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    XI. Script of the Angel

    𝔰𝔶𝔫𝔬𝔭𝔰𝔦𝔰 >> This is the story of three very different people. A successful novelist, a blossoming artist and a dedicated cop. They seem to have nothing in common. Yet, they are continually drawn to each other. It is as if their fates have been intertwined. Written. That they must meet.
    𝔭𝔞𝔦𝔯𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔰 >> ft. jungkook and jimin primarily.
    𝔤𝔢𝔫𝔯𝔢 >> crime; a classic game of cat and mouse
    𝔴/𝔠 >> 6.8k
    𝔴𝔞𝔯𝔫𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔰 >> none besides some some minor angst?!
    𝔞/𝔫 >> sorry this is a repost because tags are crap. new chapter will be coming soon! we are gearing up towards the last major arc of the story! i hope you guys enjoy. happy reading (:
    previous part || series masterlist || next part (coming soon)

    “The moment was all; the moment was enough.”

                                        - Virginia Woolf  The Waves

    Jungkook returns with Krystal to the hotel she is staying at. They both sit mutely in the cab on the way there and continue not to speak to one another even as they take the elevator up. When they enter the room, Jungkook takes off his jacket and walks into the bathroom. He starts stripping to ready himself for a shower. He feels filthy.

    “Can we talk?” Krystal asks in a low voice. She is watching him from the middle of the room.

    Jungkook pulls his shirt over his head. “I’m exhausted. Let’s talk later.” This is the truth. He is extremely tired. He had not slept particularly a lot the night before and the unexpected events of this morning had been draining on his body.

    “No. Now,” she whispers, doing her best to cover the shaking of her voice at the words.

    This is the first time in which he has ever heard her speak to him in this manner. He throws his shirt on the tiled floor. “Fine,” he regards her with a displeased stance, “We can talk. What do you want to talk about?”

    She doesn’t know what to ask him. Or rather, she does, but neither of the questions she has in her head right now she wants to hear the answer for. They had all heard what you had said at the station. Krystal closes her eyes and breathes.

    “What were you doing at the house, Jungkook?” she finally says after a moment of silence.

    “Whose house?” he regards her with the slightest of smirks. The unasked question in the air: the woman’s or Y/N’s?

    She clenches her fists. “You know whose.”

    “I don’t really.” He starts to unbutton his pants, feeling the material sticking to his calves as he shimmies out of them.

    “Just answer the question!” She sounds exasperated. “That girl’s mother had recognized you. Are you honestly going to deny the fact that you’ve never seen nor talked to her before?”

    “The last time I checked, it wasn’t illegal for me to talk to strangers,” he drawls. He sees the shirt he had thrown at the corner of his eye and bends down to pick it up.

    “Look at me when I’m speaking, Jeon Jungkook.”

    Krystal’s tone makes his head snap up.

    “This is not like the books you write, okay? If what Jimin said was right, then you had illegally forged documents and in addition, they’re accusing you of murder. There is a real girl out there, dead; real policemen that think you’re the prime suspect, and a real person going around killing people!” she cries.

    “I know it’s not like my books! Do you think I planned any of this?” Jungkook finally bursts. He breathes heavily through his nose while she remains rooted in her spot, her chest equally heaving in her frustration.

    This is not at all like how he had written his script. There was never supposed to be a girl dead; no policemen were supposed to be suspecting him, and definitely no person was supposed to go around killing people to taunt him.

    Jungkook glares at Krystal. She is shaking, but out of fear or anger he cannot tell.

    She blinks, repressing the tears that are threatening to spill.

    “I did not kill that girl,” he says so quietly she can barely hear it.

    Her lips are tremoring. All she wants is to return back to Los Angeles. It is not as if she had even wanted to find Jungkook in the first place. It was simply the guilt she felt for remaining mad at him the last time he didn’t come home.  She had always known that she loved him more than he loved her. He made it evident each and every time he neglected to call her first to apologize because he hurt her. Still, the fact stands: she loves him.

    “One last question,” she says quietly to him, “Is what she said true?”

    She sees his jaws clench and that is all she needs as his answer. Her feet unconsciously carry her to the bedroom and she falls onto the edge of the bed. “You lied to me when I asked earlier.”

    “I did not. You asked if I was screwing her and I wasn’t. Last night was only a one-time thing. I had been angry and upset, and she had been there,” Jungkook walks to her.

    His words should not have shocked her. She had practically expected it the instant Jimin told her Jungkook had been staying with a woman. Nonetheless, the pain she feels knowing that her guesses had been correct – that her boyfriend is both a liar and a cheater – is worse than she could ever imagine.

    She feels him take her hands in his.

    “Don’t touch me,” she hisses, throwing them away.

    He stands back to his full height.

    “If you had been so angry and upset, why did you not call me?” she asks. She knows she will not get an answer, and even if he does give one, she does not know if she can believe him any longer.

    She digs her fingers into her temple but simply wishing that all of this would go away does not truly make it a reality. Taking a stand, she brushes past him and puts a hand on the handle of her suitcase.

    “I need a break. I’m going home.”

    “I never asked you to come.”

    She bites back the scream. That had been her final extension of forgiveness. “Goodbye, Jungkook,” she says without bothering to look behind at him, “And good luck with this…shithole you’ve thrown yourself into.”  


    “How can I go forward when I don’t know which way I’m facing?”

                   - John Lennon

    It is so easy to search up in books or the Web ways to move forward; ways to pick ourselves back up after becoming lost. Books teach us that in this process we will discover more about ourselves. The Web gives us quotes about not giving up and finding a drive.

    “Find your passion,” they say. “Start with something easy but put yourself in motion.”

    Have they ever thought that perhaps I simply may not want to move?

    “I guess we can file this one under completed then, Lieutenant?” Yoongi says while closing the file he is holding. Three murders in the past month. The city has been busy.

    Namjoon sits straighter in his chair and stretches. “Get it out of my face. It’s ruining my appetite for dinner,” he jokes.

    Yoongi chuckles along with him and turns to leave.

    “Hey, have you guys talked lately?” Namjoon throws out the question. He also stands and grabs his jacket from his chair. Youngji would be expecting home for dinner any moment now.

    The younger shakes his head. “You?”

    “Not a peep,” Namjoon answers.

    The two of them become momentarily engrossed in their independent thoughts until Yoongi mumbles beneath his breath, “What a fucker…”

    This earns a hearty laugh from Namjoon. He pats the pink-cheeked Yoongi on the shoulder and says in his own gruff voice, “I couldn’t agree more.”


    The clock on the wall chimes the hour and as if somebody had pressed a “stop” button, all the paintbrushes come down. The elementary school students immediately begin to pack their bags, chatting loudly amongst themselves. Every so often, the bells above the door twinkle charmingly as parents or guardians come to pick up their child. It isn’t long before the once warm studio becomes devoid of heat, mirroring the falling snow outside the windows.

    “Here. Let me help,” her sweet voice offers the assistance while she extends the barrel of paintbrushes.

    You smile up at Min, pausing from your current task of wiping down the easels after your art class of the evening. “Thanks,” you say quietly.

    “Billy is really improving, isn’t he? He used to grumble so much when his older sister would drop him off, but look at him now,” Min comments. She is holding up Billy’s animated drawing of his favourite superhero, Batman. With a finger, she points at the black shape in the middle. “I can actually tell that it’s a bat now.”

    “Oh, stop teasing him like that,” you say and walk up beside Min, “You’re right though. It doesn’t quite look like a black plum anymore.”

    The two of you giggle as you continue to clean the studio, getting ready to close for the day. In the background, a soft acoustic album of Michael Bublé’s Christmas songs filter through the air. Together with the rhythmic busyness of both women, it creates a warm atmosphere despite the building evening snowstorm. A car honks at the doorway.

    Min looks up and squints. You identify the driver and wave with a smile.

    “Don’t stay for me. Go out and enjoy your night out with him,” you sweetly say. Your friend throws you a silent thank you, grabs her scarf and hat from the coat hanger by the door, and throws them on. “So Y/N, have you decided? Do you want to join us this year for Christmas?”

    You have your back turned towards Min and you take a moment to straighten. Min cannot see your face and she wonders if whether her question had been heard at all. When you turn, you have a sheepish face.

    “I’m so sorry, Min. It’s been busy these past few weeks so I – ”

    Min holds up a hand and cuts you off. “Think about it a little more if that’s what you need,” she says, “I know it’s been busy but it’s the holidays. It’d mean a lot to be if my best friend could join me for Christmas. We’ll have hot cocoa again this year, and I promise. No takeout.”

    You pick at your lips with your teeth. With a sigh, you answer, “Alright I’ll have my answer by tomorrow.”

    Shaking you head, Min says, “There’s no rush. You can even tell me the day of the dinner.”

    You nod.

    “And I’m just thinking out loud here, but if you see Jimin… Extend an invitation to him as well? I’d love to see the both of you!”

    There is no answer this time.

    The bells above the door chimes as its final guest leaves for the night. The wind howls outside, blowing up snow towards Min, but her fiancée quickly ushers her to the warm, running car. You wave one last time with a faint smile as they drive away.


    Jimin sighs, stretching his legs in front of him before standing up from his seat. Rubbing his fatigued eyes with a fist, he ambles over to the window and stares out. The sight of people happily strolling along unbeknownst to his watching eyes is strangely soothing. He wishes so desperately that he could be one of them and not trapped here in his own thoughts and conspiracies.

    A large long yawn causes tears to bead at the corner of his eyes. His fingers scratch idly at his sorry excuse of a beard. His mind drifts to the girl who he misses so dearly.

    What would you be doing now? Perhaps you are sitting at the studio with your students? Or would you be off taking a vacation? No, knowing you, you would try to absorb yourself in your work. Regardless of what you are doing, he hopes that you are not barricading yourself in the house; that you are out living your life how it ought to be.

    Perhaps he should go back to living life like how it ought to be.

    But he cannot. Not until he figures out exactly what is happening. He owed them that much.

    He gives himself another minute by the window before returning to his couch, the spot so worn out that it is a whole shade darker compared to the rest of the material. The radio beside him blares out another Christmas tune.

    This would be the first Christmas that he would not be spending together with you. Each year the two of you would have a small “family” dinner – “family” being an arbitrary term considering how it was just him and you – and bring forward a small gift of kindness. His eyes flick over to the coat rack where the olive-green scarf dangles heavily beside his worn-out jacket.

    His mind does a mental checklist of his own fridge as his stomach growls in response. Takeout containers have been piled up at the corner of his apartment, but at least he had given himself the decency to package them up nicely in a garbage bag.

    It is not as if he hadn’t reached out. In fact, right after the whole…fiasco… had occurred, he had immediately put aside his anger and searched for you.


    He did not have to go far as you had been waiting for him outside the station. He finds you standing with your back towards the station, eyes searching the horizon as a cab pulls out of the parking lot. He gingerly lays a hand on you shoulder.

    You turn abruptly, evidently not having heard or sensed him approaching you.

    Walking out of Namjoon’s office, he had been so heated after that conversation he had yet to process what you had said. Then on the way out, your statement had rung loud within his mind and that made his blood boil so much more. He had opened his mouth to express his thoughts but had been stopped in his tracks once he saw your face.

    The expression was one of confusion, hurt and –

    “It shouldn’t have had happened,” you say, you voice barely above a whisper, “I knew it from the start and yet, I…”


    He couldn’t say it now.

    “I’m sorry,” was all he could offer.

    Jimin’s arm open slightly and you take a step forward, burying your head in his chest.

    “I’m sorry you were used like that,” he continues.

    The moment he says those words, he could feel your body tighten between his arms.

    You take one step away from him, followed by another. “I – ” you begin, then clear your throat, “I was not used. He did not use me.”

    “Y/N,” he says, “I didn’t mean it in that way.”

    Shaking your head, the expression on your face changes once again.

    “No, you meant it exactly like that.”

    “Y/N, I’m only – I mean, he shouldn’t have done that.”

    “It was mutual.”

    He brings a hand to his eyes, wiping the exhaustion that is already forming.

    “It was consensual. We are both adults and, he didn’t take advantage of me, if that’s what you’re insinuating.”  You meet his eyes and hold his gaze. The shake of Jimin’s head is barely noticeable. He breaks his gaze first, rationalizing it as the tickle in his eyes from the wisps of his own hair blown by the wind.

    “He doesn’t need you to defend him. For crying out loud, whether or not it was consensual, you just saw. He has a girlfriend. You don’t need to be with a guy who willingly cheats on his girlfriend without batting an eyelash.”

    “What I don’t need, Jimin, is for somebody to tell me what I do or don’t need.”

    He scoffs. “We are not talking about that right now.”

    You glare into his eyes once again. “But we are.”

    There is a hard grimace and lock of your jaw.

    “Since for as long as I can remember, you’re the one always making decisions for me,” you continue, “You chose the neighbourhood I lived in when I was looking for a home. You made the choice of where I would work when I was jobless. You even had the last word in of what I would eat for dinner because you’d just show up at my house with groceries.”

    “You had just moved in!” Jimin protested, “Once I showed you the local stores you’ve since been in charge of your own groceries!”

    “That’s beside the point!” You raise your voice in return. You huff, your hands clasped tightly in front of your body.

    “I don’t want you to regret anything,” he says, voice softening down.

    This time it is you who shakes your head. You start, “For the first time, I made a choice for myself. It might not be a good one, but it was my own. I don’t regret it.”

    “I just want to protect you.” He takes your hands in his.

    “I don’t need your protecting,” you release your hands from him as you talk, “What I need is for somebody to not put a Band-Aid on my hurt feelings or shield me from simple things that are just a part of life in this world.”

    You turn your back towards him and face the exit to the parking lot where the cab had driven away moments before. In the quietest whisper: “I needed him.”

    He takes a step towards you, reaching out a hand, but his fingertips barely graze the back of your shoulder. By the time you look back on him, his hands have fallen to his side and there are tears in your eyes.

    “What did he give you that I couldn’t?”

    The wind whips your hair around your face. You cannot control the tears that leave streaks down your cheeks. You wish you weren’t crying; you hated to be seen so weak in a moment where you had wanted to stand strong in your own decision. Jimin’s face is unreadable in this situation.

    “A friend, Jimin.” You say it with the shudder of somebody expelling the last winds of a balloon. You are tired. Just so tired. “He gave me somebody who would simply listen to me; somebody who – I don’t know – validated me. He didn’t try and control me or save me or protect me. He was just somebody who walked beside me and would hold my hand when I felt down.”

    “I can do that too. I’m beside you. Right now,” he says. His hand twitches forward but does not make it perceptively up.

    You shake your head. “No,” your voice goes even quieter, “No, you aren’t. I don’t think you ever were. You were behind me or in front of me, but never beside me.”

    The two of you stand in silence. Even though you are mere centimeters apart, Jimin could feel you slipping. He tries once last time.

    “Then what do you need from me right now?”

    You close your red-rimmed eyes, a last tear streaking down your pale face.

    “I need to be alone for a while.”

    He closes the distance as best as he can. He wants to wrap you in his arms, but he stands alone once again.


    You exhale, standing outside the door in the cold winter evening. Your breath creates a cloud like you are a dragon blowing out smoke. In one hand you hold a nicely wrapped bottle of wine, and in the other a small housewarming gift for Min and her fiancée. You exhale again before raising your fist to knock on the door of the house this Christmas.

    He fidgets with the shirt he has chosen tonight, having put on some extra muscle mass since the last time this piece left the shadows of his closet. In one hand he holds a bouquet of flowers and in the other, a wrapped Christmas gift. It had been about a week since he left the house, but after much persuasion he had decided to finally go see her. He pulls at the collar again before raising his fist to the door of the house this Christmas.

    It opens.

    “Hey,” she says, smiling brightly while standing at the doorway in a red dress. It is extremely cute on her, with sequins decorating the waistline that cinches and accentuates her hourglass shape. “Merry Christmas!” She hands him a wrapped gift of her own.

    “You shouldn’t have,” he graciously accepts the package.

    She smiles again, this time larger and brighter. Reaching to the side, she takes a heavy coat off from the rack and puts it on. He makes room for her in front of her doorstep while she locks up the house.

    “Oh,” he says, “This is for you.”

    Her name is Eunhye. She works down the hall from him as a case communication liaison. She had helped consult one of his cases a month ago and since then, they have found themselves working a few more times together. He had thought about asking her to coffee, but she had brought him one instead. Jimin thought to return the favour by bringing her a few more and then taking her out to dinner on Christmas.

    “You shouldn’t have,” she says, the smile never once leaving her face.

    He likes her smile. It is bright and infectious. She always serves others with a peppy attitude yet remains calm-headed in the need of conflict. He likes the way she looks in her festive dress, and the pink on her cheeks from the winter cold.

    He chivalrously ushers her to the car, opening the door and closing it for her once she is in. When they are both seated, he starts the car.

    This isn’t a date. They weren’t dating. She just deserved something nice after working hard in the office.

    He takes her hand in his as he begins driving. Her hands are engulfed in his own.

    And maybe he deserved something nice too.


    “Y/N! You came!” Min embraces you in a warm hug filled with mulled wine and the smell of peppermint cookies.

    You enter the house, letting her take your jacket. At once, you are hit with the lights of a ginormous Christmas tree in the center of the house. Presents have been piled at its base, and all around you are the red and greens of wreaths, snowflakes and laughing Santa Clauses.

