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    Chapter 10 - i hate my tutor



    Jungkook x y/n

    To her dismay and absolute horror, y/n is forced to tutor Hogwarts resident bully: Jeon Jungkook

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    Originally posted by taejoon

    You waited eagerly at the dorm for the car to pull up with the boys inside. You’d spent weeks staying in their apartment whilst they travelled around Asia, and now you were more than keen to have them back and filling up the space again.

    You’d kept an eye perfectly on their home whilst they were gone, keeping the place nice and tidy for them to move back into. The kitchen was packed with all their favourite foods that they’d let you know they were missing whilst they were travelling, to make coming home a little more exciting for them.

    A black car pulled up outside a few minutes after the time Namjoon let you know they’d be back, leaning out of the window as the door opened, and Jin walked out. One by one, the members filed out, but Namjoon rushed to the door before them all.

    He ran into the apartment, searching high and low for you. As soon as his eyes landed on you, his arms wrapped tightly around your waist, twirling you around in the air. The groans of the boys came in behind Namjoon, dropping their bags in the doorway. After a few moments, Namjoon placed your back down, hearing them all sigh in relief.

    Namjoon’s arm stayed around you as you greeted the rest of the boys. “It’s been so weird without all of you here, I don’t think I ever want any of you to go on tour again.”

    “I bet you missed me the most though,” Namjoon whispered down to you, “I am your favourite.”

    “I missed you all,” you informed all of them, “but of course, I missed you the most,” you added, taking his hand and leading him over to take a seat on the sofa.

    Each of them quickly came around and sat down beside you both, finally being able to relax after not just a long flight, but weeks performing and rehearsing without much of a break.

    Jungkook was the last to sit, bringing the box of food you’d bought. “Y/N, you’re an angel.”

    “What did she do?” Yoongi queried, looking just as Jungkook dropped the box in the middle of all the sofas. “Did you buy all of these for us?”

    You nodded, sitting back with a smile as they all raced forwards to pick out their favourite sweets. Even Namjoon unwrapped his arm from around you to fish through and grab what he liked. Once had what he wanted, he reappeared back by your side, muttering a thank you into your ear several times before tucking in.

    “How was tour anyone guys? You all look like you’re absolutely exhausted,” you teased, looking around at all of their tired faces that looked back at you.

    “It was long,” Jimin cried out, allowing his eyes to close. “You’re so lucky you get to stay here in Seoul sometimes, it’s much easier.”

    As easy as they thought it was for you to be left in Seoul, you hated being all by yourself. Little reminders of all the boys were left around the apartment, but it never came close to having them all around you to keep you company.

    Once everyone finally fell silent after sharing their stories from the tour with you, Namjoon’s arms tightened around you. Your eyes looked up at him as his eyebrows raised, nodding in the direction of his bedroom just down the corridor.

    He tried to be subtle, but the members knew you both well enough now to know when you wanted time alone. “Shall we give you some space?” Taehyung called out, the first to notice the keen expression that was obvious on Namjoon’s face.

    “I knew it wouldn’t be long until he tried to get his hands on her,” Hobi joked, standing up from the sofa. “It’s a good job I’m tired and wanted to go and have a nap anyway. We’ll give you guys your space, but please, not too much mess.”

    Your eyes widened, “I can’t believe you’d expect something like that from us.”

    “I know you both,” he smirked in response, “when you’re in the room next door, you begin to get used to the signs and the hints of what might come.”

    Your cheeks reddened as you quickly buried yourself into Namjoon’s side as the boys all left the room. Once it was safe, he pulled your face back away so that he could look down at you, studying your expression closely.

    “You have no idea how much I missed you,” he whispered down to you.

    To Namjoon, he knew it was important that he kept a hold of his position as the leader. He tried to keep himself calm and not let anyone see that he was struggling without you, but it was never easy on him. He tried hard to shut his feelings down and not think about you too much, but if anything, it only made him think about you more.

    “I always think that tours will get easier,” he continued, “but then I come home to you again and remember how much I hate not having you around whenever I go away.”

    Your head nodded, resting your hands on either one of his biceps. “I feel exactly the same. I always think that after a day or two I’ll just get used to not having you around, but then something pops up and reminds me of you, then I don’t really know what to do.”

    “Even the boys pointed out this time around that I wasn’t coping as well,” he admitted, letting go of a sigh. “I think it’s because we were in such a good spot before I left.”

    “We still are in a good spot,” you assured him, “especially now that you’re home. We could always just pretend that you never actually went away.”

    A throaty chuckle came from him, “that might not actually be such a bad idea. We could pick back up on where we left off the night before I went on tour.”

    “I knew you’d pick that moment to go back to somehow.”

    The last night before Namjoon went on the road was always a passionate night. He loved to create feelings one final time that he could try and hold onto whilst he was away. “I’ve spent weeks away from you, I think it’s only what I deserve. And the boys gave us space for a reason, it would be rude to let them down like that.”

    Your arm hit him lightly, “there is no way you are using your members as an excuse to guilt me, especially when you’ve not even kissed me.”

