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  • beggars-opera
    04.08.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    I find it really interesting how fandom has become such a mainstream thing over the past 20 years and yet seems so difficult to grasp, as the websites hosting it right now aren’t built for that kind of discussion. You’ve got micro-communities existing in each major social media site, some of which are extensive, but it felt so much more cohesive back in Web 1.0.

    Back in the day, you like a thing? Go to the fanlist. That site will likely have a list of links to a dozen other websites tailored to your individual needs, be it general fansite, fanfic, humor, message board. God, what I wouldn’t give for the organizational usefulness and clean look of a message board. Tumblr doesn’t support linear discussion, because conversations branch off so easily. Closest thing you get now is Reddit and Facebook and neither are as easy to use imo.

    #back in high school I had a niche interest and used to spend my days on a specific board #because it was the largest/only but it satisfied me! #all the discussion was neatly broken down into categories so you could find or avoid things easily #same with livejournal!
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  • lvyu
    04.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    am got my sisters old chromebook :]

    #pom.chats #its not slow or laggy like the other hand me down so woo #ipad still broke yes broken ita #its ;
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  • a-lizardstate
    03.08.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Lol wow this guy is actually major asshole lol

    #raised the price on this house from 1800 to 2300 #just because he thinks someone will pay it lol #who cares that its got cracked windows a broken doggy door #and fucked up blinds and the doors are all #visibly filthy and there are people doing hard drugs #literally a few doors down on the street lol #and theres only street parking thats #got signs saying 2 hrs only 7am to 2pm completely surrounding it #literally out of his mind
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  • athicf
    03.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    what if made an uhhhhhhhh mains call?

    #[ooc] #I realize I made a similar post like a week ago so I'm bound to do it soon but like how to go about it??? #I want there to be some basis in our interactions so we're not just automatically mains and then find out we're incompatible down the road #but also I want it to be open to where we may not have anything established yet but we can use this as a chance to get things started #and it honestly doesn't take me too long to be like ''okay I like these vibes and we mesh well I feel comfortable being mains'' #so honestly we could have just like plotted or interacted once but if our muses had chemistry and I like your vibe I'm down honestly? #but how to fully explain the thought process in my brain without making a post that's 500 paragraphs long??? #I mean just look at these tags I keep saying ''honestly'' sometimes I swear my brain is like a broken record or soft refreshing or something #ah the adhd struggle once again
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  • scentistmp3
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    jayus really will give u one really neat selfie and then the next selfie is 👁👁 idk why he does that but i accept it

    #perth.txt #meanwhile wyatt just stares into the camera emkay gives u little winky faces and nose scrunches #tion glares at u and looks mean or very soft depending on his brows #yuto also stares like wyatt but sometimes he raises his brows or steals jayus' 👁👁 angle #and hyojin has the same fucking face in every selfie he just looks very polite #there. ive broken down onf selfies
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  • bcitisthelight
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Sith Obi-Wan is a really really interesting concept to me because this is a guy who just….who so deeply embodies the true spirit of the Jedi. I mean, like, his brother/son/best friend/student falls, his entire people are decimated, and it’s not enough to make him doubt the light or the Jedi way for /a second/. And not even in a blind way! He actively sees the steps he took which were wrong, he sees the mistakes of the Order (in hindsight, granted, but he does get there in the end). And he /chooses/ in an affirmative way, to hope. To hope, and love, and defend, and die trying. It’s why he’s my favorite character, my ride or die, because he takes his pain and suffering and has the moral fiber, the incredible STRENGTH of character, to CHOOSE good. He chooses to take that pain and suffering (that “infinite sadness”, as he himself so gut tearingly describes it in Labyrinth of Evil) and learn from it, he takes his hurt and turns it into love, he takes that suffering and chooses to let it make him strong. His master dies in front of him, and he learns a lightsaber form that is less aggressive. The Council uses him like a little puppet a million times, and he does not leave them. His padawan falls and burns and is ruined, screaming “I hate you” and in the ROTS novelization, this is the only thing Obi-Wan thinks.

    THAT’S the guy you’re working with. THAT’S the guy who has to fall and turn to hatred. And that’s??? THAT’S A TALL ORDER!!

    It doesn’t mean I think Sith Obi-Wan is a huge impossibility, or that it’s something I would even have a hard time writing. If anything, it makes that AU more fascinating to me, because when you canonically have a man who is called by everyone who knows him as the best Jedi of his age in a spiritual manner….what finally breaks him? What pushes him over that edge? What makes a man so dedicated to the light that even as his betrayer burns, he feels love….hate?

