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    random icons! <3

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    ❣eleven: what am I forgetting

    Bulletproof Heart

    A/n: fuuuuckkkk (ignore the time stamps here, they're all jacked up and I dont feel like fixing them. These conversations all happen the morning after party)

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    #bulletproof heart ❣ #bts social media au #bts fake texts #bts smau#bts fanfic#bts yoongi#bts hoesok#bts namjoon #bts x you #bts x y/n #bts x reader #bts angst#bts au
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    When He Brings Your Child Onstage At A Music Show ~ BTS Reaction


    “She’ll be alright just coming for the encore.”

    Before you had the chance to protest Jin had taken your daughter’s hand from yours, helping her up the couple of steps to the stage of M Countdown.

    Her eyes lit up as she looked around, especially to Hobi who kneeled before her. “Do you want to hold the trophy that we won Y/D/N?”

    “It’s big,” she smiled, carefully taking it out of her uncle’s hold. “Daddy, did you win this?” She asked, looking up at him.

    “I did,” he spoke, kneeling down so that he was at your level, “and all of your uncles won it too, not just me.”

    “Wow, that’s so cool.”

    As Jin felt the camera pan towards him, he turned his daughter so that she was facing it. “Wave to the camera Y/D/N and all the people that are watching.”

    His hands held onto the trophy as she waved down the lens of the camera, “how do you know that people are watching right now?”

    Jin chuckled back at her, “I just know that they’re watching, especially now you’re the star of the encore too.”

    “I’m not star, the trophy would be mine if I was.”


    “I can’t believe you managed to get him to do that.”

    Yoongi chuckled loudly as the boys all walked off the stage with your son his arms having snuck him up to be a part of the ending fairy on Inkigayo.

    Your smile widened as you met your son’s excited eyes. “That was so cool mum, now I know how daddy feels when he’s on stage.”

    “You did good buddy,” Jungkook hummed, coming up alongside Yoongi, offering a high five out to your son happily.

    “The most handsome ending fairy ever,” Yoongi mused, placing him back down to his feet. “He did a good job.”

    “Much better than you.”

    Yoongi’s eyes widened at your statement, resting his hands to your hips. “Do you want to be our next ending fairy? See if you can do any better then?”

    Your head instantly shook, muttering an apology. “There’s no way you will ever get me up on that stage, let’s get that clear.”

    Yoongi hummed back at you, “I could already imagine how good you would look as an ending fairy for a stage next week.”

    “It’s not happening, ending fairies are Y/S/N’s speciality now.”


    “The views will be insane if Y/D/N makes an appearance.”

    You weren’t quite sure whether you were hearing things right as the boys all planned around you a way to get your daughter to feature on the stage.

    From beside you, Hobi lifted his arm into the air. “Maybe we could just have her in the background dancing, she’s too young for instruction.”

    “That’s true,” Jin stated in response to him, “and this is Show Champion anyway, so they probably won’t care too much.”

    “Are you using my daughter as a way to get more views for your stage by any chance?” You then asked them.”

    “As if we would ever.”

    Your head shook as each of them all weakly smiled back at you. “At any point were you going to ask me what I thought about my child going up on the stage.”

    Hobi threw his arms around you tightly, “she always bangs on about how she wants to be like me, so now’s her chance to experience it.”

    As you looked to your daughter, she already had a wide smile on her face. “Just don’t make her look like a fool.”

    “Don’t worry, she’ll be the star ahead of us anyway.”


    “You were far better than daddy was on the stage.”

    Namjoon’s eyes widened as you complimented your son, picking him up as soon as he ran down the stairs coming off the stage of Inkigayo and into your arms.

    You smiled back at him as he continued to watch you closely. “May I remind you who the actual member of BTS is out of the two of us.”

    “It should be Y/S/N,” you continued to tease, “he completely outshone you on that stage this afternoon by the way.”

    “No way,” Namjoon laughed, tickling your son’s tummy, “daddy was the best out there, wasn’t he Y/S/N?”

    “No, I was.”

    You both fell into laughter as your son smiled proudly. “You’re supposed to tell me that I was the best, was I at least better than your uncles on stage?”

    Your son looked to you for reassurance before shaking his head. “Uncle Jimin always looks so cool when he’s on the stage.”

    Namjoon smiled back at him, “I guess no one can come close to Jimin, although you might be the exception.”

    “One day, I’ll debut just like you did daddy.”


    “You’re making her go up wearing that?”

    Jimin’s head nodded back at you as he showed the costume that had been picked out for your daughter to wear as a feature for their performance on The Show.

