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    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    When you try to dominate them

    “Are you sure you can handle being on top? You know I am big?”

    “Don’t tease me like that Y/N, you’ll have to give up trying to be a dom when I make you kneel in front of me.”

    Yoongi- “You might need some help in between.”

    Y/N- “Narcissistic much?”

    Yoongi- “A full time sub is asking to be a dom, how can I not?”

    “I know you are just saying it to get railed tonight.”

    “You know you don’t have to pin me down for it, I will let you dom me without any hesitation.”

    Y/N- “What are you smiling at?”

    Taehyung- “It’s funny seeing you all riled up to get on top when you can’t even stop shaking your legs from before.”

    Jungkook- “And now we know who gets on top and who submits themselves under, wouldn’t have to repeat it again right baby?”

    Y/N- “Y-yes!”

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    17.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Hope in the sheets.10


    Beta: N/A Pairing: Hoseok x Reader Genre: Friendship, Comedy, Soft boy, Fluff, SMUT, Friends2Lovers, Words: 5k

    Summary: You held many titles: his neighbor, colleague, wing-man… well, more likely a wing-woman, yet most importantly, you were his best friend. You had been friends since you were born. Between the two of you, you were younger; barely, but he never let you forget it. He always seemed to ruffle your hair and tease you, which could get rather annoying but he made up for it by treating you to things.

    What if a drunken one night stand between you and your best friend Hoseok leads to more complicated situations? Your reckless twenties are cut short as you find yourself suddenly responsible for something a little more.

    Warning: Implied sex, pregnancy, implied reader has baby.

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    Hoseok and the others were eventually led into the birthing suite; the entire place had been cleaned and only the bare minimum of staff stayed behind. They were sorting out equipment and monitoring your current state. When his eyes landed on yours he felt emotions bloom in his chest. There you were laying in the bed, a small bundle of soft blankets nestled delicately in your arms. You had showered and dressed in a nightdress that had been packed in your hospital bag. 

    Hoseok’s lip curled. He was trying to hold his expression, giving you a forced smile before he broke out into tears. Holding your free arm out to him, he stumbled into your embrace kissing your forehead and telling you how much he loved you. 

    His words were broken by the force of each sob. “Are you going to hold her, or do we have to hold you?” Yoongi playfully teased. Hoseok wiped his eyes taking a few shakey deep breaths trying to calm his emotions. 

    When you moved the blanket to show your daughter laying gently against your chest, he was a mess once more. “Hobi, you want to hold her?”

    “I can hold her?” He hadn’t even thought that far ahead. He could hold this baby, his daughter, he could hold her in his arms and she was real. 

    “Of course you can hold her.” You laughed, reaching up to wipe his tears away. Hoseok remembered everything he was taught from the birthing classes, practically reciting them out loud. You placed his daughter in his arms and his bottom lip fell. 

    Tears were his automatic response. There was nothing else, this miracle, this symbol of his love for you, his best and longest friend. This was his child, his flesh and blood and he couldn’t thank you enough for giving him such a gift. 

    “You have to stop crying Hobi, we need a nice picture for your family.” You smiled and he tilted his head back sniffing. 

    “I love you so much, and I love her, I just can’t stop crying.” The words broke again Hoseok turned to show off his daughter to his friends. They were some of the people he was closest to and when he looked at them they were all crying. Jungkook’s wet cheeks and red nose, Jimin’s sweet puffy eyes bubbling with tears, even Yoongi let out a stray sniff. 

    By far it was a sight to see big burly Namjoon openly weeping like Hoseok and cooing over how precious she was. 

    “Look how little she is,” Namjoon whimpered

    “Her hands are so tiny too,” Hoseok said back. The two were just making it worse for each other, a back and forth of doting comments of your newborn each statement causing a fresh cycle of tears. 

    The nurse who had been checking your vitals waiting to take you back to the ward rolled her eyes. “I have seen some sappy fathers but you brought a whole troop.”

    “Gentleman it’s time to let mum and her baby get some sleep, the father can come back tomorrow morning any other guests can come two at a time during visiting hours.” She ushered the other six males from the room, Hoseok kissed you his cheeks were wet. 

    “I don’t want to go.”

    “Get some sleep Hobi, get the house ready. If all goes well I will be out of the hospital soon.” The nurse took your daughter from Hoseok’s arms. 

    “Wait, can I give her a kiss?” You whispered. The nurse nodded bringing your daughter over allowing you to kiss her goodnight before she was wheeled down to the nursery. 

    “Are you ready to go back to the ward? You should get some sleep. Your body will be exhausted. We will bring the child in when she is hungry.”

    “Okay Hobi, I have to go rest now you head home and make the house all ready for when we come home okay.” You waved goodbye to him and watched as Jimin took his hand leading him from the room. He seemed reluctant to take his eyes off of you, his hand coming to lay flat under his heart. 

    You touched your collar bone watching him mouth the words 'baseline'. It was like everything you ever wanted but such a weird and obscure way you got there. You wanted to be with Hoseok and cherish him and be loved in return, but you never thought you would get there by completely derailing your relationship and almost ruining your life. 

    It was like you had to destroy what you had to build something better. It seems counterproductive and a step in the wrong direction but somehow you were able to shape the rubble of your friendship into a relationship stronger than before. 

    You love Hoseok with all your heart and he only has eyes for you. It seems you were both delusional to believe that you weren’t in love. Everyone could see it except the two of you and now it was painfully obvious. 

    Being a mother was kind of a shock. Scared when you woke up to cramps, only to remember you had already given birth, you were also woken throughout the night to feed your daughter. A part of you worried about taking care of someone, the responsibility setting in as being a mother was a full-time job.

    “You are doing wonderful.” The nurse gave you some pain killers for your cramps, your uterus was slowly shrinking back to its regular size and you were uncomfortable. “Would you like me to get you anything?”

    “I would love something to drink.” Voice hoarse from sleep, she nodded before setting off for you. You sat up watching the sunrise, your daughter sleeping soundly on the bed in front of you. She was so precious. Even with closed eyes she still wiggled and stretched her hands out to the warm glowing orb.

    “Seonhee, do you like that name?” You whispered, taking out a small outfit: a white onesie with sunflowers and bright yellow footed pants with soft yellow ruffles on the butt. “Jung Seonhee.”

    “Ah, is that her name?” The nurse smiled, placing some apple juice and water on the small bedside table. She sanitized her hands and began helping you with the baby's clothes and diaper, bagging the old clothes and disposing of the soiled diaper. She smiled down at the little girl in her bright outfit. “I think it suits her, Seonhee”

    The doctor came by on her round, her hair pulled into a tight bun and her scrubs pastel blue with stalks. “You are looking better, how are you feeling?” There was no messing around, she was straight to business, checking for any concerns or pain. Your stomach was being palpated while she brought up things to look out for. “Ultimately if anything happens that you are unsure about, even if it is something silly like, should I have coffee while breastfeeding, call this number here, they are a great service and they will help you.”

    “Thank you so much.” Taking the card you were handed and a little care package from the hospital, the nurse placed the card into the baby book which had accompanied you throughout pregnancy and after. “Am I okay to go home today?”

    “You are all clear. Let us know what time you want to leave and we can have all the paperwork ready.” Pausing in the doorway, a young nurse almost bumping into her, she spun around, her coat swishing with her. “After giving birth a lot of women become a little moody, fatigued, or cry. This is totally normal as your hormones will be dropping back to a normal level. It is perfectly normal to feel these things during this time.”

    “Ah, that’s good to know.” You replied while searching through the care package, glancing at some of the booklets and information sheets. There was a number for a community service where mothers take their babies to be weighed and receive checkups. The nurses had few information sessions on feeding techniques and developmental leaps. 

    Looking forward to being a part of a group of new mothers, you knew you would have a lot of questions eventually. It would be nice to know if other mothers have similar concerns or effective tips for any future problems.

    Hoseok arrived with a big smile, kissing you sweetly before heading over to scoop up his daughter. “Wait Hobi,” you stopped him, “I need to talk to you before you get all teary-eyed again.”

    “Okay,” serious expression on his face he gave you all his attention.

    “We need to agree on her name and sign the birth certificate.” The smile returned to his face, the twinkle in his eyes never dwindling since the moment he stepped into the room. “I like the name 선희 (Seonhee) written as 善 meaning Good or nice and 希 as in Hope”

    Hoseok watched you write an example on a scrap piece of paper, and began nodding enthusiastically. Hands shaking the two of you eyed one another passing secret smiles, the taste of giggles on the tip of your tongue. Once the document was completed Hoseok’s hand swooped up into your hair, cradling your nape as he kissed you.

    Neither lazy nor heated, the kiss was full and romantic, his lips telling a story against yours. The world stopped and only Hoseok existed. Until a shrill cry broke through the silence and the two of you apart. The cry brought with it the sound of machines and nurses walking down the hall.

    “You want to go home,” Hoseok raced around the hospital bed towards your daughter, wiggling in the tiny hospital portable bassinet. His style was honestly amusing. Strips of fabric hanging from a graffitied shirt with a cargo jacket and sneakers. Strange to see him holding a baby but you loved it so much. 

    Just because you were parents didn’t mean you had to get rid of everything you love. Sure you had to grow up and it was extreme. The transition you made while pregnant felt like your life was ending. That you would live to serve a tiny being. But seeing Hoseok still smiling the same, still wearing the same street hip hop style reassured you that you still had a life outside of being a mother and that would never change.

    Of course, the two of you probably wouldn’t club anymore. It would be unfair if either of you went out without the other and unfair on your daughter if you were not there for her. Not to mention the cost of babysitting and the trust you would need in order to leave Seonhee with someone who wasn’t you or Hoseok.

    Hoseok helped you with your bags packing the car, he had borrowed Jin’s for a smoother drive. Always thoughtful even on the littlest details. Sitting by the baby's car seat while Hoseok drove you home apologizing for every speed bump and every turn.

    “Hoseok, I would like to go home before it is dark. You don’t have to drive that slow.” You laughed, he was being so serious like a knight or warrior preparing for battle to protect those he loves. In the reflection of the rearview mirror, you saw his lips twitch in amusement, the sun shining on his shaggy hair. “I love you.”

    “Babe,” He whined, “you can’t say that when I am driving, I want to kiss you and then we really won’t get home before dark.”

    His eyes flickered up to meet yours in the mirror before concentrating diligently once more on the road. He was singing softly to the radio as he crossed town, you must have fallen asleep as you were woken by his sweet laugh and some kisses on your cheek.

    “We are home Lil darling.”

    Breathing deeply trying to clear your head from your nap, as the fog in your mind disappeared your hands were secured in Hoseok’s as he helped you out of the car. Standing patiently for your body to catch up, the tender sensations in your stomach leaving you stiff.

    “Seonhee, time to see your new home.” Hoseok scooped up the infant holding her to his chest as if it was the most natural thing like he had several years of experience. As opposed to this child being his firstborn. He took the soft yellow muslin wrap and covered her protecting her eyes from the afternoon sun.

    Opening the door, you weren’t surprised, (mostly because you had spotted their cars on the curb) to see the boys sitting on your couch equally as excited to see you as they had been the day before in the birthing suite. Hoseok was placing your bag on the table when Seonhee started crying.

    “Hey, sweetheart what’s wrong?” Hoseok patted her bottom to a steady rhythm hoping it would lull her back to sleep. Her crying continued and you felt your shirt grow damp, taking a seat you held out your hands for your daughter and nursed her while the boys kept their eyes firm on one another to respect your privacy.

    “Are you drinking or are you sleeping?” You giggled at your daughter who was milk drunk. Burping her gently she wiggled releasing a few loud burps and spitting up a little onto the back of your hand and the small burp cloth you had been holding to her clothes.

    “Let me take her while you clean up.” Yoongi smiled, scooping up your daughter, holding her so her head was supported, her arms and legs draped over either side of his arm. His other hand rubbed and patted her back gently as he swayed.

