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    21.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    prompt: In which, you shamelessly flirt with your TA because you find it very enjoyable to see him get flustered. (gif cred: kookijam)

    pairings: ta!jimin x oc
    genre: implied smut, college au
    word count: 1.7k
    warnings: 18+!!! minors dni!! it has suggestive language and mentions of male masturbation
    a/n: hello hello!! it’s my first time writing something that’s nsfw, so yes ! beware ! its rlly not that smutty but still :O but anyway, i hope you enjoy xx pls give lots of love I'm rly proud of dis actually >.< thank yoy byeeeeeee

    ⋆ ࣪.  ⁺⑅ ⋰˚ *.゚ .˳⁺⁎˚ ˚⁎⁺˳ . ⋆ ࣪.  ⁺⑅ ⋰˚ *.゚ .˳

    “God, what is wrong with me today?” Jimin mutters, quickly bending down as his shaky hands try to pick up all the papers that are scattered across the floor. He manages to get everything, carefully dusting off the dirt from the stack of papers with his hand as he stood up. Jimin quickens his pace, sweat forming on his forehead as he grew more and more nervous. He doesn’t know why—or at least, he doesn’t want to know the real reason why.

    He lets his mind wander as he finds his way to his class.

    In Jimin’s role as a teacher's assistant in his graduate school, he found himself harboring a crush on a particular student. He knows how it sounds. A TA liking a student. It was silly—inappropriate, even—to be catching some sort of feelings for his Professor’s student. As much as he wanted to push these feelings out the way, you were the one making it hard for him.

    From the way you’d flicker your eyes towards his, slightly tilting your head and a smirk tugging your plush lips, Jimin could almost feel his knees about to collapse. Whenever you’d ask for his help in class, you’d lean in to so close he could feel your breath on the tip of his ear.

    The tone of your voice when you ask him a question regarding a lesson, from the way the words rolled off your tongue, almost like a whisper, and your eyes would flicker to his lips for a split second before biting yours. He almost swore you were doing it on purpose. Like you were seducing him.

    At first, Jimin couldn’t figure out if you were doing it on purpose, or that he was just imagining everything. Whether his brain was fooling him or not, regardless, you were still driving him crazy.

    He became certain the day he had caught you in the back of the room. As there were only a few students that day, he felt slightly suspicious when he saw you sat at the very last chair in the back row. You were always sat in the middle, sometimes even right in front of his table, and you'd stare at him as he grows more and more nervous by the thought of you being close to him. Perhaps it was a little too obvious that he was crushing on you, were you uncomfortable?

    That's what he expects, until.

    Your legs were spread obscenely, leaving him completely stunned at the view you were giving him. He doesn't notice the way you were looking at him as his eyes were fixated on carefully following your fingers that slowly tug the hem of your mini skirt, it was high enough for him to see the base of your upper thighs. Your smirk widens and forms into a devilish grin as you watch his adam's apple bob, it took him a whole minute to realize what was happening in front of him, immediately excusing himself to go to the restroom and you could only imagine—perhaps—fantasize what he could be doing.

    Thoughts of you occupied Jimin’s mind quite frequently, even during work or having lunch at a random café, walking on the subway.. However, it was more often times at night.

    He’d be in his bedroom, with his head thrown back, flushed cheeks, and swollen lips from biting them ridiculously hard—the only thing echoing throughout the thick walls of his apartment were his own heavy breaths, the slick sound of his hand and cock being in contact, whimpers, and occasional utters of your name as certain fantasies fill his lustful mind. After he finishes, he’d lay there staring at the ceiling, the guilt beginning to swirl in the pit of his stomach as the realization hits him once again.

    If you had the superpower of being able to read minds, he would never want to get near you ever again.

    There was just something about your energy, it pulls him in that he couldn’t help but let himself get pulled, he could say that you had him wrapped around your pinky finger. However, he thinks you are probably unaware of it. Probably.

    But you were fully aware of it.

    You liked playing these little games with him, you found it rather enjoyable to see your TA in his nervous demeanor, awkwardly looking everywhere but you. It’s fun, watching him act like this because of you. You don’t see him act like this outside of the class, he’d walk around the halls as if he owned the place, you would often see him in a fixated poker face, the loud clacking of his boots acts as a reminder that he is someone who you should not be messing with.

    His vibe screams confidence and intimidation, however, when you’re around, all of it volumes down and you could pretty much compare him to a puppy. Knowing that you were probably the only person who affects him this way has somewhat made you feel powerful. You couldn’t stop teasing him, and you wanna keep doing it till he couldn’t take it anymore and finally fuck you in this classroom you are sitting in currently.

    Your head immediately shot up when you hear the heavy door burst open, revealing no other than Jimin, dressed in a white dress shirt and black slacks that hugged his thick thighs really well. You continue observing him as he carefully places the stack of papers on the table, then his messenger bag, only then to run a hand through his dirty-blonde locks, something that you’ve always noticed him do and found really attractive. You notice a tiny, tiny splotch of brown on the cuff of his shirt. Coffee, you guess.

    He then looks up, eyes immediately landing on yours only to look away immediately. He always does that. You were always the first person he looks at every time he comes into this classroom, and he'd look away and clear his throat as he steals another glance, or two, and run a hand through his hair once again before settling on his table.

    You were staring at him so hard you don’t realize that your actual professor didn’t follow along.

    Jimin clears his throat and clasps his hands together, causing most of the students to look up. “Good morning everyone,” he starts. “I forgot to inform you in the class group chat last night that Mr. Kim won’t be present today, so I’ll be in charge of this class. Mr. Kim sent me some activity papers for you to answer but since I’m nice, I’ll give you about,” he brings his arm up to look at his wristwatch, “10 minutes to study and familiarize with the content.” he finishes with a smile on his face.

    His eyes land on yours once again, but this time, he doesn’t immediately look away. You were sitting again in the very back of the classroom, this time, your elbows propped up on the table as your cheeks were pressed to your palms. You sport him the same smirk you plaster every time you make eye contact, the same one that leaves Jimin breathless and shoots sparks right into his heart.

    You were dressed cutely today, he thought. Your look consisted of pastel colors, which he very rarely sees you in since you’d mostly wear earth-colored clothing and as well as dark colors. Your makeup was also pretty different, it’s simple, but it made your lips appear more vibrant and plump. He thought you looked pretty, really pretty. You always did. And it’s almost as if you were trying to go for an innocent look, but he knew deep down you weren’t.

    Before Jimin realizes he’s been looking at you for too long, you send him a wink, which luckily worked and brought him back to reality once again. His eyes widen as he escapes from your burning stare. He’s flustered. Again.

    "God, he's so hot." A voice fills your ears, you look over to see your friend leaning towards you. You shoot her a glare, annoyed at the fact that she had called Jimin that. "Shut up, he's mine." you declare, which earns a scoff to escape from her painted lips. "As if he's actually going to be yours," Maybe he won't, but it was fun while it lasted. "Shit, he's coming!"

    Your friend immediately sits up straight as you both turn your head to look at the tall man, his previous nervous demeanor was now replaced with something intimidating, he hands the papers to the students, and as he walks more closely to your row, he glances at you. And suddenly, he was nervous yet again. You immediately sensed that it was your cue to do what you've been doing to him in the past 3 months of being in this class with him. To tease.

    Crossing your legs, you watch him intently at first. You think of ways to make him even more flustered without anyone noticing, but honestly, just looking at him seems to do the trick.

    From his peripheral view, he sees you were watching him. He tries not to think about it so much, focusing on handing the rest of the papers until he reaches you. You never looked away, you attempt to make eye contact with him but he was too stubborn to look, too nervous.

    He finally reaches you, plastering a small smile in an attempt to cover up the fact that he is nervous around you. However, the moment he stretches out his hand to give the paper to you, it slips out of his fingers, you watch the loose paper slowly fall and silently hits the floor. "Shit, sorry." Jimin immediately bends down, and as he does, his back hits the edge of the table. At this point, you were just sitting there watching everything happen.

    Until a grunt escapes through his lips that followed by a mutter, "Fuck me," he says, voice laced with annoyance. It sounded raspy, the way it rolled off his tongue, you instantly feel something tickle in your stomach, and flow through your core.

    "Gladly." was all you could utter before his eyes immediately met yours. Dark, and full of lust. You look at him innocently, a grin forming in your glossy lips as you wink at him once again.

    This was it. He's had enough, all he could think about right now was bending you down and taking you right then and there in this classroom.

    "See me after class."

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    Hey Love?

    Namjoon X OC

    Genre: Angst, Established Relationship, Cursing, Insecurities, just soft namjoon towards the end T^T

    Word Count :1.6K

    Ara wouldn’t be lying if she said that her relationship with Namjoon was still as fresh and heart fluttering as it was when they first got together. It was always the same old routine - meet up once every two weeks not even for a cute cafe date but at her apartment, for a ‘movie’ date. But Ara knows that he deadass falls asleep 30 minutes into the movie.

    Right now, they’re doing exactly that. Sitting a cushion away from one another on the couch, arms crossed, focusing on the movie. Well, at least she were trying to. He was busy laughing at his phone screen, which came as a surprise to her since he wasn’t asleep yet. You’d think that he would at least try to appear present in the moment, appreciating the fact that the two of them can spend some time together considering his crazy schedules. Annoyed, Ara snatched his phone away.

    “What the fuck?” Namjoon cussed. Well, that certainly caught his attention. She scoffed.  “Oh, now you’re talking to me?” Sarcasm dripped off her voice.

    Truth be told, Ara has been feeling abit unloved and neglected in this relationship. It was something she never thought she’d experience with Namjoon since he always had a lot of love to give to his members and fans. But, guess all the schedules and traveling really did a number on him. He was always smiling and loveable on set but once he enters her apartment for a visit, it was like the facade had been lifted. She tried her best to be an understanding girlfriend since the last thing he needed was a girlfriend that’s always breathing down his neck. But the more she tried to keep him happy, the more parts of herself she had to keep on burning. You know what they say about candles – the more you burn it, the faster it empties out. With no more wick and wax, what’s the use of an empty candle jar? Just an empty vessel filled with remnants of what it used to be. Appealing and attractive but now hollow and used.

    Asking him to call in sick for a day to spend time with her, would be too selfish of her. He had his teammates depending on him.

    Visiting him at his studio would be too disruptive of her. He had a lot of work to get done.

    Coming backstage during a concert would be too troublesome of her. The staff didn’t need her to be getting in their way.

    “Hey! I need my phone back now.” He said as he reached over to Ara. In an attempt to get his phone back. Hold up, there was something wrong with that sentence. Where was the hey love in that sentence? He always addressed her as love. Ara frowned. Where was it? He always calls her that. It’s never just a brute “hey!” 

    As she opened her mouth to speak up about what has been going on in her mind, his messages started going off. Ara’s attention went to his phone. 


    His phone met her carpeted floor as she tried processing whatever she saw on her boyfriend’s phone. It was a picture of a scantily dressed blonde. Namjoon looked over to his phone and grew weary. 

    “Hey love, it’s not what it looks like. I swear” He said as he rested his palm over his heart. “W- We were just talking about work and then you took my phone and then she sent that.” He rambled, trying his hardest to explain to her his fidelity. But she could hear none of his ramblings. All she could hear was a single beeping sound as shock took over her body. Ara stumbled backwards, almost losing her footing.

    Namjoon instinctively reached out for her, managing to grab hold onto her forearm. His touch burnt her. It didn’t feel warm or loving anymore. Ara tried pushing him away, wanting nothing but for the burning sensation to end but he had an iron grip on her forearm.

    “Love, please listen to me” Namjoon pleaded. Ara looked up into his eyes and saw tears welling up. What the fuck? Why was he the one acting hurt? He wasn’t the one seeing a dick pic on his girlfriend’s phone. The numbness went away, and anger replaced it. And boy was it raging like the pits of hell .

    “WHO THE FUCK IS SHE” Ara yelled not caring that it was almost midnight, and she could possibly get a complaint from your neighbour because of the thin ass walls.

    “S-she’s no one. She’s just a new crew member in the studio. And I though it’d be nice to be welcoming to her since it’s her first job.” He explained.

    “How the hell did welcoming a new crew member turn into sending nudes, Joon? Make it make sense please.”

    “I swear on my heart love, I have no idea. She knows I have you. I talked about you today in the studio.” He reassured.

    “I don’t know Joon. You’ve been so cold and distant lately that maybe,you unknowingly gave her signals that you are interested in her” She retorted. Ara could hear her heart cracking when she said that out loud, finally admitting that her boyfriend maybe, just maybe has been seeking comfort from a woman that wasn’t her.

    “I- I feel like such an outlier in your life Joon.” She admitted. “I don’t fit into any of it. I’m not musically inclined, I can’t help you with your lyrics, I don’t understand the artworks from the exhibitions you bring me to, the books I read look like books for middle schoolers compared to yours and I most definitely don’t look good beside you.” Ara confessed as she ran a hand over her hair.

    Realisation hit Ara hard. She took a seat on the sofa again, opting to sit as far away as possible from her lover.

    “Love, please don’t say that” Namjoon pleaded.

    Ara thought that she was over this whole insecure phase. She thought she had it all sealed up and stored deep inside of her. But slowly, the threads concealing her insecurities came apart and so did her sanity. With her legs up on the sofa, she curled up into a ball. Head resting on her knees, she stared into space as she fell deeper and deeper into the abyss.

    Namjoon felt lost. He never knew his lover was feeling this type of way. If only he had known. He knew he was a smart man. Heck not averagely smart, borderline gifted even. But he never figured out his lover.

    She was an enigma. A poem that he’d love to spend the rest of his life dissecting and understanding the different stanzas that she carried, nevertheless. A book he’d willingly annotate and read over and over and over again.  

    His legs, as if it had a mind of its own, carried him towards her. Slowly kneeling in front of her, he gently took her hands into his own.

    “Love, please talk to me” He whispered. Ara shook her head, her nose runny and her cheeks stained with tears. Everytime she pulled her hands away from him, he immediately took hers back into his.

    “Baby, Sweet, Honey, Love of my life, the meat to my potatoes,” He listed.

    “You’re my honeybunch sugarplum, pumpy-umpy-umpkin, you’re my sweetie pie.You’re my cuppycake” He sang as he kissed her knuckles. She giggled as she sniffled, remembering that nursery rhyme her niece sang the whole time Namjoon was babysitting with her.

    “Come on love, sing it with me.” He urged as he placed her palms on his left chest, directly above his heart. He looked at her with the utmost love in his eyes, dimples showing. She hated to admit it, but Ara felt her heart skip a beat knowing that the most gorgeous man alive was kneeling on his knees for her.

    She took a breathe, “Gumdrop snoogums-Boogums” She murmured.

    “You’re the Apple of my Eye” He harmonised.

    Soft laughter broke out between the two of them. Namjoon tenderly kissed her hands once again.

    “I never want you to feel unwanted, especially not by me. You don’t understand how much I can’t function heck, live without you. You might think that I am this pillar of strength that keeps our relationship together but no, love.” Namjoon took a deep breathe.

    As he stood up, he gently pulled her up along with him. Hands resting on her lower back, he continued, “You are” He rocked the both of them side by side swiftly as if they two of them were slow dancing.

    With her face on his chest, she looked up. “Really?” She asked with that childlike tiny voice that would break anyone’s heart.

    “I’d go out of this apartment right now and run naked just to convince you that I’m not lying.” He exaggerated, hoping to cheer her up.

    Looking down, averting her eyes from his, Ara apologised “I’m sorry for spiralling. You shouldn’t have seen me in that state.”

    “Hey hey. Stop apologizing. I want to see all your good and all of your ugly alright love?” Namjoon reassured her as he took her face into his hands. Leaning in slowly, he chastely kissed her forehead, eyelids, nose, cheeks and then finally her lips.

    “Hey love, anytime you’re feeling this type of way, I want you to tell me. I want to be beside you, I want to hold you, I want to reassure you that you’re the only woman that I’ll ever look at.”

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    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Stress and kisses || Namjoon~

    You can check out my Prompt List and request anything you’d like to see!


    8. “I can’t stay mad at you, you’re too precious”

    12. “No no no, I don’t want a kiss on the cheek!”


    A/N: Thank you for requesting! Sorry if it’s a bit short!

    Warning: no warnings here!

    Pairing: Idol!Namjoon x Reader

    Word count: 0.6k



    Today was a tiring day for both you and Namjoon. You had been working twice as hard at your job since you couldn’t manage to do anything right. Everything you did somehow seemed to be wrong.

    On the other hand, Namjoon had been working in his studio all night trying to perfect his new solo songs he planned on releasing. He was tired and stressed, listening to the sample beat that blasted through his headphones.

    “There’s something wrong with the timing again,” he groaned, pausing the simple beat and leaning back on his chair. His hands flew to his face, trying to rub the sleep from his eyes that were slowly consuming him. All he wanted was to go home and relax.

    “We should probably take a break,” Yoongi suggested, taking his headphones off and running a hand through his messy hair. In all honesty, he also wanted to leave.

    “We can’t, we have a tight schedule and—,”

    “We can finish this tomorrow. If we keep working like this we’ll keep messing up. We’re tired— I’m tired,” Yoongi cut him off, emphasizing on how he himself was tired of working all day. With a heavy sigh, Namjoon hesitantly nodded.

    “You can go, I’ll stay a bit longer. I promise I’ll leave, I just want to take some notes before I forget them,” he persuaded, which only made Yoongi raise an eyebrow at his friend.

    “Alright,” and with that Yoongi walked out of the studio, only for someone else to come in right after. Namjoon didn’t notice though, as he had already put his headphones back on.



    You raised an eyebrow at the lack of response, walking up behind your boyfriend and gently putting a hand on his shoulder. Another heavy sigh escaped his lips as he paused whatever he was listening to. You assumed it had to be one of the samples he’d been working on.

    “I said I was going to stay a bit longer—,”

    “You didn’t tell me anything,” you said, snorting as you watched his eyes widen and face turn to you.

    “Hi,” you greeted, smiling gently at him.

    “Hey,” he returned a smile, the stress he had still pretty obvious, but not as much.

    “You look tired,” you pointed out. He only shook his head and looked back at all the computer screens.

    “I’ve got to finish this soon, we haven’t made much progress and I don’t want to tighten our schedule even more because of some unfinished songs,” he explained, throwing his head back in frustration.

    “Well you won’t be able to do it correctly if you’re this tired, we should go home and just rest,” you lean down and kiss his cheek.

    His eyebrows furrowed when your lips pulled away. “What was that?,” he asked in confusion.

    “What was what?,” now it was your turn to ask, confused at the suddenly random question.

    “That kiss,”

    “Did you not want me to kiss you?” You frowned at his complains.

    “No no no, I don’t want a kiss on the cheek!” He explained in a whine. He crossed his arms while a not so noticeable pout formed on his features. You laugh at his childish actions, which brought a dimpled smile to his face.

    “Are you really bothered about that?,”

    “Well, you never greet me with a kiss one the cheek,” your giggles got louder as he kept on rambling about the small action. You make your way in front of him and take a seat on his lap.

    “I didn’t think it would bother you that much, here let me fix it,” you lean forward, lips connecting with his in a sweet and loving kiss. The moment your lips met, his tense shoulders relaxed and his hands made their way onto your waist.

    When you pulled away your eyes locked. “Don’t be mad at me now,” you chuckled, wrapping your arms around his neck.

