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    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Namjoon: Does anyone have anything else to say?

    Jungkook: Live fast die young caprisun.

    Namjoon: Thank yo-


    Namjoon: Wait.

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    17.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    BTS Participating in Squid Game Part 1

    Note: Some members' sections may be shorter or longer depending on how many games they survive. I had several ideas for all of the members, but this is just one I decided on. Also, I decided to cut this in half since it's so long, part two will be posted tomorrow.

    Warnings: Mention of death and violence


    Seokjin- Player 192

    After being cut off from his family Seokjin finds his restaurant struggling even hard to stay afloat. Even while working part-time Jin can’t keep up with the challenges life throws at him.

    Eventually, he begins to take loans from less than reputable people, an act of desperation he hates being forced to. Even with the loan help, he begins his struggle to pay the loans off. Like clockwork loan sharks visit him, trashing the restaurant and roughing him up.

    One night on his way home, harboring a nestle gash on his forehead and other minor scrapes he runs into a man seeking to play a game. Jin accepts the tempting money and seeks any form of comfort to make him forget about his worries.

    At first, he decides the odd business card he’s given is just some scam or cult, but in the late hours of the night, he decides to call. He’s desperate for anything to help, winning the cash from the salesman had been fairly easy despite being hit repeatedly. But that was nothing compared to what the loan sharks would do if he didn’t give the money up soon.

    Jin keeps to himself after everything is introduced and everyone awaits the first game. He feels sick and decides to rest alone until they are called to play.

    When the first player of red light green light is caught stumbling forward and is shot, Jin is frozen in place and as more people are gunned down trying to leave he remains still out of fear.

    As he watches the remaining players make their way forward he musters all his courage and begins to play again.

    He’s just one turn away from the finish line when he notices player 78 cruelly shove another man out of his way. The man, marked player three, fell to Jin’s feet and when green light is called he struggles to get up and across the finish line.

    Jin helps the injured man to safety just in time and as the remaining players are killed, he learns player 3’s name; Jung Hoseok.

    When given the chance to end the games, Jin chooses to go home. But like many people comes back.

    During the time waiting for the second game, Jin takes time to befriend Hoseok. He figures having one friend in this place couldn’t be so bad. Hoseok’s ankle had been injured when player 78 threw him aside so

    Jin spent the evening helping and tending to him in hopes the second came wouldn’t depend on Hoseok’s ability to run or walk on it too much.

    Seokjin passes the Honeycomb game. He chose the triangle, with no particular reason besides following Hoseok’s decision. Jin passes the honeycomb game easily and is happy to see Hoseok pass as well minutes before time ran out.

    As lights outfall upon everyone, Jin struggles to sleep due to the tension in the room. He has a bad feeling that something will happen tonight, as he hears other players mumbles about it.

    He’s awake when fighting breaks out and stays clear of anything too dangerous at first.

    He decides to find Hoseok and stay with him, not only is he injured but staying with a pair would fare better than remaining alone right now. Despite nausea and fear in his gut, Jin scrambles to find Hoseok.

    When he finds Hoseok struggling against a larger man trying to kill him, Jin almost steps away to find safety for himself. But hearing the cries of his new friend, begging for his life and unable to get onto his feet, almost makes Jin double over and vomit.

    So, he steps in. with little idea of how to fend the larger man off Jin goes for him. He’s not sure if he’s moving with the intention to kill; he’s not sure if he has it in him to kill. All he knows is that he can’t stand to hear Hoseok’s pleas anymore.

    He doesn’t see what happens to Hoseok. As he’s preoccupied with Hoseok’s attacker, another man comes up behind him. Jin isn’t sure what he’s stuck with, but his vision goes blurry as he’s hit and sent to the floor.

    He doesn’t stand a chance against the two men attacking him and no one steps in to help.

    Player 192, Kim Seokjin dies after trying to help another.

    Yoongi- Player 108

    Yoongi’s mother fell ill a few months ago. Despite working himself to the bone the medical bills keep piling up. He doesn’t want to turn to loans and get in with the wrong people, but he’s struggling to see any other option.

    He wants to help his mother and his struggling family. He doesn’t care much for how things turn out for him at this moment, the wellness of those around him is what matters most.

    He meets the salesman one evening while heading home from the hospital. The newest hospital bill crumpled in his hand as the odd man asked him to play a game.

    He refuses, even after the money is offered if he can win. He sits in quiet contemplation with the salesman, sighing as he decides he might as well try. If he could win some money he could stop and pick up some dinner for home at the very least.

    By the time he finally wins, Yoongi wants to tear the business card up in anger over his bruising cheek. He gets dinner and goes home and goes to sleep. But he ends up waking in the early hours, a voice nagging him to call the number, so he does.

    As the red light green light game dissolves to chaos after the first few players are shot, Yoongi tries to calm and steady himself but makes it through.

    That evening he doesn’t try to make friends or find a team as others did, instead, he thinks deeply about what had happened during the first game. When given the voice to leave he’s torn, but the faint glow of the money above him draws him from his thoughts. He chooses to stay.

    During the second game, Yoongi chooses the circle and isn’t too unhappy when he learns of the game he must complete. He works steadily alongside everyone, only stopping to help the man beside him who seems on the brink of panic as he works his way around an umbrella shape.

    The man, Hoseok, thanks him sincerely afterward.

    The night the fights broke out Yoongi does a good job of remaining unseen. He watches as the player from earlier, Hoseok, is beaten and saved by another man. As Hoseok crawls away he beckons him to join in his hiding place, watching as player 192 was beaten to death.

    That morning he tries to comfort Hoseok, telling him it wasn’t his fault Jin jumped in to save him. He had been watching Jin since day one, considering him as a possible teammate.

    “192 didn’t have it in him to win, okay? He was too good for all of this.”

    When tug of war comes, Yoongi is chosen by another group to join. When he asks if Hoseok can join as well, they dismiss the injured player. Yoongi feels bad, but tells Hoseok they’ll both make it through and meet again afterward.

    Their teams face off against one another. Hoseok’s team is fairly weak, made up of the players no one wanted. His team was looking good. An intelligent man gives suggestions on how they should play and a strong young man is chosen to be their anchor at the back. Yoongi makes a note to get the young man’s name later.