    “You look like a squashed pie.” He smiled cheekily talking to the baby in his arms. “Cute bow shape lip from your mum, and your nose is very cute like Hoseok’s.”

    “How dare you call her a squashed pie.” Namjoon tried to defend but when Yoongi turned he showed the infant, her cheek squished up against his arm, her drool slowly seeping between parted lips. “Okay, maybe a little but she is also adorable.”

    “All babies look like aliens when they are born,” you grinned.

    “But do you love her, more than anything else in the world?” Jungkook giggled trying to make small talk while also projecting his newfound love for such a tiny being.

    “We just met, I need some time to get to know her some more.” You joke playfully curled up on the couch Seokjin handing you some dinner and a cup of tea while the boys took turns meeting your daughter.

    “It says in the paperwork she can have a bath tomorrow, and that her first poo might be really yucky.” Hoseok read the take-home leaflets from the hospital and constantly checked on his two girls making sure they were both safe and sound.

    “Put her in outfits you don’t care if they get destroyed,” Yoongi was singing something to the child. It was low and rough. He was talking about dreams, freestyling about how your daughter didn’t need to go to university and that she didn’t have to know everything right at this moment.  

    Placing the little girl into Jimin’s waiting arms. His eyes sparkled and his lip dropped as he turned soft for the little girl.

    “Hello, I am Uncle Jimin and I am going to spoil you so much.” His sweet voice gasped. He practically wiggled on the spot when she brought her fists up to her closed eyes and yawned. Taehyung was quietly snapping photos, careful not to use the flash as he didn’t want to hurt the baby's sensitive eyes, even while they were closed. He assured you, that he would get photos of everyone holding Seonhee. He had already captured Yoongi and was taking a few extra of Jimin with the small bundle.

    It was honestly nice to see them all so supportive and there for your daughter. Images in your mind blooming of her first Christmas and birthday and all that would follow. Namjoon would buy her a green bike with flowers and tassels on the handles and Yoongi, helping assemble it before she woke up, attaching the training wheels for her safety.

    Learning how to wrap people around her finger from her Uncle Jimin and then using it against them. She would be a dancer like her father and would light up the room. You could see her performing on a stage with the eight of you waiting with flowers to throw on stage. Maybe she wouldn’t win the first prize at her first show but they would still take her out for pizza and celebrate. Her skills would improve and the day she wins the trophy she would be lifted onto Seokjin’s shoulders. 

    Not noticing you had started crying until Namjoon pulled you into a hug.  “Hey what’s got you so upset.”

    “No, I am not upset, I was told that as my hormones go back to normal, I might cry and be more tired and moody and upset and I just,” Sniffing Jungkook handed over some tissues and hugging your back. The newer of the group Taehyung and Jungkook had just fit perfectly into the group, it was like they were always meant to be.

    “Hey love,” Hoseok said, coming over to kneel at your feet holding your knees softly. "Tell me what made you so upset."

    “I was thinking about her first Christmas and her first birthday and how you would all be here and she would be loved and…” Taking a sniff and pushing the tears from your eyes you looked up at them seriously. “You can never leave now, we are going to be one big family. I hope you know you are now each my daughter's uncles and therefore responsible to attend events. If you didn’t want to be a part of the family, I am sorry you are now my family.”

    More tears shook your form. “You're the only family I have, I wasn’t exactly disowned more than I left when my mother told me not to have my sweet daughter. My precious baby deserves a big happy family and so I am sorry you are stuck with me. 

    “And don’t even think you are getting out of it.” You pointed at Taehyung and Jungkook, “You are my family now. Seonhee needs lots of uncles to protect her.”

    “We aren’t leaving,” Seokjin grinned, taking a turn holding the wiggling bundle, smiling for a picture, and looking at her. “She will be a heartbreaker.”


    The first couple of weeks were a learning curve filled with broken sleep, reheated meals courtesy of Seokjin, and constant fatigue looming over your head. Jimin appeared one-afternoon Taehyung, Namjoon and Yoongi apprehended your daughter. Settling her into a baby carrier strapped to Namjoon’s chest. The thick bodyguard looked a little silly with a tiny child nestled against his pecs.

    Seonhee was wearing a new outfit from her uncle Jimin. It was a sweet-footed onesie with bear ears warm enough for a day out in the park. Kicked out of the house by Jimin who stressed how much you needed a break. Hoseok was at work while you were still on leave which meant you took the larger portion of the home and baby duties.

    Mostly because you were at home all day, but also not wanting to interfere with his sleep schedule seeing as he was going to an actual job that needed proper attention. There wasn’t even a moment of hesitation from Jimin as he dragged you into the bathroom and started the bath filling it with a generous amount of bubble bath. It was the sleepy-time product you had chosen for your baby, emitting a soft lavender scent.

    “You relax and I will wash your hair.” He smiled and he massaged your scalp to help relieve any tension, after washing out all your hair products he took your skincare products letting you lay in the bubbles as he pampered you. “You are such a good mum, you are doing amazing.”

    “I hope so,” you yawned.

    You stepped out of the tub, quickly wrapping yourself into the fluffy robe you hadn’t used in a while. Then sat down on your bed whilst Jimin dried and styled your hair. The others had returned, poking their heads into the room and smiling at your new refreshed look. You quickly fed your daughter while Jimin braided your hair securely.

    “You rest okay, we will watch her until Hoseok comes home. Don’t worry we will come to you if we are unsure about anything and for food times.” Yoongi said playing some soft tranquil music on the small speaker by your bed. 

    It seemed pointless. Laying there believing it impossible to fall asleep. As you walked past the clock reading half-past one, your stomach rumbled in a gentle protest. Before you could even think of the food you wanted to get dressed, pulling on a white crop top and a baggy overall dress. Something easy to breastfeed in. It was definitely time as your breasts were heavier with milk.

    Walking out you poured yourself a glass of juice and scooped up your fussing daughter, stomach growling again. Yoongi stood up marching into the kitchen, rapidly chopping ingredients. Soon the house was filled with a savory aroma and the glorious sound of oil sizzling. 


    Hoseok was having his first afternoon with Seonhee. You were going for a checkup. Jungkook was free and agreed to accompany you to your appointment, he almost paled when he saw the equipment on the table for your checkup. It made for a good laugh and endless teasing during your small coffee date afterward.

    Jungkook’s phone buzzed and he grinned texting back quickly. “Ooh, what or who is making you smile so big?”

    “Uh, I just got a funny text from Namjoon. Apparently, Hoseok asked for company so Namjoon and Yoongi stopped by the house after their errands.” He laughed, nose scrunching showing off his front teeth. “And well, your daughter may have accidentally had a poo explosion. So far from the pictures I have seen, Yoongi and Hoseok are covered in it. And while trying to help Namjoon dropped a whole bottle of baby powder and they are vacuuming the carpet.”

    “Jimin and Taehyung agreed to pick up some more and I have been asked to keep you busy,” Your smile growing the more you heard, of course, they would make a mess on your first day out. Expecting something chaotic to happen but never something as funny as this. 

    “I am just glad it is something like this and not that someone is sick or hurt,” You smiled while eating a strawberry cheesecake and sipping coffee. Not making any move of leaving early and relieving them of their duty. It was a right of passage and showed just how much you trusted them. Hearing that something happened and not jumping to take over.

    “They said not to tell you, but how could I not?” Jungkook turned his phone showing you some photos worthy of scrapbooking, the kind you would take out for Seonhee’s twenty-first and a story she would get sick of hearing at every family gathering. “Look at them.”

    “Well while they are busy, how about we go grocery shopping? I think perhaps we can make something delicious for dinner,” Standing and collecting your jacket from your chair, and leading the way. Jungkook followed listening to your concerns about your weight and figure, he assured you how good you were looking and even offered to personally train you at 21, the gym.


    Seonhee was growing steadily. Each milestone leading into the next, she would roll over and had started to crawl. Finding herself putting things she shouldn’t in her mouth. Going back to work was hard for the first few days, leaving Seonhee at the daycare was easy but she became more clingy when she came home. It was her way of coping with the separation that came with daycare and full-time work but eventually, Seonhee got into a routine.

    Understanding that her parents were always coming back made everything in the house run a lot smoother. She had a small handful of sounds, mostly eomma, appa. 

    Work was a lot more tolerable and dare you to say fun. Jimin had quit his sugar baby gig and joined the company working alongside you. Sure he had broken a few hearts by canceling his service but he was happier. He never explicitly said it but you believed he was trying to be more independent and above everything else make himself more approachable to Taehyung.

    Taehyung however left for a while, he had been away working with a few celebrities and luxury brands, photographing concepts, photos, and more. He had been pushing and working harder and harder as the days passed until he traveled away for his latest project. 

    It was a little sad that they weren’t together but you could see the longing in Jimin’s eyes whenever he replayed Taehyung’s Instagram story. Dragging him from his desk to have lunch together and distract him from the thoughts spinning around in his head.


    December marked eleven months since Seonhee was born. Cruising against the couch and cabinets opening things she shouldn’t. You had invested in baby locks and a small playpen. Neither really did much as she knew how to push the whole contraption across carpet and tiles to get into things. 

    Mostly she would follow you to the kitchen hoping to get teething biscuits or any other treats her father would sneak her. He was never able to say no and you often found them sneaking snacks together where he would give you his big eyes and pouty lips claiming that she deserved a snack.

    Christmas had your house filled to the brim with presents and boys, Seokjin was cooking in the kitchen with Yoongi’s help while Jimin and Jungkook were playing with Seonhee. Hoseok was helping Namjoon into a Santa costume in the backyard. No one had heard from Taehyung. You assumed he was busy with work and that he would be unable to make it.

    There was a knock and Jungkook raced to answer it and laughed, “Finally, I thought you were skipping out on the family Christmas.”

    “I wouldn’t skip out on the family Christmas, you are my favorite family,” Taehyung said handing over a suitcase to Jungkook and carrying in some bags of wrapped gifts, placing them under the tree. “Look at you, you have gotten so big!”

    Namjoon Santa came in and delivered gifts and ran off getting changed only to come back and watch the gift unwrapping. Jungkook went to collect the two eldest from the kitchen, pushing Seokjin before dragging Yoongi out the two stopping in the archway.

    “Hey, you are under the mistletoe!” Jimin giggled, proud that his trap had worked, he was hoping that some people would get stuck under it. “You are going to have to kiss.”

    “We don’t have to, we are watching Seonhee open her gifts,” Jungkook said only to be grabbed by Yoongi who kissed the younger male and pulled away.

    “Satisfied.” Yoongi turned back to the young girl opening her presents, Namjoon got her some picture books and a few educational toys. Seokjin had wrapped a small toy kitchen that was her size. Yoongi brought her to everyone’s surprise a little clam pool and some plastic toys to play with.

    Jimin brought her a whole lot of princess dresses, tiaras, and fairy wings. Jungkook got her a cozy coupe red and yellow plastic car that she could push around with her legs. Taehyung handed her the small gift bag and inside was a night light that made the roof look like a galaxy and played soft music.

    After Seonhee’s gifts from the boys, Hoseok brought out a box. He was struggling with it but when he opened it out popped a little dog who began licking her cheeks and wagging his tail intensely amongst the large group. “His name is Mickey.” Hoseok grinned watching Taehyung taking pictures and smiling fondly as she giggled.

    Other gifts were exchanged, the most notable was Seokjin giving everyone matching sweaters with his face on it, and Taehyung’s gift to Jimin. It was a small bag and inside was the signature Tiffany blue colored box.

    “You didn’t have to,” Jimin said softly and Taehyung smiled.

    “I told myself I would support you, and I know you didn’t want to be treated like a sugar baby, I just told myself that I wouldn’t allow myself to date until I got you those earrings you really wanted. I wanted to give you something you could be proud of.” Taehyung explained, “And it was so hard to resist you when you kept inviting me over.”

