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  • Jimin: my doctor said I’m lacking in vitamin u lately ;)

    Jungkook: u stupid shit that’s not a thing

    Jungkook: wait-

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    Originally posted by jjeons

    • Paring: Jungkook x OC
    • Genres: Angst, Fluff, comedy, AU (is pretty versatile)
    • Words: 1,473
    • Summary: Childhood friends meet again but their lives are completely different and so is their relationship.


    “ Why did you give up? That is not the Sohee that I used to know.” The way he looked at me was full of pitty, just like my dad looked at me after my mother sent me away when I needed her the most.

    “You don’t know a thing. You haven’t been in my life for the past 10 years, and you think you can call me a quitter.” I spat at him. “You’ve had everything so easy. Your parents love you, and they love each other. They support you and will do anything for you to pursue your dreams.” I wanted to cry, my eyes were stinging, and my voice was shaking.

    “I’m sorry, it wasn’t my intention to hurt your feelings. Can we talk about what happened? Can I do something to help you…” I interrupted him, he seemed conflicted with the situation.

    “They said that it was too late for me. They said that I reached my ‘expiration date’ too soon. They took my scholarship away and told me to do something different. Do you know how hard it was for me to give away my save place? To give away the only place I felt like I belonged?” Just like that tears escaped my eyes.  


    “Sohee, how is school going?” Askes Chan my mother’s husband as we ate dinner.

    “It’s going okay, I should be able to graduate by the end of the year,” I responded calmly. “I’ve improved in photography and design a lot. Nothing special, but I’ll be able to get a job with my current skills,” you added.

    “Finally, Hyeri is about to start in college as well. How embracing would it be for her to catch up with her older sister. Why can’t you be more like her and Byul?” my mother always so loving added as she smiled to my perfect sister, who immediately smiled back at her. I felt Chan’s pitiful look on me. I hate the feeling of self-consciousness that my parental figures were so cable of making me feel.

    “Don’t be like that mom, she is good at photography, and her sketches are divine. The only reason she stayed behind is because of what happened,” added Byul, my younger brother. Honestly speaking, he is all I have in this house.

    “Do not worry about it Byul, mom has used harsher words before. After all, we all make mistakes, and I’m mom’s biggest one,” I placed my utensils down and excused myself. “Thanks for the food. I’ll be going to my room now.”

    “Just so you know,” she added as I stood up. “Jeon Jungkook will be coming from Busan to finish college. He’ll be staying here. Since you two were friends, I thought it would be kind to let you know,” if anyone knew how to take my sleep away, that was my mother. Why? Why is he coming back to my life after so long? I wish he didn’t, so at least someone would remember the old me.

    “Thank you. I’ll be going now,” I bowed my head to them and walked to my room.

    I went to bed a little bit after getting some homework done. I couldn’t sleep much, instead, I did some wondering. I tried to picture how he would look after so many years, how his voice would sound, would he still likes the same food, or if he changed a lot.

    Some noises coming from downstairs woke me up the next day. I got up, went ahead for a quick shower, got dressed to go for my daily run, but I did not expect what was waiting for me in the living room. I wasn’t ready to see him. I was not ready for him to receive me with his huge bunny smile that stayed unchanged by the years. As soon as we made eye contact, he walked towards me with a smile that showed all his teeth.

    “ Wow Sohee, you grew up so much. Look at you now.” I couldn’t believe my eyes. This handsome and tall guy could not possibly be the same little kid you used to know. The last time I saw Jeon Junkook we were 13 years old, by the time I was still taller than him, and now, he was at least 5 inches taller than I was. His face didn’t change much, he still had his cute baby features but he looked much more like… a man.

    “It’s okay for you to talk sis, he knows you are not mute, you know. ” Teased Byul after I stayed quiet for a few seconds. Moments like these are the ones that made me want to kill him.

