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  • bjayishappy
    10.04.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    This is basically Bruce and his kids

    #batfam#batfamily#bruce wayne#dick grayson#jason todd#tim drake#damian wayne #the finding his dog one is definitely damian #bruce is so done with his children
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  • silverpriince
    10.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Bruce: *points at batyo (froyo machine)* it says off due to a leakage.

    Dick: so when will it turned back on due to Fixage?

    #dick grayson#bruce wayne#batfam#dc #dick bought a froyo machine when Bruce was pretending to be dead and left him a be batman #don't sit there and say he wouldn't
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  • myribcxge
    10.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Let me find those Bruce Wayne stans that have adopted some of Bruce’s personality traits so I can bring light to their life considering I’ve adopted most of Dick’s personality traits.

    In short I’m looking for a new dad.

    Actually fuck it. This is extended to Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Cassandra Cain and Duke Thomas, Carrie Kelly and Stephanie brown stans.

    Let me be your older brother. K thanks bye xx

    Let’s see if we can find ourselves the batfamily

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  • meshlasolus
    10.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Cruel Irony


    Bruce Wayne x Reader

    Mother trucker dude my calves hurt like a buttcheek on a stick... needless to say I spent a lot of time sitting today and I cranked this out.

    Series Summary: Growing up on infinity Island, Moyra is taught very well in the art of assassination. As the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul, she sits highly amongst the brotherhood known as the League of Shadows. When her father orders her to lure a stranger from the outside to be recruited amongst the mysterious clan, she will question everything she's ever believed.

    Chapter Warnings: angst, opening up about sadness ig?? Not much honestly this chapter is pretty vanilla.

    Rating: PG

    My father was more than exhilarated for me to return with such news of the man I'd been following. I hadn't known much about current affairs around the world, for I was too caught up in my training and my studies, however my father knew exactly who I was talking about as soon as I uttered the name of Bruce Wayne. He knew that this young socialite was the perfect recruit, for he more than anyome would appreciate the bringing of justice to others.

    He knew that this man was the right pick, so he'd instructed me to go into town again and cause a fight that would likely end up revolving mainly around Bruce.

    I had to be sneaky, with the way I subtly gave off hints to some strong men about the crown prince of gotham. I still hadn't known about his status, nor did I understand the extent of his life in luxury. I knew he wasn't from around here, that was pretty clear on it's own, but aside from a few non evident statements made by my father, I did not know the real Bruce Wayne. I only knew the street rat. The one who stole and shared with others. Truly a mystery he would be to unfold, but eventually I would get into every little crevice and nook of his backstory.

    The day of the big fight, I watched from a close hiding space. My father insisted he needed no help in his efforts of defending himself, and causing havoc on others, but something in me felt the urge to stick close anyway, just incase he needed help. It would be a shame to get him killed before I could put the puzzle that he was together.

    He fought valiantly, nearly every man he encountered was down after a few swings. His technique was definitely sloppy, but he had the right ideas. He needed training, and my fatyer could give it to him. Watching him in the moment I couldn't act like I wasn't somewhat impressed. Already he'd surprised me in ways I didn't think possible. Perhaps I need to learn more about the art of expecting the unexpected. More than six men were laying startled on the ground now, all grabbing their sides in pain of what Bruce had done.

    The police were draggung him away throigh the muddy slums, claiming those poor people needed protection when really I'd put it in their heads to start the fight.

    I watched as they went all the way to the small containment unit to hold him. My father would already be waiting when he got there. Now, after my father gave Bruce the decision to join us, it would be up to him. If he chose a higher purpose, it meant I would be able to finally get close enough to crack open that head of his and find out everything I'd been wondering since the moment I saw him.

    It was four days before I'd received word of a stranger entering the main temple entrance. Upon hearing from one of my brethren that the new recruit had arrived, I immediately dropped my book and ran to see if it were true.

    As I entered the large room, looking upon my father, I had to droo my eyes in order to see Bruce. He was laying on the ground, probably in defeat, and my father placed the small flower he'd quested him to find beneath the rugged lapel of his coat. He looked purely exhausted. My father muttered some words I could not hear, then came towards me, his face exuded pride though he was holding back a genuine smile.

    "I have a good feeling about him, make sure he's comfortable." He told me, careful to keep his voice low so that onlyI would hear the words.

