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    Self Debate

    I have two ideas that are both kind of chaotic and I badly want to write. I’m sure someone out there is like ARCANE PICK A STORY AND FINISH IT… Not A Quirk is finished…. My excuse is I fixate on ideas that pop up and if I don’t calm the fixation it sits there till I get annoyed lmao. Plus I only write what I think you guys will enjoy to real along with what I would like to write.

    One is a stupid chaotic Hunter x Hunter in BNHA au where all canon characters are older and are heroes and mentors. Izuku is the number one hero and Gon’s older sister is his intern. The big three at UA are Chrollo, Hisoka and Illumi (with OC Gon’s sister kinda just vibing) I had a hilarious idea that the Phantom Troupe are under Monoma as interns since he is phantom thief. Kurapika (2nd year) still hates Chrollo but idk why just yet, Hisoka is less creepy but still weird and the Zoldyuck’s are a shitty hero family. Killua pretty much just hangs out with Gon as a first year- other characters I’m still figuring out how I want to age them


    One is a very angsty and chaotic Bungou Stray Dogs story. I want this one to be mysterious but I’ll say that there will be a murder plot, the port mafia, the ADA, a management worker and a secret even Ranpo is surprised by. OC works between the ADA and PM (typically she is at the PM) and her job is to make sure no one steps on anyone’s toes. Bit of smut… with many a person, depends on you’re preferences

    Also if anyone wants to be tagged in stories/ works please let me know because I will tag you 😊

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    my favourite interpretations made by the wombo art AI of my bsd self insert’s ability.

    his ability is called ‘the sky bleeds of agony’

    i will get more into it later, but this all came from an idea that if chuuya is the host for arahabaki, then there must be other people who are also hosts for different god(s).

    (i havent read storm bringer, keep that in mind)

    #wombo.ai #wombo.art #wombo app #bsd self insert #dee’s bsd self insert #dee’s bsd hyperfixation #bsd oc #dees random updates #bungou stray dogs #bsd#arahabaki
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    Hello! I drew @popping-greenbean’s flower plant fella,, they’re very soft and cute.. I wonder if they have a name

    This one, it was supposed to be a thank you art for last year Christmas when they came to my house and gave me some handmade stickers... Two of which were Chuuya and my OC Zephyros. It was very cute aaaaa thank you😭💕

    Experimental watercolour colouring style where I just mix colours on one layer and use overlay for making it look more vibrant... Very fun

    #dusk fan art #gift art#Chuuya#original character #dusk oc art #bungou stray dogs #bsd chuuya#chuuya nakahara#Snivy #left one is a warm up doodle dump on my phone on Procreate Pocket #the right. just some doodles on paper #very soft leaf hands.. very cute
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    I don't think i posted her yet, so have Mama Sadako! Also, I forgot to post yesterday, but I’d like to remind yall that the last goth Adopt is up! The goth girl of your dreams is only 5$

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    dazai osamu x oc


    chapter four: the serenades of conflict

    word count: 6k

    spoiler warning: s02e05-08

    other warnings: injury description, mild fluff^^

    a/n: hi! I’m not able to reply to all of your comments but I wanted to thank every single person for messaging me with such nice words! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my fic, thank you xx

    So that was it.

    The Agency, Port Mafia and the Guild had announced an unspoken conflict between the three of them. It all started from little Kyouka's kidnapping; for the past couple of hours she was nowhere to be seen. Kunikida and Atsushi had just regained consciousness from their encounter with Guild members, and Kouyou Ozaki — former Dazai's coworker — was still in coma after the attack.

    Aira sat in the middle of her flat, papers and briefcases surrounding her. The Agency needed a plan before the massacre was about to come, making her the one in charge, since Doppo was unable to do anything but try to recover from his wounds.

    But all Aira Razuki could've come up with was two variants of the situation — and she wasn't comfortable with any of them in the slightest. Both included parts and pieces of something that would cause another conflict. This time completely inner when it came to Aira.

    Yet a moment she was about to came to the case-breaking conclusion, the door of her flat opened wide.

    "Razuki-chan! I'm dying!" Osamu stumbled on his own feet, leaning on the hallway's wall.

    "Shit, Dazai. What happened?" Aira approached him rapidly, trying to take a look at his face.

    Did the Guild attack him? Was it the mafia that was trying to kill him again?

    "Kunikida-kun is in infirmary, I have no one to talk to," he exclaimed, quickly changing the tone of his voice. He stood up, smiling cockily.

    "You goddamn bastard!" Aira yelled, not hesitant to punch him straight into his jaw. "So you came here just to make a scene?!" she screamed, internally cursing herself for even thinking it was something important.

    "But I thought you missed me too, Razuki-chan," he pouted, wrapping his arms around her neck.

    "Ugh, get off. I'm busy," she growled, trying to get rid of his hands. "Dazai, I'm being serious!" Aira reprimanded him, getting tired of his antics.

    "And I'm bored," he complained, glancing over his shoulders at the notes she was taking a moment before he decided to step in.

    "I don't care just get—!"

    "Don't worry, I've already come up with a plan," he whispered to her, grinning from ear to ear.

    "I thought I've made it clear that I don't trust you," she hissed, collecting her papers from the ground.

    "Come onnn, I thought we were friends," Osamu teased her, crossing his arms.

    "Ugh, you can stay here. Just be quiet," Aira sighed, placing the pile of papers on her coffee table.

    Gathering her thoughts, she was almost positive what Dazai's plan would be regarding the three-way conflict. And it also happened to be the second opinion of her schema she was so opposed to. Tapping her fingers on the windowsill, she was trying to figure out how to perfect the already rotten plan.

    Maybe if they...

    "Razuki-chan," Osamu started, brutally interrupting her thoughts.

    "Dazai, I really don't c—!"

    "You look pretty with your hair down," he stated softly, seated on her beige couch.

    "What?" Aira blinked twice.

    She wasn't wearing her usual low bun today. In fact, she wasn't looking like her normal self; instead of a shirt with puff sleeves, she was wearing a tank top and her pajama pants. She hadn't had the time to put on makeup, nor to fully wake up by drinking coffee.

    To her, she looked like a complete mess, not…pretty.

    "Why would you say that?" Aira furrowed her brow, tilting her head to the side.

    "You know, you don't have to search for a hidden meaning in everything. You can just accept the compliment," he smirked, getting comfortable on the sofa.

    "Thank you?" she answered hesitantly, still suspicious about the whole affair.

    "Good job! Work on it and you'll get there," he teased nonchalantly, grinning to himself.

    "I don't understand you," she mumbled, approaching him slowly.

    "People sometimes want to be nice to you, Razuki-chan," he responded, shrugging casually.

    "But why you?" she continued. "I don't get it."

    "'Cause I've found making you dumbfounded more entertaining than making you angry," he smiled, gaining another punch from her.

    "You're so stupid," she mumbled, not realizing Dazai just lied.

    His intention were simple this time; he really just wanted to tell her she looked nice.

    "But, actually now that I think of it… I might need your help," Aira changed the subject, sitting right next to him. "Could you use your ability on me?" she asked, noticing his expression being filled with confusion.

    "Suure?" he chuckled and as soon as he saw the lilac aura surrounding her, he grabbed her arm, just as he tend to do during their sparring.

    Within a split second, Aira found herself on the other side of the couch, smiling mischievously at him.

    "Holy crap, I really am talented," she giggled, observing Dazai's expression.

    "So you've figured it out," he smiled softly, realizing that she used Time-master to turn back his own ability.

    "Oh, I have an idea! We should train sometime soon. With that I am invinci—! Shit! Ouch! Why did you do that?!" she yelled as soon as she was thrown out of the couch by his swift movement.

    "Invincible, huh?" He glanced at her, helping her to get up. "Don't get caught up in that. An arrogant enemy is the easiest one to beat," he added, moving to the left to make a room for her.

    "Oh, really, Sensei? I had no clue," she mocked him, poking his side as a form of a childish revenge.

    "You know what?" Dazai wondered, playing with the lock of her hair.

    "What?" Aira repeated, gently taking back the piece of her hair.

    "It's a shame you don't want to commit double suicide with me."


    Sitting in the Agency's hall, specially prepared for emergencies, Aira was fidgeting with the trim of her coat. Since that morning, she was feeling unlike herself; unsteady, questioning completely everything. The thought of it being the state caused by the Agency being under attack, completely covered the true cause of Aira's emotion display at that moment. She told herself it was only the adrenaline kicking in, where in reality it was...


