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    My serotonin...
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    [🐨]  —   namjoon moodboard;

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    yoongi: team sopejin all the way 🥰😌💗😊

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    they were liars | jeon jungkook

    summary | The original plan was to get back at your ex for cheating, he was only doing it to make a girl jealous. Never did either of you expect your strange circumstances would have consequences neither of you could ever imagine. As cliché as fake dating was, the two of you found yourselves unable to back out.

    warning(s) | unhealthy relationships, fake dating, smut, angst, manipulation, jealousy, possessiveness, Jungkook is a dick, but he also had a big dick. Y/n is a cunt and that’s that. Using each other, idk there’s more but idk rn.

    If there was only one word in the entire world to describe you right now, you’d say it gullible. Or naive. Either of the two, because you were beginning to realize what a fucking idiot you actually were. To think you could trust your boyfriend, how stupid of you.

    In reality, you had this gut feeling in your chest all day. It was trying to tell you something but you shrugged it off as exam jitters. During lunch when she asked you why you’d been so quiet, you instantly felt an ick toward her. The same feeling you’d been having for days now, more pronounce when you thought about her or your boyfriend.

    “What are you doing tonight? Let’s get drinks or something,” you had asked her on your way to class. The way she instantly grimaced, looking anywhere but into your eyes and stumbling over her words, “I can’t. I’m meeting up with some guy from my Psych class to study.”

    “On a Friday night?” You asked tilting your head in curiosity. She smiled, “Okay, maybe not study, but you know what I mean.”

    “Yeah, no I get it,” you left it at that for majority of the day. Trying not to jump to conclusions you’d already thought of days before when you found her messages in his phone. Except you had this weird itch, like something was off between the two and like the paranoid person you were, you were going to figure out what it was even if it made you look crazy.

    So that’s what brought you to your boyfriend’s place late at night. You were going to ask him his plans tonight, you were just gonna watch it unfold. Just around the block you could see the familiar bleached blonde girl step out of an Uber. Your jaw set, watching as he put his hand on her lower back, kissing her on the lips before leading her up to her apartment building. Of course it turned out this way, your boyfriend was a cheater and your best friend a liar. The two you trusted the most doing the most harmful thing behind your back.

    You didn’t say anything, instead you turned away leaving his street and fighting back tears. It worked for majority of your journey back home, it wasn’t until you arrived on your floor that tears flooded out of your eyes. And of course, when you finally decided to break down the second you got to your door, your wonderfully awful neighbor was just leaving his. The two of you shared an awkward glance to which you rolled your eyes and pushed your way into your apartment.

    It took you two days to respond to your friends again. The weekend was really on your side, letting you cry in your bedroom without disturbance. You weren’t crying because he cheated or she betrayed your trust. At this moment you couldn’t give a smaller fuck about them. You were crying because you were so fucking mad and there was nothing you could do about it that wouldn’t make you look like a crazy ex girlfriend. You were mad you had to pretend to not know anything Monday morning when he joined you and your friends throwing his arm around your shoulders with a kiss on your cheek.

    It took everything in you to not speak up. To not yell and scream and tell him how much of a piece of shit he was. And ask how long they’d been sleeping together when you’d been dating for three years now. You needed to wait for the right moment, where suspicions wouldn’t raise about your course of actions, and this calm facade you’d carefully constructed over the years wouldn’t break. So you let him pull you away from Jieun and Soo Ah, and take you over to his friends, showing you off almost.

    “She’s my lucky charm, right babe? We haven’t lost a single game since the season started,” Hobi said smiling widely. You nodded your head, forcing a smile on your face when he spoke about the basketball season this year. “I’m just nervous for next week’s, I heard their team is good,” Namjoon sighed, looking over to you, “So you better work your magic soon because we’re close to semifinals already.”

    Later on in that day you let Hoseok walk you home. The apartment complex was a bit farther from the University. It was located in a college district, where majority of the people living there were college students from different schools. It was cheap housing and was just in reach of the neighboring school to have a mix of students living in the area. “Are we still studying for Calc?” Hobi had asked slowing down in front of the cement steps leading to the building.

    “We should break up,” you said abruptly, watching his face instantly change to one of confusion. His brows furrowed, mouth slightly open as he searched your face for any sign of this being a joke. “You’re graduating soon and I’ve got a lot on my plate, so I think it’s good to take time away from each other.”