    As they play, time feels unreal as they pull desperately. Hoseok’s team puts up a good fight at first, but Yoongi finds himself watching them fall to their deaths.

    Hoseok’s injured ankle had proved a big hindrance, he had fallen while playing and soon the rest of his team. It’s an odd feeling to know he was dead now, but he looks at it as a good thing. Like Jin, Hoseok didn’t have it in him. It’s better he died early.

    Yoongi learns the two players’ names that helped the most are Namjoon and Jungkook, he decides to stick with them for now.

    During the fourth game Yooongi wants to partner with Jungkook, but he’s swiftly taken, so he lets Namjoon recruit him as a partner.

    He plays honestly and fairly against Namjoon but loses the game. It takes him a moment to realize what Namjoon had done, how he had played him from the start. He doesn’t cry or struggle when the guard comes for him, he simply stares Namjoon down until he’s taken out.

    Player 108, Min Yoongi dies after another player tricks him.

    Hoseok- Player 3

    Hoseok had lost his job almost a year ago, since then finding and holding a new one down had been tough. His bills were past overdue and he was sure any day now his landlord would be throwing him out.

    He can’t go home for help to pay them, as his family is also struggling.

    The night of his final eviction notice Hoseok goes out to meet a friend, get some drinks, and maybe try to borrow some money.

    But when he meets the salesman he agrees to play the game without much of a thought. He’s always loved games, even as he’s gotten older. Something light-hearted and fun couldn’t make his situation much worse.

    He could have gone without the slapping, but at least he won some money. Hopefully, it would appease his landlord for just a little longer.

    However, when he’s offered the business card he calls right after getting home. Win more money just playing games? He could do that easily.

    While waiting for the first game to be revealed Hoseok tries to speak to many people, to help settle his nerves as they wait cluelessly.

    He talks to many but doesn’t make a concrete friend just yet.

    He wanted so desperately to run in fear when people were beginning to be gunned down during red light green light, but player 190 behind him helped keep him calm.

    He nearly cries tears of joy when Jin helps him over the finish line and he spends the rest of the day at his side, talking and befriending him quickly.

    When given the choice to leave or stay, Hoseok chooses to leave. He decides to reenter the games after coming home to find his apartment locked and belongings strewn out.

    That night after Jin left for his bed, it wasn’t long until the fighting began. Hoseok tried to run from the man coming for him, but his injured ankle sent him to the floor. Desperately he cries for help and when Jin comes he scrambles away and towards another man motioning for him to join.

    Once he’s safe he realizes Jin hadn’t followed him as he thought and when he looks back he finds his new and only friend on the floor, motionless as the two men continue to beat over him.

    He cries himself to sleep that night once it all ends, player 108 keeping watch and trying to comfort him.

    When the next game starts he stays with Yoongi, as that’s the only person he knows and can trust at this point. He limps to the game room and when it’s time to find a team, no one wants to take him in.

    He lets Yoongi join a team without a fuss, they didn’t know each other well anyways. He joins a team with a few of the young women and older people left. When the tug of war is unveiled he knows they have a slim chance.

    As they play he doesn’t even comprehend he’s against Yoongi’s team, he just focuses on the searing pain in his ankle.

    When the pain becomes too much he can’t stop himself from falling. He’s draped towards the ledge, those before him stumbling and falling over him.

    He’s still alive after the fall and in the minutes waiting for the guards to come.

    Player 3, Jung Hoseok dies with the guilt of sending his entire team to death.

    Namjoon- Player 190

    Namjoon was left in serious debt after going through his schooling. Despite the nearly perfect education he strived for and received, he has fired from his job a few months ago. With serious debt still weighing over him, Namjoon struggled to keep up with them as he took small and ill-paying jobs.

    No matter how hard he searched, he just couldn’t seem to find a job that wanted him.

    When he meets the salesman it’s after another failed job interview. Namjoon’s tired as he rests waiting for the train. He scoffs and rolls his eyes at the prospect of playing Ddakji at a time like this.

    The idea that this man would give him money if he won felt like a scam and even when the money was shown to him a little part of his brain feels off about the whole thing, but at this point, it doesn’t seem that he has much to lose.

    He’s still skeptical as everyone waits for the first game to begin, things felt off but the idea of making money kept him there. He doesn’t talk much to another player, but a young man takes to talking to him. His name is Jungkook, he’s younger and seems more bright-eyed about the game coming up.

    During red light green light, Namjoon finds himself nearly slipping up a few times. Shaken from the mass killing he just witness and is already a fairly clumsy person, but as the game progresses he feels Jungkook reach to stop and steady him throughout.

    When given the choice to end the game Namjoon thinks long and hard about it. He weighs his pros and cons and decides to stay. He spends the night talking with Jungkook, who he decides to team up with for the remainder of the games.

    When the honeycomb game began Namjoon had chosen the triangle and Jungkook followed his lead. He recognized the shapes and figured Ppopgi was the next game. He succeeds, but it takes shim until the last few minutes of the game to finish.

    He and Jungkook are excited to move on. They talk about finding more people to join their team. Namjoon decides to try for player 108.

    When fighting breaks out he and Jungkook find the other and manage to stay alive. Namjoon notes how strong Jungkook is, deciding Jungkook would be valuable in getting him to the end. Whether it is with, or without him.

    Tug of war ends up in his team’s favor. Player 108, Yoongi, joins. With Jungkook and several other sturdy men on their team the win.

    He doesn’t feel bad for turning Hoseok away from their team, despite Yoongi’s slight sadness. Hoseok was a fool to think anyone would want to play with a liability like him, there was no need for him to move forward.

    At this point, he’s grown closer to Jungkook but doesn’t share much about his personal life or anything. Jungkook talks openly to him and even Yoongi shares a little more.

    When told to pair up for the next game Namjoon thinks hard about who to pick. Picking teams for a tug of war had turned out well. You were playing on a team not turned against the other. He’s not sure, but to be safe he decides not to let Jungkook join him. What were the chances picking partners would go so well again?

    He partners with Yoongi, who he decides he would be neutral about if he lived or died.