    “I can’t stay mad at you, you’re too precious” he smiles, pulling your body closer to his and kissing you once again.

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  • btssaysstudy
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Salvage - 3 || jjk/kth.

    Summary: After your confession, it's safe to say that there was nothing left to salvage between you and Jungkook. However, things start to change when a new hurdler joins the team. Genre: college!au, track!jungkook, track!taehyung, track!reader, angst & fluff Pairing: jungkook x reader, taehyung x reader Warning(s) : unrequited love, alcohol (drinking) mentioned, swearing Chapter count: 2.6k

    Masterlist | previous | next

    “You think we’ll be competing in a new category?”

    “Seems like it.” You stretched out your right arm over your chest as you warm up.

    Hoseok wriggled his shoulders in excitement, “Interesting! What category do you think we’re trying out—“

    “Yn, Hoseok.” Your coach’s voice had cut short Hoseok’s guessing game. He called two more members and you got down to the track as your coach gave you your positions.

    “Seems like it’s co-ed.” Hoseok muttered as you walked passed him to the second runner position.

    As your coach blew their whistle, Hoseok set up and coach began his timer. This went on with 10 groups of 4 - 2 females and 2 males in each group.

    You sat next to Hoseok as you watched more groups get called out to get timed. You and Hoseok occupied yourselves by guessing who will make the final cut from the different runs.

    It didn’t take long for all 10 groups to have their turn. “We’ll take a 10 minute break, everyone.” Your coach waved their clipboard in the air to get everyone’s attention before taking a sit at the lower rows of the bleachers to discuss with the assistant coach.

    Hoseok sighed, leaning backwards, “I hope I get into this category.”

    “Me too.”

    "Coach always picks you, I’m sure you’ll make it.”

    You chuckled, playfully shoving Hoseok and turning away to see Jungkook making his way up the bleachers with his own group of friends.

    He had also glanced in your direction to see you looking at him. Unlike how he would immediately look away, this time, he was the one to wave hello.

    Stunned, your hand jerked up awkwardly to return a short wave.

    “What’s going on?” Hoseok asked in disbelief. You sighed, scratching your head as you filled him in with what happened at Taehyung’s party.

    Once you finished sharing, Hoseok huffed, “Finally, he’s doing something.”

    You shrugged your shoulders in response, “I’m not sure what I should do.”

    “What?” He asked incredulously and you whipped your head back to give him a confused look. “The last time we talked, you were telling me that you want to rekindle your friendship with Jungkook.”

    “Yea,” You drew out the word, eyes looking ahead on the track. “But now that he actually approached me, it just feels weird. It feels… So sudden? Like, out of the blue.”

    Hoseok nodded his head, understanding how you felt.

    “And, it only happened when I intentionally stopped putting in the effort to keep saying hi to him.”

    He couldn’t say anything. Hoseok knew where you were coming home and why you were feeling conflicted. “Okay yea, I get it. It’s up to you anyway.”

    The two of you promptly changed topic when you spotted your coach circling a few names on his clipboard, resuming your predictions for the final line-up.

    After the break, your coach explained that he wanted to try a few more different combinations. He had announced a new set of groups - one of them being you, Hoseok, Jungkook and two other track members.

    You were the second last runner - Jungkook being the last.

    You quickly glanced over to Jungkook who seemed to be focused on the track and you noticed a small smile on his face. Pushing down your curiosity, you got up from your seat and made your way down to the track.

    Once your coach blew the whistle, Hoseok dashed off, starting the timer. He was always an amazing starter and you were confident that he was going to be selected.

    Your mind threw away any thoughts irrelevant to the run, focusing on receiving the baton and passing it well to Jungkook. As you rushed towards Jungkook, you steadily reached out your hand to hand the baton over. However, when your hand brushed over his during the passover, you felt a jolt of butterflies.

    As Jungkook sprinted off, you slowed down your pace as your eyes were fixated on him finishing the race, trying to subside the fluttery feeling in your chest.

    “I told you you’d make it.” Hoseok grinned, swinging his bag over his shoulders. You smiled as you reached for your phone in your bag. “I told you that you’d make it too.”

    You scrolled through your notifications from Miya, she had been spamming you with messages during your practice.

    Please tell me you’re free after training - Miya Meet me at our usual place after?? - Miya I’m bored :(((( - Miya

    “How do you feel with Jungkook in the final line-up as well?”

    Shrugging your shoulders, you replied, “No thoughts.”

    He chuckled, “Alright, anyway, you need a lift?”

    “Oh no it’s alright, I’m meeting Miya nearby for dinner.”

    “Okay! Help me say hi to her.”

    “Sure!” You waved goodbye to Hoseok and made your way down to your usual dining place with Miya. You two had found a gem near campus, it was small and hidden from the busy Main Street. The restaurant was bright and welcoming, the prices affordable as well - a key point for broke college students.

    Ever since you two found that gem, it had been coined as your usual place.

    When you had arrived, you peeped in to see if Miya had already arrived. Seeing that she wasn’t there, you asked for a table for two.

    When you had settled down, you texted Miya, informing her that you already got a table. To pass the time, you scrolled through your various social media apps.


    A familiar and nostalgic voice startled you. Looking up from your phone, you were greeted with Jungkook standing in front of you.

    “Oh, hey.” You locked your phone, placing it down on the table.

    Jungkook sheepishly gestured to the empty chair opposite you, “May I? I was quite surprised that you agreed to meet me.”

    You blinked several Tims as you processed his words. “I-I’m sorry? I’m having dinner with Miya.”

    Silence ensued as it was Jungkook’s turn to process your words. His eyebrows furrowed before raising in realisation. “R-Right. So this was her way of helping me.” He muttered quietly to himself.

    “I’m sorry?”

    Jungkook quickly looked back to face you, his grip on his bag tightened as he asked, “I asked Miya if she could help me set a day to meet you. She told me today after practice but I guess she told you that you were meeting her.”

    “Yea…” You trailed off, thinking of Miya’s messages. You made a mental note to attack Miya for setting you up on a blind dinner with Jungkook.

    Jungkook grew nervous as you were taking a while to respond. He figured that he was the last person you wanted to have dinner with.

    “If you’re not okay, I can just ask Miya to come and—“

    “No, no, it’s fine. You’re already here anyway. Take a seat.” You gestured to the empty chair. Jungkook uttered a soft thank you, pulling the chair out for him to sit.

    Once again, a wave of silence swept over the both you. Both of you resorted to be deeply invested into your menu. Though, you did not need to look at the menu at all as it was your usual hangout with Miya. You always ordered the same thing. But for the first time, you were reading through every single word on the menu.

    “Ready to order?”


    Jungkook called for the waiter and you both gave your orders. Once the water left with the menus, you were left with nothing to distract yourself with.

    Jungkook spoke, “I’m guessing you’re wondering why I’m here and not Miya.”

    “That’s one of the things on my mind.”

    He wanted to ask about what else were there but figured that he wasn’t in the position to ask that so he continued. “I meant what I said that night at the party.”

    You stayed silent to allow him to continue. Jungkook took the cue, “After seeing you with Taehyung, it made me miss the times together even more.”

    “Why did it have to take Taehyung to come into picture?”

    Jungkook winced, “To be honest? I don’t know. I didn’t know how to approach you after… After what happened… When I finally gathered the courage, I saw you doing fine with your friends,” He shrugged his shoulders dejectedly, “I didn’t want to disrupt that. Especially after hurting you.”

    “You wouldn’t have disrupted anything—“

    “Sorry, your orders?” The waiter obliviously interrupted your heavy conversation. The both of you uttered thank you to the waiter, before turning back to face each other again.

    “For the past one year, I’ve always hoped that things could go back to how it was.”

    “I do too, yn.” Jungkook sounded as if he was pleading, as if he was begging you to hear the sincerity in his voice.

    “Please give me a chance to make things up, to make up for the lost time. I mean it when I say that I’ve always missed up. I was just too much of a coward to do anything about it.”

    Your eyes searched his, feeling every single word that came out from his mouth. You could feel his sincerity, his eyes screaming and pleading for you to give him a chance.

    “Alright, I miss having you around too.”

    You could visibly see Jungkook’s shoulders slump in relief, taking a moment to close his eyes to process what you had said. “Really?”

    “Yes, really.” You let out a short laugh, “It honestly already feels so nice to be having a meal with you again.”

    “It does, doesn’t it?”

    Jungkook finally smiled, a smile without worry. He had been consumed with anxiety with how dinner will turn out and he knew he had to treat Miya to a good meal for helping him set up dinner.

    “Right, please don’t kill Miya.”

    “I was going to,” you joked, “But I won’t.”

    You went back to your dorm afterwards, feeling lightness in your steps as you relished the dinner with Jungkook.

    Once you stepped into your room, you saw Miya relaxing on her bed, phone in her hand as she scrolled through TikTok. You shook your head in disbelief, jumping onto her bed. “I’m guessing it went well?”

    You laughed, grabbing her pillow and throwing it at her face. “I thought I was having dinner with you.”

    Miya grinned, throwing back the pillow to you, “Yea well I had last minute plans.”

    “Yea right.”You got up and made your way to the bathroom. “You didn’t answer my question!” Miya called out, “Did it go well?”

    Your head popped out from behind the bathroom door, giving her a smile before closing the door.

    “I knew it!” You heard her shout and the ruffling of the bed sheets, knowing that she was celebrating in bed.

    The next day, you already had plans to meet Taehyung at the nearest shopping mall as he had to buy a suit for his upcoming presentation.

    “Why’d you need me to follow again? I have zero knowledge on suits.” You asked as you scanned through the rack of suits that looked the same yet different.

    “Because you’ve got good taste and I trust your taste.”

    “Might to putting too much trust in me.” You joked as you pulled out different suits to get a better look. Taehyung grinned, “Just the right amount.”

    Ignoring the warm feeling in your heart, you turned your attention back suit picking. “Try this! I think this colour suits you.”

    Taehyung takes the suit from you, “Okay!”

    While Taehyung was changing into the suits, you took the empty seat outside the changing room. You felt your phone vibrate and received a familiar yet strangely new notification.

    Thanks again for having dinner me, let’s catchup again soon - Jungkook

    A smile crept on your face as you re-read the message. It felt nice knowing that you had a talk with Jungkook and it seemed that things were going to be alright between the two of you.

    “Yn? What about this?”

    You looked up from your phone to see Taehyung stepping out of the changing room and twirled to show off his navy blue suit. Your jaw could’ve dropped if you didn’t catch yourself in time.

    Anyone nearby would’ve said that he was absolutely breathtaking. He looked so charismatic in his dark coloured suit. You imagined him with his hair done up and with proper shoes, it made your heart flutter for some reason.

    “I think we found the suit.”

    “Really? I think so too actually!” Taehyung grinned, walking towards the mirror to get a proper look of the suit. “Could you pass me my phone please?”

    You got up from the seat and walked over to hand him his phone. “I want to take a photo.” He let a boyish giggle. You smiled and took a step back to let him feel himself in that suit.

    However, you were stunned when he reached out to take your hand to pull you towards him before draping his arm over you. “What are you—“

    “Take a picture with me!”

    You felt your heart was about to burst out of your chest from how close you were to Taehyung. You looked yourself in the mirror, putting on a smile for the camera. Taehyung grinned, leaning his head closer towards yours before taking the shot.

    “I like this picture. Oh and this suit too.” He turned his phone towards you, “I’ll send it to you!”

    You only nodded, taking a deep breath as you tried to get over what just happened.

    You followed behind him as he made his way over to the cashier to purchase the suit. Afterwards, the two of you made your way around the mall to find a place to have lunch.

    “Okay, what’s making you look so happy?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “I can tell when your smile is genuine. Your face looks bright and hopeful.”

    “You can?” You placed looked up from your plate to see Taehyung leaning back against his chair, arms loosely folded as he gave you his full attention. “Yea, I notice stuff sometimes.” He shrugged his shoulder.

    You smiled, “I had dinner with Jungkook last night.” You momentarily looked away and missed how his shoulders slumped for a split second and his smile falter before he consciously plastered on a curious expression.

    “We talked about how we missed the old times and he asked we could try and rekindle our friendship again.”

    “What did you say?”

    Taehyung tried to control the tone of his voice. He wasn’t sure why he felt slightly down by the news that you met Jungkook for dinner. After you shared your very close friendship with Jungkook, he should be happy for you that you were both rekindling your friendship.

    However, something was making me feel rather down about the news.

    “I said 'sure why not'. I’ve been wishing for this to happen as well” You smiled and Taehyung mirrored your expression.

    “That’s great!”

    “Yea it is, isn’t it!” You finally let out a relief laughter and the two of you promptly got over the topic and talked about other things.

    At that moment, you didn’t understand why. But you were nervous to tell Taehyung about you meeting Jungkook. You weren’t sure what was the reason for being anxious. It was as if you were scared to see his reaction. Seeing his happy and excited expression made you feel relaxed but you couldn’t understand why you were so nervous to see how Taehyung would take the news.

    At the end of the day, it felt that things were going well in your final year.

    There was hope once again that you and Jungkook would become close again.


    author's note: nothing too dramatic this chapter, but it is an important catalyst for the upcoming chapters as the pace is starting to pick up! (next is a lengthy one) taglist: @ilovethewayyourheartbeats @joydowninmyheart @picturethosesmiles @fangirl125reader @karylles-world@betysotelo18

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    ACT ONE: *hyoverventilatins*


    taglist (open): @wonjaems @dimplehyunn @lomlyeji @sweetrainwrites @penny-quinn @kittiesandsunshine @youngiez @azure-arcanum @taecup-fics @sunshinelixie-lee @sungookie @jongsaengseong @ddeonuism @c9tnoos @heelariously @hyunsuks-beanie @softforqiankun @banana-boat-doodoodododo @yougeans @yeonwon @nyfwyeonjun @maeumiluv @stayarmysstuff @ncityy04 @freessaaenha @hoonbokki @odxrilove @woniebae @bangcrispychannie @meraniki @mykalon @zhaixiaowen @im-just-trying-to-survive-man @punneysushi01 @enhacolor @sugawarasrose @kac-chowsballs (those which are in bold couldn’t be tagged :(( )

    profiles! | smau m.list | next

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    when the party’s over [Jimin x Reader]

    35. Let me do it.


    TAGLIST (send an ask or leave a reply if you would like to be added):

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    Jin: I hate to say 'I told you so'-

    Yoongi: No, you don't. You would marry 'I told you so' and have a baby with it and buy adjoining burial plots.

    #bts#bangtan#bangtan boys #beyond the scene #bangtan seonyandan #bulletproof boy scouts #bts incorrect quotes #bts incorrect quote #incorrect bts quotes #incorrect bts quote #kpop incorrect quotes #incorrect kpop quotes #bts text #bts text post #bts imagines#bts reactions#bts scenarios#yoonjin#kim seokjin#min yoongi#jung hoseok#kim namjoon#park jimin#kim taehyung#jeon jungkook
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    When You Watch K-Dramas Together ~ BTS Reaction


    Your eyes looked across to Jin as you went to load up the drama, noticing that it was one episode ahead. “Did you watch this without me?”

    Jin sunk down on the sofa, clearing his throat, “I might have got a little bored waiting for you to come home the other night from work.”

    “You watched a whole episode without me!” You exclaimed, “I can’t believe you did that Jin.”

    “I’m more than happy to watch it again though.”

    “Not the point,” you argued.

    A loud chuckle came from Jin at your reaction, “I didn’t mean to watch the whole thing, but the episode got too good, I just couldn’t bring myself to press the pause button on the remote.”

    “This is the ultimate betrayal,” you frowned, going back to the previous episode, “now you’re going to know everything that is going to happen.”

    “I’ll act surprised,” Jin smiled, watching your eyes widen, “if something surprising happens, I don’t know for sure whether there are any surprises or not.”

    Your head shook back at him, “it’s going to take me some time to get over this, we agreed that we would watch this one drama together.”

    “I’m sorry, I promise that it won’t ever happen again.”


    As soon as you sat down on the sofa, placing your plate beside you, your hand picked up the remote. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

    Yoongi’s eyes flickered across to see what you were doing, “unless you’re thinking about Vincenzo, then I don’t want to know what you’re thinking.”

    “Of course, I’m thinking Vincenzo,” you grinned, loading up the television, “it’s all that I think about.”

    “It’s so annoying, none of the guys have watched it.”

    “Are they crazy?” You joked.

    Yoongi’s head nodded in agreement with you, “I tried to tell them all how good of a drama it was, but I think they ended up leaving the studio thinking that I was actually the crazy one.”

    “They’ll regret it,” you defended, smiling across at him, “and if you ever watch Vincenzo with them, you do know that I won’t be happy with you.”

    “It’s so hard having no one to talk about it with at work,” he vented, “I have to wait until I come home and can sit down and talk about it with you.”

    Your head nodded too, “rather than talking, can you be quiet now, the programme has loaded, and I’ve been waiting all day for this.”

    “What are you doing? Hurry up and press play.”


    The two of you exchanged a helpless glance with one another as you narrowed your choices down. “How do we pick between these two now?”

    Hobi shrugged back at you, “how are we supposed to decide between Hospital Playlist and Start-Up it’s like deciding which child is your favourite.”

    “There is one thing we could do,” you suggested, “is it too boring of us to just flip a coin and decide.”

    “I don’t think we have much of a choice otherwise.”

    “I’ll get one,” you smiled.

    Hobi sat back on the sofa whilst you grabbed a coin from your purse, sitting back down beside him on the sofa. “Do you want to decide which is heads and which is tails? I’ll then flip it.”

    “Start-Up is heads,” Hobi smiled, nodding his head to try and appear confident, “and the one that loses, we can watch once we’ve finished this one.”

    “How do some people watch more than one drama at a time,” you chuckled, placing the coin on the tip of your fingers, ready to flip it into the air.

    His head shook in reply, “watching one drama is a big enough struggle, how do people pick what to watch without a dilemma.”

    “I don’t know, but it looks like ours is about to be solved…tails.”


    Your eyes rolled as Namjoon spoke yet again, looking across at him. “Is that the main character, or is that the other guy who does the painting?”

    Your head shook at Namjoon’s question, “how many times do I have to tell you that the main character is the one who quit running.”

    “This is confusing,” he grumbled, “there’s so many runners in this that I’ve got to keep up with.”

    “It’s just remembering faces, you’re good at that.”

    “Wait, who’s that?” He questioned.

    You took a deep breath before responding, “that’s the CEO of the agency Namjoon, it’s Sooyoung, surely you can at least recognise her face after all of her years in the industry.”

    “I know that she’s Sooyoung, but I’ve got no idea who her character is,” Namjoon admitted, “watching dramas isn’t as easy as I thought.”

    “Give it a couple of episodes and you’ll know all about the characters,” you tried to assure him, “Run On is a good drama, I promise.”

    His head nodded back at you, “I’m enjoying the storylines, even if I have zero idea who any of the characters are right now.”

    “Give it time, you’ll learn about all of them in no time.”


    You instantly pressed pause as you heard a gasp come from the doorway, looking back to see that Jimin was home. “What are you watching?”

    Your head shook, turning the television off as quickly as you could. “I wasn’t watching anything, just some random programme on SBS.”

    “Really?” He challenged, “because that looked suspiciously like Crash Landing on You on the screen.”