    Opening the box Jimin saw the earrings he had once mentioned ages back, the exact earrings Taehyung had handmade for him. “Now you can get rid of the ones I made you, they look horrible compared to these.

    “I still love the ones you made and I will keep them forever.”

    “I won’t treat you like a sugar baby anymore, I wanted to ask if maybe you wanted to go on a date.”

    “Well, these earrings will get you about five dates.” Jimin giggled cheekily

    “Five I thought for sure it would be five and a half?”

    “Five and a free butt grab?”



    The nine of you were walking through the kid's attractions at the theme park seeing some familiar faces, you were having lunch when some music started playing. It was the theme park's dance parade and Hoseok was dragged into the dance by Taeyong.

    You were giggling when WinWin dragged you up dancing with you and turned to see Hoseok on one knee, a ring box opened in his hands. You felt your chest about to explode as you tackled him to the ground sobbing in his chest. “Hoseok really, you mean it?”

    “Of course, I mean it, I have loved you for years.”

    “I love you so much, hell freaking yes put that ring on me, quick quick.” You kissed his face nonstop giggling between your tears. He was finally able to get the ring onto the designated finger standing and pulling you onto your feet. He kissed you passionately, you pulled back burying your face in his chest squealing.

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    A/N: holy shit this update is t h i c c. lmao i hope you all enjoyed the drama! shit is going down and i am living for it. next update coming soon! let me know if you’d like to be added to the taglist💕 — Rynn

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    Jungkook: You’re not coming with me?

    Jin: Jungkook, I’m not your dad.

    Jin *handing Jungkook a lunchbox*: Here are your sandwiches. I’ll pick you up at five.

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  • meowachi
    17.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    like you care | ksj (f) (m)

    warning: implied smut !!

    almost abruptly, he enters the washroom and shuts the door behind him. his eyes  — completely fixated on yours — look unfamiliar. his gaze feels urgent. he locks the door and takes a sharp breath in. 

    “are you fucking kidding me?” he takes a step towards you and you take a moment to look into his eyes and you see it easily. 


    your favourite side of him.

    “did i say a punchline?” you ask curiously. though you can tell that he isn’t in the mood to play dumb (that’s a first), you love to push his buttons. he places his hands on your waist, pushing you to lean against the sink counter. god, he’s so close to you that you can smell the mix of his cologne and sweat. you can’t help it but to lift his chin and place kisses from behind his ear down to his collar bones. “miss me?” you ask him softly. he lets out a moan in response when you brush your hand against his area and fumble with the zipper. seokjin tries to focus on the smell of your shampoo or the perfume but the scent of you is practically covered up by whatever cheap cologne the other guy was wearing. he tries to focus on the pretty girl kissing his neck but he can’t. how sweet your kisses feel against his skin, how only you could get him this excited and annoyed at the same time. 

    suddenly, he’s back to picturing it. how there was another guy all over you just moments before. it makes his ears turn red and (more importantly) his ego hurt. he should be enough for you, you shouldn’t feel entertained by other guys. 

    “___, you’re such a bitch.” he mumbles, his hands finding their way to tugging on the hem of your skirt. “am i not good enough for you?”

    “excuse me?” you laugh, pulling away from him. maybe you could connect the dots more smoothly if he gave you some time; but you have a gut feeling that seokjin is in that mood. possessive over something that he’s too pussy to claim; you. 

    though he had been a lot more demanding with the hook ups lately (and a lot more clingy), something in you did not expect this kind of behaviour from the campus dream boy. he had gotten attached and you knew it. tonight was proving exactly.

    he had feelings for you and you knew it. you had noticed it for a while now and it only made it more difficult not to make the assumption. you play dumb for his sake. you aren’t too sure how you feel about him yet. there’s a good possibility you have romantic feelings towards him too but that’s for future you to worry about. perhaps when he’s man enough to confess, you’ll be lady enough to accept. 

    “that kid — “

    “his name is jungkook. baby, he’s literally friends with nam joon and — “

    “that kid was literally after you.. probably just wanted to fuck and chuck you. how are you okay with that? it’s like he doesn’t have the decency to ask if you’re even seeing someone.” it slips out of his lips and stares at you almost blankly when he realizes what he said. 

    “am i seeing someone?”

    “whose in front of you right now, ___. “ he answers unimpressed. “look, don’t think about it too deeply.” he pauses (nice save, seokjin). “it’s just.. you said it would be okay that we’d start talking to each other at parties but you didn’t even last a five minute conversation with me before you floated away to someone else.” 

    “like you care.” you press.

    “and if i did? would it be that bad?”

    then it happens; the eager look in his eyes soften. something between you two feels like it’s sparkling and you look at him lovingly. a small smile appears on his face when it registers to him that: no. it wouldn’t be bad. 

    “oh, you poor baby!” you sooth, fixing his hair as he pulls away from you a bit. the moment passes and you’re back to being a tease. you squish his cheeks and smile at him angelically. “jungkook was cute, wasn’t he? he had a nice back profile and you know just how much broad shoulders make me feel— “

    “i have a nice back profile. my shoulders are literally twice of his.” he takes your hand and places them on his shoulders. you make a face, sighing as you squeeze his shoulders.

    “mhm.. i don’t know. jungkook doesn’t seem to be in such a grumpy mood. maybe i should go back down there and — “

    “and what?”

    “god, let me finish, seokjin!”

    “not the first time you’ve said that,” he laughs. you roll your eyes at him.

    now you’re not in the mood.

    see, seokjin is cute and all but he too could be a piece of shit. it’s odd to say, but this is how you two are. cat and dog, bickering until it counts. when it does count, suddenly you two are the only one the other wants. with seokjin, it’s a constant push and pull until one of you give in. it’s simply just how you two function around each other. 

    you lightly push away from him and reach for the door. without hesitation, he playfully pulls you back to him and presses his body against yours. “don’t do that,” he gulps. “don’t be mad at me.”

    “i’m not mad at you.” you coo. shrugging, you bite your bottom lip and tell him: “i just want to go talk to the kid downstairs and ask him if he’s the type to give flowers to a girl — “

    “oh, fuck you.”

    “oh? please do,” you giggle, pulling him in and crashing your lips onto his. you place you hand on top of where his heart is and feel how fast it begins to beat. it’s a given when seokjin smiles into the kiss. when he deepens the kiss and you allow so, he thinks of confessing soon. he’ll think of what to say and what gesture to pull off later. maybe include something with flowers.

    for now, kissing you was would be his confession.



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  • blu-joons
    16.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    When He Notices That You’ve Overslept For Your Online Class ~ BTS Reaction


    His arm shook you gently, murmuring your name as Jin tried to wake you up, glancing between you and the clock that was up on the wall.

    “Y/N, you’ve missed half your class,” he frowned, jumping back as your eyes instantly widened, pulling the duvet off of your body as quick as you could.

    Whilst you began to get frantic, Jin grabbed onto your arms, encouraging you to take a breath as panic washed across your face as you looked at him.

    “Why didn’t you wake me?” You sighed, looking around the room for your laptop, “I’ve missed half a class, I’m going to be in so much trouble.”

    “What’s the point of only going for half?” He suddenly questioned.

    “No,” you sighed, shaking your head as you hoped you were dreaming, “you’re not going to try and talk me out of going to my class right now Jin.”

    “But you’ve already missed half, so you won’t know what’s going on.”

    “I can catch up,” you continued to argue, pushing him off of you, “whatever you wanted to do will have to wait until the rest of this class is over.”

    “How can you go to class without your laptop though?”

    “Wherever you’ve put it, find it? Or sex is off the cards for a week.”


    He carefully placed your laptop on the bedside table before kneeling at your side, shaking you awake until you began to stir, letting him know you were up.

    “I think you forgot about your class,” he whispered as your eyes opened, “I’ve brought your laptop up so that you can log on when you’re feeling a bit more awake.”

    Straight away you reached out for your laptop, knowing you didn’t have a minute longer to spare after already missing several minutes of the lecture.

    “I knew agreeing to drink last night was a bad idea,” you sighed, running your hands over your face, “soju never comes before a class again.”

    “You seemed to be enjoying yourself last night,” Yoongi teased.

    “I regret it now,” you frowned, hurrying to switch your laptop on as Yoongi sat down beside you, “my lecturer already hates me enough as it is.”

    “I’m sure she can forgive you for ten minutes, I bet she’s been late before too.”

    “Not once,” you sighed, glancing helplessly across at him, “she always arrives early to class, showing up on time isn’t good enough for her Yoongi.”

    “She sounds like a right misery, I bet her lessons are fun.”

    “They’re horrific, but without them unfortunately I won’t get my pass.”


    His eyes looked to your calendar one final time before deciding to start shaking you awake, knowing how much trouble you’d be in if he didn’t.

    “Your class?” He questioned as you hummed his name, not impressed with him disturbing you, “you’re already late enough as it is Y/N.”

    Your head shook, but as your eyes opened and looked to see what the time was, a loud groan of frustration came from you in annoyance.

    “My stupid alarm didn’t go off,” you panicked, immediately grabbing your laptop from under the bed and switching it on. “This phone is rubbish too.”

    “I keep telling you to get a new one,” Hobi sighed in reply.

    “I’ve got fees to pay for,” you reminded him, throwing the device down on your bed, “if I didn’t have you here, I’d miss just about every single class that I have.”

    “Why don’t you let me buy you a new phone, I’ve got the money to do so.”

    “I could never ask you to do that,” you smiled weakly across at him, “once I’ve got my degree, then I’ll be able to pay off my loan and get a new phone.”

    “Why not? This could be my treat for all your hard work.”

    “I appreciate the offer Hobi, but you’ve got much better things to buy.”


    With everything set up for you downstairs, laptop, breakfast, pen and paper, Namjoon made his way upstairs in order to wake you up for your class.

    “You’re late,” he whispered, calling out your name several times until you began to stir, “your class started ten minutes ago, but you were still fast asleep.”

    Before you knew it, your legs were racing down the stairs, not caring how much of a mess you were in with Namjoon following quickly behind you running.

    “If you knew I was late ten minutes ago, why didn’t you wake me then?” You scolded, only to stop in your tracks when you ran into your office.

    “I was too busy sorting this out, so you didn’t have to,” he frowned.

    “Joon,” you whimpered, spinning round to face him with a soft smile, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been so harsh on you, I had no idea that you were doing this.”

    “It’s fine, I would be the same, you weren’t to know about all of this.”

    “I’ll make it up to you,” you assured him as you took a seat in your chair, “you’ve saved me so much time doing all of this for me, thank you, honestly.”

    “Just focus on your class now, I’ll be waiting for when you’re done.”

    “I’ll come find you straight away, it’s the least I can do after you’ve done so much for me.”


    Your eyes widened as soon as you saw your reflection in the mirror after dashing around your bedroom to get yourself ready for your class.

    “Just turn the camera off,” Jimin frowned as you began to raid your cupboard for your makeup, “it’s not compulsory for you to be seen, is it?”

    Your head shook, stopping what you were doing and spinning around to head back to the bed, with your laptop finally switching itself on.

    “What if the camera accidentally comes on?” You then panicked, “I don’t want everyone to see that I’ve only just got out of bed, that’ll be embarrassing.”

    “Surely we’ve got some tape lying around here somewhere,” Jimin sighed.

    “Top drawer,” you pointed out to him as he began to look through the drawers, “but what’s tape going to do if the camera switches itself on?”

    “Just wait and see, I’ll come and save the day for you once again Y/N.”

    “You already saved it by waking me up,” you retorted, watching on as Jimin placed the tape over your camera lens so that the view was blocked.

    “See, that’s what the tape will do if your camera switches on.”

    “Park Jimin, have I ever told you how much of a life saver you are?”


    The moment Taehyung reminded you that you had a lecture that morning, you grabbed your pillow and covered your face with it, refusing to listen.

    “We’re not doing this,” Taehyung quickly instructed, refusing to sit back and watch you miss a lecture, “wake up and I’ll get you sorted to log on Y/N.”

