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  • samkuchingdraws
    25.10.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    #OctoberDechART Day 25 Bats SketchBook

    Guess who. 🦇

    Used the Bat-Cave from Christopher Nolan’s DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY.

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  • brucediana
    25.10.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    Batman & Wonder Woman by Enrico Marini (the artist who did the Bruce Wayne naked art)

    #art#comics#wonderbat#batman#bruce wayne#wonder woman#diana prince#enrico marini #that hand though huh #confirms that bruce is an ass man
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  • ao3feed-brucewayne
    25.10.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    Trick And Treat

    by TheZev

    Halloween is almost over when three Titans show up at Wayne manor. But they don't think it's fair to get a treat without giving something in return...

    Words: 3056, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

    Fandoms: DCU (Comics)

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: F/F, F/M

    Characters: Bruce Wayne, Koriand'r (DCU), Donna Troy, Raven (Teen Titans)

    Relationships: Donna Troy/Bruce Wayne

    Additional Tags: Casual Sex, Halloween Costumes, Exhibitionism, Mutual Masturbation

    source https://archiveofourown.org/works/34716568

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  • ao3feed-brucewayne
    25.10.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    Bombs Away

    by WhumpFan

    Tim was not having a good day. The building exploding behind him and Conner evidence enough of that fact. 

    No. 25 - HIDE & SEEK escape | flight | hiding

    Words: 1110, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 25 of Whumptober 2021, Part 10 of DC Oneshots

    Fandoms: Batman - All Media Types, Young Justice (Comics)

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Tim Drake, Kon-El | Conner Kent, Bart Allen, Cassie Sandsmark, Bruce Wayne

    Relationships: Tim Drake/Kon-El | Conner Kent, Tim Drake & Kon-El | Conner Kent, Bart Allen & Tim Drake & Kon-El | Conner Kent & Cassie Sandsmark

    Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Explosions, Human Trafficking, Non-Consensual Drug Use, Hurt Tim Drake, Whumptober 2021

    source https://archiveofourown.org/works/34716535

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  • regulusrain
    25.10.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    Au idea ! It began as a simple idea on discord and the I got invested, like, real fast, so here it is :

    Not exactly a reverse robins au, but there is time fuckery. Jason is the same age as Damian in this : due to this, he doesn't becomes Robin after dick leaves (but the circumstances of Bruce taking him in are pretty much the same because kid Jason stealing the tires of the batmobiles is freaking hilarious and I refuse to change that). Instead it is Tim (a biiit aged up to fit the time-line) that becomes Robin after Dick : his backstory is also pretty much the same. Bruce-after-Dick-left is way less unstable than Bruce-after-Jason-died but it's still... Not that pretty so Tim basically asks Dick to be Robin again and then takes the matter into his own hands when Dick doesn't.

    Bruce brings Jason into the manor like, three weeks before Talia dumps Damian here. As well all know, Damian was pretty messed up when he got here first, surprising no one (he's just as insecure as like ¾ of the batkids, SIGH Y'ALL NEED THERAPY). His problem with Tim is much the same as in canon ; he believes Robin is his and he must kill/beat Tim to deserve it. His feelings towards Jason are a bit more complicated.

    About Jason himself, Jason is smart and figured out who Batman and Robin were like, two weeks into his stay at the manor. However he is an abused, crime alley kid with probable PTSD and he doesn't trusts Bruce nor Tim nor Dick - it's a... Bit better with Alfred but he also knows that Alfred would no doubt choose Tim or Dick or Bruce over him, therefore he's not on Jason's side so untrustworthy. Jason is still half expecting Bruce/Tim/Dick to rape him at some point because why else would you take a street rat in your home uh?? He was friends with working girls, he knows how this shit goes!!

    After three weeks he's not that sure about the rape part but he doesn't lowers his guard and is fully expecting to be thrown out the instant he makes a mistake. He's a bit prickly but also tries to not seem too hostile to avoid being "punished". He's in this weird mental state of "I like you people and I would like to stay but I don't trust you at all and if I have no hope to stay then it won't hurt when I'm thrown out" so he's... Cautious and warming up to them and trying to not get attached. And failing! But mostly he's bracing for when he'll have to leave. Like he's this close to just leaving to ease up the anxiety of waiting to be thrown out, but also a warm roof is a warm roof. He may or may not have sneaked out to visit the working girls to ask for WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO. Sadly the working girls are as suspicious of genuine kindness as Jason is so they're not really helpful (Jason being friends with the working girls in crime alley gives me feeling of the fluffy kind btw).

