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    Endearment - BTS OT7 CEO AU Bonus Chapter part 12.5

    Thought I’d ease myself back into writing and posting with a bonus chapter (6k bonus chapter 😒🙄) it’s not the best thing in the world but sometimes you’ve got to crack a few eggs to make some omelettes.
    Flashback - this takes place very soon after 10.5 recruitment when y/n started at the company, this is how all the terms of endearment that the CEOs are so possessive about came to be (note Jin already let his slip in the previous bonus chapter)

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    “Flower!” Tae’s enthusiastic voice reaches you as soon as you walk into his office, but his single word of greeting makes you freeze at the door. The other CEOs were nowhere to be seen.

    Flow-er? That was new… You meet his wide boxy grin with a shy smile of your own, fighting the way your lips wanted to stretch across your face, and the way your heart thumped against your chest at the way he looked at you.

    “Flower, you left me for a week,” he pouts from his desk, face in his hand, his other reaching out for you making grabby hands. Was your boss trying to kill you with his cuteness? All you wanted to do was run over to him and squish his cheeks in your palms, and maybe sit on his lap and… shake those thoughts away Y/n!

    You should not be having inappropriate thoughts abouts your innocent boss, sure sometimes he had his mischievous moments but that mostly came down to his best friend and partner in crime Park Jimin’s influence. Kim Taehyung was as innocent, harmless and precious as a butterfly.

    “Why are you standing by the door?” he whines, stomping his feet lightly. Was he drunk? You’d never seen him so… needy. “Flower!”

    He sounds so demanding when he calls for you, your feet walk towards him without your consent, smirk on his features for a second when he watches you take your steps. They’re too slow for his liking, his impatience getting the better of him, you took a week’s leave and left them alone for the first time since you started working with them, and he hated it. As soon as you were within arm’s reach, he grabs you, pulling you closer before wrapping his arms around your form and burying his head into your chest, closing his eyes in content when he melts into your embrace.

    His heart is in his throat, if Namjoon were here he would be dead for his forward actions, but he relaxes when he hears you chuckle at his behaviour despite the heat he could feel radiate off your skin. You’d pass it off as friendly behaviour in that oblivious little head of yours, unable to see the way they were all falling for you so fast.

    “Taehyung, are you drunk?” you whisper teasingly, daring to take your hand through his soft hair for a moment. You could allow yourself a moment right before you had to go back to being a professional employee, you knew where the lines were between you and the CEOs but there were moments where you could kid yourself you were becoming their friend. Especially with the youngest three.

    “No,” he mumbles, his deep voice vibrating into you sending a pleasant shiver through your skin. “I’m just tired because my flower left me for a week.”

    He smiles when he hears you laugh.

    “Okay, I’m sorry,” you say lightheartedly. “But you have to let me go before someone walks in and gets the wrong idea.”

    “You have to give me your energy first,” he replies stubbornly. Damn your cute affectionate boss, he was going to be the death of you.


    Twenty minutes, he didn’t let you go for twenty minutes, any time you tried to move he would whine and hold you tighter, moving his head to your stomach, to your hips, or your thigh, and if you pushed him away he playfully bit your arm. Kim Taehyung got what he wanted with his pouting baby attitude, and you were no exception to his charm. Face flushed and heart racing, you finally escaped the office, completely forgetting the files you originally went in there for. First day back and you were already behind schedule, maybe you could work on something else first and come back to that project later.

    It was already lunch, your floor was nearing empty, most of your colleagues disappearing through the door to enjoy their break as you make your way back to your desk, a few female figures lingering around there making you frown in confusion until you notice who was sitting in your chair, and who was sitting on your desk.

    “Where the hell have you been?” Jungkook eyes narrow on your form as you approach them, side profile of his face on show since he sat on the wood with his back to you.

    “We’ve been sitting here for an hour waiting for you,” Jimin doesn’t even look at you, he had to endure these female vultures circling them, desperate for his angel to finally make an appearance after a whole week of disappearing and save them from being eaten alive.

    “I’m so sorry,” you gush quickly, eyes going wide at the fact you kept both your bosses waiting at your desk, shit! “What did you both need?”

    They don’t miss the professional tone of your voice, a growing annoyance in their chests despite the rationality of it. Jimin turns to the women still watching them, not missing the evil looks they were aiming at you.

    “Ladies may we remind you, you have a half an hour lunch break that’s quickly running out and you’re due to attend a meeting at 1 sharp,” he says with a fake cheery smile, making the onlookers squirm with awkwardness.

    “We need you all at your best today,” Jungkook chimes in although his eyes don’t leave you, turning his body more to face you, could these people just leave for fuck sake. “Go get your lunch and recuperate.”

    There’s a mumbling of ‘yes sirs’ and disappointing grumblings that some don’t hide as they make their way out, but the two maknaes pay them no attention, their stern gazes fixed on you.

    You try not to fidget under their stares, the silence growing thicker as the large room grows empty.

    “Want to explain where you were angel?” Jimin asks, eyebrows rising questioningly.

    Angel? Angel? There were times he likened you to an one, saying stuff like ‘Y/n is such an angel’, or ‘what an angel’, but never before had he called you that directly! Jungkook notices the way your eyes turn into saucers before you school your features. They noticed the way you reacted to Jin’s term of endearment slip up before, and after a whole week without you it made them brave enough to finally introduce their own terms with you too. Namjoon warned them against it, he had accidentally eavesdropped on the conversation between the maknaes, but what the lead CEO didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

    Jungkook still couldn’t think of a term yet, but it would come to him, he wanted to call you Noona but he was too shy to, and as your boss he didn’t know how you would react.

    “Umm,” do you explain? How do you explain? If it were Namjoon or the others you would cover for Taehyung and yourself in a heartbeat, but this was Jimin and Jungkook, you could tell them the truth right? “I was caught in a bear hug by one Kim Taehyung…”

    You smile sheepishly when their expressions darken, unamused expressions telling you they were not impressed.

    “Greedy hyung,” Jungkook mumbles under his breath.

    “He needs to learn how to share,” Jimin groans at the same time, head falling back.

    You can’t catch onto their words coherently but you get the gist they were annoyed at the aforementioned CEO.