    “Wow,” you manage to say, taken aback by all her work.

    She turns a little bit brighter pink, already flushed from a head start in the wine. “It’s our first Christmas in the house. I thought I’d just go all out, you know? Come in, come in! Mikael is just in the kitchen getting dinner finished. Wine and cheese are in the dining room, washroom is on your left if you need. I’ll be right with you; I’m just going to let him know you’ve arrived.” She dashes to the kitchen and speaks animatedly to her fiancée who is single-handedly in the process of curating the feast for tonight.

    The hallway of photos is what catches your eye as you slowly explore the house. They fill every inch of the painted space – photos of Min and Mikael on vacation, on a hike, in the forest, when he proposed. You cannot help but emit a small smile of your own in seeing her happiness.

    You bend down by the Christmas tree and add your little contribution to its pile.

    “Y/N, can you get that?” Min calls from the kitchen when the doorbell rings, “Mikael burnt the potatoes.”

    You did not know that there would be other guests joining your small party tonight. You ensure that you are semi-presentable in the mirror by the front door before opening it.

    “You’re sure they’re okay with me being here?” Eunhye asks Jimin as they stand outside Min’s house.

    Jimin nudges her. “Why wouldn’t they want you?”

    Eunhye chuckles, nevertheless still gripping her hands tightly in one another in front of her.

    The blast of cold air hits you full force in the face, hard enough to send you blinking at the accost of nature for a few seconds.



    The two of you speak at the same time.

    “Jimin’s here?” Min peaks her head from around the corner, as if waiting for this moment. You turn to look at her as she innocently prances to the door beside you, holding a batch of freshly baked cookies.

    “You’re just in time for cookies! They’re fresh out of the oven,” she says gleefully, offering them the tray. The two of you notice at the same time the guest he has brought.

    “This is Eunhye,” Jimin introduces. He awkwardly stands behind her, keeping distance from you and Min. “I called you earlier to speak about this.”

    “Oh, sorry! I was probably decorating the house,” Min brushes aside his comment. She takes Eunhye’s jacket from her and peers intently at the taller woman. “Damn, your skin is nice. And hot mama, you’re making me feel underdressed.”

    Eunhye blushes. “I didn’t know how formal to go. Jimin didn’t give me much warning in advance. Um, I brought wine.”

    Min busily ushers Eunhye to the next room, speaking so fast that the other has no time to interject. Eunhye casts Jimin a quick glance, but they turn the corner before she can see his response.

    “Merry Christmas,” you say timidly, having been left alone with him in the hallway.

    He stares at you. You have lost more weight since the last time he saw you, but there is the return of a healthy glow beneath your skin. You are dressed in a warm teal oversized sweater that is paired with leggings, and little Christmas trees sit on your earlobe.

    “I got you those.” He points to your earrings.

    “Oh,” you say, touching them lightly with a finger, “Yes. Last year. Thought it was fitting to bring them out again.”

    Jimin’s hair is longer than it has ever been. Tonight he has brushed and styled it back, but you have never seen it left past the tops of his ears. The shirt he is wearing is one you have not seen in many years, and he has managed to since fill it nicely. There is a light stubble on his face, enough for you to notice but not enough to make him look scruffy.

    He is a little lost for words. “It’s good to see you,” he finally settles for.

    Two months. He didn’t know how much he has missed your scent until now. Two long months without speaking to you.

    Min pops her head around the corner again. “You two, stop standing by the doorway. Come sit with us and enjoy some mulled wine; it’s my grandmother’s recipe!”

    He turns to walk to the room in which his guest for the night waits. You place a hand on his arm and step up beside him.

    “It’s good to see you too.”


    Dinner was delicious. The turkey was perfection in its juicy and tender meat, the gravy thick and creamy with fat and the stuffing absolutely delectable. Both the gifted bottles of wine were consumed during the meal, making conversation flow fast and nearly unfiltered from those sitting around the table. Mikael was hilarious in sharing the stories he had teaching abroad for a few years before finally settling down into a permanent job to be with Min. Jimin truly smiling for the first time in a long while. And you do not miss the long glances shared between him and Eunhye throughout the evening.

    You have all retired into the living room where soft Christmas jazz flows from the speakers and the room is toasty and warm from the crackling fireplace. There is a bright pop above the fire, and the embers lazily flow down to blend in with the black.

    “So, how did you guys meet?” Min asks with an impish grin. She is snuggled up close into Mikael’s arms, a large blanket spread over the two of them as they cram together in a single armchair. Their legs practically intertwined together, they sip at a shared glass of wine.

    The question is directed at Jimin. They sit on the largest of the sofas, a respectable but smaller distance from since the beginning of the night between them. Jimin has an arm slung behind Eunhye, his fingers unknowingly playing with her hair. Eunhye is almost as flushed as you with the amount of drinking that has been ongoing tonight.

    The two of them share a secret smile; one that only holds meaning for the both of them.

    “A case,” Eunhye finally says.

    Mikael pipes up. “Oh right. Min had mentioned that you are a policeman. Are you one too, Eunhye?”

    You sit on a lone armchair, facing the two pairs. Crossing both your legs onto the cushion, your bottom sinks in until you are nearly scrunched vertically. Your body emits its own heat, both from the wine and the multitude of food it is trying its best to digest.

    Eunhye shakes her head. “Oh no! I don’t do anything like that. I’m a case communication liaison. I sort of go through anything that the unit receives, filter through it and bring it to the team as seen necessary. Jimin is the one out on the field. We work in Narcotics together.”

    “You’ve always been in Narcotics?”

    “Since I’ve started there, yes. Jimin you transferred over a few months ago, right? You were in…um…” She snaps her fingers, the word eluding her at the current moment.

    “Homicide,” you say, finishing her thought.

    You see Eunhye meeting your eyes and quickly avert your gaze to your wine glass.

    “Homicide. That’s where all the crazy CSI shit happens right?” Mikael says. Min slaps him on the arm, followed by a hiss of “Language, baby.”

    Jimin laughs. “Yeah. Crazy stuff over there. But I’m in the drug business now,” he feebly jokes.

    This time, it is Eunhye who hits Jimin. “Hey. If you hadn’t transferred then I wouldn’t of had asked you out to coffee.”

    Min squeals upon hearing this. “Eunhye asked you out, Jimin?” She tilts her body forward, clinking her glass with Eunhye’s outstretched one.

    “He didn’t get transferred. He got kicked out into the doghouse.” You don’t know how the words got out on their own. You swear you had only been thinking them.

    There is the building of tension in the air. “There was a minor disagreement. But I think being in a new unit has really helped me grow as an individual. I’ve gotten to see a lot of new things while working with a new team.” Jimin says this to the group, but he is only watching you.

    You silently swirl the remnants of your wine, eyes glazing over with your chin propped in one hand.

    Somebody in the room clears their throat in the midst of the silence.

    “Are you allowed to talk about your work? What’s the most interesting case – Oomph!” Mikael is cut off from a sharp jab in the ribs from Min.

    Eunhye stands up. “It looks like I’m out. Does anybody want a refill of their cup while I get some more for myself?” She is making motions to pick up glasses when the sound of your choking interrupts her actions. Jimin’s attention immediately snaps to you in worry.

    You are, however, only laughing. The last drops of wine now sinking with heat into your stomach. In the back of your mind, you know you should stop, but in all truth you are currently feeling quite miserable. “Minor disagreement,” you scoff loudly, “It was not a minor disagreement. You stuck your nose in that case and it did not belong there. You fucked up.”

    Jimin clenches his jaw. He stands up as well and walks to you, taking your empty glass away from your hands. Your head bobs once, then look up at him with hooded eyes.

    “Perhaps you’ve had a little too much to drink tonight, Y/N.”

    His words make you laugh even more, a dissonant guffaw. “Oops, there we go again. Park Jimin swooping in the save the day. First thing he does after two months is decide to control how much I’m allowed to drink.”

    “Let’s not do this here.”

    You stand to meet him hastily. The room swirls, but you somehow manage to remain on your own two legs. Your mind is suddenly given clarity, and you point a finger in his face. “No? Then where would you like to do it? We’ve done it at my house and at the police station. Why not here too?”

    Eunhye tries to step between the two of you, placing her body in front of Jimin’s. “Let me get you both a glass of water.” Her voice is coated with warning.

    “You’re not a part of this,” you hiss. Your pupils constrict in Eunhye’s direction. From the corner of your eye, you see Min busily trying to untangle herself from Mikael.

    Why? Why must you always do something like this? You asked for time. Had he already not given you enough of it? He had already tried to end the conversation amicably.

    “Okay fine. You look like you have something to say to me so let’s hear it. I’m sure you’ve been dying to say something, seeing as how you’ve avoided talking to me for two months straight,” Jimin takes a step towards you.

    You do not back down, courage coursing through your blood faster than any of the alcohol. Jimin is mere inches from your face.

    “You have a fucking hero complex.” You take your finger and jab it into his chest to punctuate each word.

    “Sue me for trying to do my job,” he retorts.

    “Well, have you ever thought that maybe some people just don’t want saving? That they’re perfectly fine living naively in their own little world?” you yell back. At this point, you no longer know who you are referring to.

    “I, uh, I don’t think we need anymore wine,” Min says. She takes a step towards you.

    Jimin rolls his eyes. “So you’re saying that if I see somebody about to jump off a cliff, I should let them. On the assumption that some people just like to run towards their imminent end because they’d rather be happy in the moment due to their stupidity.”

    “Yeah. Maybe. They’re the only one to get hurt in the end anyways. Why should you do anything about somebody like them if they’re so stupid?”

    “Because I might care about that person? Because I don’t want to see them get hurt? Because if I see them hurt I hurt even more? Because I love them?”

    “Then you’re the stupid one.”

    “Stop blaming me for everything! You might have forgotten about him, but I won’t.”  

    You balk at his words, the weight of it crushing into your shoulders. You burst into tears, running out of the room.

    “Y/N, I don’t – Wait, just come – ” He does not hesitate to run after you.

    You have run outside, the door wide open sending blasts of harsh cold air into the once warm house. The wind whips your hair wildly around your face, the tears nearly freezing the moment they make impact on your skin. You stop him with an outstretched hand before he can reach the door. You speak to him through the glass,

    “You think I’ve forgotten about him?”

    He swallows. “No, I know you haven’t. It came out wrong.”

    “You think I’ve forgotten,” you repeat.

    You are wildly scanning your surroundings, looking for a way to escape in this unfamiliar and dark territory. Once coming to terms that the only place you can stand is under the dim illumination from a single bulb outside, you turn back to him.

    “I have done nothing but remember him. He haunts me every single day with everything that I do. I walk to work and I remember how we used to do that daily. I make food and remember him when I sit down to eat. I remember how much he hates pineapples on his pizza. I remember how he’d gag at the smell of cilantro. I hear his laughter while walking down the street. I smell his cologne when I walk through the mall. I see somebody in that ugly brown sweater he loves so much and for the briefest moment, I believe that maybe he’s back.

    All I wanted was to find a moment of escape from knowing that while I am here living and breathing, I am doing it without him by my side.”

    “He deserves justice. And I’m the only one who can give that to him,” Jimin protests. He takes another step towards you.

    “He’s dead, Jimin. Why are you the only one who can’t accept that?” For the first time, you say it. You had only ever used the words “missing” or “walked away”. But tonight, you know that those were only ways to keep bay the truth: Baekhyun is dead.

    “He might deserve justice,” you continue, your voice barely a whisper above the howls of the snow, “But I also deserve something. I deserve to be allowed to move on. I deserve that same happiness that you all have right now. I deserve to be able to feel something more than just the pain and sadness and agony I feel every day. I deserve something better.

    I miss you, Jimin. I do. But not the you that is in front of me right now. I miss the old you, the one that looked at the world with a brighter lens. That didn’t think that the world was evil. I just want my friend back.”

    “I haven’t changed. I’m still the same person. I can give you that happiness. We can look for it together,” he pleads. The wind stings his eyes. His teeth have begun to chatter and he can only imagine the cold that seeps into you as you are standing outside in that flimsy sweater.

    “I had already found it,” you say. You had. It had hurt. It had felt so wrong in the beginning, but you had had it. That insignificant moment to him had been everything that you had been craving.

    Jimin reaches out to you once last time, his fingers going past the glass to pull you safely into his arms. But Min appears at your side instead, drawing you out of the storm and away.

    “Jimin,” Eunhye says, appearing behind him. She gently leads him out of the room, your cries echoing in his ears each step he takes away.


    His car pulls to a stop in front of her house. He did not imagine being back here so early in the night. The car ride had been silent; Jimin not finding it in himself to even turn on the radio.

    Eunhye reaches behind, taking the Christmas gift that Min had insisted on giving as a guest for tonight. He stops her from leaving by taking her wrist.

    “I’m sorry,” he says.

    “For what?” she replies.

    He looks at her: a bright, shining star in his night. The start of what he can see as his foundation. The one with the ability to care and hold him up when he is down.

    “For everything tonight. You didn’t deserve any of it. I shouldn’t have left you alone.”

    She places her hand over his, settling for the moment down into the passenger seat. “Min and Mikael are great hosts. I wasn’t alone, and you don’t need to apologize. She needed you at that moment.”

    His laugh is bitter. “I don’t think she needs me anymore.”

    She raises a hand, brushing his sunken cheeks and strokes it tenderly. “Perhaps. But I know that you need her.”

    He leans into her, his lips brushing the under of her palm. Mumbling the words, he says, “Did I really do something so wrong?”

    She does not speak. She waits until he has stopped looking down into his lap.

    “Jimin.” His name falls so tenderly from her lips.  

    “I can’t answer that question for you; that’s between you and her. All I can say is that… I’m attracted to you. I don’t know what it means right now, but I want to see where I can go with you. I just need you to figure out what it is between the two of you before we do that. I’m willing to wait for you until that happens.”

    “I guess that means we won’t be meeting for coffee tomorrow?”

    She looks at him sadly. “I’m afraid not.”

    Jimin pulls her hand closer to him; closer until his lips tenderly meets hers. The kiss is brief and lingering, but he knows that is what he wants.

    “Merry Christmas, Eunhye.”

    “Merry Christmas, Jimin.”


    Entering: wetheking.com

    FIRST THREAD: WELCOME (Views: 1205)

    “We welcome you to our humble space in celebration of the King. We do not turn anybody away; all are invited to join. There is only one purpose and that is to continue the work and spread of his Kingdom.

    It did not begin with Sara Michel. It is not finished with Liza Sparrow. There are many more and much to come. We extend our hand to you to join us in this effort. The King invites you to personally join in the celebration.

    Will you take up his Will?”




    𝔱𝔞𝔤𝔩𝔦𝔰𝔱 (open): @yoonchrisgull​

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    When You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Taken Out ~ BTS Reaction


    For some time Jin had tried to ignore your hand tapping against his arm, but eventually, he caved, looking across at you. “What could you possibly want this time from me?”

    He’d lost count how many times you’d hit him for his attention, only to want nothing from him. “Do I sound funny?” You asked him with a giggle, “I sound like I’m underwater right now, right?”

    “Of course,” Jin smirked, unable to bring himself to draw you back into reality, “do you know what you sound like right now? A scuba diver who’s searching for treasure.”

    “That’s so cool!” You yelled out, muttering as many words as you could with a smile, “I don’t even need a snorkel to sound so cool.”

    “It’s impressive,” Jin lied, unable to ignore how innocent you were, “I’m surprised that the pain relief isn’t beginning to wear off just yet on you.”

    “What are you talking about? I haven’t had any pain relief, I’m just high on life right now Jin,” you excitedly informed him, “why are you so boring?”

    “I’m not boring, but unfortunately I’ve not been drugged up on pain relief like you have been.”

    “Drugs?” you whimpered, shaking your head back across at him, “I can’t be taking drugs Jin, do you know how much trouble I’ll be in for that?”

    “Don’t worry, it’s all legal, even if the way you’re acting suggests otherwise.”


    Your body collapsed into Yoongi’s as soon as he helped you out of the car, stumbling forwards towards the door. “Did they cut your legs off as well in theatre or something?”

    Your eyes went wide as you looked down, shaking both of your legs out to make sure that they were there. “Did they cut my legs off?” You frantically asked, “I can’t feel that my legs are there.”

    “They’re there,” he assured you, continuing to help you walk to the front door, “I can see them both, but you seem to be unable to use them right now, you’re using me instead.”

    “What if you can see them but they’re not working?” You challenged nervously, “does this mean that we can sue the doctors?”

    “Not quite,” he laughed, “but maybe we can sue them if you can’t feel your lips? Can you feel your lps right now, are they there?”

    “I can’t!” Your hands tapped around your mouth, but no matter how hard you did it, you were unable to feel your lips, “they’ve taken my lips?”

    “Do you know what? I reckon give it a couple of hours and they might give them back to you.”

    “How?” You challenged, feeling your eyes beginning to water, “we need to sue this place, they’ve taken my lips and my legs from me Yoongi.”

    “Let’s not rush into things too quickly, I have a feeling you might soon change your mind.”


    Your smile turned up as soon as Hobi walked into the room, sitting yourself upright and tapping the end of your bed. “Hobi,” you cooed, wrapping your arms around him.

    It took him a moment to steady himself as he almost collapsed into your chest. “Someone looks happy, how are you feeling? Did the operation go well, you’re not feeling too bad?”

