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  • violetarks
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    what do you guys say about some fmab characters reacting to y/n wearing their clothes :3

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  • incorrectfmaquotes
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Ling: The only two ways I can categorize height is if I see something tall I go "Woah, big boy man!" and if I see something short, I go "Hah, baby man," and I dunno what to blame for this. Anyway, wanna hear about the times ghosts have touched my ass?

    Drive-thru worker:

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  • elkatt-art
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago


    #me @ al: YOURE DOING GREAT SWEETIE #fullmetal alchemist#fmab#alphonse elric#fma#fma fanart #fullmetal alchemist brotherhood #fmab fanart
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  • txvbios
    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago


    Summary:  Luffy sends Ace off to sea from the little cliff near Mount Colubo.

    Word Count: 2,024 Characters: Monkey D. Luffy, Portgas D. Ace Tags: Slice of life, brotherhood, goodbyes, tattoos Rating: G


    There’s a scuff on Ace’s arm that’s irking him to no end. Luffy usually isn’t one for meticulous cleanliness, but the mark is a cloudy, sea-prism blue that powders over the bit of skin peeking out from his older brother’s sleeve, and all he wants to do is to reach over and wipe it off.

    “Oi, are you listening? Luffy!” he hears, blinking back towards Ace’s gaze. Ace’s got these pretty little freckles that dot over his cheeks like the leftover spray of white bubbles tumbling after a wave on the shore. Luffy remembers one night at their old treehouse, when he’d reached over with his rubbery arms across the branches and pulled at Ace’s face to bring him closer to his line of sight, fascinated as he was by their endless patterns. His brother had yelled bloody murder, and conked him on the back of his head with a fist.

    “Seriously, what am I going to do with you?” Ace is sighing. He tips over Luffy’s straw hat and messes up his hair the way only older siblings are wont to do, a skill he’d perfected at first out of frustration but which is now done with a tender sort of fondness that transcends the blood in both their veins. “The day your brother finally goes out to sea and you’re spacing off like I’m a barrel full of meat.”

    The image of Ace’s grinning face on a tan barrel of wild boar meat like the ones they’d hunted just last night is too funny for Luffy not to laugh. He doesn’t try to hide it either, which causes a vein of irritation to form on the side of Ace’s temple. He almost expects another hand on his hair, but nothing comes.

    “You’re finally doing it, huh?” Luffy says. Without him realising, Ace has jumped down onto his boat. He’s too busy untying the tether from the cliff to face him directly, a sizeable backpack he’d seen him pack carefully for the past couple of days with food, water, and what meagre clothes he hasn’t grown out of and handed down to Luffy, resting against his thigh. But he nods, firm and business-like, with undulating shoulders that seem to hunch over with imaginary weight, and offers a deep hum.

    “Yeah. Can’t believe it’s been seven years since we made that promise… Time really flies, doesn’t it?”

    Luffy nods vigorously. “Seems like it was only yesterday that you dared me to race to the other side of a lake by running on crocodile heads. Then you ended up slipping! Shishishi.”

    “That was you, idiot. If I hadn’t gone in and saved you, you would’ve either drowned or gotten eaten.”

    “Oh, really? Must’ve forgotten, then.”

    Ace just gives a resigned laugh at that, already used to his little brother’s antics. Looking at him now, you would never guess that he was a hot-headed, brooding child; the changes to his behaviour have been minuscule enough over the years that Luffy, dense as he is, has grown impervious to them. But upon reflection, much of Ace has shifted, waxing and waning like the moons of their youth, and Luffy wonders if he himself has changed, too.

    “What’s gotten you all quiet like that, hm?” Ace calls out to him, finally done unravelling the rope. “S’not often I see you lost in thought.”

    Luffy shrugs, noncommittal. He gives Ace another once-over, his eyes catching again on the still-present scuff and thinking that Ace really should’ve noticed by now. Done with the boat, he’s moved onto looking over all of his belongings—the aforementioned backpack, the significant pouch of belli from their even more impressive hoard back at the treehouse, a map and compass that they both know will be useless. The longer they stand here, though, on the tiny cliff halfway between the mountain and the sleepy seaside village of Foosha, the less likely it becomes that his older brother ever will.