    "Razuki-san, are you alright?" Kenji approached the woman, sitting on the step beside her.

    "Yup, thrilled actually. Can't wait to beat up th..."

    "Listen all!" The President's voice filled the room, making every single person in it turn their eyes towards him. "The Port Mafia seeks to eradicate the Agency. The Guild seeks to usurp it. We must protect the Agency from those two foes. Dazai, explain," he stated firmly.

    Osamu went on saying how the detectives should split into offensive and defensive teams, just so peace of the Agency could be untouched. All of the fellow employees agreed that Yosano was the one, who was the most valuable member of the team currently. After all, she was a doctor. Her abilities were crucial when it came to them being outnumbered.

    Just as Dazai finished explaining who would be joining who, Aira's eyes wide opened at the mention she was going to be in the offense team. That meant, she was going to stay in here instead of actually fighting with the enemies.

    After the plan was spoken out loud, the detectives were awaiting for only one crucial thing — an intruder. Hence why every single member of the Agency’s offense team was currently seated, minding their own business. Kunikida, Tanizaki, Atsushi and Dazai after being self-proclaimed defense were preparing to leave the emergency hall.

    Aira silently stood up and approached Osamu, who had just finished talking with the newbie.

    "Why am I staying here?" she asked him, her brow furrowed.

    She rarely was told to stay. It was her, who often get the solo missions, which almost every single time were turning out to be quite bloody. That was exactly why she couldn't understand the orders she was given.

    "Come here," Dazai grabbed the back of her arm, pulling her to the side. "If anything was to happen to the President, I'm sure you'll manage to help him and the others," he explained quietly, looking straight into her eyes.

    "That's not it, Dazai. You're lying," she answered. "Look, I'm not opposed to this whole situation. I just want a proper explanation," she added, noticing him smiling softly.

    "You're right, I'm lying," he smirked, looking away. "For now all I need you to know is that I trust you with this. More than anyone else here," he said, messing up her hairstyle.

    "I'll still be waiting for the answer, you idiot," she threatened through her smile, making him grin.

    Returning to her previous place after saying goodbye to the others, Aira sat beside Yosano, glancing over her shoulder to take a look at the security cameras.

    "So it's him after all," Yosano chuckled, glancing at her coworker.

    "What are you..?"

    "You're oblivious or just stupid?" she asked the other woman, shaking her head. "The call about you being jealous. It was about Dazai, right?" Yosano explained, watching Aira's face turn light pink.

    "No. Yes. I don't know," she spitted out, glancing nervously at her hands. "But I'm not..! I possibly couldn't..!"

    "Sure you're not. It was just a friendly interaction," the doctor giggled, looking away.


    "I was being sarcastic, asshole," Yosano interrupted, watching Aira as she shook her head.

    "We should go back to the job," Aira suggested firmly, adjusting her position on a chair.

    "Ah, yes. Watching those security cameras is the toughest thing in the world," the dark-haired woman rolled her eyes. "You can talk about it with me, you know? If not now then..."

    "President, I think we should call back the defense teams," Ranpo claimed, his tone filled with seriousness.

    With the blink of an eye, Aira returned her glance towards the computer screen, noticing a mafia member she had met earlier.

    "Oh, how lovely," she chuckled, putting on her coat. "What?" she asked, noticing the President's reprimanding stare.

    "We're not going to fight just now," he spoke calmly, causing Aira to sit back on the chair.

    "Cameras three, four and eight are down!" Yosano exclaimed, her voice filled with seriousness.

    "Activate the automatic turrets!"

    "No use, President," Aira sighed, watching Ranpo obeying the orders.

    "And why is that, Razuki?" he asked, raising up one of his brows.

    "You'd send these puppets to receive a special envoy? You're so short-staffed, I could cry," the familiar red-haired man spoke through the speakers, only to later on demand someone to fight with.

    "He has a gift to manipulate gravity," Aira explained briefly. "I fought with him once. It was a tie as you may see," she added.

    "What do you suggest?" he continued, fully curious about his employee's plan.

    "Yosano and Kenji come in first. Distract him enough to boost his ego. Then I'll join. After all, an arrogant enemy is the easiest one to beat," she repeated Dazai's words from earlier that day, subconsciously smiling to herself.

    "You want us to do the worse job, just so you can come and finish him up?" Yosano furrowed her brow, however, she stood up and picked up her weapon.

    "I have an ace up my sleeve," Aira smiled, watching Kenji and the doctor walking out of the door.

    "Razuki," the President called her name before she was able to join the two. "I hope your know what you're doing," he spoke, noticing her smile.

    "How couldn't I?"

    And with the words said, she was gone. Taking her time to get to the old tunnel that once was a railroad, Aira smiled to herself, rolling up her sleeves as she wondered about the words Dazai said to her. If he truly had trusted her, why didn't he tell her about the full plan earlier on?

    To protect her?

    No. She had fought by his side numerous times. He knew she could handled herself in a struggle.

    Aira shook her head. She didn't need the distractions to corrupt her mind. Being focused was the only thing she was ought to maintain.

    And that's when she saw Chuuya, standing in the middle of the railroad, all covered with dust that was about to set.

    "Now. Who wants to fight against gravity?" he spoke, his voice full of confidence.

    "I do," Aira answered, watching his smirk drop almost immediately after he saw her. "But I don't think you'll like it, Chuuya," she smirked, firing her gun.

    He jumped back. This time there was no crimson aura surrounding him.

    "I've done my research since our last meeting, you know?" she smiled widely, her gun still pointed at him. "Gravitational time dilation," she explained, her eyes almost flickering at the notion of power she held.

    "You can't do it if I don't use my ability," he answered, taking his hands out of the pockets of his coat.

    "Oh, do we fight in an old-fashioned style?" Aira chuckled, approaching him.

    "What assurance do I have, you won't use yours?" he challenged her, taking out his gun.

    "I'm not a cheater," she shrugged, jumping to the left to avoid the bullet he had just shot.

    Rolling over to her side, she was the next person, who fired a series of bullets, yet, he avoided every single one of them.

    "I'm surprised," she laughed, after another one of his bullets had missed her. "You're quite a good fighter, not given your ability. But," she smiled, pointing at the ceiling. "…you underestimate me," she finished, shooting up.

    Within seconds a large piece of stone had fallen down, pinning the mafia member to the ground. Aira approached him, toying with the gun in her hand.

    "Do you surrender or do I have to kill you?" she asked softly, kneeling next to him.

    "Ugh! You're just like—!"

    Not waiting for him to finish his sentence, Aira used her ability to turn back time, before she even managed to pin him down with the stone from the ceiling. Grabbing his arm, she pulled him to the left, helping him avoid getting hit again.

    "Sorry I didn’t let you answer. I just didn't want your organs to look like purée before you’d decide," she spoke, hiding her pistol behind her belt. "Oh, here comes your peace treaty," she added, pointing at one of the speakers.


    It was unlike anything the Agency had ever experienced. Them and the Port Mafia had just settled on a temporary peace agreement, which meant they were joining forces in defeating the Guild. Hence why the offense team and the President were in a need to hide. Now, they were just waiting for the things to settle, no mater how draining the time period was about to be.

    But there was something else that bothered Aira at that moment. Neither Kunikida nor Dazai were picking up her calls and she couldn't lie about how worried she was about them.

    Making her way to the coffee shop located below the Agency, Aira was still trying to contact either of them, impatiently fidgeting with the ruffles of her collared shirt.

    "I believe we haven't met each other. I'm Kouyou Ozaki," the woman that Aira hadn't noticed spoke, making her jump in place.


    "I know your name, the mafia has been talking about you recently, Razuki-chan," Kouyou smiled, putting down the book she was reading.

    "I've been wondering when you'll come and get me for those seven men that murdered my parents," Aira smirked, sitting opposite of the woman.

    "Oh, no. No. It's not about your parents," Ozaki softly smiled, glancing curiously at the detective.

    "Chuuya, then? I knew his ego was crushed the moment I used my ability on him," Aira chuckled, taking a glance at the book the other woman was reading. "Do you recommend it?" she asked, pointing at the pages she had flipped.

    "Moderately entertaining," Kouyou replied, taking back her belonging. "Now it's your turn to answer my question," she added, bringing her face closer to Aira.

    "I'm listening," the female detective responded, not loosing her calmness.