    “It’s funny,” you chuckled, poking at your bottom lip, “no matter how hard I hit myself right now, I can’t feel a thing, what if I don’t even have lips anymore Hobi?”

    “Your lips are still there,” he assured you, leaning forwards and pecking against them, “and they’re still just as lovely to kiss as they were before you had your operation.”

    Your eyebrows knitted together in confusion, “when did I have an operation? Are they going to come and cut my lips off Hobi?”

    “No,” he chuckled, taking a hold of your hand, “you’ve already had your operation, they’ve taken your wisdom tooth out so you’re no longer in pain.”

    “But why have they taken my lips off of me when they were supposed to take my tooth away.”

    “I told you, your lips are still there,” he tried to remind you, but your head shook back at him. “Don’t worry, you’ll feel your lips there again soon enough.”

    “I don’t want to be without my lips Hobi, what are we going to do?”


    Your hands gripped onto Namjoon tightly as he sat down on your bed after the doctor left your room. “They hurt me,” you whispered into his ear nervously.

    His eyes instantly shot around, looking over you in panic. “What do you mean they hurt you? Did they do anything to you that they weren’t supposed to do? Does it hurt anywhere?”

    “They told me that they took a tooth of mine,” you informed him, watching in confusion as he sighed back at you in relief. “They can’t just take my tooth Namjoon.”

    “I think they can when it’s causing you pain Y/N,” he tried to explain to you, “they were doing a good thing by taking your tooth, now you won’t be in pain with your wisdom tooth.”

    Your head shook, failing to make sense of it all, “they’ve given me a gap in my teeth Namjoon, what am I supposed to do about that now?”

    “You’ve not got a gap,” he assured you as you tried to show him your teeth, “your smile is just as beautiful as it was when I left you this morning.”

    “I want to get out of this place Namjoon, I don’t know what else they might take from me.”

    “Don’t worry, we can go soon,” he smiled across at you, “I’ll make sure that they don’t take anything else from you whilst we’re here as well.”

    “I always knew that I could rely on you to be the one to keep me safe.”


    His eyes immediately flickered to his right as he heard a gasp come from you with panic in your eyes. “Where are you taking me? Are you a kidnapper?”

    He couldn’t help but chuckle as you began to pat around your body, finding the plug for your seatbelt. “Don’t,” he smiled, reaching across to stop you from unplugging it.

    “Why won’t you tell me where you’re taking me?” You continued to ask him, “have you come to take me away because I didn’t flush the toilet this morning.”

    “I’m taking you home,” he reminded you, placing your hand back into your lap, “I wouldn’t kidnap you just for not flushing the toilet Y/N, no matter how disgusting that was.”

    Your eyes still continued to look around with uncertainty, “this doesn’t feel like the route home, Jimin doesn’t usually take me this way.”

    “Does he not?” He exclaimed, playing along with you, “trust me, this is much a quicker way then Jimin would ever take you to make sure that you get home.”

    “Can you write this route down so that I can give it to him when I see him to take in the future?”

    “I’m sure he already knows this route,” he sighed, unable to quite believe what he was hearing, “he’ll be worried about taking care of you instead.”

    “He always takes the best care of me; I think you’d love him too.”


    Your arms flew around Taehyung as he sat down beside you on the sofa, making sure that you had everything the doctor instructed. “Have I ever told you that I love you?”

    His eyes looked to you in confusion as he tried to figure where your sudden outburst had come from. “You might have mentioned it once or twice to me over the years Y/N.”

    “I really love you, a lot,” you reminded him, pressing several kisses to the side of his face, “I must be really lucky to be your girlfriend? I am your girlfriend, aren’t I?”

    “You are,” he chuckled, moving his arms to wrap around you too, “if you’re my girlfriend, does that mean that I’m your boyfriend too?”

    “No,” you giggled, pushing against his arm, “I think I’m going to date that dentist, he was really fit Taehyung, even fitter than you are actually.”

    “I see,” he sniggered, rolling his eyes at the grin on your face, “shall I take you back to the dentist so you can tell him how much you love him instead of me?”

    “I love you the most, maybe the dentist could be my secret boyfriend or something like that?”

    “Secret boyfriend?” Taehyung joked, unable to believe in you, “it’s a good job you’re not with it right now otherwise I’d have something to worry about.”

    “What are you worried about? You don’t have to worry about the handsome dentist.”


    The feeling of your hand yanking out of his caught Jungkook by surprise, spinning around to see what was wrong. “Are you coming to the car to go home?”

    Your head shook as you held your hand into your chest, “I don’t know who you are, why would I follow you into a car? Where’s my mum supposed to be?”

    “Your mum is at home,” Jungkook tried to explain to you, “she couldn’t get the day off from work, so I offered to bring you to the dentist instead Y/N.”

    “My mum takes me everywhere,” you called out, refusing to trust in what he said, “I’m not leaving here without my mum, she brought me here this morning, so she can get me too.”

    Jungkook’s head shook as he reached into his pocket to pull out his phone, “I brought you here this morning Y/N, not your mum.”

    “I did not get in a stranger’s car this morning,” you continued to inform him, “my mum always told me to never trust a stranger, and you look pretty strange.”

    “Thanks a lot, I’ll remind you of this when you remember who I am and jump all over me.”

    “I don’t know you,” you spoke up, extending out every single sound, “can you leave me alone now please so that I can wait for my mum in peace?”

    “In the state you’re in, I’m not leaving you alone, stranger or not.”



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    Hobi: I'll make you some cookies.

    Namjoon: I don't really want any.

    Hobi: It's not optional.

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    test run | pjm

    ⤑  series: beside you

    ⤑ pairing: solo artist!jimin x idol!reader

    ⤑ genre: fluff(?) ...nd we got angst too!

    ⤑ rating: explicit  

    ⤑ word count: 2.7k

    ⤑ warnings: biting, tickling(it’s not kinky tho), jimin nd yn nd their shit...

    ⤑ chapter song: mean it // lauv ft lany

    ⤑ A/N: we have officially entered the lion’s pit y’all! it’s all downhill from here, so grab a buddy and hold on! alsooo ., let me know what you think of this new side of jimin?? x

    JUNE 14TH, 2021 | 11:39

    It's an annoyed huff you're letting out, heels clacking against the cement as you make your way to your trailer. Your manager's voice fades into the background the further away you get from her, thankfully, you've had your fill of her nagging today. Climbing the few steps with much more haste than usual, you're yanking the door open and slipping inside the van. Shoving it away from you harshly, the door rattles as it shuts, drowning out the noise outside.

    “The fuck you slamming doors for?” The familiar voice startles you, yet your eyes only squint in his direction. Sat coolly on your couch with one leg crossed over the other, he had been scrolling aimlessly through his phone but now he's looking at you over the top of his sunglasses.

    He looks handsome and you're annoyed that's the first thing you noticed. Dark hair hidden under his cap, adorned in all black from head to toe. There's a belt holding his pants up and you're instantly plagued with the memory of how the leather felt around your wrists. On a night he was drunk on power and wanted to rope you into that.

    You're silencing the echo of his deep voice and shaking of the tingly feeling in your chest, narrowing your eyes in his direction. “Jimin. What are you doing here?” You hope the hostility translates in your tone, he shouldn't be here.

    His dark eyes roll as he scoffs, tossing his phone to the side as he stands. “I came because I missed you,” He says it like it's the most obvious thing in the world. A hint of a smile playing on his lips and you hate the way it tugs on your heartstrings. “What's with your face?” Much closer now, all he has to do is lift his arm and he's able to run his thumb over your cheek.

    It's hard not to lean into his touch, but you stand your ground. “What do you think? You shouldn't be here,” Not only were you two not exactly on speaking terms anymore... you were sure hair and makeup would be in soon enough to touch you up before you had to be out there.

    He shakes his hand, palm resting on the side of your face as he stares at you. Intently. Reading your features and what they could mean. Brow furrowed as he stares, plump lips pursed to the side. He looks kind of funny, you've never seen him this focused away from his work desk. “Tell me what's wrong, baby?”

    There he goes again. Calling you 'baby' when he didn't mean it. You're quick to swat his hand away, passing him to step further into the room. “I'm just stressed. You don't care about this stuff,” Settling at the chair in front of the vanity mirror, you search for something to distract yourself. Meticulously organizing the makeup brushes set out in front of you.

    Jimin moves from his spot in the doorway to stand behind you, arms sneaking around to rest on the table in front of you, peering up at you through the mirror. As much as you hated the fact that he could so easily waltz in and out of your life, you couldn't hide the happy feeling you got from him being here. Today was shit and just seeing him was enough to brighten your mood.

    “Would I have asked if I didn't want to know?” Even with the back of the chair separating your bodies, you can still feel the vibration of his voice on your back. He's so close and you don't remember the last time you've felt so giddy over something like that.

    He catches your gaze through the mirror, reading your silent agreement to his words before he's nodding his head. “Exactly. Tell me what happened. You came in looking like you wanted to cry,” You probably would've started crying if he wasn't sitting in here when you stormed in.

    That's none of his business, though. “Who even let you in here? This is my trailer.” 

    “I'm Park Jimin,” He laughs showing off that pretty smile you hardly get to see. “Come on, peach.” The nickname has about a million memories swarming in your brain and you're sure he knows exactly what he's doing. “You gotta tell me who hurt you so I know whose ass to kick,”

    Turning slightly, you're able to look up at him – still caged between his arms. “You're a pacifist, though.” He grins, hand reaching to pick something out of your hair. Something that you're sure he's imagined because his hand just rests there, fingers tangled in your hair. “I'll figure something out,” He says with a reassuring nod.

    All the feelings for him you've kept bottled up and tucked away quickly come fighting to the surface. Just having him close and wondering about you in the way he never does, has hope blossoming in your chest. And you have no idea what to do about it, so you act like it doesn't mean what you know it does.

    Instead, you're letting out an easy laugh, eyes rolling as you reach for his glasses. “We're inside. You look ridiculous,” Not sure why you thought taking his glasses off would help the situation. You're only revealing his eyes captivated look within them that you're sure you've mimicked countless times before.

    He doesn't even know he's looking at you that way. Just felt the flutter in his chest at the sound of your laugh, the catch of his breath when you were reaching for him. He missed you, even though you were sitting right in front of him. He wanted to say so much but couldn't seem to form a proper sentence under your gaze.

    Most of all he wanted to hold you close, listen to you babble like you used to. Would talk for hours about things he hardly paid attention to. How badly he wished he could turn back the clock just to hear the excitement in your tone as you went on and on. Rather than the bored emotionless way you spoke to him now.

    “You don't have to tell me anything. Honestly, I only came to drop off some things to help you recharge. You weren't even supposed to see me,” He nods his head to the bag that he had set on the table just before he was getting the call that slowed him down. Good thing too, you looked too pretty to miss.

    You're whole body twists to look where he's pointing and sure enough, there's a clear bag set on the table overflowing with all of your favorite things. Mostly snacks. He must know how stressed photoshoots make you. “You...” He's much closer when you turn back, you have to tilt your head back to keep from bumping noses. “Why'd you go and do that?”

    Jimin shrugs, lips stretching into a small smile as he lifts his hand to tap his finger onto the tip of your nose. “'Cause I felt like it,” Leave it to Jimin to think 'cause I felt like it' was a good enough explanation for everything.

    You can't spend another second this close to him, positive you'll end up slipping – so you're standing and making your way to the couch. Rummaging through the bag to keep from looking at him as you speak. “We went over my contract today... during brunch.” No idea why you feel like you can tell him this, but the words are leaving your lips before you have the chance to second guess.

    He's taken your former spot at the vanity, turned around in the chair, and watching you. “I haven't been doing so well since I left... was kicked out, of HERd. The relationship with Jin helped, but I guess people are getting bored. They want music, but I haven't felt good about a project since...” You're stopping yourself before you say it, though, he already knows.

    “And apparently there's this clause... or loophole or whatever. That says if I'm not upholding my end, which is making music and bringing in sales. They can shift my career in whichever direction they see fit.” Jimin is catching on quickly so you don't even have to finish. He's known plenty of artists who've had their studios shut down while they're hauled off to photoshoots. “Today's a test run...”

    His lower lip juts out at the sight of your sad eyes that you're trying to hide from him. “Aw, peach..” He's knelt down in front of you, hands resting on your cheeks so he's able to tilt your head to look at him. “Don't worry. You'll come up with something so I'm sure it won't even come to that.” He's got a smile plastered on his lips, but he doesn't believe his own words.

    “And if it does, I'll just have to leak that feature we've got locked away,” His grin grows, eye closing in a quick wink as his fingers ruffle your hair. His laugh is light and contagious as memories of the night the two of you spontaneously decided to make a song together.

    Only making it halfway through before he was complaining about being hungry and ordering drinks. Nine rounds of shots and a gross amount of pizza later, you were fucking in the booth. Not so accidentally recording the entire thing. He joked about it debuting at number one before he was saving the file under a locked folder.

    You forgot it even existed after that. Now you were grinning at the memory, not realizing the comfortable way your arms have gone to rest on his shoulders. Hands joined at the back of his neck, it felt so natural. You almost forget that it shouldn't. Almost.

    “You're not supposed to be here, cheering me up. I'm mad at you.” Despite your words, he can't shake how happy you just looked laughing like that. So he doesn't take your words to heart, hands dropping from your face to rest on your thighs as he tilts his head dramatically. “Yeah? You're still mad? I wrote so many songs about you.”

    Shoulders lifting in a shrug, you try to feign indifference, blowing out a smooth puff of air. “They were just okay.” It's cute the way his brows shoot up, jaw-dropping with an exaggerated gasp. “Just okay? Huh?” He's quick. Hands shooting from your thighs to your hips and easily flipping you onto your back.

    It's not until he's hovering over you do you realize what he's about to do. And you're not fast enough to dodge his fluttering fingers that push into your sides. “It was just okay? I poured my heart out for thirteen minutes, just okay!?” His laughter mixes with yours, hips pinning you down as you squirm underneath his touch.

    “Ahh! Jimin, stop. Thank tickles.” Your hands scramble to catch his, missing them by an inch each time while laughter fills the room. He's giggling, this pretty smile on his face the entire time. You only catch glimpses of him, between your head tilting back as choked laughter leaves your lips.

    Finally, you manage to catch his wrist. Putting a stop to the torture, but not to the way he stares down at you. “It tickles,” You're saying through a breath. Laughter dying down into heavy breaths, but the hammer of your chest never slows. In fact, you're sure it raises a few beats once you register the way he's looking at you. The same captivated look from before, but this time his gaze is focused on your lips.

    Pink tongue pushing out to wet his own and you'd give anything to hear what he was thinking. Wrists caught in your hands and just frozen with his legs on either side of your hips. If he kissed you would you push him away? You should, of course, that should be your first reaction – but would you?

    Not allowing your thoughts to roam any further, you're clearing your throat, quickly catching his attention as you release his hands from your grasp. He hasn't gone anywhere, but you miss him already. And he must've picked up on that small fact because instead of standing up and leaving like you both know he should, he's reaching for your wrists.

    Both captured in one hand, he's quick to lift them over your head, pinning them to the armrest as he leans down. He's quick, face finding the crook of your neck. You're letting out a surprised yelp when you feel his teeth sink into your skin with a mean bite. “Ow!” The pain is quickly being soothed with the pleasure that comes from the licks of his tongue.

    “You always bite too hard!” It's hard to sound annoyed with the way his lips were making your stomach flip.

    Either way, he's not paying attention. Focused on biting into your skin one last time before he's lifting his head to look at you. Eyes much darker than they were just a moment ago, hooded. His lips look even more inviting now and you have to force yourself not to lean up for a taste. “You fucking like it. And it makes me hard,”

    As proof, he's angling his hips so his stiffening cock brushes against your lower belly. Eyes fluttering as a breathy sigh falls from your lips and he grins, lips morphing into a smirk as his eyes dance across your features. Slowly, he's bringing your arms down, placing a palm on either side of his chest.

    “Push me away,” Voice barely above a whisper, teeth cutting into his lower lip as his eyes flicker from your mouth to your eyes. He's going to kiss you. Showing all the telltale signs of the build-up and you know you have to push him away. But you're too busy flirting with the idea of how close he could get before your heart explodes.

    His nose bumps against eyes peeking up at you one last time before he's pushing forward the rest of the way. Just like Snow White, it takes one brush of his lips for you to come to your senses. The fact that he really shouldn't be here and how stupid you were not to kick him out the moment you were seeing him. And he especially shouldn't be gearing up to kiss you.

    No matter how many times you planned to replay this moment in your head.

    With two weak hands, you're pushing. Reluctantly, but you're still pushing. Just before he's able to fully wrap his lips around yours, he's pulling away. A small sigh leaving his lips as he moves to put distance between the two of them, hands ruffling through his hair – hat somewhere on the floor must've fallen off while he was tickle attacking you.

    “I should get going,” You can't seem to find your voice so all you do is nod. Shifting into until you're sat upright and he's standing to leave. He finds his hat and he's shoving it on his head, low enough to cover his eyes.

    You half expect him to leave without another word. So imagine your shock when he's turning around to face you, a small smile playing on his lips. “I really only came to drop off that stuff,” He's nodding to the side and you've clearly forgotten the reason why he was here in the first place because your face twists in confusion.

    Jimin ignores it, though, taking careful steps in your direction. Crouched down so you're now face to face, his hand lifts to run through your hair. “I am glad I got to see you, though. Try not to let them make you too upset,” With a gentle pat to your head, his hand is shifting to grip your chin.