    “No way, I would never watch that without you.”

    “That’s a lie,” he confirmed.

    Reluctantly, your head nodded, holding your hands up in defence. “I just thought I’d watch the first ten minutes, get a feel of what to expect from tonight’s episode, but then it just pulled me in.”

    “We agreed every night with dinner we would watch an episode,” Jimin reminded you, shaking his head in disbelief across at you.

    “And we can still watch an episode tonight,” you assured him, “luckily for you because you came home so early, I’m only twenty minutes into this one.”

    His head continued to shake across at you, “I’ll make sure that you make it up to me, you’re not going to get away with this.”

    “It was only twenty minutes, it’s not that big of a deal.”


    Your eyes looked, as Taehyung sighed upon walking into the living room. “What was that for? I thought that you were enjoying Descendants of the Sun?”

    His head nodded, although the frown was still on his face. “I am liking it, but I can think of another drama that is a lot better.”

    “I’m not watching Hwarang again,” you protested, “I’ve watched that so many times Taehyung.”

    “But it’s still good to watch, right?”

    “I like it,” you mused.

    His eyes widened as you pressed play on the next episode of Descendants of the Sun, “how can you just like it? I’m in it, it’s supposed to be your favourite drama to watch, all the time.”

    “You’re not cheating on Hwarang if you watch other dramas, just so you know,” you informed him, “you are allowed to date other programmes.”

    “Stop,” Taehyung chuckled, rolling his eyes at your remark, “I know it’s not cheating on the drama; I just think that nothing is better than Hwarang.”

    Your head continued to shake, “Hwarang was good the first fifty times that I watched it, the fifty first might just be a step too far.”

    “Fine, we can watch this one, but it’s still second best.”


    Your eyes lit up as you walked into the living room to see everything prepared for date night. “I even organised your favourite to watch.”

    You studied the title on the screen, looking to Jungkook in surprise. “Gangnam Beauty? But you told me that you didn’t enjoy that programme.”

    “It’s not my favourite,” Jungkook admitted, “but tonight is for you, and so I guess I can watch a bit.”

    “And you’re not going to complain, are you?”

    “I’ll try not to,” he smiled.

    Your head shook, nudging gently against his arm, “if you gave this drama a chance, then you would see that it is actually really good, that’s why millions of people are raving about it.”

    “I see the appeal,” Jungkook replied, showing you the array of snacks that he had organised for you both, “and I love that it tackles something so serious.”

    “Just smile and pretend to enjoy it,” you suggested, taking a seat on the sofa, “I love that you’re willing to humour it for me though, a lot.”

    Jungkook sat himself down beside you, “you sit through enough of my gaming programmes, watching Gangnam Beauty is the least I can do.”

    “When you put it like that, this is the least you could do.”



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    white lies ● chapters viii

    ➬ Subtitle | The truth about us

    ➬ Pairings | Kim Taehyung x reader (feat. Seokjin & female original character)

    ➬ Genre | Childhood/Best Friends!AU, Angst

    ➬ Summary | Growing up together, you had always thought that he would always be a part of your life forever, until he suddenly chose a different path, leaving you altogether in the shadows of your past. What happens when you finally decide to move on, to walk down your new path in life without him, while completely unaware of how it had been him who had been standing in the shadows, drowning in his own little secrets?

    ➥ Ratings & Warnings | PG-13

    ➥ Word count | 4,5k words

    ➥ Author’s Note | And it happens again...after a long process of finishing this series, I’ve decided to split the final chapter (before the epilogue) into not two, but three chapters :))) I’m sorry for the wait. I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of Taehyung and OC’s journey. Hold on, this is going to be a ride!

    ➥ ⤎ Previous Chapter | Chapter List | Next Chapter ⇢

    chapter viii. healing

    It was hard to put into words the emotions that you felt or the thoughts that came through your head after the tumultuous night where Taehyung finally exposed the truth that he had kept to himself.

    There was grief over everything that you had lost—including all the lost time, your old friendship, and the bond that had long been broken. There was anger and despair over the treachery, the manipulation that was done to both of you, and the way people simply used you and Taehyung as pawns in their wicked games.

    But among all of those conflicted feelings, there was also a feeling of relief that came over you the moment you had time to let everything sink in. Relief from knowing that there were no more secrets hidden between you. Relief for knowing that there was still a piece of thread in your bond left, even though small, and it was showing you that the possibility to mend what had been broken still existed and it gave you a new reason to hope.

    But to say that you were able to savour those feelings and turn your life around right the next day would be too much too soon. Even with the truth finally coming to the surface, it had never been able to stop you from always staying on guard, constantly preparing yourself and anticipating for the shoe to finally drop and to see things suddenly falling apart once again.

    It took a while, and it took a lot of effort before you finally managed to continue on living and moving forward without constantly looking over your shoulders, no longer living in worries as if there was still more obstacles for you to deal with and there would be someone else that might try to take away your second chance of happiness. Though you had to admit that you wouldn’t have done it without Taehyung. Just like how you had promised to wait for him and be patient until the moment he could reach the point where he would be ready to take a step further, he had been just as tenacious in allowing you to grow and heal alongside him.

    As time continued to pass, as the seasons changed from one to another, and both of you carried on with life, you soon realised that both of you continued to grow, changing together with time while the friendship bond between you that had once been fragile continued to strengthen itself as you were both healing from the remaining wounds of the past.

    Once the truth was revealed and you began to understand the situation he was in, you also began to understand Taehyung a bit more. You learned to understand his reasons, and while you could never truly comprehend some of his actions in the past, you were far from putting all the blame on Taehyung for everything that had happened then. Meanwhile, ever since the night Taehyung confided in you and opened up to you, he began to open his eyes and admit to himself that it had been nothing but his fear and insecurities to blame for all the terrible decisions that he had once made, and he began to slowly forgive himself for everything that he had caused, all while earning your own forgiveness to allow both of you to heal at the same time.

    Little by little, the invisible weight that you had almost always seen Taehyung carry with him began to chip apart and his confidence bloomed so beautifully that you almost believed you could see light coming from him whenever he was near. At the same time, you also felt the constricting pain inside your chest disappearing with time. It felt numb at first whenever you thought of the past, until the moment you realised that you felt nothing at all when you tried to look back, nothing but the longing for the good things to return and the hope for a chance to create new memories with him in the future.

    You realised that the ghosts of the past would remain there, haunting in the shadows to remind either of you of the dark times when you had once lost each other. But you were taking all the baby steps needed to walk away from it with your head high, no longer giving them a chance to come in your way. And you were willing to try and look forward into the future, for as long as he would be there to do it together with you.



    You had no idea how quickly time could come flashing by. It almost felt as if you merely blinked your eyes and here you were, sitting in the local pub with the small group of friends that you had managed to gain over the years you started living in London. Everyone raised their drinks—a mixture between large glasses of beer, a few glasses of cocktails, and one with a glass of wine—as they cheered to celebrate the event of the day.

    Graduation day.

    You had managed to graduate together with the rest of your class, and for some miracle that would only happen to a lucky person in the name of Kim Taehyung, he managed to catch up and was graduating on the same week, with his own graduation ceremony coming only a few days later after yours.

    “Here we are, finally ready to tackle the world after spending too many years with textbooks, overnight assignments, long essays, and overly boring classes,” your friend Gracie said as she sipped on her cocktail while you had placed yours down. You were on your second glass of the sugary cocktail that she had chosen for you, yet it had already felt too much for you to take for one night.

    “Are you guys leaving back to your home country soon?” another friend of yours, Frankie, turned to look between you and Taehyung, who had joined the small party tonight and was sitting by your side with his glass of wine—the damn fancy pants.  

    “No, not exactly,” you answered him as you turned to Taehyung to see him nodding his head and smiling, silently agreeing with you. “We might be staying for another year. We have a few plans and I still have that internship going on too. We haven’t really been enjoying London to the fullest either while we were at school, so might as well take our time to relax and travel around before going home.”

    Everyone at the table started nodding collectively before they started questioning each other about their own plans, sharing where they were off to now that graduate school was over.

    “Speaking of plans—” Gracie started as the talk about their future endeavours came to halt. “Do you guys have any plans this next weekend? I’m heading out to Brighton with my sister to see this art festival. Anyone is welcome to join if you’re free. The more the merrier.”

    While a few people sitting at the table shared their interest to come and enjoy the fun, you exchanged looks with Taehyung who was quick to refuse the offer. “Sorry, you guys go and have fun. ______ and I already made our own plans this weekend to celebrate.”

    “Oh, I forgot about that. The lovebirds have planned to go on a weekend getaway, being all romantic and all that,” Frankie teased from across the table, making your face burn. Taehyung had told you that he had asked a few of his friends to find any interesting places out of town where he could take you, but to no avail. In the end, it was Frankie, the adventurous one out of your group, who had given him the perfect idea for the getaway, even if the two of them had yet to spoil you about the plans, stating that Taehyung had some surprises for you as a celebration gift.

    You didn’t fail to notice how your friends had regarded you as ‘the lovebirds’, as most of the people who had come to know you and Taehyung since you moved here had always seen you as a couple and neither of you had ever considered to correct them. Even his friends had thought the same, hence why you would also join him whenever he was out with his friends the same way he had joined you and your gang tonight. To be honest, you couldn’t say that you had minded it at all, since there really was no way for you to put a title in the relationship that you had with Taehyung.

    “Oh, I’m so jealous. But you kids can have a lot of fun together,” Gracie kept teasing you before the conversation continued to another topic, moving on to talk about anything else in general while your mind remained stuck in the cryptic plan Taehyung may have prepared for you.

    “Are you still not telling me where we are off to?” you whispered to Taehyung sometime during the night while everyone else was busy pairing up, either to continue to talk as they finished their drinks or to leave the table and join the dancing crowd in the middle of the small pub.

    Raising his glass of wine, Taehyung hid his grin but kept his eyes on you. There was a suspicious spark in his gaze, showing you how much he was enjoying himself for teasing and putting you on the edge. “I told you,” he said, leaning closer to you once he placed his empty glass away. “This will be the only secret that I’m keeping from you for a long time, but I’m going to make sure that you won’t regret it.”

    You hated to admit it, but you loved the way he said those words and how you could truly take in every single promise he made for you, when the assurance in his words was clear. There was not even a single doubt in mind as you listened to his promise, knowing well that he would always make sure to make it all come true. Pressing against his side, you couldn’t resist looking up into his eyes, making him all flustered and nervous as you leaned up to act as if you were kissing his cheek as you whispered,

    “Fine, I believe you. As long as you can give me the best weekend I could ever have.”

    With a grin, Taehyung pulled you to his side and chuckled. “Challenge accepted.”  

    Later that weekend, Taehyung picked you up in the small city car that he had bought during the final year of his study and started driving far away from the city. More than two hours had passed and he still refused to tell you where he was taking you, though you had stopped asking him the moment you noticed how the air around you had seemed to change, how the temperature slowly dropped, and the sky above seemed to be getting clearer. You should have known that he would take you somewhere in the countryside when he mentioned something about this becoming a ‘relaxing weekend’, promising to make you feel completely at ease even before you reached the destination.

    You must have fallen asleep at some point during the trip. Because the moment you woke up, the sight of the city was no more and all you kept seeing was a vast land of green and dense trees standing on either side of the road where the car was passing through.

    Not too long after, the car strolled into a parking lot of an inn, located right between green valleys where vineyards and gardens of exotic flowers could be seen, along with nothing but a spread of greeneries surrounding the area.

    A nice middle-aged lady at the receptionist welcomed you with a friendly smile when you arrived, and you felt at ease in her presence. As Taehyung gave her the information needed to check-in to the room that he had rented, your gaze drifted over to the open glass double doors overlooking the valleys located right behind the inn. The gorgeous view of the lush greenery left a certain calmness to your chest while the sight of the hills appearing in the distance reminded you of home.

    It made you feel somewhat amused as you remembered just how far you were from home, and yet you never once felt out of place ever since Taehyung had come to join you. The sky today was cloudless blue, a wonderful change from the city where the sky almost looked like it was permanently painted in shades of grey, and you wondered if you would be able to see the stars in the night sky later.

    You turned back to the receptionist to join Taehyung’s conversation with the kind receptionist lady just as she introduced the inn and explained all the facilities and scheduled activities that had all been provided for the guests.

    “…our restaurant and bakery are open at all times, but breakfast is served at seven in the morning, though we always prepare our tea and coffee as early as six in the am. We have fresh-baked croissants ready for you every morning, and our dinner menu will be sent to your rooms an hour before they are served.”

    You could have sworn that your stomach began to grumble in protest the moment croissants and snacks were mentioned, and you could use a glass of coffee at the moment with your body feeling a bit lethargic after the long drive. But then your attention perked up a little when she added—

    “There is a hiking trail nearby where our guests usually go to Sunday morning which is open for visitors. No pets are allowed, however. And there are a few places nearby if you are looking for our local attractions. The art gallery is only five minutes walk from here and there is also the tour to the nearest cheese factory and our famous local brewery…”

    A knowing smile came to your face just as you sneaked a glance at Taehyung, suddenly understanding the reason why he had chosen to take you to this place. You continued to talk with the kind receptionist lady until she handed you the key to the bedroom, and both you and Taehyung finally walked away while giving her words of gratitude.

    “You can go straight to the room, I can get our bags.”

    You shook your head at him and stubbornly stood at his side before he walked out the front door. “Let me help you. My bag alone can weigh a ton.”

    Taehyung only chuckled as he let you follow him. Together, you systematically pulled out the bags that you had carried with you and he expertly set them together to make it easier for the two of you to carry them all together without making too many trips back and forth.

    And when he suddenly pulled out an easel and a few pieces of empty canvases of all sizes from the trunk of the car, your heartbeat started racing uncontrollably inside your chest.

    Taehyung grinned at you softly when he noticed you watching him set up his equipment and tools once you were back in the room, and then said, “I had plans of arranging this at my studio so I could do this properly, but I figured it would be best to paint you in a more comfortable space rather than the constricting room we have at my studio.”

    Over the times that you had shared with Taehyung after you encouraged him to draw you, he had taken you to the small studio he had set up in his apartment, where he showed you his art and the drafts of his works that had left you in complete awe. You had spent a lot of time with him there ever since, where he had mostly done sketches of you, made rough drawings of your face in various poses and expressions, but never once had he tried to make a full painting of you as he kept telling you that he wanted it to be something special.

    As you sat back on the edge of the bed, watching him put everything aside while looking both nervous and excited at the same time, you finally realised that there was something more behind this weekend getaway than a simple celebration given by your best friend. And whatever that was about to happen this weekend may as well determine the course of your lives together and that nothing between you would remain the same once this weekend ended.

    “It looks a bit more challenging than the one we have at home, doesn’t it?”

    With your hands on your hips, you looked up at the hiking trail not too far from the inn. It had been far too long since the last time you had gone out hiking properly the way you used to, and there was no doubt that the same could be said about Taehyung. But neither of you could resist it when the owner of the inn had let you know about this trail when the other guests had inquired it for this morning’s outdoor activity. After the slow and lazy day you spent since you arrived, the thought of getting active and moving seemed too enticing to resist.

    You had spent your first afternoon at the inn lounging at the pool after you were done freshening up, then Taehyung took you to have a walk around the inn, enjoying the beautiful garden before you sat down with him in the inn’s cafe for dinner and the late nightcap. The rest of the evening had been so relaxing that you had ended up having the best sleep of your life, and the fact that you had to share the bed with Taehyung didn’t even bother you for a second.

    When you woke up this morning feeling completely energized, you had instantly agreed to come with Taehyung to find the hiking trail that had become the talk during breakfast. But as you were standing right at the starting point of the trail, you were beginning to question yourself if this was a good idea.

    “It sure looks like it,” Taehyung said, huffing slow breath after doing all the necessary warm-ups he needed before he could get started to hike up the hill. For someone who was out of practice, he somehow seemed eager to get on to it, and his energy was starting to rub on you to make you feel the same. “What? Are you worried if I’m going to beat you to the top? Or are you just nervous to find out that I’ve become faster?”

    You rolled your eyes and scoffed. “As if,” you responded, refusing to admit that you were feeling slightly apprehensive about this, while he merely chuckled. “Ready? How about I race you to the nearest peak and show you that I’m still good at this.”

    The sight of his amusement and a hint of mirth came dancing in his eyes for a moment before he finally gave out his hand for you to shake and said, “Oh, it’s on.”

    Moments later, you found yourself racing against him up the trails. It had started easy for the first few meters off the landed ground before the slopes started to become a bit more tricky. The fresh air had given you the advantage of adding the extra boost of energy coming through your body in each inhale of breath, while the trickle of the nearest waterfall drew you in to help you to stay focused until you could find the trail leading to the peak. But you still couldn’t deny the fact that you were beginning to slow down as you were reaching higher grounds.

    You slowly came to a halt right when you reached a steep point in the trail, suddenly feeling the exhaustion weighing you down that you had to take a moment to breathe. With your body folded and your hands reaching down to your knees, you looked up only to catch the sight of Taehyung disappearing right ahead of you on the next turn. It was clear that he still had more energy and vigour that you no longer have as he kept pacing up the trail, leaving you behind to continue the race.

    Silently admitting defeat, you couldn’t help but smile as your mind wandered off to the past, back to the moment when both of you were still nothing but curious children and you were small enough to sneak away from the hiking trail to find an easier path up the hills behind your home so you could always beat him in the race. Seeing his disappearing back only showed you just how different everything was, though it didn’t stop you from feeling petty when you realised that Taehyung, after many years had passed, was finally able to defeat you.

    Just like he had promised you he would.

    With slow, ragged breaths, you kept going, following the trail to catch up with Taehyung while keeping your pace as steady as you could so you wouldn’t pass out where nobody would find you. You had expected to find him standing gloriously at the peak, celebrating his victory and gloating before he would start demanding his prize.

    You were still wondering what he might be demanding from you for winning the bet when you walked past the next turn and immediately stopped on your tracks. Because right at that spot, still further away from the top that you had both determined to be your finish line, stood Taehyung, leaning against a tree as he waited for you to appear on the trail. He looked up as you came closer, smiling softly as he reached out to you, offering his hand to take.

    Everything felt a bit fuzzy right then. You were almost in a dreamlike state as you took his hand, still reeling in shock at finding him waiting for you in the trail instead of having him rushing to claim his win—which he would have rightfully deserved, by the way. But any question that you were about to give him simply died on your tongue as he held your hand in a gentle grip and pushed against the tree. He said nothing to you as he smiled and turned away, still holding your hand as he continued to walk up the hiking trail. He kept his pace slow and steady the entire time as he took you with him, making his way to reach the finish line with you.


    It took you to have a few hours of nap and a long soak in a hot bath before you could feel like a new person again after the challenging hike. Your muscles were still sore when you stepped out of the bathroom, but you were filled with new energy and anticipation when you found Taehyung in the room with his painting tools, getting ready to finally eternalise you through his painting.

    For some reason, he had decided that it would be a good idea if you would keep things natural. No makeup or fancy clothes—even if you had packed a few choices of your favourite dresses for this special occasion. And yet he wanted none of that. Instead, he wanted this moment to be just between you and him, and the natural light coming from the afternoon sun that was coming through the window. And for some odd reason, not only had you decided to agree and follow along with his instruction, but you had also decided to pose in the silky robe that you had put on after coming out of the bath.