    "How is it dating a traitor?" she spoke and Aira knew the question was about Dazai.

    "I've already told Chuuya I and him are not..."

    "No, sweetheart. It wasn't that reckless kid, who sparked my imagination," she interrupted the younger woman, smiling mischievously.

    "The traitor told me to keep an eye on you if I were to see you," she added, watching Aira looking away. "You're so adorable when you're getting shy. Honestly I didn't think I was going to make you act this way."

    "If Dazai said what you're telling me he said, why did you decide to bring this up?" Aira questioned, her suspicions arising. He wouldn't say that if he wasn't sure Ozaki wouldn't repeat his words back to her.

    "It’s up to you to discover," Kouyou smiled, watching the detective stand up. "But Razuki, remember he's a traitor. He will backstab you… or the Agency sooner or later," she added.

    "I think I'll be the one to see that," Aira responded with a forced smile, making her way towards the exit.

    Dialing Dazai's number once again she received no answer. Again.

    "Atsushi!" Aira called, noticing the boy on the other side of the street.

    "Razuki-san, is everyone okay?" he asked as soon as he found himself crossing the road.

    "Yes. They are," she answered quickly, taking a look at him. "I'm glad to see you safe," she added with relief.

    "Are you coming to the cafe?" Atsushi wondered.

    "I was actually trying to find Kunikida or Dazai," she explained, adjusting her coat.

    "Oh, Dazai-san is meeting with a government agent right now," the boy spoke, making Aira's eyes open wide.

    "What agent?" she responded on one breath.

    "I-I don't know, Razuki-san. Do you think it's dangerous? Should we go to check on him?" he shot a series of questions, now equally frightened as Aira. However, the one thing that differed their mindset was the fact she had just understood the meaning behind Ozaki's message.

    Keeping an eye on her? Dazai wanted her to do the exact opposite.

    "No, kiddo. I'm just surprised," Aira answered, forcing a calm expression on her face. "You go to that cafe, there's nothing to be worried about," she lied swiftly, waving to him as a goodbye.

    Rapidly getting into her car that was parked on the side of the road, Aira stomped on the brakes with the intention of riding around the town in hopes to find Dazai and the agent. The unspoken rule in the Agency was when a detective was meeting with someone from the government, they needed to stay in a car. And this time Aira feared that finding the vehicle was not going to be hard in the slightest.

    Like spoken, she wasn't wrong, hence she was about to find out what was going on as the next twenty four minutes had passed. On one of the less crowded roads, she spotted a black vehicle, stopping in the middle of the road. Not soon later than that, a beige van crushed directly into its side.

    Stopping rapidly, Aira walked out of her own car, pulling out her pistol. Without hesitation she shot the driver of the beige van right into his shoulder. She had never intended on killing anyone, just overpowering them. With the speed of the light, she run towards the other vehicle, opening the passenger's door.

    "Oh, I knew you'd come," Dazai smirked, however this time his voice wasn't as cheerful as always. It was weak.

    "Shut up, I still have a gun in my hand," she reprimanded him, handing him out her hand. "Help me with Ango," she ordered, pointing at the government agent, laying unconscious on the driver's seat.

    "I should act surprised now, you know?" Osamu joked, pointing towards his former coworker. "Oh, you know each other? Why didn't you tell me, Razuki-chan?" he teased with a childlike tone, gaining a morbid stare from her.

    "If you weren't hurt, I'd punch you," she mumbled, helping the unconscious man get out of the car. "Come on. We have to carry him to the backseat," she added, laying him down in her car.

    As soon as Aira got into her vehicle, she started driving, hoping that they weren't going to have a tail of someone trying to kill them. When she finally felt like they were moderately safe, she exhaled loudly, glancing at Dazai, who had wrapped his hand in some of the bandages he was usually wearing.

    "So let me get things straight. You've seen through the fact that we'll be needing to contact the government before this whole shit-show even started. To be exact, it was the moment when you walked into my flat, claiming to be dying. It was only to see my reaction. To see if I'd help you," she started, trying to focus on the road in front of her.

    "Oh, that's getting interesting. Go on," Dazai chuckled, smiling from ear to ear.

    "Then you made me stay with Yosano and others just to make sure I was going to be there, unharmed. Just so I could be ready to help you with this," she waved her left hand in the air, pointing to the situation.

    "Partially true," he answered.

    The thing Aira got wrong was the fact that he didn't only wanted her to be unharmed to help him... but also for the sincere reason of her not getting wounded.

    "On top of that you've told Ozaki to keep an eye on me, knowing that I'd piss me of and I was going to do the investigation on my own," she finished, her grip on the wheel tightening.

    "I love how smart you are," he responded, placing his chin on his unharmed hand.

    "You've manipulated me you son of a—!"

    "Shhhh! Ango doesn't like swearing," he interrupted her, not taking his eyes from her.

    "He's unconscious, goddamn it!" Aira yelled, getting honked at as she drove when the red light was still shining.

    "Careful here. You're going to get us killed, my love," Dazai teased, hearing only Aira's growl in response.


    "Are you still mad at me, Razuki-chaaan?" Dazai's voice filled Aira's apartment once again.

    It was noon the next day. After scolding him more than she should, Aira walked out of the Agency, spending the following night and morning on rearranging her thoughts.

    She knew Dazai had used her for his own good, yet...

    ...things weren't ever black and white in her head.

    A person having one motive for their actions was rare, and especially with Osamu — this definitely wasn't his case. So with that in mind, Aira travelled between the possibilities solving the three-way conflict and thinking about her own personal life. Believe it or not, the second thing was even worse than the first.

    "Hello? Is anyone home?" Dazai called with a childlike tone and Aira could've heard him taking off his shoes before he stepped into her living room.

    "I'm thinking!" Aira called, exhaling at the sudden commotion in her flat.

    "In the bathroom?" Osamu chuckled, realizing when her voice was coming from.

    "My brain works better when I'm taking a bath," she explained quickly, wrapping herself in the dry towel that she had prepared earlier on.

    Putting on her slippers, she dried her body up, noticing only now that she hadn't brought any clothes to change into.

    "Dazai?" she called, internally cursing at her whole existence.

    "What is it?" he asked and just by the tone of his voice, Aira could've sworn he was smirking.

    "Can you get me some clothes from my bedroom? I don't want to walk around in a towel," she complained, approaching the mirror with her eyes open wide.

    She was blushing.

    "But I don't mind it," Dazai chuckled, however, his voice seemed to be coming from the other room his time.

    Why was she blushing?

    "Here you go," he said casually, opening the bathroom door a little.

    "Thanks," she responded, closing the door as soon as she possibly could. "Get yourself together, you schoolgirl," she whispered to herself, putting on her black pants.

    "Hmm? Did you say something?" Osamu asked nonchalantly.

    "Yes," Aira responded, walking out of the bathroom. Now, fully clothed. "That I don't remember giving you the keys to my flat," she explained, crossing her arms.

    "I can open them, just like that." He snapped his fingers, making a reference to the part of his ability that allowed him to rearrange the locks.

    "That doesn't give you the right to just come in here," she argued, walking into her living room and laying on the couch.

    "But I wanted to apologize," he pouted, standing right above her.

    "No, you didn't. You don't apologize," she responded with her eyes closed. "What are you—?"

    "Apologizing," he interrupted her, laying right beside her on the couch.

    "No, you're taking up my space," she complained, being forced to squeeze between the back of the sofa and him.

    "I'm not going to hug you if that's what you're trying to do," she added, trying to get up, yet his hand wrapping around her waist stopped her.

    And then she felt her face burning. Again.

    A serenade of an inner conflict. Light, calm sounds of the lute were the only things surrounding her at that moment, completely paralyzing her body. Then, it was like a lighting had just struck her. She felt electric. Almost like she wasn't human, just a drop of emotions. And from the first time in a very long time they were only positive.


    But then she realized she was still there; present, experiencing every single thing. And instead of joy and happiness, she began to feel unsteady. Almost like the sounds of the lute became unbearable to listen.

    She was overwhelmed.

    "Are you done?" she asked after a while, noticing that Dazai had buried his head in the crook of her neck.

    She sounded dry, completely emotionless. But, oh, how she longed for the feeling she was experiencing now.

    "It's so strange..." Dazai spoke calmly, his hand still on her waist. "...and yet so peaceful," he added, being able to hear Aira's unsteady breathing.

