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  • meanyoongi7
    21.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    — Hey guys !

    I would like to do a little project for Christmas. This is what I thought about :

    I would like to do an OS Advent Calendar of Bangtan, so I am calling all the AUs and FF writers of Twitter, AO3, Tumblr and Wattpad that would like to participate. 𖦝

    — The project is simple.

    I need 23 authors, who will write an OS. No matter the theme and no matter the ship you choose for your OS; and I will post them (with credits ofc) each day of December, until the 24th. With a little surprise on the 24th…

    — Ships are not obligated to be between members, it can be a y/n OS.

    Any theme is okay : fluff, horror, smut, romance, angst, thriller.

    And you can write as many words as you want ! It can be in french or in english, I will translate it anyway.

    I will stop collecting OS on 20th November, don’t hesitate to slide into my dms and ask me questions.

    — To end this thread here, just know that, if I don’t have enough writers, it will be possible to submit more than one OS 🥺

    It’s all for fun so, please, have fun while writing and take care of yourself 💜

    — So, if you’re interested, just DM me !

    I don’t know yet if I’m gonna post the OS in french or english, but when I’ll decide, I will translate everything anyway !

    Don’t hesitate to share, please 🥺 And if you have any question, don’t hesitate ! borahae 💜

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  • deathlessinky
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Alternative universe of Hogwarts and BTS

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  • dilaminy
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Si el amor se siente como “BEST OF ME” , entonces quiero ser amada toda la vida.

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  • yonkimint
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    when the party’s over [Jimin x Reader]

    35. Let me do it.


    TAGLIST (send an ask or leave a reply if you would like to be added):

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  • inbtswethrrust
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Can I Lay By Your Side? by bwichimbap

    pairing: namjin rated: t length: 7.3k

    Seokjin wakes up in Namjoon's bed for the second time in a week, and thinks, Okay, something isn't right here.

    aka Jin develops a sleepwalking problem and also maybe some feelings, and the other members are no help (except when they are).

    admin's note: hey bwichimbap thank you once again this was soo goooood and so fluffy and cue misunderstandings and mutual pining and and and just all things wonderful in the world.
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  • armyme7
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    My new edit 😝 follow me on insta : @7mearmy

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  • reverierosie
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Nicknames they would call you

    a/n: This idea just randomly popped up in my head so... here you go.

    Kim Seokjin (Jin)




    Y/N, my love

    Min Yoongi (Suga)





    Jung Hoseok (J-hope)

    Sunshine (Nickname Twins 😊)



    Cutie Pie

    Kim Namjoon (RM)





    Park Jimin





    Kim Taehyung (V)




    My Treasure

    Jeon Jungkook





    #bts#kim seokjin #kim seokjin headcanons #jin headcanons#min yoongi #min yoongi headcanons #suga headcanons#jung hoseok #jung hoseok headcanons #jhope headcanons#kim namjoon #kim namjoon headcanons #rm headcanons#park jimin #park jimin headcanons #jimin headcanons#kim taehyung #kim taehyung headcanons #v headcanons#jeon jungkook #jeon jungkook headcanons #jungkook headcanons#bts headcanons#kpop headcanons#bts fluff
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  • ars0nfrog
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    bts army fight in the comments i think it will be funny

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  • riuascita
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I have a theory that Jin is ESFP but that's solely just based on how I think he's Ni-inferior based on one thing he said in an interview and how, personally, I don't think he has Ti or Fe.

    He was brushed off as Fe-inferior because people think he can be inappropriate in social setting but if he's Ni-inferior, his Fe would be his tertiary so he either does not bother to develop his tertiary function or he's just an Fi-user who doesn't care for social expectations but still have Fe-values.

