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  • “don’t give me space. that’s the last thing i want with you.” + jeongguk

    jeongguk shouting that he wanted to take a break was something you never expected him to do, since in your eyes, he was rational and didn’t speak without careful thinking it through. but with his ongoing schedules, him being tired all the time, and then having to argue with you about something petty that turned into something completely serious—it was like he just snapped and let all his frustration out on you.

    right now, the two of you have not yet spoken a word to each other. you were downstairs, in the living room, while he was still in the bedroom where you two fought. even as you try to watch television, an attempt to distract yourself from your thoughts, jeongguk’s voice yelling at you, claiming that he was tired of your relationship, played over and over in your head like a broken tape. it was making your eyes tear up.

    quiet footsteps approach you and you don’t look despite knowing it was jeongguk who was trying to reach out, sitting down on the opposite end of the sofa and staring ahead at the screen as well. the atmosphere was tense, awkward, and everything unpleasant. you held yourself back from walking out again just to escape it.

    “i’m sorry,” he starts. “the things i said… i didn’t mean them.”

    you stay quiet, a hand fumbling on the material of your shirt.

    “i’m just stressed out at the moment and i know that shouldn’t be an excuse and be a reason why it’s okay that i said what i said but… i’m really sorry. you know i don’t mean it. i don’t think that way at all.”

    you take a deep breath, turning to him. “i don’t know, jeongguk,” his first name rolls off your tongue and his face contorts a little bit at the unfamiliarity of it with your voice, “maybe we do need some space. have a life other than this relationship, like you said.”

    “____,” he dares to scoot closer to you, “i only said that at the heat of the moment. i don’t want to take a break. don’t give me space. that’s the last thing i want with you.”

    you purse your lips. “i’ve heard that the things you truly want to say come out at the heat of the moment.”

    “not for me. it was just a stupid thought—i really didn’t mean it.”

    you don’t say anything again and this time, you notice that jeongguk’s already beside you, cautiously putting his arms around your shoulders, gauging your reaction, before softly pulling you in for a soft embrace.

    “i know this doesn’t make up for what i did,” he says, murmuring your hair as his hands rub your arms gently, “but i’m really sorry, and i don’t want to be away from you or sleep knowing that i fucked up and hurt you.”

    you gulp, the warmth he was providing giving you little comfort yet you were still hurt at the events that happened earlier.

    “let’s talk about this, okay?” he pulls away for a moment to look at your eyes. “i’m really sorry, baby.”

    this was the biggest fight you had with him yet, and this was also the first time jeongguk has ever said so many sorrys in one night and looked so worried. he didn’t say it out loud, but he was afraid that he might lose you just like that after one dumb thing he said.

    “okay, let’s talk,” you whisper.

    jeongguk smiles, kissing your forehead before softly explaining once more to fix the mess he made, thumb still giving comforting strokes on your arm that makes you listen with more ease.

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    Long hair Kookie needs a comeback. I swear he’s the reason my standards of men are so high. Ffs

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  • Mr. Rochester || Stuck Here


    Originally posted by ksjknj

    Pairing: college student!seokjin x college student!reader

    Genre: fluff

    Word count: 802

    Warnings: none, this is just a cute first chapter :)

    a/n: although I’m calling this an smau, there will be chapters like this were there is actual writing. It’s kind of 50/50 on the amount of writing and social media. hope that’s okay!

    You’re walking around campus after finishing up a late dinner. You completed your last final today, Music History, and are finding campus peaceful now that most everyone have left to go home for winter break. Unfortunately, as an only child of divorced parents, you don’t have much to go back home to. At least not anything that would make you any happier than staying on campus. As you head towards the library, hoping to find something to keep you occupied for your next few weeks alone, flurries start to sprinkle across your nose. You hurry inside the ivy covered building to escape the cold.

    As you’re wandering through the stacks you look up and see a classmate from your literature class seemingly engrossed in a book. You realize you’ve been staring for a bit and blush at yourself. You’ve had your eye on Kim Seokjin all semester. He’s smart, incredibly good looking, and shy yet charming – a confusing mixture you’ve yet to figure out. You wonder why he’s still on campus since break has started now. Suddenly you’re overtaken with courage and start to walk over in his direction. You decide it’s time you finally talk to him after swooning over him all semester. Plus, you’re the only ones in the library, besides the secretary, so even if it doesn’t go well, no one is around to see it.

