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  • ot7armytata
    18.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    14/01/2013- Twitter do Rap Monster

    Olá, sou RapMons. Quando é verão, sempre digo que odeio o inverno e quando é inverno digo que odeio o verão, mas odeio o inverno. Além disso, as roupas (para o inverno) são caras ... ugh .. eu não aguento o frio ... mesmo assim, enquanto eu penso nas pessoas no Canadá, na Groenlândia vestindo apenas um macacão, tipo uma peça de roupas, aguentando o frio.

    Eu quero superar ah ... então o que é isso tudo? só que estou com muito frio e quero que todos vocês se aqueçam um pouco hahahaahaha

    (Tradução | @ot7armytata |. Se for repostar, dê os créditos 💜)

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  • minjoonapio
    18.10.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    Run BTS Ep. 155 - "Paradise"

    Jungkook and Taehyung trying to imitate Namjoon on Ep. 89

    I just find this adorable
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  • jihopes
    18.10.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    still thinking abt my taehyung result....so true my type is emotionally constipated losers with commitment issues <3

    #who will be my namjoon <3333 #yes i kno this is my own quiz and that a reason i got into bts is in part bcs the stigma mv hits close but like ....damn.......that hurt <3 #dl
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  • stargazerauraa
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    chapter 7

    chapter 8

    The man glances your way then averts his gaze back to Jimin. "Jiho! Nice to see you. Yes she is." He places a hand on the small of your back and guides you as you both follow the tall man, who you now know is Jiho.

    The interior of this gigantic house is extravagant. Most of it being black, there are accents of darker purples and some warm cremes.

    Despite the dark colour scheme the house is bright due to overly bright lights that are fitted on the ceiling. You notice coloured lights in other rooms as you walk past too.

    Jiho reaches some more huge doors at the end of the hallway, he pushes them open and extends his arm, signalling for us to go in. You notice the vast amount of people there, everyone dressed extremely well but also quite sexily.

    At this thought you look over to Jimin and take in his outfit. His silky black dress shirt is not buttoned all the way up, three of the top buttons are undone giving view to his jewellery. He's tucked it lazily into his black jeans, making him look effortlessly put together.

    One thing you loved about Jimin was his "i give zero fucks, if i like it i'll wear it" attitude. You wish that you could take on his mindset sometimes.

    He grabs your hands and brings your attention to what he's saying and away from his attire, which he knows you're loving.

    "Let's have fun tonight. Just you and I."

    Your heart begins to race as he looks into your eyes, but as he looks away you being questioning why you feel like this all of a sudden. Jimin sighs in relief when you nod shyly and avert your attention to everyone in the large room.

    You notice the way his brown eyes glint under the dim lights, his chocolate brown hair that's always perfectly dyed. It's the little things about him that send your mind spiralling.

    They always have done. You used to scold yourself for finding him so attractive since you weren't single, but now you are. Why should you feel bad?

    While lost in your thoughts, Jimin releases your hands from his grasp as a woman and a man walk over to you both.

    "Enjoying the party?" The woman says, placing hear hand on Jimin's upper arm. You nod in response, taking a sip of the champagne that you just picked up from one of the servers.

    "Yes, thank you. It's nice to see you again." Jimin smiles warmly towards the pair. "They're hosting the party."


    The party has been ongoing for four hours now and you haven't had this much fun in such a long time. You've danced with Jimin and been introduced to some of his close friends, drank some expensive alcohol and just generally felt free.

    Jimin's hand runs down your back, stopping at the curve of your spine. "I've never been this tired at a party. You're draining me." He jokes in a husky voice close to your ear.

    His warm breath tickling your skin, you grip onto his shoulder a little tighter.

    "You're the biggest partier i've ever known, i'm sure you've gone crazier than this." You retort, equally as close to his face as he is yours.

    The close proximity between the two of you creating a type of tension you've never felt before.

    He slowly angles his face to yours, glancing from your lips to your eyes and back to your lips. You catch yourself being pulled into him slowly as his lips just touch yours.

    You pull away, feeling overwhelmed and grab his hand, leading him to the bar so you can sit down.

    "How will we get home? We've both been drinking." You question as you search how for a bottle of water. You've never been a big drinker and you're at your limit.

    Jimin leans back and rests his elbows on the bar behind him, taking a deep breath. He's been thinking about this all night. Truthfully, he doesn't want tonight to end. He's enjoyed every second of tonight with you, maybe a little too much.

    If he's honest with himself, he's been wanting to get you alone for a while but the universe wasn't on his side.

    You've been friends for a while, but he's also been watching you since you entered his life.

