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  • trashykawahq
    24.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Wrapped Up

    Pairing: Reader x Dazai Osamu

    Genre: Fluff ; Hurt/Comfort

    Wrapping his bandages is easier with two people, as Dazai finds out. Keeping someone who won’t judge him so close by is something he’s learnt never to take for granted. 


    He rarely feels such a gentle touch, especially on the parts of him that aren’t used to it at all.

    When she’d walked in on him changed the bandages on his forearms, he was going to crack a joke, intended on teasing her for not knocking before entering, but the look on her face as she stared at his exposed forearms just had him...speechless.

    He’d sat there quietly, old bandages discarded on the floor of their bathroom new, fresh ones still in hand, ready to be wrapped up. Quiet was not like Dazai Not at all.

    And here they were, currently sat on the bed after Y/N had pulled him up and led him there, gently coaxing the bandages out of his hand. 

    Her hands on his forearms were warm and inviting, nothing like what he’s used too. He’s used to people grabbing, yanking, pulling, pushing and scratching him by his arms. 

    Not gentle caresses that make him shiver, or lips pressed softly against the pulse point of his wrist, peppering up the expanse of his skin. The feeling makes him want to tremble, to hold onto her and never let go, to stay in their little bubble of intimacy forever

    “Hold still, alright?” Her voice, as gentle as her touch snaps him out of his hazy mind. He always feels sort of...detached whenever he’s changing his bandages. Like he’s not really there. 

    The sight of his forearms bare makes him uncomfortable, exposed. 

    Dazai nods and offers her a small smile, which she returns, picking up one of the rolls of bandages and unravelling it a little. 

    They’re sitting so close, the two of their thighs are touching, sides pressed almost together. His forearm hovers over her lap as she firmly wraps it round and round, starting from him wrist, all the way up his upper arms. 

    Her work is neat and tidy, and he can tell that they won’t be coming loose until he wishes them too. With each inch of skin covered in the white, itchy expanse, he can feel it getting easier to breath.

    He doesn’t quite remember when his head dips into the crook of her neck, breathing in silently and letting her work. All he knows is that he stays there until she done. 

    When she rests his second, wrapped arm down, he presses a kiss to the skin he can see, smiling against her when he hears her chuckle. 

    A hand comes up to card through his hair and he lets out a low hum of contentment. His now wrapped arms slip around her waist, holding her tightly against him as he nuzzles further into her. 

    “Thank you, darling.” She feels him mutter it against her skin more than hears it.

    “Of course.” She answers back, slightly louder and she knows he’s heard it because his arms tighten around her. The two of the sway back and forth together, gently. It’s quiet and peaceful, neither of them feeling the need to fill in the silence with words or explanations or jokes. 

    The two of them sit there, enjoying each other’s presence. She doesn’t probe him about his past, nor does she talk about anything he doesn’t want to.

    All they do is hold onto each other, eyes slipping shut, getting lost in the gentle sway of their own world.



    #dazai#bsd fanfic#dazai bsd#bsd dazai#bsd #bsd x y/n #bsd x reader #bsd fanfiction#bsd fluff #bungou stray dogs x reader #bungou stray dogs headcanons #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs #bungo stray dogs dazai #bungo stray dogs headcanons #bungo stray dogs x reader #bungou stray dogs dazai #bsd dazai osamu #dazai oneshot#dazai osamu #dazai x reader #fanfic#fanfiction#x reader#x y/n#hurt comfort #bsd hurt comfort #bungou stray dogs hurt #osamu x reader #osamu x y/n
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  • adorable-mya
    24.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    “Good night sweetheart”

    warning : none
    genre : fluff
    synopsis : dazai x gn!reader, they couldn’t fall asleep and were frustrated.

    This wasn’t the first time you had some struggles with falling asleep but today felt different, you didn’t seem to know why but it was definitely different. While you were struggling to sleep Dazai was doing whatever he was doing in the apartment honestly you couldn’t care less.

    You were so frustrated, you changed places, took off your sheets, turned around and even changed your clothes but still couldn’t fall asleep ! The bed was big and comfy you really liked the space you had for yourself but also really wished Dazai would join you instead of falling asleep everywhere but in your bed.

    You started counting 1, 2, 3, 10, 15, 70, 95, 153, 206…where is the end….