    "It is," she murmured, moving her hand a little.

    Not a moment later, she hesitantly placed her left palm on his shoulder.

    It felt so... nice.

    They laid down like that for another few seconds which felt like hours. None of them said anything, hence no words were needed. It was just them, laying in the couch they weren't supposed to fit on together, holding each other like the world was about to end. Besides two heartbeats, nothing could have been heard.

    "Dazai?" Aira was the first to broke the comforting silence.

    "Yes?" he asked softly, stroking her waist.

    "We're going to fight with the Guild today, right?" she continued, hugging him a bit tighter.

    "Naturally," he responded with nothing but tranquility in his tone. "But if it was up to me, I'd rather not leave from here," he added.

    "Me neither," Aira whispered, subconsciously moving her hand to his hair.

    "Razuki! Have you seen Dazai? Atsushi has been captured!" Kunikida's voice rang through Aira's apartment, making her sit up almost immediately.

    It caused the dark-haired detective to fall to the ground, massaging his already hurt arm.

    "Hi, Kunikida-kun!" Osamu greeted him cheerfully, completely ignoring his suspicious stare.

    "Dazai? What are you..? Oh," Doppo stopped himself in the middle of the sentence, becoming silent for a moment. "Oh!" he yelled, adjusting the glasses that had almost fell of the bridge of his nose.

    "I-It's not what you think it is," Aira rambled, completely panicked.

    "It's exactly what you think it is," Dazai corrected, gaining a reprimanding stare from both her and Doppo.

    "Aira?" Kunikida furrowed his brow, waiting for a further explanation.

    "Your not her mother, Kunikida-kun," Osamu smiled cheekily, standing up from the ground he was thrown to a moment ago.

    "I...uh," Aira mumbled, her eyes wide open. "Holy shit, I messed this up."


    What went wrong in that little head of hers? Of course she needed the comfort. Of course she needed to hug someone. But why this someone turned out to be her fellow coworker? And why Kunikida was there, all of the sudden?

    Aira splashed cold water all over her face, trying to make herself presentable before she went on speaking with Doppo and Osamu about Atsushi's capture. After all, he was still on the Moby Dick, probably being tortured or locked up in a cell.

    "Razuki-chan? You're alright in there?" Dazai knocked on the toilet's door once again this day. The only difference that now they were in the Agency's office.

    "Yes, I just need a moment," she murmured, trying to put her hair in her usual bun.

    Yet for some reason, her hands seemed to be trembling. After ten more seconds, Aira finally managed to get out of the bathroom, only to see Dazai, who apparently had been waiting for her all this time.

    "Don't overthink it," he whispered to her ear, opening the door to the meeting room for her.

    "Yeah," she only managed to say, sitting in one of the chairs.

    "So? Care to help us with rescuing Atsushi?" Kunikida asked, sounding completely hostile.

    "Atsushi-kun doesn't need our rescue," Dazai smirked, placing his feet on the table in front of them.

    "Excuse me?!" Doppo yelled, crossing his arms.

    "What Dazai meant was that Atsushi is going to find a way to free himself. He only needs our help with destroying that cursed doll," Aira explained, regaining her usual professionalism.

    "Oh, I forgot you two understand yourself so well," Doppo scoffed.

    "Come on, Kunikida-kun," Dazai chuckled with a childlike tone. "Get over it. You're an adult man," he added, making the blonde detective even more mad than he already was.

    "You are coworkers, goddamit!" he argued, throwing his hands in the air. "That's far beyond inappropriate!"

    "Doppo, I promise it was nothing serious. We were just talking," Aira interrupted them, trying to make the situation a bit more bearable.

    "That didn't look like just talking," he answered, shaking his head.

    "Oh, I think we’ve pissed someone!" Dazai said with an overly-sweet tone, getting up from his chair.

    "We should focus on helping Atsushi now," Aira added, following Osamu as he walked to the door.

    After hearing Doppo's growl, the remaining detectives exited the building, heading straight to the car that was owned by the Agency.

    "We haven't discussed the possible attack from the Guild," Aira noted, stopping right before she entered the car.

    "We know what to do. Don't worry," Dazai smirked, walking up to the driver's door.

    "Hey. You can't drive. Your arm's broken," Aira spoke, pointing at the other side of the vehicle.

    "Like that would've stopped me," he chuckled, getting into the passengers seat, just as Aira silently ordered him.

    Within the next couple of seconds, they set off. As Aira was driving, she was trying to spot any signs of Atsushi. It was probably her favorite trait about herself — despite her personal feelings, she always seemed to be focus on her job when needed. Nothing was able to distract her. Nothing was able to put her down. It was always just her and the current case she was working on.


    This time it was also Dazai she was working with.

    "Oh, so that's what you've been up to all this morning," she spoke, noticing the black remote controller with a red button in the middle he was playing with. "What exactly is it?" she asked, trying to look at the road to keep driving, as well as at the sky to see the Moby Dick.

    "Take a guess," Dazai replied with challenging tone.

    "I wouldn't be surprised if it was controlling a bomb you've put in that flying thing," she responded jokingly, glancing up. "You know, you press the button, flames appear, everyone dies. Nothing extraordinary," she elaborated.

    "No... but now that I think of it, it would be splendid," he smirked. "It proceeds a smoke and turns off the radars of the Moby Dick," he explained, almost like it was the most obvious thing in the entire world.

    "I wonder how much you haven't been telling us now," she scoffed, yet she didn't feel angry.


    She felt tranquil.

    "Probably more than you can imagine," he answered honestly, tilting his head to the side.

    "Dazai," Aira called his name, abruptly stopping the car after the first bomb hit one of the Yokohama's streets.

    "Yeah, I think we should walk from here on, too," he laughed softly, getting out of the car.

    Within seconds, more bombs were released, setting the nearby buildings on fire and making the vehicle of ordinary citizens to cause crashes. The orange dust filled the sky, causing the silhouettes of the people became unrecognizable.

    "It looks like the end of the world," Aira confessed, looking at the sky above them.

    "Unfortunately, it's not," Dazai answered, grabbing her by the hand to resume walking. "But if it was I'd probably spend it with you," he added, yet this time definitely more quiet that before.

    Aira blinked twice to bring herself back to the reality. Was she just going to act like she didn't hear it? After all, Dazai always blabbered about suicide and death. It wasn't nothing special this time.


    "Oh, there he comes." Osamu pointed at the sky, noticing Atsushi using a parachute.

    "We should hurry, Dazai," Aira snapped out of her thoughts, only now realizing she broke her usual schema.

    She let her mind overwhelm her work. Something like that had never happened before.

    As they speeded up, Aira noticed another bomb falling from the sky, hitting the building behind them.

    How come a group of foreigners destroy a place that had never belonged to them? Yokohama was her town. The town that needed to be protected with all of the strength they had.

    And yet, did one bomb less make a difference? To Aira definitely, hence she decided to use her ability to bring the building that was being torn apart to its previous state.

    "Go ahead, I'll stay there and try to fix some of those things," she told Dazai, who nodded in response.

    Aira couldn't undo the damage that had been done, just as she couldn't undo her past. Yet, the factor that made her stay, despite the fact that she couldn't repair the buildings that had been destroyed more than four seconds ago, was the burning need of fixing something that could have been fixed. It didn't matter what. If she was able to do even one single little thing — it was worth it.

    As the last bomb was speeding down to hit the city, the sky had filled with pink smoke, probably released with the help of the remote controller. That meant none of the further destruction could have been done.

    Not waiting for the bomb to hit, Aira had returned it to the place it was before — the Moby Dick. The radars of the ship had just stopped working. Just for that moment — everything and everyone was safe.

    But Aira didn't felt like a hero. She was far from being one.

    She was a lost girl in the middle of a half-destroyed city, trying to fix everything the best she could.

    But without Dazai's help, the smoke wouldn't come up, meaning that the attack wouldn't have been stopped.

    Just like with fixing the city, just like with the Agency making a peace treaty with the Port Mafia, Aira realized that maybe she need the help from others to fully repair herself. Maybe that was the thing that would've helped her fully realized she was alive.

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    is he FUCKING insane???? “Kolya, what the fuck???”

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    Full color pic from back in June. I just wanted all of them to have fun being children so they play dragons and knights with Loki being a overdramatic princess.

    All useful links.