    #✒riu thoughts. #mbti#seokjin#bts #i was gonna make a proper post about this #but i don't have enough solid arguments to make a point :/ #so :)#jin#kim seokjin #nerd talk w riu
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  • pinkrasberry7
    21.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    To Army who’s going to see the boys Live soon, I hope you have a blast! 💜 Im so happy Army and BTS are going to be together soon :)

    please follow covid precautions and stay safe. 🌟

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  • sugakookxes
    21.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    yoongi, tending to taehyung's wounds: i've got to say, i'm a little embarrassed for you. taehyung: this is a sports related injury, it makes me cool! yoongi: tripping over my basketball on the way to the bathroom is NOT cool.

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  • blu-joons
    21.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    When You Watch K-Dramas Together ~ BTS Reaction


    Your eyes looked across to Jin as you went to load up the drama, noticing that it was one episode ahead. “Did you watch this without me?”

    Jin sunk down on the sofa, clearing his throat, “I might have got a little bored waiting for you to come home the other night from work.”

    “You watched a whole episode without me!” You exclaimed, “I can’t believe you did that Jin.”

    “I’m more than happy to watch it again though.”

    “Not the point,” you argued.

    A loud chuckle came from Jin at your reaction, “I didn’t mean to watch the whole thing, but the episode got too good, I just couldn’t bring myself to press the pause button on the remote.”

    “This is the ultimate betrayal,” you frowned, going back to the previous episode, “now you’re going to know everything that is going to happen.”

    “I’ll act surprised,” Jin smiled, watching your eyes widen, “if something surprising happens, I don’t know for sure whether there are any surprises or not.”

    Your head shook back at him, “it’s going to take me some time to get over this, we agreed that we would watch this one drama together.”

    “I’m sorry, I promise that it won’t ever happen again.”


    As soon as you sat down on the sofa, placing your plate beside you, your hand picked up the remote. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

    Yoongi’s eyes flickered across to see what you were doing, “unless you’re thinking about Vincenzo, then I don’t want to know what you’re thinking.”

    “Of course, I’m thinking Vincenzo,” you grinned, loading up the television, “it’s all that I think about.”

    “It’s so annoying, none of the guys have watched it.”

    “Are they crazy?” You joked.

    Yoongi’s head nodded in agreement with you, “I tried to tell them all how good of a drama it was, but I think they ended up leaving the studio thinking that I was actually the crazy one.”

    “They’ll regret it,” you defended, smiling across at him, “and if you ever watch Vincenzo with them, you do know that I won’t be happy with you.”

    “It’s so hard having no one to talk about it with at work,” he vented, “I have to wait until I come home and can sit down and talk about it with you.”

    Your head nodded too, “rather than talking, can you be quiet now, the programme has loaded, and I’ve been waiting all day for this.”

    “What are you doing? Hurry up and press play.”


    The two of you exchanged a helpless glance with one another as you narrowed your choices down. “How do we pick between these two now?”

    Hobi shrugged back at you, “how are we supposed to decide between Hospital Playlist and Start-Up it’s like deciding which child is your favourite.”

    “There is one thing we could do,” you suggested, “is it too boring of us to just flip a coin and decide.”

    “I don’t think we have much of a choice otherwise.”

    “I’ll get one,” you smiled.

    Hobi sat back on the sofa whilst you grabbed a coin from your purse, sitting back down beside him on the sofa. “Do you want to decide which is heads and which is tails? I’ll then flip it.”

    “Start-Up is heads,” Hobi smiled, nodding his head to try and appear confident, “and the one that loses, we can watch once we’ve finished this one.”

    “How do some people watch more than one drama at a time,” you chuckled, placing the coin on the tip of your fingers, ready to flip it into the air.

    His head shook in reply, “watching one drama is a big enough struggle, how do people pick what to watch without a dilemma.”

    “I don’t know, but it looks like ours is about to be solved…tails.”


    Your eyes rolled as Namjoon spoke yet again, looking across at him. “Is that the main character, or is that the other guy who does the painting?”

    Your head shook at Namjoon’s question, “how many times do I have to tell you that the main character is the one who quit running.”

