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    29.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Monsters in the Closet | Prologue

    This is were I found out who exactly Kim Taehyung was and I was the insane one.

    How would you feel you’re entire friendship was based on lies? The person you once knew, is a false image. I’m trying to wrap my head around this situation. Everything starts to make sense to why he acted strange on random days. Like when he said goodbye really seem like it was the last time I would see him.

    This world is really filled with cure people, why had it to me him. It doesn’t make sense. Him, him, him… it’s all I could think about. Fucking Kim Taehyung. I wanted to kill him, yell at him, and say every shit that was in my mind.

    I’m losing my mind.

    I fucking hate him.

    But I love him. How could I care who someone that is causing me so much pain? 

    How could a human being be capable of doing those this awful things.

    Because of him, now on the run. Everyone thinks I did those things. My parents hate me, I lost my friends, and everyone I once knew and cared about wants me dead. My heart is shattering and I can’t stand this pain any more. Would anyone believe me, if I told the truth?


    Hey guys, I haven’t written in years. I would love some feedback from y’all. Do you guys want me to continue this story? Thanks 💖

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    29.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    twitch (m)

    banner by the amazing @eerieedits​

    summary; android!jk is jealous of your new vibrator pairing; android!jk x reader (f) genre/warnings; domestic!au, jungkook is mainly a housekeeping android, voyeurism, jk is a peeping tom lol, fem masturbation, use of a vibrator, kook is rather innocent and overprotective and soft, confused feelings, jk learns the meaning of angst, cliffhanger ending *eyes emoji* w/c; 2.1k a/n; it’s definitely been a hot minute! working on myself and working on longer fics that have been trapped in word doc hell for a year or two. this is unedited, back when i was on a dystopia kick and watched a lot of robot movies lol. take care and i hope you have a wonderful week! 

    It started with the tampering of his recharging schedule. It wasn’t your fault by any means, you didn’t mean to interrupt the process. When he’s in rest mode, the only way he’s able to be awoken is in a moment of panic. 

    His gears bursted to life that night, a jarring awakening caused by a shattering and your screams. He bolted out of his wooden kitchen chair, nearly knocking over the table clean in the process. Someone could be in your room, you could be in grave danger and it’s his duty to protect you. 

    In your room, you clutched your blanket close to your body, your face mildly damp with perspiration. The room was pitch dark, but he could clearly make out your little toes stretching near the bedside table, and the shattered lamp on the floor. 

    “Jungkook,” you sounded breathless, crumpling the sheet further up your body, “did I wake you? I’m so sorry.” 

    “No, I’m okay,” he said easily, surveying the mess of glass and porcelain on the floor. He’s always okay around you, he couldn’t ask for a better owner—or roommate, as you like to affectionately officiate. You never called him by his serial name, JK0901, as you said it didn’t have a good ring to it, so Jungkook it was. He rather enjoys that. He enjoys it even more when you cut his name further, calling him Kook or Kookie. “I’ll go get a vacuum. Please don’t move, or you’ll get hurt.” 

    When he returned with the needed items, you’re far more relaxed, leaning against the headboard while The room smelt rather potent with a new aroma he’s never experienced before, but the priority at hand is your safety, so he ignored it. 

    “How did you manage to break this?” Jungkook asked levely, picking up the larger pieces and putting them in a padded plastic bag, and using the mini dustbuster to sweep up the tinier pieces. 

    “Oh y’know, kicked it by accident.” 

    “You’re normally not this clumsy.” It was an observation, but when his eyes flicker to yours he notices that your face is flushed in embarrassment. 

    He tied off the bag and left it in your trashcan, and walked over to the edge of your bed. “I think it would be beneficial if I charged here tonight. Just in case any other accidents happen,” he moved to sit in the corner of your bedroom, but your voice stopped him. 

    “Jungkook,” your voice tied him back, held him to the ground, “that’s not necessary, you don’t need to stay here.” 

    That night something pinched in Jungkook’s hardware. He was whirring, unable to register any plausible reason as to why you wouldn’t want him in his room. You’ve always praised him, telling him how good of a job he does around the house, how big of a help he is. He charged in your room sometimes, whenever you had a nightmare, and you’ve never refused his help until now. 

    But that night, you didn’t want him and Jungkook didn’t know how to accept that. 

    Fast forward to tonight, he finds out the reason why. 

    You retired early for tonight, claiming you had an early work day and you wanted to get a decent amount of sleep. Jungkook agrees, and you give him the go to charge. 

    However, Jungkook is enticed by the new Blu-Ray set you purchased this weekend. It’s a set of Studio Ghibli films, a collector’s item that you can’t wait to break in. You two watched Ponyo today, and Jungkook found the story to be nothing short of charming. So he fishes through the set until he finds another film, Howl’s Moving Castle. With his hearing, he can play it at a very low volume and make sure you are undisturbed. 

    Thirty minutes in however, he hears you. He hears you and something else in there. This time, Jungkook decides to be a little more stealthy, the noises you are making aren’t ones of pain, but ones of bliss. 

    You have a balcony in your living room, one where if Jungkook tilts his head to the right angle, he’d gather a sliver of your room and see what’s going on. He’s doing this for your safety, he convinces himself as he makes sure his feet absorb the vibrations in the floor, erasing any sound or movement from his body. 

    You’re growing curious, you playfully chastised him not an hour ago, your hands full with his cheeks. He doesn’t understand the appeal of his synthetic skin, you have far better, far warmer flesh. And yet, your eyes are crinkly with happiness as you pinch and coddle his face, curiosity killed the cat. 

    Jungkook can see you clear as day, a litany of colors decorating his irises. The darkness will never hinder him, although he does think it’s very becoming that the moonlight manages to hit you perfectly. Your legs are spread, bare and inviting. You’re pressing something between your thatch of hair, what Jungkook knows anatomically as the clitoris. 

    The android also knows that the only known purpose of the clitoris in human anatomy is sexual pleasure. However, the thrumming noise that the object is making is absolutely horrendous. 

    It clashes with your beauty, the way your skin glows with the milk bath of the moon, and the way your face contorts as you’re wrapped up in ecstasy. The silly buzzing is muddling with Jungkook’s senses. It’s akin to a buzzing bee, one that wriggles its way straight to Jungkook’s ears and straight into his brain. There’s nothing that can absolve it, his hyperhearing will not let him ignore it in favor of you writing against the blankets. 

    Jungkook wouldn’t make unnecessary noise like that. 

    It’s then he dilates, his eyes zooming in on the way your lips form an ‘o’ and you’re absolutely sated, your fingers rushing to gather the slick honey and rub it against your bud. Your soft cries aren’t low enough, and Jungkook feels the sound straight in his electricity, sparking him into a realization. You didn’t finish the quote that night. Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. 

    The Satisfier Pro. 

    It’s another machine, he muses, weighing the silicone and plastic in his hand. 

    He shouldn’t be doing this, he thinks, eyes darting around your apartment as if you’ll pop back in from work. As the sole homemaker in the house, it’s his duty to survey all appliances and make sure they’re fully-functioning in the house. This is just another checkmark in his to-do list. 

    It’s easy to locate the offending item, he knows you so well he wonders if he knows you better than yourself. Your usual hiding spots are the oven (which Jungkook does not like, because he’s the one cooking) and inside your Rilakkuma plush. It only takes one swipe of the back zipper and the little gold and black object pops out and onto his palm. 

    He presses the singular button once, twice, thrice. It thrives, bursting in his palm. The speeds vary depending on how often he presses, but as soon as he figures out the pattern to turn it off, he shoves it back in the plush and throws it to the farthest corner of the mattress.

    He’s insulted. This machine is low quality. He can do much better than this. 

    Yet why are you choosing to use the tiny little bullet over him? Sure, he isn’t from the Sex Bot line, but he can surely do better—much better than a cheap cylinder. 

    Can the cylinder hold you in your arms while you’re shaking in the throes of pleasure? Can the simpleton unit grip your thighs and lap at your folds at all the right speeds and dampness? Does the tiny thing have the weight to pin you down and exchange warmth? Jungkook knows he can do all those things, and much more—

    Jungkook closes his eyes, willing himself of those ultra-specific scenarios. He watched too much porn today (for research purposes, of course.) 

    After the fifth night of your self-pleasuring, Jungkook can’t take it anymore. He’s destroyed his recharging schedule, in favor of watching Ghibli and hearing those sinful sounds that invigorate him in ways a long charge would never do. 

    He acts against his protocol, ripping himself from the couch as soon as he hears the buzzing. Your door is unlocked because you think he’s charging, so it’s easy for him to open it quickly, startling you away from your intended plans. 

    “J-Jungkook—!” you stutter, eyes widening. There’s no use to hide the vibrator you hold in your hands, but you rapidly press the button to turn it off. 

    You look heated, just having started your usual routine. Jungkook knows it well, now that he’s been charging more in the daytime and staying up at night. You’re wearing a white camisole and boyshorts, the blanket at your feet. He can smell the lavender lotion you just applied, sinking straight to your skin and making the texture look absolutely plush. 

    “I hate that,” Jungkook blurts, pointing to the vibrator, “that insult to technology.”

    “Excuse me?” you tuck the object under your pillow, and that spurs Jungkook on further. 

    “Let me pleasure you,” he cuts straight to the chase, kneeling at the foot of your bed. His thighs stretch against the fabric of his linen pants, and he hopes that further arouses you to the idea of having him. You’ve always said his thighs were nicely built. “I’ll do better than any cheap sex toy.” 

    “I’m sure you can,” you try to smile, try to lighten the mood, “but no.” 

    There’s that feeling again, the feeling of rejection. He still can’t explain the ache in his body, knowing that you’d prefer to take care of yourself instead of having a top-tier specimen like him take care of it. It’s even worse seeing how nice you respond to his declaration, trying to let him off easy. 

    “What’s causing this, Jungkook?” you ask gently. 

    “You say I’m perfect,” he steps closer to the edge of the bed, his thighs right next to your legs, “you say I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to your life. Yet, you reject me sexually. Am I not good enough?” 

    “Of course not, Jungkook!” you’re appalled at his conclusions. 

    “Then you would prefer a Sex Bot? I could go download some templates, or I can visit the factory that produces them.” 

    “Jungkook, that’s not it,” you reach your arm over to the bedside table, flicking your lamp on. It’s brand new, and Jungkook picked it out. He liked the soft light it emitted, with low energy and a solar panel. It’s efficient. You’re twiddling with your thumbs, wringing your skin together until it turns sweaty. “I respect you, and I respect your newly found desires.” 

    These desires you are referring to are wholly innocent in your brain. You’re referring to the positive energy he receives upon perfecting a recipe you like, or the new shows he’s starting to enjoy. Mundane, human desires.  

    “That means I respect you as a person, Jungkook,” and he’s starting to detest how practiced you are at diffusing these kind of situations, “I don’t want you to feel obligated to have sex with me because I bought you.” 

    “That’s not it at all!” Jungkook exclaims, and it startles you. Jungkook is never loud or boisterous, preferring to use a level voice and come to you for questions rather than yelling across the apartment. “I want this!” 

    He still doesn’t know how to explain himself, and it frustrates him. Yes, frustration is one feeling he knows well. He knows it from the way you come home from work, slumping against his figure as he stirs dinner on the stove. He knows it from all this week, the feeling of being frozen to the ground watching children’s movies while you’re releasing for the nth time that night. He’s frustrated that he can’t explain why he feels the way he feels, or where it stems from. 

    All he knows is that he needs to experience you, all of you. 

    “Please,” he begs, hands dipping to the curve of your calves. 

    You trust Jungkook with your life, which is why you’re not jerking away. Your stare is unflinching, unable to get a proper read on him and his intentions. His touch is soft and gentle, and he separates your legs, dropping your feet on either side of his thighs. 

    “I’ll be good for you,” Jungkook insists, and his eyes flicker to the apex of your thighs, where he can smell the telltale arousal that coats your core, “just give me a chance.” 

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  • imyourhobiii
    29.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Dagger to the Heart | JHS – Chapter 16

    ⋟ Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Reader, tattooartist!Hoseok ⋟ Genre: Angst, Smut, Friends to Lovers, Slow Burn, Tattoo Au

    ⋟ Synopsis: You’ve always been able to rely on your big brother Yoongi to be there for you. He’s not only your brother, but your best friend and the two of you have been through a lot together. So when his relationship with his girlfriend becomes more serious, you often find yourself alone. Having been through a recent bad breakup and with your Grandma constantly invalidating your talent as an artist, you are thrusted into a very untimely journey of self-discovery that just may or may not lead you down a potentially ill-fated road.

    ⋟ Word Count: 2.4k~ ⋟ Rating: 18+ ⋟ Warnings: This story will contain themes based on self-image and self-worth issues, a character history that will involve mentions of car accident related trauma in addition to driving anxiety, and there will be a future scene that mentions broken trust around consent involving intimate photos. The warnings for this chapter are as follows; n/a. It’s a pretty cute chapter 🥰

    ⤿ Note: I am so incredibly sorry it took MONTHS to update this series. Life got in the way like it always does. I promise to try my best to update more frequently now that I lowkey have my shit together. Sorry if this chapter is crap. I’m still trying to get back into the groove of writing after not writing anything for a while.

    Masterlist ⠒ Series Masterpost ⠒ Next Chapter ⠒ Buy me a coffee?

    Sitting on the floor of your room, you held Hoseok’s thumb securely as you focused on painting the tiny white dots onto the black polish that had previously dried. You meticulously placed each dot, making sure the scene felt as natural and real as possible. You may just be painting your boyfriend’s nails but you wanted them to look perfect for him.

    You finished the last dot and placed the brush back into the bottle before releasing Hoseok’s hand free. He admires your work and smiles.

    “Do you like them?” you ask him, hoping he wouldn’t be too upset about the glitter you had added onto some of them.

    “I love them.” Hoseok pulls you into his lap, caressing your face as he gives you a quick kiss.

    It had been a month since the two of you started dating and things had been going great. For the most part, when the two of you weren’t working at the tattoo studio, you would just hang out at the loft. Things were as if you were still friends, just now with the added element of Hoseok surprising you with morning sex and the occasional make out session. 

     This was the first time in your life that you could say that you truly felt happy. 

    Hoseok giggles. “What’s with that goofy look on your face?”


    “You were staring at me with this silly grin.”

    You can feel the heat build up in your cheeks. “Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize I was staring.”

    He gives you a soft kiss on your forehead and pulls you into him deeper, wrapping his arms around you. “Don’t apologize. It was cute.”

    You relax into him, resting your head into the crook of his neck. In Hoseok’s arms you felt warm and safe. You had felt this feeling for him for a long time now. You knew this feeling well. Hoseok was comfort. Hoseok was peace.

    Hoseok was home.

    “Are you hungry?” Hoseok asks, breaking you from your thoughts. “We could go to Gogi St. and get some bibimbap?”

    You sat up so fast that you nearly knocked Hoseok over. He catches himself by landing on his elbow as he giggles.

    “I’ll take that as a yes.”

    You smile and playfully punch him in his shoulder.

    “I just really like the bibimbap there, okay?”

    “I know, that’s why I suggested it,” he teases.

    Gogi St. wasn’t Hoseok’s favorite place to get Korean food but he knew it was yours. Hoseok much preferred his mother’s cooking over any restaurant’s but you didn’t grow up with home-style cooking. Your grandma hardly ever cooked anything herself and when she did it was never for you or Yoongi, it was for her dog, Winnie.

    Most, if not all, your meals were cooked by a chef growing up and you never bothered to learn how to cook. At least, not like how Yoongi could. Cooking seemed to have come natural for him while you stuck to anything that could be heated up in a microwave.

    And then there was Hoseok’s mom.

    Hoseok had brought over some of her cooking a few days ago. Apparently she had “made too much kimchi” and forced him to take home a bunch so he brought it over so the two of you could share it.

    It was probably the best damn kimchi you had ever tasted in your life.

    It was better than any five star Michilian restaurant could ever even hope to make. Her cooking was so delicious that you were secretly trying to plan how you could Hoseok to bring home more of it, even if it made you feel a bit inadequate as a girlfriend. You weren’t sure why or where it came from, but you felt embarrassed that you would never be able to cook food that good or even come close to it.

    You never brought up this insecurity but you had a suspicion that Hoseok already knew about it. He would either cook for the two of you or you would go out to eat together. He never once asked you to cook for him. You knew he was doing this out of love, but a part of you still felt guilty that you were a basic functioning adult when it came to feeding yourself.

    “Actually,” you say, immediately regretting it. You hadn’t figured out how you were going to ask Hoseok that you wanted to eat dinner at his parents’ place.

    “What?” He asks, a smile creeping across his face. “What is it?”

    “Well, I thought, and we totally don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, but I just thought that it might be nice if, well I mean if they’re okay with it -“

    “Baby, your rambling.” He takes your hand into his.

    “I was just thinking about your mom’s kimchi.”

    “You want to eat dinner with my parents?”

    “…if that’s okay.”

    Hoseok sits up properly and pulls you in for a sweet kiss. “Of course it’s okay. Let me give them a call and let them know we’re coming over.”

    - - -

    Walking up the driveway, your hand in Hoseok’s, you felt the dense pit of anxiety building within you. When you brought up the idea with Hoseok about eating dinner with his parents, you had only been thinking about the delicious food that was certain to be served. You hadn’t thought about the actual fact that you would be meeting his parents.

    This was a completely new experience for you. You had never dated anyone who introduced you to their parents before. Not even your ex Mark, and that was your longest relationship. You had no idea what to expect or what the unspoken “rules” of meeting your partner’s parents were.

    Was your outfit too revealing? Was it okay for you to hold hands with Hoseok? What subjects and topics should be avoided in conversation?

    Approaching the front door, Hoseok squeezed your hand. It was at this moment that you realized he was just as nervous as you were. You could tell by the flustered look in his eyes and the way his hand hesitated before knocking on the door and opening it.


    A small boy, hair black as night, came running up to Hoseok. You smiled as you watched Hoseok pick him up and give him a tight hug.

    “Hey Jae-man!”

    A beautiful woman then made her way over to you and smiled as she introduced herself to you.

    “You must be y/n,” she says, giving you a quick hug. “I’m Miyung, Hoseok’s sister.” She looks over at Hoseok, who was in the middle of listening to Jae’s story about what happened when he and his parents went to the park earlier that day. “He doesn’t shut up about you.”

    “All good things I hope,” you say, nervously worrying about what he has told his family about you.

    “Only the best,” Hoseok replies, giving you a reassuring smile.


    “Yes, Jae?”

    “Is, is that your girlfriend?” Jae whispers.

    You try your best not to giggle at Jae. He was beyond adorable, the sweetest human being you had ever come across, and you had only known him for about two minutes.

    Hoseok smiles at Jae. “She is.”

    “Does she like to play too?”

    Hoseok laughs. “I don’t know, why don’t you ask her?”

    Hoseok puts Jae down and he immediately runs up to you. “Do you like tea parties?” He asks, his questions just as serious and tenacious as any interview you’ve ever had.

    You give Jae a smile. “I love tea parties.”

    “Jaehyun,” an older woman says, “there will be plenty of time for tea parties after dinner.”

    “Okay Halmi.”

    Jae runs off into the other room while the older woman approaches you.

    “I’m Yonchul,” she says as she gives you a hug, wrapping her arms around you as she sweetly pats your back. It was a tight hug, the kind that immediately put you into a peaceful calm and the world instantly disappears. You had only ever had a hug like that from one other person in your life before. Hoseok.

    Yonchul breaks the hug and smiles at you. “But please call me Eomma.”

    “It’s nice to meet you,” you respond.

    You spend the next few minutes watching the family interact and you are almost mesmerized by their casualties. They all just seemed… as if they liked each other. Miyung and Hoseok teased each other about something that happened in their childhood. Seungmin, Miyung’s husband, was caught up in a rather interesting conversation with Heidoh, Hoseok’s father, about a documentary on bees. 

    And then there was Yonchul, who was busily moving the food from the kitchen to the dining table. You quietly moved from your spot from Hoseok’s side and into the kitchen.

    “Um, Eomma? Do you need help?”

    “Yes, actually. Can you grab that rice over there for me?” She asks, pointing to the counter across the kitchen. She then grabs the plate full of lettuce wraps, taking them to the table. You follow suit, bringing the bowl of rice to the table. After a few more trips from the two of you, the food was all brought to the table.

    Yonchul called everyone to the table and you paused waiting for everyone to take their seats, not knowing where you should sit. You had never eaten a family dinner like this before so the chaos of everyone taking their seats and grabbing plates makes you a bit anxious.

    “Hey,” Hoseok whispers to you. “Sit here by me.”

    You smile at him and take the seat he mentions. With a few silent but awkward exchanges between the two of you, you finally had a plate full of food of which you didn’t hesitate to scarf down.

    You mostly remain silent and eat as the family talks about anything and everything. You don’t mind them not forcing conversation with you as it left you to sit and relax a bit, your nerves calming the more you ate.

    “Hoseok,” Heidoh calls his attention.

    Hoseok pauses, his chopsticks in mid air as he was about to take a bite of pork belly, eyes wide in anticipation.

    “Whatever happened to you and Namjoon opening up that shop of yours?”

    Hoseok sighs and finally takes the bit of pork belly before speaking. “Appa, Namjoon is busy with an actual career.”

    Heidoh scoffs, waving his hand in the hair. “He’s your longest friend. He said he would help you, why aren’t you getting him to look over those papers you have?”

    You give Hoseok a puzzled look. “Papers?”

    “About a year ago I got the crazy idea that I could open up my own tattoo shop.”

    “I don’t think that’s crazy.”

    “Me either!” Heidoh says, a huge smile on his face. He points his chopsticks at you. “You make sure he goes through with it, yeah?”

    You smile back at him. “I’ll try my best.”

    Hoseok shoves more pork belly in his mouth before either of you could pressure him about the subject any further.

    - - -

    A few hours later, you were on your way home, Hoseok’ driving as you laid back into the passenger seat, your food baby on full display. 

    “Thank you for letting me meet your family,” you say as you take Hoseok’s free hand into yours.

    He kisses the back of your hand. “Of course. They were excited to meet you.”

    “They’re really nice.”

    “For the most part,” Hoseok teases. “No but really, I feel lucky to have them. They’re very supportive.”

    “Speaking of supportive, you never told me you wanted your own shop.”

    Hoseok’s face changed from the soft, sleepy, puppy eyed look he usually has when he’s ready for the day to end, to a impassive and muted look.

    “Yeah, it’s just… something I thought I could do one day. But I don’t know if it will ever happen.”


    “Well. I mean,” Hoseok pauses to take a deep breath, “it’s not like I have all this money lying around. It costs a lot of money to start a business, y/n.”

    You sit up straight, letting go of Hoseok’s hand. “I know that. But, have you thought about a business loan?”

    “And who in their right mind would lend me a loan? I’m covered in tats and piercings. Do I look like someone who’s responsible enough to pay back a loan and run a profitable business?”

    You don’t respond, opting to sit in silence as Hoseok’s change in tone has made it clear that he was frustrated and you didn’t want to push him further into that feeling.

    “I live in a fucking garage for Christ’s sake.”

    “Hobi, I’m sor-“

    “No, I’m sorry.” Hoseok takes your hand, kissing it once again. “Do you know how many banks I’ve been to?”

    You shake your head ‘no’.

    “Twelve. And they all say the same stupid excuses as to why I don’t qualify for their business loans.”

    The conversation stills as the two of you sit at a red light. You start thinking about how angry you are that Hoseok hasn’t been given a chance to achieve a big dream of his. Hoseok loves tattooing. He always has. And he’s amazing at it.

    And over the past two, almost three months, that you’ve been working with him at the shop, you have really come to understand just how much he does for Jin. Hoseok practically runs the shop for him. You knew he would be extremely successful owning his own shop.

    “I think you should call Namjoon and set up a time that he can look over whatever papers your dad was talking about.”

    “What?” Hoseok asks, confused as ever.

    You then realize that you hadn’t made any of your thoughts known to Hoseok, understanding his confusion. “What if… what if we open a tattoo shop?”

    “The two of us?”


    “Are… are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

    The car behind honks its horn and Hoseok jerks a little in his seat, startled by the noise. He realizes the light is green and begins driving again.

    “I think we could do it.”

    Hoseok mutters something before shaking his head. “Y/n, I can’t take your money.”

    “You’re not taking it,” you answer, a bit annoyed at him. “This is an investment. I would also be an owner. And I could help out, run the front desk, all the stuff I do know.”

    “Babe -“

    “Just think about it before you say no.”

    Hoseok takes a deep breath, exhaling slowly.

    “Alright. I’ll think about it.”

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    29.11.2021 - 5 hours ago

    [♡] He feels like a fool once he realizes how distant the both of you'd gotten towards each other, your heavy schedules and demanding jobs drawing what felt like an immense and incredibly uncomfortable space between the both of you. It takes something as mundane as a meeting with his best friends to realize the both of you are not spending enough time together. There's this bitter taste that jealousy leaves on his mouth from feeling alone while being surrounded by his friends' girlfriends that he fails at getting rid of.

    A celebration for his latest achievement was going on right outside on the terrace of your shared apartment yet he was hiding on the kitchen looking at your chat together and reminiscing about the last few days, realising that yes, maybe the both of you hadn't really been prioritizing your relationship, distractions bringing consequences that even if it sounds cheesy, he knows his heart can't take.

    You're just working, he tries to remind himself and ground his thoughts, stopping his anxiety from running even further.

    But his friends are not helping either, constantly asking about your whereabouts and how much longer until you come back; already used to seeing you by his side at all times and enjoying your company the most. It's not that the both of you were one of those cheesy couples that were on top of each other every second of the day, but after a couple months of dating and trusting each other to fully immerse into each other lives', there was indeed a turning point in which you and yoongi turned into a get 2 in 1 situation.

    He understands. He understands the kind of pressure you're under these days, and that's why today he let himself be woken up to your delicate kisses and your magical hands even though he now realizes that trying to find refuge in something as unimportant as sex was like putting a bandaid on a bullet wound. His thoughts make him realise that it's been so long since the last time he properly looked at you, or the fact that he's unable to figure out if you've grown an inch or two, or maybe if any gray hair has made a comeback after you pulled a few just the other night. All these epiphanies open his eyes completely to the reality that is missing you.

    That's why his body acts faster than his own thoughts and not long after he finds himself picking up the keys to his car and his wallet from the table.

    He knows that distance can destroy relationships in the most devastating of ways, but tonight he realises that there is more than enough time to talk about it and avoid something as tragic as losing you, to talk before the arguments and endless fights even dare to knock on his door. He's there in less than 20 minutes, and he's too busy to try to be nice with the receptionist, instead choosing to go up the elevator and call you in the meantime, trying to reach you. He would take the time to apologize profusely for his rude actions later.

    "Darling, how is everything going?" your tired voice reaches his ear and he gets more impatient. He needs to see you. "I'm just finishing up. I know I shouldn't have taken so long, and I'm sorry. should I pick something sweet on the way?"

    Do you even have any idea of what time it is? There's no use. Everything was already closing down, which means everyone was already at home seeking a well-deserved rest. Except for you.

    "I'm here to pick you up." he says nothing more and nothing less. "What? But- the dinner? What happened?" you're startled and he hears a ruffle of paper sheets through the line.

    The only light on the floor comes from your cubicle and his heart clenches uncontrollably at the thought of you being left alone tonight. "I really need to spend time with you." His voice makes you turn around and you have a worried expression on your face. but he shakes his head, hanging up his phone and quickly putting it back into his pocket. "I don't care if it's here. We need to be together."

    "Are you okay? What's happening?" you get up and go up for a quick hug, even though his hands around your waist insist for you to stay longer and even closer to him. You can sense something wrong, and he hates the way apologies start tumbling from your lips when in reality, you're not at fault and you never were.

    "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have missed dinner. I'm the worst, i-"

    "Stop" your words stop on command and you look at him with shiny eyes. His hands reach for your cheeks and they caress your skin in the most delicate of ways, making you close your eyes for a second. "I missed you." it's something general and in no way he tries to incriminate you. "I missed us. it's just-" he sighs. "It feels like this is how it starts. First it's just a simple dinner, then, it's birthdays, and suddenly we're not sleeping together like.. together. We're just sharing a bed. And I wouldn't like that? Not at all. And I'm just talking shit right now because I'm so in love with you and I don't want to let go, you know?"

    Your gentle smile and a big kiss to his lips help him to breathe better and to feel more relaxed, so do your arms around his waist.

    "Let's go home?" you smile at him when he nods, and you quickly pack your belongings and put on your favourite coat. "Let's buy you the sweetest pastry we can find" you press your cheek to his shoulder to watch his smile from up close. He's so pretty.

    #finally beating the writers block allegations #hope this is fine i'm feeling extremely unease at how i wrote this :/ #i love you yoongi #bts yoongi#yoongi drabble#yoongi angst#yoongi fluff #yoongi x you #yoongi x reader #yoongi blurb#yoongi scenario#yoongi timestamp
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    Oh My Lucifer | 03 - Mother dearest

    ♡Summary: In hopes of achieving a high mark in your final exam you’re willing to give up anything, including your soul. However, when your drunken joke of a ritual suddenly comes true, how do you even begin to explain your logic to the seven demon lords seated in front of you.

    ♡Genre: Demon Au/ Poly Au.

    ♡Pairing:OT7 x Female Reader

    ♡Word Count: 4.1K

    ♡TW for this chapter: Explicit Language, discusses Child Neglect, Toxic behaviour , forms of PTSD, discusses Trauma, discusses Abuse. Very emotional so be warned !!!

    ♡Updated: 11/28/2021

    (prev) | (next) | (masterlist)


    Transparent tears pierced your soaked cheeks like glass as they continuously dripped down, only disappearing once they've vanished into your pillowcase underneath. Chest aggressively heaving from the uncontrollable gasps of air that kept filling your lungs, even in your semi-conscious condition, your body still went into full panic mode. As the cold sweat immersed every inch of your skin, you could feel your heartbeat unforgivingly speed up. Laying in a paralyzed state, your dream was being tortured by the familiar images in your head, each cutting into your mind like a knife twisting its way in.

    Forcing yourself to regain control over your body, your eyes snapped open, your body finally reaching its awakened state. The nightmare is finally coming to an end, at least for now. Realizing that you've been holding your breath since waking up, your body hesitantly began to draw in regulated breaths. Even with your mind racing, you knew the basic steps to calm down, you needed to breathe, you needed to remind yourself that you are safe, and you will be okay. In moments like these, you were beyond thankful you actually paid attention during your university's mental health seminar instead of reading Tumblr like usual. Without even realizing it, you somehow maneuvered your way into a seated position on the floor, back pressed firmly against the bed frame, knees pressed firmly against your chest. Though you can't recall when you actually moved from laying down to the floor, you're not surprised, considering this has always been your comfort position since you were a child. Something about the closeness of your body made you feel safe, as though an imagery bubble was placed around you, keeping you protected from anything to come. The cold wooden frame added extra comfort as it grazed the curves of your back and neck, allowing you to feel something other than your own body shaking. You couldn't help the scoff that escaped your lips; how were you still not used to this after all these years.

    See, Trauma is a bit of a bitch. It can dress itself up and masquerade as any number of issues, all the while seeping out of you like an infectious rotten poison. From annoying twinges and anxious thoughts to full-on episodes such as panic attacks, Trauma always finds a way to present itself. For you, it comes in the form of painful nightmares, horrific images from your past corrupting their way into your peaceful dreams, forcing your vulnerable mind to relieve every single moment.

    Of course, they're always accompanied by painful gasps, a burning throat and your personal favourite, the tears. To be quite honest, you didn't actually mind the tears as much as the other symptoms. One time in high school, your science teacher Mr.Mikato explained how the salt in tears had been proven good for acne, so even if you're mentally exhausted after each nightmare, at least, your skin was being blessed. Sometimes the terrors would only plague your sleep twice per week, while in other weeks, it would be back-to-back for days straight. No matter how many times they came through, they always appeared a minimum of once per week. But hey, at least they were consistent, though. Wherever you went, however life was going, or whatever you were doing, your nightmares always followed like a clingy ex who desperately wanted to weasel their way back into your life. Honestly, you found it hilarious how even when you somehow managed to end up in Hell with seven fucking demon lords or whatever, your nightmares still graced you with their appearance. If anything, the nightmares have gotten worse and more frequent for the past two weeks you have been here. Just your luck, right?


    Carefully peeling yourself off the floor, you hesitantly rose to a standing position, hoping that the upright motion would help to regain control of your mental and physical state. Slowly the looming cloud of disorientation began to drift from the air, letting the lump in your throat release back to its original state, the nightmare slipping your mind in a ghostly manner. In typical Y/n fashion, you knew you'd be restless at least for the next hour or so as your brain attempted to recollect your thoughts and get itself into a calm headspace. Your footsteps felt light as you made your way across the room, heading directly towards the dimly lit walk-in closet. After discussing the second day you were here, they soon realized that figuring out your situation would take longer than they initially thought, maybe even months as Namjoon so gravely put it, hence the fully stocked wardrobe.

    The majority was comfortable casual wear, almost identical to Jungkook's personal style. Still, there were some more elegant pieces scattered around, apparently given by each of the boys’. Before you could question why they all picked out individual items for you, you were quickly cut off, and the subject never arose again. Peering across the rows of clothes, your hands reached out for the grey oversized hoodie Kook had given only a week prior. Yes, it was insanely large for you, and yes, you had probably worn it almost five times already. But, it covered all the way down to your knees and did an exceptional job of keeping you warm and comfy. Slipping into the piece of clothing, you sluggishly head out of the closet and towards the entrance of the room, getting ready to wander through the massive estate halls until you find the area you're looking for.


    Since your first night here, you found the central balcony to be a source of comfort whenever your terrors became too much. You found it during the night, after an unusually horrible nightmare. As you lay on your bed desperately trying to comfort yourself, the air around you became increasingly suffocating, and you had no choice but to leave for a walk with no destination in mind. Making your way through the multiple identical halls, you ended up stumbling upon the balcony by sheer luck. Something about the space drew you in, feeling as though its aura was pulling you into a trance. Without even realizing it, you found yourself laying across the soft outdoor couches and lazily listening to the rustles of the forest in front of you, in a pure and calm state. That was also the first night you spoke to Hoseok. You must've been sitting out there for at least a couple of hours as you watched the stars flicker kisses across the sky. No thoughts filled your mind as your eyes slipped into a closed state, only fluttering open when your body felt the couch's weight shift to accommodate a new figure near your legs.

    Glancing over your shoulder to see who was invading your "me time," you found a serene Hoseok, whiskey in one hand, blanket in the other. Without any exchange of words, he carefully laid the blanket across your form, with the remaining dangling over his lap. For a while, you both just sat there, both being present in the moment but minds likely wondering. You were about to break the silence, but for once, he spoke first. "Hobi." was all said before his gaze moved to meet your perplexed expression. "Call me Hobi." you nodded softly while muttering the phrase under your breath, wanting to make sure you didn't somehow mess up the pronunciation. "Thank you for the blanket, Hobi." Subconsciously you nuzzled the warm material closer to your body, oblivious to the heartwarming smile that was creeping its way onto Hobi's usually tense expression. From that night on, any single time you had a nightmare, it seemed Hobi would find his way to the balcony with his whiskey in one hand and a blanket prepared for you in the other. Each night exchanging just a few more sentences till the previous one

    By the weekend, you both were filled with conversations almost every night, him usually leaving you clutching your stomach laughing or you leaving him puzzled with your constant internet slang. You found it easy to talk to him, and though you weren't aware, he found it even easier to talk to you. You couldn't deny how nice it felt to have someone other than Kook to finally talk to, even if it only really was whenever you had a nightmare. It's not that he ignored you or anything; it was just during the day, the majority of the boys were busy, and you never really saw them. Occasionally you'd catch a glimpse of one leaving the room as you entered or another rushing through the walls, phone on hand seemingly yelling off orders, but for the most part, if you weren't with Jungkook, you were isolated in your room or silently just existing. The loneliness only got worse since everyone but the two eldest left for their business trip a few days ago. Now you'd didn't even have your nightly chats to keep you company. You had nothing.


    Which is why you couldn’t even begin to mask the utter shock that plastered itself across your face as you turned the balcony doors open, only to find the two eldest men casually sitting in your comfort spot. Hesitation filled your body as you stood there silently, praying that somehow the universe was on your side and they wouldn't pick up on your presence. It wasn’t that you were scared of them per say, it was more that you were already in a vulnerable state and didn’t feel like dealing with Yoongi’s snarky remakes or Jin's normal indifferent attitude. Your breath and posture remained painfully still, but your mind raced, wondering what the best escape plan would be. Maybe you could just dash back to your room and pretend nothing happened, no obviously that wouldn’t work they’re fucking demons they could just teleport there. At this point, jumping over the railing and hoping for the best was becoming increasingly more tempting than staying here. Each scenario in your head was immediately shut up when a low chuckle cut through the air. “We know you're there Y/n.” It was Yoongi that spoke up first, voice deep causing vibrations to run through your whole body. “Heyyyy” you somehow turned into a valley girl the way your greeting came out, and you couldn't help but physically facepalm at the tone. Thankfully their backs were turned to the door, as they were facing the forest and couldn’t see the embarrassment on your face. “We saw that by the way.” Jin commented, slight amusement being detected in his tone. Apparently the universe really wasn't on your side tonight, or ever for that matter.

    Realizing that you weren't going to escape this encounter, you chose to instead accept it in full stride. After all, if you can’t beat them then join them, right? Slowly you headed towards the couch across from them, wrapping yourself in the familiar blanket you’ve grown so accustomed to. Eyes fluttering from the ground to match their gaze, you were surprised to see a look of concern on the males' faces. Hearing the slight strain in your voice, mixed with the clearly bloodshot expression of your eyes, immediately caused the men to perk up, paying more attention than ever to your presence, their bodies being filled with the foreign feeling of wanting to comfort you. "What's wrong?" Yoongi's whispered voice showed a softer side than you were used to. Typically you only heard him speak either when he was scoffing at you, critiquing you, or insulting you, which he did way too often for your liking. Like Jimin and Taehyung, Yoongi was very high on your “annoying assholes” list, whereas Jin was more neutral territory. Not necessarily starting fights like the other three, but not close to you either. Him and Namjoon very much resided in the same area, and you for the most part didn't mind. "Nothing's wrong I just -"

    Don't, we clearly see something wrong, please just tell us?" Jin cut you off with the firm statement, indicating there was no room for arguments. However, somehow still presenting it in such a calm manner that you couldn’t help but feel yourself leaning closer, feeling the emotional pull of the men. It wasn’t often you explained your nightmares to people, usually opting to keep it private as you kept most of your life. Even Hobi only knew that they existed, but not their origin. The Trauma behind them was painful and even just thinking about the subject was causing your chest to squeeze tight as the images began flashing through your mind. You can still remember telling Lee for the first time and watching her face twist and morphe into absolute pain and disgust, as you recounted the story. You remember how guilty you felt, as though even just by telling her the story you were burdening her with your issues. But you were vulnerable right now, and they looked so comforting, you couldn't contain the words as they spilled out in a hushed tone. "I had a nightmare." Yoongi's eyebrows knitted together in concern, while Jin quickly re-adjusted his posture to lean closer to you, "About?"

    "My past." For the first time, there was no fire in your eyes, instead replaced with a cold distant look. The boys could quickly tell you were emotionally exhausted, the feeling of despair rushing from your body into their own. One of the shitty cons about being a demon is feeling the emotions of those around you. Jin noticed it first, this wasn't a random nightmare that left you in this state; this was something ongoing, this was something that had a cause. He didn't bother to ask about the dream's content, knowing that it would only cause you more suffering to relive it in front of them. So instead, he chose to ask what both of the men were thinking, "When did it start?" A chill went down the spines of both boys at your sudden change, a flash of anger then emptiness filled your body, as your voice became distant and unemotional, within seconds your entire demeanour became detached.

    "With my mother.


    "She had me young," voice barely above a whisper, as your gaze remained locked to the dark sky above you. Batting your lashes to combat the glossy haze that was beginning to seep over your eyes, you took a deep break needing to collect yourself before continuing.

    "Not insanely young, but too young to be a mother by her standards at least," a bitter giggle left your lips as you lowered your eyes to now meet the two men's unreadable expressions. "She always reminded me of that, how I stole her youth away, since the day I was born." Jin stood up abruptly, walking the short distance to now be seated next to you, carefully placing your hand in his; he stroked the outside of your thumb, silently letting you know to continue whenever you felt ready. Your voice sounds gravelly like you were digging into the deepest pits of your soul to tell them this story. This was something that was meant to stay shut until your deathbed, but you couldn't help but press on.

    "The day of my birth, she held me for a matter of twenty minutes before she passed me off to my grandfather, wrapped this bracelet around me and never hugged me again." You peered at the band that laid across your wrist, on instinct fiddling with it slightly as it only reminded you of the naive little girl who looked for some form of love, not knowing she would never find it. Deep down, you knew it was silly that you kept the silver linked chain on after all these years, especially since it was the last reminder you had of her. Still, you couldn't bring yourself to take it off, something stopping you every time. Maybe you still were just a naive girl looking for some form of love. After all, old habits die hard, especially for you. By this point, Yoongi had joined you on the couch, fingers grazing every curve of your back up and down, in as comforting as a manner that he could muster up.

    "For a couple of years, my grandfather stayed with us and took care of me. She would either be out partying high out of her mind or locked away in her room. Either way, her only goal was to simply ignore my existence." You breathed in sharply, knowing the next part would truly hurt you to this day, "the worst part was I still fucking loved her. No matter what she did, she couldn't do wrong in my eyes. I still treated her as if she hung the moon and stars. Even when she was drunkenly passed out in her bed, I'd sneak in and nuzzle my way under her arms just to feel like we were cuddling. Just to feel like she loved me." The warmth of the blanket drew you in, as you just simply wanted this memory to disappear. The silence around you as you took in each breath ate at your mental state with every second that ticked by. You knew the boys were waiting for you to finish, but the quietness of their breaths mixed with their now concerned looks only made you feel worse. The idea of burdening another with your family problems always made you feel uneasy. Sure they asked, but did they really want to know or were they just being nice? Either way, you already pushed the door open and needed to continue, if not for their sakes, then for your own.


    "After a couple years, my grandfather left, said he felt my mom was responsible enough and to just trust she'd come around. She never did. By the time I was eight, I was basically raising myself, from meals to getting to school, homework, everything was on me." Tears slipped across your cheeks, falling onto your neck and chest, "I was lonely, so fucking lonely, no child should be that lonely. I used to have this bear, right? I cut out a picture of her smiling with her friends that I found and taped her face onto the bear. I called it mom and dragged it everywhere with me." Yoongi had never seen someone so vulnerable before. Working in his circuit of Hell, he was only used to anger, never heartbreak. Tears of his own started welding up at your story, wondering how someone could be so heartless to such a loveable child. Your chest began to heave with wet sobs, tears spilling everywhere as the hiccups began. You had never been more thankful it was night, so at least you could pretend in your own head that they didn't see how much of a mess you were. A tugging feeling pulled you out of your thoughts as Jin wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you towards his chest, the pounding of his heart acting as a calming mechanism for you. Fingers ran through your hair as though you were a child being consoled, and you couldn't help but cling to Jin even tighter, scared that he might just burst. Unbeknownst to you, both of the men would break a million times just to see some comfort on your face. Your pain was now their pain. Your wounds exposed to them in a way they knew you never showed others, and they silently begged you in their minds to let them fix it.

    "It was my tenth birthday when she left. She woke up so excited that morning. It was the first time in years I saw her smile. Even now, I can still remember how beautiful I thought it was. Running to grab my head, she practically stuffed me into the car, telling me she had a big surprise for my eighth birthday. I didn't have the heart to tell her she was two years late. I was just happy she remembered." Your heartbeat quickened, knowing that the next part was the worst of all. The only part you still couldn't come to terms with. "So we get to this beautiful park, a-and she places me on this bench and says she's going to go grab my present." Your voice cracked with each syllable as you tried to continue without bursting into a mental breakdown. "She smiled at me and held my hand as she told me I had to let her go so she could go grab it. The fucking bitch told me to let her go, and I didn't even know what it meant at the time. She left me there."

    A sick feeling grew in your stomach, so emotionally drained you thought you'd faint right then and there. The images of her smile now flash across your mind, mocking you for being foolish enough to believe her. Your gaze became hyper-fixated on the table in front of you, losing yourself to your thoughts, forgetting the world around you. For a second, you swore it felt like you were back at that stupid park, just emptily waiting. "She never came back. I sat there for twelve hours before some woman found me and called the cops. I know I should've left after the first thirty minutes, but for some reason, I was scared that if I actually left, she'd come back and be disappointed in me." Fiddling with the bracelet again, your mind somehow shifted to being blank, all your emotions finally being poured out into the open for all to see. "My grandfather took me in after, we could barely afford to meet, but he tried his best."


    "That's why school is so important for you, isn't it? You want to provide for him." Yoongi's voice came out hushed as though he didn't trust himself speaking up, but the sad smile that twisted itself across your lips provided the answer for him. "He's sick now. The doctor says he doesn't have much longer to live; I just want to show him I'm not the burden my mother thought I was."

    "He doesn't think that Y/n, trust us. You're too perfect to be anyone's burden." Jin's eyes met yours as he spoke, husky voice wrapping around your senses like honey. "I was my mother's burden-"

    "Don't call her that. She wasn't a mother."

    "She may not have been a good mother, but she's still the closest thing I have to one." you quietly protested, indicating the subject of her role in your life was incredibly sensitive. Choosing to remain silent, Jin merely pulled you tighter as your hooded eyes suddenly felt heavy on your face. It was no wonder you were drained from the nightmare to this. Your mind and body had basically done a ten-mile marathon. Yoongi bent over to get closer to your face, taking in every feature as though this was the most beautiful piece of art he'd ever seen. "I want you to know, and if you tell anyone I was ever this nice, I'll deny it. But you're not a burden to us. We love having you around. You can always come to us to talk. We will always protect you. I promise, princess."

    Too tired to comprehend the nickname, you simply offered a small smile and light squeeze of his hand that somehow found its way to being entangled with your own. It was silent as they held you; however, the silence didn't feel suffocating for the first time in a while, instead just providing comfort. You knew they obviously had more they wanted to say. Still, you barely were able to comprehend all your emotions right now, let alone discuss theirs. This was the first time you allowed yourself to thoroughly think about what happened, the reality that your mother never loved you sinking deeper and deeper. Up until this point, you always dismissed her abandoning you as her being confused or doing what she thought was best. You always gave her the benefit of the doubt, feeling as though maybe you did take her youth away from her. But for some reason, recanting the story to them showed you truly how horrible the situation was. You didn't realize your eyes had shut until you were breath swallowed out, and your consciousness slipped into dreamland, this time not worrying about what may happen. You felt safe in the boy's embrace, and that's all that mattered.

    Jin and Yoongi shared a glance between themselves, then at your sleepy figure sprawled across them. They had to protect you. They had no choice. You meant too much to them now. They both thanked fate that they were sitting out there when they were, knowing without this moment, none of them would have understood how much you've suffered in the past. Neither thought about moving, instead just focusing on holding you tighter and letting you finally get the peace you so desperately needed.


    A/n : The third chapter's is finally here! I know this one was one the heavier side, but I hope it helped provide some background context for OC. I promise we will be getting back to our regularly scheduled lighter content next chapter. Also I'm thinking for the next chapter, OC will finally get a cutesy moment with either Jimin or Tae so let me know if you guys have any opinions below! Of course thank you for reading and let me know what you thought about it, feedback is always highly appreciated! Other than that I love y'all bye bye <3.

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    28.11.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Young Love

    #3 (Años adelante)

    Autor: multyeverything

    Tw: Consumo de alcohol y sustancias nocivas, uso de insultos y groserías, menciones de abuso sexu*al y viol*ción, secuestr*, menciones de v*mito, menciones de desnudez.

    Rating: 18+ (estrictamente)


    Cómo método de distracción y tras insistencia de Soobin, accedo ir a pasar un rato al club de la ciudad por excelencia. Aquel en el que pasé gran número de fines de semana con amigos y congestiones alcohólicas.

    No me gusta tener que recurrir al alcohol para liberar la carga de mis hombros no es igual de placentero que hacerlo por mero gusto, pero es la salida más viable ahora que me he quedado sin amigos tan resilientes mas que al que ya mencioné. Si no fuera porque me ha arrastrado fuera de mi cueva, habría permanecido dentro otro fin de semana. Veamos, una racha de ocho meses si no me equivoco.