    You finally reach his table and he slowly brings his head up to look at you, dark-hair falling in his eyes a bit – he looks so handsome, you think. “Oh, y/n! What are you doing here?” Seokjin blurts out. He knows your name? “I- I don’t go home for breaks typically. At least not to my family home, anyway,” you blink at him. “What about you? Why are you still here?” He gives a soft smile and looks down at the table, “uh, my parents decided to go on vacation, just the two of them, for the holidays. That leaves me stuck here,” he seems to be embarrassed for some reason. “Well, is it okay if I sit with you?” you ask timidly. “Sure,” he smiles at you and then looks back down at his book.

    You notice he’s reading Jane Eyre which surprises you considering it’s a classic and most of your male peers don’t spend their free time reading classic romances. Not wanting to bother him, you pull out the book you took off one of the shelves earlier and begin to read. Although, you don’t get much reading done as you’re too busy sneaking glances at his beautiful figure. His shoulders are broad as he leans over the book he’s reading and his lashes seem to reach his cheek bones. You notice his eyes flicker up to see you reading. The two of you sit in comfortable silence, reading for about half an hour before he breaks the silence. “Hey, do you wanna take a break and grab some coffee from the café?” Without wasting a second, you nod your head, smiling.

    As you two sit in the café in a corner of the library, you fall into easy conversation, as if you had been friends all semester. You still feel a bit nervous, but mostly because you can’t believe all of this is happening. The Kim Seokjin is having coffee with you, as snow is dusting the world outside, and you two discuss class and the books you’re both reading. He seems so sweet as he talks, seeming to be genuinely interested in everything you say. As a couple hours pass you realize it’s starting to get late and you should probably head back to your apartment. You stand up and go to say your goodbye when he interrupts you, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have kept you so long. I would drive you back to your place, but I was actually hoping to get a bit more reading in tonight,” he says brushing the hair on the back of his neck and flushing slightly red. You think it’s cute that he’s so into his book, so you don’t mind. “That’s okay, my place is actually just around the corner, so I don’t have far to walk,” you smile at him. He chuckles and then makes an offer you never thought would happen in a million years, “but I’d love to have your number so we can do this again sometime! Especially since we’ll both be spending all winter break here.” With that, you take his phone and enter your number in quickly and shyly hand it back. “I’ll, um, see you around Seokjin,” you say to him as you walk away. “You can call me Jin, by the way,” he calls out to you as you step out into the cold wintery night. You’re left completely shocked by the evening’s events.

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    • jimin: what are you doing
    • jungkook, spreading toothpaste on toast: multitasking
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  • #btswithdabboo Shot 14/24 with @vickykaushal09 ❤️📸🗓 for the 21st edition of #dabbooratnanicalendar I had done his first ever photoshoot when he had joined the industry and today he shot first time for my calendar . Watch Out For His Debut! It’s Super Hot 🔥
    Team Details
    Artist #vickykaushal 
Photography @dabbooratnani
#bts by @manishadratnani
Makeup @an_il584
    Hair Team @aalimhakim 
Styling @amandeepkaur87 
Team DR @myrahratnani @kiararatnani @shivaanratnani @dabbooratnanistudio 
Team Vicky @hypenq_pr @niluferq @prachisparab
    Location @theparkhotelmumbai #dabbooratnanicalendar2020 #dabbooratnani #25yearsofdabbooratnani 🧿 (at The Park Mumbai)

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  • Perhaps he is in love🥺💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Jungkook singing his heart out:





    Bighit editors: WHATS WITH THE EMOTIONS??????😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Crd. Kat

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  • Being an ARMY for 3 years now. I’m still somewhat amazed and proud by the singing skill he got, with any kind of genre he sings. He’s able to impress us, either it’s ballad, hip hop, rap, pop, etc. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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    Originally posted by jinvant

    Pairing: Kim Taehyung x gender neutral reader

    Summary: After paparazzis expose your relationship, Taehyung goes live to clear things up and confirm your relationship. 

    Genre: Fluff

    Warnings: None

    Word count: +3k

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  • Question for Army’s who have gotten to see Bts live: I really want to see them when they tour. Is it worth seeing them both days they’re playing? Realistically this is the only time I’ll even get close to seeing them, so should I say fuck it and try to go both days?

    #bts#bts army #Seeing them once would be a dream come true in itself #Should I push it and try for two times? #I know it's only January #But dates release in April #And my broke ass gotta plan in advance #I get so anxious I have to plan everything out #Just in case #I want to be prepared
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    “cause we are stars”

    capa para: @/Yeolsbyun

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