    You realized that slowly your body started to fall asleep and when you finally thought you were asleep, your door opened slowly. You couldn’t clearly see what was at your door because of the darkness but you could see that it was a tall person. And you were so tired, way too tired to think…

    A loud scream escaped from your throat. Totally woke you up and probably woke up the whole neighborhood ! The person gently opened the door a little more and you could finally clearly see the face behind your fear. Of course it was him ! This suicidal maniac ! You shouted :

    « - Why would you do that ?!!

    - What ? asked the brown haired man

    - You woke me up! I was falling asleep ! Now what am i supposed to do ??? I’ve been struggling for like I don’t know…hours ?!!!!

    - And I was supposed to guess that you would scream and be extremely scared of the love of your life ?

    - YES !

    - And I’m the crazy one….»

    You went back in your sheets with your back facing Dazai, by that you meant that you didn’t want to see him and he definitely knew that. You noticed that his hair was wet and he had a towel around his neck. His eyes looked as pretty as always and the wet hair gave him a new look, a great look even. God this man could really pull any hairstyles…

    You closed your eyes really hard with a lot of hope that he would leave you alone but he seemed to be just here watching you? Kinda creepy when you don’t know what his intentions. You started counting again 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 you stopped at five because felt the bed getting heavier, like a person was joining you but still you didn’t want to turn your back and ruin your chances of quickly falling asleep. So you counted again but he was getting closer to you and your thoughts started to mix and you couldn’t concentrate on sleeping or anything else and your heart beat was racing because you wanted him to fall asleep next to you, you wanted him to hug you while you’re sleeping but you were also mad at him..So you took a deep breath and while you were exhaling you felt an arm coming around your waist, hot air on your neck and a leg coming between yours. You could even hear his heartbeat, he was so close. The amount of comfort you felt at that moment was indescribable!

    You took his long and cold fingers that were around your waist and just played with them, he laughed and whispered in your ear :

    « Good night, sweetheart. »

    author here : i’m so happy to finally post something especially a ff! this is my first ff and hopefully not the last ;) the idea literally came while i was trying to sleep with my dazai plushy in my arms lololol!!! sorry for the mistakes english isn’t my first language and it’s 4am here:’)
    #dazai x reader #bsd anime #bungou stray dogs #bsd headcanons#bsd dazai#dazai osamu #dazai x reader fluff #fanfic#drabble#bsd manga#sfw #armed detective agency
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  • thevictorianwriter
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Finally finished my TachiharaxTanizaki.

    Word count: 600

    Warnings: mentions of blood, guns and torture

    My head was spinning, the world around me was a blur of dark grey. The metallic taste of blood invaded my mouth. The ropes dug into my wrists. There was only blood. Blood everywhere. The immense pain had numbed all of my senses. I had lost track of the days. It had probably been a week, it felt like an eternity.

    I heard the creak of the heavy steel door scratching across the cold floor. A hazy figure approached me.

    “Oi, Agency agent, I brought food.”

    That voice, the Black Lizard commander, Tachihara Michizou.

    “Hey, you can resist all you want, you either die of starvation or from the blood loss. It doesn’t matter to me at all.”

    “When the Agency arrives-“

    “Yeah yeah, they’ll make us pay, blah blah blah justice, blah blah blah, regret. You’ve given everyone who’s come in to this room that speech.”, he said with a chuckle. “I’ve heard it 5 times myself.”

    This one, he’s much more relaxed. If I wasn’t this weak I might have been able to kill him.

    “Uh uh, I know what you’re thinking. It’s strange to be joking around with a prisoner like this but know I’m very much ready to shoot your brains out.”, as he said this he pulled out a gun in the blink of an eye and held it to my temple, “Not that I’m supposed to do it.”, he lowered his weapon.

    “Yet you joke around.”

    “Yeah, ughh today’s just so busy no one’s in the mood to talk.”


    “Hey, just because I’m part of the mafia doesn’t mean I don’t know how to have fun.”

    “Of course not.”, I grumbled.

    “Hey you have a sister-“

    I jumped up at the mention of Naomi. The chair I was tied to toppled down and I hit the floor with a thud.

    “DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH NAOMI! I’LL KILL YOU. I’LL KILL YOU ALL!”, I screamed through a mouthful of blood.

