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    Makeup Chairs

    Where Mira is practicing her makeup skills on Taehyung, who was kind enough to volunteer, things get playful, and they both discover a hidden kink she never knew the man had…

    Group: BTS

    Pairing: Taehyung/Fem! Reader (Third Person-Mira)

    Rating: Mature/Explicit

    Warnings: Smut/Sexual Content, Language, A Lot of Dirty Talk, Bite Kink/Kink, Oral Sex (M-given) (Just don't read this if you want something wholesome, okay? 😅)

    Word Count: 2,939

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    “Okay, Taehyung, just hold still.”

    Mira brought her makeup brush to the man’s eyelids, lip between her teeth as she focused on keeping the line of smoky eye shadow precise. She had been working to perfect this look for a while now, but no one had wanted to volunteer to have their makeup done. Tae had happily offered to help after the concert a couple nights ago, which is how they ended up in the makeup room alone in the late hours of the night.

    She could see the ghost of a smile on his lips as he felt the tickling bristles of the brush.

    “Can I open my eyes now?” he asked, already lifting his eyelids by a fraction of an inch.

    “No!” Mira protested with a giggle. “No, I’m almost done! You’re going to mess it up!”

    “Okay, okay,” Tae laughed, putting his hands up in surrender, relaxing his eyes once more.

    A silent moment passed before she was pulling back, telling him she was finally finished. His large eyes opened slowly and she admired her work.

    Taehyung was handsome as ever.

    “That look suits you,” she stated with an approving nod, coming closer to inspect the shadow under the light a little more closely.

    At that moment Taehyung reached up, absentmindedly rubbing his lips with his fingers, smudging the subtle pink color Mira had applied.

    “Taehyung!” she protested with a laugh, a large spot of color now missing from his bottom lip. “You ruined your lips!”


    He glanced down at his hand, smile turning mischievous when he saw the pink on his fingertips.

    “It would look better on you, don’t you think, Mira?”

    He playfully reached up to touch her face, poking her on the cheek when she dodged away from him. Mira laughed, wiping off the pink smudge before he was reaching out again, almost touching her lips before she quickly moved her head back.

    “If you do it again, I’ll bite you,” Mira teased, eyes on his outstretched fingers.

    He smirked, pausing for just a moment before moving his hand toward her face. She kept her promise, opening her mouth and chomping down lightly on his fingers. Mira kept them between her teeth for just a moment before letting go, grinning at him.

    “I told you,” she said matter-of-factly.

    “I barely felt anything,” Taehyung answered with a cocky grin, raising his eyebrows at her. “You call that a bite?”

    “Oh really?”

    She was becoming unnecessarily competitive as she reached out and grabbed his wrist. They made eye contact for just a moment, Mira motivated by the challenging look in his eye. She wrapped her teeth around the same fingers, biting a little harder this time, unsure how much he could take.

    Taehyung was looking at her mouth, eyes widening for a split second before his eyes flickered to hers once more, shrugging nonchalantly. She growled playfully, biting even harder, wanting the satisfaction of seeing him cringe.

    But she got nothing; just a twitch of his fingers and another one of those playful smirks.

    “Still can’t feel it?” Mira asked him doubtfully, finally taking her mouth from his fingers.

    He grinned, shaking his head.

    “You’ll have to do better than that.”

    Mira groaned in annoyance, frustrated with both the challenge in his eyes and her underlying, random sexual need for him in that moment.

    Taehyung had always been hot to her- there was no denying how good looking he was- but they’d never gone there; never crossed that line in their friendship.

    But right now, Mira suddenly wanted nothing more than to sink her teeth into his soft skin; she had always loved to bite, but the innocence of the situation was turning her on more than it should.

    “Let me try a different spot.”

    She lifted his wrist, using it to turn his hand at the angle she needed. Her eyes were on the soft flesh of his open palm, and- giving him a small smile- she bit hard on the spot just beneath his pinky finger.

    Mira felt his whole hand twitch, but other than that, there was no reaction.

    Her eyes found his, and she was surprised to see how dark they had become as he continued to watch her in silence. She took this as her cue to continue, adjusting her teeth and taking an even harder bite in the same spot.

    Taehyung gasped loudly, and the sound seemed to shake her, bringing her to her senses-

    She immediately pulled back, still gently holding his wrist as she turned to him with wide eyes.

    “Tae, crap, I’m sorry,” Mira was silently cursing herself; what was she doing?

    “There’s nothing to be sorry for,” Taehyung replied, sounding slightly breathless as he continued to look at her with his darkened eyes. “I barely felt anything.”

    Mira laughed in disbelief, looking down at the clear bite indentations on his hand. She still couldn’t tell if he was affected by this at all; despite sounding a little out of breath, Taehyung had one hell of a poker face.

    But one thing was for sure; Tae was enjoying this- telling her to keep going- and Mira felt a rush of pure excitement race through her veins at the invitation.

    She instantly let go of his wrist, and she watched as his arm fell limply to his side as she leaned in close.

    “I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to feel this,” Mira whispered close to his ear, eyeing the smooth expanse of skin at the junction of his neck and collar bone.

    Feeling him shiver just slightly, she once again wondered if he was enjoying this as much as she was. With this thought in mind, she moved forward, biting his lower neck harder than she had all night.

    She stayed there for a moment, reveling in the feel of his skin between her teeth and fighting the urge to run her tongue across it.

    His whole body froze and not a sound came out of his mouth. She came to her senses for the second time that night, instantly opening her mouth and backing away from him.

    Had she really hurt him this time? Had she gone too far? Was he not as into it as she thought he might be?

    Mira moved as quickly as she could, using his legs without thinking to keep her balance as she backed away. In the process, she looked down, noticing for the first time the very obvious bulge in Taehyung’s pants.

    Her eyes widened, and she instantly looked up at the man’s face.

    There was a light trickle of sweat on his forehead, some of the loose strands of his hair stringy from the moisture. He had his bottom lip pulled tightly between his teeth and his hands were clenched into fists.

    So he was enjoying this.

    “You know,” she all but whispered, keeping her hands on his upper thighs as she leaned close to his body once more. “I still don’t think you felt anything.”

    “I-I don’t think so either,” Taehyung spoke for the first time in a while, his low voice husky and wanton as he watched her lower her head to his chest.

    Mira felt hot pleasure shoot through her whole body at the tone of his voice.

    She bit down on his chest, not even minding the fabric of his shirt as she sank her teeth into the skin. He let out a small gasp, and she smirked proudly at his reaction.

    “Did you feel that?” she found herself asking softly before biting down on another spot on his broad chest, earning a sharp grunt.

    When he didn’t answer, she moved to his upper stomach, once again biting through the shirt and holding the spot for a little longer before releasing it.

    He gasped a little louder this time, and she watched his head fall to rest on the back of the chair, his eyes squeezed shut.

    “You’re not answering me, Tae,” Mira whispered, her fingers dragging lightly along the areas she’d just bitten, lowering her head to his abdomen once more.

    She bit down on the flesh that was slightly softer than up above, loving the way it felt to have the skin and fabric of his shirt clamped between her teeth.

    “Ah,” Taehyung cried out in surprise, and she could hear how heavily he was breathing now as he continued to clench and unclench his fists.

    “Hmmm,” Mira hummed thoughtfully as she made her way back up to his chest. “So you can feel it then.”

    She bit down again on a different area of his chest and was surprised when both his hands made their way into her hair. He was holding the long strands between his fingers, Mira enjoy the pull on her scalp-

    “Do you like this, Tae?” Mira whispered, sliding up his body and biting on a sensitive spot of his neck.

    “Y-Yes,” Taehyung moaned, gripping her hair even tighter as he felt the sharpness of her teeth on his skin.

    She grinned before letting go, reaching up to unbutton the top button on his shirt.

    “Do you want me to keep going?” she asked him, taking a bite of the now exposed skin of his chest and letting her tongue run across the area.

    He gasped before exhaling with a low moan, and she quickly moved to unbutton the next button of his shirt. Her fingers were trembling with both excitement and need as she hastily sank her teeth into him.

    “You didn’t answer, so I’m guessing you want me to stop?” she teased after lifting her teeth from him once more, tongue licking the indentations in his skin.

    “No,” Taehyung answered quickly, his breathless voice practically begging as he lifted his head to look down at her. “Please… don’t stop, Mira.”

    That was all she needed to hear, undoing the next button and clamping her teeth down hard on the exposed area. He let out a low moan, pushing her head just slightly to try to move her down his body. She smirked, knowing exactly what he wanted as she eyed the prominent bulge in his pants.

    She ignored his slight pushing, holding her head in the same spot as she undid the next button. She was on his stomach again now, and she licked the soft and salty skin before biting down, earning another excited grunt from the man beneath her.

    Mira made her way to the last button, letting her hands trail back up to push the shirt a little more out of the way. She could see the line of bite marks down his body, and she was now right above his pant line. She bit down on the skin below his belly button, and heard a sharp gasp leave Taehyung’s open mouth.

    He was pushing her head once more, but she wanted to hear that begging voice tell her what he needed. She moved painfully slow, taking her time before bringing her lips up to his ear and breathing softly. She felt him shiver, and she smiled before biting down on the cartilage, listening to the hiss that slipped from his lips.

    “Tell me what you want, Tae,” she whispered, dragging her tongue along the rim of his ear before nibbling on the earlobe.

    To her surprise, he put his hands on either side of her face, lifting her to face him. Eyes wide and dark, hair disheveled, and panting just slightly, Mira had never seen Taehyung look any sexier.