    He presses a quick kiss to your forehead before you can say anything about it. Then two more when you don't throw a fit. “Call me if it's too horrible,” He says with a laugh and all you do is nod. Letting out a soft 'goodbye' as he makes his way to the door. It slams when he reaches the bottom of the stairs, completely stealing away your view of him.

    And you miss him already.

    — he’s bad for you. from the commitment issues to the endless scandals. sworn to never settle down… well, that’s until he sees how happy you can be without him. now he’s willing to do anything to keep from losing you to your so-called ‘perfect boyfriend’.

    ↭ masterlist

    taglist: @agustdef @silentlyimpractical @hopeworldjimin @gldnrecs @jaiuneamesolitaiire @preciouschimine @joonies-babyy @dee-ehn @aqtkookie @taesinferno @seokjinslittledumpling @thecityrain @jeonsshadow @papichulo-knj @amour-quinn @bangtansbunny​ @kooafraid​ @metaethically​ @miss-jupiter​ @tanumiki​ @yoongiofmine​ @princecalpal​ @jikooksgirl19​ @mikrokosmicjoon​ @hqtetsurou​ @needingyou2​ @alterlovess​ @ladyarmanto​ @trinityxsope​ @myworldisgone11​ @yutaeminnie​ @yoooonie​ @peachy-tatas​ @paolandotcom​ @strwberry-jam​ @certifiedcrazycatlady​ @hansolsrightnut​ @btsbangtanbois​ @morseszn​ @codeinebelle​ @rjsmochii​ @joontopia​ @knjkitten​ @tae165​ @chocobetterknot​ @ggukkieland​ @v3nti​ @kelitt​ @taejinminsu​ @jinhitwhore​

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    A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!

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  • j-hopes-sunglasses
    20.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    “Why were BTS even at the UNGA?”

    Oh I dunno, maybe because they brought in over a million people to watch and maybe consume even a little bit of important information about shit going on in the world to which most wouldn’t have bothered otherwise.

    We need people to care, and even if young people can’t do much now they will eventually as they get older. And also BTS’s fanbase isn’t JUST kids, so if them being at the UN and singing PTD causes even a fraction of viewers to be interested in the rest of the whole thing and become educated on topics addressed then it’s obviously a good thing. 

    Do I wish it didn’t take a crazy popular South Korean Kpop band to do a speech and sing a song there to get more people interested in global issues? Yes. Am I against them using them in this way in order to get the net worth of that outcome though? No. If this is what it takes then do it, I don’t care.

    #Sab talks BTS stuff #I end up feeling for the guys though #so much pressure is on their shoulders these days and it must be so incredibly stressful #I can't imagine #to go from so little to things like this must be mind numbing at this point #but if they care about these issues too then I know they aren't lying when they say it's an honor to do what they can #because regardless of nerves if you believe in creating change then you'll do what you must
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  • taegularities
    20.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    soaring high | kth (m)

    Summary: A twelve-hour flight passes fast when a scorching hot, single parent is there to entertain you all throughout the day – with his words… as much as with his fingers. 

    pairing: dilf / single dad!Taehyung x reader

    genre: s2l (?); fluff, smut, some crack?

    rating: 18+

    warnings: talk about a past divorce & a toxic ex, flirting, teasing, oc’s and my voice kink 😵‍💫, slight age gap, jimin and tae’s kid are the sweetest pair of dorks everrrr; explicit sexual content: (hard) dom!tae, public sex (they do it in the plane restroom), unprotected sex (don’t do it, pls & thank u), handjob, groping, fingering, oral (f. & m. receiving), throat fucking, cum swallowing, rough sex, dirty talk, manhandling, breast play, crying (cos taeconda too good), light choking, slight degrading (he calls her his cumslut grr), mention of some spit, my mirror kink i guess, aftercare (or as much as possible in a plane); literally, tae keeps smirking cockily... that ass, like 1 sweater weather reference, pls spot <3

    word count: 8.5k

    a/n: i needed to write this to get the idea out of my system, i’m sorry for all the content that’s still coming this week LMAO; thank @kimtaehyunq​​​​ along with single-dad-tae-anon for encouraging me, and again, maggie, CANNOT THANK U ENOUGH FOR THIS HAWT BANNER !!! another thank u to @jimilter​​​​ for hyping me up and making this brainfart SO much better, it was a mess honestly; ily guys T_T hope u guys enjoy !!


    You thoroughly dislike flying alone.

    The fact that you won’t be able to set foot onto firm cement for the next eleven hours irks you. If you were in someone’s pleasant company, you’d probably stare at the line in front of you less grimly. The tempo in which the staff here operates does nothing to ease your mind, either.

    That’s why airports are your least favourite place in the world; yes, you get to travel the world, but at what damn cost? At the cost of going through the infinitely long boarding process, just to sit in a vehicle that might or might not serve cold food and offer horrible movies?

    Science needs to take it up a notch. You want teleportation to be a thing already.

    You shove the handbag lying to your feet forward by a few inches when the human snake moves in front of you, crossing your arms in front of your chest with a sigh. Maybe you would’ve dwelled a little more on how miserable the situation feels, a little more on how much you wish to fast forward by eleven hours to fall into your own bed again.

    But instead, your mind shifts elsewhere. From afar, you see the small steps of a little boy holding something in his grip first. His free hand clutches to the bigger one of his father, and he looks at you for only a moment before his gaze shifts to his gameboy again. They still produce these things?

    You smile a little as you look at his tiny baby cheeks and his jutted lip, his red, open shirt hanging off from one shoulder with its sleeves rolled up. You stare up to the father to shoot him the classic, basic grin that one usually does – the one that lets a parent silently know that, hey, your kid is the sweetest being I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

    But when you meet the man’s gaze, you feel your throat constrict in a way that diving underwater usually does. You prepared yourself to find friendly, smiling eyes looking back at you, but instead, his stare seems piercing, almost like a warning. Like he’s about to punish you for a monumental, national crime that you committed on this warm, sunny Friday morning.

    When you hear the busy ruffling of handbags and quiet conversations of the passengers in front of you again, you move forward instinctively, still lost in what just shook your insides with a single gape. But when things need to go wrong the least, they most certainly do go wrong, as fast as they can too; and not expecting any less from your awkward personality, you’re not surprised when your knees buckle and you almost trip, catching yourself by pressing your hands against the bag right on time.

    You’re not sure how much of your awkwardness the guy with the deadly stare has noticed when you register his presence right behind you, joining the line. Luckily, he seems to be engaged in a conversation already, addressing the man accompanying him that you didn’t even properly see when the menacing gaze of the child’s father captured you in its trap.

    “The line isn’t as long as I thought it’d be,” the second man chimes, his voice soft and lovely, the exact opposite of his friend’s eyes, “we’ll be in the plane in a matter of minutes.”

    You smirk; you want to turn around and scoff, let him know that his enthusiasm and optimism are great and nice, but that even he will go insane within a few minutes. The other guy seems to know, though.

    “Buckle up. I think we’ll be standing here for some time.”

    You’re stunned and mesmerised – not only do you want the ground to swallow you whole, now the wish to drown in his baritone voice grows steadily inside you as well. An anchor or lifebuoy won’t keep you afloat anymore, because seemingly, his vocal chords allow him to go deeper than the Mariana Trench. And you’re trapped in the darkness without being able to turn around and look at him.


    You don’t even understand what they’re talking about anymore when you hear them converse – too lost in the tone of his voice, listening to it like a poet calculates poetic metres. With the new, welcomed distraction, time suddenly starts running again, the line beginning to proceed.

    And when you suddenly find yourself presenting your documents and your passport at the desk, you let out a relieved sigh, trying to put some distance between him and you as you sprint to the gates and to the small bridge that leads to the inside of the plane.

    With concentration carved between your eyebrows, your eyes dart from your ticket to the numbers written over the seats, trying to find your assigned spot with your mouth agape. Even inside, people seem to operate in slow-motion, trying to tame their children or stuffing a never ending amount of handbags into the luggage trunks above their heads.

    “Excuse me,” you say timidly, trying to pass an older, struggling man by when you catch sight of your window seat. With a hasty, impatient motion, you place your bag in the trunk before you take a seat with an exasperated sigh, throwing your head back against the headrest with closed eyes.

    Your mind begins to drift after you have fastened your seatbelt and prepared for the takeoff, voices shutting down and becoming distant, background noise – except for one. The baritone from earlier suddenly falls onto the seat next to you, your eyes shooting open in shock, entirely stupefied when he exclaims, “Sit down, Jae, we’ll figure it out later.”

    You hope the universe is playing some kind of prank on you, and that within a minute, this man will realise that he was holding his ticket upside down or reading a number wrong, or something. But to your misery, he stays seated, talking to his son softly as he tries to calm down the whining boy’s annoyed demeanor.

    “I wanted to shit next to Uncle Jimin,” the boy says, shifting in his seat with pouting, heart shaped lips. “Wh– why is he there?”

    “Sit, little guy, say sit.”

    You laugh in the same moment that he does, giggling about the pronunciation mistake his son called out loud enough for two rows behind and in front of you to hear. Most people look into his direction, shake their heads and turn around with a fond smile again, and you can’t help but find your focus fixate on his brattiness as well.

    “Listen, Uncle Jimin is right behind you,” his father assures calmly, pointing his thumb at the man peeking from the side, “and you can go to him when we’re flying, okay? Stay here now.” He turns to his friend, bringing his face closer and saying something loud enough for you to hear, “If the person next to you doesn’t show up and leaves the seat empty, take him later, yeah?”

    Jimin answers something that you don’t register well acoustically, instead looking at the boy who’s staring back at you, too. His angry ogling calms a little when you smile with your lips pressed together and wave a bit, his big eyes widening further in his small face before his father leans back and blocks the sight again.

    Differently from when you waited for boarding, the man does address your attention this time, merely nodding at you kindly without uttering a single word. He doesn’t ask you to change your seat with Jimin’s; something you’re somewhat thankful for. You don’t think you could handle hearing his deep voice talk to you specifically without fainting.

    When he averts his gaze, you look at him for a moment longer. He doesn’t look like he could speak in a voice like this at all – it strongly adds to the intimidating nature he exudes. That is, until he speaks to his son again. Because when he does just that, his lips don’t drop anymore but reach his eyes instead, crinkles around them giving him an everlasting young appearance as he boops his son’s nose caringly, sweetly.

    You’re not sure if it’s him melting or you.

    And when he notices your stare fixed on his interaction with his flesh and blood yet again, he clears his throat, hopefully not detecting the way you grow all flustered as he says, “He’s really excited.” He nods towards the little bundle that has now turned from complaints into joy, and then adds, “Flying just for the second time.”

    You nod in understanding slowly, trying to gather courage and your voice before you answer in a steady tone, “Came here for a visit?”

    “Came here for a vacation,” he answers as his sharp cheekbones turn to soft buns. A big, pretty hand with long fingers comes up all of a sudden, and you find yourself admiring it for a moment too long before you take it into your palm and he says, “My name is Taehyung.”


    “What brought you here, Y/N?” he asks, leaning back and giving you a smile that looks genuine; like he actually wants to know about you.

    “I spent a few months here,” you explain to him, shifting in your seat, “a semester abroad.”

    His lips form an O, his head nodding along with your words before he asks, “Oh, a college student?”

    You sigh, breathing out a shaky laugh that you hope he doesn’t interpret as your apparent nervousness too much. “Yeah. And a slow one, too, so there’s not much to admire about me being in college, really.”

    “Is that why you’re going back?”

    You hum, pressing your lips together as you think his question and your following answer through. Is it because of that? Yes, in some way it might be – but then again, the story goes back a little further; and while you’re not one to open up to a stranger this fast, something about his soft smile tells you that he’d understand. Nod and encourage you, maybe even tell you you’re doing the right thing by leaving.

    “Well, that’s one reason,” you start, shrugging one shoulder, “being in a new country and taking a course in a new class that discusses philosophers can go wrong pretty fast. Especially when you’re the new one who no one knows anything about, and in a setting like this… you’re just bound to feel like an outcast.”

    He clicks his tongue, shaking his head in slight annoyance before he says, “This whole concept of letting someone feel unwelcome is so… hard to grasp for me. Really shouldn’t happen, especially with someone as nice as you.”

    You want to reply, but the clump in your throat takes your ability of human speech; but instead, Taehyung speaks up again, much to your pleasure and relief, “I’m so scared of when Jae starts school, too. My son, I mean. Kids are scary.”

    “They are. I don’t know, I’ve always found it hard to interact with strangers for some reason.”

    He tilts his head, flashing you a boxy grin like you’ve never seen on anyone in your life before, stunning and freezing you for a second too long. To add to your distress, he cocks an eyebrow, telling you casually, “We’re strangers, but you’re making conversation with me just fine.”

    You let out a flustered laugh, blinking a few times as you avert your gaze and continue in your good, old, awkward Y/N-fashion, “In all honesty, I’m glad I left. The people and retail prices made me sick, and there weren’t any fun or cute guys either. The one who was dumped me because, quote, I approached him too late.”

    “Approached him too late?” Taehyung inquires, pulling his eyebrows together as you nod, rolling your eyes.

    “Girlfriend. He meant he had a girlfriend. The occurrence with that guy made me promise myself that I won’t ever hold back from talking to a man again who I’m intrigued by.”

    He sees the meaning behind your words as soon as you’ve let them loose; out into the open and floating suggestively between you. You’re not exactly trying to hide what he evokes in your mind and stomach, and when he leans closer, wetting his full lower lip, you feel your brain short circuit, his smooth voice asking, “Do I intrigue you?”

    Too much – too close. You can’t think or function like this; if you were a humanoid, you might, but to your chagrin, you’re too painfully human and prone to falling into the eyes of someone as sexy as Taehyung… it’s truly not your fault.

    You’ve barely known him a few minutes, and yet he eye-fucks you in the most alluring way possible, some strange kind of desire burgeoning inside you at the sight of his beautifully, ridiculously handsome features as you tug at the hem of your shorts nervously.

    He keeps staring at you; most likely testing your reaction with this shit-eating grin that he probably knows burns every woman’s heart to ashes. But then, you both flinch, his son – Jae – squirming in his seat and his short legs bouncing as he rowdily announces, “I’m going to Uncle Jimin!”

    Taehyung refocuses his eyes immediately, suddenly hyper aware of his son’s presence before he turns around and places a hand on the small tummy. “Stay here,” he commands, pointing a finger at him in warning, “I’m serious.”

    Jae pouts in the classic children-like way, arms folding in front of his chest and drawing Taehyung’s attention to him fully. You’re happy for the slight distraction, taking much needed, deep breaths that – as you later realise – not even the takeoff can make you draw.

    You’re not sure when exactly your mind drifts off and into dreamland, but you do realise that you’re waking up when you hear Taehyung and Jimin’s voices converse quietly. Astounded by the timing your disoriented body chose to shake you awake, you listen closely when you decode that they’re talking about you – undoubtedly.

    “Didn’t you want to ask her to switch seats?” Jimin says, and you gulp down the knot of guilt as you remain quiet, unmoving.

    “Not anymore,” is what Taehyung, however, responds, followed by a sigh that unquestionably belongs to Jimin, “shut up and lean back. Watch a movie or something.”

    “You’ve known her for three hours and me for fifteen years, man.”

    You want to chuckle at the whiny yet amused tone of the man sitting behind you, and you’re close to officially waking up and offering to switch yourself before Taehyung says, “She’s cute, though. What kind of a friend would you be, if you didn’t play wingman for me?”

    You realised in the hours you stayed awake that you pleased Taehyung in some way or another. He seems to like the way you talk and joke, fascinated by what you have to tell and philosophise about; a tender soul ready to talk about anything and everything. You considered that your personality might be refreshing for him – after all, he told you just that, too.

    But you didn’t know he’d fight for you to stay at your spot like this, and it creates a warm, pleasant feeling in your chest that you perceive as entirely new; riveting even.

    “Asshole,” Jimin whispers, clicking his tongue before you hear shifting and his voice drift further away, “I’m gonna remember this, Kim.”

    You pretend to wiggle in your sleep, pulling your legs closer to you and moving your head to the window before you smile a little, insides fluttering and letting your aversion for flights fade slowly, little by little.

    The second time you wake up, you do so to the busy sounds of passengers and a light shake of your body. Seemingly, you’ve landed, and when you hear Taehyung’s soft voice inform you of this much, you groan, stretching your tense legs once before you stand to prepare yourself for the stop.

    You know that you’ll be staying at this airport for three hours, probably scavenging for food and giving your body some movement before you enter the second flight of the day.

    But to your surprise, Taehyung and Jimin don’t leave your side, instead encouraging you to accompany them to the nearest Burger King where you introduce yourself to Jimin officially. You soon see the pattern that builds the base of their friendship, and while Jimin seems the exact opposite of Taehyung – loud, dramatic, bratty – they seem to fit like a key to its lock.

    In the beginning, you barely say anything, instead listening to their banter until you reach the restaurant and stand in front of the display, waiting for them to place their orders before you can do the same. Taehyung’s laughing about a joke Jimin told Jae when he turns around to you, smiling brightly as he asks, “And for you?”

    His finger ghosts over the screen, all orders already showing up at the bottom in an organised row as you blink dumbfoundedly. “Huh?”

