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    DRABBLE: ⏳Out of time⌛

    Part 2

    Character Focus: Jimin, Jungkook, Reader

    Warning ⚠️: Unhealthy relationship, Toxic behaviour.

    You check your watch it's been quite a while since Jungkook left for the washroom.

    Suddenly you spot him. But he is on the stage. A guitar in his hand.

    "To my beautiful wife. For whose existence I'm grateful everyday.Even when I forget to tell you." He announces glad to catch you looking at him."this ones for you, also love you jin hyung."

    You were sure Jin hyung was had specifically requested *read demanded* a shoutout.

    "You are the cause of my Euphoria..." he sings for you. You wipe away the tears that threaten to escape.

    He comes down the stage and hugs you admist cheers from the audience. You feel shy and curl into him.

    Its quiet as you reach home and by the time you change into night clothes Jungkook is lightly snoring on the bed. Seeing him makes something in your heart overflow. You lie on the bed and snuggle Into him. Half asleep he pulls you closer.

    "Happy anniversary." He says with his bed voice." Why do you smell so good?" He mumbles.

    You kiss his forehead.

    "Love you too."

    You are home and nothing beats that feeling. He is your home and your adventure. Your story and your happy ever after.

    Even if you need earbuds to deal with his snores.

    "Stop being a brat y/n. This is for my career." Jimin swears.

    "Please explain how partying so much that you dont even have time to see me. We were supposed to meet my mom. Jimin."

    "I apologised already and I'm not partying I'm building contacts."

    You were tired of the constant tug of war. But his next words shook you to the core.

    "Let's take a break. I need to focus on my career and you .. you clearly need to get over yourself. Frankly it would do us good. I hate fighting with you. You're always defensive and unreasonable and I dont know what happened to the Y/n I met." He says barely controlling his irritation.

    "So that's it you dont want me anymore because I m not new or shiny ." You snap.

    "Now you're putting words in my mouth."

    You watch him leave tears in his eyes.

    What sort of a person were you that made Jimin cry and Jimin who'd cling to you so much that some would even call him clingy want a break from you.

    You give him a week to cool down before deciding to give him a surprise deciding the distance was enough.

    The party of his best friend had been packed to the hem. You looked around for a familiar face.

    Feeling almost uncomfortable in your dress even if it fitted with the party. Only an hour ago you were confident you could give any girl at the party a run for their money. Yet now insecurity plagued you.

    Finally after what seems like ages you spot Jimin. Surrounded by girls.... and boys. You call out his name  but your voice is drowned by the music. He laughs to their jokes, nursing a drink in his hand  he whispers things to the girl in his arm.

    You felt like you saw enough and are about to leave when a girl squeezes his bum and then proceeds to hug him aka throw herself at him.

    You must've been stupid that a guy like him would like a girl like you.

    'It's over'  You text him.

    Even though he had set a different ring tone for your text and messages, he doesn't acknowledge it. You leave the party in tears.

    You call up your best friend Namjoon.

    "Hey! you busy.... I really don't want to be alone." You say without preamble.

    "Hi y/n ... Give me a moment." He talks to someone. "I'm at our favourite book cafe the one with good brownies I'm with a friend come over if you like."

    You enter the cafe and the smell of coffee greets you. You spot Namjoon and a cute boy sitting next to him.

    "Here y/n" Namjoon waves.

    "Hi.. hello." You greet.

    The boy nods in acknowledgement.

    "Y/n this is Jungkook. Jungkook meet y/n."

    "Nice to meet you." You say.

    "Same." He responds.

    "Let me order you some good food OK bear." Namjoon says.

    "Thanks joonie."

    It had been a while since you used nicknames Jimin hated anyone that wasn't him to have nicknames or call you with one.

    "Boyfriend privilege baby."He'd have said.

    "Should I call you Noona?"  Jungkook asked politely.

    "No.. I'm actually younger to Joon. Like 4 years. But we met online.. that's why he calls me bear it was in my username and his was joon something. When we met in real life we decided it was awkward to call each other anything else so we continued."