    Gently the mafioso pulled up the chair and me. He grabbed my hair and clasped my mouth shut with his hand.

    “Ehem, as I was saying, you have a sister right? Don’t you joke around with her?”

    I was shocked.

    “God you’re such a baby. That’s the problem with you people, you paint everything black and white.”

    “Of course.”, I whispered, causing him to face me again. “Naomi and I have lots of fun together.”

    “Good you do know how to joke then.”

    “Better than you possibly.”

    The atmosphere had lightened.

    “Why are you treating my wounds?”

    “If I left them open you’ll die, the boss says that can’t happen.”

    He stayed along time, we chatted casually, a strange thing for me. I’ve always been scared of or hated the mafia. Sometimes I forgot they were people too.

    “Why…Why would you place a cucumber on someone’s desk?”

    “He acts so much like a cat I wanted to experiment!”

    “He’s most definitely a human Tachihara.”

    “But he jumped.”

    “No one expects a cucumber!”

    “Humans do, not cats!”

    “So you proved that your friend is a cat that way?”


    “You have so many loose screws.”


    “Tachihara-san.”, the red haired mafioso’s head shot up.

    “Oh Gramps it’s you.”

    “How long does it take you to take care of a hostage?”

    “Sorry. I got…distracted.”

    The old man let out a sigh as another mafioso entered the room.

    “The Agency has come to attack, no more play time you two.”

    “Got it Gramps.”, Tachihara said taking out his gun. “Hey Tanizaki, let’s test for cats when we see each other again, ok?”, he said with an angelic smile.

    I nodded my head. We would never meet again.

    #bsd #bungou stray dogs #bungo stray dogs #bsd fanfic#bsd fic#bsd tanizaki#bsd tachihara#tachixtani#tachihara michizou #tachihara x tanizaki
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  • kazes-stuff
    23.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    mafia masquerade

    undercover ada!reader (gn) x chuuya, ft. a few members of the ada

    genre: fluff?

    warnings: swearing? it's a bit lengthy and i don't fully proof read everything in depth

    synopsis: the ada gets word that the pm is hosting a masquerade ball, you and few other members to sneak in to see if you can gather information.

    a/n: hello bsd fandom! I haven't written anything for bsd until this so idk how well this will go but i hope ppl enjoy it. and ty to my friends helping me brainstorm ideas. yk who yuh are ;)


    as you may know, the armed detective agency and the port mafia are always at each others throats and try to get at each other whenever the opportunity shows itself. so when fukuzawa got wind of a masquerade ball he couldn't pass up such a opportunity.

    fukuzawa calls everyone to a meeting to brief on the situation. "as some of may already know, the port mafia is holding a masquerade ball. this presents a good opportunity to gather inside information from them." he paused and looked at you, dazai and atsushi. "now i would like to send you, y/n, dazai and atsushi on this mission." you were kind of surprised. this mission was kinda risky and haven't been on any very important missions against the mafia yet.

    "sir, may I asked why you are sending me on this mission?" you said confused slightly tilting your head. "well, dazai recommended you for the mission and I trust his judgment." you look at dazai and he just sits back with his eyes closed and slightly smirks.

    jeez... that only means he has something planned and you were a great fit for the role.

    "we will have kunikida, tanizaki and kyouka on standby as backup if anything goes wrong." fukuzawa said. he continues to give more details on when and how you guys were going to manage to get in and backup plans.

    after the meeting was you over atsushi approached you, "hey, y/n." you look up from your desk, "hm?" you hummed. "you looked concerned during the meeting and I just wanted to make sure you were doing alright because I know you haven't had much experience with the port mafia and you are usually pretty confident." he said nervously.