    Back to Damian's feelings about him : Jason is clearly not a threat to his legacy as Robin because he very clearly said that he did not intend to be Robin (Jason would not want to be Robin because for now he doesn't even trusts them to not throw him out and also Tim is already Robin so his mind can't go the "I can be useful by being Robin so they don't throw me out" way. The Jason of now will settle for a roof and a meal thank you very much).

    Jason is also, clearly, weaker than Damian : he could defend himself in a fight due to the element of surprise and the fact that he fights dirty but his street fighting is a bit impeded by the fact that he's a very malnourished ten years old. Damian is an healthy, trained by assassins kid. Physically speaking Jason is not a threat to anyone in this manor.

    But, given that Damian is, well, Damian,the fact that his father took a clearly lesser than him kid in just before he met Damian is.... Not exactly hurtful, but Damian can't understand that Todd hasn't been thrown out once Damian got here. His father doesn't needs another son, Damian is clearly better than this street rat! He's confused. He won't try to physically attack Jason since his physical superiority is clearly established (Jason is very aware that everyone in this manor could easily kill him in one hit, which is not exactly new for him given how crime alley works, but it doesn't helps the lack of trust, and he has seen Damian fight : better put him on the list of people to not antagonize too much, which includes everyone here.). Therefore Damian will just have to remind this street rat (he refuses to call Jason anything else for, like, a while) that he is better and that his father doesn't needs another son!

    Jason is a bit confused by the posturing going on ; yeah he knows Damian is better than him?? The fuck?? Why would this dude feel the need to remind Jason of that?? It's a bit, very, irritating to be looked down on like that but eeeh all rich people do that. He strikes back when Damian makes snide comments but never argues that he doesn't belongs here : he knows that! It's a pretty one-sided rivalry because Damian feels threatened by Jason's presence here but Jason doesn't feels that way towards Damian, he doesn't have a place here that Damian threw off by appearing so.... Meh. Jason doesn't likes Damian much but that's just basic dislike towards someone who is supremely insufferable.

    There's a lot of drama regarding Damian in the manor but Jason doesn't feels very concerned by all that since he doesn't belongs here (there's not much angst on Jason's side because he never had hope to begin with so he's like, shrug, so the angst is mainly us going oh no sweetie you belong here and they love you don't doubt that).

    Bruce has a lot to deal with, crime fighting feels like the last of his worries ; he's still a bit fighting with Dick, Tim and Damian's relationship is horrendous, Damian as a whole and also before all that he was worried about making Jason feel welcome here. Damian's drama takes first place mainly because it involved killing and trying to maim Tim so it's a bit more immediate than Jason's trust issues.

    Jason feels a bit lonely what with everyone being focused on Damian (he is aware that it's mainly making sure that Damian is kept in check, but still). He spends a lot of time in the library and given that he's very good at sneaking he feels a bit like a ghost in the house (Alfred makes sure to ask Jason to help him with cooking every two days at least which makes Jason smile). The upside of this is that Tim spends more time with Jason while trying to avoid Damian, which Jason likes a lot, it feels like having a big brother.

    After Damian calms down a little, Bruce and Dick take a bit more time to be with Jason ; Jason is not fooled into believing that they won't throw him out but hm... This is nice. Because I need them to, Bruce sends all of them, himself included, to therapy. Please they need it. Jason takes more time to trust them. Damian softens up to him because à tiny, tiny part of him thinks it's sad that Jason felt he didn't belong here when Damian could so clearly see (and feel threatened by) how much everyone here loves him.

