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  • Namjin Smut

    ×Pure Smut× ×Smut I wrote a while ago×

    Top Namjoon! Bottom Jin! Boypussy!

    He pushed the boy onto the bed. “Wait Namjoon-ah!” Jin said as he was stripped of all his clothes. “What?” Namjoon asked with hooded eyes as he crawled on top of Jin. “Can we not do t-this now?” Jin asked as Namjoon’s clothed crotch was just above his mouth. “Oh so you don’t want this then? Fine I’ll stop” Namjoon said getting off of Jin and the bed.

    He smirked when Jin crawled to him and hugged his right leg. “Please” He begged. Jin let go of Namjoon’s leg when he turned around. “Please what?” “Please fuck me” Jin begged, looking up at Namjoon. “Work for it then, slut” Namjoon said.

    Jin shivered but knew exactly what Namjoon wanted him to do. He slowly took off his pants and underwear before shoving a finger into his pussy. “Ah!” Jin moaned helplessly as he fingered his pussy. “Put your whole hand in there,” Namjoon said.

    Jin’s eyes widened but he knew he wanted this. He thrust his whole hand up his pussy and a loud moan escaped his lips. “Namjoon!” He screamed. Jin squirted and Namjoon smiled, pleased.

    He unzipped his jeans, taking his hard, thick and long cock out. Jin was going to turn over but Namjoon kept him on his knees. “I’m not convinced yet. You’ll need to work harder.” Namjoon said. Jin blinked before looking at the dick in front of him.

    It was so long and big, how could he possibly take the whole thing in his mouth? He gulped but took the dick and started sucking. He closed his eyes in shame. “Open your eyes and look at me” Namjoon said dominantly.

    Jin did so quickly, his watery eyes looking at Namjoon. It was not long before he had started choking but took the whole length of the dick into his mouth. He gagged and Namjoon could feel the vibrations.

    Namjoon groaned once he finally came, Jin swallowing it all. He looked down at Jin who was in a debauched state. “You have convinced me.” Namjoon said and Jin smiled. Namjoon picked Jin up, throwing him on the bed (gently).

    He flipped Jin over and positioned his cock over the hole. “Are you ready, baby?” Namjoon asked. “Y-yes” Jin said. His eyes rolled into the back of his head when Namjoon thrusted inside of him. He moaned.

    “N-Namjoon!” He screamed when Namjoon hit his prostate. Namjoon kept on thrusting there, going harder and faster each time. Jin couldn’t comprehend what was going on. He could only focus on the pleasure he was receiving. “I’m gonna cum!” Jin screamed.

    “Not yet. You’ll wait until I cum” Namjoon said darkly. Jin moaned as he tried to stop himself from cumming before Namjoon did. A few more seconds of Namjoon thrusting into Jin and finally Namjoon came inside of Jin. Shortly after that Jin came and immediately fell asleep. Namjoon pulled out, holding Jin in his arms.

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    SeokJin Wallpaper/Lockscreen

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  • -edits-

    BTS Jin live wallpaper/lockscreen

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  • broken souls; teaser (pjm!hybrid au)


    plot: Helping Hybrids is your passion, as a local hybrid center calls you for help because of a abused and broken panther hybrid you pack your stuff and hurry to the put him back together.

    warnings: mentions of blood, abuse, death. Talk of anxiety, mental pain, strong language

    release date: 28th October 2020 (3:00pm MEZ)



    “I’ll stay by your side as long as you need me, i told you that before. Don’t you ever think that I’ll leave you” you whispered into his chest. The comforting smell of his sweater grazes your nose. His tail wrapping around your legs in a comforting manner.

    “What makes you think that I’m worth your love?” he whispers back and you can’t help but hold him tighter as your eyebrows furrow. “I’ll love you because you can’t love yourself, that’s fine with me.”

    He sighs and strokes your back “Then please never leave me” he mumbles and you nod your head. “You won’t ever have to be alone, Park Jimin”


    a/n: hi there, I’ve been working on a lot of content which i’ll be releasing soon. I hope you are as excited for this story as much as i am because i’ve been putting all my emotions into this. I have a halloween story planned as well.

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  • Love yaa Armys!!🙌🌏💜


    They are always with us no matter what people says.. 💜🥺🌏🌚 Armys will keep supporting them and we are the luckiest we got them🥺🌏🙌💜

    Borahae 𝓑𝓪𝓷𝓰𝓽𝓪𝓷 𝓢𝓸𝓷𝔂𝓮𝓸𝓷𝓭𝓪𝓷 💜

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  • Vampire Fairy

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  • Seokjin is these fits???

    Y'all can’t say it wasn’t love at first sight ✋😒

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  • image

    A/N: This imagine is simply based on my imagination and my imagination only. Please ask for permission before posting this somewhere else. If you want to re blog, then don’t forget to give credits. Thank you. 

    This is also the first in the “series” of imagines that are to follow.


    Pairing: Soekjin x fem reader

    Rating: 18+

    Genre: Fluff and angst

    Word Count: 1277

    Warnings: None, unless you count mentions of smut.

    Summary: You and Soekjin have been friends since y’all were in diapers. But what happens when you start to catch feelings for him? (I am well aware of how original I am being here… *rolls eyes*)

    You were proud of your best friend as you saw him on stage, having the time of his life. He loved you and you loved him. It was all platonic. But only for him. For you, you were madly in love with him. When Dimple had started playing, you couldn’t take your eyes off of him. It was as if your eyes only wanted to find him in the crowd.

