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    • Kidnappers: We have her.
    • Bruce: Have who?
    • Kidnappers: Black Bat.
    • Bruce: …Hn.
    • Kidnappers: aren’t you gonna come and save her?
    • Bruce: You don’t have her. She has you. Good luck.
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    And you think you’re having a rough week.

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    • Bruce: I currently have seven empty notebooks and I have no clue what to put in them. Suggestions?
    • Jason: Put spaghetti in it.
    • Bruce: I am currently taking suggestions from everyone except for you.
    • Steph: Put spaghetti in it.
    • Bruce: I am currently taking suggestions from everyone except for the two of you.
    • Dick: Sorry B. Put spaghetti in it.
    • Bruce: I am no longer taking suggestions.
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    • damian: father? i have a question.
    • bruce: yes?
    • damian: can a person breath inside a washing machine while it’s on?
    • bruce:
    • damian: obviously this is all hypothetical-
    • bruce: WHERE is tim?!?!
    #uh oh#damian wayne#bruce wayne#batman#batfamily#batfam #incorrect batfamily quotes #incorrect batfam quotes #incorrect quotes#incorrect batfam #incorrect dc quotes #tim drake
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  • Edward: Here’s a list of our suspects.

    Bruce: Edward, your name is on the list.

    Edward: Well, I dont know where I was last Friday. Therefore, I don’t have an alibi. I’ve been tailing myself for three days.

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  • The year is 2020 and I can’t believe Bruce Wayne, tax evader, is actually going to be a thing in the comics


    Maybe the real Batman was the abroad shell corporations we made along the way

    #bruce wayne #no this isnt april fools
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  • brb pretending batman vs superman doesn’t exist

    #why is this 3 hours long #they made alfred a 2012 tumblr hipster #batman#bruce wayne #batman vs superman #superman#clark kent
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  • what the fuck did batman vs superman do to bruce wayne, you fucked up a perfectly fine orphan. look at him!! even his repressions have repressions!!

    #WHAT THE FUCK #batman#bruce wayne #batman vs superman
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    It’s been a long week of patrol. Bruce Wayne is heading straight to bed after stripping out of his armor, when a voice catches his attention.

    “He looks so young!” he hears Dick coo.

    “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him without a scowl,” Tim adds in a low voice. The shuttering of a camera follows the comment. “I don’t know why, but I always thought he’d frown, even in his sleep.”

    There’s a round of snickering as Bruce walks up to the couch where his kids have gathered to watch Jason sleep.

    Bruce would scold them for it, but he’s too entranced by the sight of Jason sleeping.

    Jason hasn’t allowed himself any type of vulnerability where the family can see him, since his resurrection. But after a long, stressful week, here he is, passed out from exhaustion before he can tear out of the cave like a bat out of hell.

    He’s so beautiful, it takes Bruce’s breath away. Jason has always been a beautiful boy, even when he’s spitting vitriol at Bruce. But he is even more so now, with his features smoothed out.

    Bruce isn’t surprised that Jason still has a knack for falling asleep anywhere. What he finds surprising, is that Jason still feels safe enough in the cave, and among them, not to wake up at the drop of a feather.

    His son has changed a lot in the time between his death and his return to the family. The way he bats Bruce’s hand away from his face when Bruce traces his face with a finger, a soft whine of “Dad!” however, has not.

    Neither is the way the word makes his heart skip a beat.

    “What is wrong with your face?” Damian asks, a hint of alarm in his voice.

    Bruce spares him a glance, confused at the question for a moment.

    “Are you–?” Tim starts. “Is that–?”

    Instead of continuing, he points the camera in his hands in Bruce’s direction to take a few pictures.

    “That,” Dick says, in an imitation of Sherlock giving a lecture, “dear boy, is a smile on your father’s face. Memorize it, for you know not when it will appear again.”

    That’s when Bruce realizes that he is, indeed, smiling.

    It only makes his grin wider.

    He wants to argue that seeing him smile isn’t such a blue moon event, but he’s too entranced to be distracted.

    There will be time for that later.

    For now, he gathers a still-slumbering Jason in his arms, noting how different everything was the last time he had Jason in his arms.

