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    17.04.2021 - 1 hour ago


    10. Uma capa com três texturas.
    Pode não parecer, mas aí tem três texturas. Como não sou muito boa com esse estilo, fiz algo bem simples. A minha inspiração veio dessa imagem do JHope que encontrei pinterest, e que eu tinha salvo tem algum tempinho. Sempre quis fazer uma capa com ela, e finalmente consegui :)
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  • taehyungkith
    17.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    phone sex with your professor (repost)

    ↳ Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

    ↳ Genre: Smut

    ↳ Word count:

    ↳ Warnings: age gap (yoongi is 23 and reader is 19 nearly 20), phone sex, degradation, m and f masturbation (tell me if i’ve missed anything!)

    — info; Where you sends the wrong file for her professor to look at.

    You had finally finished your essay that took you almost all day. Your Saturday was consumed of you lounging on your bed and typing away from about one in the evening until eleven o'clock at night.

    You was exhausted. You couldn't wait to submit your work and just go to sleep, you thought you deserved that at the least.

    Forcing yourself to stay awake a little bit longer, you lazily dragged your finger on the mousepad and clicked the file to submit to your hot, yet annoying professor.

    He always found a way to an annoy you. He used to pick on you, making you walk up to the whiteboard when no one else had to. Little things like that, that riled you up. You knew it wasn't because you was his favourite or some shit, he picked on you for no reason which angered you but angered other students.

    By students, you mean sluts. They craved for his attention since he was young, twenty-four to be exact. You don't blame them. He was extremely hot and most of the girls was of age, who wouldn't try to go there? Oh yeah, you. You're not desperate for relationships, especially with your professor.

    He always wore a pair of black suit pants normally paired with a white, long-sleeved shirt, always pulled up showing his sleeve tattoo on his arm that made him ten times hotter. He had an undercut, his hair being jet-black, and he wore some metal-framed glasses that perched on his nose during lectures.

    If you must admit, you're quite unexperienced with everything. No boyfriends, no flings, no kisses, you've never even masturbated. You've never really spoke to people about your sexual life, you found it embarrassing being nineteen and having not done anything. These days there was eleven-year-olds already having their first kiss before you.

    You're always too busy with schoolwork, trying to get the best grades. Especially now, you're trying more than ever to keep your grades up. Lockdown has been rough, but you had found yourself occupied writing fanfictions.

    Since lockdown you haven't been annoyed by your teacher much. He still occasionally told you to unmute yourself or turn your camera on, but he didn't ask anyone else too. He was infuriating. You normally ignored him or said in the chat your microphone and camera was broken.

    Your finger left the mousepad after finally pressing down on the submit button and you couldn't believe what you had just done. You mentally cursed in your head and then cursed out loud.


    You click onto the email seeing the link you had attached and sent and wanted to die right then and there.

    You sat there, frozen, unable to do anything. Time had gone past and now it was already half eleven.

    Not wasting anymore time, you grabbed your laptop and started writing a new email. He couldn't have seen it yet. He was probably asleep. He must've been asleep.

    You typed quicker than you ever had before, urging him to delete his past email since it was the wrong file you had sent him. You must've sent him about three emails, and it had only been half an hour since you sent it. Now, the fear was creeping over you.

    What if he reads it? What if he publishes it? What if he marks your grade down? Millions of thoughts bombarded your mind in an instance but suddenly halted at the sound of your phone ringing.

    You wasn't expecting anyone to call you and so you silenced your phone, throwing it on the other side of your bed as you grab your laptop ready to write another email, apologising for the emails and for him to delete the previous work.

    You was a few sentences in on your new email until your phone rang again. You huffed out in frustration, annoyed as you was kind of busy trying not to be humiliated and even kicked out of your class.

    You picked up the phone, balancing it between your ear and your shoulder so you could go hands-free, to continue writing your email.

    "Hello? What do you want?" You said with a slight bit of frustration in your voice, hoping the unknown caller would know you're annoyed.

    A man chuckled. "Miss Y/l/n Y/f/n, is that anyway to speak to your professor?"

    Your mouth felt open, shoulder dropped and hand coming to catch the falling phone. You sat up straight making yourself look presentable even though you're only on phone call. You mentally facepalmed and went back to your slouching position.

    "Are you still there?"

    You let out an extremely quiet gasp. He had a tired, scratchy, almost moany voice that made your knees feel weak.