    He loves the way you present yourself. You're a perfect mix of calm and attitude. My god.. he loves that attitude of yours sometimes.

    Your emotions mimic the sea, it can turn from perfectly calm to rough within minutes. He finds it so intriguing. He finds you intriguing.

    "Since this is my close friends home, they said we could stay here the night." He runs a hand through his now slightly dishevelled hair.

    You're too tired to disagree. Plus, this place is luxurious. You wouldn't mind staying here for the night.

    Jimin leads you through the party, weaving though couples dancing and kissing, and into the hallway.

    The staircase looks intricately made, hand crafted. The railings made of wood, cold to the touch as you grab them to guide you to your room for the night. Once you walk down the ridiculously long hallway, you reach the end room. When Jimin pushes it open, you gasp.

    It's the biggest room you've ever seen. There are two beds and an en suite with a large bath, and standing shower. Since the room is towards the back of the house, the view is of the gardens. It has an old looking fountain surrounded by different coloured roses.

    "This is beautiful." You breathe out as you drop onto the soft bed, kicking your uncomfortable heels off somewhere. Where, you really don't care.

    Jimin sits on the edge of the other bed, directly opposite of you.

    He places his elbows on his knees, letting his chin rest on his hands. Silver rings adorning his fingers, making him stand out even more in the dull light of the room.

    Why must he be so perfect? You wonder as you take in all of his features, you wish you could take a mental picture. "We can share this room." He speaks up and begins removing his shoes.

    Your eyes shoot open as you watch him walk around the room, adjusting small things here and there. "Why? I can take the room across the hall."

    He stops closing the blinds and turns to you. Eyes pleading for something you're not sure of,

    "Theres two beds here, just stay here tonight," His voice trails off as he makes his way back to the bed. Jimin leans forward slightly and smirks, "I'm sure we can control ourselves, right?"

    You find yourself smiling back and stop yourself.

    Can i?

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  • btshinez
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Namjoon : ohk ...so everyone listen !! THE FLOOR IS LAVA

    jimin : trying to help taehyung get over the counter

    Yoongi : pushes jungkook off the couch

    Namjoon : ...so as you can see there are two types of people -

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  • ahhellnoooo
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Namjoon: You may be wondering if I enjoy engaging conversations.

    Jungkook: Do my elbows match?


    Namjoon:but in this house, we may never know

    #inncorrect quotes #inncorrect kpop quotes #inncorrect bts #inncorrect bts quotes #kim namjoon#jeon jungkook
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  • athenathesharkwrites
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    You’re My Friend - Kim Namjoon

    A70— “You’re my friend, of course I fucking care.”

    Warnings: Angst, a hint of fluff.

    W/C: 977.

    You look at Hoseok with concern in your eyes as you step closer to Namjoon’s studio, Hoseok had called you earlier and had told you that Namjoon’s closed himself in his studio, and refused to talk to anyone, and with them knowing he had even you a key in case you wanted to visit him late at night, they had called you, ‘Because you two are so close, only you can help him.’

    You step into his studio and see his head in his hands, you softly close the door behind you, causing him to lift his head to look at who had entered his space, you could see his face falling before he turned his chair away from you.

    “What are you doing here?” He asks, your shoulders fall at how he sounded, defeated and almost angry.

    “Joon…” You softly say, you step closer to him. “I’m here because everyone is concerned about you.” He spins around in his chair, making you take a step back from the sudden action.

    “Because everyone is concerned about me?” He asks, you could see him squinting his eyes, his face almost red with anger. “Nobody’s fucking concerned, Y/n, they just want to know if I’m able to work not.”

    “That’s not true, and you know it!” You say. “They’re concerned for your well-being, they’re cornered that you’re n—“ he suddenly stands from his chair and cuts you off.

    “Nobody fucking cares about my well-being!” He says loudly. “And I’m damn sure that you don’t give a fuck either.” Your fingers curl into your palms as your hands form into a fist. “Just fucking go, they just called you because you had a key.” You had heard the saying, ‘Words hurt more than anything.’ And they were right. “Give me the fucking key also, I don’t want you to get back in here.” Your jaw clenches and you push your hand into the pocket of your jacket.

    “You’re my friend, of course I fucking care, Namjoon.” You say, you feel around the pocket, looking for the key. “But you’re obviously not in the right headspace and that’s why they called me, to come and check on you.” You pull the key out from your pocket. “I’m glad they told me that my friend had locked himself in his studio, because otherwise, I wouldn’t have known about this, but the way you’re acting right now.” You toss the key onto the table, it slides underneath one of the many piles of papers he had on his desk. “You need to get out of the studio, you need to take in some fresh air and take a step back!” His eyes follow the key that had disappeared underneath his papers. “That’s what you need, because burning yourself out isn’t going to help you, or anyone, and especially not your fucking health.” You would see his jaw clenching, he didn’t dare look at you. “We’re your damn friends, we care about you, we care if something happens to you, we care if you don’t feel like yourself, we fucking care.” You turn around and move towards the door, your hand grabs the knob only for him to place his hand on top of yours.