    Unable to stand it any longer, he points it out. “Hey, Ace, there’s some weird dirt on your arm.”

    Ace blinks up at him, confused for a moment, before his features bleed out into recognition. 

    “Oh, this?” he asks, rhetorical, before pushing up his sleeve and showing Luffy the entirety of his bicep.

    And Luffy—well. He doesn’t quite know what it is. It seems to be a tattoo, similar to the one on Yassop’s arm of his own name. The script is unyieldingly bold and encompasses the freckled skin all the way to his elbow, exactly the shade of blue that Luffy had envisioned upon seeing the speck that peeked out from his shirt. And Luffy may not know very much, but he knows how important names are to his older brother. It’s to be expected that he’d etch his own in permanent ink on a part of his body that the whole world can see.

    Don’t get him wrong, Luffy thinks it’s pretty sweet. There seems to be a minor problem, though.

    “Did the tattoo guy get it wrong or something?” he blinks. “Your name’s misspelt.”

    “I know,” Ace says, smug. He has no idea why. “It’s on purpose.”

    “....Huh? But the ‘S’ is crossed out. You should ask for your money back.”

    A conk to the back of his head. “Like I said, it’s done on purpose. I asked them to do that.”

    “But that makes no sense!” Luffy protests. “Why would you ask them to misspell your name?”

    “Because it stands for something, you dumbass.” Ace sighs, rubbing his eyes in exasperation, the way he usually does when he’s thinking that Luffy is too much of a dolt to go out to sea all on his own. “Never mind, I wouldn’t expect you to get it.”

    And while it may be better that he shouldn’t—expect Luffy to get it, he means—Luffy can tell that this is special to him. Ace finds sentimentality in the most trivial of things, something that not many people understand but which Luffy gets wholeheartedly. His brother’s ‘treasure’, Luffy knows, consists of sake cups and a crumpled old letter with faded words, and their little mountain treehouse overlooking the woods. This suits Luffy just fine, whose own ‘treasure’ is not the conventional riches of gold and prestige, but an old straw hat and those he wishes to protect.

    He stretches out a rubber arm to nudge Ace from his spot on the boat. “Then explain it to me,” Luffy demands.

    Ace looks over at him and, perhaps seeing the expectant look on his face, ducks his head, sheepish. “It’s… a tribute, of sorts,” he claims. “The ‘S’ stands for ‘Sabo’, and it’s crossed out because…”

    “Because he’s dead, right?”


    And silence. The sun batters down on them in swathes, the only thing shading them from its flush being the swooping seagulls that loop around the shore. Beyond them, the sea twinkles into infinity, shimmering like a single dynamic jewel and stretching around them in an attempt to envelop them into its depths. Seemingly harmless, ostensibly safe—if not for the luminous spine that threatens to breach the water every few minutes.

    Luffy sways back and forth on his heels and grins, all sunlight and clear skies. “I bet Sabo would be so proud if he could see us now.”

    “Yeah?” Ace looks up at him. He’s pretty much all set now, and has resorted to inspecting the wood of his boat in an attempt to stall for time. “You think so?”

    “Mm. He’s probably jumping around and having a party, wherever he is.”

    Ace deigns him another laugh. “It’s always parties with you.”

    And then it’s back to silence, though not for long this time. Ace makes a show of tucking his arm back into his sleeve, and then turns to face Luffy with a wobbly smile.

    “I should be going.”


    “Don’t skimp out on changing your sheets, okay? I won’t be there to do them anymore.”


    “Give Dadan a visit once in a while for me. I know the woman misses us sometimes, though she’ll never admit it.”

    “Eh, do I have to?”

    “I’ll try to write, sometime.”

    “Don’t need it, I’ll just get bored reading.”