    - No puedes vivir el resto de tu juventud, dentro de un apartamento repleto de trabajo. -

    - Puedo, lo he hecho los últimos meses ¿Por qué no dejarlo así? -

    - Eres demasiado tonta para entender. La soledad te ha hecho amargada además. -

    - No tengo con quien pasar mi juventud idiota. La soledad no es una opción. -

    - Me tienes a mí carajo, tu único y verdadero amigo. No estás sola en este mundo, prefieres estarlo, tendrías a tantas personas a tu alrededor si lo intentaras. Gente buena, amable... Te resignas a creer que todos te tratarán como lo hicieron... -

    - Si terminas de hablar salto por la ventana. -

    - Como sea, entiendes el punto t/n. No puedes aislarte por miedo a repetir una situación que ocurrió hace dos años. -

    - No lo entiendes Soobin, se siente como si fuera ayer. -

    - Sé que te lastimó, yo estuve ahí cada vez. No me trates como ignorante. -

    - ¿Entonces por qué insistes tanto en que lo supere? Si es que lo entiendes. -

    - ¡Porque han pasado dos años! Todos han seguido con sus vidas, nadie recuerda lo que hicieron en su etapa de universidad. -

    - Pudieron haberlo olvidado, pero jamás pidieron perdón. -

    - Eres de la personas más inteligentes que conozco, mírate, conseguiste que la empresa de tus sueños te contratara y permita trabajar desde la comodidad de tu casa. Pero eres tan tonta emocionalmente, entiende una cosa cariño, jamás escucharás un perdón de ellos. Si no lo dijeron después de faltarte al respeto, no lo harán ahora que ni lo recuerdan. Superalo t/n. -

    - No vine a una sesión de terapia, dejemos el tema. -

    - Dije lo que tenía que decir, espero y te resuene en la mente. -

    - Quiero que me resuene la música en los oídos, no lecciones. -

    - ¿Beberás? -

    - Un poco, tal vez. Perdí la práctica. -

    - Siempre fuiste un peso ligero de todos modos. -

    El lugar es diferente a lo que recordaba. Ampliaron la barra del bar y mesas en cubículo, dejando la pista libre de personas que solo estén paradas sin bailar, o de aquellos que se coman a besos. Genial para los que venimos a bailar, supongo.

    Los colores fosforescentes y luces cegadoras sobresalen de la oscura pared de ladrillo, la música hace vibrar las ventanas acompañada del clinc de vasos y copas que pasan de mano a mano; casi exactamente igual que en mis días. Es como si hubiera subido a una máquina del tiempo y volviese al pasado para tomar mejores decisiones.

    Pero por más que me gusta esa idea, es imposible cambiar lo que ya pasó. Su nueva apariencia es un recordatorio de ello, hay gente nueva además.

    - ¿Bailamos t/n? -

    - ¿Me guías? - Me guiña y lleva a la pista.

    Esta música no es lo mío, no poder bailarla es la causa principal. Todas las chicas son tan atractivas y seguras, yo apenas pude encasquetarme en este vestido. Las odio por ser más bonitas y jóvenes que yo, sarcásticamente hablando. Ya no tengo la seguridad para vestir así; si bien no luzco patética, no robo los suspiros que acostumbraba.

    Los chicos son otro mundo completamente, con fijación por las mayores. Debo admitir que es reconfortante saber que sigo siendo atractiva para los hombres, no dudan en guiñarme el ojo aunque tenga a mi amigo abrazándome por la cintura mientras me canta la canción que suena en el oído.

    Oh si, mi querido amigo Soobin. Intenté quererlo de esa forma, de verdad, quise retornar su amor incondicional pero no pude.

    Carajo no pude.

    A pesar de sus arduos intentos por hacerme sentir más que una amistad, falle deplorablemente. Lo nuestro no estaba destinado a ser, supongo. No lo quise así tal vez. Siempre me preocuró a pesar de romperle el corazón, no cambió nada entre nosotros tras rechazarlo ni se comportó odioso en mis peores momentos.

    - ¿Te dije que te ves hermosa hoy? Me encanta como te queda ese vestido. -

    - Gracias lindo, esperaba que dijeras eso. Te había tomado un rato. -

    - Lo pensé desde que te ví, pero te comportaste como tonta así que no encontraba el momento adecuado. -

    - Deberías conocerme lo suficiente para saber que si me halagas incluso si estoy enojada, caeré a tus pies. - Aprovecha su posición para darme un abrazo, uno bien recibido por mi parte.

    - ¿Sabes t/n? Se siente bien, estar así contigo. Los dos, abrazados, divirtiéndonos, compartiendo un momento ameno. -

    - Opino lo mismo, ambos tenemos dos pies izquierdos. Lo hace más divertido. -

    - No es eso tonta, poder cuidarte. -

    - No es necesario que lo hagas. Ya lo has hecho suficiente, te has quedado solo por mí culpa. - Chistea

    - Siempre quiero cuidarte. Incluso cuando estaba con Laila, estaba dispuesto a desecharla si me necesitabas, cualquier hora del día y cualquier situación. -

    - No me hace sentir mejor eso Soobin. - Me separo lentamente de su pecho y lo encaro, no me retiene

    - No tenía intenciones de hacerte sentir mejor, solo quería expresar cómo eran las cosas realmente. -

    - Eres demasiado bueno para mí, jamás podría haber algo entre nosotros si constantemente me sentía inferior a ti. -

    - Todo está en tu cabeza. Así como ahora. Si me lo permitieses podría repetir la única noche que tuvimos hace mucho, te demostraría con caricias que embonamos a la perfección. Ni Jungkook, Johnny o Taehyung... Yo. -

    Si el ambiente no fuera tan ruidoso, un silencio sepulcral nos invadería. Agradezco que estoy cegada un poco por la iluminación para no verlo directo a la cara, aunque su cercanía con mi cuello y mejillas es un gran obstáculo.

    Todas sus palabras son certeras en cierto nivel, el sexo que compartimos aquella vez fue de los mejores que tuve en mi vida sexual; no hubo un momento en el que abandonara mis labios o dejara de acariciarme mientras alababa mi belleza. Se limitó a palabras afectivas, no a insultos, degradaciones y comentarios pornográficos, a pesar de que Soobin es bien conocido por ser un monstruo en la cama. Creo que conmigo esa naturaleza quedaba de lado. El cuidado que vino después fue la cereza del pastel: abrazados toda la noche para despertarme con un desayuno que pidió para ambos y una tarde en el jacuzzi de su casa de verano en la playa. Todo un cuento de hadas que no pensé merecer.

    Si, Soobin podría hacerme feliz si le dejase.

    - Creo que... -

    - Dime t/n. -

    - Necesito otra bebida. -

    - ¿Qué te traigo? -

    - Lo que sea que suene atractivo para ti. -

    - Espérame junto a ese cubículo, está vacío. - Me da un besito en la mejilla

    Por mi parte yo huyo al baño sin que vea que me alejo en esas veces que voltea para verme. La verdad es que no quiero regresar al círculo vicioso que tenemos cada vez que estamos solos, hablar de cuan estable podría ser a su lado. Lo amo, pero solo como amigo, me parte el corazón no reciprocar el sentimiento.

    Muchas llamadas entran a mi teléfono para las que no doy respuesta, trata de encontrarme a toda costa, creo que hasta entró al baño de mujeres sin permiso pero no me encontró.

    Espero estés en casa, sino estaré buscándote.
    Al menos dime qué estás bien.
    No te enojes conmigo, prometo no volver a hablar de eso.
    Está bien, espero tu llamada.

    El ambiente es mucho más denso cuando salgo de nuevo a la pista. Desvergonzados inhalan líneas de sustancias nocivas, los bartenders están a toda capacidad tras la barra, parejas entran y salen del tocador; debí irme con Soobin en vez que emberrincharme.

    - ¿Puedo invitarte un trago? - Un despampanante joven toca mi hombro, mismo que guiñaba su ojo hace rato.

    - No creo que sea buena idea, estoy algo mareada con las bebidas. Estaban muy fuertes. -

    - ¿Agua entonces? Para que te sientas mejor. Conozco al de la barra. - Algo para desintoxicarme no suena mal, antes de tomar un taxi o algo quisiera estar en mejor condición

    - ¿Tu novio ya se fue? -

    - No, solo iba por otros amigos. No debe tardar mucho. -

    - ¿Por qué no fuiste con él? - Empino la botella hasta casi la mitad

    - Le propuse quedarme a esperar a otra amiga que llegaría por su cuenta. -

    - ¿Dónde está? -

    - No lo sé, saldré a llamarla para verificar. -

    - Pero si te ves algo mareada, toma un poco más de agua. -

    - Me siento mejor, gracias. -

    - Por favor linda, al menos termina tu botella conmigo. - Sigiloso escabulle su mano para sostener mi muñeca.

    - No tengo más sed, y estoy mejor. Muchas gracias. - Tiro de su agarre.

    - Bueno, tomaste lo suficiente. - Confundida pero consciente, todo cobra sentido

    Esperarme hasta quedarme sola, ofrecerme una bebida que sabía no iba a rechazar, traerla él mismo y abrirla por mí. El bastardo me drogó.

    - Sueltame. -

    - Trata safarte. - Tiene razón, me siento aún más débil que antes de ingerir el agua. Más tonta y con poca voluntad.

    - Por favor. -

    - No te voy a lastimar si cooperas, en lo absoluto. Será muy placentero para ambos si eres buena y sumisa. -

    Con mi brazo alrededor de sus hombros me saca de entre la multitud hacia su auto, haciendo parecer que soy su alcoholizada novia a la cual rescata. Mis nulas fuerzas son cómplices de su plan.


    Estaciona en una farmacia.

    - Iré por condones, no tardo. - Me abandona sin antes asegurarme con el cinturón de seguridad y su chamarra sugetando mis muñecas. Las lágrimas salen incontrolables ante los hechos que sé ocurrirán en cualquier momento, berreo en negación a ser abusada.

    En busca de ayuda golpeo la ventana con lo único que puedo mover, la cabeza, a pura fuerza de voluntad. Por fuera reconozco el vecindario en el que nos encontramos: mi viejo departamento universitario no queda muy lejos; así como todo este lado de la ciudad, ha sido renovado con muchos locales nuevos y arreglos a los viejos edificios.

    Por dentro y gracias a cualquier ser superior que me cuide, el encargado del establecimiento nota mi lucha contra el cristal.

    - Va a divertirse esta noche. -

    - Tal vez... Sí. Un rato. - Responde con superioridad

    - Lleva una caja completa. Yo creo que será mucha diversión. -

    Se cuestiona si sería prudente involucrarse en este asunto. El chico se ve acaudalado y él es solo un anciano empleado de turno nocturno, con pocos días laburando. No le conviene iniciar un conflicto con un idiota que puede hacerle perder su única fuente de ingreso.

    La vacilación la puedo ver desde mi asiento, cómo me ve de reojo pero aparenta no hacerlo. Sé que me dejará por mi cuenta. Lloro sin perderle la mirada, quiero que me recuerde toda su vida. Si no hace nada para evitar mi destino, quiero que cargue con la culpa.

    - ¡Guardia! Joven, voy a retenerlo unos momentos. -

    - ¿Bajo qué razón? -

    - La joven en su automóvil no parece estar de acuerdo con acompañarlo. Su compra me sugiere lo que va a cometer. -

    - Es mi novia. Solo está algo borracha. -

    - ¡Guardia! ¿Compra preservativos para estar con una chica "algo alcoholizada"? ¿Con su novia alcoholizada? -

    - Váyase a la mierda viejo metiche. - Toca el botón de seguridad alertando al hombre (que traía audífonos) encargado de seguridad, haciendo que se apresure a la caja donde están ambos.

    - No se atreva a tocarme, ¿Tiene idea de quién soy? Veré qué ambos estén desempleados y con la vida arruinada si me ponen una mano encima. -

    Su discusión atrae a la poca clientela del establecimiento para amotinarse a su alrededor, algunos ayudándome a salir de mis ataduras y llevando a dentro. No me habían notado por lo empañados que estaban los vidrios tras mis gritos ahogados. Dudoso, pero no puedo ponerme selectiva ahora. Me salvaron a fin de cuentas.

    El tipo que nunca supe su nombre está retenido entre dos hombres más contra la pared en lo que llega la policía, lanzando miradas de odio a todas direcciones (la mía principalmente) en cada oportunidad que tiene. Repite la misma frase estúpida sobre quién es su padre y cómo todos lo lamentaremos.

    - ¿Cómo te llamas hija? - Una señora se sienta a mi lado en la banca de espera del consultorio con el que usualmente cuentan este tipo de franquicias.

    - t/n. -

    - ¿Apellido? -

    - t/a, pero mis padres no viven aquí. -

    - No te preocupes linda, ¿Dónde están tus pertenencias? -

    - Perdidas, cuando me metía a su auto las tiró. Mi teléfono y tarjetas estaban ahí. -

    - ¿Novio? ¿Amigos? -

    - No puedo recordar sus números. Perdón. -

    - Está bien hija. Espera a que llegue la policía y lo averiguarán por ti. - Se incorpora

    - No me deje sola. -

    - Yo me quedo contigo t/n. - Luce apresurado, con respiración inestable. Como si hubiera corrido o algo lo sorprendiera.

    - ¿Lo conoces hija? -

    - Sí, es mi amigo. Jungkook. -

    - ¿Quieres quedarte con él? ¿Confías en él? - Asiento

    - Estoy bien, muchas gracias. - Se despide con un gesto para desaparecer entre los estantes, seguro debía irse y la retenía.

    - Venía de camino a mi lugar y vi todo este desastre, al acercarme al cristal vi que se trataba de ti, entré de inmediato ¿Qué ocurrió? -

    Las palabras se me cortan, me siento sucia ante sus ojos por lo que pudo ocurrirme. Cómo si fuera mi culpa.

    - Kook, trataron de violarme. - Se congela en su lugar, entendiendo a la perfección porqué hay un balde al lado mío y una manta gigante me cubre todo el cuerpo.

    - T/n, yo voy... A matarlo. - Diciendo la última parte de la oración con palpable odio. Logro detenerlo de la cadena de plata en su muñeca.

    - Espera... No. -

    - Voy a darle una lección que jamás va a olvidar, te tocó. -

    - No, lo denunciaré. Si lo golpeas, tendrá una excusa para no pagar por lo que hizo. - No me mira, pero sé que debate en su interior

    - Lo mataré después de que lo dejen libre, siempre es así. A las escorias las dejan libres, lo mataré. Haré que te pida perdón y luego lo quemaré vivo o yo qué sé. -

    - Después, después de quemar su historial. Luego haz lo que quieras con él, no me importa. -


    Poco después llegan la autoridad y paramédicos para ver que tanto yo como el guardia que recibió un golpe estemos bien. Se llevan al sospechoso y nos citan el lunes en la mañana en los tribunales para proceder con un respectivo juicio, ya que hay varios testigos dispuestos a declarar a nuestro favor.

    Al bastardo se lo llevan en una patrulla mientras yo observo sobre el hombro de Jungkook, quién bloquea a cualquiera que se me acerque. Estoy detrás de él con sus brazos hacia atrás para sugetarme contra su espalda. Esto tiene doble intención: la primera es resguardo, la segunda que estoy mareada y estar de pie es un reto ahora. Acción que ha hecho sin consultarme pero de la cual no me quejo; su caballerosidad es bien recibida en estás circunstancias.

    - Te llevaré a casa, ¿Dónde queda? - Sabe que me mudé

    - Perdí las llaves Kook, no creo que a estas horas en la madrugada quieran abrirme. -

    - Ok, ¿Casa de un amigo? ¿Sigues en contacto con Soobin? Te llevo con él. -

    - Si, yo... Sí. Pero no quiero que me vea así. Por evitarlo es que ocurrió esto. Estoy muy avergonzada con él. -

    - No sé si sea prudente invitarte a mi casa. Lo que menos quiero es empeorar la situación. -

    Un silencio le sigue. Incómodo podría decirse, la última vez que estuve a solas con él las cosas se pusieron muy feas, no violentas pero tensas para romper todo contacto por años.

    Luce más maduro, a excepción de todos sus tatuajes o perforaciones. Supuse que se convertiría en una super estrella del deporte o un abogado de élite, pero nunca oí nada de él en las noticias y su apariencia luce lo opuesto a alguien que trabajaría en un despacho de 9-5 pm. No tengo idea a qué se dedique actualmente.

    Hay un rastro de cansancio en sus dormilones ojos, debajo de esto su brillo usual que me hace saber que es la persona de quien me enamoré, que no me hará daño. Los malos momentos me son irrelevantes, al carajo cómo terminamos hace años. Es mi única luz de esperanza ahora mismo, me mantiene cuerda.

    Su sonrisa ladeada que usa para conquistar chicas no está, su guiño coqueto al igual está ausente con todas sus tácticas de cortejo. Es 100% honesto conmigo, dejando de lado su máscara que presenta al mundo. Una vez más.

    - Tu lugar está bien. -

    - Siéntete en casa, las cosas están en el mismo lugar de siempre. Si no recuerdas donde encontrar algo, dímelo en seguida. - Prende las luces y admiro con detalle

    Estructuralmente sigue igual, muebles en el mismo sito y todo. A diferencia que ya no está el usual monto de ropa sucia en una esquina, no hay rastro de trastes sucios o el característico olor a sudor por sus entrenamientos. Luce como un lugar en el que un hombre maduro podría vivir cómodamente.

    El exquisito olor a colonia que abunda me hace consciente del mío, vómito y sudor probablemente.

    - ¿Puedo bañarme? -

    - Claro, yo te dejaré ropa para que uses en la cama. Por suerte la llevé a lavar antier, debe estar limpia. -

    - Gracias, por todo hasta ahora. No tengo palabras para expresarme. -

    - No hay de qué, en verdad. Pero tenemos un problema. -

    - ¿Arruiné algo? -

    - ¿Arruinar? Nada de eso, tal vez te queden algo grandes mis prendas. -

    - Mejor aún. -

    Camino al único baño de la casa, de aquí proviene el aroma intoxicante.

    - ¿Tienes hambre? - Grita en la distancia

    - No, mucho asco. -

    - ¿Mareada? -

    - También. -

    - Algunas botellas de agua serán de ayuda, las dejaré en la mesa. - Tímido se acerca y planta un besito en la sien - Con cuidado. -

    Mis planes de ducharme e irme a dormir salen lejos a lo planeado; a medio baño caigo de rodillas debido al mundo que da vueltas en mi cabeza, por fortuna Jungkook corre al escuchar el ruido, entra sin contemplación y levanta del suelo tal muñeca delicada. Envuelve con su gigante bata para ocultar mi desnudez, y lleva a su cama.

    - t/n, ¿Qué sientes? Dime qué sientes. - Retira las cerdas de húmedo cabello de mi cara

    - Todo está girando. -

    - Lo sé linda, tranquila. Yo te estoy sosteniendo. Todo pasará pronto, está en tu torrente y además estás deshidratada por beber. -

    - Me siento muy mal. - Más lloriqueos que limpia cada vez que una lágrima corre

    - Tienes que sacarlo de tu sistema. No podemos hacer mucho más. Por favor espera. - Sale corriendo disparado a su habitación de servicio en busca de un balde en que pueda vomitar, algo que he resistido en la medida de lo posible por pena a ser vista.

    - No quiero que me veas así. -

    - Al carajo t/n, estoy para ayudarte. Sácalo, saca todo. No tengas vergüenza conmigo. - Asiento

    Volteando la cabeza hacia mi izquierda, borde de la cama donde se acomoda en cuclillas sugetando el contenedor en sus manos, purgo todo líquido que haya entrado a mi boca en un lapso de un día. Quedo vacía, pero la droga aún presente evita que vuelva a mis cinco sentidos, aún me cuesta hacer cualquier actividad.

    - ¿Igual? -

    - Un poco mejor. -

    - Eso dijiste hace rato, y te caíste. -

    - Te juro que esta vez mejor. -

    - Está bien, trata de dormir. Si sientes que vomitas, voltea tu cabeza y sácalo. No importa si aciertas o no al balde. -

    - ¿Y si me ahogo? -

    - No lo harás, estaré aquí para cuidar que no pase. - Me envuelve en su calientita cobija jalándola del otro lado de la cama para no moverme.

    Se acomoda en su sofá en un rincón de su habitación encarandome. Pierdo el conocimiento después de ello.



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  • blackrsnowdrop
    28.11.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Deception | Kim Taehyung


    🍁Pairing: (BTS) Kim Taehyung x OCs

    🍁Genre(s): supernatural au, horror, angst, mystery.

    🍁Word count: 9.3k

    🍁Trigger Warnings: Blood, Death, Murder, Killing, a little Torture, no romance but little flirting here and there.


    Her voice was devoid of emotions, which cause them to shiver at the intensity of her power. After all, It has been a while since they have heard her demonic voice.

    🍁Note: This fiction is a part of the Halloween Collab, Don't Breathe hosted by @junjungsunwoo

    Winter made her way to the front door as the doorbell rings. She opens the door and saw them.

    May and….Taehyung.

    Forcing a smile on her face, Winter invites them into her house all the while avoiding eye contact with him. The hair on her neck stood up when she felt eyes boring holes in her back.

    “You said you wanted to tell me something,” Winter air quoted the words,” important.”

    She spoke after they made themselves comfortable by the kitchen counter. Three cups of hot beverages lay on the counter, she sat in front of them and pushed the drinks in their direction. May was bubbling with excitement. She took a deep breath to gather her thoughts before telling Winter the reason for her excitement. Taking a sip of her coffee, she said. "You know, that I’ve been searching about the history of the town.” Her question breaks Winter’s eye contact with Taehyung.

    “Don’t tell me you found something interesting?” her left eyebrow rose in interest.

    Taehyung chuckles when he saw her pout. He gazed at May with affectionate eyes. Her cheeks grew warm when she saw him staring at her with that look. Awaiting her eyes, she looks at Winter, who was looking away from them to give them privacy. Her expression grew complicated for a split second. Sometimes May wonder's if the concern shown in her friend's eyes was genuine or fake. For the moment, she puts that thought on hold. Gazing at them, she knew she has time to think about it later. How wrong she was. Because if she didn't know how to deal with the situation she was in then everything she has done till now would be in vain.

    Looking at her with innocent eyes she convinces Winter to listen. She notices the disgust that encloses her eyes, followed by uncertainty which she ignores.

    “She has more things to worry about than her uncertainty or disgust."

    With hesitancy, Winter nods for her to continue. Her hands around the cup tightened. The feeling of dread settles in her stomach.

    Excusing herself, May sprints towards the living room to retrieve the bag she left on the sofa.

    The kitchen was filled with silence. The only thing can be heard was the rustling of things that were coming from the living room.

    “I don’t like you,” Winter whispers, it came out harshly than she intended when she saw him opening his mouth.

    “Noted.” His voice was a little hoarse which drew her attention towards him.

    Taehyung tilted his head to the side and chuckles before leaning in her direction. “May I ask why?” Winter felt his hot breath invading her senses, making her feel like a thousand insects crawling on her skin. Her grip on the counter tightens. She leans away from him and his hypnotic eyes that were still on her, scrutinizing her every move. She took a deep breath to steady her heart rate and sat straight in her seat. The feeling of dread and wrongness increases.

    Taehyung with his glimmering eyes leers at the girl sitting in front of him. Her skin appeared warm due to sunlight coming from the right, making her skin appear a shade of olive. The faraway look in her was making her look like an untouchable beauty. Adorning a red silk shirt, which he deemed his favorite, the moment he saw her wearing it. Her long legs were covered in black jeans and black boots which were creating a tapping noise on the floor. A nervous habit of hers he picked a while ago.

    “She is stunning,” He licks his lips at that thought.

    Taehyung recalls meeting both of them on the same day but at different times. If only he met her first. But if he did then.... he smirks.

    “You don’t like me,” he whispers with a smile decorating his face. “I wish I could say the feelings were mutual but I won’t lie.”

    He watches with pleasure when her expression grew cold with a hint of fear from his words. Before she can retort on his shamelessness, May re-enters the kitchen, hands clutching a black journal. Upon entering she felt the change in the atmosphere, followed by an unexplainable pressure that caused goosebumps on her skin. Sitting down, she tried to gouge out their expressions, which instill fear in her heart. Their eyes held a sinister look, face devoid of emotion. Under pressure, she covers her face with trembling hands, breathing deeply.





    She opened her eyes to see Winter and Taehyung looking at her with puzzled faces. Their eyes filled with concern.

    "Why are you standing there?" Looking at them, she came to realize that she was standing on the kitchen's threshold. Taking a seat, she dranks the glass of water passed by Winter. From her peripheral vision, she saw Taehyung stealing glances at her friend. The previous moment was forgotten when she saw the exchange in front of her. Her grip on the glass tightened. Eyes green in envy. Pursing her lips, she looked at her with disguised resentment.

    “What’s in this?” Winter points towards the journal. Putting the empty glass down, she opens the journal and replied.

    "Record of all the killing that happened in this town on Halloween."

    The journal was black with an impression of a church on it. The same church that stood in the middle of the town square. The pages were coffee-stained, filled with black ink. The corners of a few pages were stained dark red. It didn't take long to figure out what the red stain was.

    “This is the one I found interesting,” she pointed towards one of the entries. The dates were written at the bottom of the page in roman numerals. Winter's eyes widened when she saw the entry was dated back in the early nineteenth century.

    ​​​​​​"Weird." Winter thought and ignores the shudders that passed her body.

    “It’s about two masked serial killers who like to play with their victims, before killing them and dumping their bodies in a public place for everyone to see."

    "Why do you find this one interesting?" Winter questions, as she didn't find anything of interest with what she said.

    "Well, I read the whole book-"

    "You read the whole book?!" Winter chuckles.

    Feeling embarrassed, she changed her wording. "Almost. And the thing I noticed was half of the cases revolved around the masked killers. The recent case was two years ago." At her words, an ominous air filled the atmosphere which was broken when something shattered. Looking at the broken pieces of the glass, Winter stood up to clean when a hand stopped her.

    "Let me." Taehyung softly said. Looking at their interaction, the feeling of resentment grew. Having caught sight of her expression, May relaxed her muscles before putting a smile on her face.

    "Let him do it." she waved her hands in his direction. Winter gave Taehyung the cleaning supplies dismissing the brush of his fingers.

    Leaning forward, she points towards the journal. “What about that one?” The page was covered in red droplets, luckily the stain didn't hinder the writing.

    “I thought you weren’t interested,” May teases her dark-haired friend. The answer she got in response was a roll of her eyes. She gritted her teeth due to her attitude.


    Skimming the details, she grumbles. "it’s about two people who were murdered brutally and how the authorities never caught their killer.”

    “Stop being insensitive, will you.” Winter mumbles, having enough of her uncaring attitude. The news about people dying or being dead was something that never affected May. But listening to her talking about it since she started digging up the town's history was getting too much for Winter. The mention of death brings some unwanted feelings she likes to avoid. But with her playing little detective for days was getting too extensive, that she finally snapped. She did feel guilty about it, so she opens her mouth to apologize.

    “I’m not. You are just being sensitive bitch.” Words escape the brunette's mouth before she can even prevent them. May flinches when the chair her friend was sitting on, falls to the ground due to her abrupt stand.

    “Get out." May opened her mouth to say something but closes it when she saw him shaking his head, causing his curls to bounce. Curling her lips in thought, she realized that she didn't regret a thing. To show compassion, her pale green eyes were filled with regret.

    With one hand on the knob, Winter moves forward to close the door, when she caught sight of Taehyung standing still looking at her with gleaming eyes. With a wink, he left. She didn't know what made her say those words because it wasn't something she wanted to say. But at that moment it felt like she didn't have any control over her mouth. Locking the door shut she decided to take a bath to unwind herself. Filling the tub with cold water, she added a lilac-scented bath bomb before lowering her naked body in it.

    Closing her eyes she took a deep breath before dipping herself under the water. Feeling someone's strong gaze on her she opens her eyes and screamed. Emerging from her position, she coughs up the water she breathed. Her green eyes scanned the surroundings to find anything out of ordinary. Everything was untouched as it should have been. Putting her hand on the dip between her collarbones, the rhythmic pulse calmed her down. She quickly washed her body of dirt, stress, and pain. If only the feeling of dread and the uncomfortableness she was feeling for the past few days could be washed away too. With an empty smile, she knew it was wishful thinking.

    Wrapping herself in a fluffy bathrobe, she drains the dirty water and exits the bathroom. Dressed in nightclothes, she entered the kitchen and paused in her steps when she saw a silhouette. Curling her toes inwards, she felt cold all over her body. In a swift second, she turned the light on.


    The kitchen was empty. With a hesitant step, she moves forward. The kitchen was medium size, so there was no place to hide. Feeling scared, she opened all the big shelves to check if someone was hiding in them. With a bang, she closed the last shelf before making a beeline for the fridge. Eyes filled with determination, she opens it without delay. Being greeted with what was originally in there, made her sigh in relief.

    Finishing her dinner, she washed the dishes before making her way to her bedroom. Today was hectic. First, the couple came unannounced, then her friend's bizarre behavior, and lastly the argument between them. To put the cherry on the top, she ended her day seeing those shiny eyes underwater.

    Wrapped in a blanket, she stiffened. Her toes curled in when she remembered those eyes. Curling her body in a fetal position, she gripped the blanket. After a few minutes, she felt her eyes closing. In the dream, she found herself standing on a cliff. In a few steps, she came closer to the edge, glancing down at the waves she found herself relaxed. Lowering her body in a sitting position, she found herself wearing a white dress that was flowing along with the breeze. Smiling softly, she looked towards the water to be met with those shiny eyes.

    "You should stop visiting me."

    It's been five days since her and Winter's fight. Every time she thinks about calling her dark-haired friend she chickens out. She paused. Who is she kidding, she didn't think about her in those five days. Since most of her time was spent taking care of herself or with Taehyung.

    She giggles at the thought of him. Remembering the first time she met him, but an ugly scowl replaced her usual cheery attitude. She remembers how close Winter was to meeting Taehyung first if it wasn't for her quick thinking in the mall that day he would have been with Winter than her.

    H̸̛̟̲̮̒́̈́̎̅̽̌̎̕ô̷̳̜̩̝͒͘͜͜ẃ̴̢͔͈͔͍̱͂̑̓̐͑͋͜͝ ̸̢̦̻̠̪̺͇̱͑̔͋͘͜n̶̨̡̬̦̯̳͍̈́͋̀̈́̔̒̇͝ā̷͕̬̰͇̝̬͇̞͔̠͐̀͌̿̂̕̕i̷̧̳̻̦̳̟̹̥͗̒͊́͛͗̑̍͘̚ͅv̶̫͓̞̖̬͙̘̤͒̾ë̵̗̠͙́ ̷͉̱̦̃̊͊̏̈̉̏́̋͝s̶̢̫̯̫̻̲̍̐́͊́̄̾̊h̶̨͖̹̮͉̯̼̹̭̋́̆͠e̷̡̘͚͚̻̱̜̯̊̂̀͐ ̵̧͑̍̆̊i̸̼͓͆͂̉̉̋͗͘͠s̴̡̧̗̳̜̯̣͓̭͌̈̄̓̀̀̂̏́̽ͅ.̴̩̯͇̭̙́̌͋͆̅̚ͅ

    She met Winter before Taehyung, in a café. Being a new citizen of the town she went for a walk to get familiar with her surroundings.

    After getting kicked out of her sister's house for seducing her soon-to-be husband, she had nowhere to go except her parent's house. But she was aware they already knew about her deed. So she was reluctant about moving with them. She thought she was being careful when she was with her sister's fiance, guess not.

    May knows she is a selfish person. She never cared about others since childhood. Because for her, the most important person, was herself. She didn't even care that she was seducing her soon-to-be brother-in-law or how much heartbroken, her parents and sister will be. She could care less about their feelings.

    Knowing her bank account had more than enough money, she decided to move to another town. After searching for a house for sale, she found a cheap one in a town named, GONGPO. ​​​​​Buying the house, packing her bags she bid her family goodbye. She knew her sister was glad that she left. And her family even though they loved her she knew they didn't like her way of living, by being a villainess in someone else's story. But she never regretted doing the things she did rather she finds happiness in doing them. Wearing a false face to gain people's trust, weakness, and secrets before removing the mask and exploiting them is fun for her. But sometimes she has to wear the mask for a long period to continue her betrayal.

    The search for the town was very hectic for her. She found the town on her fourth try even though she already passed by the area three times. To her, it was like the town appeared out of nowhere during her fourth try, which baffled her.

    There is a saying in this town. Most of the people, the elders, believe that the town has its own entity. Without the entity's permission, no one can enter this town. But it's just a belief, believing it or not depends on the person.

    After settling in, she found herself in a cafe named "serene" and decided to treat herself. She was sitting alone when someone wearing a black dress approached her. The female looked to be around twenty, she was a few inches taller than her. Her hair was black, styled straight. Her skin was fair and her eyes were a colour of jade.

    Just by looking at her, May grew jealous. In her own town, she was a beauty, which caused many people to chase after her. She was a beauty queen during her high school years. But now, in comparison to the girl, she looked like a simpleton. She wished to scratch her face if she were to get a chance.

    "May I sit here?" The girl's voice was silky with an air of seduction.

    "Of course." May smiled.

    Their first meeting happened two months ago. After that, whenever May was free she would call her to hang out which blossomed into a friendship between the two.



    Let’s go on a date.

    Her eyes twinkled in delight when she saw the message. For the first few seconds, she stared at her mobile screen, before replying.




    Let’s go to Serene.

    Her smile became stiff and her grip on the phone tightened. She didn't know why but whenever she went to that cafe, she would feel an oppressive feeling suffocating her. Like invisible hands holding her throat, leaving her gasping for air.


    Let’s go somewhere new.

    Sent 05:17 pm

    Taehyung smirked as a wave of unfamiliar discomfort washed over him which prompts him to look at his phone’s glowing screen.


    Let’s go somewhere new.

    [Sent 05:17 pm]

    “Where do you think I should take her?” he asked in a lackadaisical manner.

    “Why are you asking us? She is your girlfriend, isn’t she.” The female leaning against the wall said.

    “Why don’t you take her to Serene’s.”

    “She doesn’t want to go.”

    “Oh~ And how do you know that?”

    “I felt it.”

    “Of course you did.” She scoffed.

    “There are three café’s in this town. Take her to one of them.”

    Taehyung tapped his fingers on the table rhythmically. “What is the name of the other two?”

    The female rolled her eyes before sitting next to the brunet on the sofa.

    “One is called Mist and the other one..” she tapped her cheek in thought. “Ah! the other is called Glaze."

    “Where are they?”

    “ Glaze is near the town’s university and Mist’ is around the residential area.” The brunet answered.

    “Hmm. Mist is on the way to the cliff.”

    “Have you guys been there?” Taehyung turned right to look at the sunset which made his eyes appear golden.

    The female hummed with a playful smile.

    “Mist has a cold vibe to it. It’s like having ice cream in winter. And Glaze, I have never been to.”

    “What’s your girlfriend’s name?” the brunet asked.

    Taehyung gave him a mere glance without answering him. The female glanced at him with a smirk and said. “May.”

    “So, you don’t mind if I go for the other one.” The brunet looked up from his mobile screen. “what was her name?.. Winter, right?”

    “I don’t know why would you go for that June girl..”

    The female bit her lips. “It's May.”

    The brunet clicked his fingers in her direction and spoke. “Right. Winter is more of a looker than her.”

    "But then again it's not like you have a choice."

    “Jungkook.” The female patted his arm to stop him from speaking too much but inwardly she was enjoying the drama.

    "You already have July so I am going to take Winter." Jungkook stood up and spoke while a charming smile was covering his lips. She just sighed at his intentional mistake.

    Her dark eyes flickered on both of them before stopping on Taehyung. With his back towards the window, the coming light created a halo on his head which covered his face in the darkness. Even it can't be seen what his expression is at the moment, the female can deduce from the sudden chilly atmosphere around them. Her lips curled in a mocking smirk.

    Jungkook turned towards her and said. "I'll wait for you outside."

    Taehyung was looking at his fingers creating a tapping sound on the table when a loud bang resonated in the room. "Not gonna join him?" he asked in a carefree manner as if whatever Jungkook said just now has nothing to do with him.

    She strode towards him and bent down before asking him in a coaxing manner. "Do you really don't care?" She titled her head causing her hair to fall on her left shoulder.

    Straight her back, she stepped back. "Well, you shouldn't. Because you already have a girlfriend." Her words were sharp, followed by her steely eyes looking at him to remind him to do what he is supposed to.

    The temperature dropped the second time. Both of them were looking at each other eyes filled with coldness. With his chin resting on the hand which was propped on the table he looked at her with a cold smile. "You should go." He gestured towards the door behind her.

    She nodded. "I should. Jungkook is waiting. But remember, Distraction is Dangerous." With a meaningful smile, she left.

    His smile dropped. Then the silent room was filled with tapping noise.


    Okay. See you in 15.

    [Sent 05:25 pm]


    "You came alone? where is that boyfriend of yours?"

    "He is not my boyfriend."

    Winter faked a smile in his direction before glancing at his name tag for a split second which read, Baekhyun.

    Baekhyun gazed at the girl with interest while cleaning the counter.

    "Wash your hands," she ordered.

    Looking at his hands which were holding dirty rags a few seconds ago, he did as she told. Tapping his fingers, he resumed his staring.

    "Don't you have customers to serve?" she tilted her head and looked at him with a smile.

    "I am serving you." He leaned in her direction while looking at every inch of her face.

    Winter leaned a little closer and whispered. "Well, I don't think so."

    "Then tell me how should I serve you?" looking at her crimson lips, he asked.


    "Enough lovebirds."

    Turning in the direction of the noise, they saw one of Baekhyun's colleagues.

    "Jongin." Winter's face broke into a warm smile at the sight of his gorgeous face.

    Jongin smiled at her warmly before looking at the male on her right with a glare. "You are supposed to be working."

    Glancing at her, he replied. "I am."

    "Work that doesn't involve flirting with Winter."

    Jongin sneered before turning his attention to the girl staring at him with glimmering eyes.

    "Are you alone?" he asked while looking at her sincerely.

    Winter nodded. Feeling ignored, Baekhyun gripped her right hand and tugged her lightly in his direction. She found herself looking into a pair of profound eyes.

    "Why are you always looking at him? Look at me."

    "Because he is Gorgeous." She pointed at him.

    "So am I."

    "No, you are not." she shook her head.

    Baekhyun frowned at her words. "Because you are handsome."

    Winter said while playing with his fingers.


    Looking at the cafe in front of her, she curiously asked. "How do you know she is here?"

    "I asked around." Jungkook entered the cafe followed by the female.

    The first that caught the female attention was Jongin, who was on his phone. While Jungkook looked at the dark-haired female talking with Baekhyun.

    Sensing someone's stare, Jongin looked up. "What do you want?" he bluntly asked.

    Disregarding his rude tone, she answered with a smile. "Iced latte and black coffee."

    "Hyung," he called out to Baekhyun.

    "You should go." Winter nodded towards Jongin.

    Tracing her jawline tenderly, he whispered. "Be right back."

    She hummed. Turning around, she raised her eyebrows. "Do you need something?"

    "Mind if I sit?" Jungkook gestured towards the seat next to her.

    "Why are you asking me?" she bluntly responded with a cold smile and turned around.

    Jungkook looked at her then nodded, She is Gorgeous than that August girl.

    "Winter, right? We have heard about you from Taehyung." The female spoke.

    "Oh! did you," she mumbles.

    The female nods. "My name is Ria and he is Jungkook."


    The sound of retching echoed in the bathroom. The girl in the reflection was pale. It can't be said if the paleness was natural or due to the fact she is vomiting for the last 10 minutes. The blood was dripping down her chin and fell on the sink with a plop. The sound was horrifying in an empty bathroom.

    She gripped the sink tightly and looked at her reflection. Today was supposed to be a happy day. The girl in the mirror was disgusting. The blood dripping down her chin made her look like a blood-thirsty monster. Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting. She hated feeling disgusting, looking disgusting. She hated it! She dressed up prettily for today. With a crazed look, she swept all the things off the counter, to the floor. Her eyes were filled with rage which was in total contrast to her bubbly personality. Looking at her clothes, her rage simmered down. At least the clothes didn't get bloody. Feeling a metallic taste in her mouth, she realized she forgot washing her mouth.

    In ten minutes she was back to her former self. The girl in the reflection wore a pale pink spaghetti strap top, her legs covered in light denim jeans. Her feet were covered in three inches of black heels.

    Her lips curled in dissatisfaction when she remembered that whenever she was with her friend, she would wear high heels to not feel inferior to her height. Both her and Teahyung would look great together whenever they stood side by side. But she on the other hand looked like a small plant between two trees. Just thinking about her gorgeous face, slender figure, her jealousy grew.

    *knock knock*

    "May are you done?" Taehyung's voice brings her out of her reverie of emotions. With a swift but proper look at herself, she picked her bag, applied a layer of gloss, sprayed her favourite perfume to dispel the smell of blood, and left the bathroom.


    "Taehyung is behaving really weird.." Ria suddenly mentioned.

    "What do you mean?" Winter furrowed her eyebrows and looked at her tapping fingers.

    "Like he is not behaving his usual self."

    "Ria, this is not the first time he is doing something like this, so how can you say that?"

    "She is right." Following the direction of the voice, it was Jongin.

    Winter nodded for him to continue.

    "It's like his aura is changed."

    "More like someone is controlling him," Jungkook pointed out.

    "Controlling him," Winter scoffed, "His mental energy is stronger than all of you, how can he be compelled."

    "But not stronger than you."

    The people in the room were silent after Winter spoke, so, Baekhyun's softly whispered voice was heard by everyone. In unison, they turned to see him looking at Winter with amorous eyes.

    "But I am not controlling him."

    "We'll know who is controlling him since he is coming here." Jungkook propped his legs on the stool in front of him and said.

    Winter and Jongin exchanged glances before he nodded in return.

    Winter stared at the glass of water in front of her with a dazed look. The water was still, but the second her fair, delicate finger touched the rim of the glass, a small misty dot appeared in the middle of the water, dyeing the water red.

    "Taehyung? what are you doing here?" Ria's surprised voice drifted to her. Her eyes flashed red for a few seconds before turning their initial colour. She turned around, her eyes flickered in the direction of the couple. She noticed a trace of hostility in her eyes, following the direction, her eyes landed on Baekhyun. A look of understanding appeared on her face. She recalls the day when May flirted with Baekhyun and Jongin.

    Jongin sneered at her when he caught sight of her infatuated look then ignored her. Baekhyun compared to the former, was somewhat polite. He would smile, nod whenever she asked something but would leave every time she became a little personal. That happened before she met Taehyung.

    Feeling a tingling sensation on her arm, her eyes met Baekhyun's which hinted her to look at the front. "What are you guys doing here?" she asked with a pleasant smile, ignoring May's unfriendly eyes.


    "Oh," she said then exchange glances with Jongin.

    Her attention was drawn towards the couple when May deliberately placed her hand on Taehyung's bicep while looking at Winter with a provocative smile. Without giving her a glance her gaze fell on the ring on her finger which was glistening along with her hand's movements.

    Winter's eyes narrowed at the sight of the familiar ring, her grip tightened on glass before it broke. Everything was still before Baekhyun jumped over the counter and gripped her left hand gently and began removing the glass shreds. May screamed at the sight of the blood and gripped Taehyung's hand.

    May looked at Winter with a terrified and pleasing expression. She looked at Taehyung and just as he was about to step forward she whispered something only audible to both of them. Taehyung looked at her with sinister eyes which terrified May for a moment before she regain her composure.

    No one was speaking, even though May whispered, but with sensitive hearing, everyone heard what she said.

    "You won't."

    Winter looked at her with an apathetic gaze which made her nervous. May felt the same feeling the day she visited her with Taehyung. Suddenly she felt the air around her change into something iniquitous. But when she caught the sight of the ring on her finger she felt better. "Right, as long as I have the ring and Taehyung nothing will happen to me."

    Bizarre things were happening with her since she came to this town. In the beginning, she thought it was just a coincidence but when they continue to happen she grew scared. One day on her trip to Glaze she heard two people gossiping about a magical ring that fulfills one's desires, at first she was skeptical. So when they were leaving she decided to follow them. They came across an empty park. A girl with wavy hair found a dead flower, picking it up she asked the other girl to hold it.

    "Hold it firmly, I'll show you." The girl with a small face was nervous but did as her friend told her. May was standing behind a tree looking at them with sharp eyes.

    The girl with wavy hair rubbed the ring with her thumb before bringing it near her mouth and whispered a few words. A dark mist emitted the ring before entering the dead flower. After a few seconds, the seemingly dead flower revived its former radiance.

    May saw the magic with dazzled eyes. Her gaze landed on the flower with a sparkling appearance than at the ring on the girl's finger. Taking the ring from the girl's finger was easy for her but using it on Taehyung wasn't but she accomplished it. That was the reason she wasn't scared of Winter's piercing eyes.

    Winter's bloody palm was facing May's direction. When Baekhyun was done removing the shreds, her wound closed on itself. May grew horrified before her expression turned pale, with round eyes she looked at Winter who was cleaning her bloody hand with a tissue before she threw it in a bin.

    Winter stared at May and curled her lips in a mocking smile. There was a blur before she was standing in front of May. Before May can react, Winter slapped her and she lost her consciousness.

    "Change of plans, forget 31. Whatever we are gonna do, we are doing it tonight."

    Her voice was devoid of emotions, which cause them to shiver at the intensity of her power. After all, It has been a while since they have heard her demonic voice.

    "W-well, it's a good thing that Taehyung decided to bring her on a date," Baekhyun said pitifully while looking at the knocked girl on the floor. Even his expression was far from being pitiful.

    "I guess we aren't pretending anymore." He added.

    Winter saw it was dark outside and pursed her lips in thought. Feeling her dark aura in waves they felt immense pressure. "You have two hours, get everything ready." After giving her orders, she watched three of them disappear along with May.

    Winter turned her attention to Taehyung who was looking at her with narrowed eyes. Her lips curled up in a mocking smile, "I can't believe you got played by a human girl."

    Baekhyun chuckled at his misfortune which cause Taehyung to shoot him a deathly glare. "Tell me Taehyung, were you that busy that you didn't even know that she was plotting against you." Her smile was replaced with a taunting expression.

    "At first I thought you fell in love with her considering your interaction the past few days. But now.." she tsked. "It was all due to carelessness."

    Feeling enraged, Taehyung dashed towards her. He lifted her by the throat and slammed her against the wall, "Shut up."

    "Don't tell me she also commanded you to kill me if something were to happen." Her voice was hoarse. While Taehyung was distracted she violently flung him way in the direction of the bar counter.

    Baekhyun jeered. "Heal him or he'll try to kill you unconsciously every moment."

    "You don't have to tell me." She sneered at him.


    The night was dark and cold.

    The mansion that stood on the cliff was tall and gloomy. The air around it gave a malignant feeling. The rooms in the mansion are a handful but some people say the rooms exceed a thousand.

    "The night went slowly, my dad had gone to work. I was in my room waiting for his return when the door opened and closed. I ran to greet him and gave him a hug. He stood still with a pale face. I thought he was tired. He turned around and went to his room. As I sat on my bed, I got a text from my dad, "I am working overtime, so I'll be late."

    "Alex was alone in his bedroom when he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. He opened the door to see his wheel-bound sister staring back at him."

    "I enter the empty elevator and push the button for my floor. As the doors closed, a hand covered my mouth."

    "I was working the night shift at the hotel when suddenly the noise of something fell occurred. I ran in the direction of the kitchen and saw..."

    "Are you so free that you have the leisure time to read those stories?" Ria stared at him blankly.

    Jungkook looked up from his phone to their expressionless faces, before sighing. He pocketed his phone, picked May, and went straight into the mansion.

    The sound of leaves crunching grew faint as all of them left the front yard. After they left, the front door slammed shut loudly. At that moment, a board fell down with a thump on the ground. A strike of light in the sky illuminated the carving on the board. The font was ancient, which read, Mirror Mansion.


    "Wakey, wakey."

    Jungkook tapped her cheeks twice with a playful smile. Seeing her remain taciturn he grew annoyed. He picked up the empty bucket from the corner of the room and stared at her for a few seconds before he threw the bucket beside her head creating a loud bang. But she remained unresponsive.

    Picking up the bucket, he flicked his right wrist. Slowly thin water wave appeared in front of him and made its way to the bucket. In a few seconds, the bucket was full and it gave a pungent odor.

    Ria, who was standing by the door revealed a revolting expression. The room was old, dark, and dirty. Its walls were covered in blood, fresh and old, and many other things. Seeing the trick Jungkook played she felt a little bit sympathetic towards the girl.


    May woke up with a start, covered in maroon liquid. Their sensitive nose made it unbearable for them to stand the smell.