    "oh that. yes I'm fine.." you take a breath "I am a little nervous though I'm not going to lie. nothing serious I will be fine once we arrive."

    atsushi smiled "glad to hear! I know you'll do great." his faith in people always warmed your heart.

    dazai watches atsushi walk back to his desk before he speaks up. "you know he's right" he says as he looks at you. "I recommended you for good reason." he reinsurers. "and may I asked why?" you squinted at him. he chuckles at this. "that's my little secret dear y/n. but if you must know something.." he smiles more....smug almost. "...just kidding! not telling you!" he laughs.

    you just roll your eyes at dazai and get back to getting ready. you know him pretty well and know he's playing something off. I mean it's obvious right? you just wanted know what he was getting at exactly, but with him he's too stubborn to tell.


    later during the ball and you, atsushi and dazai all managed to successfully sneak in.

    no one even noticed dazai walk in through the front door. that cocky motherfucker. granted you all were wearing masquerade masks so it wasn't too bold but lord it nearly gave kunikida a heart attack seeing that.

    as the hours go by everyone in the mafia gets a little more drunk and that's the queue. you have chatted with a hand full of mafioso by now and was bearly getting anywhere. you sigh and go over to get a something to drink. a server hands you a glass of wine, you thank them and turn around to walk away. you start wondering if anyone else has been successful in gathering more useful information than this. but you clear your mind and walk around to hopefully find some dumbass willing to talk.

    eventually you find a few people but to no avail... no one spills anything. you closed your eyes and took a deep breath and let out a big sigh.

    "you seem a bit bored" you heard someone say as they approach you from the left. you look to your side and see who spoke to you. "I mean who can really blame you? this isn't as exciting as I was hoping myself." he chuckled.

    "ahaha.. was it that obviously?" you nervously laugh out as you rub your free hand on your neck.

    "yeah, a little." he replied after taking a sip of his glass.

    you seem to recognize him a little but can quite figure it out just yet. you never fully do until you guys kind of hit it off. the way you stood there talking to the redhead all night and completely forgetting your mission.

    dazai's cheeky ass sees this happening from across the room and just laughs so smugly to himself. he knows exactly who that is and it's the main reason he wanted you specifically for this mission. he know you two would.. get along.

    you're busy chatting when you see dazai approach you and the redhead. oh jeez what does he want?

    "excuse me, may I have a this dance?" dazai said softly smiling with his hand out waiting for you to take it. you figure there must be something he needs to discuss with you so you accept. "you may." you respond accepting his hand. you turn back to the person who you were speaking with, "please excuse me for a moment, I'd like to continue our conversation." you say and turn back to dazai.

    you start to dance with dazai as he shares some information he's gathered. he leans in and start whispering, "you know, that's chuuya. the executive right?" dazai looks straight into chuuya's eyes as he keeps talking to you. this really pisses chuuya off especially since he can't hear what he's saying to you. chuu is jealous :( he wanted to ask you to dance first :(

    "huh??" you replied shocked. you were just flirting with a port mafia executive for the past couple hours??? oh man. now what? before you or dazai could get another word in chuuya walks over looking slightly annoying but trying to keep is cool.

    "excuse me, dazai. but I would love to take them back now. kinda had them first" chuuya glares at him. "oh my, I'm so sorry! I'll leave you two then~" this sarcastic asshole. "so may I?" chuuya says looking at you offering his hand for a dance. your mind was going way to fast for you to fully understand what is happening right now. "i- yeah. I mean yes. you may" you said slightly confused and nervous after that dazai said.

    you start to dance with chuuya and all you can think about is how you're feeling about him. completely lost in thought for a moment until chuuya speaks up and breaks your thoughts.

    "so I don't believe we ever exchanged names? it's hard to tell who is who after all" he admits. you were starting to get more nervous. should you lie or tell him who you are? you replied before every finishing your though. "oh uh.. y/n. my name is y/n." you were taken back by the fact you told the truth considering the situation you were in. he stops in his tracks for a brief moment almost as if he knows who you are. especially since dazai is here it wasn't that hard to figure out.

    "oh I see. so I take it you already who I am then?"

    "uh." you sigh. "yes. dazai just told me."

    "and I assume you guys are here for information?"

    you didn't reply. there no reason to he already knew after seeing dazai.

    you just dance with him for a moment in silence trying to figure out what to do. you were honestly starting to really like him, but he was in the port mafia and you are in the armed detective agency. it could get complicated so quickly.

    chuuya broke the silence once again after seeing that you looked concerned. "well this sucks." you looked back at him wondering where he was going to say next. "so you're y/n of the armed detective agency." he sighed. you just sign and nod in response. chuuya would never admit he was starting to like you, not this soon at least.