    When playing against Yoongi Namjoon doesn’t feel too bad about siking his partner out. It’s all subtle, the manipulation to end the game in his favor.

    When he presents 20 marbles to the guard he spares Yoongi one last glance but leaves before the guard fires.

    After the marble game, Jungkook seems sad to see Yoongi gone, so Namjoon lies and tells the younger that Yoongi sacrificed himself so Namjoon could go on.

    During the glass stepping stones he and Jungkook are some of the last to go, the very last players being players 118 and 78. Namjoon is glad to see player 118’s partner didn’t make it through the marble game, player 119 had been a big of a pain.

    He doesn’t care about player 118, he just wants to get himself and Jungkook across. They’re only two steps away from the end with player 78 pushes Namjoon forward. Namjoon, who had been inspecting the glass carefully, stumbled forward and broke through the next step.

    Player 190, Kim Namjoon dies haven used his smarts to get through it all, only to be cruelly tossed aside by another player’s selfish actions.

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    update (no one asked but anyway🤡)

    Hey guys!! it’s been a while. Just wanted to clear out things in case anyone was wondering where I’ve been gone lol😭😭😭💀 I’ve been really MIA on Tumblr and I’m so sorry for it. There are tons of draft waiting to be finished and published. I’m so so sorry if you’ve been waiting on me :( I’ve just been going through a lot these past months and I hope that the need and desire to write will come back to me soon :’) I don’t want to force myself but I will come back promise <3

    sending love <3 take care of yourself

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    "Try it. It's good, I promise." (Namjoon)

    ➤ Summary: Namjoon makes food for the first time and begs you to try it.

    ➤ This drabble is a part of 1 Year Anniversary Drabbles. Feel free to check the rest of the series here!

    You were almost 100% sure something was going wrong with Namjoon as you looked at him attempting to cook in the kitchen. The keyword being "attempting".

    "Did you break something?" you asked suspiciously when he offered a spoonful of his food to you.

    He laughed nervously and took a bit too long to respond. "Of course not. I just want to cook something for my beautiful girlfriend."

    "I'm not convinced."

    He laughed again. "There's really nothing happening." He nudged the spoon at you. "Try it. It's good, I promise."

    Reluctant and still a bit suspicious, you ate the food. When it touched your tastebuds, you knew he was right. It was indeed good. Surprisingly very not Namjoon-like.

    "Where did you learn how to cook?" you asked once you swallowed the food.

    He smiled in victory. "A magician never reveals his secrets."



    Thanks for joining my taglist ♡

    You can join/leave my taglist here.

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    “You just can’t admit that you can’t hang.”

    taehyung x reader (oc) genre: fluff word count: 1.9K

    a/n: Hi lovelies! So we all know that Tae is a bit of a night owl and I’ve always had this idea that Peaches/reader would try to stay up with him but would literally always end up falling asleep with her head in his lap. Which he would then take advantage of by having full conversations with her and taking photos/videos of her. So that’s what this is. I hope you all enjoy and thanks for reading! :)) 

    Taehyung was really trying to focus on the television but you proved to be quite the scene stealer. And you weren’t even doing anything. Not really, anyway. But it was the small things you did like twisting your hair around your finger mindlessly as you read over the words in your book. Your glasses kept slipping down the bridge of your nose and you’d cutely use your index finger to push them back up. As you became more sleepy, your yawns became more frequent, the sweet exaggerated noise that accompanied them just loud enough to meet Taehyung’s ears.

    You didn’t read as often as you’d like but you loved it, and Taehyung adored the nights that you became invested in a new novel. He loved watching the way your eyes became heavy, resisting the sleep that settled into your mind and body, the words luring you towards slumber. Eventually, you’d give in and curl up on his lap. And he couldn’t wait. Evenings like that one were some of his favorite.

    And just like he was waiting for, as though it was a rare but sacred routine, you yawned a bit louder than the others before closing the book and tossing it onto the coffee table. Taehyung glanced at you, meeting your eyes and giving you a small smile as his hand squeezed your shin that rested across his lap before turning back to the TV. Just as he returned his attention to the actors on the screen, your legs were pulled from his lap, Taehyung’s hands lifting up in the air as though he was giving you space to do as you pleased.

    Now came time for him to tease you a bit. You wanted attention, and he was more than happy to give it to you, but not without some playful resistance. You sat up on our knees before lowering your butt to rest on your calves, your hands on your thighs as you stared at the side of his face.

    He didn’t turn to look at you, acting as though the show was much more capturing than you. It wasn’t.

    You inched closer, and closer, and closer until your nose was nearly bumping against his cheek bone.

    “Tae,” you whispered.

    “Hmm?” He responded, still not turning his attention to you.

    “Dearest,” you whined, and he could no longer hold back the smile he was concealing. “Kim Taehyung,” you whined, an edge of feigned grumpiness in your tone.

    And finally, he granted you his attention, turning toward you and immediately catching your lips in a sweet kiss. The feeling of your soft lips lingered on his own, the man pulling back with a smirk.

    “What is it, Peaches?”

    Taehyung wished his eyes could capture photos as he watched you force a pout through your scowl, making you look adorably angry as the smile that curved on your lips replaced both expressions with one of glee.

    “When are you going to sleep?” As you asked the question, you nudged your forehead against his, Taehyung unable to resist raising his hand to rest upon your waist.

    “Not for a bit, I’m not tired yet,” he informed you, giggling lightly as you sighed.

    Without another word, you adjusted your body just slightly before lowering your head into his lap, using his thighs as a pillow.

    “You should just go to bed, Peaches,” he told you, immediately receiving a groan from you. “You’ll fall asleep here,” he warned.

    “No I won’t, I’m really interested in this show,” you lied through a grin, Taehyung giggling in response. You were just too cute.

    “You have no idea what’s going on in this show,” he pointed out to you, laughing as you raised your index finger to your lips, shushing him.

    “Because you’re talking,” you teased. “I need to catch up.”

    “Fine,” Taehyung smiled down at you. To be honest, he had no idea what was going on in the show anymore either. You were a much more engaging subject. “You just can’t admit that you can’t hang,” he joked, his fingers combing through your hair soothingly. The sweet gesture was doing nothing to keep you awake, only making you even more relaxed into his lap, which was why he was doing it. He wanted you to sleep. You needed rest.

