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    💥 Anita & Bri at Elton John's birthday party, 1994

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    ...You ever just start eye-fucking your bandmate on stage?

    Please do not repost

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    Back to the Future

    Part 5 of See You Again

    Part 1// Part 2// Part 3// Part 4

    Summary: some soft moments spent with Queen and John, before 1983 begins. 

    Wordcount: 2061

    Warnings: mild language, and maybe some slightly steamy bits (no smut)

    A/N: I’m sorry for the shitty title

    Taglist: @stormtrooper-instilettos @sevenseasofyeet (add yourself here)

    30th December, 1982.

     You all lay sprawled on the sofas in Freddie’s living room. They were throwing a big party tomorrow for New Year’s Eve and wanted to spend some quiet time with each other, and you by virtue of living in Freddie’s house meant you had been invited as well. Freddie was curled into an armchair, his half-filled champagne glass tipping precariously as he regaled a tale of how he tripped over Tiffany’s tail and crashed into a vase, his hands gesturing widely to make his point.

     “Oi Fred”, Roger called from his spot on the floor, “Watch the champagne”, and just as he finished his sentence, Freddie had spilled the contents of his glass onto the floor with a loud splash.

     “Oops”, he said not looking apologetic at all. Brian pinched his nose, looking exasperated, clearly this was a common occurrence. You could feel John’s chuckles reverberating through his chest as you rested your head against him, while seated in between his legs.  You sighed, a mix of happiness and also worry about disappearing, John heard you sigh and gently stroked your hair, as the conversation went on.

     A while later, an entire bottle of champagne had been shared between the five of you, and Freddie had consumed most of it. It was nearing eleven, and none of you were tired, the slight buzz the drinks provided helped you all loosen up a bit. Freddie suddenly stood up, and declared, “This is positively boring, let’s sing something!”

     Roger mumbled something incoherent from the cushion his face was buried in, Brian looked amenable to singing, and John? He wouldn’t sing, you knew that, but he’d be delighted to hear the other sing. You really wished he’d sing a bit, he may not have the power Freddie’s voice held, or the raspy strength Roger had while singing, nor the angelic tenor of Brian’s singing voice, but it wasn’t bad at all. But you would never force him to do anything he didn’t want.

     Freddie looked over at where you and John were cuddled into each other, he smiled fondly at the scene, before clapping his hands to bring the attention to him. “Y/N, darling, come, let’s sing your favourite Queen song!”

     You grinned, “What makes you think it’s been written yet?”

     He gasped, “Cheeky! I like it”

    Roger brought his face out of the cushion to look at you, his hair askew, usually he’d be running to fix it, but he was with his friends, he didn’t care much what he looked like in front of them. “Who wrote it?”

     You smiled, “Actually, I don’t have a favourite song, they’re all too good to choose from, it really depends on my mood.”

     Freddie frowned, “That’s a shame, I was hoping it’d be mine”

     “On some days it is”, you assured him, earning you a wide smile.

     Brian looked thoughtful, “It’s strange, you know our entire future, but we don’t”

     “It is actually”, you admitted, “Just as you were working on your Cold War song, I had to stop myself from blurting out the lyrics by mistake”

     He looked delighted at that, “Really?”, he leaned forward, “It’s popular?”

     You nodded, “Yes, it is!”

     “Enough of this”, Freddie interjected, “I want to do some singing”, he extended a hand for you to take, and pulled you up from John’s arms, and dragged you over to his piano. The others coming over to huddle around it as well.

     “Choose a song Y/N”, he commanded.

     “Err Somebody To Love?”, you offered tentatively.

     He beamed at that, “Excellent, so we’re going to want to hear your lovely voice darling!”

     “Oh, but you sing much better Freddie!”, you exclaimed.

     “We’ll duet then”, he decided and shifted over on the piano bench for you to take a seat, and began the opening notes to the song.

     You were shocked, he managed to keep the beat, even without the help of Roger and John as the rhythm section, it was almost as if he had an internal metronome, helping him keep the tempo.

     He began with the little improvisations he usually does during the song, and finally launched into the bars that introduced the main song, nudging you lightly to remind you to begin singing, and you did, shyly at first but with the encouraging nods from the others, you began to sing louder, and with more gusto, the way you’d usually in the confines of your bedroom.