    When she saw the two, she paled. Looking around, she found herself in a dingy room. There were two horizontal windows in the room but they were at a certain height.

    The moonlight coming from them fell on the walls which were covered in splashes of red, yellow, and brown. Squinting, she saw several small insects on the wall. A repulsive smell entered her nostrils prompting her to look down. She found herself covered in blood. She brought her hand up to wipe away the hair to find them shackled. Not only her hands were chained but her legs were too. She pulled them to no avail.

    At that moment she realized she was in peril. Confined in a dark room, shackled, pair of eyes staring at you like you are their next prey. She was. Catching sight of her ring, hope flickered in her eyes.

    Glancing down, she asked in a gloomy voice. "Where's Taehyung?"

    Ria and Jungkook exchanged glances before he bent down and stared at her. "Look up," he whispered. Her hand trembled, she even felt her heartbeat increasing. Slowly, she raised her head but didn't look at him instead she stared at his lips. His lips were red, she noticed.

    "Look at me." she resisted but was unable to. Her green eyes met his golden ones.

    "Where did you get that ring?"

    "From two girls."

    "Two girls, how?"

    "I knocked them out then stole it."

    Ria glanced at the girl. Her eyes were hazed as she stared at Jungkook unblinkingly. Jungkook's hypnotism is quite strong, huh. But then again this girl has no strong mentality to deal with.

    "Did you kill them?"


    "Did you want to?"

    May felt silent, there was creased between her brows. "If they died, it wouldn't have been my fault." She replied after a few seconds. Jungkook stared at her before he coldly smiled.

    He stood up. "Where is Winter?"

    Ria pointed behind her.

    Winter curled her lips, "Are you done?" she merely glanced at May before looking at him.

    She walked towards her and lowered herself. May looked at her with confusion. Winter crinkled her nose at the smell coming from her. "You had to do that?" her question was directed to Jungkook, who shrugged in response.

    May stared at the figure, various emotions passed her eyes. In a split second, rage took over and leap at her. Her sharp nails were inches away from Winter's face before rattling noise stopped her.

    "Let's talk business shall we?" She adjusted her mask.

    Straight hair, red lips, and face covered reminded her of Katherine Pierce of TVD when she looked at Winter. Her hands trembled, goosebumps appeared on her skin.

    Winter was in front of her behind her were Jungkook and Ria. Baekhyun was standing far left and Taehyung, he standing by the wall looking straight at her, expressionlessly.

    "Taehyung, help me." Her voice was hoarse.

    "No." With that, her last hope shattered.

    "What a pretty ring."

    Winter took her hand in her gloved one and begin removing the ring.

    "No! what are you doing? It's mine! No! leave it! It's mine, it's mine!" Her piercing scream echoed in the quiet room. Her legs were numb when she stood up which caused her to fall on her chin and pain erupted. She stared at the ring in her hand and stood up again only to fall down. "Give it to me, it's mine! GIVE IT!" She keeps pulling her shackles with force while looking at her with crazed eyes.

    Her absurd behaviour made them laugh. Taehyung grew annoyed, he appeared in front and slapped her hard. Her head bumped against the wall and started bleeding but no one paid mind.

    "Shut Up." He growled.

    In the back, Ria asked astonished. "Has she gone mad?"



    Winter and Jungkook answered at the same time. Winter was looking at May with sarcasm as if looking at an animal.

    "It usually takes them weeks or a month to lose their marbles," he added. "But her, well, she is weak."

    "No. It's not 'cause she is weak. But the fact I have her last hope in my hand that she is losing it." Winter said while playing with the ring in her hand.

    "The fact she still has light in her eyes is making me annoyed but no worries it won't be for long."

    Blood was dripping down her hands as she keep tugging the shackles. Her jeans were covered in dirt with blotches of blood decorating them. Face covered in blood, sweat, and tears, she looked pitiful.

    Winter glanced at the moon with solemn eyes.

    "Let's play."


    They were standing in the front yard of the mansion.

    "You will be given three chances to hide. All you have to do is not get caught," Winter patted her head which caused her to tremble in fear.

    May shivered when her hand touched her. She looked at the gloomy building in front of her with a listless look. Her once bright eyes were dull and hopeless, her hair lost its previous lustrousness, now they were matted with dirt and sweat. Her face covered in grime, blood, sweat coupled with a running nose made her pitiful.

    "If you get caught the first time, we will let you go. But for the last two," She looked at her with dark eyes. "don't get caught."


    Taehyung saw her entering the mansion on wobbling legs before the doors closed. His lips curled in a blood-chilling smirk.

    "Why didn't you tell her that you'll let her go only to hide?"

    Winter shrugged, "She didn't ask."

    "You guys should go, we'll handle the rest."

    Baekhyun, Jungkook, and Ria nodded, "See you later."

    Taehyung tilted his head. "Shall we?" Winter gripped his hand and smiled, "We shall."

    Then the game of Hide&Seek begins.....


    May jumped in fright as the door closed loudly behind her. She bit her lips in frustration as her tears fell. The rattling sound echoed in the empty mansion as she wiped her tears. Eyeing the interior, her eyes showed sorrow, pain, loneliness, and desperation to get out of this alive. Her eyes widened, she quickly glanced at her surrounding to find a perfect direction to hide. There were two staircases, one going up and the other downstairs. With a pale face, she rejected the idea of going downstairs because she knew it would lead to the basement and that was the last place she wanted to go.

    With a peek at the closed doors, she made her way upstairs. She stumbled a few times before she stood on the first floor. The sound of the door opening made her hide in a dark hallway. With her hand against her mouth, she peered down.

    The door opened with a squeak in the eerie atmosphere. The light on the floor was accompanied by two silhouettes. She shudders and camouflages herself in the dark to avoid their eyes from flickering in her direction.

    Winter and Taehyung stepped inside the hallway with little to no light. Their glowing eyes flickered everywhere before they stood under a shimmering chandelier.

    "We forgot to tell you, you only have 20 minutes to hide."

    With one last look in her direction they disappeared.

    May didn't blink in fear as they disappeared. She slides down and started crying.

    Her lone figure was crying in the dark hallway when a clicking noise from her left freeze her. She squints in the direction. The hallway was illuminated by the moonlight, a wobbly figure trudged in her direction. She stood up as the figure stepped into the light, she bend down to scratch her leg when a hideous face popped in front of her. She screamed in horror. The face was childish with long hair up to the shoulder. Its face was ghastly pale, there were several cuts on its face that were bleeding. Its eyes were like two black holes. The area around the eyes was dark red as if painted. Her blood froze when the figure slowly walked in her direction creating a scraping sound.

    The figure looked at her with a blood-chilling smile, saliva dripping from his chin. He raised his bony hand and touched her forehead lightly and said, "next, you."

    She stood hastily and stepped on something soft, glancing down, she saw a hairy thing. She picked it up with a trembling hand and turned it around. Her hand shook violently and she threw the head away. It fell down the stairs with a thud. She turned, her eyes red around the rims, the figure was looking at her furiously. His soulless eyes looked at the head on the ground then at her. Its eyes roamed her face before he whispered, "fell, you."

    May shrieked when the figure suddenly opened his mouth and lunged at her. A row of sharp elongated teeth greeted her vision. Before it can get closure, she kicked its chest and the small figure fell a few feet away. Without a glance in its direction, she turned right and disappeared into the dark.

    May ran as her life depended on it. The shackles created loud noise, making her hair stand. She barged into a room and locked the door. She breathed heavily, her whole body shook in fright and a few tears fell.

    She didn't know how much time has passed since she came here but she knew it wasn't much. She looked around, the room was big but dark. The moonlight coming gave a dark and creepy feeling. The corners of the room were like dark holes waiting for someone to come and swallow them. She didn't go near them. She stood when pain arise in her ankle, it was bleeding. Looking at the window, her eyes shimmered with hope to escape, she staggered to her chance of freedom.

    Glancing down, she realized the drop was high. At the moment she would rather have a few broken bones than have no chance at life. Grabbing the chair, she threw it towards the tall window. The window shattered, some fragments sliced her face and hands, and the chair fell out of the window. Ignoring her swelling ankle she rushed towards her freedom.

    Before she can step out, a pale but strong hand pulled her back. Her eyes grew in horror and she frantically reached out to hold the window sill but failed. Her nails broke at the brute strength. Her figure was flung in the dark corner and she fell on her wrist resulting in a cracking sound. She raised her head and saw all the fragments fly off the ground and towards the window. In seconds the window regains its former state. With her head down she whimpers, in fear and pain.

    The figure stepped in front of her pathetic frame and crouched down. She didn't raise her head.

    "Winter gave you a chance at survival but it seems, you are ungrateful." his honeyed voice murmured with a hint of sinister joy.

    May's head perked up at the familiar voice.

    "Taehyung.." she rasped out.

    "What were you doing? hmm?" he pinched her chin and asked.

    Taehyung smiled faintly at her dazed eyes.

    Ignoring the pain in her wrist and ankle, she dragged herself towards him as if he was her last salvation. Her mind clouded, she gazed at him with the same affectionate eyes she did since the beginning.

    She opened her mouth, "Did Winter use that ring's power on you that's why you are behaving like this?" At that moment her sanity was crumbling bit by bit.

    When May was hiding in the hallway, Winter reappeared and stood still. The moonlight on her back gave her a shadowy appearance. Seconds later, her voice rang out.

    "You tried to control him with that ring, and he is pissed off. Makes sure not to appear in front of him and.." she paused. "Don't mention the ring because if you did then you are dead." There was a hint of merriment in her voice.

    Winter smirked and her eyes glinted in amusement. With the last warning, she disappeared. She didn't care if May heard her or not.

    May did hear her loud and clear but in the face of him and her disintegrating sanity, she forget to stay away from him.

    Taehyung smiled a cruel smile. His eyes were full of rage.

    "I thought to play with you a little more but you had to mention that." He snarled in his diabolic voice.

    Taehyung touched her head and black mist was released into her. The mist was responsible to bring out people's most innate instinct in the face of death. Her clouded mind cleared and she became aware of the danger she was in.

    She scrabbles on her feet and dashed towards the door. She tugged it a few times to open but it didn't budge as if sealed shut.

    "HELP! SOMEBODY HELP! OPEN THE DOOR! OPEN IT! OPEN!" she pounded her hand on the door quite ruthlessly. The blood was dripping like a river from her hands. She was so cruel to herself that she even forgot about her broken wrist and how her tendons were showing.

    Taehyung sat on the throne-like chair with his hand under the chin and smiled cruelly. He was happy that he didn't have to dirty his hands in her blood.

    "Are you done?" he indolently asked.

    She stopped. Her senses were going haywire.

    "I brought you a gift. You used to complain about not gifting you anything. So, here." He clicked his fingers. From the dark corner, a figure slowly walked out.

    She turned her head at the familiar scraping sound. The figure of a small child came into view. The shoulder-length white hair dangled in front of his face as he walked. His previous black eyes turned golden as glimmered in sadism and ruthlessness before they once again turned black. She scratched her leg subconsciously. One of his hands was holding a rotten apple, its bitten area was filled with small black insects. His other hand was holding a head. With a closer look, she realized it was the head she threw down the stairs.

    "He is quite friendly. But when you threw his toy down the stairs he got angry." Taehyung continued, the toy referring to the head, the kid was holding.

    May felt like puking when she saw the head for the second time. The mist circulating in her head suddenly evanesced. Her eyes, full of desire to escape became dull with no vigor. With buried pain and grief, she looked at him, who sitting in a devil's sentiment. His expression relaxed, a faint charming yet demonic smile on his thin red lips.


    Taehyung hummed, his eyes narrowed at her pathetic figure. Her shoulders were bent as if she gave up trying to flee. Her once beautiful hair was unruly and greasy. Face covered in dry blood, sweat, tear, and dirt. She was smelling really bad, He remembered that Jungkook wasn't shy when pouring the bucket of dirty liquid on her. He didn't have to think to know what was causing such an odor. After all the room she was in was the basement of torture.

    He curled his lips and clicked his fingers. A crystal ball appeared. It was silvery grey with majestic radiance. Suddenly two shadows appeared around 20, the girl had green eyes and curly brown hair whereas the boy had brown hair and brown eyes. They were laughing their heart out giving them the air of youthful vigor.

    May looked at them when the feeling of familiarity arose. She clenched her hands and looked at him with complicated emotion. Who are they?

    Taehyung eyes glimmer red before he whispered, "Your parents."


    Losing energy she fell on her knees. He ignored her hurt expression and continued languidly. "Your mother was smart when she knew I was coming for her, she already left you in an orphanage and ran."

    Taehyung scoffed, "Don't tell me you still can't tell that you are adopted."

    "Your mother took away my heart and gave it to her lover, your Father. When I found them they were an ideal happy family, you were around 2. I didn't wanted to kill you but when I saw your eyes, they reminded me of your treacherous mother and her betrayal so, I slaughtered them. And now it's your turn."

    Her eyes were filled with shock, pain, betrayal, and self-mockery. May thought she was playing with them but it turned out she was the one being played by them all along.

    With a wave of his hand, the crystal ball disappeared.

    "Kill her." He commanded.

    The child figure stood in front of her. She didn't even get a chance to cry before he raised its bony hands and seized her windpipe. She started choking violently and struck his hands to release her. The child grew angry and crushed her windpipe and blood oozed out of her mouth. Her eyes were filled with pain as they looked at Taehyung as a form of the last plea.

    "I don't like her eyes."

    The child opened his mouth, a row of elongated fangs came into her view. In a blink, two octopus legs emerged from his black hole eyes along with a tongue made of several centipedes and they rushed towards her. The two octopus legs gouged her eyes and they rolled on the floor one after the other. The centipedes dripped from his mouth like rain. They slithered towards her and covered both of her legs.

    May waved her hands in a frenzy to knock them down, but they swiftly slinked upward. With her windpipe crushed, she was not even able to scream. The area around her eyes was bleeding profusely. In a second, her whole body was covered in centipedes and she fell to the ground, her body writhed for a few seconds before it stopped. The centipedes slithered back to the child and entered his mouth.

    Her body was covered in holes and blood. It was a horrendous and disgusting sight.

    Taehyung waved his hand and the child retreated in the dark. He stared at her coldly and spat, "Pathetic." then he vanished in a black mist.

    The child stepped out of the shadow and crouched down. He picked up the eyes, ignoring the only heartbeat in the room growing faint before it ceased to exist.

    "Dead, you." He mumbled.

    Five individuals were relaxing in the cafe.

    "How did your ring end up with them?" Ria curiously asked.

    Winter, who was playing with the rim of the glass paused, "I gave it to them," there was a hint of delight in her voice.

    "Because of you, she was able to control Taehyung." Jungkook pointed out.

    "I just gave her a push, she was the one standing on the edge of wanting to control him."

    Winter shrugged and sipped the red liquid in her glass. "More."

    Jongin filled her glass and slid it towards her before it was intercepted by another hand. Winter raised her eyes and looked at the owner of those long fingers, Taehyung.

    Winter watched with narrowed eyes as he drank from the same side as her. He downed the liquid and said, "Delicious."

    "What was, Taehyung? the drink or her lips?" Ria teased.

    "Her lips." Three voices rang out.

    Ria was amazed. She looked at the three of them with a tantalizing grin. On the other hand, Winter's expression grew chilled, as she glared at them. Knowing they were stepping in dangerous water, they stopped philandering.

    "Is it done?" She asked while sipping her wine in a languid manner. Taehyung cast his ice-cold eyes on them before answering her with a nod.

    "Jungkook , Ria you guys done?" She asked.


    "Don't pout Baekhyun, we are destroying the town, not our mansion," Ria said while looking at her shiny fingernails.

    "He said not to leave any of our traces behind."

    Baekhyun reminded them and glanced towards Winter with raised brows.

    "The mansion has been there for more than a century, he is obviously not talking about that."

    Taehyung rolled his eyes at his ridiculous behavior.

    "You should put your mansion on rent. There are many stupid people who would venture here during Halloween for the thrill."

    "He is right. They won't even care that it's near the graveyard." Jungkook said agreeing with Baekhyun.

    "You are right," she nodded, "I am short on money anyway."

    "How much money is left in your card?" Jongin asked.

    "20 million."

    All of them were speechless then shook their heads. Even though she was lazy in almost everything but when it come to the money she was most active than all of them.

    Baekhyun and Jungkook exchanged glances before Jungkook asked, "Your other cards?"

    "Don't know haven't checked them yet," she said with a confused look.

    "Some of them are black cards and the remaining ones are with 50 million limits," Baekhyun reminded her.

    "I know right. I am getting poor." there was a sad look in her eyes.

    If this is poor then what they were, Beggars. All of them thought at the same time.

    THE END.

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  • jimidol
    28.11.2021 - 9 hours ago

    only you (teaser) | jjk

    “no one else can fix me, only you”

    ⏤ release date: 5th december 2021

    ⏤ pairing: jungkook x female reader

    ⏤ genre: established relationship au, angst, fluff, and smut

    ⏤ summary: after a traumatic event, your world flipped upside down, leaving nothing but emptiness behind. an emptiness that has been eating you completely for the past year, but in the middle of the chaos that has become your life, there has been one person who has never left you. the only person that can fix you. jungkook.

    ⏤ author’s note: this is the next fic to be posted again! this one is very particular & i honestly cannot come back without posting it. today i’m in a very very much better place but i know this is a reality for some people, and i just want them to know that it’s possible to get better. i guess for this one, i won’t add or change anything, i’m just going to correct and rephrase some sentences. i hope you’ll still love it! thanks for all your love & support ❤️

    ⏤ tag list: let me know in anyway if you want to be tagged when i post this and if you are part of my permanent taglist, you will be automatically added ✨

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  • ughcore
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    - an abundance of scrunchies, 1 ; jhs

    single parent au, enemies to lovers, rich!hoseok, 1.1k

    note: this is a rewrite of my drabble series from my old blog! i will be reworking a little of the plot, so i hope u will enjoy the changes i’ve made!

    masterlist  .next

    This school is an absolute circus, filled with bratty future trust-fund babies and wannabe Instagram influencers. The children are sweet for the most part, small ruddy faces smiling up at you, so unaware of the privileges they have and will have as they grow older. Their place at this school has been planned, organised and engineered to secure them a prosperous future of money and business school. You’ve already seen so many parents grooming their children for a life of luxury, kids turning up with designer satchels at five years old and slipping off their tiny Gucci slides to wiggle their toes into equally expensive indoor slippers provided by the school. 

    You’d already felt out of your depth when you’d walked into the gates of Iris Way Academy in your sunflower-yellow dress and rainbow, colour-coded folders. Now, you have several kids at your feet spewing absolute nonsense when it comes to the level they’re meant to be at in regards to their mathematical ability. It’s clear their parents need them to be prepped and primed for excellence, and your gut twists at the thought of the pushy parents that must be behind some of these sweet faced children.

    Kindergarten kids aren’t meant to study algebra, they’re supposed to be finger painting, struggling to spend the duration of the day without digging their pudgy fingers into their nostrils. Instead, you’re surrounded by five and six-year-olds informing you their former teacher, Mrs Han, had already begun teaching them about prime numbers and dividing decimals. You’d planned to educate them on addition at most, so much for your carefully curated and colourful tutorial session.

    By the end of the day, you’re already figuring out how you can quit when you notice a small figure still taking up space on the circle-time carpet. Or, as it’s known in this school, the carpet. Approaching the bundle, you gingerly tilt your head, hoping to lock eyes with the little girl who seems far too preoccupied with staring out of the window.

    “Hey there,” You murmur, your voice taking on your usual soft tone whenever you address one of the children, raising a few octaves and adopting a light, whimsical lilt to it, “have your parents not arrived yet?” You kneel down beside the girl, her soft, dark eyes staring out of the window, glassy and round.

    “My papa is coming. He’s always late,” Her voice is incredibly soft, nowhere near as abrasive as the other students had been when they’d accosted you during the duration of the day. For the first time since you stepped into the new school, you’re pleased to find a child that seems to be acting their age.

    “When does he normally make it? Is his number in the book? I could call him,”

    “No, he’ll be here. He always makes it,”

    She seems awfully sure that her dad will be arriving soon, so you take a break from marking and decide to seat yourself beside the girl. Her straight-cut bangs make her cheeks look chubby and cute, reddened naturally as she absentmindedly clings onto one of her braids that fall over her shoulder. The silence is just beginning to overwhelm you, being the kind of person who can’t stay quiet for long, and you’re about to speak when you hear hurried footsteps coming down the hall, skidding to a stop at the door to the classroom just as you look over your shoulder.

    “Here he is,” The little girl says, speaking in a fond tone as if this is a regular occurrence. You glance over at her as she begins to hike her bag onto her shoulder, standing with her before your eyes land on the figure entering the room.

    “Dae, sweetheart, I’m so sorry –” The man approaches you both, his steps faltering a little when he sees you, confusion sweeping over his features as you stop for a second to take him in. He seems young, a lot younger than most of the dads you’d seen come to pick their kids up earlier, and he’s dressed simply, a white dress shirt and black slacks. Finally your eyes finish their brief perusal of the man before you, landing on a pair of expensive-looking black sunglasses pushed up onto his head, brushing back his dark, almost black hair. “Oh, you’re not Mrs Han,”

    Dae huffs from beside you, walking over on heavy feet to meet her dad half-way, threading her tiny hand in his, “Papa, I told you, it was in the letter. This is Miss Y/N,”

    An awkward smile graces your lips, your hand instantly darting out as you introduce yourself, “Hi! I started here today, I’m new so forgive me if I’m not quite used to everyone’s names just yet,”

    A cocked brow and twitch of his lips later, the man takes your hand, warm and strong, shaking it once before letting go almost immediately, “Jung. Hoseok Jung, I’m Dae’s father,”

    Against your better judgement, you can’t help but notice how attractive Hoseok – Mr Jung is. You aren’t used to seeing someone so…young. He can’t be more than maybe a couple of years older than you. He doesn’t hurt to look at, though there’s already a defensive prickle of annoyance working its way through your bloodstream the longer he looks at you, grinning as if he knows something you don’t. There seems to be a glint of amusement in his eyes as he listens to Dae talk about her day.

    “You looked at shapes?” Hoseok scoffs, his brows raised as he turns from looking down at his little girl to you, “Last week the kids were studying fraction equivalents with Mrs Han,”

    This is just what you were worried about; one of the parents kicking up a stink over your fitting changes to the study plans for the week. He’s making fun of you. Wow, what an ass.

    “I’m just following the national curriculum with the children during my first few days, so I can see where the children are at myself,”

    Hoseok doesn’t respond to that, simply humming quietly as Dae tugs on his shirt. 

    “Papa, I wanna go,”

    He places his hand on the crown of her head, grinning down at her with a smile he clearly saves for his daughter. It’s a sweet scene, and is wholly alien coming from a man who clearly thinks he knows better than his daughter’s educator. When he looks at you, his condescending expression becomes fixed back in place. “It’s been interesting, Miss Y/N. It will be fun to see how long you last,”

    The deep furrow in your brows is your only response as Hoseok ushers his daughter from the classroom, hand in hand and barely sparing you a second glance. He seems just as stuffy as everyone else in the school, and you place a hand over your stomach, dread deep in the pit of your tummy.

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    #9.5 Jimin's History of Having Bad Birthdays

    “It’s a refurbished student housing,” you explain as they trail after you like ducks in a row. Even if they don’t understand what you’re saying, they seem to be clinging to every word. Wherever you look there’s always at least one pair of doe eyes staring expectantly back at you a.k.a. what do you do when you open your doors and find a certain retired boyband for some reason wants to move in

    ▶ type: ot7 x fem! reader (poly)

    ▶ word count: 2.8k

    ▶ t/w: toxic masculinity, internalized homophobia, implied eating disorder, throwing up, anger issues, mention of sex, implied cheating, brief mention of Covid, a whole new layer of angst

    ▶ series’ masterlist

    ▶ other works

    ▶ a/n: this is the third FOURTH SEVENTH time trying to post this and I'm already there in wanting to throw eggs at the staffs building. Sorry for not adding read more but I have to edit on the app now because of error on laptop and there's no option to do that here :( Despite everything though, this is my personal favourite chapter yet, don't know why though

    Jimin was four when it happened. The Curse.


    Okay, so he might be embellishing a little bit but he was four and back then losing a friend felt like an entire world crashing around. His friend - a fellow four-year-old, named Sung-Ho - had to move because his father found a better job. They had put up an apocalyptical tantrum. Jimin particularly was inconsolable… up until two hours later when he was given a new toy. Though they both promised each other to write there were several things to consider:

    - They were four

    - It was the late 90's

    - They didn't know how to write

    Still, as Jimin grew older and Sung-Ho's face became but a vague memory documented in a few, faded childhood photos, he still reckons that this was when the tradition of having bad birthdays began.

    On his 5th birthday, he hit his head and had to spend the day in the hospital.

    On his 6th birthday, no one from school would come to his birthday party even though Jimin handed out quite a few handmade invitation cards. At least, he didn't have to share the cake that his mother had spent hours making.

    On his 7th birthday, he got beat up. Whether for looking a certain way or behaving a certain way, didn't really matter, not to the bullies at least. Jimin though hated his body, too weak to protect himself.

    On his 8th birthday, the bike that his father bought got caught up in a car crash and was destroyed. His father was alright and after the frightening sight of his mother becoming deathly pale when hearing the news, he didn't care much for the lost present.

    On his 14th birthday after a series of violent altercations and one very tense meeting with a counsellor, he was given the judgment of poor anger management. He pretended it didn't hurt him. What was so bad about it? So he was hot-headed, many people were, nevertheless, at home he cried himself to sleep, muttering through shallow, panicked breaths that he wasn’t a bad kid. He wasn’t.

    He thought that the 14th birthday would be the worst to come.

    He was wrong.

    Perhaps this thought was heard and not by kind ears because the universe immediately set to work to truly make the most horrendous birthday two years later.

    It’s October 12th, 2012, very, very late evening and he along with the rest, save for Jungkook, found themselves standing in front of a weathered tarot shop, near Daehangno. He tried so hard to remember it later, clung to every detail that the old witch spewed in front of a crystal ball but near sixteen-year-old Jimin was an arrogant little punk and hadn't listened much to her. Had adult Jimin had the chance he’d choke the little bastard. Because of him, his life was very sour.

    Soulmates and red is all he remembered.

    A woman clothed in red, their last soulmate. They laughed at her and at the notion. Ignored her hexes for not listening and unkindly told her to stuff it. Shit was crazy. They were all soulmates and had to find the eighth one, yeah right. Jimin was actually the loudest to laugh about it then even if he secretly thought it would be a lovely idea - to be meant to love someone and be meant to be loved. They’d be tied to him and couldn't leave like his many “friends” had. Of course, after a brief shake in the rain, he scoffed at the proposal.


    What girly bullshit meant to be discussed in between giggling circles. He was a man, he was not meant for this! Especially to love other guys. What a preposterous idea. But because the universe doesn’t tolerate fifteen-year-old brats running their mouths too much about the divine order, no less than thirty minutes after Jimin is forced to eat his own words. To choke on them, to hack, to later die because of them.

    He turned from his cup of noodles, to see why Jin had suddenly started shaking and found red. So much red. So bright.

    He couldn't look away. It was raining and murk had enveloped Seoul like an impenetrable dome. Everything black, everything dark, even the light of the corner store seemed somehow muffled but not the red. Not you.

    They were all scared. Terrified out of their minds by the woman in red. Jimin presumed that at that moment they did believe, for maybe a second they believed that there was a reason for all of this but unfortunately the second passed and they were left to make judgments. A stupid, braindead decision, bred and nestled in fear.

    Jimin spent years silently screaming at all of them for that night. They'd done nothing, hadn’t even moved and after a fleeting glimpse, your red melted away. Back into the night of the world, never to be seen again.

    Still reeling from the experience they left Daehangno and Jimin glanced at Jin’s watch. 00:05. October 13th. Means you left his sight at exactly 00:00. The Curse had worked.

    So Jimin did what he knew then best - he got angry.

    He hated you. Everything was your fault. If he slipped, it was because you distracted him, if he messed up it was because he was thinking of you, if he loathed every inch of his body, it was because of people like you, who taunted him every waking moment. He cursed you with words he wouldn’t dare repeat to anyone living or dead. From morn to evening, from day to night if he would do so much as bump his knee, he would put all the world’s blame on you. And most of all he hated how you possessed him. It drove him up the wall that when he talked to a girl, he wasn’t thinking of a smooth pick up line, no, there was just you. What would you look like? Would you tug your hair like the girl in front of him did? Did you wear pleated skirts or were you more of a tomboy similar to the one who threw an empty cola can when he tried to smooth talk her into sparing some money.

    On his 17th birthday, he is hunched over the toilet bowl, cold sweat clinging to his forehead. He’s exhausted, bone-thin, having just finished vomiting the bare slivers of food he ate and yelling at the rest of his "soulmates". He spends his birthday in the company of the toilet. One would think this was his worst birthday but it wasn't. Once again Jimin goes rabid with rage because even in this state, you dare to make him think that losing you was worse.

    On his 18th birthday, he's balls deep into a very pretty stranger he met at the bar. It should be a happy day but it feels hollow. He can't stop thinking about how Jungkook will have those big eyes filled with hurt when he smells a different perfume on Jimin's clothes, how Taehyung will give him a disappointed sigh and Yoongi will pretend he doesn't exist. He can't stop thinking about whether you were in this situation, pressed against someone, moaning and writhing in the expert hands of a similar faceless stranger.

    He grips the headboard of the hotel bed and starts ramming into his partner so fast and so hard they stop faking it. (Jimin wasn't entirely oblivious). After they leave, he goes to drink again. The bottle of his beer has a vague outline of a lady in a red coat. He cries upon her figure for so long and so desperate he had no soul left. He cries all his hatred out and when the thought comes, of how would he feel if he ever had to hear what he threw towards you, he wants to die.

    He holds all the red he can find - napkins, pens, notes and wails in front of them like a sinner facing an altar.

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

    You were an innocent person, what had you done to deserve this? He felt like a monster. If the universe was fair he would never meet you. It would protect you from the hands of this wretched creature wearing his skin.

    After that evening his birthdays are neither bad nor good. Monotonous. Years piling but their marking remaining as lifeless.

    He gets better. Goes to the therapist and stops hating everything that touches his way. Stops hating his body and finds that his fingers are not claws, his ribs - not proverbial horns to be crushed. His form is not a putrid blob etched like an ink spill across the many straying lives. He was just Jimin, in his faults and his blessings.

    He is the third one to embrace the fact that they were soulmates or maybe fourth. The first and second was the obvious choice, the third one typical in his fashion remained mysterious. Jimin, however, is the first to verbalize it, his therapy sessions made him acutely aware of the words and their connotations.

    The word "soulmate" was tainted for them, by their fear, from that night, so Jimin makes it his mission to change it. He does so lightly, cracking jokes about Taehyung being his soulmate. Hoseok nearly flings himself off the chair when he lets it casually slip by. They, of course, don't mention it, the entire thing remains unspoken and maybe that's the problem. Jimin found it easier to breathe, once he accepted it as though the World had stopped hammering it into his skull and was now patting him down for being a good boy. And after some time, after much growth, none of it easy, but necessary, they begin to speak about you, about being soulmates - with no malice or scorn.

    They accept that they're each other's home, whether meant to or not. It happened to be so. But home was unfinished and as they grow older the draft through the rooms of their being flows too heavy to be left unnoticed. More often the thoughts of you are spoken aloud. At first, in pairs of two's. Would you like the coffee they were drinking? Would you like this lake in New Zealand that they travelled to? Would you laugh at the mushroom-shaped retro wig Jin had to wear for a photoshoot?

    Then gradually, nevertheless with recklessness, the yearning spills from their mouths more and more until every conversation is about you, every longing, heartbroken lyric is about you. Late-night drives where there is just them and the dark are dedicated to you, dedicated to the long discussions they revolve around the questions of your existence. Editors have to suffer for hours, cutting every little curious, pining, regretful remark from the archives of their never-ending film.

    Jimin was happy to hear it. Happy to smooth some balm over the wounds he carved on your name. He was the one with the Curse yet he felt you must be an exceptionally unlucky girl, had to be stuck with their poor excuse of soulmates.

    When his 26th birthday comes around, the world is a mess. Everything has turned upside down and now there is a new layer added - fear. Fear for you. It was no small chance that you could get sick, that you could die without ever knowing that there were seven people breathing worry about your safety.

    That birthday was as unremarkable as the previous, or the next one will be, he presumed. Jimin walked along the bridge, candle and cupcake in hand. He blew, snuffing out the single beam of light in the night. If there was anyone listening and if they could find some pity in their hearts, his only wish was just to see you, to know that you were alright. He asked of nothing more, just a single glimpse and he'd be gone out of your life for good. He dared not to dream of more, to plead for your love. After everything he'd done, he did not deserve it.

    But one thing was thinking alone on a bridge in Seoul, another to stand in front of your door or rather lie in Jimin's case. He spots the familiar red suitcase in the corner of the empty hallway and gives it a soft smile as if to say "hello, old friend".

    The reality that you were here, you'd become true regurgitates in the forefront of his awareness that the giddiness just doesn't stop. They're drawn to you like moths to a flame, like bull to a red flag. Even Hobi who right from the start insisted that they had no right, no right to invade your life, to drag you into their mess when they cast you aside, even he could not stay away. He fought, fought to all his might but in the end strayed not a single step outside your orbit. And Jimin who tried to remember that he doesn't deserve this, couldn't stop craving.

    They did think they should leave, they yearned and whined with such ardour, it only drove you away but then you came home drunk that one Friday and they saw the full extent of what their fear did to you. When they were coddled up in warmth, no matter how denied, you were alone. Alone in the cold. Not even waiting, you had not known they would be coming for you.

    Bad circumstances, bad people, bad decisions seizing your days, year after year. They were surprised you were even here. No wonder you wanted no one.

    That night was the worst they've ever had. They spoke little but thought a lot and in the morning light, they settled for atonement. They'd pushed you on a hopeless path once, now they would build you a better one instead. And if you told them to fuck off when push came to shove, they'd bid their heads gracefully and exit stage left.

    It's another October 13, Jimin's birthday, and he scarcely begins to believe the Curse is lifted. You don't understand why is he so happy, it's written all over your face, but Jimin vibrates with joy. He doesn't care that every lungful smells of fish or that there is nothing glamorous lying around. Right now to him, this small wharf is a piece of Heaven he hadn't dreamt of seeing.

    He hides in your neck when the movie comes, not because he was scared, the "Return of the Killer Tomatoes" wasn't what he considered as dread-inducing, but because he could. He could feel the warm skin underneath his lips and a steady beat of a heartbeat, very much alive, very much so undeservedly kind to him.

    He still can't say what he needs to. He has to respect the decisions of others but moreover, he doesn't know how to say it. How can he put into words literal years of both insanity and adoration, of worship and slander? The last thing he wants is to hurt you and the truth will hurt. He thinks that it might just destroy you, the way it destroyed him in that hotel room.

    He spins a hypothetical tale of this someone, some one, The One. Semantics, wasn't it. And you tell him, it's okay, the filth...it didn't matter because it never made it real in the physical sense but Park Jimin if anyone, knew how much words hurt, sometimes even whispered in your own ear.

    You touch his heart and he wants to give it to you, in a gory, self-sacrificing way but he settles on more socially acceptable hand-holding. You don't know yet that this heart beats for you - it aches, it breaks and it can't look you straight into the eye. There's so much that neither you nor Jimin know. Like his next birthday. Perhaps it will be even better, or perhaps he will be once again weeping red. No one knew where their paths could lead, especially if they were so goddamn stubborn about it.

    "I'm such an idiot," you utter, bathed in sunlight and Jimin could swear you were not made of this Earth but of stars, so distant and lovely.

    "I didn't bring you a piece of cake or a candle. You could have made a birthday wish by the seaside.

    Jimin cares not for any more wishes. He'd made one, back in Seoul, and it was sitting right next to him.

    He shrugs as the last light of the fading sun, disappears over the horizon, his birthday candle if he wished.

    "Don't worry," he smiles, cataloguing every bit of your face to memory, building his finished home. "It came true."

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    Does anyone know what happened with nomseok? She is the author of Ethereal Orbit. I saw that she deactivated? Can someone please let me know? She is one of my favorite authors and followed her for awhile. I haven’t been on her for a couple of days :(

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    valentine’s date | jjk

    ⏤ pairing: reporter!jungkook x female reader

    ⏤ genre: fake dating au, coworkers to lovers, friends to lovers, idiots to lovers, angst, fluff, and smut

    ⏤ rating: 18+

    ⏤ warnings: alcohol consumption, a lot of making out, dom!jungkook, big cock!jungkook, oral sex (m receiving), swearing, some teasing, pet names, praising, a bit of jealousy, hickeys, penetrative sex, protected sex, and unprotected sex, rough sex, creampie, overstimulation, and multiple orgasms

    ⏤ words: 12,949

    ⏤ summary: Every year, on the 13th of February, your family gathers together to celebrate love, it’s your own kind of Valentine’s Day before the actual day. This year is going to be different because, for the first time in years, you’re single but your parents pressured you to find someone otherwise they’ll bring someone for you. Although you love your parents, and you know this comes as a caring act, you don’t trust their tastes. So, you propose to your coworker, Jungkook, to come with you to save you from embarrassment. But nothing goes as planned since both of you have feelings for the other.

    ⏤ author’s note: well, you can finally found the new version of this fic! honestly, there aren’t big changes, i mostly just rewrote the entire thing and added a bit of things here and there but the fic is still the same! i hope you’ll still like this version of the fic, please let me know what you think of it! thanks for all your love & support! ❤️


    As every day you enter the building of the biggest broadcasting company in the country, Jung Broadcasting Corporation, known as JBC. This is where you have been working for the past five years, and you absolutely love what you do. But today is not a normal day for several reasons. Reasons that you just don’t want to think about right now.

    Quickly you run to the elevator whose doors are about to close. Since you’re in a rush, you don’t pay too much attention to the people inside, only noticing how full it is. The only thing you want is to quickly go to your desk and disappear for the entire day like every day. You just want this day to be a normal one although you feel it’s never going to be a normal day at all.  

    Readjusting your glasses, you jump when a very familiar voice in the back of the elevator says your name.  

    “Hey, Yn.”

    Your heart starts pounding hard in your chest while a big bright smile appears on your face. This deep but cute voice is a voice you could recognize everywhere, even in a very crowded room just like right now. This voice comes from the one and only, Jeon Jungkook. Yes, you read it well, Jeon Jungkook.

    Not only is he the most famous sports reporter in the country but he’s also the hottest man of the year. Just a quick look at this elevator is proof of it. All the women inside it are completely mesmerized by him, and all the men are just jealous that he’s inside this small metallic cabin.

    But as he raises his voice to speak to you, everybody raises an eyebrow, wondering who he’s even talking to. As cliché as it might sound, you literally look like a nerdy girl coming straight out of a crappy romantic movie. You’re very insecure about yourself, you barely put any makeup on, you wear glasses and you work in the IT department of this huge company. Most people here don’t know who you are because you’re invisible.

    Never in five years have you done anything to draw any attention to you. The less people know about who you truly are, the better it is. You’ve grown up in a world where your last name could open all the doors you want, and it definitely helped to be where you are today. But you don’t want everyone here to know who you are because you know that they’ll speak to you by interest.  

    But sometimes, some people notice when you speak to Jungkook. Every single employee of this company knows who he is, and when he’s with a girl, everybody sees it. But somehow, they all just figure out that you two are just friends. You always thought that maybe it’s because a man like him is supposed to date some kind of model and not a girl like you.  

    As you turn your head, your smile grows when you see his handsome face. God, you hate him for being so perfect. How can even a man be this perfect? You only see his face at the end of the elevator, and you’re thankful you don’t have a full view of his body, knowing just perfectly how it would drive you completely crazy. His face is enough although you know he’s going to haunt your entire day.  

    “Good morning, Jeon.” You answer before looking away.  

    You look away to avoid letting everyone know in this room the huge crush you have on this man. You don’t want him or anyone to know about it because you prefer to live in your own bubble, imagining that maybe a tiny little part of him is interested in you. Although you’re convinced that he doesn’t give two shits about you in a romantic way.

    The doors of the elevators open on the fifth floor where you work, making you walk as fast as possible. If you disappear under your workload, nobody will notice you which is exactly what you want. Jungkook watches you walk away with a bright smile on his face. Nothing bad can happen now that he saw you.  

    “Today, Jin is coming.” Your coworker, Ha-neul says with excitement.

    This is what you’re avoiding today, and one of the reasons why today is going to be different. Jin is non-other than your brother but also a very famous actor that is coming today to your workplace to sign a contract with JBC for a new drama.

    From what he told you, he’s going to play the main character in a historical drama. Of course, he didn’t give you more details because he just can’t but the fact that it’s a historical drama makes you want to know more about it.

    “I know.” You reply, sitting down on your chair while your computer starts.

    Being his sister is one of the things you hide from everyone. Why? Because everyone would suddenly notice you and would want to speak with you just to get somehow closer to him. You don’t want that. You want people to look at you because they’re interested in you.

    “That man is just so handsome!” She says, imagining his sweet face.

    He’s your brother so you just don’t find him attractive at all. Annoying, for sure but not handsome.  

    “We most probably won’t see him.” You add.

    You’re sure of that, you’re working in the IT department, a place where an actor would never come. Jin promised you yesterday that he wasn’t going to visit you because he just knows how uncomfortable it would make you feel. Your big brother grew up, watching you blossom in a totally different way than everyone in your family. You’re shy, extremely shy and he respects that although he really wants to show the world how smart you are.

    “I know, I was just hoping that in a way, we’d see him.”

    As you look up at one of the screens that broadcast the show of Jungkook, you feel completely hypnotized by him. A year ago, you would have never imagined that you’d be single by now and have a huge crush on Jungkook, the coworker that you always saw as a simple friend.

    But today everything has changed. Taehwan broke up with you almost a year ago, just a week after Valentine’s Day. That was devastating but you had to turn the page. You simply couldn’t live a life crying over a man that just didn’t care about you anymore. The three years spent with him were amazing but you needed to move on from it. It was easier said than done but eventually, the heartbreak faded away.

    Today, just a couple of days prior to Valentine's Day, you’re completely single, something that your parents don’t really seem to accept. They loved Taehwan but your mother insulted him of all the possible names when he broke up with you. All they want now is your happiness and they have seen how miserable you have felt for the past year. So, to help you to find your happiness again, they pressured you to find someone for the annual 13th of February family gathering otherwise they’ll find someone for you.

    You desperately need to find someone because you don’t really trust your parents’ tastes. They’ll probably invite the son of their neighbor, Taehyung but you don’t want to be with someone whose name sounds just like your ex’s name. You’re sure that he’s a good boy but you’ll just think about his name.

    You growl with frustration before focusing on your work.

    Although you consider that Jungkook doesn’t like you, the truth is that he has a massive crush on you. The man only thinks about you all day long.

    Unlike what everyone thinks, Jungkook is not interested in models and other kinds of superficial women. That definitely is not his type. He values more than just the appearance of someone because a woman can be interesting in so many ways. And with you, he talks a lot, making him learn tons of things about you in the past five years.

    What he loves is to join you at lunch breaks to hear you talk about what you did the previous day or what you thought about the show he presented the day before. It’s always feedback that he appreciates and that he takes into consideration for the next shows. Sometimes, he feels that he owes a huge part of his success to you because without your honest feedbacks, he wouldn’t have evolved this much.  

    “This is Yn, how can I help you?”

    Jungkook smiles as he hears your voice, he has been waiting for this moment since the second he saw you entering the elevator in a rush this morning, finding you extremely cute as you were walking fast.

    Five years ago, when you were both starting in the company, every time he’d call the IT department, it was always you that would answer him and help him with his IT issues. But now that you’ve both grown inside this huge company, he knows your number by heart and calls it every time he faces an issue, or at least a ‘supposed’ one.  

    “Hi, Yn.” He replies. “It’s Jungkook.”

    He didn’t need to introduce himself, you already knew it was him. Just like him, you now know his number by heart. Every time it appears on your desk phone’s screen, you smile like an idiot because it truly makes you happy that he chooses you over all the people in the IT department.

    The sports reporter knows how lucky he is that he can deal with you when he has an issue. The structure of the company allows him to contact you because you were assigned with the VIP Team, a team that Jungkook is part of since he’s very important in the company. Only a few people of the IT department are assigned to the VIP Team, something that you’re really proud of because you managed by yourself to be assigned to those persons.

    It’s not easy every day because some of those important people are always mean but Jungkook is far from being like that. Seeing his number always warms your little heart because you know that with him, you’ll laugh.

    “I know it’s you, Jeon.” You reply.

    The simple fact that you admit knowing his number makes his heart swell with happiness.

    “Tell me what’s your issue today.”

    He takes his time to explain what’s the matter today with his computer, a problem that you easily solve. You always solve his problem quite quickly but you both start talking about some other random things.

    “Every girl in the office is fangirling over Jin today, completely ignoring me.” You giggle when he mentions the fact that nobody is paying attention to him today.

    “It’s temporary, Jin is just here for today.” You reply. “Tomorrow, everything will be back to normal.”

    You desperately want things to go back to normal, you’re just tired of hearing your coworkers talking about your brother. To you, he’s just a regular guy but it seems that everyone in this office finds him extremely handsome, but you’re the first one to admit how talented he is as an actor. You’ve been his first fan and supporter since he has dreamed of becoming an actor.

    “I hope so!” He says with a big smile on his face. “I don’t like sharing my fans with someone else.”

    You know he’s joking, he doesn’t like to brag about his “hottest man of the year” award because it makes him uncomfortable. It doesn’t seem like it but Jungkook can be very shy, extremely shy even though you’re convinced that he’s not shy at all. The man seems to breathe confidence all the time.

    “You should let him know that.” You tease him a little.

    “He’ll just tell me to go fuck myself.” He giggles while he quickly looks around, noticing that it’s almost time for him to present his daily sports show but he doesn’t want to leave you.

    You desperately want to defend your brother but Jungkook doesn’t know, so you just don’t do it. Maybe one day, you’ll find the courage to tell him the truth and to let him know who you truly are. But it’s probably not going to be anytime soon.

    “Maybe not.” You reply. “Maybe he’s a nice person, and he’ll just accept the fact that you don’t want to share your fans.”

    Jungkook can’t help but smile even more. He loves that side of you, the side that just sees the good in everyone and everything. That side of you has given him so much hope, making him see also the positive side of life when it gets too hard.

    “I have to go, Yn but thanks for your help and time.”

    “Don’t worry, Jeon. It’s my job.” You say. “Good luck with your show.”

    With your good wishes, he knows everything is going to be fine.

    When you leave your desk and walk to the elevator to go to the restaurant of the building for your lunch break, you find Jungkook waiting for you in front of the elevator. That’s where you both meet before going to the restaurant together. Once there, you usually join Jimin and Yoongi, two other colleagues with whom you get along very well.

    You don’t have many friends due to the fact that you’re extremely shy but the few friends you have are literally the best persons on earth. Nothing would ever make sense in your life without them. You simply can’t imagine having your lunch break without those three crackheads.

    “I’ve been waiting here for an eternity.” He says with a grin on his face. “I had the time to die and come back to life.”

    You laugh, shaking your head. That man is always exaggerating as if he doesn’t know any limits.  

    “So now JBC's hottest sports reporter is some kind of phoenix?” You say, raising an eyebrow before bowing to him.

    “You’re so slow, Yn.” He bows back to you before pressing the button to call the elevator. “Next time, I’ll let you go by yourself to the restaurant.”

    You roll your eyes, knowing perfectly that he’ll come every day. He keeps repeating that every time you take a bit more time than usual but he always waits for you, a fact that warms your fragile little heart. You deeply cherish everything he does for you.  

    “Next time, I’ll make sure to take even more time.” You say, making him chuckle at your words. What he likes about you is that you’re not scared to tease him back. He doesn’t do it with a lot of people because he’s not sure how they’ll react but with you, he knows that you won’t hold back.

    The elevator arrives, the both of you entering the small cabin. This time around it’s empty, there’s just you and Jungkook inside of it. Weirdly enough, you don’t feel awkward or embarrassed to be just with him. Your phone rings, letting you know that you’ve received a message. You take it from your bag before taking a quick look at it.

    Jungkook glances down at you, smiling as he notices your reaction. You scrunch your nose as you sigh before quickly playing with the end of your hair. Without an ounce of hesitation, he’d say that you’re most probably exasperated with what you just saw. You always do it when something bothers you.