    Their gazes locked for just a moment before he leaned in, pressing his lips hard against hers. She hummed a little in surprise, matching up with the quick movements of his lips and letting herself get lost in the kiss. He pulled away almost as quickly as he’d started, looking her dead in the eye.

    “I want your dirty mouth on my cock, Mira.”

    The boldness of his words sent a pool of warmth to her lower stomach, and her eyes widened for just a moment before she hastily slid back down his body, dropping to her knees. With shaky and excited fingers, she unbuttoned his jeans, pulling down the zipper and freeing his erection.

    She giggled in surprise; so Taehyung wasn’t wearing underwear, huh?

    Moving her head a little lower, she heard him groan in both pleasure and impatience as she bit down through his jeans on his inner thighs, letting her hands trail dangerously close to his dick. She played with him a bit longer, biting down once more-

    “Mira,” Taehyung moaned, threading his fingers through her hair again and pulling on the strands. “Please…”

    She could feel her body trembling in delight at the sound of his voice, immediately getting into position. She lowered her head slowly, taking his length into her mouth inch by inch, wanting to tease him as long as she possibly could. She heard him sigh loudly, one of his hands leaving her hair to run a hand through his own.

    Mira wrapped more completely around his dick, going halfway down before dragging her mouth back up, tongue caressing as she went. With just his head in her mouth, she stopped, licking a slow circle around the rim, listening to him cry out in surprised delight.

    Pleased with herself, she let her hands wrap around his erection, picking up a decent rhythm as she continued the movements with her tongue, bobbing her head up and down just slightly. She could hear the increase of his breathing, his hips unconsciously wanting to buck forward. She quickly rested her elbows on his thighs, locking him in place.

    Taehyung pulled his hand from his hair, the strands now permanently pushed up as he worked his fingers back into Mira’s own strands. She took her mouth from around him with a pop, leaning down lower and flattening her tongue to lick up the underside of his dick. She did this for a few moments, reveling in the consistent gasps and moans that slipped from his lips and loving the absolute power she had in that moment.

    Then without hesitation, she took as much of him into her mouth as she could, relaxing her throat and flattening her tongue out of the way. He cried out in pleasure, and she grinned just slightly, her lips slipping from around her teeth.

    That gave her an idea.

    Pausing for only a moment, Mira hesitantly grazed them very gently up the length of him, just to experiment-

    “Ah,” Taehyung moaned loudly, shaking Mira’s elbows as she struggled to hold him down.

    She raised her eyebrows at this new discovery, taking him into her mouth before dragging her teeth lightly up his length once more.

    “Ohhhh my god,” Taehyung moaned, panting loudly as he squeezed her hair hard. “Oh my god, Mira- what-”

    He didn’t seem to be able to finish his sentence, head thrown back in pleasure as she wrapped her hand around his dick once more, hand matching her own rhythm, bobbing her head.

    Mira let her teeth graze him at random intervals, loving the sexy sounds that slipped from his sinful lips as he slowly came undone.

    She knew he was close by the way his legs were trembling underneath her, and she picked up the pace, keeping her teeth out just a little bit longer to hopefully push him over the edge.

    “Mira,” Taehyung groaned loudly, and she didn’t think she would ever get over how sexy her name sounded coming from his mouth like that. “Mira, I can’t- I’m gonna-”

    She was ready, feeling the hot liquid shoot into her mouth, and swallowing quickly to keep from having to taste it for very long. Keeping herself around him for a moment longer, Mira listened to his light moaning as he came down from his climax. His whole body began to relax and she finally lifted her head away from him, his limp fingers slowly slipping from her hair.

    She looked up at him, his head still resting on the back of the chair, eyes closed. His bottom lip was lodged lazily between his teeth and he seemed to still be catching his breath. She grinned, zipping and buttoning up his pants for him before slowly standing up, rubbing her slightly sore knees.

    Taking a step back, Mira admired Taehyung’s afterglow as she watched him slowly lift his head to look at her. She let her eyes travel down his exposed upper body, the red half-moon bite marks still prominent on his smooth skin. She grinned, satisfied as she made her way to the vanity to clean up her makeup.

    Putting the eyeshadow and brushes away, Mira glanced in the mirror. Eye makeup a little smeared, hair a complete mess and flushed cheeks would tell anyone who looked at her what she’d been up to. Upon closer inspection, she saw there was still a small drop of a clear and white substance on her face.

    She turned to look at Taehyung, the man now watching her with wide eyes as she slowly dragged her finger across her cheek. She grinned playfully at him before taking her finger into her mouth, licking up the salty, slightly tangy substance before biting down, making direct eye contact with Taehyung. His jaw dropped, gaze locked on her hand as she dragged it slowly from her mouth.

    “Well,” she sighed lightly, clasping her make-up case shut before turning back to at him. “I think that’s enough makeup practice for today.”

    Mira giggled at the complete shock on Taehyung’s handsome face, and without a backwards glance, made her way swiftly out of the room.

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    Alternate Universe BTS Sick-Fic

    Yoongi's cat adventures!

    This fic is in an alternate universe where all BTS members are as in real life, living together and doing music, the difference is that in this universe there are still few people who had a DNA anomaly that make them change into the form of an animal when they are vulnerable.

    In this case Yoongi's grandfather was subject of those government experiment long time ago. They didn't knew it had work, but when Yoongi was 8 years old he discovered the truth, he had part of the DNA modification. He had never told this secret to any body.

    Sickie: Hoseok and Yoongi

    Caretaker: Yoongi in human and cat form .

    Pairing: SOPE but in a brotherly, friendly way, non romantic.

    Warning: emeto, vomit, diarrhea, stomach ache, tummy rumbles, tummy rubs, minor injury.

    It was a quiet morning, all BTS member were out of their house, some were at work, filming, producing, training or practicing.

    Hoseok had woken up to a stomachache, that generally wasn't a problem as he had them before and even though being with abdominal pain he could manage to go to work, produce and wrote some songs, even practice some dance moves.

    That day wasn't the case, as he was having nausea, and diarrhea, it seems something he ate at dinner didn't agreed with him.

    He decided to stay in his bed so he could get better, and then go to work, he had promise to help his Hyungs with some dance moves, and also to record his song parts.

    But when the time came, Yoongi was waiting for him, but he didn't arrive at his studio, so he went to look for him, and surprise, he wasn't in his own Hope World.

    "Hey Jimin-ah, have you seen Hobi? Where is he? I can't seem to find him anywhere in this building, he promise to come"

    Yoongi was sitting in his own studio, he was concern, it wasn't as Hobi, he was really responsible, puntual, and clearly the most organized among them. It wasn't as him to arrived late or not come at all.

    "Well, yes in the morning, I leave pretty early because I had stuff to do, like at 4 in the morning, he was awake, but he wasn't looking great"

    "Wait, why didn't you tell someone? Is he sick?" He was beginning to get concern.

    "I dunno, all he told me was his stomach was hurting all night long, but Hyung, he has stomach aches regularly, induced by stress, and even though, like that he can manage to eat still healthy, and come to work and all, so I didn't believe it was different this time"

    "So he told you he was going to work today to?"

    "Yes, he told me he would come to the building a little late, so he could get some more hours to sleep a little." Say the voice through the other side of the line "Hey, but don't be mad, I know you have really a tight schedule, but probably he fall asleep"

    "I'm not mad, just disappointed, he should have call to tell me he was sick. Well thanks Jiminie"

    Suga hang up, he was feeling overwhelmed, this situation never happened before, as Hobi was a really responsible guy. He felt concern to.

    He decided to finish working and go check on him later, believing and convincing himself, it must be really serious, if the dancer didn't come to work, even having promise to come.

    After an hour of the time that Hoseok was supposed to get there, Yoongi's phone began ringing.

    "Oh Hob-ah, how are you? Jimin-ah told me about your stomach ache. Is it that bad? Are you coming to record your part?" He still was hoping his friend could make it so he could finish quickly with his own producing work.

    "Hyung, sorry, I can't make it today. I'm not feeling well."

    "Oh I see" he try to hide his disappointment, but still it sound in his voice "Well if you can make it today, is fine Hobi, I know is not your fault, you are sick and there's nothing we can do about it. So you are really sick, right? How bad is it?"

    Hobi hesitate as he was ashamed to tell the truth "Really bad, my stomach is killing me today, and I'm pretty nauseous, I haven't move from bed yet, but Yoongi-Hyung I'm really sorry believe me" he sounded guilty and sick.

    "Don't be Hobi, not your fault. Please if you need anything call someone of us or manager, I'll be back early, hope you feel better. If you want I can't take you to the doctor later"

    "Thanks Hyung, I'll sleep a little more"

    "Get well soon" he hang up, he was so frustrated, but also worry.

    After a hard day or reorganizing his agenda, and losing valuable time for the song he was working on, he end up frustrated but still convinced it wasn't Hobi's fault as the guy was sick.

    He went out on the afternoon at 4:00pm he was heading back to their home. He arrived expecting to find Hobi in bed, maybe even with a high fever, a bucket beside him, throwing up on the bathroom or even crying from stomach pain. He even was prepare to take his friend to hospital, as he had done in the past for him.

    But he didn't prepare himself for what he saw, when he enter the house he went straight to the living room, and there was Hoseok, laughing loudly at some cartoon movies he was watching on Netflix, he was still in his pajamas, no bucket near, no visible crying from stomach pain, and no fever.