    “It wasn’t his fault, he was really tired and I needed a file from the office and he was there, I don’t even think he knew what he was doing, you know when you’re so tired you act kind of drunk, and Taehyung’s so innocent and harmless so I didn’t think anything of it-” You cut your own rambling off when their expressions turn mocking and amused, Jungkook looks like he’s seconds away from laughing at you. “What…?”

    Did you say something stupid? Did you say something weird?

    “Angel, angel, angel,” Jimin shakes his head, tutting and sighing in faux disappointment. “You’re too naive for your own good.”

    Jungkook finally lets himself laugh, slapping his thigh in amusement when you look shocked.

    “I’m not naive,” your retort, arms crossing in front of you as your bottom lip juts out.

    “Women have previously likened the Kim Taehyung to a tiger in bed,” Jimin continues mockingly. “And you call him innocent.”

    You shouldn’t feel a pang of jealousy at his words, but you do, a sudden deflating feeling in your chest to your stomach. Of course your boss has a dating history, you were just an employee, so why the hell did it feel like someone just sucker punched you in the gut. Jungkook doesn’t miss the way the light in your eyes dampened, or the way the corners of your lips fell before you caught yourself, kicking the chair his hyung was sitting on discreetly but with enough strength to get him to stop.

    An awkward silence fills the room, and the two boys rack their brains trying to find a way to fix it before they ruined the rest of the day with your sad face ingrained into their memories, but they couldn’t think of a single thing before the other employees made their way back. The clock was ticking closer to their one oclock meeting but they didn’t care not when you were avoiding eye contact and fixing the files on your desk without saying a word. You wanted to say something but it was caught in your throat. You could feel their eyes on you, following you cautiously, big wide and round.

    “So did you both need anything?” you ask, making Jungkook wince at your despondent tone. He turns to Jimin with one clear message in his gaze; fix this.

    “We just wanted to see you angel,” Jimin sighs before offering you a small smile, cursing himself internally for not thinking about his previous words, but he couldn’t help wonder, why did you react like that when he said what he did? He couldn’t help the flare of hope rise inside of him that maybe Namjoon was wrong, maybe you also wanted more, from all of them.

    Your chest blooms at the term despite the heavy feeling, but you couldn’t bring yourself to smile.

    “Aw did you guys miss me?” you tease lightly but there’s a heavy need hidden in your words that you hope they can’t hear, flickering open the file without reading any of the words on the page, turning the papers without thinking.

    “So much Noona,” Jungkook says sincerely, finding the nerve to finally call you that, making you snap your head towards him as your heart fluttered. Dammit, there was nothing to forgive, but they were forgiven. “It was so dull without you here, everyone is so boring.”

    They both release a breath of relief when you finally grin bashfully, still avoiding their gazes but it was something.

    “I can’t believe you left us for a week,” Jimin grumbles, pouting extra hard for your attention, leaning his head closer to find his way into your peripherals at least. “You’re not allowed to do that again.”

    You snicker but don’t reply, making them feel anxious again, a quick glance between them, what do they do? Shower you with more compliments? Beg you to forget their words? Demand an explanation as to why you suddenly were upset with them?

    “Don’t you both have a meeting in a couple of minutes?” you say.

    Fuck the meeting, could you please look at us? Jungkook wanted to say but bit his tongue.

    “We’re the CEOs, I think we’re allowed to be a little fashionably late,” Jimin smirks.

    “That’s a little unfair after you’re lecture to the others earlier,” you frown, still sounding a little despondent.

    Dammit they couldn’t take it anymore.

    Jimin takes your hand on the file into his own, ignoring the other employees’ eyes, his heart was screaming out in concern for you.

    “My angel suddenly looks like her wings are being ripped out,” he says solemnly. “I don’t care about a meeting.”

    You finally turn to him in surprise, swallowing down the sudden nerves you felt from his stern stare. Shit, you needed to hide your emotions better, how were you supposed to explain yourself?

    “What do you mean?” You recover from your stupor quickly, turning away back to your files with a frown. “I’m fine, just falling behind. That’s all.”

    You offer them both a quick smile that doesn’t meet your eyes.

    “You guys should go, you shouldn’t be late.”


    Hoseok and Yoongi stopped paying attention to the meeting as soon as they saw you walk down the corridor with files in your hand, the pair of them simultaneously turning their heads, eyes like magnets on your form. They both sigh when you disappear from sight, a week felt like a lifetime in this miserable building, the issue was it was only miserable when you weren’t around, and of course you were entitled to your holiday leave.

    Hoseok tries not to laugh at the pout on Yoongi’s face, the older CEO was still denying his attraction to you while the others had admitted it between the lines.

    “How many hours left of this meeting?” Yoongi grumbles under his breath to Hoseok.

    “Only two,” he replies with a smirk, not missing the longing in his eyes as he gazed to the door.

    They all had caught onto the pet name debacle between Namjoon and the maknaes since your week away, the maknaes not hiding it well enough from the lead CEO, but they at least had the brains to be more subtle.


    “Hello beautiful girl,” Jin plush lips smile endearingly at you, feeling his heart swell as you walk into the meeting room half an hour early just like he knew you would. What was that saying? Distance makes the heart grow fonder? Well he learnt his lesson, there was no need for another lesson again for a while please.

    “Jin!” You grinned so wide the corners of your lips felt like they were tearing. “Why are you here so early?”

    Because he knew you would be here early prepping and he wanted to see you before everyone else got here and he’d have to watch his words and behaviour? Was he allowed to say that?

    “Early bird catches the worm, beautiful,” he says with a wink, laughing with you when he makes you giggle. Jin always put you at ease, the earlier encounter with the maknaes put to the back of your mind but still whispering there irrationally and you hated it. Just the idea that someone knew Taehyung better than you did, well of course people did, you were just an employee, that was all, and you were still getting to know him.

    Get a grip Y/n, you sound like a psycho. You needed to get over this weird crush/admiration thing you had festering for your bosses, it wasn’t normal.

    Jin doesn’t miss the flicker of dejection in your features before you work through the papers, making sure everything was up to scratch.

    “Everything okay Y/n?” he asks.

    “Yeah,” you say with what you hope is a reassuring smile. “Just trying to get back into the habit of work after a week off.”