    In fact, you’ve received several messages from your mother. She sent you pictures of the famous Taehyung, most probably pictures that she asked her friend because she wants to show you how handsome the man is. The pictures are followed by a little description of what he does in life, it seems that he’s working as a saxophonist in the orchestra of Seoul. That’s very prestigious, not everyone can enter that orchestra, only the best of the best can make it.

    For a mere moment, you take the time to look at the pictures. For sure the little glasses give him a certain charm but he looks too serious. He isn’t ugly at all but you’re stuck with the Tae, reminding you once again of your ex. It’s not his fault at all but everything would have been better if his name didn’t start with Tae.

    Plus, you have a man that is a million times hotter than him just next to you. At least that’s your opinion. But it just makes you laugh how your mother is trying hard to put you with her neighbor’s son. You know it comes with a very good intention, she just wants you to be happy. Although, you’re not sure that this Taehyung can make you happy.

    “My mother is terrible.” You roll your eyes for the millionth time today.

    “I guess that’s how mothers are.” Jungkook replies. You gaze up at him, biting the inside of your cheek as you take in how beautiful he is.

    “My mother is extra terrible.” You add before taking a deep breath to explain to him what is going on. “Every year, my parents organize a Valentine’s Day with all the family on the 13th and basically, we have to bring someone with us. For the past couple of years, I was with Taehwan so he was coming with me but this year, I don’t have anyone.”

    You look away, not wanting to stare into his eyes as you admit that you’re completely alone. But as you look in front of you, you just realize that maybe Jungkook can be the one to save you from the embarrassment of having to spend the whole day with Taehyung. Things are for sure going to be awkward with him because you both don’t know each other, and you’ll have to discover him through a very embarrassing dinner with your family.  

    “So, if I don’t find anyone, they’ll invite their friends’ son.” You look at the pictures on your phone before shoving them on his face. “That’s him.”  

    Jungkook is surprised but glad that you showed it to him. His hands rest over yours while he looks at the man in the pictures. He’d be lying if he said that Taehyung is ugly, making him feel kind of jealous. What if you end up liking him?

    The elevator’s doors open, announcing that it’s your way out. You walk with Jungkook, your fingers playing together as you wonder how you can even ask him anything.  

    “I don’t want my parents to bring someone that I don’t know and that would make me feel deeply uncomfortable.” You start saying, halting in an empty hallway. Jungkook looks down at you, understanding that this has taken a serious and deep turn. “Would you accept to go with me?” You don’t even let him say anything that you’re already explaining why. “We are friends and I trust you a lot,” you’d entrust your life to him without any hesitation, “plus, my parents will leave me alone if I bring someone…”

    Jungkook smiles while shaking his head. Even if you hadn’t asked him, he would have probably ended up proposing to save you from your crazy parents. His chest swells with happiness because he feels like a superhero.

    “You don’t have to give me any explanations, Yn.” His hand goes to your shoulder before moving down to your arm, caressing it in a comforting way. “I’d love to go with you.”

    A smile appears on your face as you hear his answer before hugging him. He’s definitely going to save you from a very awkward first date with Taehyung, and he’s going to spare that poor guy an embarrassing night. But now, it’s Jungkook who will probably spend an inconvenient moment with your family.

    Jungkook’s heart warms as he feels your arms wrap around him. Being this close to you is something that doesn’t happen very often but he’s extremely happy when it does, it just gives him hope that maybe you feel the same way about him.

    “Thank you, Jungkook,” you take a step back with a smile still on your face.

    You swear that you’ve never seen a man as handsome as him. His black hair is perfectly pushed back but there are some strands falling on his face, making him look like an ethereal prince. But never before have you met someone with such a big heart. There’s no doubt that anybody else would have never accepted straight away.

    His right hand gives your arm a little squeeze before he quickly glances away. There is a little spark in your eyes that is making him extremely weak, he just can’t look at you right now otherwise he’ll just surrender and kiss you when he simply doesn’t know if his feelings are reciprocated.

    “We should get going before Jimin starts whining,” he says as he starts walking in the restaurant’s direction.

    Jimin always complains when you and Jungkook take too much time to arrive, he simply hates to wait before eating since he’s always super hungry. That man absolutely loves the food of the restaurant, he just doesn’t want all of it to disappear, and you certainly aren’t the person who is going to blame him. The dishes prepared by this restaurant are just extremely exquisite.

    Jungkook is walking in front of you, leading the way to the restaurant. As you walk behind him, you notice how everyone turns their head on him but nobody seems to notice you at all. It’s like you’re completely invisible.

    This reminds you a lot of the relation you have with your brother. Jin has always been the one to easily grab people's attention while you always have been walking on his shadow, hidden from everyone. But it has always been your favourite spot because you hate people’s eyes on you. As your eyes look around you, you realize that you have fallen for a man that is simply like your brother. A man with a big heart and with a massive charisma.

    Today is finally the 13th of February.

    Jungkook should be coming at any minute to drive you both to your parents’ house. For the past three days, you’ve been trying to tell him who your father and brother are. But it has been very difficult, you never knew how to explain that he’ll be sitting in front of the man that stole his fans when he came to the JBC building.  

    You take one last look at your figure, checking the blue dress you put on. This dress is the one you bought last year in hopes to wear it this year and impress Taehwan but unfortunately, you won’t impress him this year. For the past three days, you were overthinking if you should still wear the dress, only to make you realize that this day is about celebrating yourself first. So, you decided to wear it no matter what. But you’re secretly hoping that Jungkook will love it.

    For the makeup, you decided to go with something very simple, just some foundation and mascara. That’s already a lot for you, you always preferred to not wear any makeup but for special occasions, you love to get pretty. Since your eyes can’t bear contact lenses, you have to put on your glasses otherwise you don’t see a damn thing.  

    When you announced two days ago to your mother that you were coming with someone, she was a bit disappointed because she really wanted to introduce Taehyung to you. She’s truly convinced that he’s the perfect man for you. So, in the middle of a panic situation, you just told her that you’ve been dating Jungkook for a little while but since it was still the beginning of your relationship, you hid it.

    The moment you hang up, you hated yourself for not being able to say the truth to your mother but weirdly enough, Jungkook just agreed to pretend to be with you as if it was totally normal. What you ignored was that he was more than happy to pretend to be your boyfriend and to have an excuse to touch you just the way he has been craving for a couple of months.

    Somebody knocks at your door, you’d say that it’s Jungkook since it is already 7 pm. The dinner is supposed to start around 8 pm but your parents asked you to be there around 7.30 pm. Your mother desperately wants to start dinner at 8, so everyone has to arrive at least thirty minutes before.

    As you open the door of your apartment, you’re graced with a Jungkook wearing a long black coat that prevents you from seeing what he’s wearing under it although you can see the end of his black skinny jeans with the black classic boots. He’s all handsome. You feel blessed to see him like this but you definitely can’t wait to see his outfit under his long coat.

    Jungkook is completely blown away by your beauty. That cute blue dress embraces your body perfectly, revealing your insanely perfect curves to him. Just with this view, he knows it’s going to be hard for him to hide how attracted he is to you.  

    “Hey, Jeon.” You say with a bright smile on your face.

    His eyes ride up to meet yours. “Hey, Yn.” He says swallowing hard. “You look really pretty.”

    Jungkook can count the moments a woman left him speechless, but this right here surpasses everything. He just doesn’t know what to say or what to even think other than you’re fucking sexy and hot. He feels more than lucky to be able to spend the night with you in this blue sexy dress.

    “I just need to put on my coat, and take my purse.” You inform him before letting him come inside your apartment.

    The man from Busan is surprised to see how huge your apartment is, he was expecting something much smaller since you’re not a woman of excess. But he ignores that your mother bought this apartment for you when you decided to leave your parents’ house because she wanted you to still have a very comfortable place to live.

    It is too huge for you but this makes you think of your mother. This apartment is just a proof of all the love she has for you. A caring love that helps you to sleep at night when you miss her dearly, and coming here after work every day, just feels like being into your mother’s comforting arms.  

    Nevertheless, your apartment is decorated just the way he envisioned it. It’s mostly white with just the necessary things to live. Everything is perfectly organized, nothing is out of its place. This apartment is just a material image of who you are, Jungkook sees it which makes him smile.  

    Barely a minute later, you appear with your coat, shoes on, and bag in your hand, ready to leave your place to join your family. Your heart is hammering harshly in your chest as you realize that you’re going to pretend to be dating your crush. This is going to be a very intense night, you know it.

    “Let’s go!” You tell him with still a smile on your face.

    He nods before you both leave your place and walk to his car parked not too far from the building where you live. Unconsciously his right-hand goes to your lower back while you both walk, holding you close and warm against his body.  

    “So, just to be sure we have the same version.” Jungkook starts saying, glancing straight in front of him. “We’re working in the same company, JBC, we’ve been friends since we both started there and two months ago, we realized we had feelings for each other and started dating.”

    That’s a very simplified version of what you both decided to tell your family. Basically, everything is based on your real relationship, everything will be easier if you keep some truth, but a small part will change. Two months ago, Jungkook wanted to thank you properly for all the help you’ve given him for the past five years and he invited you to go out. That night, you both realized that there was more than friendship between the two of you which led to you trying to date. Apparently, it seems to be working since you’re still together.

    “Yes, that’s it.”

    Even though it’s a lie, Jungkook knows that he won’t have any problem pretending that he loves you. The feelings are already there, he just needs to finally let them out which makes him kind of nervous because he’s scared that you’ll realize that he truly loves you more than a friend. He’s convinced that it’s not a mutual feeling, that you just don’t like him the way he does. It’d be hard for him.

    “Let’s just hope my parents don’t start asking too many questions.” You say.

    You know you’re a terrible liar, you won’t be able to invent something more than what you have already elaborated with him. You know that if your parents start asking too many questions, your true feelings for Jungkook will just bloom out, something you don’t want your friend to discover.  

    He stops walking in front of his Mercedes GLC. It’s not the first time you see his car but damn, every time you’re impressed by it. You’ve seen much more expensive cars but this car is a hell of a pretty car. Jungkook loves to watch that wonder in your eyes, it just makes him realize how precious life can be.

    “Always so in love with my car.” He says.

    “How can I not love this car?” You reply. “Have you just seen it?” Your eyes look up, locking with his.

    “I see it every day, Yn.” He winks at you before opening the passenger door for you, letting you get inside. Your eyes can’t stop looking at it with marvel, it’s like you’re a kid receiving a Christmas gift two months later. The car is even prettier inside.

    This is your first time inside his car, and his strong scent completely fills it. It almost feels like you’re hugging Jungkook, his scent being the only thing your nose seems to smell. But it also feels like you’ve invaded his personal space, like you’ve stepped into Jungkook’s personal life, and you’re for sure not going to complain about it.

    Seconds later, he enters the car and starts driving to your parents’ place. As you give him the address, he instantly knows that it’s where the wealthiest people of Korea live. It makes him a bit more nervous because it means that your parents are not just some random Koreans.

    During the drive, you both sing along to all the songs, making you giggle when one of you starts singing off key. Jungkook purposely keeps singing off key just to hear you giggle, nothing makes him feel happier than your giggles filling his ears.

    After the ten minutes ride, you arrive in front of your parents’ house, and Jungkook is completely impressed by the huge house. Now, he’s a hundred percent sure that you’re the daughter of someone very important but he doesn’t get why you have never told him anything. He knows you’re very secretive about your private life but you can trust him.

    “I just sent a message to my brother to open the portal.” You inform him.

    Jungkook only nods, still very confused about the situation. He’s a bit nervous because he knows he’ll be dining with important people, he just doesn't know who yet. He tries to stay calm, driving the car inside when the portal opens. While you get closer to the house, he feels like it’s even bigger. This is massive.

    When he comes closer to the property, your parents appear on the porch. Your mother is smiling widely, more than happy to finally see her daughter again while your father stays there only looking at the car coming closer. Jungkook’s heart almost drops when he sees your father.  

    “Your father is Kim Seokwoo?” He stops the car, his eyes looking at you.

    You bite your lower lip, your eyes avoiding him at all costs. “I’ve been trying to tell you that for the past days but I was just scared of your reaction.”

    Jungkook’s hand rests on yours, trying to reassure you in any way. “You don’t have to be scared with me.” Your eyes finally meet his, only seeing some form of love. “And I admire your father and brother.”

    Your father, Kim Seokwoo is the biggest producer in the country, winning tons of awards for all the dramas and movies he produced. All actors dream to work with him because once they work for him, they become a huge name in the industry. Your brother, Seokjin, who goes by simply Jin, has never worked for him because he doesn’t want his career and success to be associated with his father. He has been working hard to make a name for himself, he just doesn’t want people to think that he owes everything to his father. That’s why he’s just known as Jin and not Kim Seokjin.

    That’s what you hide from everyone, nobody knows who they are for you. If anybody in the company finds out that you’re Kim Seokwoo’s daughter, they’ll just speak to you just to get to him. His name is huge, and you could have used it to open all the doors you desired but that’s not who you are. Your father taught you to fight hard for what you wish, and he’s more than proud to have raised two amazing persons.

    “Now, let’s go before they start wondering why we don’t leave the car.” Jungkooks says as he opens the door.

    You mumble a thank you while you squeeze his hand, more than thankful that he didn’t start fangirling over your father and brother. Jungkook only nods before you both leave the car, walking towards your parents. Your father smiles when he sees you, and your mother is more than surprised when she sees Jungkook.

    Like everyone, she perfectly knows who the hell Jungkook is. The hottest man of the year along with the best sports reporter of JBC. She for sure wasn’t expecting you to bring him or to even know him.

    “Jeon Jungkook.” Your mother says. “It’s a pleasure to meet you in person.” She reaches out her hand to him when he approaches her. “I’ve heard so many amazing things about you and your work.”

    You hug your father, happy to finally see him. You’re a family person, always wanting to be around your parents and brother but that only happens on the weekend because you work during the week. Of course, you call them every day after work to at least hear their voices once a day but everything is so much better when you’re around them.

    “You could have informed us that he’s your valentine.” Your father whispers in your ear. “Your mother would have directly stopped with Taehyung.”

    You step back a bit, looking at the man you love the most on earth. “You know how I am when it comes to my love life.”

    Even with your family, you don’t speak much about your love life. It’s something you’re not comfortable with. If it was possible, you wouldn’t speak about it to anyone but it’s nearly impossible with your mother who's always trying to put you with some of her friends’ sons.

    You move to your mother who is trying as hard as possible to hide her emotions but it’s crystal clear that she’s a tiny bit mad at you for not telling her that you’re dating Jungkook. But she can understand it because she knows you too well. After all, she birthed you, so she perfectly knows how you always try to hide everything from everyone.

    “We’re going to have a very serious conversation, young lady.” She berates you with a small smile.

    “Mom, don’t be awkward.” You roll your eyes. “I don’t want you to traumatize Jungkook when he only arrived now.”

    Your mother sighs before you all enter inside since it’s extremely cold outside. Jungkook is smiling while shaking his head, realizing that you’re truly yourself with him. That makes his heart flutter.  

    When you’re all inside the house, he takes in how beautiful the house is. The entrance hall is super huge like the houses you see in movies. Everything is perfectly organized and cleaned just like in your apartment but this is just another level. Jungkook feels like he’s in a dream.

    He can understand that you don’t want people to know who your family is but he would have loved to know minutes ago that he was going to have dinner with Kim Seokwoo and Jin. Especially, that he’d be in a fucking dreamy house.

    “You grew up here?” He whispers in your ear.

    “Only a part of my life.” You look up at him with a smile on your face. “We used to live in a much smaller house until I was twelve. My dad was becoming too well-known, it was not safe for any of us to live in a normal house in a normal neighborhood. So, we moved here where it’s much safer, the house has guards, and even the neighborhood is controlled.”

    This is the only way to ensure the safety of all the people living here and to ensure your family’s safety. When your father became too famous, he wanted to try to keep living the same simple life he used to have but it clearly was impossible, especially when the fans found out where he was living.

    It was extremely scary to go home and see all those people around your safe place. While your parents were looking for a new safer place to live, you and Jin were living with your grandparents but you also changed schools because the other kids were always annoying you and your brother. In less than a week, your parents found a new place, this house and since then, everything has been better.

    “This is something else.” He says.

    Jungkook lives in a very controlled building because his success has been growing a lot lately. But this house seems to be coming straight from a movie.

    “I know.” You don’t stop looking at him, now he’s the one looking like a kid, and you can’t help but find him extremely adorable. His hand grabs yours, holding it tight while you all walk to the living room. You smile like an idiot, loving the fact he unconsciously holds your hand.

    “You have a wonderful house, Mr. Kim.” Jungkook says to your father.

    Your father looks back at the two of you. “You don’t have to call me Mr. Kim, Seokwoo is enough.” He informs your fake boyfriend. “You’re part of the family now, Jungkook, no need for formalities.”

    Your father never loved to be called Mr. Kim outside work, especially by people that date his children. Just as he informed Jungkook now, he did the same with Taehwan and with Soomin, Jin’s girlfriend.

    As you enter the huge living room, you notice Jin with his longtime girlfriend. They’ve been together for almost seven years but no marriage seems to be in sight which despairs your mother. She wants to organize a dreamy wedding for her firstborn and she wants him to have children with his lover. She always keeps repeating that at his age, she was already married and a mother but Jin just doesn’t listen to her because he doesn’t feel ready yet to get married.

    “This is my older brother, Jin, and his girlfriend, Soomin.” You introduce them to Jungkook. “And that’s my boyfriend, Jungkook.”

    It feels incredibly weird to say that but this is all just pretending. In some days, you’ll just announce to them that it’s over with Jungkook and you’ll be back to dreaming about being with him. He’ll just be your crush all over again.

    “Nice to meet you, Jungkook,” Jin says as they shake hands together. “And welcome to this crazy family!” He adds.

    Soomin offers him a smile before he greets her. Your sister-in-law is honestly a saint because she has to deal with Jin on a daily basis, and you don’t know how she can survive him. Your brother is completely crazy, but you absolutely adore Soomin. She’s like the sister you never had, you can tell her anything.

    “If you need any advice on how to survive all those crazy people, just let me know and I’ll tell you my little secret.” Soomin whispers to Jungkook.

    “Thank you.” He says with a big smile on his face.

    Being welcomed like this by your family relaxes him immensely. For the past few days, he has been extremely nervous to meet your parents and siblings, constantly imagining the worst but so far, he feels like he has no reasons to worry about the course of this night.    

    You all take a seat on the couch, Jungkook sitting down next to you and placing his hand over your exposed leg. His thumb caresses your leg, reassuring you both with such a simple and tender gesture. As time passes, he realizes that this night will most probably end with him confessing his feelings to you. This entire fake situation makes him feel way too comfortable.

    Quickly, your father brings an old whiskey that he had in the cellar that is situated in the basement. Of course, he gives a glass to everyone to taste his amazing whiskey. Your father has weird collections of wines, whiskeys, and other types of alcohol. The good thing is that when you want to get drunk, you just have to go to the basement and choose whatever you want. That’s what happened when Taehwan broke up with you, your father’s basement became your best friend.

    Everyone casually talks, Jin making jokes about how Jungkook can be in a relationship with a weirdo like you but your crush always comes up with the perfect explanations, almost as if everything is truly real. However, you can also see how protective your brother is. All the questions he raises just show you how concerned he is about you. Your big brother has always been like that, extremely protective of you, and he still blames himself for not having seen how much of a jerk Taehwan was.

    But it isn’t his fault at all, it was Taehwan. Nevertheless, it was extremely painful to see you in pain for months and he just wants to be sure that Jungkook will never hurt you the same way your ex did.  

    At 8 pm precisely, you all go to the dining room, eating what your parents’ chef prepared for tonight. During the entire dinner, Jungkook keeps being touchy, your heart squeezing with pain every time you realize that he does it to fool your family. In a way, you’d love that every gesture and attention was real but what you ignore is that everything is real. Your ‘fake’ boyfriend is not doing it to fool your family, he’s doing it because he wants to. He wants to enjoy the fact that he can do it without it being weird.

    Your parents also explain to Jungkook where this tradition of the 13th comes from. It all started when you were very young. Your parents didn’t want the 14th to be just about romantic love, they wanted to celebrate all sorts of love. They simply wanted to include their children during Valentine’s Day. So, they decided that from now, on the 13th, it would be about celebrating all kinds of love.

    Jungkook can’t help but find the gesture absolutely adorable, and even if nothing happens between you two, he’ll make sure that from now on, he’ll celebrate all types of love on the 13th.

    The night goes perfectly well, your parents adore Jungkook and they absolutely approve of him which breaks your heart because sooner or later you’ll have to announce to them that this was just a masquerade.

    During the entire night, you all drank too much alcohol and after a long discussion, you agreed to sleep here. It’s definitely not a good idea to drive with a lot of alcohol in your system. Jungkook will borrow some clothes from Jin since he doesn’t have anything to wear tomorrow but the stressful part is that he’s going to sleep with you in your old bedroom. You simply can’t ask your parents if he can sleep in a guest room because it’ll raise too much suspicion.

    “Your bed is not really big.” Jungkook says when he steps inside your room.

    “It was the bed of a single twenty-year-old girl.” You inform him. “I didn’t need a huge bed for myself.”

    Jungkook looks around, admiring where you’ve spent a part of your life. Your room is simple but still beautiful, just like you. It doesn’t seem at all that a teenager lived here, it almost looks like you only left two days ago and not some years ago.

    “I have a bathroom just there in case you want to undress yourself.” You show him the bathroom.

    Jungkook shakes his head because he actually doesn’t mind at all undressing in front of you, this being most probably due to all the alcohol he drank earlier.

    “No, it’s okay. You can use it if you want.”

    You also shake your head, also being comfortable with undressing in front of your crush. Jungkook is for sure not going to complain about seeing you in underwear. But although you have drunk a lot, you’re still a bit shy so you turn your back on him and quickly change yourself, putting on your black nightie. You don’t have many clothes left here but you left some sexy pajamas since most of the time, Taehwan was staying with you and it was a reason to tease him a little.

    When you turn your back to face Jungkook, the first thing you see is his insanely perfect body.  He’s on the other side of the bed, so your bed hides his legs but his torso is so damn toned. It’s like he was hand-carved by God himself. You never imagined that Jungkook was hiding such a perfect body under his clothes. You bite your lower lip, your eyes slowly going up to lock with his.

    Jungkook is also biting his bottom lip as he glares at you. That nightie barely covers your body. Your cleavage is on full display, revealing the beginning of your breasts but he’s craving to see your legs, more especially if the nightie covers your ass. He’s obsessed with asses.

    “Let’s get to sleep.” Jungkook says before you both lay down on your bed. The bed is extremely small for the two of you. That wasn’t the case when you were sleeping here with your ex. Now, with your crush sleeping just next to you, you feel like you’re about to die because he’s way too close to you. You’re looking at the ceiling to avoid looking at the man next to you.

    After a little while, you move on the bed, turning your back to him. As Jungkook loves to sleep in the same position that you’re right in now, he also moves his chest pressed against your back. His breathing brushes against your neck, sending shivers down your spine. You try to not focus on the fact that your bodies are too close, trying to fall asleep as fast as possible. The sooner you fall asleep, the better it is.  

    But of course, your brother needed to start fucking Soomin right when you were about to fall asleep.

    Your brother’s bedroom is not too far from yours but Soomin moans like a crazy girl, almost as she’s being tortured or something like that. The creaking bed, Soomin’s moans, and Jin’s low groan are just too much for you.

    “Fuck.” You growl as you cover your ears. You hate hearing them fucking, it’s just disgusting.

    The fucking session is also too much for Jungkook, his mind keeps imagining that the moans of Soomin are yours as he fucks you. The whole situation is driving him completely crazy, and you feel it. His member is getting hard, his tip touching your uncovered ass. A sudden heat takes over you, making you grow wetter as you imagine your crush completely turned on by the fucking session of your brother.

    You don’t really know what to do. Do you pretend you don’t feel anything? No, it’s impossible. He must feel that he’s touching your ass. Then, what do you do?

    “Sorry.” Jungkook mumbles as he tries to step back a bit, embarrassed that he got turned on by your brother and his girlfriend.

    “It’s okay, Jungkook.” You whisper. “My brother can’t keep his cock in his pants.” You add. “I already told him that I hate when he fucks his girlfriend here.”

    Jin doesn’t just care about what you think or say but never have you done anything with Taehwan in your parents’ house. It’s just gross, plus none of you wanted your family to hear you having sex.

    “It’s a natural thing.” Jungkook says, defending your brother.

    “Yeah, but he purposely does it when we’re here because he knows how much I hate it.” You reply, never turning to face him. You’re beyond embarrassed about all this.

    Just as Jungkook, the entire situation is turning you on in a way you never expected it. Your panties are completely soaked with your arousal but there’s nothing you can do right now to make it go away.

    Jungkook chuckles because he just knows how siblings can be a pain in the ass when they want. His brother also turns his life miserable from time to time, teasing him about his crush on you when they see each other.

    “If you want, I can help you with your boner.” You tell him. His cheeks turn red since he was not expecting you to offer him some help but you’ve drunk too much tonight, so you don’t properly filter your thoughts.

    “No, it’s okay, Yn.” He replies. “It’s going to disappear.”

    Now, it’s your turn to chuckle at his words.

    “We both know it’s not true.” You tell him, still chuckling. “Plus, I’m also turned on so we could use each other's help.”

    The fact that you don’t even filter your words surprises Jungkook because he knows that normally, you’d never say those things.

    “Yn, do you even think what you’re saying?” He asks with a trembling voice.

    “Of course, I do.”

    You finally turn to face him. You want to look him in the eyes as you’re about to confess the feelings you have for him. Now is the moment. You feel it. You’ve been avoiding this for months because you’ve been too scared of rejection.

    “Jungkook, I thought it was pretty obvious that I like you.” You cup his face in your hands, locking your eyes with his. “I’ve been having a massive crush on you for a little while but I never came around to tell you anything because I was so scared that you’d simply tell me that the feelings aren’t mutual.” You take a deep breath, your thumbs caressing his cheeks. “Because I’m not the dreamy type of girlfriend.”

    Without thinking, Jungkook’s face leans closer to yours, his lips pressing against yours. This right here, he has dreamed of it too many times but never in his dreams, he saw you confess your feelings for him. This is for sure bold coming from you but he loves it. He loves the fact that you blurt out your feelings for him because he knows that he would have never had the courage to take the first step.          

    Kissing Jungkook is not at all how you imagined it.

    It’s so much more than you pictured it. The kiss is sweet and tender, there’s no rush or anything else in it. You both have been desiring this for so long that there’s no need in rushing things. In fact, you’re actually convinced that if you rush it, it would destroy the magic behind this exact moment.

    His lips are so soft on yours, the tenderness of the kiss making your heart melt completely. Never a man has kissed you like that as if you’re made of glass. Your heart is pounding extremely hard on your chest, ready to burst at any moment while the butterflies on your lower stomach are making you feel completely alive.

    His hard length brushes against your leg, making you moan in the kiss. By the looks of it, this kiss is for sure going to take a heated turn. A turn that both of you want. All this holding back has been just too much and has led to this exact moment. Holding back for almost a year was not easy, which has led you to become extremely needy, and tonight is the moment that you’re going to let go of it.

    Tonight, there are no more reasons to hold back.

    His impatient hands run up and down your waist, making you more than happy to have his large tattooed hands on your body.  

    “I fucking love you too, Yn.” He whispers as he breaks the kiss. “I’ve been having a crush on you since you’ve been single.” He kisses you again but this time with passion and fervor. “It’s almost like I only realized how fucking pretty you are after Taehwan left you.”

    Jungkook presses a peck on your lips before he kisses the corner of your lips down to the underside of your jaw, causing you to moan each time his lips touch your skin. The alcohol mixed with his confession and how needy you are is driving you completely euphoric.

    “I stopped counting the times I dreamed of kissing you in a deserted hallway of the JBC building.” He drops his head to your neck, kissing the base of your throat. “And leaving you hickeys here and there to let everyone know that you’re mine, and only mine.”

    You moan as he starts nipping at your skin, the feeling of his mouth on your throat is divine. Everything he does exceeds all the dreams you had. Your hands run through his hair, tugging at the roots. A moan escapes his pretty lips, his voice vibrating against your skin. When he starts sucking your sensitive skin, he licks it with his tongue, a proud smile dancing on his lips.

    “I feel like a horny teenager around you, Yn.” He admits as he looks up at you. “Craving you in every fucking way.” His large hands caress your waist while you both look intensely at the other.

    “Then let me help you with your boner.” He nods, letting you uncover both your bodies from the bedsheets.

    Jungkook lays on his back while you go down on his body. You’re actually very surprised by his erection, it’s huge which makes you want to desperately rip his underwear off to have a proper view of his cock. Without an ounce of hesitation, you take out the only clothing piece from his body, his cock slapping against his abs.

    He’s huge. Like super huge. His cock easily surpasses Taehwan’s cock, and god, you always thought your ex had the biggest cock in the world, but Jungkook is proving you how wrong you were.

    “God, you’re massive.” You look up at him. “How have you been hiding this monster in your pants?” You cock an eyebrow, making him giggle at your words.

    “I ask myself this question every day.” He says, clearly making you understand that he gets pretty hard around you every day.

    As you’re so desperate to please him, you wrap your hand around the base of his dick. His head is red, precum running down his length and over that prominent vein that lines it. You rub your thumb over the tip before going down on his shaft, spreading his arousal all over him. A deep moan leaves his lips as your hands finally touch him, his head falling completely on the pillow.      

    “Oh, fuck,” he growls.

    Slowly, you start pumping him, taking your time, your hand gliding up and down his length. A trail of groans leaves his lips while you pump him nice and slow, giving him a dreamy handjob. Every time your hand reaches the base, Jungkook shivers, loving deeply how you’re helping him to make this boner disappear.

    But you want to give him more. You know your hand is just not enough, he needs more to come undone. So you dip down to kiss the head of his cock, his eyes instantly opening as this is unexpected. You lick his tip, his precum coating your wet muscle before you wrap your mouth entirely around his cock, sinking down fully on his length.

    “Fuck, Yn.” He groans, loving the warmth of your mouth around him. He swears that he’s about to fall apart, covering your mouth with his cum.

    Your eyes look up to meet with his. The moment they lock ⏤ both your eyes completely filled with lust ⏤ he looks away, too scared to bust right there. As much as he’d love to fill your pretty mouth with his seed, he wants it to be inside you. He wants that the first time that he comes with you to be inside your pussy.

    “Baby,” he says while his hand moves down to your hair, grabbing it before pulling your head a little. “I don’t want to come right now.”

    Your lips leave his length, letting it slap again against his lower abdomen before you crawl up his body to kiss him again languidly. Jungkook can taste his salty precum on your lips and he adores it.

    “Do you have a condom?” You whisper on his lips.

    “Always.” He replies.

    While he stands up to grab his wallet, you lay on your back, taking off your nightie and underwear to reveal your body to the man of your dreams. Who knew that all you needed to confess your feelings for him was to invite him to the annual 13th of February gathering? If you only knew that sooner, you’d have invited him months ago.  

    When Jungkook gets back on the bed with his condom in his hand, he bites his bottom lip. “You’re fucking beautiful, princess,” he growls, scanning every part of your body. He wants to spend the night dreaming about your insanely perfect body. All he wants is to be haunted every single night by your body.

    The man doesn’t waste any time ripping the plastic, and putting the condom on his length. You spread your legs, letting him see your soaked folds. All he craves now is to have you moaning under him. On his knees, he gets closer to your body, brushing his cock against your pussy, and getting you even wetter. He wants you to be as wet as possible to be ready for his massive cock.

    “Can I?” He asks, wanting to be sure that you’re ready for what’s coming.  

    When you nod, he slowly buries his thick cock inside your soaked core, stretching your velvety walls. His large hands find their way to your waist, caressing your soft skin while his doe eyes filled with lust look into yours. Both of you groan as he slowly pushes his long and thick cock inside you.  

    “So good,” you mumble as your eyes roll back.

    You have to admit that it hurts a bit since he’s pretty huge but the fact that he’s slowly filling you up to the brim helps. It gives time to your body to get used to this massive intrusion. But it feels so damn good to have him inside you. This is even better than in your wildest dreams.  

    Jungkook leans closer, pushing his cock a bit deeper inside you and snatching a loud moan out of you. “You feel so fucking good, princess,” his deep voice groans in your ear. “Even better than in my dreams.”

    The fact that he has been dreaming about this too gets you wetter. How on earth could you two be so stupid to not notice that you were both completely in love with each other? You feel like you’re in some crappy romantic movie, only it’s taking a dirty turn.

    “Let’s just show your brother and Soomin how louder I can make you moan.”

    He wants the world to hear you moaning because he doesn’t plan on going nice and slow on you. All he wants is to fuck you rough and good all night long, and that’s also what you want. You want him to fuck you until all you know is to scream his name. You want to get revenge for all the years you had to hear your brother and Soomin fuck like animals.

    “Fuck, do it, Jungkook,” you swear as he pulls back a bit to look at you in the eyes, and a smirk arises on his face.

    “I plan to fuck you all night long until you beg me to stop.”

    Jungkook slowly pushes back, leaving only the tip of his cock inside you. His eyes never leave your figure, watching you moan under him. He never imagined that he’d love hearing you moaning under him. That sound is for sure his new favorite music.

    “Please do it.” You tell him, making him smirk, satisfied to hear you begging him to show you no mercy tonight.

    Brutally, he pushes his cock fully inside you, and a loud moan leaves your lips. For a little while, he doesn't move, hovering over you and watching you with delight. His eyes look down on your body. He’s surprised by how insanely perfect you are. Your body is for sure the prettiest one he has ever seen, and he has seen tons of bodies.

    Unlike what everyone thinks, he’s not fond of skinny bodies. He loves curves and imperfect bodies because they show life. They show that their owners eat to live, and your curves drive him crazy. He could come just by looking at your ass.  

    His lips meet yours for a sloppy kiss before going down to your neck, leaving another hickey on your skin. On Monday, he wants everyone to see them. He wants everyone to know that he’s the only one who can make you feel good. Once he has tortured your skin enough, his eyes get lost on your body again, groaning as he watches himself buried deep inside you.

    “Your cunt takes me so fucking well, princess.”

    You close your eyes, completely enjoying having him fully inside you. You’re completely euphoric and drunk on the feeling of him stretching your walls. Once he sees that you’re ready to take more, he pulls back brutally before slamming himself back into you. The bed under you squeaks, the headboard hitting the wall just behind you.

    For sure, your brother hears the two of you enjoying some good time, and you already know that tomorrow morning he’ll make some nasty comments.  

    Jungkook once again stops when he’s fully inside you, torturing you just to hear you begging him to fuck you. This is of course not enough for you. You need more. You need him to fuck you rough on this bed.

    “Please, Jungkook,” you start saying, “fuck me.”

    He leans closer again. “Never thought I needed to hear you begging, princess,” he whispers before licking the spot just under your ear.

    He pushes his cock back before slamming into you with both hands on your hips, pulling you back to meet his thrusts. The slick sound of your pussy soaking his cock as well as your moans quickly fill the room.

    “Shit,” you gasp while he thrusts into you with no mercy, “you feel so good.”

    You’re completely drunk in the feeling of his cock filling you up, his hips hitting against yours with every thrust he makes. This all causes sparks of pleasure to shoot throughout your body, your arousal dripping from your core and creaming his cock. Jungkook smirks as he notices the sticky mess you’re causing. You grip the sheets as hard as possible to steady yourself from Jungkook’s hard thrusts.

    Neither of you can believe that you practically missed this opportunity. Without your mother and her insistence on wanting to settle you in with Taehyung, none of you would be having sex right now together. Without your brother and his girlfriend, none of you would be completely turned on. Basically, without your family, you’d still be dreaming about this exact moment.  

    “You’re so fucking wet, honey,” he hisses before biting his lower lip. His hands press harder into your skin when he feels your walls tighten around him. “And making such a mess on my cock.”

    Every time he pushes his hips back, he watches with delight the way his cock is completely covered with your arousal. Nothing drives him crazier than seeing this, it is as if your bodies were made for each other.  

    Jungkook bends down, pressing a sloppy kiss on your lips while his thrusts slow down. A desperate whine gushes from you, a sound that he proudly swallows. His hands go up on your body, grabbing your breasts and squeezing them to make you moan with desire before his fingers start playing with your nipples. Moans flood out of your mouth as he tortures your body.

    “It feels so good,” you whine.

    His thrusts are slow and harsh again, and his fingers on your nipples are just too much for you. Gradually, Jungkook begins to thrust hard into you again, and you moan at the feeling of his brutal thrust. Your walls suck his cock as he slams his hips into you with more force. His fingers keep playing with your very sensitive nipples, pushing you closer and closer to the edge.

    His eyes look at you, contorting with pleasure as it slowly builds within you. Your moans are getting louder, and right now, you’re sure that your parents that sleep on the complete opposite side of this floor are able to hear your moaning Jungkook’s name.

    “Moan louder, honey,” he says as he goes deeper and harder to make you scream with pleasure. Your voice moaning his name is the only thing he wants to hear.  

    His hands can feel the way your body quivers with each thrust. The way he’s torturing your body is only making you lose yourself further. He just knows how to pleasure you perfectly like he became a master of your body in just some minutes.  

    “Fuck,” he groans when he feels the warmth of your walls wrapping tighter around him. “Your cunt is clenching so hard, honey.”

    As you glance up at him, you can’t help but find him extremely attractive. His eyes stare down at you with passion and lust as his tongue licks his lower lips. He simply can’t believe that this is really happening. He can’t believe that he’s having sex with the girl of his dreams. He keeps growling your name, thrusting into you with more urgency each time.

    Jungkook leans again forward, pressing another sloppy kiss on your lips. He loves to feel your lips on his, even if the kiss is a disaster. Feeling your lips makes him realize that this is real, you’re really under him.

    “Gonna be a good girl and come for me?” He asks, and you nod. You want to be a good girl for him, especially on your first time together although Jungkook wants to hear you begging for it, he wants to know how badly you want to come. “Use your words, baby.”

    His fingers pinch your nipples harder, making the wave of pleasure grow bigger inside you. “I want to come,” you manage to say. “I wanna come so bad.”

    Jungkook feels his cock twitch inside of you, a low groan rumbling in his throat as you practically beg him to let you come. He smirks while one of his hands slowly goes down on your body, passing your stomach, and landing on your throbbing clit. His fingers start to rub your sensitive spot.

    “Beg for it, baby,” he says while his fingers show no mercy on your clit, and you’re not even sure if you’ll be able to beg for anything before coming.

    “Please, Jungkook,” it’s impossible to even form a proper sentence with the way he’s torturing you.

    “Tell me, baby,” He keeps teasing you with a smirk on his face.

    “Let me come.”

    His smirk grows bigger on his face, happy to have you begging him to come. Jungkook never thought he’d be into teasing but with you, he seems to discover what he truly likes. The wave of pleasure inside you is growing bigger and bigger, almost becoming overwhelming. You’re moaning like a mess, but at this stage, you couldn’t care less.      

    “Do it, princess, come for me.”

    Those words are what you need for the wave of pleasure to hit you intensely, making you come hard around him. Your arousal completely covers his cock and your walls squeeze him over and over again.

    While you’re completely euphoric from your orgasm, he speeds up the pace of his hips slamming into you, wanting to chase his own high. The coil in his lower stomach tightens inside of him, and it completely clouds his thoughts. The only thing he sees is the image of you coming under him.

    Breathy whines escape his pretty lips as he looks down at the mess you made on his cock. A desperate moan leaves his mouth when his orgasm hits him hard. His eyes roll back with pleasure as his body tenses up and releases his load inside the condom. Loud cries of euphoria leaving his lips.

    He collapses next to you, both of your bodies covered in sweat after this intense sex session. Your heavy breathing is now the only thing that can be heard in your bedroom.

    “I think the entire neighborhood heard us,” you say while running your fingers in his hair.

    “That’s exactly what I wanted.” He presses a sweet kiss on your forehead before covering both your bodies with the bedsheets. “I guess we should try to sleep now.”

    You nod, resting your head on his chest and slowly falling asleep on his arms. To say that you’re happy that this night took a dirty turn is more than an understatement. But tomorrow, you’ll for sure need to discuss what just happened. You can’t just fuck like this and expect things to stay the way they were.

    Everything has changed now, Jungkook just loves you the way you love him.

    Sleeping peacefully with him by your side was easier said than done. It’s around 4 am, you’re both awake but you’re not staring at the ceiling. No, now that you’re both aware of the feelings consuming the two of you, you’re using this time to make up for all the time lost.  

    His cock is buried once again inside you, only this time you’re riding him. This time he’s also not wearing any condom since he only had one left in his wallet, he actually never imagined that he was going to have sex with you tonight.  

    “Shit,” you gasp, palms resting on his toned chest for leverage as you lift yourself up and drop back on his cock.

    You’re completely drunk in the feeling of his cock filling you up, his hips working in tandem with yours while your arousal drips down your thighs, pooling around the base of his cock. Jungkook can’t help but love the way your body contorts with delight as you’re both fucking again.  

    “You’re so fucking wet,” he groans, his hands holding your waist tighter when your walls squeeze him. “You’re making such a mess on my cock, princess,” his deep voice sends shivers down your spine. At this rhythm, you’ll be coming undone at any moment. A desperate moan falls out of your mouth, your nails digging into the skin of the muscles on his chest.

    Jungkook groans when you speed up the movement of your hips, the warmth of your walls wrapping around him tighter than before as his hands go up on your body, cupping your breasts in them. He pinches your nipples between his fingers, causing you to moan louder and louder.

    It’s 4 am, everyone is supposed to be sleeping while the two of you are moaning like nobody else is in this house. For sure, Jin is going to complain about your night activities with Jungkook but you just don’t care. You just want the man under you to stretch you out open and fill you up to the brim.

    “You’re fucking hot, honey,” he groans. “You’re riding me so well.”

    You can feel his cock twitch inside of you as you rock your hips at a steady rhythm, your palms still pressed against his toned chest while his hands grip onto the sheets.

    A small moan leaves your lips as you look down at him. His long wet hair sticking on his face turns him into an even hotter man. His eyes are staring up at you in that stunning way that shows you how lost in the pleasure he is. His tongue licks his lips as he moans out your name, tugging at the sheets and thrusting up into you with more urgency each time.

    “You look like a sin,” you whisper, trying as hard as possible to avoid making more noise this early in the morning. You lean forward to press a kiss on his lips because that’s the only way to muffle your moans.

    “Can we just talk about you?” He replies back when your lips leave his. “You’re here, using my cock as if you own it and moving your hips in a way that completely hypnotizes me.”

    You moan at his words because damn, you’re really riding his cock as if Jungkook is yours. Well, for him, he’s completely yours. He doesn’t want any other girl to ride him like you’re doing it right now.

    Your walls clench around his length, squeezing him hard. So far, he has let you set the pace and use him the way you wanted but this is just too slow for him. He wants more. He starts thrusting up to you in a harsh way. He goes deep inside of you, and you are loving it. Tears start to roll down your cheeks because of the way he’s pounding inside of you. He’s stretching your insides so much with his rough thrust and it makes your whole body tremble.

    The wave of pleasure inside you has suddenly grown so strong that you feel like you’re about to come.

    “Gonna cum, Jungkook.” You whimper.

    Your nails sink into his chest, making him groan at the pain and pleasure it gives him. He grips the sheets harder as he continues to roughly thrust inside you.

    “Go ahead, babe, make a mess for me.” He groans as he keeps thrusting hard.

    Those dirty words are all you need to let go of your orgasm. You are coming, biting your lower lip to muffle your moans. Your thighs are shaking but he keeps thrusting into you while you’re completely high from your orgasm. Jungkook is completely loving the way you’re creaming his dick.  

    His pace becomes more brutal as he’s chasing his own orgasm, making the bed creak under you. Your walls keep clenching around him and that is all he needs to come. He closes his eyes, enjoying this moment of release and you are sure he’d never look so sexy.  

    You collapse over Jungkook as you both try to catch your breath for a little while, and you leave a lot of kisses on his sweet face. He’s loving it and he could stay like this forever.

    “This is a beautiful way to start Valentine’s Day.” He whispers before falling asleep in your arms. You hold him tight against you, loving to have him pressed against your body. This is for sure the best night of your life.

    It’s Monday morning.

    You’re entering the building of JBC with Jungkook. Everybody looks at the two of you although they don’t pay too much attention since they all think you’re just friends. But they ignore everything that happened the last two days.

    Yesterday, after all the sex, you had a real conversation with Jungkook. You both expressed the feelings you had for each other, you swear you’ve never been happier than you were yesterday. That conversation made you realize how stupid you both are. You’ve been in love for months but you were both so scared to lose the other that you never said anything.

    Yesterday, you agreed to give this whole relationship thingy a try. You want to see if this can work even though you’re both convinced that it’s going to work.

    So, you’re not entering this building as friends but as a couple. You both have that stupid smile glued on your faces while you talk to each other. Like every morning, you enter the elevator already full of people but when it arrives on the floor you work, you kiss Jungkook with passion, drawing the attention of everyone in the small cabin.

    “Have a nice day, honey.”

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    28.11.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Triptych: Shape of Love | Circle (Final)

    ✦ ✦ Pairing: jungkook x female reader, taehyung x female reader

    ✦ ✦ Genre: friends with benefits au, love triangle au, architect!jungkook, architect!taehyung, angst, fluff, smut

    ✦ ✦ Summary: You are madly in love with him, but he has eyes for another. So what do you do when the one you love doesn’t love you back? Like any logical person, you sleep with your best friend as a distraction. As the lines between the three of you begin to blur, your messy triangle obscures everything around you, even the shape of love.

    ✦ ✦ Chapter 3: Circle 

    ✦ ✦ Word Count: 10k

    ✦ ✦ Chapter Warnings: cursing, explicit oral sex (female receiving), explicit unprotected sex, sex in a semi-public place, daddy kink, cream pie, light possessiveness, light cum play, multiple orgasms. 

    ✦ ✦ Author’s Notes: It’s finally here! The last part is here! I am so sorry this took forever to finish. I have been slowly writing this for a while now, but for some reason I wasn’t happy with how it kept turning out. I hope I did it justice in the end and apologies again for the long wait. Don’t be a stranger! Let me know what you think.

    Chapter 2 | 3 |

    Series Masterlist | My Masterlist

    You’re going in circles again.

    It’s the evening of your very first date with Kim Taehyung — and you’re going in circles again. 

    You can’t recall how many times you’ve been around the same bend now, the endless orbits blending into one with every passing second spent burning rubber. Glaring headlights bleed across the canvas of the darkening horizon, blurring the road ahead. Even so, wary feet stay pressed to the accelerator, driving you deeper into the night. 

    Back and forth like a pendulum, you put distance between yourself and the restaurant, only to come back swinging again, eliminating the space once more. A fleeting glance at your dashboard lets you know that you are already over ten minutes late, but somehow you can’t bring yourself to go meet Taehyung just yet.  

    A gentle reprieve from your indecision comes at last in the form of the steady change of the traffic lights, a luminous amber surrendering itself to a fiery red. You bring your car to a halt, resting before the circular, scarlet sign, which flashes above you like a warning. 

    Despite this night being everything you ever dreamt of, you can’t stop fidgeting. Shaky fingers grip the steering wheel until your knuckles blanch, yearning for some semblance of stability. As the seconds tick by, your heavy breathing fill the car, unable to rid yourself of the distressed feeling growing in the pit of your stomach.  

    As much as you wanted to go out with Taehyung, this isn’t how you imagined things would be. You never anticipated that gaining the man of your dreams would mean losing your best friend in the process. 

    After the night Taehyung and you first kissed, Jungkook had been avoiding you entirely. From the moment he ran out on the pair of you together, he barely spoke to you at work, regularly left your text messages unanswered and dodged hanging out with you altogether. 

    The worst part was that you didn’t have a single clue why he was acting this way. 

    It was a stark contrast, however, to the way Taehyung began to treat you. The kiss — although unexpected — was the key to a whole new realm of possibilities, unlocking a different side to your friendship. Nervous as you were about his recently broken heart, he quickly pushed Florence to the back burner. Once the honeymoon stage (as he lovingly called it) had passed, he realized just how incompatible they truly were. Without the rose coloured glasses tainting his vision, he was able to see what was in front of him at last. Suddenly, he became more attentive, more flirtatious and in no time, had plucked up the courage to ask you out on a date, bringing you to this evening. 

    The pads of your fingers restlessly drum the curve of the steering wheel. The crimson orb carries on burning a hole in the skyline, freezing you in place. Your mind, however, continues to wander, meandering through uneven plains of doubt. You want to be excited about tonight, but against your will, all your thoughts belong to Jungkook. Was he okay? What was he doing right now?