    "I must apologize I didn't mean for any of this to happen. I-" you trail off not knowing what to do in this situation. "well, let's forget about for tonight then" you make eye contact with him. "no reason to stress. it's a party after all right?"

    you smiled at him. "you're right." you continued the dance. you once again forgotten all about your mission and had a very good night with chuuya. you took this chance to enjoy yourself for once...


    a/n: ending it there eueheuehe :)

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  • ceceofthevalley
    23.01.2022 - 2 days ago
    i’m looking for mutuals that are into anime! these are my fav animes:
    atla and alok (if it counts as anime), aot, kimetsu no yaiba, wonder egg priority, sk8 the infinity, aoha ride, death note.
    i’ll love to chat!! just message me or send me an inbox i’ll be more than glad to answer! <3 you also can like trauma dump (but pls don’t be too triggering) or just genuinely write anything.
    #anime #aot x reader #attack on titan #eren jaeger #eren x y/n #bsd x reader #incorrect black clover quotes #black clover spoilers #kimetsu manga #kimetsu no yaiba #armin x y/n #eren mikasa armin #wonder egg neiru #wonder egg ohto ai #sk8 fanfic#sk8 headcanons#sk8 anime
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  • simpforchuchu
    23.01.2022 - 2 days ago
    #bsd#bsd fanfic#bsd imagine #bsd x reader #bungou stray dogs #chuuya imagine#chuuya #chuuya x reader #chuuya x you #chuuyanakahara #bungou stray dogs dazai #bsd dazai#dazaiosamu#dazai #dazai x reader
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  • simpforchuchu
    23.01.2022 - 2 days ago
    #bsd#bsd fanfic#bsd imagine #bsd x reader #bungou stray dogs #bungou stray dogs dazai #bsd dazai#dazaiosamu#dazai #dazai x reader
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  • jacxiix
    21.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    morning losers my friend wrote an angsty soukoku one-shot and IT'S SO GOOD PLEASE READ IT. IT HAS EVERYTHING ANGST, FLUFF, ANGST AGAIN, BEAUTIFUL WRITING AND MC DEATH.

    #bsd #bungou stray dogs #nakahara chuuya#bsd chuuya#dazai osamu#bsd dazai#soukoku #bungo stray dogs #ao3 fanfic#bsd beast #bungou stray dogs fanfiction
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  • manias-wordcount
    21.01.2022 - 4 days ago
    #mori ougai #mori x reader #mori ougai x reader #bsd mori #bsd x reader #bsd fanfic#bsd#bsd fanfiction #bungou stray dogs #bungo stray dogs #bungo stray dogs x reader #bungou stray dogs x reader #bungou stray dogs fanfic #bungou stray dogs fanfiction #bsd mori x reader #x reader#xreader#fanfiction#fanfic#Smut
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  • kokonoisgf
    20.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    IM STILL ALIVE YALL just busy with school atm but but!!! I was thinking of writing for the bsd fandom? Anyone got requests? <3 will post soon, love yall

    #anime#manga #bungou stray dogs #bsd x reader #bsd x y/n #chuuya nakahara#chuuya#dazai#dazai smut#chuuya smut#dazai osamu#dazai fluff#smut#fanfic#bsd fanfic #bungou stray dogs x reader
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  • beandaifuku
    20.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    ❦request (general rules)❦

    ꜱᴛᴀᴛᴜꜱ : ᴏᴘᴇɴ || ᴄʟᴏꜱᴇᴅ

    Hello! So I will be taking requests for Bungou Stray Dogs and Jujutsu Kaisen. Here are the general stuff and rules for requesting. Please read thoroughly, thank you!

    ➻ I write many genres (angst, fluff, smut, sfw, nsfw). For nsfw, many kinks are alright for me. I personally lean more to write dark themes like yandere, cheating, violence, etc. Feel free to request anything.

    ➻ I will surely not do pedophilia, hebephilia and animal themes (pet play is not included). Note that, I can refuse if I'm uncomfortable with anything that I'm uncomfortable with and not just had been listed above.

    ➻ If I'm unable to do or uncomfortable with the request, I will reply to you about it. Sorry in advance if that happens.

    ➻ I write character(s) x reader or general. I don't do shipping and character x character.

    ➻ I mostly use female reader and sometimes gender neutral reader. You can specify the gender of the reader. If not, then I will use female reader or gender neutral reader by default, depends on the context.