    He soon left right after. I smiled and shook my head. With a sigh of what almost seemed to be relief, I strode over to the man on the ground, kneeling lower and offering my hand to him.

    "It's you... Moyra." he furrowed his brow in confusion.

    "In the flesh. Glad to meet under better circumstances this time." I kept my hand extended but it seemed his surprise took him off guard, and he had yet to take the offered help to his feet. I looked at my hand once more while he looked at me. "Fine, get up yourself."

    When I spoke it was like I snapped him out of a trance. Before I could stand to my feet or retract my arm, he gripped onto my hand with his own firmly.

    I smirked and heaved him up, trying ro be more gentle with him as I knew he'd sort of just received a beating.

    "So your father, he's-"

    "Yes, and he's had his eye on you for sometime now." I lied partially. I had been the one keeping a close watch on him. Sure, my father took interest when I began to tell him about the mystery stranger, but truly I had kept him under my eye like a hawk simply because of my curiosity.

    "Come with me, we've prepared you a room." I nodded my head to the doorway in the corner as I began my trek towards it. He followed soon behind, but had a hard time keeping up.

    "Well I certainly feel special." He joked, hobbling as fast as he could to the place I'd mentioned. He wasn't totally serious and brooding, and that I was thankful for. All the other soldiers in my brotherhood were so stoic and emotionless most of the time. This would be a good change of tune.

    "You should. This is the most powerful league in the world, and you've been chosen to be apart of it. I'm sure my father will cover the details of everything for you later on, but for now..." I trailed off, seeing as though we'd reached the small room. "You should rest. You've got the rest of your life ahead of you, and right now you look like hell."

    "Thanks." He rolled his eyes, sitting down on the cot with a breath of relief. He really wasn't in any shaoe to start training, and might not be for a few days.

    "If you need anything, just knock on the door across from yours." I said, making sure everything was in place before I left. He seemed a little more keen om keeping me a moment more.

    "Would that door happen to belong to you?" He raised a brow, leaning his back on the wall.

    "As a matter of fact, it would. If you'll excuse me, I have things to settle elsewhere..." I lied, knowing the only thing I had to attend to was the book I dropped when hearing he had come. "Just a piece of advice, don't waste your time to sleep. My father's plans start early in the morning."

    "Noted." He nodded at me and pressed his lips in a thin line.

    I turned and walked out the door, not a moment's hesitation within me. A certain few words did stop me in my tracks before I was able to venture down the hallway, though.

    "I'm sorry..." he paused, looking for the right words. "You know... for setting a foot trap for you."

    I glanced over my shoulder to see the sincerity written on his face. I smirked before I replied.

    "Don't worry about it. It was a lousy trap anyway."


    Months had passed from the day he arrived, and he still didn't feel fully comfortable in this place, around the league. It was strange to think that agter staying for so long, he couldn't quite seem at home with the place. My father had begun his training, and told me he was very invested. Perhaps all I needed to do was talk to him. I very much would like to get to know him more, I wanted to know more about his past, and what him the way he was today. My father knew of everything, but of course, as rules of the league, everything said stays between two people unless permission is granted to share outside of that.

    It was quite a chilly night when the sun had gone down this evening, and I wanted to offer some extra blankets to the man across the hall from me.

    Knocking on the door, I didn't even count a second before it swung open before me. I raised my eyebrows at how fast he'd reacted, but shook off my surprise and continued.

    "Hey... it started gettung colder, wanted to bring you more of these..." I gestured to the folded pieces of woolen material, but then upon seeing beads of sweat on his forehead, I glanced down to notice his shirt was open, amd sweat poured down the rest of his body also. "But it looks like you don't really need them."

    He chuckled nervously when he realized I hadn't looked away from his body. Really and truthfully I could not help myself, he was so defined and strong. Eventually he spoke, so my eyes were forced to avert back to his.

    "Not really..." he mumbled. I nodded my head getting ready to leave when he stepped aside from his doorway. "You wanna come in?"

    That's exactly what I wanted.

    "Sure..." I brought the blankets in anyways, setting them down on the bench by the end of his cot before sitting down at the foot of it.

    "So your dad...." he started, opting to sit down at the head of his bed, wrapping the shirt up to tie it. One less distraction for me I suppose. "He doesn't really take it easy on anyone, does he?"

    I was a bit taken aback by this.