    The moment that establishes them as brothers is, kinda a kitten. Jason is back from one his visits to the working girls (they're very glad that he got out of crime alley and he brings them food and médecine) when he stumbles on an injured kitten and hilt shit what does he do now?? Then he remembers Damian's thing with animals and figures he could help! Damian is, unwillingly, touched that Jason trusts him to save such a tiny life (it also ties to a deeper meaning of Damian being a symbol of life to Jason and Damian being amazed by that because he considers himself a symbol of death). Damian's mind kinda goes "my little brother now" even tho theyr'e the same age (can be explained by the fact that Jason is much smaller and weaker due to malnourishment). He's kinda protective from that point on, like the rest of the family. And from now on it's fluff :)

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  • ae-arts
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The Dark Prince: Gotham - Chapter 1 & 2

    Hey! I've just finished up my collected issue, which has been put into print (It'll be available sometime soon), but in the meantime...

    I'm offering a PDF & CBZ version of this comic for £3 via Kofi and Paypal

    This is more of a way to give your support to me in general if you enjoyed the comic, BUT differences also include, as an incentive:

    Better colours (IMO)

    Slight adjustment to art and panels and speech bubbles

    Nicely designed chapter breaks (Trust me shhh)

    Fully designed inside covers & back cover (ALSO TRUST ME)

    Two concept art designs that have NOT been posted elsewhere of Talia Al Ghul and Hush's vigilante design, designed for future chapters

    To purchase this, either leave your email address in a message with the Kofi/Paypal or DM me either on Tumblr or Discord @ catboygrifterofficial#4401. I'll email you the files when I receive confirmation of payment (And if I'm awake)

    NOTE: A CBZ file is the standard comic format for digital comics. I recommend getting a comic book reader app on your phone or desktop to be able to read the file

    A physical edition (shipping from the UK) will be available soon. They'll be around 15 available, give or take

    (You can read Chapter One and Chapter Two for free on my Tumblr)

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  • babybird-batfan
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Talia post pictures of Damian and her while she takes him out so that Bruce can see how much fun they’re having and she dresses up Damian in fashionable clothes (once she overheard Damian being laughed at by the teen titans for not knowing how to dress casual). She definitely posts them on Instagram because she’s also verified and so people can see the difference between Bruce’s photos of Damian where he is grumpy and hers where Damian is happy and definitely model material. Also she’s better at taking photos and helps Damian with his poses.

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  • mask-knife
    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I need to learn how to make ambience asmr background videos to feed my very specific need of ambience to fall asleep to like Riddlers hide out filled with computer beeps, occasional wrench sounds and tweaking metal, writing notes, typing at a computer an occasional riddler humming.

    Mad Hatter having a tea party and quietly talking to himself the occasional word while also writing notes and instantly pouring tea.

    The batcave with water trickles wide empty sound and bat wings fluttering along with the sound of Bruce typing in the bat computer and sipping coffee, sighing and exhaling at times his chair shifting

    The implication that you're simply on a couch or something nearby sleeping that's very relaxing to me. Their just quietly working but you can hear their presence close enough, safe and cozy.

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  • regulusrain
    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ... The batfam learning ASL for Cass (headcanon that Dick, Alfred and Jason already knew it, because Dick likes languages and, headcanon again, Jason is selectively mute due to trauma so he learned it with Alfred) and they spend literal hours together creating sign names for the entire superhero community (Jason and Steph try to make up names like "Super-ass" for superman. They fail, but it's funny and also part of the the reason why this takes hours). All the batfam have a bat sign in their sign name - Dick is "blue bat" with the blue sign swooping across his chest for his nightwing symbol. Jason is Red bat, obviously, and so on (Barbara is orange bat cause purple is Steph and Duke is white bat and Cass is yellow and Damian is green and Bruce is black and Alfred is Bat A and hm. Tim can't be red bat since Jason is already red bat..... Hmmm idk what to do here) and also I do not know much about sign language so please feel free to give ideas cause it's not my most creative idea.

    Oh wait I read that a sign name has to be given to you by a deaf/hoh/non-verbal person, like culturally. It is rude to give sign names to fictional character even though I'm not deaf/non-verbal? Genuinely asking here.

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  • sunsetsintandem
    25.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Bruce: I am once again asking you to stop harassing Tim.

    Ra's: It's not harassing if it's meant to be.

    Bruce, standing up: *chooses violence*

    Tim, from behind Jason: Get him, dad!

