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  • 54daysormore
    31.07.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Reality Two Is a Game (Chapter 8: All the Way to Third Base)

    We’re alive!  We’re here!!  I hope you enjoy this chapter!  I always promise happy endings!

    Warnings: Sexual content, some bad words.

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  • 54daysormore
    31.07.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    Every Love Has a Name (todo de ti) (Chapter 4: Everything Mixed with Something)

    This chapter is about road trips and alcohol and friendships and yet it's really about how sometimes we have to let some things go or change, and it hurts, but in the end it's better for us.

    This a snippet chapter, meaning it's all backstories for our lovely girls. Thank you for reading.

    Warning: Name calling (mean use of "slut"), some panic attacks mentioned, sexual content, and just some super personal issues/questions going on like who am I, what am I, where am I, what am I doing? Fun times. Stay safe, everyone <3

    #bts au#bts fanfic #bts fan fic #bts fem fic
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  • finalrose
    31.07.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    The Final Rose

    Pairing: BTS OT7 x original female character

    Genre: Romance, Smut, Fluff, Drama, Angst

    Rating: 18+

    Chapters: 24

    Synopsis: The Bachelorette must choose between Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook, Park Hyungsik, Park Seo Joon, Seo In-guk, Kim Woo Bin and Gong Yoo. Who will she choose?

    Read at Archive of Our Own

    #bts #the final rose #bts fan fiction #fan fiction#bts v#bts suga#bts jimin#bts rm#bts jin#bts jungkook #bts j hope #bts lockscreen#bts edit#bts fiction#bts story#bts imagine#bts universe #bts fan fic #bts archive of our own #bts army fanfic #bts fluff#bangtan boys#bts angst#bts smut#bts scenarios#bts romance #bts v fluff #bts jungkook angst #bts jimin smut
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  • yoonpobs
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago


    PAIRING. kim taehyung x reader

    GENRE. assassin!au, angst

    WARNINGS. mentions of a gun,

    WORDS. 1.2k

    NOTE. an old wip that never really got developed from here :( but I enjoyed this small part so !!! here it is :D mayhaps I'll develop it but !!!! no promises

    “So this is it, huh?” Taehyung asks, a little breathless but so were you.

    Though, you recognise the glint in his eyes. The one that never quite dies but burns brighter every time you look.

    “Anything we did would’ve brought us here anyway,” you tell him. “This is our duty.”

    Taehyung chuckles, and he looks far too nonchalant for someone on top of a three hundred foot tall building, nearly dangling off the edge.

    There is fire, and it’s searing. The heat scaths you and the inferno in your chest is nothing in comparison to the everlasting flames that blind your rationale. Everything in you is telling you to pull the trigger—to do your duty and forget what you know. What you feel.

    “Ah.” Taehyung looks away just so you could catch his side profile. “And what a duty it is.”

    You purse your lips, the metal feeling heavy in your grip. A gun has never felt heavier. It’s never been a weapon of regret until now.

    Just do it.

    “I don’t have a choice, Taehyung,” you whisper.

    And after all this time, you still find yourself needing to justify your actions to him.

    Taehyung smirks.

    “We always have a choice.”

    No, you didn’t. Because your choice was either your life or his. And you weren’t ready to go, not yet. Not when you had a life to live and the world to see. Maybe it was greed and selfishness, but you were sure Taehyung would do the same.


    “Can you look away?” You ask him, and it’s weird because it’s his life that was at risk and not so much yours.

    Taehyung, as usual, doesn’t listen to you. Instead, he smiles at you with a grin you’ve grown familiar with and draws closer. Each step he takes makes your finger shake—the digit so close to granting you emancipation.

    You don’t breathe, not until he’s right in front of you—barring his head to the side—both to look away and for a target.

    You gulp, eyes blinking at the smile that still remains etched on his face.

    “Do it then.”

    It’s a challenge.

    But it’s not the same. Not when you know that at any other moment, you would’ve pulled the trigger without thinking twice, allowing your victims' blood to pool at your feet while you cleaned the soles of your shoes.

    It’s a challenge you never thought you would meet.

    Still, you take a deep breath and bring your gun to his head.

    His hair was so soft, and it ruffled against the harsh wind of the rooftop you were on. Even the circumstances it took to get him up there hurt. A promise of a forever that ended with him.

    Your hand shakes so much but you put on a brave face. You haven’t failed once and you wouldn’t need to fail now.

    But Taehyung wasn’t one of your usual victims.

    They were vile, disgusting and scum on Earth. You had absolutely no remorse for pulling the trigger or suffocating them to death. They deserved it for the sins they’ve committed.

    Taehyung was … evil. But were not all humans capable of being evil? You were flawed, a pathetic excuse of a human being that sought to seek justice by removing the moles that polluted this Earth. You picked and chose who was worthy; with your gun as your toy and humans as your targets.

    So why was it then he had to go and you stayed?

    But his evil was interpreted as necessary and just—at least to you. Or at least when you tried enough to understand your victims then pull the trigger.

    It was a naive choice on your part, and you suppose Taehyung was right. You always had a choice. And this time you had a price to pay at the expense of your shattered heart.

    “Why won’t you kill me, _____?” Taehyung whispers, but his smile is wide—as if he has all the time in the world.

    You suppose that the brink of death showed people how finite time is.

    “I will,” you snap.

    Taehyung laughs, carefree and unbothered. He withdraws his head, turning to look at you against your wish. And he looks the same as the first time your client hired you with a target on Taehyung’s head. The same boxy smile that didn’t belong to a man who’s killed hundreds.

    But then, you were a killer too.

    “Why drag it out further?” Taehyung hums. “You say you don’t have a choice but you’re not shooting.” His face is familiar and you hate that it is. That you’ve grown to understand the man was promised death from the moment you allowed his name to roll off your tongue. “Your choice is not shooting.”

    He leans in, face close to yours when you blink at his vicinity. He’s warm in the Autumn night, his beige tones matched the season but nothing like the dull grey of the intent that laid in your hands.

    “I said I need a moment.” You repeat, weaker.

    “Or maybe you need me,” Taehyung grins.

    Your eyes widen.

    “You’re fooling yourself.”

    “Then prove it,” he tells you. “Shoot me and it’ll all be over.”

    But you don’t shoot. You stare at him as if it was your last chance at memorising his face to remember how he looks and feels right in front of you. But a part of you says it’s unnecessary because people leave yet feelings stay; though you don’t look away.