    "What, you a pansy?" I realized how possibly hurtful my words could have come across as, and even thoigh he sjowed no signs of taking offense, I still added on. "I mean... you're such a strong fighter, and a good man. The challenges should be easy for you, both mental and physical."

    "Physical is easier... the mental stuff not so much." He scratched the back of his neck while trying to muster up good words to tell what he meant. "I understand that my past is a weakness..."

    "But you can use it to be stronger." I finished for him, quoting some of my father's words.

    "Yeah, the thing is... I don't know if I want to use a certain part of my past for strength."

    Now I understood. He had a traumatic experience sometime back that was making him weary. It was the same with me and the incident with my mother.

    "What happened to you?" I asked broadly, but soon seeing that perhaps I was too forward. I shook my head. "You don't have to tell me..."

    "No, It's okay."

    We both looked up at one another and for a split second, I saw myself in his eyes. The part of his past he was thinking about must have reflected that of, or at least be similar to mine.

    "When I was a kid, my parents were shot in an alleyway. I was there, and it was my fault." He ducked his head down again, and though I didn't notice any change in emotion, I could tell he probably wouldn't be able to give me anything else on the matter. I scooted closer to him and put my hand on his shoulder.

    "I'm sorry." I told him, but he didn't respond, except for a small sigh when I touched him. I had been in his shoes... "I know what if feels like. I was eight when my mom died. She was killed too."

    I hated opening up about this subject, especially after I'd spent the past several years learning to harness the emotions attached to the memory. Talking about it felt foreign. I knew I had to do it, though. This talking point was the only common ground yet far I had with the man before me. He needed to know he wasn't alone.

    "It was my fault, and I was too young to do anything to stop it. Even my father had to watch as she was just.... murdered. I'll never forget how much I hated myself that day. I try not to think about it, but I blame myself. My father tells me that I shouldn't because it can only harbor self hatred.... truth be told I think he blames me too."

    Now with both hands in my lap, it was my turn to drop my head to stare at my thighs, wondering why this was so hard for me after all this time.

    "I guess what I'm trying to say, is that you're not alone... and if you ever need someone, I'll be there." And I meant every word of it. What started as a ploy to delve into his inner psyche was now a genuine, heartfelt promise.

    "Thank you."

    The moment our eyes met, I saw a piece of my future, fuzzy yet clear as day. I saw he and I years from now, still confiding in one another. We were loyal to each other for years to come. What a gift that small vision was.

    Tags and requests are open!

    #bruce wayne x reader #bruce wayne #bale!batman x reader #bale!batman #christian bale#batman begins #batman x reader #bale!bruce wayne
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  • verydarkgrey
    10.04.2021 - 2 hours ago


    Jason: It was me

    Jason: dad.

    Bruce: ... be forgiven because everyone deserves a second chance.

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  • winkyo
    10.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    i have this idea,basically canon,that Bruce once had a crush on Jerome.he really liked Jerome for the thrill he gave him.

    but then Jerome died.Bruce made friends with Jeremiah for unknown reason(by unknown i mean he didn't know it himself).

    he treated Jeremiah as a real friend.but Jeremiah fell in love with Bruce(also for unknown reason maybe because he put his repressed feelings for Jerome onto Bruce).and we all know Jeremiah can be really executive and manipulative,let alone his passionate true love.so Bruce grew fond of Jeremiah as well in a sexual way.

    but noble virtuous Bruce loved Jerome and he considered his feelings for Jeremiah filthy and inappropriate.

    so he struggled in this dilemma like in 红白玫瑰。

    "红白玫瑰(red rose and white rose)" is a Chinese song.it generally tells a story that someone has one lover but he can't forget the last one.they are like a red rose and a white rose.when you get one,you'll feel the other one is better and this one is just ordinary.well not as simple as i described above,actually the lyrics are really touching and infectious.I don't know if there is any translation i didn't find any and my English is so poor that i can't translate it.

    but It's a great song by Eason.and there is a video on bilibili about them with this song.