    He smiled proudly as he studied her, “I told you that she was going to be a part of the set, I think she makes a beautiful candy cane too.”

    “It’s different,” you frowned, unable to take your eyes off of your daughter’s smile, “at least she looks excited to be up there.”

    “No one will even know it’s her,” he quickly assured you, “we’ve set it up so only we know that it’s her.”

    “Are you definitely sure?”

    His head instantly nodded back at you, “I know you’re nervous about her being on stage, but we’ve set this up especially so that she can enjoy herself.”

    You sighed softly as you met his eyes, “I know you keep using Y/D/N, but I can tell that this means a lot to you too to have her there.”

    His head nodded in agreement, “I’d be lying if I said that all of this wasn’t making my heart very happy indeed.”

    “As long as the two of you are happy, that’s all that matters.”


    “Is that Y/S/N in the intro?”

    Your head nodded as a member of staff appeared beside you, monitoring the boys’ performance as you did for their comeback on Music Core.

    Your smile widened as you watched the clip that they’d filmed earlier in the day. “Taehyung said that he had to be a part of it somehow.”

    “He’s definitely following in his father’s footsteps,” she acknowledged, watching closely, “he’s a bit of a natural really.”

    “He was trained well,” you laughed back at her, “he had to rehearse the scene so many times this morning.”

    “The boys are perfectionists.”

    Your head nodded in agreement with her, “he just wants the fans to see him as a father and keep him involved in the music somehow as well.”

    She smiled across at you, “I think the intro will have melted the fans before the stage even begins after watching that.”

    Your head shook, “it’ll just be something nice for the three of us to look back on in a few years’ time too.”

    “Definitely, you’re the perfect family to watch and spend time with.”


    “Bangtan Sonyeondan, congratulations!”

    As soon as the trophy for Music Bank was passed to Namjoon, he ran along the line of the members and passed it to your daughter who stood with Kook.

    Her eyes widened as he handed the trophy to her before returning to the front of the line. “Take good care of this one for me Y/D/N.”

    “Wow,” she grinned, turning back to look up at Jungkook who stood behind her, “it’s really heavy daddy, what do I do?”

    “Hold it,” he chuckled, ruffling the top of her head, “you’ve got to look after it for us whilst we perform.”

    “Are you singing again?”

    Jungkook nodded, kneeling down to keep her in position on the stage, “we get to sing our song again because we won, that’s why we have the fancy trophy.”

    Her eyes studied it once again closely, “can I keep it?” She then questioned, taking Jungkook slightly by surprise as he looked at the others.

    He smiled back to her after studying them all, “we’ll have to ask your uncles first and see what they say.”

    “Will they say yes? I hope they let me keep it daddy.”



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    04.08.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    so if I were to write another fic in my ot7 maknae yoongi vampire universe, what would yall want to see??

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    A/N: WHEW OKAY I FINALLY DID IT. sorry it took this long to get it uploaded, i’m moving across the state in like twelve days and am not! prepared! but part ten will be coming tomorrow, fear not! i hope you all enjoyed the update. let me know if you’d like to be added to the taglist💕 — Rynn

    tag list: @taeshuworld @hxseok-honee @deepseavibez @wannabestark @burningupp-replies @lele-bb

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    ↳  𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠 𝐢𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐬𝐚𝐯𝐞 ღ

    ↳ 𝐝𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞!

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    'uhgood' (어긋)

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    namjoon icon.

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    Stranded || K.TH

    By: Gvccijams

    Available on Wattpad and Inkitt

    Some things to know:

    -thriller/romance with slight smut

    -y/n explores her sexuality 💗💜💙

    -enemies to friends to lovers

    -mentions all of the members

    -some of storyline is based off of own experience

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    9 hours apart

    Yoongi and Y/N committed to a long distance relationship despite knowing the troubles that they will encounter because they adored each other way too much to let it go. But what happens when the introvert who struggles with showing affection questions the love of the woman who still finds it difficult to show how much deep her feelings for him go?

    “I’m so sorry, Y/N but it seems like we will have to stay here late for rehearsal.”

    Yoongi sent the text message and waited for the double ticks to turn blue. He glanced at his home screen where he had added a clock set to Manchester time right beside his current time. It would be 11 am in Manchester and you must already be at work; his mind quickly calculated- quite aware of your daily schedule.

    Soon the ticks turned blue and chat bubbles appeared as he awaited your reply. 

    “That’s alright. We’ll make time later. Good luck!”