    “Yeah… I know… just” I couldn’t help but mumble. “Hey, how have you been? It’s been a while indeed. I could swear you were shorter than me the last time I saw you. ” I finally added and mentally smacked myself. From all the things I could’ve said, I picked the dumbest one. I could see the sparkle in his eyes, he wanted to laugh at how fast I was talking.

    “ I think it’s been 10 years since I last saw you, I couldn’t help but grow up, you know. I was so disappointed last time I visited, I wanted to see you and maybe get some dance pointers from you, but you were in Spain with your dad. I’m so glad that you are here this time, we are going to have a blast dancing together in school.” He brushed the back of his hair nervously as he smiled. What did he mean pointers? Dancing together? And in school from all places? Wasn’t he aware of what happened? Was this a cruel joke? I started to frown as my thoughts spread like wildfire.

    “How about we go get breakfast? We can keep catching up later.” Byul signaled me with his eyes while saving the moment. And that, I reminded myself, is the reason why I haven’t killed him yet, he was somewhat useful sometimes.

    He didn’t know. Of course, my mother didn’t mention the accident, she was probably ashamed, she didn’t want to explain how her mixed puppy lost her only talent and had to start college from the very beginning. She didn’t want to say that she sent her daughter away to Spain with her father just so she wouldn’t feel less than her friends and their outstanding offsprings. I felt my stomach turn, disgust and disbelieve filled me as we walked to the dining room. I could hear my family asking questions to Jungkook, but I couldn’t focus on the conversation.

    “Sohee, are you still here?” I heard Jungkook asking as Byul squeezed my hand and made me come back to the conversation just in time to catch what was going on.

    “Sorry, I get distracted easily,” I excused my self.

    “Are you okay? you haven’t touched your food at all. Are you feeling alright?” He looked concerned.

    “Yes, I’m completely okay, I’m just used to having a light breakfast and going for a run with Taehyung, he should be getting here anytime now,” I answered as I looked at my watch.  


    “Okay, you are extremely distracted today. What is going on? Who was the confused guy at your house?” Taehyung bombarded me with questions.

    “Someone is extremely curious today, don’t you thing slow ass?” I tried to divert the focus from the conversation as I speed up, but not to my surprise, he caught up quite quickly with those long legs of his.  

    “Hey, I know you? What’s up?” he stopped me by grabbing my forearm and guided me to a bench close by.

    “He is my childhood friend Tae. He doesn’t know that I can’t dance anymore. He must be so confused, thinking that I’m acting weird, or that I’m avoiding him, which I am. Oh, God! I’m not ready to tell him Tae” I half cried out. “It’s as if by admitting to him that I will never dance again, it will become an unchangeable reality.” I wanted to cry.

    “I’m sorry Mochi.” he hadn’t used that nickname for a while and that made want to cry even more. It was stupid of me, I see now that I was asking for too much. Tae has been my friend since I started school here after moving from Busan, but around six months ago, he told me that he wanted to be more than friends. Selfish me, asked to stay as friends, and pretend that nothing happened. I stepped on his feelings, all because I didn’t want anything to change. I was too afraid to commit, too afraid to be responsible for a heart. And just like that, I broke down and started to cry.

    “I’m sorry Tae, I’m really sorry.”  

    A/N: Hello everyone, I’m sorry, this might not be the most entertaining chapter but I had to somehow build the plot. I promise to do better and pick up the beat. thanks for reading. with love…..


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  • why are halsey stans getting mad over us only streaming suga’s interlude and not the rest of the album??? they probably only streamed boy with luv and not the whole of persona but you didn’t see us crying over that?