    Your decision had surprised Taehyung for a moment, but he remained calm as he guided you to take a seat on the settee placed right in front of the window. He helped you find the most comfortable position that you could muster as you would need to pose for a long time. He had you lying on your side and facing him, with your hand laid over a cushion and the other laid resting on your hip. He studied your position for a moment, looking as if he was projecting the image he was seeing into his canvas, before he finally stepped back and returned to take his place on the other side of the easel.

    Pulling out his phone, Taehyung played a soothing tune of music to fill the silence that was bound to build up once he got to work, while he figured it would help make you feel a bit more relaxed throughout the whole thing. “I hope this can help you loosen up a little. Hopefully it can also help you focus and not change your position when you’re bored,” he said, placing the phone not too far away from you.  

    “What if I fall asleep?” you asked him once the soft tune of the music began to fill the room, and he simply smiled at you.

    “I don’t mind, just as long as you don’t fall off your seat,” he said, making you laugh.

    The exchange of jokes helped lighten things up and you could see the tension on his shoulders slowly easing down. Though the moment he began to move his brush across the canvas and silence fell between you, the tension in the room seemed to pick up a notch and his furrowed brow gradually deepened.

    “Are you still nervous around me, Taehyung?” you gently asked him when you caught him sighing deeply for the umpteenth time. “Does it make you nervous for doing this with me?”

    Taehyung looked at you and gave you a wry smile. “Only for this. I just—it’s just the fact that I don’t want to fuck things up. I just want everything to be—”

    “Perfect?” you teased him, already used to hearing him saying the exact same word whenever he would claim that he could be a perfectionist when it came to anything involving you and his art, making it even worse when he had to put the two together.

    “Yeah—” he said, chuckling nervously and fidgeting in his seat for a moment before admitting, “I’ve waited a long time for this moment.”

    “Really?” Your breath was almost caught in your throat by his admission. But it was the flutter inside your chest that troubled you the most, and how your skin flushed under his eyes when he looked at you with his heated gaze. As he continued to move his brush, transferring every part of you that he had caught through his vision into his canvas, you couldn’t stop yourself from wondering, “Was it different with—”

    Taehyung instantly froze, and you almost regretted ever letting those words slip out of your mouth. You knew that it would be a terrible idea to bring up the past right when you were sharing something so important. And the regret grew deeper when you saw the same emotion reflected through his eyes when he looked at you. With a sigh, Taehyung spoke up while looking straight into your eyes, “It’s completely different. It always has.”

    The intensity in his gaze made you feel uncomfortable, but it helped you realise how much he meant every word. At the same time, you felt your own humility coming forward, the shame for not only bringing up a painful past that you had vowed to move on from and also for comparing yourself to her.

    “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to—”

    “It’s okay, really. I would have been curious too,” he said, smiling wryly. With a nod of his head as if he was convincing himself or perhaps giving himself a pep talk before he looked at you with more confidence in his eyes and said, “Let’s try and see if I can control my heartbeat enough to stop my hands from shaking.”

    ❥ Commissioned by @hanuzylan​​​

    — © 2021 Yoonia, all rights reserved. reposting/modifying of any kind is not allowed. translations are not allowed.

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  • birthofvcnus
    21.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    hello i’m taking spooky mb requests (AUs/prompts/fake fic titles) just send one in and don’t forget to specify which member u want it with 🥰

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  • blu-joons
    20.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Taking Care Of Your Unwell Daughter ~ Kim Taehyung

    Taehyung’s expression dropped as he walked into your bedroom to see your daughter fast asleep beside you, tucked in closely. The two of had barely moved all afternoon, only rising from the bed so that you could get her plenty of medication.

    “I was going to ask how she is, but I think what I’m seeing in front of me speaks for itself,” Taehyung weakly smiled, perching on the end of the bed, “how’s she doing? And how are you too?”

    You looked momentarily to your daughter before back across to Taehyung. “Honestly, I’m exhausted, I’ve barely slept from looking after her. She’s managed to get about two hours of sleep in her, so that’s one good thing I suppose.”

    “Can I do anything?” He asked, resting his hand against your feet that brushed against his leg. “If you want to get some rest, we could always swap places, I’m sure if we were careful enough then we wouldn’t end up waking her up, don’t you think?”

    Your head shook as your daughter stirred in your hold, sniffing lightly before falling straight back to sleep, not even registering that Taehyung was home.

    However, as Taehyung spoke again, the sound of a familiar voice encouraged her eyes to open and take a look. “Hi darling,” Taehyung whispered as her eyes looked to him painfully.

    “Daddy,” she muttered, leaving Taehyung stunned by the groggy sound in her voice. “I don’t feel very well,” she then whimpered, snuggling further into your side for comfort.

    “I know,” he sympathised, moving from the end of the bed to kneel beside it so that he was at the same level as her. “How do you fancy a homemade meal from daddy? That might help you feel better, food solves almost everything.”

    Your eyes rolled as Taehyung’s smile turned up, keen to put the smile back onto his daughter’s face too. Seeing her unwell killed him and seeing the impact that that was having on you as well only made him feel guiltier for being at work all day.

    “We could even go all out and have dinner in bed,” you proposed.

    “I like the sound of that,” Taehyung smiled, “Y/D/N what do you think about that?”

    “Can we watch a film too?” She pushed, pointing across to the television at the foot of your bed, “and seeing as I’m ill, then I think that I should be the one that gets to pick what movie we watch as well.”

    Your head shook in disbelief at the striking resemblance between your daughter and Taehyung. They both always knew how to get their own way, to manipulate you to feeling sorry enough for them to cave and give them what they wanted.

    “If we’re having a movie in bed, then I think takeout is the only option,” Taehyung then smiled, pulling out his phone. “Nothing makes you feel better when you’re ill then a movie marathon and plenty of fast food.”

    Whilst Taehyung pulled out his phone to organise dinner, you slid out of the way of your daughter so that you could get things prepared. You stocked up on pillows and blankets that you could put in the bed to keep it nice and snug for her. Whilst there, you grabbed a fresh box of tissues and a packet of tablets to help see your daughter through the night.

    “Look what mummy brought,” Taehyung grinned as you kicked the bedroom door open, having swapped places and taken your space on the bed, laying your daughter on his chest.

    With fumbling steps, you managed to drop everything on the bed, placing the items strategically around the bed, making sure that your daughter had enough pillows to prop her up.

    “I thought I would fill the gap that you left whilst you went and got some bits,” Taehyung smiled across at you, “do you want to swap back in?”

    “You make yourself comfortable, I’ll stay on my feet so I can go downstairs and get the door for dinner when it goes,” you told him, placing the tissue box and tablets on the bedside table of the side that your daughter laid on.

    She smiled appreciatively across at you as you did so, checking her bottle of water to make sure that it was full for whenever she needed it.

    Whilst the two of them continued to cuddle, you switched on the television, passing the remote to your daughter so that she could look through the movies that were available. You and Taehyung dreaded to think what she would pick, sharing a worried glance.

    “We could always watch one of daddy’s concerts,” Taehyung suddenly suggested.

    “No,” your daughter grinned, suddenly finding a burst of energy, “you make me watch them all the time, even when I’m not ill.”

    You shot a glare across to Taehyung as he smiled innocently back across at you, protesting that he had done nothing wrong. As his head shook, your daughter hit against his chest, reminding him of the concert he had made her watch whilst single parenting the last week.

    She loved seeing Taehyung deep down, watching him dance and sing on stage was always one of her favourite things to do, especially with the other boys too.

    It was one of the most frustrating things about her illness, the fact that she had missed out on a studio visit that morning whilst you had an appointment. Instead, you had to take the day off work, leaving Taehyung to head to work alone and showcase their new song to no one.

    “Daddy can sing you back to sleep so that you don’t miss out on too much,” Taehyung whispered across to your daughter, “that will be enough to help you feel better.”

    Luckily for him, as your mouth opened to speak, the front door went, walking downstairs to answer it. By the time you got back up, a movie was already chosen, and the two of them were sat up, ready to tuck into their meal.

    “Just eat what you want,” Taehyung told your daughter as he propped a cushion behind her back to offer her some support, “we can save the rest of your dinner for when you’re feeling better, I’m sure that you’ll be feeling better in no time.”

    “I think you’re due some tablets too,” you spoke, handing the bag across to Taehyung to unpack whilst you walked across the room to pop two tablets out of the packet, handing them to your daughter with her bottle of water.

    “This smells amazing,” Taehyung mused, placing the dish in front of your daughter to distract her from the frustration of taking her tablets with the smell of the food.

    “Daddy, you’re making me want to eat and not get better.”

    With a shake of your head, you moved the food box away, giving her a bit of space to reluctantly take her tablets before handing her dinner back across to her.

    “Once we’ve eaten and the movie is finished, we can snuggle down for the night, an early night will get you feeling better too,” Taehyung suggested.

    “I think that’s a great idea,” you added, reassuring your daughter as she looked between the two of you, “and maybe seeing as you’re ill, you can sleep in between daddy, and I like you used to do when you were little.”

    “Really?” Her hopeful eyes asked, tapping her hands against the top of her legs excitedly, “if this is the sort of stuff I get to do when I’m ill, I should be ill more often.”

    “She sounds just like you,” you instantly called across to Taehyung, “you’ve trained her well.”

    “What can I say? She takes after the best.”



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  • multyeverything
    20.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Young Love


    Autor: multyeverything

    Rating: 18+

    Tw: Groserías e insultos, acoso a la protagonista, menciones de *borto, consumo de medicamento no recetado, pelea no física subida de tono, intenso de abuso físico.


    Demasiado temprano por la mañana, tocan la puerta con tal fuerza que parecen van a derrumbarla. Inmediatamente me levanto de la cama con mis ropas arrugadas de la noche anterior, antes de que golpeen una segunda vez y despierten a mis compañeros. Que estoy segura me desollarán viva si si enteran quien está detrás de tremendo escándalo.

    Con una velocidad sorprendente arreglo mi apariencia y ropa para recibir a Jungkook que me prometió traerme la pastilla por nuestro encuentro sin protección. Espero que se vaya tan pronto como me la dé, sin charlas o saludos que me hagan perder mi tiempo; anoche quedó demasiado claro el curso que tomará la "relación" que tenemos. La vergüenza y coraje me hierven las venas una vez más de recordar la manera en que me utilizó una última vez para su gozo, aún consiente que su chica estaba esperándolo fuera del baño en que me cogía, consiente que yo tenía sentimientos mal ocultados por él. Haciendo caso a lo qué el desea, como siempre.

    Si bien nuestra amistad previa había estado plagada de tensiones del tipo corporal, nuestro excesivo tiempo juntos propició que nos desearamos de esa manera. Siempre tan atento y gracioso, sin mencionar que tenía una afinidad por tocarme de cualquier forma posible: tomar mi mano, jugar con mi pelo, apretar mis muslos o darme abrazos. Era imposible que no desarrollara afecto hacia su persona, tan... Jungkook.

    No entiendo en que momento todo se fue al demonio, tal vez tiene razón, le di todo demasiado rápido sin ponerle las cosas interesantes. Por lo que conozco de él, es un amante de la adrenalina y aventuras en todos los aspectos, académico incluso. Teniendo que balancear la vida deportiva y sus estudios, dando como resultado un alumno destacable y rendimiento excelente en la cancha.

    ¿Será que estar conmigo no lo hizo sentir esa adrenalina?

    ¿Mi sosa y rutinaria vida le sofoca? Jamás fui del tipo de intoxicarse en alcohol y prestarme a coqueteos de una sola noche.

    Como sea, el desenlace es el mismo. Esa etapa ya ha terminado, para bien. De ambos espero.

    Volviendo a la realidad, me trago el orgullo de verlo una vez más. Estoy decidida a no dejarlo entrar, si lo llegasen a ver estaría en problemas con ellos, seguramente me pedirían explicaciones del porqué está aquí y qué vino a hacer. Y esa es una conversación que no quiero tener, menos conociendo a Danny, una semana mínimo de actuar como si no existiera.

    Tras verme medianamente decente, abro la puerta lento para que su crujir no los despierte; el temblor de mi mano entorpece esa tarea. Me encuentro con la decepcionante imagen de un repartidor en su uniforme y una pequeña caja con las pastillas en su mano.

    No solo no se dignó a traerla en persona, envío a alguien más (que incluso recuerdo ver por los pasillos de la institución) y no se molestó en meterla en una jodida bolsa para conservar la dignidad que me queda. Genial, si el repartidor es un idiota, tendré que lidiar con los chismes y rumores que se esparzan sobre mí.

    - Buen día. -

    - Buen día. -

    - El servicio ya está cubierto. -

    - Excelente, ¿Tengo algún mensaje del remitente?-

    - Lo lamento, no vi personalmente al remitente. Yo solo recogí su... Paquete desde la farmacia. Desconozco quien sea. -

    - Una pena, como sea gracias. -

    - Tenga un buen día. -

    Seco el sudor frío en mi frente, esquivé la bala una vez más esta mañana.

    Siento alguna que otra mirada sobre mí. Son descuidados al hacerlo, no les importa demasiado que lo note. No soy la primera en pasar por esto, tampoco a la que peor le ha ido; la pobre Chae tuvo que pedir apoyo a dirección administrativa para ser transferida, no pudo tolerar los cuchicheos ofensivos de los estudiantes. No la culpo, probablemente haré lo mismo si no dejan de reírse a mis espaldas al terminar el día.

    Los rumores de embarazo siguen siendo un Taboo en esta institución y país, lamentable. Y más si el supuesto padre es un rompecorazones conocido. Para mí suerte, el gran idiota chismoso de ayer no sabía quién envío esas pastillas.

    La novia de Soobin, Anna, sacude su mano para que me acerque a ella.

    - Hola linda, ¿Cómo estás? -

    - Hola t/n, estoy bien, creo. ¿Tienes clase? -

    - Tenemos. -

    - Tengo la cabeza en otro lado. Quería hablar contigo.-

    - ¿Sobre qué? - Ya me imagino qué será.

    - ¿Te parece si vamos al salón? Es más cómodo ahí. -

    - ¿Es necesario? -

    - Creo que es mejor para ti. -

    Reanudamos nuestro caminar al salón repleto de jóvenes. Me explica lo que ya sé, alguien me entregó las pastillas del día siguiente y yo supuestamente en lágrimas le agradecí por salvarme la vida. Además de cuentos uno más asqueroso que el otro, todos concluyendo en qué estoy embarazada. ¿En tan solo un fin de semana? Por dios.

    Al ser pocos los que tomamos esta asignatura, está apenas poblado y son todos en su mayoría mujeres. Somos relativamente cercanas y nos tenemos la confianza suficiente para platicar en nuestros tiempos libres; eso les da la seguridad para acercarse en cuanto tomó asiento hasta el frente (que es donde me gusta estar).

    Algunas chicas se acercan a nosotras y preguntan lo ya esperado: ¿Es cierto que estás embarazada?, ¿Es cierto que es de....? (Y dan algunos nombres), Lo desmentirás ¿Verdad?, etc. A lo que me limito a responder casi honestamente, evitando mencionar que en efecto tuve relaciones sexuales riesgosas con Jungkook y mintiendo acerca del tipo de medicamento que recibí. En mi nueva versión fueron pastillas para cólicos menstruales que mi mamá me envió porque "me quedé sin dinero en efectivo y no podía salir de la cama".

    - Debes decirles eso, están destruyendo tu reputación. -

    - Exacto, ya hay medio equipo de béisbol reclamando ser padre de tu bebé. Los cerdos de artes también. -

    - Son asquerosos, los odio. -

    - Y que lo digas. -

    - Pero es más desagradable el tipo que esparció el chisme. -

    - Oh si, ya no podemos tener privacidad ni en nuestras propias casas. -

    La conversación ocurre en mis espaldas mineras ideo la manera en que pueda resolver todo este embrollo y salir limpia sin lucir demasiado obvia o desesperada.

    Bingo, la chismosa por excelencia de la universidad podría ayudarme, y casualmente me debe un favor por ayudarla a pasar su semestre en economía. Cobraré ese favor más tarde.

    En cuanto el timbre indica la hora de salida de todo el día, voy apresurada a dónde sé que ella se encontrará. La cafetería del campus está casi llena con las almas recién salidas de clase, ella por supuesto está en su asiento favorito junto a la amplia ventana que da una vista completa del jardín en donde los edificios se reúnen, perfecto para ver cualquier suceso relevante.

    Su mirada de reconocimiento me invita a sentarme en su banquillo.

    - Corazón, ¿Cómo estás? -

    - Muy bien Byul, ¿Y tú? -

    - Ocupada, ya sabes. La vida adulta no es buena especialmente conmigo. -

    - No sé si creerte, ya no has venido por mi ayuda para tus exámenes. -

    - Bueno, puede que no tan mal pero he estado apunto de hacerlo. Por cierto, ¿Estás ocupada este sábado? Necesito que me ayudes a repasar unos temas. -

    - En ese caso creo que debería proponerte algo. -

    - Te escucho. -

    - Sé que ya escuchaste lo que dicen sobre mí. -

    - Claro, eres bastante popular t/n, más de lo que creía. Esa correa que tenía Jungkook, estaba ahogándote. -

    - ¿Lo sabías? -

    - Me ofendes. Claro que sí. -

    - ¡Todos menos yo! -

    - Si tan solo fueras más sociable... -

    - Como sea, es todo una bola de mierda. Las jodidas pastillas abortivas no eran más que para los cólicos menstruales y el gran pedazo de mierda que me las trajo y aparte de encargó de divulgarlo, se equivocó al ver la caja. Al principio no quería decir nada, pensé que no les importaría; pero hasta los de menor grado están hablando del tema. Lo odio. Yo jamás he tenido una aventura con nadie. -

    - ¿Odias ser el centro de atención? ¿Qué más da un poco de cuchicheo? -

    - No es mi estilo. -

    - Eres rara, tal vez eche leña al fuego para esparcir el rumor solo porque me desagrada tu actitud ante una oportunidad tan buena para hacerte aún más conocida. -

    - Tal vez le sugiera a tu profesora que haga un examen sorpresa y oral para probar los conocimientos de sus alumnos. -

    - Extraña y vengativa. Eres una combinación rara. Pero está bien, hagamos un trato. Una ayuda por otra ayuda. -

    - También cuento contigo para saber el nombre del idiota que me hizo esto. Quiero hablar con él para pacíficamente agradecerle. -

    - Con gusto, corazón. Un regalo de mi parte sin costo extra. -

    - Gracias Byul, te espero el sábado. Haré el almuerzo para ambas. -

    - Ayyyy eres mi tutora favorita. Nos vemos. -

    - Hazlo rápido por favor. -

    - Más rápido de lo que se esparció. -

    Mi siguiente destino es la casa de aquel que indirectamente es el causante de mi repentina fama. Ahora mismo debe estar comiendo antes de irse a su entrenamiento, perfecto; podré hablarle a solas.

    El cómo llegar a su departamento está encriptado en mi cerebro y podría llegar hasta con los ojos cerrados, semáforos incluídos. Siempre pasábamos tiempo acá en las tardes, únicamente llendo a mi lugar por las noches cuando me dejaba o se quedaba a dormir, aunque a mis compañeros no les agradara ese plan; decían que roncaba y comía como bestia. Fueron muchas las veces en que tenía que cargarlo borracho hasta mi sofá y ayudarlo a limpiar su sudor, llevarlo a bañarse porque el olor a alcohol era insoportable y algún idiota le había vomitado encima.