    It was then that you noticed, Jimin trying to get your attention. You smiled at him and gave him a small wave which he returned, but also gave you a look. And it was that look. You had always been close to Jin, but you had also become close to the other members. You were their noona, well except for Yoongi and Jin of course, since you were just a year younger than Jin.

    When the concert had ended, you were taken backstage to meet the boys. You had a giddy smile on your face as you couldn’t contain your excitement. When the door burst open, the maknae were the first to run towards you and pull you in a tight hug.

    “Noona! You weren’t paying attention to me!” Jimin complained, with a teasing smile.

    “Ah, Jimin-ah, you know her eyes are only made for Jin Hyung.” Taehyung teased.

    “Do you both wish to be grounded?” You asked rhetorically as your cheeks tinted red.

    “Noona, your face is red! Have you had too many tomatoes?!” Jungkook asks in fake concern.

    You smack his arm jokingly before the four of you laugh.

    “If you guys are done having Noona all to yourselves, then I’d like to have my turn to hug her as well,” Namjoon says as he walks towards you.

    “So I guess this is the mess you have been talking about?” You say looking at all the boys, your eyes lingering on Jin a little longer than you had intended.

    “Yes indeed. Your best friend isn’t that much of a help. Very smart he is though. I never knew Belgiums capital was waffles.” He continued as he pulled you in for a warm hug.

    “Hmm… Sounds like Soekjinnie.” You say with a laugh.

    “Well, Hyung is the reason we are basically alive though. He makes sure we eat.” Namjoon says as you pull away.

    “Thank you for the daily report Joon.” You say ruffling his hair.

    “Hobiiiiiiiii!” You squeal as you go to hug him.

    You needed his energy and he didn’t mind giving you love. It was then that you met Jins’ gaze. He looked at you, but it was different. You couldn’t really pin what it was in his eyes when he looked at you, but you were aware that it was something different. You were soon pulled in a long hug by Yoongi, and that’s something to say since the man isn’t much of the affection kind.

    “Just saying, this game that you and Jin Hyung play, isn’t going to last long.” Yoongi whispers in your ear.

    “I have no idea what you are talking about.” You say little confused.

    “Just wait.” He replies and lets go of you, but not before shooting you a wink.

    You look at the man confused and chuckle at his weird tactics. You turned your attention to your best friend of ages. A smile graced your lips as you hugged the tall man.

    “So, how’d you like the performance?” He asked pulling you closer than you already were.

    “I loved it. Especially dimple and Pied Piper.” You answered closing your eyes to soak at the moment.

    “Hmm” He replied as the two of you just stayed put.


    You walked into your apartment, tired from the show. An empty feeling made its way into your chest. You didn’t want to leave. You wanted to spend more time with your crush. But you knew he needed space. Even though he loves it when you are around. Or so you think.

    You decide to take a shower and freshen up from sweating so much at the concert. It wasn’t that there wasn’t any air conditioning. It was just that you had danced your heart out and had enjoyed each beat at the concert. You were also oblivious to the certain pair of eyes that had been glancing at you throughout the concert.

    When you were done with your shower, you poured some wine in a glass for yourself and sat on your dining table, eating food while replying to your emails. You were disturbed by a call. A call by someone that you wouldn’t mind being disturbed by.

    So without a second thought, you answered the call.

    “Hello?” You spoke.

    “Why aren’t you at the dorms?” he asked.

    “I thought it would be great to give you and the boys a break from me. I am there every day. I don’t think you guys will miss me for one night.” You said with a chuckle.

    “I don’t know about them, but I am missing you.” He said as your breath gets caught between your throat.

    You hadn’t expected him to say this. Well, even if he did, it was purely platonic.

    “Aww, and why is that?” You ask ignoring the burning sensation on your cheeks.

    “Well, for starters, you are a ray of sunshine that brings light wherever you go. So after concerts or meetings, when I come back home, and when you hug me, I feel like I’m on cloud nine. I love the feeling of you pressed against me. All of you. I love it when you let me spoon you whenever you stay over. I love the citrusy scent of your shampoo and body wash. I love your eyes. I get lost when looking at your eyes. I love watching you dance away and lose yourself in our songs. I love how soft your lips look. Only if I could feel them on mine.” He finishes.

    You couldn’t believe that this was happening. You were breathing heavily. It was like all the air from inside you had been sucked away.

    “Jaggi, please say something,” Jin said in a desperate voice.

    “I want to feel it too, your lips.” You manage to whisper.

    “Then open the door.” With that, you rush towards the door and swing it open.

    In no time, jin has scooped you in his arms and pushed your body against the now-closed door.

    “I have been waiting for ages.” He says against your lips.

    “Me too.” You say taking his lips between yours.

    You had expected a slow kiss, but what you received was even better. It was fast and hungry. You kissed back with equal need and force, not wanting the kiss to end.

    “I have been waiting to taste your lips.” Jin mutter as he kisses you again.

    Your nipples getting hard as you feel tingles down in your area. You weren’t wearing a bra, as you hadn’t expected someone to show up. At this point, even Jin could feel how hard your nipples had become.

    “So eager huh?” He asked rhetorically as he kissed down your jaw.

    He left trails of love bites on your neck as he reached your collarbones. Moans after moans escaped your lips as he sucked on your sweet spot. But he kept moving down till he reached your clothed breasts. Looking up at you for a moment, before he wrapped his luscious lips around one of the nipples. You threw your head back, the warmth taking over your body.

    “I think we should take this back to your room,” Jin said, his mouth not leaving your nipple.

    “Good call.” You answer even in your euphoric state.

    _ _ _ _ _

    Well, that took a few days to write. But if you liked, then please re post rather than copying. Thank you.

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