    “Hmmm,” Jin replies thoughtfully, “I have a solution for that, I’ll ask Jackson to cancel all your future days off.”

    You narrow your eyes at him in jest, watching his eyes crinkle, his lips look like a heart as he laughs.

    “That’s a brilliant idea,” you say sarcastically, lips pursed. “You should cancel all of yours too.”

    “If that means working with you all the time, beautiful girl, then that's what I’ll do,” he promises.


    You literally walked out of the three oclock meeting to find Jackon telling you to go to Yoongi’s office urgently, Jin watches you leave longingly but is unable to call after you with his employees surrounding him and asking him questions about the contract.

    It was such a busy day already but it felt like you got so little done, the CEOs grabbing your attention when you were available and even when you werent. Might be a day to stay late and catch up, but you weren’t going to complain.

    A knock on the door is met with a quick command to come in.


    You’re surprised to find Hobi sitting next to Yoongi in his private office when you open the door, but today was filled with new things.

    “Sunshine?” you smile at the cheesiness of the pet name.

    “Do you know how dark and dismal it was without you?” Hoseok pouts cutely, but he does it so dramatically it makes you laugh as you walk in and close the door, not wanting anyone else to eavesdrop. Yoongi rolls his eyes beside him, but you don’t miss the small smile fighting its way onto his face. “Almost as gloomy as Yoongi’s personality.”

    You burst out in a fit of laughter at that, trying to hide it behind your hand but failing, the

    “You brighten up the place sunshine,” he continues, “even misery guts here can’t deny it.”

    He elbows the grumpy CEO’s ribs next to him, and you ignore the narrowing feline eyes on your form. Really, you had the audacity to laugh at your boss, Yoongi thought, someone was getting too big for her claws.

    “I doubt that,” you say humbly. “I think you guys just had a bad week.”

    “Have you filed the fourth set of documents for the Enhyphen contract?” Yoongi interrupts Hobi before he has a chance to open his mouth again.

    “I haven’t had a chance yet,” you reply in a small voice, hands going behind your back and your fingers fiddle with each other with nerves. That was the file you were trying to get when Taehyung trapped you.

    “Hyung she’s only been back one day,” Hoseok tries to come to your rescue with a warning tone, but he gets ignored when Yoongi turns back down to the files on his desk.

    “Think you can get it done by the end of the day Kitten?” he asks nonchalantly.

    You nearly choke, a fire igniting in every cell of your cheeks, Hobi’s jaw nearly drops but he clamps it shut, eyes jumping between both of you in shock.

    The older CEO’s palms were starting to sweat, but he remained stoic. What if Namjoon was right? What if you reject their terms of endearment? A little nervous voice inside of him hopes you don’t.

    “I-I....” You can’t find your voice, you always could answer Min Yoongi, your bickering battles were fierce, but now you were forced redundant by a nickname. What the hell were your bosses doing to you? Were they trying to kill you? Reduce you to mush? Well you weren’t going to deny it, or admit it either, you didn’t mind...

    Yoongi tries not to smirk, fighting the urge to glance up at you.

    Kitten? Kitten! Of all the fucking names in the world, Min Yoongi chooses that one? Of course he does, he could read you like a book.

    “Cat got your tongue Y/n?” he presses, a breathy laugh released from his lips as you open and close your mouth like a goldfish, he flips the page as if he were intently focused on the page, as if your presence wasn’t what every sense of his being was switched to. He was going to start shaking, he was fighting with his own instincts to give in to the urges to look at you at least.

    If the cat was called Min Yoongi, yes he definitely had your fucking tongue and possibly your very soul. You begged yourself to regain composure, it’s just a name, it’s nothing, there was no reason for your heart to do somersaults or for this needy tingle to travel through your skin. Deep breath.

    “Absolutely,” you say, answering the original question but not realising your mistake until both CEOs' eyes snap to you with amusement.

    “The cat does have your tongue?” Yoongi asks mockingly, gummy grin on show genuinely entertained.

    “No that’s not what I meant,” you explain in an annoyed tone.

    “But that’s what you said?” Hobi joins in with the teasing, laughing at the way you huffed.

    “No! I meant the contracts,” you whine. “I’ll get them done by the end of the day.”

    They both chuckled at your cute but stern expression, Yoongi was right, Hoseok thought, you were easier to rile up than Jimin.


    “You guys disobeyed my orders, despite my warnings about why, and did it anyway?” Namjoon scolds the youngest three in the main office, Jin also watching as Yoongi and Hoseok walk in. It was nearly the end of the day, the lead CEO giving into his already bad temper due to back to back meetings and the fact he hadn’t gotten to see you at all today, not one glimpse, not one.

    “Jungkookie didn’t,” Jimin offers in a small voice, “She is technically his Noona, he shouldn’t be punished.”

    “Only because I haven’t thought of my own name yet Hyung,” Jungkook says feeling a little rebellious even though Namjoon looked like a bull surrounded by red. He was so close to moving them to a different floor, that would get them to listen, the threat of not being able to see you. He tries to shake the cruel thoughts away, but the lack of respect and the anger in his bones was getting the better of him.

    “If Jungkook gets two, I get two,” Taehyung says casually as if their hyung wasn’t a bomb about to blow up.

    “Stop,” his voice is calm, that’s how they know he’s seconds away from detonating. The office is silent. “You three need to grow up, she’s an employee not a friend, not a girl you’re dating, not a girlfriend, do you understand the consequences of what you’re doing? How it’s going to affect her work life, or how it might make her feel uncomfortable?”

    “She didn’t seem uncomfortable,” Taehyung mumbles but sounds unsure.

    “You’re her seniors at work!” Namjoon’s voice rises in volume for a moment before he sighs and brings it back down. “She might not feel like she can tell you, that’s why we have these boundaries at work.”

    The maknaes bow their heads shamefully in thought, the other CEO’s looking guilty too but trying to find any discomfort in your features from their memories.

    “I think we should ask Y/n if she’s okay with it,” Hobi chimes in after a moment of silence, surprising the room. The hyungs had agreed to keep it a secret from their scary leader, Jin and Yoongi look at him betrayed, but he covers his words quickly when Namjoon meets his gaze. “Y/n didn’t look like she was going to file for harassment when Jin slipped up in the office, we were all here to witness it, Namjoon you can’t deny it.”

