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               ❝ it’s snowing! ❞ (oscar)


               He’d been buried deep in papers all day, planning, fretting, and perhaps even
    mumbling to himself. Oscar had joined James at some point, which was a nice change
    of pace, not that he’d admit that aloud. A small hum came from him as his attention now
    turned to the boy and then to the window that outlooked the grounds. “Oh. It seems it is.”  Gaze slowly drifting back towards the boy, he realized something. This was probably the
    first time that the boy was watching the snow fall. He probably hadn’t seen anything like
    this back in Vale, at least not to James’ knowledge. Attention turning back to his work for
    a moment, Jame shook his head as he stood to his feet. “We’ll have to get you a proper
    jacket, but if you’d like to I could accompany you on a walk outside. I find fresh snow
    more enjoyable when its still falling.”

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  • @brokenclockwork​ said:  ❛ I see you’ve decided to double down on your nihilism this morning. ❜

    legacies. / not accepting.

                “   and   you’ve   only elevated your charm.   ”  

                 roman scoffs in response, taking a long drag from his cigar as he stares out of the window. survival is a battle all its own. the morning is still new, with the grass outside shimmering under its renewed dew coat. not that it’s much for them to appreciate now, as it were. the days since the fall of beacon had been strangely quiet. enough so to make him restless. his patience growing shorter with every sunrise without incident. 


                 “   clearly, you’re moving around again. miraculous, isn’t it   ?   ”   every moment they spend stationary feels too risky at a time like this. when it’s impossible for him to monitor the city, to know what’s going on in its main streets as well as he knows its dark underbellies. anxiety clicks his tongue.  “   means you’ll be able to pack up and keep up. we’re moving come nightfall.   ” 

    #( roman? on edge post beacon? what a thought. ) #( i'm continuing this in that one verse we're threading in i hope that's okay oaifha ) #♞; ( full of sound and fury. / ic. ) #♞; ( every man be master of his time. / answered. ) #brokenclockwork
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  • @brokenclockwork​ (a thing we talked about)

    The young miss Nikos barely got a word in before the three realized something must have gone wrong. They had the girl fill them in as they rushed to the vault, their hearts racing with a concern that put a spring in their step despite the exhaustion that threatened to overcome them.

    Despite Pyrrha’s desire to help and her protests, she got from Qrow the same response she’d gotten from her headmaster. “You’ll only get in the way.” At least this time, the young girl had also received a pitying look from Professor Goodwitch before being pulled away by Jaune to join the evacuation.

    Qrow didn’t mean to be unkind, for once, and he doubted Ozpin was any different. They both wanted to keep the kids safe, out of this mess as much as possible, was all. He knew the others felt the same, too.


    They wasted no time, not giving Ozpin’s assailant even a word. The machine that was meant to be such a great asset to them became instead something akin to bullets for Glynda - first one of the pods was sent flying, which Cinder narrowly avoided, being hit with the second one right on, slamming against the wall.


    James followed it up, rushing at her before she could get out. They couldn’t afford to give the woman a chance to recover, not when she had just become so much more powerful than she was when Qrow had first run into her.

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  • @brokenclockwork - liked for a starter

       Unlike his ‘fellow’ Grimm, Blagden had an–…upside to his broken visage, the ability to mask himself in cloak and hood, and walk upright like any other Human could–as he once was–and often times, weave his way through those on guard for the shadow-beasts. No triggered alarms, no weapons at his throat, and a step into Mantle finds itself a tad easier than expected.

       Though, despite his humanoid form, Blagden walks low; hunched, and audible whistles of slit nostrils can be heard with each, curious inhale he gave. A long breath, two, three, and it seems he finds something of interest–head whipped right, left, and with a hustle he carries himself beneath the low-lit lamps of the streets. A subtle click of claws against the cement, the blackened cloak adorned held tightly at the chest, and around the corner the sightless creature stares; noting but the odd strength of an aura he seeks to dine. 

       Tongue laps along the edges of serrated teeth, and with a few more, flurried steps, the poor farmhand is hovered over, and a broken, gurgled voice rises from within the hood’s shade.



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  • @brokenclockwork​ sent:  “ i’m so proud of you. ” (oz @ Qrow)


    “What for?” Wasn’t like he’d done anything worth noting, at least not in a positive way. He’d failed to keep Amber safe, the best he’d managed to to was bring her with her, running the hell away like some sort of disgraced hero. If he’d done his damn job right, they wouldn’t be running against time.

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  • @brokenclockwork​ sent:  “ who do i need to fight ? ” (oz @ barty)


    It felt almost silly - to be upset on behalf of others - but he knew that it was, in fact, anything but. Empathy was one of the greatest qualities anyone could have, and it was one that saved lives. How many wars could have been avoided should people treat others as equals?

    It was not what Bartholomew saw in front of him. No, day after day, he saw at least one instance of a student being ostracized - discriminated against, even - despite their best efforts. A horrid thing to witness, truly.

    “Professor, I’m afraid fighting is a part of the issue.”

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  •                      “if i ever made you feel…less than yourself, i’m sorry,” is he still apologizing for his behavior back in argus? of course he is, he’s jaune arc, “since we have the day off, i thought….maybe we could see a movie or something? hang out?” // @brokenclockwork​ liked for a starter!

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  • #brokenclockwork #write me care of the war : answers #we work fast and we’re not dainty : mun speaking #how i got my purple heart : information
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  • Ozpin ( @brokenclockwork​ ) // continued

    It wasn’t too bad at first - some soreness, a headache that came and went. Nothing Glynda couldn’t deal with while going about her day. She had expect it all to go away as the day went by, but instead, within just a few hours, her mind became fuzzy. Reaction times slower - at one point, a student threw a paper ball at another, and she stopped it just in time, not to show off, but because it took her that long to process what was happening.