    ➻ I don't do 'first come first serve', I will write whichever request that motivates me first. Though I will prioritize the early requests.

    ➻ Ask is always open for thirsts, your headcanons, rants or anything. But please refrain from requesting when it is closed. Thank you!


    ➻ Please request with (character(s)), (headcanons/fic) and (your request). You can be a little specific or just in general.

    Exhibit A — Can I request headcanons of bsd nikolai when the reader finds his long hair is very soft and beautiful that they want to strangle themselves with it?

    Exhibit B — Can I request a gojo x fem reader nsfw fic with size kink?

    The characters I write for are quite limited since I am obviously obsessed over a certain murderous jester.

    Bungou Stray Dogs

    ➻ Nikolai Gogol

    ➻ Fyodor Dostoyevsky

    ➻ Sigma

    ➻ Dazai Osamu

    ➻ Nakahara Chuuya

    ➻ Oda Sakunosuke

    ➻ Mori Ougai

    ➻ Fukuzawa Yukichi

    Jujutsu Kaisen

    ➻ Gojo Satoru

    ➻ Toji Fushiguro

    ➻ Nanami Kento

    ➻ Ryomen Sukuna

    ➻ Geto Suguru

    ➻ Megumi Fushiguro

    ➻ Itadori Yuuji

    ➻ Inumaki Toge

    #jjk x reader #jujutsu x reader #jjk imagines #jjk x you #bsd x reader #bsd x y/n #bsd imagines #bsd x you #jjk gojo#jjk fanfic#jjk nanami#jjk geto#jjk itadori#jjk megumi#jjk toji#jjk inumaki#jjk sukuna #bsd nikolai gogol #bsd fyodor dostoyevsky #bsd dazai#bsd chuuya#bsd sigma#bsd mori#bsd fukuzawa#bsd odasaku
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  • spicyswordpalace
    19.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    i’ll carry your burden ‘til the day that you die


    #kunikida doppo#dazai osamu#kunikidazai #trigger warning for suicide attempts #bungou stray dogs #bsd#fanfic#fanfiction
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  • advluv4life
    19.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    I haven't even finished the full script for the last chapter of my story. But I have thought about it. And I have cried over it 😭

    Once I finish writing chapter 12 I'll post chapter 10- yay!

    My first day of [on campus] classes are today and I'm super excited, but also super anxious (that's why I have to be up by 6am, but I'm awake at 4:10am and have been awake since 2am 😓)

    Never been a morning person, but here we are... up too early... crying over Atsushi & Dazai ♡

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  • nik0laii
    19.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    A Teaching of Love

    I cannot explain to you how quickly I wrote this entire thing because I was scared that if I didn't do it right away I would forget it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one shot!

    Pairing: Ryuunosuke Akutagawa x gn!reader

    Word count: 1295

    Sypnosis: Akutagawa reminiscing on your relationship and the effects of having you around

    Warning: None

    It was raining, something that Akutagawa always seemed to hate. Rain never held any positive connotations along with it which he was reminded of as people across Yokohama scrambled to seek shelter from the onslaught of a crying sky. To him, this was absolutely wretched. After a long and grueling day of work, the last thing Akutagawa wanted was to get soaked on his usually leisurely walk home. Though despite that, he continued to tread his way through the cold night, slowly but surely making his way home, in hopes of seeing you awaiting him when he arrives.

    Being a part of Akutagawa’s life was not an easy task by any means, no matter who you are to him. Everything about him was difficult, his job, his personality, his past, the way he treats others, everything. Along with this pattern of difficultness, Akutagawa makes a constant effort to not let people that he deems unnecessary into his life. He has one goal and one goal only, to seek appraisal from his past mentor, anything that strays from this past is useless. And unfortunately, that includes relationships, especially romantic ones.

    Akutagawa didn’t see himself as an easily loveable being, or even one deserving of any love or affection. Despise never wanting to admit it, he knew he was rough. He was aware of his sharp edges and mile-high walls built around his heart. Though he had no intention of changing it. No matter what he’s a constant force striving towards the same goal, and again, everything that strays from that path is useless to him. If he does not think it’ll make him stronger, it is not needed, cast away to a dark corner of his mind that he never wishes to bring any light to. He had no intention of softening up because he didn’t have a reason to. It was useless.