    Jamás le pedí nada a cambio, pero sentía que él me regresaba todo mil veces más al darme tanto amor cuando estábamos solos; ahora veo que solo era ahí, lejos de la vista de sus amigos.

    No hay necesidad de tocar su puerta porque abre justo cuando estoy fuera, me hace pasar de inmediato.

    - Me dejaste con la palabra en la boca el otro día. No me permitiste ni traerte a tu casa, tuve que enterarme por Taehyung que tomaste un taxi. ¿Sabes lo peligroso que es? ¿Eres tonta? -

    - No tomé un taxi, alguien me llevo. -

    - Si fue algún otro alcohólico en la fiesta, me molestaré más t/n. -

    - Un amigo mío, no es que sea tu problema de todos modos. -

    - Pues lo es. Es mi jodido problema si algo te llega a pasar. -

    - Claro que no, no te importaría en lo absoluto. -

    - Deja de decir tonterías. -

    - No lo son, estoy segura. Si un jodido camión me pasara encima te daría exactamente igual. Como hoy, ni un solo mensaje o ayuda de tu parte. -

    - No te arrolló un camión. -

    - No, pero fui la comidilla de la universidad gracias a tu estupidez. Tu estupidez combinada con tu egoísmo. -

    - No fue para tanto, ¡Por dios! Mañana ya se abrían olvidado de todos modos. -

    - ¡Pedazo de basura! Sabes perfectamente bien cómo son todos en este lugar. Me trataron como una cualquiera y hablaban a mi espalda, decían los rumores más asquerosos sobre mí. El peor de todos es que no tenía idea quien era el padre porque estuve con varios hombres al mismo tiempo. Y tú, quién prometió ser cuidadoso y "no dejar que nuestro acuerdo saliera a la luz", no salió a mi defensa. -

    - Pero no fue mi culpa. No era mi intención. -

    - Así como tampoco lo fue resguardar mi dignidad. -

    - Cálmate por dios. Ya lo arreglaste ¿no?, supongo que sí. Así eres, una maniaca que protege su reputación más que nada. No vengas a castigarme. -

    - Y no dejaría que se manchara con un rumor de embarazo de tu jodido hijo. -

    - Cállate, me molesta que digas groserías. -

    - Maldito egoísta, inconsciente, das por sentado todo, no tienes el mínimo respeto por nada ni por nadie. -

    - ¿Terminaste? Necesito prepararme para ir a entrenar, y si no vas a acompañarme a comer no veo el punto de tolerar tus gritos. -

    - Si, ya terminé. Solo quería venir a aclarar mis sentimientos por ti, que sepas que te aborrezco. -

    - Además de tonta, mentirosa. T/n ve a descansar, estás actuando diferente a tu yo normal. Estás abrumada por hoy, lo entiendo. Los dos sabemos que nos queremos incondicionalmente, y que soy tu mejor amigo, entre varias cosas más. -

    - Eras mi mejor amigo, pasado Jungkook. ¿Cuando fue la última vez que pasamos tiempo juntos y no terminamos en la cama?, que hablamos por más de 30 minutos de nuestras vidas sin estar desnudos. -

    - ¡No hay necesidad! Por eso somos mejores amigos, conocemos todo del otro. Las palabras sobran. -

    - Quiero que sepas bien que hace mucho tiempo dejaste de ser mi mejor amigo, ya no eres ni mi amigo siquiera. Soobin te reemplazó fácil y rápido, ni lo notaste porque ya no me notabas tampoco. Me convertí en tu desquite sexual. -

    - Retráctate. Lo dices porque estás enojada. Me haces ver cómo un monstruo. -

    - Lo digo porque el enojo me ayuda a decir tus verdades. Eres menos que eso, a un monstruo le importarían mis sentiemientos más que a ti. - Lavanta una mano, a punto de soltar un golpe. A lo que yo me mantengo en mi sitio con la mirada bien plantada en su rostro, solo esperando el impacto para lanzarme sobre él y golpearlo hasta molerlo. Nada me daría más gusto, la excusa perfecta para vengar mi herida dignidad. Romperme las uñas o dedos no importaría si tengo chance de sacarle los ojos.

    - ¿Qué te detuvo idiota? ¿Esperabas que me asustara? Cómo tú dijiste, te conozco tan bien que sé jamás tendrías el valor de lastimarme, no porque seas un caballero, sino porque sabes que voy a matarte si lo intentas. -

    Calla a mi brava respuesta. Aunque no lo noté en el momento, se ahogaba en arrepentimiento por su impulso violento contra mí. Que yo no mostrara signos de miedo, le hacía sentir que tal vez yo llegué a acostumbrarme a arranques suyos. Que me insensibilizó al dolor por sus continuas administraciones pasivas.

    Todo lo contrario, jamás tuve miedo mientras estaba con él, me sentía resguardada en su abrazo pero no se lo diría. Adquirí valor por pasar mis días a su lado, de verlo afrontar los problemas de su día a día. Pero no sería capaz de verlo ahora que se dejó llevar por la ira, casi hiriéndome.

    - Vete. - Sale de su boca más agresivo de lo que espera, culpa de su garganta seca. Solo quería que me fuera para poder llorar.

    - Con gusto. Lo único que te pido es no tratar igual a tu actual o futuras chicas. Aprende tu lección conmigo. - Una mirada en blanco tatuada.

    Con un portón salgo de ahí, casi corriendo para no ser vista en el lugar, ya que nadie cercano a mi círculo social vive ahí. Más leña al fuego no es necesaria. No volteo a ver si me sigue o por lo menos me observa desde su ventana, sigo mi camino de vuelta a casa, dónde mis verdaderos amigos me esperan.

    En una cosa tuvo razón t/n, actúe egoísta al no procurar el paquete de pastillas o entregarlas yo mismo, pero sí hice todo lo posible por disipar esos rumores sobre ella.

    Casi llegando a los golpes con imbéciles que decían haberla tocado en la fiesta, ¡fui yo! ¡Yo la toqué, no ellos! Jamás.

    Que antes fuéramos amigos cercanos ayudó a no levantar sospechas, pero eso me sirvió para discutir por primera vez con Moon, no parece gustarle que proteja a la chica que alguna vez fue mi mejor amiga y a quien evité saliera con alguien por mucho tiempo. Cree que tal vez tenga sentimientos ocultos por t/n, pero no entiende que si salgo con ella es porque no siento nada por nadie más.

    Tal vez ganas de acostarme con t/n algunas veces más, pero nada de ese tipo. Un cariño honesto, de amigos vaya.

    Jamás quise levantarle la mano, la frustración de disculparme por algo que no hice nubló mi juicio junto a los interminables insultos de la ofendida t/n. No me justifico, ni así tengo derecho a hacerlo. Verla dura como una roca me hace sentir tan mal conmigo mismo, como si todo se le resbalara ya, como si no fuera excepcional. Al menos una reacción bastaría para darme cuenta que, al nunca haber pasado por esto, siente incertidumbre. Pero no, su actitud defensiva me pone los pelos de punta. Tan lista para recibir un golpe, como yo cuando recibo balonazos, al diario ser impactado ya no genera ningún efecto. Me odio.

    Dios y t/n me perdonen, porque jamás podré hacerlo yo.

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  • minyfic
    20.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    hypnotic - MYG

    ↣ your sister asked you to take care of your niece for a day, what better place to take her than the zoo? The pretty kitties seem to be her only interest and you’re not mad.

    𓃮part of the zookeeper bangtan series𓃠

    pairing — zookeeper!yoongi x reader

    genre/rating — R | smut, fluff, slight angst, s2l

    word count — 6.1K

    warnings/tags — strong language, yoongi has that scar, yoongi handles them big cats, explicit smut- dirty talk, fingering, multiple orgasms, slight overstimulation, strength kink, forest public sex, biting/scratching, hickeys, hair pulling, protected sex

    a/n — oof yoongi with that scar wearing all black, *cries*




    Drawing in a deep breath, you scrunch your eyes shut, a feeble attempt at taming your annoyance.

    Your name is squealed in a tone you wish you could ignore, however, with the way she keeps hitting her foot against the edge of the couch, you’re forced to pause the series you’ve been dying to finish. There are spoilers all over the internet and your co-workers have no mercy. You hate spoilers. Especially when it’s been ages since you’ve watched a series that has kept you this invested.


    She rolls onto her back, glossy beads in her hair matching her eyes while she continues with the incessant movement of her foot.

    “I’m bored.”

    You sigh, “where’s your coloring book?”

    She glances around before shaking her head.

    “I’m done with all of them. Even the ones at the back.”

    Scrubbing a hand down your cheek, you wonder why you suggested looking after your sister’s gremlin of a daughter while she’s taking a well-deserved break with your brother-in-law. Well, maybe she isn’t as bad as other kids, but she’s still a kid.

    “Well, what do you want to do?”

    She jumps closer to you on the couch as if she’s been waiting for you to ask her that question.

    “Can I watch Netflix with you?”

    You slam your laptop shut, moving away from her with wide eyes.

    “You can’t watch with me! It’s too gruesome!”

    She pouts, “groosum?”

    “You know blood and knives and gu—” you clamp your mouth shut when she cocks her head to the side, in interest it seems “—you can’t watch with me.”

    She folds her legs under her bum to rest her head on your shoulder, speaking around a whine.

    “Mummy said you were fun!”

    You gasp, “I am fun!”

    “No! You’re not fun!”

    Knowing that it’s pointless to argue with a six-year-old, you push your laptop to the side and take her chubby hands in yours.

    “What do you want to do then?”

    Her face twists into a mischievous smile, reminiscent of the smile your sister has whenever she’s up to no good.

    “Let’s watch Netflix. The thing you were watching,” she grins, “about the blood and the knives and and—”

    “Aisha! Your mother wouldn’t allow it! I won’t allow it,” you yell, internally scolding yourself for watching when she was sitting right next to you, when she could’ve easily seen all that gore.

    “I’m bored,” she repeats, dragging out the words this time which annoys you even further.

    Her puffed out cheeks urge you to rack your brain for something to do on a Saturday afternoon with a six-year-old, something fun.

    “Why don’t we go for a walk?”

    She smashes her face into your sage throw cushion, “no. That’s so boring.”

    “Mmmm,” your mouth quirks to the side, “how about ice-cream?”

    That seems to catch her attention but she’s still wearing a scowl.

    “What will we do after we eat the ice-cream?”

    You pinch her cheeks and spring up from the couch to fetch her jacket.

    “Let’s get the ice-cream first then we’ll decide.”

    A part of you is glad that she spent almost half an hour choosing a flavor and ended up settling for a mix of watermelon and strawberry with extra sprinkles, but it doesn’t take her much time to finish it because now you’re sitting on a bench near the parlor and she’s still banging her foot, cheeks bouncing with the movement.

    “So…where are we going?”

    “Why don’t we go to the aquarium?”

    Her lips sag into a frown, tiny fists being formed, “I just went there last week!”

    Your ears ring at her squeal, “okay, okay. Chillax!”

    “You chillax!”

    Gritting your teeth, you’re going through the options in your head while mentally striking out the places she might turn down when a truck driving past catches your attention. A large image of a brown board centered around images of various animals and greens splashed on the side.


    “Hey! Why don’t we go to the zoo?!”


    You’re excited yourself because you’ve been wanting to visit the zoo for years now but never had the right company. Your friends aren’t too fond of either slimy critters or powerful creatures who could probably kill you in one swipe if given the freedom.

    “Yes! We can see all different kinds of animals like giraffes and ostriches and cute penguins and lions!”

    Light fills her eyes, “lions? And what else?”

    You take her hand in yours and shuffle down the street to your car, “tigers, maybe? But I’m sure there’ll be tons of animals for us to see.”

    “You’re five, okay?”

    Her head lifts, an obviously offended look on her face, “I am six!”


    You crouch down to her height, gripping her shoulders to help her understand.

    “Children under six go in for free, so you’re five, just for today.”

    She blinks, silent for a beat before she passes you a disgusted frown, “because you don’t wanna pay for me?”

    “I mean,” you shrug, adjusting your handbag on your shoulder, “we gotta be thrifty and you’re short so you look five anyway.”

    “You look like a grandma,” she taunts, earning a glare from you which is soon wiped off because it’s your turn next.

    The tubby man in the booth says nothing as he points to the prices on the right side of his head.

    “Okay, wait,” you narrow your eyes, the vast amount of ticket options puzzling you for a moment, “what’s the difference between all these?”

    “We have the packages that start from Epiphany which is—”

    “No, not the packages,” you exclaim, predicting that he had thoroughly rehearsed the seven different packages with the way he sighs, “I just want the wildlife tour for one adult and a kid under six?”

    He blinks, typing away for a few seconds before sliding two tickets under the glass.

    “For your convenience, you pay per exhibit. Please take one of our maps from the box before you enter. Enjoy.”

    And just like that, his attention is drawn to the couple behind you, and you’re forced to move along to the left just outside the large bamboo gates.

    The tickets have blocks with symbols of different animals on them. Interesting.

    “Can I hold my ticket?”

    You hand her the brown paper just as you enter the gates, not before plucking the laminated map and squinting at it.

    “There’s a lion here! Can we go there first? Please please please!”

    She jumps, taking your hand with her while you chuckle at her hysterics because she resembles how you feel on the inside.

    “Okay okay! First, I need to check out the map,” you giggle, propping the map up on your knee to slide your finger across the winding paths, the same symbol from your ticket catches your eye.

    She presses her cheek to yours then pulls it out of your hand, “let’s go see the pretty kitties!”

    “Aisha! You’re being rude, I was still reading that,” you grumble, a slight breeze causing your hair to whip in front of your face.

    “We need to go here,” she informs, pointing at the lion symbol.

    You bend over her shoulder, “yes, we need to head to Road Y. Right now…” you trail off, rising to your full height to scan your surroundings.

    “We’re here! At start,” she exasperates, her tiny fingers skating down the map.

    You bonk her head with your fist, “you know you’re really smart.”

    She sways, gap-toothed smile stretching her lips, “everyone says I’m like my mummy.”

    You grin, “definitely.”

    After a few more minutes of familiarizing yourself with the map, you trek down the sandy path which should lead you to Road Y, and it’s only when your legs begin to ache do you take in the size of this place.

    “Hey,” you call your niece, concerned, “you okay? Want me to carry you the rest of the way?”

    She shakes her head, skipping around the stones, “it’s okay.”

    Slightly envious of her energy, you place your hands on your knees when you take a step over a small slope, more trees and shrubs lining the path. Head upturned, you absorb the sunlight peeping through the trees, the crisp air filling your lungs with a slightly floral hint. It’s been years since you took some time for yourself, work has been stressful lately and you’re sort of grateful for your little companion.


    Your head snaps forward when you hear a deep voice from behind you.

    “Hi,” Aisha greets with a wave, obviously spotting the man before you did.

    “H—” you spin around to see a man with black hair parted in the middle, a scar going straight through his right eye and when he looks at you, the words dissolve on your tongue. You did expect to see beautiful animals but beautiful human? You weren’t ready. Not at all.

    Aisha tugs on your hand and your head whips down in her direction, “what?”

    Her face scrunches up in confusion, “he wants your ticket.”

    And it’s after she says that do you notice his outstretched arm, holding her ticket.

    “Oh,” you snort, placing the ticket in his hand before busying yourself with fixing the beads on her hair to avoid drooling over this man’s muscular, toned, fleshy arms that flex as he stamps your tickets.

    “I’m Yoongi,” he begins, walking toward the wooden gate and unlocking it with a few more tantalizing flexes of his arm, tone smoky, “and I’m in charge of the wild cats exhibit.”

    He smiles at your niece who squeals while you’re thinking about how fitting it is for someone like him to oversee felines, because his eyes are…something else.

    “What’s your name?”

    You blurt out your name just as your niece says hers, eyes going large.

    “He asked me!”

    Your cheeks flush.

    “Hi, Aisha,” he takes a step toward her, “I have to ask you a question before we go in.”

    She cocks her head to the side, cutely, while you’re still recovering from your embarrassment.


    His lips pucker as he speaks. You haven’t seen not one feline yet but you’re already amazed.

    “Are you afraid?”

    “No,” she says bravely, “I’m not afraid of lions.”

    He chuckles, a sound you want to burn into your brain.

    “You’re gonna see much more than lions.”

    “Really?” She shrieks, wonder filling her voice.

    “Yep,” he pops the ‘p,’ and rises to his full height, chest stretching out the fabric of his black shirt with a small white outline of a cat on the left. “C’mon.”

    As soon as he pushes open the gate, a large wooden frame wrapped with strong metal greets you, the path becoming narrower.

    “We have over twenty-five different species of wild cats,” he says proudly, tucking his hands into his jeans pockets, very attractive.

    “Wow,” you and Aisha say in unison.

    “Mhm,” he points to the enclosure on your left, “let’s look here.”

    Inside, there’s more greenery and large planks connecting one side to the next. Tt’s silent save the rustling of the leaves above you and the sounds of your footsteps, not a meow is heard.

    “What’s in here?”

    “If he wasn’t so good at hiding, we’d be able to see the Caracal,” he nods, head swivelling just as yours does to spot the animal.

    “Where are you hiding kitty?” Aisha whispers, ducking her head to peep under the plank, “I see him!”

    Yoongi comes behind you, just as his scent blocks out the fresh smell of leaves.

    “You do? Do you see those tufts on his ears?”

    “Yes! It looks like feathers!”

    He shoots your niece a fond look and you feel needless jealousy at the sight.

    “I didn’t see him,” you pout, peeking under the same wood, darkness present.

    Yoongi turns around, lips in a thin line, “he moved from under there. Caracals are great at camouflage, if you look really closely behind that branch you’ll be able to see his ears.”

    After squinting here and there, you do spot the large cat, sandy fur, large brown eyes.

    “He’s so pretty.”

    Yoongi grins, “very. He can leap high in the air to catch birds. C’mon, we have lots more to see.”

    You acknowledge how lucky you are to see some of these magnificent felines, and it’s heart-breaking to hear that most of them are endangered and there’s just a few of them left in the world.

    Yoongi continues to spew stories and facts about the exquisite animals as you pass them, and each one has you more intrigued, intrigued in them or him…or both? You can’t blame yourself! The way he speaks is so hot and from the passion in his voice as he provides the slightest detail about the animals, you can tell how much he loves each one of them and his job.

    You knew it wouldn’t be long until your curious niece asked the question that’s been dancing on the tip of your tongue, but the way he brushes it off indicates that it’s a sensitive topic for him.

    “And when we have her with the other big cats, it’s amazing to see how they interact. She prefers the company of Hyun, our black panther, who you’ll meet in a bit,” he gushes, beaming at the jaguar who paces in her enclosure.

    “What happened to your eye?”

    The spotted jaguar nudges her head against the enclosure, a sound which reminds you of a sneeze being heard.

    “Ah, don’t worry. I’ll come back later to see you,” he soothes, voice above a whisper.

    Knowing that your niece wouldn’t drop it, you rush to ask another question.

    “Can you like, cuddle with them?”

    He spins around, a small smile lifting his pink lips, “yeah. All the time,” he bobs his head, laughing when he notices your reaction.

