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    Pairing: Namjoon (BTS) x Jungkook (BTS)

    Genre: Fluff

    Word Count: 94

    Prompt: This is part of @thebtswritersclub‘s September Week 4 prompts: “I can’t drive”

    Strong arms.

    Namjoon sighed contentedly, leaning into the heated seating of Jungkook’s fancy car, quietly ogling Jungkook’s arms. They were muscular and heavily tattooed. 

    He loved it.

    How did he get in this situation?

    3 simple words on their third date.

    “I can’t drive.” 

    Ever since, Namjoon has happily rode shotgun. Riding was tiring and in shotgun, he could easily curate the music they listened to. A cherry on top: Jungkook looked hot as fuck when he drove.

    A small chuckle left Jungkook, “Are you ever going to learn to drive, hyung?”

    “Absolutely not.” 

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    the one where you wake up and see your husband, namjoon, working outside at the garden with nothing but a pair of very tight gym shorts.

    ━ husband!namjoon x reader ━ 1k words. ━ nc-17 ━ fluff, established relationship au ━ warning/s: swearing, suggestive themes, (respectfully) objectifying mr kim namjoon akshsjdhsj

    You almost choked on your drink when you turned to the glass doors leading to the garden and saw your husband right there, tending to his plants. It wasn’t a strange sight really—you reckon the whole damn neighborhood was well aware that Namjoon was the one who had the green thumb between the both of you when you guys first moved in—but given how he was wearing nothing but seriously tight gym shorts that were already hiking up to his thigh because of his large movements, you were pretty sure that what he was doing now almost made not only the glass of water you were sipping spill out of your mouth, but also your eyeballs to nearly pop out of its sockets in shock.

    How the hell did he think that parading at the backyard shirtless and unintentionally flexing his muscles like that as he sprayed the expanse of your garden with the water hose he was holding was fucking okay? He looked like what the Romans back then might have envisioned Hercules in all his living glory. His shoulders were so broad, his chest was so prominent, and damn, his whole physique was just so… big. It was driving you insane in such an early hour.

    “Joon,” you croaked, pushing the sliding glass door open to gain his attention, your face reddening at the way your voice slightly cracked, “hey, what are you… what are you—uh, I mean—have you, have you had, um, breakfast yet?”

    He turned to you. When he did, it looked like the sun thought it was a great opportunity to direct its light on his perspiring upper body. “Hi,” he smiled and your heart thumped harder, like he was just some teenage boy you had a crush on and not the man you were married to for over a year now, “no, I haven’t, babe. I was actually waiting for you to wake up since I’m hoping we can eat out and have some sort of brunch instead? What do you think?” He was back facing the shrubs by the time he was done speaking.

    “Eat out?”

    “Yeah,” he said. “After I’m done with this, I’m gonna hop in the shower and we can go.”

    “Can I join?”

    Namjoon twisted the part of the hose that allowed him to lessen the water flowing out of it, his lips twitching as he glanced at you. “In the shower with me?”

    “Yep.” You were fighting off a grin to not look too eager. “To, you know, conserve, uh, um, water.”

    “Conserve water, huh?”


    “Is that the best you got?”

    You squinted at him, playfully glaring at how he was clearly teasing before you decided to snap back. “Well, is that the shortest and tightest shorts you have, babe?”

    He furrowed his eyebrows and looked down to what he was wearing—which as we all want to reiterate, was nothing but his gym shorts. “Is this…” he started to laugh, gesturing to his figure, “is this turning you on?”

    One thing that made Namjoon hotter than he was was the fact that he was so fucking clueless about it sometimes.

    “You’re practically naked!”

    “I’m sweating and I look haggard! I took off my shirt earlier because it’s so hot out here, not because I was hoping to seduce you with my half-naked body.” He snickered.

    “You know, I would have believed that if I didn’t know that you’re actually proud of how tone your body is these days.”

    “I mean, I can’t lie—it kinda really is looking great these days, right?”

    You rolled your eyes, Namjoon laughing and fully turning off the hose to gather it neatly as he returned it to its proper place. Soon enough, you were watching him approach you, first getting the shirt he discarded earlier like he mentioned on the back of one of the chairs you had in your backyard, and then at long last arriving in front of you, smirking with his dimples on display, causing your heart to once again swoon for the man you have vowed to have and to hold.

    You couldn’t help it as you allowed your gaze to flicker down to his pecs, pressing your mouth together to perhaps prevent yourself from visibly drooling.

    “My eyes are up here, honey,” he husked, his tone playful still while he tilted your chin upwards, stealing one innocent peck on your lips.

    You frowned. “I hate how sexy you are sometimes, honestly.”

    “You flatter me too much.”

    “It’s true.”

    “Fine, okay, let’s say I am.” He gently pushed you backwards inside your home with both palms on your waist, closing the sliding doors. “But that’s only because my wife is already fucking sexy as she is, so, it’s only decent of me to want to live up to that and be the equally hot spouse.”

    “Can’t you just take my compliments for once and not make it about me?”

    “No.” Namjoon kissed you again, this time deeper and longer, your knees feeling weak and like jelly that you grabbed onto his biceps immediately as some kind of extra measure in case you do embarrassingly fall. “I’m always going to make it about you, baby.”

    “Joon...” You swallowed hard, breaking from the kiss for a moment to stare at him.


    “Do you want to have breakfast in bed instead?”

    He chuckled at the obvious implication of your words and so did you, Namjoon kissing your mouth again in fondness. “Sure. Maybe after we finish showering though. Wouldn’t want to ruin the sheets with my sweat from watering the plants.”

    “That’s fine. We can just change it later. I think it’ll be better to just shower afterwards.”

    “Wow, looks like to me you already have everything planned out inside your head.”

    “You would have too if you’re seeing the full course meal I’m looking at right now.”

    “Oh, shut up.” Namjoon groaned and laughed at the same time, capturing your mouth once more as he led you two to your shared bedroom, his footsteps clumsy and the manner in which he was guiding you seemingly wobbly but you couldn’t bring yourself to care, only focused in arriving at your destination to finally have what you’ve been craving since looking out of your glass doors and catching sight of your morning view.

    note. i feel like the vibe and theme i had for this drabble is the same for one of my timestamps drabble,, it's just that this one is more mature? HSJDHJEDJ ANYWAYS IM SUPPOSED TO NOT BE WRITING FOR BTS RN BC OF MY EXAMS BUT I JUST NEEDED TO SQUEEZE THIS ONE REAL QUICK TOO OKAY :<


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    Their reaction to you sitting on their lap.


    laughing innocently.

    “cut it out, you’re making me excited.”

    continuous awkward coughing.

    glances around the room to make sure no one is looking even though the action is meant to be innocent.

    hard lip biting to contain himself.


    dark smirking.

    “you wanna play with daddy?”

    strong grip on your thighs.

    little teasing tugs on your hair.

    “I suggest you stop if you don’t want daddy to play with your pussy in front of all these people.”


    shocked face.

    “Y/N, stop it you’re gonna make me hard.”

    little taps on your knee to keep himself distracted.

    constantly sipping his drink.

    awkward boner.

    “just wait until we get home.”


    chokes a little on his salad.

    “fuck baby, move your hips a little.”

    muffled groans in your neck.

    chuckling at awkward glances from the rest of the boys.

    gripping the inside of your thigh.

    bright red cheeks.


    instant tensed body.

    continues eating.

    grips your hip.

    raspy, dirty whispers in your ear.

    “you’re just begging to be excused to the bathroom to get fucked, aren’t you?”


    hissing at the feel of you on his lap.

    rubs your clit tortuorsly.

    low growls in your ear.

    “so you want to tease, huh?”

    “get up, you’ve got to be taught a lesson.”

    leaves in the middle of dinner to beat that pussy up.


    acts unfazed at first.

    awkward whistling.

    “naughty naughty girl.”

    softly brushes his hips into yours to create a little friction.

    tilts your head to smirk at you when no one is looking.

    undercover dirty dirty boy.

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    chapter two

    - series: champ

    - pairing: boxer! jungkook x journalist! reader

    - word count: 908

    - warnings: none

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    jungkook walked into the training facility the next day, his bag over his shoulder with all his needed equipment. he walked by all the other boxers into the main area of the gym with the boxing ring and equipment.

    “jk, have you seen the article?” a man with a slightly faded mint hair color, walked over to jungkook. one of his long time friends, min yoongi.

    “not sure if i want to.” he replied, yoongi opened his phone and passed it to jungkook, who began reading the headlines and scrolling through the article.

    jeon jungkook: boxes for deceased fiance

    “i think it could’ve been worded better” jungkook looks up at yoongi, “so it’s true?” yoongi questions and jungkook nods, and continues scrolling through the article.

    “i just don’t like talking about it,” jungkook looks up from the phone, “with anyone.” he makes himself clear to his friend, and hands yoongi his phone back. yoongi nods at jungkook, understanding him completely. boxing was an outlet for jungkook to release his anger and pain.

    after reading what the headline the magazine came up with for your interview with jungkook, you felt sick to your stomach. you could only wish that jungkook didn’t think you wrote the headline, your main focus was interviewing and editing the interview.

    just thinking about jungkook made you blush and feel so intimidated. you could still feel his eyes looking you up and down and the way his voice sounded as he answered all your questions in the most professional way. he sent shivers up and down your spine, his lean body, his sleeve of tattoos running up and down his arm, his crooked smile that you were so lucky to see up close.

    he made your whole body tingle with anticipation and leaving his house was like having a big breath of fresh air. after getting home from the interview, you took a shower and began editing the interview. you stayed up all night typing and editing the interview, finally sending it in around 4am, which ended up with you passing out on your small kitchen table.

    your life was pretty basic; it isn't the best relationship you’ve ever been in but you are dating your current boyfriend,  a long term journalist, you had a few college degrees, and you lived in a relatively small apartment in seoul.

    the next morning, after sulking the article, you decided to head out for a walk to clear your head. walking around the city had become part of your routine, it helped you destress and also kept you in shape.

    halfway through your walk, you decide on stopping for a water break, and sit down on a bench. you look down at your phone and see your boyfriends name pop up on the screen, slightly rolling your eyes, you answer anyways.

    you listened to him as he talked about coming over tonight, being the timid girl you were, you accepted his offer, hung up, and continued on your walk. the first few weeks of your relationship had been great. he took you out on proper dates, and the sex was good. but now, it seemed like that’s all the relationship was about.

    after spending the majority of his day at the training facility, jungkook puts all his things back in his bag, and sits on the bench in the locker room, waiting for yoongi to finish doing the same. jungkook had agreed to go out to drink with yoongi and their other friend taehyung.