    Your head continued to shake in protest, whining out to Taehyung as he grabbed your laptop and charger, placing it down beside you for when you were ready.

    “Why are you doing this to me?” You sighed as he pulled you up so you couldn’t get comfortable, “this isn’t how a boyfriend is supposed to be.”

    “I’m a boyfriend that cares about your education, not sleep,” he reminded you.

    “I know,” you huffed, shaking your head as he offered you a smile, “if I dated any other guy, they’d let me go back to sleep right now instead of this.”

    “It’s a shame I’m not any other guy for you in that case, isn’t it?”

    “You’re so unfair,” you continued to moan as your laptop began to load, “I’ll remember this next time you try to leave the studio early too.”

    “I always leave the studio on time thank you very much.”

    “That’s a lie, but I’m just understanding enough to ignore that.”


    As he watched you wake up, having missed half your class, Jungkook couldn’t help but chuckle at how sleepy you still were as you stretched.

    “Is half of a class really worth all of this?” He questioned, leaning in the doorway, “are you awake enough to be able to concentrate on a lecture right now?”

    Your shoulders shrugged as you tried to wake yourself up, slapping your cheeks and your legs in the hope that it would do the trick and give your body a nudge.

    “I’m awake enough to be alive,” you chuckled, trying your best to get out of bed, “to focus on a lecture is going to be a bit of a challenge.”

    “So, why not complete the challenge when you’re awake, later?” He asked you.

    “Are you encouraging me to skip a lecture?” You grinned, noticing the wide smirk on his face, “is this the sort of thing that you should be doing?”

    “It’s one lecture, and you always moan about this lecturer as well.”

    “That doesn’t give me an excuse to skip it,” you sighed, beginning your search of your laptop, “and you shouldn’t be pushing me to skip either.”

    “With how tired you are, all you need is a gentle nudge.”

    “Bed is tempting but passing my exams next month is important too.”



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  • jeonjungkookss
    16.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    most wanted: boyfriend  ♡  mlist.

    ♡   summary: the official boyfriend application ― or the OBFA, as you liked to call it. the rules were simple: 1. dates in potential would apply anonymously to fill the role of your (also anonymous) best friend’s boyfriend and 2. go through a strict analysis conducted by none other than you. if deemed lucky enough, they would earn a blind date with the prettiest, most wonderful girl on campus. the only problem was.. you didn’t count on the likelihood of a certain email popping up in your screen. those bold, flashy letters denouncing the latest submitted application signed off with the pseudonym of your hardcore crush: vante.

    ♡     listen to the playlist. ♡     read the teaser (coming out on sunday 19th).

    ♡     pairing: kth x f!reader. ♡     genre: college au  |  idiots to lovers  |  fluff + crack. ♡     rating: nc-17. ♡     word count: tba. ♡     content warning(s): alcohol consumption, light angst, a lot of miscommunication as a plot device (lol, sorry), twists and turns, slow burn + more specific warnings for each chapter.

    ♡     notes from the author: here we go again! i can tell you with full honesty that i wasn’t inclined to write a college au, buuut some inspiration struck me and dearest @bangtanhome​ very conveniently showed me an actual boyfriend application they had seen on twitter. the rest is history (for now), but i can’t express how excited i am to release this.  yes, i know i said i would not write series.. but here you go! wink wonk.

    ♡     taglist: @kirbykook​ @ggukkieland. reply to this post or send me an ask to be tagged.

    ♡♡♡         chapter navigation:

    𝐈 .      to be released soon.

    ♡♡♡         drabbles & extras:

    𝐈 .      to be released soon.

    ♡♡♡       general series navigation:

    ♡     feedback and reviews. ♡     answered asks. ♡     aesthetic moodboard. ♡     listen to the playlist. ♡     taglist requests.

    jeonjungkookss  ©   2021. all rights reserved.

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  • triviafics
    16.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Elevator Love Letter (KSJ x Reader)

    Part 2 of The Dis-Ease Files.

    Pairing: Surgeon!Seokjin x Nurse!Reader

    Genres: I, Isi the dentist, cannot be held responsible for your teeth rotting. Read at your own risk. (AKA THE FLUFFIEST COTTON CANDY FLUFF). Very brief, minor angst

    AUs: Medical AU, Friends/Co-Workers to Lovers

    Word count: 1.3k

    Tags/trigger warnings: mentions of surgery, some medical terminology (not important to the plot), mentions of the death of a loved one, otherwise just cuteness and Seokjin being a blushing mess

    Ratings: sfw, g

    Summary: Seokjin has something important to ask you, but he can never seem to find the right moment. So, he takes matters into his own hands.

    A/N: AHHH Part 2 is here! Based on the epic MerDer elevator proposal from season 5, episode 19. I’m swooning so hard over Dr. Seokjin, and I had so much with for the banner for this one because of his doctor look from Dope Era (seriously though, how has he not aged since then? As handsome as always).

    Taglist: @suhdays

    Glancing over the last patient case before he pins it up on the wall, Seokjin steps back and takes a look at his handiwork. The tapping of his foot echoes in his ears as his leg bounces anxiously. The lunch break was almost over.

    After seeing you for the facial reconstruction post-trauma, he hadn’t managed to catch sight of you for the rest of the morning. He didn’t have much time left before the afternoon rolled in and more cases, consults, and surgeries started to pile up. His hands were full, but every day was like that. And he’d put this off for long enough.

    Reaching into the pocket of his coat, he manages to procure his pager. There was no time to waste. Silently mumbling an apology to you in the back of his mind, he presses the button.

    Moments later, he hears the squeak of your brand-new sneakers quickly making their way down the hallway. Smiling to himself, he remembers how he’d finally convinced you to get a new pair after wearing through the well-loved ones that you’d had since the very first day you met him, many years ago.

    Catching your breath, you stumble to a stop in front of the elevators. Dr. Kim (calling him Seokjin was inappropriate since he was your superior, you reminded yourself) had sent you a surprise page during your lunch break.

    As sad as you had been to throw away your hand-crafted specialty sandwich from the hospital cafeteria, you knew that he wouldn’t have paged you unless it was something important.

    As you make your way to press the “up” button, a large shadow suddenly obscures your path. Namjoon, or the other Dr. Kim, raises his arms outwards like a vulture, stopping you with his impressive wingspan before you can call the elevator.

    “Wait,” he says, a nervous tinge to his voice. “You can’t take that elevator.”

    “Why not?” you ask, raising your eyebrows. He was acting really weird.

    Puffing his chest out and clearing his throat, he decrees: “Because I said so.”

    Rolling your eyes, you step around him, arm reaching for the button, but he steps right with you, blocking your way again. The two of you engage in a stand-off, stepping back and forth with each other until you realize that you’re at an impasse. He won’t let you through. Sighing, you give him a little wave and make your way to the adjacent set of elevators down the hall.

    Pressing the button, you hear the ding of the elevator as it stops on your floor. Looking back at Namjoon a few metres away, you lock eyes with him in a glare but are met with nothing but a smirk as he tips his head, provoking you to step into the other elevator.

    Stepping inside, you keep your head down and let out a groan. Dr. Kim was going to be so pissed if you didn’t make it on time to respond to his page, not to mention that both of you had patients after lunch.

    Lifting your head up, you gasp as you take in your surroundings. Papers everywhere. CT scans, Post-Its, presentation notes, case files, greeted you from all four walls of the elevator. And there, standing in the middle, was him. “Dr. Kim,” you breathe, lost for words. “I-”

    “Please ___,” he responds. “Call me Seokjin. You know we’ve known each other too long for the formalities.”

    Extending his arm, he directs your attention to one of the pictures on the wall.

    “An ultrasound,” he explains. “52 y/o female patient, came in for breast reconstruction post-mastectomy. I told her we’d be able to fix her up real good with some double Ds, and that was the moment she put her trust in me.”

    “She’d bought a dress for her daughter’s wedding,” you recall, the memory causing you to light up from the inside out. Seokjin’s ability to connect with patients never ceased to amaze you. “All she wanted was to be able to wear it and to feel good.”

    “One of the first surgeries we ever scrubbed in on together,” he takes your hand, face lighting up in fondness.

    With your hand in his, he shows you another image on the wall.

    “Axial CT for a 22 y/o male, presenting for a septoplasty. A routine procedure, but do you know why it was special to me? That day, after the surgery, after we both clocked out for the day, I asked you to get breakfast with me. It was 10 o’clock at night, but neither of us had eaten breakfast, and so, we did what any self-respecting medical professionals would do. We went to IHOP.”

    “That was the day we became friends,” you grin. “All the nurses on our service would always talk about smart, handsome, Dr. Kim with the funny jokes. And right there, in that IHOP, I witnessed it firsthand.”

    You notice the tips of his ears becoming red, and he coughs into his hand at the mention of the word “handsome”. Standing up straight again, he points you to another image on the wall.

    “MRI. 10-month-old baby, presenting for a cleft palate repair. Seems easy enough, right? But it was one of the most difficult surgeries I’d ever done. I’d lost my grandmother two nights before and couldn’t seem to do anything without my hands shaking. But you? You held the clamp for me the entire time, through however many hours it took. You stayed with me the whole time, and you showed me that no matter how much loss I went through on a daily basis, that I could always pick myself back up again. That was the moment I knew I needed you.”

    By this point, your eyes are full of tears as he walks you through the moments that have defined your friendship. How the two of you, the surgeon and his favorite nurse, have been thick as thieves through countless surgeries, changing countless lives. What you hadn’t realized in the process though, was that you were both changing yours too.

    “___,” Seokjin reaches gently to clasp both your hands in his. “I know I’ve always been the guy that makes the funny jokes, or keeps it light in the OR, but with every minute we’ve spent together inside, or with every conversation we’ve had outside of it, you and I both know that there’s more than meets the eye to every patient. So here's my case, and I'm presenting it to you now. I’ve stopped myself from doing this way too many times to count because I asked too many questions. That’s why I’m saying this, even if this messes up everything along the way, even if the outcome is undesirable, I can at least say I tried."

    "I’m in love with you, ____. " he chokes, squeezing your hands gently. "Please be mine.”

    Trying not to let the tears escape, you throw your arms around him, crushing his broad frame against your body as you squeeze him in a hug.

    “I love you too Seokjin,” you whisper. “I always have.”

    Breathing heavily, the two of you separate for a brief moment, your lips parting as his warm eyes look down at you. Pulling you back in, Seokjin leans over, nose bumping against yours as he lets out a breathy chuckle, before claiming your lips with his own.

    Lost in the feeling of finally kissing the man you’ve dreamed of being with for so long, the two of you fail to notice the ding of the elevator as it rises up. Stopping on the fifth floor, the two of you jolt as the doors open and you’re met with the smug face of the one and only, Dr. Kim Namjoon, as he takes in the sight of you both.

    “Bet you’re glad I told you to take that elevator, aren’t you now, ___?” he quips with a wink.

    A/N pt. 2: Thanks for reading! As always, any feedback or comments are much appreciated, but I appreciate you all anyway. Lots of love, Isi 💜

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    16.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    part sixteen: ciao besties


    pairing: tutor!namjoon x student!reader

    ->in which you are a college student, struggling to graduate. Namjoon comes at just the right time, you attempt to woo him but, he can’t think you’re a try-hard.

    A/n: Last part!! so this was a short au that took way too long to get up but we're done now! I really hope you enjoyed this, it was a lot of fun for me to write, and even though it wasn't very thought out or planned well I think it was just a bit of fun. Bye, thank you for reading and supporting !!!

    #bts au#bts crack #bts fake chat #bts fake social media #bts fake texts #bts fake tweets #bts fanfic#bts fluff#bts#namjoon#bts rm #namjoon x reader #namjoon x y/n #namjoon x you #bts x reader #bts x y/n #bts x you #bts imagines #bts social media au #bts smau#namjoon fluff#namjoon imagine #rm x y/n #rm x you #rm x reader #yoongisleftearring#bts namjoon
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    generally wondering

    — he’s bad for you. from the commitment issues to the endless scandals. sworn to never settle down… well, that’s until he sees how happy you can be without him. now he’s willing to do anything to keep from losing you to your so-called ‘perfect boyfriend’.