    Eason also has this incredible song called 斯德哥尔摩情人(Stockholm lover),also my favorite.yes you can tell by it name.

    these two songs are so suitable for them three.believe me,you listen to them,you'll get inspired and cook foodξ( ✿>◡❛)because they have inspired so many writers in my country i don't see why it can't inspire writers here.

    and any similar songs recommended?I'd love to listen to them_(:з」∠)_

    and i want food(;w;)

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  • out-of-context-batfam
    10.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Batman (2016) #24

    #CERTAINLY NOT YOU YA CRAZY FUCK OF A HUMAN BEING #NORMALLY I WOULDNT ADDRESS SOMEONE LIKE THAT BUT IM WILLING TO MAKE AN EXCEPTION FOR BRUCE WAYNE #OF COURSE HE WOULD QUESTION THIS SINCE HE HASNT KNOWN NORMAL SINCE BEING A YOUNG CHILD #THIS FEELS LIKE TRUE MEME MATERIAL #dc comics#batfam#batfamily #out of context #batman#bruce wayne#funny#dammit bruce #you arent normal im sure of that #the man dressed like a bat asked what’s normal #well this is awkward
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  • verydarkgrey
    10.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Bruce: Please sit in this chair. I’d like to ask you some questions.

    Tim, whispering to Cass: Deny everything.

    Cass: That’s not a chair.

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  • astronerd-emc2
    10.04.2021 - 4 hours ago


    #my bf told me today #I’m hoping he’s wrong #but he’s a hardcore snyderverse fan #please tell me he’s wrong #dick grayson#Batman#Bruce Wayne#joker#Harley Quinn#zack snyder #restore the snyderverse #teen Titans#Robin#boy wonder#justice league #batman vs superman #dawn of justice #suicide squad
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  • bambicambi
    10.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Chloe: I'll have you know that I will make sure your body is never found.

    Bruce: ...what caused this, miss Bourgeois.?

    Chloe: I just wanted to let you know.

    Bruce: ....

    Chloe: ...






    Chloe: so you better not mess up.

    Bruce: ????????

    #maribat#chloe bourgeois #wonderful friend chloe bourgeois #saying the real things #bruce wayne#batman #she knows how and where to hide a body #no one will suspect a thing #and tim wouldnt be able to find bruce this time #muahahahhaha #fucking tim... eodjdodnsmee he's crazy as fuck and i love him
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  • alcachcfa
    10.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    like or reblog if u save

    dont repost as your own

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  • rubixburd
    10.04.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #keeping up with the waynes #bruce wayne#cassandra wayne#stephanie brown#jason todd#dc#batman#batfam #the burd squawks
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  • lunaticsandidiots
    10.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    push me 🖤🦇

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  • seekingxanadu
    10.04.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Hold on. So Jason should "resent" Dick because BRUCE was not a good father, was not a good mentor, did not train Jason adequately, took him into battle where Jason was found wanting and fell to Joker's machinations? WHY is Jason resentful of Dick for not measuring up to Dick's mantle? No one forced Jason into wearing the Robin mantle, well, actually BRUCE did force Jason into Dick's mantle without asking Dick's permission, so I guess that's one more strike against BRUCE, not Dick.

    Jason finds himself lacking in Dick's shoes and Bruce keeps telling Jason that Jason is lacking, so please explain to me as if I was a 5 year old: WHY does Jason "resent" Dick again? When Dick is nowhere in the picture? LOL

    Y'all be ranting at a boy who built a mantle to avenge his parent's murder and then turned it into a hero's mantle to save others and then his mentor takes away that mantle from him, throws him out of the house, so that the boy is nowhere around when Jason comes along and is adopted officially. Seriously, this fandom has a huge comprehension and empathy deficit when it comes to Dick.

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  • ragingbookdragon
    10.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    What Is A Mother, But The Woman Who Loves Us Most?

    A Batmom x Batfamily One-Shot

    Word Count: 3.3K Warnings: Angst

    Author's Note: I know there is a story like this already (by a different author) but I should preface that this is a story that I posted a year or so before but deleted my previous blog last year, so it's not going to seem like it. I haven't copied any ideas, this is my own that I posted a year or so ago, and re-posting again now. -Thorne

    You are not my mother!

    The loathing words came out of his mouth before he could stop them, and he watched the cave go deathly quiet around him. Everyone's eyes were wide, even hers, but a millisecond later, they set in a hard stare as she stood straight, her jaw tightening.

    She nodded, staring at him. "You're right Damian. I'm not Talia al Ghul. I'm not your mother. But I will tell you what I am." She raised her left hand, flashing the silver wedding ring on her finger. "I'm your father's wife. And what I tell you to do in this manor is what I expect from you."