    You shakily bring up your gun, placing it right at his temple when his eyes continue to bore into yours. And you’ve never felt despondency this early on to your kills. In fact, you rarely ever felt it. But Kim Taehyung brought out parts of you that you shielded away long enough for you to forget how to hurt.

    Taehyung still pins you with his intense gaze, and you don’t want to appear weak in front of him when he’s so close. But you can’t bring yourself to pull the trigger—not when his face is inches away from yours and you were sure that you’d feel the blood splatter.

    “Say something,” he challenges.

    “I’m going to kill you,” you tell him, soft and nothing unlike the fire you had when you’ve killed hundreds of people like him.

    Your finger rests upon the silver, ready to pull when you close your eyes. You take a deep breath and pretend that tears aren’t threatening to fall, that your knees are seconds away from giving out and that Taehyung was a breadth gone from disappearing forever.

    “Are you?”

    “Yes, goddamnit,” you hiss, eyes fluttering shut. But even the world goes dark for a moment—Taehyung is all you can see. You feel him, too. The warmth from his skin radiates against your palm. Even now, when you knew he could turn the stakes so that they were against you; you weren’t afraid.

    Because deep down, you knew that Taehyung wouldn’t kill you.

    “Then why aren’t you pulling the trigger?” He poses you with a question you can’t answer yourself.

    Why couldn’t you?

    You’ve pulled a trigger more times in your life than you could remember. But this almost feels like the first, the trepidation that lingers deep in your bones only makes your finger feel heavier. You wish it’d do the job for you—rather it be an act of familiarity rather than conscience, but you knew that it wasn’t your body who killed. It was you.

    “Shut the fuck up,” you sneer at him but it’s anything but hostile. It’s desperate, it’s a plea for help that’s as helpless as you are in the same moment.

    “You don't want to kill me,” Taehyung states.

    You hate that he reads you.

    But you don’t have a choice.

    "It's not me that wants to kill you," you say softly.

    "But it's you who will," he says with a tilt of his lips.

    “Goodbye, Taehyung.”

    #kim taehyung #kim taehyung x reader #bts x reader #kim taehyung angst #kim taehyung scenario #kim taehyung fic #taehyung fic #taehyung x reader #taehyung imagine#taehyung au#assassin au
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  • shurisneakers
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #ari answers#anon#harmless fic#harmless bts #this chapter is gonna be over 7k words long. probably over 8k
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  • bangchanswolfpelt
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    thinking about how Yoongi said his heart hurts when he thinks of Holly, thinking about how he had a parenting diary for Holly where he calls himself daddy, thinking about how i would literally give it all up to be Yoongi’s lil puppy💞🥺🥵🐶💞

    #yoongi thirst#bts thirst #i know we all love puppyboys and catboys #but i want to be the puppy 😤 #gonna write a hybrid!reader fic just wait #i may elaborate on this later #bts🐋
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  • joontier
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Subliminal in Scrubs | V2; report xiv 

    pairings: dr. jeon jungkook x female reader

    chapter rating: NC-17 | genre: humor, workplace relationships

    warnings: none to note

    word count: 2.4k

    g/n: Send me your thoughts?

    [taglist]:  @nottodayjjk @ditttiii @zeharilisharaban @btsbunny07 @turquoiseandplaidinautumn @aamxxrii @codeinebelle @btsmakesmehappy @stargukkie @moonchild1​ @starbear019​​

    Subliminal in Scrubs (the records) |  navi. | m.list

    “Do you really have to leave me?” you drag the words out as you chew your dinner, one you insisted on having inside Ayoung’s apartment on her last day. You even add a cute little pout afterwards, hoping that Ayoung might reconsider her moving last minute. 

    “_________, that was literally the third time you asked me tonight. One more and I think I might change my mind.” 

    You sit up straighter, an expectant look on your face. “Really?” 

    “I’m afraid not, __________. I’m even surprised you kept asking when you literally helped me pack the last of my stuff. Shouldn’t you have been doing the opposite if you wanted me to stay?” 

    You let out a rather unattractive burp and a pretty loud one at that, then you sigh again for the nth time tonight, knowing it’s going to be a while before you find another neighbor that is as unbothered by your poor table etiquette as Ayoung. 

    Speaking of neighbors, a coworker’s face pops into your mind and you’re suddenly reminded of your embarrassing encounter with Jungkook just the other day in the very corridor just a door away from where you were seated. “By the way...that guy you brought over the other day…” 

    “Oh him?” 

    You brace yourself for the bad news, tilting your head towards Ayoung while you wait for her response. “Yeah, I don’t think he’ll be moving in anytime soon.” 

    “Oh,” comes your reply, shockingly nonchalant enough to mask the joy of not having Jungkook as your neighbor. Giddy, you prod her on, wanting to hear the rest of the story. “Shame though, he was such a hottie.” 

    “How did you even meet him in the first place?” 

    “Just last week I went to a cafe to study and partly cure a hangover from the previous night, I checked the post I uploaded for new possible tenants and Jungkook...that’s his name by the way...he was one of the first who sent a message about wanting to see the apartment in person, so we agreed to meet up on a later date.” Ayoung pauses for a moment, stacking a box on top of another. 

    “But just a few moments later while I was reading, this boy came up to me and asked if I was...well me and he told me he was Jungkook. Eventually, he asked if I was free because he mentioned that he had nothing else to do that day and he would’ve appreciated it if he got to see the place and have a drink at the same time.” 

    There’s a funny look on her face and you raise a brow questioningly. “Have you ever seen a man more attractive in just sweats?” Oh Christ. 

    “I mean, most guys would look like a hobo in those, plus he’s probably dumb for just walking around in sweats with only 25 degrees outside but damn.... You know only truly hot men can pull off looks like that. And he surely was packing.” Shocked to the core, you stare at her with your mouth hanging open, not wanting to believe all of these were coming from your sweet sweet Ayoung. Especially not when they’re about Jungkook. 

    “So I thought, why not right? I guess the hot chocolate I made wasn’t the only thing that was warm that night…” A suggestive smirk graces her lips and you scoot farther away from her, absolutely scandalized. 

    Much to your chagrin, your mind betrays you with rather raunchy images. Goosebumps line the skin on your arms as the embarrassment comes back to you in waves. “Gosh Jungkook, that little fucker.” 

    Ayoung creases her brows. “You know Jungkook?” 