    “This is confusing,” he grumbled, “there’s so many runners in this that I’ve got to keep up with.”

    “It’s just remembering faces, you’re good at that.”

    “Wait, who’s that?” He questioned.

    You took a deep breath before responding, “that’s the CEO of the agency Namjoon, it’s Sooyoung, surely you can at least recognise her face after all of her years in the industry.”

    “I know that she’s Sooyoung, but I’ve got no idea who her character is,” Namjoon admitted, “watching dramas isn’t as easy as I thought.”

    “Give it a couple of episodes and you’ll know all about the characters,” you tried to assure him, “Run On is a good drama, I promise.”

    His head nodded back at you, “I’m enjoying the storylines, even if I have zero idea who any of the characters are right now.”

    “Give it time, you’ll learn about all of them in no time.”


    You instantly pressed pause as you heard a gasp come from the doorway, looking back to see that Jimin was home. “What are you watching?”

    Your head shook, turning the television off as quickly as you could. “I wasn’t watching anything, just some random programme on SBS.”

    “Really?” He challenged, “because that looked suspiciously like Crash Landing on You on the screen.”

    “No way, I would never watch that without you.”

    “That’s a lie,” he confirmed.

    Reluctantly, your head nodded, holding your hands up in defence. “I just thought I’d watch the first ten minutes, get a feel of what to expect from tonight’s episode, but then it just pulled me in.”

    “We agreed every night with dinner we would watch an episode,” Jimin reminded you, shaking his head in disbelief across at you.

    “And we can still watch an episode tonight,” you assured him, “luckily for you because you came home so early, I’m only twenty minutes into this one.”

    His head continued to shake across at you, “I’ll make sure that you make it up to me, you’re not going to get away with this.”

    “It was only twenty minutes, it’s not that big of a deal.”


    Your eyes looked, as Taehyung sighed upon walking into the living room. “What was that for? I thought that you were enjoying Descendants of the Sun?”

    His head nodded, although the frown was still on his face. “I am liking it, but I can think of another drama that is a lot better.”

    “I’m not watching Hwarang again,” you protested, “I’ve watched that so many times Taehyung.”

    “But it’s still good to watch, right?”

    “I like it,” you mused.

    His eyes widened as you pressed play on the next episode of Descendants of the Sun, “how can you just like it? I’m in it, it’s supposed to be your favourite drama to watch, all the time.”

    “You’re not cheating on Hwarang if you watch other dramas, just so you know,” you informed him, “you are allowed to date other programmes.”

    “Stop,” Taehyung chuckled, rolling his eyes at your remark, “I know it’s not cheating on the drama; I just think that nothing is better than Hwarang.”

    Your head continued to shake, “Hwarang was good the first fifty times that I watched it, the fifty first might just be a step too far.”

    “Fine, we can watch this one, but it’s still second best.”


    Your eyes lit up as you walked into the living room to see everything prepared for date night. “I even organised your favourite to watch.”

    You studied the title on the screen, looking to Jungkook in surprise. “Gangnam Beauty? But you told me that you didn’t enjoy that programme.”

    “It’s not my favourite,” Jungkook admitted, “but tonight is for you, and so I guess I can watch a bit.”

    “And you’re not going to complain, are you?”

    “I’ll try not to,” he smiled.

    Your head shook, nudging gently against his arm, “if you gave this drama a chance, then you would see that it is actually really good, that’s why millions of people are raving about it.”

    “I see the appeal,” Jungkook replied, showing you the array of snacks that he had organised for you both, “and I love that it tackles something so serious.”

    “Just smile and pretend to enjoy it,” you suggested, taking a seat on the sofa, “I love that you’re willing to humour it for me though, a lot.”

    Jungkook sat himself down beside you, “you sit through enough of my gaming programmes, watching Gangnam Beauty is the least I can do.”

    “When you put it like that, this is the least you could do.”



