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    21.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Heart- Shot: 6

    In which you start to learn what emotions can do to your better judgment. Or alternatively:
    Park Jimin makes you very confused with his actions.

    Tags/warnings: Inspired by Cyberpunk 2077, Fixer Kim Seokjin, Ex Corpo Jung Hoseok, Android Taehyung, Android Reader, Android Jimin, Mentions of Prostitution, Illegal activity, drugs and drug usage, Discussion of Past Abuse, Night city, min holly, yes that is a warning, Body modifications, graphic description of violence, Blood, Murder, Ripper doc!Yoongi, Ripper Doc!Seokjin, Ex Nomad!Jungkook, Oppression, Minor Character Death, Guns, Graphic Description of Corpses, social anxiety/phobia, panic attacs, ah yes I'm back at it again aren't I, Smut, because of course, protected intercourse you know me, MTBA

    You hope Yoongis informations about Jimin's whereabouts were correct.

    The megabuilding Yoongi had told you he lived in seemed a little far away- but you couldn't just give his gun to anyone else, after all he'd been very clear about the fact that he gave it to you specifically. You had kept it safely on your bedside table at night, trying not to imagine it having ever been used. You're unsure still what kind of person he really was- but you simply started to catch you wishing he hopefully was a good one.

    And then you spot his pink hair, his form sitting OK the ground as someone kicks after him. You don't want to get yourself involved, panic rising in your throat as you grow ashamed of the fact that all you can do was watch the scene unfold- but then, there's a gun drawn, pointed to his head, and all your strength finds his gun, as you point it at the guy who's holding his own at what you consider a friend. Jimin's eyes at first sparkle mischievously, before they meet yours, realizing who the person was shakily holding his gun. He seems almost worried about it, you think, as the stranger laughs. "Oh come on now, you're all supposed to be good for sticking dick in it, why are yall acting up these days?" The guy laughs, before he turns fully towards you- his gun still pointed at Jimin on the ground. "Fucking safety is still on I bet." He says-

    And at that, your shaky hand pulls the gun's top slide back, successfully readying it for whatever you might had to do. Jimin on the ground can't take his eyes off of you in that moment; not even Yoongi had ever done something like that for him. You were basically untainted considering your second chance in life- putting that on the line for him, who you'd just met.

    He couldn't help but think you looked strangely pretty, with the streetlights around reflecting off the slight rain on your skin, hands a bit shaky, but your eyes determined, no matter how shiny they were from your own panic. Growing up he's never had anyone stand up for him, always fighting his fights by himself.

    To imagine that you were the one protecting him now. Fucktoys really were acting up, weren't they?

    "You're not gonna shoot-" the guy chuckles, as you put your finger on the trigger, hammer of the gun moving a little.

    "Try me." You say, voice strangely steady as the guy lifts up his hand and gun, not seeming to want to risk a gunshot this evening it seemed, before he kicks Jimin for good measure, leaving for good.

    It's quiet for a moment between you two- the severity of it all slowly settling in as Jimin stands up- visibly uncaring of you still holding the gun, as his hands feel cool ontop of yours. "Do you need to shoot it?"He asks, genuinely wondering, but you shake your head, eyes suddenly tearing up as you let him lower the gun for you, taking it out of your hands and effortlessly unloading it, putting the safety back on before he places it into the pocket of his jeans, letting you hug him for a second.

    "I almost really shot him." You mumble against his chest, and he nods.

    "Was kinda hot, not gonna lie." He chuckles, trying to lift the mood. "What're you doing here anyways?" He asks, still holding you a little, before you pull away, wiping your tears in adorable embarrassment.

    "Yoongi said you lived here." You point to the megabuilding close by. "I wanted to give it back to you." You say, nodding towards his gun.

    "Cute." He mumbles. "Thank you then. Appreciate you taking care of it." He says with a playful wink, before he dusts his pants off, hissing a bit as he feels bruises already forming. "Let me take you home." He says, but you shake your head.

    "I can find my way back Jimin, thank you." You say, but he denies determined.

    "If you don't want me to take you, come up for a hot minute and wait for someone to pick you up. I'm not letting you walk across town alone like that." He says, and you nod after a moment, letting him lead you towards the elevators.

    He looks a bit different from the last time you've seen him; casual shirt and ripped jeans in black, his sparkly jacket missing completely as you hold onto his shirt in that case as to not get lost. People looking at you occasionally or staring make you squeeze to his side a bit closer, until you run into his back as he stood in the elevator with you. But instead of seeming annoyed by it, he simply chuckles, before pressing the right Level on the pad, watching as you both get lifted to one of the highest levels of the building. He's strangely quiet, and you're unsure if you've done something to maybe upset him.

    Inside his apartment, he closes the door behind you and traps you against the steel door with a predatory gaze. "Jimin?" You ask, as he leans down.

    "Never let anyone bring you in a situation like this." He says, and you're confused for a second about the change of character in him. "I could do whatever I want not, no?" He wonders. "Wouldn't even get a slap on the wrist by NCPD for it, considering you're still a lovetoy at the end of the day." He explains, lips only a breath away from yours. "You were made for this. They don't care how people use you." He almost grits out.

    "But you won't." You say, and his eyes widen as he freezes in place.


    "You won't." You repeat, looking at him with no panic whatsoever. "You would've done it already if you intended to do so. You want to scare me and teach me a lesson I already know." You say, and Jimin simply laughs suddenly, playful persona returning as he rests his forehead on your shoulder for a moment before parting from you.

    "Good. Want something to eat?" He asks, as he walks into his kitchen, giving you freedom to explore if you wanted to.

    "I'm fine, thank you." You say, as you stand in the middle of the room, observing everything. "You're a Lovetoy as well." You say out, and Jimin's movements stutter for a second as he almost spills hot water past the noodlecup he's filling over the sink, before he composes himself and answers.

    "Yup. Former, just like you." He explains, as he sets everything down, his back still facing you. "Though I don't have the luxury of a wiped memory like you." Heumbles, before he stirs the still hard little block of instant food in his cup. "Did Yoongi tell you?" He wonders, and you shrug.

    "No." You say. "I came to the conclusion on my own." You say  and he nods, before he turns around and oops at you.

    "Smart cookie." He simply comments, before he brings the food up to his lips, starting to eat.

    "Do you bring a lot of woman in here?" You ask out loud, and Jimin chokes on his food at your forwarders, laughing as he coughs.

    "I- what?" He laughs, pitting his cup to the side while holding his stomach from laughter. "Jesus give a man a warning!" He chuckles, before composing himself. "Actuakly no. You're the first visitor ever since I moved in a couple of years ago." He admits, and you nod.

    "I just wondered.", you said. "From what I've learned lovetoys have a hard time settling down again after quitting their former profession. But I can't relate, since I don't remember having sex." You say, though your voice falters a bit at the end.

    "Hm, not actively, but the memories are still in your bones baby." He hums out as he watches your body language.

    "Jungkook has put a lot of effort into me." You suddenly say, looking out the window. "Yesterday he walked out of the shower with only a towel covering him and my thoughts became very much inappropriate. I feel bad about it." You say. "I shouldn't think of him like that." You say, and Jimin shrugs.

    "Can't really blame you, he's a looker." He comments. "But if it's only sex you're craving, I'm sure something can be arranged." He says, and you shake your head.

    "I don't want to contribute to the same industry me and you came from."You say.

    "I know." He says. "I meant me." He says, and your eyes widen as you look at him still leaning against his kitchen counter.

    "But you just said-" You start, and he lifts his shoulders before letting them fall back down, face unreadable.

    "And I was honest. For me, sex doesn't have meaning anymore. It's an activity, nothing else." He says, and you seem confused.

    "Jungkook however said it should be done between people who are strongly emotionally connected, like love." You say, and jimin laughs.

    "Yeah, that sounds like him." He says. "He's always had a little utopian thoughts on the world."

    "I like the idea of that though." You say, as you sit down on his sofa, making him walk over to you as he sits down next to you.

    "I know." He simply answers, and you can see something swim in his eyes that you can't quite place. It looked like he was sorry for you- and you didn't like that look on him. "How about you fall in love with him then?" He asks, and your eyes widen.

    "Well, how do you do that?" You ask. "I don't know how to fall in love, I don't even know how to tell if I like someone like that."

    "Well," He starts, "that's easy. Look at me for example." He says confidently, turning towards you. "What do you feel when you look at me?" He asks, trying to help you understand the difference between someone you know and someone you like and could possibly fall in love with.

    You answers however, catch him genuinely off guard. "Warm. Comfortable." You say. "A bit nervous, but not in a bad way. My pulse is a bit quicker when you're close." You say, about about on as he suddenly gets up, and you don't know if you've made him uncomfortable with what you've said. But he asked?

    "Lets call Yoongi so someone picks you up. It's getting late." He simply says, grabbing his phone in the kitchen, and leaving you confused on his couch.

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    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    back-burner | 10

    two broken hearts

    PAIRING. min yoongi x reader

    GENRE. sister's best friend!au, best friend to lovers!au, frenemies2lovers!au, angst, *slow burn*, eventual smut, eventual fuff

    WARNINGS. angst, explosive fights, lots of crying, new revelations that break hearts, implications of poor mental health

    WORDS. 6.4k

    back-burner masterlist | previous chapter | next chapter

    You couldn’t keep your promises, you realised as you take a brief glance at your wall clock. It’s nearly two a.m. and your eyes are strained with the number of hours you spent in front of your laptop screen. But you suppose that what Jungkook and Yoongi don’t know, won’t hurt them. You were feeling fine, a little drowsy—but more accomplished than anything as you stare at the final draft of the proposal stare back at you when you stare down.

    It’s a little rougher than you’d like, but you’d take it. It was months of hard work and persevering, even dealing with overly compassionate friends who wanted you to take a break, so you were relieved that the bulk of it was done. You could think about editing it tomorrow.

    You stretch your limbs, craning your neck as you wince at the loud pop it makes. Your cup is empty, and your dining table is strewn with documents and papers like you were back in university. The visual almost makes you smile, the fond memories of pulling all-nighters for assignments and essays returning to your mind.

    Then you remember how much you hated what you were studying, and how philosophy was never your thing—but Haerin’s.

    You shake your head, standing up and closing your laptop as you approach the kitchen.

    But your relatively quiet night (morning), gets disrupted with a rapt knock on your door.

    Now, you freeze.

    You rarely ever had visitors, and even if you did—they came over at socially acceptable hours, not at demon time. You think the worst for a split second, prepared to grab a knife to defend yourself in case the person behind your door decides that they were too impatient to wait for your greeting and break it down instead.

    But you were tired, and lest you don’t necessarily make the best decisions when you were drowsy, so you head to your door, weaponless as you decide to take the risk by piquing your curiousity and opening your door.

    Your guest surprises you more than an intruder.


    “Hi,” she says meekly. She’s dressed in a hoodie and sweatpants, more unkempt than you’ve seen her in a long while. “Can I come in?”

    You falter, eyes blinking as she nervously rocks on her heel. Only when your eyes refocus onto the figure before you, which was your sister, do you step aside to allow her entry to your apartment.

    “Sure, I mean …” you gesture her in as she mumbles a soft thank you under her breath. You’re sleep-deprived and confused. “Is everything all right?”

    “I had nowhere else to go,” she murmurs, plopping onto your couch as you shut the door behind you.

    You weren’t sure if you were hallucinating because of sleep deprivation, but you were still extremely confused. The tone which Haerin takes is one you’ve never heard her adopt before, making you even more perplexed and worried, especially when she pointedly ignores your question for her vague responses.

    “Are you okay? Do you need me to call someone—?”

    Haerin looks up, and you’re alarmed to see her red-rimmed eyes and sunken dark circles. “Did you know I was scrolling through my contacts and I realised I had no one to call? No one that I could reach out to?”

    “Haerin, you’re scaring me,” you say with a frown as you take a seat next to her. Her eyes are … empty, and it terrifies you because Haerin’s always smiling. She was the bubbly sibling, the one that lifted moods with her presence. The person before you is a reflection of the person you thought you were. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

    You repeat your question because she doesn’t seem to be responding to it, but Haerin’s eyes drop to her lap as she fiddles with her thumbs.

    “I’m sorry. I just—I had no one else I knew that I could go to and you were—”

    “Haerin,” you say curtly.

    Her face darts up, and her eyes are wide. She looks so vulnerable that your heart aches for her. If anyone were to see the two of you, it’d look like she was the younger sister and not you, especially with the way she hunches herself into a shell you never thought she had.

    “What happened?” you ask softly.

    The tears in her eyes are what alarms you even further.

    “We broke up.”

    You take a second, no two; to process her words, and the way that her lip begins to wobble after the words have settled into the air. Your brain attempts to rationalise her statement, recalling the context of her words as your mouth falls open.

    They broke up.

    “Oh my God,” you say breathlessly, and you have no idea what to think or say. You wanted to be selfish but Haerin looked distraught, and you couldn’t be that person. Not when she was here, vulnerable and open. “Are you okay?”

    You repeat your question, again, because you had no idea what to say or do.

    Her reaction slightly frightens you, but you keep your composure.

    “We broke up,” she repeats with a tight laugh as all you can do is stare at her. “Were we even together?”

    “Haerin …” you say quietly, reaching out to grab her hand in a manner that was so uncharacteristic for the both of you that she seems to jump at the contact. But the lifelessness in her eyes only causes you to encase her smaller palms with your own. “I know it must hurt—”

    “Is this what I’m feeling?” she asks, “I don’t know how I feel and I’m so—I’m so scared.”

    She sounds so distant, and you can’t imagine the thoughts or feelings that run through her mind. You’re too preoccupied with the fact that Haerin is in front of you, confiding you when your dynamics were never like that.

    So, you bring her into your arms, the only way you know how to for the time being. It felt awkward and slightly stiff when her chin meets your shoulder, but you pat her back softly in an attempt to comfort her in a way you know your words can’t.

    “I thought …” she says shakily, “I thought it was the right choice. That we were going to work out. I mean, we were friends basically our entire teenage to adult life. And … it just—”

    She pulls away, eyes wide when she looks at you as if you had answers.

    “Why didn’t it work out?”

    You say the first thing that comes to your mind.

    “Sometimes, it’s easy to conflate platonic love and romantic love.”

    Her eyes drop to her lap once more as you squeeze her shoulders.

    “Did I?” she asks quietly.


    Haerin looks up, and she looks visibly deflated as if she had failed herself. You wonder if this was her first failure, in life. One that didn’t necessarily constitute her intellect, but represented her emotional connections with people that weren’t theoretical studies in the philosophy books she loves.

    “Did I get it confused?”

    “I don’t know,” you reply honestly. Then, feeling like a horrible confidant, you continue, “I’m sorry.”

    She laughs softly, shaking her head. “You don’t need to apologise. I just—I don’t know. I don’t know how to feel.”

    “There isn’t a proper feeling you need to feel,” you say. “How do you feel?”

    Haerin blinks, taking in the weight of your words as you return her gaze. The silence is suffocating, maybe only for you. You never did well in extended periods of silence because your thoughts ran wild. It allowed things to happen even if they didn’t, and your rationality to turn into irrationality. Silence was dangerous for people like you, while it allowed people like Haerin to bloom.

    “I broke up with him.”

    This makes you still.

    “You must think your older sister is crazy, right?” she laughs, falling back into the couch as you stutter in your movements to take in her expression. Her eyes gaze up to the ceiling as she sighs. “I come to your apartment at midnight in tears about my breakup and I was the one that initiated it?”

    You find your tongue after a while, shaking your head before you’re shifting closer. “No, I mean … I’m confused but your feelings are still valid. It takes a lot of courage to walk away.”

    You mean it. You really do. You know that better than anyone else, yet you never found yourself practising that knowledge.

    You were the coward for staying to hurt yourself because of familiarity.

    She scoffs. “It sure doesn’t feel that way.”

    “Can I …” you swallow, “Can I ask why—?”

    “I’m a coward,” she tells you so vehemently that you nearly get whiplash. “I’m a coward, ____. I’m a coward because I walked into something fully knowing it wasn’t my place to arrive at.”

    “Haerin, hold on,” you say with furrowed brows, “What do you mean?”

    “Do you want to know why we broke up?” she asks softly.

    “I-I mean only if you’re ready—”

    “Imagine being with someone you’ve known for most of your life, thinking that he should’ve been the one only to realise that perfect utopia was an imagination crafted by your own delusions,” she says quietly.