    It makes his breath catch in his throat and he has to shake himself out from going down memory lane. His baby came back to him and right now, that is all that matters.

    He lets the weight of Jason ground him as he makes his way up the stairs and into the manor.

    When he places Jason on the bed, he could not have stopped himself from pressing a kiss to his son’s forehead.

    Jason lets out a soft sigh.

    He’s almost out the door when he catches the words.

    “G'night, Dad.”

    It is a good night, indeed. Bruce thinks. The best in a long time.

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    • bruce wayne: Gentle reminder not to eat too much candy before bed.
    • damian wayne: No.
    • bruce wayne: This was a gentle reminder, yet your words of defiance brings me ungodly amounts of rage.
    • damian wayne: Word.
    • bruce wayne: I want nothing more than to uppercut you directly to Heaven’s front door.
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    • Kate: If I could change the world, I'd make every person look like Renee Montoya.
    • Bruce: How would you tell which one was Renee?
    • Kate: They wouldn't all be named Renee, dumbass.
    • Dick: I wonder what I'd look like if I looked like Renee.
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  •      Request: I loved your recent Edward Nygma ones! Would you be open to the idea of writing something with him from the Gotham TV show? And maybe with a reader who also works with Batsy but is also dating him? And he finds out reader is a superhero when they were “crime fighting”, unmasks her or something, and fluffy end? Thank you in advance!!

    A/N: I am very iffy about this entire story so you guys just let me know how I did.


    Originally posted by craquelureblair

         Batman, Batman, BATMAN!

         That’s all that occupied Edward’s mind as he broke the pencil in his hand in half. Not too long ago, he and Oswald both watched as a masked vigilante leaped from building to building, and had put a pause on their plans for villainy that night. If only Edward had known all the problems that masked vigilante would cause for him in the future, then he would’ve hunted down that ‘Batman’ to the ends of the earth just to save him the amount of frustration he was feeling right now. It didn’t help that you weren’t there to comfort him, your job as a reporter now preoccupying most of your time, but it’s not like Edward could simply tell you about his troubles.

         Especially since this stupid new hero seemed to have been the person to thank for your sudden promotion, he was a mystery for other reporters to interview however you always seemed to get not only the best photos but some actual comments from the masked vigilante. This only added to Edward’s frustration, why out of all the reporters and journalists in Gotham did this…Batman choose to speak with you?

          After all, Edward knew you were far more superior and special than those other Lois Lane wannabes, that’s why when he was the Riddler he’d often make sure his crimes were near you but not severe enough where you’d get hurt. Only he was allowed to have a soft spot for you, you were his girlfriend and his reporter, and he was going to have to make sure that this mysterious new Batman knew that.

         But how?
         That was the question that vexed him, that evaded him. How on earth could he make something pay that might not even be real?
         Before he started to fully see red, his head perked up at the sound of the door opening, and your angelic voice singing out a cheerful and bright “Edders!~”

         The Batman could wait, for now, there were more important things occupying Edward’s mind as he stood from his spot and gleefully made his way to the living room.

          “You’re back!” He mused as he wrapped his arms around your waist, lifting you from the ground and spinning you around the room. 

         You laughed loudly and became slightly dizzy when he set you back on the ground, in a pleasant way. Then you quickly wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed a kiss to his cheek, making him softly chuckle as he pressed his forehead against yours.

         “I missed you.” He murmured.

         “I missed you, too.” You responded back, stealing a kiss from his lips with a playful smile.

         The two of you stood there for a while, even if it felt like forever. Where he had both his hands cupping your face and keeping his forehead pressed to yours while you had two hands on his shoulders as you let out a content hum.

         “How was your day, Dear?” You asked him as you finally stepped back to put your work bag away in the shared bedroom you two had.

         “Stressful,” He frowned as he followed you like a lost puppy to the room. You turned back to face him with a sympathetic look on your face, “Aw, wanna talk about it?”

         “Desperately,” He sighed before falling backward onto the bed, “but I do believe you know the rules about me discussing my work.”