    He scoffed nervously, “Then say you want to take time for whatever you have going on. There’s no need to break up, what we have works.”

    “Does it?” You questioned, tilting your head the same way you had done to Soo Ah, “I don’t think that’s true. It’s been three years Hobi, and we’re not any closer than what we were back then. Doesn’t that say something to you?” You began the journey up the steps, looking in your bag for keys, “Think of it like this, now you’ve got all this free time to work on your 3-pointers before next week.”

    A part of you was waiting for a text from Soo Ah, asking why you broke up with Hoseok. But then again that’d only prove that he spoke to her more deeply or else how would she know. The only person blowing up your phone was Hobi.

    hobi: don’t u think you’re being irrational?
    hobi: please just tell me what I did wrong bc I thought things were going great
    hobi: are u seriously gonna ignore me?

    missed call from hobi (7)

    The next day you got ready for class just like any other day, except the night before you’d been crying. This time you actually were crying over the kid. You’d been together since your first year. He’d been one of the upperclassmen showing you around during orientation. You played your part in your flirting game, and were hard to get. It took him two weeks of buttering you up at social outings and during free time to even get a date. He enjoyed the chase, he always had. So it didn’t come as a surprise when he went for your best friend, someone he couldn’t have. Except she didn’t put up much of a fight either but you weren’t going to call her out just yet.

    You weren’t blaming her, it was both of them. Him from being in the relationship, and her for not caring about your friendship enough to not sleep with your fucking boyfriend.

    “Where’s Hoseok? I haven’t seen him come looking for you at all today,” Soo Ah was the first to speak up about it, expectedly that is. You just shrugged, not pulling your eyes away from your open textbook as you copied down paraphrases, “I don’t know, we broke up.”

    “Wait what?” Jieun asked a bit louder than the rest of you. A few eyes turned her way but she didn’t care as she looked to you genuinely confused. Soo Ah’s reaction was a bit more delayed, too collected and calm before feigning distraught, “What? You’re joking right.”

    “No, I broke up with him last night,” you continued watching the way her brow twitched for a minute, maybe he told her otherwise. You reached for your phone, unlocking it and going to your missed calls and texts showing him practically beg for you to think it over before leaving him. “See?”

    “Why?” Soo Ah asked, tone slightly edgier than before. You shrugged her off, “Don’t know, wasn’t feeling it anymore.”

    “You do this all the time,” Soo Ah sighed, “You ruin every good thing that comes to you just because I’m bored.”

    “I do,” you agreed, “But why do you seem so bothered by it?” Jieun looked over to Soo Ah, watching the way she gripped her laptop. The girl sighed putting her things away quickly, “Because I care about you and hate seeing you ruin every good thing to happen to you.”

    When you saw Hoseok across the courtyard later on he looked normal. He wasn’t the type to make a big fuss over things, at least not publicly. But when he saw you, and his friends waved you over, he pushed out of the group in your direction, “We need to talk.”

    “I don’t think we do.”

    You didn’t leave your bedroom till it was dark out already. You left through the sliding doors in your living room to your balcony. Taking a seat in the hammock, you looked up to the stars scattering across Seoul. It was hard to pay attention to anything though with whatever was going on next door. That was partially the reason why you found yourself outside. Your neighbor was throwing another one of his weekly parties and you couldn’t do any work with that loud shit music playing. Your peace and tranquillity had been crushed when he stepped out to his balcony, just next to yours. A cigarette in hand as he looked around until his eyes landed on you.

    “Music too loud?” He mumbled due to the unlit cancer stick hanging off his lips. You ignored the way his eyes traveled down your bare legs hidden by the oversized hoodie belong to a certain piece of shit who was never going to see this comfy lump of fabric ever again. “Isn’t it always?” You asked. The corner of his mouth tilted up as his head fell forward, “You got to the University down east from here, right?”

    “Why?” You asked, brows furrowed in suspicion. He took a step toward you as much as his little block of space let him anyway. He leaned against the railing facing you, “Because we play you next week in basketball.”

    Your eyes shot up, “Next week?” He nodded clicking his tongue, “Doesn’t your boyfriend play? I’ve seen him come around in his jersey.”