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    devil in disguise *wow* 🔥🖤

    ©️photo to owner

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  • My First Reaction to BTS

    Jin- at first I thought he was like the middle child but after a couple months of stanning I figured out he was the oldest :) also I figured how sassy he was and he became my spirit human and will forever remain my spirit human. Also how confident he is in calling himself worldwide handsome, I love that about him. Also another reason why he’s my spirit human is that we both love food and can cook :D not showing off just saying food is good

    Suga- like everyone else he immediately stood out like the bad boy to me and like he didn’t give a shit about any of the members you know but now I see like cute little tiny Yoongi :D

    J-hope- he stood like the flower boy I thought he was the oldest but I soon figured he wasn’t, he did seem so happy and full of sunshine. He was actually my first bias but then I moved to Jimin :)

    RM- not gonna lie…I thought he was a singer I don’t know he just looked like a singer to me. But anyways I soon figured he was the leader and rapper, and that he spoke English, when I first saw him I thought he was handsome (I still do)

    Jimin- Jimin seemed like the trouble maker and middle child, but also like very sensitive and emotional for some reason I don’t know. And now he’s my bias :)

    V- he seemed like the second oldest, also very serious like Yoongi I got that first impression because of the DNA mv, that part at the end where his voice deep, I never knew someone can have that type of affect on a person or even that deep of voice…in conclusion I was shocked

    Jungkook- honestly Jungkook I thought he looked like jin because my eyes were not the best back then, I thought that because in the mic drop mv you know they both had dark hair so my dumbass was like “oh they look the same” but as I keep on stanning they don’t look like each other…Jungkook has unbelievable duality

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  • BTS REACTIONS : You’re a youtuber

    • Kim Seokjin

    Originally posted by kimseokjin

    “Yah jagiya, what are you doing?”, Jin asked as he raised an eyebrow confused at you as you film him with your phone.

    “I’m filming a grocery shopping vlog dummy and I forgot my camera at home”, you giggled as Jin just shake his head amused at you, carrying on searching for the ingredients he would cook for dinner later.

    “Can we get these?”, you pointed at the different flavored Pocky sticks on sale, pursuing your lips into a pout to try and convince Seokjin.

    “Yah, you’ll get sugar rush again. I don’t want to stay up late again jagi”, Jin tried to reason but felt his shoulders slump as soon as he saw the adorable pout you were giving him. Jin let out a deep sigh before nodding his head yes making you whooped in victory before scooping different flavored Pocky sticks into your arms and dumping them into the cart.

    “The things I do for love”, Jin smiled at the camera making you giggle before giving him a peck on the cheek and muttered out a small thanks.

    “Should we do a what I eat in a day video?”, you questioned as you film the products laid out in your cart before panning up to catch Jin’s reaction.

    “How about you help me cook? That’s a good video idea”, Jin replied as he pushes the cart towards the checking area as you walked slowly behind him, zooming your camera to catch a view of his ass in his tight clad jeans.

    “Yah! Don’t film my ass! Make sure to edit that out or you’re getting it”.

    • Min Yoongi

    Originally posted by breadgenie

    “Why are we doing this again?”, Yoongi grumbled as he eyes all the make up products scattered across your desk.

    “Because the viewers wanted you to join today’s video and they’re not taking no for an answer”, you cackled as Yoongi lets out an annoyed sigh before picking up a random brush and lightly hit you on your arm.

    “What the hell Yoongi?”, you shrieked, massaging the spot where he hit you as you have him a small glare.

    “This is what you get for waking me up so damn early, just for a make up video”, Yoongi answered before pointing a finger at the camera and threateningly glared at it.

    “You gotta please the audience babe”, you mumbled before clapping your hands to start the video and did your usual intro.

    “Today, I’m here with my boyfriend, Yoongi, and he’s gonna do my make up. I hope it’ll turn out great since you’ve watch me do my make up before”, you announced making Yoongi grumble and picked up a random brush and the blush powder.

    “I have never even paid attention to you getting your make up done”, Yoongi commented as he harshly drags the brush into the blush palette before gently brushing it to the apples of your cheeks making you chuckle at how clueless he is at what he’s doing.

    “But you always watch me though”, you replied as you let Yoongi do his thing with your make up and to your face.

    “True, but I prefer your natural beauty. You’re so much better without all this crap on your face”, Yoongi reasoned making you awe at his heartfelt words and how adorable he looks concentrating on blending colors into your eyelids.

    After a few moments of small talk, Yoongi was finally finished with your make up.