    “What are you going to eat?” he asks, stepping aside a little so you can take a look at the menu. “It’s on me.”

    “Oh, no. Uh-uh, go ahead and pay for your meal.”

    You try to pull him back, your hand gesturing to finish the process and your feet ready to carry you to another screen behind him. But with a firm grip settling around your wrist, he drags you back, cocking an eyebrow and stating with a shaking head, “Take the offer. Don’t act like it’s a big deal, c’mon.”

    You are feisty and ready to fight, trying to explain to him why you don’t want to let a stranger pay for your lunch; but Taehyung couldn’t care less. With arguments here and annoyed guests waiting there, you finally give in, grumbling in the cutest way Taehyung has ever seen before you find a table at the back of the crowded restaurant.

    Eating in peace isn’t an option with two energic best friends and an even more enthusiastic five-year-old. Little arguments of who should feed Jae his fries soon morph to a fit of giggles, and you can’t help but admire the sweet sound that topples off Taehyung’s tongue whenever he throws his head back and laughs about the entertaining situation escalating quickly.

    “Y/N’s probably thinking we dragged her into a group of lunatics,” he says when you’ve finished your burger, wiping the remnants of the sauce from the corner of your lips. Your eyes blow wide in confusion at his words. “I assure you, we’re worse on other days. So this is still harmless.”

    “I don’t think that’s very helpful,” Jimin claims, eyebrows furrowed in what looks like cute, genuine worry. Then, he turns to you, holding out a palm in reassurance as he adds, “I mean, he’s right, but please don’t desert us just yet.”

    You laugh, covering your mouth as you chew the last two pieces of the remaining fries. “Honestly, I can’t imagine spending almost twelve hours with anyone else.” You look at your empty tray, the spiciness and juiciness of the burger settling as your tongue begins to crave something else.

    “Come, Jae,” you say, standing and stretching your hand towards him that he takes eagerly, still so excited to meet someone new; someone who gives him any genuine kind of attention. “We’ll get something sweet. With my money this time. And I’m bringing you two a sundae, too.”

    You know the men are close to protesting, but before they can speak up, you encourage Jae in hushed whispers, sprinting away with him in small steps that he appreciates with high, elevated giggles. When you reach the display again, he’s still running on the spot, tugging at your arm as he says, “What are we getting?”

    “You decide,” you answer, letting his hand go to lift his body, easing him into the process of scrolling through the desserts. “Is there anything you want?”

    For a moment, he keeps looking, small chubby fingers working at the touch screen messily until they halt and he points to what, frankly, you would’ve chosen as a full adult, too. “This, please?”

    “Is that really what you want?” you ask, raising an eyebrow teasingly as you watch him grow uncertain just a little.

    He places a finger in his mouth, looking at you with a cautious gaze as he says, “Yeah…”

    “Do we buy your dad an apple as a dessert?”

    “No,” he responds, head shaking and another sweet laughter erupting out of him. “Ice cream for Dad. And apple for Uncle Jimin.”

    With an amused laugh, you let him onto the ground again, ordering three sundaes and one hot brownie with ice cream on top that gets delivered to you within two brief minutes. You gathered that Jae with his dangling, swaying legs and satisfied hums would enjoy the sweet dish served to him; but you didn’t expect Taehyung and Jimin to feast on their ice cream this eagerly, obviously having a sweet tooth just like you.

    Time passes fast when you enjoy your company – especially when it’s at a foreign airport in an entirely foreign country. You wonder how you would’ve killed the minutes and hours if they weren't here by your side, shopping in chocolate and wine shops and entertaining you enough to let the three hours feel like thirty minutes.

    When you finally find yourself stepping into the second plane, listening to Jae’s jokes that he caught from friends in kindergarten, you hear the ongoing conversation between the men just subtly. Subtly, and yet enough to register that Taehyung has grown fond of you within hours the same way you have learned to like him as well.

    “Oh, hey, look,” Jimin says, pointing at his ticket and then at the seat, “they got the seats right this time. I’m right next to you. And the whole row behind us seems free.”

    But Taehyung hesitates, turns around to shoot you a careful look that you don’t reciprocate, looking at Jae to busy yourself before Taehyung catches your stare yet again. And then, he faces Jimin again, stepping closer as you hear him speak, “No, Y/N’s seat is behind us. Can you…” Jimin parts his full lips, confusion written in his eyes. “Let her sit next to me? I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

    Something in you almost reckons he’s doing this on purpose – talking loud enough for you to hear, in hopes you might catch his interest and act upon it. And perhaps you should; perhaps you’ve let him look at you the way he does for long enough. At least your body agrees, considering the way your heart’s tingling and stomach twisting; legs wobbling and your pu–

    “Is it okay for you if you sit here again?” Taehyung asks when their conversation dies and Jae’s attention shifts elsewhere. “Jimin doesn’t like the window seat. Says it makes him nauseous.”

    You flash him your prettiest smile with a tilt of your head, tucking back a few loose strands of your hair that you hope have the same effect on him as his lips and eyes have on you. At least the slight sigh that he lets out seems promising, but you don’t want to dwell on it too long, making your way past him instead and settling in the same setting as before.

    The process of getting used to your seat happens easier now than before – maybe it’s because of the conversation with Taehyung that happens so smoothly now, and maybe it’s the jokes that you hear here and there coming from where Jimin fools around with Jae.

    “He really does love Jimin, doesn’t he?” you ask, laughing when you see the mentioned man pout at the little guy in faux offence.

    “I think he loves him more than he loves me.”

    You take a sip of your served tea with a bright smile, enjoying the relationship between your three travel companions before a sudden thought strikes you. You’re not sure if you’re in the position to ask, but you try to tip-toe into the conversation anyway, querying, “Why are you… a single parent, Taehyung?”

    For a moment, you think his body will stiffen and show clearly that this is a topic he doesn’t want to address. But to your surprise, he stays calm, collected, nodding a little as he explains, “She left me. Said she’s too young to be a mother and deal with the stress that comes with it.”

    “So she left you alone with double the amount of it?” you ask, shocked and surprised, disgust filling you as you let his words sink in.

    “Yeah. She didn’t seem to care much,” he says, his voice still neutral and his shoulders shrugging. “She wanted to live her life a bit more. Do some crazy stuff and all. We fought a lot about it all, and when she felt like I was pressuring her into being a mom too much, she bid her goodbyes and left home. She didn’t want her kid or husband to stop her.”

    Empathy floods you when you hear his voice drop, something in his voice clearly regretting past decisions but hiding it behind his smile. “I’m so sorry this happened. It must’ve been hard on you both. Especially the whole divorce process...”

    “More so on Jae than on me,” he declares, looking over his shoulder and at the sleeping figure of his son. You follow his gaze, endeared by the way Jimin’s arm engulfs the small body in his embrace. “I stopped loving her long ago. But it’s… hard to explain to a child why his mother left before he could even speak, you know?”

    Your stomach drops a little when you imagine Jae’s big eyes glancing up at his father, listening carefully and barely questioning what’s happening around him until he grows old enough. It’s admirable that Taehyung has managed to raise him all by himself – a happy and sweet personality, joking around despite the hardships he’s undoubtedly had to endure.

    “She was difficult to deal with,” he continues, shrugging his shoulders as he inches closer to you. You wonder if he’s doing it on purpose. Looking from your eyes to your lips and back, shoulders almost touching. “Always got jealous when I merely talked to my female co-workers. Scolded me for little things, too.”

    He nudges your shoulder with his before he raises one eyebrow suggestively. His voice becomes quieter, his tone laced with something indescribable as he states, “And if I was still with her, I wouldn’t be talking to you now.”

    Taehyung’s habit of constantly smirking at you and undressing you with his eyes has been pushing you to the edge for hours now, and you’re sure that you’ll fall into depths if he keeps his attitude up any longer. Depths that are surely deeper and bigger than the distance between the plane and the ground.

    As his tongue darts out to wet his lips, you sigh, a small involuntary moan escaping you that he seems to hear clearly – the way his eyebrows twitch for only a moment indicates this much. He laughs lightly, watching your flustered, nervous state as he asks, “What’s wrong? Did I scare you?”

    You want to answer yes instinctively, ask him what he does to women who fear his smile; but then, you refrain, realising that you are, in fact, not exactly scared of him in any way. You just want him – want him thoroughly.

    “No,” you say, feeling heat creep into your face as you collect the words on your tongue and blurt, “I’m just… intimidated.”

    “Why?” comes the instant answer, accompanied by a gloomy yet seductive chuckle.

    You shrug your shoulders, your left one barely moving as you notice the way he’s crowded you against the window, your form pressed against the wall behind you. With a fast beating heart, you start, “I think I’m just not used to a stranger like you talking to me like that.”

    “Like what?” he retorts, pulling up the armrest between you. “Like a funny and stunning woman like you deserves to be talked to?”

    Your insides turn in anticipation, and by now you reckon that you should be allowed to be just as brave with him as he acts with you. Nothing’s holding you back – least of all his gaze and words, inhabiting a subtle whisper and tempting moan at the end of each sentence.

    “You’re doing this on purpose.”

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he argues, acting like you can’t see that he wants to kiss you right here, right now. He might be a stranger, but you’re neither blind nor inexperienced when it comes to longing and lust written in stares.

    “I’m talking about…” You pause for a second, your body flooding with sudden courage when you put your palm on his crossed leg. You wait; observe his reaction, trying to find any hint of hesitation or discomfort. But he doesn’t flinch a bit, lets you shift your palm further up his thigh.

    His blanket covers his lap like yours lays on your legs, and slowly, carefully, you reach under the cloth and between his limbs. You admire the way his body stays still, not a single twitch of his fingers showing the inner tumult that you see in his dark gaze immediately. He can fool every passenger around him, but not you.

    You’re not surprised in the slightest when your hand palms the heaviest and thickest cock you’ve ever touched; but that doesn’t anyhow suggest that you’re affected any less. Under your touch, you feel the bulge harden, growing fast but steadily until you feel it twitch not once but twice.

    “... this,” you finally end your sentence, shooting the shiest smile at him – soft blinking, big eyes, an innocent tilting of your head; the whole package. “You’re aiming for that, aren’t you?”

    “So gutsy all of a sudden?” he hisses, teeth gritting and chest heaving before he slides his own hand under your warm blanket.

    You feel goosebumps erupt on your skin before he’s even touched you; but when his fingers brush your bare legs and slide up to your shorts, you consider yourself close to losing your mind in a goddamn economy class seat.

    Swiftly, his hand wanders under your shorts and to your ass, the position surely not comfortable for the muscles in his arms, but he doesn’t seem to give it much of a thought. He doesn’t do much – in truth, he can’t do much anyway; and yet, the squeeze of your ass sets your chest on fire. And when he closes in, you feel your sanity slip, his outrageously sexy voice asking, “What am I gonna do with you?”

    He’s rock hard when you suddenly pull your hand back from where you’re massaging his dick, still asking yourself how his ex ever had the guts to leave him… him. He catches a deep breath as his eyes grow a shade of black darker, mimicking your action when his hand leaves your ass and his fingernails draw a thin line along your inner thigh.

    No doubt that giving him a clothed handjob in the middle of a crowd and then pulling back has left him irritated, and he doesn’t hesitate to show you when he inquires, “Your eyes were begging me to fuck you all day. And now they’re asking me to make you cry, too, hm?”

    It should be illegal to voice a concern such as the one uttered just now in a sweet and harmless tone like this. It’s baffling to you – the way his personality keeps shifting; the way his words sometimes don’t seem to fit his voice; the way you want to fuck him so bad and hear him growl and grunt filthy orders instead of holding back because of all the guests of the airline around you.

    Your breathing stagnates, and a satisfying grin graces his face, his body leaning back. You think for a moment, trying to concentrate on forming the closest possibility as a full sentence before you finally spit, “Taehyung… Are you in the Mile High Club?”

    With a content smirk – that fucking smirk – he shakes his head slowly, asking, “No. Why?”

    Asshole. He knows exactly why. He just wants you to say it – and you’re not giving him any kind of satisfaction until he’s buried balls deep inside you.

    You let your legs drop, pushing away the blanket and yourself off the seat as you inform him, “I’m going to the bathroom.” And you deliberately make sure that you pass him very closely, bending just enough that your pretty ass practically presses into his gorgeous, handsome face.

    Passing by half of the sleeping passengers in a blur with a shit-eating grin plastered on your features, you hurry to the cabinet, closing the door hastily as you inhale deeply. You look into the mirror above the small sink, whispering small “oh god”s to yourself when you realise how fucked out your eyes look.

    No wonder he saw your wish written clearly in them right away.

    Only seconds later, you hear a few firm knocks at the door, your heart accelerating and pussy leaking when his voice tells you, “It’s me.”

    You check yourself in the mirror again, tucking your hair behind your ears before you take another deep breath and open carefully. “Did someone see you co-” you start, but soon realise that Taehyung isn’t in the mood to talk around much, but get straight to what he wants. 

    The hair you just fixed flies into your face again when he locks the door and presses you against the wall with a semi-hard thump. A hand settling on your neck, he responds, “Who cares?”

    He pushes your head up, forcing you to look into his eyes and let his warm breath graze your cheek as he continues in a warningly dangerous tone, “Do you like to blueball your men like that?”

    Still not giving in to his stare, you let the adrenaline flow through you, playing the provoking brat as you ask, “So what? You weren’t gonna come on a plane seat.”

    “You know what,” he sibilates, sandwiching you further between the thin wall and his body, “you’re fucking right. Gonna come in your mouth instead, what do you think, kitten?”

    And then, he presses his wet, hot tongue and plush lips against your neck, holding you in place while his fingers rid you of your shorts impatiently. He’s in a hurry; you see and feel it clearly, but you understand it, too – it’s not exactly like you can occupy the restroom for too long.

    Again, you palm his cock and open his belt, pulling down his upsetting pants and underwear to his calves before his length springs out. An angry red and leaking tip awaits you, twitching as it did outside, when he brings his long fingers to your cunt and feels the pooling wetness he’s caused.

    “God fucking damn, wish we were in a hotel room,” he comments, bringing his fingers to his mouth to cover them in blobs of his spit. Without any hesitation between you, his digits find their home in and around your pussy again, wetting your sex thoroughly before he starts fingering you in earnest.

    You gasp and moan when you feel his endless fingers split your tightness open, reaching knuckles-deep before he starts scissoring and twisting them inside you. With your nails digging into his shoulders, you hold onto him, staring at his parted lips with heavy breaths as he adds, “I would edge you all night. Watch this pretty and unnecessary make-up of yours run down your cheeks, fuck…”

    The hand placed around your neck loosens before he brings it to the hem of your shirt, pulling it up along with your bra until your tits bounce freely; fully on display for him to admire. He shivers at the sight – literally shivers as one or two of his dark locks fall into his forehead as he cups your mound.

    Your hand wraps around his thick cock, his breathing stopping for a moment – in reality, you want to drop to your knees, bruise them and feel your muscles stiffen. The urge to blow him until he whines grows incessantly, eliciting new and more intense reactions out of him. You want to hear him call you by your name, go crazy under the touch of your lips until he plows his load down your throat.

    But when you try to fall, he holds you upright, very clearly following his own mischievous plans.

    For the moment, you keep pumping his enticing, mind-blowing cock, collecting the precum on your palm and spreading it along his length. He lets out a quiet, deep groan that reaches the pit of your stomach deeply, and combined with the way his fingers fuck into you with lewd, squelching sounds, you deem his existence as ultimately lethal.

    His head drops as his lips meet your nipples, his tongue circling them lightly before he starts sucking on your tits like he’s a man starved. Which, after hours of lusting for you, he actually might be.

    “Fuck... your tits,” he breathes against your flesh, pulling at your nipple lightly and admiring the bouncing that releasing it causes, “you’re insanely hot, what the fuck…”

    And then, he’s seemingly had enough, his soaked fingers leaving your cunt suddenly before his strong arms pick you up and make you straddle him with a grunt. With the way you’re pressed against the wall and his chest against yours, his hands roam free, one of them reaching down to lead his member to your heat.

    Circling your clit with his tip, you feel your sanity slip, his eyes watching your reactions intently as he declares, “I’m barely doing anything. What’s wrong, huh?”

    Your pussy clenches around nothing and pulsates at his touch, arousal dripping down onto his length as you suppress your mewls by biting your lip. Brushing your ego aside, you beg like he probably wants you to, salaciously moaning, “Fuck me, Taehyung. Please, I-”

    “My pleasure,” he interrupts, slamming his cock into you in one sudden, smooth motion. Pleased and stunned by the way you suck him in so swiftly, he relishes in the way you let loose, your eyes rolling back in their sockets as you breathe out a long sigh.

    Without easing you into the thick, big sensation that his dick is, he starts hammering into you hard; so fucking hard that you need to hold onto him tightly to keep your balance. You have a strong clasp on him, your nails digging into his shirt and skin – but he doesn’t mind at all; is ready to let you paint his body in scars and fervid memories.

    You love the way his cock ruins your insides rigorously, hips rolling and thrusting into you from below like he’s a beast that crawled out from the hottest pit of hell. The oh-so-sweet guy with impeccable manners who cooed at his son is long gone, his dominant nature on full display as he digs his nails into your ass and pulls it apart, surprisingly reaching even deeper into you.