    #dc#batfam#batfamily#batkids#batdad#bruce wayne #ras al ghul #demon head#tim drake#red robin#drake#jason todd#red hood#incorrect quotes #it was supposed to be an easy meeting #but ras didnt want to compromise and neither did bruce #jason and tim are watching from the sidelines #if it's too much jason will just shoot ras #tim just wanted a semi normal vigilante life #he didnt asked to catch the demon head's eye #tim is about to blow up another league base #do i tag this with a tw?
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  • sunsetsintandem
    25.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Bruce, watching Jason through narrowed eyes: Hood, what you got there?

    Jason zooming by: A gun!

    Bruce: No!!!

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  • sleepaintreal
    25.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Oct Batfam Fanfic Recs DAY 25: 5 times the Justice League catch Bruce acting domestically by TimesBeingWhatTheyAre

    Status: Completed, 2 chapters, 12,172 words

    Featured tropes: JL meet the batkids, 5+1, Batkids shenanigans, its how they show their love :), Batman appearing human, Fluff, Happy batfam, Secret identity reveal, JL is confused

    Summary: ...and the one time he lets them see it

    aka 5 times the kids torment Bruce, and the time that he actually arranges a meet-up and minds are blown


    This is nice and sweet, poor bruce is a tired dad dealing with his kids shenanigans, while trying to maintain his dark and scary image :D
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  • brucediana
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I am motivated to write a Wonderbat Justice Lords fanfic sometime soon.

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  • but-a-humble-goon
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Villains really over-complicate eliminating Batman. If I were planning to rob a bank in Gotham or whatever, I'd just find a way to get Stephanie Brown and Terry Mcginnis into a room together and Bruce would be too busy screaming into a pillow for the rest of his life to stop me.

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  • cannibalgh0st
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Bruce falls asleep at the J squad's place

    Bruce: *heavily asleep on the sofa* Zzzzzzz...

    Jerome: Aww look at him!  You know, I don't know what he does all night but he sure sleep in during the day-

    Jonathan: oh? Maybe he has a secret night life...or he could be a vampire. 

    Jerome: Oh Jonny that's-

    Jerome: .... *thinks about it*

    Jerome: I mean...he doesn't like going out during the day...and he's super polite like eerie polite, he won't come over unless I invite him in directly... and...

    Jonathan: and?

    Jerome: and sometimes bats appear around him- but I thought it was because Gotham was full of vermin- I mean rats follow me sometimes-!!!

    Jonathan: All signs say you're dating a vampire- has he partake in any blood feeding? Wait...did you just say rats follow YOU?????

    Jerome: UM no????? Well about the feeding, Brucie does like meat...but that's not weird...sometimes too rare tho... like bloody rare. I thought it was a rich person thing...

    Jonathan: I've read vampires will try to fit in so eating undercooked meat isn't weird, I mean it's a serect way of consuming whatever blood is left.

    Jerome: I---

    Jonathan: Vampire. He's a vampire. You're dating a vampire-


    Jerome: *walks up to Bruce and pokes him* Bruce? Darling? If you were a blood sucking vampire you would tell me right?

    Bruce: *mumbles in sleep* what...???

    Jonathan: *coughs* he wouldn't tell you *coughs*

    Jerome: shush you!

    Bruce: *mumbles* a what?

    Jerome: Vampire. Are you a vampire?

    Jonathan: ....

    Bruce: *wakes up with a serious look* Only after 4pm.

    Jerome and Jonathan: 👁👄👁

    Bruce: *lays back down * Zzzz.......

    -Jervis appears-

    Jervis: Hello everyone~ I was wondering if anyone would like some tea and snacks? Also no worries or anything I already put it away in the fridge...but did any of you brought a bag of meat?  Are we making a special dish tonight? It was dripping with blood...well let me fetch the tea! *walks into the kitchen happily*

    Jerome and Jonathan: *stares at Bruce*

    Bruce: Zzzzzz...

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  • morganoperandi
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Here’s my question:

    If Peter Parker existed in the DC Universe, how long would it take for Bruce Wayne to adopt him?

    And, yes, Aunt May also exists in this scenario. I just assumed that, sometime after Ben’s death, she and Alfred start dating.

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  • bambicambi
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Lounge: *murmurs* whats this? A bat caught off guard? How unsightly.