    “Ex-boyfriend, but yeah he does,” his ears perked up at your correction. He nodded, “Well this Friday I’m having another little get together, you know how it is. And you’re welcome to come, bring anyone you want.” He tapped against the railing turning his back to you, “Oh,” he looked back again, “I’m Jungkook.”


    On Friday night, you did just that. You brought Jieun along with you, leaving Soo Ah to her own plans surely with your ex boyfriend. Poor Jieun, you thought, you couldn’t bring yourself to tell her about the turn of events and be stuck between which childhood friend she’d side with. Not necessarily childhood, but high school, close enough. “Why is this the first time I’m meeting your neighbor?” Jieun asked waiting with you at the door.

    “Do I know any of your neighbors?” You asked just as the door opened, Jungkook standing in a loose black t-shirt exposing the tattoos you only ever caught a glimpse of. “You listened,” Jungkook smiled eyeing Jieun quickly before leading you in, “You’re welcome to anything on the counter. The bathroom’s first door on the right, and um, yeah.”

    You shrugged him off pulling Jieun along with you. “So why didn’t you invite Soo Ah?” She asked you. You licked your lips nervously, “She’s been busy with her Psych partner on weekends and I guess I just assumed tonight wouldn’t be any different.” Psych partner or Hobi, you wouldn’t say. Jieun wasn’t the type to press for answers and left it at that. Halfway through the night Jungkook joined you two. He brought drinks over for you. “So how does it feel to be on this side of the wall?” He almost shouted in your ear over the loud music.

    “Surprisingly just the same,” you spoke loudly, thanking him for the drink. He nodded, “You weren’t kidding when you said you and your boyfriend broke up, I had a feeling something was up the other night.”

    Your eyes hardened, his staring down at you with instant regret as Jieun looked over to you. The night he was implying to was the one he found you during your mascara ruined breakdown. He cleared his throat, “Jieun, right? How do you know Y/n?”

    Jieun looked over to him, familiar heart eyes set for your neighbor, “We went to high school together. Me, her, Soo Ah.”

    “And where’s this Soo Ah then?” He looked down at her with a mesmerizing smile. She shrugged, “Doing God knows what.” He was a flirt, that was a fact.

    “Why don’t we go play a round of beer pong?” He threw his arm over your shoulders pulling you back into the conversation. You dropped your head back, “I’m awful, like complete shit.” Jieun disappeared to the bathroom leaving you two alone for a moment.

    “Then you’ll be on my team and let me show off,” he said. “Why not wait for Jieun? She’s super good,” you said letting him drag you away from where you had been hanging out. “Who do you think I’m trying to show off to?” Your face lit up.

    “Are you into my friend?” You asked, smile on your face making him snicker. “She’s cute, not my type but yeah I guess.”

    “Y/n!” Jieun called out to you before you could reach the crowd around the beer pong table. You looked back to your friend who pushed through the crowd to get to you. “Soo Ah just called me, she was crying over something and asked if I could come over. Come on let’s go.”

    “She asked you to come over, not me,” You specified finding your position at the table. Jungkook looked over to you, noticing your harsh tone. Jieun sighed, “Come on you know she’d want you there too. Let’s go.”

    “If I leave this party it’s because I’m gonna go to bed, so why don’t you just text me or call me when you’re in the cab?” You said stubbornly. Jieun huffed in annoyance, nodding her head as she left quickly. Jungkook chuckled, shaking his head as he looked away from you, “Are you sure that Soo Ah chick is your friend?”

    “It’s a long story,” you sighed taking the pong balls out of the last player’s hands. He reached for your wrist, “I’ve got time.”

    “No offense, but it shouldn’t matter to you. So let’s just play this game like you wanted to, and there,” you said. His grip didn’t loosen, “Then I don’t want to play anymore so I guess it’s just you.”

    You took a step back, “Weren’t you the one who wanted to play?” He didn’t miss the roll of your eyes in clear annoyance, he just couldn’t tell if it was because of him or anybody else. “Well now I don’t, what now?” He teased, enjoying this little back and forth the two of you were having though you just formally met earlier in the week.

    “I’ll go to bed then, I guess,” you sighed checking the time on your phone. He rolled his eyes, “You give up just like that? No fight, nothing?”

    “Oh I’ll fight, but not over a drinking game,” you clarified. His brow raised, “Over what then?

    “I should get going.”