    "Oh." His mouth turned into ('o' ).

    Namjoon comes back hurriedly.

    "Hey guys I'm sorry to leave like this but my room mate locked himself out and since he has a fracture he's in a hopeless situation. I need to .. yeah.... anyway I paid for the food eat it let's meet later OK. Sorry bear. See you later man."

    Namjoon explains as he picks his stuff from the table.

    "So.." You both begin at once and break out into giggles because of it. At that dinner after a long time you felt like maybe you weren't a horrible person at all.

    "Gugie..." You whine.

    "Yes Y/n. "

    "Look at me." You command your husband who is busy playing games.

    "Love I'm busy." You frown he only calls you 'love' on occasions like this.

    "Jeon Jungkook. If you don't stop this moment I am and I kid you not leaving to my mom's house good luck trying to have me back."

    Jungkook sighed. This was one of your more serious threats once you had left and he had to spend a whole week to convince you to come back.

    "Here.. I'm done what is it?" He asks.

    "We need to leave for Namjoon's dress shopping."

    "I don't know why he's being so fussy. Even his fiance wasn't that particular. And she's a girl ... girls care about these things." He complains.

    "Are you like conforming the whole female gender Jeon." You say displeased.

    "No. That came out wrong I meant a person I swear." He says his doe eyes widening. You soften.

    "It's cause he wants things to be perfect."

    "Let's see you say that at the 15th shop." He challenges.

    "I have you for entertainment tho. Just don't trigger him and don't agree with everything like otherwise you'll sound insincere we don't need to deal with another emotional breakdown. " You advise hoping he'd listen for both of your sakes.

    "It'd be better if his fiance accompanied him."

    "You know they've not decided to see each other till the wedding to make it more special."

    "We didn't do that and you still blew my mind."

    You blush. He's like another normal boy until he says things like this and you don't know how to handle him.

    "Aww y/n. Did I make you swoon."

    And he opens his mouth.

    "Come on get ready if you're late you'll give joon an aneurysm. I set your clothes on the bed." You say.

    "Thanks y/n." He says pressing a quick kiss on your forehead.

    "Eww. You put makeup on." He exclaims rubbing his lips. You break out into full blown laughter. Serves him right.

    "Am I wearing yellow?!" He screams from the room.

    "Yeah you better." You had decided to wear couple outfits sort of. All due to Jungkooks distaste of anything color.

    "I will look like a bee." He complains. Sometimes you think he is worse than a toddler.

    "You should have stopped playing earlier." You say simply. Unlike his statement he absolutely doesn't look like a bee. This man could wear a bee suit and look good.

    You both drive to Namjoon's House to pick him up.

    "Hyung all good." Jungkook questions behind the wheel.

    "Yes it's good, all good everything is fine.i am good.  I'll be OK." Namjoon says sounding as if he's convincing himself.

    "Joon don't worry we will get you the best suit. Jieun unni won't be able to take her eyes off you."  You comfort.

    Your husband searches for a parking dropping you both to go to the shops.

    "This one." Joon shows you wearing a brown  three piece.

    "No." You frown.

    Joon sighs you leave for another shop and Jungkook joins you.

    "Such a sweet couple."  The shopping assistant comments as you and Namjoon discuss another suit.

    "I'm her husband." Junkook interrupts putting his arm around your shoulders territorially.

    "I apologise." She says embarrassed.

    You finally decide on a black suit with stylish collar along with black pants. White shirt and a thin red tie as its Jieuns favourite color.

    You also get dresses for yourself and your husband.

    "Let's eat something. I'm relieved we got a good suit."  Namjoon says stretching his limbs you take the bag from him lest he drops the items.

    "We're happy if you are happy." You tell Namjoon and pass bags to your strong husband. He carries them with a grace you envy.

    You sit next to Namjoon with Jungkook seated diagonally from you. Placing bags in the empty seat beside him.

    "Hyung let me sit next to y/n." Jungkook says.