    Batman: *rolls his eyes* I've been looking for you for two days.

    #maribat #marinette dupain cheng #marinette dupain-cheng #mlb x dc #dc x mlb #bruce wayne#batman#lounge
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  • bambicambi
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Lounge: so? Gonna kill me? Or..?

    Red Hood: God, you don't know shit, do you? Batman doesn't kill.

    Batman: *mutters under his breath* [kind of getting to my limit, to be honest.]

    Red Hood: *silences his speaker and whips his head towards Bruce* [OH, SO THE ROGUE VIGILANTE IS MAKING YOU SECOND GUESS YOUR KILLING RULE, BUT A MURDER CLOWN ISN'T ENOUGH?]

    Batman: *looks away from him* [m'joking.]

    Red Hood: [WHAT THE FUCK, BRUCE!]

    Batman: [m'joking.]

    Red Hood: *hisses* [you don't joke about murder.]

    Batman: [for someone so adamant on not joking about murder, you seem to do it an awful lot.]

    Red Hood: [oh you little BITCH-]

    Lounge: not that im not entertained by this one way conversation, but are you guys gonna kill me or not?

    Red Hood: *clicks on his speaker* [NO.]

    Batman: *smirks viciously* [possibly.]

    Red Hood: [you absolute Baboon-NO.] *points his finger in Bruce's face and silences his speaker again* [you are not going to go through a fun corruption ark while im in charge of you. Do that on your own time when Dick's on planet!]

    Batman: *amused* [why?]

    Red Hood: *incoherent scream*

    Batman: *grins*

    #Jason's at his limit. #maribat #marinette dupain cheng #marinette dupain-cheng #mlb x dc #dc x mlb #jason todd#red hood#bruce wayne#batman#lounge
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  • popvulcha
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Batman, Please Just Join The Justice League Already

    Superman: Today I realized we're stronger together. At first, I thought I could solve this crisis on my own, but what I really needed... was my friends--

    Batman: -- Actually, you needed me. Your friends just made things worse.

    Flash: So, Bats, does this mean you're joining the--

    Batman: -- Nope. Don't try to contact me again unless it's a real emergency. And stay away from Gotham.

    #incorrect justice league quotes #justicefam#Bruce Wayne #based off an original quote from sonic boom
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  • listentothelittlebird
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Reveal draft! An alternate Out of the Shadows scene, and Wally finding out in a different way (mentions of Dick’s death, and hand-wavy Spyral tech)

    Word Count: 1872 Words

    Enjoy :)

    Code Bat started because of Robin’s safety, and it seemed it would end because of Robin’s safety, as well.

    The villains had coordinated an attack in each of their respective cities - Central City, Star City, Metropolis, and Gotham City. Batman knew he was on his own.

    He was just glad to have his partners with him.

    The giant robot had been rampaging through the streets, piloted by Mr. Freeze, and it took all of the Bats working together to bring it down. The robot fell to the street with a thundering crash, and Batman swooped down to secure Mr. Freeze.

    “R, here,” Robin rasped through the comms, and Batman knew instantly that something was wrong. His youngest son sounded strained, and there were soft sobs coming from somewhere near him, “There is a civilian trapped under the robot’s chest - a young girl, around seven. I am,” there was pause, a gritting of teeth, “I am trapped as well. My leg is immobile.”

    Cursing over the comms - Jason, Bruce registered, - before Oracle was directing him to Damian’s exact location.

    “I saw her in the way of the robot, and I merely had time to dive under a car with her,” Damian was explaining evenly, “The car’s body sustained most of the damage, but my leg has been wedged. The civilian will be easier to extract, first.”

    Bruce frowned tightly, but he knew Damian was right. Help the unharmed civilian out, and then Bruce could deal with his injured child.

    “Signal, standby to assist,” Batman ordered, and set about finding an opening he could use to reach them.

    There was no Superman who would be able to assist him. Not now, because he knew Superman would still be fighting in his own city.

    “Signal, grab the other end.”

    Batman barely saw the movement, the boy’s invisibility cloak turned on, but he heard Duke’s small grunt, informing Bruce he was in position.

