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  • Chapter Thirty-Five

    “I just don’t see why he wouldn’t at least call you…” Casey questioned, swinging her feet over Griffin’s legs. “In reality, yes, it was super awkward and probably the most embarrassing situation he’s ever been in but to not speak to you afterwards…that’s a little much.”

    She wasn’t wrong. He should have texted me or picked up when I called. I would have messaged him right away if my dad hadn’t taken my phone away but I didn’t even get my phone back with a text from him. I think maybe, he was a lot more embarrassed than I thought.

    “Regs.” Looking over at Tayler, he shot his head in the direction of the door and I genuinely smiled for the first time that day.

    “Noah,” I said, getting up from the couch and heading into the foyer. “I’ve been calling you.” 

    “Yeah, um…my phone died and I figured I would see you here eventually.” I don’t know if I was just overthinking things but it almost felt as if our relationship had taken a major step back. His whole demeanour felt different and he kept his hands in his pockets. I think maybe this whole situation had become something bigger.

    “Are you alright? I know last night was…not ideal but my parents never stay around too long so we’ve just go to wait them out. I mean, I haven’t even seen my dad yet, since last night,” I said, letting out a soft laugh but receiving nothing back from Noah. “so they’ll be gone before we know it.”

    “You should spend some time with them, Regs…enjoy them while they’re here and I’ll just hang back for a bit.”

    “Okay, no…” I rushed. “We’re not like that and plus, Noah, I’d rather spend my time with you.”

    “It’s cool, Regan. I’ll catch you later.” He said, pressing a soft kiss to my cheek before leaving the house.

    “What just happened here?” I asked, turning to the spectators who had been listening quite intensely. The room fell silent as they look at me concerned; even they didn’t see that coming.

    A couple days had passed and my dad still hadn’t really taken the time to sit down and talk with me; which honestly wasn’t a surprise and totally not a big deal because if I can avoid that conversation, I’ll do it. But Noah on the other hand, hadn’t really spoken to me since Tayler’s and at this point, I was starting to question if that conversation was actually a breakup.

    “Regan! It’s been a few days since we’ve seen you out with Noah, how’s that going?”

    “It’s great.” I lied, forcing a small on my face as soon as Fletcher appeared in front of us.

    “Are you two getting serious? Fans are worried you broke up…” Walking alongside us, towards Saddle Ranch, Fletcher did he best to crack the smile and get all the details but I was determined to clear up any break up rumours…despite not really knowing the truth myself.

    “We’re still together but my parents are back so I’ve just been spending a lot of time with them. But anyway, we’ll see you later, Fletcher.” I said, taking Casey’s hand in mine and leaving Fletcher behind.

    “You don’t think you two actually broke up…right?” Casey asked, sitting down at the table.

    “So who wants a drink?” I said, avoiding the question. It’s not that I thought we broke up; it’s just that I don’t know and I had already done enough lying for today, I wasn’t about to lie to my best friend as well.

    “Looks like Regan wants to party tonight.” Blake said, laughing.

    Taking the shot Tayler had bought me, I decided I was just going to enjoy the night and try to forget about everything going on. There was always something going on in my life and sometimes, I just needed to forget about it all. 

    “Well if Regs is getting fucked up,” Bryce said, lifting his drink alongside a shot. “we’re all getting fucked up!”

    The night went on and drinks were had, which meant everyone was having a good time and I couldn’t be happier. This was exactly what I needed and I’m so glad my friends were always down for a good time.

    “Regan,” Casey said, grabbing my shoulder from behind me and turning me around to face her. “Noah just walked in…with Dixie.”

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    Bryce Hall • Josh Richards • Noah Beck

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  • Chapter Thirty-Four

    Waking up the next morning, I wasn’t even excited. I could have stayed in bed all day; anything to avoid the conversation. Reaching over to my bedside table, I felt around the surface but immediately stopped when I remembered my dad had taken my phone last night. I wonder how many times Noah had called…or if he had called at all.

    Looking at myself in the mirror, I turned the tap on, beginning to wipe water along my face. I took my time. My morning routine doesn’t involve much but today, it involved every product I could get my hands on. I’ve been nervous for a lot of things in my life but I’ve never been so nervous that I couldn’t even bring myself to walk down the stairs. But as I stood before them, I knew it was either I go to my parents…or they come to me.

    “And so I said to him ‘no sir, it’s your problem’.” The laugh filled the kitchen as I entered and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. “Oh Regs, why didn’t you tell me your parents were back in town?” 

    “Morning sweetie,” My mom said, beginning to fill a mug with coffee. “Casey said you two had plans to help Tayler with a video today.”

    “That’s right.” I lied, watching as Casey smiled. 

    “I took it back before your father left for his meeting this morning.” Accepting my phone back, I smiled at my mom before sitting down next to Casey.