    “I think it looks good. That’ll be ten bucks, thank you very much”, Yoongi joked as you smack his arm, giggling at his words before picking up your mirror to study his artwork.

    “Yah! What the hell did you do?”, you shouted as you looked at yourself in horror at how wrong and messy your make up looks. Yoongi looks at you and the camera with an offended look before replying.

    “Hey! This is what you call artwork, you ungrateful shit”.

    • Jung Hoseok

    Originally posted by hope-film

    “This is so sad”, Hoseok commented giving the camera a sad look as he turns his attention back to the fan made video you two were reacting to.

    “The title is literally me dying, of course it’s sad”, you laughed giving him a light smack to his arm, resting your head on his shoulders feeling his arm wrapped around your waist giving it a gentle squeeze.

    “Why would they do that to you?”, Hoseok mumbled as he places small kisses to your temple and rubs your tummy affectionately.

    After a few moments of shedding tears for the wonderfully edited sad video imagine of the two of you. You were scrolling down your Twitter to read more requests that the viewers wanted the both of you to react to when Hoseok suddenly saw another video played next and oh boy, it was a smut imagine for the two of you.

    Hoseok smugly pressed play and moans started spilling from your laptop speaker making you bolt in your seat at the sudden loudness.

    “Yah! What the fuck?”, you shrieked as mixed moans of someone who almost sounded like you and Hoseok rang throughout the room.

    “That sounds like you Y/N”, Hoseok exclaimed as he threw his head back in laughter making you smack him in the arm and paused the video.

    Then a knock cut through the room seeing the maknaes peering through your now open door with smug expressions plastered on their faces.

    “Are you guys filming a sex tape?”, Jimin smirked making you quickly react by throwing Hoseok’s shoe at them as they cower out of the room, their laughter echoing through the hallway.

    “I hope that stays in the video”, Hoseok giggled as he pinches your reddening cheeks before giving the camera a wide grin and dropped his right eye for a wink.

    • Kim Namjoon

    Originally posted by joonsoulmap

    “What is your favorite body part of each other?”, Namjoon reads from your phone as he then turns his attention to you and waits for your answer.

    “I love your hands because whenever you hold my hand tight, it makes me feel all fuzzy inside”, you blushed as you laced your hand with Namjoon’s making him blush as well and gave you a small peck on your lips.

    “I love your face because you’re so cute and beautiful”, Namjoon giggled with you then heard a someone whining and cussing behind the camera only to see the maknaes overdramatically fake throwing up and teasing the two of you.

    “I forgot that they were even in here”, Namjoon embarrassingly scratched the back of his neck as you just glare at the maknaes silently telling them to be quiet making them comply.

    “Read another question hyung!”, Jungkook demanded as he slides further down into the couch in your recording room, cuddling into Taehyung’s side.

    “Do you see yourself marrying each other?”, Namjoon reads making the boys whoop in cheer and clapped their hands.

    “This better be not you proposing right now because I think I deserve to be engaged in some fancy ass beach or something”, you teased Namjoon who only flushed deep red as he hides his face in his hands leaning onto you.

    “Yah hyung! She’s already rejecting your proposal”, Taehyung laughed as he clutches his stomach from too much laughter while the other two maknaes lay on the couch laughing along with him.

    Then the door slammed opened revealing the other members who only stared disappointed at Namjoon. All of you bursted out laughing when Jin started to overdramatically rant.

    “Yah! You’re proposing to her?! This is some shit proposal Namjoon!”.

    • Park Jimin

    Originally posted by kimseokjin

    “Aww Y/N! You look so adorable!”, Jimin gushed as soon as he saw you exit the bathroom wearing his clothes. The fans have been wanting the two of you to do a video where Jimin dresses you up in his clothes which he gladly agreed to.

    “It’s too big for me”, you laughed as you try to tuck his oversized shirt more into the skinny jeans that he dressed you in. The shirt was indeed too big for your small frame and was practically like a blanket tuck into your pants.