    “yoongi!” jungkook looked to see their boss, jackson, chuckling as yoongi greeted him, “there’s been a lot of interest in having our boxers interviewed for the magazine. so, i have a journalist coming in tomorrow to interview you. please don’t be late.”

    yoongi nodded, “got it.” he replied and sat on the bench, watching as their boss walked out of the locker room.

    “what's with all the journalists wanting to interview us?” jungkook looked over at yoongi. “i’m not sure,” yoongi started, “but the journalist that interviewed you, how was she?” he asked as jungkook just shook his head.

    “she was pretty.. beautiful even.” jungkook stopped, “but she wouldn't be your type.” yoongi raised his eyebrows, “but she was your type?”

    jungkook remained silent, “i'm just saying… a beautiful and kind woman like her is probably already seeing someone.”

    “hey,” yoongi looked at him, “seriously, you should get yourself back out there. anyone would be lucky to have you. i know that what you went through must've been awful, but it's been what?-”

    “almost 8 years” jungkook cut him off. yoongi nodded, “you need to get yourself back out there, jungkook.”

    “but i like living alone” jungkook told him unconvincingly. yoongi raised his eyebrows once again, “do you really?” yoongi grabbed his stuff and stood up from the bench. “i’ll see you later tonight!” he gave jungkook a shoulder pat, and began walking out the locker room.

    after he sees yoongi leave the locker room, jungkook leans back against the bench, sighing out loud as a million thoughts began running through his mind. part of him would love to be able to move on; he missed the feeling of having someone to come home to, someone to support him.

    he just didn't know if he could. he does miss his fiance, and he had gotten so used to her not being around. but, maybe it was time to get back out there.

    red means tumblr wont let me tag you :(

    [send ask or reply to post to be added to taglist!]

    taglist: @gukkmoans​ @sugainpinksweater​ @fangirl125reader​ @lvstcd​ @j-m12344​ @fan-ati--c​ @axurio​ @poguesbau​ @yoonabeo @mwitsmejk​

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    Stealing Glance ~ Jung Hoseok

    From the moment you walked into your best friend’s Hobi’s attention was caught. As he took a large sip of his beer, the corners of his mouth turned up into a smile as several of your friends walked across to greet you with plenty of tight hugs.

    “Look at you showing us all up,” your friend grinned as she studied your outfit closely, “it’s my birthday we’re supposed to be celebrating, and yet you show up like the star of the show.”

    “I can go and change,” you nervously smiled, but your friends head shook.

    Her eyes looked around the place, noticing one particular person looking across in your direction. “Don’t be stupid, it appears that your choice of attire has already attracted quite the look of several of my friends around the place.”

    Your eyes looked to where she pointed, “he’s probably looking at you.

    You were drawn to the shy smile on his face as you straightened out your dress anxiously, turning away from his gaze. You quickly accepted a drink from one of your other friends, taking a large sip as you tried to maintain your composure.

    The glances from across the garden had not gone unnoticed by the rest of your friendship group, however. “I think someone has got a bit of a thing for you over there with that smile.”

    “He’s just being friendly, let’s sit down.”

    Tables were scattered around the garden as people came together to celebrate your friend’s birthday, some familiar, and some not so much. Looking around, smiles were on plenty of people’s faces, but one in particular still caught your eye.

    “I think he’s trying to play it cool,” your best friend nudged your side, “he keeps looking away.”

    “I think you guys are seeing things,” you laughed, rolling your eyes back across at her, “you guys don’t even know if he’s looking at me, it could be any of you that he’s watching.”

    “Y/N,” she chuckled, pushing against your arm, “I’ve been around enough times to know when someone’s caught someone else’s eye, and you’ve definitely caught eye.”

    Shyly, you looked across at him again, noticing him staring once again before quickly looking away from you. “I’m sure he’s just being friendly, Y/F/N has good taste in friends after all.”

    “Are you saying that because she’s chosen you as one of closest friends by any chance?”

    Your shoulders shrugged innocently, taking a large sip of your drink before placing it back down on the table. Whilst you continued to talk amongst your friends, the glance of the boy across the garden continued to catch your eye. You weren’t sure what you had done, or why, but he certainly had spotted something in you.

    Around his table, he was receiving the same stick from his friends who had all caught onto the smile on his face. It didn’t take long for them all to spot who had caught his attention, following the way he laughed every time you so much as moved.

    “Why don’t you just go over and say hello? It’s not that hard,” Jungkook asked.

    “Just go over and say hello? Do you know how romance works these days?”

    He was far too shy to just approach you, especially when he had no real idea who you are. Hobi was sure that he knew who all of Y/F/N’s friends were, but as he saw you walk into the back garden, he realised he didn’t quite know all of them at all.

    “Ask if she wants a drink, or see if she wants a dance,” Jimin suggested instead, “there’s no way we’re letting you leave her without talking to her after seeing the look in your eye.”

    With a nudge from the boys around him, Hobi soon found himself with two drinks in hand with his feet carrying him towards your table. You were oblivious to him as you caught up with some friends, hearing sniggers all around you as Hobi neared.

    “What’s got you all laughing like we’re back in school?” You quizzed, looking around at all of their faces, “have I got something on my face or something?”

    Their heads all shook, tilting them to one side as they tried to get you to look back behind you. “Look for yourself,” one of them smiled, encouraging you to spin around.

    As you did, your body jolted, surprised to see the man who had stared at you all night long before you, extending his left arm out to hand you the drink that he held onto.

    The same smile was still on his face, ignoring the grins of your friends all around the two of you as he invited you across to a quieter area of the garden.

    “Sorry,” he chuckled once the two of you were alone, “I wasn’t sure if I should come and say hello or not, but I’ve arguably been peer pressured into it a little.”

    Your head shook as he pointed across to his group of friends, “there’s no need to apologise, my friends are exactly the same, they seem to be convinced that you’ve been looking at me.”

    “Well, they wouldn’t exactly be wrong,” he confessed, taking you by surprise, “I can’t deny the fact you caught my eye as soon as you walked into this place this afternoon.”

    It was a feeling that Hobi couldn’t quite describe, he couldn’t pinpoint what about you had taken him by such surprise, but there was something about you that instantly drew him in. Introducing himself and talking to you had only pulled him towards you more, impressed by everything that he saw.

    As silence began to descend upon the two of you, Hobi scrambled to find a topic of conversation to draw you back in. “So, how do you know Y/F/N, I’ve never seen you around before when I’ve spent time with her.”

    “We’re old school friends, she’s probably one of the people I’ve known longest in the world. How do you know her? If you don’t mind me asking?” You questioned in reply.

    “Y/F/N helped design the costumes for our last tour, I’m in a band,” he smiled, pointing across to his group of friends once again, “she did a great job, she’s a very talented girl.”

    The two of you soon found yourselves learning several things about each other, as well as sharing plenty of embarrassing stories of your friends too. The laughter that came from you both captured the attention of most other people at the party who watched you both with intrigue.

    Both of your friendship groups also watched on with proud smiles on their faces, sensing that there was something special between you both. The look in Hobi’s eye was enough to know he liked you, and your smile was wide enough to let people know that you liked him too.

    As the party began to move on, with your friend deciding to turn the attention to herself, Hobi decided it was best to head back to his group. “Can I come and find you tonight? Maybe for a little dance or something once the music starts?”

    “Of course,” you smiled, stepping back towards your friends, “you know where I’m sat, so when you find the right song, come and let me know.”

    “I will do,” he grinned, walking back across the garden to where his friends all sat with smug grins across all of their faces.

    As he began to tell them all about his conversation with you, all of them couldn’t help but get excited. They knew Hobi well enough to know when he was invested in something, and with the promise of a dance before the night was over, all of them were absolutely thrilled for him.

    “See, I told you a dance would do the trick,” Jimin proudly teased.”

    “I guess you might have been right, just this once.”



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    Exhibitionism ~ Min Yoongi

    *Mature Content*

    His eyes turned dark as he saw you talking  to someone else while he was practicing on the stage. You noticed it as well as you moved away from the person you were talking to. His eyes were narrowed on you despite him being very much into the choreography.

    His dominating eyes made you scared yet excited. After his practice you were waiting for him in the dressing room as your mind wandered off to the things that he was about to do to you. You knew he could never wait to reach home then punish you, that's what made you heat up.

    The chatter from the boys made you look up as they all entered the room while others were busy laughing, your boyfriend was looking right at you with his big eyes. "Y/n" he called out, the boys felt the tension between you both as they stopped talking and glanced at you.

    You went to your boyfriend, strolling gradually towards him, he tapped on his lap signalling you to plunk down. His finger gripped on your chin and as he lifted up your face to make you look at him.

    "I see you appreciated the practice, well?" He asked, mockery present in his tone, you nibbled your lip and nodded your head. He sneered, his eyes never left yours however a grin replace the frown from his lips when he watched his members notice the scene unfurl before them

    "I thought you enjoyed talking to that stranger more" his hands were on your thighs as he caressed them gently before looking up to you. You felt his erection against your soiled panties as you took large breaths to calm yourself down.