    “If we get permission…” Jungkook thinks out loud. “It’ll be okay right?”

    He glances up at Namjoon who sighs.

    “Come on Hyung, you can’t deny she’s your favourite employee too, there must be a name you want to call her,” Jimin tries to convince the CEO cutely, knowing it was his weakness.

    They’re interrupted by a knock on the door, Namjoon’s tense shoulders finally easing when he sees you walk in, gracing him with that smile he’s missed all week. He hadn’t seen you all day, he could feel his whole demeanor change the second he did, did you realise the power you held over the seven most powerful men of the company?

    “Joonie!” In your excitement to see him you let the name slip and the others can’t stop the envy they feel over it, did their lead CEO feel his heart melt? He did, he’s unable to stop the big goofy grin on his face. “I haven’t seen you all day, you’ve been avoiding me.”

    He wants to groan at your teasing accusation, he’s just been lecturing the others about professionalism and here you were breaking the rules and he didn’t care, he would make them behave, he would let you torture all of them.

    “Never ba-” He bites his tongue quickly, the name he calls you in his head nearly falling out of his mouth so naturally he has to berate himself, he was so whipped, he could pretend otherwise in front of the others but he couldn’t deny it himself. He doesn’t miss the suspicious stares of the others, the older three CEOs tilting their heads knowingly with smirks painted across their faces. “Never Y/n,” he corrects himself, “I hope you had a good week off.”

    “Italy!” you exclaimed, making the others smile at your enthusiasm, you were almost bouncing on your feet. “It's my favourite country in the world, have you been?”

    They watch you talk and multitask, giving the respective CEOs their completed files for the day as you tell Namjoon about your holiday abroad. Jungkook watches you with a soft affection in his eyes he can’t hide, until an epiphany hits him. He’s seen you skip in the corridor when you thought no one was watching, when you were really happy sometimes you couldn’t control it, he saw you bouncing when you were excited.

    “Bunny,” he says suddenly, interrupting your story and making every head turn to him.

    “Bunny?” you repeat before you put two and two together from your other given nicknames throughout the day, laughing out loud. “Why bunny?”

    He jumps off his desk, approaching you with a grin.

    “You jump on the spot when you’re excited,” he giggles, leaning down to whisper the next part in your ear as if he were telling you a secret the others couldn’t hear, “like a bunny.”

    You grin, laughing at how cute he was being, completely forgetting the fact that these were your bosses. Jungkook however remembers when he meets Namjoon’s warning gaze.

    “Only if that’s okay with you Noona,” he says quickly. “Can I call you bunny?”

    You start to feel shy when you feel anticipation cloud the room, as if something heavy hung on your answer, you nod with a smile. You didn’t think there was anything wrong with it, you didn’t care if there was.

    “And you’re okay with me calling you angel?” Jimin pipes in, looking at Namjoon smugly, like he had won a war.

    “I don’t have an issue with any nicknames…” you say quietly, hoping they’d get the message without going through each one and making the fires of Hell appear in the room.

    “You know you can give us some too, sunshine,” Hoseoki hints. “It’s only fair.”

    “It’s getting late,” Namjoon interrupts. “Y/n aren’t you heading home?”

    You try not to show disappointment at the fact you hadn’t gotten a name from him yet, but you convince yourself it didn’t matter.

    “I’ve got to stay late, I fell behind today,” you say, starting to make your exit.

    “Flower go home, get some rest,” Taehyung’s deep voice berates you but you avoid his gaze, swallowing that bad feeling in your throat. He frowns, he had an inkling of a feeling you were avoiding him when you were talking, but he hadn’t directly spoken to you until now, so he thought he was overthinking it. Jimin and Jungkook also avoid his gaze when they notice your behavior, what was going on?

    “I’ll be fine,” you say dismissively, smiling at the others as you wave goodbye. ““I’ll see you all tomorrow, have a good night.”

    When the door closes, Taehyung turns to his two best friends, not missing a beat or a clue.

    “What did you two do?”


    The others had gone home except Namjoon and Taehyung for two very different reasons, Namjoon had work to do, Taehyung had a flower that needed tending to.

    You stop typing for a second when you feel a presence standing by your desk, an arm leaning on the wood, eyes boring into your working form but you dont glance up.

    “You’re staying late too?” you say making small talk, the small lump in your throat forming again, it had reduced over the day, the rationality of your thoughts talking to the more absurd illogical emotional side of your brain and convincing it to behave.

    Taehyung had a way of reading you, he and Yoongi were learning to read your body language, they knew how to rile you up, they knew what you were trying to say when you couldn’t explain yourself, or what you weren’t saying. They weren’t perfect, they would admit to that, but most of the time, to them at least, you were an open book.

    “Flower, do you want to look at me?” His voice somehow goes down a number of octaves when he’s nervous or serious, you could read him too. Your breath catches in your throat, if you looked at him all you’d see is the image of him with numerous women in positions that were less than innocent and you didn’t want to. He sighs when you don't do as you’re told, sitting on your desk, taking your hand in both of his own, soft circles drawn on the skin with his thumb. “Do you not like me anymore?”

    The sadness in his voice could not be faked, it was real and raw, vulnerable, but you still didn’t glance his way, instead you looked the other way, his tone hurt you. Of course you liked him, that was the problem. It was just a stupid crush, you convince yourself, you’d get over it. You couldn’t be falling for all seven of your bosses, you just couldn't. It was ridiculous. But it wasn’t, they were amazing, they were brilliant, they were charming. You didn’t want to be another one of those people that flirted with them to get into their bed, another employee with a hopeless infatuation, you heard what your colleagues said about them, the vulgar comments, you didn’t think about them like that you genuinely liked them but your reaction today, how were you any better?

    “Flower, do we give every employee a term of endearment?” He says sternly but still soft as if he were afraid of pushing you away, also afraid of what Namjoon would do to him if he crossed any clear cut lines between ‘friendship’ and well, what they all wanted but didn’t admit. “I think we’ve made it very clear who our favourite employee is.”