    “I can totally hang,” you defended, pinching his thigh, the man jolting slightly as he yelled out in protest. “You’re just too much of a night owl.”

    “Shh,” he joked, appreciating the way your breathy giggle tickled the exposed skin of his thigh. “I’m watching this.”

    It didn’t take long for you to fade into slumber, leaving Taehyung relatively alone with his thoughts. He loved moments like these. Where he could say the things to you that you would normally negate, unable to sincerely accept a compliment. As you were occupied by your dreams, Taehyung was free to tell you every little thing he loved about you, and there wasn’t a damn thing you could do about.

    “You wanna know why you’re so tired? Why you can’t stay up with me?” He started, looking down at you, admiring the slope of your nose, the apples of your cheek, the pout that your relaxed state pushed onto your lips. “You’re too busy taking care of everyone all day,” he frowned. “Making sure everyone else is fulfilled, and what about you, hmm? Who’s looking after you, Peaches?”

    He could never understand how you never saw yourself as enough. You always thought you should be doing more, could be doing more. Like your love was never sufficient. How could you not see that you were always doing the most for everyone?

    He and your best friend, Jimin’s girlfriend, sweet little Deary, had spoken about it before. How it was something they admired about you, loved you for, but how it was also possibly one of your biggest flaws. That was saying something. Your dedication to other people’s happiness was your biggest flaw; hardly a flaw at all.

    “I guess I’m the one looking after you. I worry I fail you sometimes,” Taehyung continued whispering to you. “You deserve the best. I promise to do better for you.” He knew if you were awake you would be mad at him right now. “Don’t put yourself down like that, you’re more than enough for me, always,” you would be lecturing. “I won’t tolerate any sort of self-deprecation, Dearest.”

    But you weren’t awake, so he continued. “You make me want to be better,” he nodded to himself.

    Brushing some stray strands off your forehead, Taehyung was overwhelmed with the desire to protect you. Now and forever. So nothing or no one could harm you. And then he felt pride. Because you’d always taken care of yourself. Whether he was there to shield you or not, you had always carried yourself with strength and dignity for as long as he’d known you.

    “I’m going to marry you one day,” he whispered suddenly, the thought seemingly random as his eyes searched over your features. Taehyung had every feature, every blemish, every birth mark and every childhood scar memorized. He could draw you without missing a single aspect of your face. Yet his gaze looked over you, ensuring nothing had changed or he hadn’t missed some piece of you. He hadn’t. “And we’re gonna have babies.”

    As much as Taehyung loved your current life together, just you and him, your friends, the simplicity of your dynamic that only you two really understood, he couldn’t help but anticipate the future. He didn’t want to speed up time, but the excitement over having children with you one day was much more prevalent in his thoughts than even you realized. It was a life you both wanted, but Taehyung knew you had some concerns. Not about children in general, but your ability to be a good mother. You’d never forgive yourself if you had kids and then failed them.

    But once again, Taehyung couldn’t understand your perception of yourself. How could you ever fail anyone?

    “I know you don’t think you’ll be a good mom but trust me, you’ll be the best,” he told you. “Being loved by you is just-” he paused, trying to come up with the words that would actually encompass how it feels to be loved by you. All he could come up with was, “so good,” which was a major shortcoming of how it felt. “It’s such a rewarding experience to be loved by you. I didn’t know I could be loved the way you love me. But then you just started loving me that way, just because you wanted to,” he rambled, unconcerned with the lack of eloquence in his speech. “Did you know that? Did you know how special your love is? Our kids will be so lucky.”

    You stirred a bit in your sleep, making a smile spread across the man’s face as he watched you adoringly. “Should we get you to bed soon, Peaches?”

    Groaning in response, Taehyung reached for his phone, preparing to tease you on camera to add the video to his ever growing collection of sleepy Peaches footage. Pointing the camera toward you, he tapped the tip of your nose gently, giggling when your eyebrows pulled together in a very minor protest.

    “Peaches, baby,” he cooed at you. “Are you sleepy?” Dragging his finger up the bridge of your nose, you scrunched it with a corresponding groan. Next, he blew gently toward your face, the light air just enough to tickle you. Groggy, you turned your face into his lap, Taehyung’s cute giggles waking you up further.

    Sighing, you looked up at your boyfriend, your eyes barely peeled open as you squinted at him.

    “Hi Peaches,” he beamed down at you, his boxy smile erasing any annoyance immediately, as if there was any to begin with.

    “I love you,” you told him randomly, Tae’s eyes widening slightly before he giggled.

    “I love you,too.”

    “You’re annoying though,” you grinned, turning onto your back so you could look directly up at him. “Is your show not entertaining enough?”

    Taehyung hummed before shaking his head. “No, our conversation was much more entertaining.”

    “Our conversation?” You asked with a smile, intrigued. “What did we talk about?”

    “That’s for me and sleeping Peaches to know,” he whispered, as though it was some big secret.

    “Ugh,” you pouted. “She gets all the good gossip.” Taehyung giggled at you as he booped your nose once again, you turning your face away in feigned indignation. “Delete the video,” you suddenly added.

    The man gasped. “What video?” He couldn’t hold back the smile that formed on his face at the glare you shot him. He always filmed a video or took photos, adding them all to a folder in his phone that he would giggle at right in front of you despite your glares and middle fingers. “I’m not deleting anything, Peaches.”

    Rolling your eyes, you prepared to complain before a massive yawn interrupted you.

    “Let’s get you to bed,” he gently told you, brushing his hand over your hair. He watched you as you sleepily sat up, waiting for him to make the next move. Your back was to him and he was tempted to reach his hand out to soothe over the expanse of it. So he did. Leaning into his touch just slightly, he inched forward, bringing his lips to the back of your head. “I really do love you,” he whispered into your hair.

    He wasn’t sure you’d ever fully understand the depth of those words, how sincerely he meant them, how strongly he felt them.

    But then you looked over your shoulder at him, your eyes meeting his own, and he could see it. You knew exactly what those words meant. You felt them too.

    “The feeling is mutual, Dearest. I love you.”