    He shook his head in anger, glaring at her. "This is my father's manor!"

    "No Damian, this is the Wayne Manor. And I've been, to use a rather weathered term, the lady of the house for almost fifteen years. Long before you were even a thought in Talia's mind." He stopped and she crossed her arms. "I may not be your mother, but you are a child and your father and I are the adults. When you turn eighteen, you can make all the decisions you want. Until then, what we say goes."

    His lips drew in a taut line and she added, "I've already talked about it to Bruce. You're not allowed on patrol after what happened at the gala. If you want to complain to him about it, he's going to tell you the same thing." Her eyes shifted to the others, then she looked back at him one last time before turning around and walking up the stairs.

    When she was gone, he let out a shout in anger and threw silver coffee pot against the cave wall. It hit the wall with a clang and dropped, rolling on the ground a few times as it spilled its contents, much like his mood.

    He felt their eyes on them and he whipped his head up, glaring at them. "What?!"

    Tim and Jason simply narrowed their eyes at him, but Dick walked forward and knelt in front of him. "Kiddo, that wasn't a nice thing to say to mom."

    Damian scoffed at him before shoving past, climbing up the stairs. “Like the three of you haven't said that to her before." There was no return to his statement, giving him all the answer, he needed.


    He stepped out of the study stretching his arms and listening to the sound of his bones popping before he shifted, moving towards the door. The boys had left a few minutes earlier to catch a rerun of an episode of Vikings, leaving him alone in the cave.

    Alfred walked up to him, handing him a sweater before motioning to the door. "Mrs. Wayne has taken a seat out on the patio. I suspect you'll wish to see her."

    Bruce nodded, taking the sweater from him before thanking him and moving out of the study and towards the patio. He crossed into the living room as he did, stopping to stare at his four sons passed out on the couch. The TV was still going, so he leaned down, gently taking the remote from Dick's hand and shutting it off.

    He set the remote down and started his path again, but stopped when he heard, "You going to check on mom?" He turned around, looking at a his oldest.

    Bruce nodded, taking in the sight of Dick’s arms wrapped around all of his brothers. “After you boys told me what happened, I thought I should talk to her about it."

    Dick nodded, reaching up and rubbing his eyes, careful not to wake the others beside him. "He didn't mean it...he'll see that when he gets over being angry."

    Bruce nodded and leaned over, ruffling his hair. “Tell Jason that you two should stay at the manor tonight...it's too late for you to head home anyway."

    Dick started to argue, but a look from his father and quick, “Your mother would have a fit if you two tried to drive home now or later…you know that.”

    His son nodded and Bruce turned around once more, this time making his way to the dimly lit patio. His hand curled around the cool metal handle of the sliding glass door, and he quietly opened it, stepping out onto the deck. She lay on the porch swing, covered by a heavy hound’s tooth blanket, with a barely full wine glass in her hand.

    He walked towards her and bent over, picking up the wine bottle; he shook it lightly before quipping, "I can't believe you've drank an entire bottle in one sitting."

    As if finally noticing his presence, she tipped her head lazily to him and mumbled, "It's empty?"

    He snorted and tipped the bottle upside down. "As it was the day before it was bottled."

    Bruce paused and grinned as she huffed a laugh and brought the glass she had in her hand up to her mouth. He watched her down the rest of her red wine before she set the glass on the table; he set the bottle beside it and shifted her forward, easing his way behind her until they were both comfortable. She rested her back against his chest, her head dropping against his shoulder. His arms came up around her as he pulled the blanket up to her neck, keeping her warm.

    He was quiet for a second then he murmured, "...The boys told me what happened earlier."

    There was a moment of silence, then she whispered, "I know I should be used to it after hearing it come from each of them..." She stopped, then continued with, "But it still stings to hear it."

    A sad smile crossed his lips as he pressed his lips to her temple. "Of course it stings (Y/N)...you're their mother and you love them." After he didn't receive a response from her, he tipped his head and looked down. "(Y/N)? Love?" She turned her head, and he took in the sight of the tears in her eyes; his face fell at the sight and he brought a hand up, cupping her cheek. "Oh…sweetheart."

    (Y/N) choked out a sob and pressed her face into the crook of his neck as she clenched a hand in his sweater. Bruce rested his chin on the top of her head as he rubbed her back, comforting her with quiet words.