    Your breath hitches.

    “Imagine being so scared of being alone that you jumped into a relationship with someone who’s familiar to you. Just because it seemed right.”

    You can’t bring yourself to respond because Haerin sounds so—tired. Her words ring louder despite her tone being soft, and you can’t draw your eyes away from her. She looks so different like this, and you wonder if she’s ever allowed herself to be vulnerable—to be a step lower than perfection.

    “You know he’d never hold my hand?” Haerin says.

    You blink.


    Like thunder, your memory cracks back to the day at the fair. The words you heard leave Haerin’s mouth in a manner that was unlike her at all. Similar to the woman in front of you, she was frustrated, borderline frantic, but she was Haerin. The Haerin that always had her head up high, back straight and face preened to perfection.

    “I thought it was just because the transition must’ve been awkward and all,” she chuckles humourlessly. “Going from a best friend to a lover. It’s weird, I get that.”

    Your heart unconsciously clenches at what she referred to him as, but you purse your lips and tell yourself to not be selfish—that this wasn’t about you.

    “But he’d never touch me,” she whispers, “He’d never look at me differently. Just the same way he always has.”

    “That’s because he’s always loved you—” you begin to say, spewing the truth that you’ve told yourself to be true from the very first day you saw him in your home.

    “—Does he?” she spits, as your eyes widen, “Do you stiffen up when the person you love tries to hold your hand? Tries to hug you?”

    “Haerin …” you say slowly.

    “No,” she snaps, and you see her slowly losing it. She laughs, nearly tugging at her hair as you flounder in an attempt to reason with her. “You don’t do that if you love someone, ____. You know what you do?”

    “I …” you choke.

    “You drive at godspeed to a place even if it’s ass o’clock to make sure that they’re safe,” she says, and you freeze. Your body locks up and you can’t say anything. You’re stunned to absolute silence but Haerin isn’t. “You buy them their favourite treats because you were thinking of them.”

    You don’t know why, but your throat is dry, and Haerin looks—menacing. Her eyes are wide and frantic, and you unconsciously lean back into your sofa when she inches forward.

    “You look at them like they’re the only thing you ever see,” she whispers harshly, and her forehead drops to your shoulder as you exhale shakily, her fingers are digging almost painfully into your bicep while you hold your breath. “You do all of that when you’re in love with someone.”

    “H-Haerin, you need—”

    “I tried to kiss him and he pushed me away,” she croaks, and there are tears in her eyes. You hear the shatter of her heart instead of seeing it. “Do you push the person you love away, ____?”

    Unintentionally, you think.


    “And the worst part,” she says vehemently, “Is that I don’t even love him.”

    Your chest constricts, and the atmosphere is heavy. Haerin is breathing heavily, chest heaving as you can only stare at her. Your mind is running at a hundred miles per hour, endlessly trying to make sense of her words—to understand why they felt so familiar and to understand why you were so intent on denying them to her face.

    There was something about her confession that makes you breathless. Dizzy. She didn’t love him. She broke up with him. Why? It didn’t make sense. Nothing about this made sense—they were supposed to stay together. They were supposed to be endgame. He chose her. So why—?

    “Yoongi and I were never meant to be together,” she says, laughing softly. “I’m not heartbroken,” she tells you. “I’m hurt.”

    You have nothing to say, too stunned to silence.

    “I’m hurt because I thought I needed to be with someone to fill this loneliness in my heart.” You hear her cry, loud and unobstructed when she basically falls into your arms. Haerin doesn’t keep her facade up, and the tears keep flowing like her dam was broken.

    You don’t know why but tears well up in your eyes too, and you try to blink them away mostly in confusion but the first tear falls and you wonder how long has it been.

    How long has it been since Haerin felt this way?

    Since you’ve resented her for doing everything right when it seemed like she was falling apart right in front of your very eyes?

    Haerin sobs uncontrollably, blubbers nonsense into your shirt while holding onto you like a child. She’s vulnerable and feral right now, uncaring of whether or not her sobs are louder than the clamour in your chest—or the thoughts that run through your mind. No, she’s uninhibited when she clings onto you like she never wants you to let go.

    You won’t. Despite the hole in your chest that’s aching for answers, you don’t push Haerin away.

    Because this is the first time she’s felt like a sister.

    “I’m so lonely,” she whispers, “I thought—I thought being with Yoongi would fix me …”

    “You don’t need to be fixed, Haerin,” you tell her honestly through your own shaky voice.

    “Yoongi’s my best friend, ____,” she whimpers, “H-How could I do this to him? Be so selfish?”

    “People make mistakes and that’s okay,” you say softly, wiping under her eyes to remove the flow of tears that escapes. “Yoongi would never hold this against you.”

    “B-But I got in the way of what makes him happy,” she wails, clutching you harder.

    “You didn’t—” you attempt to say, but she shakes her head frantically, eyes darting up so that you’d look at her desperate gaze. As if to tell you that you didn’t know what she was saying—what you were implying with the words that were better left unsaid.

    “It’s because I see the way he loves and I wished it was me,” she croaks, “Not because I love him but because I’m selfish.”

    “It’s not selfish to want to be loved,” you whisper.

    “But it’s selfish to want that for me when it was never mine, to begin with,” she whimpers.

    You don’t know what to say. You don’t understand the implications of Haerin’s words, and you think she’s blubbering nonsense in her hazy state. For a moment, you pity her. The weight of the world expecting her to be perfect all the time finally crumbling down her facade—and you wonder if the two of you shared more in common than you thought.

    “You’re human, Haerin. You make mistakes, you may end up hurting people, and that’s okay. You can’t control the aftershocks of your actions,” you say softly. “No one’s going to hold being human against you. You’re going to do things right and you’re going to do things wrong. But never blame yourself for wanting to make yourself happy.”

    “You know,” she suddenly chokes, “I really wanted to be close with you.”

    Your heart seizes.

    “I really wanted to be your older sister,” she confesses and you feel your eyes well up with tears. “I wanted to be someone you could confide in, to talk to whenever you were stressed. I wanted us to have sister fights and make up in twenty seconds. I always thought you were amazing. Just being who you were—I wanted to be your sister so badly.”

    “Haerin …”

    “But I was so caught up in the world that mom and dad threw me in that …” she sniffs, “That I prioritised myself and neglected you.”


    “—I let mom and dad treat you the way they do even if I knew you didn’t deserve that,” she rambles on, unfiltered and loose-lipped. “I let them celebrate me when you were all alone.”

    Your lips wobble as you tilt your head up to stop your tears.

    “I had the world and you only had yourself.”

    “I had Jungkook,” you say weakly through a smile. It was the truth. Things were tough—but you weren’t really alone, were you? “And Hobi. And Loli,” you tell her before cupping her cheek. “But now I have you too, right?”

    Her lips wobble as her face crumbles.

    “You have me,” she whispers, “And you have Yoongi, too.”

    You smile sadly. “Yeah.”

    “I mean it,” she exclaims, eyes wide, begging you to believe her with her body language. “You and Yoongi—you have each other.”

    Do you? Have him? It seems like things were settling, and a selfish—human—part of you is relieved that Haerin and Yoongi were no longer together. Even if she claimed that they were never together in that way.

    But if he chose her even for those moments, who were you in the grand scheme of things?

    “I know,” you say, and it’s a ruse to convince yourself too.

    “I’m serious,” she says manically, sitting up so abruptly that you fall back onto your elbows. Your eyes remain wide but your heart is beating rapidly against your chest. Her face is exasperated. Desperate. As if there were words too heavy that lay on her tongue, ready to propel forward like ripples of water. “You—he—you know? Right? You must know!”

    “You should—”

    “Yoongi doesn’t love me,” she whimpers, and you feel the sadness in her voice. Though it’s not quite heartbreak, it’s very close. It’s the sound of a lonely woman trying to navigate the world that thinks the best of her. A lonely woman on a path crafted by others while others watched. “He loves—“

    “He loves you, Haerin,” you say quietly, squeezing her hands. “He loves you. Can’t you see?”

    You don’t know who you’re trying to convince. Her, or yourself—even if your heart crumbles at the very thought of Yoongi being so in love with her.

    “He doesn’t! Not in that way!” she roars, pushing you back as your eyes blow even wider. She’s practically on top of you, pinning you down with her tiny hands while you grab her forearms in alarm.


    “He doesn’t love me! He doesn’t,” she hisses, shaking her head, “He—”

    “Haerin, stop,” you say shakily, “You don’t know what you’re saying—”

    “I’ve been expected to know a lot of things in life, ____ and I never actually did. But this is something I know with my entire heart and soul,” she chuckles humourlessly.

    When her eyes drop to your own, her grip loosening before she practically falls on you as if she lost the fight to keep her upright, metaphorically and literally.

    Her mouth opens, and her next words make your ears ring.

    “He doesn’t love me because he loves you.”

    There’s silence. It’s raining now. A thunderstorm in the middle of the night and you almost want to laugh at how perfect the timing was. The lighting of your living room is dim, with the shadow of Haerin’s fatigue apparent on her face when her eyes blaze towards you. She’s breathing heavily, panting with exertion as if she ran a marathon.

    But it’s deathly silent on your head. There’s no breathing. There’s no movement. There’s nothing to indicate that you’ve heard what she said. But when you register her words, and the magnitude of them—

    You shove her off you, her body falling onto the plush surface next to the both of you.

    “Don’t lie!” you shout, “Fuck you, Haerin!”

    “Why would I lie to you!” she exasperates desperately, trying to grab your hand when you pull away from her, mind reeling at the remnants of her words.

    “Why would he—why would you—? He—” you stammer, eyes rapidly blinking when you feel the tears win the flightless game as it runs down your face.

    “Yoongi loves you,” she whispers vehemently, her swollen eyes glaring at you when she manages to pin you down again.

    It’s almost comical. How the two of you were in tears, tired, in your apartment, fighting each other in a way that’s never happened before. Interacting with each other in a way that you could only hypothesise. You’ve never gotten mad at Haerin, and neither has she. It was because while the two of you shared the same blood, you were distant throughout your entire life.

    This—your panting breaths, manic eyes, and desperation—was the closest you’ve ever been.

    “He chose you!” you scream, “How could he love me when he chose you? He always chose you! He never chose—!”

    “Then you’re stupid!” she screams back, equally as loud. You wonder if your neighbours were going to report you to management for a noise complaint but you couldn’t care less. “You’re stupid and you’re dumb and I hate you! I hate you because you can’t see anything that’s in front of you!”

    You gasp.

    “I hate you because you have everything I’ve ever wanted and you don’t see it! You don’t see how much I want to live like you! To be close to you! Why can’t you see?” she cries.

    You shove at her, her eyes widening before you’re clambering on top of her with your hands on her shoulders as you use all the force you have to keep her in place.

    “I’m stupid? You’re stupid!” you seethe, “You’re stupid because you have everything you could ever want and mom and dad’s validation and you think Yoongi doesn’t love you? You think I’ve got everything you want? Try being me and see how fucking shitty it is.”

    “You think that matters to me? You think any of that matters to me when I’m so fucking lonely?” she sobs, trying to fight your grasp off. “You’re so fucking dumb! Yoongi never chose me! Never! If you looked close enough then you’d see!”

    “See? All I saw was how he treated you,” you hiss venomously, “How he looked at you like you were his world—that he would do anything for you—!”

    “Shut the fuck up!” she screeches, whining in frustration while she thrashes in your hold. “Yoongi’s so in love with you and you refuse to see it. You did this! You did this!”

    “Did what?” you scream.

    “This!” she wails, and you don’t even fucking know what was going on anymore when she finally kicks you off of her, as your butt lands on the floor.

    She’s towering over you now. Her cheeks are blotchy and red, and so are yours. You didn’t realise how hard you were crying until the brief silence forces you to acknowledge it. To acknowledge the way your heart feels both heavy and lighter at the same time. The way Haerin is catching her breath. The way you balance yourself on your elbows.

    The way how fucking stupid this all is.

    “I know you love him, too,” she says softly, after too long of a silence.

    Your breath hitches as your eyes dart to the ceiling.

    “Fuck you,” you whisper.

    “He loves you and you love him,” she hisses, “You’re so stupid.”

    “He doesn’t love me, Haerin,” you seethe, tired when your eyes flutter shut. “If he did then he would’ve chosen me.”

    “He chooses you. Every single day,” she sobs, “When you were stuck at that bar. When you were sick at the fair. When you needed someone to teach you how to drive. When you just wanted to hang out. When you call. If it’s you—he’ll always make that choice. Why do you refuse to see what’s right in front of you?”

    “Then why did he …” you whisper.

    “I’m so fucking sorry,” Haerin sobs, and she falls. She falls on top of you with her arms wrapped around your shoulder as you fall back to the ground, allowing her body to crush you. “I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry—”

    “Stop fucking apologising,” you grit.

    “I never should’ve brought it up—I never should’ve asked him if we should give it a shot. I should’ve never—”

    “And what good will that do to us now?” you snap, “Huh? Tell me. Tell me what fucking good will apologising to do us now?”

    “I don’t know!” she wails. Her eyes are so fucking swollen that it’s almost painful to look at. There’s not running down her nose and she’s unobstructed when she attempts to blubber her next set of words. “I don’t know anything anymore except for the fact that I’m so fucking lonely and I’m so fucking confused and nothing about this makes sense—”

    “Nothing about this makes sense,” you repeat, eyes blinking slowly.

    “Yoongi loves you,” she says defeatedly.

    And somehow that makes you feel worst. Because he loves you and chose her. He loved you not enough to pick you, to try, but to want to forget. To remove the feeling of love he allegedly has for whatever fucking reason.

    And it hurts. It burns. It consumes you whole.

    You feel like your heart is about to give out. There’s nothing stopping you from curling into a fetal position and crying until the week ends but the fact that your sister is sobbing her eyes out in front of you. You don’t understand. You didn’t expect the night to end this way.

    You didn’t expect anything.

    Yoongi still chose Haerin.

    He never chose you.

    “Please,” she croaks, forcing her swollen eyes to peer up at you while you feel everything in you crumble. All the moments you tried to pretend that seeing Haerin and Yoongi together didn’t crush you. As friends and as more. The moments that you had to hear your parents coo over something Haerin did while silence overtook you. It all came rushing back in. And it hurts. You’re no longer numb. Now all you could do was feel and it fucking sucked.

    “You don’t do this to someone you love, Haerin,” you say shakily.

    She grabs your shoulders desperately, expression falling into one of anguish.

    “I know he loves you. I know,” she cries, “He—it’s my fault—it’s all my fault—”

    “Stop blaming yourself,” you rasp.

    “You love each other,” Haerin sobs. And you really wished you could tell her to shut the fuck up. Not because you hated her. You don’t think you ever did. You don’t think you ever could. But it was hard to think. It was hard to breathe.

    You don’t do this to someone you love.

    You don’t want to say anything but you see her eyes droop, indicating her fatigue.

    “You and Yoongi,” she mumbles, “I’ll make sure of it.”

    You sigh, coming back to reality.

    “Get up,” you snap.

    She remains put.

    “Haerin,” you scowl, “Get the fuck up.”

    “No,” she huffs, “Not until you believe me.”

    Your eyebrows tick in annoyance. “It’s late and I’m exhausted and everything fucking sucks right now so please—for the love of God just get up and we can talk about this tomorrow.”

    “Why won’t you believe me?” she whines.

    That was it.

    “Because he doesn’t love me, Haerin!” you scream, yanking her up until she was eye-level with you as her eyes widened. “Because it doesn’t make any fucking sense! Because Yoongi can never love me! Because he’s meant to be with you! Because mom and dad think so too! Because of this—this fucked up situation that we’re in and how this is the only time I’ve ever felt close enough to tell you this!”

    Haerin sobs, crumbling in your hold even as she tries to keep herself upright. You’re crying now, too. Loud, unobstructed. Ugly.

    Maybe you were really sisters.

    “You’re lonely and I get that,” you whisper. “But you don’t know how it feels like to be me. To be the other sister. The other person. To have to fight for every place in my life because there wasn’t enough space for the two of us. You don’t fucking know any of that. You want to be me? God—I wish you could. I wish you’d try living in this body and this life to see things the way I do. Then you’d know—know how fucking shitty it is being the other.”

    Haerin stays silent because she can’t say anything. You don’t expect her to. You wouldn’t know what to say either. You were word-vomiting; the words that have been locked and compartmentalised in a part of your brain you never thought you’d unlock in front of anyone—especially Haerin.