    Crap. Ayoung wasn’t supposed to end up knowing this. 

    “Yeah I know him. Sort of.” 

    “Oh, too bad. It would have been great if he moved in so you won’t have to deal with a total stranger for a neighbor. Where do you know Jungkook from?” 

    You contemplate for a moment, wanting to weigh if it would be of any benefit having to tell the story of how you met Jungkook. Ultimately, you ended up sharing a brief background, missing out on a few vital points aka Jungkook being a total prick. 

    You help Ayoung bring down the rest of her stuff to the lobby, wanting to see her off. “I wanted to bring you to your new apartment but I’ve got an early shift tomorrow, and being late won’t be a good record this early in my job.” 

    “It’s alright, silly.” Ayoung leans in for a hug. “We’ll see each other again soon, yeah?” 

    “You’re making it sound like I’m moving overseas, stop it!” 

    You wait until she gets inside the cab she booked, waving at the car’s rear until it fully disappears from your sight. 

    The next day you wake up freezing your ass off, even with you wrapped in a duvet burrito. You take a peek outside your window, grunting as a blanket of snow envelops everything in sight. Everything is white, and the gray trails on the road are the only thing that distinguishes the street from the sidewalk. 

    You do your morning routine fairly quickly, spending the rest of your spare time watching people outside your window while you finish your coffee. As a motorbike moves along the length of the street in front of your building, you silently wish the driver a safe trip, hoping he or she didn’t have to use such a vehicle in this weather. 

    You take another sip and Jimin instantly enters your scrambled thoughts, remembering how he mentioned he uses a scooter to and from work. There’s a side of you that is assured the Jimin is responsible enough to know how risky it is to use a scooter during the winter. 

    The other half of your brain, though, isn’t convinced. Quickly, you set your mug aside, replacing it with your phone and dialing Jimin’s number. He answers after three rings. “_________?” 

    “Hey Jimin, I know it’s too early for me to be calling you but I was wondering if you were going to use your scooter on your way to work today?” 

    “I was--” 

    “Because if you were planning to, don’t. It’s snowing really hard outside and I’m worried you’ll be taking your friend’s scooter on the slippery road….Would you mind if I’ll offer you a ride?” 

    You know you were risking a lot, with your own car - your very own Camry which you don’t even trust. It has aged gracefully, and was clearly nearing its end but you knew four wheels was better than two in this snow. 

    “I don’t...but I also wouldn’t want you to come all the way here to pick me up when I can just take the subway? Or the bus maybe…” 

    “Would you rather pick one that asks for a fare or a free ride?” 

    “You’re not exactly giving me a choice here, _________.”

    “Great! ‘Cause I’m already on my way to pick you up.” 

    “Thank you for the ride, sunbaenim.” Jungkook pulls on the handbrake before setting his hands on the Porsche’s steering wheel for the last time.

    ‘Someday’, he says to himself, someday he’ll get a car of his own. Someday. 

    “Thank you for also letting me drive your car…” 

    “She’s a beaut isn’t she?” the younger doctor nods, wanting to rub his palms over the dashboard in fascination, but then he wouldn’t have wanted the senior resident to think he was some sort of lunatic. 

    Jungkook decides to keep his hands on his lap instead. 

    “You live around the area?” 

    “Yeah, just a few blocks from the garage…” 

    “Really? Which apartment do you live in? I’m quite familiar with the area.” 

    Jungkook is hesitant to mention the name of the building knowing that the apartment complex he stays at most likely has a reputation because it’s the cheapest he could find around the area. 

    Before the intern opens his mouth to reply, Seokjin’s phone rings just on time, the sound startling the latter. He opens the car door and alights from the vehicle to get more reception. Jungkook grabs his bag from the back and follows after shortly. Seokjin points to his phone, mouthing that Jungkook doesn’t need to wait for him, so the intern bows to his senior in gratitude, before heading off to the main building. 

    As he passes a vending machine, he remembers he wasn’t able to bring his jug with him today so he approaches the machine, scanning other options he could take with his water. He comes across a small carton of banana milk and a thought crosses his mind, a smirk playing on his lips as he adds the beverage to his purchase. 

    Jungkook hurries to the on-call room, hoping his tiny plan will fall into place. 

    “Thanks for the ride, ________. I owe you so much already. You’re too kind.” 

    You wave Jimin off, expressing your worry and how you thought you wouldn’t be able to handle your conscience if you didn’t ask about his mode of transportation to work today. Jimin gives you a warm smile in return. 

    “You’re a good friend, _________.” Jimin leans over the center console and gives you an awkward side hug, catching you completely off guard. 

    “Woops! Sorry! I didn’t… wasn’t…” Jimin has his hands waving around in the air as he tries to apologize for hugging you out of the blue. “It’s fine, Jimin,” you laugh as you put a hand on his shoulder to reassure him. “It’s fine. You don’t have to worry about it.”

    Tilting your head outside, you tell him that you both should get going and that you’ll be heading to the toilet first to get changed. While Jimin heads to the surgery department, you make your way to the parking lot’s toilets, bumping into the one and only banana-milk-thief Jeon Jungkook. 

    “Hi _________, good morning!” He chirps, the uncharacteristically wide smile on his face throwing you off for a moment. 

    At least somebody woke up on the right side of the bed today. Jungkook chuckles, and you realize you weren’t supposed to say that out loud, but you’re somewhat proud that you did, making your sentiments towards the guy as clear as day. 

    “Bit rich coming from you miss grumpypants.” 

    Your mouth falls open. “Excuse me?” 

    “You heard me, darling. See ya later....grumpy.” Before Jungkook leaves, he manages to give you a quick noogie, definitely messing up what’s left of the quick messy bun you made before leaving your apartment. 

    Taking in a deep, long breath, you calm your nerves down, deciding today wasn’t going to be the day Jungkook was gonna get to you. 

    After your brief encounter at the parking lot, Jungkook heads quickly to the on-call room and looks for a place inconspicuous but visible enough for you to see. He plucks a sticky note from a stack from the shelf just above the table and grabs his pen from his chest pocket. 

    Jungkook folds the yellow square into half and writes your name on it, just in case nobody would dare take a carton of milk for someone named after a dwarf from Snow White.  He then sticks the note on the moist packaging, hopeful that the slight sheen of water will help stick the paper onto the carton.