    Your mouth hangs open, “really?”

    “Yeah,” he grins, wiping the side of his nose with his knuckle, “all the time. Well, not all the time, some need more love than others. Like with the lions, their mothers provide enough TLC because they were born here, but with the cheetah we have, she was hand-reared. So I visit her often.”

    “That’s so sweet,” you coo, mirroring the flush on his cheeks when you notice the gummy smile that stretches his lips.

    The sun begins to dip beneath the horizon which reminds you of the child in your care who keeps dragging you from one enclosure to the next.

    “Aisha, you need to get home soon before your mother chops my head off.”

    She stomps her foot, eyebrows furrowed, “but we didn’t get to see all the kitties!”

    “She’s your niece?” Yoongi asks, stuffing his hands in his pockets, “I thought she was your kid.”

    “Oh no no no,” you wave the idea off, giggling a bit, feeling the need to say, “I’m single.”

    “Me too,” he mentions, the one fact you will surely remember from today, “you guys can come back another time to see the rest of them.”

    You turn to Aisha who’s just as enthusiastic as you, nodding frantically.

    “Okay, I’ll see you guys next time then.”

    “Bye~” Aisha waves, grabbing your hand once again.

    You offer him one last smile before he’s speaking again.

    “You should…give me your number so I can hook you up with discounts,” he mumbles, scratching the back of his head in a way you find endearing.

    “Yeah,” you pull out your phone, temporarily removing your hand from Aisha’s grip, “that’d be great.”

    He licks his lips, “I’ll see you soon then.”

    You smile, heart leaping to your throat at the slight show of gums, “yeah.”

    “Did you know that leopards are loners?”

    You tilt your head to look at Yoongi who sits on the other side of the bench, hand swung over the backrest while you’re trying to keep your gaze on the feline ahead of you and not the man who resembles one next to you.


    “Yeah, they have their own territories and mark that area to keep other leopards away. But sometimes the females leave their territories to search for a mate and constantly mark areas to attract other leopards,” Yoongi adds, eyes set on the leopard who’s crawling down one of the trees in his enclosure.

    “Are you a loner?” The question spills from your lips before you can think twice.

    He turns to face you, features relaxed, “me?”


    He rests his cheek on his fist, staring into the dull clouds, “kind of, I prefer to be on my own, but I like company sometimes.”

    You nod, staring at your lap, “I guess I’m also like a leopard.”

    “Oh so you’re only out when you’re actively searching for a mate,” he jokes, shoulders shaking as he laughs.

    Pink coats your cheeks, “no! I mean—”

    “What’s a mate?”

    You jolt, eyes lifting heavenward upon realizing that your niece has been sitting there this whole time. Your regular visits to the zoo have been nice, but with your niece around, you and Yoongi can’t speak about anything except the cats. You considered leaving her behind, but then you wouldn’t be able to use the excuse of “she wanted to see the kitties,” when it’s just you who wants to see the very sweet and intelligent zookeeper who sucks at texting but is great at holding a conversation in person.

    Yoongi clears his throat, “well, animals also need partners like humans, but some of them only need one when it’s time for—”

    “LOVE! They need a partner to love!” You cut Yoongi off, shooting him a berating look while he shrugs.

    “Does he have a mate?” Aisha asks, pointing at the leopard whose tail flicks behind him menacingly.

    “He doesn’t,” Yoongi responds, “but we’re working on it.”

    It’s somewhat quiet at the zoo today, there are a few visitors pacing around but Yoongi, who’s supposed to be attending to them, tails you and Aisha during the continuation of your tour.

    “You’re gonna love the next one. She’s one of the smallest in the big cat species. This is Luna, the clouded leopard,” Yoongi clasps his hands together, walking backward as he guides you in the direction of another large enclosure.

    “Wow…she’s beautiful.”

    Her head whips in your direction as she watches you approach the enclosure with big, hazel eyes, lazing high up on a tree, thick tail dangling.

    “If I could get her to come here, you’d be able to see how big her paws are. She’s one of the cuddliest,” Yoongi cackles, patting the ground near the fence.

    “I want to cuddle her!” Your impulsive niece yells, gawking at the feline whose eyes seem to hold so many tales and so much emotion. Just from the way she doesn’t even bother to climb down from her tree, you can tell she’s sassy.

    “Wait till you see her teeth,” Yoongi warns, “for the size of her skull, she has the longest canines and is the only large cat that purr.”

    “Awww,” both you and Aisha croon, unable to tear your gaze away from Luna.

    Yoongi pats your shoulder, “come on, I want to show you guys something.”

    You and Aisha follow him with hurried strides, anticipation building with each step toward the first door you’re seeing in this zoo.

    “I’m not supposed to do this when we have visitors, but…,” he mumbles, “just wait out here.”

    From the smile he can’t seem to suppress, you can tell that he’s thrilled for whatever he’s about to show you.

    He opens the door and yells over his shoulder, “stay out here okay!”

    “Okay!” You giggle, tugging your cardigan closer to your body once he disappears behind the door.

    You turn to your niece, eyebrow jumping, “what do you think he’s gonna show us?”

    She holds up her palms, “dunno.”

    After a few minutes, you hear your name being called from the opposite side of the enclosure.

    “Look who I got!”

    Yoongi emerges with the most striking cat you have seen so far, yellow eyes wide with just as much curiosity as yours.

    “This is the girl I’ve been telling you about! Her name’s Yoojung,” he chirps, she sits in his lap as he crosses his legs and rakes his hands down the slope of her back then up over her head, “she’s a cheetah.”

    Her eyes slip shut with each head scratch, almost like she’s lulling off to sleep when he drags a finger under her chin, while Aisha is losing her mind next to you.

    “I want to do that! She’s so so so so cute! Please let me touch her! Why does it look like she was crying black tears?”

    You and Yoongi laugh.

    “She only lets me do this because I practically knew her since she was a baby,” Yoongi shouts, both hands sliding between her shoulders, “she’s the fastest animal on Earth!”

    Somehow, your mind went from admiring her spots to salivating over Yoongi’s veiny hands, how gently he strokes down her body, his knuckly fingers caressing her head and chin, dexterous, nimble digits. And the fact that she’s relaxed in his hold is sexy. But what’s even sexier is how calm he is, holding a predator. An animal that has the potential to tear him apart. Which drifts your attention back to his eye.

    He kisses the top of her head, muttering lowly, too soft for you to hear.

    When he’s out again, you say your goodbyes and promise yourself to ask about it the next time you see him, hoping that he’s comfortable enough to tell you.

    Without using your excuse, you visit the zoo for the fifth time that month and make your way to Road Y, eyebrows pinching together when you don’t see Yoongi standing at his usual station outside the gates.

    You’re about to text him when a waft of minty breath fills your nostrils.

    “Looking for me?”


    Your phone clatters to the ground, relief washing down the length of your body when you see Yoongi who bends down to pick up your phone, laughing at your antics.

    “It’s not funny,” you pout, shoving his shoulder.

    “Why did you get such a fright?”

    You hold your arms up exasperatedly, gesturing to the trees around you. “this is a literal forest and there is a possibility of that tiger escaping and creeping up on me!”

    He shakes his head, smile crinkling his eyes, “Azura won’t do that to you.”

    You scoff, “yeah yeah. Anyway,” your gaze travels to the bucket in his hand, “what you got there?”

    He makes a circular motion with his hand, holding a pair of tongs, “you caught me during feeding time. I have the lions left to do.”

    You freeze, thrusting your thumb in the direction of the exit, “should I come back later?”

    He clicks his tongue, raven hair poking into his eyes, “you can tag along.”

    Your heart stutters in your chest, “alright.”

    Glancing at the bucket filled with meat again, like every other time you see him, you find questions arising, “what’s that white stuff in the meat?”

    “Supplements. Because they live longer here in the zoo than they usually do out in the wild, we need to give them those to strengthen their bones.”

    Your lips part, a soft ‘ahh’ sound filling the brisk air.

    “Here we are,” he announces, picking up a piece and holding it through the gaps of the fence which is chowed down by the golden lion whose hair is more fabulous than yours.

    You had asked Yoongi if he shampoos his mane during your second visit.

    Standing to the side, you laud how patient Yoongi is. It’s a tough job to be a zookeeper, you don’t think you’d last a day caring for these animals, not because of fear but because you know that it’s a wearisome job.

    “Didn’t bring the cub today?”

    When he turns around, you realize that he’s talking about Aisha.



    “…She was tired,” a lie obviously. You didn’t tell your sister that you were visiting the zoo again today. Afraid that she might judge you.

    One of the lionesses come up to the fence and holds her paw up to which Yoongi places his gloved hand against.

    “You’re so sweet with them.”

    He doesn’t respond, just keeps his hand up against the fence even as she moves away, back turned to you.

    His head sags between his shoulders as you’re returning to the gate.

    “I’m gonna clean this up. This is the kitchen,” he ushers you through a small opening in the bushes, a small truck parked off behind the gate.

    “Can’t believe I didn’t see this,” you chuckle, following him into the truck, gaze flying to the knives shelved up on the wall.

    He rinses the bucket in the sink and scrubs his hands while you’re surveying the small space. There’s a few drawers and a refrigerator, and a large freezer acting as a table to the side. It smells like a butchery.

    “Do you prepare the meat yourself?”

    He dries his hands, nodding.


    The fact that you haven’t heard his voice since you entered this truck is a little unnerving and the twenty knives lining the walls don’t help.

    “I…I don’t like talking about my scar,” he begins, hands curled around the sink behind him while you’re hugging yourself for comfort, eyes glued to his face.

    He chews on the corner of his mouth, licking his lips before he speaks which you’ve written as a habit you find…enticing. But he’s about to tell you a sad story so you shouldn’t be having those thoughts!

    “When I first started working at the zoo, all we had from the big cats section were the lions, one tiger, the jaguars and the ocelot. And obviously, I didn’t think I’d be working at the zoo years later, I just thought it would be this job I had until I could save up to move away and find a proper job or even get a degree,” he continues, eyes downcast which hurts your heart because this is the first time you’re seeing him in this state, “but when Seokjin told me that they were looking to expand, I started to become more invested in the animals and even grew attached to a few.”

    His eyes flicker up to yours, checking if you’re still listening which you affirm with a nod.

    “There was one lioness…The first cat I named, Heejin,” he props his chin on his shoulder, a wistful smile playing on his lips, “and we were trying out different things to increase the popularity of the zoo, so we opened the zoo to a few people and at the time, we didn’t have the caged enclosure. It was this huge open space that was sectioned off. So, since I had developed a strong bond with Heejin, we decided that I would bring her out and feed her and stuff like that. But that day, she was slightly agitated, like I could sense it, and it was as if she could sense that there were new people around. So after I fed her, and she had somehow seen that the meat was finished, she started to back me into the wall and at this point I’m panicking, because I’m thinking about the zoo, like I didn’t want to show them that I wasn’t in control.”

    You can hear your heart pounding in your ears, throat going dry as you envision the scene.

    “But I really wasn’t in control,” he shakes his head, rubbing his bottom lip with his thumb, “and you can probably guess what happened next.”


    “At the time, I was pissed and all I thought about was how I am never going back to that zoo. The lioness I spent my days with, became the wild animal she truly is in the blink of an eye. And I still don’t know what triggered her. But the next day…after everything died down and my eye was untouched, Seokjin phoned me, while I was still in the hospital, to say that Heejin had fallen from the ledge because I didn’t close the chamber and she landed on the palisade.”

    You gasp, pain brimming your eyes.

    “Only I knew how to close it properly because Heejin was a sneaky girl,” he chuckles despite himself.

    You walk toward him and do the one thing you can think of in a moment like this; wrapping your arms around him in a tight hug.

    His palm slides up and down your back as if you needed the comforting.

    “I vowed to never get attached again,” he speaks into your hair.

    You pull away, ignoring the proximity to joke.

    “But the chemistry between you and that cheetah though…”

    He laughs, fingers settling on your waist, “we rescued her, I just give her the love she needs.”

    “You’re great at your job, Yoongi.”

    “Thank you,” he murmurs your name, sharp eyes connecting with yours which has your breath hitching. “Do you wanna grab something to eat?”

    You scrunch up your nose, “not sure if I have an appetite after the stench in here.”

    He chuckles, slotting his hand in yours as he enters the security code to lock the truck.

    “Trust me, you will have an appetite after I’m done with you.”


    You’re rooted to the spot when he tightens his hold on your hand and presses you flush against the truck, cold meeting your back through your dress.

    It’s as if the Yoongi from earlier is a different man, bottom lip snagged between his teeth as his gaze rakes down your figure in a way you would describe as predatory.

    “You think I don’t see the way you look at me?”

    You splutter, “what?”

    He noses down your chin, a heavy breath filling his lungs, “you always smell so good.”

    “Tha—Yoongi,” you gasp when his teeth catch on your ear, his own chilled earrings sliding against your face when he dips lower to lick at the skin below your ear.

    “Hmm?” He grins, lips a breath away from yours, “do you know what you do to me when I catch you looking at me like that?”

    “Yoongi…I’m sorry.”

    A crease forms between his brows, “you’re sorry? Why?”

    Heat travels to your cheeks but more between your legs with his body pressed up against yours, fingers gripping your shoulders while his other palm sits heavy on your chest.

    “I don’t know…For looking at you.”

    His palms slides up your neck to cup your jaw, tilting his head so his eyes are set on yours.

    “Don’t apologize. I love it when you look at me like that.”

    You gulp, want building as each second ticks by, “I think you’re sexy.”

    “Oh,” he cocks an eyebrow, gaze falling to your lips, “I think you’re really fucking sexy too. Since day one, when I first saw you giving me those eyes.”

    You feign ignorance, loving this side of him.

    “Which eyes?”

    “The ones you’re giving me right now, like you want me to fuck you senseless,” he growls, grip tightening on your jaw.

    You moan at his words, panties dampening with each flutter of his lashes against your cheeks.

    “Then fuck me.”

    His fingers slide up the skirt of your dress to hook your thigh around his waist while the other hand skims up your inner thigh.

    Your eyes shift from one tree to the next, fear that someone might catch you prevents you from enjoying the way he begins to kiss down your neck.


    He nips your chin, “hmm?”

    “We’re doing this here?”

    His head lifts, lips raised in a smirk, “then where else?”

    “We could…in my car.”

    As if the idea is much more ridiculous then fucking out in the golden hour when anyone could spot you if they were to poke their heads through the trees, he laughs, deep and throaty while you’re shivering as he presses his thumb against your clit, the sodden fabric sticking to your folds.

    All your inhibitions fade away once he pushes your panties to the side and slides two fingers down your folds, precise, urgent swipes.

    “I would love to taste you, but I’d leave that for next time,” he promises, no time wasted once he sinks his middle finger into your dripping cunt, drawing moans from your parted lips when he adds another, purposeful drags in and out of your hole.

    “Yoongi,” you mewl, gripping his biceps and jutting your hips out for more of his access, relying on one foot to keep you up.

    He takes your bottom lip between his teeth, the lewd squelching sound of his digits pressing into your pussy reaches your ears, along with his soft grunts, enjoying having his fingers inside just as much as you.

    “So fucking wet for me, can’t wait to have you on my cock.”

    Your nails pierce his skin, chasing his lips just as your hips work against his hand, crying out against his hot mouth when he starts to grind the heel of his palm into your throbbing clit, the delicious pressure has you crumbling in his arms.

    He covers your mouth with his, all tongue and teeth, sloppy and warm.

    “Come on, cum for me,” he wiggles his fingers inside your quivering hole, eyes glazing over when he brushes that spot with deep presses into your cunt.

    You’re rolling your hips, head clanking against the truck behind you while stars dot the back of your lids as you burst onto his hand, slick dripping down his fingers to coat his wrist.

    Chest heaving, you grip the back of his head to pull him in for a searing kiss, heart soaring from the light peck he gives your cheek as he undoes his belt and shoves his hand in his back pocket to produce a condom.

    Your eyes widen, breaths coming out in soft pants, “we’re really doing this here.”

    He grins, lips slick with saliva, “need to fuck you right now.”

    Body still thrumming with your first orgasm, you yelp when he lifts up both your thighs and wraps your legs around his torso, long and girthy cock digging into your thigh.

    Your hands slide down his shoulders in amazement, pussy clenching at his strong arms that hold you up against the truck, veins popping on the back of his hand as he grips his length and guides the tip to your leaking cunt. He keeps your weight up with one hand, head thrown back once he sinks into your heat, mouth parted, eyes shut. You spasm with the slight burn, still sensitive from your first high.

    His head lolls forward once he’s sheathed by your walls, swallowing up every moan that puffs out of your lips when he draws his hips back and snaps forward, cock brushing that spot just as good as the way his sinewy arms feel supporting your body.

    “Fuck Yoongi, faster,” you pant, teeth dragging down the slope of his shoulder, sweat building at the back of his neck.

    He grips your ass, lifting you up while fucking you on his twitching length, groaning when you sink your teeth into his skin, walls fluttering around his cock.

    “So fucking good, so fucking wet,” he husks, slamming you into the truck once again to pound into you, the loud smacks of skin on skin echoing in the space, not loud enough for you too care however, because you’re chanting out his name when he digs circles against your clit with his index finger, tongue thrusting into your mouth.

    Your fingers twist in his hair, pleasurable drags of his cock ensuing a string of curses from both your lips, consumed by the sensation of having his buried inside you.

    “I’m gonna…” you shudder, goosebumps prickling your skin when the familiar heat begins to creep up on you impossibly fast, Yoongi’s sweat mixing with yours when he presses his head into your shoulder and tugs on your pebbled nipple through the material of your dress.

    “Cum for me,” he grits, nearing his end with shallow thrusts into your tightening pussy, eyes rolling to the back of your head as he continues to stretch you out, blunt nails digging into your ass cheeks.

    With a few more grazes against your sweet spot, nipple snagged between his thumb and forefinger, you cum with a tremble, a drawn-out moan of his name penetrating the thick air.

    “Fuck fuck fuck,” he stills his hips, growling as he empties his load into the condom, your name slipping from his lips in low moans.

    You’re giggling, you literally just fucked against a truck in the forest.

    His stuttered breaths mingle with yours when he kisses you again, languid and heated, palm sliding down your cheek to brush your sweaty strands of hair behind your ear, eyes sizzling with emotion.

    “So…where’s your car?”

    a/n — sorry it’s taking me so long to finish this series, I just get so many ideas & can’t work on something else unless I get the other idea down. if you liked this, please drop a comment or an ask if you’re shy, it would mean a lot to me.

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    masterlist ✦ bts

    angst [🌪]  fluff [☀]  action [♦]  comforting [♥]


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    ✒ flavour to my fantasy ☀

    ✒ promises for pride → past days / present days 🌪 ♦

    ✒ measure of life 🌪 ♥


    ✒ Innocence 🌪

    ✒ Let Fortuna mess with you (maybe she will do good in the end) ☀

    ✒ of high school & musicals ☀


    ✒ Another broken star 🌪

    ✒ Walking on thin ice →  I. / II. / III. / IV. / V. / VI. / VII. 🌪 ☀ ♦

    ✒ love is a crime ☀

    ✒ call me, beep me ☀

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    “Jungkook got new jeans last week and he looks so adorable in them that you can’t help but want to play with him.”