    It was as if Hobi was taking a day off, in a really busy week and schedule for all members, there was this dude chilling out, comfortable, not working whatsoever, and having the time of his life, not seeming visible sick at all.

    "What the hell are you doing Seok-ah?" He was in shock.

    Hobi was scared as he didn't hear him walk in, he suddenly turn off the TV, he look guilty. He knew he didn't act as sick.

    "Hyung sorry, I was watching tv" was all he could say, he was under some covers. "Want to watch some TV with me?" He ask innocently and sincere with a small smile.

    "No! Why on earth I would lose my time when we are all working our butts off, and we are all really tired and hard working, and you just end up staying home to watch tv?" He was annoyed, his voice was calm but also full of frustration.

    "Hyung, is not the case, I know I should have go to work today, I know we are having a lot of work and that this week was crucial, but I'm sick" he said finally understanding how it must look.

    "You don't seem that sick, you have gone to work even with fever and stomachache before, why today is different?" He was getting really mad now.

    "Today I really feel sick" he said and turn down his face, he was ashamed to explain his stomach discomfort, "The truth is I'm having the runs, and I didn't want to be running to the bathroom all day long at work"

    "Wait, what? That's not serious, I have been to work like that. You take one of those medicine that stop you from going, you know?" He was looking at him not believing what he heard, as he thought he was worst.

    "You are right, hyung, I'm sorry"he look really sad and ashamed with himself.

    "You are unbelievable, I thought you were the more responsible among us, and here you are playing dumb. I'm disappointed in you. I'll return to work and instead of your part I'll ask Namjoon to record your part, it should work better, don't worry you don't need to come anymore"

    "Wait why? I'm really sick, Hyung I'm sorry, I'll do it right now, please"

    Yoongi didn't speak this time he was so mad he went out again, his decision was taken, he ran without looking where he was going, it was raining outside, the thunderstorm was so loud and the rain so cold he soon ended up all soaked, shivering and feeling cold. He had calm down and he felt ashamed of what he did with Hobi.

    He should have taken care of him not yell at him, or be mad with him, he was even ashamed to tell his hyungie, he was having diarrhea, maybe he should have been more understanding with him.

    He was turning on his way to return home when a bicycle run right on his way. He suddenly saw it coming, he close his eyes and was pretty scared.

    The bicycle could move on the last second but still, it hit him on his ribs knocking the air out of the pale soaked boy in the middle of the street, he went crashing down.

    The biker help him to stand up, and seeing the pale guy recover his breath and that he was fine he ran as fast as he could and disappeared.

    Yoongi was in so much pain from his abdomen and ribs where he was hit, and feeling cold shivering from the wet clothes he suddenly began feeling weird he knew what was happening to him, he ran to hide on the bushes, and after some painful body and molecular changes, he realized with horror he changed into a cat.

    He was not surprise as in his life he had turn at least 4 times into his cat form, what scares him was he wasn't in a secure place, his clothes ended up hiding in the bush with his phone and keys, he was in trouble.

    How was he going to go and apologize to Hobi now, how on earth would he take good care of his sick friend. Also his ribs were hurting so bad where the bike impact in him.

    He suddenly saw Hobi walking down the street, he was so glad to see him he ran all the way to see better.

    He hide in the corner of the street, he was a white greyish cat, as that was his hair color, he looked really chubby and big, so fluffy and even more on his belly.

    He waited there until he saw Hobi, hoseok was using a hat, sunglasses, and his green hoodie on, he was in his pants, and in his open shoe's, he didn't have an umbrella so he was all soaked, he was walking slow, with his arms cross over his stomach he seem to be in so much pain.

    The small cat that was Yoongi couldn't understand what was Hobi doing walking outside, he wasn't worrying about someone recognizing him, but more about his stomach. He also notice how red were his ears, cheeks and nose so he had been crying.

    He followed him three streets until he finally understood, the sick member was heading to the pharmacy.

    Yoongi suddenly understood, maybe Hobi didn't even have medicine at home, and now he needed someone to take care of him and buy him medicine, but he himself, Yoongi, his Hyung couldn't take care of him, instead he shouted at him.

    He began sobbing from feeling guilty, scared, and shock with the previous events. But instead of sobs Hobi began hearing some Meowing sounds. He turn to look and found a poor cat moaning, looking sad all wet and hurt.

    He didn't care to much and went inside the pharmacy."Hello, excuse me, do you have stomach medicine"

    "Sure sir, what do you need more especific?"

    "Uhhm, for stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, and some electrolytes please"

    He sounded exhausted and in pain.

    "Here you go"

    He pay for the medicine and the stuff he bought, he was carrying the bag with one hand and with the other he had his stomach surrounded, he was in so much pain.

    He felt cold and he wanted to have a warm bath before his soaking clothes would cause him to get a cold as well.

    He ran fast, but suddenly he stop remembering the cat he believe he saw on the street, he was about to turn back when he saw the fluffy cat was following him and had stop scared too.

    He notice the cat was hurt, he had scratches and a little of blood on his sides and his tummy, also his pink nose and face had scratches, and he was all wet and looking sad, he also notice how unnatural was his color of fur, so grey an white almost as an artificial tint.

    He felt a cramp hitting his stomach, so he crouch down holding his stomach in pain. He close his eyes waiting for the cramp to end, when he suddenly felt the small cat bumping his nose on his face.

    He open his eyes and see the cat's concern eyes, he was meowing in distress almost as if he was trying to speak to him.

    "What's wrong kitty? You are in pain too? You look hurt, come here" he said and he carry the cat, he stood up with the cat on his chest and belly and he secure wit with both arms while still holding the bag in one hand.

    Yoongi didn't knew what to do, he was so stressed, he was concern to see Hobi crouching down, he knew he must be in pain but he couldn't do anything or speak he began crying and sobbing again.

    But all Hoseok hear were small meowing sounds.

    He look down and saw how sad the cat looked. He thought it was because someone had hurt the poor animal.

    He ran toward their home, but on the door to the building he ran to hide behind the bushes, he fall on all four and put aside the bag and the cat before he was violently sick behind the bushes.

    He began retching pretty hard, and throwing up, Yoongi look in horror, as he couldn't make something useful, he just have to stay there waiting and hearing how his friend was sick, and he couldn't do anything to help.

    When he was finish, he cleaned himself the best he could and return to pick up the hurt cat and his medicine bag.

    He went inside the building and finally to his home.

    He went in and left the medicine bag on the kitchen and went straight to the bathroom with the chubby cat. He began stripping of his soaked and wet clothes, Yoongi began blushing, and he turn away he didn't want to invade his friend privacy, even though they have seen each other naked so many times. But he notice how bloated was his friend's stomach.

    "Hobi, your stomach is bloated, you must feel really bad" he try to say but instead he meow again and again.

    Hoseok cold hand then went and pick the small cat and try to enter with him to the bathtub feeling with warm water.

    He expected the cat to jump or even be mad, but he was surprised how calm looked the cat.

    "I have a friend that would love to meet you, he is mad at me though, I was crying so much after he left, probably I work myself up, and ended up throwing up, I dunno for sure, my stomach hurts so much though" he confess to the cat while he gently was giving him a bath too. He was rubbing him with bubbles and soap.

    Yoongi was so frustrated, this situation couldn't possibly get worst, he never suspect to have Hobi his dongsaeng and favorite friend, seeing him in his cat form, or being both naked having a bath.

    He felt how gently and warm were Hobi's hands, how carefully he bath and apply soap to his injured belly and sides as not to hurt him even more. He was resting on top of Hoseok's stomach under the water.

    Yoongi felt so sad, he couldn't believe he was so mad and bad at someone so gentle and kind as was their cute Hobi.

    "Oh Hobi, I'm so sorry, please forgive me" he try to say but all it was heard was a meowing sound.

    "You are hurt baby, what happened? Your tummy is injured" he said and gently rub Yoongi's cat soft tummy with his hands "Is just a scratch and you don't seem in so much pain, but probably it would be best if tomorrow I'll take you to a vet"

    He finish and while he put a towel on his waist down, he sat on the toilet, and he placed the fluffy cat against his naked stomach and chest and he began drying him up gently with a towel.

    Yoongi couldn't be more embarrassed, ashamed and feeling guilty. He didn't expect this ever to happen in his whole life, but if he wanted to say the truth he was enjoying how it felt to be pat, pet, and rub by Hobi's hands, that were warm and gentle and suddenly he relax a little.

    He was purring without realizing it and he was falling asleep. Then Hobi left him on top of the toilet and went to dressed himself, he exit the bathroom with the cat on his arms, he went to took the medicine and return to his bed.

    He lay down on his side and cuddle with the cat, like that both members sleep. Yoongi woke up first he saw the sick boy sleeping, he was cuddling against the member stomach.

    He use his small paw to feel a little Hobi abdomen, it felt a little bloated still, he could hear horrible gurgling noises coming from the sick guy stomach. As he had his ears more sensible in his cat from and he was little, also his head was resting in the sick belly, the sound was so loud and the noise was so horrible.

    He began to get concern, he put his pointy cat ear next to the sick stomach, it was gurgling and bubbling, he place his paw to feel his friend belly and he could feel how active was the poor member tummy.

    He felt so sad he look at Hoseok still sleeping, he seem to be in pain, and he couldn't ask for help as he couldn't speak, or have his cellphone with him.

    He felt sad, he began rubbing slowly his soft face and head against the sick belly trying to give Hobi comfort and caress the tummy. He make it really soft and he also rub his belly with his small kitty paws.