    "You have no idea what it's like to fight for my place in mom and dad's life when I shouldn't have to. You have no fucking idea how it feels like to never be able to amount to anything—just because my older sister is a damn prodigy. You have no idea. So yes. You're lonely—that's sad. But you never had to wonder why the fuck you weren't enough to be loved by your own damned parents."

    "Mom and dad are assholes," she says weakly.

    "But they're my parents," you hiss as your eyes flutter shut. "They're assholes but I want them to fucking see me. I just want to be fucking seen and—and this—all of this—doesn't make any sense. You being here. You breaking up with him. You claiming he doesn't love you. All of it! Nothing—”

    “You’re free,” she interrupts you in a tiny voice. “You want validation but you’re free from it. You don’t need validation.”

    “Don’t tell me what the fuck I need or don’t,” you hiss.

    “And don’t tell me that you’d rather be controlled for the rest of your life!” she roars loudly, the tiny voice reaching decibels that shook your core. “That you don’t love this freedom—as fucking shitty as it is—more than the reigns that mom and dad would have on you.”

    “You think I’m free?” you laugh bitterly, “You think this is freedom? Being trapped in my own thoughts? Unconsciously comparing myself to you every single fucking day of my life because that’s all I’ve been conditioned to do? You think freedom matters when I’ve lost to you in every single aspect?”

    “This isn’t a competition!” You hear Haerin exasperate, tugging at her hair in frustration when her eyes blaze at you. “Why—no one wants you to compare yourself to me!”

    “No one wants to but they do,” you sneer venomously, “Oh they fucking do Haerin. And I do too. And it sucks. Because when I’m safe from them I’m not safe from me.”

    “You—I …”

    “This shouldn’t be a competition but it is,” you say despairingly, “I hate that it is but it is. And as fucked up as it sounds you and I both know that you and I were destined to compete with each other because we’re sisters.”

    “You think I’ve won this shitty competition but I feel like the biggest fucking loser,” she laughs in a self-deprecating tone, “Mom and dad only love me because of what I’ve done. Not because—not because they do.”

    “At least they love you, Haerin,” you say quietly, “At least you’re loved. By them. By people—by Yoongi—”

    “When will you get it through your fucking head that Yoongi doesn’t love me? Not in that way!” Haerin snaps, “We’ve been best friends for years and you think I don’t know how he looks like when he’s in love or not?”

    You take a deep, shaky breath to regain balance before you're letting out an exhale.

    “Yoongi doesn’t love me. He can’t. I’m—” you choke, eyes fluttering shut in defeat. “I’m unloveable—”

    “Don’t you dare say that,” she hisses venomously, cupping your cheeks in her hand as you flounder back as you lose your balance. “Don’t you fucking say that.”

    “You’ve always been loved!” you sob, tears soaking her fingers as she tries her best to not let new tears flow.

    “And that doesn’t fucking matter but don’t you for a second think that you’re unloveable,” she snaps, “You’re not unloveable. No one is unloveable in this damned world and if there was someone it sure as fuck wouldn’t be you.”

    “Stop fucking—!”

    “I love you!” she screams, “I love you! I love you as your sister! As your friend! As your family!”

    “You don’t fucking love me!” you scream back at her, and you’re sure your neighbours were wondering what the fuck was going on.

    “Just fucking believe me! Please,” she begs, shaking you desperately as you shake your head in return. “I love you!”

    “You can’t love me!” you cry, and it’s so fucking loud. It’s loud and annoying. And it still hurts. It hurts so fucking much that all you can do is cry. "Yoongi can't love me!"

    “I can and I will and I do,” she whispers, “I know I’ve been a shitty sister but I’ve never not loved you."

    She's forcing herself to look at you and you're forcing yourself to try. Your breathing mixes together, shaky, confused, tired.

    "And Yoongi loves you no matter how much you want to deny it because no one does the things he does for you if they weren't in love."

    You cry. You break down. You were crying but now you’re crying harder. There was no flow or structure to the screaming fest you just had. But did pain ever have a linear sequence? It didn’t make sense to have your sorrows be chronological.

    This was pain. Years of hurt. It’s ugly and truthful, and it does not hide from the strongest. In fact, it comes at you full force. Knocking the wind out of you while you try to catch your breath in a race you were bound to lose.

    Haerin holds you. You don’t know when she’s wrapped her arms around you but they’re suddenly there. The both of you are sobbing like little bitches and it’s kind of funny. But you can’t think of the finer details when she squeezes you so tightly that you can’t breathe.

    Is this what having a sister feels like?

    The calm after the storm is an illusion. You know this. But you’ll take it, for now.

    “It’s not Yoongi’s fault,” Haerin says softly.

    Your eyes are shut.

    “I know.”

    “It’s not your fault either.”

    You clench your teeth.

    “I know.”

    “It’s my—”

    “And it’s not your fault either,” you interject softly.

    Haerin opens her mouth to say something but closes it when she realises you didn’t have the strength to continue.

    “We’re fucked up humans aren’t we?” she chuckles humourlessly.

    “Isn’t that just being human?”

    You look up, and you’re so tired.

    Haerin blinks. A smile twitches on your face for some fucked up reason.

    And the both of you laugh. You laugh so hard that you’re crying again. You’re cackling, and you hear a series of bangs against your wall that you laugh even harder. You somehow ended up on the floor, staring at the ceiling while you laughed like maniacs at nothing and everything and the in-between.

    “I’m sorry,” she says.

    “Me too,” you reply. “For screaming at you.”

    “I’m sorry for calling you stupid.”

    “Me too.”

    “Did we just have our first sister fight?”

    You purse your lips. You turn around to see her sitting up, your night light dimly illuminating her face.

    “I guess we did,” you say.

    "I wished it was about something different," she says quietly.

    You pause.

    "Like boys?"

    She looks up and there's a tilted smile on her face. Her eyes are hilariously swollen that you can't help but let out a snort through your blocked nose. Haerin almost rolls her eyes, but instead, she reaches out—she holds your hand.

    And you hold hers.

    “Please talk to him."

    You stay silent.

    “____,” she calls your name gently. Like she cares about you. It’s a tone you’d adopt with a child, a younger sibling when you were a child. It almost feels as if she was trying to speak to you as an older sister, and not just Haerin. “I don’t want you and Yoongi to be on weird terms.”

    “We’re not,” you say quietly.

    “But you’re thinking. Hard. And not in the good way,” she points out as you sigh, “Don’t blame him.”

    Did you? Blame Yoongi? Or did you blame yourself for being this way? For feeling the way you did?

    Even if Yoongi seemed like the perfect person to hate, to blame, to back into a corner and scream at him like you did to Haerin—you knew that wasn’t the truth.

    Yoongi had always been himself. And despite his fleeting relationship with your sister, he’d never treated you differently. He’d been there for you in moments of true weakness.

    It was you who pushed him away from him all this while.

    Did you do this to someone you loved?

    “I don’t.”

    “Talk to him,” she encourages again, gentler. “He loves you, ____. He’d never push you away.”

    Your throat hurts but you still want to scream.

    He loves me but not enough to try? To ask? To hope?

    "And ..." she says slowly, as if contemplating her words. "I'd never push you away. Anymore. Never. Not again."

    "Okay," you say quietly.

    "And you can talk to me. Because—because we're sisters, right? We're sisters aren't we?"

    For the first time, in a long time, from when you knew what sisters were and were meant to be—you can agree.

    "Yeah," you laugh quietly, "We are, Haerin. We are sisters."

    She gives you a gentle smile, and it returns to relative silence. There are still so many things to say even after all that you've screamed. But you guess that's always going to be the case. Not everything will always be said, and that's okay. You'll grow, you'll have more things to say, to be hurt about, to be annoyed about, to laugh about—and that's only natural.

    "Talk to him, ____," Haerin says through a soft mumble. "The two of you deserve to be happy."

    You purse your lips.

    “If you can’t believe me,” she murmurs. Then she looks up, and it’s the most earnest you’ve seen her all night when she says:

    “At least believe him.”

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  • inbtswethrrust
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Can I Lay By Your Side? by bwichimbap

    pairing: namjin rated: t length: 7.3k

    Seokjin wakes up in Namjoon's bed for the second time in a week, and thinks, Okay, something isn't right here.

    aka Jin develops a sleepwalking problem and also maybe some feelings, and the other members are no help (except when they are).

    admin's note: hey bwichimbap thank you once again this was soo goooood and so fluffy and cue misunderstandings and mutual pining and and and just all things wonderful in the world.
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  • sickyoonminie
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #bts short fics #bts emeto #sick!jungkook #caretaker!namjoon #caretaker!jimin
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  • gold-daegu
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    trick or treat (20/31)

    synopsis ; your bonfire night was rained out at the last second. which left you with oodles of crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows.
    pairing ; park jimin x gn!reader
    a/n ; i performed tonight and i did alright but now i'm exhausted how do idols do this on a regular basis?
    genre ; fluff
    writing below ;

    You pouted, watching the rain slide down the window pane. You loved the rain. However, today was the one day that you wished the sky wasn't opening up with a shower.

    After a long, long week of work, you really wanted to spend the day off with Jimin. The two of you had worked out your schedules so that you'd both have a day off. You wanted to have a bonfire, make some s'mores, and maybe invite some of the boys later on. You definitely had more than enough.

    But you couldn't cook s'mores over soaked logs and sticks.

    Jimin became the sunshine you were looking for; no surprise there. He managed to find the bright side of the situation, turning on the left front stovetop and preparing the marshmallows on the skewer sticks.

    He found you by the window, a contagious smile playing on his lips. His hand found your own, playing with your fingers and tugging you toward the kitchen.

    "We can still have s'mores; just look!" He cheered, reaching behind him and handing you a skewer.

    Your brows furrowed, confused on how you were supposed to cook them without a fire. But then you saw the stovetop and understood precisely what he was suggesting.

    Your eyes lit up, "Jimin! You're so--" You hugged him tightly, eliciting a laugh from Jimin.

    The urge to just wrap you up in a tight hug, forgetting the s'mores entirely, was overwhelming. Though he knew how much this little moment meant to you and so he would refrain from snuggling you for now.

    The two of you stood near the stove, smiling and laughing as your marshmallows slowly browned from the heat. It wasn't the most ideal way to spend the day, though it turned out even better than your original plans.


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  • writer-of-the-soul
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Hoseok hangover plus food poisoning weekend!!

    "Be a man about it and stop complaining!"

    Warnings ⚠️: stomach ache, food poisoning, hangover, emeto, vomit, emotional, fighting, sad depressed sickie, hurt comfort. Warm weekend hurt comfort fic. And the worst title ever not sorry about it.

    Sickie: Hoseok

    Caretaker: all members, most Jin, Namjoon and Jimin

    Summary: Hoseok is having a bad tummy ache after eating and drinking to much on a Friday night and complaining and whining about his loudly and active middle, until Jin or Namjoon to drunk themselves to want to hear Hoseok complaining, shout at him to stop him speaking and to be an adult about it, this ending up on him having his heart broken, he decided to stop complaining and hide from them suffering in silence his food poisoning and hangover stomach ache.

    Until the members notice and decide to do something about it.

    Day 1 of their small vacation of four days: Friday night.

    It was a warm summer Friday night, the BTS members have finally a small rest of four days so that Friday they decided to end the day of work celebrating their small rest, and that night was their drinking night.

    They have order a lot of meat of all varieties, and they were cooking it themselves, follow by some chicken and spicy chicken and spicy ramen. The food was delicious, but the drinks consistently most of beer and Soju, were just awesome, they finally could relax and get themselves a little drunk.

    Generally Hoseok was not a good drinker himself, so he try to avoid drinking that much or getting to drunk. He also wasn't a great eater, and less if it was already night, his stomach would bother him all night long if he had a big meal so late in the day.

    But today it wasn't the case, as he let himself drink a little more than other days, and being so drunk the only thing he could think of was in eating more,and this being a vicious circle, eating more would make him thirsty so he would drink more beer and then he would try to eat more.

    They all ended pretty wasted, all were drunk except for Jimin who still being drunk, could act as if he wasn't, he could handle pretty well his licor, Yoongi was so excited and happy screaming loud, Namjoon was also laughing but even being drunk he was trying his best to look as a leader, and Jin and the maknaes Tae and Jungkook were just guffing around the table bothering each other non stop. Hoseok was serious as always he drank to much, lost in thoughts.

    After two more hours of being in the restaurant, finally the effect was to much, they all were tired, and specially to the Hyung's line the alcohol effect was replaced by a guilty feeling , and a huge betrayal.

    Yoongi was already sleepy, tired and developing a migraine, meanwhile Jin wanted just to sleep forever, and Namjoon was nursing a really bad head ache and nauseous feeling.

    Hoseok was also in that same space of mind, regretting every action he took that day since the moment he accepted to go drinking with his BTS members.

    He already was sporting a headache, nauseous feeling swirling his insides, and as if it wasn't to much, he was trying to calm his aching stomach, the pain was so strong, he felt so full, so bloated and having indigestion after eating that ridiculous amount of meat, even suspecting that the last peaces of meat weren't well cooked at all.

    He was feeling so full he couldn't breath properly, because each time he introduce air in his lungs he could feel his abdominal cavity expanding and the extra pressure, compressing his stomach and intestines.

    They entered the van and Jimin fall down in the process all maknae line laughing drunkly.

    Even Hoseok couldn't stop himself from laughing, but he regret it soon.

    When they were all inside the dark tinted crystal windows van, he rest backwards, so his stomach was completely expanded out and not having any pressure, he unbutton his pants that were really tight around his bloated Middle.

    "Ugh guys I don't feel to well" he said whining more than other days because of the alcohol still lingered in his blood and brain. He was whiny and loudly. He burp loudly and gurgling coming from the inside of his stomach. "Ugh, I feel sick, my stomach is so active" as to explain his point his stomach churn loudly gurgling long and painful, and sounding bubbling and sick.

    "Stop it, you are going to make my head burst" answer Yoongi at his side, "I can feel a migraine coming, just keep it down Hobi maybe you don't notice it, but your voice is really loud" he said closing his eyes feeling dizzy.

    "Sorry Hyungieee, but my stomach feels so bad right now, Ughhhh, guys it really hurts" he cry again and whine in pain so loud, but when his stomach again make itself heard by gurgling louder than last time gurgle after gurgle, Yoongi jump up from his seat and went to change his seat with Jungkook who was so drunk, he couldn't stop from laughing at Tae's funny faces.

    Jungkook was jumping in his seat making the whole van move, and this cause Hobi's stomach to slosh uncomfortable.

    "Gukie, just stop jumping, Hyung stomach doesn't feel well, you are making it worst" cry again Hobi. "I'm going to be sick, if you don't stop it now"

    Like this they spend 30 minutes as there was a lot of traffic.

    By then Jin was so tired and sleepy, he began to growl mad and shout to whoever dare to open their "annoying mouth" Namjoon approve of this motion as his head was killing him, and surely Yoongi most have to, if it wasn't because he already was snoring loudly and drunkly in the back seat.

    Tae by then was hugging Jimin and both boys were sleeping soundly at each side of Yoongi and on top of his legs, Jungkook not having any of his fellow maknaes friends to play with decide to try and play with his favourite golden Hyung, Hoseok.

    "Ughhhh, Gukie, please stop, you are making me nauseous, my stomach hurt so much" had said the older of the two men after the young drunk bunny try to hug him, pressing hard on the bloated stomach. "Guys my stomach is going to burst, it hurts so much, Ughhhh" for the tenth time he complained moaning in pain loudly and with his "loudly whining and annoying voice" as Jin have describe before. "Hyung, Hyung, it hurts, ouch, it hurts so much, my stomach is going to explode right now, I'm so bloated"

    "STOP TALKING, YOU ARE ANNOYING, STOP SHOUTING ABOUT YOUR ANNOYING STOMACH" shout finally Jin too drunk to care about the sick member, his eyes were almost close and his head had began to hurt.

    No one of them were expecting that burst of anger,so all members jump, even Yoongi had woken up.

    "Sorry Hyung, is just that my stomach is..." He couldn't stop talking someone else interrupt him this time.


    This time all members went silent, Jimin, Tae and Jungkook looking straight at both members, even Yoongi was shocked.

    "Sorry" was all the sick member could say before he would choke on tears if he dare speak another word. He couldn't believe he was being scolded for having the worst stomach pain he had felt in his life.

    Finally the van went silent, no one dare to speak, laugh or play anymore.