    “On three. One, two, three-”

    They hefted the chunk of metal up, and Batman could hear Robin coaxing the young girl to crawl towards the newly-formed exit. A small head soon popped out onto the sidewalk, quickly stumbling to her feet and towards where a woman cried out in relief.

    “Robin,” Batman grunted, “Are you able to move?”

    “No,” Robin replied, frustration layered over pain, “There’s still pressure over my leg. I… I can’t lift it up.”

    “Don’t try,” Batman ordered, even though he could feel his arms straining, trembling from holding up the opening, “Black Bat. Can you crawl in and see if you can help R?”

    A black blur dove into the dark underbelly of the metal scraps.

    “Lift another piece,” Black Bat informed, “Will need someone outside, someone inside.”

    The implications settled into them, a split second of reflection.

    “B,” Nightwing’s voice trailed through the comms, “B, let us come down.”

    They needed more people. They were on the rooftop, hiding, but more than ready to give up the shadows. The answer was obvious.

    “Hood, help Black Bat lift from the outside. Red Robin, help to identify the right location. Nightwing, help secure the opening. Batgirl, be ready to help Robin.”

    Batman’s partners - Bruce’s children, each established and formidable in their own right - descended around him. The Signal uncloaked himself, moving so that Nightwing could take part of the load. Red Robin directed Red Hood using the robot’s configuration, before he dived underneath the wreck to help Black Bat. Batgirl had spread her cape on the floor, and had retrieved the first-aid kit from the Batmobile.

    Batman was aware of the crowd forming a distance away. Batman was aware of the phones pointed at them, recording the first real sighting of the Bats, out of hiding, in broad daylight. Bruce was also too preoccupied with rescuing his son to truly care.

    “In position?” 

    Several short and quick confirmations.

    “On three. On, two, three-”

    The metal creaked where Red Hood hefted it up, and Batman could hear Robin’s pained hiss as Red Robin and Black Bat shifted him towards the exit. Batgirl disappeared underneath for a brief moment, emerging with a handful of dust-covered Robin. 

    Jason lowered the metal at Tim’s count-off, and Tim and Cass slipped out of the small air pocket. Bruce counted off for Dick and Duke, and they closed the opening, each turning quickly towards where Steph was looking over Damian’s leg.

    “There is definitely something broken,” Steph grimaced, when she met Bruce’s eye through their cowls, “We should get him back to the Batcave.”

    Nothing more needed to be said, Batman quickly collecting his kid and pacing back to the Batmobile. Nightwing kept pace with him, and Batman passed Robin to him. 

    “There were people filming,” Damian croaked out, grimacing as Dick shifted his hold.

    “I don’t care,” Dick declared, cradling his brother, “And you shouldn’t, either. We were meaning to appear to the public sooner or later, anyways.”

    “Nightwing and I are heading back first with Robin,” Batman sounded into the comms, “The rest of you-”

    “We’ll take care of the robot and Mr. Freeze,” Red Robin agreed. Then, softer, “Just take care of Baby Bat.”

    “Shut up, Red,” Robin mumbled.


    Tim smiled to himself even as he strolled back towards the collapsed robot. He searched for the centre of the robot, where Mr. Freeze had been, and plugged his hologlove into the control panel.

    “What’re you doing?” Jason asked, and when Tim tilted his head with a frown, added, “Black Bat’s handing Mr. Freeze over to the police. Batgirl’s treating the little girl’s injuries.”

    Tim hummed in acknowledgement and answered Jason’s question, “The robots in the other cities look pretty similar. If there’s a chance that they’re all connected… ah, there we go.”

    Tim fell silent as he hacked through the robot’s functions, and tapped his final entry with a satisfied grin. He met Jason’s eye a second time, holding up three fingers with his free hand. 

    He counted down from three to one, and when he reached one, Oracle’s voice echoed through their ears, “Robots in the other cities have all shut down, seemingly at random. A warning would have been nice, Red.”

    “Dramatic delivery, O,” Tim replied, “And besides, I set them to shut down standing up. No one else is getting stuck under scrap metal, today.”

    Black Bat met them at the streetside, with Batgirl.

    “We should go,” Batgirl nodded towards where people were edging closer to the robot, “The crowd’s getting too curious.”