     As the song hit its peak, Brian and Roger picked up on the harmonies, their voices weaving in beautifully with yours and Freddie’s, John had his hand on your back as he tapped the beats out lightly.

     Finally, the ‘Find me somebody to love’ chants began, the pitch too low for you, you opted out of singing, leaving it to Brian and Freddie, Roger taking a break as well.

     Once the ‘Somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody’ bits came in you joined in again, you and Roger taking the higher ones, while Freddie and Brian took the lower ones, as the final high pitched ‘somebody to love’, with all the complicated vocalizations came in, you all let Freddie take it, letting his voice fill the room.

     The song drew to a close, and Freddie beamed at you so brightly that he could have powered a small town. “Darling, your voice is angelic!”, he exclaimed looking delighted, “Tell me you sing in 2021”

     You grimaced, “Sorry to disappoint Freddie, but I only sing to myself”, he looked very upset at that, “But”, you continued, “I did sing a song at my best friend’s wedding back home, he was getting married to his boyfriend”, at that Freddie gasped loudly, “Did you just say a male friend was getting married to his male boyfriend?”, he asked hopefully.

     “Yes”, you smiled, knowing he’d have got a kick out of that, “It’s legal in 2021”, and under your breath you muttered, “Should’ve always been”. He turned around to look at his bandmates, “Did you hear that?”, he said excitedly, “Same-sex marriage is legal!” They smiled at the two of you, happy to see their best friend so delighted.

    “Let’s sing something else”, Brian prompted, you stood up and whispered something into his ear, which made him laugh out loud, he quickly told Roger and Freddie, and you took John to the sofa and sat him down, he looked up at you quizzically, “What’s going on, love?”, you smirked, “I’m going to serenade you baby”, and you winked and walked off, swinging your hips a bit, as John turned red from where he sat.

     And with a nod to Freddie, the opening notes to Dancing Queen by ABBA began to play, and you began singing, your eyes trained on John who looked incredulous.

     Ooh You can dance

     You began swaying your hips to the music as you sang, clutching a champagne glass and holding it as if it were a mic, as you made direct eye contact with your boyfriend.

    You can jive Having the time of your life Ooh, see that girl

     You set your glass down and pointed at him,

    Watch that scene Deacon the dancing queen

     You sang to much giggles from Freddie, Brian and Roger, John looked a mix of amused, and embarrassed, it was adorable really.

     Friday night and the lights are low Looking out for a place to go

     Your voice crooning out the immortal lyrics, as you shimmied your way over to John.

    Where they play the right music Getting in the swing You come to look for a king Anybody could be that guy

    But as you belted out that last line, you mouthed to him, ‘it’s only ever you’, he ducked his head shyly, blushing 

    Night is young and the music's high With a bit of rock music

     You pretended to strum a guitar, as you walked over to him and stood in between his legs.

    Everything is fine You're in the mood for a dance

     And you extended a hand for him to take, which he did grudgingly, although you could see his lips quirking into a smile.

     And when you get the chance You are the dancing queen

     He smiled at that, rolling his eyes in jest as you continued singing, while twirling him around the piano.

    Young and sweet Only seventeen Dancing queen Feel the beat from the tambourine, oh yeah

     And as you held the high note, you were shocked at yourself, and the others whooped and clapped for you.

     You can dance You can jive

     You danced around with John, as Freddie played the piano, Roger having coerced Brian into dancing with him, his gangly legs moving to the beat.

    Having the time of your life Ooh, see that girl Watch that scene Deacon the dancing queen

     Your head was thrown back as you sang, your hair flying, a light sheen of sweat making your skin glow, John was mesmerized, he wondered what exactly had he done to have deserved you, your beauty often left him speechless. Be it in the morning when you were asleep, or when you both lay side-by-side covered in sweat after well… you know, or when you were watching them perform from the wings, your eyes shining with joy.

     You're a teaser, you turn 'em on

     You pressed a chaste kiss to his lips, and pushed him away as he tried to deepen it.