    You tried to protest against him and tried to prove yourself right but a glare from him was enough to make your mouth shut. You whimpered as his hands on your thighs tightened. "Did I tell you to talk?" He gripped your hair from behind as he pushed you down on the floor.

    "Stand on your knees" He said, as he removed his shirt before throwing it somewhere in the room. He unzipped his pants before taking his length out. "Yoongi! don't think-" Seokjin was cut off by him

    His thumb drew circles on your face as he slapped your cheek with his length before shoving it inside of your mouth. You closed your eyes as they watered. You hallowed your cheeks around his length as he moaned before he laid on his back on the couch headrest.

    "No teasing baby" He said before grabbing your head with his hands as he thrusted it inside your mouth. "F-F*ck" he groaned when the tip of his length touched the back of your mouth. 

    When he felt himself twitch in your mouth he pulled himself out before coming all over your mouth. Gasps could be heard from the boys, they were all shocked but their bodies reacted differently.

    He pulled you up as he made you stand properly before pulling your shorts down in a hurry as he took off your panties as well. He made you lie down on his lap. He noticed the growing bulges of his friends as he smirked to himself.

    "How many spanks should our bad little girl get?" His hand scoured the cheek of your bottom, you were embarrassed yet you appreciated the surge of people watching you get defenceless. It made your insides go wild, You delighted in the sensation of being shown for the rest to observe.

    "We are a part of this?" Namjoon asked as Yoongi hummed along. His eyes immediately were loaded up with desire and a grin followed. "At this point I say give her 15" "Nah, You saw how she clearly enjoyed getting face fucked in front of us, Just skip to the part where we can join you both" Jimin's voice chimed in.

    "I like that, come on in then" Yoongi responded as he pulled you up as your back came in contact with his chest. They both didn't hesitate to join in as Yoongi wrapped his hands around your neck and mouth as he marked your neck.

    Namjoon wrapped his thick lips around your perked up nipples while Jimin toyed with your clit. Your grip on Yoongi's thigh tightened as fingers entered you, you don't know whose.

    You arched your back against Yoongi's chest as he watched you get breathless under him. Low growls and groans could be heard from the other boys as they rubbed themselves over their jeans.

    You were going crazy at the amount of pleasure you were getting. Entering and leaving of fingers, lips on your neck while teeth touching your buds caused you to tighten around the finger that was within you.

    Your legs begin to shake around Jimin's thighs as you released around his fingers and he pulled them out.

    "Others, Decide your turns while I let her have a break"

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  • holdinbacksecrets
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    “I need to breathe, huh?” 

    namjoon x reader, comfort

    beta readers: @moon-write @captainorangegoose​

    You’re closing the novel in your lap at the sound of your husband’s footsteps, placing it on the bedside table and smiling as he joins you. “How are the little rascals?”

    “Sugared out. I set up Tangled, so I’d say we’ve successfully completed our parental duties.” Namjoon presses his lips to your forehead, relaxing against the headboard. 

    “I’ll be cleaning up glitter until she graduates.” The 10th birthday of your beloved daughter went wonderfully, with pictures to prove it, and a smile so bright you’d give her the world if that meant seeing it every day. 

    Namjoon’s laughter still makes your heart flutter, and he’s pulling you closer. Your head falling to rest in his lap. He brushes the hair off your face, caught in eyelashes. You admire the glasses resting on the bridge of his nose, and the silver fading from his hair. 

    “What are you thinking about?” His lips twitch at the question, having no reason to be surprised. You know Namjoon so well, can tell when something is off by the way light leaves his eyes, replaced by a heaviness reflecting the weighted thoughts in his mind. 

    “I’m happy. There’s no doubt that I’m happy, but this is a different bliss. It’s bliss without chaos, and comfort in a normalcy I used to dream for.” It’s uncommon for your husband’s voice to waver or sound anything short of confident in his words, but it’s showing tonight. 

    Your fingertips flutter across his skin before wrapping around his forearm with soothing strokes, hoping the action radiates your love: lets him know you’re listening and that will never change. 

    “You miss it.” 

    He breathes like the air had been lost, like oxygen was being denied until the honest thoughts broke through. “I feel like I shouldn’t. I feel guilty for having you and Yoora, but wanting that all over again.” 

    You sit up, placing your hand on the side of his neck. His skin is cool. The tips of your fingers just meet the ends of his hair. It’s longer these days. You’ve always liked it long. 

    “Don’t ever think wanting that again means you don’t want me or your daughter. That’s the last thing I’d ever think your words mean. Have you talked to anyone recently? I know you had drinks with Hoseok a few days ago. How is he?” 

    “He’s producing a lot these days, and it’s so strange to hear him say that and not know, you know? For so long we always knew what one another was doing because our process didn’t work without collaboration. I know I don’t—music will never leave me—but I’m trying to figure out how it fits into my life now.”

    Namjoon exhales slowly before continuing. “I didn’t fall from the top. I walked down from a peak slowly, and I wonder if that made it harder. In the time it took, I was gaining so much. We were falling in love and starting a life together that’s all ours. Something separate from the fame. Something so human. Can I… is it possible I can’t do human? Did the lights change me in a way that’s left me reliant?” 

    Namjoon’s words grow heavier, sinking into your chest as a dense fraction of his feelings. You endured it, though: the secrets, moments missed and shared through midnight conversations, the juggled schedules, and not because you had to. 

    Your fingers card through his hair, and he brings you even closer. His gentle coaxing radiates needed affection as your legs curtain his thighs. 

    “All you can do is start. Go to the studio. Write. Record. Remind yourself what it feels like and let that electrify you. Saying you’re reliant or incapable of being a functioning human without it are words I don’t want to hear you say, Joon. Music is something you’ve done for years. It’s a part of you, and you’re brilliant at it. Reconnect with it because this sounds like a hell of a lot of missing that you’ve chosen to define as something guilty.” 

    Namjoon presses his lips against your forehead, drinking in the words you shared, spreading to and mending something he can’t see. “I’ll go tomorrow.” 

    “Wonderful. I can’t wait to hear all about it.” 

    You kiss him, saying I love you through the action, knowing he’s felt it in the way his lips turn into a smile against your own. 

    “I need to breathe, huh?” 

    You laugh, resting your hand against his chest. “Maybe. I’m sure it would help. You’re so hard on yourself. Tread softly, babe. Tread softly.” 

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    The Pianist

    (A/N: Thanks to @xjoonchildx and the anon who recommended me to her for this prompt! The pieces mentioned in this fic are what I listened to while writing it, they're beautiful and I recommend them. Feedback is appreciated!)


    You didn’t sleep very well most nights.

    You didn’t really understand how people just laid down and fell asleep instantly, it just didn’t happen for you. You had tried everything but ASMR creeped you out, Melatonin didn’t work, chamomile tea just made you have to get up to pee a million times. Nothing worked for years- until the apartment above yours got a new tenant.

    You weren’t sure when exactly they moved in but you were certain of the day they got a piano.

    January 12, 2021: The day you were given the gift of sleep.

    At this point, it was apart of your routine. Every night, after showering and brushing your teeth, you’d lay down and listen to soft melodies you couldn’t quite place pouring through your walls.

    Now, you found yourself rushing back home in the evening just in case they decided to start playing early.

    “Hold the elevator, please!” You called, rushing over to the closing doors.

    A hand stuck out to block them from shutting at the last minute and you gave a sigh of relief- you’d be on time now. You rushed into the elevator with a pleased smile on your face, your eyes falling on a man who you could only describe as the most interesting person you had ever seen. Dressed in all black with thick rings around the hand that had stopped the elevator, he should’ve been intimidating. If it wasn’t for the soft slope of his nose and pink doll-like lips, you would’ve turned the other way in fear.

    “Oh-“ You said awkwardly, staring at him with wide eyes for some reason. He looked at you awkwardly and smile slightly, pulling his lips into a thine line. His dark eyes blinked slowly, molten mocha peering down at you with mild interest. “Thank you- for the elevator.”

    “No problem, you seem like you’re in a hurry.” He said politely, his quiet, deep voice rumbling in your ear comfortably. You found yourself leaning towards him and snapped yourself out of it, pressing your floor’s button quickly.

    As beautiful as he was, you got distracted from the man quickly, refocusing on trying to guess what the pianist would choose to play tonight. You left the window cracked just to hear more of the classical sonatas, timing your breathing just right to the pacing of the tunes. As time passed, you grew accustomed to the presence of the music, reading the pianist’s mood by their choice of song.

    Reverie, for calm evenings in the summer when your apartment was bathed in golden light, warming your skin. A jazzy rendition of Manhattan when you assumed the pianist had an absolutely wonderful day, sending you off to dream of fluffy clouds and creamy skies. Nocturne No. 1, when they were troubled and you physically had to stop yourself from crying upon hearing the emptiness in the notes that flooded into your ears.

    As luck would have it, you stumbled across the man in the elevator again too, crossing paths in the mail room, where he held the door open as you lugged out copious amounts of packages from online shopping. You would’ve tried to strike up a conversation, only it was already dusk and the pianist would start practicing soon.

    “You’re always rushing, aren’t you?” He quipped, an endearing smile on his face. You admired the way his cheeks fluffed up a little when he smiled.

    “I have plans with a friend,” You excused, naming the pianist as a fond companion. You didn’t want to reveal what you were really rushing for. The pianist felt like your own little secret, a world you could immerse yourself in when real life got too overwhelming.

    If only you had known you’d soon lose the one consistent relief of tension in your life. You assumed things in his life had gone south, because after a week of music that tore your soul apart- the music stopped. Gone were your nights of angelic tunes, gone were your nights of sleep.

    You waited for him, laid in bed with an antsy heart waiting to hear something, an aggravated smash of keys, a simple chord, even a single note would set you at ease. It had been a week since you had a good night of sleep, your companion suddenly stripped away.