    “And we better get back before Supes catches wind of what happened out here,” Red Hood added, and Tim agreed. Superman would come running if he knew something had happened in Gotham.

    “Race?” Black Bat suggested, a smile playing across her lips. The other Bats grinned.


    “It’s been a while since we’ve just hung out like this, hasn’t it?”

    “It has,” Dick agreed with a smile, “Probably too long, if I’m being honest.”

    Wally chuckled, and they fell into a comfortable silence. For once, Wally’s home was quiet - Irey and Jai were with the newer Titans today, getting used to being around others their age with abnormal backgrounds. It had been Dick’s idea, to introduce them to the younger Superboy and Roy’s daughter - plus some new faces that Wally had yet to form his opinion of.

    They talked about random things for a while - Dick had moved away from Blüdhaven to be closer to family, Irey had become the new Kid Flash, Bart back to being Impulse.

    Wally thinks about everything that had happened, thinks about that time when Nightwing disappeared off the face of the Earth, and asks his friend what had happened. He gets a pinched expression in response.

    “Long story short,” Dick explained with a grim smile, “I got unmasked on live television. You don’t remember it, because that time I spent off radar ended with me reversing that event. Or, well, not reversing it - making everyone forget about it is closer to what happened.”

    Wally tries to think of the event, what should have been imprinted in his mind, but he pulls a blank. All that was left were the impressions of a thought - like someone burst the bubble of perception surrounding his friend. A deep-rooted shock that felt like…

    “You died, didn’t you?” Wally blurted, before he could reel back his tongue. It was the same set of messed-up emotions he had when Donna had died - she came back to them, but there were still the hints of unresolved trauma, buried deep inside him. 

    Dick stayed silent, and the shock grew roots and pulled up a memory - his eyes catching on a television screen, wanting to look away but feeling rooted to the spot. Bright blue eyes blinking in stubborn resolve at the camera, even while tied up and heavily injured. Lex Luther talking to a reporter, bringing the awful news that...

    “Dick,” Wally breathed. Dick blinked, and was suddenly engulfed in an armful of speedster, clinging to him and shaking - not vibrating, but shaking in residual fear. 

    “You died. Holy shit, man,” Wally whispered, and tightened his hold further. Dick returned the hug, pressing his face into his friend’s shoulder, trying to reassure him that he was present and alive. 

    “I’m alright now, Walls,” Dick stated firmly, “I wasn’t even dead for that long, actually. Just a few moments, but we decided to hide that I was still alive, just in case people came snooping.”

    “A few moments doesn't make it any better,” Wally hissed, and Dick could feel him pause, from where he was still wrapped around him. “We?” Wally repeated.

    “What do you remember?” Dick shot back. Another pause. “You’re Dick Grayson,” Wally stated, and after one last squeeze, finally pulled back from the hug. Dick smiled and removed his sunglasses, and Wally took one look at his face and sighed roughly.

    “You were Batman?” Wally smiled tightly, “No wonder you went dark on me.”

    “I’m sorry,” Dick blurted, and cringed, “It’d have been hard to keep up communications with anyone during that time, so I made new connections as the ‘new Batman’. While I was kind-of dead, the only person I really talked to was B, because of the nature of my mission at the time.”

    Wally sat back down and took a moment to process everything. “Bruce is your Dad,” Wally stated, and Dick snorted at Wally’s shocked expression. “Hey! Believe me, this is a revelation,” Wally flailed his hands, “I mean, we always knew that Batman had kids, and yeah, we knew about Black Bat, but you? His kid?”

    Wally frowned, “Your childhood stories were from the circus, then.”

    “Yeah,” Dick confirmed, “I only told stories from my biological parents. You probably only heard one or two stories that were about me and B, and Jay.”

    Wally narrowed his eyes.

    “Is the whole Wayne family like you?” Wally gestured helplessly, “Like, all of you are vigilantes? I know you mentioned everyone’s been through combat training, but, there’s more of you?”

    Dick laughed, “You haven’t seen the news, have you?”


    Dick showed him the most played video from Gotham - the robot fight.

    “That’s you,” Wally gaped, “And those are your siblings?” 

    “Yep!” Dick chirped, grinning at Wally’s shocked expression, “Can you place their names?”


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