    Hoseok woke up and he felt something soft and fluffy touching his belly, he look down and saw the cat trying to rub his sick abdomen.

    He smile he found the cat so cute, he pick him up and turning upside, he rolled his pajamas and place the cat on his naked soft belly.

    "You are so cute, I would call you Yoongi as you look really like him" he said this so sad and cover his eyes, he began crying again, and he dry his tears. "Stay here in my tummy, you are warm and it could help my stomach pain" he said while beginning to pat the cat laying on his naked stomach.

    Hoseok had so much pain on his stomach he was frowning and breathing slow and deep from pain.

    He again went back to sleep, he had dark circles under his eyes, he look pretty sick.

    Yoongi place his softest part against Hobi's stomach as not to hurt him more, he also began to feel sleepy with the tummy movement that was lulling him.

    He felt surprised as how it felt to sleep in someone's stomach,he had never experienced that, and Hoseoks tummy was really soft and warm.

    After a while the gurgling was worst, Yoongi could hear all that was going around in his friend's belly.

    Hoseok finally woke up, and placing carefully the small cat on the bed he ran toward the bathroom, he didn't close the door, so Yoongi could hear his friend having diarrhea, he felt so bad with himself.

    He was invading the sick guy privacy, and also he felt concern as how sick his friend sounded.

    He remember the electrolytes and he jump from bed and went to the kitchen there he found the bottle, he pick one in his mouth and drag it all the way to the bed, it was a huge effort and it hurt his already injured ribs.

    He jump again and now went to find the medicine he took them and ran again towards Hobi and Jimin room.

    He placed there the medicine on the bed and began meowing. Finally Hobi came out, hands on his stomach and frowning in pain.

    He was surprised to see the meds and drinks on the bed, he was even scared, he saw the cat looking proud of himself.

    "Did you bring this? That can't be Hobi calm down, you are crazy, is just a cat, how could he do something like this" he told himself.

    He sat on bed and took his meds and the drink, he was in so much pain he curled up on bed, the cat went to lift his pajamas top and with his small and fluffy head he began to massage his stomach.

    He was surprised, the cat seem to know what he was doing and why, he even bring the medicine, he believe it was trained, but also it couldn't be as it was a simple cat still he was so amazed by the cat.

    "Yoongi, you seem to be pretty intelligent, is as if you knew my tummy doesn't feel well, and you are trying to help, thanks, if it wasn't for you I'll be feeling really sad and alone and probably I'll be crying, after what Hyung told me"

    Yoongi's heart broke for the fifth time that day, he couldn't believe how cruel he had been with the sick guy. He meow sobbing, and he was so sad.

    "Don't be sad, is just food poisoning so I hope that tomorrow I'll be better, also Hyung was just stressed he is not like that, it was my fault"

    The cat was still massaging with his small paws the surfaces that was Hoseok's stomach, that was big for a small cat.

    Yoongi was tired but he didn't stop, until Hobi grab him and hugged him in his arms, "Shh is fine, you'll get tired, you are hurt to"

    He went to rest upside again, he place Yoongi on his side, his small head on top of his chest, so Yoongi now could hear his hearts beats, and also hobis tummy grumblings.

    Hoseok began rubbing the small cat injured belly, Yoongi flinch at first as he wasn't used to have his tummy rub and more by a big Hoseok. But he soon relax, he felt how gentle and warm Hobi move his hand around his cat fluffy and chubby tummy, being careful around the injured ribs and belly.

    He relax and he began enjoying it, he never expect it could feel so good a belly rub, he began purring, and Hoseok was melting inside hearing and feeling the vibrations of the purring cute cat on his chest, like that he stay a lot of time petting the injured cat.

    It make him feel better, to have him there, he try meanwhile to call Yoongi but he didn't pick up, he even try to call other members but they were so busy they told him they would be sleeping on the building so they could work until pretty late and woke up early, Jimin ask about his stomach and after hearing he was doing better he hang up. So no one of the members would be returning home.

    "Yoongi, what happened to the real Yoongi, he didn't arrived at the building, but he didn't return here either" he was concern.

    The cat look at him and began licking his hands."Ow you so cute, I prefer this Yoongi than the grumpy one" he said laughing soon he regret it as the cat bite him a little. "See now you look as the real Him"

    The cat began purring again, so he continue petting him.

    Accidentally he pressed hard on the cat ribs and he growl a little in pain, and jump and went to curl on the other side of the bed.

    Yoongi was surprised too, he didn't expect it to hurt that bad, he was still in pain, so he believe that biker really must have hit him more than he thought at first.

    He sob a little as he was in pain, he saw how scared was Hobi, and how slowly he pick him up.

    "I'm sorry, it was my fault" he said and hugged the cat against his chest "You seem pretty injured to me"

    Hobi then placed the cat on the bed on his back, yoongi didn't move, he lay there as Hobi left him.

    Then Hobi began examining closely the cat's tummy and sides, he was gentle and with his hands he move the hair aside to look better. Yoongi trust completely his friend to be gentle and loving even with animals.

    "Poor baby, your ribs are bruising, you could have a broken rib" he said after sawing a big purple bruise on the cat's belly. "It could be even worst, this doesn't look good"

    Yoongi believe it too, but he was more scared to hear it out loud, if that was the case he couldn't make something say something, or go to hospital, as he was a f*cking useless cat.

    He saw how the sick member jump from bed and dressed again, in some baggy pants and a sweatshirt and hoodie, he palace his glasses and facemask on, he put some shoes, and his wallet.

    He then took a big bag he had and place Yoongi the cat inside. Yoongi was confused but he was beginning to be in so much pain where Hobi had touch him so he didn't move at all.

    Hobi pick his phone and call his sister she pick him up and took him to the vet, there the vet examine Yoongi.

    It was so weird, he couldn't comunicate with the doctor and he was treated like a pet, it was a one in a lifetime experience.

    He was in so much pain he let the vet do whatever he wanted as he just want to be sure he wasn't bleeding inside or have a broken rib.

    They took some x-rays, and it was confirmed that his ribs weren't fracture, not internal damage, but his ribs were almost broken, his ribs were really damage, so they apply some injection and medicine, they also dressed the wounds so he couldn't move that much or injured himself more.

    Yoongi was moved at how even being sick himself, Hobi had call his sister, and they had took him to the vet to make sure he was alright.

    Hoseok was in the car when he began feeling sick and nauseous. Yoongi could hear how active his stomach was.

    Hobi was grabbing his stomach the whole car trip, he was in so much pain, his sister has notice it too.

    "Hoseokie are you feeling sick? Tell sister what's wrong?" She said from the drivers seat.

    "Sis, please Noona, stop the car"

    She didn't knew what was happening, but she did as she was told and Hobi ran outside the car and he was sick behind some bushes.

    After some time he had stop puking his guts, so he cleaned himself and return to the car.

    "You are unbelievable, how come, you didn't tell me you were sick?" She was mad at his little brother.

    She drive in silences while Hoseok whine in pain holding his stomach.

    "I believe it to be just food poisoning, I'll be fine sis" he said while grabbing his stomach and whining in pain. "Ow my tummy hurts so much, please drive slower, ugh it hurts sis"

    Yoongi was inside the bag in his legs, he was so concern he was meowing too.

    "What's wrong with Yoongi two?" His sister ask.

    Yoongi was looking at her annoyed, how come all people, joke that he indeed look like a cat, he was sure a cat now, but even being the case he was surprised people found his personality as that of a cat's. "He probably is someone's cat, as he is well feed, his tummy is chubby"

    "He certainly have a round belly" he laughed a little receiving a bite from the cat then he ask "Where are we going?" Hoseok ask realizing it wasn't the way home.

    "I'm taking you to the doctor Hobi"

    He didn't speak, probably it was the best for him now. His stomach hurt so bad he just wanted to feel better soon.


    After he went inside with his sister, Yoongi wait for them in the car feeling anxious, it took at least one hour and finally they came back.

    He wanted to ask what the doctor had said but he couldn't speak.

    Hoseok seem to be looking better he had a band-aid on his hand, so he thought maybe he was on an IV drip. He also notice how he had his hands under his t-shirt massaging his stomach, and holding a heating pad his sister had bought with other stuff.

    They return home and his sister drive back and leave the two injured and sick members on their home.

    Yoongi still wanted to know how bad was his member and friend condition.

    "Come here Yoongi, I'll rest for today, after all I was right, I got a bad bacteria from the uncooked meat, so I had kind of food poisoning, the doctor believe it would take three days for me to recover. Wait till Yoongi Hyung hear it, he will be mad at me" he said sad resting in bed.

    Yoongi felt again guilty, he went to rest beside his friend, after hearing the doctor diagnosis that Hobi had just mentioned, it occurred to him his friend could have a fever.

    He went to check for a fever, he placed his small paw on Hobi's forehead. Hobi open his eyes and laugh a little, "Is as if you really are trying to check for a fever, you are right baby Yoongi, I could have fever the doctor told me that too"

    He stood up and went for the thermometer, he really had a mild fever, he took his medicine and carry Yoongi with him.

    In their way back he had bought some cat food, and some sand and a place for the cat to go to the bathroom.

    He place the cat food on the floor, by then Yoongi's stomach was growling with hunger, but when he smelled the cat food his stomach turned a little.

    He didn't want to eat it as it smelled nasty, but it was better than nothing so he finally ended up swallowing the nasty cat food.

    After that his stomach was a little churning and active it didn't agreed with him, as he after all was still human.