    Before you could see anything else, he scooped you up and flipped you around so that you were laying on your back, placing his arms either side of you so that he was above you. Your cheeks turned a dark shade of red at the sudden close proximity between you both.

    Namjoon leant down so that his forehead rested against yours, nudging you gently to bring your eyes to his, feeling the corners of your mouth turn up into a smile. Your heartbeat quickened, as you refamiliarized yourself with the feeling of Namjoon around.

    “Namjoon, can you kiss me now,” you requested.

    “Absolutely,” he smiled, closing the distance between you both.”

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  • Pairing: Hoseok x Female O/C, mentions of platonic OT7 x Female O/C

    Genre: Fluff, Angst, Action.

    Mafia Au

    Summary: When he met her, he felt a void being filled that he didn’t know excisted. 

    Warnings: None

    Word count: 1542

    Disclaimer: This is an original story but I don’t own any of the personages aside from the female lead. I don’t do swear words. English is not my first language so bear with me.


    Originally posted by minbuwuty

    The rumors had it that the only child of one of the biggest mafias on that side of the globe had moved back from studying abroad, that she had moved back for good and that she was moving on her own. The majority of the gangs around knew better than to mess with him, the boss had made really clear what happened to anyone who dared to threaten what was his, and it seemed way too obvious that his family was part of that all. 

     But Hoseok and his brothers weren’t a gang, they were far more deadly, far more reckless and independent. They were the wild card of the industry, doing favors for everyone but never really tying themselves to any organization. They were good at what they did, always impeccable, they did the job fast and clean, covering their traces perfectly, so even if you knew of their existence you never knew when they would be working in your favor or against you. 

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  • ⤷ 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘰𝘳 𝘳𝘦𝘣𝘭𝘰𝘨 𝘪𝘧 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘴𝘢𝘷𝘦 ⭑ 𝘥𝘰𝘯'𝘵 𝘳𝘦𝘱𝘰𝘴𝘵!

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  • 02/28/2021 Log

    • I practiced some more math today.
    • I also practiced catheter insertion, putting on sterile gloves, and medication administration.
    • My little sister also came over to visit so I’ve been spending time with her, as well.
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  • Hi ^^’’ I finally made one of these that I was actually happy with. I hope you guys enjoy!

    Note: I believe that anyone can be in all of the houses (as we all share the traits). But I think it really depends on the values that they care more about. 


    Gryffindor - Namjoon

    ♡ Stereotype: If you’re smart, you’re a Ravenclaw

    ♡ I think there’s way more to Namjoon than just his brain.

    ♡ And kinda like what I said with Jin above, some people seem to have traits of both Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. Joon is no different. He’s another one to be a hat-stall.

    ♡ But, looking at the values and some of the supposed traits, Namjoon fits Gryffindor more than Ravenclaw. Does he value courage and nerve? I think he would. I mean look at some of the songs that he produces. And honestly, you have to have a shit ton of courage to talk about certain topics (especially if they’re sensitive).

    ♡ He’s very courageous. He is not afraid to talk about things that are sensitive. 

    ♡ He’s reckless sometimes especially when he wants to help others (no one wants him to get hurt tho, so they gotta look after him).

    ♡ He’s also pretty selfless. He’s always doing things for others. Namjoon does so much for BTS and ARMY.


    Hufflepuff - Hoseok & Taehyung


    ♡ Hufflepuff house is where the angels live and Hobi is an angel. It’s obvious, but Hoseok is a very hard-working guy. I mean Hixtape is such a good example of this. He spent a good chunk of time working on his mixtape so that it was perfect.

    ♡ This also shows how passionate he is as well.

    ♡  Hoseok is the pillar of BTS. He is their ray of sunshine and he takes good care of them when they need him.

    ♡ Another major trait that Puffs have is honesty. And Hoseok is a very honest man. And from what we can see, he’s not good at lying (except about his abs amirite)

    ♡ I think that he’s extremely modest. He seems to talk about others and their achievements, praising them, before even thinking about himself

    ♡ And when others praise him, he gets really shy

    ♡ Hoseok might be one of the few puffs that actually is about fair play (this doesn’t count when he’s around the other Bangtan members).



    ♡ Okay, so if half of the Puffs are angels, the other half are knights in shining armor (This doesn’t include some of the shit-heads in Hufflepuff *cough*  Zacharias Smith *cough*)

    ♡ Hufflepuff could tell you that they’re not squishy. They will fight for what is right. Taehyung is definitely one of those.

    ♡  There’s no doubt that Taehyung would fight for those he loves and cares deeply for. He is a loyal man who is also fair and just.

    ♡ Taehyung would not care if he got in trouble if it meant he was doing what was right (For example, I really think Tae would fight anyone if they were bullying someone).

    ♡ He’s very affable (friendly, good-natured, easy to talk to) and he makes friends easily.

    ♡ He’s extremely good natured as well and is kind to pretty much anyone.


    Ravenclaw - Seokjin & Jungkook


    ♡ I think that it’s a bit hard to sort Jin. I believe this is because he has equal traits of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw house. This isn’t such a odd thing those as there are many characters from the Harry Potter series who also share the traits from both of these house (McGonagall, Flitwick, and Hermione).  