         You rolled your eyes before laying next to him, laying on your side as you propped your head on one hand and used the other to draw random shapes on his chest, which made him exhale heavily in pleasure and cuddle closer over to you.

         “Right, forgive me, my dear Edward,” You snickered softly as you enjoyed the way he started to snake one hand around your waist and nuzzle his face into the crook of your neck.

         Days like this were nice, days where you two could just lay down with one another and relax, the feeling of having you near him was therapeutic, but of course, these moments never lasted long. Only because both of your jobs required your full attention and dedication, so when his phone began to ring, he groaned in annoyance while you sent him a smug smirk. He looked at who was calling before sitting up from the bed.

          “I gotta take this, it’s for work.” He explained while you nodded at him with a smile that could make even the brightest sun jealous. You stretched out on the bed a bit more before becoming a bit more comfortable, “Hurry back, Edders.”

         He nodded before standing up from his spot and walking out into the hallway, most likely to his office if you had to guess, as he hissed temperamentally to the phone he was talking to. You smiled before frowning and groaning in annoyance when your phone began to shortly ring afterwords. You obviously took it out but your eyes widened when you saw there was no number calling you. Instead a big yellow bat over a black surface was all your phone screen showed, your brows then furrowed into a look of determination as you leaped from the bed and quickly grabbed your work bag.

         “Hey, (Y/n), I have to go-” You pecked his cheek as you ran past him, “I do too, love you!” 

         Before Edward could open his mouth to ask where you were going or to say anything, really, you had already dashed out the door.

         “Huh,” He shrugged, “At least I don’t have to make up some lame excuse or something.”


         “Heya, Bats!” You greeted, dressed in your vigilante attire as you used your grappling hook to descend to the ground and kick away a group of henchmen who were about to attack your partner. 

         The Dark Knight, a nickname you had come up with yourself, merely grabbed the collar of one of the henchmen before flinging him at a group of minions charging towards the both of you.

         “You’re late.” He merely grunts as he dodges another blow. You merely rolled your eyes before you delivering a swift roundhouse kick to one minion who tried to attack you from surprise.

         “Well, I’m sorry I have a life outside of being your partner,” You retorted when you were suddenly struck in the side of the head by something.

         “(H/n)!” Batman shouted as he ran towards you.

          You could feel yourself falling, almost as if in slow motion, and your vision becoming blurrier and blurrier the more you stumbled before you felt your head come into contact with the cold hard ground.

         Funny that it was your first night out as a vigilante and already you got knocked out, huh?

          When you woke up again, you groaned at the throbbing pain in your head and slowly tried to have your eyes readjust your surroundings. The first thing you noticed was that everything was upside down and that you couldn’t move your arms or your legs. You spun around slowly to face Batman, who also seemed to be in the same predicament you were in.

           “You must feel comfortable like this, Bats.” You mused, a small smile on your face. He still kept up his poker face as he spun around slowly, “How can you even joke at a time like this?”

          “He’s right!” Another voice chimed, one that you knew very well, but you really hoped you weren’t right and that you’re ears were failing you.

          Both you and Batman were harshly spun around to face the Riddler, aka, your boyfriend, Edward Nygma.

         “You really shouldn’t be joking at a time like this, my dear hero.” He mused as he walked around both you and your partner.

          You were too speechless to speak, too paralyzed to hear whatever evil plot he had in store for you, and much too conflicted to think of your next move.

          “Who knew it would be so easy to unmask the Batman?” The Riddler mused, “not only that but I get two for the price of one. Forgive me but I don’t think I got your name.”

          He kneeled down in front of you, the charming smile he always gave you looked so ominous in the position you were in right now. Yet, it was also somewhat exciting to you as well.

          “I’d think you should know me pretty well, Edders.” You smirked when you finally recovered from shock, making the villain’s eyes go wide.

          “How did you-….Wait,” He frowned as his gloved hands reached for your mask, he slowly peeled it off and was met with your smiling face.

          “Aw, unmasked on my first night out. Guess I’m not a very good vigilante, huh?” You joked light-heartedly.

          “(Y-Y/n)?” Eddie stammered, touching the side of your face to see if you were actually real, “This couldn’t be, I-I saw you leave…y-you kissed me on the cheek and- how-…when?”