    He jump on the kitchen table and saw Hobi eating rice, and bread, it wasn't healthy enough for his sick stomach, but he didn't want to cook something else.

    Yoongi felt frustrated for the tenth time that day, as he couldn't cook porridge for his sick member stomach.

    He began to feel sick so he jump back, and ran to the near bathroom, he jump on the toilet and holding there with his perfect equilibrium, he throw up all the cat food.

    He felt so bad after that, he heard Hobi came running toward him. He went shock to realize even the cat knew how to puke inside the toilet, almost as a human, he also felt sad to see him puking. He flush the toilet and took the cat to rest in the couch being careful not to touch the cat on his chubby and hurt tummy.

    He sat beside him, and placed his hand on the sick cat belly, he could felt how active was his poor stomach. Yoongi knew Hobi could feel his tummy, but he felt unwell so he didn't move.

    After a call to the vet, they told him the cat must be sick from stressed, and that it was better not to force him to eat. Yoongi was glad of this decision too.

    He left the cat there and went for his food. He went back again, with a heated water bottle.

    He placed the bottle next to his stomach, and used the heating pad his sister had bought earlier on the cat's belly, Yoongi was grateful as his stomach felt better with the heat. He felt sad Hobi though first of him even being a street cat.

    After eating, Hobi went to wash the dishes, he return for Yoongi and took him to the cat bathroom, but he didn't do anything there. He could look like a cat, but he wasn't about to loose that part of dignity, so when Hobi turn for a second he went to the bathroom and sitting in the toilet he did his necessities there and then he flush it.

    He return and gladly for him, Hobi hadn't heard anything at all. Then Hobi pick him up and took him with him to his bed.

    It was pretty late in the night, so he again put his pajamas back and went to rest in bed, he took away the tight bandages so the cat could sleep more comfortable and he rested the chubby cat on his belly, while he play a movie on the tv.

    Yoongi notice how restless was Hobi he wasn't watching the movie at all, he was looking at his phone anxious, he had left Yoongi a lot of messages and by then all members were looking for him, but Suga hadn't pick up his phone. Even the manager was worry.

    "Yoongi, the real Yoongi Hyung didn't answer his phone, nor did he return to work, we don't know where he is, is all my fault he most be so mad at me he went to hide"

    Hobi was breathing fast, his heartbeat were fast too, he was having some kind of anxiety attack, Yoongi had seen him having them before.

    He felt guilty, he couldn't tell him, in reality he was there with him, and his Yoongi Hyung was trying to take care for him.

    He jump and start pawing softly Hobis face, to calm him down, this work as Hobi finally relax and began hugging the cat and patting his soft fur.

    "Thank you little one, you help me a lot today, my cute small baby" he said while caressing lovingly the chubby fluffy belly.

    Yoongi blush again, he wasn't so happy about the "baby" thing or the kisses and hugs.

    He was glad the sick member had calm down, he notice Hoseok began massaging his stomach while frowning. So Yoongi went in front of him and meow to try to get his attention, the cat was looking at Hoseok's stomach.

    "Sorry baby Yoongi, is my tummy, it hurts a lot, I work myself again with my anxiety, sorry but it hurts" he was speaking in a soft cute, aegyo way, he was pouting and look sad, his eyes were getting wet as if he was about to cry.

    Yoongi was surprised to see how cute could act Hobi in real life, when no one was watching him, and even how he use the word tummy to refer to his own stomach. He felt how pure and cute was his friend, he knew Hobi hated being sick so much, but he also knew how far he could hide it and act all tough to not bother the members.

    Yoongi went to cuddle him, he placed his head on the sick tummy under the t-shirt, he meow softly, and with a small paw he began rubbing circles on the sick member stomach.

    Hobi was surprised, he seem to knew what he was doing, as if the cat really was rubbing his abdomen. He let the cat rub his stomach while he rub the soft fur of the cats belly too.

    Like that they sleep until the movie ended, he then woke up, turn the TV off and went inside the covers with the cute sleeping cat.

    Like that both members fall asleep, in the middle of the night, as he felt secure and more relax, Yoongi's body finally return to his human form, he ended up like the small spoon on Hobi's arms.

    Next day Hobi had woken up, he sat down and with a shock he notice his Hyung was sleeping in his bed with him, that hadn't happened before.

    He was scared his Hyung could be hurting the cat so he began looking for the cat without making noise, he couldn't find it, what he found after looking inside the covers was that his Hyung was naked completely.

    He felt confused, he was scared, and embarrassed of the whole situation, he believe Yoongi had gone to drink all night, and now he had return all drunk on the middle of the night, took all of his clothes and went inside his bed.

    He couldn't believe it, when he was about to cover his naked Hyung with the covers, he notice something dark on his Hyung side over his ribs, he went to the other side to see it better.

    He almost fainted, he saw how his Hyung stomach was all cover in big purplish bruises, he had also three large gashes at his ribs with dried blood, his tummy seem pretty injured, he was scared, thinking he had a fight or an accident.

    His Hyung didn't smell as alcohol, so it was weird, he didn't seem to be drunk, hungover or sick.

    While he was looking for more injuries, he found his Hyung had small scratches on his nose and face and in his belly, and suddenly something connect on his brain and he understood, it were the same injury marks on the cat, then he look at his gray tint hair color, and at his naked body.

    He believe he was going crazy for thinking, Yoongi really look as his cat.

    He try to pat his head to woke the small and older member, but instead of waking up, a small vibrating sound came within the deep of his Hyung abdominal cavity and chest, he didn't believe what he heard, his Hyung was purring.

    "He is really the cat" he stood up in shock and scared, he knew in the world exist, this humans who were genetically modify in experiments long time ago and the descendants could change their bodies in to animals, but as long as he knew, they were really few, and so hide in society to not be discriminate or use as rat labs that he never could have believe in his craziest dreams that a member of BTS was one of them.

    He felt a sudden pain in his stomach, and he fall hard to the ground with a loud knock and whining in pain, his stomach was hurting so much, because of the frightening situation he had work up himself again.

    Yoongi didn't woke up, after relaxing his stomach, the pain began to be less, he stood up and went to rest next to his Hyung, he was still confused and a little scared, but for the difficult life his Hyung had and that he didn't knew about.

    He began rubbing slowly his Hyung bruised stomach, Yoongi then had open his eyes, as Hobi had placed before his hyungie head on his still aching stomach, Yoongi believe he was small and still a cat as he believe he was still asleep in the sick guy belly.

    "Oh Hobi your awake, I'm glad, you seem to feel better, I'm so sorry, I should never have told you those horrible things, I was cruel, I should have stay to take care of you, you need me and even though I was there I couldn't do anything" he thought he was still meowing so he continue believing Hobi couldn't understand him "Seokie, please forgive Hyung, I fail you, I promise you to always take care of you and this time I couldn't do it, you even end up taking me to the vet, and taking care of me, please forgive me Hobi, my cute brother, my best friend"

    Hobi, felt his heart melting, because he was scared his friend and Hyung hate him or that he had disappear when all along he was right beside him sound and safe, he relax after hearing him apologizing.

    He began crying, because he still felt sad, confused, sick and worry for Yoongie, Yoongi was about to pat Hoseok's stomach with his paw when he realize he was human.

    "Hyungie I was so scared, no one knew where were you,I was worry you were in danger, and that you hated me" sob Hoseok.

    "Wait, how long I been here?" He ask he ignored Hobi knew somehow he was the cat.

    "First dress up, you must feel cold"

    Hobi dry his tears and went to Yoongi's room for clothes, and some underwear too.

    When Yoongi had dressed up, he went to sit, but he felt weak and in pain from his ribs so he return to curl on bed.

    "Sorry" he said to Hobi, he thought the guy was mad at him.

    Instead of answering Hobi curl up in bed too, and hug his Hyung. "Don't apologize Hyung, it was all my fault, you were injured and went through so much, I'm sorry I treat you like that Hyung, sorry for the bath, the cat food, the vet, and even for rubbing your tummy" hoseok was laughing a little.

    "Wait? What? Are you telling me you knew? Since when?" He was surprised.

    "This morning, I understood everything I saw you, and then I hear your purring and... Ugh..." he said and couldn't continue talking, his stomach was hurting so he sat up suddenly and crouch down holding his tummy "Sorry Hyung, is my stomach, is killing me" he was frowning from pain, closing his eyes.

    Yoongi stood up, even if his ribs hurt as hell, and he went to sit at the other side of the bed beside Hobi, he rub the thin guy back "Easy Hob-ah, don't talk, we can speak about it over breakfast, I'll explain everything to you, but for now try to breath"

    After a while Hobi relax visibly as his cramps stop, but his stomach still hurt pretty bad.

    "I'm so sad to see you sick, poor Hobi your tummy is really in a bad condition, wait here I'll bring you medicine, don't move, you still are running a high fever"

    Hobi return to bed exhausted of all the commotion, he fall asleep soon after that, he was waken up a while later by Yoongi.

    "Yoongi Hyung, I'm sorry, I'm sick and you have to take care of me even being hurt yourself'

    "I don't mind taking care of you" he said placing some food in the side table "Here I prepare a light breakfast for your tummy, and then you can have medicine"

    He also bring his own breakfast, Hobi was surprised to see it was porridge too.

    "Hyungie, your tummy is unwell too?" He ask.