    Recognizing Jimin’s voice from the door, Jungkook quickly hides his peace offering behind the files on the table, and pretends he’s reading the patient’s charts before Jimin nears where he’s standing. You and Soomin enter the room shortly afterwards. 

    “Just in time!” Namjoon says, adjusting the large frame of his glasses. “Right, as you may already know from the orientation, I’m Kim Namjoon, resident, and specializing in neuro. I’ll be guiding you all throughout admissions and reports this morning while I am waiting for my Chiari decompression scheduled in a few hours.” 

    Namjoon gathers the rest of the surgical interns before proceeding to the wards to do rounds with the group. He partners with the head nurse and another doctor from the night shift, updating the patient’s condition before moving on to the others. 

    As soon as his rounds are done, he leads the group back to the on-call room to brief the interns on using the EMR system to keep a patient’s chart updated at all times. To speed up the charting, he asks everyone to come up in pairs and update the patient records. 

    True to the plan he’d come up with at the spur of the moment, Namjoon and the interns manage to get the job done quicker than expected. With the night shift’s updates already uploaded, the group disperses to carry out the orders and responsibilities.

    Jimin, with his throat parched after having come up and down multiple flights of stairs, decides to return to the on-call room to get something to drink. He breathlessly pages Jungkook about it, telling him he’ll get back to his partner after drinking. 

    He no longer waits for Jungkook’s okay, too thirsty to even think straight. As Jimin goes through his stuff, he realizes he must have forgotten his jug inside your car but having to call you about it would have been too bothersome for you and him both. 

    There’s a water dispenser in the room but there are no cups or mugs free for him to use - and too unsanitary as well. Jimin searches the room in desperation and spots a carton of banana milk just behind some of the patient’s charts. 

    He makes a grab for the small carton, checking if it’s got any owner. There’s none written on the carton and no note stuck to it to indicate that it belongs to someone. He spots Yoongi on his phone just by the other corner of the room and approaches the senior resident. 

    “Excuse me, sunbaenim. Is this yours?” He points to the carton in his hands. Yoongi shakes his head no. “Any name written on it? Some note perhaps?” 

    “I couldn't find any.” 

    “Well, it’s yours then. All food on the table is communal unless it’s otherwise labeled.” Yoongi shrugs his shoulders as he explains, giving Jimin a thumbs up afterwards. 

    “Alright. Thanks sunbaenim.” 

    Throat as dry as the Sahara, Jimin grabs the drink and punches the straw in as quickly as he could before finishing the drink in a few gulps. ‘Thank god for free banana milk.’ He thinks to himself before throwing the packaging away, now more energized than ever.

    © joontier 2021

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  • knamjooned
    31.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ƇӇƛƝƓЄ ƠƑ MƖƝƊ // 《 09. Who Pulled A Namjoon?》 ⇢ story masterlist ⇠

    PART OF THE CHANGES SERIES (best to read in order) ✔️ pairing: ex-idol! jungkook x hacker! private detective! reader ✔️ type: social media au, rare written parts ✔️ genres: strangers to lovers, mysterious disappearance, criminal intent warnings: none (ignore times) (i have screenshots of simulated hacking, it’s only for aesthetic purposes) ❔ summary: when jungkook’s girlfriend breaks up with him out of the blue, she disappears without a trace. determined to save her from whatever happened, he hires you to help find her. however, things are not as simple as he believes. 📇 tag list: < send me an ask or leave a reply here! > @madaboutjeon​ / @starlitemotions

    #bts social media au #jungkook social media au #social media au #bts text au #bts au#jeon jungkook #jungkook x reader #fic: change of mind
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  • ao3feed-vmin
    31.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Pomegranates and Cream

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/2WEVOwK

    by vminkookminv

    Jungkook is the star pupil, and his professors help him discover he can be more than that.

    Words: 5008, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 10 of Gifts

    Fandoms: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Characters: Jeon Jungkook, Kim Taehyung | V, Park Jimin (BTS)

    Relationships: Jeon Jungkook/Kim Taehyung | V, Kim Taehyung | V/Park Jimin, Jeon Jungkook/Kim Taehyung | V/Park Jimin

    Additional Tags: Sub Jeon Jungkook, Dom Kim Taehyung | V, Power Bottom Kim Taehyung | V, Dom Park Jimin (BTS), Top Park Jimin (BTS), Aged-Up Character(s), vmin are in their 30s, University Student Jeon Jungkook, Teacher-Student Relationship, Power Imbalance, Humiliation, Degradation, Corruption, innocence kink, Muscle Kink, Spit Kink, Nipple Play, Cockstepping, Rimming, Sensitive Jeon Jungkook, Mean Park Jimin (BTS), Jealousy, Crying, Dacryphilia, Overstimulation, Comeplay, Wet & Messy, Creampie, Come Swallowing, jungkook is a cumrag, im so sorry for making you a cumrag jungkook, Embarrassed Jeon Jungkook, mild dubcon vibes but everything is consensual and pre-negotiated, Groping, Spanking, Face-Sitting

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/2WEVOwK

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  • ao3feed-vmin
    31.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Is A Kiss An Act Of War

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3zRS7SA

    by imhereforvmin

    Just a cute trainee vmin drabble. It was inspired by the final scene of ep 2 of Young Royals. I just had to think of vmin...but hey, that's me.

    (Title: inspired by the song Would You Come Home (Roswell, New Mexico))

    Words: 1203, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Kim Taehyung | V, Park Jimin (BTS)

    Relationships: Kim Taehyung | V/Park Jimin

    Additional Tags: Alternate Canon, Trainee Kim Taehyung | V, Trainee Park Jimin (BTS), Falling In Love, Kim Taehyung | V & Park Jimin are Best Friends, First Kiss, Boys Kissing, Teenagers, no beta we die like men

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3zRS7SA

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  • go1denjeon
    31.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Code of Conduct

    Eight (4.1k) 

    summary: jeon jungkook lived by a certain code: never associate yourself with the mins but when he set his eyes on you, he may just have to break it.
    pairing: mafia!jungkook x fem!reader
    disclaimer: this story will be dark in general. as this is set in the mafia au, please expect a lot of obscene language, murder, blood, use of illegal drugs, prostitution and others that will be put as trigger warnings. sublime yandere is present here too. i do not condone the disturbing behaviors in this fic and this does not reflect the members of bts in any shape or form nor do i claim that this is an accurate depiction of the mafia.