    You trudged into the elevator one morning sleepily, barely registering a familiar man standing beside you. Your hands met as both of you rushed to press the ‘close door’ button, the button shocking both of you at once. You jumped in surprise, flickering your eyes towards him sheepishly, “Sorry.”

    “Not your fault,” He mumbled. It wasn’t until then that you took in his appearance, slightly disheveled with his hair fluffy and messy. It was bleached now, faded with the roots grown out too far.

    The pair of you rode the elevator down in a comfortable silence, filtering out together without a passing glance. You walked in different directions, both consumed in your own thoughts. You figured the pianist would be back by now. When nothing came, you decided to do take action, composing your own masterpiece. You tacked the letter you painstakingly rewrote a million times, setting for a simple note of flattery that you hoped would entice whoever it was playing the piano to return the gift you had cherished back to you. You expected nothing, maybe music returning back. Instead, you were greeted two days later with a simple knock at your door.

    You answered quickly, shuffling your feet towards the entrance of your apartment. You opened the door to a familiar face, the man from the elevator. This time, his hair was freshly dyed, denim blue with one side sleeked back. His eyes were bright, alert as he looked at you with a surprised expression. You skimmed the length of his body, noting the tailored pants and soft looking sweater, stopping suddenly on a familiar piece of paper between long fingers adorned with rings.

    Your note.

    “You’re the pianist,” You realized, staring at the note. The paper of the note was faded, fraying at the ends and softened at the creases. It had clearly been folded and unfolded a million times, pulling at your heart.

    “You fall asleep to me playing?” He asked, eyebrows raised in surprise.

    “I have trouble sleeping- you, your music helps.” You said lamely. “I’ve missed it….I thought, I mean, I noticed that you were playing more sad pieces than normal and then you stopped playing altogether. I figured something was wrong- Are you okay?”

    He tapped his foot on the ground and shifted his weight, looking down at the ground awkwardly, “I was going to stop playing. I just…I didn’t see the value anymore.”

    You felt panic sweep over your body and widened your eyes, leaning towards him instinctively, “Your music feels like a friend. It’s so beautiful and calming, it’s the only thing I have to look forward to some days. It- It has value. A lot of value, to me.”

    He looked up at you and smiled, eyes crinkling slightly, “That makes me feel better- I’m Yoongi. Min Yoongi.”

    You smiled back at him, tilting your head slightly.

    The music came back after that, new songs playing every evening. You spent the mornings tracking down all of the songs he played the night before, listening to them while you went about your day, melting away time until you could listen to Yoongi practice again. You saw Yoongi a couple times in the elevator, exchanging shy smiles and excited suggestions of what you think he should learn next.

    It wasn’t until you awoke one morning to the soft musings of a piano that you realized- you loved Min Yoongi. You recognized the song playing instantly- Dawn from Pride and Prejudice. You had suggested it awhile ago and how romantic you thought the piece was. It had been a slip of the tongue you thought he had forgot about it by now, since he hadn't played it. You remembered the small smile he gave you, nodding slightly when you blushed furiously at even the mention of romance. But now, listening to the music you knew he played for you, you were glad you had said it. It was fitting for the hour, the sunrise pouring cool colored light through your windows, a soft breeze filling your room because you had never gotten out of the habit of cracking your window to hear Yoongi play.

    You smiled, laying in bed for a moment and soaking in the light keys. Eventually, you got up and walked to make yourself a cup of tea, stopping when you saw a piece of paper that had been slipped through the bottom of your door.

    You picked it up quickly, opening it at once.

    Would you like to have dinner with me? - Your Pianist.

    #bts timestamps#bts drabble #yoongi one shot #yoongi x you #yoongi fluff#yoongi fic#yoongi fanfic#yoongi drabble#yoongi imagine#yoongi #yoongi x reader #bts reader insert #bts one shot #bts imagines#bts fic
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  • kookieswan
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    Jimin x Reader (f)

    Word Count: 1500 (Exactly teehee)

    Warnings/Tags: Fluff, mostly PWP honestly but there’s some plot, NSFW content (mentions of masturbation, handjob, fingering, finger sucking/cum eating, shower sex, vaginal sex, sex against the wall, unprotected sex)

    Note: I’ve been thinking about a spicy sequel since I wrote Mist. Poor Jimin and MC deserve to have all the spicy fun hehe. This is apart of the Downpour Series! 💙


    Slipping into the bathroom, you giggle a bit to yourself as you take in your boyfriends shadowed form behind the foggy glass of the shower. In the last few days, you’ve done nothing except spend time with him. Mostly cuddling in bed at home, but also watching movies, going on late night snack runs, whatever you could. Now though, you wanted to be close, to feel his skin against yours.

    “Can I join you?” You call out stridently over the running water and hear a tiny gasp leave Jimin’s lips. He shuffles around a bit inside of the cubical, stammering around as a bottle falls to the floor. You don’t wait for a response knowing he’s likely going to say yes, and start to slip out of your clothes, letting them pool around you on the floor. With a somewhat shaky voice, he calls back to you over the pitter patter of the falling water, scrambling around to try and pick up the clutter he made.

    “I uh- yeah! Of course you can love. Come in.” Jimin pulls the door open a few seconds later and the stream from the shower splays out around your naked form. You step in slowly, carful not to slip as you take in his naked backside. Sliding up behind your boyfriend, you wrap your arms around his lithe from and rest your head against his muscled back.

    Jimin hums slightly as you run your hands up and down the top of his stomach. He feels so warm, muscled abs tight under your skin as you feel his body quiver slightly from the contact. Slipping your hands even further down, you pause as you take in the fact that he’s hard. Lips twitching, you bring your arms back, gripping his waist and turning him. His shy grin is a stark contrast to his hard dick, already a pretty pink color as it bobs with his steps.

    “Well, well, well, what do we have here? Was someone a little frustrated” You wanted to have some fun, but it seems he already beat you to the pinch. Jimin whines a bit, hands coming up to cover his face as you laugh and try to pull them away. When he persists, you wrap a soft hand around his member instead, giving it a few gentle tugs. His hands fall then, a groan leaving his body as. His shy eyes run hot now; heated gaze trained on your hand as you continue to pump his cock.

    “Hmm can I touch you too baby?’ You confirm that he can, nodding as his hands come up, one to cup your left breast as his other hand dips down toward your slit. Attempting to help him out, you prop a leg up on one of the leges in the shower as the hot water continues to hit your bodies. Jimin finds your clit easily, rubbing in quick circles with his skilled fingers as your speed up your hand. It was filthy, but you wanted him to come on you, all over your stomach, on your tits… on your pussy…

    “Ah, slow down love. Wanna play with your more, wanna fuck you…” You do as your told, letting go of him as he continues his assault on your clit. You want it so bad, want to feel him slid his throbbing cock into your pussy, fucking into you hard and fast. Jimin slowed down a bit, sliding his hand from your clit down to your opening, a smug grin coming over his face.

    “Look at how we you are, heh, you’re fucking soaked. Want my cock baby? Want me to fuck your till you can’t stand?” You nod hastily, a whine coming out of your lips as a finger sinks into your aching pussy. He thrusts it in and out slowly, lips finally coming down to meet yours in a heated kiss. Its not long before he’s dipping his tongue into your mouth, exploring extensively as he adds a second finger. You hump down against his fingers, loud moans passing through your busy mouth as he starts to scissor them, effectively stretching you for his cock.

    “Please Min, please fuck me. Want you so bad, want to feel you stretch me out.” You pull back, a string of saliva connecting your mouth to his as you plead for him desperately. He pulls his fingers from your pussy, and something comes over you. You grip at his hand, satisfied with the shocked expression that comes to Jimin’s face as you suck his fingers into your mouth. You purr around them, tasting yourself but also pleased to have him in your mouth. He slides them out slowly, utterly enchanted with you as he grabs your raised leg.

    “You’re a menace love. Come on, raise your leg up a little more. I’m gonna fuck your tight pussy now baby, yeah?” Following instructions, your raise your leg and he holds it for you, other hand grasping his cock to guide it to your opening. The stance is a bit awkward, and the spray of the water is a bit annoying, but you don’t even care. You want to feel him inside of you, to feel him against your skin as he ruts into you.

    He slides in relatively easily; you’re so turned on that not even the water of the shower can wash away your arousal. Both of you let out loud moans, yours high pitched and whinny whole Jimin’s is low in pitch, almost a growl. He rocks into your slowly, making sure that you get used to his length before picking up the speed.

    “Feel good? My cock feels good in your little pussy, huh baby?” You don’t even feel like your can respond, mind already starting to blank out at the feeling of his dick rubbing against your walls. It’s so sensitive, all of the stimulation a lot to take in. Jimin against you, his hard cock inside of you, the warmth of the water and the steam surrounding your entire being.

    “Oh fuck! Ah, Jimin, my legs starting to cramp up a little baby.” You love the feeling, and you don’t want him to stop, but the leg you have placed on the floor being stretched out so far is starting to hurt. He pauses before grabbing you other leg, effectively hiking you up, you gasp as your back hits the wall, eyes nearly bulging out of your head as he holds you against the shower wall. He gives you a toothy grin, kisses your nose, and resumes fucking you at a breakneck pace. The tip of his cock rubs against your g-spot with every thrust, and your eyes nearly cross from the stimulation.

    “Hmmm hope that’s better love.” It’s overwhelming again, watching him thrust into you with such a fucked-out expression on his face, the muscles in his arms bulging as he continues to hold you up. His hair lays wet against his skin, framing his face perfectly. It’s so hot, he’s so fucking hot, and you feel the coil in your stomach start to tighten. Jimin leans in, nosing at your neck a bit before sucking on the delicate skin there. Threading your fingers into his wet hear, your rock back against him, cunt clenching from the added stimulation. Leading back, he presses kisses to your face before placing one, two, three against your lips and the coil snaps with a deep thrust.