    The next time you saw him again, you had the unfortunate luck of walking up with him. The elevator was shut down so you were forced to take the stairs. Which actually there were worst case scenarios for walking alone up the stairs than with Jungkook. You walked closer to the cement railing overlooking the complex courtyard. The sun was setting and the sun was hitting you directly from the side. “I really did like your friend, she was cute,” he was the first to speak up.

    “Yeah she’s a sweetie,” you nodded, holding your grocery bag with both hands, “She’s single too.”

    “Unlike you, you seen a little more… I don’t know, uptight?” He questioned ignoring the sharp look you gave him, “I could be wrong though.”

    “Jieun is super easy to talk to too, she tries to find the best in everyone so if you shot your shot in sure he’d be able to overlook whatever you’ve got going on,” there was a small hint of feistiness in your voice that brought a crooked smile to his face. He enjoyed this little friendly banter, “You know, for being recently dumped you seem pretty okay with it.”

    “I wasn’t dumped,” you stopped in your tracks, “So let’s get that straight first.”

    “Right, but hey!” Jungkook looked over to you, “This Friday’s the game, you better be there cheering someone on, your team or not.”

    Fuck, the game was this weekend. And normally you’d only care because of how anxious Hoseok would get before games. You’d usually have to give him some space or he’d snap at you for being clingy even though all you did was ask if he wanted a drink. Now, you found yourself interested in the game solely because Jungkook was playing. And now knowing your neighbor was going to play against your ex boyfriend, it made things much more interesting than before. Maybe you would swing by the game, just to hopefully watch Jungkook’s team beat Hoseok’s ass.

    And he was wrong. It wasn’t that you were okay after the break up, you were just a master of hiding it. Between feeling your schedule with useless things you have yourself very little time about the cheating ex boyfriend of yours. And Soo Ah too, you didn’t think of her as a friend but you kept her close. You had it all planned out in your head, how things would unfold and who would say what almost like a script that you’d written. So far things had been going your way. Neither suspected you knew about their rendezvous together and however many times they had them, but he knew he did something wrong. And you could tell it was eating him alive, the uncertainty of where he went wrong. Because even though you both knew what was wrong, he didn’t know you caught onto him cheating. He thought that maybe there was another reason, since surely you couldn’t know about it, Soo Ah said she didn’t say anything after all. So you still recieved at least one text every night asking you to call or answer his calls. And messages begging to meet up because he missed you.

    hobi: please just talk to me. it’s been a week already and I still don’t get what happened.
    hobi: I miss u :(
    hobi: I can see that ur just reading them. pls just respond
    hobi: look, let’s make a deal
    hobi: if you go to the game on friday, my lucky charm, that means u miss me too
    hobi: if u don’t. I get it. we’re done

    His lucky charm. Of course he’d ask you to go to the game as his way of needing closure or not. What he didn’t know was how you were already planning on going, just not for him.

    On Friday night you found yourself in the bleachers with Jieun and Soo Ah. Soo Ah didn’t know you knew she was a backstabbing bitch, but possibly she sensed it. Or better yet, she felt guilty because she’s been distancing herself from you lately. Not that you minded much

    And it was hard to miss the huge smile Hoseok had on his face when his eyes scanned the bleachers and found you sitting. He waved over to you, waiting for you to do the same but you never did. He shook his head, focusing on his warm ups. What mattered was that you were here and he felt like they couldn’t lose now. Except in the first half they were down three, you were right. He should’ve been practicing his 3-pointers. So at halftime he found himself with his hand ducked down and clearly out of breath, this wasn’t how the game was supposed to go. You were supposed to show up, express how you messed up and missed him too much to be away from him, and they’d be in the lead.

    “Wait, isn’t that Y/n?” Yoongi asked pointing to the bleachers. Hoseok’s head shot up, immediately finding you, but this time you were blocked by a Jersey.

    “Thought you wouldn’t make it,” Jungkook said during half time, clearly out of breath. You could’ve sworn every girl’s head turned when he passed and eyes bulged out when he stood in front of you wearing the opposing team’s jersey and looking that good in it.

    “Well, unfortunately I couldn’t turn down Hoseok’s latest begging for me to come,” you said clearly, knowing Soo Ah was listening. She nudged Jieun trying to get answers but Jieun didn’t say anything. Jungkook looked over to her, smiling in her direction in acknowledgment before pushing you leg over so he could sit in the empty space.

