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  • If a girl tells you multiple times that you’re moving too fast and you keep bringing up the future and how you want her/him to love you, IT WILL scare her/him away. Love comes naturally. If you’re not getting the same effort back, they probably aren’t into you, or they need more time. DO NOT BRING UP the following if it’s been less than a month, or if they aren’t reciprocating feelings the same way as you.

    • Wedding Rings
    • Future children
    • Not being able to live without them
    • Traveling to see each other (long distance relationship)
    • “I told my whole family about you” <- NO.
    • Do not buy gifts! It makes him/her feel guilty if they aren’t sure how they feel.

    AGAIN: LOVE COMES NATURALLY. If you feel like you have to prove yourself, or prove how happy they would be with you, you’re probably doing it wrong.

    This my not apply to everyone but it’s a good guideline for some.

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  • When I was younger my mind wasn’t like this. But now as an adult. I see both sides and multiple sides to a story. So even though this heartbreak happened I can feel better. I can write. I can think of it. Cry. Not want anything to do with the person. But In peace

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  • we were supposed to go on a road trip for my birthday next year. we were gonna go to california, or utah, or louisiana. you act like nothing has changed, but we’re not going on that road trip, are we?

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  • I hate they way I feel now with you. Nothing has been the same and we’ve tried so hard. So many fights. So many words have been exchanged. So many broken pieces. What’s up and what’s down at this point. I miss you. The you that I used to know. I can’t help but look at our old phots from 2, 3 years ago. Where are those people. Cause there not here no more. There gone. Gone forever….

    And I can’t help but cry in our kitchen looking at the hot chocolate box you bought for this season. To think of the time we should be spending drinking hot chocolate. Or making a fire. Endless Disney movies, endless games of apex. To spend time with my person.

    Help me understand the outcome of all this.

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  • Hey tumblr and tumblrets! 

    It’s been a good a month, i would say. I’m still understanding myself and taking time to be more in tune with the way i feel. I have had good support from my friends, thankfully. I’m getting through this semester and i’m extremely happy about that. My birthday is coming up this weekend and i’m looking forward to it. I wish i was able to share all my good news to someone but i guess i can give the credit all to myself and to my caring friends. 

    This time is kind of hard though. It’s a reminder that i am alone now and that the only thing i can really do is give myself as much self-love. I still feel the void of not having that love from a significant other, but thats normal. I hope it gets better in another year or so. For some reason, part of me still thinks about the good times i spent with Adrian and how many good memories we had together. I loved him so much and it just sucks how things turned out. Maybe with time we can be friends again and rekindle all the good times we had together. I can only remember the good times and the amount of effort i put into him so he can succeed and live a better life. 

    I wish things didn’t go the way they did and would have ended on good terms. Young ole me burned the bridges, not necessarily because i wanted too but because of what he did to me as well. If someone truly loved you, why would they get into another relationship with someone? I don’t think i can ever understand that. Yeah, it’s someones way of coping but the extra baggage to bring to that persons life is not necessary. Honestly, if i never did what i did, i wonder where i would be. Would i still be on the same path? Because he did stress me out but it really didn’t get in the way of my school. But when we argued, it drained me. Maybe i gave up too easily while he was putting the effort to keep the relationship alive. Yeah, he didn’t have the best job but he always kept it humble and generous. Adrian was honestly such a good guy to me 90% of the time. And my heart knows it. But time apart is what we needed and who knows what will come in the next couple of years. 

    I had to block him on all my social media. I hope he stays curious as to what i’m doing and that i’m in some way in the back of his mind. I hope he’s truly happy too. But for some reason, i believed in true love and it’s because of my relationship with him. I look back to all the good memories, the gifts, and positivity he brought into my life when i needed it the most. Do i regret what i did or still think theres something more that will come out of this.. yes. But i also know my heart is completely different from his and the resentment he holds towards me will probably be in his heart forever. I just hope maybe we can come together one day and build a new relationship with each other. Even if thats just being friends or even being together again. 

    Does this mean i miss him? probably. Is it because i haven’t found someone else? possibly. But i’m always going to remember the way he treated me. And if i can’t find someone that will treat me similarly, then i’d rather just stay single. He didn’t treat me like shit. If anything, he treated me SO good. What do i regret about the break up? I regret the way i ended things. Am i responsible for the way i made him feel? No. But it could of ended differently and i could of avoided hurting feelings. Is this a lesson learned? OH YEAH. I’m so glad i took the time to come to terms with this. Because i felt like i was a bad person for a really long time. It’s been a year and a couple of months since the break up and i’m still understanding what went wrong. 

    I’ve met other people, but nothing compares to the way i felt with Adrian. I felt comfortable, safe, loved, and treasured by him. I cannot say anything negative about our relationship. It just didn’t work out at the time. Maybe it can work out in the long run. I do not have high hopes about it because of his current relationship status but who knows what will come out of that. I remain humble and no hate in my heart. I’ve till this day remained single for a reason. 

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  • Crash and burn. Heartache.

    I saw it break before it was said.

    I feed the flower water. It received sun.

    It was dead. Gone. Broken. Destroyed. Over. It died. Cries. Tears

    Why didn’t I accept this ? I seen it and it died in my eyes. I’ve read it and dreamed it. Denial.