     The spasming muscles of your pussy milks his dick, causing him to cum not long after you. He thrusts into you a few more times, hot cum painting your walls white before slowing to a stop. The only sounds in the bathroom now are the running water and your residual panting. Jimin very carefully lowers you down to the ground but keeps his hold, and you lean into his form heavily, burying your face into his wet chest as he kisses the top of your head.

    “I think I might have ascended from your magic dick…” Jimin bursts out laughing, nearly squeaking as you smack his chest slightly. He continues to giggle as he turns off the shower and opens the door up, stepping out and gripping your hand to lead you with him. He grabs one of the towels off the rack and wraps the big fluffy cloth around your body. Jimin attempts to dry you off as he starts to shake with laughter again, huge grins on both of your faces now.

    “Hmmm, you’re so good to me love, such a good girl. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep my magic dick contained, hopefully long enough to make some food.” You scoff playful and pull away, nearly skipping over to the bathroom door, still blissed out from your intense orgasm. Pulling it open, you lance back at your loving boyfriend, mischievousness in your eyes as you teasingly wink.

    “Well, if you’re so hungry, I think I have something you can eat baby.”

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  • onlyswan
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    summary: “you can lean me. you can always lean on me.”

    genre: fluff

    warnings: mention of skipping meals (not on purpose) and mental struggles due of the pandemic

    word count: 1.6k

    note: struggling so bad with online classes so i’m using my rare free time to complain n cry about online classes :DD

    jungkook comes out of the bathroom with only his boxers on after blowdrying his hair, excited to finally get some well deserved rest and end the day with you in his arms. however, his face drops when he is greeted by your back against him.

    “babe, i thought we were getting ready for bed?” he pouts, approaching your slouched figure on the desk. the sounds of your fast fingers typing away on the keyboard is oddly satisfying, but it’s past midnight on a tuesday and you both need to wake up early.

    “what? yeah- yeah, we are. let me just finish this real quick. an idea popped in my head while i was putting on lotion.” you respond absentmindedly, afraid to lose your train of thought. this essay has been a big problem for the past few days. the words just aren’t coming to you and it’s very frustrating. you can’t miss this chance of finally making progress. or else you will cry. and throw things out the window. and you live pretty far up high so nothing will survive the fall.

    your boyfriend sighs, leaning his chin on your shoulder as he watches the word count go up and down and up up up. he knows you won’t be able to sleep properly if you don’t finish your task anyway. your sudden bursts of inspiration should never be interrupted. learned that the hard way.

    “you work so hard, baby. i’m so proud of you.” he says quietly in your ear, planting a sweet kiss on your cheek.

    you pause, swallowing thickly. you force a smile and mutter a small thanks before resuming with your work. you don’t see the frown that forms on his lips. he wraps his arms around your waist which makes typing require a little more effort, but you don’t have it in your heart to shoo him away.

    jungkook requires a lot of love and attention. who are you to deny your boyfriend of that? besides, you needed it anyway. you don’t even know how you’ve been getting through each day. you’re swamped with works that you’ve been unintentionally skipping meals and getting inadequate amount of sleep. you try to get everything done as early as possible because missing a deadline is your biggest fear. you can’t afford the deduction especially if your work is already ass to begin with. done is better than perfect. that’s what you tell yourself these days. it helps. most times.

    it’s been almost two years since the pandemic started and the time before that started to become a blur to you, but you can almost swear that you don’t remember face-to-face classes being half as difficult as this. you still had a life outside of school. you think. you managed your time better and you made sure you could do the things you enjoyed. most of those things you’re not allowed to do anymore, though. unfortunately, what kept your will to live mostly consisted of lots and lots of people.

    you don’t absorb information over online discussions very well. it doesn’t feel right. there’s no connection. speaking into your classmates’ ears doesn’t sound fun either. to add to that, you’re not really close with anyone. you’ll just have to make it through the school year all on your own somehow. whatever it takes . . . our best, that’s all we can really do in life, right?

    your hands drop on the sides of your keyboard in exhaustion. “jungkook,” you croak out. “i’m so tired.”

    his heart drops to his stomach at the sound of your voice breaking. “i figured. your shoulders are so tense.” he presses kisses all over the exposed skin of your shoulder. “it’s okay, baby. you can lean on me.” you melt into the warmth of his body as you finally give up on school works. you’ve done your best today. you need to preserve the remaining parts of yourself (or so you hope there still are) so you can fight again tomorrow. “you can always lean on me.”

    he spins your chair around to face him before crouching down on your level, cupping your face with his hands. “you’re overworking yourself. i’m getting so worried. you should take care of yourself more, hmm?”

    “sorry. it’s like a requirement to graduate. i won’t make it unless i give it everything i got.” you avoid his eyes, feeling tears forming in your own. “everything just sucks and it feels like if i can’t do this then what the fuck is there that i can do? and most of the time i don’t know what i’m doing anymore. i feel like the dumbest person in the room.” you pause and laugh dryly. “well, virtual classroom.”

    “that’s not true at all! you got accepted by the university because they know you are capable of great things. and i was amazed just now watching you work on your essay because the flow is smooth and your words demand attention and piques curiosity. i’ve never found that topic interesting but now i understand better why you chose this track.” he smiles at you sweetly, wiping away the tears that rolled down your cheeks. you look at him as if he filled the oceans with only his hands and painted the clouds that are floating in the sky and it makes butterflies errupt in his chest.

    “you are doing amazing, okay? and i’m so proud of you. but at the same time, i don’t want you to think that this is all there is to life now. i know the world outside is bleak, but there are still things we can do. you don’t have to be seated here suffering physically and mentally every second of everyday. we can learn how to play an instrument, how to bake or knit. we can spend a whole day learning all the pretty ways how to fold table napkins or we can repaint all the walls in our apartment. they might be silly or simple things, but we can make it fun and meaningful. don’t you think?”

    you know he’s been having a hard time, too. you’ve been a witness of that. the pandemic took away many things from all of us, after all. performing means the absolute world to him. he looks the happiest when he is on stage. you know those galaxies in his eyes all too well. however, he still chooses to look at life with a positive mindset. that spring comes after winter ends. he greets you warmly every morning and you call him sunshine.

    you smile genuinely for the first time in days. jungkook thinks you look cute, with your puffy eyes and bare face. “those things do sound nice. except the walls part. that just sounds tiring. do you even realize how big your apartment is?”

    “okay, maybe just one room. i was trying to sound spontaneous!” he laughs, slapping his forehead in embarrassment. “and it’s our apartment.”

    “sorry, sir. our apartment.” you hum in agreement. you pull his hand away and force him to come closer to you, wrapping your arms around his neck. “save my work then turn it off, please. then carry me to bed.” you nuzzle your face on his skin sleepily, seeking physical comfort more than anything. “you always smell nice.”

    he does as you said, shutting down your laptop and scooping you in his arms. “you’re always all up on me one way or another so i always need to smell nice, too.”

    “true and false. you just like smelling nice, because you have a cute sensitive nose.” you squeeze his nose playfully, earning the adorable scrunch you adore.

    “true. but i also like smelling nice for you now.”

    you avoid laying down because it makes you want to just stay in bed and skip classes, so you almost burst into tears again when your back hit the soft mattress. one of the best feelings in the world. then your boyfriend rolls over you onto his side of the bed.

    “ouch! you are such a kid.” you whine about the three seconds you were unable to breathe because of his weight crushing you.

    “you love me anyway.” he grins. he stretches out his arm and you lay your head over his biceps almost on instinct. he also puts his leg as far up your waist and basically hugs on you like a koala does on a tree. you might joke around about it every now and then, but in all honesty, he makes you feel safe and protected.

    “i do love you so much. you keep me happy and sane and strong.” jungkook leans down and gives you an eskimo kiss, “and you are the same to me.” before giving you a proper kiss on the lips at last. your fingers thread through his hair and only him consume your thoughts and senses. your body feels light and heavy at the same time. he tastes so sweet and you’re addicted. you both pull away with hooded eyes and deprived lungs gasping for air.

    “babe, you know how when you watch a movie and you get this sudden surge of inspiration to write lyrics rush through you because it got you in your feelings?” you ask out of the blue as if you didn’t just had a hot makeout sesh.

    “yeah?” he hazily responds, hands carressing your waist under your night dress.

    “we should watch a movie tomorrow!”

    “oh?” he raises an eyebrow. “that sounds nice-”

    “except it’s a documentary!”


    “and instead of a song we’ll write a reflection paper together! like a collab. i can’t add you to the credits though. i will get in trouble.”

    he opens and closes his mouth like a fish, looking at you dumbfounded. “if you fail it’s not my fault.”

    “then i drop out. just get me a job at hybe, will you? like a water girl, perhaps? or i can dogsit yeontan or holly?”

    note: this is jus me typing down whatever comes into mind ^_^ i am very tired but i also am thinking of jungkook i jus had to okay not proofread i’m dozing off zzzz

    #jungkook#jungkook fluff#jungkook drabble#jungkook imagine#jungkook fanfic #jungkook x oc #jungkook x reader #bts fluff #jungkook one shot #jungkook x you #jungkook angst
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  • athenakyle
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    Out of Order Yoongi Drabbles: Surrender to Me

    “Wow,” Yoongi stares openly at you, “you look...” his brain refused to cooperate, “wow.”

    You know you look good, but hearing him confirm it makes you giggle and fight the heat in your cheeks, “I think I’m going to enjoy rendering you speechless Min Yoongi.” You wink as you grab your denim jacket from the hook near the door, “What did you have planned this evening or is it still a surprise?”

    “You’ll find out when we get there.” He takes the jacket from you and helps you into it.