    He berates you, still sounding like the innocent and harmless person you thought he was this morning, but you couldn’t get Jimin’s words out of your head, there were other sides to him, sides you’d never get to see. Yes your inner teacher's pet leaped when he said you were their favourite but for once in your life it wasn’t enough.

    “Who we feel closest to,” he continues, his gaze hardening as you continue to look away, his thumb still rubbing soothing circles on your skin. “Who we missed for an entire week while she ran around Italy without us.”

    He sighs, his usual gentle tactic not working.

    “Flower,” his voice changes, it's low but it catches you off guard, you’ve not heard it like this before. “Look at me.”

    The tone of command is completely different from this mid morning, you could deny neither but this stopped your heart from beating in its chest. A tiger, is that what Jimin said? Your gaze meets his own, his eyes darkening in a way he had never let you see before, a satisfied smirk stealing your breath. He watches your eyes dilate as you look up at him, caught in a daze by his duality.

    He lets his finger gently catch the bottom of your chin as if he were afraid you would turn away, a hum of approval leaving his throat at the way you behaved.

    “Good girl,” he has to bite his lips when he watches you gasp, your entire form almost begging him for something more.


    Namjoon stayed until 8, he decided that was late enough since he’d have to be back in exactly twelve hours anyway, taking his briefcase from the desk with files he’d work on in bed. By chance when he’s walking down the corridor of your office floor, he glances out of habit to your desk, stopping in his tracks when he sees your head resting on your arms, your eyes closed.

    He scoffs, half in disbelief, half in amusement. You stayed late and fell asleep on your desk, seriously? He had enough to worry about, why were you making him worry about you too? His hands come to loosen the tie on his neck, storming towards your figure, but his steps lose their anger as he reaches you, hearing your soft breaths of sleep.

    “Babygirl you’re going to be the death of me,” he admits quietly to your sleeping form, shaking his head, trying not to smile at how peaceful you looked. Hand on your shoulder he gently stirs you awake, but you grumble incoherently and turn the other way trying to get back to sleep. Did Namjoon admit to himself that he’d gladly let you torture them earlier? Because it seemed like he was being punished for that thought now.

    “Y/n you need to wake up and go home,” he says, moving your hair out of your face.

    You let out a whine of disapproval and he has to clench his teeth at the sound, if this were anyone else he would get security to deal with it.

    “Y/n,” he sighs, before trying again sternly. “Y/n you can’t sleep here baby-”

    He catches himself again but it’s too late he’s already said half of it, shit. You slowly get up, blinking at him repeatedly, not fully awake at all.

    “I’m not a baby,” you grumble, not understanding what was happening around you at all.

    “Y/n you need to wake up and go home,” Namjoon repeats himself patiently.

    You let out a big yawn, stretching as consciousness found its way back into your limbs.

    “Sorry Kim Depyunim,” you say sheepishly, senses coming back to you. “The project’s due tomorrow. Guess I’m more jetlagged than I thought.”

    Your eyelids felt so heavy, you’d feel embarrassed about this tomorrow, right now you just wanted your bed.

    Kim depyunim? Sure you called him that in front of other people, but you were way past that in person, especially alone, his eyebrow rises in question, jaw setting.

    “That’s okay Miss L/n,” he says, feeling a little petty. Everyone else had pet names to call you, everyone else saw you today and got to watch you blush and laugh, he was stuck actually doing some work, and all he gets is ‘Kim Depyunim’?

    You cant hide your pout in your sleepy state, why did he call you by your last name?

    “Why are you calling me Miss L/n?” you ask in a sad voice, looking up at him.

    “Why are you calling me Kim Depyunim?” he retorts, his jealous side taking advantage of his tired brain.

    “Because youre my boss, and while the others gave me petnames I could see it made you uncomfortable so I thought I was crossing a line and I didn’t want to make you not like me more,” you ramble, feeling close to tears that the boss you admired so much might hate you.

    “Not like you?” he repeats in disbelief. “Baby girl are you-”

    His brain short circuits, he was so worried about crossing lines he didn’t even think about you being worried about the same. But you thought, how could you think, on what planet-

    He sighs, the cat was out of the bag now, as Yoongi would say. You rub the sleep from your eyes, as he covers your form with his overcoat, not missing the way you were starting to shiver.

    “Babygirl…?” you whisper, a triumphant smile stretching across your face as your eyes close in content.

    “Do you like it?” he chuckles, both of you were so tired your defences of professionalism were tethering on the breaking point, the line so blurred you didn't care where you stood.

    You hum in approval, opening your eyes to meet his.

    “I love it,” you admit.

    Maybe the others were right, maybe he was overthinking this whole thing, with the way your eyes looked up at him he didn’t think he could ever go back on it now. It was a dangerous game, but if they were cautious, if they just watched their steps maybe it would be okay. He wasn’t stupid enough to believe for a second you would want them all, that this would work, there were too many factors to consider, but if you would just keep them company, innocently, he promised, that would be enough.

    “Come on baby girl,” he bends down so he's looking up at you, watching the way you drowsily stare at his dimples when he smirks. “Let’s get you home.”


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    taehyung starting the ot7 wave (for @liza-empress-of-emojis​ ☆) 
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    So prettyyy! I can’t even define his beauty 🥺❤️

    Via ig/iwonhoyou & tw/official_wonho

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    finally got them in jail for stealing my heart

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    You Complete Us - Nine

    After saying hello to the other boys and insisting that I wasn't hungry, they finally let me go free. Hoseok came out after he had smelled the fried rice and chow mein, throwing himself into the chair next to me and shovelling food into his mouth.

    Then stops.

    Then continues.

    Then stops again.

    He turns to me, sending a heart-shaped, closed-mouth smile with his cheeks full. His eyes seem a little hazy, quickly shuffling his chair to be a little closer. The ears atop his head wiggle a little.


    "Hi Hobi."

    He quickly starts eating again, conversation starting quickly between everyone once again.

    It's at some point, around ten minutes later and in the middle of an argument about snails and slugs, that I feel a nudge to my arm. I turn to look at Hobi, head tilted and brow furrowed in a silent question. As an answer, he holds up a large portion of chicken chow mien delicately balanced on the chopsticks, slowly moving it towards my mouth once he notices no resistance. I open it, letting him deposit it into my mouth. His ears perk up a little and I notice him shuffle in his seat. We continue this for a few more mouthfuls, before he deems me as done, and resumes feeding himself. How strange.