    ↭ masterlist

    ⇝ taglist: @agustdef @silentlyimpractical @hopeworldjimin @gldnrecs @jaiuneamesolitaiire @preciouschimine @joonies-babyy @dee-ehn @aqtkookie @taesinferno @seokjinslittledumpling @thecityrain @jeonsshadow @papichulo-knj @amour-quinn @bangtansbun @kooafraid @metaethically @miss-jupiter @tanumiki @yoongiofmine @princecalpal @jikooksgirl19 @mikrokosmicjoon @hqtetsurou @needingyou2 @alterlovess @ladyarmanto @trinityxsope @myworldisgone11 @yutaeminnie @yoooonie @peachy-tatas @paolandotcom @strwberry-jam @certifiedcrazycatlady @hansolsrightnut @btsbangtanbois @morseszn @codeinebelle @rjsmochii @joontopia @knjkitten @tae165 @chocobetterknot @ggukkieland @v3nti @kelitt @taejinminsu @jinhitwhore​

    A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!

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    16.09.2021 - 7 hours ago
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  • i-am-baechu
    16.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    The people’s princess will be updated on Saturday!! Keep your eyes open for it!!!

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  • i-am-baechu
    16.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Get fresh banana nut muffins at Ginger Snaps where the owner waits for the girl who orders at noon.

    Keep an out for next week, that’s when I hear the muffins are the freshest.

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  • akshstudios
    16.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Matters Of The Heart In The Mafia | Part I | KNJ . BTS

    [ pairing ] rm × you (fem!reader)

    Two : Dinner with the Kims, Drive with the Fiancé and Drinks with the Baeks

    [ series ] [ matters of the heart in the mafia series ] this story is a part of the matters of the heart in the mafia series.
    [ previous ] [ part one : rm masterlist ] [ next ]
    [ genre ] mafia au × arranged marriage au × strangers to lovers au × bestfriend's brother au
    [ rating ] mature-rated
    [ warning ] arranged marriage talk. alcohol consumption. trying to pick fights with fiancé. almost strip show to his sister. a little bit of non-consented pushing to the wall, kissing your neck and namjoon's ridiculous deep voice. 
    [ author's forenote ] your name is baek nari.

    Two : Dinner with the Kims, Drive with the Fiancé and Drinks with the Baeks

    [ chapter summary ] you dine with the kims, drive back home with your fiancé and he gets roped into having drinks with your family.

    The Kims were a tastefully extravagant family. 

    You knew that from the years of attending their parties, galas and having been to their home on many occasions. The Kims were uselessly over-the-top sometimes but never hideous or tasteless. It showed in their home, with the dozen marble steps leading up to their entryway, the grand foyer, the large shoe closets, the crystal chandeliers, the stained glass doors, the grand staircases and luxurious rooms. Everything about the Kim Residence screamed luxury and generational wealth. 

    With your heart pounding loudly as you walk up to the entryway, you are dressed in a nice off-shoulder dress that shows your shoulders and curves nicely. Your hair was done, make-up natural and dewy.

    You looked gorgeous, you knew that but were you gorgeous enough for the Kim family?

    Would you ever compare to the heights of Madam Kim?

    You didn't know and today wasn't the day to dwell on it. You stop at the door, slightly stumbling back when they are pulled open suddenly. 

    Madam Kim, your future mother-in-law and the Don's wife, was smiling brightly behind it. 

    "Omo! Nari-yah, you're here!" 

    "Ommo-nim, Hello~" You bow a little, ambling over to give her a hug and quickly let go. She pulls away and squeezes your cheek with her warm palms in a motherly way; the same way she did every time you came over to meet her daughter. 

    "Give me another hug," She beckons you into her arms again, "I missed you." You giggle as you give her another hug. "You barely come here anymore," She complains, and you make a guilty expression. "I'm beginning to think that you only came here for my brat daughter."

    "I'm sorry, ommo-nim," You breath a laugh and say apologetically, "I got busy, you know how work gets."

    "I know," She hums, "-but I hope you are taking good care of yourself, sweetie." You nod, whispering of course, and she says, "Let's get inside, Joonhyung has been buzzing around all day, he can't wait to tell you everything officially." She pulls you in, as you nod. 

    "Oh," You straighten slightly, as if remembering something suddenly, "This is for you, ommo-nim! chocolate-and-raspberry mini-cakes!" You hand over the pretty package and pull off your jacket, handing it over to a staffer, who had come up to you. 

    "From Moon's?" She asks, running her forefinger over the crescent branding on the package, handing the dessert over to the staffer and looking at you expectantly. You nod, understanding where the conversation was going. 

    "Yeah," You say in a small voice, "Epiphany,"

    "How are they?" She asks, expectantly leaning in and almost whispering to you. 

    "They are doing great," You murmur back, a happy expression on your face, "Hwan is happy and healthy, is graduating kindergarten—"

    "Is he?" She presses a hand to her chest, and gushes out, "He must have grown so much over the years," 

    "Yeah, he's this tall now," You gesture vaguely to resemble the little boy's height, sitting on the chaise to take off your shoes, "—the burger truck did well, so they are opening a joint in Gangnam," You smile good-naturedly, slip off your stilettos, and slide into their soft slippers.

    "Gangnam?" She asks impressed, and you instantly supply more information. You stand up, and walk into the hallway as she leads you to the office wing. 

    "Yeah, she was able to buy the lot next to their bakery there and the plan is to open the burger place as a part of it, so that she can manage them better." You add happily, "If everything goes well, they'll expand. But that's not for a while. But she's happy; very happy, things are looking great for her!" 

    Madam Kim sighs in a reminiscing way, a motherly smile lighting her face, "I'm glad she found happiness, even if it's away from all this," She wipes away at the tears forming in her eyes. "—us." You rub her arm comfortingly.

    Saera and Hwan will always be a touchy topic for the Don and Madam. She was their first child after all.

    She gives you a watery smile, takes a shaky breath as if to calm herself down and beams at you. "Let's go and find the Don," You agree, walking deeper into the mansion, vaguely remembering where the Don's Office was.

    You and Jangmi usually stayed away from the office wing and you knew that your ignorance about the office and other rooms in the wing was encouraged.  

    Young ladies need not know about the details of Bangtan's work.

    Your anxiety had lessened considerably as you chatted with Madam Kim like any other time, but the second she announced your arrival to the Don, at the door of his office, your heart rate spiked again. 

    "Yeobo, Nari is here," Madam Kim lets the Don know, ushering you inside the office. 

    "Hello, Abeo-nim!" You greet the older man, bowing and smiling politely. His face lights up in delight and he opens an arm out for his wife, who instantly loops her arm around his waist and presses a kiss to his cheek. 

    "Ah hello, Nari-yah," The Don smiles back happily, as he looks at you. "Come on in, sit down." He gestured to the couch side of his table, "Namjoon will join us in a minute." You nod, sitting down and crossing your legs to look as graceful and calm as you could.

    "I'll have to leave, dear," Madam Kim says apologetically, giving a gentle pat to your cheek. She was trying to comfort you, and you knew it. Maybe because at this point, your fear is plain dancing on your face. You nod, trying to smile back. You could only imagine how many times she's seen women come in here with similar expression to yours and had to comfort them. She knew what it felt like to be in your place first-hand and understood the fear, the uncertainty and the anxiety that came with it.

    "I have dinner to look at and—" She glances at her husband and gives him a nod, "I'll send for Namu again," and leaves keeping the doors wide open.

    You didn't register the nickname tacked on, until the Don grinned at you, "That's Namjoon's nickname," You tilt your head, "Namu." He clarifies and your eyes widen in response. Quickly recovering from your shock, you give him a small, unsure smile in answer.

    What a cute name for a terrifying gangster.

    "Saera started it, but now, all of us call him that. You can too, I'm sure he will have no problem." You blink owlishly at him, wondering if you were hallucinating due to anxiety.

    Was that possible?

    You wisely choose to remain silent as the Don sits down on his chair. He takes off his glasses and looks at you in a studying manner. 

    "Do you know why you are here?"

    "Abeo-nim, that sounds like a trap," You grin, keeping your tone cheerful. "Should I know why I am here?" 

    "Well," He tilts his head, as if contemplating his answer, "-we all know Youngjin isn't the most secretive when he gets excited," You laugh at his response, nodding your agreement.

    "I'll pretend to be oblivious," You whisper in a conspiring tone, making him grin. "You can have your fun," He laughs, when you hear footsteps. 

    "Ah, my son is here," The Don says, his tone and his face clearly showing his pride for his son. You shift a little in your seat, straightening your back, your body wanting nothing but to turn around and watch the man you are marrying saunter into the room, but you stay put. 

    Dignity is far more important than useless curiosity.

    "Come in, Namjoon." The Don says, "We were waiting for you, take a seat." 

    "I hope I am not too late," Namjoon says amicably, his deep voice almost making your jaw slack. You don't remember his voice being that deep.

    When was the last time you heard him? Did he go through puberty again recently?

    You were left wondering as he comes closer, and takes a seat next to you, very close to you but you don't point it out.

    "Not at all, Nari didn't mind at all." The Don smiles, almost mischievously, "Did you, dear?"

    A wave of refreshing scent hits you then; you are almost sure it's his cologne- refreshing, clean and vaguely earthy.

    "No—" You sputter, trying to sound like the intelligent woman that you are.

    "See, no harm done." The Don cuts you off, casting a teasing glance at his son. "How do you want me to do this? Should I do this all old-fashioned Bangtan style or a simple announcement?" He asks, looking at you expectantly. 

    Was this the norm?

    Were every couple asked this question or was it just for you two?

    Is this segment of every Bangtan member this chill and bizarre or was it a special change for you two?

    You know something felt out of place, but that didn't stop you from answering back in a teasing way.

    "I'd like the whole authentic Bangtan experience, samchon, so the old-fashioned way is for me." You say politely, your cheekiness making an appearance. "Jangmi wasn't happy at all, I wanna see what all the fuss was about." 

    And it was true.

    Jangmi wasn't happy in the least with how her engagement to Taehyung took place. She said her Dad was all too serious and he behaved like he didn't know them at all. She said that his demeanor added to the awkwardness between her and Taehyung. You had laughed and she had promptly pointed out that you would go through it too. You had shut up after that.

    "Okay, but you asked for this," He sighs, almost dramatically, and gestures for you to get up, "If you two could stand up," The two of you oblige.

    Your relationship with the Don and Madam was great.

    Madam Kim was more like your mother than your own but you had to admit after Jangmi left, you did stop coming by. You got busy with work and the rare times you saw them at parties, you stayed away because Namjoon was with them.

    The Don treated you like another daughter of his, with you being his best friend's daughter and because once Jangmi and you became friends, the two of you did come as a set.

    So, anytime Jangmi got anything from her parents, you got one too. Anytime your father bought you something, he bought it for Jangmi too. If you had a brother, you were almost sure Jangmi would probably marry him. You were like a daughter to them and you treated them like they were your parents, but with much more respect and maybe, a tiny bit of fear.

    The Don clears his throat and begins.

    "I, the Don of Bangtan, Kim Joonhyung, on the this glorious day of spring, hereby approve and accept the matrimonial union of Kim Namjoon, son of Kim Joonhyung and Kim Najung—" He gestures to Namjoon and then, gestures at you, "-and Baek Nari, daughter of Baek Youngjin and Shin Sook. Does the lady, Baek Nari, accept the intention?" He asks and gives you a questioning look.

    "I do." You say, almost whispering. You don't fail to notice how your throat was tightening in a way that you were sure to bring tears soon. You fought against it, taking a deep breath and spreading your lips in a wide smile.