    And when he’s over that edge, /how/ does that manifest? Is he calm, deadly precision like Dooku? Where it isn’t the Light, but the Jedi, and the fall to the Sith is a very badly conceived notion of orthodoxy? Or is it more like Anakin, where the world shatters and his mind shatters and he is lost, so lost, and he has moved beyond caring about who he was before, because in his mind he is beyond redemption.

    I haven’t thought about it seriously, but I think it would tend somewhere in the middle. The motivations of Anakin - a desperate bid to protect those he loves which turns into a violent, almost obsessive mania. BUT. The philosophical bent, the systemic motivations, the cunning of Dooku - the idea that he can reform the Jedi, just himself.

    Because ultimately, that IS something I don’t believe can be separated from his character, and that character still viably be called “Obi-Wan Kenobi.” I don’t think you can ever have an Obi-Wan who doesn’t want to be a Jedi, even in a universe where his desire to “correct” them causes him to fall into the ideological opposition. It’s what I like best about him, especially in a hypothetical Sith AU - he is, at the heart of things, at the very base of himself, a man who believes in his cause.

    #i don’t know where this came from #i saw a fanart and I was just thinking about how BROKEN Obi-wan would have to be #how utterly and wretchedly destroyed his spirit would have to be #to make him fall #Star Wars #obi wan kenobi #sith obi wan #this is also why I think a sith au has to end in his redemption #he just #he isn’t a guy who stays down #it’s contrary to his very substance as a character
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  • fenixdown
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago



    long legs  .  short legs  .   average legs  .  slender  thighs  . toned thighs . thick thighs  .   muscular thighs .  skinny  arms  . toned arms  . soft  arms  .  muscular  arms  .  toned stomach  . flat stomach .  flabby  stomach  .  soft stomach  .  six-pack  . beer  belly  . lean frame .  beefy/muscular  frame  .  voluptuous frame  .  petite  frame  (  5  ft  4  or  shorter  )  .  lanky  frame  .  short nails  .  long  nails  .  claws  .  manicured  nails .   dirty nails  .  flat ass  . toned ass .  bubble butt  .  thick ass  . small  waist .  thick  waist  .  narrow hips  .  average hips  .  wide hips  .  big  feet  .  average feet  .  small feet  .   soft feet  .  slender  feet  . calloused hands . soft hands  .  big hands  . average hands  .  small  hands  . long fingers  .  short fingers  .  average fingers  .  broad  shoulder  .  narrow  shoulder  .  underweight  . average weight .  overweight.


    140  cm  . 141  cm  to  150  cm  . 151  cm  to  160  cm  . 161  cm  to  170  cm  .  171 cm to 180 cm  . 181  cm  to  190  cm .  191  cm  to  2  m  .  taller  than  2  m  .


    pale  .  ashen  .  rosy . olive  .  dark  . tanned  .  blotchy .  smooth  . acne  .  dry  .  greasy  .   soft  .  scarred . tan lines .


    small .  large  .  average.  grey  .  brown .  blue  .  green  .  gold  .  hazel  .  white  .  doe-eyed .  almond .  close-set  .  wide-set  . deep-set .  squinty  .  mono-lid  .  heavy eyelids  .  upturned  . down-turned.


    thin  .  thick  .  fine  .  normal  .  greasy  .  dry  .  soft  .  shiny  .  curly.  frizzy  .  wild.   unruly.  straight  .  smooth  .  wavy  .  floppy  . cropped  .  pixie-cut  .  shoulder  length  .  back  length  .  waist  length  .  longer  than  waist  length  .  buzz  cut  .  undercut  .  bald(ing)  .  jaw  length  .  mohawk  .  white  .  platinum  blonde  .  golden  blonde  .  dirty  blonde  .  blonde  .   ombre  .  light  brown  .  mouse  brown  .  chestnut  brown  .   chocolate  brown .  dark  brown  .  jet black  .  ginger  .   auburn  .  dyed  red  .  dyed  any  ‘  unnatural  color  ‘  ,  thin  eyebrows  .  average  eyebrows  .  thick eyebrows .  villain eyebrows  .  no eyebrows.