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    dazai osamu x oc


    chapter three: raw discoveries

    word count: 6k

    spoiler warning: s01e08-12, mentions of Dazai’s past (2nd season)

    other warnings: crime scene description, murder, wound description

    a/n: hi! I hope you’re doing well loves! Thank you so so much for the messages I’ve been receiving. It’s lovely to hear you like my story^^ have fun reading! xx

    August was surprisingly chilling that year. The nights got colder earlier than anticipated, which caused nineteen-year-old Aira to wear a sweater that night.

    It was the habit of hers to stroll around the neighborhood, she once used to live in. She used to, because her parents threw her off of the house the moment she told them she hadn't passed her Medical School entrance exam.

    Yet, Aira Razuki couldn't entirely blame them for their decision; after all, they were struggling with money; her father was unable to work due to his sickness. It was obvious that they wanted their daughter to pursue the career that might have bought their tickets to the better place.

    That’s why nineteen-year-old Aira couldn't see that her parents were simply exploiting her, not thinking about her well-being. That was exactly why she had the tendency to burrow herself in sorrow in pity after failing — even if it was just the tiniest inconvenience. She kept telling herself that if she wasn't enough for her parents, she wasn't also enough for herself.

    Hence why she had found herself strolling around her old house once again this week — the need of validation.

    She longed for her parents, their love, and them telling her that she was worthy to them. That was the only thing that teenage Aira wanted.

    Normally, she would see the lights in the small, pastel yellow house. Sometimes she would even observe the silhouettes of her parents as they prepared themselves to go to sleep. Such thing gave her the sense of belonging and the hope of returning to them once more.

    Yet the young girl hadn't known just then that today she was going to make a discovery. The the most raw, terrific and frightening discovery of her teenage life.

    The lights were off. The front door was open.

    Aira didn't know why she felt the burning need to step inside of the house. Taking deep breaths and praying that her parents were sound asleep and only forgot to close their door, Aira walked into the building.

    "Mom? Dad?" she called, her voice cracking more with every syllable she spoke.

    "Who are you?!" she yelled, noticing a young man with rounded glasses standing right in the middle of the kitchen.

    "Oh, you must be their daughter," the man spoke. "I'm Ango Sakaguchi. I work in the Special Division for Unusual Powers," he explained, placing the briefcase he was holding on the kitchen counter.

    "I-I don't understand," she murmured, shaking her head rapidly. "Wh-what are you doing here? Where are my parents?" she whispered with a terrified tone, taking a few steps back.

    "Miss Razuki, I need you to stop walking," he spoke calmly, trying to stop her from entering the living room.

    Dismissing his words, Aira run towards the other part of the house, trying to find her mother and father.

    "Miss Razuki, I-!" Ango hadn't managed to finish his sentence. The loud scream of Aira filled the whole area, the next thing he noticed was her falling to her knees next to her parents bodies.

    It looked like a complete massacre. The blood was splattered all over the walls and floors, furniture had been destroyed by the bullets, and the worst...

    ...the worst was the sight of her parents dead corpses, fully unrecognizable by the numerous gunshot wounds they had received.

    "I-I-I...," Aira stuttered, her body unable to move. "Wh-Why...?"

    "You see, Miss Razuki, your father has been diagnosed as a schizophrenic," Ango began to explain, standing right beside her. "But we both know it wasn't true, right, Miss Razuki?"

    "He was gifted," she murmured, swaying her head back and forward. "He could talk to the ghosts and that's why he thought he was sick," she added, her tears completely covering her face.

    "The Port Mafia wanted to recruit him but… as you see, there had been a shooting," he responded, helping her to get up.

    "Why?" Aira sobbed loudly.

    "That's why I'm here. We're still investigating it," he went on saying, not knowing that he had only worsen Aira's state.

    Instead of crying she was about to become cathartic.

    And then… she remembered.

    "Okay. J-just don't write in that report of yours that I was there," she replied.

    "I'm afraid I can't do that, Miss," Ango responded, glancing at her.

    "Okay," she repeated, forcing a smile. "I'll be going then," she added and as soon as the government worker turned his back she grabbed one last thing from the crime scene.

    An item that would remind her of that day from now on.


    Aira stared at her own reflection after she put on the rectangular-shaped sunglasses. The sunglasses that belonged to a member of the mafia that was in her parent's house as the massacre happened.

    Shaking her head and exhaling loudly, she drove to the Agency, getting ready for another day of paperwork. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, she arrived, sitting behind her desk after filling her cup with black coffee.

    "Good morning, Razuki-san."

    "Good morning."

    "Hi, Razuki-san!"

    "Hi, Kenji-kun."

    "Morning, asshole. Care to join me shopping today?"

    "I'm busy, Yosano."

    It was just as always. Greetings, work, coffee refill, more work. Some might say that Aira's routine was boring, yet it wasn't the case. Repetitive tasks gave Aira the sense of security. Something, that was always going to be there for her. Something, that didn't necessarily involved others, making her feel control over the situation.

    Just as needed.

    "Razuki-san?!" The sudden voice of Atsushi banged through the walls.

    "Sup, rookie?" she answered with a polite smile.

    "Have you seen Dazai-san? He's not answering my calls," he replied panicked, showing her his calls history.

    "It's not unusual for him to just vanish, you know?" she mumbled, dismissing the thought that something might have actually happened to him.

    "Kunikida-san says the same," he sighed, completely unhappy with the outcome of their conversation.

    "See? There's nothing to worry about," Aira smiled, taking a sip of her second coffee.

    "But the Port Mafia is after him!" Atsushi called, showing how extraordinarily concerned he was.

    "Will you be satisfied if I try contacting him?" she asked. Newbies were her soft spot.

    "Please, do so, Razuki-san!" Atsushi glanced at her with the gaze of pure thankfulness.

    "In the meantime, I think you should go to ask Doctor Yosano if she's up to something today," she whispered to him, trying not to laugh.

    "Okay!" he cheerfully exclaimed, returning back to the main area.

    "God, he has no idea," she laughed quietly, dialing Dazai's number.

    He didn't pick up.

    Aira tried once again.

    No signal.

    "Oh, come on, you man-child," she mumbled, only to spill some of her coffee on the floor.

    What if Atsushi was right? What if Dazai was seriously in danger?


    "You?!" Higachi yelled after seeing Aira sitting right next to her in the coffee shop.

    "I'm sorry I lied to you. You're just the only mafia member, whose number I have," Razuki chuckled.

    After Dazai hadn't picked up any of her eleven calls, she decided to see if Atsushi's suspicions were true. That was exactly why she called the blonde woman, who came to their Agency two weeks ago, only to lure Atsushi and the Tanizaki siblings to the trap. In the phone call before their meeting, Aira told her she was looking for a job regarding the Port Mafia. She had meet up with her to get the information she so badly needed.

    "Look, I don't care what you're trying to do. I'm leaving," Higachi hissed angrily, but Aira's hand stopped her from standing up.

    "Where's Dazai?" she asked without further do.

    "I don't know what you're talking about," the other woman bluffed, turning her head towards the window.

    "You're bad at it," Aira giggled, shaking her head.


    "Lying," she whispered to her ear, after appearing right next to her as she used her ability to manipulate the time.

    "I really don't—!"

    "Don't make a scene," Aira added, placing her knife next to the woman's waist. "So? Where's he?"

    "Even if I knew, I couldn't tell you." Higachi's answer was followed by her growl, after Aira adjusted the grab on her knife. "He probably has some unfinished business with Akutagawa-san!" she blabbered, not taking a look at the other woman.

    "What do you mean?" Aira continued her interrogation.

    "Don't you know? They used to work together," Higachi replied, a mischievous smile appearing on her face as soon as she noticed Razuki's expression changing.

    "Oh? You really don't know," she laughed quietly, placing her hand of her gun after a moment of Aira's vulnerability showing.

    "Dazai was..?"

    "A mafia member? Of course," Higachi interrupted her, lowering her tone. "He was the right hand of the Boss," she whispered to Aira's ear, her voice full of maliciousness.

    Dazai and the Port Mafia? The exact same Port Mafia that killed her parents?


    It couldn't possibly be true.

    "If you excuse me, I'll be going," the blonde woman spoke, leaving Aira dumbfounded in the middle of the coffee shop.

    What made him leave? Most importantly — what made him join at the first place?

    Aira couldn't comprehend the words she had just heard. She wanted it to be a bad dream, but instead, it was just another raw discovery.

    But then, her phone rang.