    He beams at you and turns to his son, "Does the man, Kim Namjoon, accept the intention?"

    "I do," Namjoon replies, all too easily. You wonder if he feels anything similar to how you were feeling or if this was just a duty of his to Bangtan.

    "I hereby declare Kim Namjoon and Baek Nari betrothed." He announces, and beams at the newly engaged couple. 

    "Usually, you will exchange your engagement rings in here, but since we are planning on an engagement party for you, we'll have to skip that and just move to dinner." His voice is light and he smiles at the two of you.

    "Ah, are you done, yeobo?" You hear Madam Kim come inside the room. She glances around at all of you, beaming brightly.

    The Don nods in reply, "Won't you congratulate the newly engaged couple, love?"

    "Oh yes, yeobo!" She lands a playful slap to Namjoon's arm, making him roll his eyes playfully, "Congratulations, Namu, sweetie," She turns to you, "I can't wait for you to officially join the family! We did a great job at finding the next Madam Kim!" She beams, practically vibrating in her place due to overwhelming happiness.

    "You mean I did a splendid job, right, yeobo?" The Don corrected his wife, but shut up once the Madam sent him a sharp glare.

    "We did, yeobo." She repeated again and the Don nods in submission. If you weren't so caught up in your own emotions, you'd have laughed at the Bangtan leader cowering under his wife's withering glare, "Great then. I'm sure you are starving from all the nervous fiddling. Let's go have dinner!"

    Dinner was a far simpler affair than you thought it would be.

    The menu was jajangmyeon and braised beef ribs. You were expecting wagyu steak and expensive wine to be honest. A simple meal of black bean noodles wasn't something you thought RM would enjoy. It looked like you were the one with the expensive taste with your braised beef ribs and fancy dessert selection.

    "We'll have the engagement party in two weeks and—" The Don says, taking a sip of his wine, "your wedding in three months."

    The two of you nod, knowing there wasn't much you could say that would change anything in the chain of events. The party would be in two weeks and wedding in three months at the country's best venue with an invite to some of the most influential and powerful people of the continent.

    "Do you want any help with your dress, dear?" Madam Kim asks you, "I know Mi is your shopping buddy, but because she isn't here, can I tag along?"

    "Yes, ommo-nim!" You say, a little too excited. Your father was going to make your mom go with you, atleast with Madam Kim's presence your mother would let you be. "Actually.. please take over her spot as my shopping buddy!"

    "Can I?"

    "Of course, ommo-nim! I'm going to be left in the company of my mother anyway," You barely roll your eyes and the lady smiles at you, "—we all know my mother has the horrible taste when it comes to clothes."

    "I hate to agree, dear," Madam Kim sighs, "—but she pulls it off! None of us would look good in the deep purple sequin dress she wore for the Jang's anniversary party but Sook stunned everyone at the event."

    "Yeah," You agree in a small voice, remembering the purple dress. The dress had been outrageous and awful but your mother had pulled it off. Her face made up for any flaw the dress might've had.

    "Joon can get his tuxedo with us too," She said turning to her son who was quietly eating. "You two can spend a little time with each other that way,"

    "I'm busy, Omma." He says almost uncaringly, "Besides, I already have plenty of well-fitting suits.. I don't want to waste my time getting another one."

    "But this is your engagement, Namu!" Madam Kim says like that should explain everything there is to her request.

    "I know, you can just choose one for me—" He was cut off, rather abruptly by his mother who didn't look like she would back down anytime soon.

    "Fittings don't work that—"

    "They know better than to mess up my engagement suit—" You had to agree. No one who knows Bangtan would even mistakenly mess up the Bangtan son's tuxedo.

    "That's not my point—"

    "I don't see any other—"

    You didn't see any other reason too. He was a grown man who could go and get a tuxedo without his mother nagging at him. Why Madam Kim was adamant about his company was beyond you. It's not like he'd have any valid opinion on your clothes and he would just get bored and probably give mean comments.

    "I want you two to spend time together before your engagement—"

    "We have our lives to spend time together,"

    You wished you could happily agree to his words but you were on Madam Kim's side. You wanted to know Namjoon atleast a little before your wedding, even if it wasn't the deep, emotional conversations. You wanted the two of you to be atleast friends before you became husband and wife.

    "I know, so why not start—"

    "Enough!" You jump, startled at the Don's loud voice. "If Namjoon doesn't want to join you for the shopping trip, yeobo... then he doesn't have to." He raised his palm, as if to say no more arguments, watching Madam Kim slump back into her chair and turned to Namjoon, "And since you are not busy today, I think you will have no problem taking my daughter-in-law home. Right, Namjoon?"

    Namjoon sighed and agreed, "Yes, Abeo-ji." Madam Kim beamed at her husband, who shot her a discreet wink, as if to say I've got you.

    "Well, that settles it." The Don says calmly, as if he hadn't put a loud stop to an argument between his wife and son. "Nari-yah, I heard you brought desserts...?"

    You swear you are an intelligent, civilized woman.

    You really do think so, but right now as you fidgeted with your heel straps, you didn't feel all that bright.

    How embarrassing was this?

    Your fiancé was standing next to you, watching curiously as you try to tug at your straps from its fastenings. You didn't have this problem when you put them on, but now, the strap was refusing to stay put. You could just walk with it open of course, but there's a huge chance of you falling face first or atleast spraining your leg. You didn't want him to think that you were a clumsy fool, so you tugged harder at the strap, frustrated at its attempt to make you look like an idiot. You breathe out a curse, almost giving up when you heard him say.

    "Let me do it," He says smoothly and bends down to your feet, hands going to clutch at your ankle and at the strap, easily loosening it and strapping it shut.

    "Good enough?" He looks up at you and you nod, flexing your ankle around in an attempt to stop your face from heating up at the way he was smiling at you. He holds out the other shoe, helping you slip into it and strapping it up.

    If it had been any other day and any other man, you'd have teased him about acting like Prince Charming, but today, you stayed quiet. You might not be cinderella, but in a way this was your Prince Charming.

    "Thank you," You say and he stands up, extending a hand to you, which you gracefully take, not failing to notice how his hands dwarfed yours significantly.

    "Let's go, shall we?" You merely nod, your words were failing you a lot in his presence. He lets go of your hand and gestures for you to lead him out. He follows you out and you can practically feel his eyes on you, especially your curves.

    It felt stupid to think so, but you weren't dreaming. The man had been stealing glances at you the whole dinner and has checked you out, head-to-toe atleast six times since you finished dinner and were left in his company to be taken home.

    His gaze had met yours, then almost lustfully his eyes traced your neck, your exposed shoulders and all your curves. You felt yourself blush at his very open gawking and tried to focus your attention to his parents who were bidding their byes.

    You weren't any different of course, you had checked him out too.. but at least you were a little shy about it.

    Namjoon was tall and noticeably buff, his shirt sleeves struggling around his arms and buttons pulling at his chest. You also very fortunately took note of his thighs and long legs. He was extremely handsome too, more so when he was clenching his jaw and smiling widely, showing off his dimples. He had sharp, dark eyes and an aura of pure authority.

    You shivered slightly as the cold breeze hit you, as you stepped out. A staffer brought out his car, he was a perfect gentleman as he opened the car door to let you slide in and shut the door after you. He gets in the car and you drive off.

    The air is understandably awkward, atleast for you. He seems completely oblivious to your plight and to the actual reason he was asked to send you home. When you finally hit the roads away from the Kim Residence, you tried to initiate a conversation, a shallow get-to-know-each-other talk.

    "It was my birthday a few days ago, you know," You told him, watching the road ahead of you. It wasn't the most normal of topics but you couldn't find any simpler ones.

    "I know," He said, his voice calm. He takes a glance at you, his lips lifting in a minute smile, before he looks at the road again.

    "And yet—" You try to keep the sourness out of your voice, "you didn't think to bother me with a wish."

    "You are expecting too much, Nari." He said and you scoffed. You knew he'd say something like that and you knew that would get you pissed but you unwittingly egged him on.

    "I'm not expecting more than what I deserve, Namjoon. Your parents and everyone I know because I'm marrying you sent me their wishes except for the man I'm marrying." You say, strangely demanding to a man you hadn't had a proper conversation with. "I am not asking you to treat me like a doting wife, I'm only asking you to treat me like a friend at most."

    "We can't be friends, Nari." He shakes his head, "We'll cross that line on our wedding night." You don't expect your face to heat up at his suggestive comment, but it does. You were very vulnerable to his words and actions and you didn't like it one bit. So, you decide to change the tracks of the conversation slightly but abruptly.

    "Are you happy that you are marrying me?" You ask, body turning to him completely as if to focus all your attention on him. Your previous thoughts about making small talk completely out the car window.

    "I'm happy doing my best for Bangtan." Your jaw almost dips at his casual tone, as he takes another glance at you.

    "Of course," You press your lips firmly, feeling assaulted by your own thoughts. Of course, this man would think marrying you was the best for Bangtan. He wasn't marrying you because he wants you but because you were his father's choice and ultimately, your marriage was good for Bangtan.

    "Are you?" He seems obligated to ask you the same.

    "This is for the best of Bangtan. Isn't it?" You smile mockingly, "My happiness isn't of any value to it, don't worry about it."

    "Lils, Don't ask questions you don't like the answers to." You scoff, ignoring the flutter of your stomach at the nickname. "Both of us are content that way."

    "Yes, completely stupid of me to expect atleast a friendship out of this marriage of convenience."

    "This isn't a marriage of convenience—"

    "It is!" You huff, "We are marrying because it's convenient, not because we are in love or because any of us wants to, but simply because this—" You gesture between you, "we are convenient."

    "Do you really think the Don would just pick you to be his daughter-in-law because you were the convenient option?" You want to agree, scream out your frustrations because he can't see it. He can't see how much the marriage was going affect your life because his was going to remain mostly the same. He can't see how you were going to be in a marriage without love. He can't see how dangerously close you were to becoming like your parents, together but far away. He can't see it and it frustrated you. He was taking away every chance you had at a normal marriage.

    "Nari, I know what this looks like and what you are expecting," He takes a sharp turn and you realise you are closer to your home. "but I want to clarify any misunderstandings your expectations might bring in the future."

    You roll your eyes at his words.

    Misunderstandings your expectations might bring, he said, not the misunderstandings his lack of care and affection might bring.

    "We won't fall in love, don't expect me to ever be a loving husband. That will never happen. The quicker you accept that, the happier you will be." He states in a calm, factual tone. "We will have to pretend that we are in love, at least infront of Bangtan but you are free to ignore me otherwise. I promise to not take it to heart." He smiles, like he wasn't cutting off every string of hope you were holding for your future.

    "We can have sex, as much as you want. You can spend as much as you want, you can enjoy anything you want as long as you pretend to be my loving wife and in the future, be a great Madam Kim. We can have kids, preferably two, a daughter and a son, if you want more that can be arranged too, you just have to say the word. You can have everything from me, but my love."

    "So, sex and your black card are the only upsides to marrying you," You conclude, "I don't get your affection, your companionship, you doting over me, your care or anything that a wife might want from her husband, just what a prostitute might get from a client."

    You dart a little forward, when he suddenly brakes the car. He looks at you with a softer expression.

    "You are not a prostitute, Nari." He says sincerely but you find it hard to believe, "You are going to be my wife."

    "I will protect you with my life and provide you with everything you will ever want—" He continues in the same earnest tone, but you cut him off, casting a snide remark.

    "Everything but your love."

    He sighs, but can't not agree, and says. "Everything but my love."

    Kim Namjoon was no stranger to you.

    Since you could remember, you knew him as an aloof but a great person. He didn't talk all that much in your presence, but you heard of him from everyone. No one ever had complaints about him, all praises. After finding out that you were destined to marry him, you almost instinctively saw him with much sweeter and softer eyes. It was your fault of course, hoping and dreaming against everything that you might be some of the few to find love.