    Though somehow, that ideology changed.

    Call it what you will, fate, coincidence, or even grace from God, you and Akutagawa managed to cross paths. And again, no matter what color you want to paint it in, somehow, you caught his attention. You weren’t affiliated with the Port Mafia, you weren’t a detective in the agency, you weren’t a part of any sort of special group. Just a simple civilian, someone who he would usually deem as weak. Someone who he thought was below him, someone who he thought didn’t matter in this world. You, you caught his attention. And it completely threw him for a loop.

    He wasn’t supposed to be so easily guided by some stupid emotion that he wasn’t even sure how to label. It was stupid, why were you ever-present in his mind? Why did he have a constant want to see you again? Why did he want to know everything about you? Why, oh, why did you reduce him to such a mess? Someone who was supposed to be steadfast, practically a born and raised killer, a force no one wanted to reckon with, and yet you’ve reduced him to a lovestruck idiot. How? That was always a word that came up when Akutagawa thought of you. How did you do all these things to him? How did you make him soft for you and only you? How did you bestow upon him a new emotion? How could you come to love someone like him so much? Did you secretly have a special ability you were keeping from him? Surely that’s the only sort of explanation for this. Him? Growing weak and soft for such a simple person? No, never, that would never happen.

    No matter how much you playfully argue with him about it, he sees you as fragile. No matter what you’re weaker than him and for that, he felt a need to protect you. But how could he protect you, an angel, when he was something tainted? How could he, the Port Mafia’s Black-Fanged Hellhound, be loved by you, an innocent and gentle civilian?

    It’s something that will never make sense to him, no matter how hard he tries to understand, how many nights he spends just staring at you, he’ll never understand. And a part of him is ok with that.

    You’ve taught and helped him so much, bringing a much-needed sense of simplicity into his life. You’ve taught him that he doesn’t need to prove himself to be loved. He doesn’t need to make any rash decisions to get attention. He doesn’t need to be ‘deserving’ of love to receive it. The lessons you’ve taught him as a lover are something he will cherish for as long as he lives, but not as much as he cherishes you.

    Even after all the lessons you’ve taught him, all the things you’ve introduced him to, Akutagawa is still as steadfast as ever. Akutagawa doesn’t falter, he keeps his eyes on where he wants to go, never looking back, not even for a second. He doesn’t enjoy unnecessary things and cuts unnecessary people out of his life. Though he would have never even begun to consider how necessary you are. There’s so much he doesn’t understand, why are you such a necessary factor in his life? Akutagawa always saw himself as a loner, he didn’t want anyone else as he didn’t need anyone, just him. Though you completely destroyed that ideology, and for some reason, he couldn’t be happier. Now, all he needs is himself and his angel of a lover to help him in the chance he trips throughout his journey.


    His overflow of thoughts was interrupted by a familiar call of his name. Through that, he was brought back to reality, remembering that despite all this thinking, he was still outside in the pouring rain of Yokohama with no shelter other than the hope to get home soon. By this point, his clothes are absolutely drenched, dripping with water and uncomfortably clinging to his slim form. All this time, he’s been walking purely by muscle memory back to your shared home, though apparently, he was not quick enough for your liking.

    Akutagawa watched as you tread your way over to him, holding an umbrella above you as steadily as possible in your hand. He stopped moving, opting to just wait for you to arrive by his side.

    “What are you doing out here? It’s raining, you need to get back home soon. You might catch a cold.” he stated, leaving no room for refusal in his words.

    “I’m out here looking for you to make sure you don’t get sick.” you rebutted. You moved your arm to extend the large umbrella under the both of you, trying your best to shield Akutagawa from the rain. Though by the looks of it there didn’t seem to be much use. The walk back to your home wasn’t a huge distance and Akutagawa’s clothes were beyond salvation, not a dry patch left on his entire body. Even so, despite it being relatively futile, you still attempted to keep him as dry as possible.

    “You’re absolutely soaked. Come on,” you grabbed onto his hand and started walking not leaving him a choice other than following you. “We should get home as soon as possible! I really don’t want you getting sick.” concern laced throughout your voice as you continued to examine him with a troubled expression.