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  • outro-adorable
    21.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    ♡ ˒ like or reblog if u save!

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  • himbonamjoonstan
    20.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    So there's a scene in the hybrid!bts x mafia!reader (the one that lives in my head that I have yet to write, yeah that one) where the boys see the reader at their weakest for the first time.

    It would be only a couple months after they've been adopted by the reader, when everything is still so new and the boys are skeptical of the reader's intentions.

    The reader will still be trying to keep their job under wraps and away from the boys, as they figure it would probably be safest for them.

    This is (probably) correct, but it also places a lot of confusion and mistrust with the boys, even though they're fairly certain you would not hurt them.

    Even Jin had no choice but to come to that conclusion after months of leaving them to their own devices, letting them do as they please, and not dragging them to events in order to show them off.

    Namjoon had already pointed it out when they noticed you had assigned bodyguards to them the first night they arrived.

    Still, they didn't know you. And you didn't know them, even though they were living right down the hall from you, in your own home. Even though you would occasionally be around to have breakfast with them, though it would admittedly often be cut short and end with you rushing off yet again.

    You do this quite often and are usually gone during the day, doing things that you would never disclose to them (though they would sometimes get snippets of your day through your conversations thanks to their inhuman ears).

    So I'm sure you can imagine their surprise when, a couple days before they see you at your weakest, you come home early.

    They'd hear your voice through the front door before you even stepped in the house, and their ears would perk up at the distress in your voice.

    By the time you'd burst through the back entrance, they would already be standing in the hallway trying to see the commotion.

    Namjoon and Yoongi would be standing in the front, forever the protectors of their little pack, though Jin wouldn't be too far behind. The rest of the boys would be peeking over their shoulders and around their arms.

    Yoongi would hiss the second he meets your eyes, though it wouldn't be because of you. It would be because of the blood that now tinges the usually sterile smell of your home. It would replace the slight hint of vanilla that normally floats from your room.

    You would pay him no mind, directing your "assistants" to help with injured people and the back of your brain trying to come up with an excuse for the boys to keep them away from your work just a little while longer.

    The scent of blood would be so strong that Jimin would flinch, covering his nose with Hoseok doing the same soon after.

    Jin would offer to help, taking a step forward only to stop when you tell them to stay away. You'd tell them you don't want them getting dirty, but offer them a smile that leaves doubt in their minds.

    You wouldn't stay to talk with them about this either. You'd figure out an excuse later, some stupid reason as to why they're witnessing you and your assistants drag a handful of injured men (men they've seen around the house, men they've chatted with before, some they might even label friendly) down to the east wing.

    The wing you told them to stay out of, the same one their bodyguards would direct them away from each time they got nosy (or Yoongi "forgot").

    The boys would watch you sling your arm around one of these men's waist, helping them walk down to that wing and not even offering so much as a goodbye.

    Taehyung would scoff and turn around, heading back to his comfortable spot in the living room. The rest of the boys would soon follow.

    None of them would talk about that night again, not until a couple days later.

    They would talk about how the scent of blood hasn't faded, though. Even days after that night the scent of blood would linger in the air.

    Jungkook would joke about you hiding dead bodies in the cellar and the boys would laugh, but it would always feel slightly off.

    They'd see the injured men walking around with bandages and casts, seemingly taking it slow for a few days.

    And yet, somehow, the scent of blood would linger, stronger at times and weaker at others.

    Jin would mention how it always seemed to follow you, how his nose would scrunch up when you'd pass him on your way to sit down after getting your morning coffee.

    Like right now, when all the boys are lingering in different parts of the kitchen, pretending not to watch you scuttle over to the coffee machine.

    You wouldn't notice them looking at you, wrapped up in a light robe over your work clothes because you've been feeling cold the last few days.

    You wouldn't notice a lot of things, in fact. Like when your body starts to sway and your grip on the counter seems nonexistant. Or how the world has begun to tilt, a frown forming on your face.