    Damian watched them from the screen door, feeling his heart clench in his chest at the sight of (Y/N) sobbing. He swallowed thickly and stepped back, only to come into contact with someone—something. He let out a quiet gasp and spun around, seeing Dick staring sadly out at his parents, Tim and Jason behind him doing the same.

    Damian looked at them and whispered, "What are you three doing?"

    Dick glanced at him briefly before motioning to them. "We heard the sliding door open, and we went to listen."

    "I didn't know you were eavesdroppers."

    A hand came up and cuffed him upside the head; he held his head, glaring at Jason who bit out, "Shut up, two-bit. You were eavesdropping too."

    Damian opened his mouth to retort, but shut it and turned back around, looking at her. A moment passed, then he mumbled, "You said the same thing I did." He looked up at his brothers, who wore clouded expressions; each of them nodded after a few seconds, and he asked, "What happened?"

    Dick was the first to speak, remembering a time from when he was a mere ten years old.


    He stomped angrily through the house, not even caring about her following him; she called after him repeatedly. "Dick. Dick, honey, stop for a second."

    He didn't listen, still moving. "No! You grounded me!"

    "And I grounded you for a reason. You deliberately disobeyed me." He grunted at her and she called out, her voice ringing with authority, "Richard John Grayson. Not another step young man." He stopped at it and she continued, "You left the cave tonight and went on patrol without asking. As your mom-"

    He spun around, his eyes angered as he spit, "You're not my mom! Stop acting like it!" Her mouth shut, and her eyes went wide from the declarations.

    She blinked, obviously stunned at his words, and she stared down at her hands murmuring, "I may not be your real mother...but I...I am...I..." She drew off, bringing a hand up to wipe at her cheek. Dick's widened when she looked up at him, and he saw the tears beginning to spill, running down her cheeks.

    He raised his hands out to her. "Wait! I—I didn't mean it!"

    (Y/N) looked down and she brought a hand up to her mouth, moving past him, letting out a broken, 'excuse me'. He watched her go past him, then a few moments later, Bruce walked into the room and he turned to him.

    "Bruce!" Bruce looked down at him, taking in the sight of Dick, who was almost in tears.

    The lecture he had ready for him went out the window as he squatted in front of Dick. "Dick?"

    The boy looked up at him, tears filling those big blue eyes. "I—I messed up B-Bruce."

    He reached out a hand, wiping his tears away. "What happened Dick?"

    Dick lowered his head and he whispered, "I a—accidently told (Y/N) that she wasn't my m-mom."

    Bruce sighed at him and murmured, “Oh, Dick." The boy began to sob, and Bruce reached out, pulling him into a hug. "It's okay, bud."


    Dick looked at her and murmured, "I've never forgotten the look she gave me after I said it to her..." He looked down at Damian, and said, "And neither has she."

    Jason nodded at that. "I'm sure she's never forgotten how I left the cave telling her I had to go find my real mom.


    "What are you looking at baby?"

    He jerked forward, clicking the screen to minimize the images. "Nothing!" He spun around to see her walking towards him, an amused smile on her face.

    "And I'm assuming that nothing is not important?" She questioned.

    He nodded. "Not at all."

    She stared at him until he sighed and turned around, clicking the screen to reveal the images of the three women; she walked up to him. "Who are these women?"

    He pointed to each one. "Sharmin Rosen, Lady Shiva, and Sheila Haywood."

    (Y/N) nodded, looking at them. "They're very pretty women." She paused and looked at him. "But why are you looking at them." He dropped his gaze and picked at his fingers. "Jason? Hon?"

    He looked back up at her. "One of them is my mom."

    Her eyes widened as she said, "Like...your biological mom?"

    He nodded. "I found out after I went back to my old apartment." He looked between the screen and (Y/N). "I'm gonna track them down." She was silent, her eyes moving to the screen, and he turned to her, rising from the chair. "I have to go find them...I have to go find my real mom."


    "And those were the last words I ever said to Ma." They stared at Jason as he leaned against a table by the door. "And it got a lot worse when I came back...I said horrible things to Ma...about her not caring...about her not being a mother." He went silent and shook his head. "I fucked up a lot of things between us for a good couple years."

    Tim watched him, then nodded. "I hadn't even realized I'd actually said it to mom...it was such an offhanded comment that I didn't even know what I said until she was gone."