    "Yesterday I had an empty stomach all day long since breakfast, and also my belly didn't felt well after having the cat food"

    "Oh how could I forgot it, I'm sorry it was my fault you threw up, you are right probably a light breakfast would do you good"

    While they ate in silence, Hobi was thinking how all now make sense, how Yoongi was trying to take care of him, by rubbing, massaging or warming his stomach. How he bring the drinks and meds, or how concern he had meow each time he was sick. But also he felt embarrassed as his Hyung saw him being sick on the street, have diarrhea on the bathroom, and also heard his noisy tummy and had sleep in his abdomen, and worst of all, they had bath together.

    "I know what you are thinking and I'm sorry I didn't want to violate your privacy,I swear I close my eyes when you were stripping down to have a bath, and when you were having diarrhea, all I could think was how concern I was for you, don't be mad with me, and I wanted to thank you so much for taking me home with you, and taking care of my wound" Yoongi said to Hoseok while he reach his hand to the sad and sick member belly,he rub his belly gentle.

    Hobi had finish eating and began to relax with the tummy rub "I'm so sorry for giving you a bath, and for rubbing your tummy, or placing you on my churning noisy tummy Hyung, how on earth could you sleep hearing my sick stomach? Also I'm so sorry for the vet, and the cat food, now I understand why you went to puke to the toilet and why you didn't want the food, or the cat bathroom"

    "Are you joking? You help a lot thanks to the vet visit, my ribs felt better I was dying of pain, you took me there even being so sick yourself"

    "To be fair is not as if I knew youw ere the cat" Hobi was sad "How on earth did you end up injuring your belly and ribs?"

    "I was about to return here to take care of you, but a biker went the wrong way he ended up hitting me on the stomach" He then continue explaining all about his cat transformation secret, all about how he changed, why, where and all it happened then.

    Hobi also told him how worry he was for him as he had disappear, and also for his cat self, az the cat was injured, he even joke telling him how cute was his cat chubby and fluffy tummy.

    They laugh and felt finally relax one with each other, they had told the other members Yoongi had been found, after that both members were sick and hurt, so they went to bed and ended up watching a movie until they had fall asleep, Yoongi was resting his head on Hoseok chest and tummy, and his body curling on his side looking at Hoseok's head.

    Hoseok had fall asleep, rubbing Yoongi's stomach carefully and loving, as when he had done it with the cat, even though Yoongi no longer was purring, he was enjoying the tummy massage and like that both members fall asleep.

    They still had all they long to take for each other, and also to recover, his cats adventures weren't over yet.

    Hope you enjoy it ;)

    There would be more cat adventures for this two boys.

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    | Masterlist |

    ⇣Below cut⇣

    Bangtan in Bed: Kim Namjoon | NSFW

    Rating: 18+

    Wordcount: 1,189

    Contains: daddy/daby dynamic, dirty talk, BDSM, bondage, orgasm control, sensory play, dom/sub dynamic, marking, impact play, lingerie, stripteases, anal, cum play, cream pies, oral fixation (kissing)

    Bangtan in Bed: Kim Seokjin | NSFW


    Rating: 18+


    Contains: overstimulation, stripteases, lingerie, roleplay, teacher/student dynamic, sir/angel or babydoll dynamic, body worship, praise kink, food play, dirty talk, orgasm denial, fingering, pink handcuffs

    NSFW | How Yoongi is When Eating you Out | Female Receiving

    Rating: 18+

    Wordcount: 521 (itty bitty smutty thoughts)

    Contains: Descriptions of Oral sex & Mentions of..Marking, Body Worship, and Top Yoongi.

    Bangtan in Bed: Min Yoongi | NSFW


    Rating: 18+


    Contains: Soft Boy Yoongi, Bratty Sub Yoongi, bondage, titty fixation, oral fixation, control/power/possession, BDSM, impact play, hair pulling, breath play, degradation, cum play, exhibitionism, edging, temperature play

    Bangtan in Bed: Jung Hoseok | NSFW


    Rating: 18+


    Contains: experimenter, stamina control, exhibitionism, toys, mirror sex, casual sex, group sex, poly, voyeurism, dirty talk, rough sex, overstimulation, breath play, cum play, cum shots, cream pies, temperature play, edging

    Bangtan in Bed: Park Jimin | NSFW


    Rating: 18+


    Contains: teasing, orgasm denial, edging, overstimulation, casual sex, praise kink, dirty talk, degrading praise, toys, edging, exhibitionism, voyeurism, mutual masturbation, face fucking, soft bondage, temperature play, jewelry kink, possession, BDSM, body worship, oral fixation (kissing)

    Bangtan in Bed: Kim Taehyung | NSFW


    Rating: 18+


    Contains: libido control, long foreplay, overstimulation, mood setting, dry humping, massages, rough, biting, marking, scratching, neck is his sensitive zone, sensory play, sensory deprivation, pet play, collars/leashes, sir/kitten dynamic

    Bangtan in Bed: Jeon Jungkook | NSFW


    Rating: 18+


    Contains: baby boy kookie, massages, dry humping, strong senses, sensory play, mood setting, daredevil kookie, risky sex, stamina control, strength kink, wall sex, shower sex, standing up sex, thigh riding, overstimulation (receiving), forced orgasms (receiving), praise kink (receiving), phone sex, guided masturbation, mutual masturbation

    Bangtan in Bed

    BEING UPDATED: Schedule

    Rating: 18+

    A/N: This is the general feeling and opinions that I have got on what the boys may be into from 1) talking with my adult army friends & 2) reading bangtan's birth chart analysis'. (Link to a masterlist of a breakdown of their charts from an astrology army)

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    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/2XlEIEo

    by kimtaedumb

    Jungkook goes to drop off lunch at CEO Seokjin's office. There's only one thing Seokjin wants to eat - and it isn't the bento his lovely boyfriend made him.

    Words: 2082, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Jeon Jungkook, Kim Seokjin | Jin

    Relationships: Jeon Jungkook/Kim Seokjin | Jin

    Additional Tags: Established Relationship, boyfies jinkook get it on in seokjin's office, jk is 25 and sj is 30, CEO Kim Seokjin | Jin, Jeon Jungkook is Whipped, Fluff and Smut, Fluff and Crack, cmon its jinkook ofc there's crack, Rimming, sj is hungry for more than just the food ;))), Teasing

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/2XlEIEo

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    most wanted: boyfriend  ♡  mlist.

    ♡   summary: the official boyfriend application ― or the OBFA, as you liked to call it. the rules were simple: 1. dates in potential would apply anonymously to fill the role of your (also anonymous) best friend’s boyfriend and 2. go through a strict analysis conducted by none other than you. if deemed lucky enough, they would earn a blind date with the prettiest, most wonderful girl on campus. the only problem was.. you didn’t count on the likelihood of a certain email popping up in your screen. those bold, flashy letters denouncing the latest submitted application signed off with the pseudonym of your hardcore crush: vante.

    ♡     listen to the playlist. ♡     read the teaser (coming out on sunday 19th).

    ♡     pairing: kth x f!reader. ♡     genre: college au  |  idiots to lovers  |  fluff + crack. ♡     rating: nc-17. ♡     word count: tba. ♡     content warning(s): alcohol consumption, light angst, a lot of miscommunication as a plot device (lol, sorry), twists and turns, slow burn + more specific warnings for each chapter.

    ♡     notes from the author: here we go again! i can tell you with full honesty that i wasn’t inclined to write a college au, buuut some inspiration struck me and dearest @bangtanhome​ very conveniently showed me an actual boyfriend application they had seen on twitter. the rest is history (for now), but i can’t express how excited i am to release this.  yes, i know i said i would not write series.. but here you go! wink wonk.

    ♡     taglist: @kirbykook​ @ggukkieland. reply to this post or send me an ask to be tagged.

    ♡♡♡         chapter navigation:

    𝐈 .      to be released soon.

    ♡♡♡         drabbles & extras:

    𝐈 .      to be released soon.

    ♡♡♡       general series navigation:

    ♡     feedback and reviews. ♡     answered asks. ♡     aesthetic moodboard. ♡     listen to the playlist. ♡     taglist requests.

    jeonjungkookss  ©   2021. all rights reserved.

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  • kazthered
    16.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    What is this “tea blog” I’m reading about that’s revealing bts fix writers’ personal information and causing dozens of beloved writers to deactivate on tumblr? 😡🤬🚨🚨🚨

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  • triviafics
    16.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Elevator Love Letter (KSJ x Reader)

    Part 2 of The Dis-Ease Files.

    Pairing: Surgeon!Seokjin x Nurse!Reader

    Genres: I, Isi the dentist, cannot be held responsible for your teeth rotting. Read at your own risk. (AKA THE FLUFFIEST COTTON CANDY FLUFF). Very brief, minor angst

    AUs: Medical AU, Friends/Co-Workers to Lovers

    Word count: 1.3k

    Tags/trigger warnings: mentions of surgery, some medical terminology (not important to the plot), mentions of the death of a loved one, otherwise just cuteness and Seokjin being a blushing mess

    Ratings: sfw, g

    Summary: Seokjin has something important to ask you, but he can never seem to find the right moment. So, he takes matters into his own hands.

    A/N: AHHH Part 2 is here! Based on the epic MerDer elevator proposal from season 5, episode 19. I’m swooning so hard over Dr. Seokjin, and I had so much with for the banner for this one because of his doctor look from Dope Era (seriously though, how has he not aged since then? As handsome as always).

    Taglist: @suhdays

    Glancing over the last patient case before he pins it up on the wall, Seokjin steps back and takes a look at his handiwork. The tapping of his foot echoes in his ears as his leg bounces anxiously. The lunch break was almost over.

