at least the 2028 season.

    The Rays’ average attendance of 14,734 in 2019 was the second lowest in the majors, ahead of only the Miami Marlins.

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    Kid Rock has closed his Detroit restaurant and amid the Oprah backlash controversy and announcing making new music.

    Kid tweeted, “You haters better be shaking in your boots. To my supporters and fans, I will not let you down.”

    Rock added, “I guarantee it will be my best record and tour ever. Devil Without a Cause…”

    He later added in a another tweet, “All this BS going on has just go my blood pumpin’ and is only more songwriting fuel for a new record and tour in 2021.”

    “I am beholden to no one, no corporate sponsors, no label and I am gonna go the fuck off!”  


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    The Terrelle Pryor stabbing suspect has her bail denied and the judge just said she a “danger to the community.”

    TMZ Sports posted her mug shot.

    Via TMZ Sports:

    Shalaya Briston was arrested and charged with felony attempted homicide on Nov. 30 after a fight with Pryor … but she had hoped to get bail on Wednesday.

    But, the judge DENIED that request … and now 24-year-old Briston will remain in jail until, at least, her next court appearance on Dec. 12.

    As we previously reported, Briston and Pryor – who had been dating for the past year – got into an argument at their Pittsburgh-area apartment last week when things turned violent.

    After a night out of partying, Briston returned home to find a pissed off Pryor … and according to court docs, witnesses say they got into a physical fight.

    At one point, a witness says Briston appeared to stab Pryor … and the 30-year-old NFL player required emergency surgery to fix the wounds.

    According to Pryor – who was just released from the ICU – he nearly died TWICE from the injuries … but is doing better now.

    As for his role in the alleged altercation … he was charged with misdemeanor assault – and cops tell TMZ Sports he’ll need to be booked as soon as he gets out of the hospital.



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