    Namjoon nods and they exchange seats.

    "Aww my hubby jelly." You coo silently as Namjoon is busy scanning the menu.

    "Whose gonna eat your fries wifey." He teases copying your tone.

    Ofcourse Jungkook was a level headed man. Even after being married for more than a year.

    You did wonder how it would be to have married Jimin... would you have ever married. You focus on the present that line of thought was a horrible one.

    "Ooh jagi. ... what are you upto... did you even listen to me?" Your boyfriend pouts cutely.

    You ruffle his hair causing him to whine.

    "Ah .. I was busy searching for a new dresses. But its too expensive the one I like."

    "Don't worry I'll be a rich man and then I will buy you one."

    You kiss his forehead.

    "Sure. Sure"

    You continue to scroll through the pretty stuff.

    "Do you ... ever think about like... um like getting married.. like just ... um forget it." You say.

    He looks at you placing his hands on your shoulder turns you to face him.

    "I'm serious about us.. once my career gets more stable let's talk about it OK jagi. Don't worry your pretty head about it I promise I will get you the prettiest ring out there."

    "You better."

    You eat your burger happily uncaring if the sauces get your fingers messy.

    Jungkook being the neatfreak he is passes you napkins constantly.

    "I still can't believe you two got married." Namjoon comments.

    You both stare at him.

    "Don't get me wrong. I care for both of you but I couldn't have imagine you too working so well. The time you met Jungkook barely spoke to strangers and you bear.. were in a messy situation. But I'm glad you did now I can't imagine one of you without the other." Namjoon concludes. You both nod in agreement.

    "Let's get ice cream waffle."  You suggest after a while.

    Jungkook grins pleased.

    "See this." Namjoon says.

    "We love you too Joon." You say.

    "Saranghae Namjoon hyung." Jungkook teases even making finger hearts. Namjoon makes an awkward face in response.

    "On that note let me tell you how you keep a wife happy." Jungkook says gathering a large bite.

    He brings the spoon towards your mouth. You open it but instead of giving it to you he eats it. Both him and Namjoon burst in laughter at the indignant cry that leaves your mouth.

    "You don't do that." He concludes.

    "You. I'm not talking to you." You say mad at him.

    He smiles at you his bunny teeth on display and proceeds to complete eating.

    "You're so lucky y/n. Your boyfriend is goals. Like you guys are so lovey dovey it's gross but I'm jelly." Your friend comments.

    You laugh. You feel like scoffing. You thought so to at first and you got why she'd think that. Both of you had developed a habit of putting problems under the rug. You didn't like him flirting. He would say sorry. Then do it all over again. He hated how you missed on his gigs to go party with your friends.You said sorry.Then went anyway. You hated how sometime he'd call you his friend when he introduced you.He kissed you to make up for it.Then repeat. He hated how you spent time alone with other boys when he was free and wanted to spend time with you. You gave him new speakers he had been eyeing. You wondered if there was someone else for you. But Jimin liking you in itself was a miracle when you thought nobody wanted you. You never seemed to be enough let alone desirable. Sometimes you wondered if that was why you gave Jimin chances even if he didn't really deserve them.

    "Y/n.. we need to talk." Your boyfriend says.

    You nod carelessly. Must be about you leaving the towel on the bed or something. He was very irritable these days. The car drive is silent. Despite his statement he looks almost happy. You feel good to see him like this. You remember why you were with him now. It was fine. It would be OK in the end it always was.

    It was not fine. You were not OK.

    "Can ... you just repeat what you said?"

    "It's not that hard. Y/n my agency wants me to sign a non dating agreement. I made sure it's for a year. So for one year we need to live separately."

    Your blood boiled.

    "Where will I go? I can't find a place in one day Park Bloody Jimin."

    "Baby it's for us."

    "Don't baby me and know that you are nothing more than a selfish man. ..... and you know what we are done."

    "I know you're saying this because you're angry... I'll talk to you when you are feeling better. "

    You hated him. But more than that you hated yourself.