    “And I figured since you’re still a little brat that you’d find it hard to hunt all on your own, so I left some cured meat in the treehouse for you to find if you wanted.”

    “I’m not a little br—wait, really?”

    Ace scoffs good-naturedly and, finally running out of things to say, turns around to unfurl the sails. Putting on his orange, beaded hat, he leans over to grab one of the paddles before looking up at his little brother one last time. 

    “Yeah, I—” and stops. 

    “Shishishi,” Luffy chuckles knowingly, seeing him blink at the suddenly-present crowd hovering at his back. From up here, the tremble of Ace’s bottom lip is unmistakable.

    He knows Ace better than the older boy would have him think. And just this one time, he wants Ace to see just how many people there are on this island who would hate to see him go.

    “Take care, Ace!” Luffy calls out to him, waving with one hand. He doesn’t cry, because he knows he’ll see him again someday, somewhere out on the sea. And he knows that when they reunite, they’ll both be notorious in their own right—living free, happy lives, laughing away all their heartaches, singing about their never-ending, ever-wandering, funny travelling tales.

    “Yeah,” calls back his older brother, whose voice remains steady with happy emotion. “See you, Luffy! I’m going now!”

    “Mm! I’ll be a lot stronger when I leave here in three years!”

    The laugh that springs forth Ace’s mouth is a loud and hearty one. He’s almost like a second sun, the way he shrouds the horizon; light bounces off of his hat and casts a firefly glow around him, casting an imposing shadow over his boat and his wide, steadfast grin.

    After a brief, hesitating moment, he pushes himself away from the cliff-face with one mighty heave, and hardens his stance against the shallow waves. Cries of “Good luck, Ace!” follow him out to the wider sea, echoing out from the little cliff and no doubt drawing attention from nearby towns and villages. Everyone who Ace has grown to love is here; Miss Makino from the bar, Foosha Village’s mayor, Dogra, Magra, and the rest of Dadan’s family of mountain bandits. The only person missing from this motley crew is Dadan herself, who, no matter how much meat Luffy attempted to bribe her with, would not budge from her seat by the window of her hideout.

    “Take care!”

    “Don’t catch a cold!”

    “You just wait!” Ace is waving back, emboldened by everyone’s well-wishes. “My name will be famous soon, you’ll see!”

    He turns around to face the horizon just as he finishes uttering those words. From here, all Luffy can see is the faint outline of his back, seemingly a little lighter, with his shirt fluttering in the wind. 

    “He’s gone!” he exclaims. But Luffy keeps an eye on the blue of the sea long after everyone else has left the cliff, his gaze wistfully tumbling after the waves. Three more years, and it’ll be him on that sea. On a similar boat, maybe, with a grin to match. Though he doesn’t think he could ever get a tattoo like the one Ace has; he’s not one for decorating his skin with those, though he does appreciate their beauty on others.

    “No matter,” he says to himself, his tone bouncing. “I’ll figure out how to honour Sabo my own way.”

    For now, though, the best thing he can do is to live with no regrets, with all the freedom he can muster, and grow stronger so he can protect everyone he loves with his pistol-like punches.

    When Ace’s figure is not even a blip on the canvas of the afternoon sky, Luffy turns away and starts walking back up the path to the mountain, keeping a hand on his hat so as to keep it from flying away.

    The thrum of his own future sings loud in his ears.

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  • incorrectfmaquotes
    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Winry: Michelangelo painted this.

    Ed: I'm not stupid Winry, I know the Ninja Turtles aren't real.

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  • theclassymike
    02.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Jake Manley taken by Tanguy Onakoy

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  • nyxqueen97
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    like ppl that disrespect fma03........you guys are such liars cause there’s so much stuff 03 does much better than fmab and HALF of the stuff y’all even remember as iconic is legit from 03′s version 

    edit : winry was def done better in fmab tho dgkdjgd

    #fma#fma03#fmab #full metal alchemist #full metal alchemist brotherhood #anyways gn
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  • biathediamond
    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Ed: Don't cross me or I will eat your shower curtains!