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    sneakers  .  slip-ons .  flats  .  slippers  .  sandals  . high  heels  .  kitten  heels  .  ankle boots  .  combat  boots .  knee-high  boots  .  platforms  .  stripper  heels  .  barefeet  . loafers  . oxfords  .  gladiator   shoes  . thigh-high boots.

    stolen from the bunny loml, @vierandancer​

    #i really need to get to hvnswrd with h.au #i gotta get more icons #emman ⚔️ hcs. #body image tw #he could be convinced to wear nail polish! #i'm a big fan of dudes with nail polish. i feel powerful with a good coat of black and so should he #additionally i'm counting glamours in with make-up #because he does have one for his broken tooth and would probably be down to conceal stuff so
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  • andromedha
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    how light carries on endlessly even after death

    #the noble and most ancient house of black || family #rain came pouring down when I was drowning that's when I could finally breathe || music #you were alone left out in the cold clinging to the ruin of your broken home || muse #falling slowly eyes that know me and I can't go back || edward #please don't see just a girl caught up in dreams and fantasies || bellatrix #find me on the road between self and doubt in a box of faith with a broken crown || starter #im gonna build castles from the rubble of your love || fc #you saw through me all this time id forgotten people are kind || lyra #I could show you how many moves to checkmate right now || rodolphus #and how rare and beautiful it is to even exist || narcissa #its like I'm looking down from the ceiling above never in the moment never giving enough || headcanon #I know how it feels being by yourself in the rain || regulus #you with the wide eyes don't lose your courage || sirius #bring back the water that your ships roll in || about #oh morning come bursting through the clouds amen || interactions
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  • lvyu
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    i think my ipads broken lmao

    edit // ahhh update yeah its broken i guess i have to use slow broken laptop woo lets go

    #pom.chats #i have a broken hand me down laptop and now a broken ipad #// what a fun lil collection i have #no but for real it semi-turned off and i didnt know what to do so i turned it off completely but now it wont turn back on and im scared #its charging system been broken (but working) for a while but i didnt think it was gonna break break anytime soon #that laptops really wack though #ahhh please i dont think my parents are gonna buy a new one if it is broken please dont be broken #its also the only way i write so rip
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  • skyabove
    02.08.2021 - 2 days ago


    #why must everything be going wrong when i actually have motivation #out of printer ink. scanner is broken. cant find my gold ink. internets down and this sketchbook is impossible to photograph (: #scotl #sort of? #at what point can i no longer tag stuff as that #because its not really game based #oh well#my art
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  • rainbirdsky
    02.08.2021 - 2 days ago
    #mod post#text post #let's see if these stay in order #Long ago when the world still lived the clouds parted #Like curtains opening they revealed a stunning void deeper and more terrible than any ocean #Hanging in that void Stars shone like the facets of a great sapphire #But as the Light Creatures of Sky looked up the Stars looked down #And curiosity deepened and turned to longing for the unknown #One by one the Stars descended #The void darkened as Stars descended to Sky #No longer separated by such great distances the Stars formed friendships and built communities #Lead by powerful Stars called the Elders their population flourished #Until it didn’t #The world of Sky only had so much to give its newest members #The Stars from the void wanted more than their share #A Prophecy emerged breathed into the world by a frantic desire to ‘fix’ Sky #The Stars did not wish to stop breaking Sky – they wished to maintain it while broken #Hope was placed on the idea of a saviour well before any saviour was named #Trials were created to test those who felt themselves worthy #The Trials broke the Stars the way the Stars broke the Light Creatures #The Stars did not wish to be broken #With willing volunteers exhausted the Prophets recruited young Stars who could not know better #The Prophets gathered children and fed them into the Trials #‘It is for the greater good – these few lives for many’ #'If just one succeeds we will have our Saviour' #The Prophets insisted #Desperation made them monsters #How many children do you feed into the machine to keep it going? #Why was this preferable to returning to the void? #oh dear we've hit our tag limit - byebye :)
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  • oetravia
    02.08.2021 - 2 days ago
    Every Brainia Scene Ever: 5x18 [4/5]
    #supergirl#supergirledit#brainia#brainiaedit#dreamdox#brainiac 5#nia nal#querl dox #protective Brainia is one of my favourite sides of Brainia (and this happening while they were broken up and Brainy was being #forced to pretend he didn't care about her?? Exceptional) and I sincerely hope we get more of it in 6B #but while I do love every little aspect of the what three seconds that this scene lasts I'm greedy and wish this had led into an angsty #moment once Brainy had gotten them both outside and to safety. You know the moment he set her down must've been a LOT #Like just think about what's happening in this scene in context/from their POVS #in the moment Brainy's not focused on anything but getting them both out of there before the building comes down on them #and Nia's likely too exhausted from how much she just exerted herself using her powers to even register who it is that's got hold of her #so it probably wasn't until the moment they were clear of the building and Brainy was putting her down that either of them really #processed what had just happened and the fact that this is the closest they've been in at least three months #and Nia in particular trying to figure out where Brainy being the one to pull her out of a collapsing building fits into all the informatio #*information her and Kara were beginning to piece together about his involvement in everything happening with Lex & Leviathan #anyway this scene and the SlideTM have such a hold on my heart I should probably be embarrassed #mine#my gifs #otp: what does love feel like? #*ebs#flashing gif
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  • youareyoubutwhoareyou
    02.08.2021 - 2 days ago