    "Y-Yes Sir, sorry."

    You heard him breathing deeply on the other end of the phone, throwing you off guard.

    "You called Sir?"

    Deep down you knew why he was calling, but you didn't want to face it. You didn't want to face reality.

    "Yoongi. Call me Yoongi Y/n, we're not in school."

    You weren't sure of why he was telling you to call him Yoongi. You've always been told by him to call him either 'Sir' or 'Mister Min'.

    "Yoongi," you shakily said, "why did you call so late?"

    "Your recent, what can I say... essay? You didn't want me to read it I see?"

    You shake your head, as if he could see you and then spoke up, "Yes! Please don't read it I sent the wrong file to you, so if you don't mind could you maybe just-"

    You got cute off by the man. "Oh, but I've read it Y/n. My favourite bit, what was it?" He hummed, thinking about what I had sent him which put us in this situation.

    "Something along the lines of 'Mr Min pounded into my cunt, balls slapping against my clit as I moaned for more.' Sound familiar?"

    You nearly ended the call and thought about just dropping out of his class, heck, out of school even. But something about his voice after he said that, intrigued you.

    "Does it baby? Does it seem familiar?" He whined out, almost moaning out, obvious to be holding noises coming through his throat until one whimper finally slipped from him throat, out of his lips, across the line and right into your ear.

    You've never came in your life, but you felt like you could cum just from his voice. You knew he was playing with himself. Hearing the faint, inaudible moans coming from his mouth. Hearing his hand go up and down his cock, rubbing it fast and then slow.

    You started growing confidence out of nowhere. You've never felt like this before. It was so wrong, but it felt so good.

    "Yes Sir.“ Your response just fell out and you was stunned at yourself. This wasn’t right, why was you doing this? He moaned out at your choice of words, now speeding up his strokes.

    You pictured Yoongi and how he was probably presented right now. Messy hair parted in curtains. Sweat building on his forehead, making his hair stick to it. His chest heaving up and down. Underwear pulled down, just enough to let his cock spring free, standing tall.

    Without realising, you started rubbing over your clothed core. You had no idea what you was doing of course, and it was almost like he knew you was struggling.

    "Touch your pussy for me baby. Let me hear your moans. Think about my fingers pounding deep into your pussy. I can just imagine how tightly you’d wrap around me baby girl."

    If you wasn’t wet at first, you certainly was now. You laced your hand under your underwear and stopped, coming into reality what you was doing. You was going to masturbate with your professor over the phone, you was pulled out of your thoughts at the sound of another moan.

    "I-I've never done this before." You stuttered out, feeling embarrassed.

    "Oh well I'll make sure this is some phone sex you’ll never forget."

    "No, I mean... I've never touched myself. How," You paused, wanting to hear reaction, yet hearing none but the sound of his hands pumping his dick, "-how do I do it?"

    Yoongi was hard but now he was rock hard. He felt a bit weird for you being his student and, you'll be his first experience but somehow that also turned him on more.

    "Shitttt baby, you've got me so hard. I want you to shove your middle finger in your mouth and suck on it, get it nice and wet for me, okay? You can do that for me baby? Right?"

    He was so needy. Whimpering, moaning and needy. It turned you on so much and you felt yourself get wetter and wetter as seconds passed.

    You made yourself comfortable and put your middle finger in your mouth. You swirled your tongue over your finger, lubricating it fully and pulled it out of your mouth with a 'pop' sound.

    "Yes, just like that Y/n, good girl. Now put it into your pussy. Just breathe and relaxe and it'll feel amazing." He breathed out through several moans.

    You slithered you hand down to your dripping cunt and inserted your finger. You obeyed him and breathed, letting yourself relax and now finding pleasure with your finger being in your pussy.

    You let out a lewd moan at how sensitive you was, your fingers getting mixed up with your slick. Your walls tightening around your finger.

    "You can start going in and out at your own pace. Can you do that for me baby?" You could hear how heavy his breathing was, his chest heaving up and down as pleasure takes over.

    Your pussy grips your finger so tightly. Your head was thrown back on your bed, eyes closed shut and mouth hanging open letting out moans here and there. Squelching noises could be heard on both ends, yours and his and you thrust your finger in at a faster pace.

    You was in pure pleasure. "It feels s-so good Yoongi." You managed to moan out. You heard him fasten his pace after you had moaned his name.