    "Joon can I.. uh crash at your place.?" You say once again calling your best friend.

    "I'm exhausted." You say laying down on the sofa. Your husband quietly removes your footwear.

    "Thanks gugie."

    He changes his clothes and comes out for a glass of water. He puts one on the table for you. You look at him eyes half closed.

    "Gugie. Hugs." You say your arms in the air.

    He smiles at you fondly. And despite his better judgement he gives in to please his wife.

    "Mmh. So warm." You mumble against his chest.

    Jungkook sniffs your hair, force of habit. While he hates most scents he likes yours. He remembers how you had almost had a breakdown when he had asked you to get rid of your perfumes.


    "No...why.. I specially asked my sister to buy me Arabic perfumes."

    "If you want to live here they have to go. I'm very sensitive to scents."

    "Please the bottles are so pretty.. I won't wear it. Let me keep them."

    "Fine." He had conceded.

    +end of flashback+

    You woke up with one hand at loss of feeling in the middle of night. Still you took time to admire the man in front of you. It was a crime not to.He looked even more beautiful in the moonlight.

    "Y/n.." he whispered in his bed voice.


    "Stop staring at me like a creep."

    You almost push him off the sofa. But he places his arm around your waist pulling you with him.

    So you are trapped beneath a mountain called Jeon Jungkook. Its the best of traps.

    You pack your luggage. You wait for Namjoon to pick you up. A car stops infront of you. The windows roll down to reveal Jungkook in the driver seat.

    "Hyung told me you needed a place to stay. I needed a room mate. Hope you're ok with it."

    "Yes." You said politely. It wasn't as if you has much of a choice.

    "Jin hyung, my elder brother is getting married so I had to move out to the new place. I needed a roommate. I know a bit about cooking but I can't do it alone. I just helped hyung. That's all. So I am glad to have you. If you need anything you can call me. You have my number. Right. If you don't I will give it to you. The only thing is it has only one bathroom but you don't have to worry I'm not a pervert I swear." This Jungkook said in one breath. Seeing your wide eyes he chuckled nervously.

    "I ..um haven't talked to a lot of girls and I'm a bit nervous... I'm I speak a lot when I'm nervous I'm sorry I will shut up now." He confessed.

    "'It's OK. I'm thankful for you taking me in."

    "It's fine it's not like you're a serial killer or anything. I mean Namjoon hyung does have some shady friends but you're cool."

    You didn't know whether you were supposed to be offended or not. But at this point you were past caring. Before you knew your swollen eyes fell asleep.

    You woke up in a bed. You were startled. Then you saw the note on the bedside.

    I  tried to wake you up but you didn't budge. I had somewhere to be. I apologise for carrying you to bed. There's food and water in the kitchen feel free to use it.

    You felt like you were in a twisted dream. A knock broke you out of your reverie.

    "Yes." You answer.

    "Are you awake?" Jungkook speaks through the door.


    "Since you're up let's eat and discuss some house rules I bought some steak and cake. Also Namjoon hyung is here."

    Hearing Namjoon's name comforted you a lot.

    "I'll be there."

    You change your clothes and go to wash your face before going to meet the boys.

    "Hey bear. You here. .. that just rhymed."

    "Hey Joon. " You say choosing to ignore whatever that was.

    You sit down next to Namjoon. He takes note of your mood and decides its best to get over with the meeting so you can sleep out grief of your system.

    "Here's the thing jungkookie over here needs help with cooking and how to interact with female genders and agreeing to help him with that you'll pay 40% of the rent. I vouch for him he's a good guy... if a bit shy."

    "It's ok with me." You say. Jungkook brings out Banana milk to serve you guys. Later you will realise how important it was considering his possessive nature and love for banana milk.

    And that's the story of how you started a live in relationship with Jungkook.

    Husband koo is so 😍💓.. jiminie just making you suffer as usual ..