    "What do you need from me?" I ask, leaning slightly back in my chair. Hobi follows, ears slightly flinching at the sound of his chair scraping across the floor a little.

    "Well, you can't technically be with him. For now, that is. Maybe a jacket or something? He just needs to know his pack is there, whether that be physically or carried through scent." Namjoon answers for him, noticing Hoseok's inattention in the topic.

    "I could head to my apartment after work, then drop it off downstairs?"

    "Why not the one you're wearing right now?" Yoongi sounds from the other side of Hoseok, confusion clear on his face.

    "It's the most uncomfortable thing that I've ever had the displeasure of wearing. I have a few well-worn hoodies and shirts, I can pick one of those."

    "Bring them all, please. Gotta smell you. Gotta smell the pack. Thank you." He quickly rushes out before walking out of the room. A loud series of growls fill the apartment, shaking the walls. Then, it stops. The remaining boys begin to exchange looks, grimaces clear on their faces.

    "I'll take that as my cue to leave. I'll drop the clothes off later, okay? Don't have too much fun." I joke, quickly standing. Seokjin and Taehyung flank my sides, escorting me back to the elevator and exchanging pleasant small talk. I board the elevator again, the two giving me a final hug before the doors close, their faces disappearing from view.

    I'm really starting to hate this elevator.


    I return to work, making sure to stay far away from my phone and it's constant stream of texts. Ara and Da-eun didn't make any mention of my late arrival back, somehow believing the boys' white lie. We all quickly got to work, making sure things were set up and ready for when the boys got back.

    We had to double-check the makeup artists' and stylists schedules, making sure at least three could be scheduled in and ready for the shoots that had been booked. We were all desperate to show off, seeing as it was our last day of the trial period.

    Ara has been obsessing over emails, hunched over the company tablet and fingers tapping at the screen rapidly.

    Da-eun has been checking with each individual stylist and makeup artist, asking about their schedule and checking it against the one on the tablet.

    I've been organising contracts, as well as sending emails to those of importance in the building. I send a tiny prayer to Sejin's inbox, knowing about the influx of things being sent to his inbox from just mine and Ara's tablets, nevermind anyone else's.

    The time ticks by, the clock soon signalling that the day has come to a close.

    What a relief.


    I rush around my bedroom, desperate to find some clothes that are well-worn but aren't in desperate need of a wash. It's a criteria that meets very little of my entire collection of clothes, especially when you factor out the obvious unlikely candidates, like undergarments.

    I have my work cut out for me.


    My phone rings from across the room, hidden under a pile of jeans. I skirt around the piles, answering it without a glance to the contact.


    "Is everything okay? You said you'd stop by sometime after work. Did you forget about us?" Jungkook's voice rings through, a joking tilt added.

    "Of course not! How can I forget about my favourite werewolves?" I joke back, giggling once I hear a various cacophony of laughs on the other end.

    "Well, when are you stopping by? We miss you!" Jimin's voice shouts, causing me to move the phone a little away from my ear.

    "You saw me a few hours ago! And maybe in thirty minutes or so? Is that okay?"

    "That's fine. We'll send a taxi over. See you soon, gorgeous."

    Jungkook hangs up, my phone reverting back to the lockscreen.

    Okay. Final decisions.


    I climb into the taxi, bag clung to my side. I send a smile to the driver through the rear-view mirror before averting my attention to my phone. The car begins to move, so I send a text that I'm on my way to Namjoon, who replies with a 'see you soon!' less than ten seconds later.

    The streets are filled with people, some in clubwear whilst others still in their work uniform. There are groups of women in short dresses, and men with so much product in their hair it barely moves in the breeze.

    The car continues moving for a few more minutes before stopping. I glance outside, the familiar apartment building looming overhead. I thank the driver, opening the door and making sure to grab the bag, watching as he drives off before entering the building.

    It's a different person manning the security desk, a younger man than before. He stares as I approach the desk, an apprehensive look on his face.

    “This isn’t a hotel, there’s one down the street.”

    “I know. I’m here to see the boys, they’re expecting me.”

    “Sure they are. Please get going before I call the police.”

    My smile drops, his judgemental glare staring me down. I yank my phone from my pocket, tapping the button to call Jungkook. I eye the security man, his attitude very off-putting. It rings four times before it’s picked up.

    “Hey! Where are you? We’re waiting!” I can practically hear his pout through the phone, a laugh accidentally leaving my mouth.

    “I’m downstairs, sorry! Will you come and let me up?” I keep my eyes on the guard, who’s slowly rising to a stand.

    “Of course! We’re on our way. Sit tight, gorgeous.” I hang up, putting my phone back in my pocket before meeting his gaze once again. His eyebrows are furrowed, an angry fire in his eyes. I avert my attention to the rest of the room, pulling my bag tighter against me. I run my eyes over the seats where I had been sat just a few hours earlier with Ara and Da-eun, then to the elevator. The electronic display above it shows that it is descending, getting closer and closer.

    The security guard doesn’t look impressed, the tension in the room thick.

    The silence is suddenly broken by the ding! of the elevator, the doors opening to reveal the disheveled looking Yoongi and Jungkook.

    As they step out, the security guard stops sending me nasty looks. The two BTS members wave, practically ignoring the other man. I move towards them, joining them in the elevator. As I spin to face forward, I hear a growl ripple through the elevator.

    “If you would like to keep your employment here, you should stop staring and sending evil looks to our girlfriend.” Yoongi spits before the elevator doors close.


    Taglist: @littlrmills14-blog @sonnymii @fangirl125reader @kissme-ornot @kookieebangtan @effielumiere @bunzom @cestlabellemort @silscintilla @that-author @mayla548 @tinyoonsblog @sinceritythatcouldntbedelivered @smileygirl08

    #werewolf x reader #bts fanfic #bts x reader #ot7 x reader
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    Tae preocupado por Army. Lo amo 💜🐻

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  • asaminie
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    tae was sitting and singing alone

    then he's not 😎😎😎

    it's Suga hyung 😄

    and the whole family🥺

    when tae tried dancing a little, they looked concerned despite all the blazoning and chaos 🤧😭

    BTS is 7.