    Mutual. What a rewarding experience.

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    17.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Taehyung: People have asked me if I am a glass half full person or a glass half empty person.

    Taehyung: And I have come to this conclusion.

    Taehyung: *abruptly smashes glass on the ground*

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    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Yoongi *at a press conference*: I would like to apologize to absolutely no one. Go to hell.

    The rest of BTS:

    Taehyung *loving life*: Woo, you go hyung!

    #bts#bangtan#bangtan boys #beyond the scene #bangtan seonyandan #bulletproof boy scouts #bts incorrect quotes #bts incorrect quote #incorrect bts quotes #incorrect bts quote #kpop incorrect quotes #incorrect kpop quotes #bts text #bts text post #bts imagines#bts reactions#bts scenarios#taegi#kim seokjin#min yoongi#jung hoseok#kim namjoon#park jimin#kim taehyung#jeon jungkook
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    “If you’re in danger, blink.” (Hoseok)

    ➤ Summary: A flirty interviewer scares Hoseok during a live interview.

    ➤ This drabble is a part of 1 Year Anniversary Drabbles. Feel free to check the rest of the series here!

    After a lot of convincing, he managed to make you come with him for an interview.

    At first, you were worried because this was the first time you ever came to your boyfriend’s workplace. You felt like an outsider and didn’t belong there. But as the interview started, you realized that being an outsider was the least of your worries.

    The interviewer asked a question to Hoseok about dating, which he obviously denied in order to protect you. But then she asked another question, “Does that mean I have a chance with you?”

    Although she laughed right after saying that, it was clear that she was nothing but serious with her question.

    Instead of answering it, Hoseok gasped and looked at you with big eyes, probably asking you for your help.

    You, while standing near the camera and the interpreter, whispered into the interpreter’s mic, “Hobi, if you’re in danger, blink.”

    Upon hearing your response, he broke into a laugh. His shoulders relaxed a bit as he finally answered to both the interviewer and you, “I don’t think I should do that.”

    Beside the camera, you sighed in relief. Crisis averted.



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    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    .° requests are open !

    all reactions will be non-gender specific, unless you specify in your request !

    GROUP FORM request : be as specific or as bland as you want group : specify if you want only some members gender : leave blank for non-gender specific

    SOLO FORM request : be as specific or as bland as you want idol(s) : specify which idol(s) you want gender : leave blank for non-gender specific

    request here !

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  • flwrkisses
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    i know, i love you — cyj.

    hi guys! thanks to everyone who showed support to my past couple txt headcannons! i can't wait to work on some more for all of you. so! i got two lovely requests that were very similar. so i decided to blend them together!

    genre: angst, some fluff at the end.

    warnings: mentions of drinking in a party situation, cursing. fem! reader. *was not proof read*

    summary: in which y/n comes home late and yeonjun isn't too happy about it.

    finally getting to your apartment, you let out a sigh of relief. the ache in your feet had finally subsided as you threw your heels aside, not caring if they had landed where they were meant to go. you were beyond exhausted and ready to go to bed, make up and all but you knew your boyfriend would never let you do so. the clock read 3:15 am, it was way later than when you expected to be home but you figured it didn't hurt anyone to go out once in a while. you were a hard worker and this night out was a treat for working so hard in the way you always did.

    "where the hell were you?" a familiar male voice said from behind you. you jumped before hissing at the burning sensation in the arch of your foot from the shoes you refused to take off all night. "junnie, baby i didn't know you were awake." you relaxed your features as you walked over and wrapped your arms around his frame and yet, he stiffened under your touch. "i called you like 50 times y/n." he stated firmly. your boyfriend was beyond pissed off with you. while you were having a fun time with friends late at night, his mind was going crazy thinking about things that could have happened to you. it wasn't fair to him.

    "relax, i told you i was going out and i'd be coming late." you rolled your eyes. you were tired, ready for bed and being hit with unnecessary panic. "i'm going to bed." you announced just before strutting off, not caring what yeonjun had to say. you had fun, and that was all that mattered to you. if your boyfriend wanted to fight with you about it he could save it for the next morning when you werent dying to sleep. as you changed and washed your face you noticed the reflection in your bathroom mirror of your empty bed. "yeonjun?" you called out before drying your face with your towel and yet there was no answer. "junnis baby please!" you pleaded as you walked out of the bathroom to he met with his figure sitting at the end of the bed putting on his shoes.

    "where are you going?"


    the short cut response set a fire going in your chest. you knew he was angry but, he would never speak to you in such a way. "no this isn't fair—"

    "no what's not fair is not knowing where my girlfriend is at 3 o'clock in the morning! y/n you hardly go out and when you do i lose you for hours!" he sighed and looked out you, his brows furrowed in sadness and worry and his lips lightly parted. "i-i dont care if you go out but i need communication baby, you can't believe how many sick fucks are out there at this time. i just want to know you're safe." he explained and shook his head. you could tell there was more he wanted to say so you decided to stay quiet. "it's not fair..." he pleated, his tone switching as he realized his thoughts. "i can hardly sleep when you don't communicate with me, what if i was asleep and something happened to you? hm? what if i don't hear my phone? what would happen then?" he asked.

    guilt flooded your thoughts. as much as you hated to admit it, he was right. if there was one thing yeonjun did it was protect you, even if he wasn't there. he'd check in on you with texts every couple hours, make sure you're still at whatever bar you mentioned and even would offer to drive you and your friends home if you guys drank too much. "i'm sorry..." you sighed and ran a hand through your hair. "i didn't have my phone on me... im sorry."

    "great, im sleeping at my studio tonight." he said as he got up, you almost forgot how easily he towered over you. the last thing you wanted him to do tonight was leave you alone. "yeonjun please stay, we hardly ever get nights like this." you sighed. it was true. nights where the both of you were able to sleep in eachother's arms were rare and often a luxury for the both of you. but, yeonjun was seriously upset and you know he was insanely vicious when he got this way, sometimes even saying horrible things he didn't mean just to make a point.