    His heart panged in his chest at the reply. Yoongi had always appreciated how you were so accommodating with his crazy schedule. You had made peace with everything that came your way- things that you did not sign up for and could have easily walked away from. Instead, you would smile and cheer him up, ensuring him that nothing could make you run away. And he would look into your eyes and wonder how he got so lucky. 

    But sometimes he wished that you would just scream or throw a tantrum like his friends’ girlfriends did. He wished that you would fight him over all the cancelled dates and rainchecks but you did not. 

    He couldn’t help but wonder if this relationship and his time even mattered to you as much as it did to him. Because no matter how collected Min Yoongi was in front of others and in every aspect of his life, he felt like screaming like a child when things would take away his time that he had to spend with you. 

    And the nine hour difference did not make it any easier!

    “:))”, he replied and threw his phone on the sofa in exasperation which surprised Taehyung and Namjoon who had been sitting there, deeply indulged in their phones. They both looked at each other, trying to determine if they should say anything. 

    “Hyung...”, Taehyung started but Yoongi was not ready to delve into this conversation. “I’ll just grab something to eat”, he cut the maknae in between and walked out of the green room. 

    Trying to steer clear of the crew members busy organizing the set for the next phase of the shooting, he made his way outside. 

    It was a beautiful day. The sun hid behind the clouds as light cold breeze blew making the trees whistle. Cherry blossoms lined the street, opening up to a beautiful view of the city. 

    You would have loved it, was the first thing he thought as his mind went back to the last time you were in South Korea with him. 

    You had dragged him to see the cherry blossoms because they were “in every Kdrama, Min Yoongi and we need to do this right”. That line was what you had repeated as you had suddenly stopped walking and held his hand a little tighter than before. He could swear his heart was beating haphazardly as you pulled him closer, lowering his mask he had worn to hide himself, and kissed him like it was the first and last time you would ever kiss anyone. And when you pulled back, Min Yoongi knew that he had fallen for you all over again, and deeper.

    Reminiscing that moment, Yoongi could not help the smile that took over his face. For a moment he forgot why he was even worried. 

    Whenever you both were around each other, whether that be you both talking about your day on late night video calls or when you would watch him over the counter as he spoiled you with his cooking- everything seemed to fall into place and the time apart would seem irrelevant. Sufficient words would barely come to either of you but they were never even needed when honesty reflected in your eyes. 

    But the waiting period would bring forth with it a hundred different insecurities and problems. 

    Yoongi and you had met during a project that BTS was doing in the UK where you had been supervising the team. It was not love at first sight or anything that dramatic. Circumstances made you both spend plenty of time together and you both found each other being hopelessly attracted to the other. 

    But neither of you acted on it knowing that dating was not on the table; and the fact that you lived in UK and he in Korea being the tiniest of problems. 

    However, you both kept coming back to each other, unable to deny what you both had started feeling. But Yoongi could not ask you out and how could he? He did not want to drag you into a relationship where he would not even be able to publicly acknowledge you. Where he would have to steal moments with you away from the ever shining spotlight and hidden cameras. 

    But you knew it all. You knew what you would have to risk and bear but Min Yoongi was never Suga from BTS for you. He was always that one person who fit you like you both were made of the same cloth, shaped to complete each other. So, you had asked him to be your boyfriend- promising him that you would accept every part of his life. 

    So, when you both were apart, you would never complain about staying up late to talk to him when you had an early morning presentation, or when he had to extend his tour dates, or when he would text you that work had come up. 

    You did not want to show him that anything bothered you- afraid that it would worry him. That was the last thing he needed in his life. 

    “I’m so sorry, Y/N but it seems like...”

    You glanced again at the message that had popped up in the notifications. You could not help but feel disappointed. You had cancelled all your meetings for the day just so you could talk to him. 

    Your eyes went to the framed photo of you two on your desk. It was a picture Hoseok had clicked when you both had no idea. You had made lasagna because the boys had confessed that they had never tried it and you had claimed how it was a sin and they must rectify it. The picture was clicked as you watched Yoongi take his first bite. He looked at you with admiration, white sauce lacing his lips and you were beaming, your palm on his chest, hands wiping his lips gently. It might not seem like a dreamy thing but these moments were borrowed and stolen from time and meant the most to you. 

    You opened the message quickly sending your reply, making sure that your disappointment did not show. He needed to focus on work rather than worry about a nagging clingy girlfriend.

    Sending the message, you resumed your pending work so you could make time for him late night. 

    Few days later.

    “Yes, Suga, hold that pose, right there, yes”, the photographer kept giving cues as the photoshoot went underway. It was the second day of the shoot for the new album teaser. 