    Curses and phrases was being thrown out by Yoongi, "Fuckkkk Y/n", "Oh my- Oh my God", "Ah shittt" which only made you moan louder, your high approaching.

    "I wanna fuck your tight cunt so bad. My cock would stretch you out so good, so fucking good that you'd cum all over my dick. Your cum would drip down onto the sheets and I'd be there to clean your pussy up, hm? Wanna fuck you so bad. Wanna make you cum."

    You was both a moaning mess. His words turning you on even more, sending you to see stars with how much pleasure you was feeling. Your moans sending him into Cloud 9.

    A tight knot started forming in your stomach, you knowing what this must've been even though you had never experienced it.

    Sweat formed on your forehead, causing your bangs to stick to it. Your chest dampening your thin shirt from the sweat. You've never felt any pleasure like this in all nineteen years of your life.

    "Moan my name baby, I'm so close, 'm so close." He now sped up his pace, as if he only had a few seconds to do this.

    "Y-Yoongi, oh my God," The knot got tighter and tighter, your legs starting to shake, breathing heavy and eyes rolling back into your head, "Yoongi, 'm gonna cum!"

    Not even a millisecond later you shut your eyes, legs started shaking more as you felt a gush of pleasure overtake your body. Your mind focused on pleasure, nothing else, letting you get lost in your first orgasm as you gripped your phone tightly, feeling as thought you might break it.

    You pulled your finger out of your cunt and it was covered in cum, your cheeks immediately going red from embarrassment on what you just done.

    "Shittt, I'm so fucking close, so close for you baby." Yoongi moaned out, now wanting to reach his high.

    "Fuck I'm cumming, I'm cumming so hard, baby." He was so loud, already feeling yourself growing horny again.

    Hot strings of cum spurt out onto his lower abdomen, his head was thrown back in bliss as he milks his orgasm out.

    He chuckles, "You've made me cum so hard, darling. Fuckkkk."

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    interact with tjis if you watched bbc from the very beginning until the end!! i still can't stop crying :')

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    my eyes are ✨ b u r n i n g ✨ cause I didn't blink enough throughout bangbangcon 21 . bts out here, making me


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    Fake Love is one of the most strong songs that hits me with its beautifulness

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    Jung Hoseok explain your hotness

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    He looks so cute 😭😭

    Also,hey!! I just made an Instagram account soo follow and like me there too? because I'm new...

    User name is : certainlilmeowmeow


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    So Show Me, I’ll Show You – Part 20

    Previous — Masterlist — Next

    TAGLIST (send me an ask or leave a reply if you want to be added!): @esteemedsalt @halesandy @historicalgigi @seaoffangirling @secretlycrazyhummingbird @kiwimash12 @aviwasabi21 @sehun096rainbow @darkskin-buttercup @rainfallingfromthesky @yoongiofmine @lucedelsole97 @pleasegivemearemedyyy @kim-jias-den @unadulteratedlyunique

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    17.04.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Opposites Attract ~ Jung Hoseok

    You had felt the eyes of the other members staring across at you for most of the night. It was always the case whenever you were around, quizzical gazes were often exchanged whenever you were around and by Hobi’s side.

    “Does anyone want another drink?” Jungkook called out from one end of the table, placing his empty wine glass down.

    Hobi’s eyes looked across at you, resting his hand against your leg. “Do you want another drink?” He asked you, glancing across at the empty glass that you had too beside your plate.

    Your head nodded as Hobi turned back around to tell Jungkook that both you and him wanted another drink. The response earned a couple of sniggers from around the table, causing Hobi to look around questionably at his members who wore big smiles.

    You sunk a little further down in your seat, feeling your cheeks begin to flush red as plenty of attention was placed on you, something that you never liked, especially around the group.

    “Anyone got something to say?” Hobi asked, much more confidently than you ever would. You could feel the tension growing around the table which made you feel horrifically uncomfortable.

    Neither of them wanted to be the first to speak, but they were also well aware that they wouldn’t get away with saying nothing from the icy stare that Hobi had over them. He wanted answers, having seen how awkward you’d been becoming for quite some time.

    “It’s just…you’re so different,” Namjoon finally spoke up for the group.

    Hobi’s brows knitted together, “what does that have to do with you guys all laughing? Is that really what you all find so funny?”