    It came as no surprise to her when Ozpin stopped her, visibly concerned. His hand felt cold against her skin, and she knew before he said anything, but it didn’t make it any less bothersome - no, the school wouldn’t fall in a single night, probably, but this would still mess up her schedule.


    It went to show just how bad it felt that she didn’t protest, only letting out a rather annoyed sigh, as she leaned against him for support. “I think Dr. Oobleck can cover my classes.”

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  • @brokenclockwork​ continued from here:


    As if the abundance of Grimm wasn’t bad enough, the people were also angry and scared. And when people were angry and/or scared, they tended to turn to violence. Like several of the people around them were doing. He’d gotten separated from Ruby, Nora and Marrow in the process of trying to get rid of all the Grimm swarming the area, and all he could do was hope that Marrow could keep Nora and Ruby safe, since neither of them had their weapons.

    He was moving through the crowds as quickly as he could, attempting to stay out of the way of the more violent people. If Jaune were around maybe he could use his Semblance to calm everyone nearby down. But he had no idea where Jaune was.

    And then he noticed an angry, large guy pinning Oscar to the wall. “Hey!” He shouted, running over. “Leave him alone! Now is not the time for this, do you not see the Grimm swarming the city?” He snapped. He was already irritated enough and this stranger wasn’t helping. He swiftly got in between them and took the guy’s hand off Oscar. “Are you all right?” He asked Oscar without taking his eyes off Oscar’s would be assailant.

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  • @brokenclockwork from here

    Qrow had always known that joining up with Ozpin would paint a target on his back, and he’d been alright with that. It was a risk, and a sacrifice, that he’d made willingly and nothing would change his mind. Even this.

    When they’d come after him, he’d laughed and egged them on. He wasn’t afraid of some two bit mercenaries hired to do someone else’s dirty work. The battle had even been fun in the beginning, and Qrow had honestly expected to walk away from it without serious injury. Unfortunately for him, his lack of perfect control coupled with his arrogance proved to be his downfall. A single misstep, and he’d found himself outnumbered and outgunned. He still hadn’t been afraid, and had fought tooth and nail to make them pay for every inch they took. He was rather hoping to push them into either deciding he was more trouble than he was worth, or killing him, because the alternative was not something he could allow to happen.

    He couldn’t fight against drugs however, and when his aura shattered they made sure to hit him with enough sedatives to take him out for at least a day. It was the only way to be certain he would stay down, and he’d panicked at the realization that they were going to use him as bait of all things. They were going to use him to lure Oz into a trap, and no matter how hard he fought, he couldn’t win against the pull of unconsciousness.

    When he came to an indeterminable amount of time later, he was tied to a chair and Harbinger was propped against the wall on the other side of the room. He thought about switching into crow form at first, but reaching for that spark of magic made his head spin and stomach lurch with nausea. It was at about that moment that his soon to be best friend entered the room followed by a tray with some not so nice looking instruments on it.

    It was to be an interrogation then. Fine. They were welcome to try, but Qrow knew that he wouldn’t break. He would die first.

    He didn’t know how much time passed after that, only that at some point they’d gotten annoyed enough with his smart ass remarks to break his jaw. He was pretty sure that had happened only a day or so previous, the bones already settling back into place as his aura recovered bit by bit, and with its repair he knew the interrogation would start up again.

    Only…something was wrong.

    The torturer hadn’t come back, and he thought he could hear…fighting? Maybe Grimm had attacked the place, and they were too busy keeping them at bay to play with him. Or maybe…

    He’d barely begun to hope when the door slammed open, the man standing within it’s frame highlighted in crackling green for the briefest moment. In the next instant, Oz was there, cutting him loose and catching him as he slumped forward. He had no strength left to hold himself up, but he managed to wrap an arm around his friend, holding as tightly as he could to the fabric of his coat. Turning his head, he hid his face against the scarf Ozpin always wore, and allowed himself to breathe.

    “Shouldn’t’ve come,” he mumbled, “not worth yer safety.”

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  • #sweets headcanon meme #if there's a reason i'm still alive when everyone who loves me has died || headcanons #brokenclockwork #//i've been waiting to use this icon lmao
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    ‘   i was going to ask if you wanted to join us for dinner. we were looking for you.   ’

    jnpr had had a small tradition on friday nights to have a small picnic on the rooftop every friday. ren had been loathe to socialise at the start of their education, but now they didn’t know where they’d be without the occasional meal together. they could assume how daunting it was to be amongst others who had known each other far longer, on top of everything else oscar had to go through.

    ‘   but this is a nice nook you’ve found for yourself.   ’

    the dragon faunus observed the pile oscar had accumulated, tapping lightly on one they recognised, a tome about the lore and mysticism of remnant’s legends.   ‘   this one was my favourite when i was younger. a library is a fantastic place to get away from it all.   ’   they regarded oscar with a look that was slightly inquisitive first, then softened into a reassuring smile.

    ‘   if you need a break from reality, then it’s warranted. i can leave if you like. there will be a portion you can heat up when you get back.   ’

    @brokenclockwork​   :   from.

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  • @brokenclockwork​ sent:  “ Every great war has its heroes. I’m just curious what kind you’ll be. “ (oz at James cuz he’s a sap)


    “I’m the kind who won’t be remembered as a hero.”

    And he is fine with that. Humanity being saved is what truly matters. Yes, it would be nice to have his efforts recognized, of course. James would love to bask in that kind of glory. But he doubted it would happen.

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  • @brokenclockwork​ sent:  “You are stronger than you think.” (oz @ james)


    “I only hope I’m strong enough.” He’s always done what he thought to be necessary for the greater good, pushing through everything with that in mind. It’s only gotten harder.

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