    He barely registered the sound of his bedroom door opening, let alone the sound of her footsteps as she walked up to him. He did, however, hear the disappointment in her tone as she said, "Timmy...you need to go to bed."

    He shook his head, typing on the keyboard. "I'm fine."

    "Honey, you've been awake for almost forty-eight hours." She rested a hand on his shoulder. "It's not good for your body if you stay up like this."

    "I'm fine. Really, I'm good."

    She squeezed his shoulder, the other hand reaching out to close the laptop. "You'll be good when you're asleep in bed." Skimming the top of this laptop, she stopped when his curled around her wrist.

    He turned to her and said, "Will you stop mothering me? I'm fine. I don't need your help."

    He let go of her and turned back to the screen, barely registering the way she quietly whispered, “Alright Timmy...goodnight”, and walked out of his room.


    "The only reason I actually realized what I said was after a few minutes, I realized that she hadn't told me she loved me after saying good night." He paused, digging a groove into the carpet with his toes. "Mom didn't say anything about it the next day, but I could tell that something had shifted. She was more reserved when it came to me." He looked at Damian. "Look, I know you and I don't get along, but I'm going to tell you something brother to brother. Go apologize to mom and tell her that you didn't mean it."

    It was all he said before he looked at the others and waved. "I'm going to bed.

    Jason soon followed saying, "I'm with Timbers. I'm gonna go crash."

    The two of them began making their way to their rooms when the sound of the screen door opening and closing brought their attention back. They looked towards it, seeing Bruce carrying (Y/N), her head pressed against his chest.

    He stopped when he saw them, his surprised look giving way to a hard expression. "Were you four watching?" They all started making excuses, but he shushed them, nodding at their sleeping mother; they shut their mouths and he brought his foot back, sliding the door closed.

    "Is mom alright?"

    Bruce looked at Dick and nodded. "She's fine. Wine drunk...but fine." He looked down at Damian. "(Y/N) does a lot for all of us. You owe her an apology when she wakes up." Damian nodded, watching as he walked past them, carrying her up the stairs to their bedroom.


    The dull throb in her head told her the migraine was something she was going to need some aspirin, water, and a heavy blanket to block out the light to fix. She groaned lightly as she burrowed her face in her pillow, then she opened her eyes and looked around the room.

    Immediately, she took in the sight of the four of her boys curled up like cats in the bed with her. A smile graced her lips and she reached down beside her hip, running a hand over Tim's head; he shifted in his sleep, burying his face in her side and she struggled to bite back the laugh that wanted to come out. She reached over again and ran her hands through Dick and Jason's hair, watching them do the same.

    She smiled at them, then a voice sounded from beside her. "Are you awake, Umi?" (Y/N) looked to her side, seeing Damian curled up beside her. Bruce's broad shoulders made him look so tiny from where he was laying and she nodded, raising a hand and caressing his head.

    "I'm awake, sweetheart." He nodded, then moved under her arm, resting his head on her shoulder. Her arm settled comfortably around him, and she brought up her hand, gently running her fingers through his short hair.

    After a few moments he whispered, "...I'm sorry, Umi."

    Her response was to press her lips to his forehead, and murmur, "I know, baby."

    He swallowed thickly, feeling the beginnings of tears gathering in his eyes. "I didn't mean to say it."

    She nodded; her lips still pressed to his forehead. "I know you didn't, sweetheart. It was something said in anger."

    He moved to sit up, looking up at her as he whispered harshly, "But I have hurt you! I made you cry! I...did this." He dropped his gaze, closing his eyes, and (Y/N) watched the tears begin to fall down his cheeks. He looked back up at her a few seconds later and said, "You are my mother, Umi...you are the only mother I've known."

    (Y/N) shifted, careful not to wake her sons, then she cupped Damian's cheeks in her hands. "Baby...it's okay...I'm not angry at you."

    He shook his head in her grip. "But you're sad because I said you weren't my mother."

    (Y/N) brushed her thumbs under his eyes, wiping away the tears. "We all say things that we don't mean." He looked up at her and she searched his eyes. "What matters is that when they are said, we try our best to fix what we've done wrong."

    Damian nodded his head and whispered, "I'm sorry, Umi."

    A sad smile crossed her lips and she leaned forward, kissing his forehead. "I am too, baby." She pulled away and brushed his cheeks again. "I still love you though...with all my heart."