    She held him so tight that he was close to suffocating and his polo was drenched in her tears as she sobbed her heart out but he didn’t dare push her away. Instead, Jungkook held her just as tight and placed soft kisses on top of her head. They were lying down on his king-sized bed as though it was a twin-sized one with the way their bodies molded into one. Jungkook felt something stirring within him, something that was growling with excitement as she continued to press her body closely against him even though it was humanly impossible to do so.

    “Shh, baby, it’s alright. You’re safe now. No one’s going to hurt you anymore. I’m here.” Jungkook whispered to her, rubbing her arm soothingly.

    She lifted her from his chest for the first time since they laid down on his mattress. Her face was covered in tears, strands of her hair sticking against it. Jungkook wiped her tears and hair away. Their gazes met and both were just as intense as the other. He knew she wanted to say something but with the way her lips trembled—he also knew she wasn’t going to be able to say it. He held her face. “You don’t need to say anything, baby. Just cry it out. I’ll be here. I’m not going anywhere.” She shut her eyes, a fresh set of tears streaming down her face. “Go to sleep. Rest and forget everything for a while.”

    When he was certain that she had fallen asleep, Jungkook carefully slid off the bed and tucked her in with his duvet before making his way out of his room where he immediately spotted his caporegime standing outside, leaning against the wall. “My office.” He said, shutting the door behind him as gentle as he could.

    Taehyung nodded as he followed the boss to his office. “Don, there is something that you should know.”

    “If it isn’t important then I don’t want to hear it.” Jungkook replied.

    “Min Yoongi tried to kill himself,” Taehyung said, which caused the Don to halt in his tracks. Jungkook clenched his jaw as he turned to face his caporegime. Taehyung lowered his gaze, pressing his lips into a thin line before speaking again. “He slit his own throat and was rushed to the emergency room. He’s being operated on as of the moment. Our sources say he’s unlikely to survive.”

    “How unlikely?” Jungkook stepped closer to Taehyung, his eyes darkening.

    “I’m not sure, boss. But it is very unlikely.”

    “So, it’s not 100%. He can still survive. Is that what you’re trying to say?” He raised an eyebrow, chest rising heavily. “Where is Kim Seokjin?”

    “He remained at the estate.” Taehyung answered, meeting the boss’s hardened gaze. “One of their soldiers, Im Changkyun, was the one who took Don Min at the hospital.”

    Something flickered inside Jungkook. He took a deep breath, calming himself as he didn’t want to blow up and risk waking Y/N up. Rubbing his face, he walked closer to the caporegime and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Go to the Min estate and bring Seokjin at the farm house. Do it alone.”


    “I’m not going to repeat myself. Do as I say. Keep him there until I arrive.” Jungkook squeezed Taehyung’s shoulder. “Do you understand?”

    The capo nodded. “I understand, boss.”

    “Good. Now go and get my car ready before you leave.”

    Once Taehyung left, Jungkook made his way to Joohyun’s room. As usual, she was still up and studying. However, when she saw him standing by her doorway, her eyes widened and immediately bowed at him. “Don Jeon, is there something I can help you with?”

    “Yes. In the morning, if I’m not yet back, go to my room and assist Y/N. Make sure she takes a shower and eats her breakfast.” Jungkook instructed.

    The young woman nodded. “Yes, Don Jeon.”

    “Very well. Go on, Joohyun.” He left her room before she could reply then made his way downstairs and out of the castle-like structure then towards his luxury car parked outside.

    He checked the text message on his phone before he started the engine. Jungkook could have easily killed those two bastards back at the hotel room but Y/N was there. He didn’t want her to see that side of him because he knew that if she did—there would be no way that she’d completely surrender herself to him. She’s much more of a Min than you think, Seokjin’s voice echoed in his mind. And she really was—because even though it was him that was beside her as she fell asleep, it was still Yoongi’s name that she uttered and not his. The person who saved her.

    Jungkook was enraged. He wanted her—mind, body, soul—and he wouldn’t settle for anything less.

    He stepped on the gas, his engine screaming in the dead of the night.

    Jeon Jungkook’s eyes were as dark as the midnight sky above. His blood was boiling in excitement as he pictured the dead bodies of those two bastards who had tried to taint Y/N, his Y/N. He hadn’t killed someone, let alone two, in a long while and the adrenaline that came with it was coursing through his veins. He was going to make sure they die a painful death—then, he’ll make sure Min Yoongi and Kim Seokjin were next.

    The first thing you felt when you woke up was thirst followed by the intense throbbing of your head which caused a groan to escape from your lips and for you to clutch your head. For a moment, you were confused as to where you were—unfamiliar with the surroundings of the large room that you were in. However, the memories from last night quickly came rushing back and your heart twisted at the sudden arrival of reality. 

    Truth to be told, you wanted to hate Min Yoongi. You wanted to hate him for being such a hypocrite because he, too, had associated himself with a Jeon—if what Jimin said was really true. You wanted to hate him because how could he not give you a chance to explain yourself. You wanted to hate him because why couldn’t he just have you killed like he ordered for Jieun and Jimin. Why did he have to show just how ruthless he became and threw you in a prostitution ring? You wanted to hate your brother but you didn’t have the heart to do so because in some fucked up way—you understood him. 

    He learned that his wife was cheating on him, killed your father and his most trusted caporegime was betraying him—it was enough to make someone snap. You didn’t know if you were going to do the same things if you were in his shoes but then again, Yoongi grew up in the life that you didn’t and the codes were sacred in his life. 

    Suddenly, Joohyun’s voice pulled you away from your thoughts. You tilted your head to the side and saw her standing a few feet away from you with a tray of food in hand along with a paper bag. The scene felt like deja vu. “You’re awake.” She stated as she moved closer to you. “You should eat first and then you can take a shower. I brought you some clothes to change into as well as toiletries.” 

    You wanted to ask her where exactly you were and where was Jungkook but when the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and toast filled your nostrils, you nodded and she placed the tray of food beside you on the bed. “Thank you.” You said with a hoarse voice before grabbing the glass of water and drinking it until it was only half-full. A refreshed sigh left your mouth and then you devoured the food before you. 

    It didn’t take fifteen minutes before you finished your meal. Once more, you thanked Joohyun. “You’re welcome. Do you need help in making it to the bathroom?” 

    You shook your head. “I can do it. Thank you again, Joohyun. Really.” 