    You pout at his lack of an answer, looking up at him from beneath your lashes and Yoongi can’t help but lean in and kiss you softly, just a chaste brushing of your lips. He pulls back almost as quickly as he leaned in, the apples of his cheeks a soft pink. "Sorry," he rubs the back of his neck, "I should have asked first."

    You stare at him in disbelief before offering a soft smile, amazed that gentlemen like him exist in this day and age.

    Lifting to the balls of your feet you return the kiss, just as gentle and innocent as the one he bestowed on you. "Now we're even."

    Let's just say these drabbles are a part of an epic drama that currently only exists in my mind. I'm tagging them stm

    #yoongi x you #myg scenario #myg x you #myg: drabble #yoongi x reader #stm: the first date #surrender to me #bts scenarios #min yoongi scenarios #yoongi drabble#ak writes
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  • likeastarstar
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    6:00 PM- Jungkook

    (A/N: this is connected to 9:20 PM, you may need to read it for context but your choice! Feedback is always appreciated!)

    Being in love with you was like taking care of a cat. You found yourself to be finicky, unpredictable with your newly exposed emotions. You were used to hiding them, shoving them so far deep inside of you, it was hard to register what they were for yourself. It felt like Jungkook had seemingly made his way into your soul and you found yourself warming up to him the same way a cat would- with reluctancy and fear.

    You told him about your comparison to a feral feline, warmth spreading in your chest when he laughed fondly at you. You watched his nose scrunch up and his shoulders push forwards, smiling to yourself with pride that you made him laugh. You liked that you were able to make him happy, to make him smile.

    “It’s a good thing I like cats,” He smiled, placing a hand on your hair and smoothing your hair down, stopping at the base of your neck and pulling you down towards him.

    He was laying on your bed with you seated beside him with your legs folded under you. Jungkook had spent almost everyday with you since the day he decided he was going to crack through your facade of placid neutrality in front of others.

    “Seriously,” You mumbled, stopping yourself just shy of kissing him. Your nose grazed against his and your smile widened when he nuzzled it against you impatiently, “You put up with a lot- thank you.”

    “You’re a passion project of mine,” He smiled, “Plus I like when you get angry and take it out on my dick.”

    “You’re disgusting,” You said flatly, no bite behind your words.

    Jungkook grinned and kissed you, smiling when he felt you climb over him, straddling one of his legs with your arms running up and down the length of his sides, “Thanks for expressing that lovely sentiment. Great communication.”

    He hiked his leg up and pushed it against your center, relishing the soft gasp you let out. You squeezed his leg between your thighs, holding him there for a moment.

    It wasn’t always this sunny between the two of you, memories of the shamble that was your life two months ago flooded your head, barging in like an intruding thought demanding to be acknowledged.

    “Are you even paying attention to me?”

    Why was everyone asking you that questions? Were you? At this point, you couldn’t really tell. Maybe you were just tired, you didn’t get a lot of sleep. It was normal, right? To lose sleep because of how many things were running through your brain, worries you couldn’t seem to find a solution for. Had you slept at all last night? You couldn’t remember. You knew you got in bed, pretended that you were tired- so how did the entire night and then some pass while you didn’t even notice?

    “Hello?” Jungkook snapped, waving an idle hand in front of your face. He called your full name- which was rare considering he had a million stupid nicknames for you. “What’s wrong?”

    You looked at him with a blank expression, shrugging, “Nothing, I’m fine.”

    Jungkook looked at you with a flat expression, narrowing his eyes slightly as if he was trying to tell if you were messing with him. You stared back at him, raising your eyebrows stubbornly.

    “Watching you love everyone else around you more than yourself is the worst thing on earth.” He said slowly, “You need to let someone in- if not me, then yourself. I don’t understand why you’re punishing yourself by hiding all of your emotions.”

    Jungkook had been pushing you so hard for weeks- demanding you to share every little thing that went through your head when he thought you seemed upset like it was easy for you. You understood that he wanted you to open up to him, but it wasn’t as easy as he made it seem.

    “So stop hanging out with me,” You said simply, ironing the hurt in your heart. You knew this would happen to you eventually- you figured he’d get tired of having to babysit you and then leave you. This is exactly why you didn’t let him officially call you his girlfriend, nor did you call him your boyfriend. You had barriers, held him at an arms length.

    “What?” He asked, pain seeping through his tone, “When did we start talking about that?”

    You didn’t look at him, staring the entire other direction instead, “Now- we’re talking about it now. You said being around me is the worst thing on earth, so stop being around me.”

    “That’s- I didn’t,” He stuttered, eyes wide.

    You licked your lips nervously, ignoring the lump forming in your throat. You felt his hand grasp at yours and you pulled away sharply, taking a couple steps back. You shook your head, pushing his hands away. You couldn’t stop your head from shaking no, your hands from trembling, your heart from beating out of time. It felt like your chest was getting heavier and heavier, tears threatening to spill from your eyes.

    “I would rip my heart out for you,” He pleaded, “I would give you everything I have and more if I could- anything you asked of me, I’d do. I didn’t mean, please, baby-“

    “Stop,” You interrupted, taking another step back. You couldn’t handle his level of affection, the attention he gave to you.

    You walked away quickly, fast enough for him to not see the tears streaming down your face.

    “Hey, where’d you go?” Jungkook asked, breaking you out of the flashback going through your mind.

    You blinked down at him, using your hands to prop yourself up off of him, hovering slightly above of his face, “I’m glad we broke up two months ago.”

    He scoffed dramatically, “So you hate me?”

    “No- I mean, I’m glad I went to therapy. I’m glad I didn’t depend on you to fix me,” You clarified. You were still navigating the right way to word the way you felt at times, stumbling through out of context phrases that sounded harsh at times.

    Jungkook took a deep breath and smiled with his lips shut, pressing his mouth into a thin line like he was trying to contain a swell of emotions. He tucked a stray piece of hair of yours behind your head, caressing the side of your face lightly, “I’m glad you came back to me when you were ready.”

    You smiled down at him, letting him pull you down to kiss him again. Jungkook didn’t fix you, no, but it was better this way- you were better this way.


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    11:09 PM- Namjoon

    (A/N: For the anon requesting Jealous Joonie. Sorry for the delay! I got about halfway thru this and realized I've written something similar for Jimin aha...my bad. Feedback is appreciated.)

    You’re single.

    Not by choice, obviously- if it were up to you, you’d be dating Namjoon and already thinking of baby names.

    But no, the man was not your boyfriend. Instead, Namjoon liked to flirt with you, to get dinner with you too often than friends probably would, he got you gifts from places he visited, he sent you pictures of the sky that reminded him of you-

    But he wasn’t your boyfriend.

    For some reason, he refused to define what the two of you were.

    So, like any single girl would do- you decided to do whatever you wanted.

    Sure, you wanted to be with Namjoon, but when a man approached you asking if you wanted to dance who were you to say no?

    You looked sideways at Namjoon, who was standing a few steps away, talking to another one of your friends. You noted the way he laughed at whatever she said and felt irritated, narrowing your eyes at him. Sure, he wasn’t your boyfriend- but he wasn’t allowed to laugh at someone another girl said, even if she was your friend.

    “Sure,” You said decisively, clapping your hand in his and letting him pull you up from your seat at the booth you were sitting in.

    Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Namjoon’s eyes perk up but ignored it, focusing instead on dancing with the man in front of you. You didn’t get very far, spinning around to back up on the guy only to see Namjoon standing directly in front of you.

    He had that look on his face- the one he only got when he was either extremely focused or extremely pissed off. Cheeks sucked in, brow furrowed, bottom lip pushed out. He tilted his head to the side and frowned disapprovingly at you before flickering his gaze up to the man behind you and saying only one word, “No.”

    You blinked blankly, feeling his arm wrap around your waist possessively, “It’s late, we’re leaving.”

    “We?” You repeated awkwardly, “We as in- like, you and me?”

    “Yeah, let’s go.” He nodded shortly, tugging you away from the man. You didn’t even know if the other guy said anything at all, focusing instead on the firm gasp Namjoon had around your body and the annoyed look on his face.

    You felt dazed the entire way home, unable to stop staring at him even as he was essentially scolding you as you stepped into you apartment.

    “If you wanted attention- you should’ve told me,” He snapped, slamming the door closed. “Was I moving too slow, was that it? Did you want me to ask you out sooner?”

    “Maybe?” You mumbled.

    “I don’t formally ask you to date me so you decide to flirt on a guy in front of me?” He scoffed, “You’re mine- there, is that better?”

    “You flirted with someone else in front of me too! Don’t act like I’m the only childish one here,” You snapped. "And my ass barely touched him."

    “You were jealous?” He laughed, stepping closer to you. A flash of nervousness washed over your face before you replaced it with annoyance again, lifting and dropping a shoulder silently. Namjoon pulled your body against his, arms around you again. He leaned down slightly, dipping his head down to your neck and breathed hot air against it, “Don’t lie, I can see it on your face.”

    He pressed his lips to the side of you neck and you felt your stomach drop. This was the most physical attention Joon had shown you since you met him. Up until now it had all been words and PG-rated signs of endearment. Nothing like the way his hands groped your ass and his teeth grazed against your skin, tongue gliding along your carotid.

    “You want me all to yourself?” He asked, mumbling words against your skin, “Because I’m warning you now- I don’t want to share you.”

    “All you had to do was say it,” You said weakly, feeling him lift you easily into his arms. You wrapped your legs around his waist instinctively, face directly in front of yours. You gazed down at his lips for a moment before deciding to go for it, kissing him with a desperation you wished you could’ve hidden from Namjoon but it was blatant, washing over you in huge tidal waves that had you rolling against his body with a fever.

    You lost track of time, mind consumed with only Namjoon as he fucked you hard.