    After seeing you for the facial reconstruction post-trauma, he hadn’t managed to catch sight of you for the rest of the morning. He didn’t have much time left before the afternoon rolled in and more cases, consults, and surgeries started to pile up. His hands were full, but every day was like that. And he’d put this off for long enough.

    Reaching into the pocket of his coat, he manages to procure his pager. There was no time to waste. Silently mumbling an apology to you in the back of his mind, he presses the button.

    Moments later, he hears the squeak of your brand-new sneakers quickly making their way down the hallway. Smiling to himself, he remembers how he’d finally convinced you to get a new pair after wearing through the well-loved ones that you’d had since the very first day you met him, many years ago.

    Catching your breath, you stumble to a stop in front of the elevators. Dr. Kim (calling him Seokjin was inappropriate since he was your superior, you reminded yourself) had sent you a surprise page during your lunch break.

    As sad as you had been to throw away your hand-crafted specialty sandwich from the hospital cafeteria, you knew that he wouldn’t have paged you unless it was something important.

    As you make your way to press the “up” button, a large shadow suddenly obscures your path. Namjoon, or the other Dr. Kim, raises his arms outwards like a vulture, stopping you with his impressive wingspan before you can call the elevator.

    “Wait,” he says, a nervous tinge to his voice. “You can’t take that elevator.”

    “Why not?” you ask, raising your eyebrows. He was acting really weird.

    Puffing his chest out and clearing his throat, he decrees: “Because I said so.”

    Rolling your eyes, you step around him, arm reaching for the button, but he steps right with you, blocking your way again. The two of you engage in a stand-off, stepping back and forth with each other until you realize that you’re at an impasse. He won’t let you through. Sighing, you give him a little wave and make your way to the adjacent set of elevators down the hall.

    Pressing the button, you hear the ding of the elevator as it stops on your floor. Looking back at Namjoon a few metres away, you lock eyes with him in a glare but are met with nothing but a smirk as he tips his head, provoking you to step into the other elevator.

    Stepping inside, you keep your head down and let out a groan. Dr. Kim was going to be so pissed if you didn’t make it on time to respond to his page, not to mention that both of you had patients after lunch.

    Lifting your head up, you gasp as you take in your surroundings. Papers everywhere. CT scans, Post-Its, presentation notes, case files, greeted you from all four walls of the elevator. And there, standing in the middle, was him. “Dr. Kim,” you breathe, lost for words. “I-”

    “Please ___,” he responds. “Call me Seokjin. You know we’ve known each other too long for the formalities.”

    Extending his arm, he directs your attention to one of the pictures on the wall.

    “An ultrasound,” he explains. “52 y/o female patient, came in for breast reconstruction post-mastectomy. I told her we’d be able to fix her up real good with some double Ds, and that was the moment she put her trust in me.”

    “She’d bought a dress for her daughter’s wedding,” you recall, the memory causing you to light up from the inside out. Seokjin’s ability to connect with patients never ceased to amaze you. “All she wanted was to be able to wear it and to feel good.”

    “One of the first surgeries we ever scrubbed in on together,” he takes your hand, face lighting up in fondness.

    With your hand in his, he shows you another image on the wall.

    “Axial CT for a 22 y/o male, presenting for a septoplasty. A routine procedure, but do you know why it was special to me? That day, after the surgery, after we both clocked out for the day, I asked you to get breakfast with me. It was 10 o’clock at night, but neither of us had eaten breakfast, and so, we did what any self-respecting medical professionals would do. We went to IHOP.”

    “That was the day we became friends,” you grin. “All the nurses on our service would always talk about smart, handsome, Dr. Kim with the funny jokes. And right there, in that IHOP, I witnessed it firsthand.”

    You notice the tips of his ears becoming red, and he coughs into his hand at the mention of the word “handsome”. Standing up straight again, he points you to another image on the wall.

    “MRI. 10-month-old baby, presenting for a cleft palate repair. Seems easy enough, right? But it was one of the most difficult surgeries I’d ever done. I’d lost my grandmother two nights before and couldn’t seem to do anything without my hands shaking. But you? You held the clamp for me the entire time, through however many hours it took. You stayed with me the whole time, and you showed me that no matter how much loss I went through on a daily basis, that I could always pick myself back up again. That was the moment I knew I needed you.”

    By this point, your eyes are full of tears as he walks you through the moments that have defined your friendship. How the two of you, the surgeon and his favorite nurse, have been thick as thieves through countless surgeries, changing countless lives. What you hadn’t realized in the process though, was that you were both changing yours too.

    “___,” Seokjin reaches gently to clasp both your hands in his. “I know I’ve always been the guy that makes the funny jokes, or keeps it light in the OR, but with every minute we’ve spent together inside, or with every conversation we’ve had outside of it, you and I both know that there’s more than meets the eye to every patient. So here's my case, and I'm presenting it to you now. I’ve stopped myself from doing this way too many times to count because I asked too many questions. That’s why I’m saying this, even if this messes up everything along the way, even if the outcome is undesirable, I can at least say I tried."

    "I’m in love with you, ____. " he chokes, squeezing your hands gently. "Please be mine.”

    Trying not to let the tears escape, you throw your arms around him, crushing his broad frame against your body as you squeeze him in a hug.

    “I love you too Seokjin,” you whisper. “I always have.”

    Breathing heavily, the two of you separate for a brief moment, your lips parting as his warm eyes look down at you. Pulling you back in, Seokjin leans over, nose bumping against yours as he lets out a breathy chuckle, before claiming your lips with his own.

    Lost in the feeling of finally kissing the man you’ve dreamed of being with for so long, the two of you fail to notice the ding of the elevator as it rises up. Stopping on the fifth floor, the two of you jolt as the doors open and you’re met with the smug face of the one and only, Dr. Kim Namjoon, as he takes in the sight of you both.

    “Bet you’re glad I told you to take that elevator, aren’t you now, ___?” he quips with a wink.

    A/N pt. 2: Thanks for reading! As always, any feedback or comments are much appreciated, but I appreciate you all anyway. Lots of love, Isi 💜

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    ♡ 16.09.2021
    ☆ Créditos: Jimin¹, Jimin², Yoongi
    #social spirit#spirit fanfics #capa de fanfic #capa para social spirit #capa de spirit #capa divertida#capa fluffy#bts#yoonmin
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  • fanfictiongrace
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    https://archiveofourown.org/works/33914569#main Namkook

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    O sapo dos livros

    🗓 13.09.21

    🎬 pedido pro projeto JJKColors

    🔑 em caso de inspiração, não se esqueça dos créditos

    EU ESQUECI DESSA CAPA MDS KASNZHWJQN adorei fazer ela de verdade foi uma tentativa totalmente louca pq eu nunca fiz nesse estilo de fantasia (eu pelo menos não me lembro) e achei que ficaria RIDÍCULO mas no final eu fiquei babando nela o tempo todo whauawmam

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    — A Ghostly Love;


    pedido pessoal

    Em caso de inspiração, credite <3

    [abra para melhor qualidade]

    #bts#capa #capa de fanfic #capa de spirit #capa wattpad #capa para o social spiriti #capa de wattpad #bts jeon jungkook #bts kim taehyung #bts taehyung#bts jungkook#capa divertida #capa com manipulação #vkook#kookv
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  • yoongisleftearring
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    part sixteen: ciao besties


    pairing: tutor!namjoon x student!reader

    ->in which you are a college student, struggling to graduate. Namjoon comes at just the right time, you attempt to woo him but, he can’t think you’re a try-hard.

    A/n: Last part!! so this was a short au that took way too long to get up but we're done now! I really hope you enjoyed this, it was a lot of fun for me to write, and even though it wasn't very thought out or planned well I think it was just a bit of fun. Bye, thank you for reading and supporting !!!

    #bts au#bts crack #bts fake chat #bts fake social media #bts fake texts #bts fake tweets #bts fanfic#bts fluff#bts#namjoon#bts rm #namjoon x reader #namjoon x y/n #namjoon x you #bts x reader #bts x y/n #bts x you #bts imagines #bts social media au #bts smau#namjoon fluff#namjoon imagine #rm x y/n #rm x you #rm x reader #yoongisleftearring#bts namjoon
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    Capa wattpad

    Idol: Kim Taehyung

    Temática: azul + místico

    Manip ?

    App: ibis Paint

    Presente para uma grande amiga 💜

    Abra para melhor qualidade

    Plágio é crime

    Em caso de inspiração credite

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  • ao3feed-yoonkook
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    Omega Listen

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3lCNtCG

    by yoonmsn

    He just wanted to go on a walk. Just a small walk to get some fresh air so he could cool down from the fight he just had with Yoongi. He didnt want to be kneeling on the dirty ground in front of some alpha. He didnt want this. He wanted...he wanted Yoongi.

    Words: 1250, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: M/M

    Relationships: Jeon Jungkook/Min Yoongi | Suga

    Additional Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Omega Jeon Jungkook, Alpha Min Yoongi | Suga, Angst and Hurt/Comfort, Established Relationship, Attempted Sexual Assault, Humiliation, Minor Character(s), Crying, Mates, Fluff

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3lCNtCG

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    capa: meeting by chance

    #capa romantica #capa para fanfic #capa de fic #capa de fanfic #capa para fic #2min#yoonmin#sujim#jimin#suga#yoongi#bts#yoonieris#2min project#2minproject
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  • jeonggukieverse
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    Let The Games Begin

    Pairing: Jungkook x Female reader

    Genre: Horror, Private SchoolAU, Murder mysteryAU, Yandere Jungkook, Angst

    Warnings: Mentions suicide, bullying and some kinda crappy parenting 

    Word count: 1.8k+

    A/N: Please enjoy let me know if your liking the series so far  <33

    and im still looking for a bata reader for future chapters so hit me up if you're interested :)


    Chapter 2 

    While the whole class still flurried in panic, he was still staring. You wished more than anything to be able to read him. But you cant. You couldn’t tell what he was thinking. You had never been able to do so.