    "I don't know what you're up to, Aira, but no. Not Dazai," Kunikida answered on the other side of the phone, completely frustrated. "Listen, I need you to help Yosano and Atsushi. There's a bomber in the train they’re in," he briefly explained, causing Aira to completely return to her previous state of focus.

    "Send me the coordinates, I'm on my way."


    Finding the train was easier that Aira thought it would be. Turns out, there was just a one of them being set on fire. Predicting the speed and time, she managed to calculate when the train would be arriving at the location of the bridge, Aira was meant to jump off of to get on it.

    Just as she figured out, the train appear on the horizon. Without hesitation, Aira decided to jump, finding herself on its roof.

    "Kunikida? Which wagon they are in?" she yelled to the phone, trying her best not to fall off of the train.

    "Yosano's in..."

    "Never mind, I've heard an explosion," she responded, quickly handing up.

    With all of her strength, she managed to kick in one of the windows, safely getting inside. Making her way through two wagons, she rapidly opened the door, just to see Yosano's hand being pinned by the knife to the ground.


    "Did you miss me, loser?" Aira smirked, interrupting Yosano's warning.

    As another explosion happened in the place they were at, the woman in the burgundy coat waited for the flames to fill up the space, burning it to the core.

    Through the pain and smell of burned flesh, she approached Yosano, noticing she wasn't breathing. Rapidly grabbing the other woman's arm, Aira flawlessly managed to retrieve their states to the moment from four second ago, leaving herself untouched, and Yosano with wounds and burns that were lethal, yet give her time to manage with them on her own.

    "Are they deadly enough?" Aira grinned, having in mind Yosano's ability that allowed her to fix the body, but only where there was a possibility of dying.

    "They're perfect," the Doctor smiled.

    Not a second later, she was all ready to go.

    "Do we kick their ass then?" Razuki cheered, rolling up her sleeves.

    "Indeed, asshole," Yosano smiled devilishly. "Hide yourself, we want him to be surprised," she added and Aira simply followed her rules.

    "Oh! I wonder if she's already nice and cooked!" the bomber exclaimed, approaching, what it looked like to be, Yosano's body. "Let's see—!"

    With the two words spoken, Yosano punched the man straight into his face. Not a second later, Aira jumped off of the ceiling she was holding to, smashing his head on her own knee.

    "Hmm, that was underwhelming. Don't you agree Razuki?" Yosano spoke, madness and blood heist painted all over her face.

    "I think we could make it a bit more thrilling," the other woman grinned, kicking the man straight into his chest.

    "On which side should I punch him now?" the Doctor asked, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt.

    "I-I-If I had do choose, maybe this?" he mumbled.

    "Yeah, definitely the other," Aira smirked.

    With that, Yosano sent the man flying across the wagon.

    "I'm going to find Atsushi," Razuki said, patting the other woman's back. "Don't you think we make a great team?" she joked, not expecting her to answer.

    "I've always liked you, Razuki. Don't know why are you biased towards me," Yosano answered, rolling up her sleeves as well.

    "Because I'm jealous," Aira replied plainly, making Yosano's brow furrowed. "But that's a story for another time. Finish this bastard up!" she enthusiastically called, running out of the wagon in order to help Atsushi.

    The chill went through her spine as she heard Yosano talk through the speakers. Atsushi's was about to detonate the bomb.

    But then, it was like something had paralyzed her. The bomber turned out to be...

    ...a little girl.

    "I don't want to kill anyone else!" she screamed, standing on the edge of the fully-opened side of the train.

    "Atsushi! No!" Aira yelled, wanting to stop the boy from jumping with the bomber. "Atsushi!" she yelled once again as she saw him falling into the water, followed by the explosion later on.

    As she had no idea what drove her to do this, Aira jumped right after them, meeting with the sea surface. Firstly, she tried to look for their bodies, yet she managed to exhale when she noticed Atsushi swimming up to the shore.

    "Holy shit, kid! What was that?!" she screamed after she got out of the cold, salty water.

    Instead of answering, Atsushi spited out the water and laid on the concrete of the bay.

    "What was in that stupid head of yours that you've decided to jump?!" she scolded him, forgetting about catching her own breath. "What the... what were you thinking?!"

    "She didn't deserve to die, Razuki-san," Atsushi answered with a weak tone. "Although she did so much bad things, she didn't deserve it, Razuki-san," he stumbled on his own words, desperately trying to bring his breathing back to normal.

    "I get it, kid," she whispered.

    He was right.

    No one deserved to be judged based on their past.

    Even that girl, even herself, even...

    "Have you found Dazai-san?" Atsushi asked, completely changing the subject.

    "Not yet," she responded honestly. "But I will. And I think I have a plan."


    It wasn't hard to find Ango Sakaguchi's old workspace. Of course, Aira went on and used her ability more than she possibly should, but the outcome was just what she anticipated — she managed to discover the old basement, all of the Port Mafia's reports were located in. The reports obviously being written by Aira's one-time acquaintance — Ango.

    "Excuse me? Who's there?" The voice of an old man rang through the room not later after Aira walked into it.

    Hiding behind one of the bookshelves, she used Time-master once again, only to erase the man's memories of ever seeing her.

    "Huh? I guess it's just my age," he joked to himself, closing the door of the books-filled office.

    Trying to make as little noise as she could, Aira began to look for reports, starting from two years from now, hence it was the time Dazai had joined the Agency.

    There was absolutely nothing in the records from four years back, but then Aira stumbled upon mentions of the killing of another organization's leader. Apparently that being the last thing Dazai was mentioned in.

    What surprised her even more how his name was mentioned multiple times in the reports of the same week.

    That meaning the number of people he had killed.

    But Aira wasn't a saint as well. After all, she worked in place that focused on bringing peace. And sometimes peace meant eliminating certain people just to get justice.

    So why was she feeling so much anger? Why did she want Dazai to be a saint?

    For the next thirty minutes Aira was vigorously flipping pages from one to another, revisiting Dazai's past.

    The past she had no idea existed.

    The worst part about the whole situation was the fact that she had no idea what to think about it; almost like a black hole had just consumed her mind. On one hand, she was furious. The mafia killed her parents, they killed other people. They did it just for the sake of it. On the other, she was trying to do everything to justify his actions. Just so the goofy picture of him that she painted in her mind would come back.

    Why was she having an inner conflict? After all, she didn't believe in authority, evil, pureness. So was it righteous to try to judge others?

    And yet Aira wasn't objective. All she could feel was the sensation of getting revenge for her parents. The revenge of the unjustified, unnecessary murder. Maybe that was something she needed to fulfill in order to sleep peacefully at night? However, was revenge the equivalent of salvation of the soul? Or was it just something people thought about as redemption that brought nothing but further regret and sorrow?

    Continuing to flip the pages, she found an interesting mention in one of the records. A mention of a place the Port Mafia were torturing the people that had captured.

    What was the possibility of Dazai being in that place right now?

    She had no clue.

    But did that mean she wasn't going to see it for herself?

    Obviously not.


    "Where the hell are you?" Kunikida's voice rang through Aira's phone, making her grimace almost immediately.

    "I'm in the middle of something, Doppo. Relax," she sighed, trying to focus on the road in front of her.

    "In the middle of what exactly? You're part of the Agency, you can't just—!"

    "I can do things on my own, Kunikida. I'm an adult woman," Aira interrupted him, stopping her car next to the bay.

    "That doesn't mean—!"

    "Oh, stop it. You're acting like a mother," she stated, getting out of her vehicle.

    "Two detectives are missing and one of them isn't even picking up the phone," Doppo said and Aira could've sworn he was as angry as ever.

    "I'll be back this evening. Don't worry," she promised quickly, putting on her sunglasses. "I just have something important to do, okay?"

    "It's not okay, Razuki! You haven't finished your reports and the work—!"


    Aira hung up the phone, simply because she didn't need to be scolded at that time. The clock was ticking, and she still had no idea if she was going to find Dazai. Walking across the warehouses, she was prepared for the worst. If he was attacked by more than one mafia members, he could've been badly injured. And Aira knew he wasn't going to fight just then, it was his usual schema.

    As she checked the number of the warehouse she written down when she was at Ango's old office, Aira noticed a red-haired man with a fedora hat on. Walking past him, she saw him sending her a suspicious stare. And just like that she knew he was going to be important in her tiny investigation.

    As soon as he passed her, she fired a single shot, yet...