    Permission to Dance On Stage


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    Mrs.Jeon Vol. 7

    Synopsis• One nightstand gone Marriage!? The past catches up with Yn when her head over heels husband finds his lost bride and will keep her by any means necessary.

    Category's• RomCom, Comedy, Manhandling, and a scary possessive Jungkook.

    Duos• Yandere Jungkook! X Chubby! Reader

    TheTagTeam✨ @lolalee24 @mwitsmejk @mcusuperfreak @jinswifeyy @transparentprinceblr @flowery-hope @agustdboyoongie @ilovethewayyourheartbeats @mochiarcher @toughbook @couldadepressedpersondothis @omgsuperstarg @joonado @97cityy

    Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 6

    I can feel the bruises forming on my wrist. “Ouch! Let go!”

    A loud crack in the sky followed by a low rumble froze you two in place followed by a frenzy of freezing droplets drenching your souls. Not caring much about himself, Jungkook sacrificed his favorite sweater, taking it off his back to throw over your head and rush you to the patio door.

    You didn't share a passing glance to the men chowing down dinner in the living room, far too embarrassed by your soaked state to even think about stopping.


    Now all eyes are on Jungkook. “Care to explain? You insolent boy.” Already fed up with Jungkook’s disobedient behavior, Jin stood to face the young man. “ How many times do I have to repeat myself!? Stay away from the girl-”

    “She was looking for her glasses.” Jungkook attempted to bite back the tone in his voice but his temper was wearing thin. “She came outside on her own-I didn’t do anything so get off my back, old man.”



    The other members of the Maknae gang chuckled just to be silenced by Namjoon’s death stare.

    Jin gasped. “You little menace! Where do you get off talking to your elders like that?!!!” He clapped, weaponizing a rolled-up piece of newspaper.


    Jin disciplined Jungkook across his head. “Ever since Yn arrived here you’ve been nothing but a bowl of disrespect and attitude.” Wack “I don't know what your deal is, young man but you better fix it.”

    Nothing but silence here, Everybody watched Jin Vs. Jungkook but nobody dared to step in.

    The heat steaming off Jungkook’s flushed ears raised higher while he opened his mouth to speak. “Hit me one time. I dare you.”

    “My pleasure-” Jin cocked back his hand, about to deliver a hard wack across Jungkook’s face but was stopped by Namjoon.

    “Enough, There’s a hurricane warning right now and we with the ocean in our backyard should look alive which means we have better things to do than watch the both of you fight.” Namjoon calmly informed.

    Few Silent Minutes Later

    “Wah! It's really coming down.” Taehyung sat by the patio door admiring the hostile winds and rough rainfall. “Jimin-ah!”

    Jimin hopped to Taehyung's side and watched mother nature let out her aggression.


    “Get away from the windows” Yoongi nagged. “And where do you think you're going, Boy?”

    Jungkook flinched. “-going to change out of my wet clothes.”

    “Oh, lucky for you, We thought ahead of time and put your clothes in the guest room..down here.”

    Jungkook smiled restraining from letting out the biggest sigh of his life. “Thank you, Hyung. I will go change then.”

    “I never thought I would see Jungkook as a lovesick puppy in my life and yet here we are.” Yoongi hiked upstairs but not before challenging the elders of the maknae line with a task. “ Make sure, You two watch Jungkook, he is not allowed upstairs under any circumstances.”

    “Uh-huh.” In one ear and out the another, The boys went back to the window continuing to be entertained by mother nature's wrath.

    Yoongi moaned. “Just watch him, please. I'm going to go call Namjoon and them to see if they're okay out there-Why would they decide now is the best time to get first aid is beyond me.”

    Knock Knock

    Yoongi softly knocks referring from frightening you into the mistaking him for Jungkook. “Yn, Are you alright?” Not being the biggest fan of human interaction, He took your silence as an invitation to go away but something deep down bothered him enough to force him to stay by the door. “ Hello?!”

    Maybe you are in the bathroom?-No, something is wrong.

    “I’m coming in, Ok?” Yoongi announced, coming to find out there's no one's insight...Damn, are you actually in the bathroom just to make sure-Knock Knock.

    “Yn, Are you okay?”

    No answer

    Yoongi groaned knowing the dreadful next step. He slowly opened the door ensuring the creaking door alert you that he was coming in. To his dismay, There you were collapsed on the bathroom tile.

    “Yn!” Yoongi fell to his knees. You were burning to the touch, your entire body felt like it had the potential to burst into flames at any second. “Jungko-! Jim-Taehyung! Somebody get the doctor on the phone!”

    Hearing Yoongi’s distress call from upstairs. The boys scrambled to do what they were told.


    “This little lady is malnourished. Yep, based on the information you guys told me. All this ‘excitement’ plus her not eating is taking-”

    “She has eaten…I think?” Jung-kook interrupted his confidence dead down at the thought. “ Well, I think so..I didn’t see her.”

    “Right. Have any of you seen her eat since she’s been here?” Taking their silence as a ‘no’ Mr. Han let out a sharp sigh. “ In that case, I recommend monitoring her eating habits for now on alongside the prescription supplements I will provide and a strict high protein diet.”

    Thirty to Fifty Minutes Later

    “Is she still sleeping?”

    “Yes, and Jungkook hasn’t left her side once.” Taehyung and Jimin stood in the door frame, gossiping. “He’s kinda cute when he’s like this-Puppy Kookie.”

    Meanwhile, Jungkook zoned out the peanut gallery in the back maintaining his focus on you. He cursed himself for not seeing you were in peril earlier, what type of good-for-nothing husband wouldn't see the signs. “I’m sorry, my love.”

    Forgetting his strength, Jungkook squeezed your hand a bit too hard for your liking causing you to flatter your lashes.

    “Ow, Jungkook?...Guys?” They're heartbroken expression consumed the room and turn it grey. “What’s wrong-”

    “You haven't been eating?”

    “ Well-I um kinda forgot to-” You answered, sheepishly

    “How do you forget eating?!”