    “It’s quite alright. I’m just doing my job.” She replied, taking the tray off of the bed. “Once you’re finished showering and getting dressed, would you like to tour you around the estate?” 

    You gave her a small smile. “I would love that.” 

    She nodded. “Alright. I’ll take this back to the kitchen. The bathroom is that door. Everything you need is in this paper bag. If you need anything else, there’s a phone inside.” 

    “Why is there a phone inside the bathroom?” You found yourself asking. 

    Joohyun pressed her lips into a thin line. “It’s for emergency purposes.” 

    This time, you nodded. “Okay. Thanks again, Joohyun. I’ll shower now.” 

    Once Joohyun left the room, you grabbed the paper bag on the mattress before making your way inside the bathroom. It was huge with white and gray marbled walls and countertops, black marbled floors, sink and tub and tucked in the corner was a glassed shower. You looked at yourself in the mirror as you placed the paper bag on the countertop and you could barely recognize yourself. There was no glint in your eyes—the woman staring back at you was nothing but a mere shell of who she used to be. You looked away and proceeded to strip. 

    Once you were completely naked, you turned on the shower and waited for the water to be warm enough before you let your body be soaked by it. The warm water relaxed your tensed body and you ran your fingers through your tangled hair, strands gathering in your hands when you looked at them. The pain in your heart ached once more as you heard Yoongi’s voice saying, “Your stupidity cost me my wife and my son’s mother’s life. You fucking repulse me. I feel dirty for even touching you knowing you gave yourself like a fucking whore to Jeon.” 

    Your body trembled as you remembered more and more of his words. 

    “You’re nothing to me now, Y/N. Not a friend, not a family, not a sister and I don’t want to see your fucking face ever again.”

    You fell on your knees, a fresh set of tears burning your eyes. You still had tears left to cry. 

    “I’m not going to ask where you were last night because I’m choosing to trust you and I’m not going to ask you to keep whatever we talked about in this room to yourself because I’m choosing to trust you but I will ask you this: if I do ask you something in the future, you tell me the truth because I deserve it.” 

    You crawled until your back was pressed against the cold wall and hugged your legs closer to your chest, violent sobs escaping your lips. You remembered his eyes when he said to you, “I can stand everyone else lying to me but not you—not you, Y/N.”

    “I’m sorry, Yoongi.” You cried out, burying your face in your hands. 

    Jungkook entered the farmhouse, immediately seeing Taehyung with the bruised and beaten consigliere looking so terrified. “I’m going to cut to the chase, consigliere. Why did your Don try to kill himself?” 

    His eyes shook. “I-I don’t know. H-He just...” The consigliere trailed off, breathing heavily. “There was so much blood...” 

    “I don’t fucking care how much he bled. I’m asking you why the fuck he tried to kill himself.” Jungkook spat, grabbing Seokjin by his collar. “Answer me.” 

    “I swear, I don’t know. He just did. I swear I’m not lying.” Seokjin said, meeting Jungkook’s raging gaze. “I swear on my life.” 

    The Don threw him on the ground. “Why didn’t you go to the hospital with him then? You’re his consigliere. You should be with him at all times. Why weren’t you there when he was being transported to the hospital? What the fuck were you up to?” 

    Seokjin pushed himself off of the ground but Jungkook pushed him back with his foot. The consigliere groaned in pain. He shook his head. “I-I was shocked. I-I didn’t know that—that he was going to do what he did and I was shocked. I didn’t do anything, I swear. Ask your capo—I was just at the estate!” 

    Jungkook glanced at Taehyung who nodded. He narrowed his gaze at him. “I swear on my life he was just at the estate. He was in the bathroom, curled up.” 

    “If I found out you’re lying.” Jungkook warned Taehyung before placing his attention back on the consigliere. “Who is the acting Don of the Min family?” 

    “I am,” Seokjin said through gritted teeth. “We follow the hierarchy but since Minhyuck is still a child—I am next in line.” 

    Jungkook scoffed, raising his pierced eyebrow. He lowered himself and grabbed Seokjin by his hair, making the consigliere look at him. “I do not like being crossed, consigliere. Suicide by cutting someone’s throat is very rare. How am I supposed to believe that you just didn’t attempt to murder him or had someone do your dirty work for you again?” 

    “I would never cross you,” Seokjin breathed out. “I would never. I didn’t kill Yoongi. I ordered nobody to kill Yoongi.” 

    He tightened his grip on his hair. “Remember what you promised me, consigliere. If I find out that you are lying to me even with the smallest details, I will not hesitate to kill you.” 

    “I promise.” Seokjin replied in a hurry. 

    Jungkook let go of his hair harshly. He stood back up. “Should Min Yoongi show any signs of living, I want you to kill him. You and not anyone else’s. That is your punishment for what you did to Y/N.” 

    Seokjin’s swollen eyes widened. “W-What?” 

    The Don smirked. “You told me once that it takes losing everything they have to accept someone ready to give them everything they need. That as long as Yoongi is alive, Y/N and the Min empire can never truly be mine. Prove your loyalty to me by killing your Don and I will spare you your life.” 

    It felt like deja vu when you saw him standing by the doorway of the grand library of the Jeons, only this time neither of you were wearing a fancy dress or suit and when your gaze met his—there wasn’t any fear of being seen alone with a Jeon. Instead, a small smile formed on your face as you shut the book you were reading and rose from the couch you were seated on. Jungkook started to walk towards you. He was dressed in a pair of black shorts, a simple white t-shirt and a pair of black sandals.

    “I see you’ve found the library.” He said once he was nearer to you. 

    “Well, Joohyun showed me around.” You replied, biting the inside of your lower lip. 

    “Do you like it?” He asked, moving around the couch that separated the two of you. 

    You nodded, swallowing the lump in your throat. “I do,” You said before taking a deep breath. Jungkook stood across from you, the rectangular coffee table serving as the divide between you two. “Jeon—I mean Jungkook, I just wanna say thank you for saving me back there. I—I don’t know what would’ve happened if you didn’t come.” 

    He shook his head. “It’s—Don’t thank me, Y/N. It’s my fault that you were put in that position.” 

    There was something different in the way that he stared at you. He looked remorseful. 

    You furrowed your eyebrows. “Jungkook...” 

    He sucked in a sharp breath. “If I hadn’t—If I hadn’t let my emotions get to me when it came to you, you would’ve been living your life peacefully abroad right now. Nothing I say or do will excuse the atrocities I’ve done to you but I—I really want to apologize for them, Y/N. You didn’t deserve any of them. You don’t deserve any of them.” 