    Leave 'em burning and then you're gone

     You scurried away from him, and went over to where Freddie sat as he played the piano, singing the next lines with gusto.

    Looking out for another Anyone will do You're in the mood for a dance And when you get the chance

     You once again you looked at John, his face flushed, looking all flustered, you giggled loudly, causing him to huff dramatically, Brian and Roger snickering as they waltzed around jubilantly.

     You are the dancing queen Young and sweet Only seventeen

     John came over to where you stood, and leaned against the piano, watching you intently, the intensity of his stare made you flush as you sang the next lines.  

    Dancing queen Feel the beat from the tambourine, oh yeah

     You held the note and went onto the last bits of the song

     You can dance You can jive Having the time of your life Ooh, see that girl Watch that scene Deacon the dancing queen Deacon the dancing queen

     And you stopped singing, out of breath, you glanced at the boys, and as you all made eye contact with one another, everyone burst out laughing, tears falling from your eyes, as you wheezed, trying to get your breathing under control.

     “That”, Roger declared, wiping his eyes, “Was bloody brilliant”

     Brian and Freddie echoed similar sentiments, John was yet to say anything, you looked up at him, “Well?”, you asked.

     He walked over to you and kissed you, lifting you into his arms, ignoring the teasing from the others, he set you down, “You’re something special, love”, he whispered into your hair, “I love you”, you whispered, “I love you too”.

    Freddie’s New Year’s Eve party was nothing less of the tales you’d heard about the infamous Queen parties, not being too fond of all the alcohol and substances floating around, you and John retreated to the balcony, a glass of wine in each of your hands as you sat on the loveseat, softly chatting. He understood you were stressed today, the threat of being yanked back into 2021 looming over your head, he decided he wanted to be by your side the entire day, and so he did. Never once leaving you.

     At around 11:45, the others came trooping into the balcony, Roger, Freddie, Brian and Chrissie, they sat down and you all chatted away.

     Soon the countdown to midnight began, and you clutched John’s hand even tighter, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, he turned to you, his eyes full of adoration, 3, 2, 1, and you quickly pressed your lips against his, and just as the kiss was about to deepen, you felt a pull, your heart sank, this was actually happening, your time with Queen, with John was all coming to an end, you quickly kissed him once again before everything turned dark, your last coherent thought was about what would they’d tell Chrissie, she didn’t know you were from the future.

    Whoops, I did that! I also went overboard with Dancing Queen, but that song is my WEAKNESS, plus Deacon the Dancing Queen? Come on, the oppurtunity was there, and I took it, hehehehe

    Stay tuned for the next one!

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    Brian, John and Roger Top 10 favourite tunes.

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    THE 🏆🏆🏆🏆❗

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    No one

    Brian may :

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    Radio Ga Ga (1984)

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    Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy on Top Of The Pops (1977)

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    *Brian eating pizza rolls*

    Roger: arent those just like..Italian gushers

    Brian: *screams*

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    Queen for Holland’s TopPop, November 22, 1974 by Mark and Colleen Hayward

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    am once again emotional over the fact that i am alive at a time in which brian may is also alive

    #astrofest today #confirmed my love for the stars #and stomped on my heart because wow brian is just a lovely human being #brian may#rambles
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    💖 God knows....

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    Wait is Roger May’s name a Queen reference? Or am I just reading too much into things??

    #like. roger taylor and brian may are both members of queen #and jenny did say he was a rocker at one point #hmm#teve tv#bards4bards#roger may
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    Queen perfoming live at the Uris Theater in New York, US

    May 7th, 1974

    By Jeff Hochberg

    #queen#queen band#freddie mercury #freddie mercury queen #brian may #brian may queen #queen ii #queen ii tour #1974 #queen on tour #queen in america #jeff hochberg #i love that album #i love those tunics #i see roger #where is deacy
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    queen posters (aka my scraps)

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    screenshots from the live astrofest!! the quality is bad because it’s being filmed from Brian’s webcam so yknow 😌 but hey!! look at him!!!!

    - Jem :D

    #yes that IS a lip bite you can see at the top #i am simply passing away #god he’s so sweet #i’m in love #brian may#queen#queen band#astrofest
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