    ...the bullet stopped right before entering his body.

    With the crimson aura surrounding the man, the aim rotated as he himself sent her a grim smirk. But Aira didn't seem shocked. Instead, as soon as she saw the bullet flying towards her, she used her Time-master to move left, just out of the reach of the aim.

    The man furrowed his brow, tilting his head to the side. Up until now none of them said a word.

    "Who are you?" he asked angrily. Aira noted that he had surprisingly bad temper.

    "Who are you?" she repeated his question, not caring to answer him first.

    As none of the two seemed to be willing to answer first, the man tucked his hands into his pockets, only to fly above Aira and kick her straight into her head.

    "Oh, I know," she chuckled, taking a few steps back. "You're that anti-gravity guy from the reports," she added, shooting at him another two bullets, simply to distract him.

    "If you know, why do you keep bothering with those stupid attacks of yours?" he smirked mischievously, punching her side.

    "I think I might be interesting in talking to you," she confessed, taking out one of her knives as they spoke. She needed another thirty seconds to use her ability.

    "Shame. I'm not," he chuckled, throwing another series of punches. This time followed by the pieces of concrete he ripped of using his gift.

    Avoiding getting hit, Aira rolled to the side, realizing that he was too powerful to win a fight against. She had two options — flight, or trying to come up with a perfect plan to make him, at least, retreat.

    And it was unlike her to give up on a fight.   Especially when she needed to get some information out of him. Shooting another four shots, she managed to get up, still holding onto her knife.

    He smirked, casually avoiding the bullets.

    If you can't win, make yourself look vulnerable.

    That were the exact words Dazai said to her during one of their first sparring sessions, approximately a year and a half ago.

    And that was exactly what she did; catching him off guard, she used Time-master to appear behind him, placing a knife to his throat.

    "Impressive," the red-haired man laughed after he was being held at knifepoint. "But you have no chance against me," he added, making the blade in her hand fell off to the ground.

    He was right; he was too strong for Aira to overcome him. He proved even further by kicking her once again, nonchalantly watching her trying to get up.

    "I could kill you, you know?" he growled, approaching her slowly.

    Aira spitted out the blood that appeared in her mouth, laughing quietly.

    "But you won't do that. You're too interested who am I," she responded, being pulled by the collar of her shirt.

    Without any trouble, the man grabbed her, making her stand up as he dragged her towards the edge of the bay.

    "I don't care who you are, woman," he hissed, almost about to push her to the depths of the sea below them.

    Manipulation wasn't the only thing related to time Aira was good at. She was also incredibly trained at buying it. The limits of her ability made her learn how to extend the conversation enough, so she would be able to walk out of it without a scratch...

    ...and that was exactly what she was going to do.


    "I'm looking for Dazai," she finally spoke, trying her best not to fall off of the edge.

    "Huh? That shitty dimwit Dazai?" the man furrowed his brow, getting angrier than before.

    "Yup," Aira smirked.

    "You're his girlfriend or something?" he asked, still holding her by the collar of her shirt.

    "Or something. I'm his coworker," she responded.

    Ten seconds. She needed to wait another ten seconds.

    "Oh, how disappointing. I'd be absolutely thrilled if I got his girlfriend killed," he replied, a devilish smile never leaving his face.

    Six more.

    "Why do you hate him so much, Chuuya Nakahara?" Aira asked, feeling the grip on her collar tightening.


    "You know, I work with him too. He can be pretty annoying... but I imagine he really had to destroy your ego. I mean, I'm not surprised. That fedora of yours is kinda silly," she giggled, watching his face become red from fury.

    "I changed my mind. I am going to kill you," Chuuya hissed.

    With his sentence spoken, Aira felt the ground from her feet being pulled down, crimson aura surrounding it.

    That was exactly what she waited for.

    Instead of focusing on the situation or his body, she focused her ability...

    ...on his own gift.

    Her eyes opened wide as soon as everything around stopped moving.

    "Holy crap, I can't believe that actually worked!" she exclaimed cheerfully, genuinely smiling from ear to ear.

    "What the fuck did you do?! I can't move!" he shouted, standing completely unable to move.

    "I know that learning physics would pay off," she whispered to herself, surrounded by pure joy and excitement.

    "Care to elaborate?" he hissed.

    "The stronger the gravity, the slower time flows," she explained evasively. "Your power is manipulating it. That means you have your own gravity," she continued, being finally able to move her fingers.

    "I can turn back time by four seconds. This time I didn't use my gift on myself or space, I used it on your ability," she spoke, feeling her feet regain movement. "In conclusion — I weaponized you… on yourself," she finished with a big smile on her face.

    "So how long is this gonna last?" Chuuya growled, watching her get up. "And why can you move?!"

    "Honestly? I have no clue," she confessed, trying her best not to laugh. "I've told you I haven't done this before."

    What made Aira burst in laughter in the end, was Chuuya cursing out loud.

    "Oh! I think I could be able to turn it off!" she cheered, approaching him from behind. "But before that you'll have to tell me where Dazai is," she whispered to his ear.

    "In that stupid warehouse you were going to! I freed him!" he shouted, completely loosing his temper.

    "Hm, that's interesting. I thought you hated each other," Aira furrowed her brow, toying with the knife she had just picked up.

    "Don't get the wrong idea! I fought him!" Chuuya exclaimed furiously.

    "Yeah, whatever," she sighed, snapping her fingers.

    It wasn't necessary to do so, she just wanted to be a little bit more dramatic.

    "Shit!" Chuuya yelled after hitting the ground, landing straight on his face.

    "Gotta go. But don't worry! I'll tell Dazai you send him kisses!" she called after him, hearing him curse out loud once again.

    Exhaling loudly, she needed to bring her usual persona back in. After all, she was going to confront Dazai about his past; she couldn't possibly be excited about the new discovery she had just made about herself.

    Stepping into the warehouse, she walked down the stairs with a gun in front of her. It was incredibly dark, considering she was still wearing her usual sunglasses she forgot to take off a moment prior. But it was good. The shades helped her to appear more fighting... or that's just what she thought.

    Aira had no idea why her knees felt weak all of the sudden. She adored confrontation. She loved revealing the truth.

    Yet why did she feel like her whole world was about to crush?

    "You never fail to surprise me, Razuki-chan." The familiar voice filled the basement, causing Aira to grip her gun even harder. "Though I must say, I've expected you to come a bit earlier," he added, taking three steps ahead.

    "Don't. Move," she hissed, her gun pointed directly at his head.

    "So you've meet Chuuya-kun. What's your impression of him," Dazai quickly changed the subject, his usual smile appearing on his face.

    "Bad-tempered, but I get now why he hates you," she replied with a morbid tone. "I've read your reports. I've seen everything that Ango had ever written about you," she confessed, her breathing becoming heavy.

    "I know," Osamu said calmly. "And still. I'm surprised you haven't figured out it earlier," he added, glancing directly in her eyes.

    "You could've told me yourself!" Aira shouted, her hand beginning to tremble.

    "But that wouldn't be fun, would it?" he smirked and ignoring her previous order, he took another step towards her. "Remember when I asked you about your biggest secret?" Dazai asked, pointing at the glasses she was wearing.

    "Judging by your tone, you knew it already," Aira answered, trying to make her hand steady again.

    "We both have our secrets, Razuki-chan," he stated. "You can lower your gun if you don't mind. We both know you aren't going to shoot," Dazai continued, massaging his wrists that had been handcuffed since he was captured.

    "I wouldn't be so sure if I were you. You, too, have killed people, you weren't meant to kill," she responded, her hands still shaking despite the firmness of your voice.

    "Have you ever read your own report?" Dazai asked with a calm tone.

    "I know what's in it. I don't need to read it," she hissed, clenching her jaw.

    "You've blacked out after you've killed the seven members of the Port Mafia, who were there to capture your father. It was you, who caused the shooting. Overwhelmed by shock, you went for a walk, only to come back completely confused about what had just happened," Dazai spoke, taking another two steps closer. "Apparently you don't remember a single thing," he tilted his head to the side, noticing the gun in her hand lowering.

    "That's not what happened," Aira mumbled, dropping the gun on the ground. "I-I-I... didn't remember it when I came back. That bit is true… But then the memories flooded my head. They murdered my parents before I arrived. I killed them as a revenge," she whispered, blinking rapidly to get rid of the tears filling up her eyes.