    Tae had return to nap on Yoongi's shoulder and Jimin this time to decide to nap on the older member other shoulder. The three fall asleep quickly.

    Jungkook, began feeling guilty, after all it was his fault Hoseok stomach hurt that time he complained.

    "Hyung are you alrig...?"

    He couldn't finish, Hobi had close his mouth gently with his hand.

    He just went to rest in the maknaes broad shoulder.

    His stomach felt so bad he couldn't stop a moan of pain, but as it came out he close his mouth again, he was scared to be shout at again by his members.

    By then he had pressed his hands so hard against his aching stomach, his eyes closed from nausea.

    Jin finally end up sleeping so as Namjoon who regain his mental peace after the silence.

    When the manager arrived he help carry the guys inside as they were sleeping, between Jungkook and himself, they carry Tae, Jimin, and Jin to their bedrooms.

    Namjoon and Yoongi make their own way drunk to their own bedrooms, and Hoseok was the last one to exit the van he didn't want to move.

    "They were pretty drunk, don't be mad with them Hoseok-ssi"

    "I know, thanks! Pease drive safe Hyung" he answered.

    He went inside, Jimin was already snoring, he took out his clothes staying just in his underwear, he walk to the bathroom and close the door behind him.

    He went to take a shower that help him relax, and then without drying himself, he dress again in some underwear and he went to sit in front of the toilet, his stomach hurt so bad he just wanted to ended soon with his misery, he introduce two fingers all the way to his throat, and finally a huge gutural gag came from his stomach, and soon he was retching violently bringing undigested chunks of food and a lot of liquid and bile, his vomit was so disgusting it make him sick even more, his stomach spasm so quickly and violently he ended up with his head hitting the toilet ream, he didn't feel it as he was drunk, but he knew that would leave a purple bruise next day.

    He stood there wishing someone knew he w a s throwing up, and would come to his aid, but he wait in vane all members were drunk and pass out on their beds to care much.

    He then was hit by the shouts his two friends give him in the van and again he felt his heart exploding on his chest the pain was so hard, he just burst in tears sobbing hard and loud, he cry and cry, while streams of vomit got expel of his system.

    He was in so much pain, and he was so sad because of his members indifference toward his aching stomach.

    He again cry but no matter how hard he cry, scream, wail, or sob or even throw up, no one came.

    He spend his night there, finally after two hours of continuing vomiting, his stomach had calm down, just a little, as the pain was unbearable, he just sank there in the floor and went to sleep.

    Like that a pretty hangover Jimin found his Hyung, as he woke up and saw hobi hadn't slept in his own bed, he went looking for him and found him in their bathroom, laying naked on the cold and hard floor, the bathroom still real of vomit.

    He went to open the windows, he then went to see if his Hyung was still breathing.

    "Thank God he is still alive" he told himself.

    "Hyung wake up, Hyungie wake up" after three more tries, Hobi began opening his eyes.

    He suddenly whimper from the light and close his eyes,his head was a mess, he was still hangover, and nauseous, and his stomach was killing him.

    "Jimin-ah, please help me get to my bed" he said weak and hoarse.

    "Sure come here Hyung" he then help the older male to his feet and drag him to his bed. "Your forehead is purple, and bruising, did you fall down and hit your head??" Jimin was worrying.

    "Not really, I did hit my head on the toilet, I was throwing up so bad" he said and then went inside his covers, he felt clammy, cold,and tired. "Good night" he said even tho it was already past 12:00.

    "Hyung did you cry alone in the night while you puke? Your eyes are red" Jimin ask feeling sad for the sad member.

    Hoseok didn't answer he had felt asleep, he was running a high fever but mother of them knew about it.

    Jimin left him and went to eat breakfast and to take some painkillers.

    All members were hungover, Jin, Namjoon and Yoongi were still in bed with a terrible migraine, so they didn't went to eat breakfast or meal, they woke up at dinner time feeling better but still dehydrated.

    Meanwhile Jimin, Tae and Jungkook take care of them as they were less hungover, they help their Hyungs with their heads and stomachs, bringing water, medicines, and cleaning the house.

    Jimin was in care of Yoongi as he was the only one who can handle the angry cat boy, and also Hoseok as he was his roommate, but in this case, Hoseok was so hurt about how his members have treat him. He didn't want help, he wouldn't swallow the pills, nor did he answer each time Jimin went to check on him, nor did he open the door each time he went to throw up, as he was the only one throwing up, the maknaes were concern.

    "Did he vomit again?" Ask Tae after checking on Jin and after Jungkook return looking after Namjoon.

    "I don't know, he won't tell me, I just found him out of bed, he went for his own meds and for his own porridge and tea" said Jimin sad sitting between the other two young guys.

    "I try to speak with him but he won't answer me either" said the sad youngest member.

    "I believe he is mad and cranky, he gets like that everytime he is drunk, and also he wanted to speak attention but they scold him he must be mad" said Tae.

    "I think this is something else, when he is mad he would let you know, he is diva about it, but this time he isn't scolding me, being sarcastic, or exigent about bringing him stuff, more like he is sad or feeling sick"

    "He is feeling sick, in fact we all do feel sick, that was a hell of a hungover" said Jungkook .

    "We just need to let him be for today, all of them"

    It was decided that for that day they won't insist on Hobi. That they after dinner the members went to bed early.

    Jimin still try to see how was Hoseok, but when he even try to rub ointment in the bruised forehead, he was push away by a rude hand.

    "Stop it Jimin, I'm telling you now, and won't repeat myself, let me alone" he head a cold and angry voice, his Hyung was scary everytime he was mad. He didn't turn the other side he was giving his back to Jimin and that was enough for the young member to stop insisting.

    When. Jimin fall asleep, Hoseok drag his tired and feverish body out of bed, by then he knew he was running a high fever and after the six time in a row that he throw up, he knew he was having food poisoning because of the raw meat he had ate.

    He went down stairs in just his underwear, he leave the lights off,he was looking for a fever reducer and some painkillers for his stomach.

    He listen a voice and he jump almost falling down.

    "What are you looking for, Hob-ah?" Ask Yoongi still rubbing his sleepy eyes "I came for water" he said and went to drink his glass of water.

    The young guy didn't answer, he just rap his arms around his torso and walk past Yoongi straight to the stairs.

    "didn't you hear me? I'm speaking to you!!" Say the elder member. "Wait, are you sick? Why are you sleeping on just your underwater, it is cold you know?"

    "It was nothing really, good night Hyung" he said and ran toward the stairs.

    He felt sad, he couldn't find any painkillers, or fever reducer.

    He went inside the bedroom and again went to sit in front of the toilet closing the door behind.

    He began throwing up, after the third time finally Jin woke up and try to enter the bathroom but it was locked.

    "Hyungie,let me in, are you sick again? What's wrong with your stomach?" He ask believing now it wasn't because of the hungover. "Did the food didn't agreed with your tummy hyungie?"

    "Go to sleep is late, leave me alone" he said again. And return to expel his guts painfully.

    Jimin wait for two hours but Hoseok wouldn't answer him nor did he unlocked the door.

    "Fine,I don't know why you are so mad, I was just helping you, I didn't shout at you in the car, but fine" he went outside and never returned, he had gone to sleep with the younger member.

    Next morning he found out it wasn't Jungkook he was hugging but Tae, it seems Tae had gone to sleep in the middle of the night with the golden maknae too.

    "Oh are you both awake?" Ask the sleepy bunny.

    "Yes, is just I couldn't sleep, Hobi Hyung had a rough night he vomit all night long, he didn't let me help, nor did he want me near. He look sad.

    "wait is he still throwing up? He must have eaten something that didn't agree with his belly, he must feel horrible" said Tae pretty concern.

    "He must be dehydrated, we need to tell the other members, he must be sicker than we believe" said Jungkook really apprehensive.

    I'm that morning the members woke up early to have breakfast, Jin had forgotten all about his drunk actions and had gone to wake up Hobi to eat, but he just didn't receive and answer, when he listen about the past day, he then got concern and Yoongi and Namjoon try in vane to speak with him, it was late by the. Hoseok had Locke himself in the room.

    "Should we call our manager?" Ask Namjoon after breakfast "He had never act like this, and he must be so sick, he need medical attention, he had throw up for two days and haven't eaten anything at all"

    "I don't know why he is like this, what on earth happened that day?" Ask Jin feeling lost and confused while Namjoon went to speak to their manager.

    "You are both idiots, you didn't remember, both of you shouting at him in a horrible way to stop him complaining and to close his mouth" Yoongi told them looking angry, his best friend was Hobi and now the poor sick guy was suffering alone and to sick.

    "When? What? Did we really did that?" Ask both members Namjoon had just finish speaking on the phone with their manager who was in his way to their home.

    "Yes, Hobi felt sick after dinner, he was complaining, and whining about his stomach ache hurting him so much, you were so tired and with head ache so you snapped at him,angry and event old him to be a man about and to stop complaining, it work he stop complaining" said Yoongi again sad.

    "It really work, he didn't woke me up, I found him next day pass out in front of the toilet it still smelled of vomit, he throw up all night long so his stomach really was unwell and hurting him, also he had fainted, he has bruise on his forehead he told me he hit the toilet while puking, but I don't know for sure" said Jimin angry snapping at the two rude members who cause it all.

    "I remember now, is all our fault" said Namjoon.

    "No is my fault, I'm the older of us, I should have take care of him, he was asking for help he must have felt horrible this past days" said Jin sad.

    "How is he today?" Ask Yoongi to Jimin.

    "Still he trow up all night and wouldn't let me in, he is in bed right now but he is pretty sick" he said.

    Finally the members wait for the manager who came along with their family doctor.

    He went to speak with Hoseok, but he didn't open the door, finally the manager found the key to his room and open it himself.

    The manager and the doctor went in and close the door behind.

    They found the sick member in his bed, he look at them tired. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude" he said very polite and then sat down and try to great the doctor with a reverence that final as his stomach cramp and he curled again in bed.

    "Is fine, the guys call me and told me everything, I bring the doctor as I imagine you were to sick to go to hospital, can we help you?" Ask the manager polite as not to annoy anymore the sick member.

    "Yes please, I feel so bad" he said and went outside his covers he had put on a sweatshirt, but he took it off and stay just in his underwear covering them with the covers. His torso was naked and expose so the doctor could examine his stomach.

    The doctor went near and make him a lot of questions, the he sat on the edge of the bed next the sick young male,and began touching slowly his tummy, he examine for long time, and also listen to his abdomen with his stethoscope, the sick stomach sound really bad and the member was interrupting the doctor involuntary placing his hands on top of his stomach, his pain was so bad he was trembling in bed.

    "You have a really bad case of food poisoning, and also you are running a high fever, that meat was bad cooked and probably you have a stomach infection."

    The doctor then told them how to treat it, and give him medicine and some instructions, then he let the members an exit the bedroom, he went to speak with thea ager and the other members.

    They all were sad to know one of their members was really sick and wouldn't allow them to help him.

    "I'll speak with him, just wait here" the manager went again inside the room, he found Hobi was still resting on his bed, he didn't try to cover himself or out again his sweatshirt on, he was curled on his side trembling on his underwear.

    The manager went to sit behind him, and help him sat down so he could help him put him again his sweatshirt, he the. Help him lye down, and cover him again.

    "Thanks Hyung-nim, I'm sorry" he said in a small voice he look pale, thin, and red spots shine on his cheeks from the fever.

    "Don't apologize, is not your fault, just promise me you would let them take care of you, or otherwise, I shall come to take care of you, and you don't want to bother Hyung"

    "is fine, I'll let them take acre of me I promise" he said defeated. He then closed his eyes.

    "Get well soon" he said while rubbing the head and went outside to speak with the other members.

    After all members listen to their manager, they decided to take care of him, finally the manager leave them alone.

    Jin and Namjoon were the first to approach the sick member they sat on his bed near him.

    "Hob-ah? I wanted to say sorry to you, I should have never treat you like that, sorry I Shout at you, I was drunk, but that does not justify that I didn't take care of you, you were so sick my poor Hobi,and we didn't took care of you, I'm so sorry" he said while he rub the member back in circles Hobi was turn the other way, so he wasn't looking at them "I love you my cute brother, love you so much Hobi, hope you feel better soon" he said.

    "I'm also ashamed of me, I'm so sorry for telling you that Hoba, I was a monster, I'm so sorry as your friend and brother I should have help you not shout at you, I love you" said Namjoon massaging Hobi's legs on top of the covers.

    Hoseok began sobbing quietly he felt so sad remembering the incident, but he also felt so sick after two days nursing himself,so he was desperate to feel warm and his members taking care of him and babysitting him.

    He finally exhausted with abdominal pain, let out a small sob follow of more sobs, until he start crying he had his face in his hands.

    "No Hobi, please don't cry, you stomach is sick, it would hurt more" said Jin climbing the bed and resting behind the sick trembling and crying mess that was Hobi he surrounded him with his big arms and hold them like that.

    Namjoon went at the other side and lay done in front of Hobi patting his head and trying to dry his tears.

    "I forgive you both" he said between sobs, but more than that they couldn't make him speak more, he just stay there crying for an entire hour.

    All members were there hugging him, but he couldn't stop crying, ones his tears came out he was difficult bro stop crying.

    He finally felt worst from crying and having work himself, he began to gag.

    The members quickly sat him and bring him a bucket where he was violently sick, that went on all afternoon, he spend there puking his guts out, with a whole audience of six worrying members, trying to help him clean, and rubbing his stomach, back, legs, and drying his tears.

    He was glad the members were taking care of him, because he was so tired, that by then on his own he already must have stop taking care of himself.

    He left himself being taken care he close his eyes and sleep.

    The members help him have a bath, dress him in more comfortable clothes, bring down his fever with wet clothes, and also giving him his meds, electrolytes, and stroking his abdominal surface with ointment, warm hands, placing warm pads and warm bottles over his stomach.

    They took turns to nurse him back to health.

    Finally after a rough night throwing up his stomach again. He began feeling better, he was looking pale and with dark circles under his eyes, he was looking thin as he lost a lot of weight while puking three days in a row.

    His stomach was so sore and in pain, that he whimper all day everytime the guys help him stand up to clean himself, have a meal consisting in just porridge,or going to the bathroom. His body hurt so much because of the fever, he was sos sad he was curled in bed all day long.

    The members felt so sad and guilty they were doing all the possible to make his friend feel better soon.

    Jimin never left his side, he had sat on his bed and let him sleep on his chest or legs, when he needed to throw up, he would hug him from behind and never leave his side.

    The fourth day he woke up tired but feeling much better, he hadn't throw up all night, and he had stomach already three meals, his head feel better as he had no longer a fever,and his stomach felt better, still in pain but it didn't hurt that much.

    He woke up on top of Namjoon's chest, he felt warm thinking Namjoon sleep with him, he then was about to move, when he felt a pair of warm and soft hands palming his tummy, he look down and recognize the crooked long pale fingers, Jin was behind him spooning him from the back and holding his stomach under his night shirt.

    He was about to sleep again when a cramp hit his tummy, making a gurgling churning sound coming from this abdomen, Jin woke up inmidiatly so did Namjoon.

    Hobi close his eyes faking to be asleep, he was embarrassed for being mad with his lovely members,and he wanted to still be hugged by them.

    "Namjoon, did Hibi woke up? I can see his face, is he in pain, is he going to throw up?" Ask the older member still groggy and sleepy whispering as not to wake up Hoseok.

    "No Hyung he is still asleep he looks better, and happier than yesterday, but I heard his stomach noise too, it was gurgling, maybe he is hungry"

    "Let him sleep then, we would have breakfast later"

    Both guys return to close their eyes, Hobi could felt Namjoon hand rubbing softly and lightly his hair, and his face, the taller man stroke gently his hair, with love an affection he felt warm inside and happy for the first time in that week.

    He felt how gently Jin try to touch and feel around his sick stomach, slowly without pressing, he tried to feel how bad, active or churning was Hobi's stomach.

    He even place his ear on top of Hobi's side and abdomen to hear his stomach.

    "What are you doing Hyung?" Ask Namjoon " Go to sleep you'll wake him up"

    "Sorry I was just listening in case his tummy was sick, or he needed to puke" he then close again his eyes and placed his face on Hobis neck smelling him, and kissing slightly his back believing his little brother was still asleep.

    Hobi felt the warm hands stroking in circles his tummy, and Jin kissing his neck and back, he felt warm and loved so he relax and return to sleep without worrying.