    The answers to your questions never come, as you are pulled back to reality by a cacophony of horns and annoyed screams emitting from the neighbouring cars you currently block. The circles before you had transformed, the blazing red now long gone, replaced by a vibrant green that begs you to move forward. Without any better alternatives, you decide to push aside the confusion looming in your mind and listen to the call of the emerald marker instead.  

    So what if Jungkook wasn’t talking to you? Today was about Taehyung and you. 

    Twisting the steering wheel sharply, you turn towards the restaurant, heart hammering against your chest, but not in the way you had hoped. 

    “Trust me, you will love the art gallery,” Taehyung exclaims, in between a mouthful of sushi. A droplet of soy sauce smears the side of his face, which he quickly rubs away with a sheepish grin. You try your best to mirror his enthusiasm, but your smile is strained. Digging your heels into the ground below, you pray that the discomfort in your eyes doesn’t betray you. 

    For the last forty minutes or so, the pair of you were getting to know each other better, neatly tucked inside a booth at the back of the old Japanese restaurant. You had hung out before as friends, but never in a romantic setting like this. The quaint corner meant there was no escaping one another — shoulders brushing shoulders, knees grazing knees, with no room to spare. In any other circumstance, you would have been thrilled to be this close to Taehyung, but something held you back tonight. 

    Taehyung, who is none the wiser to your altered demeanour, carries on; lively hand gestures and animated expressions accompanying his ramblings about the new art gallery. 

    Although the break-up with Florence is still fresh in his mind, he was doing a lot better than he expected — part of which he credits to your company. The more time he spent around you, the more at ease he felt. Even though you were always there for him, your friendship had evolved into something more intimate, casting you in a new light — a glow that he was becoming more and more unwilling to part from. 

    “Would you like to go there for our next date?” Irises moulded out of chocolate expectantly peer into your own, accompanied by his familiar boxy grin, which turns upwards at the thought of spending more time with you. 

    Your gaze is fixated on his moving mouth, barely registering the words flowing out of them, but rather focusing on the subtle way his upper lip trembles with every phrase. The wobble is not so different from the adorable way Jungkook’s lips move whenever he babbles on about a new film or video game. Even now, when you are miles apart from him, you can still vividly hear the way his voice jumps an octave when he gets overenthusiastic. If you close your eyes, you can even remember the way the apples of his cheeks curve, almost resembling that of a bunny. God, you missed him.  

    “YN? Would you like to go?” Taehyung repeats his question. 

    “Sorry? What were you saying?” you mumble, rapidly blinking your unfocused eyes. Heat blooms all over your face as you shift uncomfortably in your spot. Your mind is stretched, straddling the line between wanting to be here with Taehyung and worrying about Jungkook. You need to get it together.

    A light crease etches itself onto Taehyung’s forehead, who restates his inquiry. “I said, did you want to go to the art gallery for our next date?”

    The question, although insignificant in nature, hits you like a ton of bricks, further fracturing your already broken up state of mind. Jungkook and you had talked about visiting the gallery together when you first heard about it, but now you weren’t even sure he wanted to be in the same room as you. Your plans had evidently crumbled overnight and you still didn’t know the reason why. 

    Regardless of this fact, the prospect of going on another date with Taehyung should fill you with joy, but instead all you feel is the same knot forming in your stomach, this time with a vengeance. 

    Rolling your shoulders, you brush off the ominous sensation. There had to be a logical explanation for what you were feeling right now. For as long as you could remember, you had the biggest crush on Taehyung, so why weren’t you happy right now? 

    Wringing your hands together, you let out a deep exhale and finally return to Taehyung. “Of course, I would love that,” you reply, grinning back at him, but your smile doesn’t quite meet your eyes. 

    Taehyung beams at your response, completely unaware of your struggle. You sink lower into your seat. Quivering digits latch onto the translucent glass of soju before you. You pour yourself another cup, hoping the answer to your confusion rests at the bottom of the bottle. 

    As the evening draws to a close, sloshes and gulps from the steady intake of alcohol escort your forward into the late hours of twilight. Lucky for you, your bloodstream is now fully laced with liquid courage, giving you enough power to maintain your focus on the man in front of you. 

    Somewhere between tangents on his puppy, Yeontan, and the horrible food poisoning he got while in Mexico, you are reminded again of the whimsical, carefree man you fell in love with in the first place. For a minute, it almost feels like a perfect first date. 

    Except, the illusion doesn’t last long. You are still haunted by the inescapable way Jungkook keeps popping up in your mind, gnawing at your insides.  

    Even now, as Taehyung walks you to your door, you feel as if there is a third person present, occupying the space beside you. Subconsciously, you grip Taehyung’s hand a little harder, anchoring yourself to the present and displacing you from your own head. 

    “I had a really good time,” Taehyung comments, gently moving his hands to your hips, inching ever so closer to your body. The eruption of butterflies that you usually experience under his touch appears to have dwindled to a singular one today. It flutters around your stomach for a minute, before flying away with a nondescript tingle down your back. 

    “Me too,” you reply in a rocky hush, the uneasiness inside you now also evident in your voice. 

    Taehyung hears the tremble, but assumes it’s just your nerves. Under the low glow of your porch light, he can see just how beautiful you are; trailing a path from your eyes down to your lips, where the faint sheen of your sparkling lip gloss invites him in. Leaning forward, his warm hands find the nape of your neck, securing you in place until your lips meet. 

    Soft, plump pillows deliberately brush against your own, as he takes his time to familiarize himself with every detail of your lips, almost as if he had missed them the last time. As he kisses you, everything around you fades away momentarily. You respond to his movements and his fingers spring forward, caressing the heat from your cheeks. He pushes his tongue through the seam of your lips and you let him, ready to give yourself completely to him. But no matter how hard you try, your mind remains clouded. No matter how hard you try, your eyes stay open the entire time.  

    “I think that’s all for today’s briefing. We can pick up on the rest tomorrow.” The loud chorus of shuffling papers and squeaking chairs instantly drowns out your manager, Mr. Kim, as your coworkers begin to empty out of the boardroom, eager to get a head start on lunch. Like static in the background, the noises buzz around you, but your focus remains fixed on the man sitting across the room from you. 

    The way his lower lip remains lodged between his teeth, giving you perfect visibility to the little mole below it, lets you know that he is lost in thought, concentrating on taking down the last of his briefing notes. The faint tilt of his head allows the lighting in the room to capture the glint in his honey-brown eyes —  a warm shimmer you failed to notice before, calling you towards him.  

    Heels pressing into the cool marble tiles, you rise from your seat, dead set on speaking to Jungkook one way or another. It had been almost two weeks of awkward conversations and cancelled plans, all of which made you spiral further out of control, wondering what you had done wrong. Without Jungkook in your life, everything felt off, including your relationship with Taehyung. You just needed to talk to him. 

    Jungkook, who sees you coming, abandons his work and scrambles to pack up his belongings instead. Tattooed hands hurriedly shove his notebooks, pens and spare papers into his bag, while shifty eyes purposefully evade your stare. He wasn’t ready to talk to you, the bruise on his heart still fresh from when he witnessed you kissing Taehyung. He knows he has no right to be upset, but he can’t help it. 

    With every step, your frustration mounts against your best friend and his inexplicable behaviour. What happened that made it so unbearable to be around you? 

    Everything had been fine up until a few weeks ago. You don’t want to dwell on it too much, but a part of you can’t help but wonder if the casual sex had tainted something in your relationship. 

    As you near his spot, you part your lips, ready to voice the endless concerns bubbling in your head, when you are both interrupted by Mr. Kim. 

    “Just the pair I was looking for,” the stout, old man booms beside you. He pushes the rim of his thick, round glasses up the bridge of his nose before clapping his hands together, ready to jump straight into business. 

    “The music hall reconstruction project needs a new lead. I’m afraid Seokjin had to head out of the country on some private, family matters.  Seeing as the two of you work so well together, I have decided to put you both on it. I — ” 

    “With all due respect, Sir,” Jungkook uncomfortably interjects, catching you all by surprise. Puzzled by his uncharacteristic outburst, your head darts in his direction. “I don’t think we would be the right ones for the job. You probably want a more senior architect on it.” He bounces on the balls of his feet, phrases tumbling from his lips in a cumbersome fashion. You knew him well enough to know that wasn’t the real reason behind his disinterest.   

    “Nonsense, Jeon. You both have been doing amazing work recently and I think this would be a great challenge for you. Besides, the roof of the main hall is in tragic need of a complete overhaul so I want someone to bring something new to the table. This could be the perfect opportunity for you to get creative.” He gives Jungkook a firm pat on the back and nods curtly in your direction, settling the matter and leaving the pair of you alone for the first time in a while. 

    Unfortunately, Jungkook can’t even look at you properly, choosing to fidget with the crumpled up piece of paper in his hand instead. Balling the sheet up, he tosses it into the nearest trash can and starts maneuvering towards the exit, determined to be free of the heavy silence hanging between you. You don’t feel all that different to the paper; crushed and cast aside by your best friend. 

    “Jungkook, wait! Can we talk?” The question is a volcano, erupting from your lips with weeks worth of withheld conversation ready to flow over. However, Jungkook simply ignores you, slinging his bag over his shoulder and stalking away without a second glance.  

    You don’t give up easily though, matching each of his strides and following him out the door. 

    “What do you want to talk to me about anyways?” he mutters over his shoulders, voice clipped with a frustration you weren’t used to hearing from him. 

    “Can you just stop for a second and listen to me?” Annoyed with his attitude, you grab a hold of his upper arm abruptly. The harsh clicking of your footsteps comes to an end as you freeze in the middle of the empty hallway. 

    Jungkook wants to be anywhere but here. Delicate fingers dig into his flesh, instantly reminding him of the nights spent drowning in bedsheets with you, bodies wrapped together as one. Regardless of how hard he tried, the memories of you were permanently etched into his mind, making it all that more impossible to get rid of. He still remembers the softness of your skin, present on every surface, from your supple breasts down to your thighs. He still remembers every curve of your body, as if he crafted them himself. But most of all, he still remembers the way you moaned his name when you came undone, like it was the only word you knew. Fuck, he missed you. 

    After weeks of avoiding you, he is forced to really look at you now. Even under the terrible fluorescent lights of the office, you’re gorgeous as always. However, he doesn’t miss the deep frown lines or the dark circles covering your under eyes either. Have you not been sleeping well? Did Taehyung hurt you? He wants to ask you all this, plus a million other things, but he can’t seem to move. You weren’t just his best friend now. You were with Taehyung and that made all the difference. 

    “Can we talk?” The sound of your voice gravitates his vision down towards your lips, the never ending urge to kiss you reawakening within him. As quickly as the notion rises, it’s swallowed whole by the images of Taehyung’s lips pressed against yours like some cruel joke.  

    Burned by the picture, he wrestles his hand free and bluntly counters, “What the hell do you want to talk about, YN?” 

    “You’re avoiding me,” you explain, crossing your arms over your chest. 

    Jungkook presses his lips into a straight line. “I’m not.” 

    “Are you kidding me?! Yes, you are!” you scowl, stomping your foot into the ground. “You don’t answer my texts, you don’t look at me and you clearly don’t want to be in the same room as me anymore. Why?”

    Jungkook is a wall, your accusations bouncing off of him one after the other. When he doesn’t answer, you hang your head, stewing in the uncomfortable quiet. Downcast eyes trace the zig-zag patterns in the hallway carpet beneath your feet; anything to avoid looking at the glare emitting from your best friend. 

    “Did I do something wrong?” you whisper, wiping away the small tears that begin to trickle out. 

    The crack in your voice is infinitesimal, but Jungkook can recognize it straight away, forming an even greater rupture in his already broken heart. One look at you is all it takes for him to lower his defences. 

    Taking a step forward, he wraps you up in his arms, enveloping you in his embrace. It felt so good to be near you again, taking him back in time to when things weren’t so complicated. “No, of course not,” he confesses. “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

    “Then, talk to me. We always tell each other everything,” you mumble inaudibly into his chest.  

    “I can’t,” he cries, voice breaking. He wishes he could be happy for both his friends, but the stupid ache in his chest won’t go away. “I just can’t, okay? Not about this.” 

    “Jungkook! Don’t lie to me. I know you better than that. Something is bothering you. Just tell me what it is!” you demand, abandoning all hope of reigning in your tears. 

    Seeing you cry tips him over the edge, unable to make sense of the frustration he feels. He lets out a disgruntled sigh, overwhelmed by his emotions.  “I just need space, okay?!” 

    Stunned by his outburst, you take a step back. “Where is this coming from?”

    “It’s nothing, okay.” Jungkook runs his fingers through his raven hair, now visibly upset. “I’m sorry. I should go and you should go back to Taehyung.” 

    “What does Taehyung have to do with any of this?” 

    It shouldn’t bother him this much, but his fists clench at the affectionate way you say Taehyung’s name. “Nothing! Just forget it!”

    “Why are you so mad?”

    “I’m not mad,” Jungkook responds bluntly, but you see the way his lips curl. “Look, just leave me alone... Don’t you have better things to do, like go on some stupid adventure with Taehyung? I’m sure you're late for bungee jumping or something.” 

    “Is that what this is about? You're mad at me for wanting to try new things?” 

    Jungkook merely scoffs and throws his head back. He’s cornered, with nowhere left to go to protect his hurting heart. He just wants his best friend back, but the space between you feels too great.  

    You squint in his direction, examining him for any clues. When you find nothing but irritation, the only thing that materializes in your head is the same anxious question once more. In less than a whisper, you ask, “Is this because we had sex?”

    “No, of course not. That never mattered.”

    His confession feels like a slap in the face. You don’t know why, but it hurts more than you expected.

    “Glad to know how you feel,” you mumble, wiping the remaining tears from your face. You pull yourself together and make one final attempt to break through to him.  “Whatever it is then, please just talk to me. I’m still your best friend, Jungkook.”

    He rolls his eyes at your remark, those two words taunting him as always. “Yeah, that’s all I will ever be, right?” 

    “What’s that supposed to mean?” you counter, genuinely confused by his cryptic replies. 

    “Just forget I said anything,” he brushes off, knowing that talking about it more would do him no good. He should have never crossed that line with you, but the temptation of being with you — even if it was temporary — was far too great for his heart to ignore.  “I just need some space. That’s all.” He grips the handle of his bag and starts to walk away. 

    “Wait! What about the project?” you call after him, desperate to have anything to keep him with you a little longer. You don’t know how you managed it, but talking to him had taken things from bad to worse. 

    “You work on the redesign of the roof and I’ll take care of the rest.” He doesn’t even wait for your response, feet already flying across the hallway floor.

    “Jungkook! Come back!”  You plead, but your screams fall on deaf ears. Jungkook keeps moving, one foot in front of the other, until he is certain you won’t hear the sound of his cries. 

    You never thought it was possible to be alone in a crowded room, yet here you are.

    Every surface of the modern, avant-garde studio is packed with people, dressed in fancy attire, sipping on equally fancy drinks. The faint scent of acrylic wafts throughout the room, spilling from the abstract sceneries that hang from every wall, showcasing the artist’s latest collection. Taehyung’s hand is snuggly draped around your hip, chaining you to his warmth all evening. But somehow, even amongst all these people, loneliness finds a way to burrow inside your bones.   

    “Are you having a good time?” Soft lips, pressed to your ear, produce the question in Taehyung’s classic low timbre. Bitter hints of the red wine he had been nursing linger in the air, reflecting the subtle edge following you all evening.   

    “Yes, of course,” you answer without missing a beat, as if the added speed and conviction had the power to bury the alienating feelings festering inside you. Despite your best attempts to move on from your fight with Jungkook, the conversation still clings to you like a phantom wound. You can’t see it, but the pain is ever present. 

    “I am fine,” you clarify, more to yourself than to Taehyung. So what if  Jungkook and you weren’t speaking at the moment? You weren’t going to let him or anything else ruin this date. 

    Shaking your head, your attention turns towards your date, the boxy smile on his face reminding you why you were here in the first place. Although your previous date wasn’t perfect, you really were looking forward to spending more time with Taehyung. You chalked up the weirdness from last time to nerves and exhaustion, hoping that the spark would return tonight. 

    “You sure? You seem distracted,” he comments, drawing back to get a better look at your face. He notices the way your face is glazed over, mind lost somewhere else, but he decides not to pry.  

    “No, I’m good. I promise.”  

    “Let me grab you another drink then,” Taehyung offers, eyeing the almost empty cup in your hand. He wasn’t sure what was bothering you, but he wanted to help in any way possible. 

    Touched by the kind sentiment, you lose yourself in his affection, the beating of your heart accelerating ever so slightly. However, when he reaches for the cup, you pause. In an instant, you are transported back to the countless nights Jungkook had done the same for you. At the office Christmas Party. At Taehyung’s New Year’s Eve party.  

    It’s such a simple gesture, but it doesn’t feel right coming from someone other than him. Shifting the cup out of Taehyung’s grasp, you take a large swig of the remaining liquid, chasing away the memories of Jungkook. You just missed him, that’s all.  

    “No, it’s fine. Let’s go look at the paintings,” you suggest, placing the empty cup on the table nearby. Clutching his hand, you guide him along the room, welcoming the diversion. You tour the perimeter of the studio, feeling the tiny shift in the atmosphere.  You laugh at all his jokes and he listens to your stories, the flicker of a spark returning to you briefly.  

    However, despite all your best efforts, it remains only just that, never igniting into something more.  

    As each step takes you closer to the end of the circuit, you wish for something to change. Taehyung must feel it too because he lets go of your waist as soon as you come to the end. Disheartened, he shuffles to his side. 

    Clearing his throat, he says, “The cab should be here in a few minutes. I can grab our coats and meet you out front?” You merely bob your head in agreement, grateful for an excuse to be alone with your thoughts.

    You meander to the entrance of the studio, images of the last two weeks spent with Taehyung flashing through your mind. For as long as you had known him, you were convinced he was the perfect guy for you. He was handsome, funny and kind, but somehow it wasn’t enough.

    “Here you go.” The same deep voice shatters your daydream. Taehyung hands you your coat and helps you slip into it.  You wrap the material closer to your body, but the cold wind quickly serves as a reminder that you have once again forgotten your gloves. You rub your fingers together for warmth. Taehyung does the same, bringing his palms together to create friction. 

     Distracted by the motion, you find your thoughts drifting to Jungkook yet again. The scene around you dissipates with every passing second until you are back in the front seat of his car, where he places the spare mittens on your frozen fingers.  

    Taehyung, who has been watching you intently all this time, doesn’t miss the small smirk that graces your lips. It’s the first time you are genuinely smiling all night. He can tell by the way you hardly look at him, that he isn’t the reason why.  

    “This isn’t working, is it?” 

    “Tae..I…” Caught of guard, you try to formulate a sentence, but the words escape you. 

    “It’s okay. Just be honest with me,” he begs, lips pressed together in a small pout.  

    Your heart aches, but it’s unlike anything you have ever felt before. It’s almost as if you are giving up on a dream — one that you were only just starting to realize you never really wanted. 

    “I’m sorry, Taehyung. It isn’t,” you choke out, ultimately putting into words what your heart had realized. “You have no idea how much I wanted this to work out.” 

    “Ouch! Two girls breaking up with me in less than a month. That must be a new record,” he comments. You go to protest, but he holds up his hand. 

    “It’s fine. I was just kidding,” he laughs. “Look, YN. I totally get it. As much as I was really starting to like you, at the end of the day you are either in love or you aren’t. There’s no use trying to fit a square into a circle.” 

    “I’m really sorry...I wish it were that obvious,” you sigh. “Everything just seems so complicated these days.”

    Taehyung cocks his head to the side, brown curls lightly ruffled by the wind.  “No, not you. Not Miss-Organized-And-On-Top-Of-Everything,” he jokes, nudging you with his shoulders. 

    “Everything except my love life,” you respond dryly. 

    “Hey! Don’t worry about it... About any of this. It just wasn’t meant to be.” He throws his hand over your shoulder and gives you a tight squeeze. “You’ll figure it out eventually. And besides, no matter what happens, you will always have Jungkook and I to keep you company.”

    You really hope he is right. 

    The rich scent of freshly cut roses floods your nostrils the moment you open the door to the shabby, little cafe, bell chiming overhead. The traditional scent of coffee you came to associate with the place is lost, overpowered by the new floral aroma. 

    Your usual haunt is unrecognizable today. Seemingly overnight, the entire ambience of the place had shifted. Pink, red and white hearts bloom around you, taunting you with the images of love. A picture of cupid shooting an arrow at an unsuspecting victim is plastered on the front of the shop counter. As if that weren’t enough, virtually every corner of the place is packed with couples, who sit closely together sharing drinks, laughs and kisses. 

    Fuck, you curse yourself. In the aftermath of your break-up with Taehyung — if you could even call it that — you had totally forgotten that today was Valentine’s Day.  

    “Table for two?” The cheerful coffee shop owner quizzes from behind the till, her fluffy red sweater and her bright red lipstick complimenting the festive aesthetic nicely.  

    “Nope, just one please,” grimaced lips reply, as you miserably wait for her to show you to your seat. Rounding the edge of the counter, she quickly ushers you to a clunky, run-down table in the back of the room, as if your single status would bring shame to her establishment on a day like this. 

    Frankly, you don’t blame her. The last thing you wanted to deal with right now was your love life. 

    Giving her your usual order of a hot coffee and a blueberry muffin, you settle into the tattered leather seat, pulling out your sketches of the music hall. Looking for any excuse not to obsess over Jungkook ghosting you or the untimely end to your love affair with Taehyung, you welcome the distraction with open arms.  

    The only problem was you couldn’t find it in yourself to get started. Ever since Jungkook decided it was best for you to work on the project separately, you kept putting it off in exchange for one thing or another. In fact, it had been over a week since you touched the damn thing. With the deadline quickly approaching, you had no other choice but to get started today.  

    Begrudgingly, you begin reading the current building report, hoping that it would provide you with some source of inspiration. As you riffle through the collection of photographs, the broken structure mocks you, its cracks mirroring that of the ones in your relationship with Jungkook. Letting out a disgruntled sigh, you open your notebook to a clean page, the white canvas inviting you to mark it. 

    Charcoal pressed lightly against the paper, you commence your sketch, letting the visions flow freely from your mind. The gentle scratch of your pencil on the notepad guides you, carving out new shapes from the old. As you burn through the pages in front of you, your coffee grows cold, your muffin neglected to the side; the project consuming you entirely. However, no matter what you create, you just can’t seem to get it right.  

    If you were being completely honest with yourself, you wish Jungkook was here. This was the type of project you would normally work on together, spending hours passing ideas in the quiet corners of the darkening office. Between tired yawns and half-drunk cups of coffee, you would pick his brain for concepts, forever bombarding him with a slew of questions. As always, he would listen to your ramblings, offering up a million suggestions until you get it right. And when that wasn’t enough, he would give you the same piece of advice that you knew would always do the trick: What does your heart tell you, YN?  

    The reminder reopens the phantom wound again, disrupting your steady rhythm, breaking the tip of your pencil. Taking it as a sign, you toss your notebook on the table, momentarily deserting your half-finished sketches.  

    Carding your fingers through your hair, you lean back, praying that the answers to all your problems would just fall from the sky. Instead you are met with another silly, heart-shaped ornament dangling from the ceiling of the shop. 

    What does your heart tell you, YN?

    Jungkook’s words echo through your mind once more at the sight of the decoration. 

    What is your heart telling you? You hardly recognize it after all the chaos you put it through recently. Over the course of a couple weeks, you somehow managed to lose both your best friend and your lover. It wasn’t like you at all. The comforting balance present throughout your life was distorted now, lines bleeding and blending into one another. When did your life get so out of control? 

    Reluctantly, you pick up your notebook and open up to a blank page. At this point, you aren’t even thinking straight, simply allowing your hand to move on its own accord, doodling whatever comes to mind. But, with every stroke, all you can seem to create are ridiculous, tiny hearts.

    Great. Even your mind has turned on you now, making fun of you and your nonexistent love life. Maybe love really was the root of all your problems?

    Up until now, you thought you knew everything about love. To you, love was always Taehyung. Like the man himself, it was wild and brave, catapulting your heart straight into the furthest depths of a passionate fire. It was fierce and intense, sweeping you off your feet and sending you straight to the stars. 

    But now, you weren’t so sure. 

    If the last few weeks had taught you anything, it was that love was far more than that. It wasn’t some fleeting, cookie-cutter feeling that could easily be compartmentalized. It was strong and dependable, never letting you down. It was resilient and constant, with no beginning or end. It was the feeling that popped up in the back of your head when you least expected it. It just persisted with every beat of your heart, like one boundless loop.  

    The pencil in your hand stills. Lost in your thoughts, you hadn’t been paying attention to your design. One glance at the page lets you know that your mind has only just caught up with what your body seemed to already recognize. Somewhere along the lines, you had traded in the little hearts for a series of circles instead.  

    One singular line. One singular person. That’s all it took. 

    You don’t know how you missed it all this time, but there was only on person who made you feel all those things. There was only one person who really showed you what love meant.  

    And right now, you need to find him. 

    Your feet pound against wet pavement as you bolt towards the music hall. With every step, your strides become more determined, missing the hesitation that seemed to haunt you during the days prior.  

    By the time you reach the entrance, your lungs are a single breath away from collapsing and your calves ache in agony. But none of that matters. All you can focus on is him. 

    Tiny, white specks from the cold, winter snowfall collect around the edge of the window sill, framing him perfectly in your line of vision. Unaware of his visitor, Jungkook continues to work, pouring over his sketches. If it wasn’t for the February air, which repeatedly nips at your nose, you would probably do the same, staying lost in him forever. However, when another chilly gust blows your way, it's enough to nudge you forward. Flinging the large brass doors open, you rush inside, frantic feet carrying you directly to where he stands.  

    “Jungkook!” The cry spills from your breathless body the moment you reach him. Instantly, his head shoots up from the table, eyes scanning the room for the cause of the intrusion. When they land on you, he freezes, convinced you must be a mirage conjured from his memory. 

    “A circle,” you huff again, hunching over on your knees. You grab your waist and inhale loudly, letting Jungkook know that you’re really here in the flesh. “We should…make the roof…round…circular,” you clarify, drawing a makeshift circle in the air with your finger. 

    Rising from his seat, Jungkook ambles over to you warily. “Did you run all the way here just to tell me that?” His narrowed eyes are neatly framed under the arch of his eyebrows. He’s indifferent; arms enclosing his chest, terse voice resounding off the walls. But underneath the hardened exterior, stolen glances trace your body from head to toe. 

    “No...I have to tell you what I realized before the circle. It’s more important,” you explain in an incoherent flurry, your breath still staggered. 

    Your explanation only seems to confuse him more. “YN, what the hell are you talking about? Are you sure you are okay?” He gives up attempting to feign ignorance at this point, his concern outweighing his pride. 

    By force of habit, he reaches over and places his hand on your forehead to check your temperature. Instinctively, you lean into his touch, your body craving the presence of his skin against yours. But, it only takes a few seconds before Jungkook is pulling back again. The motion, one he had done a thousand times before, feels too intimate now that you are with Taehyung. 

    When you start to feel the break of contact, however, you grasp his hand, holding him in place with as much effort as you can muster. 

    “I broke up with Taehyung,” you blurt out. You don’t know what compels you to say it, but you feel the overwhelming need to get it off your chest. 

    Jungkook’s gaze falls to your interlocked hands. His mind races to try and process the new information, but it doesn’t quite sink in. Through the pout of his lips, a hesitant question tumbles out. “You broke up with him….but why? Wasn’t dating him what you wanted in the first place?”

    “Yes,” you begin, the words catching in your dry throat. “At one point, that’s all I ever wanted. But not anymore.” 

    Jungkook hangs on to every phrase, unsure where you are headed with this confession.  

    “The thing is... I really thought I had everything figured out.” A heartless laugh erupts from inside you. “You know better than anyone else how much I like to put everything and everyone in my life into tidy, little boxes. But that’s where I was wrong. Life...relationships...people...it’s not always black and white.” You give the palm of his hand a firm squeeze before carrying on. “I thought what I was feeling for Taehyung was love, but it wasn’t. I don’t love Taehyung. Not like that, at least.”  

    The revelation rings throughout Jungkook’s head. Taehyung and you are over. Just like that. 

    He doesn’t know what to say. A selfish part of him wants to celebrate the fact that you are single again. But an even bigger part of him knows this doesn’t change a thing. You still weren’t his.  

    “Okay, as long as that’s what you want,” he finally voices. “But I still don’t understand why you ran all the way here to tell me this?” His expression remains twisted, undoubtedly a result of the mixture of emotions swimming inside him. 

    Stepping forward, your fingers caress the side of his cheek, relaxing his muscles. “There is one more thing I need to tell you, Jungkook.”  

    “Um, okay.” After all that, he doesn’t know what more you could say. 

    Steadying your nerves, you peer into his honey eyes, discovering the strength you need to continue. “These last few weeks without you have been terrible. Everything just felt so wrong, but I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. Hell, I couldn’t even figure out the design for this stupid place. And you know what I kept hearing in the back of my head?” 

    Jungkook shakes his head, his irises faded with confusion. 

    You chuckle lightly at his honesty. “I kept hearing you asking me, ‘what does your heart tell you?’ over and over again. It was so ridiculous, but for some reason I decided to ask myself the same question…Really ask myself…And do you know what I figured out?”


    “I realized I hadn’t been listening to my heart at all. I was so busy trying to impress Taehyung, I wasn’t even being myself anymore,” you explain, tears now streaming down your face. Jungkook instinctively brushes them away, tugging you closer to him. “But when I walked away from this notion that Taehyung and I were meant to be together, that’s when I had clarity at last.” 

    You press your forehead to his, suspended in your own little bubble together. “And that’s when I realized what I was missing all this time.” 

    Your heart hammers in your ribcage, each pulse echoing throughout your body. “I love you, Jungkook.” 

    Jungkook’s heart almost stops beating. He swears he has misheard you at first, like some sort of bitter trick of the mind. But when you repeat the same three words again, he knows it’s not a lie. 

    “Please say something,” you beg. Unable to control himself, he crushes you into his chest, his own eyes filling with tears. 

    “YN, do you know how long I have been waiting to say this to you? I love you too.” He strengthens his grip on you, afraid you may vanish. “I have been for a while now. I just didn’t know how to tell you without ruining our friendship. And then you were with Taehyung and the timing just felt so wrong. But it doesn’t matter now. I love you so much.”  

    You break free from his hold, only to look him in the eyes. “I love you, Jungkook.” You laugh through the tears and say, “ Now hurry up and kiss me already.” 

    “I’ve been wanting to do this forever,” Jungkook mumbles as he seals his mouth against yours for the very first time. With a single touch, tender lips meld into one as if they were designed for each other, falling into place like puzzle pieces. They feel electric, the anticipation from years of bottled up emotions finally finding their release. 

    Now that he’s started, he doesn’t think he can stop, forever addicted to the lips that confessed their love for him just moments before. How he survived not kissing you all this time, he has no idea. 

    You react to his motions, pushing your mouth harder against his and it’s not long before both your movements increase in urgency. Strong hands land upon your waist, tugging you closer towards him. 

    Wanting to taste even more of you, Jungkook nips at your bottom lip, begging for entry. You don’t put up a fight, letting his tongue push forward until all you can sense is him.

    Melting into the kiss, your hands find purchase on his chest, wrinkling the material of his shirt. The staccato drumbeat of his heart echoes beneath your fingertips, matching your own unbalanced bass-line. Desperate hands roam up and down your bodies, as your lips continue to stay locked together, only detaching when you finally need to catch your breath. 

    “That was...incredible.” Jungkook’s puckered lips hang open, still reeling from the kiss. He had pictured this moment so many times in his head, but nothing compared to the real deal.  

    “I can’t believe it took you so long to do that,” you tease. The palm of your hand remains nestled against his chest, which rises and falls unsteadily beneath it. 

    “I just wanted it to mean something.” Jungkook smiles, wiping the smudge of lipstick smeared on the corner of his mouth. “And now it does.” There’s a newfound twinkle in his eyes as he leans forward and encircles your hips. He places a chaste kiss on your forehead. “I love you, YN.” 

    “I love you too, Jungkook. Only you,” you mumble into his chest, before tilting your head upwards and depositing another kiss on his bruised lips. 

    As he kisses you back, his hands wind down below the curve of your ass, grabbing you by the legs. Hoisting them up, he wraps you around his torso, his muscular arms gluing you to him as he maneuvers you to the desk. 

    It doesn’t take long before you are both slamming into the hard, wooden surface. Jungkook cups you back, trying to protect you as he deposits you on top of the table, breaking the kiss.

    “Lie back,” he huffs, tapping your shoulder. 

    It takes you a minute to process what he is really saying. “Wait….you can’t be serious?!” 

    A cocky chuckle emits from the man standing before you, filling the silence in the room. “What’s wrong? The girl of my dreams just told me she loves me. So, naturally, it’s my turn to show her how much I love her back.” 

    Despite the somersaults your stomach does at the way he calls you his dream girl, you can’t wrap your head around his absurd idea. “Jungkook! We are in a public place. People might see.”  


    He walks over to the windows and draws the curtains. It’s not much, but you are fairly certain no one can see through it. “Better?” he questions, as he heads back to the desk, casually undoing the top button of his shirt. The curve of his chiseled chest peaks through the fabric, creating a small ache between your legs. 

    “What if someone walks in?” you protest, but even you can hear the way your resolve is crumbling. 

    “It’s the middle of the night. I doubt anyone is around.” He brings his face up to yours, breath ghosting over your skin. “Besides, I think the only person coming tonight is going to be you.”

    Gasping out loud, you smack him in the chest, despite the way your spine tingles in response to his flirtation. 

    “What happened to the girl who wanted to be adventurous, huh?” He doesn’t wait for your response, his mouth latching onto the open space of your neck, peppering you with tiny butterfly kisses. When he hits a particularly sensitive part of your collar, you groan at the sensation, arousal consuming any fight you had left in you. 

    “Fine,” you acquiesce, unable to control your own burning desire. 

    Jungkook wastes no time, lodging himself in the gap between your legs the minute you concede. He dives back in for a kiss, this time grinding against your center. Your hands blindly find the buttons of his shirt, unfastening what’s left of them in haste. Following your lead, he peels off your top, separating from the kiss for a fraction of a second to admire your body. 

    “Fuck, I missed you,” Jungkook confesses, when his eyes pan over your half naked body. He rolls his hips against your center, the tell-tale signs of his half-hardened member already evident. His lips return to the base of your neck, while his hands massage your breast through the fabric of your bra. You moan at the sensation, thrusting your hips against his crotch. 

    From the nape of your neck, he descends down to the valley of your breasts, leaving behind a hot trail of wet kisses. When he reaches your chest, he pulls down the cups of your bra, revealing your tender breasts. The cool air in the room hits the surface of your flesh, causing your nipples to pebble.  

    Although his hands are a little rough and calloused, you welcome the heat as he places his hand on your breast. His head drops lower, placing a faint kiss on your right side, before enveloping the nipple fully. His tongue swirls around the hardened bud, while his hand continues to work the neglected one. “Fuck, that feels so good,” you mewl as he alternates between both nipples. 

    You start to squirm, urging him to pop off the nipple and give you a knowing smirk. “Someone is impatient. Lie back and let Daddy take care of you,” he instructs, nudging your shoulder again. 

    You nod enthusiastically, brain fogged by your growing arousal. You lean back until your bare skin meets the chilly surface of the table. Propping yourself up on your elbows, you watch as Jungkook drops to his knees, pulling off your boots and leggings as fast as he can. The movements are clumsy, but neither of you care, the need to be with one another overpowering everything else. 

    With one last yank, he frees you from the tight fabric, leaving you in only your panties, which cling to your core from dampness. Jungkook runs his hands up and down your exposed skin, enough to rid you of the goosebumps. “I got you,” he promises, spreading your legs apart and adjusting your body so you are on the edge of the table. Diligently, his fingers fiddle with the elastic of your waistband, hovering just above the edge of your hips. 

    “Is this okay?” he questions, timidly. Even though you have had sex before, something about this feels different, like your experiencing it for the first time all over again. 

    “Yes, keep going, Daddy,” you cry, watching him through hooded eyes, caged inside your thighs. 

    That’s all it takes to egg him on. Placing featherlight kisses on your thighs, he makes his way up to your core. He can see the way your wet panties cling to your pussy, the scent of your arousal luring him in. 

    Drinking you in, he places a chaste kiss on the apex of your clothed pussy, the gentle weight of his lips enough to draw a whine from your throat. God, he can’t get enough of you. He needs to taste you. 

    Slipping his digits back through your waistband, he tears the flimsy material off of your body. 

    “Jungkook! You ripped my  —” you begin to scold him, but your words are eaten by a loud moan that rips through your body. Without any warning, he runs his fingers through your folds, collecting your slickness. 

    “All this for Daddy?”

    “Only you,” you mumble, yearning for the touch of his fingers again. As if he can hear your thoughts, he dives into you, licking a long stripe across your folds. 

    He flattens his tongue against your core, causing you to wither uncontrollably in your spot. He pushes his tongue deeper into your core. Your fingers latch onto his hair, desperate for something to hold as you guide him across your folds. 

    Jungkook repeats the action, his determined tongue lapping away at your pussy with greater calculation this time around. 

    “Oh my god!” you scream, throwing caution to the wind. His mouth feels amazing, your body reacting to his touch instantly. Hearing your cries, he goes faster, tongue now swirling around your clit.  

    “Fuck,” you curse, when you feel another wave of arousal flood through you. Jungkook, on the other hand, can’t seem to get enough, loving how sweet you taste on his lips. He continues to lap and lick at a fervent pace, his finger occasionally joining the mix to play with your clit.

    In no time, you feel the familiar knot form in your lower abdomen. As it tightens, you thrust your hips against his face, eagerly chasing your high. Jungkook meets your motions with equal fervor, addicted to the moans you make and the taste of your pussy.  

    When you start to grind harder against his tongue, Jungkook can tell you are close. He works your clit, alternating between sucking the bud and pressing his tongue against your center, until you finally come undone.

    “I’m cumming,” you shout, as you push yourself to meet his mouth one last time. You knot your digits in his hair, tethering yourself to him as you reach your climax. Your vision goes white and your body shakes, lost in the bliss of your orgasm.  

    You ride out the orgasm until oversensitivity sets in, causing you to push him away. The specs of white blurring your vision now begin to gradually fade as you come down. The room begins to feel colder too, but it’s no match for the heat radiating from your body. The inside of your quivering thighs are now drenched with the slickness from your core, like a permanent mark from the sinful way Jungkook’s mouth devoured your insides. 

    Jungkook stands up on his equally wobbly legs, wiping the traces of your juices on his face with the back of his hand. Out of breath, he clings to your body, pulling you in for a kiss. As you kiss him back, you can taste yourself on his lips, which only makes you want him more.  

    “I could do that all day,” Jungkook says, removing his lips and pinning his sweaty forehead to yours. You're too out of breath to say the things you want to say, opting to show him instead by wrapping your legs around his hips, bringing him closer to your flushed skin. That’s when you feel it.  

    As his crotch digs into your pussy, you can sense the way his erection strains against the confines of his pants. 

    “No,” you mumble, your fingers immediately traveling southwards.  “I want your cock,” you whimper, fumbling with his belt. 

    “Always so impatient,” he chides, swatting your hands away from him. “Let Daddy do it,” he teases, shuffling back and undoing his belt. It doesn’t take him long to free himself from his pants and underwear, the intense need to be inside you fuelling his actions. 

    His veiny, red member is heavy in his hands, weeping for some friction. He gives himself a few pumps, hissing at the temporary relief, but he knows it would never compare to being inside you. 

    “I need you,” you mewl, spreading your legs further, mouth watering at the sight of his dick. 

    Jungkook needs you too.  Lining himself up to your opening, he languidly rubs the tip of his cock against your folds, coating himself in your juices. 

    “Please,” you beg, your already sensitive core aching for more. 

    “Ready, baby?” he quips, taking his sweet time, enjoying the way you wither in front of him. 

    “Yes, daddy,” you moan, tossing your head back in anticipation. 

    “Always ready for Daddy like a good little slut. Aren’t you?”

    “Yes, only for you.” 

    Although he enjoys teasing you, Jungkook can’t help himself any longer either. With one swift motion, he grips your hips and slams his cock into you. The slickness from your first orgasm allows him to push his length in, but you still need a few minutes to adjust to his incredible girth. A tiny sting grows inside, your eyes brimming with tears as you scream his name. 

    Noticing you wince, Jungkook stills his actions, giving you the time to recover. His fingers find your clit, where he rubs figure eights into your throbbing bud.

    “Shh. I got you,” he whispers, leaning forward to kiss you. The combination is enough to alleviate the pain and replace it with a more pleasurable sensation.

    You tentatively curve your hips upwards, letting Jungkook know that he could move. Pushing the remainder of his length inside, he rocks his hips back and forth at a steady pace. 

    “Mmmm…keep going,” you instruct, bending your body to meet each of his thrusts. Jungkook pulls back and then pounds his cock into you again and again, loving the way you clench around him.

    “Let Daddy hear you,” he shouts, digging his nails into your hips as he pounds into your pussy. You're sure it will leave bruises tomorrow morning, but you don’t care. 

    “Jungkook!” You chant his name over and over again as your hips rock in unison, pursuing your own highs. You feel him deep inside you, as another knot forms in your stomach, tightening with each jerk of his hips. 

    Jungkook drives his cock into you repeatedly, propelled by the way you scream his name and the love he feels in his heart. He’s determined to get you over the edge first. Picking up your legs, he throws them over his shoulder, twisting your body, enabling him to hit your core at a deeper angle. 

    He knows your second orgasm of the night is not far based on how you clench around him and contort your face. The pads of his fingers begin to rub your clit again, giving you the extra push needed. 

    “Jungkook, I’m —,” you yell. You’re too fucked out at this point that all you can make are unintelligible noises. 

    “Let yourself go, baby,” Jungkook coaches you, continuing to work at your clit. He fucks you through to your orgasm, snapping his hips at an even more rapid speed. You whine his name over and over again as you ultimately reach your climax, body trembling at the sensation. 

    Watching you fall apart is enough to bring Jungkook closer to his end as well. His motions begin to lose rhythm, sputtering out of control. 

    Even through your post orgasmic haze, you notice the creases in his forehead as he concentrates on reaching his high. “Cum for me,” you call out over the sound of skin slapping skin, hoping it will give him what he needs. “I love you, Jungkook.”

    “I love you too,” Jungkook affirms, crashing his lips against yours one last time as he comes. He jerks his hips a few more times as his orgasm rips through him, painting your walls with his white seed. It feels more intense this time, powered by the love you feel for each other. His body quakes above you as he lets go of your legs and collapses on top of you.

    Exhausted and sweaty, you lie there for a few moments more, Jungkook’s head neatly caged between your breasts. You run your fingers through his hair, the soothing motion helping you both to steady your breathing. 

    “That was amazing,” Jungkook heaves, slowly lifting himself off of you. He pulls out of you awkwardly, a small trail of your combined juices trickling down your legs. Enraptured, he catches the glob and pushes it back inside your pussy with his fingers. You groan at the feeling, still sore from sex.  

    “We should, um, get cleaned up,” Jungkook suggests sheepishly, slipping back into his pants. He offers you a hand as he helps you get off the table and collect your discarded clothing.

    Your legs are still trembling a little, but you have never felt more sure in your heart. Despite the instability that followed you over the last few months, you feel as though everything has come back around, full circle. Even though Taehyung and you didn’t work out, you still had your friendship. And as fate would have it, you discovered what you had been missing all this time.

    Love was always around you in the form of Jungkook. 

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  • tangerineyoongles
    28.11.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Scumbag Chapter 1

    Pairing: ??? x Scumbag!reader || wc: 3.6k || Genre: Angst, Smut, some Fluff || Fic type: cafe!AU, Fleabag!AU || Rating: 18+

    Warnings: Implied smut, reader is a hot mess, angst about being lonely, mentions of character deaths, alcoholism

    Summary:  Poor, tired, utterly lonely, a pathological liar, and kleptomaniac. Oh, not to mention an absolute alcoholic. Life had not dealt you a favorable hand, but instead of trying to make the best of it, you live your life with a bitter kick in your step, taking anyone and everyone you can down with you.

    What a fucking scumbag.

    A/N: I recently rewatched Fleabag and I just had to write this. I apologize in advance. Posting a day early because I’m impatient!


    Masterlist || Next Chapter

    You were enthralled by the fall of man; by the things that totally and utterly destroyed the sanctity of human nature. Not in a physical sense, like war or natural disasters, but more so in mentalities, in emotions. Corruption by something people would never allow themselves to do with a sane mind. Whether this unfortunate fate is brought on by that of love, or pride, or fear, it is most commonly a fate brought on by some sort of weakness. It is a part of being human, and that’s why you’re so enrapture by it.

    Perhaps that is why you continue to bring such fate down upon yourself time and time again.

    Jung Hoseok was a disease. But at least he was a sexy disease.

    “Fuck.” He ruts haphazardly into you from behind, coming to a climax. Once he finishes, he pulls away, giving you the space to stand up straight from your position bent over your kitchen counter.

    You met Hoseok at a bar about a month ago. It was one of those nights. Where you decided to drink yourself into oblivion and take home any random dick you could get your hands on first. Poor Hoseok just happened to be your prey for that night, but it worked out for the both of you. He was hot, great at sex, and totally uncommitted; emotionally detached. He wanted you for nothing more than your body, exactly the way you wanted it. You don’t think you could handle some sap falling in love with you, so you’re grateful for Hoseok. There was, however, one little thing you didn’t love about your fuck buddy.

    “That was great.” He sighs, watching as you stretch out the kinks in your back from being bent in an awkward position only moments ago. But even with your back turned, you can see the mischievous glint in his eye. “You know what would make it better though?”

    “Hoseok, I’m not going to invite my sister for a threesome.”

    He had met your sister exactly once, on complete accident of course. You’d never introduce him to any of your family. She had stopped by, searching for a coat you may or may not have stolen from her, and lo and behold, Hoseok was there as well. Ever since then, he had been begging you to get your sister involved in a threesome. It made sense, your sister was pretty hot, but it was incredibly weird, not to mention-

    “How many times have I told you, she’s married with two kids.” You roll your eyes at Hoseok’s pleading eyes.

    “Worth a shot.” He shrugs with a sad slope of his shoulders before switching topics. “So, you want me to stick around for round two?”

    “Nah.” You shake your head, gathering your clothes that you abandoned on the kitchen floor. “I’ve got work in the morning.

    “Right. See you around then.” No regret, no painful goodbyes, just how you liked it. Hoseok leaves with a skip in his step and you head for bed. You had to wake up at six for work. Five hours of sleep should be enough, right?


    Your alarm went off four times, and you ignored ever single one for the sake of ten more minutes of sleep. Which then became 45 more minutes. And now you were running late.


    You toss the covers off of your body and dash into the bathroom. There wasn’t time for your full blown routine, clean teeth and a splash of water on your face would just have to be enough.

    Back in your bedroom, you search for clean clothes, anything. A day old pair of blue jeans and a green sweater top with an oil stain you haven’t been able to get out, that works. A coat for the cold weather to top it off and your hair tamed away from your face, time to go.

    If you run, you can make it to the bus stop 7:15, get to work around 7:30ish, giving you just enough time to prepare before open at 8. You could do it.

    With a plan in mind, you book it down the street, whizzing past unsuspecting strangers, accidentally colliding with a few. You could see the bus stop in the distance, no bus had arrived yet, you still had time. As you close in on your target, you suddenly feel something tug back on your shoulder. The purse you had slung around your shoulder was caught on a park bench in passing. Instead of stopping and carefully detangling yourself like a normal person would, you have the bright idea to tug on it, thinking it would for sure come loose and save you some time.

    It came loose alright.

    The old strap of the cheap purse pulls off it’s final treads and snaps. You gasp and quickly gather the befallen bag, as well as any items that tumbled out of it. Oh well, your trusty shoulder bag was now a clutch. At least it was still fashionable.

    You continue on your journey, making it to the bus stop in the nick of time. The ride is fairly silent, a moment of peace. You didn’t get those often, so you bask in the calm serenity of the rolling bus down the beautiful city streets and-

    Nope, serene silence is over, someone is gagging in the back of the bus. You pray to god you get to your stop before they vomit everywhere.

    Your stop arrives and you get off as quickly as possible. You were so close, only a couple blocks away.

    “Hello, Jerry!” You shout as you run. Jerry was a street performer who always sat at the corner of Washington and Taylor. He calls back, but you can’t really hear him, you’re too far. Your destination is within sight, within reach. All you had to do was take a few more steps, whip out your keys, unlock the door!