    “Yeah, that's like my second favorite thing to do.” Jungkook commented.

    Puzzled, Jin asked. “But I made you lunch earlier today…What happened to it? Did you throw it away?”

    You simply looked at the Maknae line.

    “Ha, Funny story about that-Uh, Take it away, Kookie” Jimin passed the spotlight to Jungkook who passed it on to Taehyung with a little tilt of his head and Taehyung who was about to pass it on but realized their was one left but wall.

    “We sorta ate her lunch…We didn’t know she didn’t eat anything this she’s been here.” They bow their heads in great shame.

    “Pigs.” Yoongi added.

    “Don’t be too harsh on them. I’m the one who fed them my lunch-“

    “You’re no better, Young lady.” Whoa, Yoongi has the dad pants on. “We are going to finish dinner and we are going to watch you eat every bite.”

    You shook your head quickly.


    Yn’s Pov

    It’s nearly 1 am and it’s so lively. Everybody going through all this trouble just for me. Back at home, It was just me and the floorboards, I usually like my own company but I have to admit it…there’s a warm feeling when I’m around them.

    “Ah.” Jungkook handled kimchi in his gloved hand offering me a taste test.

    “Ah-Hmm! Tasty!” Pleased by my reaction, Jungkook reported to Jin the Kimchi was perfect. “What is Kimchi exactly?”

    “Pickled Cabbage.” Jungkook answered, inching his way closer to my side.


    Thunderstorms! I hate thunderstorms-I didn't know they were so fierce here back at home they weren't as harsh...maybe being beside the sea has something to do with it-


    I gasped at the roar of thunder clashing against what sounded like the roof. Glancing around the room, I'm the only one shaken by the storm the boys are un-fazed and relishing in each other's company meanwhile I'm literally shaking...Maybe I'm just childish that's all. I mean come on how many people my age is terrified of thunderstorms.

    I scoffed. Yep, I'm just being immature that's all.

    Crash! Boom!

    “Aish! That scared me.” Hobi hollered through their pitch-black home. The powers out-great! What else can go wrong besides me being frightened of both the dark and the thunderstorms?

    My face was overcome suddenly by warmth and tenderness.

    “Are you okay?” Jungkook's soften voice perforated my fears. “ It's alright. I'm here.”

    He tugged me deeper into what I'm assuming is his chest. Why do I feel so relieved? Is it the warmth of his arms around me? Or the reality of me being by his side? I cursed my body for reacting to him before my mind could play catch up. My shaken nerves settled down as well as my fears.

    He smells so sweet.

    “Is everybody ok?” Namjoon’s flashlight became a beacon, illuminating the kitchen. “ Jin-hyung?”






    “Taehyung and Jimin?”


    Namjoon flashed his light around but there was no sign of the two boys. “Jimin?! Taehyung!?”

    “Ahh!!!!” They popped up from behind the sofa scaring the socks off Jin and Hoseok, they both took refuge behind Yoongi who was less than amused.

    “Jimin.Taehyung.” Namjoon silently scolded them.

    “Sorry, Hyung.”

    Namjoon moved on. “Jungkook?”


    “Ms. Yn”

    “Oh here.”

    “Good, I'm going to check the circuit and Yn will help me by finding some candles.” Namjoon smiled and walked off signaling to follow him.

    “Of course.” Jungkook's arms loosen setting me free. “Where would the candles be-?”

    “Jungkook loves you...I can't apologize enough for his behavior but I've never seen him like this with anyone besides us or his family. He treats you as if you're his treasure he keeps under lock and key. Usually, I could get some gist of Kook's next move but as of right now, he's unpredictable so for your safety, please don't do anything rash.” Namjoon whispered.

    “Ok.” He's right. My wrist is still stinging from Jungkook grabbing me earlier but how long am I supposed to wait-what am I waiting for!? Jungkook to fall out of love with me? If he's been holding on to the thought of me for this long. I'm going to be stuck here forever. “Oh namjoon, I have a question-”

    “I already ordered you a new one.”


    Namjoon turned towards me. “Your phone. It was broken beyond fixing when I found it so I just bought you a new one.” Did he just shrug off buying a new phone like it's nothing?

    “Oh thank you. You didn't have too.”

    “It’s the least I could.”

    Aww. These guys are really something smart, kind, and-

    “Oops” Namjoon breaks off the switch handle to the circuit breaker. “Um, Did-Did you find the candles? It's going to be a long night.”

    And clumsy.

    I giggled. “I found them.”

    Two hours later, The boys passed out in the living room with their bellies full. Meanwhile, I'm stargazing thinking about what the hell is going with my life.

    Narrative's Pov

    Our little lady roamed inside retrieving a candle to light her way, the small sound of munching made her turn to the kitchen and reach for the light switch.


    “Oh good, The lights are back on.”

    Full-cheeked Jimin’s eyes went rounded as he was surprised by the lights.

    “Hi, Jiminie, I guess you made room for seconds.”

    He chuckled. “Did you eat well?”

    “I did. You guys are very good cooks.”

    “Thank you.”

    Not knowing what else to say you said good night to Jimin and carried on. Without realizing Jimin’s eyes admiring your beauty and grace as your long nightgown trailed behind you while you made your way up to Jungkook's room.

    Maybe your charm does greatly affect Busan men...I think Jimin might have a small crush on you.

    I'm sorry if this chapter is boring but comments help me do better.

    #jungkook#bts imagines#bts fanfic#yandere jungkook #yandere jungkook x reader #bts x chubby reader #jungkook x chubby reader #ot7 x chubby #chubby reader
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    singularity taehyung. that's the caption.

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    i will never get over how he looks next to red

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    BTS meme bios!!

    V ⭐ a (seu nome) é só minha.

    J Hope create new post ⭐ a lua está linda hoje

    Jung Kook shared moment with u: i love you (seu nome)

    Suga commented on post: você me ama? Suga: Sim eu te amo.

    Namjoon create new post ⭐ you, you are, my universe (seu nome)

    Jin ⭐ meu coração pertence a (seu nome)

    Jimin create new post ⭐ juntos e shallow now (seu nome)

    Like or reblog for use!!

    Curtir ou reblogar caso use!!

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