    From across the court you could Hoseok stand up, eyes locked on Jungkook as he almost sped in your direction.

    “Babe, do you know this guy? Is he bothering you?” Hoseok asked stepping over to you. You looked up at him with furrowed brows noticing the way his nostrils flared this time from anger or exhaustion you couldn’t tell.

    “Babe?” Jungkook looked over to you with a playful smirk on his face, “Listen man, we were just havi—“

    “Was I talking to you?” Hoseok asked staring down at Jungkook. Jungkook looked up at him, eyes sparkling in mischief, “No but you were talking around me, so I answered. Now what?”

    “Listen dude, you don’t know me so don’t try me,” Hoseok stood taller. You stared at the two, not caring much for intervening but more so the entertaining aspect of it. Jungkook stood up, almost immediately making you regret what you had just thought seeing his broad shoulders and muscular back flex as he tightened his muscles.

    “Or what? Judging based on your playing, I’d say luck is on my side,” Jungkook said. Hoseok licked his lips nervously, “Why are you talking to my girl?”

    “Last time I checked she’s not your girl,” Jungkook smiled. Hoseok took a step forward, more eyes turning your way to watch the scene unfold. Hoseok’s jaw tensed, “Don’t fuck with me kid—“

    “What are you gonna do? Get mad?” Jungkook scoffed. You looked up just in time for the halftime to finish, loud buzzing filling your ears as you looked over to the two.

    “Hobi come on,” you could hear Jin call for him, “Drop it, let’s play.”

    “You should go too Jungkook,” you urged him on once the others had taken Hoseok away before things escalated. He looked over to you, eyes glancing to Jieun before he smiled cutely, a huge contrast to the look he’d been giving your ex boyfriend.

    “What was that all about?” Soo Ah asked watching Jungkook jump onto court from the bottom bleachers, “How do you know that guy? Looks like a thug.”

    By the end, Jungkook’s team won by seven points. And as everyone in the gym filed out including the players, the tension was still high between everyone including the two boys.

    “You’re mad that you lost the game and your girlfriend. Don’t take it out on me just because I’m a better player,” you could hear Jungkook say. A crowd had began forming and you managed to wedge yourself in the middle of it. Hoseok’s hand clenched to a fist, “You have no clue who the fuck you’re talking to.”

    “I’m talking to you,” he answered quickly not stepping down from the older player. Hoseok looked around, eyes landing on you and his face hardened, his wall breaking down finally, “This why you wanted to break up? You were fucking around with this lowlife?”

    “And what if she was?” Jungkook asked coming to your side, “It’s still an upgrade from you.” Hoseok pushed at Jungkook suddenly, the guy stumbling back a step.

    “Dude, step off,” Jungkook moved forward, tongue poking against his cheek. You finally made a decision to intervene as stupid as it sounded. You reach for Jungkook’s duffel bag, holding the strap and tugging, “Kook, just let it go, let’s go home or something. You won anyway.”

    Hoseok looked over to you, Jungkook doing the same. He licked his lips turning toward you. He nodded, giving in instantly, “You’re right. Let’s go home.” A playful smirk on his face at your choice of words as he grabbed your wrist and pulled you away from the crowd.

    Your ex boyfriend’s face livid as he watched you go off with Jeon Jungkook, possibly the cause of the sudden break up between the two, at least in Hoseok’s mind.

    | next

    hey besties. It’s midnight and I just finished this chapter. it was kind of quick and a little too forward but it’s just setting the mood for the rest of the story.

    expect future smut and some angsty shit bc that’s all I’m good at

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    LAYOUTS at the request of @sugalyric pt.2

    PD. I hope you like them and thanks for waiting ♡.

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    all headers © to the owners, the first header was made by me.

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    They're hot like summer lol

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    No one asked for this but I’m delivering.

    September 8, 2018 Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA

    I was lucky enough to score floor tickets for my daughter and I. I was also lucky to be chosen to attend the soundcheck. No cameras though, but I digress…

    Hobi and his water bottle. He got us twice.

    A story in three dumb parts:

    The end.

    #I’ve never felt holier #jung hoseok#our sunshine#my hope#jhope#bts jhope #love of my life #my husband finally
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    Wallpapers Weverse Magazine _ Hoseok

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