    “She’s so cute”, Jimin gushed at the camera making you laugh and felt your cheeks burn at his compliments.

    “You look so beautiful jagi”, Jimin chuckled as he stood up from his stool and walked towards you to wrapped his arms around your waist, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck.

    “This is gonna be the highlight of the video”, Jimin added making the both of you laugh as you share a kiss in front of the camera knowing that the fans are going to go nuts at this part of the video.

    • Kim Taehyung

    Originally posted by jung-koook

    “So I just have to guess if these bikinis are cheap or expensive?”, Taehyung quizzically asks as he examines the pile of bikinis you have behind the camera. You can tell that he was growing excited as soon as his gaze fell on the pile of bikinis then to your figure.

    “Are you gonna put them on now?”, Taehyung smirked before giving his adorable boxy smile at the camera and drop his left eye into a wink. You giggled behind the camera before stripping as you change into a hot pink bikini that was probably about $35.

    “I’m horny now”, Taehyung openly mumbled making you chuckle and hit his arm making him chuckle along with you and awkwardly scratched the back on his neck.

    “You are such a perv”, you giggled placing a delicate kiss on his cheek before letting him guess what the price of the bikini was.

    “Can you give me a twirl?”, Taehyung requested as he suggestively wiggles his eyebrows at you making you roll your eyes but nonetheless fulfilled his wish.

    As soon as you began to turn around to show him how the bikini suits you, he then stops you mid turn as was now facing the wall with your backside showing to the camera.

    “Can I make your butt bounce?”, Taehyung adorably giggled as he plays with the ribbons on each side of your waist holding up the underwear. You giggled as you hit his arm yet again.

    “What the hell Tae?”, you giggled trying to wiggle away from his grasp but he only whined and pulled you even closer to him.

    “Please?”, he pleaded jutting out his lower lip, with now puppy gaze and an adorable pout in display you dejectedly nodded your head making him clapped his hands and giggled.

    You felt his large warm hands on your butt before smacking it making it jiggle at the sudden contact. You then turned at him only to see him grinning proudly at you as if he just accomplished something great out of it.

    “You are such a child”, you rolled your eyes to show that you’re annoyed but the smile on your lips says otherwise. He only poked at your cheeks before teasingly sticking his tongue out to annoy you further.

    “Blame yourself for having a nice ass then”.

    • Jeon Jungkook

    “I hate that stupid duck”, Jungkook grumbled as he switches through the camera while you only laughed beside him. You had managed to convince Jungkook to play FNAF on your channel due to the audience’s request. And now you were having the laugh of your life while Jungkook was only angrily grumbling in his seat desperately wanting to win and survive five nights.

    “Her name is Chica you uncultured swine”, you teased as you rest your chin on his shoulder making him visibly relax with your gesture for comfort and he was now focused on surviving the night with a battery on 43% at 3am.

    “You’re just glad at the fact that I’m practically shitting my pants right now because of that stupid duck”, he nervously chuckles as he switches through the cameras.

    “Yep, I’m so glad that they requested this”, you smirked as you continue to watch Jungkook cautiously watch the cameras if the animatronic animals moved places.

    “How the heck did you even survived five nights?”, Jungkook whined as he locks the doors seeing the bunny, Bonnie, was close to the office.

    “I have no idea”, you muttered and went silent as Jungkook flashes the light on the bunny in hopes to make it go away due to his power slowly running out and it was just 5am with a battery of 10%.

    “These are shit batteries”, Jungkook grumbles as he grits his teeth silently crossing his fingers and hoping that he wins the game but alas the power drained out quickly making the room in the game go dark as Freddy’s signature theme song plays through the creepy silence.

    Jungkook jumped in his seat when Freddy came into the screen and flashed that he lost the game.

    “Alright, I need to beat this shitty game now”, Jungkook determinedly announces making you chuckle in your spot, amused that Jungkook isn’t letting his failure win this situation.

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  • One of the songs that i just can’t get enough of and that will never get old in my head, i recommend this🧡✨

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