    "You see? Reports lie," he stated, fully closing the distance between them.

    "But you've been in the mafia," she murmured, exhaling weakly.

    "How about I tell you my perspective, hmm? I'm not saying I'm a good person... but neither are you, Razuki-chan," he said calmly, placing his hand on Aira's arm.

    "There's no such a thing as good," she whispered, letting his hand move up and down her shoulder.

    It was his touch that made her eyes fully tear up, salty water streaming down her cheeks.

    "Oh, Aira. Of course not," he responded softly, moving his thumb to her cheek to wipe away her tears. "Stop pitying yourself. It's the past," he added, placing the other hand on her back and moving her closer to his chest.

    "I have a feeling you're trying to manipulate me by hugging me," she chuckled through her tears, hesitantly putting her palm on his waist.

    "Why would I do that?" Dazai asked innocently. "By the way, you smell like sea water," he added, causing her to giggle.

    "That's 'cause I was trying to stop our newbie from killing himself," she responded, allowing her head to rest on Osamu's chest.

    "I think we should go to eat something then. After all, I've been kidnapped and not fed for the past two days," he replied, stroking the back of her head.

    "Agree," she whispered. "But, Dazai?"


    "If you tell anyone I've hugged you, I'm going to murder you," she spoke, taking a step back.

    "I don't know if that's a threat or an encouragement," he smirked, walking to the exit of the basement.



    "So let me get things straight. Dazai was kidnapped by the mafia, you've found him, doing god-knows-what during that whole day, and then you've decided to go for some boiled tofu?"

    Aira glanced at Osamu, trying her best not to laugh. They both failed miserably — Dazai placing his head on his desk, consumed by the laughter, and Aira covering her mouth with the palm of her hand as she looked away from Kunikida, who had been scolding them for the past couple of minutes.

    "Y-yes?" Aira managed to say, jumping in place when Doppo slammed his hand on her desk.

    "That's not funny! I've expected Dazai to be irresponsible, but you?! Razuki, I thought you were the responsible one!" he went on saying, sitting behind his own desk.

    "I think you've made him mad, Razuki-chaan," Osamu whispered to her, still giggling.

    "I wasn't told we were going to be roommates!" Atsushi yelled, appearing right in front of the three detective.

    The girl from before, Kyouka, had been standing just beside him.

    "We don't have enough rooms, you see," Dazai answered, his tone changing completely.

    "For the love of god," Aira mumbled, walking towards the kitchen to make herself another cup of coffee.

    Yesterday she and Osamu went to eat the promised dinner. During that time, the dark-haired man told her some stories about him being in the mafia. Most of which contained the man Aira had meet earlier that day — Chuuya. To be completely honest, Port Mafia sound exactly the same as their Agency; lots of incompetent employees who, for some reason, managed to fight their way out of their troubles. The only thing differing the two being the amount of people they tend to kill.

    Yet, Aira still wasn't sure what to think about the whole situation. She hated the mafia for even considering stepping into her parents house, she hated that they made her kill for the first time.

    And still, there was something about Dazai she couldn't exactly comprehend.

    Maybe it was his persona, maybe the fact that they thought alike in certain aspects of life. Aira couldn't quite pinpoint it, yet she was feeling the very specific urge to talk with him that day.

    And she didn't regret it in the lightest.

    On top of that she knew, she would be needing Dazai's help very soon. After all, she had just discovered the new aspect of her ability. And he was the only person that could've help her explore it some more.

    Returning to the main area of the office, Aira noticed Dazai whispering something in Atsushi's ear. It was followed by the boy almost immediately straightening up and sitting beside his desk.

    "If you have time to mess with Atsushi, write up the report about your capture by the Port Mafia!" Kunikida ordered him as Aira was taking a seat in her chair.

    "Atsushi-kun. Write the report for me," Dazai said with a serious tone, turning his head towards the boy.

    "Idiot," Aira mumbled, smacking him in the head with the bunch of papers she was holding. "Do it yourself," she added, watching him glance at her with, what it looked like to be, puppy eyes.

    "Razuuuki-chaaan," he started with a pout.

    "No. No way," she rapidly shook her head, trying her best not to giggle.

    "Pleaaase?" He blinked twice.

    "I'm not doing your job!" she argued.

    "Children," Kunikida sighed loudly, gaining a reprimanding stare from Aira.

    "That's my catchphrase," she replied, listening to Dazai's explanation about the pen drive he had found in the basement.

    Apparently it contained the information about the Guild, who were the one behind putting the bounty on Atsushi. And just like that, the helicopter could've been heard from the inside of the office.

    "No, no, no. I'm not dealing with that today." Aira vigorously shook her head, putting on her coat before she finished her coffee.

    "Why not?" Kunikida furrowed his brow, adjusting his glasses at the same time.

    "I'm going shopping with Yosano," she stated casually, causing everyone in the room to turn their eyes at her. "What?"

    "I thought you hated her," Dazai smirked, placing his hands behind his head.

    "I've noticed something recently," Aira started nonchalantly. "People hate others because they’re insecure of themselves. And that's just stupid," she stated, placing her sunglasses on the bridge of her nose.


    "Character development? I don't know, Kunikida," she interrupted the blonde detective, smiling genuinely.

    "You need to come to see this!" Tanizaki yelled, quickly entering the office.

    "Yup. That's my sign to leave," Aira smirked, exiting the room and walking out on the street.

    As soon as she noticed Yosano in her car, she waved at her, jumping into the passengers seat.

    "I wouldn't have thought in my wildest dreams that you'd purposely come shopping with me," Yosano chuckled, starting the engine of the car.

    "You know how I call it, Doc?"


    "A raw discovery."

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  • xcupofartx
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    kim's live as a skilled detective




    Odasaku and I are like one we have to suffer bad and sad things on the one hand how our parents died or people who were important to us died before our eyes or innocent people were murdered but nobody knows how broken we are inside...





    MY BSD OC❤︎










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    I cannot find the “Draw the Squad” meme amongst my folder because my naming conventions are a disaster, but yeahh....

    Victor’s Ability Court of Miracles is a Pocket Dimension that requires utmost control to use. As long as Victor can see an item/person, or knows of it’s location, he can put it into his Court from anywhere in a 175ft (53.34 Meter) radius around him. Victor can pull any item in and out of the Court at will, and place them in the radius wherever. However, if he were to die or otherwise lose complete control of his Court, any items inside would be immediately and uncontrollably ejected. 
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    I didn’t have any other ‘quick breakdowns’ ready of characters to put with this so... Here’s Arthur. He’s a sarcastic “little” shit who’s otherwise extremely loyal to those he trusts. His ability is based on the Hound of Baskerville’s Black Dog and Church Grims. 

    I really love seeing how everyone creates different interpretations of classic and well known authors! It’s so fun!

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    BSS - notes

    I want everyone to know I am quite literally picking apart faculty, teachers and students for Bungou Stray Spike so that the school is more than the volleyball team. Tho for a while the story will focus on them since the main premise is a crossover with Haikyuu lmao

    Also I’ve decided Kosuke can exist in BSS- which by the way I originally hadn’t planned to keep Bungou Stray Spike as the name lmao but it stuck 😂😂

    Kosuke is still Fukuzawa’s daughter and dating Dazai but this time Dazai knows lmao

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    it's so extra but i love it anyway.

    here comes the next queen and king of seas~

    (not really but i love to think like that and i'm still trying to learn style.)

    aand.. yes, i'm reading 'lore olympus' webtoon. everything is nice but i wanna see more Poseidon. that's it.


    Join me in Instagram. You can find more stuff in there:


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    A commission I finished awhile ago for @spectra-nym of her Bungou Stray Dogs OC, Nagi with Chuuya in my Crayon Chibi style. It was definitely a challenge to draw Chuuya’s hat as I barely draw hats, but it was a fun challenge none the less.

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    Finally some new artwork of my Bungo Stray Dogs OC! Ayako is hanging out in the graveyard with her little Maneki Neko ghosty! Oooo, spooky! Did this as one of many pictures for Halloween! ^-^ This pose was p2u and made by NukaBabe on DeviantArt. This was just too cute and perfect for Ayako! x3

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    Anyway while I’m working on Detect This, You Wimp!!! I want everyone to know that it is now canon that the Yokohama Ledger plays what is essentially Russian Roulette with their coffee every morning since everyone but Kinjo get the same order.

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    Tony + fanart 😌😌

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