    "i don't want to say something i don't mean and make this worse if i stay okay? you said sorry and im glad you did, i just need to cool down."

    pouting a bit you looked at him, you noticed the obvious exhausted frustration in his eyes and softened a bit. the last thing you wanted was to let him drive like that. as much as he protected you, you often times protected him. you just had to get him to go to bed. "baby, come on lets go. we're both exhausted and it wont do us any good. we can talk about it in the morning okay?" you leveled with him as you placed a hand on his cheek. that same hand ran back to the nape of his neck and up into his hair.

    "please?" you whispered as you gently scratched the back of his head. he sighed in return, accepting he was going to bed right there with you. gently, you sat him down and took off his shoes, changed him to a lighter shirt—something you knew he'd be more comfortable in. his eyes tiredly followed your every move. "you know i love you right?" he asked softly. a small smile came to your lips as you finally settled yourself in front of him, looking down at his seated position. "i know, and i love you too... i'm sorry for not communicating jun... i really am." 

    "it's fine, i was being psychotic." he chuckled tiredly before letting his body weight push him back to lay on your shared bed. "it's not psychotic, you just want to make sure im okay." you responded, crawling into bed and laying your head on his chest. "i'm here now though baby, you can rest~" you hummed softly and played with his hair until his breaths became a bit deepened and his muscles relaxed. he was finally asleep.

    thanks for reading! i go on vacation today so, posts might be slower for the next week!

    - m.

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    Yoongi: What are your three best qualities?

    Jimin: I'm bisexual, I have soft hair, and sometimes I cry because I love my friends.

    #bts#bangtan#bangtan seonyandan#bangtan boys #beyond the scene #bulletproof boy scouts #bts incorrect quotes #bts incorrect quote #incorrect bts quotes #incorrect bts quote #kpop incorrect quotes #incorrect kpop quotes #bts text #bts text post #bts imagines#bts reactions#bts scenarios#yoonmin#kim seokjin#min yoongi#jung hoseok#kim namjoon#park jimin#kim taehyung#jeon jungkook
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  • leviackermanscleaningbuddy
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    Jungkook: So how was growing up in the early nineties? Did you get spanked?

    Jin: Not as a kid, no.


    #bts#bangtan#bangtan seonyandan#bangtan boys #beyond the scene #bulletproof boy scouts #bts incorrect quotes #bts incorrect quote #incorrect bts quotes #incorrect bts quote #kpop incorrect quotes #incorrect kpop quotes #bts text #bts text post #bts imagines#bts reactions#bts scenarios#namjin#kim seokjin#min yoongi#jung hoseok#kim namjoon#park jimin#kim taehyung#jeon jungkook
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    hi! i'm taexual. i've been writing on tumblr since 2017, but i've taken a long hiatus recently, so my masterlist is very outdated. but i want to come back now!

    which is why, ✨ i'm going to be taking requests again! ✨ it's been a while, so i'm making some changes to the groups i write for, but please send in a request for any of these:

         ⭐ ATEEZ      ⭐ BTS      ⭐ GOT7      ⭐ IKON      ⭐ MONSTA X      ⭐ NCT (Dream & 127)      ⭐ SEVENTEEN (individual or in units only, please!)      ⭐ STRAY KIDS      ⭐ TXT

    group reactions, individual one-shots, drabbles, imagines, in any genre – all requests are welcome!

    disclaimer #1: suggestive content is all good, but it takes me a while to write full-on smut. also, i won't be writing smut for anyone aged less than 21!

    disclaimer #2: sometimes, there are requests that i keep coming back to, but never finish, so i apologize in advance if i won’t complete some of them – sometimes, words just don’t arrange themselves in the right way for me.

    but anyway! my inbox is here and i hope to hear from you! ♡

    please keep reading if you've been following me for a while 🥺

    i sincerely apologize to everyone who's sent in a request that i haven't completed - i treasured your requests in my inbox for years, but for one reason or another, i couldn't start working on them. i am very sorry to let you down! 😔

    my inbox is empty now, but if you still remember what you've requested before, i'd be glad to try to give it another shot!

    thank you for everything, i love you ♡

    #fanfiction#ateez reactions#bts reactions#got7 reactions#ikon reactions #monsta x reactions #nct reactions#seventeen reactions #stray kids reactions #txt reactions #ok honestly how many tags actually work in the tumblr algorythm
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    15.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    i’ll be taking requests!!!

    i write for BTS, TXT, and ENHYPEN

    no smut please, just fluff and angst

    i’ll do reactions, headcanons, and drabbles :))

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    BTS Favourite Lingerie & Sleepwear Pt. 1

    Thank you anon for this ask x

    Pictures and gifs do not belong to me, credit to owners.


    I see him as someone who likes ribbons, thinks of you as a gift he gets to unwrap.

    Taehyung/ V

    Would want to see you in a corset or bustier. Will not be able to keep his hands to himself.


    Something sexy, something shiny. You will be his weakness.

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  • passionatelyfanfic
    15.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    BTS Favourite Lingerie & Sleepwear Pt. 2

    Thank you anon for this ask x

    Pictures and gifs do not belong to me, credit to owners.

    Namjoon/ RM

    Something red, goes around the neck and contains lace. You will immediately turn him on.

    Hoseok/ Jhope/ Hobi

    (Him, here, was my inspiration for this, he is gorgeous!)

    Something two-toned, lace, definitely contains a garter and stockings. He belongs to you.

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  • passionatelyfanfic
    15.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    BTS Favourite Lingerie & Sleepwear Pt. 3

    Thank you anon for this ask x

    Pictures and gifs do not belong to me, credit to owners.

    Yoongi/ Agust D/ Suga

    Something sexy yet simple, easy to take off, wants you to be comfortable. You are perfect to him.

    Seokjin/ Jin

    Feminine, pretty and frilly. You are his...

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  • btsqualityy
    15.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Fools Rush In: Chapter 9

    Jungkook x Reader

    Genre/Rate: 18+, Strangers-to-lovers, age gap!AU (reader is 30, Jungkook is 23), Angst, smut, fluff

    Summary: You discuss your pregnancy publicly for the first time, your parents meet Jungkook’s parents, and you and Jungkook are faced with some decisions that the two of you hadn’t considered.

    Warnings: Discussions of differences in cultures (since Jungkook is Korean and reader is from America) and tense conversations between Jungkook’s parents and the reader’s parents.