    Roy: I have glass doors.

    Ed: Well chrunchity-munchity then! Do you think that will stop me?!

    #fullmetal alchemist #fullmetal alchimist brotherhood #edward elric#roy mustang #incorrect fullmetal alchemist quotes
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  • naeontumbr
    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Re-Watching Full Metal and I never realized how FUCKING GORGEOUS Mira Armstrong is😮‍💨

    | The Gorgeous Olivier Mira Armstrong (Drab)

    * Mini Drabble , Not a Full Fic *

    Pairing : Olivier Mira Armstrong x NB!Reader

    CW: Lap Sitting , Nipple Pinching , Rubbing through Clothes

    Mira is the type to be hard and rough on the outside, all stone faced n shit but also sunshine and rainbows on the inside.

    She never shows it, only cracks sometimes when you do something she doesn’t expect…Or something she really likes.

    I know most people think shes a power-sub but.. I can’t see her being a sub.. like at all.

    She’s the kind but degrading Dom.

    Makes you think she’s gonna treat you sweetly and gently- just to tell you how much of a slut you’re being, with a pretty smile on her face.

    She’s always serious, but usually whenever it’s just you two, she’s all devious smiles and snarky comments.

    Speaking of things she does in private, she lovesss when you sit on her lap unexpectedly.

    She’s a busy woman, only getting short moments to lounge, so expect her surprise when you plop down on her thighs as if she were a seat.

    “ Not now. I’m busy. “

    You ignore her, instead making yourself comfortable; wiggling your hips a little and crossing your ankles.

    She sighs heavy, “ You insist on acting this way while I’m at work ? “

    “ You aren’t doing anything right now though.. “ You say, smile in your tone.

    She “ Hmph “s , lifting her arms from the armrest on her chair, sliding both her hands up your sides.

    Your eyes widen, “ At work ? “

    “ It’s what you wanted, right ? “ She hums, eyes low.

    She pinches your waist, rolling the fat there between her thumbs and forefingers.

    “ Stooppp, that tickless “ You whine, squirming.

    She chuckles, leaning her face into the side of your neck, “ Does it really ? Or do you just want me to hurry up and touch you elsewhere ? “

    She fanned her hot breath down the column of your throat, making you grind back onto her.

    “ Please sir, “ You groaned to her, “ touch me.. “

    “ Touch you where, pet ? “ She said sweetly, “ Show me. “

    Guiding her hands, you placed them right on top of your chest, “ Here. “

    She immediately began messaging your chest in her palms, humming into your shoulder at the sounds of your whimpers.

    Her fingers began to slide across your chest, searching, until-

    “ Ahn~! “

    “ Shh.. quiet, you harlot. Wouldn’t want one of my men to walk in here, do you ? “

    She glides one of her hands down between your legs, snickering into your shoulder when she felt how aroused you were.

    “ Hmn how indecent can you be ? Getting all feverish from just pinching and squeezing. “

    She nibbles on your shoulder, groaning into it when she herd the moan caught in your throat.

    “ Sir, if you keep rubbing me, I might- “

    “ Sir! There’s an emergency in the- Did.. did I interrupt something..? “ The soldier stuttered.

    You sat there red faced as your wonderful fiancé chewed out one of her men, thanking the gods that you’re clothed still.

    Glancing at her seething face, yelling over your shoulder, you thought of how pretty it’d look all flushed and fucked out.

    Damn.. this “Drabble” lasted longer than it was supposed to.

    Please Don’t Repost Unless It’s On Tumblr. - Management :)

    #naeontumbr #I love you sir Mira Armstrong be my mean loving wyf #I’ve never even been with a woman but I’d love to be with her #let me lick your boots clean #ok that’s enough #fullmetal alchimist brotherhood #fullmetal alchemist #Olivier Mira Armstrong
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  • thelordofchocolate
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Ay, I was going through my images and saw this. Can someone make fanart of it?