    “Just look at you,” he purrs, kissing your jaw softly, “so needy and hungry for cock. You suck me in like your pussy’s just made… for me–”

    And when you moan a little too loudly, he stills for a second, his drilling coming to a halt before he pulls out of you in a sudden motion. The control he has over you amplifies when he lets you down and twirls you around, making you both stand in a way that you face the sink and the mirror while he towers behind you.

    His large palm pushes you down, your hands gripping the edges of the sink instinctively as you feel him slide in again, slower this time. You gulp down the knot in your throat, preparing yourself for another round of meticulous fucking when you suddenly hear a knock at the door of the restroom.

    You still all sound and movement, looking over your shoulder to the demon holding your waist tightly. His stare shifts from you to the door of the congested space, clearing his throat with sweat running down his temples as he says, “I’m sorry. I-”

    He pulls back before his hips slam against yours, your lips pressing together and eyebrows furrowing to stay as quiet as your sanity allows. “I ate something wrong,” he finishes, disguising his moans as stomach-ache-induced groans and starting to fuck into you again slowly.

    The person outside grunts a little, but after a few seconds, you register the door of the opposite restroom falling shut and the footsteps calm. And then, all inhibitions gone and his cock aching for your pussy the way you long for him, he jackhammers into you again. Rearranges your guts. Hears the heavenly sounds escape your lips until he realises that you need to quiet down in a vehicle like this plane.

    “Take it easy, baby. You should shut up if you don’t want people to hear,” he warns as he leans down to your ear, pushing himself deep into you before dragging his sex back teasingly. You know he doesn’t give a shit about the stares that might await you outside – what he doesn’t know is that you’ve long abandoned all care as well, focusing on his sinful ministrations instead.

    But you’re a sucker for his power over you – and in that sense, you nod wildly, watching him flash the most evil grin in the mirror and feeling the coil in your stomach tighten.

    He brings the hand whose fingers fucked into you to your mouth, covering your lips as he moans into your ears quietly. God, even his whispered and fucked out sounds echo in your mind deeply and hotly; his voice so low, so intriguing.

    “Good little girl,” he praises, loving the way you drool onto his hand messily, “taking me incredibly well. Admirable.”

    The force with which he’s fucking you has your face drenched in tears by now that run down your cheeks and onto his fingers. He presses them into your skin, your stifled moans causing chaos and storms inside his chest that he has no intent to calm anytime soon. Not until you come and cover his cock in your sweet juices, at least.

    “You love this, kitten, don’t you?” he coos, your breathing so heavy you think you might pass out. “You’re my own little cumslut, aren’t you?”

    You find yourself incapable of answering, tears spilling as he stops for a moment, dragging his cock out and fucking right back into you harder; slow but deep, sudden thrusts. And then, he whispers, reprimanding, “I asked you a question.”

    Nodding like crazy, you sob into his hand before he removes it, letting you talk and hearing you admit, “Yes… your cumslut, yours… please, let me come.”

    And so he does. Adhering to your plea, his free hand finds your bundle of nerves, rubbing slowly and pleasantly, exactly what every woman thrives on while being fucked the way you are. He puts his fingers on your tongue and you love the taste feverishly, sucking on the mixture that reminds you of your juices and of the scent of his skin.

    More thrusts follow that leave your pussy clenching, and he lets out a shuddering breath when tell-tale moans escape your mouth, indicating your orgasm stronger than you intended to.

    “Fuck… fuck, Taehyung,” you whisper, your words contorted by the fingers that still rest on your tongue. But when he notices the way your eyes close in the mirror, nibbling at your earlobe with sweet, tickling sensations, he pulls out again.

    Your pussy feels the ache that his sharp and hefty thrusts caused, leaving you wobbly on your legs and buckling before he catches you in his arms. Slowly, however, he lets you fall to your knees anyway, desire written in his expressions and his dark gaze as he brings his slick-soaked cock to your lips.

    There’s no doubt about what he wants, and you look up to his clean-cut jaw with big eyes. He can’t believe that someone with a kitten expression like yours was able to take him this well, no complaints or pleas to stop ever being voiced by you.

    “Suck,” he orders, watching your mouth fall open obediently right away before he places his member on your stretched tongue. “Gonna come in your mouth. Okay, sweet baby?”

    His fingers tangle in your hair and hold your face in place, and when you nod and take him in willingly, he lets out a content sigh as he throws his head back. You let him slide in as much as you can allow yourself to, your tongue following the veins of his cock and twirling around his smooth skin.

    But if you thought he would let you do your thing this time, you were wrong – because it doesn’t take more than thirty measly seconds before he starts thrusting in and out of you again roughly. He stifles his groans and moans by capturing his lower lip between his teeth, but the increasingly uncontrolled heaving of his chest is telling enough for you.

    And then, he finally lets go, burying his cock deep inside until it hits the back of your throat, and shoots his white, hot cum down for you to swallow instantly. The salty taste barely registers in your mind as you let him fuck your mouth for a few moments longer before he stills entirely.

    Drenched and softening, he backs away, his grip around your hair relaxing before he pulls you up. He doesn’t ask, but you show him your empty mouth anyway, and when he whispers a soft, “what an amazing lady, huh?”, you wallow in his praise and lovely words.

    He kisses you – kisses you for the first time today as you notice, even though everything is done and over with – and lets your tongue dance with his, his palm softly cradling your cheek and making you reel in disbelief that this man actually fucked your throat sore just a second ago.

    When he pulls back, he grabs a few tissues from the paper dispenser, wetting them and wiping the remnants of your make-up tenderly, almost affectionately. He lets you clean up and dress yourself, combs his fingers through your tangled hair with no better option at hand at the moment.

    With a sweet, small kiss, he smiles at you, telling you quietly with his hands on your face, “I would draw you a bath and massage you, if we weren’t here right now.” Your heart flutters just a bit more than it should when hearing this from someone you barely know. “You deserve it.”

    But you give in anyway – if only for now.

    When you look somewhat presentable and put together, you open the door carefully, walking out with slow steps as you observe the passengers’ reactions. Luckily, half of them are asleep and don’t seem to notice any kind of disturbance in the flight at all.

    As you drop into your seat, you start feeling increasingly sleepy, too, pulling the blanket over you again as you check your fellow dorks behind you. Apparently, Jimin and Jae are still drifting in dreamland, safe and sound; and soon, Taehyung joins you next to you, looking behind him the same concerned way you did.

    He shoots you a grin that seems so much sweeter than his filthy words whispered in the restroom, but with the exhaustion you feel, you let your body flood with endearment and fondness. Glad that he’s not trying to wreck you any further.

    The conversation shifts to a mundane topic fast – your studies, life, family and hobbies. And before you know it, you’re falling asleep, too, eyes drooping and your breathing calming steadily as your head falls onto his bicep eventually. While it looks strongly like a basic, cliché romcom from the outside, Taehyung refuses to let your neck hang uncomfortably like this.

    Softly, carefully, he lifts your head, placing his travel pillow between his shoulder and your face, and then lets your cheek rest against it snugly. The standard smile that the protagonist flashes, however, finds its way into his features just the same, one side of his lips twitching upward as he feels you hug his arm with your warm hand.

    For the first time at a place like this plane, Taehyung wishes time to stand still.

    The airport at your destination is too loud and too crowded, and you are way too tired to function properly. With the timezone varying and light flooding through the glass ceiling, you squint in annoyance, everything around you too bright – but the presence next to you glowing brighter.

    “So,” he starts, trying to let his voice reach you over the excited giggling and screeching of Jimin and Jae behind you.

    “So,” you repeat almost shyly, holding onto your bag tightly. “So, here we part.”

    “Yeah, seems so.” He hesitates; you see in the way his fingers fiddle with his coat draped over his arm that he wants to say something. And you’re sure that if he doesn’t, you will.

    You wait a second longer, letting the slight awkwardness between you prolong before he finally utters, “But we don’t really have to, right? We’ll be here. At our own homes. I can– uhm–”

    He fishes his phone out of his pocket, fingers tapping on his screen before he hands it to you and asks, “You can give me your number if you’d like?”

    “To meet up for barbecues, dinner dates and game nights? Stuff that old parents do.” You laugh, but take his phone from him anyway, typing in your number and handing the device back to him.

    “I’m not that much older than you. Still fit and capable of a lot of things,” he says, winking at you and setting your heart and mind ablaze yet again.

    The prospect of him knocking at your door excites you to no end – you wonder if you’ll ever be able to take whatever has bloomed between you up a notch when you meet again, eager to see more of his exciting life and intriguing personality.

    For now, it seems that you’ll have to part with a content heart, already anticipating the night when you’ll dream of his lips, eyes, voice on your empty bed – waiting for him to join hopefully sooner than you know.

    At least for now, he’s graced you with his presence across countries and high above the skies when you least expected it. When you were semi-ready to enter the plane lonely and in boredom. But with him, the flight itself felt like a pleasant journey and trip itself.

    With a memory like this, you probably won’t hate flying alone that much anymore.

    HELLO, this guy just... infiltrated my brain again, made me write this thing and... yeah now im gonna dip, bcos he hurts me

    if u enjoyed it, then: like, reblog, send an ask, CHAT WITH MEEE :D really wanna hear what u guys think and if u liked it, and i love talking to u all !!<33

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  • bangchan-fairy
    20.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Winter Fic Exchange Event!

    Hello everyone, I am here today to announce the beginning of my winter fic exchange event!

    This is an event for authors to share their works with one another and receive a fic tailored to themself and their tastes, though everything in this collab will be written as reader-inserts and will be accessible to the general audience on Tumblr as well as the intended receiver.

    The rules for this event are as follows:

    - In order to enter this event you must be prepared to write a fic as well as receive one, and you must be willing to post your fic publicly on Tumblr.

    - Fem, masc and gender neutral reader inserts are all welcome in this collab, but you must specify if your reader insert is gendered or not in your summary. 

    - You are also obligated to follow any requirements set by the person you have been assigned to write a fic for (ex. no inclusion of any triggers listed, reader insert gendered according to their preferences listed in the application form, inclusion/exclusion of specific holidays, etc). 

    - I will be proofreading your fics before posting to ensure all guidelines listed by the receiver of your fic have been met (this means you will have to find a way to send me your fic before posting it publicly). If you fail to meet any guidelines listed, you will receive a gentle warning to fix whatever issues appear in the fic, and if you still fail to comply after a warning your participation in this event may be terminated.

    - Your fic can not have any sort of smut or 18+ content in it. I am a minor and we are also welcoming minors to participate in this event, and I would not be able to proofread any works containing smut before their release, so smut is not allowed in this collab. Any other genre is welcome, but there can not be any 18+ content in your fic for this event.

    - The deadline for applications for this event will be on October 4th 2021 at 11:59 MST (2 weeks from today), so if you wish to participate in the event be sure to get your application in before then. Those who have applied will be receiving their fic recipient, as well as any necessary details for their fic, on October 11th-12thof 2021 via a dm from me.

    - The deadline for your fic to be finished and posted is January 31st, 2022 and can be posted any time before this deadline as long as I have proofread it first. If you need an extension or wish to drop out of this collab please message me at any point, I understand that life is unpredictable and will work something out with you if necessary. :)

    The groups included in this collab are as follows:

    - BTS

    - Stray Kids

    - Ateez

    - TXT

    - Enhypen

    - The Boyz

    - Seventeen

    - NCT Dream

    - NCT 127

    - NCT U

    - WayV

    - P1Harmony

    - Itzy 

    - Blackpink

    The reason these groups were chosen for this event is purely because they are the groups I am familiar enough with to be able to accurately proofread prior to posting. You do not have to write for all of these groups in order to participate in this event, but you need to write for at least one of the groups listed above in order to participate.

    If you wish to participate in this exchange, please fill out this form here! Once you are told who your fic recipient is and what the requirements for your fic are it is up to you whether you choose to contact them or remain a secret until posting your fic, though I recommend remaining as secretive as possible for this event.

    And that’s it! If you have read this far and wish to participate in this event please fill out the application listed above, and I wish you all the best of luck both in writing and receiving your fics! If you have any questions or concerns at any point during this event feel free to message me, I am happy to help however I can! If you see this post it would be greatly appreciated (but absolutely not required) if you could reblog to make this collab available to more kpop writers! :D

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  • blu-joons
    20.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    An Unexpected Pregnancy ~ Kim Seokjin

    Hunting you down had almost felt like the impossible for Jin, with so many questions that were unanswered, he was desperate to see you and find out where the sudden radio silence had come from. Friends and family of yours failed to have the answers, the only thing he could follow was his heart.

    It had led him to the bookstore that he knew you loved on the outskirts of Seoul, with multiple visits that were unsuccessful. With hope slipping away, Jin tried again on one of his days off, surprised to see you sat at one of the tables with a book in one hand and a coffee in the other.

    The discovery had led to where you found yourselves currently, wrapped up in a bubble of tension as Jin waited for answers from you. You were left stunned by his sudden appearance however, not quite sure of what to say, or do.

    When you left Jin, you hoped that would be the end of things, that you could move on, and so could he. You didn’t want to burden him or trouble him anymore than you already had done, as his career only continued to rise.

    “I wanted to go,” you sighed as he pushed once again for answers, “you didn’t need to worry about us.”

    “Us?” Jin questioned, catching onto the end of your sentence in a heartbeat, jolting forwards in his seat. Your head shook, quickly trying to calm him down as you recalled just how fast he loved to jump to conclusions about things.

    His eyes stared across at you as he waited for you to say something else, as much as he didn’t want to runaway with the idea, his mind was filled with intrigue and excitement.

    “It’s not quite like that Jin,” you tried to assure him, “it’s not fair for this to get in your way when you’re doing so well at work right now with the group.”

    “How can I know if it’s fair or not if I don’t know what this is?”

    Although he had a strong inkling as to what was going on, he couldn’t trust in himself without hearing you say the words. His heart was pounding, desperate to know if he was right or not, but more importantly, desperate to be there for you.

    “If you left me because you’re scared, then I understand,” he tried to assure you, opting for a much calmer approach, “if you’re worried about me, then don’t be, but if something’s going on Y/N, you have to tell me what it is, I deserve to know if it’s what I think it is, don’t I?”

    Your eyes flickered across to him as he offered the faintest of smiles in return. “I don’t want this to feel like a duty for you Jin, it’s not something that you have to do.”

    “But what if I want to do it?” He challenged, “just say it Y/N, tell me what I think it is, is true.”

    With a deep breath, you looked away from Jin again, focusing your eyes on the title of the book that you were reading. “I’m pregnant,” you spoke, confirming the many thoughts that had crossed his mind.

    “That’s amazing,” he smiled, stretching his hands across the table, “we’re going to be parents Y/N, why would you ever think that that’s something that I wouldn’t want to be a part of?”

    Your head shook back across at him, truthfully, you had no idea. Your mind hadn’t been straight since the moment that you saw the positive test, you were worried, scared, afraid of letting Jin down or getting in the way when you’d promised him for so long that you never would.

    “Do you trust me right now?” He then asked, shaking his hands gently, inviting your hands in for him to take a hold of to be able to reassure you.

    “Of course,” you quietly replied, “but I’m just worried Jin, I don’t want this to get in the way of all the incredible things that you’re doing.”

    “We’re a team, that’s always how it’s been Y/N.”

    “But you have another team relying on you too, a team of millions around the world who expect from you,” you reminded him, “who don’t expect you to become a father so suddenly.”

    As much as he cared about his fans, Jin cared for you a whole lot more. He cared for his family, you, and your baby. There would be some disappointment, but plenty of excitement too, he could make it work, he knew he was more than capable of meeting everyone’s expectations.

    “It’s not going to be something that we can figure out, but I’m dedicated,” he assured you, squeezing onto your hand, “I’m dedicated to being there for you, because I want you with me, not out in the world, running away terrified of what might come our way.”

    “I’m sorry for thinking that leaving was the best idea Jin.”

    His head shook as his smile quickly grew, “as crazy as I think you were for doing it, I get it. I can’t begin to imagine the shock that you felt when that test came back positive, you must have thought all sorts of crazy things. I’m just glad that I found you now, so that you don’t have to be by yourself anymore.”

    The two of you would have one massive rollercoaster to ride over the coming months, but together the two of you were confident that things would be alright. You’d managed to work yourselves well as a team so far, another addition to that team couldn’t be too hard.

    “I never want to be a burden on your career still, even with this.”

    “You’re never a burden,” he frowned, “how can you possibly be a burden raising my child? I want to be there for you both, that’s the most important thing to me.”

    “What about everyone else?” You challenged, still nervous about what the reaction of what everyone else around Jin would be, “they’re bound to have a few opinions.”

    “I don’t care what any of them have to say about what we do.”

    His voice was reassuring, but the little niggle in the back of your mind seemed as if it was going to stick around for some time and keep you on your toes.

    “I’m going to be with you Y/N, whether you worry or not, you can’t stop me from being there right by your side supporting,” he assured.

    “I know I can’t, but what I can do is worry about you, and everything that goes on around you. I don’t think I’ll ever completely settle; they’ll always be that part of me that wonders,” you sighed in response.

    Jin’s head nodded understandingly, “I guess it will just be up to me in that case to make sure that you’re reassured and worrying as little as possible.”

    “You’re going to have enough on your plate over the next few months without having to worry about me as well Jin.”

    His head shook, refusing to let you believe such a thing, “I can balance it, but you’re still one of my priorities too. We’re going to be parents Y/N, and that means that we have to be a team together now more than ever.”