    Your final step causes you to freeze. Your keys sit in your hands but do not move to unlock the door right in front of you. There is a look of obscene horror on your face, you have to look down, but you don’t want to. Below your white sneakers, the stench of dog shit wafts into your nose.

    “God dammit!” At the very least, you hope potential customers wandering the street didn’t hear you.

    After cleaning up the present left at the front door of your shop, you prepare to open. A cafe bookstore, charming right? It would probably be a lot more popular if it wasn’t for the fact that a goddamn Barnes and Noble was right across the fucking street. You’d think people would want to support local business, but most fall into the clutches of evil corporations, like Barnes and Noble.

    Not that you had any right to complain, you really fucking loved the Starbucks they had inside too.

    Because of this one sided war with the more popular cafe and book store across the street, things were usually pretty slow at the shop, and today was no exception. It was dreadfully dead all morning. Somedays it almost feels like it’s not worth it. It’s amazing how doing a whole lot of nothing all day could make you so tired.


    “Isn’t she a beauty?” Jin asks with a wide smile.

    You, on the other hand stare at the building skeptically.

    “It looks like a piece of shit.” Blunt. He’d expect nothing less of you. “Not to mention there’s a shop that does the exact same thing across the street. We’re going to run our business to the ground before we even open it.”

    “Oh don’t be so negative.” He says, opening the door to the newly purchased space. “They won’t be able to compete with us, we’ll have some character!” He says assuredly.


    Jin doesn’t respond immediately. He paces the room, eyeing the space around him critically.

    “We could put some nice little tables here. Then some big bookshelves over here. Decorate with some nice plants.” He points here and there, sketching out his vision for you to see. He was always such a daydreamer, and you loved that about him. “I think it’s going to be great.” The hopeful smile on his face makes you smile as well.

    “If you say so.”


    As you get lost in your negative thoughts, someone enters. You immediately perk up and greet the customer with a big smile.

    “Welcome” You say, trying to sound as genuine as possible.

    The boy, likely no older than 18, gives you a mere nod in response. He treks over to one of the corner tables and begins releasing the contents of his bag. Notebooks, pencils, a laptop, a million different chargers, clearly this kid was here to do some work.

    “Can I get you anything?” Perhaps some over priced coffee to get you through your school work?

    “No thanks.” He offers with a small smile and continues on about whatever he’s doing.

    Of course he doesn’t want your coffee brewed to perfection, or to peruse the titles amongst the shelves. He just wants to mooch off your wifi. Typical teenager.

    The rest of the day doesn’t bring you much hope either. A few customers here and there, mainly looking for a quick cup of coffee, not wanting to wait in line at the Starbucks inside Barnes and Noble across the street, but nothing significant. The usual.

    As you prepare to end the day, you feel your phone buzz in your pocket. When you pull it out, you see the name Gwen flash across your screen.

    Why was your sister calling?

    It takes you less than a second to figure out the answer to your question. Lily’s play.

    “Hello?” You answer in a cheerful voice, glad your sister can’t see the way you are currently panicking.

    “Hello, are you on your way? Lily’s play starts it ten.” Her voice was always so stern and serious, could she learn to lighten up a little? “Hello?”

    “Yeah, yeah. I’m on my way. I wouldn’t miss it for the world! You know I love my talented little niece.” You lie. Lily was a brat. Once at a family dinner, you took the last of the delicious cupcakes your sister made for dessert. They were for everyone so you had the right to take the last one. The kid cried until your sister forced you to hand it over, then the kid kicked you under the table!

    “I hope you’re not lying. Seriously, I swear to god if you’re not here in ten minutes-”

    “I said I’m on the way.” You were not on the way, you were wiping sandwich crumbs off the counter you just ate over. “I’ll be there.” You quickly hang up before Gwen can get another word in.

    You toss your phone to the side and finish cleaning up for the night. The one upside of having few customers was there was never much of a mess to clean. After locking up, you do what you do best, desperately run to the event you’re late for in hope you make it on time.

    The school wasn’t all that far. A ridiculously expensive private school in the middle of downtown, only the best for your sister’s children. You sneak in just in time to slide into the seat by your sister.

    “God, there you are.” She whispers, shocked at your sudden presence.

    “I told you I’d be here.”

    “Well sorry if I didn’t believe you, but you do lie quite often. And you are usually late to things.”

    Harsh, but true.

    The beautiful Gwen was your sister. Well, step-sister. Your mother married your step-father when you were about ten years old and he had a daughter of his own. Twelve year old Gwen. She was tall, shaped like a goddess, perfectly shiny hair, not to mention a fucking doctor and she has a super hot rich husband who keeps his mouth shut. She was living the dream. Sometimes you wish she’d let you in on it.

    “Well you can’t say I lied this time. I think you should congratulate me for being a model citizen.” You smile at her but her eyes are fully on the stage.

    “Hush, it’s starting.”

    Great. You were in for a full hour of a bunch of eight year olds singing off key. Luckily for you, your super power was zoning out when you didn’t care about things.

    At the end of your hour long day dreaming session, you, along with your sister and her hot husband, Namjoon, meet your niece Lily to congratulate her.

    “Lily, you were amazing! I’m so proud of you sweetheart!” Gwen says with a smile as she gently places her arms around her daughter. Something about the gesture seemed so stiff and awkward, Gwen was never one for physical affection.

    “Thanks mom. Where are my flowers? It’s important that a performer gets flowers after a good show.” She looks expectantly between her parents. Silently, Namjoon pulls out a small bouquet, perfect for Lily’s little eight year old hands. “Oh my gosh! Thanks, you guys didn’t have to!” Brat.

    “Yeah, great job kiddo. I really loved it.”

    Lily turns to you with a frown on her face.

    “Oh, I didn’t realize you were here.” You fight the urge to frown back. She’s a child, don’t come for her.

    “Of course! I had to support my favorite little niece.”

    “I’m your only niece.” She deadpans.

    Which was true. Gwen’s other child, George, was your baby nephew, but if he was your niece, he would be your favorite. All he does is make funny noises and shit. Hilarious, and way better than Lily’s attitude and high maintenance nature.

    “Well, it’s getting late.” You redirect the conversation. “I’ve got to wake up early tomorrow so I’m going to head out. Good seeing you all.” It was not good seeing them, you kind of hated them to be honest. You’re not sure why you agreed to come in the first place.

    “Thanks-thanks for coming.” Your sister says awkwardly. She’s thanking you? That ones new.

    “yeah, okay. Well, bye.” Damn her awkward thanks made you respond awkwardly, fuck you Gwen!

    Since you have to open up shop early in the morning, the best thing to do would be to go straight home and get some rest, right?

    Keyword; best thing, doesn’t mean it’s what you were going to do. No, instead, after such a rough day, involving no foot traffic in your shop and having to deal with your shitty family, you decide to get a drink, or ten.

    The best thing about living in a busy city was that there were bars everywhere. Pick a direction and start walking, you’re bound to run into one at some point. That’s exactly what you did after you left Lily’s little play. You hopped from one bar to the next, alcohol always helped you relax. It also made flirting a lot more fun.

    “Whiskey for me, and a lemon drop for the lady.” You giggle and the handsome man as he orders you a drink. Yoongi, he said his name was. Sat all alone at the bar, you thought maybe you should give him some company. With your inexplicable charm it was easy to win him over and get him to order you a drink. If you were feeling frisky enough, maybe you’d invite him back to your place.

    “So what made you think you could just come over here and bother me?” The tone of his voice is somewhat serious, but you see a playful glint in his eye.

    “You looked lonely, figured you could use some company.”

    “What if I wanted to be lonely?”

    “Well, you wouldn’t have ordered me a drink if that was the case.” You reply with a sly smile besides, who the hell every wants to be lonely? He laughs and you join in with him.

    “Fair enough.” He was a silent type, kind of like Gwen’s husband Namjoon, but there was something different about him. Mysterious, cool, the very opposite of Namjoon. You kick up a decent conversation with him. He’s sweet, down to earth.

    Red alert, you were kind of starting to like him.

    Not that you could fall for a stranger you just met an hour ago, that would be weird. But, for safety reasons, it was best to nip it in the bud before you start fantasizing about a life with him. Things always go downhill after the daydreams.  

    “I’m going to go to the restroom real quick.” He says.

    And now’s your chance.

    You watch intently to make sure he disappears into the bathroom before you make your break. Just as your ready to run off, something catches your eye. A smooth black leather sits painfully obvious on the bar top.

    He left his wallet.

    A missing twenty wouldn’t hurt, right?

    Wandering the streets at night in a semi-buzzed state was rather freeing. Extremely dangerous, yes, but also exhilarating. The moonlight hit your skin from above, enveloping you in the light of the night. Empty shops stared back at you with reminiscence of the day’s work gone by. There were others out and about too, but only a scarce few. They didn’t want to bother you, they also wanted to enjoy the night on their own just like you-

    Nope, someone who is definitely on drugs is approaching from your right, time to call for a ride.

    If only you had your phone.


    After you realize you didn’t have your phone and a very brief encounter with a high man asking you for money, you make your way on foot back to your shop. The little scare sobered you up a bit and you remembered leaving it on the counter before you rushed off to Lily’s play.

    When you arrive at the front door of the shop, you clumsily remove your keys from your pocket. The ring that the shop key was attached to was loose, and just as your shaking hand reaches to unlock the door, the key falls.

    A wave of emotion that had been building up inside you finally breaks through the dam. You scream into the night air, frustrated at the key, at your sister, at yourself.

    “God dammit why can’t I do anything right!”

    Before your little temper tantrum can go any farther, you hear someone clear their throat.

    To your right, a man about your age stands and stares with wide eyes. Your new shop neighbor. Damn and he was cute too. Jimin, you think his name was? You were to embarrassed about your outburst to remember his name, or to question why the owner of a flower shop was leaving his shop at one in the morning.

    “Aha, dropped my keys. Clumsy me!” You say with a tight laugh, quickly picking up your keys.

    “Ah, well, happens to the best of us.” You smile at his comment and he smiles back. Even his smile was beautiful.

    “Right. Well, I’m going to-” You point to the door of your shop.

    “Yeah. Don’t let me keep you. Have a good night.” He says with a wave, and then his back is turned.

    “You too!” You call, getting his attention one last time before you slip into your shop.

    The phone was exactly where you expected it to be. You quickly pick it up and notice it’s running low on battery, you had a charger in the shop somewhere. Next, you check your notifications. After about eight hours without your phone, someone was bound to have texted you, right?

    Unsurprisingly, no. There was not a single notification. No texts, no calls, not even a notification from a social media app trying to get your attention. Something about seeing that hurt you, but it was a numb pain. You were used to the loneliness, doesn’t mean it hurts any less.


    “I’m sorry for you loss, Gwendoline. I know she wasn’t your brith mother, but I know she meant a great deal to you.”

    “Thank you.” 20 year old Gwen replies shortly to old woman. Someone’s great aunt on some side of the family, you’re not sure who’s.

    Everyone gave their condolences to your sister but the way she responded didn’t seem to show any signs of grief. You lived with the girl, you know she wasn’t ever all that close to your mother. Why did they apologize and coddle her like that? If anyone, it should be you. You lost your birth mother, you lost the only person who ever cared about you, now you’re all alone.

    To be fair, most people at the funeral had no clue who you were. You didn’t really have any biological family now that your mother was gone and your step family knew nothing about you. After eight years, you think your step-father would be a little more welcoming of you and your mother into the family, but that was never the case. You wondered if he ever loved your mom. Now that she was gone, what the hell was he going to do with you?

    Put you up for adoption? Can they do that to an 18 year old? Maybe you should just run away. Maybe it would be better to actually, physically be alone than to pretend you weren’t desperately alone with your step-family.

    God you fucking hated being alone.


    Even at the ripe age of 28, you still hated being alone. You were going to need a lot more alcohol to get rid of the feeling, luckily you had some whiskey stashed in the back of the shop.

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  • doycngs
    28.11.2021 - 11 hours ago

    kim taehyung. | oh, lucifer. [i]

    summary. you’re pretty damn stupid for accidentally drawing the sigil of lucifer, in effect, trying to summon the devil a thousand times over... but you’re also pretty sure he was more stupid for falling for your dumbass.

    pairing. y/n x bts’ taehyung

    genre. devil!au, strangers to lovers!au

    word count. 7k

    [two part series]

    part I   |   part II   

    warnings. fem!reader, swearing, inaccurate descriptions of religious aspects, atheist!reader, my bad humor as per usual, reader has no sense of self-preservation, i think that’s it? and little proofreading ig bc i’m lazy 

    inspo. this tumblr post!


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    just a reminder that this is fiction and i made up almost half of the religious stuff i was spewing… i don’t mean to offend anyone at all or try to make evil of religion or anything like that. it’s a concept that i got inspired by off of other fics and just inside my head so please do not flame me and correct me if i got something superrrrr off thank youuu <3



    Your professor spews out more and more words than you couldn’t care to comprehend this early in the morning. You really should have practiced some sense of control the one day it really mattered; sign-up day for classes. 

    Being almost thirty minutes late paired with your horrible habit of pressing snooze, the worst classes (aka the classes that started at the ass crack of dawn) were all that were left by the time you signed onto your college website. 

    The pit of dread that pooled in your stomach the second you noticed your impending doom was all your fault. You really couldn’t blame a single person besides yourself, despite the way you wanted to with all of your heavy heart. 

    Seulgi had been really upset at your 7:30 AM scream of frustration that horrid morning.

    Sighing, wishing that you could dissociate from your head until class was called for the day, you’re forced to blearily watch the board. Your professor’s words were incredibly small since you had chosen the farthest seat you could manage in this feeble, auditorium-shaped classroom. Wondering in the back of your head how the kids that usually sat back here learned anything, you get your answer by looking left and right. 

    All but one other girl in the back row were as slumped as you were, leaning on their desk and weakly holding a pencil to disguise their slight snores. You envied them, actually. As careless as you were about your responsibilities, you weren’t that bad. Paying thousands to go to school was not worth sleeping through. And even if you were a little hypocritical of your own opinion at times, at least you tried your hardest. 

    Reminding yourself of this fact, your back automatically straightens and you will yourself to open your ears. Slapping a little sense into your puffy cheeks, you determinedly pick up your blue pen, click its end in confidence, and write down the title of your professor’s current slide. 

    You had done the reading late last night, which was why you were so confident about your carelessness this morning. But you’re glad realization seeped into your brain soon enough. This degree wasn’t going to earn itself and through the sheer will of writing this one slide, it was a step closer to throwing your cap into the clear blue skies graduation day. 

    Skip forward four slides later, your professor is now on a topic he’s reviewing from last week. You’re relieved, dropping your pen from your fingers and torso twisting itself left and right in your uncomfortable seat. Glad that you paid attention last week, you tune your ears, and get back to your pen. 

    It’s running out though, so you switch to a purple one pulled out from your bookbag, sucking on the silver tip to draw the ink out. You hadn’t used it in a while. 

    As you look up to the front for the board though, your professor is showing off his cat for some reason. Curling your lips in, you sputter, a little confused at the sudden switch in focus. Not that you were mad… the cat was cute. 

    Past five minutes in though, he’s showing off his entire pet collection to date, and thankfully, freshie Taehyun is in the front row, taking the hit for everyone today, asking as many questions as possible to steer your professor off track. 

    Not your problem. 

    Checking your phone, you had twenty more minutes until you were out of here. Blowing hair from your face, you nod in satisfaction. 

    Flipping to the back of your notebook, you decide to continue this design you’ve been working on for your graphic design class. You had to create a symbol based on a letter you had chosen, incorporating symbols and meaning behind it that made the viewer think. As a person that tries not to think too much, this was quite the battle for you. 

    Having a few concrete ideas in mind though, you begin a rough sketch, choosing the letter V. It was a pretty letter, no? Starting with a capital letter in Times New Roman, you curl two lines off from its side, crossing them to make an X-shape above it. Wondering where to take it from there, you bite at the pen unconsciously, wracking your brain for what else to add. 

    Figuring you could add meaning to whatever you doodle later, you make a larger X above the one you just made by extending the lines. Balancing it out, you connect them with a horizontal line, liking it so far. It was missing something though… hmm. Crossing out the first sketch, you begin once more, crossing the design out and making an altered version beside it. 

    And that’s what you do for the last minutes of class, redesigning and crossing out each you didn’t like and wanting to change a little as your professor excitedly rambled about his pet parrot. 

    You don’t notice a looming figure practically glaring up at you in irking irritation because… why would you? Satan was quite a busy man but could tell when his sigil was genuinely being used for a purpose. But your way of making it was… deluded. 

    Of all his years watching his symbol be passed down and drawn millions of times, never once did he think someone had drawn it by accident. And for such a dallying reason as for a fucking design class. 

    You jump when your professor gasps in the realization that his allotted time for lessons is over, happily dismissing everyone with a goodbye. A good few students pat Taehyun in the back for his genius. 

    Shoving your floppy notebook and pens into your bookbag, you practically fly out of the backdoors, leading to free air. At last, your torture was over and breakfast was calling at the library!

    Speedily walking to the large sanctuary you proclaimed as your second home, you double-check your soft-food snack was actually in your bag. Your second-guessing is reassured and pushed back when your fingertips brush the several muffin bars you had haphazardly thrown in your black hole of a carrier. 

    You were quite excited to get this assignment for your graphic design class over with, considering that your inspiration was askew these days. You were just on the cusp of getting something good when your professor called time for class. And you had until three P.M. for your next class today, thankfully leaving enough space for you to finish this all. 

    Grateful to finally be indoors, a rush of warm air blows from above as you enter the library. Rushing to your usual crook in the corner, your deft fingers rip open a muffin bar package, stuffing your mouth quickly to flip open the back of your notebook again. 

    Your purple-inked pen is starting to die off only a minute into continuing your design and you muffle a little swear past the food in your mouth. Glancing up for a split second to nab a new pen from your bag, a dampened scream brings crumbs flying out your lips as you register a very menacing man sitting across from you. 

    His sharp, defined eyebrows scrunch more as he gets hit in the face with the fragments of muffin, calmingly but annoyingly, wiping at his cheek with a flick. His dark eyes open once more, the glaringly red irises causing your poor heart to beat at an abnormal rate. 

    Slapping a hand to your mouth, you’re frozen still at this all-black suited man before you, all long limbs with a heavy, terrifying aura surrounding him. You would start bolting out of this place if your monkey brain knew how to start working and initiate Plan Survival. 

    “I’d appreciate it if you changed your design, little human. It’s quite infuriating, being summoned thousands of times over.” The man bellows, jaw shifting in bored exhaustion. 

    You flinch at his deep voice, shoulders bunching upon themselves as you began registering the non-humanlike characteristics of this… “man.” 

    “Y-You have… horns.” You can’t help but point rudely, speaking around your mouthful of muffin, “And… red eyes.”  

    He rolls the latter, long eyelashes fluttering at your words as he pinches his thumb and pointer together with his temples between them. “How marvelous of you to observe. Did you register my words at all, girl?” 

    Swallowing roughly, you grip the armrests of your chair tightly, willing this scary guy to go away. At your stunned silence, Satan cocks his head, deadpan expression tilting forward as his chest follows, leaning into your space. He’s halfway off his chair, arms braced on the edge of your side of the table to glare into your trembling eyes. 

    He doesn’t tear his gaze away from you when he slams a hand to your notebook, making you jump at the sudden action. You’re scared shitless but unable to disconnect your gaping at his scarlet-colored irises. 

    The man slowly parts his plush lips. “If I feel like a puny pull from your direction, those little hands drawing my sigil once more, I might just drag you down to the darkest pit in Hell myself. Understand, girl?” 

    Your shaking inhale of air combines with a shiver down your entire body and all you can do is nod. Your head spins when the suited man grins devilishly, all perfect white teeth with eyes crinkled up as his lips form an ironic heart shape. 

    “Lovely. Have a delightfully horrid day, little human.” The man winks and then he’s gone, simply unexisting as his physical form disappears into thin air. 

    Oh, God. Your muffin bar is about to suddenly reappear from the bottom of your stomach. 


    Seulgi has that incredulous look glued on her face right now. The one that predictably comes every time you’re on a tangent about something her tiny brain couldn’t process all that well. And usually, you’re quite unbothered by the look because some people weren’t built like you but now— now that it truly fucking mattered that she took in your words… you felt like sucker-punching that expression right off her face and bonking the idea into her skull. 

    “This dude just fucking— disappeared in thin air, Seulgi! I’m not going psycho! He genuinely had red horns growing out of his head like an evil goat or some shit and these terrifying red spheres o-of like… Satan!”

    Seulgi can only sigh, slouching in her swivel chair to take in your fast explanation with several seconds of silence. The hope of your roommate taking you seriously for once shrivels when she only twists herself back around to continue her reading. 

    “Seulgi! This is serious!” You spit out, stopping your heated pacing on your 130 square feet of dorm room to whack her with a throw pillow. 

    She yanks the weapon away from your grip, tossing it on her side of the room to grit her teeth. “I have to study for this exam, Y/N. I am seriously going to lose my nonexistent marbles if you continue this.”

    After twenty minutes of telling this horror story over and over, exhaustion wins and you practically collapse over Seulgi, ending up with your butt on the floor, head and arms in her lap. She pityingly runs her fingers through your bird’s nest of hair, which resulted from your endless pulling earlier. 

    “You are absolutely batshit crazy…” Her loving tone doesn’t help your mood, “And as your best—” 

    “Only—” You add.

    “— friend, I am obligated to tell you that you are losing it.”

    “Unfortunately.” You mutter into Seulgi’s knees, pressing your eye sockets hard into them. She puts a stop to your light attempt at self-harm, gripping your chin lightly. 

    “Are you seriously suggesting that Lucifer himself visited you because you accidentally drew his ritual symbol a hundred times?”

    Pouting, you shove your face back into Seulgi’s thighs, “It was more like… a thousand times.” 

    “Oh, honey…” Seulgi sighs, untangling the threads of your hair, “You need a psychiatrist badly.” 


    The thoughts of this dude crowd your little skull all the time. You just couldn’t get over how Satan himself fucking appeared before you like he was meeting you for brunch. Like… could you get any more main character? This happened to people in movies, not in real life by accident. 

    You genuinely were atheist before this entire ordeal and now your world’s flipped upside down because… the Devil came before you to tell you to shut the fuck up. How do you make that up? That’s what you try to convince Seulgi and she’s as stubborn as could be. Never did you ever want to hurt your precious little roomie so much and you’re quite the nonviolent person if you do say so yourself. 

    Another thing you couldn’t get over how handsome he was. You always pictured the Devil as an ugly three-headed guy with a horned tail, a gigantic naked red body with fangs or something but… he came to you in a well-tailored suit, ironed and cleaned to perfection. His obsidian shaded hair was parted in the middle, a strand in his ruby eyes that shined to a bright candy red when in the light. His lips were very luscious and his smooth skin was almost a caramel color that looked soft to the touch. What appeared like a black branch of visible veins stretched from his Adam’s apple, slinking into his hidden left breast by a loose silk button-up. 

    You now understand how the Devil lured sinners to Hell now. He played a part-time human playboy that hunted with his devilish (ignore the pun) good looks alone. 

    Now, this is an objective observation though. You would never really fall for Satan because… that’s a horrible way to make your life even worse. But you couldn’t ignore the obvious attraction to him. So when you mention this part to Seulgi a few days later, she laughs even harder at your “running joke”. 

    “Now, you’re definitely screwing with me. Please stop, this is so embarrassing for you.” Seulgi wheezes past her squeaking laughter, your anger simmering behind your glare. 

    “I’m not projecting my desires on this guy, alright. Satan was dressed this way—”

    Another burst of squeaks come your way, “I can’t, I can’t! You can’t just say Satan with such a straight face—!” 

    You kind of wanted to be toxic and cut this girl off. But then who else would you rant to about this? Seulgi was only beginning to entertain you and your stories of the Devil now because it was her shot of serotonin every day. 

    You needed a way to convince her, it was digging and itching in the absolute marrow of your bones to prove this girl wrong. You weren’t crazy! You weren’t! You were confident in what you saw and you would die on this hill if you had to. 

    So that’s what your thinking was as you opened up your notebook again. You hadn’t even touched the cursed thing since you had your personal encounter with Satan a week ago but you died to. 

    Instincts had screamed at you the second you bolted out of the library to yeet the blue spiraled book into its belonged home of the school’s back dumpsters. That’s exactly what you had done and you had regretted it almost immediately, diving into the grimy green container to fetch it again. 

    After all, you had to pass your professor’s class, all be damned if the Devil is going to stop you from doing that. 

    But after, you had raced home, shoved it into the back of your school-assigned desk’s drawer, and called it a day until you absolutely had to study from the cursed thing. You had been afraid to touch it since, even when Seulgi tried to bait you multiple times into showing her for shits and giggles.

    Your resolve had been scratching off every day though, that simpering, bubbling liquid anger held in your stomach worming its way up like an erupting volcano. Your roommate was really on her last straw when she drunkenly poked at you to get the notebook and prove her wrong. 

    Okay, maybe you were a little crazy in this aspect because you did exactly what you knew you shouldn’t have done because your pride told you so… You were a bit of a hypocrite. Can you blame yourself though? Tequila and your fuzzy brain never really had the best of relationships. That’s your excuse anyway as you fumbled for the notebook and took that purple pen again, messily drawing the sigil of Lucifer to summon him. 

    You should have taken his warning more seriously and the quick sobering you experienced was like a bucket of ice-cold water dumped over your head. The insistent swearing under your breath and panicking expression only had Seulgi grinning as she laid starfish on her bed, giggling at your stupidity. 

    “See? I told you, dummy! You’re so funny for—” 

    Dread enveloped you as he appeared at the foot of your bed, sitting cross-legged on your desk. The Devil picked under his rugged nails, staring dead straight into your eyes, your frozen form sat kneeling by your pillows. 

    He only grinned, that heart-shaped smile coming back as he took in your attire and state. You had sleep shorts on, a large T-shirt of the Jonas Brothers thrown over them. The warm skin of your cheeks and neck were appealing to Lucifer as he eyed your heaving body up and down. 

    “You should have listened carefully, little human.” He got up gracefully, ignoring Seulgi’s terrified, gaping figure curled in the corner as he approached you. 

    You struggled to fight for yourself. “I am so sorry. I am so so, so sorry. I-I didn’t think—” 

    “That I was serious, did you? You atheists never take a good warning to heart, hm?” He grabbed at your jaw in a flash, forcefully tilting your head as he took in your pretty features. 

    Your alcohol-induced brain breathed in the Devil’s cologne and shuddered at the enticing smell. He was quite literally built to be your wet dream. It was sick to think about but that was a large portion of what you wondered, despite the impending doom of your situation. 

    It was like he could read you as he smirked when you conjured those thoughts. “What a strange one you are…” 

    He continued inspecting you but the nails slowly grew into long claws, pressing in to almost draw blood from your cheeks. Wincing, in instinct you bend at his too-strong hold, gripping at his long fingers to let you go. 

    “P-Please, I promise I won’t do it again. Please, let me go!” You whimpered past dry lips. 

    The last words you can consciously remember, paired with the image of blaring scarlet eyes forced your own to flutter closed. 

    “I don’t think so, little one.” 


    “Oh, my God...”

    “Please. It’s oh, Lucifer down here.”

    Grasping onto your band tee, you whip yourself around in every direction, taking in the horror of the place you were currently at. 

    “This has to be a fever dream.” 

    “Oh, I bet you wish it was.” The Devil chuckles darkly, sitting low upon his throne with his toned legs spread wide. 

    “Why…” You’re starting to panic, breathing uneven as your limbs grow weak, “Why did you bring me here?” 

    “Because I wanted a new jester.” He sarcastically drawls and you look up, willing yourself to calm down. 

    This is insane! Just a few minutes ago, you swear you were with Seulgi, getting shit-faced in your shared dorm. You hadn’t meant to actually provoke him to come to you again. Fuck, were you too drunk? Was this all a dream? It had to be right? You’re not actually in Hell right now? 

    “You’re in Hell, darling. Do not doubt that.” The Devil heaves as he stands up, approaching your crouched, sweating form, it being steaming in his throne room. He had forgotten how weak little humans were and with a slight wave of his forefingers, the temperature drops significantly. 

    “Can you… read my thoughts?” You ask fearfully, somehow still bold enough with your tipsiness to look Satan in the eyes. 

    Mashed potatoes. 

    The Devil chuckles at your abrupt hungry thinking, looking to the side to hide his smile. 

    “I don’t think I’ve ever met a human like you,” He says mirthfully, “What’s your name, girl?” 

    He bends in half to reach lower into your space. As much as you want to back away, you will yourself not be so afraid. If Satan was willing to entertain himself with you for a little bit, maybe you could charm your way out of this literal Hellhole. 

    “It’s Y/N. Don’t you already know that?” You acquire, tilting your head to the side. 

    That devilish smile slides back onto his visage, ruby eyes flickering to that candy red when the braziers in the wide room come close enough. “Well, of course I do. I just wondered if you knew it yourself, Y/N.” 

    You can’t help the way your tongue dries up at the Devil speaking your name so carelessly. Maybe you weren’t leaving this place. 

    “In Hell, things work differently. Humans can forget their names with time.” 

    Your heart seizes with those words. “I-I’ll forget my name? I don’t want to—” 

    “Oh, relax, will you?” He squints down, disliking your stumbling, “I haven’t quite thrown you to the pits yet. You’re fine up here with me.” 

    “And… do you plan to? W-Why do you have me up here now? With you?” 

    Noticing belatedly that his eyes scrunch up to crescents way before his mouth forms that charming shape, you watch as the Devil ponders his response. 

    “Hmm, let’s just say I needed a new perspective on something. Help me before I take your soul?” 

    You scramble back, about to twist and bolt away from the Devil when a searing hot grip wraps around your ankle and yanks you back into him. 

    With wide eyes when you flip onto your back, you rush to breathlessly explain yourself. “I promise my flight instinct usually doesn’t work, I don’t know why I just—” 

    “Let’s make a deal since you so obviously want to leave me.” 

    You want to protest just so that you could get on this guy’s good side but you had severely fucked that possibility up just now. 

    “Help me with these few things and I’ll let you leave Hell. Try to run one more time and to the Great Pit you go, hm?” 

    The bargain sounded easy enough, right? 

    He extends a large palm for you to shake and you slowly envelop your small one into his. A yelp escapes your lips when a brand of a very familiar sigil appears on your wrist where his thumb rested in your grasp. The raised, irritated skin stings, and when you run a featherlight touch over it, a whimper follows. 

    Looking up to the Devil again, he winks, the alcohol you downed earlier tonight swirling your head worse. “Just a precaution.” 

    The saying, “Don’t make deals with the Devil” pops into your mind, and looking down at the brand on your wrist, an odd rush of reverence for those wise words wash over you. You suppose it’s a lesson you’re soon to learn well. 

    He offers another hand to help you stand and begrudgingly you take it, not wanting to upset Satan into making more marks on your skin. 

    “Where are we going?” You pose, looking up to see Satan’s sharp jaw shift, a natural smirk curling onto his face. 

    “You’ll see, impatient one.” 

    Wanting to ask more questions in curiosity, you fight the urge and zip your mouth shut. The Devil glances over your timid figure though, who walks much slower beside him, almost needing to take twice as many steps as he does. 

    What a delicate little thing humans were. For all the deals he overlooks when bringing human souls down to Hell for banishing, the Devil wasn’t all that well-versed in their actual behavior. It’s been eons since he had been attached to a specific one for so long. A string of connection that you unknowingly pull at has been goading him to keep an eye on you. 

    You’re a strange human indeed, and Lucifer can’t help but try and keep you at his side for a little longer. He was abusing his power with that brand but what you didn’t know, didn’t matter. After all, the Devil doesn’t claim to have a good conscience. He only has it on Wednesdays actually... sometimes Thursdays if he was feeling dandy. 

    Unfortunately for you, today is a Saturday.

    “You can ask your trivial questions, human. I do not mind. Many are not well-versed in religion these days.” Lucifer avoids your shocked expression when he reads your head again. 

    “So you can read my thoughts!” You jump in the middle of walking, gaining a bit of distance beside the Devil before falling behind quickly enough, “I knew you could! Can you do it all the time?” 

    He scratches under his chin, “If I want to, I can. A little energy I exchange for great power. It’s how I’m confident in the sorry lives I take here in Hell.” 

    You cringe a little in your excited state, forgetting how morbid this place was. “Ah, right. I, um, then… I won’t be thrown back here again, will I?” 

    Lucifer struggles to lie to your face for some reason so he twists his words in the natural way he usually does. “Well, you made a deal with me, darling—”

    Your cheeks heat at the nickname. 

    “— you’ll be able to tell if you decide to escape, no?” 

    Nodding, you accept this fate and decide to implore the Devil’s lore. 

    “So what do you do down here? Just oversee all the sinners and bring them down here when it’s time?” 

    “That is the general idea, yes. The especially horrible ones get tempted by many of my associates to be invited to the party early.” He bares his teeth in a bright, broad beam, defined brows raising in a quirk.

    “I see… like a succubus?” 

    For how little Lucifer thought you were about his world, he was a little surprised you knew what a succubus was. 

    “Yes, exactly. And how do you know of a succubus, girl?” 

    You tell him like it was, plain and simple. “Jennifer’s Body.” 

    He scoffs at your reply.

    You wonder in your head if you were a bad person for being an exception to this. I mean… if you accidentally drew his sigil an ungodly amount of times on accident, was that enough to be sentenced to Hell?

    You’re startled by a warm petting at the top of your head. When you peer up, there’s a bemused smile on the Devil’s plush lips. 

    “You have many fickle thoughts, girl. It’s quite beguiling.” 

    Should you be grateful for this compliment? You had no clue.

    Another loud scoff passes his mouth as he takes his hand off your head, looking forward again. 

    “Any more dying questions, human?” 

    “Um… why do you need my opinion on this thing you’re bringing me to?” You ask meekly, wondering whether you were just going to receive another, “Wait and you’ll see” type of answer. 

    The Devil folds his hands behind his back, the black double doors you were heading to down this formidable dark hall opening by themselves. You marvel at his power under your breath. 

    “Well… it must have been fate that I visited your state when you tried to summon me a thousand or more times. I was irked beyond belief—” 

    “That was truly an accident on my part—” 

    “— and yet I was refreshed by your peculiar thinking. My council is forever old and fading, never changing their ways. I need new eyes for this project.” 

    With that, you pass the wide doorway and take in the chaotic surroundings. On the left side of the enormous space was a silver chained gate, intricate details curling and dying off in every direction. The barrier was wide open, bringing in hordes and hordes of people from everywhere and... nowhere it seemed. From where you could see, it revealed a black abyss where thousands and thousands were waiting in these slow lines. 

    Speaking of the lines, there were four of them, branching into the four corners of the hall, breaking out into smaller and even smaller ones. The ends of the lines reached individual desks where the next person in line came before… 

    “Underlings,” Lucifer fills in for you, bringing you closer for the both of you to listen in on an exchange, “They help me decide whether Hell is their true afterlife home, you see. I take on the big cases and step in when I need to. Cuts down on the slack so I grant them just a tiny slice of power from me.”

    You nod in understanding, thinking that the hundred desks were set up like train station centers where you bought tickets. It was incredibly loud and busy, half of the sound in the room being taken by an incessant burr. You realize late that it comes from a printer-like machine, old and rusty which is placed beside each underling. With a flick of their arrow-shaped tail, the instrument shudders out a sheet of paper. 

    When you try to peek at what it says, Lucifer snaps his fingers quickly, stopping this one underling’s deadpan speech to the shivering human customer. 

    “Hand us a copy, will you Huening Kai?” 

    Bored and obviously tired, the young creature sighs, jerking his tail to hit a button on the side of the machine, spitting out another of the same paper. The Devil hands you the page and you gasp at the list of sins this person has committed. 

    “Have anything to say for yourself, man? You’ve been a really shitty person.” Huening Kai drones, tilting his chin down towards his chest with his feet propped up.

    The human stutters, looking between the three of you, drawn to start pleading Satan. He just manages with an instinct to realize he was the bigger power here. Pityingly folding his body into a begging position, he rubs his hands together like he’s about to start a fire or something. 

    Before the man starts spewing nonsense, Kai and Satan make eye contact, and then the latter is pulling you away, despite your rapture in watching the interaction. It was like watching a car crash on the freeway; you’re unable to tear your gaze away from the terrible show. 

    You miss Lucifer’s chuckle from your again, deranged thoughts, placing a heated hand on your shoulder to guide your feet to the room’s right side. Another gate that looks exactly like the one on the left is intermingling with these deep, merlot-colored vines that twisted off into a wide, cave-like ravine. The gorge had a wide width, with steep sides encased in hundreds of worn-down stone stairs, carved from what looked like eons ago. 

    Those lines of people that you assumed were decidedly going down to Hell’s pit, were led down the rocky steps into a fiery chasm below. The Devil doesn’t let you get too close, scared you’ll fall or something along that sort, but you can just see a little of the hollow, all swirling red with specks of dark bodies reaching for help. 

    Your stomach turns at the sight, bile wanting to climb up at the echoing screams of so many voices traveling up to you. It was easier to hear by the open gate as those joining this never-ending line realized at the same time as you what awaited them. 

    You were being too careless about this whole situation. If this was what was awaiting you if you didn’t do your job right, you might just go genuinely insane. For real this time.

    Looking up, you ask solemnly, “What do I have to do?” 

    The Devil takes in the rough swallow that goes down your throat and tries to squeeze at your shoulder comfortably. “You’re going to help me transform this place.” 

    “W-What— What do you mean by that?” Taking a quick scan around, you bewilderingly wonder what needs to be transformed. 

    Lucifer opens his wingspan, long arms waving to the chaos in this room. “This…” His booming deep voice draws your ears to listen closely, “... is inefficient. I’m getting news from above about how slow this process is. As you could tell earlier, the lines are getting too long and it’s getting old Father mad,”

    His tone is spiteful as he continues. “It hardly seems like my fault that more sinners are joining me in Hell by the day— not a lack on my part but his— and now this whole shebang needs changing.”

    “So… you want me to help you make Hell easier to enter?” 

    The heart-shaped grin you’re slowly beginning to see is signature to the Devil graces you once more. 

    “Right on, little human. Let’s begin.”


    “Do you think Seulgi is worried for me right now?” You ask another question and the Devil sighs loud at his desk. 

    You’re sat at your child one that he had playfully conjured to be in the corner of his office. Jokes on him because you didn’t end up complaining and settled in the tiny chair, comfortable as could be. 

    “Like I told you, time works differently down here. I think I now understand how she wished for you to be gone sometimes.” 

    Your gasp amuses him; you can tell by the smirk on Lucifer’s lips, even if he was looking down at his blueprint currently. “You’re lying. She wished for me to be dead?” 

    He looks up, rolling his eyes. “No, that’s not what I said. I said that she wished for you to be gone sometimes. That does not mean dead.” 

    “Well, now she’s dead to me.” You huff in a whisper, mouth pouting as you continued sketching your side of the blueprint as well. 

    Decidedly, you ignore the Devil’s rough chuckle, pressing extra ink with this feather pen in anger. That was a severe mistake because a blot of ink comes out strong and you swear loudly, making Satan jerk. 

    He tries to hide his scared reaction by tossing a tired expression your way. “What now, Y/N?”

    Throwing the stupid writing utensil away, you begin your ramble, “You know, it’s a good thing you’re updating this place because it actually sucks—”

    Lucifer throws up his eyebrows at that. 

    “— Like, your ink is trash. Why can’t you just update to pens? They work so much better and they have a variation of colors you can write in. Why use boring-ass black all the time? Add some spice for once. And for the list of sins you print out when making the final decision? That’s honestly so bad for the environment! Imagine how much paper you waste in one day. No, actually, in like… the whole time you’ve been running this place! Do you have an ecosystem here? Because you must be screwing it up severely with all this paper you waste for one-time use. Also—”

    All that Lucifer can do is fondly listen to your daily ramble today, ignoring the multiple points you’ve mentioned before like clockwork. He knew that everything here was outdated but your jocular complaining of it was the highlight of his day. 

    The way you spoke and thought of the world reminded him of the elated feeling he got when he used to be able to fly. That sense of air, gliding in the baby blue skies; like bursting into a fluffy cloud and the rush of cold, wet drops of precipitation clinging to his skin after. It felt like him opening his eyes for the first time in forever to see how the Earth has not changed one bit. That beauty in the world just needs a new perspective. That was how Lucifer saw you. 

    More and more lately throughout the week and a half you’ve stayed with him, random spurts of your family and friends would pop up in your head. And Lucifer would selfishly try to banish and distract you from these thoughts out of his own loneliness. If he truly wanted you out of here, the both of you would have finished the second you added your two cents to the project. He was committed to dragging out your time though, wishing every second of your day would be with him. 

    It was foolish. He knew. The idea of the Devil falling for a puny human was a joke— sounded like it could only be a joke if Father cared to check in and see how his old fallen angel was doing. But Lucifer couldn’t help his feelings, despite his cold heart’s protest.

    The nicknames of “girl” and “little human” were now “Y/N” and “darling”, interchanged after the other. His hands gravitated to innocently touch you for the smallest things now and his eyes always found their way back to your small figure, stubbornly sitting in the dumb child’s chair he made for you. Your laughter and smile were the bright lights in his immortal life now and joys from the pride he took in his job were sucked out of his own barely-there soul. 

    Whenever you encountered the true horrors of what he did every day, Lucifer would burn in shame at his acts. It had been a long time since he had felt regret in standing against Father and yet, all of that upheaval is brought back up with the looks of sadness and despair you have at the souls suffering from his hand. Lucifer suddenly felt wrong in his body, not feeling that desperate pull of pride in his all-godly powers now. And he knew deep down in his bones that if you were to leave him as well as his pride had gone, there would be nothing left of him. 


    The call of his old name brings him out of his reverie. The labels of the names you call him have been ticking at his skin as well. It didn’t feel right, the way you believed the ire behind those titles. The furious wrath he had felt in which those names were created was stifled the more he was present in your company. 

    “Don’t call me that.” 

    The scrunching of the place between your brows appears from confusion. Expertly sensing a change in your recent companion’s mood, you drop still. 

    “But I’ve been calling you that for a while. You told me to—”

    The Devil tightens his hold on the edge of his mahogany desk, head thrown down in hatred of the way you’re currently judging him. The way you will soon judge him for his sudden change in heart... at your realization of his wretched fondness of you. 

    “Forget what I said. Forget…” He finally manages to meet your gaze, which he was never afraid to meet before, “Forget everything I said.” 

    You shake your head, dumbfounded at Lucifer’s words. You didn’t know what he was on about. “I don’t understand what you’re—” 

    “I’m allowing you to leave. You can leave Hell. I’ll bring you back to Seulgi in your dorm myself.” His serious tone should have relief and happiness rushing through your veins. The opposite happens, confusion of your feelings flooding your head. 

    “I— wait. This is, this is all so sudden,” You stand up, and the last thing that Lucifer wanted you to do, you exactly did by approaching him, “What’s going on? Weren’t we just talking about the project a second ago?” 

    The scent of your lovely perfume floods Lucifer’s senses and he closes his eyes tightly to push down the want and desire to continue imprisoning you here.

    “I’ve made up my mind. I— you just made me realize I don’t need you here anymore. You’ve helped more than you needed to.” Lucifer says, selfishly taking in the sight of you so close to him one last time. 

    “But—” You look back to your abandoned draft in the corner, “I didn’t finish.” 

    He dies to kiss away the pout on your lips but forces himself to hold back. Lucifer knew he was getting too attached; this had to stop now. 

    “It’s time you head back to your real home, girl.” The bringing of the old name stings and you don’t know why. It felt like all the hard work you had put in this past week and a half were all gone. 

    You should feel ecstatic you’re leaving this place. So why did a big part of you want to stay, despite everything? 

    It takes a while before you can gather words on your tongue and voice your agreement. Lucifer can read the thoughts in the head without trouble and his weak heart aches at the troubling questions brewing in your mind. Before you could realize what you felt for the Devil himself, he should cut you off. To spare himself the pain. 

    It would never work out anyway. He thinks.

    “I uh... Okay, yeah. I— I’ll go back, yeah. I have a shit-ton lot of homework to catch up on.” You try to joke, sending a light smile Lucifer’s way. 

    At that, he goes around his desk to stand before you, gently grasping your hand which held his brand on your soft skin. The raised sigil is all healed now, with you unknowing of the healing he had placed on you soon after it was branded on. Rubbing at the skin with his thumb, the anchor that was keeping you here on his accord all but brushes away as he continues stroking at it. His warm touch eventually makes the whole symbol go away on your wrist and you gasp at the sight. 

    “You’re free from me,” Lucifer says, the underlying sadness beneath the uttered sentence pulling at your heartstrings. 

    “So… that’s it? I’m… I’m going back?” Making sure, you connect gazes again with Lucifer, confirming it as he nods. 

    “Yes but—” 

    The Devil was a selfish man, wasn’t he? He felt disgusted in his own body, asking you to do something you didn’t know the true power of doing but… Lucifer needed it. He needed to hear his real name leave your lips, just if this was the last time he ever saw you in the flesh.

    “— Do me one last favor?” 

    You nod wordlessly. 

    “Say my real name?”

    Your fast heartbeat races in your throat, choking out, “Your real name? Isn’t Lucifer—?” 

    “My angel name… please?” 

    Those ruby eyes you’ve grown to stop fearing and instead feel comforted by, turn to that candy red when looking at you. 

    “Say... Taehyung.” 

    Taehyung. That’s a pretty name.

    Droplets of tears form at the corner of his wide eyes and he smiles into that charming heart watery at your unfiltered thought. 


    And with that, in Hell’s Wednesday evening, you’re transported back into your dorm room with Seulgi still curled trembling on her bed, terrified to death. You realize belatedly that no time has passed at all here. Ignoring Seulgi’s scared figure, you blindly reach to sit down in your desk chair, head throbbing because of thoughts of who you had suddenly grown attached to in Hell.

    The Devil’s real name was Taehyung.

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  • kookiesbuckethat
    28.11.2021 - 12 hours ago


    Summary: Having been best friends since childhood, Yoongi was always there for you to fall back on whenever you went through a breakup. Tired of simply being a rebound, he unintentionally drives a wedge between the two of you, wanting nothing to do with your love life. But what happens when you get into a toxic relationship and he can’t do anything but watch?

    Yoongi x f!reader


    Genre: fluff + angst

    WC: 9.8k

    taglist: @awinkies @wedarkacademia @yiyi4657​

    “He doesn’t deserve you,” Yoongi tells you as he holds you in his arms, sitting on the couch in his living room as he lets you cry into his chest. Your boyfriend of almost two years had just broken up with you over text and the first person you called was Yoongi. You two have been best friends since childhood and every time you got your heart broken, Yoongi was the one who put it back together. He was a constant in your life and he provided you with an immense feeling of comfort. 

    When you two were kids, you were practically inseparable, with Yoongi sticking by your side all through elementary school as he wasn’t too keen on making new friends. But in high school, things started to change. You two remained close, but you were starting to see him in a new light. Going through puberty, Yoongi was no longer the same quiet, scrawny little boy he was in elementary school. He was still rather introverted but he had grown up and matured, taking interest in new hobbies and activities like basketball and music and making new friends who shared the same interests.

    High school was where Yoongi met some of his closest friends on his basketball team and they stuck together through the years, going to the same college to continue playing basketball together and even rooming with one of his teammates, Hoseok. High school was also where you got your first boyfriend. When you realized you were starting to catch feelings for Yoongi, you tried to suppress those feelings, afraid of ruining your friendship with him. And when a boy from your math class confessed to you asked you out on a date, you accepted his confession thinking this was exactly what you needed to get over Yoongi. But no matter how hard you tried or who you dated, your feelings for him never went away. All you could do was date other people in an attempt to distract yourself from the hold Yoongi had on your heart.

    Gently rubbing your back, Yoongi lets out a small sigh as he silently comforts you. You always came crying to him after a boy broke your heart and although he cared about you and wanted to help you, it was getting harder and harder for him to hear about every breakup. Why? Because ever since he can remember, Yoongi has always loved you.

    It started when you two first met as children. He was a shy little boy, quiet and closed off. But even as a child, you looked past his introverted nature and saw exactly what he needed; a friend. Despite his quietness and his attempts to push you away, you tried your best to befriend him and eventually, you were successful. You were annoyingly persistent and after accidentally making you cry by harshly rejecting your friendship, he apologized and accepted your friendship out of guilt. But as he spent more time with you and got to know you, he realized you were in no way short of friends. He didn’t understand why you would go out of your way to befriend him when he was so difficult, but he soon realized it was just part of your kind and caring nature.