    “And you are done with this one.” Yoongi sighed with relief, not even bothering to check how the pictures came out, Hobi was already on that and he would have told him if anything was even slightly less than perfect.

    He glanced at his phone. He had to change in the next piece and get his makeup done while the other boys finished their current shoot. Grabbing an Iced Americano. he made his way through the rooms, staff members on his heel. 

    While an artist worked on his makeup, the other started crimping his hair. Yoongi let them do their task as he scrolled through his phone, his eyes occasionally checking your time. You must be fast asleep given it was the middle of the night and you were tired from what you had last texted him.

    “Still worrying, hyung?”, Jungkook smiled at the older member. It was weird to see something bothering Yoongi so much especially given that there seemed to be no apparent problem. Who knew Suga hyung would be craving for attention? 

    Yoongi did not reply, just ticking his head to the side to show that he was not bothered but even he knew that everyone could tell what was wrong. 

    “Noona is probably trying to let you work without worrying about her. She has always been extra conscious about demanding your attention. Why don’t you tell her if it bothers you?”

    Yoongi again did not reply, not knowing exactly what to say. Thankfully, a staff member came to tell him that it was his turn now. So he placed his phone on the vanity table and headed outside.

    Jungkook’s words still in his head, he tried focusing on the task at hand. Posing as guided. Lights from the cameras kept flashing hard and he lost himself in it all. Until he heard a voice.

    “...She has been calling continuously. It might be urgent so I got your phone...”, Yoongi couldn’t even hear the rest of what Jungkook had to say. His hands reaching out to grab the phone and soon he was calling you. 

    A distorted voice reached him. Very weird and very not you. “Y/N?”

    No reply.

    He tried to get away from the noise of the set, not bothering to tell anyone where he was going mid-photoshoot. Jimin immediately noticed the situation and took over to buy him time. 

    “Y/N? Y/N are you okay, babe?”, Yoongi was worried now. Thousands of scary thoughts haunting him and his mind numb. What would he do if you were in danger? He was oceans away. Fuck!

    “Babe please answer me, you are scaring me, are you alr...”, “...”, a sound of you whimpering reached his ears and he lost all control over his thoughts and actions. 

    “Where are you? Why are you crying? Talk to me. Do you want me to call the police?”

    “Police...? Why..why woul-d we-e call...the police?”, you finally spoke up in between tears. 

    "Then, what is it, jagiya? You are scaring me", scared was an understatement. Yoongi had never heard you like that and a thousand scenarios swarmed his mind.

    "I just...I am just not feeling well and...I had such a bad day. I got up late, the car wouldn't start then I spilled coffee on my shirt right before an important meeting, then it started raining and my clients got stuck on the airport. Finally when I came back home, there was nothing to eat and because it is raining, I can't even order in and I might also have fever...", you were speaking so fast that Yoongi would have definitely asked you to repeat yourself had he not been hanging onto every word. He inaudibly took a breath that he had been holding as you continued ranting.

    "...and you...you are not here", your voice broke suddenly and he realised that you were crying with the sound of occasional sniffling and whimpering.

    "Jagiya...", he tried.

    "No. Don't. I know it is selfish of me to even say this. To even wish that you were here when I know how difficult everything is and that I promised you that it would never be a problem for us. But sometimes I really wish I could hold you whenever I want or even watch you from afar, just knowing that you are around me, somewhere."

    Yoongi knew it was not the right thing but he felt relieved at your words. For the first time, you had voiced that you missed him the way he missed you and he wouldn't lie and say that it didn't make him feel glad.

    Reclining on the chair, he sighed deeply. Letting you finish speaking. And you took advantage of his actions. Ranting and crying, saying everything you had buried in yourself, everything that your sane self wouldn't say but you just had to. You kept crying into the phone, promising yourself that this would be the first and last time you do so.

    Finally when you stopped, Yoongi spoke. "I miss you too, Y/N. And you do not have to smile and hide all this for my sake", then he smiled, "I actually kind of like you complaining about this".

    You could hear the smile in his voice and you tried to imagine how he must look right now. The ever misunderstood, notoriously "cold" Suga of BTS in the middle of a shoot, smiling at his phone. You liked that there were parts of him reserved for those he loved dearly and you were honoured that you were one of them. You rejoiced in the fact that there he was putting everything on hold because you had a bad day. And that was one of the many reasons why you loved him and would take a thousand hours of difference if it meant having him like that for just a few.

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    Imagine Namjoon trying to get you to laugh or smile or some other emotion, that isn’t tired or stressed, after a very long and stressful day at work.

    He was very happy when he saw a smile spreading across your face. No matter how tired or stressed you were he could always make you smile.

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