    I think I'm gonna put this on will update on demand category because I kinda know how it looks like eg how its gonna proceed and who will you end up with so I don't feel the urge to write it that's literally one of my bad habits my wips suffer 😅

    #bts fanfic#bts au#bts angst #bts x reader #jeon jungkook#park jimin#kim namjoon #jeon jungkook x reader #jeon jungkook x you #jeon jungkook x y/n #jungkook x you #jungkook x y/n #jungkook x reader #park jimin x y/n #park jimin x reader #park jimin x you #jimin x you #jimin x y/n #jimin x reader #bts scenarios#bts imagines#bts fic#bts jungkook#bts fluff#bts jimin#spotify
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    When You Fall Onstage Because Of Your Heels ~ BTS Reaction


    The puddle on the stage had worried Jin most of the evening, and as you flashed before his eyes, he was right in thinking so. “Y/N!” He yelled, as you toppled in seconds.

    Immediately, he ran over to you, ignoring the yells of the staff to stay back, shielding you from the crowd. “Jin my ankle,” you whispered, staring at him.

    “Don’t panic,” he tried to comfort to both himself and you, “don’t move a single muscle, let’s just wait for someone to come and help you, let’s not move on that ankle too quickly just yet.”

    “I need to carry on and perform,” you tried to tell him, placing your hands down onto the ground, only for Jin to grab them and stop you from moving.

    “There’s no way you’re going anyway,” he told you, “this stage is a hazard, how they let you perform on this tonight is just beyond me.”

    “I told them I’d be fine,” you admitted, muttering an apology under your breath, “it’s my fault for choosing to wear the heels instead.”

    “Someone should have stopped you, what were they doing?”

    “It’s on me Jin, this is my fault for being so confident.”


    Your hands clutched tightly onto Yoongi as he tried to lead you up onto the stage, walking slowly as you hobbled by his side. “What do you reckon about the stairs?”

    Your eyes looked up at the four stairs that separated you from the stage, “I’ve got to get up them tonight, so I might as well give it a crack now as well.”

    “Are you sure that you’re alright to perform tonight?” He questioned, studying your ankle and the wrap that you had around it, “I know you’re seating down, but you never stay sat for long.”

    “There’s no way I’m missing out on a show because I rolled on my ankle,” you sniggered, “it’ll take a lot more than that to stop me from getting up there.”

    “I just don’t want you to rush it,” Yoongi confessed with concern in his eyes, “you might not be in pain now, but what if you are tonight?”

    “You’re worrying more than me,” you teased as you reached the bottom step, “trust me, I’ll stay sat down and my ankle will be out of harm.”

    “And you’ll be wearing flats up there too, right?”

    “Definitely, me and heels aren’t happening for a long time now.”


    Tears threatened to spill as Hobi walked into the hospital, pulling the curtain back with a smile as he managed to get across the city. “I’m here now,” he told you.

    He placed the items on the table before racing over to take you into his arms tightly, “it was so scary Hobi,” you whimpered into his chest, “it hurt so bad.”

    “I’m so sorry that I wasn’t there with you,” he whispered against the top of your head, “I can’t begin to imagine how scary that fall must have been for you, but I’m here with you now.”

    “I felt fine, and then before I knew it, I was just a heap on the floor,” you began to tell him, opening up about the incident, “I don’t understand.”

    “I spoke to your manager, and he thinks the damp on the stage played a part,” he informed you, trying to keep himself calm, “it’s ridiculous.”

    “I did think it looked dodgy,” you sighed, kicking yourself for not speaking up sooner, “and they still insisted that I wore heels too.”

    “They had no right to make you wear heels up there.”

    “It was that or get in trouble, but now look at me instead.”


    The moment he watched you fall, Namjoon’s legs carried him straight across the stage kneeling down at your side. “Ouch,” you hissed as you met Namjoon’s eyes.

    He was thankful it was only the rehearsal as the dancers backed off to give you space, leaving Namjoon to look you over. “Did you hurt your ankle Y/N?”