    See, you and Jungkook have an extended history together. Your families had been close since before the two of you were born. Their relationship was built upon a tower of favours, secrets and alliances that had bound the two houses for life. So, when both families gave birth to babies only 2 months apart from each other it was inevitable that yours and Jungkook’s life were destined to be intertwined whether you wanted them to be or not.

    Jungkook had always had a mean streak. Even as a child he was cruel to you. Pulling your hair, pushing you off of your tricycle and even going so far as ripping the heads off your dolls and teddy bears. You would constantly tell your parents but they just brushed you off and told you:

    ‘Jungkook is just being a boy. Besides, he’s always there to protect you when it counts though, isn’t he?’

    He was. Because unlike now, back then Jungkook’s vindictiveness did come with an accompanying feeling of protectiveness. It was sort of an unspoken deal you had since birth. He could do what he wanted with you but no one else was allowed to. He would pull your hair but then proceed to cut the hair of a little girl who made fun of you, he would then go on to slash the tires of the bike of a boy had called your tricycle stupid. And the girl who had stolen your most precious doll, that was given to you by your great grandma, would find her school desk covered in a concoction of glue, dirt and rotten eggs every day until your doll was returned to you.  

    All the way from elementary school to middle school, he confused you.

    “God ______! Why are you so weak?! I leave you on your own for five minutes and you’re letting people pick on you. How could the daughter of a police chief be such a pushover? Get tougher” Jungkook lectured.

    Even at 12 years old he stood much taller than you. He had always been bigger. As a child you’re logic was that: the tougher someone is. The taller they are. And because you were the tiniest in the class you assumed that’s why you were so weak and so easily picked on. But in reality, you had been born prematurely. 3 months before you were meant to be. It’s like the universe wanted you to be born just behind Jungkook because it knew that in this world you would have needed him to protect you.

    “I’m sorry Kookie. I just wanted to hang out with them. Then they started teasing me” your voice trembled as you tried to hold back the flood of tears threatening to escape.

    “_____. How many times do I have to tell you. You don’t need other friends. You have me! Do you hear me? We have each other and that’s all we need, okay?” His Bambi eyes stared at you awaiting your response.

    You nodded without looking at him. Ashamed that he was right. He was your only friend but you weren’t his. You always felt like you were holding him back. He was academically brilliant, gifted in sports and remarkably popular. He could be the greatest. He could be excellent. He could spread his wings and soar high above everyone above everything and do anything, yet he was here. On the ground, in the back corner of the classroom, away from his peers, comforting you.

    You felt like an anchor weighing him down and you hated it. From that day, you swore to yourself, you wouldn’t hold him back anymore. You would release him and let him be free.

    And you did.

    On the Monday you returned to school, you didn’t utter a word to Jungkook. He tried everything to get you to talk to him; kindness, passive aggression and he even tried adult interference, calling up your parents to ask if you had mentioned him doing anything wrong. You had endured the lecture of a lifetime from your parents on that occasion but you didn’t budge you continued to ignore him until he finally got the message and stopped trying.

    A week had passed and Jungkook’s indifference to you turned into frustration. Instead of being the voice above the rest defending you, he became one of the voices attacking you. He would say awful things alongside them but you just ignored him. You ignored everyone and stuck by yourself, until:

    “Hi, is anyone sitting here?” you heard a timid voice say. Your head whipped up in shock. You weren’t used to people talking to you. Your eyes were then met with a brand-new face. His warm eyes in a crescent moon shape as he smiled down towards you, you noticed the dimple in his cheek made him look almost angelic. He looked trusting and you wanted him so badly to be.

    “No, please feel free”. The words rushed out before you even got a chance to register what you were saying.

    “I’m Namjoon. Kim Namjoon” he introduced himself.

    Ah yes. You remembered hearing rumours that a new boy was going to be joining the program. He was rumoured to be an absolute genius.

    “Lovely to meet you. I’m _____.” you replied

    “Ah, I’ve heard of you! you’ve got quite a reputation among the program applicants! ____, the only student to get a perfect score in the program entrance exam” he explained while looking at you.

    Well, you assumed he was looking at you. You could see him from the corner of your eyes as you stared at the ground, shy and blushing unused to praise.

    “T-Thank you but…its really n-not that impressive” you chuckled trying to remain as humble as possible.

    “Hahaha don’t say that! You should be very proud of yourself. You’re super smart and you seem pretty cool. I hope we can become really good friends”

    “Friends?” You finally looked up at him. Hope in your tone as you gauged to see if he was making fun of you or not. He wasn’t. He was serious? He really wanted to be friends with you! You had made a new friend all on your own!

    “That settles it then. Friends?” he stuck his had in front of you waiting for you to confirm his request. You did so gladly. You took your small hand in his and shook vigorously. You began to laugh as a glimmer of hope started to warm your chest. Is this what making a friend feels like?

    Unbeknownst to you, someone had been watching your little exchange and was extremely unhappy about it.

    Jungkook stared daggers into the back of Namjoon’s head as he spoke to you. Why were you speaking to this guy and not Jungkook? He couldn’t understand it but he knew he didn’t like how buddy buddy you had become with this complete stranger.

    You and namjoon became fast friends. It only took a year for you two to start doing everything together: rode bikes in the woods, studied and did homework, ate delicious foods and even went on weekend trips with each other’s families. For the first time in a long time, you had a friend that was an equal. Not one that you would allow to bully you in exchange for their friendship and protection. You were content. At least for a short while

    You always rode bikes home together. You had done for the past year. Where was he? You waited at the school gates for 35 minutes before getting a call from your dad asking where you were. You called namjoon for the 5thtime but again the phone went straight to voicemail. Maybe there was an emergency and he had to go straight home? Well, you’d see him tomorrow you supposed.

    But you didn’t.

    Kim Namjoon committed suicide yesterday evening after the school day was over. He jumped off of the roof of the school. According to your dads investigation, the pressure of the program became too much for him and he couldn’t handle it anymore.

    Your heart broke. Your very good friend, gone just like that. And there wasn’t anything you could do about it. Something about this felt off though. It felt very out of character for Namjoon.

    You weren’t given much time to think on it or mourn though because Jungkook and his friends thought that this would be the perfect time to mock you.

    This was the beginning of the new norm for you. You went from being invisible to being a target. Only things this time were much worse now you had Jungkook as an enemy. Hair pulling turned into hair cutting, pushing off your bike turned into being pushed in front of the school bus and you went from having one friend to being the most hated student in the class only this time, you were all alone.

    You were snapped back to the present to see Jungkook still looking at you. But this time you stared back. Adrenaline from the carnage you just witnessed rushing through you, you weren’t afraid of him right now. Of all things to be concerned with, his focus was still on you. You were pissed and you didn’t care anymore.

    Both of you were in a staring match until suddenly…

    Previous | Next 


    Left you with a cheeky cliff hanger there. What do you think will happen next chapter???

    Comments and reblogs would be highly appreciated, please let me know if you enjoyed it :)

    Taglist: @mwitsmejk @eclectictacozinewobbler @bettyschwallocksyee  🤍

    #jungkook#jeongguk#jeon jungguk #jeon jeongguk fic #jeon jungkook#jeon jeongguk#jungkook fanfic#jungkook yandere #jungkook yandere au #jungkook enemies to lovers au #jungkook e2l #jungkook x reader #jeongguk x reader #bts fic#bts fanfic #bts x reader #bts#yandere jungkook#yandere#jungkook horror#bts horror
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    16.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ 𝙹.𝙺

    ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤʚ manipulação, 16.09.2021

    ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ — 𝖨𝖻𝗂𝗌 𝖯𝖺𝗂𝗇𝗍 𝗑 𝓦. 𝖯𝗈𝗅𝖺𝗋𝗋.

    #capa#manip kpop#wattpad#bts#bts icons #capa de fanfic #capa para fanfic #capa para wattpad #capas#fanfic#cover#capista#manipulação#manipulation#jungkook#dark #bts dark icons #capa fanfic #capa para social spirit #capa social spirit #jeon#jungguk#grapicdesign
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  • artduzza
    16.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    capa: winter flower

    #capa romantica#capa sexy #capa para fanfic #capa de fic #capa de fanfic #capa para fic #capa para spirit #bts#kim namjoon#namjoon#rm#taehyung#v#v bts#yoonieris
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  • kmfics
    16.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    The Breathless Zoo

    Park Jimin is falsely accused of murder and sent to a seaside prison where he finds himself in more danger than he was outside.
    His only option to survive is to rely on Jeon Jungkook, the inmate who everyone avoids like the plague.

    Hello! this is a fic from the dead dove: do not eat fest so you all already know what you have to do, but i’m gonna say it anyway: read the tags!!!!

    I don’t want to spoil anything so i’ll leave it at that.. ;)

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  • i-am-baechu
    16.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The people’s princess will be updated on Saturday!! Keep your eyes open for it!!!

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