    “What are you doing here?” I whispered as my mom left the kitchen.

    “Well after Noah stopped by last night, I figured I’d check up on you.” She said, laughing.

    “Noah went to the party?”

    “Yeah, and it’s a good thing he did; that boy needed a drink or two.”

    “Noah doesn’t drink.” I stated, hoping he hadn’t.

    “Yeah well he probably should now that your parents are back in town.” Jumping off the bar stool, she grabbed her purse and began making her way towards the front door. “It was lovely seeing you again, Mrs. Cross! It’ll be so nice to have you around again.” Grabbing my keys, I followed Casey out of the house and towards her car. “They better not be staying long.” 

    Of course they aren’t. They never do. It’s always the same whenever they come home. They arrive back for meetings, pretend to be worried that I’m all alone and try to convince me they won’t go on another trip for awhile but within a couple of days, I see suitcases by the door. They make me put my life on hold for a few days while they lie to themselves and say they’re good parents.

    “I just can’t get the image of Noah meeting your dad, shirtless, out of my head.”

    “It’s not funny.” I said, rolling my eyes.

    “It’s hilarious, Regan.”

    “So have they said anything to you?” Tayler asked, after I had finished explaining everything to the boys.

    Shaking my head, I thought about the conversation. What would I even say? Sure, I could throw my age in their faces, claim I’m more of an adult than they’ll ever be but at the end of the day, they’re my parents, it’s their house and I have no leg to stand on.

    “Have you at least talked to Noah?” Griffin asked. My response was yet another head shake.

    “I called him on my way here but he didn’t pick up. I just need him to know that I didn’t know they were coming back last night. I wouldn’t have let him stay if I had.”

    “You wouldn’t have had him naked in your tub…is what you meant to say.” 

    “Mature, Bryce.” I replied, rolling my eyes. “And the worst part is,” I continued, remembering the conversation from last night. “they know everything. All the partying I’ve done, all the misinformation about who I’m dating…and even the videos. They know it all.”

    “So what do you think’s going to happen?” Looking over at Tayler, I knew he was worried. At the end of the day, they’re my parents and what they say goes. I just have the strangest feeling that whatever they decide…it’ll affect my friendships and my relationship.

    “I don’t know, Tayler. The only thing I do know is that I’m the most fucked I’ve ever been in my life.”

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  • Chapter Thirty-Three

    It wasn’t exactly how I pictured. My boyfriend meeting my parents. I didn’t picture it like this. Noah gripping onto his shirt as water droplets slid down his skin. His pants were half-done up as well…as I didn’t exactly give him time to properly put those on either and I just kept thinking to myself…

    “Maybe going to Tayler’s party wasn’t such a bad idea after all.”

    “You think?” Noah whispered back to me. Watching my dad raise his eyebrows at the fact that he was still staring at a shirtless Noah, I couldn’t help but look towards the boy also. “Yeah, I’m gonna go.” He said, pointing towards the door. “Call me.” Looking towards my dad, who looked less than impressed, Noah quickly changed his mind. “Or don’t…that’s…that’s fine…okay…I’ll go.” Taking a step towards the door, Noah stood in front of my dad who refused to move a muscle, even after Noah said, “Excuse me…” The silence. I couldn’t bare the silence. “I’ll just…squeeze; it’s fine.” Watching Noah squeeze between my parents, I finally felt as if I could breathe again. Sure, I was probably in the most trouble I’ve ever been in but at least I was breathing.

    “Well I guess I’ll make some tea then.” My mom said, placing her purse down before making her way to the kitchen. The headlights from Noah’s car shined through the windows and I just knew I’d never be able to look at him the same. 

    “Phone.” Holding out his hand, I wanted to protest. I wanted to put up a fight but I knew, at the end of the day, I had no leg to stand on. Placing my phone in his hand, he shoved it in his pocket before following my mom into the kitchen.

    “God help me.” I whispered, rolling my eyes and heading into the kitchen as well.

    “Our flight was just horrendous, Reg-”

    “Anna.” I knew my mom was just trying to lighten the mood a little bit but there was no way in hell my dad was going to let this go.

    “Oh Tim-”

    “We are not brushing this under the rug like we do everything else. It’s time we parent.”

    “Okay, dad, if I could just-”

    “I don’t want to hear it. I don’t need to hear it. I know exactly what you’ve been doing.”

    Here’s the thing with my parents; before they had me, they had a dream of a life with kids and family time…all the time. But after they had me…they realized it wasn’t their dream after all. Don’t get me wrong, they love me to the moon and back and I’m incredibly blessed for everything they’ve done for me but staying in one place…isn’t exactly what they’re known for. They try their best when they’re away to be as “parental” as possible but they know they can’t exactly monitor what I’m doing so on the odd occasion they come back…they try to make up for it. But they’ve never seen me do anything…like this before.