    If someone who grew up to almost estranged parents like yours could hope for love, why wouldn't someone who was the child of the Don and Madam, who were literally lovesick teenagers sometimes not want that for themselves?

    But apparently Kim Namjoon didn't want it. He promised you a life of luxury and marriage without love. That too mere hours after your engagement.

    You should've known when he stayed away from ever talking to you in all the years you've known him. You would never understand why you thought it was to please his parents and the elders of Bangtan.

    You were a fool and had no one to blame but yourself.

    You quickly got out of the car and walked away, refusing to let him see your broken heart and your tears. You don't bid him a bye, just ignore his existence and move into your home. You hear him say bye, but you don't look back.

    He did say you could pretend he didn't exist, so you would start to practice it right now.

    Namjoon simply watched as you walked away into your home without paying him another glance. He couldn't look at your curves and gawk like he had been doing all night, because your crestfallen face made stomach tumble in a bad way.

    He leaned back to his car, trying to make sense of you. He had gotten out to open the car for you, but you had not waited for him. You didn't hear his bye and hadn't even looked back at him. He felt his heart crack a little but he was convinced it was because he was attracted to your body and you ignoring him wasn't going to fare him well if he wanted to cosummate your marriage. Any other possible thoughts of affection, care and the likes was dangerous.

    You were dangerous and Namjoon for once didn't know if he liked it or not. He doesn't know how long he stayed in front of your door, leaned against his car and deep in his thoughts.

    "Namjoon-ah," Your father's happy voice pulls him out of his reverie. He looks up and sees your father walking down the stairs to him, with a wide smile. Namjoon bows in respect and greets him.

    "Why are you standing there? Come inside," Your father invites his future son-in-law inside his home, hand to his shoulder. "We can have a few drinks, I'm sure your family wouldn't mind," He continued, patting his shoulder. Your mother had followed your father out and she looked elated at having Namjoon home. Your parents look around, and at not finding you around, they look surprised.

    "Where's Nari?" Your father asks your mother, who gave him a tense look. "Did something happen?" He looked at the younger man, and then at his wife, with a questioning look.

    "Nothing, sir." Namjoon says with a polite smile, "Nari is probably tired from everything, you know my family can be a handful."

    Your parents laughed lightly, "Oh, come on Namjoon, I'm sure you can just call me Abeo-ji, now." Your father says, his happiness at the thought of your marriage to Namjoon showing, "You are going to marry my daughter after all."

    "Yes… Abeo-ji," Namjoon says, climbing up the stairs to your home, with your parents leading him inside.

    "App-" Your voice comes to an abrupt stop. "Why are you still here?" You ask, eyes narrowing at your fiancé. Your tone was mean and everyone present knew it was intentional.

    "Na," Your father gives you a disapproving look, "Honey, be nice." You roll your eyes, and just walk away. Your parents look straight up offended that you had said that to their son-in-law but Namjoon stops them before anyone could say anything your way.

    "I promised her that I would take her to get her engagement gown, Abeo-ji but work calls, so I can't go and she is disheartened because of it." Namjoon lies smoothly. He didn't lie when he said he would protect you, even if it's from your own parents and this wasn't a big deal.

    Your father nods in understanding. He knew of your thoughts about breaking promises, no matter the weight of the promise, you expected every promise made to be fulfilled. At the same time he also understood that work was far more important for Bangtan men than fulfilling simple promises. So, he didn't press much and Namjoon was thankful for it.

    "What would you like, Namjoon?" Your father leads him to a bar, a place you had spent a good few years stocking and curating to your taste and for a guest's indulgence. "Nari likes collecting wines.. she loves wine and I enjoy the harder liqueurs, so there's quite a few of those. She helped me find some of the rarer and hard to find kinds too."

    "What would you recommend, Abeo-ji?" Namjoon asked your dad, hoping that the conversation would take his mind off of you but he wasn't quite successful as it seemed every bottle in that beautiful bar was brought by you, because of some specific reason and you had a story behind every bottle and glass.

    Your father couldn't tell all of them, but the whole conversation was as much about the alcohol as it was about you. As the night went longer and your father got progressively drunk, Namjoon could see how much your father adored you. Even in his drunken state, he couldn't let go of his love for you and talked about everything he could tell Namjoon about you.

    And Namjoon, who rarely ever had the patience to put up with a drunk man, much less a drunk old man talking about his daughter, stayed silent and indulged him in his drunk conversation, mentally chronicling every little fact and story about you.

    When your father had ultimately had enough, Namjoon helped him up the stairs with the help of your mother who had returned to take your father to his room. He bid your mother goodbyes and laughed away her apologies and thanks and agreed to show himself out, but he didn't. He went to you instead.

    He had something to tell you.

    "Your brother is an asshole,"

    That's the first thing you say, when Jangmi receives your call.

    Jangmi straight up cackles at your tone, "You know all mafia men are emotionally constipated, and my brother's supposed to lead them," She says, barely containing her smile, "of course he seems like an asshole."

    "No no, he is an asshole," You say, stripping off your dress, standing only in your undergarments.

    "Yah, he's not~" Jangmi counters you, "He's just a shy weird gangster!"

    "You are biased because he's your brother," You shake your head at her, disappointed that she can't see your truth.

    "I'm not-" You raise a palm to her, mimicking the Don from dinner.

    "I'm using my veto power and declaring him an asshole." You say and she shoots you an incredulous look.


    "Sh sh sh," You put your finger to your lips, "You are my best friend first, then his sister," You remind her again.


    "No no no," You shake your head, absolutely refusing to listen to her, "Repeat after me. Kim Namjoon is an asshole."

    "Kim Namjoon is an asshole." She repeats obediently.

    You nod, "Yes, Kim Namjoon is a fucking asshole!"

    "Will you atleast tell me what he did?" She asks, as you pull on your short robe around you.

    "Will you promise to thwart him when you come home?"

    "Sure, I'll do it twice if you want me to."

    "Listen—" You start and rant her ears off about everything that transpired between you two till the car conversation. You didn't divulge much details from there, mainly because you knew Jangmi loved and held her brother to a much higher standard and deep down, you felt a strange sense of protection over him. You didn't want anyone to think bad of him. It was odd for you to feel that way but you did and you didn't know what to do with it.

    You told her about the dinner, your Bangtan-style engagement, which she said wasn't as awkward as hers had been, her mother's cooking, her mother taking over your shopping buddy role, Namjoon not tagging along for the dress shopping, him helping out with your shoes and dropping you home.

    "So.. he's an asshole because he won't go dress shopping with you?" Jangmi asks, firmly believing that you were over-exaggerating. You nod in a serious way, in an attempt to hide anything that might say otherwise.

    "Dress shopping is a sacred affair, Miss Kim." Jangmi laughs and you follow after a second.

    "It is, Miss Jang." She continues to giggle, "It indeed is."

    When you see her yawn after a few more minutes of talking, you know it's time to say goodbye. You disconnect the call with a promise to call the next day and go to dip in the warm water of your tub. It had literally taken you over two hours to prep with your chatter and suddenly, you realized you didn't have wine.

    You sigh, disappointed in yourself and go to get some. You deserved good wine and a good soak for putting your heart on the line and letting your fiancé walk all over it.

    When you came down, you had hoped he'd have left from your earlier mean comment but no, the jerk was enjoying premium whiskey you that you had specially imported for your dad for his birthday. He was sitting, listening to whatever your father was saying.

    Your father looked drunk, but was clearly enjoying himself.

    "—she wouldn't let go! Then we had to get that squirrel home and take care of him. She made these tiny little bed for him, with two little pillows and a duvet!" Your father was saying to Namjoon who was smiling happily, as your father recounted the story of your first pet squirrel.

    "Appa!" You call loudly, hoping your father would see it as a sign to stop but he turned to you, shot you a wide grin and turned back to Namjoon.

    "She loves taking baths too!" He says excited, "Can you believe she used to hate taking showers? Now she can't go a day without taking hour-long baths! She specifically had a large bath tub built as soon as she turned twenty, to have wine and take a relaxing bath, she used to say.. You better build one for the Elite Estate too, Namjoon-ah, or she might not stay long there!"

    Your father continued to further embarrass you but Namjoon and you didn't notice it, far too captured with each other. Even after his harsh talk to you, you still seemed to have it in you to blatantly marvel at his rolled sleeves and veiny hands.

    Maybe because he was drunk, his eyes somehow looked more dangerous and you could plainly read his lust towards you as they glazed over your bare legs, thighs and the valley between your breasts that you hadn't bothered to cover up properly.

    He brings out his thick tongue to wet his lips and you gulp feeling unnaturally bothered. You saunter up to the bar, grab a bottle of some random wine and walk away, not paying mind to your father or your fiancé.

    He practically drools as his eyes catch a glimpse of your barely covered butt from under the short robe and how soft they seem. He wants to touch them so bad. He wonders if they are soft and if everything else about your body was soft too. He's far too deep in his horny reverie when your father pours a drink down the table and he snaps out of it.

    If your father wasn't as drunk as he is, Namjoon is sure that your father would've killed him, or atleast punched him for how lustfully he was looking at you. He can feel his dick grow harder, which is a reaction he wasn't expecting, atleast after his talk about not being able to give you love.

    Not his dick though, his dick was ready to give you everything.

    "Do you always run around in this place in nothing but these flimsy pieces of fabric?"

    Your heart drops when you hear his deep voice. You whirl around to face Namjoon, eyes wide at the audacity of this man to come up to your room and comment about your clothes, in your own home.

    "Yes, why do you care?"

    "Does every man coming here get to see you prowling around half naked?"

    "Well," You cock your head challengingly, "If he comes to my room when I'm just out of my bath, then yes, he does get to see me naked."

    He clenches his jaw and you blame the glasses of wine in you for finding that hot. His gaze hardens as he walks up to you very predator-like, making you take a step back, each time he took one towards you, till he had you against a wall.

    "Na-darling," He hushes out, his deep voice gyrating pleasurably in your body. He cups your face in his callused, warm hands and tilts your face to him, your gazes meeting. "You need to not tempt me," He says, his slightly alcohol-riddled breath fanning your face. You gulp and the proximity and at the way his scent and body is hovering over you. "Your family wouldn't want me despoiling their precious daughter against a wall in her room, right?" He asks, his tone cute in a mocking way, "so baby, behave." He gently taps your nose, as if he wasn't talking about taking you against a wall. "And as for the nude show, I'd rather you do it for me and me alone in my bedroom. No other man will ever see you like this, if anyone does, then that will be his last day breathing."

    His eyes harden and you know he isn't lying. He brings his face closer to yours, rubs his nose against yours almost affectionately, smiling and dropping his head to your shoulder.

    "You smell nice," He says and begin peppering kisses up your neck. "I'll see you at the engagement party, yeah?" He presses his body against yours, almost crushing you to the wall. You can feel the heat radiating off him and the pressure of every hard muscle of his against your soft ones, especially his semi-hard crotch to yours.

    If it hadn't been for your brain malfunctioning at the proximity, you'd have shoved him away. But your lust-hazzled mind didn't let your body do the shoving, instead choosing to let Namjoon do whatever he pleases.

    You let out little gasps and breaths as he licks at your neck, marking you and you try your level best to not arch your neck for more. His hands are on your waist, inching closer to your butt and your arms are on his strong shoulders.

    He seems to notice your reluctance in responding back to him, so he suckles harder and when you don't budge, he gives an experimental thrust, making you take a sharp breath. Your wide eyes meet his hooded ones and he lips curl in a rather sweet grin.

    "Words, baby." He grates out in his deep voice and rubs his hard dick against you and you are now painfully aware of your own wetness pooling in your panties.

    "I-I'll see you," You breath out, "-at-at the party."

    "Good," He hushes out, presses a string of fluttering kisses from your collarbones to your ears, making you arch up to him understandably in search of more but he stops, gives you a dimpled, wide smile and walks away, leaving you to slump against the wall, hands clutching your neck, tracing his kisses and body burning.