    “Who do you belong to?” He grunted, slamming his hips against yours, a possessive hand on your lower stomach. You moaned, letting him spread your legs even further apart with a hand on your knee, feeling his cock thrust into you over and over again with a reckless pace. He didn’t care about being gentle with you, only fueled by your urges to go harder, faster, rougher. You wanted him bad, that much was apparent.

    "Me," You snapped, scowling up at him.

    He froze for a minute, breaking character to smile sheepishly down at you, "Fair- Who do I belong to?"

    “Me- You're mine,” You said quickly, beaming up at him.

    “Next time a guy asks you to dance what are you gonna say?” Namjoon continued, leaning down over you and increasing his speed slightly. His hands felt hot on your skin, burning obsessive touches into your torso and thighs.

    “N-no,” You stuttered, wrapping your arms around his broad shoulders.

    “Next time you want something- ask for it. You want me to fuck you rough? Ask.” He scolded, “You want fucking flowers and a candlelit dinner? I’ll do it.”

    You nodded feverishly, gasping when you felt his tongue glide across your chest, mouthing at your breasts.

    “I fucking adore you, I’ll be more obvious about it from now on, okay?” He grunted, his tone angry but his voice sweet.

    “Okay,” You nodded, voice hitching as he bit down on your skin. "Thanks."

    “I don’t ever wanna see your ass on another motherfucker again though,” He laughed leaning his forehead against your body.

    He looked up at you with a surprisingly earnest look, reminding you why you waited for him to make a move for so long in the first place.

    “As long as you don’t ever smile at another girl for the rest of your life,” You swiped sarcastically, sighing in contentment when he laughed and agreed.


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    ⇢ SUMMARY your mom's new boyfriend should be extremely annoying to you. With all his smiles and laughs, and trying to bond with his new step-daughter. He should be the bane of your existence. Trying to avoid him like an Olympic sport. Except he wasn't. And that was the problem.

    ⇢ PAIRING step-dad!jimin × step-daughter!reader

    ⇢ WARNINGS 18+, stepcest!!, age gap, infidelity, secret relationship, fingering, oral f!recieving, daddy kink

    ⇢ A/N im so sorry to all the ppl w good relationships w their parents...

    "Make sure to help Jimin with his stuff today, okay? The movers will be here soon." Your mom kissed you on the cheek before you could push her away and ran off to work. Great. Now you were stuck with helping her boyfriend move into your house. As if seeing him hanging around here wasn't bad enough, now you had to live with the guy.

    They were moving way too fast, in your opinion. It had only been six months since they'd met, and five since they'd started dating. I mean, how much proximity did a new couple need??

    Enough to encroach on your space, obviously. Now, instead of one insufferable parent in the house, you were at the mercy of two. Not that you were granting Jimin any kind of authority over you, but you knew your mother would sure try. Just to make him feel like a part of the family. Bullshit.

    Jimin in himself wasn't all bad. You had just grown opposed to the guy because of how much you disliked your mother. It was excruciating hearing her gush about him all the time, talking about how romantic he was, the new place he took her for dinner, sent flowers to her workplace. It made you want to gag. And even worse, Jimin had tried to get to know you. Always very polite and charming, soft voice and handsome smile would make anyone putty in his hands. And he knew it.

    You couldn't hate your mother's boyfriend, for all your efforts. Park Jimin was an un-hateable person. You'd come to realize that very quickly. You didn't know if it was just your imagination, or wishful thinking. But Jimin had some kind of weird hold over you. One where he would smile, and you'd run to do anything he said. One glance at your mother, though, would whip you right out of that haze. But the few times you two had been alone, it was like you felt drawn to him, almost like a gravitational pull.

    You were bitter, because you couldn't hate Park Jimin, as much as you wanted to. Or, maybe you were bitter that he was your mother's boyfriend, while you were lying back on your bed, deeming just enough time before he came over to have three fingers deep in your pussy, imagining him over you. A coin toss, really.

    You couldn't help yourself. That man was like sex on legs. You pushed your fingers into your heat while shamelessly imagining his stupidly handsome face, lewd squelching filling the room. You wanted him, and he had to want you too. All those little winks and flirtatious jokes.

    "You're a mirror image of your mother." You had rolled your eyes at that. Your mom's new boy toy was trying to suck up to you, disgustingly.

    "Just like a younger version of her. You would've been just my type if I was a few years younger." He chuckled. His saccharine voice and gentle tone let him get away with it, only earning an involuntary heat to your cheeks.

    You twisted to reach a new angle, fingers curving up to find your sensitive bundle of nerves. Your hips bucking up to meet your hand as you moaned out with the thought of Jimin's fingers in you. He always seemed so elegant and poised. You couldn't help but want to ruin that perfect image, to pull him down in the depths of your filthy fantasies and let him have his way with you. You wanted him to crumple up those prim shirts and stuff them in your mouth. You wanted to feel his sweet voice muttering nothing but all the nasty things he wanted to do to you.

    "Excuse me." The small kitchen barely had enough room to turn around, let alone for two people. But your mother had insisted on cooking family dinner together, and so here you were, while she'd gone to the pantry, trying to avoid Jimin in the small space as you mashed the potatoes.

    He was trying to pass you to take his dish into the living room, but as cramped as it was, he ended up grazing his dick against your ass, one hand holding onto your hip. You don't know if you'd imagined the small lingering moment, the way you'd both held your breaths as if time stopped.

    Oh, the things he could probably do with that cock. You were sure he knew how to use it. And he made sure you knew it. Your fingers moved faster into your cunt, breathless moans leaving your lips slowly. 

    You had just stumbled home, drunk after a night out with your friends. You were on the verge of telling your mother to “fuck off,” when she’d asked if you were coming back home tonight—which she took to mean you weren’t. So when you’d come home, in the depths of night, after your friend had left with a guy she’d just met, sending you home in an uber, nauseous and drunk out of your mind, the last thing you’d expected when you’d crashed down onto your bed was the loud moans coming from the other side of your wall.

    Curse this house for putting the two bedrooms next to each other. Your head was pounding furiously, screeching at you to go to sleep. And you wanted to so badly. But you couldn’t—for every knock of their headboard against your wall was paired with Jimin’s, usually sweet voice, heavy with pants and loud groans. 

    You don’t know if he knew you were home, but he had to have known. You weren’t exactly quiet, crashing your way up the stairs, banging the bathroom door open to break the seal. In all your haste, you weren’t thinking about how your mother had mentioned her boyfriend was coming over for dinner. And they had clearly thought you were spending the night elsewhere. 

    But then, how could you explain the words falling from Jimin’s mouth so confidently? “That’s right—squeezing me so tight, fuck. Just like a younger version of yourself.” The words he had spoken to you, what he had called you. So easily drifting through your walls and into your perked ears. You couldn’t help but feel a heat at your core, alighted by the man you knew was thinking of you. You somehow knew he was speaking to you, listening intently, all thoughts of slumber erased from your mind. 

    He was lucky he was close when you’d arrived. Lucky he didn’t have much time to dwell on it. Otherwise, he would have found himself caught in the biggest mess as he called out—

    “Yn! Your mother said you had the box cutter. Could I borrow it—” Jimin pushed the door to your bedroom open unceremoniously, interrupting your thoughts and actions, and putting you into a state of shock. He froze as soon as he saw you and realized what he had walked in on, you spread out on your bed, hand tucked in between your legs, lip caught in between your teeth as you tried to cover up a moan. 

    “Get out!” You screamed—once you’d found your voice. You scrambled to wrap yourself up in your blanket, and cover your body in hopes that your shame would disappear with it. You could feel his eyes on you, burning a hole through your blanket as he watched you try to preserve a shred of dignity. To no avail.

    You risked a peek at the doorway. Only to find the man of your passionate indulgences still there. He hadn’t moved from his spot. But his face had shifted, from surprise to nonchalance to smug. 

    You were too shocked to say a word, silently peeking out from behind your blanket as Jimin let out a soft chuckle. 

    “Couldn’t help yourself, baby?” 

    Your heart beat loud in your chest as he moved closer to you, shutting the door behind him. “Had to make yourself cum at least once before I was officially moved in? Here all the time, so you wouldn’t have the freedom of moaning my name?”

    “Look who’s talking,” you shot back, your defiance returning. How dare he stand, all pretty and perfect in your room, spitting only true facts?? “You always imagine my face when you’re fucking her, don’t you? I’d say that’s worse.” 

    Jimin didn’t even look surprised, or try to defend himself. Just slightly amused, as if he didn’t think you’d actually respond like that. He moved closer to your bed, and you didn’t stop him. “That’s right baby,” he smiled so charmingly, you almost missed the devil behind his intentions. “What are you gonna do about it?” 

    You felt no shame or remorse as you reached up and crashed your lips into his, pulling him down onto the bed with you. Jimin didn’t hesitate in pushing you back onto your mattress, throwing you in the sheets you were about to ruin just thinking of him. Your mind was muddled, didn’t have a chance to process how wrong this was. You just felt the weight of his body over yours, the press of his lips against your neck, and as soft moans fell from your mouth, everything else melting away. 

    “Wanted to do this since the day I met you.” His voice was still so sweet, so comforting. Even though he was currently in the process of trailing his hand down your torso to tuck it in between your legs and replace yours. He rubbed your folds salaciously, and you whined in embarrassment. You were dripping in arousal just at the thought of him. And Jimin didn’t fail to notice. 

    “This all for me, darling?” He teased you with an award-winning smile, lights dancing in his eyes. All you could do was whimper out his name as his hands continued their exploration of your heat, running through your folds. You bucked your hips up to meet his ministrations, needy mewls filling the room as you begged him silently for some friction. 

    Jimin took his time, though. He wasn’t going to give it to you that easy. Tease was his middle name, as you well knew. He took his time, ignoring your pleading eyes and wriggling hips to hold you down. He placated you with a few pecks to your needy lips, but as far as easing your desire, he got comfy to properly explore you. Something he’s been wanting to do for a long time. 