          You shrugged, as best as you could at least, before sending him your signature smile.

          “Can’t tell you all the details but let’s just say I stuck my nose where I shouldn’t have and the big bad Batman saved me and asked me to be his partner.” You tried to summarize as best as you could.

          Bruce wanted to very much argue that he hadn’t asked you to do anything, you just had Alfred make you a vigilante suit as well and then demanded to tag along with him. However, he decided to take advantage of…whatever it is you and The Riddler were having right now.

          “What are you idiots waiting for? Untie them!” Edward barked, making his henchmen flinch and look at each other.

          “But…uh… Boss? Didn’t you-” a simple glare was from Edward was all it took for the henchman to seize his babbling and quickly untied both you and your partner.

          “Why didn’t you tell me you were a vigilante?” He frowned, handing you back your mask. You raised an eyebrow at him as you placed your mask back on, “Says my supervillain boyfriend.”

         “Not Supervillain ex-boyfriend?” Edward tilted his head in confusion. 

          You responded by jumping on him while wrapping your arms around his neck and pressing your lips to his. His eyes went wide until he wrapped his arms around your waist tightly and began to kiss back, making everyone in the room feel uncomfortable. Even the mysterious Batman.

          “As long as I’m not your vigilante ex-girlfriend.” You panted when you broke the kiss. Edward only stared at you with adoring and dreamy eyes, “Never.”

          “Uh…Boss, what do you want us to do with the Bat?” One henchman asked.

         “Let him go, I have more important matters.” He hummed as he spun you around like he did earlier, making you laugh.

          Even though things we’re gonna get a bit awkward considering where you two stood on the whole good vs. evil battle, something told you that it was something you two would overcome.


    #Edward Nygma x reader #Edward Nygma x you #Gotham x reader #Gotham x you #Bruce Wayne #Vigilante! Reader #Kinda a crack fic #i need requests #i only date heroes #The Riddler x you #I haven't watched gotham in such a long time #requested
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  • Y/N: I am bored. Can we play something?

    Dick: Monopoly?

    Damian: i hope you are all ready to lose. I have the asse-

    Jason: I hope you all remember clearly what happened the last time we played monopoly

    Y/N: Jason if it is about cass pulling your hair because you were not paying her then fo-

    Barbara: I thought bruce banned that game?

    Steph: Well we can’t play hide and seek, board games or anything. Because they always turn out ugly and dangerous. Hell! Damian almost died last time.

    Jason: Really, no ones cares about demon spawn.

    Tim: Y'all almost broke my coffee machine!

    Damian : And my neck.

    Dick: GUYS. You think we can all fit in the batmobile?

    Y/N: I don’t personally think that’s a good idea but everyone knows we are going to do it to piss B off anyway so? Are you guys ready for a ride? *smirks and hold up the keys of the batmobile*

    Cass: Marry me please!

    Steph: fUcK oFf sHe Is MiNe.

    Barbara: Funny how you all thought she was not taken. By me obviously.

    Everyone else: Fuck off Barbara!

    Y/N: *signs* Ah shit! Here we go again.

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  • Characters: Selina Kyle, Bruce Wayne, Jason Todd, Isabel Ardila, Joker

    Gen, R

    Relationships mentioned: BatCat, Jaysabel, hints and allusions to brujay and jaytalia

    Warning: major character death.

    Summary: Selina Kyle is marrying Bruce Wayne after all. It goes about what you’d expected.

    AN: second to last part, guys; still not a shipping fic; I told you the dress thing was on purpose! I love Isabel.

    Keep reading

    #Fruit of Discord #Jason Todd#Isabel Ardila#Selina Kyle#bruce wayne#Joker #I'm not too happy with how the ending turns out but #at least I killed the Joker finally #the stand-off with him had less reveals of what I actually wanted to reveal #but what the fuck? I guess it's just will remain a haunting family secret forever #if I won't figure out how to write it in the last chapter #but then again; I ran out of character's to POV #who is going to be revealing what only two people know for sure and a handful suspects? #and no one is going to actually want to broach the topic #least of all those two who actually knows
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