    Which is why he couldn’t handle hearing about this breakup, how much you loved your ex and how you didn’t understand why he didn’t love you. Yoongi didn’t understand why you dated all these guys who could never love you the way he did. Why couldn’t you see what was right in front of you? It angered him to hear you questioning your worth because of some guy who didn’t even deserve you.

    “Stop crying already,” he says harshly, suddenly withdrawing his arm from you and creating some distance between you two. Shocked by his sudden cold demeanour, you pull away from him as if you had been burned, hiccuping as you stare at him in confusion. “Do you think I want to hear about all your failed relationships? It’s pathetic,” he snarls at you, causing more tears to resurface in your eyes.

    You had no idea he felt that way but you had never thought about it. You had been selfish, not even considering annoying it must’ve been for him. You nod fervently as you swallow the lump in your throat. “O-Of course,” you stutter out, “I’m sorry I never thought about how you felt.” Suddenly feeling ashamed, you scramble to gather your things, standing from the couch and making a beeline for the door.

    “Wait, y/n,” Yoongi calls from the couch but you don’t look back, keeping your gaze on the floor as you slip your shoes on. But as you grip the doorknob, he places his hand over yours, halting your movements. Your body goes stiff as you feel his hot breath on your neck and you hold your breath as you wait for him to speak. “I didn’t mean to be so harsh, I was just mad because you deserve better,” he apologizes, “It’s just really hard for me to hear about your breakups.”

    You let out a breath of relief when you realize that he’s not truly angry at you. But you can’t help the sinking feeling that settles in your stomach as you recall all those times you came crying to Yoongi and without thinking about how you were affecting him. “It’s okay, I understand,” you say quietly. You turn to him with a guilty smile before walking out the door, “I’m sorry. I promise I won’t do it again.”

    After locking the door behind you, Yoongi walks back into the living room, sitting on the couch and holding his head in his hands. This is what he wanted, isn’t it? So why does his heart feel so heavy? He can’t get the image of your sad eyes out of his head or how weak your voice sounded when you whispered, I promise I won’t do it again.  He was glad that he didn’t have to hear about your relationships anymore, but part of him felt like he was failing you as your best friend.

    If he didn’t want to listen to you, who would you talk to? Another wave of guilt washes over him as he imagines you sitting at home, crying alone because he wasn’t there to comfort you. He hears the sound of approaching footsteps before the couch sinks beside him underneath his roommate’s weight. Hoseok had heard the whole encounter and he knew Yoongi would be feeling guilty even if he was doing what was best for him.

    Yoongi had introduced you to the team back in high school, so you were close with all his teammates, especially Hoseok since he was Yoongi’s roommate and you spent a lot of time over at their shared dorm. He understood the guilt that Yoongi was feeling because he cared for you too, but he couldn’t stand watching Yoongi slowly get his heart torn apart over and over again while he helped repair yours. “It’s for the best,” Hoseok tells him as he pats Yoongi’s shoulder. But even as Hoseok assures him that he made the right choice, he has a feeling that this might’ve been the worst decision he’s ever made.

    About a week later you find yourself sitting alone at the campus cafe, staring at the empty seat in front of you. It was routine for you and Yoongi to meet up at the cafe between classes, you ordering a hot chocolate and him an iced americano. But ever since he asked you to stop coming to him about your breakups, he stopped showing up. You had become accustomed to your little cafe “dates” and it felt wrong now that you were sitting alone at a table meant for two.

    Even though he apologized, his words stung and they opened up your eyes to how your actions were affecting others, namely him. You never thought about how he felt and you felt ashamed because you would’ve never realized how annoying it must’ve been to him had he not told you. It wasn’t as if you two were fighting but when he stopped showing up to the cafe after class, you thought maybe it was best to create some distance between you two. You were still trying to cope with your breakup, alone this time, and you were afraid that if you saw Yoongi you would cave in, longing for his advice and comfort. 

    Staring at the empty seat across from you, you’re pulled from your thoughts when someone pulls out the chair, sitting in front of you. You look up with wide eyes hoping that it was Yoongi, but you visibly deflate when you’re met with a stranger. “Waiting for someone?” he asks jokingly when he sees the disappointed look on your face. Shaking your head, you offer him a small smile, “Sorry, I just thought you were someone else.”

    Laying his arm on the table, he leans forward, resting his chin on the palm of his hand as he smirks at you, “Let me take your mind off of him, babe.” You cringe  at the pet name and the tacky pickup line but you do well to hide it, simply raising an eyebrow at his very obviously shallow intentions. “Thanks for the offer but I actually have to get to class,” you say as you stand from your chair, gathering your things off the table and stuffing them into your bag.

    “Wait!” he calls out as you throw your bag over your shoulder, standing from the table and blocking your way to the door. “Sorry, that probably wasn’t the best first impression,” he chuckles awkwardly as he scratches the back of his neck. “I’m James,” he introduces himself. “Y/n,” you say shortly. Undeterred by your short and cold responses, he pulls his phone out of his pocket. “I really wanted to ask for your number but I got nervous and came off as a complete asshole. Let me take you out for coffee sometime?” he asks as he holds his phone out to you.

    You narrow your eyes at him, trying to discern what his true intentions were. Looking past him, you notice a group of boys sitting in a nearby booth, watching the interaction between you and James and occasionally snickering or pushing each other around. You were guessing they were some of James’ friends. Against your better judgement, you take his phone from his hands and enter your number. “Text me,” you smile at him over your shoulder before you’re out the door.

    Walking to your next class, you take a moment to think before making any rash decisions. You knew it was probably too soon for you to be in another relationship but without your ex or Yoongi, you felt extremely lonely. And without Yoongi by your side to knock some sense into you and stop you from making any stupid decisions, you decide to give James a chance. But one date quickly turns into two and within a week, you two are already an official couple.

    Busy going on dates with James, you didn’t get the chance to reach out to Yoongi until the next weekend at his basketball game. You had been to every one of his basketball games since high school and you weren’t about to miss one now just because you two haven’t spoken in a couple of weeks. Walking into the basketball court hand in hand with James, you pull him along to your usual seat to watch the game. When the team runs onto the court to start to warm up, you jump up from your seat cheering loudly and proudly wearing Yoongi’s jersey that he gave you. “Go Bangtan! Good luck guys!” you call out, wishing the team good luck. Hearing your voice, Yoongi has to do a double take when he spots you in the crowd with another guy by your side.

    He had been avoiding you because of how guilty he felt, but seeing you still show up to support him even after he ditched your coffee dates just made him feel even more guilty. And who was that boy beside you? You had just gotten out of a relationship so maybe he was just a friend? You two were best friends who told each other everything so it was strange not knowing what was going on in your life, but Yoongi didn’t like the feeling one bit.

    “Thanks y/n!” All the boys smile and wave back at you, while Hoseok elbows Yoongi in the ribs, telling him to thank you. Snapping out of his daze, Yoongi simply waves at you before jogging to their half of the court. “Who’s that guy with y/n?” Hoseok asks Yoongi as they begin to warm up. Yoongi shrugs before going for a shot, only to completely miss the net and airball which was very unlike him. He would be lying if he said seeing you with another guy didn’t bother him, especially when he didn’t know who he was to you. When Yoongi’s aloofness carries into his performance during the game, Namjoon, the team captain, has no choice but to sub Yoongi off.

    Worry is etched into the features of your face as you watch Yoongi on the court seeming completely unfocused. He was undoubtedly one of the best players on the team so it was strange to see him be subbed off. Once the buzzer sounds for halftime, Hoseok plops himself down next to Yoongi on the bench as he grabs a bottle of water. “What’s wrong with you?” he asks Yoongi, but there’s no trace of anger in his words, only worry and concern. Shaking his head, Yoongi stands from the bench, not meeting Hoseok’s eyes, “It’s nothing, I just need to get my head in the game.” But Hoseok doesn’t miss the way Yoongi’s eyes flick over to where you’re sitting and that’s all he needs to know what was bothering his roommate.

    Yoongi manages to push you to the back of his mind, playing significantly better in the second half of the game and pulling through to secure another win. When the game is over, you head down from the stands to congratulate him. Running and engulfing him in a hug, you squeal in excitement for him. “Good game guys! You all played so well!” you congratulate the rest of his teammates as you smile at them over his shoulder. “I’m sweaty,” he whines as he half-heartedly tries to push you off of him, causing you to laugh knowing he actually enjoys the affection. Indulging in his whines of complaint, you hold onto him for a while longer before finally pulling away. 

    You suddenly feel an arm around your shoulder as another presence appears by your side. Standing by your side, James places a kiss on your cheek as he extends his hand to Yoongi. “You must be Yoongi, I’ve heard a lot about you,” he says as he looks him up and down. “I’m James, y/n’s boyfriend,” he says with a smile that doesn’t quite reach his eyes. Yoongi shakes his hand, pursing his lips together tightly. He had only just met James but he already didn’t like him, and it wasn’t just because he was your new boyfriend.

    “Yo James!” a rowdy crowd of boys wave him over. He places a quick kiss on your head before heading towards his friends, “See you later babe.” You smile and give him a small wave before turning back to Yoongi. “Can we talk for a bit?” you ask him hopefully, afraid he might turn you down and find an excuse to avoid you. “O-oh, yeah of course,” he nods, “Let me just go get changed and we can talk over dinner.” You nod at him and smile as he jogs into the locker room for a quick shower. Hoseok comes to stand beside you, staring at Yoongi’s back before moving his gaze to you. “Is everything alright between you two?” he asks out of concern more than nosiness. Watching Yoongi adorably run into the locker room as to not keep you waiting too long, your lips curl into a small smile. “I think we’ll be okay,” you say confidently.

    Walking down the street to the closest diner, you two end up grabbing burgers and fries from a nearby fast food place. Sitting in awkward silence while waiting for your meals, you decide to speak first. “I’m sorry-” “Sorry about-” you both apologize at the same time, speaking over each other. You both stare at each other for a moment before breaking into smiles and giggles, the awkward tension between you two suddenly melting away. 

    “Sorry, you go first,” you motion for him to speak. “I’m sorry for avoiding you. I should’ve at least sent you a text or called,” he apologizes. But you simply smile and shake your head at him, “It’s equally my responsibility as it is yours to reach out. If anything, it’s both our faults.” He nods, taking a sip of his drink before raising an eyebrow at you. “So,” he starts off, “James huh?” The rest of your conversations flow smoothly, explaining how you and James met to simply just catching up on the two weeks you two were apart. 

    Whether it’s because of his feelings for you or just out of concern he doesn’t know, but Yoongi doesn’t approve of you being in another relationship so soon. He keeps his thoughts to himself knowing he no longer has the right to comment on your relationships. He made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with your love life and if he were to involve himself with it again, all his efforts would have been in vain.

    You two fall back into routine, resuming your daily meet ups at the campus cafe. You often invite Yoongi to hang out with you and James, not wanting him to feel left out or forgotten, but the way James drags you around, showing you off as if you were some sort of prize makes Yoongi grit his teeth in anger. You were beautiful and Yoongi was sure he would be doing the same thing if you were his, but you were also so much more than that. You deserved to be loved and cherished, yet you stayed by James’ side with a smile plastered on your face, silently complying and behaving how a good girlfriend should. 

    Yoongi couldn’t stand the way James treated you and eventually, he stopped tagging along with the two of you. He didn’t want to leave you alone knowing that you needed someone now more than ever, but every time he saw the way James would push you aside, it made his blood boil and it was getting harder to restrain himself. Coming up with yet another excuse as to why he couldn’t make it, he feels a familiar wave of guilt wash over him. He hated lying to you, especially after the two of you just made up, it felt like he was taking one step forward and two steps back. But as the weeks pass by, he notices that you’re smiling less and you’ve become a lot quieter. 

    Yoongi was the more introverted one out of the two of you and as a result, you’re coffee dates usually consisted of you talking and him listening. But recently you haven’t had much to say, remaining silent and forcing Yoongi to try and fill the silence, leading to many awkward conversations. “What’s wrong?” he asks you one day, but you simply give him a small smile and shake your head. His eyes hold nothing but worry and concern for you as he stares at you from across the table. Your act was convincing and your fake smile could fool anyone. Anyone but him. He could see right through you, and it hurt when you refused to talk to him about it. You never lied to him and for you to keep an act up around even him, he knew something was terribly wrong.

    After class, Yoongi angrily stomps down the empty dorm hallways heading straight for James’ room. He knows he asked to be separate from your love life but after watching James slowly tear down your self-esteem and confidence, he couldn’t just sit back any longer. Banging on the door, Yoongi’s about to start yelling curses when the door is yanked open. “What the hell-” James is cut off when Yoongi grabs him by the collar, shoving him up against the opposite wall of the hallway.

    “Stay the hell away from y/n,” Yoongi threatens as he stares James down with a deadly glare. With a challenging glare of his own, James simply tilts his head as he smirks down at Yoongi, “or what?” Yoongi knew he had no right to go breaking down your boyfriend’s door demanding he stay away from you when he had no solid proof he was the cause of your sudden sadness, but James’ reaction was reason enough for him to believe he was the cause of your unhappiness. If James truly loved you, he would fight to stay with you and deny that he treated you anything but kindly. He should’ve noticed by now that you were unhappy. But he was acting almost smug of the fact that he was hurting you and Yoongi has to hold himself back from punching James in the face.

    “I know don’t know what kind of game you’re playing, but leave y/n out of it,” Yoongi growls. “I’m just having a little fun with her-” James’ response has Yoongi seeing red, shoving James further up the wall before he can even finish his sentence, “You mother-” Grunting and curse words echo through the hallways as the two boys struggle against each other. “Get away from him!” you appear out of nowhere, shoving Yoongi away. His back hits the opposite wall, wincing at the impact. But he’s more hurt by the fact that you would side with James, whom you’ve only known for a few months over him, especially when he now knows his true colours.

    When Yoongi opens his eyes, your face is full of rage, but it’s not directed at him. Instead, you’re glaring at James with the deadliest glare you can muster as you stand in front of Yoongi. You were on your way to surprise James when you heard voices echoing through the hallways, immediately recognizing them as James and Yoongi. Words can’t express how disgusted you feel while staring at James, turning your back to him because you can’t look at his face for a second longer.

    “We’re done,” you say finally as you stare at the floor with your hands clenched by your sides. “Wait, y/n,” James tries to reach for you but Yoongi quickly steps in, grabbing his wrist before he can touch you. “She said you’re done,” Yoongi repeats as he stares James in the eye, daring him to try something. Scoffing, James rips his arm out of Yoongi’s grip before turning back to his room. “Whatever, I was getting bored of you anyway,” he grumbles before slamming the door behind him.

    Yoongi clenches his fists tightly by his side as he glares at your now ex-boyfriend’s door, wanting nothing more than to give him a piece of his mind. But he’s snapped out of his angry thoughts when he hears a sniffle come from you. “Hey, you okay?” he asks gently, pushing down his anger in order to comfort you, “Don’t listen to him. He’s just an asshole and you deserve so much better.”

    Zoning out, you stare blankly at the floor, nodding as Yoongi attempts to comfort you but his words never truly reach you. “I have to go. Thanks Yoongi,” you mumble before heading for the stairwell. Running down the stairs, your vision starts to blur as the tears you were trying so hard to hold back were making their way to the surface. Bursting out of the dorm building, a choked sob escapes you as you wrap your arms around your body, wishing that it was Yoongi’s arms around you instead.

    But he asked you not to go crying to him anymore and you wanted to respect his wishes. “Y/n,” you hear his approaching footsteps behind you. “Yoongi,” you breathe out before turning your face away, “Why did you follow me?” You didn’t want him to see you this way or else he might feel obligated to comfort you. “Because I know you’re not okay,” he answers simply. Touched by his willingness to always push aside his wants and needs for yours, you’re unable to hold your sobs back any longer. “I’m so sorry,” you cry out as you try to wrap your arms around yourself tighter. Without a moment’s hesitation, Yoongi pulls you into a hug, offering his shoulder to cry on. “Why are you apologizing?” he asks softly. “Because I promised you that I would stop doing this but I’m doing it again!” you cry out in frustration. “It’s pathetic,” you whisper defeatedly, echoing the words he once said to you.

    “You’re not pathetic,” he lightly scolds you. “I was being a selfish idiot. You can come to me about anything, I don’t care what it is.” You can’t help but scoff at his words. Selfish was the last word you would use to describe Yoongi; he was the most selfless person you had ever met and his actions tonight only proved that. Even after he specifically asked you not to, here you were, crying into his shoulder and doing exactly what you promised not to do. Yet he forgave you. He was never even angry in the first place, simply trying to convince you that it was okay when you knew how he truly felt about the whole situation.

    Pulling away from you slightly, he uses his thumbs to gently wipe away your tears. Keeping his hands on the sides of your face, he forces you to meet his eyes. “He’s wrong. There will always be someone who loves you so don’t worry, okay?” he confesses. Your face flushes at his sweet words and you’re unable to hold his intense gaze as you move your eyes to the ground. A small flame of hope sparks in your chest but you’re quick to extinguish it, not wanting to get your hopes up. There was no way he was talking about himself, right? He must be talking about soulmates or something, you think to yourself. “Thanks Yoongi. I’m sure you’ll find the one as well,” you offer him a small smile. “Thanks,” he mumbles as he can feel his heart cracking when you don’t seem to get his confession or at least you don’t acknowledge it

    That night, you climb into bed with tears in your eyes. You cry because James never loved you, you cry because you never loved James, and you cry because you still love Yoongi. His selflessness only made you fall for him more, but you were still afraid of being rejected and more importantly, ruining the precious friendship you already have with him.

    “Yoongi!” you call out when you spot him walking through the halls with his teammates. Turning around just in time, he lets out a small grunt at the impact as you run into his arms. “Good morning!” you greet him with a bright smile on your face. “Good morning guys,” you don’t forget about his teammates, turning around to greet the rest of them. You’re being unusually affectionate today, Yoongi notices, not that he’s complaining as you keep yourself wrapped around one of his arms. Hoseok can’t help but grin as he glances at the two of you. Even though Yoongi was looking away to hide the blush on his face, seemingly appearing nonchalant about the whole situation, Hoseok knew his best friend was enjoying every second of it.

    Yoongi can’t help the disappointment that settles over him as your lecture hall comes into view, but hearing you laugh happily with his teammates is enough to have the corner of his lips lift slightly. You wave them off with a bright smile before heading into your morning class with a slight skip in your step. “What’s got y/n so happy today?” Jin raises an eyebrow at Yoongi to which he simply shrugs. You were normally quite bubbly to make up for Yoongi’s lack of energy but you were laughing really hard, almost a little too hard, at Jin’s lame dad jokes today. Hoseok leans over to whisper in Yoongi’s ear, “Is she okay?” Yoongi had told him about what happened with your ex and he was afraid you were trying to hide your sadness by putting on a mask. You were acting differently, that’s for sure, but Yoongi didn’t know why. But he was content not knowing the source of your happiness as long as it was real, and he could tell you were truly happy this morning.

    A few hours earlier, you had woken up with a newfound determination. You had accepted your feelings for Yoongi and decided to act on them. But a part of you was still terrified of ruining your friendship so you opted for being more affectionate with him, hoping that he’ll get the message and if he returns your feelings, will make a move. And if he didn’t return your feelings then you could just act as if nothing happened, simply needing some extra love after breaking up with your ex. It was a foolproof plan-but you forgot to consider the fact that Yoongi could read you like an open book. He immediately picked up on how you’re being extra touchy, but he’s already convinced himself that you will never reciprocate his feelings for you. And after sleepless nights of overthinking every interaction between you two, he comes to the conclusion that you’re simply trying to get with him to cope with your breakup with James.

    Everything seemed to be going according to plan. Although Yoongi wasn’t exactly returning your advances, he wasn’t pushing you away. You just assumed it was because he’s naturally shy when it comes to showing affection. But it all came crashing down Friday night. You had gone to cheer on Yoongi and his team who were playing in the semi finals and when the match was over with yet another win under Bangtan’s belt, you couldn’t contain your excitement as you went to congratulate them. 

    Running to Yoongi as soon as you reach the court, you engulf him in a hug as you animately congratulate the rest of the team over his shoulder. But unlike the rest of his team who were celebrating joyously, Yoongi’s mind is flooded with thoughts of you. Shoving you away from him, he stares at you with a rage in his eyes that you’ve never seen before and frankly, you never want to see ever again. Stumbling back a few steps to catch yourself, you’re startled by the anger radiating from him. “Yoongi?” you call out in confusion trying to snap him out of his anger, “What’s wrong?”

    “What’s wrong?” he echoes, “What’s wrong is that after all did to try and separate myself from your mess of a love life, you still somehow manage to drag me back in it!” Shaking his head, he frustratedly pulls his headband off, letting his hair fall in front of his eyes. “I’m not you’re rebound, y/n,” he says darkly, “And I never will be. So you can go find some other guy to cling onto and flirt with because I’m not going to play whatever fucked up games your playing.”

    Your mouth falls agape at his harsh accusations. You thought your worst fear was confessing and getting rejected by him, but getting rejected without even confessing was worse than you could ever imagine. With your friendship already falling to pieces, you would be damned if you didn’t at least tell him the truth. Swallowing dryly, you try to explain yourself to him. “I love you Yoongi,” you confess as you can feel your heart cracking under the sharp glare he gives you, “I’ve loved you ever since I can remember and I’m sorry I had to tell you this way but you have to believe me.”

    He scoffs, looking away from you because he knows that if he looks into your eyes, he might break. “As if,” he mumbles, completely turning his back to you. Those words cause the dam to break as you feel your heart shatter into pieces. Hearing hushed whispers and murmurs, you turn around to realize that not only did Yoongi’s whole team witness your rejection, but so did the entire gym. Burning with embarrassment as you feel hundreds of pairs of eyes on you, you cast Yoongi one last pleading look.

    But he refuses to even look in your direction, heading back to the locker room without a second glance. With tears now streaming freely down your face, you run out of the gym, wanting to get away from all the eyes trained on you. You didn’t think that anything could be worse than being rejected, but you were sure nothing could hurt more than the pain in your chest when Yoongi didn’t even acknowledge your feelings.

    Although his team won, Yoongi’s spirits can’t seem to be lifted as your tearful expression flashes through his mind. After years of unrequited love, he couldn’t believe that you really reciprocated his feelings. But what if you were telling the truth? As everyone tries to relieve the tension from the sudden turn of events, Yoongi sits on the bench with his head in his hands, questioning if he made the right decision or he just royally fucked up.

    News of your rejection spread around campus like wildfire and after a few days of not seeing nor hearing from you, the sickening feeling in Yoongi’s stomach continues to grow. Not knowing if you were okay was worrying enough for him, but knowing that he was the cause of whatever you were going through was killing him. He was just trying to protect himself, but a part of him always wants to put you first, even if he has to sacrifice himself.

    After locking yourself in your room for a few days, crying until you had no more tears left to cry, you finally decide to pick yourself back up. You weren’t exactly ready yet but the stress of falling behind in school was constantly looming over you, preventing you from ever truly relaxing. While getting ready for class after missing a few days, you try to prepare yourself to face everyone. You don’t want the looks of pity everyone’s bound to give you so you try to look as put together as possible.

    Sitting in your lecture as the teacher drones on, you rest your chin in the palm of your hand as you stare out the window. No matter how hard you try to focus on the lesson, your mind keeps wandering back to Yoongi. You wonder how he’s doing and if he’s thought about you at all. Shaking him from your thoughts, you move your gaze back to the board knowing that you can’t afford to fall behind any more than you already have.

    Passing by your lecture hall on his usual way after class, Yoongi spots a familiar mop of hair and he has to do a double take to confirm it’s actually you who’s walking out. He’s glad to see that you’re okay but he can’t help but frown as he regards you with concern. To anyone else, you would look perfectly fine and put together, but he’s not just anyone else. He can see the pain and sadness in your eyes, and the lack of confidence in the way you carry yourself. As his worried gaze follows you as you quickly walk through the courtyard with your head downcast, he thinks to himself, were you ashamed because he called you out or because you actually loved him and he rejected you?

    Not wanting to dwell on the matter, Yoongi quickly pushes the thought to the back of his mind as he goes on his way. But no matter how much he tries to convince himself that just knowing you were alive and breathing was enough, he finds himself standing in front of your door with a couple of plastic bags in his hands. Knowing that you probably didn’t have the time or energy to go grocery shopping in the past few days, he went out of his way to buy a few things for you, along with some sweets to cheer you up. Knocking on your door, he walks away before you can see him, leaving a note on one of the bags simply reading -take care of yourself, idiot

    The next time Yoongi sees you is at the championship game. He didn’t expect you to show up but when his eyes subconsciously gravitate to your spot in the stands, he was surprised to find you sitting in your usual seat. But rather than standing and cheering loudly for him, you’re curled up in your seat, shrinking away from everyone’s gazes. His heart breaks at the sight of you trying to appear smaller and he has to forcefully tear his eyes away from you, to focus on the game in front of him.

    During the first half of the game, Yoongi can’t help but glance at you after every goal, trying and failing to stop looking in your direction. When the buzzer sounds for halftime, he takes a seat on the bench, sneaking a glance at you while he takes a drink from his water bottle. He chokes, nearly spitting the water out when he spots James standing next to you in the stands. Recovering from his coughing fit, he wipes the remaining water on his chin, scoffing as he looks away from you. Of course. You weren’t successful in getting him to be your rebound so you went back to your ex.

    The bitterness Yoongi feels after seeing you with James makes it easier for him to look away from you and by the time he finally allows himself to glance at you again, the game is already over. When he searches for you in the stands, both you and James are gone and he can’t help the wave of jealousy that washes over him as he thinks of you two getting back together. But although he tells himself that’s better James be the rebound than him, there’s a sinking feeling in his stomach that something is wrong.

    Breaking away from his team that’s in the middle of celebrating, he throws his towel on the ground as he runs out of the gym in search of you. Jogging through the empty halls, he immediately starts running in the direction of muffled voices. “I said leave me alone James,” your voice gets clearer as Yoongi gets closer. “Don’t throw away what we had y/n,” James tries to convince you. “What we had?” you scoff, “We had nothing. I was just some game to you.”

    “It was more than you have now, wasn’t it? Where’s lover boy now, hm? I heard he rejected you in front of the whole gym,” he says smugly. Staring at the floor with wide eyes, it feels like you’re hit with a bucket of cold water as humiliation and embarrassment wash over you. Although nothing would ever make you take back James, the memory of being rejected was still fresh in your mind. But before you can say anything back, a pair of basketball shoes appear in your view. “She said to leave her alone,” Yoongi practically growls at James as he stands in front of you protectively.

    When he found you being cornered by James in the empty hallways, he knew you could take care of yourself. But hearing James comment about how he rejected you made him feel like he had to step in. He felt responsible for giving James something to use against you. “Why do you care buddy? You rejected her,” James continues to rub salt into the wound, “She’s up for grabs now.” Yoongi’s practically shaking with rage as James talks about you as if you were some kind of object. But luckily, his teammates show up before he can do something stupid.

    “Yoongi? What’s going on?” Hoseok asks in confusion as he turns the corner. He noticed Yoongi run off when he should’ve been celebrating, so he decided to follow him with a few of their teammates trailing behind. “Nothing. Just taking out the trash,” Yoongi says as he smirks at James, challenging him to try something now that his teammates had his back. Knowing that he doesn’t stand a chance against a team of basketball players, James backs off. “I’ll talk to you later y/n,” he mumbles as he walks past you, making sure to roughly bump shoulders with Yoongi on his way out.

    Yoongi wants to tell James that he most definitely will not be talking to you again but he bites his tongue knowing that he has no right to tell him that when you two weren’t even on speaking terms yourselves. Finally turning around to face you after what felt like months of being apart, he notices your watery eyes and your fists tightly clenched by your sides as you stare at the floor. “Y/n?” he calls out softly, “Are you okay?” You silently nod, keeping your gaze on the floor, muttering a small thanks before you brush past him and his teammates. All their heads turn to follow you as you run past them, worried eyes following your figure until you disappear around the corner.

    Yoongi knew that you were hurting and he wanted nothing more than to chase after you and comfort you, but how could he when he was the cause of your pain? “Jimin?” Yoongi calls out for one of the younger players on the team, but someone he trusted nonetheless. “Yes, Hyung?” Jimin answers as he steps out from behind the others. “Can you walk y/n home? It’s already dark out, I just want to make sure she gets home safe,” he asks. Jimin immediately agrees, running to go grab his things and catch up to you before you get too far.

    Yoongi lets out a deep sigh as Jimin disappears after you, wishing he was in his position. Maybe he should have heard you out, you two have been best friends for the longest time and the least you deserved was his trust. Regret starts to bubble up inside of him as he starts to think about what you two could’ve been if he had just listened. “You good?” Hoseok asks him. Yoongi just nods, knowing he had no one to blame but himself. “Come on, we can talk about it over some steak or something,” Hoseok gently urges him back to the change room.

    “Y/n!” you hear a voice call from behind you. Quickly wiping away the few stray tears on your cheeks, you turn around to find the person who called your name. “Oh, hey Jimin,” you say slightly surprised, “Congratulations on the win, you played great today.” He flashes you a grateful smile as he bends over, resting his hands on his knees as he takes a moment to catch his breath. “Thanks,” he says between pants, “And thanks for always showing up to support us. It means a lot.”

    You simply smile at him in response. “Is there something you need?” you ask him. He shakes his head as he straightens up, “Yoongi Hyung asked me to walk you home.” You furrow your brows at the mention of his name. “You don’t have to Jimin. He shouldn’t be asking you to do this when he can do it himself” you tell him feeling guilty. Noticing your slight frown, Jimin starts shaking his hands in front of him defensively, not wanting you to get the wrong idea. “It’s not like I’m being forced to walk you or anything! It’s my pleasure,” he rushes out. “It’s just... We know things aren’t the best between you and Hyung right now and he knows he’s not exactly your favourite person at the moment, so he asked me to walk you so you’re not uncomfortable or anything,” he explains sheepishly, scratching the back of his head awkwardly.

    Although you were saddened that your relationship with Yoongi has come to this, you couldn’t help the small smile forming on your face; You didn’t think he still cared. Nodding at him, you two start walking back to your dorm. “You know,” Jimin breaks the silence between you two, “Yoongi Hyung hasn’t been the same ever since that day,” he says carefully, knowing it was a sensitive subject. But you didn’t really have anyone to talk to about the situation and you trusted Jimin, so you stayed on the subject. “Really?” you ask him, surprised. “Of course! How could you ask that? You two were practically inseparable, it’s strange to see one of you without the other.”

    When you nod but remain silent, he takes that as a sign to keep going. “You should talk to him. You know how Hyung is, he won’t admit it but he misses you, a lot. He always asks us if we’ve seen or talked to you and how you’ve been. And when we walk around campus, his eyes are always searching for something, but we know he’s looking for you.” You swallow thickly as new tears build up in your eyes. You were so upset by the way Yoongi seemed so unaffected by your absence, but it seemed that maybe he missed you just as much as you missed him. And you hoped that he wanted to fix things with you as much as you wanted to fix things with him.

    “He still cares about you a lot, y/n, and that will never change. Don’t forget that,” he reminds you as you two stand outside your building. Jimin smiles gently as he notices the tears of relief building in your eyes, knowing that those are the words that you needed to hear. Unable to do anything but nod your head, you turn around to face him. “Thank you for walking me home and for talking with me, I really needed that,” you look up at him with a hopeful smile, but it was your first real smile in a long time, “I’ll talk to him as soon as possible.”

    Smiling back at you, Jimin raises his fist as he whisper-yells, “Fighting!” Everyone could see that you and Yoongi were meant for each other and it was hard for them to watch you two go through this rough patch in your relationship. But Jimin knew that if anyone could get through something like this, it was you two. Waving Jimin off after making him promise to text you when he gets home, you make your way up to your room.

    Laying in bed that night, you can’t seem to fall asleep as you replay Jimin’s words in your mind. “He still cares about you a lot, y/n.” It was such a relief to hear those words, and they gave you hope that maybe not all was lost. Even if your friendship with Yoongi would never be the same, you would take what you could get as long as you could keep him in your life.

    Sitting across the table from Yoongi, Hoseok flashes the waiter a bright smile as he thanks them. He remains silent as they dig into their steaks, knowing the best way to get Yoongi to talk was to give him time. Chewing his food slowly to give himself time to organize his thoughts, Yoongi places his knife down with a sigh. “Do you think I should have listened to her?” he asks as he stares intensely at his steak, brows furrowed deep in thought. Mirroring Yoongi, Hoseok puts down his knife and fork to give Yoongi his full attention, taking a moment to think about his answer, “I think you did what you had to do to protect yourself.”

    Resting his cheek on his hand, Yoongi frowns as he pushes his food around his plate. “But,” he dwells on whether or not he made the right decision, “What if she was telling the truth?” A small sigh escapes Hoseok, knowing that this question was bound to pop up sooner or later. “You had no way of knowing how she truly feels so don’t beat yourself up about whether you made the right choice or not,” it was almost scary how well he knew his roommate. “It’s not too late to fix things, you know,” Hoseok continues, “You could always talk to her about it.” 

    Subtly encouraging Yoongi to talk to you, Hoseok stares at Yoongi through his brows, waiting for some sort of reaction. But Yoongi’s whole body seems to freeze, staring at his plate deep in thought as he takes in Hoseok’s advice. He was the one who had driven the wedge between you two, and nothing was stopping him from talking to you except for himself. He felt guilty for hurting you and felt undeserving of your forgiveness. But even more so he was afraid. Afraid of rejection and afraid of losing you.

    Knowing that there was nothing more for him to say, Hoseok picks his fork back up, encouraging Yoongi to do the same. Ultimately, whatever Yoongi decides to do is his choice and Hoseok knows that. All he could do was offer his roommate support in whatever he decides to do, even though they were all rooting for you two to make up and get together.

    After a sleepless night of pondering over Jimin’s words, you wake up determined to make things right. Throwing your blankets off of you, you decide to act before you can chicken out and run away again. Finding yourself outside Yoongi and Hoseok’s door, you take a deep breath as you stare at the solid wood. Building up the courage to knock, you rap your knuckles on the door before stepping back and waiting with bated breath.

    The sound of the lock turning is the only warning you get before the door is opened and you’re met with a half asleep Hoseok. “Y/n?” he mumbles as he squints with one eye open, trying to rub the sleep away. “Hey Hoseok, sorry for dropping by unannounced. Is Yoongi here?” you smile at him apologetically, feeling guilty for waking him up. He can’t help the frown that settles on his face at how formal you’re being with him.

    It was a normal occurrence for you to come by unannounced before your fallout with Yoongi and the fact that you were apologizing for visiting made him realize just how badly you two needed to fix things. Jabbing his thumb over his shoulder, Hoseok stifles another yawn. “Yeah, he’s in his room. Would you like anything to drink?” he offers as he opens the door wider to let you in. “No thanks. Sorry for waking you, you can go back to sleep. I’ll lock the door on my way out,” you tell him but he waves your apology off with a lazy smile before retreating to his room to get more rest.

    Standing outside of Yoongi’s door, you take a deep breath to calm yourself down before raising your hand to knock. But before you can knock, the door is yanked open and you come face to face with Yoongi. “Y/n?” he asks in confusion, “What are you doing here?” You wince slightly at his cold tone, wanting to run away but you force yourself to face him. Even if he didn’t return your feelings, you loved him and you didn’t want to throw away everything you two had. Yesterday was proof enough that he still cared about you too, and even if he didn’t love you the way you loved him, you wanted to salvage whatever was left of the friendship you two had.

    “Can we talk?” you ask nervously as you shift your weight from one foot to another, staring at the floor. Yoongi can’t help the slight tug at the corner of his lips at your habit, something he noticed you only do when you’re nervous. Although he found it cute, he feels saddened that you were no longer comfortable around him. “Yeah sure, let me make some coffee first,” he says as he walks into the kitchen with you trailing behind him and taking a seat at the counter. Without you even asking, he places a mug in front of you before sliding into the seat next to you.

    Mumbling a small “thank you,” you smile as you take the mug in your hands, noticing that he made it just how you like it. “So,” he starts as he takes a sip of his coffee, “What did you want to talk about?” Noticing the slight panic that surfaces in your eyes when he asks, he places his hand over yours on top of the counter, gently rubbing circles into the back of your hand to comfort you. His actions speak louder than words and you know that even without words and after all your time apart, he still always knew what you needed.

    Taking a deep breath, you try to think of where to start. “I’m sorry I ran away from you yesterday,” you start off. “And I’m sorry for all the times I made you feel like a rebound. I never wanted you to feel that way because you’re so much more to me than that,“ you tell him truthfully. “I know you don’t feel the same way and I’m completely fine with that. We can pretend it never happened. I just don’t want to lose you,” you choke out, your voice wavering slightly.

    You wanted to be selfish, to tell him the truth; that you couldn’t handle knowing that he would never look at you the way you look at him. But for once, it was your turn to be selfless, for his sake. And if that meant pretending you weren’t totally in love with him and it wasn’t breaking your heart being around him and knowing he doesn’t love you back, then so be it. “Did you mean it?” he asks, interrupting your thoughts. “Huh?” you ask in confusion, not knowing what he was talking about. “Did you mean what you said? On the court that day?” he repeats himself. “Of course! I meant everything-” you answer confidently before he cuts you off with a kiss. 

    Frozen in shock, you stare at him with wide eyes as he gently holds your face in his hands. “I love you too,” he says with a gummy smile as he pulls away. “W-what?” you sputter like an idiot as your eyes dart all over his face, searching for any signs that he’s telling anything but the truth. “I said I love you too, you idiot. I always have,” he confesses with a fond smile. “Wha- why didn’t you tell me sooner?” you ask, still trying to comprehend the situation.

    “Because of all the guys you dated! You were almost always dating someone, I didn’t think I had a chance,” he says with an adorable pout. “Any girl would be lucky to be with you,” you scold him lightly for thinking so lowly of himself, “And I thought you would never see me as more than a friend so I tried to date around to get over you but clearly that didn’t work.”

    “Well I’m glad it didn’t,” he mumbles, making you giggle. “So you’re saying we could’ve been dating for the past, like, 5 years if you just stopped being an idiot and confessed?” he raises an eyebrow at you. “Hey! You could’ve confessed too!” you remind him with a light smack to his chest.

    His shoulders rise and fall as he laughs at you, “I guess we’re both idiots then.” You shrug as you return his smile with one of your own. “Yeah, but at least now you’re my idiot,” you grin at him. “You’re so cheesy!” he whines as he half heartedly pushes you away. “Oh shut up, I know you love it,” you laugh at him. He simply shakes his head, not bothering to deny it because he knows it’s true. “We’re together now, that’s all that matters. I’d wait one hundred years for you if I had to,” he tells you as he wraps his arms around your waist. “And you call me cheesy,” you roll your eyes at him before returning the hug and wrapping your arms around his shoulders.

    “Aw, you guys are so cute,” a voice suddenly comes from the living room, making the both of you jump. Whipping your head in the direction of the living room, you spot Jin sitting up on the couch. “What are you guys doing here?” Yoongi asks seeing the five boys sprawled on the couch and the floor, Jungkook, Taehyung, Jimin and Namjoon still fast asleep. “We came here to celebrate last night, did you not hear us?” Jin asks. Yoongi shakes his head, “No, I had my headphones on. I guess I didn’t hear you.” Upset that he wasn’t able to talk to you last night, Yoongi had gone straight to his room after eating with Hoseok as music was his way of escaping and expressing his emotions.

    “Well as happy as I am for you two, we were up celebrating late last night and I would like to get more sleep so if you could take your cheesiness elsewhere,” Jin asks before flopping back onto the couch, knocking out as soon as his head hits the pillow. Embarrassed that Jin had just heard his confession and will endlessly tease him for it, Yoongi buries his face into your shoulder as he lets out a groan. Giggling, you pat his back as you try to console him.

    Stepping back, you grab his hand and start dragging him towards the door, “Come on! You didn’t celebrate yesterday so we’re going to celebrate today. My treat!” Yoongi shakes his head at you as a small smile appears on his face. If you think for even a second that he’s letting you pay, you’re mistaken. But he decides to humour you for now, letting you drag him out the front door as he stares at you with the most whipped look on his face.

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  • hollyhomburg
    28.11.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Before I Leave You (Pt. 19)

    (Sneak Peak) (Omegaverse au, Mafia au, Bts x Reader)

    Summary: discussions about your past with the pack cause some troubling conversations, but amidst the sadness- there is also love. 

    Tags: grooming, age gaps, discussion of unhealthy and abusive relationships, first kisses, discussion of dominant tendencies, implied voyeurism, Omegaspace, fluff, kisses, limited sexual content, Posessive behavior, 

    W/c: 12.0k

    A/n: This chapter is full of things that i wasn’t originally planning on putting in until later, however, i think it’s important that i adress some of these themes now. for those of you who have paid attention to the asks i’ve answered, none of the information in this will seem out of the ordinary! im posting this after the day two concert because i didn’t want it hanging over my head while i was there! enjoy this sneak peak!

    Previous part ~ Masterlist

    Chapter 19: Honey Bunny

    The youngest pup in particular has been trailing after you and Yoongi alot recently. Jin came home on Friday and found you three cuddling close on the couch, trading your phones back and forth with funny videos. Each of you pressed into Yoongi’s side though the beta hadn’t seemed bothered, just unbearably fond. Grumbling with false displeasure when you’d showed him a video of a tiny black kitten and said, “look it’s you!”

    He even saw a sweatshirt of yours in their nest that jin himself hadn’t incorporated a few days ago. Jungkook is usually the one who does the laundry for the pack after-all- and it would be easy for him to sneak something of yours, and it was a little hidden under one of the blankets, shyly- like Jungkook was almost embarrassed about it.

    More than once over the last few weeks, Seokjin has also woken to find Tae missing from the nest. A short trip to the kitchen confirms his suspicions; especially when he finds a light lit behind the door to Tae's library and your voice echoing from within. A laugh maybe here and there, your voices just quiet enough that Jin can't hear just exactly what you two are talking about. 

    But Jin knows better than to interrupt, the closed door sends a very clear message, and Jin respects it even if he wishes he knew what you two were doing. how and if exactly, you are falling in love. jin sees everything, even tae’s eyes hovering a second more then they should on you two kissing. 

    Jin can feel that something's building, a certain fervor to their scents, echoing sweeter and sweeter the more that they linger over looks and kisses. It's a rarity if Jin doesn't see someone staring hungrily at the two of you when he presses small kisses to your mouth- still chaste and innocent- though he has a feeling that soon- they won't be.

    Maybe he should savor this innocence and simplicity for as long as he can. Soon- it could be over.  

    Something is going to give with one sweet touch, one new kiss, or another small act of love that kindles these ashes into flame. There have been no new kisses, much to Jin’s disgruntlement and continued angst. Maybe the truth is he’s just not used to being in love with someone who hasn’t been directly and explicitly been incorporated into the pack.

    But they wouldn’t have just let you stick around during Tae’s rut- and Tae wouldn’t have asked for you if his inner instincts hadn’t already agreed to it. Even Hobi hadn’t said anything at all negative about you in weeks. Greeting Namjoon and Jin’s careful prodding with nothing more than a shrug and a quiet “we’re friends now, i swear if it wasn’t okay i’d say something” But it never hurts to check in, just to make sure. 

    Regardless of Jin’s impatience to just get all this tip toeing around each other over with, he’s been forcing himself to be patient with little secures. it feels like the tension just might kill him.  

    But he’s in luck, because there's going to be a new first kiss today; four down, three left to go.

    To Be Posted Monday November 29th @ 5PM EST (Time Zone Adjustments Below)

    #bts omegaverse au #bts a/b/o #bts x reader #bts poly au #bts gang au #bts mafia au #bts polyamory au #bts au#bts fluff#bts hurt/comfort #bts werewolf au #bts angst bts omegaverse fic #bts hybrid fic #min yoongi fic #kim namjoon fic #kim seokjin fic #kim taehyung fic #park jimin fic #jeon jungkook fic #jjk#pjm#myg#knj#kth#ksj#jhs #jung hoseok fic #min yoongi x reader #kim namjoon x reader #kim seokjin x reader
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  • joheunsaram
    28.11.2021 - 12 hours ago

    exile (ksj)

    Summary- When Seokjin sees you with your new boyfriend, all he wants is to get you back. Based on the song exile by Taylor Swift.

    So step right out, there’s no amount of crying that I can do for you.

    word count- 2.8k

    pairing- ex!Seokjin x Reader, Namjoon x Reader

    rating- PG-13

    genre- angst, breakup au, exes au

    warnings- none

    a.n- so I was listening to exile in the forest and somehow, somewhere it turned into this short fic. enjoy the angst! :) 

    special s/o to @oftenderweapons for beta reading this and screaming at me and with me for seokjins petty ass. love that about us lol Also, @kithtaehyung​ for encouraging me every time I write Seokjin.

    As always feedback appreciated, a reblog and a like goes a far way. Send me an ask! 💌


    Kim Seokjin wasn’t one to fall in love. He never thought he would feel something that was reserved for cheesy rom coms in his life. The thought that someone could invade his life and he’d let them was jarring — uncomfortable. He enjoyed his space, the fact that his apartment was something that he had created himself from scratch, his hard work manifesting as possessions that reflected him. From the leather couch he had dropped a pretty penny on to the marble coffee table he had his eye on since he was just an undergraduate student. Everything was perfect.

    He hadn’t even noticed when you had invaded his home, how you had first left a purple toothbrush next to his black one, and then your clothes in his closet, and then bought colourful throw pillows that accented his bachelor pad. Every inch of his apartment had been touched by you, and he had failed to notice.

    Until one day when every bit of you was gone. Without a trace. As if you hadn’t ever been there.

    The only warning he received of your departure was a text.

    I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry.

    He should’ve been indifferent, uncaring that a friend with benefits was leaving him. There had been many instances of this before, of situationships fizzling out without fanfare, but none had left him reeling, lost and insecure. Perhaps it was that somehow, somewhere whatever the two of you had had turned into something more than easy sex, more than a hookup. Perhaps it was that he had started enjoying your company, craving the nights you would sleep over, body slotted against his as you shared your days, fingers playing with his.

    Without him realizing you had made a home in his heart, quietly turning his blood rosy and his senses effervescent.

    Maybe that’s why it hurt seeing you across the room, a stranger wrapped around you, giggling in a way that tinkered in his memories, cheeks rosy from the champagne in your glass. He couldn’t help finishing his whiskey, savouring the burn as he stared at his replacement — taller than him, broader than him, and apparently funnier than him.

    He wanted to make his way to you, cut through the crowd to remind you why you had been with him for over three years, but courage was fleeting, even in its liquid form. It didn’t help that the dimpled stranger was loud, claiming his stake on you with each kiss on your cheek and story about your brief time together. Could he really know you in a few months? Know your fears, your aspirations, your heart? Know you as he had?

    “I swear to god, her pasta is to die for!” the stranger claimed loud enough for the entire room to hear, and Seokjin felt his heart drop. He imagined you cooking for him in his kitchen, the pots and pans he had spent months searching for holding your recipes.

    He ordered another drink, pushing away the presumed taste of creamy tomatoes with the bitter amber. He didn’t know why he even cared about such an insignificant detail. You were a messy person, you left your clothes all over the place, your makeup strewn over his bathroom counter whenever you left for work. You surely would’ve made a mess of his pristine kitchen, ruined the way he organized his knives by their country of origin. It was better that he never tasted any of your cooking, especially when he heard the words you uttered next.

    “Trust me, it’s not that good,” you laughed, your fingers playing with the stranger’s whose arms seemed to have found a home around your waist, unwavering in their grip around you. It made Seokjin hold his crystal glass a little tighter, grit his teeth a little harder.

    He probably should have left instead of staring at you, but oddly enough, the whiskey tasted better with the vision of you laughing, even if it wasn’t at his jokes.


    You giggled when you walked into the bedroom from your shower and were greeted by melodious snores. You never could stand the thought of a partner who snored, but somehow his were comforting, like a little raspy lullaby that warms you up.

    Walking towards the bed, you turned off the lamp on the bedside table, watching your boyfriend sleeping with his mouth open, a hand on top of his head, sprawled across the bed. It was adorable. Almost as adorable as he was when he looked up at you in the car on the way back from the party, eyes large and vulnerable as he told you he loved you for the first time.

    With a smile on your face, you reached for the comforter, covering the large expanse of his bare chest as he cuddled into the warmth, smacking his lips a few times. It was as if it was searching for you, even in his sleep, reaching for the pillow beside him and draping his arm around it, like he would you.