    Your heart was beating so loud and so fast against your chest that you feared it might jump out. Jungkook’s face was contorted in shame. He continued to speak. “When I first saw you, I just wanted to corrupt you. You were a Min, someone that your family kept hidden from this life and you were untainted by it. I hated your family with a burning passion and I wanted to ruin you. So when I got the opportunity to do so, I grabbed it—not knowing that in the end, I’m the one who’s going to suffer.” 

    He ran his fingers through his wet hair. “You—You ignited something in me that I had not felt before. When I finally got you, this overwhelming feeling took over me and I didn’t want to let you go. I wanted all of you so I did what I did, hoping that one day you’ll be able to reciprocate my feelings but I was wrong.” 

    His jaw clenched as he shut his eyes and shook his head. “I was so wrong. That’s why when you told me that you were repulsed by me—it snapped me out of this fucked up fantasy in my mind and I knew then that I had to let you go so I did. But then all of that happened and I just—fuck, Y/N, I’m just so sorry.” 

    A year ago, if someone had told you that you would be seeing a Jeon on their knees and exposing their vulnerability towards you—you would’ve simply ignored them and gone on with your life because even the mere idea of a Jeon doing something like that to you was absurd. 

    Yet here you were, mouth parted in shock as Jungkook’s body shook due to his violent sobs. Instinctively, you went over to him and sat down on the coffee table behind you as you placed your hands on his shoulders. “Hey, hey, shh, it’s okay. It’s okay.” You soothed, rubbing his arm as your other hand wiped away his tears. Your heart clenched at the sight. It reminded you so much of Yoongi. Tears were building up in your eyes but you blinked them away. 

    Pulling him closer to you by his neck, Jungkook wrapped his arm around your waist and buried his face into the crook of your neck. His hair smelled like watermelon. You held him close and he held you tight as though he was afraid that you would slip away. 

    The both of you stayed that way for a while and when Jungkook finally calmed down, he pulled away, his hands resting on your waist. “If—If you don’t want to stay here, I understand. I can—,” He swallowed the lump in his throat. “I can arrange for you to go back abroad and I swear I’ll never bother you again.” 

    Wiping away the tears from his face, you gave him a small smile as you stared deeply into his doe eyes. You always thought that they were jet black but now that you were really looking into them—his eyes were more of a dark brown. It didn’t hold anything but determination to uphold his promise. 

    Did you want to leave? Did you want to start over and forget everything? Leave it all behind? It was funny how life worked. You never imagined even in your wildest dreams that the person who would offer you the chance at a new life—a life where there were no violence, murder, infidelity, betrayal—would be the very person that you were taught to hate and never associate with. 

    As you stared into Jeon Jungkook’s eyes, you found your answer. You nodded. “I would appreciate that very much, Jungkook.” 

    He nodded, sniffing. “I’ll—I’ll have it arranged.” 

    “But Jungkook, I—,” You bit your lower lip. “I wouldn’t mind your presence in my new life.” 

    Growing up, they were always taught that crying was a sign of weakness, of vulnerability, of being a failure and those were the things that a Jeon should not have. If he cried, he remembered being told to kneel on a bilao of salt while balancing several books on his hands. If a book fell, then his father would spank him with a wooden paddle. 

    A particular memory came to mind as he stared at his reflection in the mirror—eyes swollen and red, cheeks puffy and the tip of his nose red as well.

    He remembered crying because he got scared of the thunder and rushed to his parents’ room where he witnessed something a little child should never witness. They were having sex—and it wasn’t particularly the vanilla type. His father got so mad that he was punished by the said act of kneeling down on a bilao of salt and balancing several books in hand. He was just a kid then and just wanted the warmth of his mother’s arms and chest to safeguard him against the raging thunderstorm outside. 

    He has never cried since then. 

    A scoff escaped his lips as he splashed his face with cold water for the fifth time. He wondered if he was an actor in his past life. With the way Y/N looked at him, he was sure that she believed his little act. It was amusing to him—how people like her still existed. Someone that was pure and believed in the goodness of people above everything else. 

    It only made him want her more. 

    Grabbing the face towel, he wiped his face before hanging it back on the railing screwed against the wall before making his way out of the bathroom where immediately, he saw her leaning against the railing of the balcony. He made his way towards her and settled on her side, placing his hands on the railing while she looked up and flashed him a smile. 

    Jungkook never knew beauty until he saw her. He smiled back at her but the gesture was so foreign that it ached his cheeks. “What are you doing out here?” 

    “Just thinking,” She replied. “You’ve got a beautiful land, Jungkook.” 

    “I suppose so. I can show you the entirety of it, if you want.” He offered. 

    “It reminds me so much of home.” Y/N may be there physically but with her tone and the way her eyelids dropped, Jungkook knew her mind was elsewhere. He composed himself. “The vast land, the lake, the quietness and stillness of everything—it reminds me so much of home.” 

    "Don’t you feel angry at your brother, for what he did to you? Sending you to that place?” Jungkook asked as calmly as he could. 

    “I want to,” She replied. “But I can’t bring myself to.” 

    “Why? Y/N, what he did was so fucked up.” Jungkook knew he would’ve done the same thing if he was in Yoongi’s shoes but she didn’t have to know that. In her eyes, he was a remorseful man with a deep regret for the things he did in the past.

    “I know but,” She faced him, hand placed on the railing. “He’s my brother, you know? And with everything that he learned about Jieun and Jimin and me lying to him—in a fucked up way, I understand him. He had no choice but to do what he did—to me, to Jieun, to Jimin. Maybe one day I’ll see him again and we can talk, he’ll finally listen to me and he’ll understand that when I met you that night; it was never because I wanted to sell him out or betray him. Because I could and would never do that to him. He’s my family through thick and thin.” 

    He was boiling with anger inside but on the outside, he was nodding as if in agreement to what Y/N had just confessed. 

    “Speaking of brothers, Joohyun had let it slip that your brother had died. I’m sorry for your loss, Jungkook.” He felt her warm hand on top of his and he stiffened. Not because of the touch but at the sudden mention of Namjoon. “You’re the Don now, correct?” 

    Jungkook nodded, not trusting his voice. His throat swelled. 

    “Can you promise me something, Jungkook?” 

    He faced her, clearing his throat. “What is it?” 