    I see it now.

    I understand.

    But of an nearby oilve tree grinning. It is my child heartbreak. Which your life path ego of a 1. Of a Sagittarius. You do not know everything and not immortal. You are human. You have feelings. We have hidden agendas plotted for you. That even the hawk. The most spared one. Got caught as well. You don’t see it now but you will grow from this. Know better next time. Be stronger next time. straight forward. Now arrow align yourself well and set foot back into the real world. Since positives came. Nicer. More compassionate. Understanding. Wiser. More human. More feelings. A nicer heart. Lead. Want to help souls. Impact somebody. Language to help even more people. Culture. Ethnicity. Roots. Life. Peace. However. theres always a negative now Let your Jupiter spot side arrise. Anger. Charismatic. Fighter. What up b. Blunter. Closed. Smarter. Lead. Wiser.

    Both points improve and decrease to make a balance of a chart.

    Heartbreak I know. But a feeling of peace. Is this growth ?

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  • You don’t have to talk to anyone - there are no obligations in this life other than those that are biologically imposed on us: water, air, sleep, excretion, food & death😤If we’re surrounded by negativity it’s because we’ve chosen to entertain it and the more we feed negativity the larger it becomes until we find ourselves consumed by it😭 the good news is that it’s totally in our control, all that’s required of us is to assess who’s in our lives and ask ourselves a simple question: are they draining me or filling me with energy?🤔if we choose to keep energy drainers in our lives then we’ll attract more of them to us and they don’t just come in the form of people😷the drain will manifest as negative habits such as people pleasing, biting our nails & gossiping as well as poor mental and physical health🧐nothing is more important than our wellbeing and when we choose to prioritise that then everything else in our lives will fall into place😇 Are you choosing to entertain negativity? If so why?👀👀👀 #relationships #relationshipmemes #relationshipquotes #relationshipadvice #breakupquotes #breakup #heartbreakquotes #heartbrokenquotes #trustissues #emotionalhealing #emotionalhealth #loveyourselffirst #heartbreakclub #movingonquotes #empaths #empathsbelike #lettinggo #lettinggoofthepast #growthroughwhatyougothrough #growthquotes #manifestyourdreams (at London, United Kingdom)

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  • If you’re gonna fall in love with me, you better know.

    I won’t check your phone.

    I won’t get mad when you go out with your friends.

    I’ll understand you’re busy and can’t text back.

    I won’t deny you sex as revenge.

    I’ll learn all your favorite songs to sing along with you.

    I’ll cook the chocolate cake you love when you had a bad day.

    I’ll watch again that show I hate, just because you like it.

    I’ll be nice with your family, even with those we can’t stand.

    I’ll be friends with your friends but I’ll never forget they’re YOUR friends.

    I’ll tell you “You look pretty” every time it cross my mind.

    I won’t ask you to pay my dinner, and take me home every night.

    I’ll keep in mind that videogame you’re obssess with, for your birthday gift.

    But mostly…

    I won’t call you back when you tell me you’re done with me.

    I won’t be your friend after you break my heart.

    I won’t take you after she breaks your heart.

    And I definately won’t understand why you choose her.

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  • I hate to see you fade away

    - too far gone

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  • I was recently in a toxic relationship. After it was over, I struggled to remember how he hurt me every time I began to miss him. The hurt that he caused me was somehow not associated with him in my mind. In order to fix that, I actually printed out pictures of him and wrote on them. I covered them with poems that I wrote about our relationship and how I felt as though I was drowning the whole time we were together. I wrote “this is not love” over the cute snaps he had sent me. I placed them in my room and I won’t take them down until I stop missing him. This is my way of facing him. Writing over the pictures was extremely therapeutic and it created an association between him and the hurt he caused me almost right away. Sometimes we can’t get closure by talking to the person who hurt us, as they will never admit to it.

    - (just me and my brain) LMR

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  • I kept my heart on lock.. to protect myself 

    You said in the beginning I was pushing you away 

    I closed my heart because I was taught by my mother and my ancestors it is the only way to survive 

    So I finally let you in 

    I loved you unconditionally and I was left co-dependent of your love 

    I started to see life with you, a life that I never imagined after the separation of my parents 

    You were my care taker and I was yours 

    I told myself, this is different, this love is real 

    My family has a history of having men leave the family behind

    my father left us, left me 

    you grow up having people tell you “family will always be there”

    as I grew up I put my faith in friends, roommates

    i’ve lost some, and with that my trust 

     I have hardened over time 

    you were the only one I trusted

    I never thought you would leave me 

    I never thought you would end us 

    you left me 

    Now I keep my heart on lock in a closed seal case at the bottom of the basement

    .. to protect myself.

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  •  I don’t miss him anymore, like that gut wrenching feeling at 3am when I’m lonely has gone (kinda)… But I can’t stop thinking about him, Wondering about him. It’s like he took up so much of my thoughts my brain is just hard wired to think of him and now i cant stop wondering what he’s doing? Maybe I’m not feeling anything from all coke but still… shits annoying!

    #Him#breakup#brain #huh? #boy#coke addict#drugs#lines#missing him #i know im not consistant #but neither are you
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