    Turning off the lamp on the bedside table, you walked out of your bedroom to make a cup of tea, still too excited from the night to fall asleep. You put the kettle on the stove and grabbed a mug, chipped from age, and dropped the tea bag in.

    Soft music played from the speakers as you grabbed your book, curling up on the couch and waiting for the water to boil. You never doubted this relationship and that made you warm, happy that you had found someone who was willing to invest as much in you as you did in him.

    Tonight would have been perfect — fancy dinner, cocktails with people who would advance your career, and the man you loved finally telling you he felt the same — but there was still a damper on it. A damper in the form of Kim Seokjin spending the whole charity gala staring daggers at you.

    It would be a lie to say you didn’t miss him and his cheesy jokes, his handsome face, his unwavering perseverance to get what he wanted. Perhaps that’s why you were bitter — because that perseverance never extended to you. In the three years you had been with him he had never acknowledged you as anything other than a friend, never shown you off, never taken whatever you had out of his or your home.

    It wasn’t until you met your boyfriend that you realized that you deserved better. Better than to be someone’s shameful secret, hidden away. Better than to be an afterthought. Better than to be a friend with benefits.

    You were broken out of your reverie by several knocks to the door — loud and haphazard. Although you knew the man in your bed was a notoriously heavy sleeper, you rushed to the door, swinging it open in an attempt to stop the noise.

    You never expected Seokjin to be standing there, leaning against the doorframe with his hair sticking up as if he had run his fingers through it like he used to when he was frustrated, still dressed in the suit from earlier, albeit with a missing tie.

    You also never expected him to pull you towards him as soon as your eyes met, to feel his lips against yours, needy and desperate and oh so familiar. It was muscle memory, a knee jerk reaction, that had you reciprocating, hands on his wrists as he cupped your face and pushed you against the open door, tasting of whiskey and uncaring of who might be watching.

    The whistle of the kettle brought you back to reality, remembering that there was a reason you hadn’t kissed Seokjin in months. Startled, you pushed him away, unable to look at his face as you walked away to the kitchen.

    He followed you, watching you take the kettle off and turn off the stove, before he was back, crowding your space, pulling you into his arms, toying with your heart.

    “Seokjin, stop,” you chided sternly, pushing him away. He let you go, standing with his suit disheveled and arms on his side, head bowed towards the ground. “You need to leave. Why are you here?”

    The question had him looking at you with wide eyes, red and lined with tears. You had never seen Seokjin look like that before. Like he was broken, vulnerable. The Seokjin you knew was always put together, always stringent in the way he presented himself to the world — strong and unwavering.

    “I miss you.”

    The words had your heart beating faster. You had longed for them for so long. When he disappeared on you for weeks, when he went on those business trips and his Instagram was full of corporate parties and girls, when you had left him months ago.

    “You don’t get to miss me. Not now. Not ever,” you replied because why should you give into him now, now that you were finally experiencing what you always wished he gave you.

    “But I… I miss you.” He moved towards you, pulling you into his arms once again, stubborn as always. His tone was soft, words stuttering as he repeated his statement, told you how much you made him feel alive when he was with you.

    He punctuated his confessions with a sweet kiss to your cheek, trailing his lips across your skin, leaving behind fire that turned to rage in your veins.

    As he had watched you all night, you had watched him too. You remembered the way his jaw clenched, the way he narrowed his eyes at Namjoon’s arms around your waist. He was just jealous, possessive over you now that someone else had a claim.

    When his lips moved over yours, a slurred lopsided smile on his face, you pushed him away, crossing your arms. “We can’t do this. I can’t do this, Seokjin. I’m happy. Please leave.”

    His eyes were glassy as he looked at you in defeat, sighing loudly and running his fingers through his hair harshly.

    “Is he here?” he inquired quietly, making you snort at how accurate your predictions were. The only reason he was here was because of Namjoon.

    “That’s none of your concern. We’re over,” you reaffirmed as you walked towards the front door, but before you could reach it, his hand was around your wrist, urging you to talk to him. You glared at where the two of you were connected, and he sighed, letting you walk away yet rooted to the floor.

    “Just like that? I don’t get a say? I don’t get to fight for you?”

    “You had months. Fuck, Seokjin! You had years to fight for me!”

    “I didn’t know, okay? You never told me! How was I supposed to know?”

    You could feel your blood boiling, anger manifesting as tears that slipped down your cheeks. You didn’t know if he realized how heartless his words were, how they stabbed you with each syllable, how they unleashed a cascade of memories of all the times you tried to define the relationship, but he refused.

    “I told you so many times! I told you when we started this! I told you when you showed up to my best friend’s wedding with someone else! I told you when I needed to move apartments! I told you!”

    Each “I told you” was punctuated with a poke of your finger to his chest and a steady stream of tears down your cheeks. It was like you were cracked open, naked and bleeding in front of him and he kept dousing your in flames.

    “No you didn’t! You kept it to yourself and then you disappeared!” He held onto your shoulders, his face inches away, and finally his façade cracked, the tears on his face mirroring yours. “I can’t read your mind,” he sobbed, face buried in your neck and you couldn’t help hold on to him, the man who broke you, the man you broke.

    “I loved you… I loved you, Seokjin,” you confessed, pulling away from him to see the affect of your words, heart sinking when his eyes widened in shock – as if he could never imagine it. “Did you ever love me?”

    “I… I don’t know, but you… you make me feel like no one else. I can’t stop thinking about you,” he whispered, cupping your face, thumbs stroking your cheeks, “Wanting you. Needing you. Isn’t that love?”

    “You would know if you loved me, Seokjin.” You felt as if you were at a loss, swimming in an ocean of melancholy that only he was responsible for. You didn’t want to feel this way anymore, you wanted to be free.

    “Stop calling me Seokjin!” he yelled, frustrated, tears still steadily flowing over his face as he flailed his arms in retaliation. It was funny how even with his face blotchy and red, snot and tears freely flowing, he looked gorgeous, like a beautiful angel that you could never capture.

    “That’s your name!” You mirrored his hand gestures, waving them around with each word till he was holding them in his, staring at you, pleading with his eyes.

    “But not to you… never to you…”

    “Seok— Jinnie, you need to leave. We’re over.”

    “I don’t want to be over. I want you. Please? Just come back. Everything sucks without you,” he pleaded, and you never thought Kim Seokjin could cry this much or this hard. If it was four months ago, you would have been falling into his arms, holding him close and kissing him better, but there was one difference from all those months ago.

    “I love Namjoon,” you declared and Seokjin’s grip tightened around your fingers, face determined, refusing to lose.

    “No you don’t! You love me. You love me,” he cried, and you didn’t know how to make him understand how you felt.

    “I don’t want to love you. We were never together Jinnie.”

    “We can be together now. I promise. We can be exclusive. We can be whatever you want.”

    “Do you want to get married?” you questioned in an attempt to shock him into realizign that what he was feeling was temporary, at least with you. Even if you left Namjoon and ran into his arms, you were positive the patterns would repeat. They had happened with every fight, every time you tried to talk to him about cutting off whatever semblance of a relationship you had, he would be there, ready to distract you with empty promises and heated kisses.

    “I— That’s— I can think about it? We can figure it out.”

    “No we can’t. Seokjin we’re not compatible, we’re too different… this… this was always going to happen.” You shrugged out of his hold, walking back towards the door, and this time he didn’t move, rooted on the spot, eyes on the floor and lip trembling

    “But I miss you.”

    “I miss you too. But I’m happy. I’m in love,” you smiled at him gently, opening the door for him. “And I need you to leave.”

    “Please don’t do this. Not again,” he begged, always relentless.

    “Go home, Jinnie. Sober up. You’ll regret this in the morning.”

    “Please just once. Just consider it again. We don’t have to end,” he continued when you gestured to the hallway outside your apartment.

    “We never even started. You’ll be fine Jinnie. You’re always fine.” You tried to be kind, but you knew Seokjin was about to argue again.


    However, just like how Namjoon had given you everything you were looking for in Seokjin, he provided you an out in this situation too, calling out to you as he walked out of the bedroom in his boxers, carrying his glasses and rubbing his eyes. As soon as Seokjin heard him, his face fell, large shoulders crumbling into themselves as his eyes pleaded at you one last time.

    “Nice to meet you, Namjoon,” he said hoarsely as he walked out of your apartment, your life, and you couldn’t help running into your boyfriend’s arms as soon as he left, emotions crashing into you all at once.

    Namjoon hushed you, stroking your hair, grabbing you water, and putting you in bed. When you were buried in his arms, intertwined together, he asked you one simple question.

    “Do you want to go back to him?”

    And you replied, more sure than you had ever been before.

    “No. I love you, Joonie.”

    “I love you more.”

    Kim Seokjin wasn’t one to fall in love, especially with you, but that didn’t mean you weren’t. Because lying in Namjoon’s arms, it was better to choose the constant love, the real love, over the hyperbole you would never get. Better to have a real Namjoon than the Seokjin in your head that would never match up to reality.

    It wasn’t the ending you had envisioned for yourself a few months ago, but at least this time, you liked it.


    I hope you enjoyed this! For more fics of mine check out my masterlist

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  • go1denjeon
    28.11.2021 - 19 hours ago

    All Too Well (First Crack in the Glass)

    Current Word Count: 6.2k 

    summary: a short miniseries based upon all too well (ten minute version) (taylor’s version) (from the vault) (the short film) featuring min yoongi. 
    pairing: min yoongi x fem!reader
    disclaimer: this story is fiction. it does not reflect the min yoongi in any shape of form. this story includes age gap (9 years), strong language, smut (but not really descriptive) and angst. i suggest listening to all too well while reading this. also, i’m sorry but i just couldn’t keep this in any longer. i’ve always wanted to write a fanfic about this song because it’s been a favorite of mine ever since its original release and AAAAA here i go. it’s gonna be a miniseries styled as a oneshot, based upon the order in the short film. 

    An Upstate Escape

    When Min Yoongi told you that he had a month all to himself, you couldn’t believe your ears. First, you thought you just misheard him. Second, you thought it was a prank—something one of the boys had dared him to do. But when he clarified it to you for the third time, you felt like your face was splitting in half for how huge your smile was. You literally screamed in delight, causing your neighbor to yell at you from the other side of the thin walls to shut up. That didn’t deter you from continuing to dance around your room as you listened to Yoongi tell you to pack some clothes because you and him were heading to his sister’s house over the weekend. Even then, as you were packing, you couldn’t believe it.

    With Yoongi’s job, it was rare to have him to yourself for a whole day. It would usually just be for a couple hours but you treasured every moment. You knew what you were signing up for when you began dating Min Yoongi also known as Suga from BTS. You knew that you would never get to experience the typical dates that your friends were having with their significant others. You knew that you wouldn’t be able to post the pictures you took of you and him on your social media nor were you able to shout in the world that you were with him. You knew that you could only love him in secret but that never deterred you from loving him like he was an oath. You understood why—while they were the biggest band in the world, nothing was guaranteed. It was a sad reality but the attachment of their fans to them was still there and they were not immune to the dating curse that plagued the Kpop industry.

    For you, as long as you knew that he loved you and you loved him—you were okay with your relationship. You couldn’t and wouldn’t ask for more.

    When the day came and you saw him standing outside of your apartment door, you practically leapt into his arms. It had been so long since the last time you saw him and you missed him terribly. Yoongi chuckled, holding you just as tight and placing a soft kiss on your cheek. He had helped you carry your suitcase to his car and to your surprise, on the drive towards his sister’s house, he stopped at McDonald’s drive thru for breakfast. It made the butterflies in your stomach go crazy because you never really imagined it to happen while you were with Yoongi. The both of you were wearing masks as he told the employee your orders and all throughout, he didn’t let go of your hand. You felt like you were going to combust. This was the first time he held your hand in public.

    He didn’t let go even when you continued on the drive there and you didn’t complain. The two of you caught up with each other’s life while soft music was playing in the background. Although the ride there was long, none of you were tired or showed any signs that you were. When there was nothing left to talk about, both of you simply enjoyed the silence.

    It was late in the afternoon when you arrived at his sister’s house. The property was marvelous. Yoongi had said the entire property, including the lake, was his sister’s and his brother-in-law’s and it was huge. The path leading to the house was coated in autumn leaves, making it look like it was an entrance to a new realm. Tall trees surrounded the area with birds chirping every now and then, pouring a sense of serenity in your system. When Yoongi parked his car in front of the big white house, a smile immediately formed on your face when you saw his sister, her husband and their two children—one girl, one boy—waiting by the front porch. You looked at Yoongi and felt your heart clench at the sight of him having the biggest smile on his face.

    “We’re here, babe.” He said, letting go of your hand for the first time as he unbuckled his seatbelt.

    You nodded, following his actions. He was the first to get out of the car and you chuckled at the sight of Min Yoongi running towards his nephew and niece with a huge grin on his face and his arms opened widely. He was seriously cute. Stepping out of the car, you were met by his sister, Yoona. “Y/N, it’s good to see you again. It’s been so long.” She pulled you into a warm embrace and you hugged her back. She smelled like apples and caramel. When she pulled away, her hands remained on your shoulders as she stared at you lovingly. “You’re so beautiful. I missed you so much, Y/N.”

    You blushed. Min Yoona had to be the most beautiful person you laid your eyes on. She was already in her mid-thirties but she looked like she hadn’t aged a day. If you were to look at her face closely under a microscope, you were sure you wouldn’t find one wrinkle or blemish. She was that gorgeous. But that was just her physical trait—on the inside, Min Yoona was beautiful too. She was kind, empathetic and accepting of everyone. You remembered the first time you met her—you and Yoongi were only dating for three months then—and you were nervous the entire ride to Daegu where you spent your first Christmas with the Mins. It wasn’t just because you’ll be meeting Yoongi’s family but also, you felt self-conscious about the nine-year age gap between the two of you.

    Throughout the ride, you were thinking of the worst case scenario but Yoongi kept reassuring you that his family won’t find it weird or unusual and that they were going to love you.

    And he was right.

    You didn’t have bad memories that night. You got along well with his parents and most especially Yoona who had taken the opportunity of you slicing the cake in the kitchen to tell you that she liked you a lot for Yoongi and to not let the age gap get in the way of anything.

    “I missed you too, unnie.” You told her, caressing her arms.

    “Noona! Y/N! Come here.” Yoongi called.

    You and Yoona laughed, walking arm-in-arm towards your respective spouses. You greeted Jaesung, Yoona’s husband with a hug, and let yourself be tackled to the ground by Rowoo and Rohyun who peppered you with kisses. Yoongi and Jaesung pulled them from you, the former securing an arm around your waist. You tilted your head to face him and while Yoongi never really liked to show affection in public, something compelled him to place a kiss on your lips. Rowoo and Rohyun squealed in disgust, covering each other’s eyes. You were so red and so hot. You couldn’t even look at Yoona and Jaesung who were grinning.

    They invited you both to their house and with their backs turned, you softly hit Yoongi’s chest. “What was that, Min Yoongi?”

    “What? I can’t kiss you?” He asked innocently, a small smirk forming on the corner of his lips.

    “Are you real?” You suddenly found yourself asking as the two of you reached the front porch of the house.

    “What do you mean?” Yoongi asked, eyebrows slightly furrowed in confusion.

    You placed a hand on his cheek—it was warm in contrast to your cold palm. “Sometimes, I feel like I just made you up.” You told him, barely above a whisper as you stared into his eyes. Those eyes.

    Min Yoongi grabbed your hand, placed a kiss on your knuckles as he told you, “I’m real and I’m all yours and I’m going to show it to you—but first, we have to get through dinner with my sister and her family.” He cheekily smiled and you laughed, throwing your head back as he led the both of you inside the cozy home.


    While the men prepared dinner, you and Yoona began setting up the table.

    “It’s really great to have you both here, Y/N.” Yoona said, placing the utensils beside the plates you had just set up.

    “I’m really happy to be here too, unnie. It’s been so long.” You said, moving around the table to place the low bowl on top of each plate.

    She nodded. “Yeah. The last time I saw you together was last year during Christmas, right? Then, after that, Yoongi went on tour and I haven’t seen either of you since. You should come by sometimes, Y/N. Even if it’s just you.”

    You sent her an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry, unnie. Things have just been hectic since it’s my second year in college already.”

    “God, that fast, huh?” She commented and you nodded. “I hope you’re having a great time there too. College was one of the best moments in my life, you know.”

    “Really, unnie? Wait, you have a degree in interior design, right?” You clarified and she confirmed with a nod. “Well, I can definitely say that it shows with how amazing your home is.” “Thank you, Y/N.” Yoona said with a little laugh. “It was so stressful putting all these together. I remember it being one of the big fights Jaesung and I had.”

    You were finished with your part in setting the table and so, you stopped at the head and tilted your head to the side as you asked, “Really? What happened, unnie?”

    “Well, I really wanted the house to be perfect. I guess, you can say that perfectionism runs in our blood. I know Yoongi can be a pain in the ass because of it, don’t try to cover for him.” Yoona playfully scolded you and you raised your hands up in defense. You both chuckled. “Anyways, right. I wanted our house to be perfect so I got really engrossed in making that happen. But of course I wanted Jaesung’s input too ‘cos this isn’t just my house, it’s ours. But, God, he wasn’t giving me anything. He would just say, “Whatever you like, honey.” or “If that’s what you want, babe, go for it.” It was infuriating so one day, while we were choosing colors for the wall—I just snapped. I told him he didn’t care and he told me he did. We fought the entire way home.”

    “Then what happened?”

    “Well, he told me something that stuck with me until today.” Yoona smiled, the nostalgic kind. It was beautiful to witness. “He told me he didn’t care what color the walls were or if it was the right couch or bed because as long as I’m with him, it will always feel like home.” She looked at you. “It used to drive me crazy when I see things disorganized but after having Rowoo and Rohyun—seeing the scattered toys in the playroom, their little drawings on the wall, their discarded clothes on the floor when they get too excited from coming back home from school—it made me change my perception about perfection. I still am a perfectionist but I realized there’s more facets to it, you know?”

    You nodded, a warm sensation settling within you. “I know.” You told her as your mind began to conjure up scenarios of yours and Yoongi’s future. You hoped it’d be like Yoona and Jaesung’s.

    “Kids! Dinner’s ready. Wash your hands before going downstairs!” Jaesung’s voice boomed throughout the house.

    Moments later, he and Yoongi entered the dining room holding the meals they prepared and set it on the table. “Careful, babe, it’s hot.” Yoongi told you as you made your way towards him.

    “It smells wonderful.” You told him, placing an arm around his waist. You smiled at your boyfriend wearing a red apron. He looked at you and you mouthed, “Thank you.”

    “For what?” He mouthed back as Rowoo and Rohyun came into the dining room, squealing in delight and excitement.

    You shrugged your shoulders, squeezing his side gently. Yoongi smiled at you.

    “Come on, you lovebirds, take a seat.” Jaesung told the both of you.

    Yoongi helped you with your seat before taking a seat beside you. Seated across from you were Rowoo and Rohyun and on either end of the table were Yoona and Jaesung.

    At that moment, as you began to have dinner with everyone in that table, you couldn’t ask for more.


    After washing the dishes, playing some board games with everyone and tucking in Rowoo and Rohyun—you were finally able to retreat to your shared room with Yoongi and take a hot, relaxing water. Your boyfriend was still downstairs, helping Jaesung with the Chevrolet pick up truck he bought in an auction. Well, or so you thought. As you lather your hair in shampoo, you heard the glass door of the cubicle open and when you looked over your shoulder—you saw Yoongi stepping inside.

    “This cubicle is taken, sorry.” You told him, turning to face him—and immediately, your lips were captured by his. You were slightly taken aback, almost slipping but Yoongi was quick to put his arms around you as he pulled you closer to his body. You didn’t even know how much you missed being this close to him until that moment. Your arms snaked around his neck, tilting your head and opening your mouth at his behest. Yoongi pressed your back against the tiled wall, hungrily kissing you like a starved man.

    “I fucking missed you.” He whispered lowly as he took a moment to catch his breath, forehead pressed against yours. “I don’t think I’m gonna be able to stop once we start. Is that okay?” He asked, pulling his hair back as he began to caress your sides with his fingers.

    “Yes. It’s okay.” You told him, placing a hand behind his neck and pulled him closer to you so you could kiss him again. “Don’t stop, Yoongi. I’m all yours.” You whispered into his lips.

    He groaned, capturing your lips once more however this time, it was more ferocious.

    Yoongi kissed your neck, the valley of your breasts, and stomach before kneeling down in front of you—spreading your legs apart, placing one leg over his shoulder and wasting no time in devouring your glistening pussy. A gasp escaped your lips and your hand gripped your thigh that was on his shoulder tightly. You bit your lip to suppress your moans because you didn’t know how thick the walls were but you really didn’t want Yoona or Jaesung or worse, the kids, to walk in on Yoongi eating you out in the shower.

    However, Yoongi wasn’t like that one bit. Just as you were on the edge of cumming, he pulled away and stood back up. “Why aren’t you making any noise, babe?” He asked, one hand gently gripping the side of your neck. His lips were coated by your juice, mixed with the water. You opened your mouth to speak but instead, to your surprise, Yoongi had spit in your mouth. He never really done that before but fuck, it was hot. You probably came right then and there. Yoongi raised an eyebrow, silently waiting for your reaction which was swallowing it. It just seemed the most natural thing to do. He smirked. “I thought you wouldn’t like it.”

    “I thought I wouldn’t like it too.” You told him, smiling. “I wasn’t making any noise because I don’t want them walking in on us.”

    “Don’t worry about them. Just focus on us. It’s not like they wouldn’t know what we’re up to.” Yoongi said, grabbing your hand and placing you directly under the water, beginning to wash your hair. “We’ll make the most while we’re here, okay?” He told you.

    You nodded, closing your eyes as Yoongi’s fingers worked its way on your head. “Okay.”

    First Crack In The Glass

    The next day, your entire body felt sore. Yoongi’s arm laid across your stomach, face buried in your neck. Your eyes fluttered open slowly, seeing the rays of the sun peeking through the blue curtains. You inhaled deeply, turning on your other side to face Yoongi. A smile immediately formed on your lips as Yoongi let out a quiet groan, pulling you closer to him. You caressed his cheek with your knuckles. “It’s time to wake up, Yoongs.”

    “Five more minutes.” He mumbled.

    “We can’t, baby. We have to go to the market, remember? Buy stuff for the barbeque later.” You told him softly, knowing he hated loud sounds early in the morning. You placed a kiss on his lips. “I love you.”

    He smiled, finally opening his eyes. “Don’t go just yet.” He said in his raspy, morning voice. “It’s been a while since I woke up to your face.”

    “Is it everything you hoped for?” You asked, brushing off the strands of hair tickling his eyes.

    Yoongi nodded. “And more.” You smiled. “Come here.” He said, lying on his back as you straddle his waist. The coldness of the morning caused your nipples to perk up but it was Yoongi’s touch that gave you goosebumps. “You’re the most beautiful person I know, Y/N. Inside and out.”

    You remembered the time when you couldn’t even be in shorts around Min Yoongi. You were too self-conscious. You couldn’t believe that someone like him actually liked you and wanted to be with you when he could have anyone in the world. You didn’t even know it was possible. You thought it could never happen because of the nine year age gap you had.

    You were nineteen when you met him and he was twenty eight. You were in your first semester in college, working part time at a posh restaurant courtesy of your blockmate Jo Chaeyoung whose father was a famous celebrity chef. They had just finished a concert at the Olympic Stadium and since they were good friends with Chaeyoung’s dad, they held their celebratory dinner at the restaurant. You were one of the waiters serving them.

    You didn’t even realize that it was BTS you were serving until after they finished celebrating and you were on your way back to the dormitory. Your manager, Mr. Baek, called you to the side and gave you a piece of paper telling you to call it first thing when you get home. You didn’t get the chance to ask him what it was for since Mr. Baek left before you could even ask. You also didn’t call the number  because you fell asleep the moment your body hit the bed.

    It wasn’t until weeks later that Yoongi showed up at the restaurant again. This time, he specifically requested to meet you. You still remember the way he looked that night. His hair was blonde and wore a plain black shirt, black jeans and a pair of white sneakers. Several rings adorned his fingers, a dainty silver necklace hanging around her neck. He was wearing glasses as he sipped on his wine, and the other was holding a book that he was close to finishing. You thought, you had never seen someone more beautiful.

    That night, he told you that he liked you and that he wanted to get to know you better. You were shocked and had no idea what to say. All that came out of you was, “What?” but it seemed like it was all Min Yoongi needed. After the dinner, where you were mostly awkward, Yoongi offered to drive you home but you turned it down which he respected. You gave him your number though.

    Then, the two of you began to text and call one another. It was awkward at first, especially the calls but after a few months, you both got the hang of it. Chaeyoung stayed with her girlfriend most nights so you had the dorm room all to yourself and while you studied, Yoongi would be on video call, making music.

    Physical dates with him were rare even before you were an official couple but on times where the two of you met, Yoongi would take you outside the city and would spend hours on end sharing music, food and stories. He told you about his life as Suga and you told him about the trials and tribunals of a nineteen year old film major. It was during one of these dates out of town that you asked him why he liked you despite being nine years younger than him.

    As always, Min Yoongi didn’t hold back.

    “At first, it was just because I found you pretty. So, I gave the manager my number to give it to you, hoping we’ll click and something blossoms.” He had told you.

    “Do you regret it?” You asked afterwards.

    Yoongi shook his head. “No. I like you, Y/N. You’re more than just a pretty face to me now.”

    It was after your finals that Yoongi asked you to be his girlfriend. He took you to Jumunjin Beach, cooked for you as a celebration of you finishing your finals and before the night ended—he made you solve a crossword puzzle which formed into, “Will you be my girlfriend?” once you finished answering it and read it vertically. You said yes and seven months later, here you were.

    You lowered yourself on him, burying your face in his neck. His arms wrapped themselves around your waist. “I love you, Y/N.”

    “I love you too.”


    It was everything to you—being able to walk hand-in-hand in public with your boyfriend. It was almost too good to be true. When Yoongi held your hand as you made your way to the market, you yanked it back, alarmed, telling him someone might see them and leak the photos to Dispatch. Yoongi, however, didn’t care and just grabbed your hand back. You swore, you were elated.

    It was fun doing this with Yoongi. It felt normal. You didn’t need to think about the time constraint because there was none. If the barbeque wasn’t going to happen later, you would’ve asked Yoongi to stay here in the market until the night arrived. The best part was when the elderlies—who mostly made up the vendors—tell the two of you that you looked good together and asked if you were a newly wed couple; Yoongi would say yes and because you were flustered, you couldn’t refuse.

    “How about we grab lunch at Mary Grace? The kids won’t be home till after three and we won’t have to start preparing till five.” Yoona suggested, shifting on her seat to face you and Yoongi who were sitting at the back passenger seat.

    “Sounds good, noona.” Yoongi replied. “Is it still owned by Hyejin’s parents?”

    “Yes,” Yoona said. “I think Hyejin’s running the place for the time being though.”

    “Really? Why?” Yoongi asked, leaning forward with his eyebrows furrowed in worry.

    “You didn’t hear? I thought you and Hyejin are still in contact?” His sister asked and Yoongi shook his head. Yoona sighed. “Well, her mom had a stroke so her dad’s been taking care of her.”

    “What? When?” Yoongi sounded surprised and upset. You placed a hand on his shoulder, in an attempt to comfort him or calm him down but Yoongi just shrugged your hand off. You were stunned.

    “Three months ago?” Yoona supplied. “Just talk to her when we get there.”

    Yoongi leaned his back against the cushion once more, sighing deeply as he looked out the window. Consciously, you brought your hand to your lap, looked out of the window as well because you didn’t know what to say or what to do.

    “Y/N, you okay back there?” It was Jaesung and he was looking at you through the mirror.

    Immediately, you perked up, smiling. He was upset. He didn’t shrug my hand off with malice. You’re just being paranoid, Y/N. “Yeah. I was just thinking about the project I need to do. Do you guys think I can take a couple of shots at your properties?”

    “No, it’s fine! Go ahead, Y/N.” Yoona said cheerfully.

    “Great. Thanks guys.”

    Throughout the ride, Yoongi didn’t hold your hand anymore.


    Mary Grace was a small diner about forty minutes from Yoona and Jaesung’s place. It was the town’s favorite diner and practically everyone who lived at Hangsang went to grab their breakfast, lunch or dinner (sometimes all meals) here. When Yoona and Jaesung stepped in, they were immediately greeted not only by the manager—you assumed—but the patrons of the diner as well. You saw Yoongi being greeted too and he greeted them back, even hugging some of them while everyone looked at you with interest. Yoongi didn’t introduce you to any of them. But you buried it in your mind.

    You were led to a booth and finally, Yoongi acknowledged your presence once more when he let you slide in first. “What are you going to have?” Yoongi asked, grabbing one of the menus.

    “You guys want beer?” Jaesung asked the both of you.


    “No, hyung, it’s too early for that. We’ll just get cola.” Yoongi answered, eyes scanning the menu.

    Jaesung looked at you. You smiled. “We’ll have cola.”

    “You want the garlic chi—,”

    “Well, I didn’t think I’d see both Mins in our diner again.” A woman’s voice cut Yoongi off and when you raised your head to look at her—you thought you were looking at a literal angel. She was basically glowing and the fact that she was wearing a white dress didn’t help either. Her hair was as black as the void, perfectly straight and shiny. Her milky white skin was flawless, face small like a doll.

    “Jang Hyejin! Wow, you’re looking good today.” Yoona said, giving her two thumbs up.

    So this was Hyejin. She smiled shyly at Yoona’s compliment. “No, I just had a meeting with some clients, that's why I’m all dressed up.”

    While Hyejin and Yoona talked, you couldn’t help but to look at Yoongi. Something about the way he looked at her made you feel something that you hadn’t felt before—it was jealousy. Just who was Jang Hyejin and why was your boyfriend looking at her like she held the stars above?

    “Min Yoongi, nice to see you again.” Hyejin said, smiling down at your boyfriend.

    “Hyejin,” The way her name sounded off his tongue clenched your heart—and not in a good way. “Nice to see you too.”

    Again, Min Yoongi didn’t introduce you. If it wasn’t for Yoona, you would’ve not probably made yourself known because it seemed like Yoongi and Hyejin had their own world with how they were staring at each other.

    “Y/L/N Y/N, nice to meet you. I’m Yoongi’s girlfriend.” You said, shaking her hand. At the mention of girlfriend, Yoongi placed a hand on your thigh.

    “Ah, I see. It’s lovely to meet you then, Y/N. Welcome to Hangsang and Mary Grace too.”

    “It’s a great town. The diner looks great too.” You told her, plastering a smile on your face.

    “Thank you. It’s been with the family for years. This is our second branch, actually.” She said.

    “Really? Where’s the main branch?” You asked.

    “Oh, it’s in Daegu, Y/N,” Yoona answered. “Hyejin’s family and ours go way back.”

    Well, that was a surprise. You glanced briefly at Yoongi who seemed so fixated on the menu. “Really? I didn’t know that.”

    “Oh? Didn’t Yoongi tell you that he and Hyejin used to date in high school? Even until after he debuted. They were childhood and high school sweethearts.” Yoona said, earning a hiss from her husband and a stern gaze from Yoongi. “What?”

    The tension was suffocating.

    Hyejin excused herself before she bid you all a happy meal and told you a waiter would be taking their order.

    Needless to say, the lunch at Mary Grace wasn’t pleasant at all.


    You never really got jealous. Even when you see fans thirsting about your boyfriend online, you didn’t feel a twinge of jealousy because you knew that at the end of the day, in a way, Yoongi still came home to you. But Hyejin wasn’t just a fan—she was the quintessential first love. Someone you just didn’t forget. Someone who probably inspired many of the love songs Yoongi composed before he met you. Someone he had done all the firsts you were experiencing with him. Someone his own age.

    By the time you got home, you excused yourself and made your way to your room where you grabbed your camera, tripod, laptop, phone, chargers and extra batteries before telling everyone—Yoongi included—that you’ll be taking a few shots of the property. You didn’t wait for their replies and head out. Part of you wanted Yoongi to come and follow you out but he didn’t so you went on your way.

    The truth was you were done with your project. But you loved filming and it would surely take your mind off of the Yoongi and Hyejin situation. You were probably being paranoid again anyways. Hyejin was the past, you were the present and Yoongi had always told you that you were his future. You were being jealous for nothing. They were broken up ages ago and maybe it wasn’t a good break up that’s why Yoongi had never brought it up.

    But then…  why did Yoona think she and Yoongi were still in contact? Had they been after the break up? Had they been when you first started dating?

    You cursed under your breath as you took a deep breath and found yourself walking towards the dock; the lake shining from the sunshine. You readied your camera, making sure it perfectly encapsulated the scenery before you and when it did, your smile was huge.

    You had always wanted to become a filmmaker. Ever since you were young, it was your dream. Your parents supported it greatly, buying you your first handheld video recorder and desktop to edit your films on Windows Movie Maker at age nine. As you got older, they let you enroll in after school filmmaking class and it was at age fifteen when you received your first professional camera from your parents who saved up for it over the years. It was outdated now but you still kept it and would never throw it away.

    With that camera, you worked part time for a wedding videographer—Im Jaebeom—who became somewhat of a mentor to you. He taught you the basic skills and gradually the advanced ones. He encouraged you to be a film major in college and even helped your parents complete the necessary money needed so you could enroll. From time to time, you still helped him with his job as a wedding videographer.

    You stayed at the dock, filming and transferring the videos on your laptop and thinking about life until you heard your name being called and when you looked at your phone—it was already ten minutes to five.

    As you made your way back, you furrowed your eyebrows when you saw various tables being set up by Jaesung at the backyard. “Are there guests coming?” You asked as you approached him.

    “Yeah. We hold barbeque parties every Friday night. Most of the people in town come by and we drink, have a good time. Kids get to play on the front yard.” Jaesung looked up, pressing his lips together. “He didn’t tell you, didn’t he?”

    “Must have slipped his mind.” You said. “Anyways, I’ll just put these back upstairs. Then, I’ll help you set up.”

    You didn’t need to wonder why didn’t tell you. The answer was very simple. Jang Hyejin.


    The night came quickly and before you knew it, there were lots of people gathering in the house. Yoongi still hadn’t spoken to you since you got home as he was busy manning the grill, while you helped Yoona prepare handpicked food in the kitchen. As you were pouring the bag of Nachos in the bowl, you stopped when you heard Yoona greet Hyejin with an excited squeal and hugged her tightly. She was out of the white dress she was wearing and was now dressed up in a pair of denim jeans, a yellow off shoulder top and flats. Her long hair was pulled into a low ponytail. She brought with her a box of beer and some food from the diner.

    “Oh you didn’t have to bring these, Hyejin!”

    “No, it’s okay, unnie.” She replied with a chuckle. “Hi Y/N.” She greeted you as soon as your eyes met.

    “Hi.” You greeted her back.

    “I think we have enough food for now. Come on girls, let’s go out and unwind.” Yoona grabbed both of you by the wrists and dragged you out of the house and into the backyard.

    While Hyejin was greeted with hellos and hugs, you, on the other hand, felt so out of place. You looked for Yoongi in the crowd and spotted him still by the grill and you hoped he would feel you staring, know that you were uncomfortable and stay by your side—but he didn’t.

    So, while everyone gathered around Hyejin, you grabbed the box of beers she brought and made your way to the dock.


    You were down to your last beer when it was snatched out of your hand and you felt yourself being pulled up on your feet by someone. You were a heavy drinker so the tipsiness hadn’t really sunk in despite finishing five beers which also made you recognize that the person was Min Yoongi.

    And he wasn’t looking pleased.

    “What do you think you’re doing?” He asked.

    “Drinking on a dock.” You replied with a shrug.

    “You think I’m joking around, Y/N? What you’re doing is stupid. What the hell are you doing drinking out here? Before a freezing lake?” Yoongi didn’t really raise his voice but you could tell if something frustrated him—and he was clearly frustrated.

    Too bad for him because you were too.

    “And what do you think you’re doing, huh? Ever since we got home, you barely talked to me or even looked at me! Ever since you saw Jang Hyejin, you’ve been avoiding me like I’m the plague, Yoongi.” You said, breathing heavily.

    “What? You were the one who marched out the moment we got home, Y/N. Don’t even put this on me.” Yoongi said, scoffing in disbelief.

    “You should have come after me then! Talked to me! Why the hell is it my job to go to you when you were the one keeping secrets.” You were upset, very very upset that you felt tears stinging your eyes.

    “Y/N, it’s called giving you space.” Yoongi enunciate every syllable carefully as if he was talking to a kid.

    That caused your blood to boil.

    “Don’t,” You told him through gritted teeth. “Don’t you fucking talk to me like I’m some kid, Yoongi.”

    “What? I’m not! Jesus Christ, Y/N!” Yoongi shook his head in disbelief. “You’re fucking drunk. I can’t believe this. You’re fucking drunk and being so hysterical while the entire fucking town’s here.”

    “I’m not drunk and I’m not being hysterical!” You exclaimed, breathing shakily. “Why didn’t you tell me about her then? Why didn’t you even introduce me as your girlfriend to her and to those people back there?”

    “Fucking shit, Y/N, I’m not doing this—,”

    “Fucking answer me! Why can’t you just answer me? Is it because I’m younger than you?” You were crying at this point, chest tightening.

    “Y/N, what the fuck are you on about? I was busy with the grill—,”

    “No, even at the people at the diner—you didn’t introduce me to them, Yoongi. Hell, they were looking at me like I’m a lost puppy following you!”

    “Y/N, I barely even know those people. Seriously, what the hell? You’re literally being so unreasonable right now.”

    “And Hyejin?” You pressed.

    “What now?” He groaned out. “What about her, Y/N?”

    “Why didn’t you tell me about her?”

    “Why the fuck do I need to, Y/N? She’s the past for a reason. You’re my girlfriend now. What the fuck? You’re being so—so fucking unbelievable right now. There are visitors here and you’re acting like a fucking ch—,” He stopped himself.

    “Go on.” You told him.

    He sighed, shutting his eyes tightly. He approached you but you stepped back. “Baby, come on. I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Hyejin and I’m sorry for raising my voice at you. Please, come on, stop crying, please.” Yoongi wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you to his chest. “I’m sorry, baby, it’s just—Hyejin isn’t important in our relationship so I didn’t feel the need to bring her up.”

    You suddenly felt bad. “No, I’m—,” You pulled away to look at him. “I’m sorry. I just—I just got jealous and I…”

    Yoongi wiped away your tears with the back of his hands. “Shh, it’s okay. It’s alright now. We’re good, okay? Let’s just forget this happened please?”

    You nodded, hugging him once more. “I love you, Yoongi. So much.”

    He kissed the top of your head. “I love you too, Y/N.”

    Are You Real? 

    The Breaking Point

    The Reeling

    The Remembering 

    Seven Years Gone 

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    28.11.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Case 001: Attorney Park | Part 4

    summary: Date a lawyer they said. It'll be fun, they said. And so he did but all he got were eye twitches and constant migraines. The doctors assured him he's a hundred percent fine when he whined about the unbearable pains, they said it's nothing a pain reliever couldn't solve but that wasn't the case. The reason is, what he thinks is, his declining health is you.

    pairing: lawyer!jimin x lawyer!reader (Choi Y/N) genre: established relationship, law au

    warnings: drama, smut, fluff, creampie, angst, dom!jimin, lawyer!jimin, kinda crack?, mentions of miscarriage, mentions of breakup, sad parts were hella sad for me, mentions of violence but I toned it down a bit

    notes: smut in this chapter

    Masterlist – Trial & Error Series Masterlist

    Hana and Heesung were happy for the both of you when you told them you and Jimin were a couple.The both of you wanted to tell Taehyung but didn’t know how. It was a series of hide and seek affection when Taehyung was around because of how much your boyfriend loved skinship. Jimin literally does anything to get close to any part of you even in the most discrete of ways.

    Both of you snuck quietly in an empty laboratory’s cramped up comfort room, trying to squeeze in a quickie in during your free time. You were on your knees, running your tongue along your boyfriend’s hard shaft as he moaned lowly, watching you through his lashes. His hand rested at the back of your head as he pushed it down, watching himself disappear in your mouth.


    His cock muffled your moans against it, hitting him with a good vibration that made him twitch inside your mouth. You pulled away slowly before licking his tip for your tongue to collect his precum.

    “Now, be a girl for me and bend over. Make a sound, you don’t cum. Understood?” you nodded.

    “I really wanna fuck you nice and slow like a true gentleman but I sadly can’t right now,” your skirt pooled around your waist as Jimin moved your underwear to the side, tracing a finger along your wet slit then bringing it to his mouth.

    “Fucking hell, Look at you all drenched for me. So desperate for my cock, princess?” you nodded as he aligns himself only to tease you, brushing his tip at your entrance. All you could do was needily moan.

    “My baby doesn’t like teasing?” you shook your head. “But since you asked nicely...”

    You gasped as he suddenly stuffed you full with his thick cock slamming into your needy cunt. His fingers sunk at your skin leaving a mark as he rammed in and out of you.

    “Watch yourself getting fucked in school like a slut”

    He pulled you by the hair so you could face the mirror in front of you, watching your figures through the reflection as he fucked you from behind, making your walls clench hard around his cock making him slap your ass.

    “Fuck– how are you still so tight after fucking you every day. Shit Y/N you feel so good”

    He reaches over to your blouse, unbuttoning it with one hand. He pulled one side of your bra down and fondled it with your breast as he trapped your nipple in between his fingers, lightly pulling it with a squeeze making you whimper. You meet his rhythm as his thrusts went deeper inside of you.

    “You take me so well, baby. Creaming all over my cock like that”

    He leans forward and starts fingering your clit with pressure, making you squirm with so much pleasure. He rests his chin on your shoulder, as he whispers profanities in your ear making the knots in your stomach tighten. Your walls spasmed around his member indicating you were close.

    “Want my cum inside you? Fuck my cum deeper in this tight little cunt of yours?”

    Your head was spinning as you tried to chase your high but a slap across your ass brought you back.

    “Speak up. Need to hear you say it, princess.”

    “P-please, want you to cum inside me. You feel so good and thick. Wanna feel your hot cum fill me. F-fuck baby, gonna c-cum.”

    Jimin’s cock twitched inside of you from your pleas. You were completely out of your head as you came undone all over him. His movements became sloppier, still holding you in place, hot spurts deep in your pussy painted your walls white.

    “You look cute freshly fucked, Jagi,” you giggled as he littered your neck with soft, chase kisses but a sudden knock on the door had frozen both of you on your tracks.

    “Are you two done fucking your brains out or what?”

    Jimin helped fix your clothes and smoothen out your hair for you, planting a quick kiss on your lips. You gave him a worried look because you didn’t want to explain everything alone, “Don’t worry about it. I’ll come out in a sec”

    After you’ve both finished fixing yourselves, a bored Taehyung greets the both of you with brows arched and arms crossed as he leaned against the wall.


    “Taehyung we–”

    As you tried to say your piece, your boyfriend cut you off as he furiously went out of the small comfort room with messy hair and sweat trickling on his forehead.

    “First of all, why the fuck are you here? Isn’t your class supposed to end an hour later?” Jimin ran his fingers through his hair as he looked at Taehyung furiously.

    “I left my textbook here and we got dismissed early. What’s the second one?”

    His body slouched as exhaled defeatedly, “Second, don’t scare my girlfriend like that. She freaked out when you knocked, you know?“

    Taehyung and Jimin tried keeping a straight face, avoiding eye contact in attempts to keep their laughter to themselves. They both lost it when a snort escaped Taehyung.

    “About damn time, imbeciles.”


    “Moment of truth ladies and dimwits, it was lovely to meet all of you. See you at the oath taking...or not,” Jimin utters with conviction, trying his best to hide his anxiousness.

    “Can’t you be anxious like a normal person and not have trash coming out of your mouth for once?” You glared.

    “I’m built different. I am what I am,” he simply shrugs.

    Jimin, Taehyung, and Heesung stayed over in yours and Hana’s shared flat as you agreed to check the bar exam results together. You told them you’d check your name last and they were fine with that. You were all huddled around your laptop screen, murmuring silent prayers as you scrolled through a list of names trying to find all five of yours.

    “Hana, you passed! Wait, you too Heesung!” Hana cried uncontrollably, frantically dialing on her phone to let her parents know while her boyfriend Heesung continued jumping up and down.

    “Jimin,” you slowly trailed off, his face looked so pale as he waited with anticipation.

    “Congratulations, Jagi! You passed!”

    “I knew it! I fucking knew it! Oh my god oh my god!”

    His excitement roared through the whole apartment but quickly stopped when he looked over at a very, very nervous Taehyung who sat quietly behind you. He closed his eyes and turned his head to the side in case he did fail the boards.

    “Quit being a pussy and look at the damn screen, you moron”

    “Shut up, Jimin,” he retorts.

    You scrolled through a lot of Kim on the list until your eyes landed on Kim, Taehyung - 12301995. Your mouth agape in shock making Jimin freeze in his spot. His own orbs grew wide as he read the result.

    “Holy fucking shit,” Jimin whispers shakily.

    “Taehyung,” you slowly called out.

    “I failed didn’t I?” None of you answered, making him frown.

    He fakes a laugh, “Piece of trash, can’t even pass a simple bar ex–”

    “You topped number one!” you screamed at the top of your lungs making Taehyung, Hana and Heesung gasp audibly at the news.

    “You did it! You fucking did it, man! Tanked all these sons of bitches and ranked number one while going through the worst heartbreak of your life. Who’s doing it like you, Tae? Huh? No one!”

    Jimin tackled Taehyung with a huge grin as they hugged. Both of them jumped in happiness for each other’s accomplishments. It was now your turn to look for your name but your fingers were frozen to even scroll your mouse. You sat staring at the screen with cold sweats.

    “Y/N, aren’t you going to check your results?” Hana asks.


    Jimin knows how panic-y you get about these things. He walked over to you and rubbed your back.

    “Do you want me to do it for you, Jagi?” he nicely offers. You nod your head slowly.

    You scoot your seat to the side to give him space and hide your face with your hands. Everybody silently watched Jimin scroll past all the Chois in the list until yours finally popped up. Choi Y/N - 12161996. The silence was deafening you. You wanted to know what’s happening.

    “Jagi?” he quietly called out to you, almost in a whisper.


    “Baby, look at me.”

    Jimin pulled your hands away from your face and held both of it in his hands tightly. He looks at you with soft eyes and lips tight in a line. ‘Was I that bad?’ you thought. Your lower lip quivered as you pouted, feeling the need to break down.

    “D-did I–” you wiped your eyes as tears started to fall. “Did I fail?”

    Jimin sighs, “Whatever’s on this result doesn’t make you less, okay? Fuck the bar exams. Remember that I love you and we’re always here for you. I’ll always take good care of you no matter what happens. Always.”

    You nodded your head at him, trying to stop yourself from crying. Your boyfriend turns the screen to you and shock hits you as soon as you read what your results were.

    “Park Jimin, you sick fuck!”

    All of them laughed hysterically as you wailed like a child. You tried to stop all your tears from falling but to no avail. Jimin locked you in a tight embrace as he lifted you up, still crying, and twirled you around.

    “You made it, Y/N! My baby did it! Mom, your daughter did it!”

    “Wait what?”

    You confusedly looked at him thinking who was this ‘mom’ he was talking to until you heard your mom’s voice crying happy tears with you.

    “Y/N I’m so happy for you! I knew all your hard work would pay off!” your mom congratulates you through a phone screen.

    “M-mom? I was supposed to call you first!”

    “Jimin called me so I can find out the results with you!”

    You looked at Jimin who shyly grinned at you. Maybe he was right about astrology and maybe it was starting to rub off on you. You would never know how you got lucky to have him in your life. You presumed that perhaps the stars wanted you to be together. After talking to your mom on the phone. You looked at Jimin with soft eyes. He turns his head to yours and gives you a forehead kiss.

    “Thank you.”


    “For helping me pull through reviews, for always being there, and for calling my mom which by the way, since when did you start calling her mom?”

    “Since the first time we visited your hometown. In my defense, she told me it was okay to call her that,” he chuckles.

    “I’m sorry, you’re currently on a boyfriend subscription. Please upgrade to husband if you’d like to continue referring to my own mother as mom. Thank you,” you stuck your tongue out to tease making him roll his eyes at you while he mimicked what you said.

    “Looks like Y/N and Jimin’s getting hitched first huh,” Heesung grinned.

    “Y/N, let me know if you change your mind and want to back out at the last minute,” Taehyung snickered at you, earning him a death glare from Jimin.

    "Hey, for what it's worth, Jealousy is a disease. And Taehyung? don't laugh. You're so single your cum has dried to a powder," Jimin flipped Heesung and Taehyung off, making everyone laugh.

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