    After some hours, Hoseok wake up whimpering without really noticing before Namjoon sat him up, and Jin stroke his back speaking to him.

    "What's wrong my poor Hobichi, you are going to be sick?" Ask Jin once Hobi had open his eyes.

    "Hyung? Namjoonie? What happened?" He ask rubbing this stomach and pressing it.

    "You began whimpering, and moaning as if you were in pain or about to be sick" said Namjoon still having Hobi sitting in his legs and still having the members head resting on his chest.

    "Oh sorry, my belly feels painfully empty, is hurting, I think I'm hungry or at least my tummy is empty and I can feel the gastric acids burning my stomach" he answered rubbing his puffy eyes but still, closing them and hugging tightly the broad body of Namjoon.

    "I'll prepare breakfast Hyung's" said Jimin from the other bed in the room he had just woken up.

    He went to prepare it while Namjoon help the sleepy and sick member to dress and wash his face.

    Jin never leaving his tummy, he walk behind him hugging him every step, having his hands on his stomach.

    "Hyungie you don't need to walk with me, I'll be fine" said Hobi still enjoying his Hyung hands warming his abdomen.

    "But I want to" said Jin, and continue to the kitchen with him like that.

    While Hoseok was eating Jin leave his hand on top of hobis stomach.

    After he finished, his stomach hurt a little but not as much, so the members decided to make a movies night, all members hugging Hobi, rubbing his stomach and making sure he was hydrated and feeling well.

    "Thanks, I love you, all of you" he said while the movie was beginning.

    Tae crouch down and kiss Hoseok in his tummy, Jungkook saw him and kiss him too on his stomach, Hobi blush a little and hug his two small and cute dolls ad he called the maknaes.

    Jimin was behind him and all the movie he stroke gentle the sick tummy.

    Hobi felt great and finally he felt happy and loved by his lovely bangtang family, he still was sick, he had still a stomach infection, and food poisoning, but he was enjoying finally even his sickness as he was no longer feeling so bad, and all members were taking care and never leaving him alone.

    He fall asleep like that, the members finish watching the movie and all of them prepare the floor so they could sleep all together.

    The manager gave them a whole week of vacation, so Hobi could regain this health and also gain weight and rest from his sickness.

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  • ao3feed-yoonkook
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    borrowed time

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3jlqcol

    by swordswallower

    jungkook has been visited by yoongi throughout his whole life.

    Words: 2690, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 3 of Yoonkook Bingo 2021

    Fandoms: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M, Other

    Characters: Min Yoongi | Suga, Jeon Jungkook

    Relationships: Jeon Jungkook/Min Yoongi | Suga

    Additional Tags: Mythology - Freeform, Mythical Beings & Creatures, Human Jeon Jungkook, Non-Human Min Yoongi | Suga, Dullahans, Character Death, it's not that bad, Angst, Soulmates, Hopeful Ending, Curses, Not Beta Read

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3jlqcol

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  • ggukbooz
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    “Como se tornar um mentiroso”


    • Como se tornar um mentiroso: 1 - Toda mentira precisa ter um fundo de verdade – não dá para dizer que viu uma mula sem cabelo botando fogo pelas ventas, porque sem cabeça não tem venta; 2 - Espontaneidade – a mentira deve surgir casualmente e ser contada naturalmente, como se fosse corriqueira; 3 - Atuação impecável – o mentiroso tem que estudar seu papel, não pode vacilar; 4 - Experiência – mentiroso amador não tem vez. E o mais importante de todos: É preciso improvisar – no caso de aparecer um espírito-de-porco, é preciso estar pronto para sustentar a história. Seja bem vindo, pegue uma pipoca e se acomode no sofá, porque a partir de agora, eu vou contar como me tornei um mentiroso. • long fic • hetero • +18

    Escrito por: by_jupy

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    Location Unknown

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3C2KvhI

    by moonkidd

    Kim Taehyung is the owner of a traveling hostel.

    Park Jimin is a dude that lost all of his money before even beginning his holidays.

    Come and read about this wonderful love story featuring a witch who is bad at feelings and a way-too-flirty human who is too good at feelings.

    Words: 5518, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

    Fandoms: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Kim Taehyung | V, Park Jimin (BTS), Kim Namjoon | RM, Kim Seokjin | Jin, Jung Hoseok | J-Hope, Min Yoongi | Suga, Jeon Jungkook

    Relationships: Kim Taehyung | V/Park Jimin

    Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Magical Realism, Alternate Universe - Modern with Magic, Magic, Witches, Angst, Fluff and Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Domestic Fluff, Witch Kim Taehyung | V, Human Park Jimin (BTS), vmin - Freeform, side yoon2seok, side namkook, Magical Hostel, kind of like Howl's Moving Castle vibes but also Kiki's Delivery vibes, idk what im doing tbh

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3C2KvhI

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    Umm hi! it's been two years since I have been on this page, and I wanted to let you guys know a few things:

    1. I graduated high school and am soon to be a college freshman.

    2. I WILL be changing the name of this account soon!

    3. I am going to be posting on this page once again!

    4. there is a new theme for this page, and it is inspired by Netflix!

    But yes, I am thankful for those who are still reading the stuff I had put up, but I'm going to be taking those down WAIT; I will be rewriting them to add a little more flare to it and spice up some things. Not only that, but to save my sanity, I'm not gonna take it down just yet, just until I have finished writing it and adding the new theme to it, but they will be here.

    BTS masterlist

    but thanks to those who left comments or hearts on the post! I can't give you guys a specific date when the new stuff and theme will launch, but just know it will be happening soon! Pls, be patient with me.

    feel free to interact with me here:


    from ur lazy writer

    anxious xx

    ps. all gifs you will see soon were made by me like the one above!

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    Hello my lovelies ❤️

    The next chapter of The Trade is postponed until next week. I am going to be out of state for a wedding for the weekend and have simply had too much going on this week to get Chapter 7 where I would like it to be before posting. Look out for it Monday or Tuesday!

    Here’s one of my favorite Namgi gifs as an apology.

    xoxo Clara

    #bts fanfic#a/b/o au#a/b/o fic #alpha!yoongi #bts fanfiction #alpha!namjoon #bangtan boys #min yoongi fanfic #omega!reader #min yoongi
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    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3pnLIwC

    by sileabeauregard

    jimin confesses their feelings for taehyung

    Words: 321, Chapters: 1/1, Language: Português brasileiro

    Fandoms: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Kim Taehyung | V, Park Jimin (BTS)

    Relationships: Kim Taehyung | V/Park Jimin

    Additional Tags: Drabble, Dorks in Love

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3pnLIwC

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    The Kiss of Death

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3vxoZzh

    by Pumpkinberry

    One dreadful night 16 years ago on the 31st of October, a powerful demon killed Jungkook’s parents.

      Jungkook became an exorcist priest to find and kill that demon while Yoongi became a police officer to protect him.

    Words: 2769, Chapters: 1/12, Language: English

    Fandoms: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Jeon Jungkook, Min Yoongi | Suga, Jung Hoseok | J-Hope, Kim Namjoon | RM, Kim Seokjin | Jin, Kim Taehyung | V, Park Jimin (BTS)

    Relationships: Jeon Jungkook/Min Yoongi | Suga

    Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Demons, Alternate Universe - Priests, Churches & Cathedrals, Exorcisms, Demonic Possession, Catholic Prayers, Priest Jeon Jungkook, Priest Jung Hoseok | J-Hope, Police, Police Officer Min Yoongi | Suga, Autumn, Halloween, October, Dark, Scary, Creepy, mention of past pedophile, Pseudo-Incest, Blood and Gore, Blood and Injury, Violence, Heavy Angst, Supernatural Elements, Suffering, Evil, Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Revenge, Small Towns, Childhood Friends to Lovers, Jealousy, Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Attempted Rape/Non-Con, Top Min Yoongi | Suga, Bottom Jeon Jungkook, Angst with a Happy Ending

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3vxoZzh

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    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3AUFo1C

    by daechwitaz

    Sometimes, all Jeongguk can think is maybe maybe maybe.

    Words: 14865, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS

    Rating: Not Rated

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Min Yoongi | Suga, Jeon Jungkook, Jung Hoseok | J-Hope, Kim Taehyung | V, mentioned joon jin and jimin

    Relationships: Jeon Jungkook/Min Yoongi | Suga

    Additional Tags: Mentions of Cancer, jk is very anxious a lot, Yoongi is sweet, hoseok is yoons wingman, tae is 'straight', First Kiss, Alternate Universe - College/University, kind of slow burn i tried

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3AUFo1C

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    Você não tem a obrigação

    Capa clean, yoonseok

    Autora: SugaMinYoongi97

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  • bonny-kookoo
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    Taehyung: Old Classics 🔞

    Taehyung and you had found each other on pure chance- and while you don't notice the love blossoming between you two, blaming it on your overly romantic perception of things, he very much noticed long ago- and has prepared his confession for you.

    Tags/Warnings: romance, angst, friends to lovers, Taehyung is in love and yes that's a warning, Kim Yeontan is there too, smut, size kink, protected sex, pls there's no shame in using lube, Tae has above average qualities underneath his pants but wbk, handjob (f. Receiving), oral (m & f receiving)

    Want more of this? You can request drabbles, send in character asks, or simply comment underneath to let me know you've enjoyed this!

    This is a longer Oneshot. 4.1k words.

    You laugh as Taehyung opens the door for you, letting you inside his private apartment first before he walks in after to close the door behind him. You had met up outside technically to go and sit around a little, maybe walk along hangang, but then it had started to basically pour dogs and cats, forcing you back inside. But because Taehyung didn't want to put you in any harms way by someone realizing who he was and starting to take pictures of the two of you- already agitated by the most recent dating rumors some people had made up again- so he had basically decided to finally take you to his home. And maybe, just maybe, he had hoped for an opportunity like this anyways.

    Yeontan knew you- and loved you a lot, although Taehyung likes to argue that the little dog could never hold as much love for you as he did. "Come on, I'll show you the bathroom so you can get into some dry clothes." He says, and you want to argue- but the gentle hand on your back snaps you almost into a trance, unable to go against his words as he leads you where he promised he would. Everything was much larger in his apartment, much more refined and expensive, and it felt like you were out of place with your no-brand clothes and drenched socks. But for Taehyung, he felt another wave of nervousness- something of an entirely different nature, as he shows you some of his fresh laundry, and tells you to simply take your pick in what you wanted to wear once you were changing.

    You were finally here- and he would finally tell you what's been on his mind for months now.

    "I know, its exciting isn't it Tan?" He mumbles towards the dog on the floor happily yapping around, probably unaware of the inner fight Taehyung had with himself. Maybe he shouldn't tell you? He wanted to keep you at his side for as long as possible- but if he told you, and you didn't feel the same, wouldn't that break you two apart? He's never really heard of any friendships being the same after a love confession had been dropped on one another. He hoped that maybe, just maybe, he could get over it and continue like nothing happened with you, if things went south.

    Putting on some music to somehow calm himself a little, he walks into his bedroom to change out of the wet clothes he was still wearing. Did you even like the way he dressed? Only now, as he pulls out some random items that would make him feel as comfortable as possible, does he realize that he's never asked you about that. Maybe you found it odd, or weird- oh god what if you found Him weird? But then again, you've never seemed to be uncomfortable with him around you, or close to you, so he just hoped that he had done the right thing by letting himself fall for you.

    He remembers meeting you in france- you were on a small vacation, while he had a concert there that night. He wanted to explore the museums by himself for once, trying his hardest not to cause any attention to himself- and then he had lost his wallet, somewhere around the painting of snakes of which the name he can't remember. He remembers the summer dress you wore that day, and the honest smile you had on your lips as you gave him back his wallet- before you simply continued to stroll around yourself.

    He had made eye contact here and there, before it ended in actively searching for your form in the huge building, trying to figure out what paintings and sculptures caught your interest the most. 'Are you stalking me, Mr.Kim?' you had asked him in korean, and he had known that you had caught him in more than just the simple fact of following you around the museum.

    And ever since then, you both met up regularly- and Taehyung began falling for you more and more.

    "Oh, there you are!" You say, before backing out the room as you notice his lack of shirt. He chuckles a bit to himself at the fact that you had oh so cutely held your own clothes in front of your face before ducking out the room again- everything you did was so endearing to him, it was disgusting almost. "A-Are you done? I'm so sorry!" You chuckle, as he slips his shirt over his head, before walking out.

    "No need to be sorry. Do you want to wash it here?" He asks casually, trying his hardest not to seem as nervous as he was. You looked absolutely beautiful in his clothes- baggy and way too oversized on you. It made him feel weirdly protective over you, as if he had somewhat already claimed you as his.

    But he was still far from calling you his.

    If his bandmates knew about you, they'd be a chaotic mix of teasing comments and worrisome advises. But Taehyung knew how dangerous this was- how complicated this could, and very much would become down the line if you accepted his feelings. He was aware of that- and it was one of the main reasons why he wouldn't be surprised if you turned him down because of that very reason. He was a person of public interest, nothing he did would never be like fresh meat to the vultures of magazines out there. They would very much tear you apart as well in the process, uncaring of you as a human being- and you were smart enough to be aware of this.

    Maybe he shouldn't do this.

    But you're so pretty as you play with Yeontan on the floor, uncaring of anything he might be thinking as you jump around the yapping animal, equally as excited- before you notice him staring. The shade of red on your cheeks was something he wanted to keep in his mind forever, as you cough to mask your shyness, before he walks up to you, randomly taking your hand in his before he playfully sways you to the music currently playing. It's way less intimitading to you than it should feel- but then again, Taehyung had that talent of making things so easy and simple for you. It was a little unfair, really.

    And so you let yourself be swept away by him, leaning into his chest as he smiles to himself. His other hand not holding your hand softly places itself onto your back, warm and gentle as he simply takes what he can have in that moment. He dreams, just for a second, that you're his, that you shared this home, that you loved him. For a moment, he leans down a bit, smiling as he spots your closed eyes- seeing you so comfortable in his embrace makes him feel an odd sense of pride somehow.

    But all moments have to pass- and when the song ends, he simply chuckles, unknowingly sets your heart on fire at the sound before he parts from you, letting you roam around the living area a bit.

    "Oh?" You ask, as you walk towards one of his windows, where a candle is sat, a lid on it to protect it, it seems. Since he's not protesting against it, you pick it up, opening the lid to notice that it's scented- very gently, a nice and comfortable smell that makes you wonder if he ever lights it at all. It has been lit it seems- but it's barely burned, so he probably only tried it out.

    "We can light it while I search for a movie to watch?" He asks, and you nod, before you realize that he wants to watch a movie with you.

    In his bedroom.

    And while you trust him with your entire being that he doesn't have any ulterior motive about it- hell, his thoughts are probably completely innocent as always, but you didn't trust yourself in that situation with him. He's a handsome man, he's nice, understanding, the perfect amount of a little odd, and chivalrous. How could you Not think of him as a potential love interest?

    But until now, you've never let your thoughts stray anywhere further than a little daydreaming. You couldn't commit to a full-blown crush on him, no way was there a possibility that he wanted anything more than friendship from you. He's said it before as well- not directly, but when the recent scandal had come out about him and someone potentially dating, he'd seemed so annoyed about relationships, that you had started to just assume he didn't want to have anything serious for now- at least as long as he was an idol. "You coming?" He asks, ripping you out of your thoughts. "Or wait- are you uncomfortable, you know, with me in my bedroom?" He wonders, and you're about to protest. "I promise I won't try anything." He says with a chuckle, walking into the room without looking back, and somehow, the way he said it, so lighthearted and easily stung.

    As you walk into the room, its cozy. The candle is already lit on his bedside table, while he looks something up on his laptop, before he pats the mattress next to him. You lay down there, unsure at first what to say. "Is it okay if I stay over like that?" You ask him. "Like- you don't have to keep me over if I'm intruding. I'm sure I can get a cab or something-" You say, clearly nervous, as Taehyung stops what he's doing- obviously having caught onto your emotional chaos.

    "Am I making you uncomfortable?" He asks- he doesn't need to know if you are, because he can clearly see it already. Had he overstepped a boundary somehow without noticing?

    "No, no you're not-" You start, before you sit up, looking at your bare feet on his sheets. "It's my fault, sorry." You say.

    "What's wrong?" He asks, having closed his laptop before he placed the device on the ground next to his bed, before he sits up as well, careful to give you a little space to breathe.