    Pairing: Jungkook x f.Reader 

    Genre: Smut, established relationship!AU

    Warnings: sub!Jungkook, dom!Reader, mommy kink, vibrating buttplug, orgasm control, edging, ruined orgasm, multiple orgasms (m.recieving), dry humping, use of a wooden spanking paddle, finger sucking, Jungkook is a needy bunny, the softest aftercare

    Worcount: 4.8k

    a/n: This is without a doubt the aaol!couple. Also blame @tipsydipsydo for the creation of this, because she sent me a picture of Kook in those jeans and I spiralled 💜

    "Play with me."

    That was the first thing Jungkook said to you this morning. 

    It was not long that he was stripped naked and with his legs pulled to his chest, feeling breathless and giggling the entire time you prepared him for his favourite game. Jungkook ended up with a vibrating buttplug lodged inside of him. Silicone, black, with a sleek tip. You made him lower his legs afterwards and then close them. Then you told him to sit up. Jungkook still thought that you would continue your play at that point because you often made him sit on his buttplugs as it made him squirm so perfectly. He soon realised with horror yet delight that you were not planning on continuing your little game as you made him put his clothes back on and then left the room to take a shower instead.

    It left Jungkook squirming on the bed because he watched you take the remote control to his plug with you. 

    So he waited with bated breath and his cock straining against his briefs for the moment he would feel those sweet vibrations.

    But they didn’t come. As a matter of fact they didn’t come at breakfast either. Or later when he ate you out on your yoga mat. Or even later when you took him shopping because you wanted a new pair of lingerie. Jungkook knew that you were only going lingerie shopping to rile him up. You even made him follow you into the dressing room with you and help you try the pieces on. His plug however, stayed passiv. It frustrated Jungkook and he ended up sucking on your breast so needily that he bruised it accidentally. Didn’t work, the sweet vibrations he so deeply craved stayed away. Jungkook also ended up buying you every single piece of lingerie you liked, but he would have done so with or without a plug up his ass. He just really enjoys treating you. 

    Jungkook was restless on the way home because you kept the remote on your lap and fumbled with it. He could watch you graze your thumb over the button ever so often and it drove him insane. The vibrations however didn’t come. 

    Jungkook grew almost mad in the elevator to the penthouse, seeking your touch as he pressed his body against yours and nuzzled his face into your shoulder. You hugged him back in an instance.

    "Did you forget mommy?" he asked shyly. 

    "Forget what Bunny? That?" you showed him the remote. 

    "Yes", he whispered and shivered in your arms. 

    "No, I didn’t forget", you said nonchalantly and let the remote disappear back into your pocket. 

    Jungkook squeezed your body in a desperate hug, but the vibrations didn’t come.

    You left Jungkook with his frustrations in the living room, telling him that you would be upstairs sorting through your closet. 

    It was a lie. Well partially, you did sort through your closet for a little while, keeping the door open to listen to Jungkook’s sounds. 

    Music was playing downstairs. It is Jungkook’s playlist of his favourite songs. 

    If your calculations were correct he was currently dusting his way too expensive collection of handcrafted pottery, dressed in one of your favourite looks. Purple jumper and ripped blue jeans with his favourite white socks. It was simple, but made you go crazy. Not only because it is always such a welcome change from seeing him in suits all the time (which was also a great view), but also because the sleeves of his jumper were just that tiny bit too long for him so he always ended up with sweater paws and also the holes in his jeans gave view to his perfectly toned thighs. It was truly a work of art and said work of art has been driving you insane ever since he left your penthouse for your shopping trip in it.

    Jungkook is singing downstairs, he has such a lovely voice. How it must sound if you pressed this...button.

    "Ah! Holy shit!" he yelps, voice cracking before loud moans bounce off the walls and reach your ears. 

    You smirk. Oh, he sounds so sweet. 

    "Holy fuck, oh fuck."

    You giggle and hide the remote back in your pocket. Then you finally make your way downstairs, making sure to take your sweet time. 

    "Ah, ah, hah, ah", Jungkook’s sweet moans are not to be stopped, guiding your way until you finally find him in the middle of the living room floor with his legs pulled up and his hands between his thighs. 

    His fingers are pressed against the plug, ankles crossed and toes curled and on his handsome face a rosy blush has appeared. 

    He looks at you, eyes barely open and yet his mouth is agape. 

    "Are you alright?" you ask. 

    "M-mommy", he stutters and quakes, "f-feels, feels, fe-feels…"

    "Feels what Bunny?"

    "...so good. Ha!" Jungkook moans loudly, letting his eyes roll back before they flutter closed, "ha-ah, ah, a-hah." 

    Oh he is so noisy today. His sweet voice sounds so wonderful when pleasure soaks it. 

    "Mhhhm so adorable", you decide, strutting to the chaise lounge by the tall windows and sitting down on it with your legs crossed. 

    The skyline of the city is your backdrop, the black leather sticks to your skin and squeaks as you move to retreat the remote.

    Jungkook is rutting against his hands, feet twitching cutely. His head is rolled to the side, giving view to his scrunched up face. His black hair is sprawled all over the marble floor, messy and unstyled and yet you have never found it more beautiful as in this moment when Jungkook lets out a sinful moan and arches his back, fingers pressing down on the plug. 

    "Mommy gonna cum."

    "No you're not", you order and turn the vibrations off. 

    Jungkook whines, rolling his ankles as he rubs his hands up and down between his legs almost pathetically fast. 

    "Why would you edge me? Mommy please I wanna cum", he whines and almost sobs, resorting to huffing out air instead. 

    Oh he looks so adorable that you want to eat him whole. So cute with his legs all pulled up and his hands all squished between his thighs. Oh and heavens, his jumper slipped up too, revealing his pretty waist to your eyes. 

    You press the button again, listening to Jungkook’s voice crack in a grateful moan. 

    You could watch his face change from despair to utter bliss in mere seconds. You will never get it out of your head again. This face is up there now with all the other pretty faces he makes when you play with him. 

    "Thank you mommy! Thank you, thank you, thank you", Jungkook chants, chasing his hands with messy grinds. 

    He is curling and relaxing his toes rhythmically, keeping his ankles crossed because that makes him just that much tighter around the plug. 

    "You look so cute Bunny", you say. 

    Jungkook peels his eyes open to gaze at you. It makes a single tear of pleasure run down his flushed cheek. He smiles then, soon furrowing his brows before he moans loudly. 

    "Look at you, so close again." 



    Jungkook whimpers, shaking his head furiously. 

    "Why? Why? Why?" 

    "Because I want to. And also because we both know that you aren’t allowed to cum until I give you permission." 

    "But mommy - ah!" Jungkook forgets everything he wanted to say, squirming as a new wave of pleasure courses through his veins. You turned it on again, making him feel every second of utter bliss.

    You knew what you were going to do to him when you chose to go with this plug. You owned many vibrating plugs in all shapes and sizes. But this one is special because it stimulates his prostate with such precision that he is breathless within minutes. 

    Today was no different, mere minutes passed and Jungkook had to resort to falling to his side and rolling into a tiny ball, reaching behind himself to press his fingers against the toy. 

    "Please don’t stop, please mommy feels so good, don’t wanna be edged again." 

    "Oh I’m not going to turn it off, but you are not allowed to cum. Do you hear Bunny?" 

    "What? B-but I, I can’t", he moans and twitches, "I need to cum so bad." 

    "Well that’s too bad then", you say and turn off the toy.

    "No!" Jungkook's head snaps up, eyes widened. He huffs out air, furrows his brows, "okay, okay I, I can handle it. I'll try harder from now on", he stutters, straightening up to sit down on his heels. He rests his hands on his thighs and lowers his head. 

    "I'll try from now on." 


    He nods his head vigorously, "yes mommy!" 

    "Very well." 


    "Hngn", Jungkook presses out through gritted teeth, neck tensing as he tilts his head back. His fingers twist in his jeans, his thighs are pressing together and his poor cock is throbbing uncontrollably. 

    "Mhhm interesting", you murmur, watching him take deep breaths with his eyes squeezed shut tightly. 


    Jungkook opens his eyes halfway and laughs breathily. His fingertips turn white against the fabric they are twisting. He laughs again, it sounds more like a panicky moan than anything else. You know that he is struggling. The second setting is strong. Really strong. 


    "Mommy!" Jungkook exclaims, dropping his face to the ground and sticking his ass in the air. He needs less pressure on the plug, sitting on his heels would have broken him in a mere second. Oh this isn’t better, this isn’t better at all. It feels so much deeper in this position. Jungkook grunts, arching his back as he fucks back against nothing. He tense, back arching and fingers desperately trying to close around something. 

    "Third level, you’re handling it surprisingly well." 

    "M-mommy it's, it's unfair please -", a sob interrupts him as his body convulses in a wave of pleasure, "-give me a chance!" he presses out with his voice slightly raised because the pleasure becomes too overwhelming to speak normally. 

    "Mhhhm, alright." 

    Back to the first level. 

    Jungkook sighs but continues twitching and shivering, lifting his head to gaze at you. You love that look at him. When his eyes are half-lidded and his gaze is almost droopy. When his lips are so swollen and red from all his biting. When his cheeks are so flushed and the tip of his nose so rosy. When his black hair frames his face in messy strands and sticks to his forehead. He is the prettiest that way. 

    "Mommy I'm so close", he squeaks, "please give me a break." 

    "Do you need a break?" 

    "Not that kind of break please just - argh god ah", he squeezes his eyes shut, "so c-close." 

    "You can do it Bunny, don’t disappoint me." 

    Jungkook mewls and in his desperation he begins crawling to you. 

    "Please mommy a short break", he pauses to take deep breaths, flexing the muscles in his back. His fingers twitch on the ground, his thighs rub together. 

    You laugh and shake your head, "no Bunny, no break."

    "Feels too good", he squeaks, arms shaking as he continues crawling to you, "mommy it feels too good." 

    "Mhm I know, only the best for my Bunny." Jungkook sobs, dropping his face to your foot as he grasps your ankle.

    "I'm gonna cum." 

    "No you’re not", you spit, tugging him up by his hair. 

    Jungkook doesn’t even care to focus his gaze at you, staring at you cross-eyed and with his eyelids fluttering. 

    "I can't, I can’t", he keens, squeezing his legs together and rubbing the plug against his heel. 

    He hugs your legs and buries his face in your lap.

    "Please say yes", he begs, "please mommy." 

    His thighs are caging in your legs, hips grinding against you. He is so hard in his jeans, so sensitive, humping you like a needy little animal.

    "Pleaseeee", his word turns into a desperate sob, "I can't take much more." 

    More rutting, his nails are digging into your legs, he is almost suffocating himself with your thighs. 

    "Mommy, oh god mommy", he chokes and begins panting, "mommy I'm cumming!" 

    You allow him to cum, turning off the vibrator the moment that first wave of his high hit him. Jungkook wails and ruts against you like a desperate bunny, chasing the high you so cruelly ruined. 

    But to no avail. No matter how tightly he hugs you, how close he presses himself, how much he begs, his high is gone. Ruined and never to return. 

    Jungkook raises his head and stares at you. He seems devastated. 

    "You already know what you did, don’t you Bunny?" 

    He nods his head, eyes filling with tears. 

    "Say it." 

    "I c-came without your permission", he whispers shakily. 

    "Yes Bunny", you say and sigh, "you came without my permission." 

    You reach out and cup his cheek. He leans into the touch, kissing your palm. 

    "You know that this has consequences, don’t you?" 

    "Yes mommy I know." 

    "Then you also know what to do now, don’t you Bunny?" 

    "Yes mommy I know", he says and stumbles to his feet to get the wooden paddle you always keep in the living room. Yes, you were having these kinds of adventures a lot in the living room. 

    He hands it to you with a deep bow and then begins to undress himself. 

    "Just the jeans, I want you to keep the sweater on", you order, playing with the paddle mindlessly.  

    He nods his head obediently, tugging the hem of the sweater back down. He pulls down his briefs afterwards, revealing his still impressively hard cock to your eyes. It was covered in his cum, looking so red and pink against the white. So pretty.

    Then he stands and waits, fumbling with the sleeves of his sweater and keeping his head lowered. 

    You uncross your legs. Jungkook swallows. 

    "Get on there", you order. 

    Jungkook obeys quickly, lying down on your lap. He supports himself on the chaise lounge, keeping his hands hidden in the sleeves of his sweater. His thighs are trembling, his ass tense as he awaits his punishment.

    "Look at you", you gush and part his ass. 

    Jungkook exhales shakily at the sensation, relaxing for your touch.

    "Oh that plug looks so pretty in you", you rasp, pressing down on it with your pointer finger. 

    Jungkook gasps and tenses, biting down on his lower lip. He knows that he isn’t allowed to make a sound right now. Not when you are punishing him. 


    Jungkook groans, muffling himself by quickly throwing his hand over his mouth. You watched it happen, just as you watched the plug shift as his body tensed up. You laugh. 

    "Oh Bunny, you’re adorable", you say, kneading his toned ass thoroughly, "now, I’m going to use this paddle to hit you ten times and you are going to stay quiet. Understood?" 

    "Yes mommy, understood." 

    "Good Bunny. Now...One." 

    Jungkook squeaks, pressing his lips together as best as possible. 


    You make it sting because he made a sound at the first hit. Jungkook stays silent, only exhaling shakily. 

    "Very good. Three." 

    His cock throbs, rubbing against your thigh in the process. The vibrator is adding sensations to his punishment that Jungkook doubts that this was even a punishment in the first place. This feels way too good, way to fucking good to be his punishment.

    His opinion to this statement soon changes however when he feels his toes curl at the forth spank and a moan almost slipped past his lips. He throws his hand over his mouth at the last second, furrowing his brows. This was a punishment, oh it's so hard to keep quiet. Jungkook just wants to make sounds. He furrows his brows and squeezes his own face. This is so hard.

    "Five", you rasp, using more strength. 

    Jungkook flinches and makes the tiniest of sounds. His cock is leaking, leaving a mess on the marble floor. 

    "A sound. I'm disappointed. Six!"

    Jungkook feels his head snap back at the sensation, his hand falls from his mouth. 

    "Mom-" he stops himself, forcing his eyes open to look at your reaction. 

    You seem displeased. 

    "Seven", you growl, hitting him so hard that he can feel it all the way down to his toes. 

    Jungkook convulses on top of your legs, prostate pulsating against the plug and cock twitching. He lets one little squeak escape. 

    "Bunny, I’m warning you." 

    He searches for your hand frantically, finds it and guides it to his mouth to gag himself with three of your fingers. He is desperate. Anything to keep quiet.

    You laugh, stomach tingling. 

    "You're so cute, gosh….Eight." 

    Jungkook rips his eyes open, almost biting down on your fingers. He squeezes your wrist, feels his stomach tighten. His ass burns so much. He exhales loudly, inhales even louder. He can’t handle much more. 


    Hard, ruthless, calculated and perfectly placed. Just like all your hits and spanks and whips are. You know which spots to aim for, which buttons to push, which areas to torture. Jungkook is sucking on your fingers desperately, doing everything in his power not to scream. The wood stings and leaves a deep burn, his cock continues to grind against your thigh, his prostate can barely handle the vibrations. Jungkook finally understands now that the true punishment for cumming without your permission isn’t the hits but having to stay quiet. Oh making sounds for you just comes so natural to him that having to stay quiet almost drives him insane.

    "Last one", you say and caress his buttocks with the paddle then raise it high, "Ten." 

    Jungkook makes a sound. He doesn’t really know if it was instinct or if he wanted it to happen. He is glad that he did however because his disobedience not only earns him a curl of your fingers but also another ruthless hit with the paddle. 

    Jungkook gags and groans deeply.

    "Oh Bunny, you did so well and now look at you", you say with disappointment in your voice, "twelve." 

    Jungkook bites down on your fingers. He is trying, really trying. Because as much as the eleventh spank filled his body with ecstasy, the twelfth spank is bringing him dangerously close to his orgasm again and he fears what consequences yet another orgasm without your permission could have for him. 

    He ends up moaning quietly. 

    "Tzt. Thirteen." 

    Jungkook forces your fingers deep down his throat, clenching around the plug in hopes that it would be easier to bear that way. It isn’t. It makes it worse. 

    Jungkook huffs out air, squeezing his eyes shut and forcing tears out in the process. You listen intently, caressing his ruined ass with the flat of the paddle. 

    "Mhm? No sound?" 

    Jungkook shakes his head, panting heavily through his nose. 

    "Good Bunny", you praise, pulling your fingers free to caress his burning ass instead, "your punishment is over, you did well." 

    As if on command Jungkook begins moaning, squirming in your lap and cock twitching uncontrollably.

    "Don't tell me you’re close again?"

    "Y-yeah so c-close." 

    "Oh Bunny", you laugh, "what should I do with you?" you taunt, turning off the vibrator. 

    Jungkook whines yet sighs in relief at the same time. He rubs his hands up and down your calves vigorously, pressing his swollen cock against your thigh. 

    "Please mommy." 

    "Do you want a reward Bunny?" 

    "Yes please", a pause, "but o-only if I deserve one." 

    You laugh, melting on the spot. He is so cute. 

    You begin running your fingers up and down his back and ass, giving him a loving massage. He shivers with every touch, rubbing his legs together and moaning quietly.

    "Do you want mommy to make you cum, Bunny?"

    He nods his head vigorously.

    "Yes mommy so much, please make me cum", he begs with his voice slightly pitched. 

    "Alright", you give his butt a gentle spank, "come on make yourself comfortable between my legs."

    Jungkook stumbles to his feet with shaking knees, soon occupying the space between your legs. You claim his body in a strong hug, draping your legs over his to stop them from closing. 

    "So you can’t escape from me", you growl playfully, making him giggle shyly and snuggle closer against you. He even rises his shoulders to his ears in giddiness.

    "You hear me Bunny? You’re mine." 

    He giggles, "I'm yours mommy", he murmurs cutely, making you smile. 

    "Exactly. Mine", you nuzzle your face into the crook of his neck and kiss him softly, "lean back Bunny", you whisper against the shell of his ear. 

    Jungkook falls into your chest with a breathy moan, closing his eyes and heart racing in his chest. 

    "That's it, now relax. Mommy is going to take such good care of you." 

    You let your hand disappear under his jumper, searching for his nipples. 

    "Ah", he gasps and arches his back. 

    You twist and pinch them slowly, nibbling on his neck as you do. 

    "I like it so much", he whispers, feeling shivers run down his spine.  

    "Yes? I like your body Bunny, you’re so beautiful", you praise, rolling your thumbs over his nipples slowly. 

    Jungkook sighs, heart fluttering in his chest. 

    You purr, dragging your nails down his pecs to his stomach. His cock looks so tempting from your point of view, it is just asking to be touched.

    He mewls as you outline his abs, squirming more and more the closer you get to his cock. 


    "Mommy", Jungkook whimpers.

    "Is it nice?" you ask, caressing his v-line with your nails. His cock twitches, his hips roll into the pillows. 

    "Yes, so nice - ah god - please don’t turn it off again." 

    Jungkook retorts to moaning afterwards, pressing himself closer to your body as he is basking in those sweet, sweet vibrations.

    "That's it Bunny, fall into me. I'll make sure you’re feeling so good", you encourage him and wrap your fingers around his length, jerking it off slowly. 

    Jungkook whimpers and reaches for your leg only to end up grabbing his own thigh instead. 

    "Do you want to hold me too?" 