    It would be Jimin that notices you sway and and whites of your knuckles as you grip the counter.

    It would be Namjoon that jumps when he hears you fall, but it would be the bodyguards that rush to your body first.

    The boys would walk over to your body and try not to crowd you even more as the bodyguards fret over your crumpled form on the ground.

    The scent of blood would get strong as someone tries to move you, a sharp intake of breath alerting everyone in the room that something is wrong. One of the guards would run from the room, yelling about needing someone in the kitchen.

    Jin, always the mother in the room, would tell everyone to give you space. He would surprise even himself when he crouches down and undoes your robe after he notices something.

    When he pulls back the fabric, they'd find your white button down stained with blood just over your hip and more just above your elbow.

    You'd feel how frantic his fingers shake as he undoes the buttons on your shirt, and you would cringe as you imagine the look on his face when he sees your shitty wrapping job.

    As you lay on the floor, you'd wonder how your doctor would feel if they saw your poor attempt at bandaging yourself up in your room a few nights earlier. Your poor judgment on just how serious your injuries were.

    In the end, the in-house doctor would come in to the kitchen and scold you for hiding this from them. You'd laugh softly when he mentions you've bled through all the padding and make a stupid joke about this not being the first time - your attempt at lightening the mood. It wouldn't work.

    The boys would watch as the doctor, a random man in their eyes, and a few guards would pick you up and take you to the east wing. One of the boys would make a comment about how you didn't cry.

    No. You wouldn't cry. This would be the first time they saw you weak and vulnerable, but they wouldn't see you cry for the first time. That would be much, much later.

    It would be months later, and you would be crying at Yoongi's feet. His own blood and Namjoon's tainting your hands and staining your nightgown.

    #bts#bts army#bts imagines#btsxreader#ot7 smut #bts x reader #hybrid!bts #hybrid au#mafia au #mafia!reader #jimin x reader #jungkook x reader #jin x reader #hoseok x reader #namjoon x reader #yoongi x reader #taehyung x reader #angst#bts fluff #little drabble man #these are getting so long #man
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  • beautyqueen71999
    20.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    BTS Reaction: Back Dimples

    Seokjin: At first, it was something he really didn't pay attention to. He didn't think those even existed. That was until he felt them on your back one day. He was caught off guard thinking something was wrong with you. You would have to explain what they were to him. After your explanation, he would end up having his fingers there all the time.

    Yoongi: He never really put his hand on your back so he didn't know they were there. But when you were taking off his your hoodie, he noticed them when your shirt rose up. He never really thought anything like that would be sexy to him. However them being on you, made them the sexiest thing on Earth.

    Hoseok: He noticed when you put his hand on your lower back one day. He got scared at first til you told him what they were. After a few days, he no longer found them weird but became intrigued by them. He thought it was cute and sexy. It became a habit for him to run his index finger over them when you were together.

    Namjoon: He knew what they were when he saw you in a bikini for the first time. However, you always were uncomfortable with them since not many people actually had them. He thought they were sexy and made sure to always tell you. Even during intimate times together, he made sure you knew how much he loves everything about your body. Even your adorable back dimples.

    Jimin: He found them during one of your many nights together. He never mentioned them to you because you never said anything about them. However, when he did mention it, you would explain why you didn't like them. This would make him sad since he believed he wasn't showing you how amazing you are. So he would pay extra attention to them during sex.

    Taehyung: He felt them one day and fell in love with them. He thought it was unique and individual. However, when he learned you didn't like them much, he would take it upon himself to make you know why they were special. He wouldn't stop talking about them unless you finally agree they are special.

    Jungkook: He knew from the first time his hand touched your lower back but never said anything. He didn't think it was weird or unusual. He actually quite liked them and would often rub them or run his finger over them. It became a habit for you to lay on your stomach with your shirt raised a little for him to draw patterns using your back dimples.

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