    Fuck, what just happened?

    [ author's endnote ] the second chapter is up! I'm sorry for the delay guys, but I fucked up real bad. Story time! I'm planning on getting my masters but to apply into my course, I need to clear an entrance exam and an interview with the examination authority. I knew that and to make sure I didn't miss out on the exams, I applied the day the applications were released and for two months, I spent learning for the said exam. Today, around 12 pm, I get a notification from my dream university letting me know that their admission starts around late October. I'm obviously glad that I still have time to work and figure out my finances, but the notice also dropped a huge bomb. The university apparently doesn't accept the entrance exams that I was studying for and they require me to write another test, conducted by the state authorities. In my country, there are many entrance exams for different master courses. Each test determines which university you can apply to, if you can get a merit seat and such. The one I was initially planning on writing is the most common test in my neighboring state, from where I'm getting my degree but the university I want to apply to won't accept it, because it's common and everyone writes it. They never told any of the applicants because the university is partially run by a management and giving such details to everyone means many students can get in through the government and other quotas. The last day to apply for that exam is tomorrow, by 5:30 pm and the procedure is exhausting and confusing. I'm from a pretty remote town and it's hard to find an Internet café and the banks they are requesting we pay our fees through. I spent hours today at a commercial office today, using their computer to try and do something. I couldn't complete it because the fees couldn't be transferred. Now, the plan is to go to a neighbouring town tomorrow, where there is a cyber café, which hopefully is open early tomorrow and apply again. I'm supposed to apply, get a receipt which I have to get to my banker and transfer the amount to the authority and then go back to the café and complete the procedure and if everything goes well, then I can appear for the exams on October 23. If not, I take the initial test and apply to a random college and live my life knowing I missed out on going to my dream university because I was late and there was no internet café in my town. Hopefully, my pessimistic thoughts don't come true! That's it from me guys, I hope things are going well for all of you. let me know what you think about the chapter! please leave a comment and reblog! If you have any questions, send them my way.
    [ next ] Three : Kim Namjoon, Baek Nari And The Engagement Party
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    2021, September 17.
    #rm mafia au #rm arranged marriage au #bts mafia au #bts arranged marriage au #bts #bts rm imagine #bts rm fanfic #rm fanfic#rm fic#rm imagine #matters of the heart in the mafia #part one
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    Namjoon: Let's do a family game night!

    Taehyung and Jungkook: Yeah that'll be fun!

    Cop: We need to take statements from all of you.

    #bts#bangtan#bangtan seonyandan#bangtan boys #bulletproof boy scouts #beyond the scene #bts incorrect quotes #bts incorrect quote #incorrect bts quotes #incorrect bts quote #kpop incorrect quotes #incorrect kpop quotes #bts text #bts text post #bts imagines#bts reactions#bts scenarios#kim seokjin#min yoongi#jung hoseok#kim namjoon#park jimin#kim taehyung#jeon jungkook
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    [ 01. ] A LOVER’S KISS.

    a friends with benefits relationship never ends on a good note. unless, both parties are not dumb fucks who find themselves falling for each other along the way of their agreement, of course.

    and in yours and jeongguk’s case, you should have known better than to think the two of you would be an exception to the so-called curse of being friends with benefits with someone you already hold dear to you, since not even five months since it was agreed upon—the line between being only friends and being a little like lovers only continue to get hazier and hazier.

    ━ jeongguk x reader ━ 1.2k words. ━ 18+ ━ smut | angst | fluff | friends with benefits au | idiots to lovers au | college au | yearning? pining? | ft. swimmer!jeongguk, editor-in-chief!reader (small appearances from swimmer!jimin & associate editor!taehyung) ━ warning/s: swearing | suggestive themes

    note. no smut for this part, but i’m keeping the rating 18+ and have the smut label above since this drabble series overall isn’t suitable for minors !!

    [ chapter index. ]

    MINISODE 01. the one with the hickey ! ( BEFORE EPISODE 01 + TWO MONTHS AFTER BEING FWB. )

    goeun stared at you intently, her eyes obviously and continuously flashing from your face down to your chest as you lifted the neckband of your shirt higher, your cheeks burning in embarrassment after being called out on the suspicious reddish mark just above your cleavage. you reasoned that it was seriously nothing, probably just a ‘spot that you scratched too hard earlier’—when anyone with two eyes and a functional brain could easily recognize it as fucking lovebite and not the stupid excuse you just used to cover up jeon jeongguk’s mistake.

    the both of you met up earlier before your afternoon classes to do a literal quickie in one of the less visited restrooms in the college of business (yes, you two purposely picked that building to do the naughty at because neither of you were studying a major relating it), and while you were being fucked by jeongguk there in one of the cubicles—against the cubicle wall frankly—and he was trying hard to not make a sound by pressing his mouth against your chest, he might have accidentally kissed and sucked too harshly on your skin instead, thus resulting into a very obvious hickey that you weren’t able to conceal because for starters, jeongguk failed to mention its existence despite the mark being obvious as hell when you quickly parted ways because of a message by goeun herself saying the professor came to the lecture hall early.

    you guessed that he might have done that because he knew you were going to scold him until his ears bled if ever he did confess, as it was pretty much established that no hickeys were allowed in this relationship of yours right from the beginning.

    “you’re seeing someone right now, aren’t you?” goeun narrowed her eyes at you and you lifted your shirt’s collar up for the nth time in self-consciousness.

    “no, no, i’m not.”

    “no? you have a fucking love bite on your chest, ____.”

    “it’s not a love bite, i told you, it’s just a—”

    “oh my god, you should know better than to think i’m going to buy into whatever bullshit you’re feeding me at this moment,” she complained with a scoff, a laugh escaping you upon her words that made goeun slowly do the same though her suspicious expression was still there. “seriously, who is it?”

    a shade of red conquered your cheeks but you remained to act cool, folding your arms against the table you two were occupying in this park before shrugging. “it’s no one.”

    “is he hot?”

    you lips twitched and goeun grinned, leaning towards you.

    “he is, isn’t he?” she said. “how hot are we talking about here? on a simple scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the hottest.”

    “there’s really no winning with you, huh?”

    “you can’t lie to me. i can see right through you.”

    you snorted as you opened the bottle of chocolate milk you bought from the cafeteria, sipping.

    “come on, just give me a number and i’ll shut up.”

    “like you would.” you chuckled.

    “____…” she grabbed your arm, wiggling it while she wiggled her whole body too in desperation. “who is it?”

    “it’s no one.”

    “no one my fucking ass.”

    “i’m not seeing anyone, i swear!”

    “then who gave you that hickey?”

    “just…” you trailed, not managing to hold on the lie for too long, “just… just someone that, uh, like—”

    “holy shit, are you telling me you hooked up with someone?”

    “well, it’s kinda like that but—”

    just as you were about to utter another and hopefully better white lie, the culprit himself, jeongguk, abruptly sat down on the vacant chair next to you, mumbling a soft ‘hey’ as a greeting and your attention along with goeun’s shifted to him; your features automatically morphed into annoyance, your lips pressing into a thin line, something that jeongguk immediately caught on when he glanced at you, causing him then to raise his eyebrows. “what?” he asked.

    “____ is seeing someone,” goeun intervened before any of you could say the next word.

    jeongguk shifted his eyes to goeun, looking shocked for a second. “what?”

    “she has a fucking hickey on her chest,” goeun explained, her tone sounding like she just spilled the biggest tea in the world, leading you to groan. “i’d pull her shirt down at this moment to show you but i still have my conscience.”

    “shut up. you’re a literal demon, eun—what conscience are you talking about?” you teased and she laughed with you, her hold still tight on your arm.

    jeongguk, on the other hand, had the nerve to smirk, tongue slightly poking the inside of his cheek as he realized it was him who did that to you, his gaze subtly flickering down to your shirt to check which granted him a glimpse of that mentioned bruise the instance goeun shook your upper body again to convince you to tell her who gave you the love bite. he honestly couldn’t help but feel a bit turned on by the sight of it, maybe because this was the first time he ever got to mark you after the occasions you have been sleeping together for the past two months, the sudden image of you covered with hickeys popping inside his head resulting into him becoming a little horny again as well.

    “just a scale of 1 to 10!” goeun persisted, never taking your silence or no for an answer. “at least tell me how hot this person was on a scale of 1 to 10.”

    you unconsciously met jeongguk’s gaze, the guy grinning. “yeah, i’m getting curious now too on how hot this someone is for you to let him give you a hickey, ____.”

    “i didn’t let him.” you glared at him, your insides stirring nonetheless at the hot and suggestive stare he was giving you.

    “aha!” goeun pointed a finger at you. “so, you do admit that you hooked up with someone.”

    “uh, no.”


    “you’ll never hear it from me.”

    “i feel betrayed right now, you know.”

    “i don’t care. i’m going to take this to the grave.”

    “for what? why the fuck sleep with someone and not tell me about it?”

    “because i don’t fuck and tell, honey.” you claimed, snickering.

    goeun continued to whine, listing out reasons why you should absolute tell her—until finally, like a true miracle, her boyfriend showed up and distracted her from interrogating you further, hence why you also at long last had the opportunity to turn your head towards the irritating man beside you, jeongguk innocently biting onto the sandwich he was having as a snack this afternoon with that seemingly smug smile on his face, prompting you to kick him under the table so he could return your stare and give you the attention you wanted.

    he raised his eyebrows in question. “what?” he hissed.

    you bent your head closer to him so you could whisper your following words and be certain only he would hear it. “you’re banned from my hands, my mouth, my boobs, and most especially my pussy for a whole week, you got that?”

    jeongguk almost spat his food out to shout in protest.

    note. surprise??? hehehe im gonna write shorter drabbles from time to time whenever inspiration hits :> oh and also, feel free to give me ideas for minisodes i could write in the future ! i can't promise i'll entertain all, but if i feel like the concept really screams the alk couple, then i might just do it 🤩


    taglist (1/2): @fan-ati--c @marknee @sexymenandcuteanimals101 @jiminisnotavirgin @joondala @afangirllikeme-blog @jxxvk @this-is-seriousbusinesz @swga-ficrecs @apollukee @bloopkook @jaerisdiction @thisartemisnevermisses @koolvrr @wearenot7withu @brilliantmoon7 @naturules @betysotelo18 @jinyoungie0922 @codeinebelle @minimoni7 @turquoiseandplaidinautumn @moonchild1 @taeshuworld @daydreambrliever @lilyflowerguk @rjsmochii @namjeonii @drownforryou @sugapiie @emeriroth @xius-exos @sw33tnight @lunaoceanchild @outropjmm @dojacandy @brit97 @abyjil @haruharux23 @haniiii @callmejimmeo @itsalyssa15 @hinawariinoue97 @libra04 @gukkmoans (striked means tumblr won’t let me tag them!)

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    big body | namkook

    Pairing: Namjoon/Jungkook

    Member: Namjoon, Jungkook

    Length: 100 words

    Genre: smut

    Rating: +18

    Triggers/Warnings: mention of smutty acts, pining

    Project: @thebtswritersclub​ September project - Week 3 - Prompt: Muscle Bunny


    Namjoon knew he had some muscle gain over the last few months, if not by looking at his own mirror, he knew from the comments on the internet and also even the members’ comments in their private lives and in the interviews.

    But he wasn’t the only one. The maknae, his maknae, was also bigger. Much bigger. Which became a problem for Namjon when he needed to focus on writing or producing. Or being coherent in interviews or when they were filming something.

    However, he thanked heavens he didn’t need to be coherent when he had Jungkook between his legs.

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    Kim Namjoon Audio Smut / Birthday Sex

    Steamy birthday sex with Namjoon. It sounds so real... 🧐🧐🧐
    do not repost
    #namjoon x you #namjoon moans#namjoon smut #namjoon x reader #namjoon#bts fanfic#bts#bts imagines#bts smut #bts x you #bts x reader #bts audio
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