    “Do you think we’ll be able to do it Jin?”

    “Of course, more than anything else in the world.”



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    Here's another mood board for a new thing I'm working on. 😬 Idk if I'm ever going to get around to actually writing it but it would be a soulmate AU with patient!JK and doctor!Y/N. Maybe leave a little heart on this post if that is something you'd actually be interested in reading. 🧐💜

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    huge thanks to @wonkaworldwide for sharing this via twitter !

    #seeing bts with depp just chillin is always an ethereal experience #like it feels illegal lol #just imagine how many other photos Warner bros has locked away #the urge to break into the salt mine where they keep their archives is tempting #catcf 2005#willy wonka#johnny depp#tim burton #charlie and the chocolate factory #abbie’s memes
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    20th Sept. drabble | Taehyung x Brat Reader

    Summary: He has been working a suspicious amount of overtime nowadays, not being able to give you as much as attention as you’d like. Fed up, you decide to visit him at work, but when you see him and this other woman in his office, you suddenly get why he has been working overtime and you lose it.

    Admin note: Just a quick writing to distract myself ❤️

    Warnings: Nothing too bad, just time out i guess and getting scolded? Reader is bratty and throws explosive tantrums, is it called l!ttlesp@ce? If not please let me know I’m new to this


    Enough was enough.

    Wasn’t Taehyung the one who decided that every weekend the two of you would spend time together?

    Then why were you here, alone, watching some rerun of some telenovela? Granted, it was kind of entertaining despite you not knowing what the hell was going on - but! This wasn’t how you envisioned spending your Friday night, all alone.

    It wasn’t fair! Taehyung was so agitated when your best friend and you went out on a weekend trip together, and now here he is, spending most of his weekend at his stupid job instead of with you.

    “I can’t help it, love.”

    “It’s really important. I have to go.”

    “I can’t cancel this meeting, I’ll make it up to you.”

    More and more excuses by the day, you weren’t able to keep up with them anymore.

    But you weren’t going to sit here and sob, you were going to get up, go to his work and tell him the truth - that he was neglecting you and this arrangement that you set up.

    However your confident pace slowed down as you neared his office door. Taehyung must’ve only taken you here two times times at most but you knew that the amber colored door belonged to his office.

    You placed your hand on the handle, taking a deep breath to calm your nerves, and you opened the door. “Hey, I-“

    Your eyes scanned over the two figures in the room. One belonged to Taehyung while the other belonged to... a woman? She and Taehyung were sitting together, very close, on the velvet sofa, and from what you could see they were looking at something on a tablet.

    “Who the fuck is this?” You slammed the door shut behind you.

    “Uhm, Tae? What’s going on?” The girl frowned as she looked at him. “I’m his-“

    Tae... she even called him Tae.

    You snatched the tablet out of her hands and your heart dropped at the sight.

    ‘Press confirm to book this wedding venue.’

    “A wedding? You’re... You’re...” You knew it. You knew that he wasn’t simply working overtime. But you never thought that Taehyung was getting married to some whore.

    “Y/N.” Taehyung got up from the sofa and stepped towards you.

    You gripped onto the tablet as you stepped back, holding in angry tears.

    “Take a deep breath and let me explain. She’s my-“

    Anger overtook you and you swung the iPad, barely missing the woman that was right beside him.

    The woman gasped and Taehyung’s eyes darkened as he glanced at you with disappointment dripping off his face. “You should leave, we can talk later.” He turned to look at the woman who nodded and took her purse before she left.

    “I’m leaving too!” You announced but before you reached the door, Taehyung grabbed you by the arm.

    “No, you’re not. You are going to listen to me and calm down this instant. You are making a fool out of yourself.”

    You gritted your teeth. Your heart skipping faster at the two options present: you obeyed or you disobeyed, and you went for the latter.

    “Let me go!” You shouted before dropping yourself to the floor as you let out a scream, slipping some profanities out while you were at it.

    “Have it your way, dear. You need a moment to calm down.” With that, he stepped away and sat back at his desk.

    You couldn’t believe that Taehyung was so casual, so calm about all of this - as if you were the problem and not his cheating ass. All sorts of feelings rushed through your chest before you dropped to your back and started kicking and screaming as loud as you could.

    Taehyung completely ignored you, typing away at his keyboard and printing out something here and there. He didn’t even glance at you or showed any sort of expression. He remained focused at his work.

    There was something - a spark inside of your head that kept encouraging you to scream and kick around even more, to let out all of your frustration, and so you did.

    You only stopped when your throat felt hoarse, and you laid there on the floor and panted out of exhaustion.

    “Done?” Taehyung peeked from behind his monitor.

    “Shut the fuck up!” You screamed with balled fists.

    “I suppose not. Let me know when you’re finished, love.”

    “You’re an asshole! A jerk! A liar!” You raised your voice at him but when you didn’t get any response, you grew angry again and you looked around the room.

    There, you spotted a statue, a small one, of the Eifel tower, when the two of you went on a business trip to Paris, you picked it out for his office.

    You dashed to the cabinet and grabbed the statue.

    “Oh, you won’t dare.” You heard Taehyung’s voice from behind you.

    You spun around, clutching the small object in your hand.

    “If you do what I think you’re going to do with it, I’m going to discipline you. Understood?” Taehyung looked away from the screen to give you a warning glare.


    Despite the miniature size of the tower, it made quite some noise as it bounced on the floor and came to a full stop after it made contact with Taehyung’s desk.

    “I warned you and you still chose to misbehave.” He got up from his desk and you tried to flee to the door but it was locked tight, and Taehyung grabbed you once again by the arm as he dragged you across the room.

    “No! No! Stop!” You screeched, then coughed at the sandpaper feel in your throat. “Stop!” You whined as Taehyung pushed you into the corner.

    “Arms up.”

    Instantly, you lifted up your arms, keeping your hands up high above your head.

    “Dare to lower them and I’ll add extra time. Stand here and don’t move an inch until I come get you. Five minutes.”

    Sure, five minutes might not sound like too much, but after a minute and a half, you could feel some muscles in your arms already tightening and you let out a soft groan, lowering your arms slightly to relieve some of the tension.

    The slam of Taehyung’s fist against the desk caused you to jump up and raise your hands as high as you could.

    “It burns...” You complained, wiggling your fingers in the hopes of releasing some of the tension but it didn’t help.

    “Should’ve thought of that before misbehaving.”

    Geez, he was so cold.

    You tilted your head back as you inhaled deeply and exhaled sharply, trying to distract your thoughts as you felt the intensity of the burning sensation in your arms increasing.

    “It really hurts...” You winced as you felt your arms shaking, struggling to not drop to your sides again. “Please...”

    “Three more minutes. Now stop complaining before I add more time.”

    Your lips pressed against each other as you looked up to your arms, they were shaking as if you were holding something very heavy.

    Finally, you gave up and dropped them to your sides.

    “No, you are not finished yet.” Taehyung got up from his desk and walked towards you.

    “No, no,” You complained as he grabbed your wrists with his one hand and held them pinned above your head.

    “Three more minutes.” Taehyung pulled his hand out of his pocket to look at the Rolex on his wrist, tapping his foot as he glanced at the floor, slipping his other hand back in his pocket. It was hard to know what he was thinking at moments like this.

    The next three minutes were excruciating, and when your punishment was over, Taehyung let go of your wrists, causing your arms to fall to your side, they almost felt like noodles, there was no feeling in them and they felt wobbly- it was an uncomfortable feeling.

    You dropped yourself to the floor again, this time with tears rolling down your face. “I hate you, I hate you so much! I should’ve known that you weren’t really working overtime!” You shouted. “I’m not that fun to be with, is that it? I don’t blame you, she’s gorgeous, I hope the two of you will be happy!” You sobbed.


    “But you didn’t have to do this! You should’ve just told me to get out of your life and I would’ve been completely fine with that, but to do this behind my back?” You sobbed as you rubbed your eyes, your chest heaving as you grew more saddened at what had just happened.

    “Y/N, listen to me.”

    Your sobs got louder as you shook your head. “I deserve it. I know how I can get, I’m dumb, I’m loud, I’m ugly, you’re too good for me, but she? She’s gorgeous. I would cheat on me too.” Your head was starting to hurt from all the emotions you were going through in such a short time. “I, I will pack my stuff and you’ll never see me again!” You wailed, slowly hyperventilating at how upset you were getting.

    “She’s my sister.”

    “Your... sister?” You looked up to him. “You’re saying that, that woman-“

    “The wedding venue’s owner is a good client I’ve worked with in the past. She came over so I could negotiate a good deal for her. She came back after a year of working abroad.”

    The more Taehyung spoke, the more ashamed you felt of your own behavior. So that means you almost threw the tablet at his sister’s head, plus you acted this way for absolutely nothing. How humiliating.

    “I thought...” You couldn’t even speak any more as you started to wail again, the thought of the two of you separating worried you sick.

    “Come here,” Taehyung kneeled down in front of you and pulled you closer. You laid your head on his shoulder and felt him picking you up from the marble floor. You didn’t speak as you just sobbed, glancing around the room as he hummed and rubbed your back.

    After you calmed down, almost falling asleep in his hold, he placed you down on the desk. You sat up straight as you looked at him confused.

    “Look,” He showed you the tablet, the one you threw earlier. “Look at what you did to it.”

    The screen was cracked, and you were able to see some of the wires underneath.

    “I broke it.” You said in a soft whisper as you looked down at your lap.

    “You broke it.” Taehyung repeated. “Is it okay to throw tablets yes or no?”

    “No.” You replied. “It’s not okay to throw tablets.” You spoke fully.

    “Is that good or bad behavior?” He questioned further.

    “Bad... very bad.” You started to suck on your fingers as your other hand spun a lock of your hair around, growing nervous the more Taehyung was scolding you.

    “And this,” He showed the Eifel tower. “You threw this, didn’t you?”

    “I did.” You confessed in a soft whine.

    “Say that properly.” Taehyung corrected you.

    “Yes, I did throw it.” You popped out your fingers.

    “When we get home, you are going to sell one of the many things I bought you, and with that money, you will pay for the repairs, do you understand?”

    “Yes.” You nodded, not looking forward to having to sell one of your many gifts, but it’s not like you had a few hundred dollars laying around to fix this expensive device.

    “Now, what do you say?” Taehyung asked as he placed the tablet next to you on the desk and the statue back into the cupboard.

    “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.”

    “I know you can give me a better apology than that.” Taehyung hummed as he patted your wet fingers with a tissue.

    “I’m sorry for throwing things and for breaking the tablet, and for misbehaving.”

    “I forgive you.” Taehyung leaned in and planted a quick kiss on your lips before wrapping his arms around you, pulling you into a hug.

    #bts fanfiction #bts taehyung x reader #bts fanfiction taehyung #bts x reader #bts x gender neutral reader #dark bts#yandere bts#bts yandere#bts fanfic #taehyung x female reader #bts imagine #taehyung x y/n #bts x male reader #taehyung x reader
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    Say Your Prayers [KNJ]

    Pairing(s): Namjoon X Fem!Reader

    Word count: 1.1k

    Genre: Smut, pwp

    Warning(s): Cunnilingus, degrading names, cuss words, slightest amount of masturbation, begging (m recieving), nipple play

    Summary: Namjoon wanted to you to forget the burden and stress your work gave you, and didn't want you to forget your manners with him. So you do as directed.

    A/N: namjooniee smutttt👀 this is a part of my 50 Shades of Bangtan masterlist but you can read this part singly if you dont follow that masterlist since the parts are unrelated. i hope you guys enjoy!!💖💗


    Running his fingers along the strap of your bra, he kissed the curve of your neck, nuzzling with his nose at your skin, his other hand playing with your boob as your back flushed into his chest.

    It had barely been 7 minutes since you made it inside your home after having a romantic dinner night with Namjoon— which, by the way, was planned by him to surprise you, giving you a break from work that has been overwhelming you for the better half of the month now— and he already had his hungry mouth over your skin, covering any part of the flesh that he could see.

    Soon enough, the clothes were compelled to find their way to the floor of your bedroom, leaving you in your current state, with his lips on your neck as one of your hands caressed his head and the other found its way to his crotch. The moment he felt your hand around his area, he turned you around, kissing you savagely as teeth fought against each other.

    He soon pushed you for you to reach the edge of the bed with the back of your knees, passionate bodies falling on the bed, quickly adjusting into a comfortable position to fuck.

    Namjoon was on top of you, one of his arms beside your body as he kissed you, while the other found its way to your wetness-covered panties. On feeling the damp cloth on his fingers, he moaned out loud, causing you to mewl as his deep voice turned you on even more.

    Namjoon was vocal, but not too vocal. Instead, he loved you to be more vocal than him because he wants to hear what he does to you— be it in your bedroom or public, the man doesn't care. He loves you and wants to make you feel good all the time, he pretty much owns your body and wants his way to dominate you. All the time.

    His hand slowly made its way to the hem of your panty, dragging fingers underside the elastic so as to test your patience. "Joonie, please..." you squirmed under your man as he was barely proceeding, only smirking at the way you were so desperate for him, teasing you.

    "Baby, please don't tease me, give me your fing- ahhhh fuck..." you moaned as he finally thrusted his fingers into you, rhythmic motions pleasing you paired with his mouth on your chest, your lips, your boobs, everywhere, as your mind slowly got filled with him and only him.

    Soon he started pushing his fingers in and out of your pussy and switching between all sorts of motions that you like— curling of digits that sent you to heaven, scissoring motions that made you see the stars, and when his thumb found your clit along with his fingers' rough motions,

    "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I- ohhh shitttt Joon..." you came with a groan, drenching his fingers in your wetness as they slowed down to drive your orgasm out of you.

    You lied there panting while Namjoon got rid of his boxers, followed by him kissing your entire flesh softly, your body writhing under the featherlight touch of his kisses. You held his head and brought him close to your face as you kissed him, tracing your tongue on his lower lip which caused his mouth to open, you not missing the opportunity to access the cavern.

    His dick laying on your mound as hard as a rock had anticipation rising in your body, adrenaline swirling in your stomach. So when he detached from the kiss, looking into your eyes whilst he stroked his cock, you thought that he's soon going to align himself with your entrance and sink inside you.

    But you thought wrong.

    "Joon, what happened? Are you planning to cum in your hand today?" you joked when he took too much time looking at you and stroking himself.

    "You want this dick?"

    "Isn't that why you stretched me out with your fingers?"

    "Then beg."

    And you'll be lying that your pussy didn't do a thing when he said those two dominating words in his baritone voice. The words, the tone, the look in his eyes— dominating and ferocious, and the situation— both of your bodies bare and breathing heavily, and so, so close.

    It had been a few weeks since you and Namjoon spent time together like this, spent time together as he fucked you in all unbelievable positions, and you wanted nothing more than his big, fat cock buried inside you to make you forget about your stupid job and why it had been stressing you out. He was your drug, and you wanted to be trippin' high on him. So you wasted no time in doing as told.

    "Daddy please give me your big fat cock," your words earned a deep groan from him, you only seeing it as a praise to continue, "your princess needs your dick buried inside her."

    "Oh Y/Nie... fuck, do it more," he said as he closed his eyes, throwing his head back as his hands lost contact with his dick.

    You didn't fail to notice and took it as your cue to replace his hand with your on his cock, only to have your hand held and thrown away from his throbbing member.

    "I don't think you're done with the begging yet," he declared seriously as he completely got up from the position and seated himself on the couch right opposite to it.

    Hung on him, you followed almost immediately, kneeling and sitting in front of him like his "Bitch you're so hungry for my cock, aren't you?" he taunted you with a smirk as he saw the eagerness in your eyes.

    You moaned out loud, before continuing, "yes daddy, I can never get enough of your holy cock, it's so good to me," your hands finding the way to your throbbing clit as it begged for some relief, all while your other hand ran on the skin on his thighs since the dick was a no-no area right now. "I want this cock so bad daddy, want this dick to fuck me good like it always does. Please daddy, give your cock to me."

    He curls his fingers to motion you to climb on top of him, and you wasted no time to have your knees on either side of his thighs, your hands bracing his shoulders for support as his own rested on your ass. He sucked your nipples one at a time, you whimpering on top of him at the sensation.

    "Ride me like the whore you are. You've earned it."

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    Always remember to keep your receipts because sometimes there’s a secret messages on them especially the ones from Ginger Snaps.

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  • itsjungkookworld
    20.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    JUNGKOOK 's IN REAL LIFE ; part-2 ..♡

    Like or Reblog if you save or use 😇💕

    ©️ credits to rightful owners 📌❤🥰

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  • leviackermanscleaningbuddy
    20.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Jungkook: I'm gay.

    Taehyung: Oh don't worry, I'm gay too.

    Namjoon: Does anyone in this house like women?!

    Jin *a strong bi*: I do.


    *All eyes turn to Yoongi*

    Namjoon: And what about you?

    Yoongi: I hate all humans equally.

    #bts#bangtan#bangtan seonyandan#bangtan boys#bulletproof boyscouts #beyond the scene #bts incorrect quotes #bts incorrect quote #incorrect bts quotes #incorrect bts quote #kpop incorrect quotes #incorrect kpop quotes #bts text #bts text post #bts imagines#bts reactions#bts scenarios#kim seokjin#min yoongi#jung hoseok#kim namjoon#park jimin#kim taehyung#jeon jungkook
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  • btsforlif
    20.09.2021 - 7 hours ago


    Paring: Namjoon x chubby/Plus size reader

    Rating: 18+

    Genre: fluff, SMUT

    Warnings‼️: sexual tension, breast play, fingering, oral receiving (female), ending sucks (if this is a waring but I think you might need this warning 💁‍♀️)

    Synopsis: You had an arranged marriage with your now husband Kim Namjoon and you are on the way to your husband's farmhouse for honeymoon. Do your feelings will change for him or not?