    “How long has this been going on? Boys? In this house?”

    “Okay, I’m really not a fan of where this is going.”

    “I don’t care, Regan. I’m not a fan of walking into my house and seeing a shirtless boy sneaking out.”

    “I get that-”

    “Do you? Regan, we leave you alone because we trust you. We believe you can take care of yourself, make the right decisions but this past month has been atrocious for you. Videos of you with boys, parties, more boys! What the hell!?”

    “Dad, it’s really not how it’s been made to look, I promise! I took care of everything-”

    “Go to bed, Regan.” Watching my dad leave the kitchen, I knew he wouldn’t listen to anything else I said. Taking the mug from my mom’s hand, she brushed the hair from my face before following my dad upstairs.

    “Welcome home.” I whispered.

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  • Chapter Thirty-Two

    His fingers trailed down my arm and I swear, I could have lived in this moment forever. The water was starting to cool down a bit and our fingers looked more like raisins than actual body parts but I still didn’t have the desire to move.

    “You know something?” He asked. My back was pressed against his chest as I sat between his legs and although the bubbles had pretty much dissolved completely, neither one of us suggested moving. “Although it sucked it happened, I’m sort of glad we struggled to get where we are…” Scrunching my face, I kept quiet, not really understanding where he was going with this. Chuckling to himself, he continued, “I just mean, it made me appreciate the kind of person you are. You didn’t just walk away when I did and if you had…I don’t think I’d ever forgive myself for letting you, you know?”

    “I’m glad I didn’t walk away either.” I said, turning around to face him. “You did scare me though.”


    “Well, I didn’t know if you’d ever talk to me again and you said friends but we both know that was a lie. I just…I didn’t want to lose you and I think not even having you as a friend scared me the most. I never want that, okay? Even if we go south, we’re still friends, okay?”

    Placing his hands on my hips, he smiled as he said, “Promise.”

    Wrapping my arms around his neck, I pulled him closer, pressing my lips against his. Honestly, this was so much better than going to Tayler’s party. The moment seemed to last forever and I was completely okay with that. Noah was someone I could spend all day…every day, with and never get bored. I wanted to be with him. I wanted to be around him. I wanted it to be me and him. But hearing the car pull into the driveway, I knew it wasn’t going to be just us for long. Hopping out of the bathtub, I peaked through the blinds of the bathroom window to see who had decided to drop by but I froze when I saw who it was.

    “Oh shit.” I whispered to myself. “Get out.” Turning towards Noah, I began trying to lift him from the bathtub so this process would go a little faster…as time wasn’t exactly on my side.

    “Regs, what-”

    “Noah, just get dressed.” I demanded, cutting him off. Beginning to blow out the candles I had lit, I heard the car lock and I knew we were seriously cutting it close.

    “I really don’t understand what-”

    “I really don’t have time to explain.” I mimicked, again, cutting him off. Throwing on the shorts and the shirt I had on before, I pushed Noah out of the bathroom and down the stairs. Although I felt bad, mainly because he was soaking wet and still trying to get his shirt on, I knew I couldn’t let this situation happen. Deciding against using the garage, I pushed Noah towards the front door and hoped to God I was right in this 50/50 game of chance.

    “Regan, seriously? I’m soaking wet, I don’t even have a shirt on and I’m so lost, it’s unbelievable. What the hell is going on?”

    “Noah, trust me…just get-” My voice went silent as I swung the front door open and the feeling of knowing I was completely, utterly and absolutely fucked sank in. I was standing next to a shirtless, soaking wet boy as two pairs of eyes registered the scene in front of them.

    “Regan Meredith Cross!”

    “Noah…meet my parents.”

    A/N: WOW! It’s been a minute! I’m sorry, readers! I just had a bit of writer’s block but I’m back now and I know exactly where the story’s going. Regan’s parents are back!? Will this affect her relationship with Noah? Let me know what you think will happen!

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  • So I don’t know that much about the situation, but basically Ariana Grande called out some tiktokers for going out during a pandemic. She did the right thing. I mean finally someone is speaking up about this. I would like to add i’m not a fan of Ariana Grande, I don’t hate her but I don’t love her. So don’t think i’m some crazy stan. So after she called them out, this tiktok guy says that she shouldn’t have said anything and accused her of using them for money and clout. Like really, do you think that highly of yourself that you would believe Literal Ariana Grande was using you for clout. Are you really serious? Sorry, I really needed to rant. I’ll be back tomorrow with more political and about me posts. 

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  • I literally cannot believe that literal, citywide newspapers are talking about tik tok drama??? I know it’s just one lil section but still its surprising as hell.


    Is it normal??? Idk man. This is the first time I’m seeing it

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