    Man I wanna peel off my skin and have smooth skin underneath. Pls

    #my face has been so like. warm and sore and broken out lately idk whats goin on #i dont wanna use up all my hydrocolloid bandages but i think im gonna need to use them to get it to calm down
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  • noroithecurse2005
    02.08.2021 - 2 days ago

    <- has cried because of visual novels

    #heaven’s feel has been the worst offender so far but i’m not even an eighth thru umineko and i’ve already broken down several times
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  • tiny-yoongienthusiast
    02.08.2021 - 2 days ago


    #tiny thoughts#he just#he#I don’t #why? after all this why ? #the love I’ve built over time comes crashing down around my like broken glass #I don’t understand #hannibal
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  • sapphittarius
    02.08.2021 - 2 days ago

    Thank you doubletree seatac for making me think I was dead ✌️ I will not be back

    #ive been in a. weird state all night #i ordered a rum and coke at the hotel bar and drank it down in probably 15 minutes #my dab pen that has been broken the whole trip miraculously holds a charge? #and i have been having interesting intrusive thoughts about those railings :) #so anyways. seattle. lets not do it again. #do want to clarify this has all been within the lat two hours ok goodnight #im queuing this for after i check out tho so sunday cus im paranoid
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  • e-llies
    02.08.2021 - 2 days ago

    lu “i have a crush on you and im going to make it your problem” jinghe

    #lu jinghe #marius von hagen #tears of themis #i've done it #i've broken this character down to his bare essentials! !!! #otp: jinghe x lawyer
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  • sysig
    02.08.2021 - 2 days ago

    Your Weekly TV Guide

    On Monday you can expect:

    2:30 PM: Tala*

    And Tuesday:

    2:30 PM: Tala* (Vent)


    2:30 PM: Sona daily goings-on


    2:30 PM: Just Desserts


    2:30 PM: Just Desserts


    2:30 PM: Just Desserts


    2:30 PM: Sona daily goings-on

    Thanks for tuning in!

    #Weekly TV Guide #I honestly didn't expect to have a full week this time around #I've had these scanned and edited for almost a week but only sat down to actually construct everything today lol #Usual Tala warning but especially for the vent one - scribbly unhappiness there #I am looking forward to the Just Desserts stuff tho ♪ #It's some investment-style stuff but hopefully that'll pay off soon just gotta continue working on it lol #Also in unrelated and somewhat unfortunate news I'm feeling a mite under the weather :/ So that's exciting #Hopefully it's nothing serious but I am a little annoyed that my health streak from early last year has been broken #Luckily I have plenty of options for rest and I'm going to take them
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  • lupiinee
    01.08.2021 - 2 days ago

    that scene where all the students are defending remus against umbridge just

    #|| IN ALL ASPECTS EXCEPT PHYSICAL I AM A WOLF : OOC #hjk it makes me emotiona #if remus had seen it he would have broken down
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  • kokokichichi
    01.08.2021 - 2 days ago

    i hope everyone who stans a mcyt knows they are just stanning some dude. drop the superiority complex, your fav cc is not beyonce. 

    #sorry not to be messy but knowing the full context irks the shit out of me #every single man on the dream smp can be broken down or generalized into a 'regular person' if you don't fucking watch them or care about #them #'the comparison is true! why are you on ops ass???' #listen! #if you're allowed to call someone boring or average or whatever the fuck #just because they're an online presence #why the fuck is op exempt from that treatment? #i'm perfectly at liberty to say that take sucks balls and i think op is an idiot for saying that #if you don't like george no one gives a fuck you're allowed to not like him and you're allowed to say you don't like him #but don't try to pussy out now that people are getting mad at you! they have that right too! #dumb bitches the lot of you now im getting incensed LOL
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