    “Now that you’re the Don, can you promise that you’ll always put your family first before the life? My dad, I remember him saying one time that a man can never truly be a man if he doesn’t spend time with his family. I think he also meant it in this way: a man can never truly be a man if he does not put great value to his family.” Y/N squeezed his hand and stared up into his eyes. “I’ve seen the way this life corrupts families, Jungkook, and I don’t want to see it with you. So, please, promise me this.” 

    He knew the words that left his lips carried no weight but seeing her soft gaze on him and her wrapping her arms around his torso, he knew he would say it again and again. “I promise, Y/N.” 

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    after hours | jjk

    pairing | jungkook x reader genre | establishedrelationship!au , idol!au warnings | none <3 wc | 400 words notes | inspired by that jungkook live, sorry if this seems weird i just needed it 😩

    send in your thoughts and/or leave feedback! love y’all <3

    You’re almost asleep by the time Jungkook quietly enters the room, the digital clock showing that it was 1 a.m at night. He silently pads throughout the room, entering the washroom for a few minutes as he does his skincare routine before going to bed.

    Jungkook comes out, and his body heat envelopes yours as he loops one arm around your waist gently. He makes sure that you don’t wake up but you surprise him by turning around to face him, eyes open as his own widen a bit.

    “You’re awake?” He murmurs lowly, fingers gently caressing the bit of your waist that was exposed. Nodding, you shuffle closer to him and rest your head on his chest- your usual sleeping position.

    “You were live?” You ask, although you had been watching his Vlive as well, “Yeah, wanted to talk to our fans and give ‘em some performances. It feels terrible to not be able to perform.” You rub your palm soothingly on his chest, contemplating telling him what was on your mind.

    “You looked hot.”

    “What?!” Jungkook’s voice comes out higher than usual, breath pausing as he processes your words. It was so like you to drop a random bomb on him at any given time or moment, but he’d learnt to appreciate it and dare he say- was quite fond of it.

    You smile innocently, because you know he’s shocked to see you commenting on how he looked in the stream. Especially when the both of you knew exactly what he intended on doing by wearing those see-through pajamas for his live.

    “T-Thanks..” He trails off, gaze not meeting yours and you bask in the feeling of Jungkook getting flustered. You tease him further, just because it’s amusing to see him embarrassed when the dynamic is usually the opposite between the two of you.

    “The fans really liked it.” Your hand slips beneath his loose nightshirt, gliding over his chest and feeling the rock-hard muscles tense under your touch.

    “Okay, that’s it. Go to sleep, we’re both tired.” He shuts you up, one short peck landing on your lips. It’s not as intense as you’d like it to be but it’s lovely nonetheless. You’re just about to drift off into dreamland when one last evil thought crosses your mind.

    “Your chest tattoos were visible through the shirt, by the way.”

    Jungkook doesn’t sleep that night.

    © intokook | absolutely no reposts/modifications/translations of works tolerated.

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    Waking Up In Vegas | KTH | 31

    Summary, Warnings, & Chapter List

    Cynara opened her eyes and smiled before kissing TaeHyung on the cheek. He looked up from his phone and held it up for her, displaying a news broadcast from Seoul.

    He cleared his throat before speaking, reading the English version that was translated online. “Big Hit Music and HYBE Entertainment have announced that BTS’ V will be taking a hiatus from all activities following his marriage to US Heiress Cynara Whitney. The newlyweds plan to travel the world to celebrate their nuptials before returning to South Korea for a traditional ceremony with family. Representatives of both request that fans respect their privacy during this blissful time,” he nodded.

    “Wow. That’s… wow.”

    “So far, ARMY has been awesome. They’ve made our picture with the dogs a meme,” he laughed as he showed her.

    “We’re a meme. We’re famous,” she laughed. “Awwww… I miss Tannie.”

    “I think she misses him, too,” he looked down at Bijou, who was sighing dramatically between them.

    “My poor baby,” she scratched her head. “I thought she’d be better after seeing you, but she’s still sad.”

    He felt her nose and lifted his finger so she’d lick him, and checked the color of her tongue. “She looks okay.”

    “Can we bring her with us today?”

    “Of course,” he scratched behind her ears.

    “So… are you going to tell me today what we’re doing?”

    “I don’t know.”


    “Our parents are planning it.”

    She watched him for a moment. “It makes them happy and keeps them busy.”

    “Yes,” he touched the end of her nose. “And with them busy, I can do more of this…” he kissed her.

    “You’re a genius,” she ran her fingertips down his chest.

    The tiny whimper between them stopped them as they both looked down at the pleading brown eyes.

    “My poor muffin,” Cynara pulled her into her arms and hugged her tight. “Would you like to go for a walk?”

    “Did she eat well last night?”

    “No,” she sighed. “Can we FaceTime Tannie?”

    “It’s… three in the morning right now…”

    “Who has him?”

    “He’s at the dorm,” he began texting on his phone. “My brother and sister have school.”

    “I don’t want to wake anyone.”

    “No one’s asleep,” he smirked playfully as his phone buzzed. “See? Jimin-ie has him.”

    She chewed on her lip as he dialed the phone and waited. Up popped a live video of Jimin and Yeontan waving at them.

    “Le voilá, ma chère,” Cynara cooed as she stroked the dog’s fur.

    “There’s BiBi,” Jimin did the same for Yeontan. “He’s been lying around, it’s pitiful.”

    Both dogs began to sniff at the phones and bark at one another.

    “Maybe I should have stolen him,” Cynara pouted.

    “You can’t steal your own stepson,” Jimin spoke in Korean, causing TaeHyung to laugh.

    They continued to talk for a half an hour or so before Jimin began to yawn. They gave their goodbyes and rang off before TaeHyung ran into the kitchen to retrieve a handful of treats. He nearly dove onto the bed as he held one out for Bijou and waited.

    She slowly sniffed at the tiny piece of dried liver before taking it.

    Cynara sighed before flashing her eyes at him. “She’s heartbroken.”

    “We’ll be home in a few weeks. She’ll be fine,” he reassured her.

    She nodded her head as they both watched her eat.

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    take me out (we're going down) jungkook/yoongi, PG-13, 20202 words. There are a lot of things that Jungkook expected from his junior year of college. General stress. Student debt. He did not expect to be hit by a car. It’s going well.

    #bts fic rec #I love this so much #I don't know why #soft fluffy bois #soft fluffy feels
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