    "I.." You start, before you realize you can't back out now. "I really tried, I promise you that. It's not your fault, so uhm.. please don't blame yourself." You mumble, as Taehyung seems to not quite catch on. "But I don't think we can be friends anymore." You say.

    "Why?" He breathes out, scared of the answer you might give. But also, a little hopeful. Could it be?

    "I'm sorry." You say putting your face into your hands out of frustration. "Especially NOW, after you've already been through that whole scandal, fuck.." You talk into your hands. "I think.. no." You start, before it finally leaves your lips. "I have a crush on you and I don't know if I can get over it." you say, and wait for a moment. But when he doesnt react, you excuse yourself again, moving so that your feet dangle off the side of his bed. But before you can leave, his larger hand had already caught your wrist, holding you in place.

    "You're really unfair." He says, before he moves to sit behind you, pulling you into his chest. "I wanted to say it first."

    "Wait-" You start, eyes wide as you look to the side, Taehyungs face and especially lips dangerously close to yours.

    "I was actually wondering how to tell you." He says, his arms wrapping around you a bit tighter before he looks down to your lips with a smile. "I was scared that I might be the one spilling my feelings first, not you." He says, and you laugh in disbelief to yourself, making him chuckle against the side of your head as well. "I can't believe you feel the same." He smiles, and you have to agree as well.

    Turning around in his lap, you put your legs over his, getting comfortable, before you finally look up at him. His hands move from your sides to your face, gently holding it, before he leans forwards, placing his first kiss onto your lips- before he leans in again, and again, smiling as you lean in as well, your hands now reaching out as well to hold onto his shirt. "I really mean it." He says between his antics. "Just in case-" He starts, seemingly unable to stop himself from kissing you. "-you think I only wanted to get you into my bed." He says, letting himself fall backwards onto the mattress with you ontop of him, making you laugh.

    "I honestly wouldn't have minded if that was the case either." You say, and he opens his eyes, before he moves around with you, turning you both over so he was leaning over you.

    "I'd never." He says, with full seriousness in his tone. "But I'd also be lying if I said I never imagined it.." He says, and you blush- but decide to go along.

    "Imagined what?" You say, and he smirks, eyes suddenly holding a glimmer in them you haven't seen before. They're not innocent anymore, not by a long shot, as his hand travels over your body, down until his fingers find the hem of his shirt you're wearing, teasingly wandering underneath to feel your soft skin the fabric was hiding.

    "Me, and you.." He says, eyes watching his hand underneath the white fabric of his shirt. "Me inside you.." He continues, eyes suddenly looking up at yours as if to check if you were still comfortable.

    "That's all?" You say, feeling his hand carefully place itself over your bare breast, confident, but always ready to retreat if it went too far for you. Even though you knew that Taehyung could never hurt you.

    "Hm, no.." He says, voice low and deep as his other hand moves underneath the shirt as well, your back lifting up the mattress as if to give him a silent ok to remove the garment from you- something he happily does, eyes drinking in the sight of your bare skin underneath the warm glow of the candle close by. "Imagined myself, between those pretty legs.." He explains to you, as he leans down, lips ghosting over your now exposed skin, teasing, as you begin to become unable to stay still. "Imagined you squirming around like that too." He chuckles, helping you out of your underwear as well as his hand places itself onto your exposed center, fingers easily finding their way even though he's not looking where they go.

    You feel a bit weird, and he notices that instantly too- but before he can talk, you answer his unasked question already. "I- no one's.. done that.." You say, and he hums a reply, placing a kiss onto your lips.

    "Nothing ever, or just that?" He wonders, and you squirm around a bit as a second finger enters you, digits playing around as you feel weirdly sensitive.

    "Uhm.." You start. "I've had.. sex before but-" You explain, hips moving without your control. "Nothing else." You say.

    "So you've never been eaten out?" He asks, and you shake your head. "No foreplay like that?" He wonders, and you shake your head again.

    "I've uh- given head before though-" You say, and he shakes his head at that, watching you become more aroused with every second that passes.

    "You're so sweet, love." He chuckles. "It's upsetting me to think about other men not cherishing you the way you should be." He says, and you whine a bit at that, unsure what to really do or say, as his hand leaves you, before moving around his bed, giving you a second to breathe. He blows out the candle on his bedside table, rummages around inside his drawer, before he finds what he was looking for.

    You've sat up at this point, watching him undress as he smiles at you, streetlights outside his window the only source of light somewhat outlining his physique as he leans over you again, only now finally noticing the simple size difference between you two, now that you were both bare of any clothes. You look to the side as a rather cold object touches your shoulder, and he places it a bit further away, while you realize what it was. "Just to be a little extra careful." He chuckles as he notices you glancing at the bottle of lube, while he opens the condom and begins to place it onto his length. "Don't wanna hurt you."

    "But I'm wet enough, it always hurts a little at first-" You say, and suddenly, Taehyung grows serious.

    "Not with me." He almost seems to promise. " He says, before taking the bottle and opening the cap of it. "You can't imagine how upset I am at all those stupid fucks that got to touch you and-" He stops himself with a shake of his head, before he deems you prepared enough, finally lining himself up with your entrance. "Talk to me, alright?" He asks, and you nod, before he lets his head enter you, slowly, already feeling your warmth around him clench in need. He checks on you with a glance, and only continues when he see's no signs of you being uncomfortable.

    If anything, you're growing a bit impatient.

    He gasps out as he's finally inside fully, letting his forehead rest onto your collarbone, lips ghosting over your skin while he chuckles. "I can't believe you're taking me that well." He says. "So good." He praises, and you lift your legs, pulling him a bit closer as you clench around him. "Impatient aren't we." He says in amusement, biting down on your skin and making you laugh a bit at his antics.

    "Move!" You say with a whine, making him finally start to follow your order, at first slowly trying to find a pace you're both comfortable with. But its no use- whatever romantic thought Taehyung had in mind was thrown out the window with the first breathless sound you made, head buried into his sheets as he held onto your delicate hips with eager hands. He can't help it- it's almost painful to try and hold himself back when he has you right in his hands, with your glowing body on his bed, moaning his name like it was the prettiest tune on earth.

    He knows he'd fallen deep.

    And so he can't keep his eyes off of your body, watching you shiver in pleasure as you come undone, growing sensitive as he pulls out of you, not wanting to push you any further just for his own enjoyment.

    And then you move forward, pulling the condom off of his length before looking up at him, checking if you were okay- meeting his dark eyes, staring down at you as if you were a dream he can't quite believe was real. He lets his head fall back as he grows unashamed of his own noises, with the way your lips wrap around him- hands caressing whatever you can't fit. "Baby-" He chokes out, unsure how to tell you before it suddenly happens- his seed spilling down your throat, making you swallow around the head of his cock, his hands fisting the sheets, body unsure if he was too sensitive or not satisfied enough yet.

    But he's spent after you finally part from him, laying on your stomach next to his form now sprawled out on his back on his bed- eyes closed, gentle smile on his lips, while his chest rises and falls with every breath. You run a hand through his hair, making him emit something akin to a purring sound, as he turns his head, brows furrowing when you lean away from his lips. "No- kiss me." He whines, and you chuckle.

    "I probably still have your cum on my tongue." You argue, and he opens his eyes at that, leaning over and pulling your head down to him at that.

    "Don't care." He says, before he kisses you filthily- open mouthed and tongue moving over yours, visibly uncaring of what you thought was something no guy could ever like. "I'll always want to kiss you." He says, before he moves down between your legs, making you blush even in the darkness of the room. "Even here." He chuckles, and you're ready to protest-

    but your moans deceive you quickly, shutting you up successfully.

    There's nothing for you to compare it to, unable to find a memory close to it, as you can't help but let yourself be led by his touch and tongue, sensation entirely new to you as Taehyung between your legs enjoys the way you struggle to keep composure. He watches in awe how your back arches here and there, remembers specific patterns that make you emit a certain sound, entirely focused on you.

    You can't help but wonder if he gets anything out of this at all.

    But oh, if you knew how he enjoyed the power he had over you in that moment, hands keeping your hips in place every time they try and lift away from him.

    As if you'd ever try and get away from him in the first place.


    The next morning, there's only Yeontan greeting him on his bed- and for a good minute or two he's convinced that yesterday didn't happen at all.

    But then he spots the bottle of lube and the empty wrapper of the condom he'd used last night, and he's reminded of everything that happened yet again. But why weren't you there? Did you overthink everything yet again, did you realize you didn't want to be with him after all? Did he do something wrong and didn't notice?

    A bit sleepily he finds some pants, throwing on a shirt from the floor, before he walks into the living area of his apartment, hoping to spot you like in all those movies and romantic novels. But you're not there either, and he sighs as he runs a hand through his hair in disappointment. Maybe he really had hoped for too much in the end- but then he notices the note on the table, something that hadn't been there yesterday. 'Out grabbing some breakfast- be back soon :)'

    He smiles to himself as he reads it- and as if on cue, his doorbell rings, alarming Yeontan who barks at whoever dare try to intrude his home. Looking at the camera installed, he begins to grin as he notices you wearing his zip-hoodie; something you probably found hanging close to the entrance. He opens the door, looking down at your form standing there sheepishly. "Did I wake you?" You ask, as he lets you in, humming an agreeing answer. "Oh sorry- I went out and wanted to grab something to eat for us but on my way back I realized I didn't know the code to your-" You start, but get cut off by his form trapping you against his kitchen counter, arms on either side of your body as his hands brace him against the cool stonetop.

    "I woke up because you weren't there, not because you came back." He says simply, and you can only muster a small surprised 'oh' as an answer, making him chuckle before he kisses your lips. "Don't scare me like that again." He says, pushing his jacket off your shoulders, before he lifts you up, throwing you over his shoulder and making you laugh.

    "What are you doing!" You shriek in wonder, as he simply smacks your butt playfully.

    "I'm still tired." He says simply, letting you down to help you back into bed and under the warm covers.

    "And that's my problem?" You ask, yawning next to him before he pulls you to his chest.

    "Now it is." He says. "All my problems are yours; and all of yours are mine, after all." He says.

    And you simply nod, closing your eyes while listening to his heartbeat.

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    I'm so sorry 😭 Whatta Catch won't be posted tonight. I ended up writing a lot more than what I thought I was going to, which is a good thing! I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I have writing it. But because of that, it won't be posted until Friday or Saturday.

    If you want to be notified when I do post it though, please let me know! I will gladly add you to the taglist for the fic!

    - siah💙

    #bts x reader #bts fanfic #whatta catch fic #i feel kinda bad :(
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    Mugs & Kisses | JJK

    Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

    Genre: fluff, Barista!AU, strangers to lovers

    Rating: T

    Warnings: kissing, Taehyung is a bit of a rapscallion, general silliness, this fic may cause your teeth to rot - my apologies to your dentists

    Word Count: 6k

    Disclaimer: SFW, obviously I don’t own BTS - they just inspire me

    Summary: Jungkook has something he'd like to tell you, but he can't find the words. So he's thought of another way.

    A/N: I wrote this for ficscafe's au pairing event, using prompt fifty-two: ceo x barista ; where the barista unknowingly writes daily cute little messages on the cup of the richest person in the country. Put my own little spin on it, and set it at Christmas time because I am a sucker for holiday fluff. Unbeta'd as usual. I'd love to know what you think - my inbox is always open! 💕

    The bell chimed as the door to the coffee shop swung open. Jungkook’s head popped up above the counter where he was crouching as he cleaned, looking around frantically to see if someone had just walked in.

    “Don’t worry, it’s not her,” Taehyung’s low voice droned over his shoulder.

    “It’s not?” Jungkook whipped his head around to gawk at his coworker, who leaned casually on the cash register in front of him, waiting for the customer in line to put away his phone and give his order. “I mean, uh, what are you talking about?”

    Taehyung rolled his eyes. “Her. You know. The woman you’ve been making eyes at for the last month or so? Always comes in on Saturdays at this time of morning, always orders a caramel macchiato to go. And you always stare at her like a lovestruck puppy the entire time.”

    Jungkook felt his face heating. Was he really that obvious?

    He didn’t get a chance to refute Taehyung’s words before the door chimed again, and you swept in.

    It must’ve started flurrying outside, Jungkook realized, from the snowflakes that dotted your hair and face, tiny drops of white that melted away as the heat of the coffee shop slowly thawed you. You peeled off your gloves and queued up behind Taehyung’s customer. He watched as you scanned the menu that hung on the wall behind him, eyes flicking back and forth as if mulling over your options, even though you always ordered the same drink.

    Jungkook thought you had the prettiest eyes he’d ever seen.

    “Kook,” Taehyung’s voice broke through his reverie. “Large dark roast, with one shot of espresso, to go, for Yoongi.”

    Jungkook sprang into action. “Got it.” He snatched a cup, grabbed his fine tip marker, wrote “Yoongi” on it in loopy lettering, then set about making the drink. Once finished, he stepped to the end of the counter and called out “Yoongi!” A sleepy-looking man with pink hair wandered up and took his drink with a grunt that Jungkook assumed meant “Thanks.”

    When he returned to his spot by Taehyung at his register, you were already placing your order.

    “Medium caramel macchiato to go, please,” you chirped, your voice the sweetest melody to Jungkook’s ears.

    Taehyung asked your name and you mentioned it as Jungkook remained rooted to the spot, gazing at you softly.

    “Did you get that, Kook?” Taehyung repeated your name. Jungkook blinked and nodded, reaching for a cup and his marker. He started to write, then paused, thinking hard.

    A minute passed.

    “Uh, are you planning on making that drink anytime soon?” Taehyung asked, smirking at his friend. “Or did you want to ogle our customer a little more?” Jungkook glanced up, relieved to see that you had wandered off to wait for your drink, well out of earshot of Taehyung’s teasing. He shot his friend a dark look, then finished what he was writing and hurried off to make your drink.

    You heard your name called out a minute later and walked up to the counter where the doe-eyed barista stood. He didn’t acknowledge you, focused on cleaning his equipment, but you thanked him anyway and picked up your cup. Stopping by the door to put your gloves back on, you shifted the drink in your hands, noting in happy wonder that, below your name, there was an intricate, beautifully etched snowflake, with “Stay warm!” scrawled beside it.


    A week later, an amused Jungkook watched as a pile of shopping bags on legs burst through the door of the coffee shop. It trundled up to the counter, a pair of bewitching eyes peeking over the tops of the packages.

    “Hi!” your voice rang out. “Can I get a medium caramel macchiato, to go, please?” Your face appeared as you lowered the bags, gingerly juggling them as you attempted to reach for your wallet.

    “Starting your holiday shopping?” Taehyung questioned as you handed him your card.

    “Finishing it!” you trilled cheerfully.

    “Wow, this early? It’s only the beginning of December! I’m impressed.”

    You shrugged, a pleased smile crossing your lips. “I like to get an early start, beat the crowds.”

    As you and Taehyung chatted, Jungkook’s hands worked swiftly, his marker flying over your cup. He half-listened to your conversation, wishing he could join in. You and Taehyung struck up an easy rapport, gabbing away while Jungkook worked on your order.

    He envied the way Taehyung could talk to anyone. Jungkook sometimes found it hard to say what he was thinking, especially if he was excited. He’d get overwhelmed and the message would get mixed up, words jumbling together somewhere between his brain and his mouth.

    When a beautiful woman like you got his heart racing, he’d lose his words completely.

    He didn’t realize how long he was taking until Taehyung raised an eyebrow at him, silently asking what he was waiting for. Jungkook ignored him and scurried off to make your drink.

    You managed to rearrange your purchases by the time your order was ready, giving yourself a free hand. As you reached for your cup, thanking the dark-haired barista who was once again occupied with wiping down his workstation, you giggled at the detailed drawing of a cute little elf, a tiny gift box in its hands with your name written across it.


    “Hoseok!” Jungkook called out, pushing a tray of drinks towards the edge of the counter.

    “Jin!” He slid another tray forward.

    Another busy Saturday in December. Only two weeks left until Christmas. The closer the holidays got, the more hectic the little shop became, gallons of coffee flying out the door as sleep-deprived shoppers fueled themselves for more retail madness.

    Normally, this made Jungkook happy, because it meant the hours ticked by faster - and he usually left with bigger tips. But today, he wasn’t particularly enjoying himself.

    He tried to convince himself that it had nothing to do with the fact that you hadn’t been in this morning, for the first time in weeks. That was certainly Taehyung’s theory, which he’d told Jungkook during their break, complaining that Jungkook’s sour mood was killing his “vibe,” whatever that meant. But he wouldn’t give Taehyung the satisfaction of agreeing with him.