    The two of you didn’t see it, but the boys definitely did. The two of you were like opposite ends of magnets, you shouldn’t attract, but you do. Every trait Hobi has, can’t be found in you, just like every trait found in you, can’t be found in Hobi.

    At times, watching the two of you was almost like looking at other ends of the spectrum in terms of your personalities.

    “You were so loud then, and Y/N was just so shy.”

    “She didn’t speak to us,” Taehyung pointed out.

    Jin quickly nodded beside him, “it’s not a bad thing, but the two of you are just so different, that it almost makes you alike, you’re the perfect combination for each other really.”

    “We never imagined that you’d be with someone so…opposite.”

    Your smile softened as the boys began to explain themselves, even you weren’t blind to how Hobi’s personality was everything that yours wasn’t.

    Hobi however, wasn’t quite as convinced as you are. “There’s nothing wrong with Y/N being quiet, I just like to look after her as I’ve got a bit more of a louder voice than she has.”

    “You don’t need to explain Hobi, we know the two of you get on.”

    Since he started dating you, Hobi often felt like he needed to explain his relationship, not just to the boys, but everyone. When the two of you first started dating there had been a lot of comments which Hobi took to heart. He was sensitive, whilst you had a bit more of a thicker skin to deal with it.

    The emotional side of your relationship was usually covered by Hobi, which was another of the biggest opposites between you both. The boys knew that he was the one that got hurt by their teasing more than you ever were, you just took it all in your stride with a smile.

    “Do you know though?” Hobi asked back across to Yoongi who sat opposite him.

    Yoongi’s head nodded instantly, “the two of you are perfect for each for that exact reason, you compliment the faults in each other.”

    “Y/N’s faultless,” he complimented, creating a chorus of retching noises to echo around the table. “What?” He laughed, “it’s true, I wish I had a personality more like hers sometimes.”

    Your eyes widened at his sudden confession, if anything, you wanted to learn a bit more from Hobi and try and find more of a voice within yourself to stand up for yourself. You could often only sit back and admire when he’d become the ringleader of the group whilst you preferred to take a step back and observe events unfold silently.

    Hobi’s own smile grew at the stare you had over him, “you look like I’ve just told you that I’m going to break up with you, what’s with the icy stare?”

    “I just don’t see why you’d want to be like me.”

    “See, this is what we’re saying,” Jimin interrupted, “the two of you are opposites, which is why you’re attracted to each other. You recognise new things in each other that you don’t see in yourselves which is why it works so well.”

    Jimin’s words resonated with you both, in each other, you both saw qualities that you’d swap with your own because the other made those qualities look so much better. Whilst you wanted to be a little louder, Hobi was desperate to become a little bit quieter.

    “I guess I do want to be a bit more like Hobi, that’s why I admire him so much.”

    His head shook, leaning across to press a kiss against your cheek as another chorus of retches came from around the room. As soon as he pulled away from you, Hobi glared around the table, tutting at the attitude of his friends.

    “All of you stink of jealousy right now,” he teased, “it must kill you to be single.”

    Namjoon was the first to speak, “we’re just waiting to find our Y/N’s.”

    A light giggle came from you as you tried to find your voice and make yourself heard around the table of incredibly loud boys.

    “If opposites attract as well as the two of you show, then I need to start going out a bit more,” Yoongi joked, “and start talking to more girls.”

    Your head shook back at Hobi, all seven of the boys had qualities that you adored, qualities that you knew so many other people would adore in them one day too.

    “It’s not all about opposites you guys, love is what is most important,” you told them.

    A sudden cheer came from around the table as you spoke up for the first time throughout the night. Your eyes rolled as each of them leaned across and high fived you as they finally heard your voice.

    “She speaks,” Jungkook laughed, “I always wondered what your voice would sound like, and after six months I’ve finally found out the answer.”

    “Funny,” you mocked, rolling your eyes back across at him, “because I was wondering at what point I get to stop listening to your voice?”

    Your sudden reaction brought a huge reaction out of the boys as Jungkook slipped away from the table, finally making his way over to the bar.

    “Maybe she’s taking after Hobi after all,” Taehyung chuckled.

    “Maybe they’re not so opposite as we thought.”



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    (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ icons | hobi's sunshine smile ♥

    𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞-𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠 𝐢𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐬𝐚𝐯𝐞 :]

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    hobi packs 🚀

    like or reblog if you like it/save pls!! <3

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