    ♡ He’d be a hat-stall for sure, but would ultimately be sorted in Ravenclaw as I believe that he shares the house values. Sure, Gryffindor’s values are great, but I feel like having wit and creativity is more important to him.

    ♡ He did actually wear a Ravenclaw pin at one of the muster concerts (Tae wore a Hufflepuff one & Yoongi wore a Slytherin one), so it only fuels me (In my opinion, when people wear merch of a specific house, usually they’re representing their house).

    ♡ Jin pays attention to detail. Literally, this man knows how to read a room and he will make others feel more comfortable by cracking a joke. In that regard, you could say that he’s analytical as well. Kinda goes hand in hand with paying attention to detail.    

    ♡ He’s very very clever, witty / has a good sense of humor. And he’s definitely creative when it comes to some of the jokes he comes up with.  

    ♡ I feel like Jin is like Luna Lovegood in the regard that they’re both original. They’d stand out in their own ways and there’s no one like them. They do things their own way rather than what everyone else is doing.



    ♡ A TRUE Ravenclaw

    ♡ And I’m not talking about the stereotypical Ravenclaw who is super smart and does their work and constantly reads.

    ♡ Sure, our boy is smart. But he uses his smarts to think outside of the box. He wants to do things his own way. So what if people think he’s weird for his methods?

    ♡ Don’t get me wrong, JK likes to learn and he’s a very curious boy.

    ♡ But homework? Aha. Fuck that shit.

    ♡ He’d rather go an look at the stars and find all of the constellations or just do anything hands on and exciting.

    ♡ He’s logical and smart, so he would be able to think of solutions quickly

    ♡ He’s very curious when it comes to learning new things

    ♡ He’s passionate about what he does

    ♡ VERY Creative (Like have you seen some of his drawings and paintings??)

    ♡ Those within Ravenclaw house tend to be very competitive. Honestly that’s perfect for JK as he does have quite the competitive streak! (But he won’t go as far as sabotage like others in his house)


    Slytherin - Yoongi & Jimin


    ♡ There ain’t a single bad or evil bone in his body

    ♡ He’s the squishiest of beans and he’s such a loving man

    ♡ Slytherins (to me) can be workaholics. They’re ambitious, devoted, determined, driven and goal-orientated. Yoongi is very much like that when it comes to BTS and the music he writes and produces.

    ♡ Master of trickery. I mean if his cheating in BTS Run has shown anything, he’s very cunning. A good example of him being cunning is during episode 8, when they were searching for flags. Yoongi found a flag that had and x on it (which means that the flag was a blank one) and tore it off.

    ♡ He loves to prove haters wrong and he gets a bit smug when he does (he’s quite determined to prove them wrong as well)

    ♡ He’s such a good listener 

    ♡ That’s such a deadly thing especially if there’s people within Slytherin house who are talking shit about his friends. He will certainly use that information he learns against them. 

    ♡ Honestly now that I think about it, (aside from Snape) Slytherins would be excellent double agents 



    ♡ Slytherin house is where people are always trying to better themselves and prove that they are more than what people say about them.

    ♡ Jimin strives to do better when it comes to his singing and dancing. He will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal. Even if that means he’s going to sacrifice his health for it (but the rest of Bangtan are gonna make sure that don’t happen)

    ♡ He’s a loyal friend and would be determined to fuck up anyone who hurt his friends 

    ♡ He’s so cunning and mischievous, especially when it comes to playing around with his members. (BTS Run is a good example of that)

    ♡ Like Yoongi, Jimin might just fight a few of their housemates. Why? Cause he’d be against the superior pure blood crap. 

    ♡ Jimin’s the most loveable Slytherin and you can’t tell me otherwise. 

    ♡ He just loves everyone no matter what house they’re from. 

    ♡ Jimin would be determined to make damn sure that Slytherin gets a better name and reputation while he’s in school.


    ~ ~ ~

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  • Kamsahabida (Thank you)

    When I collapsed in the forest, you came through, guided me by the light

    You took me by the hand and led me your way

    You made sure I was alright

    No matter how sad, upset or bored I might be

    You always know how to make it right

    I watch you speak continously for hours

    You laugh when you notice my gaze fixed on you like a hawk

    You ask how I’m feeling and you look like you give the best…

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  • Everytime I feel like giving up on studying, I think about how Namjoon would be proud of me for carrying on and then I get right back to it with so much enthusiasm


    Originally posted by taehyungg

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  • Anon asks: Namjoon and corruption kink 👀 how does that sound? Wanna give it a try? 😋 (please do 🥺)

    Thank your for requesting Anon!

    Warnings: Female reader, smut, corruption kink, 

    Word Count: 457 

    nsfw below the cut!

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    #bts #bts x reader #bts imagines#bts reactions#bts fanfic#kim namjoon #kim namjoon x reader #bts rm #rm x reader #namjoon x reader #namjoon scenarios#namjoon imagine#smut
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