    "You do? Even after what I said?"

    (Y/N) nodded, pulling him to her; he rested his head under her chin, and she wrapped her arms around him as she murmured, "The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness." She brought up a hand, caressing the side of his head as she whispered, "Each of you has told me as some point that I am not what I am. But I know deep down that none of you meant it. And each time I heard it, it hurt...but forgiveness is a good thing when used."

    "To err is human...to forgive...divine."

    She smiled at his quote and squeezed him gently. "I love you, Damian...my beautiful baby boy."

    The feeling of tears gathered in his eyes, but he blinked them away, his hand clenching in her shirt as he replied, "I love you too, Umi."

    There was a moment of silence between them until, "How come the demon-spawn gets all the love? We were here first."

    Damian raised his head, glaring at Tim. "I am Umi's favorite, Drake."

    "The hell you are, Tater-tot. If anyone's the favorite, it's me."

    "I think you're wrong, Little-wing. Iwas the first. I'm the favorite."

    "No one asked you, dickhead."

    "Mom! Jason called me a mean name!"

    "Mom! Jason called me a mean name!"

    "Stop mocking me!"

    "Stop mocking me!"



    (Y/N) rolled her eyes at her two oldest as they began to shove at each other, and eventually, Tim and Damian got into the mess, and she watched their fists and feet fly at each other.

    A grunt sounded from beside her and she looked down to see her husband glaring at her. "You just had to get them going this early, didn't you, Mrs. Wayne?"

    (Y/N) let out a 'pfft' and leaned down, pressing her lips to his before laying her head on his arm, their foreheads touching. "Yeah...but I know that when they're fighting like this, they're giving each other love."

    "Tough love."

    She snorted and tickled his side, feeling him jerk away. "But love nonetheless."

    He opened his mouth to respond, but the sound of someone grunting cut him off. "Mom! Jason won't let me out of this headlock!"

    "Mom! Jason won't let me-"


    "You're unbearable, Drake! I am Umi's favorite!"

    "Keep telling yourself that, oompa-loompa."

    "I am not an oompa-loompa!"

    (Y/N) sighed and looked at her husband. "Never a dull morning, is it Mr. Wayne?"

    He grinned at her but grunted when one of them hit his side. "No, it's not Mrs. Wayne. No, it is not."

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    i WILL write batfam but as a sitcom. Main characters are the entire batfam, but nobody knows theyre the batfam so it's just their public personas. Kardashians but the Waynes.

    episode 1 is bruce trying to rent out a waterpark for cass's birthday. damian is upset because father didnt rent HIM a waterpark for his birthday. subplot is jason and dick trying to convince tim to tell them what tim got cass for her birthday

    episode 2 is cass's birthday party. steph makes her appearance in a rocking two piece. when asked about her scars, steph tells the camera about her childhood passion of roller derby. subplot is duke and damian attempting to drown each other in the wave pool. intermittent cuts to bruce napping in a deck chair and snoring. cass's cake is three layers and has sparklers

    episode 3 is an Alfred centric episode. We follow him throughout his day. He proudly shows off the chore chart he made for his grandkids. when you complete a chore you get a gold star. dick is currently in the lead despite not living at the manor. shot of jason and duke leaving through the front door earlier in the day and somehow returning through the study

    episode 4 starts with bruce getting a call from jim gordon because jason and damian are in jail. ("stop taking selfies dick your brothers are in jail" *click click click*). subplot is cass and babs going to a spa. at the end of the episode, bruce is once again called by jim gordon because steph and tim are in jail.

    episode 5 is bruce hosting a charity gala on his yacht. dick and damian follow behind bruce the whole time and critique his party planning skills. bruce is smiling but its obvious hes dead inside. subplot is duke and cass purchasing new outfits for the party.

    episode 6 is a wayne merch photoshoot with all of the wayne kids. at least two kids cry. at one point bruce goes missing but the camera crew finds him at the WE starbucks taking orders

    #watching the waynes #? #dc already did make it wayne which is SO good #oh my god am i going to have to watch keeping up with the kardashians to write this sitcom #the burd squawks #bruce wayne#dick grayson#tim drake#cassandra wayne#jason todd#damian wayne#duke thomas#dc #keeping up with the waynes #will be my tag if i add anymore #assume bruce does this for cover/alibi/batman related reasons
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