    Jungkook was in the middle of whipping up another tray of eggnog lattes when he heard Taehyung call out your name. As he dusted nutmeg over the drinks, he risked a swift peek at the register, where you stood talking at the blue-haired man taking your order. You were the last customer in line, which meant Taehyung could catch his breath and rest for a minute, before the next crowd shuffled in and the frenzy started all over again.

    Jungkook quickly handed out the lattes, then hopped over to grab a cup for your order. Spotting a sly glance leveled his way, Jungkook understood with a sinking feeling that Taehyung was going to take advantage of the lull not to relax, but to bask in his favorite pastime - torturing Jungkook.

    “I’m guessing you weren’t out shopping, since you are shopping bag free today,” Taehyung mused as he leaned towards you, resting his chin in his hand. “Not to mention you don’ t look like you’ve been fighting the crowds. No one who’s been out in those throngs could come in here looking as pretty as you do.”

    Jungkook frowned as his marker swirled your name over the cup.

    “Oh, no, I just needed my weekly fix of macchiato,” you answered, smiling sweetly in return. “I would’ve been here earlier this morning, but I slept through my alarm.”

    “Late night?” Taehyung cocked an eyebrow.

    You shot him a conspiratorial wink. “Oh yeah. This project I’m finishing for work kept me up all night.”

    “Hmph, how rude of it. Well, I’m glad you came in. Wouldn’t be a good Saturday without my weekly fix of you.” He grinned, lips revealing a brilliant, boxy smile, hitting you with the full dazzling Taehyung charm.

    Something that sounded like a rather annoyed grunt sounded from your left, and you turned to curiously eye the shaggy-haired barista standing next to Taehyung. He must’ve felt your gaze, because he suddenly looked up. As your eyes met, he froze.

    You were struck by the thought that he very much resembled a deer caught in headlights.

    After a few seconds, he seemed to snap out of it and spun on his heel, rushing off to make your drink. You cocked your head, wondering what that was all about.

    “Sorry about him. Overcaffeinated. Hazard of the job.” Taehyung commented dryly.

    You peered at the flirty employee standing at the register. “I’m sure it is.”

    Your gaze kept snapping back to the tall barista crafting your drink. You watched him work in thoughtful silence, suddenly remembering something.

    “Oh, do you have comment cards?” you asked Taehyung. “I wanted to tell your bosses how much I love the little holiday illustrations on your cups! They’re so cute and festive!”

    Jungkook’s ears perked up. He tried to lean towards the conversation as unobtrusively as possible.

    “The… holiday illustrations?” Taehyung repeated in a puzzled tone.

    “You know, the drawings? Snowflakes and elves? I really like them.” You beamed. “They even look hand drawn, like a little personal touch. It’s a nice change from the plain cups.” Catching the confusion on his face, your smile began to falter.

    “I have no idea what y-“

    “Here you go, miss!” Jungkook cut Taehyung off as he set your drink at the end of the counter.

    You strode towards the other handsome barista. As ever, his eyes were averted, but you caught a slight nod when you thanked him. Grabbing your drink, you twirled it in your hands until you saw your name. You grinned and brandished the cup towards Taehyung.

    “I think this one is my favorite!” you giggled as you displayed a little reindeer, its antlers all tangled up in Christmas lights, the caption ‘Oh deer’ hanging above its head. “Thanks, guys!”

    As the door closed behind you, Taehyung scrutinized Jungkook carefully, realization slowly dawning across his face. “Ohhhhhhh,” he crowed.

    “Shut up,” Jungkook growled, walking away.


    “So, what will our artist-in-residence be sketching tomorrow, hmmm?” Taehyung teased Jungkook the following Friday. “Santa Claus? Christmas tree? Do you decide these things ahead of time, or do you find inspiration in the moment?”

    “Don’t you have some work you should be doing right now?” Jungkook retorted as he tried to focus on the gingerbread latte he was crafting. Taehyung was crowding his workspace. “Cleaning? Restocking? Literally anything else?”

    “Mmmm, nope,” Taehyung intoned. He draped himself across the counter to Jungkook’s left, not close enough to be in Jungkook’s way as he worked, but just close enough to be a major nuisance anyway. “You know what you should draw?”

    Jungkook sighed, defeated. “What’s that?”

    “Your phone number.”

    “How… how do I draw a phone number?”

    Taehyung stared at Jungkook.

    Jungkook stared at Taehyung.

    Taehyung sighed. “Dude. I just mean, give her your number already.”

    Jungkook scowled. “Order ready for Namjoon!” He handed the drink to a tall man in glasses who flashed a dimple-laden smile. “Will you please drop it?” Taehyung had been hounding him about giving you his phone number all week.

    Jungkook slipped past his friend, bolting for the stockroom in the hopes of ending the conversation. But Taehyung simply followed, undeterred.

    “I don’t understand what the big deal is,” Taehyung went on as Jungkook paced the stockroom, pretending to take inventory of the cups and lids. “You like her, right? What do you have to lose?”

    “I just… don’t you think that’s a little cheesy? Hey pretty lady, here’s my phone number! Call me!” Jungkook punctuated his words with finger guns, aiming at Taehyung.

    “Well, yeah, if you do it like that, it’s definitely cheesy. Creepy, too.” Taehyung quipped. “Just write your number on her cup and leave it up to her. If she’s interested, she’ll call. If she’s not, she won’t. No harm done.”

    “I don’t know,” Jungkook fretted. “What if she thinks it’s weird? Some random guy hitting on her? Or what if I make her uncomfortable? That’s the last thing I want!” Resigned to Taehyung’s nagging, he abandoned his inventory scheme and walked back out to the counter, knowing Taehyung would be on his heels.

    “You’re overthinking this,” Taehyung declared.

    “Maybe. Maybe not.” Jungkook waffled, turning to look at his friend. “I think I’d feel better about slipping her my number if we’d ever talked before. We haven’t even exchanged a simple ‘hello’.”


    Taehyung and Jungkook jumped, both surprised to find you standing at the counter, smiling brightly. Neither had heard the door open while they were in the stockroom.

    “We gotta get a louder bell,” Taehyung murmured.

    “Is it always this quiet on a Friday?” you wondered out loud as you surveyed the nearly empty shop. Pulling off your pink knit hat, you shook the snow from the fluffy pom-pom before unraveling your matching scarf.

    “You just missed the morning rush,” Taehyung told you. “The usual, to go?”

    Jungkook automatically picked up a cup and reached for his marker when you shook your head.

    “Actually, could I have that for here instead?” You held up a laptop case. “Need to get some work done, wanted a little change of scenery.”

    Jungkook slowly lowered the cup as Taehyung grinned widely.

    “Of course! We’ll be happy to have your company today.” Taehyung rang you up as Jungkook marched rotely over to the espresso machine, lost in thought. “Have a seat and we’ll bring it right out.”

    You chose a table by the window where you could watch the crowds drift by. Shedding your winter gear, you sat down and started typing away as you waited.

    The shop was quiet save for some tinny holiday music rattling out of a speaker overhead. But after a few minutes, you thought you detected a whispered argument, a few choice expletives being hurled back and forth in hushed tones. You chose to mind your business and kept focused on your work.

    You were so in the zone that you didn’t realize someone was hovering over you until they cleared their throat. You glanced up, startled.

    The handsome barista with the big eyes was staring down at you. Jungkook, that was his name. He seemed almost as spooked as you. “Sorry. I, uh, didn’t mean to scare you.” He held out a large cup on a saucer. “Here you go.”

    You slid your laptop to the side to make room. He lowered the cup and mumbled a quick, “haveagoodday,” about to turn and walk away when your fingers closed around his wrist. He stopped, going completely still with shock.

    “Oh, how cute!” you cooed as you inspected your drink. The foam floating on top of your macchiato had been deftly swirled into the shape of a polar bear, bundled up in a big hat and scarf. In your delight, you had reached out to grab the barista’s arm unthinkingly. Upon realizing this, you gently released him.

    Peering up at him, you inquired, “Did you do this?”

    Jungkook nodded, tongue feeling too thick in his mouth to speak.

    “That’s so cool. Do they teach you how to make different designs when you work here?”

    Jungkook shook his head. “They didn’t - they don’t teach that stuff here. I figured it out on my own.”

    “You taught yourself how to make foam art?” Your eyes widened. “Wow!” You watched the little bear bob gently across the surface of your drink. “I’m jealous of your skills.”

    You gazed up at Jungkook with a warm smile. His heart somersaulted in his chest.

    “Th-thanks,” he stammered, his hand rubbing the back of his neck. “Um, enjoy your macchiato.”

    He bustled back towards the safety of the stockroom and sat down on a pile of boxes turned into a makeshift chair. A moment later, Taehyung strolled in, hands in his pockets, expression nonchalant.

    “Sooooo, how did that go?” His tone implied innocence, but Jungkook knew he’d been stretching himself over the counter as much as humanly possible, trying to listen in. But he didn’t care.

    “She liked my bear. She said - she said she was jealous of my skills.” Jungkook clapped his hands over his ears, feeling to see if the tips were as hot as they felt. He scrunched his nose as he grinned at Taehyung.

    “And then?”

    “And then I came back here.”

    “That’s it?”


    Taehyung looked aghast. “Good god, the way you’re reacting, I figured you’d asked her out - or, more likely, she’d asked you out. You just talked about foam art?!”

    Jungkook nodded.

    “You’re hopeless, man. Hope. Less.” Taehyung drifted away, leaving Jungkook still smiling to himself.


    The next time you visited the shop, Jungkook did a double take. Then a third.

    Every other time he’d seen you, you were dressed casually - usually jeans and boots, though one time in late October you’d worn yoga pants and a clingy tank top, apologizing for being sweaty by explaining you’d just come from your first (and last) attempt at pilates, and he’d accidentally inhaled a noseful of espresso when you’d removed your coat to reveal your form-fitting workout clothes.

    But you’d never walked through the coffee shop’s door looking the way you did on this particular Monday morning.

    You wore an immaculately tailored dark green wool coat, with large black buttons running down your torso, that nipped in tightly with a shiny belt at your waist, then flared out into a ruffled hem, accentuating your hourglass curves. A black pencil skirt peeked out from underneath the coat, stopping just above your knee. Your calves were swathed in dark nylons, and as you turned to make sure the door closed behind you, Jungkook noticed a seam running along the backs of your legs. He swallowed thickly as he followed the line down to the intimidatingly tall high heels you wore that gave you an extra few inches, bringing you eye-level with him as you sauntered up to the counter and smiled.

    Right at him.

    From his post at his register, Taehyung whistled. “Wow,” he said, breathing your name. “You look amazing!”

    You tore your gaze away from Jungkook. “Thank you, Taehyung,” you flushed, giving a little twirl at his compliment. “I’m happy to hear you say that, because I haven’t worn my power suit in a very long time, and I really needed a confidence boost today!”

    “Your power suit?”

    “Yeah.” Your fingers dropped to your skirt, smoothing a nearly imperceptible wrinkle as you explained. “I’m hoping to close an important negotiation today. Business deals like this always make me super nervous. But this suit is my secret weapon. It’s like a coat of armor - makes me feel like I can conquer anything. And then, you know, I had to make sure the rest of me was pulled together nicely - hair done, heels on, complete the whole look.” You grinned, posing cutely. “You think it works?”

    “It definitely works.” Jungkook heard the words leave his lips before his brain alerted him that he’d said them.

    Two heads swiveled in his direction.

    Before Jungkook could think about running away, your phone rang.

    “Ah, excuse me, I gotta take this!” You stepped away from the counter as you swiped your phone open, but not before the baristas heard you answer with your full name.

    Taehyung suddenly released his grip on his register, popping upright. “Did… did she just say…” He repeated your name to Jungkook, who nodded, still sweating from his accidental utterance.

    Taehyung’s fingers flew over his phone. “Whoa. I knew that I knew that name!”

    Jungkook just waited, knowing from his friend’s tone of voice that he had something interesting to share.

    But he was not prepared for the headline on the article on Taehyung’s screen:

    Country’s Youngest Tech CEO Now Country’s Richest Tech CEO

    He gaped at the photo accompanying the headline. It was you, appearing very much like you did today, hair pinned up, makeup tastefully done, and wearing the same skirt with similar nylons and heels. The top half of your suit was on display, and Jungkook had to admit - calling it your ‘secret weapon’ was no lie, because you were absolutely lethal in the fitted jacket, ready to vanquish your enemies.

    The satisfied smirk on your face knocked the air from his lungs.

    Once he regained the ability to breathe, Jungkook peered at Taehyung, baffled. “You read Tech Biz Weekly magazine?”

    “My roommate Jimin’s cousin’s boyfriend works for her.” Taehyung informed him as Jungkook scrolled his phone, reading. “He tweeted this article the other day. She’s a big deal in software. I guess she, like, revolutionized the work from home industry with a program or something? I don’t know, I just skimmed it.” He shrugged. “But the point is, her company is crazy successful and she’s stupid rich. Like, could probably buy several islands without blinking rich.”

    “But… she wears jeans?” Jungkook’s brain was completely scrambled, making it even harder than usual to find the right words to express what he was thinking. You didn’t look like a CEO, he meant to say.

    “Yeah, dude,” Taehyung confirmed. “Rich people wear jeans sometimes. You expect her to dress like that all the time?” He pointed to your back. You were still on your phone, pacing in an empty corner as you spoke.

    “Well, no, of course not, but… she was here on Friday and not dressed in office clothing.” You didn’t appear to work in a stuffy corporate job. “Right. Work from home technology, remember?” Taehyung shrugged again. “She probably uses her own products.”

    “But she’s always alone? Shouldn’t she have bodyguards or something?”

    Taehyung gave him a look. “I don’t think many people recognize her. She’s rich, she’s not Beyoncé.”

    “She’s our age.” How could someone his own age be so rich and powerful?

    “She’s your age, dude. I’m still your hyung, you know.” Taehyung gazed into the distance. “Oh. That means she’s younger than me. I need a minute to process.”

    Jungkook attempted to reconcile everything he’d read and everything Tae was (rather blasély) telling him with everything he’d learned about you over the last few weeks. He already knew you were smart and confident. Was it really so surprising that you could be a tech savant, too? It… made sense, as much as it all could.

    It just meant that you were even more out of his league than he’d thought. As if you’d ever be interested in a goofy, tongue-tied barista.

    You returned to the counter, sliding your phone back into your pocket. “Sorry about that.”

    “No worries,” Taehyung waved his hand. “So, medium caramel macchiato to go?” “Better make it large today,” you stated, handing him your card.

    Jungkook had barely put the tip of his marker to your cup before your phone went off again. Wincing, you mouthed an apology to the two men as you grabbed your card and took the call at the same time.

    You were so absorbed in your conversation, going over the final details for your big meeting, that you didn’t note how long it was taking for your drink to be made. But eventually you heard your name called over the voice of the lawyer nattering in your ear, and you flashed Jungkook a quick smile as you grabbed your drink from him and dashed out of the store.

    Jungkook tried to ignore the pang of disappointment that struck when you didn’t even glance at the drawing on the cup. Ah, well. You were clearly a very busy woman.


    Two days left until Christmas. The coffee shop was a madhouse, with last-minute shoppers and holiday travelers packing the lobby and keeping the staff hustling from open to close. Jungkook barely had the time to think about you.

    Yet somehow he did it anyway.

    He wondered how your meeting went while he was whipping up peppermint mochas and snickerdoodle lattes. Wiping down his station, he imagined your face when you saw his drawing, hoping it had made you smile. Running to the stockroom for more cups, he remembered how you’d spun in your gorgeous coat and skirt, and paused to stare unseeing at the shelves, adrift in reverie.

    He knew he’d have to get over this crush eventually. But it couldn’t hurt to stand there and pretend for a few moments that you might feel the same way.

    It was while he was in the back that you entered the shop, door chiming as you scanned the counter.

    Taehyung stood alone. Leaned alone, to be more precise, draped as usual over his register, blissfully enjoying a rare moment of silence between the swarms of shoppers. Catching your eye, he grinned.

    “If it isn’t our favorite customer,” he greeted you cheerfully. You clocked the “our” as you reached into your shoulder bag and produced an empty coffee cup, setting it in front of him.

    Taehyung snatched it up, examining it curiously. “You brought your cup back? Um, we appreciate your commitment to recycling, but we don’t reuse our paper cups. They are biodegradable, though.”