    WC: 2.5K

    “Ok, calm down you god damn vultures!” Yoongi snapped and you bit your lip to restrain yourself from laughing out loud as you sat at the large table in front of the press. Two days after the news of your pregnancy and relationship with Jungkook broke out, Yoongi managed to put together a press conference and it seemed as if almost every publication in the world that reported on sports was in attendance. 

    As soon as you stepped foot in the room, dressed in a light green dress that showcased your growing bump and matching high heels, the reporters and photographers hadn’t stopped hurtling questions your way. Even when you sat down and attempted to call their attention, all of them continued to talk at once which caused Yoongi to step in and get their attention in the way that only he could. 

    “Now, you guys know how this works so please act like you have some fucking sense,” Yoongi smiled. “You all know that I’m not above pulling my client out of here and leaving your stories unwritten and your deadlines missed so let’s all cooperate, ok? Y/N will answer as many questions as she feels comfortable with in the time allowed and she retains the right to not answer anything that she feels is a violation of her privacy. With that being said, I’m going to turn things over to her now.”

    “Thanks Yoongi,” you spoke into the microphone and he nodded at you before stepping away from the table and standing off to the side. You then turned back to the crowd, taking a deep breath before continuing. “Before we get started, I would just like to make it very clear that I don’t appreciate my privacy nor the privacy of Jeon Jungkook being violated the way that it was. Going forward, I will not be taking any questions from or doing any interviews with the publications that circulated that photo around. With that out of the way, I’ll take some questions now.” You then pointed to a journalist who was sitting up front, and she immediately stood up.

    “Who is the man in the photo with you?” She asked. “Is he your partner, because no one has ever seen the two of you together before.”

    “He is, yes and he’s also the father of my child,” you answered, waiting until the woman had sat down again before pointing towards a man who was holding up a camera.

    “Do the two of you plan to get married?” The man questioned and you had to use some of your self control in order to keep yourself from rolling your eyes. 

    “My personal life will remain that way until I’m ready to share more,” you stated firmly and the man nodded stiffly, and you pointed to an older looking man. 

    “Going back to the Korea Open,” he began. “Did you know that you were pregnant then?”

    “I did,” you smiled proudly. “I had known for about three weeks at that point.”

    “In the press conference after your win, you mentioned something about taking a year off in order to take care of yourself,” the man continued. “Was your pregnancy the catalyst for that?”

    “It was,” you nodded in confirmation. “Once I found out that I was pregnant, I had a difficult time trying to figure out how I would continue to do what I love while also making room in my life for this new little person, and anyone that has ever seen me play knows how dedicated I am to the game so you all can probably imagine how hard it was for me to reconcile the two. However, I have given so much of myself to my career and even though all of this was unplanned for me, I felt like I owed it to myself and to the baby to embrace it and just go with it.”

    “And the father?” Another woman called out, making you look over at her. “How does he feel?”

    “Well, he was just as surprised as I was but he has really embraced it and he’s very excited,” you giggled. 

    “Do you know the gender yet? And how far along are you?” A different man wondered.

    “I am currently 19 weeks along so I’m due sometime in November, and we don’t know the gender yet,” you revealed. 

    “We have time for one last question,” Yoongi suddenly interjected and you pointed to a woman that you recognized as a writer.

    “I think all of the women in this room, mothers themselves or otherwise, know how hard pregnancy and giving birth can be on the human body,” she began. “And I know that you’ve said multiple times that you’re not ready to retire yet but given all of the changes that your body has and will go through, do you think you’ll be able to get back into the mindset that you were in before your pregnancy?”

    “Wow, a retirement question that’s actually worded well,” you joked, making the entire room laugh. “No but seriously, I completely understand what you’re saying and my body has already changed so much and as a result, I initially left the possibility of retirement open when I first found out that I was pregnant because I didn’t know what would happen throughout the course of my pregnancy. However, I changed my mind when I won the Korea Open. I was almost into my second trimester, I was exhausted and I had spent the week leading up to the Open throwing my lungs up literally all day. I realized though that if I can still compete at the highest level and win while going through all that, then there’s no reason why I can’t get my body back into champion shape and win again.”

    “Well, we wish you a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery,” the woman said. 

    “Thank you all,” you smiled, waving lightly and posing for a few photos before getting up and following Yoongi out of the room. 

    “Hey, ESPN wanted some special photos,” Yoongi told you as he looked down at his phone. “Do you mind?”

    “I can’t. I’m having lunch with my parents, Jungkook, and his parents,” you said as you checked the time on your phone. “In fact, I’m late right now and Jungkook just texted me so I gotta go.”

    “Ugh, good luck with that one kiddo,” Yoongi smiled softly and you gave him a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek before rushing out of the building and into the car service that was waiting on you. 


    “Y/N-ah, hi,” Jungkook smiled as you rushed up to where he was standing in front of his parent’s house along with your parents.

    “I’m so sorry that I’m late,” you apologized, leaning up to press a quick kiss to Jungkook’s lips before turning to your mother and giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Press conference ran a little late.”

    “Having a baby and still can’t manage to be on time,” Janet teased you, making you roll your eyes playfully before looking over at your father. 

    “Hi Daddy.”

    “Hello,” Michael replied coolly and you just sighed before turning back to Jungkook. 

    “Ready?” You asked him and he nodded, reaching down and grabbing your hand in his. 

    “Let’s go,” he said. The four of you walked up the small set of stairs that led to the porch that wrapped around the house and Jungkook reached out to unlock the door using his set of keys. Pushing the door open, he allowed you and your parents to step inside first before following behind and shutting the door. 

    “Appa, eomma!” Jungkook shouted and suddenly, a tall woman with the same black hair as Jungkook appeared with a bright smile on her face.

    “Jungkook, hi,” she giggled, striding right over to her son and hugging him tightly. “How are you?”

    “I’m good, I’m good,” he chuckled and you couldn’t help but to smile as you watched him hug her back with the same amount of enthusiasm as she had for him. Once they pulled away from the hug, his mother looked at you and her already wide smile seemed to grow even more. 

    “Is this her?” She wondered and Jungkook nodded.

