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  • Imagínate cómo se destroza mi corazón cuando la persona que amas, por la que sufriste y luchaste años para que esté con vos, venga y te diga que sos la peor pareja … Todo por una pelea de mierda que inventó el. Estoy harta me quiero ir.

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  • I feel like I’m killing time until you come back to me but then I remember life has no guarantees

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  • jestem typem takiej osoby która zamknie się w łazience by płakać a później wyjdzie z podniesiona głowa, jakby nic się nie stało

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  • I‘ve dreamt about you last night.

    I saw u and looked into ur eyes.

    It was as if we never stopped loving each other. Like we never had our problems. Like u never hurt me. Like u never wrecked my heart.

    I could feel the love. Again. I felt it in ur eyes.

    Now I’m awake again. And I’m breaking down again.

    I’ve tried to fall asleep again but i couldnt. Now I crave u even more.

    Why arent u the person which is slowly breaking down? Why me? Why? Its so unfair. I guess life’s never fair.

    I’ve lost u. It was just an illusion. Everything.

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  • Quiero olvidarte pero no puedo y trato de buscar lo que tu me dabas en otras personas.

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  • Romance, Love, Relationships, and Living a Life with Purpose!

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  • Okay boom story time….

    Im going to start at the end of September. September 30 I went to a concert. At this time my feelings were all over the place because of this one person. I’ll call him Elijah. Me and Elijah were off and one since we officially broke up in March of 2017(due to him emotionally cheating on me but thats another story) but anywayssss…we were off and on but never boyfriend and girlfriend again. We acted as if that but if something went down or I brung up being committed he would always say,” We’re not together stop acting like it..” “IDK What I want right now” blah blah blah. I knew Elijah well and I’ll admit that you may think thats the typical red flag. But him, nope. I stuck in there. Anyways me and Elijah weren’t talking to each other at this time due to me asking where we were going with the relationship. That night my cousin got killed. Days later I couldn’t not talk to him anymore so I sent a simple message telling him I missed him. He immediately called me saying the same. Stayed on the phone for hours while he was at work. Turns out his cousin died too during that time. He had a lot on his shoulders too. So we were there for each other. The past 5 years we were. This made a turn around FAST!

    The beginning of November, I started working again. He would never ask me how was work. How I was feeling. Or even have a conversation with me anymore. November 5 I texted him we need to talk and he simply said, “I’m Good” in which I called anyways becauseeeeee who tf you think you talking to. Don’t disrespect me if I haven’t disrespected you. He answered fast too. But we talked. Well, I talked and he yelled/argued. All I told him was I didn’t like the way he was treating me. And that I wanted to feel wanted because he wasn’t doing that anymore. He ‘claimed’ he didn’t want a relationship with anyone right now. Simply saying he didn’t want a relationship with me. I know. But I was blinded because I thought I knew him and that he wouldn’t come crying to me one day saying he made a mistake cheating on me & be lying. That’s not like him. At all. But after that day, I felt disconnected from the world, my family, and friends. I always posted pictures on snapchat, liking instagram pictures, and I stayed on Twitter faithfully but this time I wasn’t happy like I always was. I was thrown off. My feelings weren’t in tact and I felt numb. I’m usually a interesting person to text even and when he would text me, I just wasn’t feeling it like usual.

    Fast forward to Thanksgiving, he texted me Happy Thanksgiving. Out of the blue. Plenty of time to tell me what he needed to. But nope. The next day, wait for it. Here’s another blow that cracked my heart almost breaking it. My dad left my mom. Like he moved out. While I was at work too. Now i know i’m a grown woman. But being raised off love, seeing your parents come home to each other everyday for your 22 years of life then all of a sudden not seeing them together is heartbreaking. I was really done with life then. I was knocked down and it felt as if I could not get up. Blow after blow was happening and I didn’t know how to cope. Or so I thought.

    December 3 I texted Elijah that I missed him. He was the only one that knew how to talk to me and get me to see the better side of things. I didn’t get a text back until the next day saying we can be friendshe has a girlfriend now and that he didn’t know how to tell me plus that me nor him could cross the boundaries do to his new relationship. Crazy right? How do you go from I dont want to be with anyone to I have a girlfriend in less than a month? Apparently it happened out of nowhere and he just met the girl. That’s cool. I did respond saying Clearly I wasnt enough for you. And he respond I swear to you it had nothing to do with you. You were perfect. So why couldn’t I get the commitment? You know. I cried that day. Even after I said I had no more tears for him. My heart was shattered. Literally. I really couldn’t get back up now. I didn’t know what was going on with my life. Why was so much happening at once?

    I’ll explain how I got into starting to heal myself/ learning about my awakening and new path in my next post.

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  • Autumn

    You say you’re just giving me space, I know you’re trying to make me feel better. But I still can’t find my place, in my head on replay playing Sweather Weather.

    Can you see me? Cause I’m right here. I’m losing myself to this fucked up feeling. Sometimes I just wish I could disappear, blinded by the lights on my bedroom’s ceiling.

    Don’t know why you’re pushing me away, I’m messed up by the things you do. This is kind of a cliche, don’t you think? I still want to get closer to you.

    First my friend, then my lover, the harmony between us doesn’t come around too often. Never thought I’d lose you to another, but maybe it was just the autumn.

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  • Another hard morning…

    My mind is where my heart is.

    Wish I was standing in front of her right now💔

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  • I still sleep on my side of the bed, as if waiting for you to come home.

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  • Apakah aku pantas mendapatkan jodoh?

    Sedangkan orang2 hanya ingin mendapatkan jodoh terbaik, dari keturunan keluarga yang terbaik, punya prestasi dan pencapaian yg terbaik

    Aku dari keluarga yg broken home 😭😭😭

    Aku merasa gapantes dapat jodoh 😭😭😭

    Aku merasa jodoh hanya untuk orang2 terbaik, kaya raya dan keturunan yg baik2

    Keluarga aku???? Kayak gitu semua 😭😭😭

    Aku takut, takut banget

    Aku bener-bener gapantes

    Aku pengen bunuh diri aja rasanya

    Gapantes banget ngejalanin hidup

    Yaa Allah ini kalo orang tuaku baik-baik aja juga aku gak bakal bilang kayak gini 😭😭😭

    Mama aku selingkuh 😭😭😭

    Brengsek bangsat bajingan!!!! Kesel banget anjir

    Di saat seperti itu, papa sakit-sakitan 😭😭😭

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  • Banyak yang patah tapi tidak terlihat, hati dan harapan misalnya


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  • jebać wszystko to co jest fałszywe

    to co jest fałszywe

    czasem siebie kocham

    czasem nienawidzę

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  • w pokoju hotelowym liczę łzy

    nie mam czasu na głupoty

    daj mi serce albo wyjdź

    daj mi więcej albo nic

    daj mi szczęście albo nic

    to mój pokój pełne blizn

    nie zapomnij zamknąć drzwi

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  • T'étais le sauveur de ma vie, et aujourd'hui t'es mon plus grand mal-être..


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