    “Needy baby,” he cooed, “relax. I’m here now.” He gave you one last peck before turning his attention downwards. What a pretty cunt he was presented with. Your mother was fine and all, but she could never compare to her younger counterpart. Just as Jimin had suspected. The way your juices coated his fingers with just a swipe through your folds, the way your whole body would react with just a nudge of your sensitive bundle. He couldn’t take his eyes away from your glistening pussy, dangly earrings pressed against your thigh making you gasp at the cold metal as you bent down to have a taste. With one lick, he had confirmed what he already knew to be true: you were sweeter, too. 

    Jimin’s tongue worked its way around your folds, smiling against you as he felt your cunt clench around nothing. You were so needy, it was cute. Your excitability and eagerness was something he missed in his relationship with an older woman. One flick of his tongue could have you falling apart under him. But what fun would that be? Jimin wanted to show you what a real man was like. He was becoming your step-father, after all. And he had a responsibility to take care of you. 

    “Relax,” he responded to your whining, “You’ll never have to get yourself off on your own again. Daddy’s gonna make you squirt whenever you want, okay?” And he was serious, too. But you batted him away, groaning as you wrapped your hands in his blonde hair. 

    “You’re not my dad, and I’m never calling you that.” Your voice broke in the middle of your sentence as he inserted two fingers into your puckering hole, a breathless pant of his name interrupting your insolence. Jimin worked his fingers as his mouth wrapped around your clit, sending shocks up your body. You shivered at the sensation, knotting your fingers in his hair as he worked you up. You were already sensitive from touching yourself earlier, so with the man of your dreams in between your legs, sending you a cocky smirk as your hips bucked up into him, you were just about on the edge. 

    All it took was for Jimin to fit one more thick finger into your hole. A few pumps later, you were squirting all over him, covering his mouth and fingers in your splatter. 

    “Told you daddy’ll take care of ya, baby.” You were too spent from your orgasm, otherwise he would have received a swift kick to the leg. Which he knew, and took advantage of by trapping your body in between his arms and attacking your neck with marks. And he would’ve branded you, too. If it wasn't for the loud call from downstairs from the mover asking where to place Jimin’s boxes. 

    “Master bedroom,” he called back, “I’ll be right there.” With a wink, he was gone, to move his things into your mother’s bedroom. You laid back, mind racing with what had just occurred. You were in for some interesting nights with this new proximity. 

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    boyfriend things // i found you my universe

    namjoon: there’s something about firsts, and you and him, and coming back together to find more to explore. because one is never enough, you know? the memories left behind are etched into your mind. all beautiful and shaped like him. like his smile and twinkling eyes and the way new feels against you. he’s loving it too. filling notebooks as thoughts are scratched into parchment with dull pencils. seeing you in color beside a warm heart. feeling you like breeze on naked skin after rain, and the aroma of fresh bread that reminds him of comforting sunday mornings. it’s no mystery you both want each other. your names intertwined, wrapped together, repeated in a single breath 

    jin: he gave you his t shirt to wear because your shower stopped working, and in your rushed panic, you forget your blouse. so you spent the entire day with a men’s tee tucked into your pencil skirt. and it smells like him. its notes are mixing with your perfume; you catch the aroma every time your turn your head. so you miss the questions asked to you at the meeting, thinking about mornings waking up in his arms. thinking about being carried to his bedroom when you’ve been up late. the feeling of his touch as your socks are removed, your jeans too. the soft cotton taking their place. but you stir from a tired state when your face meets his pillow: the intensity of his scent. it’s on your mind, instead of proposals or the email you’ve been waiting for since monday. you can’t apologize to your supervisor. you’re in love 

    yoongi: it’s not fair that he’s here, that he sees you. that his gaze lingers like it was made to know you. to see the change in your footsteps. your shoulders heavy, weighed down. the always trying, and wanting, and hoping to do enough for better. he’s so proud of you for working towards better. towards improvement. sharing when you don’t want to. using your voice despite hating the sound: hearing it enough for one day. but it’s worth it, you know? trials and tribulations. oh god, is this how it will always be? the fear of being stuck, and always trying so hard to breathe, because it’s suddenly impossible to satisfy your lungs. but he sees you. he holds you. he’s beside you when the time finally arrives, after all those damn tries, and you smile sincerely. your shoulders lifted again, weightless, relieved. your breathing even. your skin warm. eyes shining. sweetness. dripping honey. consuming serenity 

    hoseok: what if he told you he’s waiting? at the bottom of the stairs. on the other side of a closed door. behind the subway glass. would you freeze? would you turn to run because he remembers the secrets you whispered in the dark and the mole at the base of your spine and the way you eat everything with peanut butter? what if he told you he’ll wait forever? what if he unbuttoned his shirt to expose scars, asked for your fingertips on his skin, getting to know him. the feeling burning into you with a definite forever. and you’ve said the word before. you’ve shared it with others, but this is something new. this is anticipation as you run down stairs, bounce on your heels behind the door, nearly get off a stop too soon because he’s waiting (i) for (love) you (you)

    jimin: have you ever gotten caught in a storm because you chose to? walked underneath a waterfall, fully prepared to get soaked? jumped in a pool in your sundress? a hot july. a warm sun. your smile. the music filling your ears, and it felt right in those moments to let go. natural to welcome wet cotton against your skin. water droplets collecting in the corners of your mouth, on eyelids. and the next morning you wake up and crave it all over again. you crave the need and desire that uprooted your typical, your expected. so, what about him? his smile? his eyes? the veins webbed across his skin, lighting desires, leaving you to ignore your expected, uproot your typical and dive in. submerge. let go. soak yourself in love 

    taehyung: you were crying. you had been crying. you’re silent in his arms. your head against his chest. his soothing words are calming waters, and pretty sunsets that leave you forgetting about the storm that soaked you only moments earlier. you want to run, you nearly do that night. you started packing. you cried all over again. you gave in and shared your fears. your messy maze beliefs. all the ways he’s too good for you, and you’re terrified of being comfortable. you’re terrified to lose the happiness and have only memories and a short falling future. you want need dareisaybreathefor him. you can handle rain, but the sunsets would be missed terribly: excruciating ghosts 

    jungkook: it’s scary to crave invisible when one person sees through you with undeniable clarity. how long will fear work as an excuse before it becomes exhausting? look at him, and ask: don’t you want more? please accept the love, and the hand reaching out for yours. please accept a gentle touch. oh god, accept the love. accept the genuine tries. answer the questions. oh god, touch him back. you’ll regret it if you don’t. trace his soul. serenade his heart until he’s singing too 

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    9:00 PM- Hoseok

    (A/N: this is attached to 2:37PM but can be read alone! Feedback is appreciated!)

    You told yourself you weren’t going to do it.

    It was just one kiss, nothing your boyfriend had to know about.

    This was a little worse though. Yeah- this was way worse.

    “I’m glad you called,” Hoseok smiled, pushing your jacket off of your shoulders.

    You had a moment of weakness that had transpired into you ending up somewhere you shouldn’t- Hoseok’s apartment far too late at night. You let your jacket fall where it did, not bothering to pick it back up. Any sudden movement felt like it would break the spell you were under and snap you back to the reality of what you were about to do- which was cheat on your boyfriend.

    “Why did you wait until I was in a relationship to hit on me?” You frowned, “Why couldn’t you have said something before?”

    He spun you around, hands on your hips with his front pressed up to your back.

    “You could tell I always had a thing for you, baby.” He grumbled, marrying the accusation with a kiss to your back. “You could tell it never went away after we slept with each other the first time.”

    He laid another kiss further down your spine and flattened a hand on your back, pushing you down sharply until you were bent over on the surface of the dining table. You gasped in surprise, hair whipping out in front of you dramatically.

    “I don’t mind you having a boyfriend,” He said and you could feel him smirking against your skin, “You deserve more than one person loving you- don’t you think?”

    “No,” You admitted, “I am clearly a terrible person.”

    “I’ll convince you soon enough,” He shrugged. “I think you’re the best. You wouldn’t be here if your sad excuse for a boyfriend wasn’t lacking in multiple areas.”

    He got on his knees behind you, licking a broad stripe through your folds like you were a sweet treat meant to be savored. You stifled a moan and pulled your hand into a tight fist, resisting pushing your hips back onto his face as if that would make you more of a slut.

    “Can we leave him out of this?” You whined weakly, breathing out a shallow breath when you felt his tongue flick at your clit.

    “I’ll fuck you like he won’t,” Hoseok mumbled, completely ignoring you, “I’ve done it before- I know you, baby. He might be your boyfriend but I know your body like the back of my hand.”

    “Does he tell you how sexy you are? Does he tell you how fucking dangerous this ass of yours is?” He frowned. “What about your gorgeous face? So fuckin’ beautiful.”

    His hands gripped the soft flesh of your thigh, kneading the muscle there before drawing a hand back and slapping it sharply. You finally let out a moan, so loud you felt your cheeks redden in embarrassment immediately after. He laughed behind you, kissing the spot of your skin he had just reddened delicately, “So which is it- do you want nice? Or mean?”

    “Which option are you?” You asked in a quiet voice.

    “Whichever one you want me to be kitten,” He shrugged.

    You shut your eyes, feeling his tongue resume its pattern around your clit, knowing that it wasn’t about nice or mean- you’d choose Hoseok, in any form.


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    #Jin would get roped in so quickly #Yoongi would accidentally get roped in lol #Hobi wouldn’t sadly 🤣 #moniiiii 🥛 #moon.txt:answered #bts mtl drabbles
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    #Tae wants you all to himself end of story #Jimin too 😌 #Hobi will be side eying the whole time #Joon is chill i can’t really see him being that kind of possessive you know? #Yoongi is confident king #they all are but you know what I mean #bts mtl drabbles #moon.txt:answered #sierraaaaa
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