    “Eomma, this is Y/N L/N,” he introduced the two of you. “Y/N, this is my mom Lee Si-eun.”

    “It’s nice to meet you,” you said, bowing to her and holding it for a few seconds. 

    “It’s nice to meet you too,” Si-eun replied, bowing to you as well. “Ah, you’re gorgeous sweetheart! My son couldn’t have done better even if he tried!”

    “Well, thank you, I appreciate it,” you responded bashfully. “This is my mom Janet L/N and my father Michael L/N.” As the three of them exchanged greetings, an even taller man walked into the entranceway and smiled when he saw everyone.

    “Are these our guests?” The man asked.

    “Yeah,” Si-eun answered. “Everyone, this is my husband Jeon Jung-hwan. This is Jungkook’s girlfriend, Y/N and her parents Janet and Michael.”

    “It’s nice to meet you all,” Jung-hwan said, his eyes widening when he saw your baby bump. “Is this my little grandchild in there?”

    “It is,” you laughed. 

    “Looks like they’re growing well,” he stated proudly. 

    “I’m eating a lot so they definitely are,” you mentioned. 

    “Oh, you guys must be starving!” Si-eun gasped suddenly. “Lunch is almost ready so please, come in and make yourselves at home!” You quickly slipped off your heels before motioning for your parents to do the same.

    “Why do we have to take our shoes off?” Janet wondered.

    “It’s a customs thing here,” you explained. “Just do it, please.” You waited until both of them had taken their shoes off before following behind Jungkook and seating yourselves in the dining room at the medium sized mahogany table. 

    For all intents and purposes, the lunch actually started out quite well. Si-eun made quick work of laying out all of the dishes onto the table, which included samgyeopsal, bibimbap, sundubu-jjigae, and the staple kimchi. You were weary of how your parents might react to the cultural differences in the food selections but you were pleasantly surprised at how much your parents loved it and how your father even complimented Si-eun on her cooking skills. Yep, everything went very well; that is, until all of you were almost finished eating and your mom decided to ask a question that had been on her mind since they had stepped foot in the Jeon household. 

    “I have to ask,” Janet spoke up. “Are the two of you really ok with this pregnancy?”

    “Well, it’s very unexpected but everything in life is unexpected,” Jung-hwan replied. “We understand that things just happen sometimes so we have no choice but to make the best of it. Besides, we’re excited to be getting a grandchild.”

    “But they’re not married yet,” Janet pointed out. “Doesn’t that bother you?”

    “Unmarried parents aren’t a rarity anymore,” Si-eun chuckled. “And besides, they always have time to get married after the baby is born if they want. I mean, who really wants to be pregnant in a wedding dress?”

    “Yeah, I don’t know about all of that,” you agreed with a small laugh. 

    “Plus, the baby is going to have Jungkook’s surname anyways so no big deal,” Jung-hwan shrugged. 

    “How do you know the baby is going to have Jungkook’s surname?” Michael huffed.

    “In Korean culture, children typically take the surname of their father, regardless of if the parents are married or not,” Jungkook explained. 

    “Well, if they’re not married, then the baby shouldn’t have his last name,” Michael concluded. “Y/N’s a top athlete. If she’s going to jack up her body by carrying and giving birth to a baby, then it should at least bare her last name.”

    “You know, that’s understandable that you feel that way,” Si-eun murmured. “However, the baby will be half Korean so they should at least have a Korean name.”

    “The baby is also half American,” Michael shot back. 

    “But they’re going to be born and raised here so it only makes sense for them to have a Korean name,” Jung-hwan explained.

    “Uh, they actually might not be born here,” you spoke up, making everyone at the table look at you. 

    “What?” Jungkook whispered. “You didn’t tell me that.”

    “I know but come on,” you murmured. “You had to know that I planned on going back home at some point.”

    “Yeah, but not until after you gave birth,” Jungkook hissed back. “You didn’t feel the need to discuss this with me?”

    “I was going to but it just hadn’t come up yet,” you huffed.

    “I can’t believe you,” Jungkook scoffed before turning to face forward again and no matter what you did or said to him, he didn’t look your way again for the rest of the visit.


    “How could you not tell me that you’re going back to the States?” Jungkook demanded to know as the two of you got ready for bed in the en suite bathroom at his apartment. After the tense lunch, you and Jungkook split up so that he could spend some time with his parents while you took your parents back to your place. Having decided to try and talk things out with Jungkook, you invited your parents to stay the night at your apartment while you went to stay the night at Jungkook’s for the first time.

    “I mean, it was always the plan,” you muttered as you brushed your teeth. “That’s why I didn’t tell you, I guess because I thought you would’ve known that.”

    “How would I have known if you told me that you planned on staying in Korea for a while?” He huffed as he wiped a small towel over his face. “Are you going to give birth there?”

    “I don’t know,” you shrugged, spitting the toothpaste out and quickly rinsing your mouth out. 

    “Well, I think my parents are right,” Jungkook said as he turned to face you, his hip leaning against the sink counter. 

    “About what?” You wondered as you turned to look at him. 

    “That the baby should be born here and have a Korean name,” he stated firmly and you couldn’t help but to roll your eyes. 

    “But I’m not from here,” you argued. “I’m from America, therefore the baby is half American. Does that part of their identity not matter as much as the Korean half?”

    “Don’t put words in my mouth,” he warned. “You know that’s not what I’m saying at all.”

    “That’s absolutely what you’re saying by making this big ass declaration that you think your parents are right,” you seethed. “Do you expect me to just move to Korea?”

    “It’s not like you don’t have the resources to,” he goaded and you could literally feel the annoyance that had been building inside of you turn into anger. 

    “You know, it’s really fucking unfair that you expect me to give up everything there in order to move here,” you exploded. “My work is based there, all of the companies that I work with and that sponsor me are there. Hell, I play for America in the Olympics! I’ve established my whole life there and I can’t just give that up.”

    “How about instead of listing all of the things you have there, think about what you have here,” Jungkook shot back as he pointed towards your growing stomach. “You need to consider what’s best for the baby.”

    “Well you know what, maybe you should do the same fucking thing,” you snapped back before pushing past him and storming out of the bathroom. 


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