    Notes: hello there! I am back with this new fic hope you all like it. I enjoyed writing this but it didn't turned out the way I wanted it to be so if ending sucks please don't blame me✌️💜 and PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR ANY GRAMMATICAL OR SPELLING MISTAKES.

    You are on your way to your husband's farmhouse. Why? For your HONEYMOON yeah honeymoon. Your husband is a stranger to you and you are on the way to his farmhouse, you scoffed in your head. You had an arranged Marriage day before today for your parents sake, because of financial problems your parents company was facing. The company was on the edge of closing but they told you if you will marry one of the richest person's son they will be ok and you did, you married him.

    Kim Namjoon the next CEO of the Kim company was your husband, he is handsome and all smart but he isn't your type but you have to bare with him for almost 2 years, you scoffed again thinking about it. You are a doctor and had a normal life but now it's all ruined and you don't even know if you will able to go back to your normal doctor life.

    "We are almost there" his driver said but instead of replying to him Namjoon ignored it. You scoffed in your head for the thrid time today "how rude" you thought while seeing his side profile.

    "Do you want to share room or want one of your own" he asked simply once you both were in the framhouse  and the driver was standing with your luggage beside you for your answer "room of my own" you replied simply too. He only nodded at the driver and the driver was on his way to your room

    You were in your room getting ready for your fake date because if you both won't be there, the person who was in-charge of informing your parents will inform them something that you both don't want to, so the only way is to go there and act like a couple and this again is for your parents sake.

    "Sir we have reached our destination" Namjoon only nodded and driver goes out of his seat and open his door for him to come out, you were in shock "what the actual fuck" you thought. After closing the door he came to your side and did the same, you hesitated for a minute before getting out and thanking him. You were new to this pampering you always had an normal life where you weren't dependent on others to open gate for you.

    You both were sitting on the chairs while food was waiting in between both of you, your mouth was watering seeing it "I am going first if you wanna eat you can eat" all you said before digging up your food. All he said yes the whole time but you didn't wanted the dinner to be awkward so you started the conservation "as we both are living our next two years with eachother we should know about eachother a little bit don't you think?" You asked hoping he would reply "yes we should" he said simply again "so tell me something about you" Namjoon was thinking what to say "I like nature and small things and yeah I like crabs but I don't like to eat sea food and I love to read new books, now it's your turn" you thought too what to say before replying "I love music, I love to cook, I hate spiders and I like to eat new dishes" "oh" Namjoon replied instantly.

    You thought talking about food will be embarassing because you are a big girl but it gone right you thanked God for it "we should go back to farmhouse, it's already late and we have done our job here" Namjoon was so straightforward about all the things and it annoyed you a little bit but you can't do anything so you let it slide.

    You both came back home after your Little fake date and said goodnight before going to eachother rooms. You were now laying on the bed after washing up and trying to fake sleep so you can sleep in real but your mind wasn't letting you "he is not that bad but I still don't like him that much" "how are we going to live with eachother for next two years" you thought, your overthinking was Killing you so you just screamed in the pillow after letting out some frustration on the pillow you felt better and you felt sleepy so at last you ended up sleeping thanks to the pillow.

    There was one thing, Namjoon wasn't able to sleep because of YOU "I hope this marriage goes well because I want it to" he said it to himself, after overthinking about your and his marriage he slept too.

    Next morning you were in kitchen making your cereals and milk but you were forgetting something that you don't live alone and you were in your super short shorts and and mid thigh t-shirt,you were taking out cereals from top shelf you weren't short you were a little bit taller then a average women but you were happy about it because you don't have to depend on others for anything.

    While taking out cereals you hear someone coughing behind so you instantly turned around and see Namjoon looking anywhere but you with red cheeks and red ears "what happened everything alright?" You asked "yeah j-just look down" and you looked down and saw your bare legs are on full display and you realised that while you were taking cereals out it must have ridden up. "Sorry I will just go and change" you said shyly trying to stretch the fabric down more to cover your bare legs "don't be sorry it's ok, you can go and change I will not look at your direction but when you are in your room please do tell me that you are in" "o-ok" all you said before running all the way to your room "I am in" you screamed "ok" Namjoon screamed back.

    After changing and washing up you came out of your room and see Namjoon is all washed up too, sitting doing some thing on his phone "I am back" you thought he would ignore you and do his work on his phone but he turned and looked at you and checked you out before blushing and turning back to his phone "your mom called she said that she was trying to reach you but your phone is switched off so she called me to ask how we were doing" "oh so what did she say" you asked "nothing just how our honeymoon is going and were are we going today so I asked were should we go so that you can enjoy the time while being here she told me that you like shopping new dresses and things so I thanked her for her reply and said bye's to eachother" "oh" you said once again but you were blushing now "so are you ready? We are going for shopping" "no it's ok Namjoon you don't have to do that we can do something else that you like too" "no it's my choice y/n I like shopping too let's go if you are ready" "ok just let me take my purse and phone" "ok" Namjoon replied.

    You were now standing in front of an branded clothing shop "you really don't have to do this" you were not selfish so you asked once again if he wanted to change his decision "y/n it's ok really now come on we should go in" "ok Namjoon" you said. You saw many dresses lined up one by one, you really hoped that you can get your size.

    "I will try this one" you said a perfect black colour long dress with deep v-cut which had a zipper on back and long sleeves and with your perfect size, Namjoon only nodded and waited for you to go in and come out with you wearing that dress, after 5 to 6 minutes you came out while wearing that dress and asked Namjoon "how do I look" Namjoon was watching you with widened eyes as if he saw an angel or devil "how do I look" you asked again hoping for an answer "pretty, beautiful" he replied back instantly you blushed and thanked him.

    You peeked out your head for Namjoon's help "Namjoon please help me!" You were trying to be quite while being loud enough to Namjoon to hear it "with what" he asked "my zipper is not coming down please help me!" He hesitated for a minute before coming in the changing room, you were standing in front of the mirror and your back was facing him "please open the zipper for me I am not able to do it" you said while watching him from mirror he nodded and kept his fingers on the zipper to slide it off but on the mid way his hands mistakenly brushed against your bare back and it sent shivers down your spine "it's all done" you were so emerged in the feeling that you didn't even felt it coming to end "thank you" you were now directly looking into his eyes through mirror, the staring in eachother's eyes was so intense that you forget that the zipper was down and your dress can slide down your body any minute but when the dress was going to slide down Namjoon suddenly catched it and your right shoulder was only the thing that was showing off "I-i am so sorry" "no it's ok" he replied, you kept your hands in front of your dress wo that Namjoon can let it go but he didn't, you looked at him in mirror finding him already staring at you and once again you both were staring in eachother's eyes, Namjoon broke the staring contest and his eyes dropped to your shoulder gazing it for few seconds befor he let the dress go "I-i am sorry I should go" "ok" you can sae Panic in his eyes and he left hurriedly. You didn't know what to do so you let it slide not making the situation more awkward.

    You were home now changed in your pajama but you were feeling hungry and you now realised that you and Namjoon both didn't have dinner yet and it was already pretty late so you thought you should cook something for you and him.

    You were making ramen and it was already ready so you were on your way to Namjoon's room to call him for dinner. Once you reached his room you opened his door forgetting to knock and the seen you were seeing was so sinful to you, Namjoon looked at you from where he was standing because of the noise the door made "y/n do you want something" he asked now fully turning around "n-no I-i just wanted to call you down for dinner" "oh" he was half bare standing in front with only wearing sweat pants his chest and torso was on full display you gulped seeing his abs but you looked up immediately trying not to look down "hey you know you can come in and sit but if you want to because I have to sign some emails cause it's urgent then we can both go down and eat" "ok" you didn't wanted to say no so you go and sit on the bed while trying not to look at him but you failed, he was also sitting on the opposite side of the bed half bare to your eyes, you thought he wouldn't catch you staring at him but he did and raised his eyebrows as if asking something you nodded a no while trying not to blush "wtf y/n get yourself togather he just catched you checking him out" you screamed at yourself in your head "I am all done we can go" he said while standing up "o-ok" you get up suddenly and started to walk where the door was "wait" he suddenly said which made you stop instantly next to the wall where the door was.

    He was walking towards you like you were his prey, you can't go back because there is already an wall so before you can open the door Namjoon took your hands in his and kept it down while caging you between him and the wall, you can feel his abs thorough your shirt "do you really think that you can get away after about staring at me for straight 10 minutes" you were now blushing so hard that it was getting hard to breathe "N-namjoon" you whispered "y/n I am saying truthfully that I like you alot, these days that I spent with you were my best days of my life and I really want to live a happy married life with you" "Namjoon I-i don't know what to say" you say while shivering a little bit "then take your time" he whispered in your ear and you closed your eyes because of the feeling, he looked at you seeing your eyes closed and chubby cheeks blushing he chuckled before letting you go "come on the food is going to cool off" he opened the door and goes out while you were still in shock because of what happened earlier "wtf!" You said while opening the door and going to kitchen seeing him already eating the food, you weren't able to match his eyes so you just took your food and ate it while putting the pieces in your mind of what happened earlier.

    It was last thrid day of your honeymoon before it ends so you both decided that you both are going to rest for the next three days. It was already night nearly 1 Am and you suddenly felt hungry for desert despite having dinner few hours ago so you go out in kitchen to have some ice cream when you saw that the lights of Kitchen were on, you peeked in and saw Namjoon on his phone while eating the ice cream you were going to eat, so you wanted to slide in kitchen without him knowing you were in so you walked in your tippy toes till you were standing in front of the fridge and opened it quietly while getting the other tub of ice cream out when you heard someone whispering your name in your ear, you jumped and wanted to scream but somebody closed your mouth with his hand "y/n I am Namjoon don't be scared" he said while laughing "don't that ever again I might die from an heart attack" you say while keeping your hand on your heart to calm it down "sorry sorry" "it's ok" "btw what are you doing here" Namjoon asked "wanted to eat ice cream so I can in here to take it" "but why were you tip toeing I here" he asked while raising one of his eyebrows and you find it so hot that you forget to answer.

    Namjoon came closer and closer while you did was only standing and staring back at him "what are you doing Namjoon" "nothing" he said coming more closer till you were again caged between him the fridge "I am waiting for your answer y/n" "I-i" "why do I have to always shutter when he is this close" you mentally screamed at yourself, he was so close so close that you can feel his breath on your lips both of your lips were only inches away fro eachother, you thought he was going to kiss you so you closed your eyes and waited few seconds before moving your head a little bit forward for him to attack your lips but he moved his head back, he wanted to kiss you too but he knew you weren't ready so instead you felt his lips on your neck you opened your eyes instantly and whimpered a little bit because of the feeling of his delicate lips on your neck. He was leaving open mouth kisses to your neck and shoulder before releasing you "when you are ready for me and Accept me as your husband that day I will kiss you but for now I know you are not ready y/n" his whispering was doing something to you but you were not able to form any words your mind was not cooperating with you so the only thing you did was nod "ok then y/n goodnight sweet dreams" he said before taking his half melted ice cream with him in his room.

    The next day for your last second day and you weren't able to sleep whole night deciding on what should you do so you came on the conclusion that you have started to like him no but love him and feelings are mutual so you are ready for everything he was going to give to you.

    Next evening you were in the living watching something that you weren't paying attention to yesterday's senerio was still going on your mind, you saw Namjoon coming out of his room and sees you, you both staring at each other befor Namjoon broke it and goes in the kitchen.

    "Namjoon" you called out for him and he came to you and you patted the seat next you "so what's happening" "I just wanted to say that I-i am ready and that I accept you as my husband and I am actually starting to have feelings for you" after you blurted this out Namjoon smiled ear to ear " I am so happy y/n" you smiled back at him but the tension was back in seconds before Namjoon was coming closer and closer "are you really going to me now right?" You said looking at lips and remembering how it felt on your next "yeah" he said before attacking your lips and taking you on his lap, the kiss was passionate, slow and filled with love but after few seconds it turned into hot makeout session, you broke kiss for air and felt Namjoon kissing your neck and sucking harshly on it you moaned quietly because of the harsh pleasuring suck on your neck "N-namjoon"he called out again "yess baby do you need me to stop" worry on his face "no it's just that I-i am a v-vergin" "ohh baby" he cooed "let's take it slow yeah I will be gentle with you don't worry" he smiled at you lovingly "ok" you smiled back at him " let's take this to my room" you only nodded.

    Once the door was locked he gently took you to the bed and layed you down. He hovered above you and kissed you again slowly and sexually, you both broke kiss for oxygen but he was fast and attacked your neck all over again leaving kitty licks and kissing every hickey he made softly.

    "Can I remove your clothes please" he asked and you hesitated for minute before nodding he removed everything you were wearing and gazed at you with loving eyes, you felt shy and nervous as if he can see through you he told you not to worry and kissed you once again, he felt like he as in heaven seeing you all naked and blushed up for him "Namjoon please take your clothes off too" "ohh yeah yeah" he chuckled and started to remove his clothes once he was done you admired every inch of his "like what you are seeing" he teased and you blushed, the laughter died down when he once again hovered above you "let me prepare you first baby" he said while messaging your both breasts "yes please" you moaned feeling his hands on your boobs, he bent down his head and started to suck your already sensetive nipples "oh my god" you moaned feeling his mouth sucking on one of your nipples and twisting the other with fingers he gave the same treatment to other one before going down and kissing every stretch marks you have, the way his lips were kissing it gently it was melting you like butter.

    "What a beautiful scene to see" you blushed hearing his voice and whined a little feeling too needy for his teasing "Namjoon please do something" you whined again "patience baby it's you first time I don't want it to be quick" he said, he attached his thumb to your clit and started to circle it while applying pressure and you moaned bucking your hips in his hand but his other hand stopped you for doing it "baby you are so wet" he said while inserting his middle finger in your pussy "Namjoon" you moaned his name "yes baby moan my name" he said adding his another finger and bottoming it out, you whimpered "baby you are so wet oh my god" he said taking out his fingers and licking it clean you moaned seeing him licking your arousal from his fingers, he once again entered it in but this time it wasn't slow, he started to thrust his fingers in and out of you, seeing you moaning his name again and again was making him painfully hard but today was all about you.

    He started scissoring his fingers preparing for what is coming next "shit baby I am so hard because of you" you moaned hearing his dirty words, your eyes rolling back feeling the knot forming in your stomach "I-i am gonna cum please don't stop" "yeah gonna cum hmm" Your toes curling and your back arching, you practically screamed seeing white in your eyes.

    Namjoon rode you out of your orgasam "it's too much" you said squirming. He took his fingers  out of you before licking it clean, you were tired but you wanted more "Namjoon please I want more" "yeah baby I am gonna give you what you want" he took his boxers off and your eyes widened because of seeing his cock size "baby don't be sacred I am going to go slow" you only nodded "ready?" He asked looking in your eyes for any objection but he didn't find anything but adoration for him . You nodded again "ok then" he lined up his cock on your entrance "this going to hurt a little bit and if you want me to stop anytime then please do tell me" you nodded again, Namjoon slowly started to enter you making sure to go slow you cried out because of the pain it was giving it to you.

    Namjoon bottomed out, you were feeling immense pain "shh baby it's gonna be alright" he said kissing you on the lips trying to distract you,  Namjoon didn't moved an inch giving you time to adjust before the pain you were feeling substituted and you told him to move "y/n I am going to start moving ok" he said before thrusting into you slowly, it was a new feeling feeling pain with pleasure and it was addictive "you are so thight" he groaned, you were a moaning mess feeling immense pleasure going throughout your whole body.

    He was slow but his thrust were deep hitting every spot, he made sure that his lips were always in work from kissing your lips to sucking your nipples to leaving an hickey on your body, he changed the angle putting your one leg on his shoulder while thrusting into you with a little bit more speed than before, at one point he hitted an spot which made you scream "Namjoon fuck!" "Found it" he said increasing his speed and hitting that spot again and again which made you scream everytime he hitted that spot.

    You eyes were paining because of how much you were rolling it back, you were near you can feel it again "b-baby I am near" after hearing you he took his fingers and started to circle to your clit "yeah gonna cum again hmm?" You nodded feeling tears falling out from your eyes, you clenched arround feeling very near to your orgasam "fuck do that again" he groaned feeling you clench around him again "shit I am gonna cum oh my god!" "Then cum baby" he said increasing his pace on your clit while thrusting deeply, you screamed while cuming on his cock seeing white before your eyes again "yes baby yes" his thrust were getting  slow which you thought was him getting closer to his near, he was so near feeling him cuming when he took out his cock and cum onto your stomach.

    You both were now laying, your head was on his chest while he was caressing your hair with his fingers "I am sleepy baby" you said feeling tired from all the sexual things you both did "me too baby then let's sleep"Namjoon replied feeling sleepy himself, that night was the first day when you both slept together.

    The next day both of you were on the his private jet going back to Seoul but this time it wasn't awkward like before. This time you both were happy with having eachother by your side and now you both were really husband and wife.

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