    #fallout #fallout new vegas #bos #brotherhood of steel
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  • ygg-aes
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    hes autistic your honour

    Flags: Aroace, agender boy, autigender, ND pride symbol

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  • skeletons-void
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Cicero would own a shit ton of furbys. The listener takes miraak and serana to the sanctuary and chaos just happens

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  • skeletons-void
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Y’all ever have that one oc who’s just really affectionate and their hugs r so good that it obliterates people emotionally? That’s literally all of my ocs esp hiongar and this bitch

    Also cicero yassifixation is going horribly. I was gonna yassify serana to but she’s already yassed out

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  • fnv-hyperfixation
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Love getting trapped in a corner in the bos bunker and hipfiring an anti-material rifle as fast as fucking possible to avoid getting insta killed. 10/10

    #fallout new vegas #fnv#fallout #brotherhood of steel #we did it though!! #on hardcore and both Raul and ED-E lived #took like 20 tries and almost all of my explosive .50 cal #but we did it!! #courier: lion
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  • d-a-k-o-t-t-a
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #simstagram #the sims 4 #sims 4#my sims #the sims screenshots #sims 4 simblr #simblr #fullmetal alchimist brotherhood #fullmetal alchemist#winry rockbell
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  • crowleykoh
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Flustered Greed because I'm rewatching FMAB and having feelings.

    Check me on ko-fi


    #greed#homunculus #full metal alchemist #fma brotherhood#fan art#line art #black and white art
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  • drovenna
    02.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Nate , oc of @darling-leech ♥️♥️

    Thank you for commissioning me 💖♥️

    #fallout 4 #fallout 4 companions #fallout4#sole survivor#fallout#fallout oc #fallout 4 oc #prydwen #brotherhood of steel #power armor
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  • darknebula85
    02.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Anime fights vol 5

    Full anime fights edit by me, no ads and no monetization, just punches and epicity \>:v/ The new homepage is here https://www.facebook.com/Full-anime-fights-100466198922363/?ref=pages_you_manage

    41- Touka vs Tsukiyama


    42- Tatsumi & Bulat vs The three beast


    43- Roy Mustang vs Lust


    44- Tsukasa & Senku vs Hyouga


    45- Cocona & Papika vs Mecha


    46- Kirito vs Heathcliff


    47- Tohru vs Ilulu


    48- Schwi vs Jibril


    49- Kamina vs Viral


    50- Odasaku vs Gide


    #tokyo ghoul #akame ga kill #akame ga kiru #fullmetal alchemsit brotherhood #Fullmetal Alchemist#Dr Stone#flip flappers #sword art online #sao #kobayashi san chi no maid dragon #no game no life #tengen toppa gurren lagann #bungou stray dogs #Anime Fight
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  • krispyweiss
    02.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Barn: A Band - A Brotherhood - A Barn (And a Movie House)

    - Neil Young & Crazy Horse doc to get one-night screening

    The cameras were rolling as Neil Young & Crazy Horse recorded Barn.

    The resulting documentary - “Barn: A Band - A Brotherhood - A Barn” - will show in select U.S. theaters Dec. 9 and in Canada Dec. 11.

    The album - featuring Young, Nils Lofgren, Billy Talbot and Ralph Molina - is due Dec. 10.

    “I’m so fucking glad we’re here,” Young says at the beginning of a short trailer for the film. “Whoa, thank god.”

    The quartet is shown working on the album’s tracks and getting a mission statement from the Horse’s handler.

    “This was planned out so we’d have time to write the songs and then, on the full moon, be able to do them all.”

    And when Molina points out Lofgren is an E Street refugee, Young pipes up: “He was with the Horse first.”

    “Like, years ago,” Molina replies. “And then (Bruce) Springsteen brainwashed the fucking guy.”

    After the in-theater screenings, “Barn” will be available for streaming in January 2022.

    “Details coming soon,” Young says in a statement on his website.


    #Youtube #neil young and crazy horse #neil young#nils lofgren#ralph molina#billy talbot #bruce springsteen and the e street band #barn #barn: a band - a brotherhood - a barn
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