    He nods his head, whimpering. 

    You help him, guiding his hand until he can dig his nails into your thighs. 

    "Thank you mommy", he whispers, sucking in air through his teeth afterwards.

    You feel up and down his length, feeling his veins pulsate under your fingertips. You slow down each time you reach his tip, using the extra time to pick up some of his arousal and play with his frenulum. His thighs twitch each time you touch it, no matter if you are doing it once, twice, thrice or a dozen times, his legs are trembling nonetheless. You travel down his cock again, you give it gentle pressure so it would be resting against his stomach then you begin running your palm up and down the underside of his cock.

    "Ah", his voice sounds so pretty in the tranquil silence. His body is so relaxed yet tensed in pleasure. He smells so good too, like vanilla and flowers and the specific kind of warmth he always radiates when you play with his cock. 

    You take it between your fingers again, picking it up with your fingertips only to let it drop out of your grasp each time. You make sure your fingertips are running along his sensitive tip each time. 

    He giggles and moans, rolling his head to the side to kiss your jawline. 

    "That's nice isn’t it?" 

    "Yeah", he giggles, "ah mommy", and just like that he was moaning instead.

    You know that on normal days you could play with him for hours. Jungkook has the stamina, determination and devotion for it. Today however you know that the added sensations of the vibrator and the lingering burn of his previous punishment was making it difficult for him to function properly, let alone hold on for long. 

    You wrap your fingers around him again and continue your smooth rolls up and down his length. Jungkook mewls, squeezing your thigh. You let your other hand disappear under his sweater, feeling up his torso until you have his nipples under your fingers. Jungkook trembles, cock throbbing in your hand.

    "Now Bunny, I want you to know that you are allowed to cum whenever you want", you rasp, rolling circles on his slit and pinching his nipple softly.

    Jungkook moans, cock twitching in your hand. The vibrations feel so nice against his prostate, you are so warm against him, your fingers are so skilled in their movements. You smell so nice too, like flowers and home. Your kisses are even better, making him tingle all over. His nipples are so sensitive, you play with them so nicely. Jungkook won’t be able to hold on for long. 

    "Do you hear me Bunny?" you stress, squeezing his cock and twisting his nipple at the same time.

    "Yes!" he yelps and rolls his hips on the pillows, "yes I understand mommy." 

    "Good bunny", you praise and kiss his neck. You retort to your slow touches, showering his body in a continuous rain of warm pleasure.

    Jungkook relaxes even further, letting his head fall against your shoulder and parting his lips. Your fingers feel like heaven around his cock. Smooth and soft and gentle and yet with enough pressure that keeping his legs open soon becomes very difficult. He is grateful that you help him with that. Just as you help him with his high. Fuck, just the thought that you were the one masturbating his body, turns Jungkook on to the point of no return.

    "Mommy I'm really close", he squeaks. 

    "Good, I’m not stopping you", you rasp, kissing his cheek. 

    "It feels so good", he moans, soiling your fingers with his precum. 

    "I'm glad it does. Do you like the way I'm touching you?" 

    "Yes mommy so much." 

    "Do you like the way the plug feels?" 

    "Yes, oh-", he shudders, "-so much." 

    His nails hurt on your thighs, he is squeezing you so much. His stomach spasms in ragged pants. You pulled his sweater up far enough to be able to watch it happening. His cock is so big in your hand, so red and hard. His nipples are so swollen and his damp skin is covered in goosebumps. Oh and his pretty hole, you can only imagine how it is clenching around the plug.

    Jungkook tenses up then, just as you began running your thumb over his cockhead.

    "That's the spot."

    You put more attention to his tip, squeezing it softly as you roll your wrist rhythmically. 

    Jungkook inhales in wheezes, pressing closer.

    "Mommy, mommy, mommy", he chants, hitting your leg in panic, "mommy, I, oh, mommy."

    "Sssh Bunny it's okay", you wrap your arm around his waist and kiss his cheek, "let go, do it for me." 

    "Hngng-ah", Jungkook squeaks and falls silent, coming undone with a series of uncontrollable shakes and spasms, soiling not only your hands but also his stomach with his cum. 

    Then he laughs, he laughs from the depths of his tummy, rolling his hips into the pillows lazily to bask in the last seconds of his afterglow. You continue running your fingers over his length until he twitches. 

    "No more", he laughs, and squeaks in happiness. 

    You chuckle, playing with his cum lazily and turning off the vibrator. 

    "Oh god mommy", he giggles, "this felt so good", he confesses and laughs again. 

    Hearing him laugh makes you laugh as well and you can’t help but squeeze his waist tenderly. It is rare that Jungkook honestly laughs after orgasming. You had outburst of tears when sex was all the emotional catalyst he needed to finally let go of all the pain in his chest. You had complete and utter stillness when you made him cum so hard that he had to learn how to function again. You had total bliss, babbling gratefulness, utter surprise, sometimes shock too and also instant sleepiness. And while you loved all of those reactions equally, hearing him laugh wholeheartedly was one of your favourites. 

    Jungkook nuzzles into you and giggles. 

    "You're the best mommy ever", he whispers, gazing into your eyes.

    "Awww Kookie", you cup his cheek, "and you are the best bunny ever." 

    He gives you his prettiest bunny smile and giggles. You retort it, leaning down to peck his lips. 

    "Why don’t I clean you up now and take out that buttplug?" 


    "No?" you chuckle.  

    "No, uhm, yes to the cleaning but no to the buttplug. I wanna keep it in." 

    "Really? You’re trying to play with fire again, aren’t you?" 

    "Yes, I wanna play more later. I wanna please you." 

    "Oh Kookie", you chuckle and kiss his lips, "you're already pleasing me so much." 

    Jungkook giggles, turning in your lap so he could kiss you better and you allow him, lying him down on the chaise lounge and weaving your fingers through his hair. 

    You truly have the best boyfriend ever. 

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  • nikieskoo
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    jay’s simps

    heeseung: jakes besf since they were babies. knows you very well. finds you annoying bc when you were 13, you broke his gaming controller and you were quite the prankster. still holds a grudge against you even tho he’s ‘mature’. doesn’t know that you’ve grown up and that you’re not thirteen anymore 😍 practically lives w jake at this point
    jake: your older brother. loves you very much but he forgot to keep contact w you somehow 😒 very protective of you. has laid down rules for his friends that you are completely off limits and nobody can date his baby sister 🥺🤢
    sunghoon: ice skater besf. that popular besf like hyunjin . also very cocky😍. but he’s one of the most trusted ones among them since they’ve known each other for a vvv long time
    jay: the fashionista bestie. least bothered out of all of them. really doesn’t give a shit. also vv rich. lends out money from time to time to his friends bc he actually cares about their lives (not that he admits it tho shh)
    chaeryeong: the only girl in their group 😭 also the one who suffers the most bc she doesn’t understand how their brains work??? savage asf and knows when to use her mouth against mfs who deserve a good scolding 😍🌝
    (ok so forgive me i accidentally wrote chaeryoung instead of chaeryeong in the twitter profile ..i’ll change it soon hhshhhdhdh please forgive me😭)

    taglist (open): @wonjaems @dimplehyunn @lomlyeji @sweetrainwrites @penny-quinn @kittiesandsunshine @youngiez @azure-arcanum @taecup-fics @sunshinelixie-lee @sungookie @jongsaengseong @ddeonuism @c9tnoos @heelariously @hyunsuks-beanie @softforqiankun @banana-boat-doodoodododo @yougeans @yeonwon @nyfwyeonjun @maeumiluv @stayarmysstuff @ncityy04 @freessaaenha @hoonbokki @woniebae @odxrilove @bangcrispychannie (those which are in bold couldn’t be tagged :(( )

    the real drama club | smau m.list

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    Mafia! BTS Reactions: You getting hurt because of them/they accidentally hurt you~

    (Hyung line)

    Warning: This will contain some content where reader gets hurt. If you are not comfortable with that, then please look for another story.



    You were a handful to say the least. Jin sighed heavily as he carried your limp body towards his apartment door. The first thing he had told you not to do, you had done. “Don’t get drunk,” it was that simple. But of course, you didn’t listen. So there he was, struggling to open the door while carrying you. You buried your nose into the crook of his neck, inhaling the strong cologne he always wore.

    Jin on the other hand, was hit with the strong smell of alcohol every time you mumbled something incoherent to him. The unpleasant scent made him cringe and scrunch his nose up in disgust. He hated when you got drunk.

    “Jiiiinnieee, open the doooor,” You slurred out, kicking your legs up in a tantrum.

    “I’m trying, but it’s not easy when I’m carrying someone,” he snapped, finally unlocking the door and pushing it open. Your giggles filled the hallway as you held onto him, leaving sweet wet kisses all over his neck.

    “(Y/N) stop, you’re drunk,” he said calmly, lifting your body again and holding you tightly. But as he was about to enter the apartment, your head made contact with the doorway. The strong contact echoed through the quiet apartment as Jin looked down at you. You would’ve laughed it off if you weren’t so drunk, but right now your eyes started watering as if it was the most painful thing you’ve been put through.


    “It hurts Jin!! My head hurts!!,” you sobbed, he forgot how emotional you got when you were intoxicated. He sighs, carrying you to the bedroom and laying you on the bed

    “You hurt me!,”


    “I’m going to die!,”


    “Goodbye beautiful world,”

    “(Y/N)!!,” your eyes snapped back at him once he raised his voice, even more tears running down your puffy cheeks. He sighs once again and gently pushes some strands of hair out of you face.

    “I didn’t mean to raise my voice… here,” he sat besides your laying figure, kissing the top of your head where you had previously bumped on the doorway. Your heart fluttered once his lips made contact with your head, the tears immediately coming to a halt.

    “Does that feel better? I’m sorry, I should’ve been more careful,” he places yet another kiss onto your head, handling you with such love.

    “It okay Jinnie, I love you,” you managed to slur out, a grin decorating your features, making him smile gently at you. It was entertaining to see how drastically your attitude changed from sobbing to grinning like a dork. Oh, how he loved you so much. He snapped back to reality once he heard your soft voice call out to him.


    “Yes princess?,”

    “I need to puke,”

    Oh boy, this will be a long night.


    Both you and Yoongi were laying on the couch, enjoying the free time Yoongi had from his work. He would always spend his time inside his office working, barely even having time for you lately. So it was nice that you two could finally spend time together just relaxing and taking the day off.

    Yoongi’s eyes never left the screen as he was very focused on the movie that was playing. You on the other hand, were lost in your own thoughts. You’ve been wondering this for a while but never got an answer. Was Yoongi ticklish?

    I know, a dumb question, but come on. If there was something Yoongi always complained about, it would be the way your fingers grazed against his stomach or neck. He would immediately push your hand away and tell you to stop. So since then, you’ve always thought about it none stop.

    As you look up at your boyfriend, who was still very focused on the movie, a big grin plastered on your face. Your hand moved upwards, your fingertips grazing over his clothed stomach, yet it still made Yoongi stiffen.

    “What are you doing?,” he questioned, about to shove your hand away. Fortunately, you were much more quicker. You immediately moved your hands up and under his underarms. You fingers moved and wiggled against his soft flesh, and to your surprise, a series of giggles and laughter burst out your usually stoic boyfriend’s mouth.

    “Oh. my. God. You’re ticklish… I knew it,” you laugh, moving your hands to other body parts that might be ticklish too.

    “I’m not- stop it! (Y/N) stop!,” he said between laughs, trying to grab onto your wiggling fingers that were causing his skin to tingle.

    “I’ve never heard you laugh this adorably! I should do this more often,” you giggled proudly, lowering your hands onto his stomach. Yoongi flinched, his hands automatically pushing you away from him to stop you from tickling him even more.

    But as you tried to catch yourself, your back made contact with the sharp edge of the little wooden table in front of you. You dropped to the floor, a hand flying to your back to clutch the area where the flesh had just been abused. Your whines finally woke Yoongi from his daze as he panicked and got up to help you.

    “Shit- sorry baby, I didn’t mean to push you. Are you ok?,” he asked worriedly, turning you around to examine your back. You whine as his fingers grazed the wound that had already start to bruise.

    “Fuck, I’m so sorry,”

    “Auch… it’s fine Yoongi, you didn’t mean it,” you turn to him and smile gently, flinching a bit when you changed positions.

    “Still, I’m sorry. Now you’re going to have a bruise because of me,”

    “Yoongi,” you grabbed his face and made him look at you. His dark orbs pierced into yours as he examined your features.

    “It’s alright, it’s just a bruise,” and you spent the whole night assuring him that he had done nothing wrong since it wasn’t on purpose. He even promised to give you free back messages for the whole week since he felt really bad. But he knew deep down that all you wanted was to keep tickling him again just to hear his laugh. You were just the most precious thing to him really.


    It was late at night when Hoseok finally arrived home from work. He entered the quiet apartment and sighed, mostly of relief since he’d get to see you after a long day. Just the thought of laying beside you and holding you tight sent butterflies to his stomach.

    He quickly made his way towards your shared bedroom, expecting to see your peaceful sleeping figure laying on the bed, only to find it completely empty. This did not worry him at first though, thinking that you were in the bathroom or something of the sorts. But as he waited patiently for you to return, you didn’t. So he went to check the bathroom too.


    That’s when panic began building inside him. It was unusual for you to not be in bed when he got home, let alone be nowhere in the house. Had the rival mafia finally taken you as some sort of hostage? Had that time finally come where Hoseok would have to hide you away from any danger that might try to get to you?

    He quickly took his gun from under his suit jacket, pulling the hammer down and searching the entire house.

    Guest rooms? Empty. Kitchen? Empty. Living room ? Empty.

    “Fuck, where are you baby?!,” Hoseok mumbled to himself, getting frustrated by every passing minute. Where the hell were you?!

    He quickly entered his office to contact his men; if you had been kidnapped he was going to need all the men he could to find you and capture whoever had taken you away.

    But as he entered the room, a dark shadow loomed on the other side of his desk. Out of instinct, Hoseok pulled the trigger, the loud bang echoing through the room. But that wasn’t the only sound heard by Hoseok, what made his stomach drop was the sound of your shrieking.

    Hoseok rushed to turn the lights on, catching a glimpse of your figure cradling one of your arms in plain. Loud whines came out of your mouth which made his heart ache. He rushes towards your shaking body, looking at your arm to see if he had really shot you. Luckily, the bullet had barely missed you, but still grazed the soft skin, leaving an ugly graze that still bled a lot. As he sighed in relief, his worried expression started contorting into one of anger and panic.

    “What we’re you doing here?! I could’ve killed you!,” he shook you by the shoulders, raising his voice loud enough for him to be yelling at you. Your head hung low as you whimpered quietly, which was unheard by Hoseok.

    “I’ve told you many times to always stay in bed when it’s late! Do you know how worried I was?! And now look! I almost shot you! Are you stupid?!,” in a fit of rage, he kept going.

    Your mind was blank for just a moment, before fresh hot tears rolled down your cheeks. Not only did the wound on your arm stung horribly, but now Hoseok was yelling at you. But he kept on rambling, only stopping when he felt a wet drop fall on his arm.

    That’s the only moment where he took his time to examine your features. Watching your tears roll down your puffy cheeks, his heart gave a tight squeeze. He had been so lost in the moment that he hadn’t notice your trembling figure. He should’ve comfort you instead of yelling and scolding you.

    A heavy sigh was released from his chest as he held you face in his hands.

    “Let’s…. Let’s patch you up,” he said before going to get his med kit and some other things to help your wound.

    He handled you with care and love all the way, hands gently holding your face after he finished.

    “Why were you in here baby,” he asked, wiping the tears that still streamed down your face.

    “I was just… looking for the charger I gave you yesterday…,” you explained, lifting your hand up to show him the charger that you still clutched tightly. He stared at it and sighed, rubbing his thumb against your cheek.

    “I’m sorry for yelling at you… I was just… I got scared, I thought I had shot you,” he explained, and although he knew that it didn’t give him the right to yell at you when you were clearly hurt, he couldn’t help himself. In his mind, he’d be nothing without you.

    “I’m sorry…,” you apologize, head hanging low in shame and sadness.

    “Shh, it’s ok baby. I’m the one that should be sorry,” his lips came into contact with yours, your body immediately relaxing after feeling his gentle kiss.

    “Now let’s go to bed, I’ll make you breakfast tomorrow and we’ll spend the whole day together,” he beamed, helping you stand and hugging you tightly after. He always knew how to put a smile on your face.


    You were currently laying on the soft sheets with Namjoon right by your side. You two had decided to lay outside in the yard today since it was the perfect weather for it. A smile graced your features as you watched the clouds form different shapes.

    “That one looks like a doggy,” you pointed, giggling at the dog shaped cloud. Namjoon raised an eyebrow and shook his head in disagreement.

    “No, it looks like a cat,”

    “Of course not, it’s obviously a dog. See? Look at the ears!,”

    “Dogs don’t have really long tails, (N/N),” he chuckled and pushed you playfully, which you answered by groaning.

    “It’s not that long, maybe it’s a mutant dog,”

    “That’s absolutely terrifying,” he pointed out, his eyes furrowed while his imagination ran wild with images of a mutant catdog species. You laugh at his reaction, propping yourself up with your elbows.

    “You’re just blind and that’s why you can’t see the dog,” you pushed him with your elbow, giggling at his dorky smile.

    “Blind? You offend me,” his hand flew to his chest, acting as if you had just said the most offensive thing a person could ever say.

    “Yes, blind,” poking him in the chest, you get up. A smug grin plastered on your face as you watched him closely. The big bad Namjoon, who was feared by everyone, was a big dork when it came to you.

    “What are you grinning about? Don’t make me come for you,” he warned playfully as he too sat up.

    “Oh? Really? You’re going to come for me?,”

    “Don’t think I won’t,” he replied, getting ready to chase you, knowing all too well you’d burst out running at any moment. And you did. The moment he got up to his feet, you were already sprinting away from your boyfriend.

    The chase was filled with both your giggles and his laughter. It would be strange for any other person to hear him laugh like this, but it was all too common for you. He melted at your touch and became putty under you. Of course, this was only around you. No one else could ever hear or see him like this. It was all reserved for you.

    But as you kept running, he was slowly catching up to you. With him only a few inches away from you, you tried to speed up, only for your foot to take a wrong step.

    The feeling of your foot bending and spraining sent an electric shock through your whole body. Your knees bucked and you body plummeted to the ground in a matter of seconds.

    “Fuck!,” the sudden cursing made Namjoon stop just in time before he could trip with your body.

    “Woah, what happened? Is everything alright?,” all the laughter that was heard only mere seconds ago had completely died down, only to be replaced with your whining and Namjoon’s worried tone.

    “I think I sprained my ankle— shit! It hurts so bad!,” at this point Namjoon had already picked you up and took you inside. He had your personal doctor come to check on you—you wondered how he came to check on you so quick and how he was always free for you, but Namjoon assured you it was mere coincidence— and he even made you some coffee.

    “It’s just a sprained ankle, Joonie,” you explained after seeing your distraught boyfriend pace around the room.

    “It could’ve been much worse! From now on, we will avoid chasing each other,” he explained, crossing his arms and quietly scolding himself.

    “You’re being dramatic again,”

    “I’m not. I’m just taking precautions!,” you chuckle at his stubbornness.

    “That cloud was a dog though,”

    “… it was a cat,”

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