    Akutagawa watched you for a few moments, finding it quite endearing how much you were fretting over him. Even small things like this filled his heart with so much love to the point where he had to turn away, coughing into his hand awkwardly.

    “Stop that,” he stated, still looking anywhere but you.

    “Stop what?”

    “Stop making me fall more and more in love with you”

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    Bungou Stray Dogs


    Pairing: Fukuzawa Yukichi x Reader
    About: 876 words, General Audiences, POV Second Person, Angst, Pining
    Some things are just not meant to be. (Read on ao3.)

    “You know we can’t.”

    It was the one thing he’d ever said to address whatever it was that was going on between the two of you. It was also the last sentence you’d heard coming from his mouth for several months.

    Well, at least now you were sure it was mutual, at some level. You weren’t imagining the looks he threw your way now and then or the way his eyes were the slightest bit softer every time.

    The tension in the room that one time you told him how foolish he was to try to protect you, when you were obviously a good enough professional to get the job done, wasn’t just in your head. If anyone else had noticed, they kindly chose to remain in silence.

    You weren’t delusional that one evening he said he was sorry. For what he said, for how he treated you. Perhaps you were sort of sleep-deprived from the four nights in a row you spent working to track down the former Port Mafia guy that had deserted (it was a good lead, it was worth it!). Your mind was a little hazy, it’s true, but just like in the mission, you had the feeling you had succeeded in something there. You weren’t sure what to call it then.

    And the first time he complimented you— You. Not your strength or your strategy, no, that he had done many times before. It was no secret how much he appreciated having you as an agent, but that day you’d almost thought he wanted you as something more.

    Oh, that day… When he told you how that carefree smile fitted you during the party at the Agency, after the Guild was defeated. He said you looked brighter than ever. Even as Kunikida’s yells and Dazai’s complaints rang through the room and the moment was broken, all you could think about was how you’d get the President to grin at you like that once again. Only later did you conclude you should have told him he looked younger than ever, as if a burden had been lifted off his shoulders. Maybe that was true, but you would never know for sure.

    The kiss on the cheek had been a bold move, you could admit it. In your defense, you made sure you still had some plausible deniability left. A kiss on the mouth would be too risky. You weren’t ready to get your dignity ripped apart in case he didn’t like the gesture, after all. Thankfully, he accepted your affection with a warm smile and told you he was proud of you. Back then, you were still convinced what he felt for you was a reflection of his character: ethical, just, and innocent.

    He was not an innocent man, though. Not entirely. That much you knew, because everyone else did. Not that it mattered to you or your friends, as you were certain he was a good man anyway. The best man you had ever come across. With that, came the realization all you really knew about him was already common knowledge amongst the ADA. You didn’t know facts about him he’d never told anyone, he had never let you in on his secrets. You weren’t special to him, you weren’t intimate. But you wanted to be. This last confession in particular left you feeling all sorts of guilty for days, even if it was never spoken out loud.

    It became complicated, desperately trying to keep your feelings to yourself. Every time you locked eyes or exchanged the most ordinary of words you felt a lump in your throat, and your heart felt like it was attempting to climb up to your mouth. It felt so wrong, as though you were being ungrateful to demand his love after everything he’d done for you. Couldn’t you just be happy having his respect and friendship? The worst of all, you still couldn’t tell if he longed for you as much as you ached for him.

    “You know we can’t.”

    Finally came the day he shot down any silly hope you still clung onto of one day telling him how you felt before you ever even tried. You were quiet, sitting in front of him, watching his office and occasionally his hands, not about to jump at his arms. Truly, the whole thing was just unprompted. At his sudden rejection, fury and sadness welled up in your eyes, yet you were determined in ignoring that he had said anything altogether. Either something clenched in your chest or it just broke — who knows? No matter, you swallowed your tears and stared back fiercely, informing him that you were leaving the Agency.

    You didn’t wonder if you were being obvious about your infatuation all this time. You couldn’t bring yourself to care, to deny, or to confirm his disguised accusation. And while he did look shaken for a moment, he quickly put it back together. Some distant part of you, which felt numb and lifeless, mused that he probably saw that coming, but couldn’t help that it affected him. That didn’t make you feel better the way you thought it would.

    It was mutual, but that only meant the pain was the same for both of you.

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