    “Wait…” He says, you could feel his front pressing against your back, his scent surrounds you. “Can we… Can you…” You look over your shoulder at him. “Stay… can you stay?” You release the knob, making him release your hand, you turn around to face him, the space between you almost non-existent.

    “You need to get out… see something else other than these four walls.” You say. “You may think it won’t help, but trust me… a change of scenery is always helpful.”

    “Then let’s go, but please don’t leave me on my own right now.” He says, you nod your head, moving closer to him, you wrap your arms around him, his arms instantly move around you, burying his head into the crook of your neck, you could feel him starting to shake before hearing his heartbreaking sobs into your shoulder, your hands gently rub his back, letting him cry into the crook of your neck. “It’s just… it’s getting too hard…” You carefully walk him backwards, moving to the leather sofa he had in his studio.

    “Okay, here, sit down.” You say, you carefully sit down with him next to you. “Lay your head on my lap.” He does as you say, his tears not stopping, you gently comb your fingers through his hair as he practically hid his face into your thick thighs. “No one expects you to do the entire album on your own, and no one wants you to have a breakdown, Joon.” You could feel him nod. “You need a break, a day, even though a week would be much better, you need a break, and get away from these four walls.” You move your hand away from his head and place it on his arm, gently stroking your hand up and down his arm. “I’m going to extend an invitation to you, it’s up to you if you want to accept it or not, come stay with me for a week, and just relax, let your worries be put on hold for one week.” You knew he could be stubbing sometimes, but you hoped that this time he would give and listen to you.

    “Okay…” He quietly says. “I’ll come over to your place for a week.”

    “No working.” You say. “Unless you genuinely feel inspired, but if I catch you forcing yourself to be productive, I’m going to break your laptop and phone.” He knew you would, he knew it all too well, you had done it once before.

    “Thank you, Y/n…” He says. “For being my friend… for being here for me, right now.”

    “Of course, what are friends for?”

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  • bts-and-marvel-on-crack
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Namjoon: If you could guess, how many brain cells do you have? Seokjin: Dorito’s cool ranch. Namjoon: Namjoon: I'm just gonna assume zero for now. Seokjin: I love that song.

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  • deepseavibez
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago


    Nerve || KNJ

    If I believed you y/n, it would mean that someone could find happiness even with their heart miles away from them. 🥀



    Part 1 || Stalemate
    Part 2 || Ellipsis
    Part 3 || Unsalvageable
    Part 3.5 - Trapped
    Part 4 || Unanimous
    Part 5 || Leashed
    Part 5.5 - Reflection
    Part 6 || Worthy [updated 15/10/21]
    Part 7 - coming soon
    Part 7.5 - coming soon


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  • a-namjoon-a-day
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Happy Monday ♡

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  • kmimagines
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago


    ↬︎ group: bts

    ↬︎ featuring: OT7

    ↬︎ warning(s):

    PLOT. what i think the bts boys would go as for halloween.

    2021 halloween masterlist

    [ mha ver. ]

    [ jimin ]

    prince. just visualize with me, ok? ok. iconic.

    [ namjoon ]

    bob ross. . .literally the first thing that came to mind and i can’t ignore it.

    [ hobi ]

    jim carrey’s the mask. y’all remember his purple fit for the dynamite dance break ‘michael jackson’ style, right? that’s exactly why.

    [ taehyung ]

    the joker. either heath’s or joaquin’s.

    [ jungkook ]

    honestly, he’s giving me nightwing vibes. could totally see him dressing up as dick grayson.

    [ jin ]

    the pink panther. yes god. yes!!

    [ yoongi ]

    jack sparrow. yes, this will do.

    ↬︎ join the taglist: @cliffordasparagus @olamidey @knjkitten @sweeneyblue1 @pimpnameyannie @sunrayyellowhalo @namjoonswifeyy @valkryienymph @marvellifeforever

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  • humblebih
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    yas he was staring at me

    (we were in biology and sadly i sit in the first row and he sits like in the third or fourth and i look back to listen to the guy who sits next to him and as i turn around i look at him and i see him already looking at me so i quickly glance back at the other guy and ahhh its was like a bit scary cause he looked at me so seriously like he zoned out at me or was staring at me ajdgajbajah)

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  • ugh-bangtan
    18.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
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