    “Yeah,” you whimpered, feeling Namjoon’s hand brush over it as he tried to undo the strap of your heel without moving you too much. “I think I might have rolled on it or something.”

    “It’s alright,” he smiled, watching the panic set in your eyes as the initial shock wore off, “do you reckon you can walk on it if I support you?”

    “I don’t know,” you admitted as the bottoms of your eyes began to water, “how am I supposed to perform tonight now like this Joon?”

    “Don’t worry, we’ll figure something out, no need to panic,” he continued to try and assure you, “one way or another we’ll get you up there.”

    “I just want for the pain to go away Joon.”

    “It will, we’ll get you help, and you’ll be alright.”


    His eyes watched on nervously as you walked back onto the stage for the first time since injuring your ankle, “how are you feeling?” He asked once you reached the centre.

    Your head nodded as you took in your surroundings once again, “it’s certainly not quite as hectic as I remember it being a couple of weeks ago, that’s for sure.”

    “And your ankle is still good?” He asked, frowning as he looked to the moonboot that you wore with a crutch in hand, “not quite fighting back the urge to start dancing around just yet, are you?”

    “I’m alright,” you assured him with a laugh, “I definitely feel a lot safer being up here in flats though, and under the sunshine too, not the rain.”

    “If only it had been like this a couple of weeks ago,” Jimin whispered, apologising when your eyes looked to him having heard what he said.

    “I’m over it,” you smiled, nudging against his side, “it’s just one of those things, I’ve got to move on and recover from all of this now.”

    “I can’t believe how calm you are about all of this sometimes.”

    “It’s just a curveball before better things come.”


    The guilt hit him as soon as he walked into your dressing room, noticing you laid out with your leg up on the table. “How are you feeling now? Has it stopped hurting?”

    Your head shook as Taehyung sat himself down beside you, “this sucks Tae, I can’t even perform tonight, all because of a stupid ankle and some stupid heels.”

    “I know it’s hard,” he sympathised, wrapping his arm around your shoulders, “but you know how important it is to get some rest, hopefully you’ll be better for the show tomorrow.”

    “But you won’t be there,” you frowned, meeting his eyes, “I wanted to do my best today because I knew that you’d be in the crowd supporting me.”

    “It’s not the end of the world,” he comforted, “I’d rather see you healthy and walking then dancing up on the stage in agony all night.”

    “I hate this,” you continued to groan, resting against his shoulder, “I knew that those heels were dodgy as soon as I put them on as well.”

    “It’s just one of those things that happens.”

    “But why did it have to happen to me Tae?”


    As soon as he watched you fall, Jungkook knew you were in trouble, instantly looking for him as he ran out onto the stage. “Y/N, are you alright? What happened?”

    Your head shook as the pain instantly hit you, leaving you overwhelmed. “I slipped and my heel turned, I think I’ve hurt my ankle Jungkook, badly.”

    “I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think,” he smiled, trying not to panic himself too, “just try and take plenty of deep breaths for a moment whilst we wait for someone to come and help you out.”

    “I should’ve known to be more careful,” you sighed, placing the blame on yourself, “the weather looked dodgy, it was stupid pushing myself.”

    “A damp stage is not your fault,” he frowned, looking around at the staff who stood around you, “if this is serious, then they’ll be trouble.”

    “No,” you whimpered, holding your hand out to him, “that’s not the route we’re going to take, I’m just worried about my ankle right now.”

    “You’re right, you’re the priority, making sure you’re alright.”

    “Everything else can be worried about later on.”



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    Anyone want to be on the tag list for captivated like this or just comment ill make sure your tagged for chapter 4

    P.S. REQUESTS ARE OPEN SO REQUEST AWAY still need fics for namjoon, Jin and hobi

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    One of my favorite brotherly moments is Jimin apologizing for driving wildly 🤣

    And he honestly seems more apologetic to Yoongi, probably because of his shoulder, than anyone else.

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    Smile again

    — Capa de minha autoria, caso se inspire de os devidos créditos!

    — Será usada em doação futura!

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