    You didn’t reply, but simply reached out and rotated the cup in Taehyung’s hand until he saw it.

    Inscribed across the cup was a stunning sketch of a fierce-looking woman, wielding a shield, sword raised above her head. Next to her was scribbled “파이팅.” Most would assume it was an illustration of a random warrior, but you recognized the woman’s eyes right away.

    They were your own.

    Based on the way Taehyung glanced between the drawing and your face, he recognized them, too.

    “What does this mean?” you implored, tapping the word written in Hangul.

    “Paiting,” Taehyung smiled. “It’s like, good luck, or let’s go! Like someone’s encouraging you.”

    “Mmm,” you hummed, staring at the cup. Taehyung handed it back to you and you held it delicately, lowering your head as you contemplated his words. He opened his mouth to ask if he could take your order, but the question died on his tongue when you gazed up at him, an intense expression on your face. “Okay. Thank you, Taehyung.”

    He tilted his head, not really sure what he’d done for you. “You’re welcome?”

    You smiled. “I’ll see you later,” you said, walking away. As you exited the shop, shoppers streamed past you, filling the lobby again, and Taehyung’s attention was diverted by the next wave of customers.

    It wasn’t until he was lying in bed that night, drifting off to sleep, that he realized he’d never told Jungkook about your visit.


    Christmas Eve morning was mercifully slow. The neighborhood businesses were already closed for the holiday, so there weren’t any employees needing their daily caffeine fix. By now, most travelers had reached their destinations, so they were no longer piling into the shop. The only steady flow of customers were the remaining last-last-minute shoppers, those who had procrastinated until there were only literal hours left to shop, and thankfully they were more of a trickle than a flood.

    Yet despite the holiday and the quiet, Taehyung wasn’t surprised to see you walk through the door.

    “Is he here?” you inquired by way of greeting, dusting snow from your hat.

    Taehyung didn’t bother to ask you to clarify. “Yeah, he’s in the back. Let me grab him.”

    Jungkook was combing through boxes, scouring for more caramel syrup, when he heard his friend’s voice call out, “Kook. You have a visitor.” He lifted his head to glance at the doorway and ask who it was, but Taehyung had vanished.

    He blinked, suddenly nervous.

    Taehyung was missing from his register when Jungkook emerged from the stockroom. And you were standing at the other end of the counter, bundled in your winter gear, with a cup in your hands and a soft smile on your lips.

    Jungkook forced his legs to carry him to his workstation. You looked up as he approached.

    “Hi Jungkook.”

    His name had never sounded so sweet.

    “Hi,” he responded. “Um, can I help you?”

    You waved the cup around. “Did you draw this?”

    Jungkook nodded.

    “I didn’t notice it until I was on my way to my meeting yesterday,” you confessed, twiddling the cup in your hands. “It… it made me smile. I wanted to tell you that. And thank you.” You blushed slightly, and Jungkook felt his own face heating in response. “The meeting went so smoothly. Even though I didn’t know what you wrote, I still felt like someone was cheering me on, and it helped. A lot.”

    Jungkook knew he was still standing in front of you, but he felt like he was floating towards the ceiling.

    “You’re welcome,” he murmured, just barely loud enough for you to hear.

    “Did you do all those other sketches? The reindeer, the elf… was that you?”


    “I thought so.” You regarded him closely. “Did you draw them for all your other customers?”

    He shook his head, fighting the urge to cover his ears, knowing they were burning. “No.”

    “Ah.” You bit your lip, fighting a smile. “You’re not much of a talker, huh?”

    Jungkook just blinked his doe eyes in alarm.

    “It’s ok. I talk enough for the two of us.” You suddenly dug into your bag, searching for something. “Anyway, like I said, I wanted to thank you. This time of year can be... hard, you know? I didn’t intend to visit this place so often, honestly - I’m not much of a coffee drinker, as you can tell by my preferred order.” You grinned and Jungkook couldn’t stop himself from beaming as well. “But you and Taehyung have always been so nice, and then the little sketches… well, they made me happy. I wanted to show my appreciation, so… here.” You thrust a small package into his hands. Jungkook stared at the beautiful gold wrapping paper, the gauzy white bow, and the tiny tag that read “Jungkook” in elegant handwriting.

    A gift? For him?

    He automatically moved to open the package and you quickly interjected. “Wait, don’t open that now!”

    He stopped, gazing at you with wide eyes. You smiled at his startled expression.

    “Sorry. I just… just open that later, okay? After I leave.” You cleared your throat. “I, uh, took the liberty of breaking it in. But I don’t draw, so… you’ll see,” you blathered, fiddling with the strap of your bag.

    “Okay.” He easily acquiesced to your plea and tucked the package under the counter, out of sight.

    “Okay,” you repeated, nodding. “I better get going. Got a lot of miles to travel today.” You edged towards the door. “Merry Christmas, Jungkook. Please give Taehyung my wishes for a good holiday.”

    He nodded, watching you walk away. He felt like he was going to burst. As your fingers gripped the door handle, he found his voice, calling out your name.

    “Merry Christmas. And… thank you.”

    Your smile shone brighter than all the Christmas lights strung throughout the shop.

    The moment the door closed behind you, Taehyung instantaneously reappeared. Jungkook assumed this meant he’d been hanging out in the back hallway, eavesdropping on your conversation. He didn’t care. He grabbed the gift and set it on the counter.

    Taehyung gestured for him to continue.

    The metallic paper sparkled as Jungkook turned the gift over in his hands. It was wrapped so neatly that it almost seemed a shame to tear into it. But he didn’t think he could wait a second longer.

    Peeling back the layers of ribbon and paper, he found a gorgeous, leather-bound sketchbook. Tucked inside the cover was a row of pristine pencils arranged in a perfect rainbow of colors.

    On the first page of the pad was written a little note:


    Talent like yours deserves a better canvas. Hope this helps.

    And underneath your signature, a phone number.

    “Whoa,” Taehyung marveled, plucking the sketchbook from Jungkook’s hands and inspecting the contents. “Fancy!”

    Jungkook was halfway through the lobby before Taehyung looked up.

    “Where are you going? You don’t have your coat!” he heard his friend yell as he opened the door and dashed out into the cold.


    Falling snow made it difficult to see very far as Jungkook spun around, scanning the street. He shivered, wishing he had grabbed his jacket. But he’d been moving on instinct, his gut telling him to run out the door before he lost you.

    Though he was starting to fear that he already had as he surveyed the scene around him. The boulevard was mostly bare, only a few other people out trekking through the wintry weather. Then he spotted it - that fuzzy pompom, bouncing on the top of your knit cap as you strolled away a few blocks down from the shop. Jungkook started to run, skidding slightly on the slippery pavement.

    “Hey!” A voice was shouting your name. You slowed your pace, glancing over your shoulder, eyebrows shooting up as you saw Jungkook dashing towards you.

    “Jungkook!” you exclaimed as he came to a halt, breath huffing into little white clouds as he panted in the chilly air. You observed his lack of outerwear with a frown. “You must be freezing!” Taking his arm, you ducked into the entryway of a closed clothing store, tugging him behind you, giving him partial protection from the snow and wind.

    Huddling close to you in the doorway, Jungkook forgot his words again.

    The wind whipped up, nipping at your face. Brushing your hair out of your eyes, you retreated more, leading Jungkook further out of the cold, until your back bumped the door behind you. You peeked up at him patiently, giving him time.

    Eventually, he spoke. “I just… wanted to thank you. For the sketchbook. It’s amazing.” A shy smile crossed his face, eyes crinkling as he beamed, and you swore your heart skipped a beat. “No one’s ever given me a gift like that before.”

    “Well, I have to be honest. I gave it to you for rather selfish reasons,” you admitted.

    His deer in headlights expression returned. “You did?”

    “Yeah. Because I can’t wait to see what you do with it.” You looked down at your feet, feeling slightly bashful yourself. “I’m hoping you’ll show me.”

    Jungkook’s gaze flitted to your lips. He licked his own unconsciously, fighting the urge to lean in. Would it be too forward to kiss you?

    You lifted your head, and something hanging above Jungkook’s head caught your eye as it swayed in the wind.

    “Jungkook,” you murmured, pointing. “Mistletoe.”

    His eyes followed your finger, missing the way you glanced at his mouth, watching the perfect cupid’s bow and pouty bottom lip pop open in surprise. He gawked at the little green sprig someone had strung up above the store’s entrance.

    How else should he interpret the tiny plant, but as an answer to his question?

    Jungkook cupped his hands over your cheeks, drawing you to him for a tender kiss.

    Your eyes fell shut, lips brushing against Jungkook’s as he pulled you close. Warmth flooded from your head to your toes, driving out the winter air’s icy sting. Your fingers fisted in his apron as Jungkook hummed into the kiss, stepping forward until he was flush against you, pressing your back firmly into the door, causing you to squeak slightly.

    Jungkook broke the kiss. “Sorry! I - I got carried away,” he apologized, dropping his hands from your face.

    You shook your head vehemently. “No! Don’t apologize. That was really nice,” you gushed, releasing your grip, trying to iron the wrinkled material of his apron with your hands. “But you should probably get back to work before you catch a cold! I can’t believe you’re out here like this.”

    Jungkook lowered his head, grinning sheepishly. “Yeah, I, uh, didn’t really think this through. I just wanted to see you. And….” he trailed off, running his fingers through his dark, messy hair.

    “And?” you prompted him lightly.

    “And ask if you want to get dinner with me. Maybe next Friday?” He peered at you hopefully. “I’ll bring my sketchbook.”

    “To show me or to draw me?” you teased.

    “Both, if you’ll let me,” he replied, without hesitation, a playful gleam in his eye.

    Your face burned as you nodded your acceptance, suddenly too shy to speak.

    Jungkook promised to text you before sprinting off back to work.

    As the door chimed, announcing Jungkook’s arrival, Taehyung poked his head out from where he’d been standing in the back, savoring the quiet with a hot cocoa.

    “Well?” he demanded.

    Jungkook just smiled. He opened his gift, selected a pink pencil, and started to sketch.

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    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3G4O5u0

    by Anonymous

    His butt was on fire, his arms and shoulder hurt from the uncomfortable position. His hole that was stretched beyond imagination was now numb but the force from the spanks, moved the dildo inside, stretched his walls even more or pushed it more in, making him feel strangely helpless in the hands of his doms, who were adamant to keep torturing him.

    Words: 2196, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Jung Hoseok | J-Hope, Min Yoongi | Suga, Kim Seokjin | Jin

    Relationships: Jung Hoseok | J-Hope/Min Yoongi | Suga, Jung Hoseok | J-Hope/Kim Seokjin | Jin, Kim Seokjin | Jin/Min Yoongi | Suga, Jung Hoseok | J-Hope/Kim Seokjin | Jin/Min Yoongi | Suga

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    Afternoon Snack

    Kinktober Day 18 - JinKook/CumEating

    Warnings: Cum Eating, Voyeurism, Overstimulation

    You and Jungkook had been vegging out all-day

    You’d curled up in Jin’s bed after a movie last night and then just never moved

    Unfortunately, Jin had to go into the office today but the two of you didn’t

    So you stayed there

    Jungkook had gotten up to fetch snacks around lunchtime but other than that you didn’t move once

    Until Jungkook got bored and decided he wanted to eat you instead of the snacks.

    You tried to push him away as he attacked you with kisses

    But with the muscle bunny, it was a losing battle

    He pinned you in place as he sucked at your neck

    You giggle and squeal as you wriggle but it's futile

    Then Jin walks back in.

    You hadn’t even realised that it was already mid-afternoon

    The eldest looks at the two of you fondly until Jungkook realises you’ve stopped struggling and you are being watched.

    That’s when he bigs up the fake angry persona

    “Yah! You little… In my bed!? Without me?! The disrespect.”

    He tuts and shakes his head glowering a the maknae.

    Who hangs his head apologetically

    While Jungkook’s not paying attention Jin winks at you.

    “Get off of my bed baby.” He commands pointing at the chair

    Immediately, Jungkook skulks off of you and into the rocking chair in the corner

    Jin takes his place, hovering above you, kissing you deeply.

    When he pulls away he glares at JK

    “I’m going to show you how to tease her properly, and you are going to watch from there, like a good boy. Then maybe I’ll let you clean up after us.”

    Jungkook nods his understanding, grasping onto the arms of the chair, nearly tight enough to splinter the wood.

    The chair rocks to the rhythm of his nodding

    Confident that Jungkook knows his place, Jin returns his attention to you

    He makes quick work of your Pj’s and his own clothes, throwing them at JK.

    They land over his face, making the man whine until they fall off.

    Jin keeps his lips on yours as his fingers circle your clit.

    He plays back and forth, switching the pressure as he goes

    You whimper into his mouth as he slides his hand down, two crooked fingers bring sucked in by your hungry cunt.

    He scissors them expertly, forming come hither movements find your g-spot.

    You thrust up into his hand, making him plunge deeper inside.

    His thumb come up to compliment his fingers, rubbing harsh figure eights into your clit.

    Jin bites at your neck, the added pain tips you over the edge you grind into his hand, riding into the wave of your orgasm.

    He checks in on JK as you come down.

    The maknae has his lip between his teeth, leaning forward as far as he knows he can get away with.

    You stop writhing underneath him and Jin turns back to you.

    He gropes at you, putting on a good show for your audience.

    He nips at all Jungkook’s favourite places on your body, making eye contact with him as he goes.

    The boy whimpers, finger twitching at the phantom feeling of your body as he watches his eldest boyfriend ruin you.

    All his moaning does is turn you on more.

    When he is ready Jin turns you onto your front and makes sure Jungkook has a good view of your face as he fucked you from behind.

    By the time Jin lines himself up to you, you are dripping onto the bedsheets

    He slides in so easily both of you can’t help but groan

    You squeeze around him, missing the face he pulled but delighted by the desperation that appeared on Jungkook’s as he witnessed it.

    You reach out a hand towards him, knowing how badly he would want to reach for you.

    He rocks the chair back and forth, so hard that you think he might make a hole in the floor.

    Jin leans into kiss along your shoulders, making you arch your back.

    The new angle hits harder, you squeal at the pressure as he drags along your g-spot.

    He pushes you flat against the bed forcing you to hold him in deep.

    His thrusts start to get slower and sloppier as he savours the feeling of you dripping around his cock.

    “You ready to clean up Kookie?”

    The man nods enthusiastically finally stilling the chairs motions, getting ready to pounce as soon as he is given the all-clear.

    Jin pulls out and flips you over so he can watch you get covered in his cum.

    He finishes mostly over your pussy, a little on you thighs, and some on your stomach.

    “Okay baby boy, have at her.” The eldest backs away, sitting at the headboard.

    Jungkook jumps on the bed, but before he touches you, he heads for Jin

    He licks the remaining cum from his tip, grinning stupidly as the other man gasps from overstimulation.

    He jokingly slaps Jungkook around the head, then pulls him up by his hair into a kiss.

    Jin then sets him free to get to work cleaning you up

    Jungkook starts with your stomach.

    He dips his tongue into the pool resting in your belly button.

    He frowns as if he is tasting the most delicious thing on the planet

    He then slurps the rest out like it’s a body shot.

    He then moves on to your thighs, nibbling as he sucks up the trails Jin had left for him there.

    Hoisting your legs onto his shoulders, he gets started on his main course.

    He licks at the excess of your own juice that had dribbled down your ass.

    After that he licks at your folds, no specific course of action, he just gathers as much as he can onto his tongue.

    Instead of swallowing, he brings it up to your mouth, hoping you’d share.

    You oblige his request and lift your head to kiss him, allowing him to smother some of the cum onto your lips.

    When he pulls away you lick the mess off of your lips and watch his head disappear back between your legs.

    This time his actions have clear intent.

    His tongue dips into your hole, cleaning you out the best he can before scooping out the rest with his finger

    Finally, he finishes the rest of the cum adorning your labia, paying special attention to your clit.

    A second orgasm builds in your stomach as he sucks and pulls at your nerves.

    Your hands wrapped in his hair.

    Jin runs his hands along Jungkook’s back, keeping him in place so he can’t stop.

    Even as you ride out your high Jin makes sure Jungkook keeps playing with you until you're crying out for him to stop.

    “That’s a good boy Kookie.” Jin praises, letting him back up.

    The man preens at the acclaim, falling back into Jin’s awaiting arms and cuddling in for his reward.

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