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    When he's been distant- Jeon Jungkook

    "Jungkook..." He heard a soft voice call out to him. Looking up from his phone, he briefly caught your loving gaze before nodding, turning his attention back to the bright screen in front of him.


    "I miss you," you whined, and he smiled softly at the way he could almost hear the pout in your voice.

    "I'm right here," he chuckled.

    "You're too far away," you complained from the opposite end of the couch. "Come closer to me."

    A few hours ago, you showed up at Jungkook's place, uninvited, to say the least. He rarely came over to your home, and the last time he did, it was to pick up his headphones that he had forgotten. Despite meeting out for occasional lunches, and going over to spend time with him and the boys after practice, you barely got much time alone with him. And now that you did, he had his attention elsewhere.

    "I'm playing a game babe," he responded, eyes not leaving his phone.

    You huffed, looking down at your lap and pouting slightly. You wanted to sit glued to him, the way you used to before, you wanted to lean into him and relax into his embrace. You missed the feeling of his arms around you.

    Jungkook wasn't a big fan of PDA. During the initial days of your relationship, he would constantly hug you and kiss your cheek, but upon getting easily embarrassed when the boys would tease him, he stopped and decided to save these acts of love and affection for when you two were alone, or at least had some sort of privacy.

    You crawled over towards him, plopping down right next to his legs and laying your head on his stomach. Tilting your head up, you giggled at him. "Hi."

    He looked down at you, grinning and lowering his hand to pat your head. "Hi."

    When he turned back to his phone, you grumbled loudly, shaking his thigh impatiently. "Pay attention to meeeee," you whined, your voice dragging out.

    "Give me a second, let me just finish this," he quickly sat up, pushing your hand off. He sat straight, now holding his phone in both his hands, elbows on his knees while his brows furrowed in concentration.

    You stayed silent for a few moments before pushing yourself up as well, scooting a little closer to him. You wrapped an arm around his biceps, laying your head against him and waiting for him to finish.

    His scent filled your nostrils, and you breathed in deeply, your body leaning closer into his warmth. It had been so long since you fallen asleep next to him, let alone share an intimate moment with the man of your dreams. He tried his best, and there was no denying that, but the past few weeks it felt like Jungkook seemed to find more and more things to do instead of spending quality time with his girlfriend.

    You remembered how he sat down on the floor with you the last time he visited, eating the food that he brought along with him before lying down flat on his back, letting out a loud, melodramatic yawn. He vaguely recalled the day's events to you, before he turned on his side and fell asleep, right there on the floor. That night was the first time you began to notice the little differences.

    Even though he was with you, his mind was somewhere else. Even though he spoke with you, his words were not directed to you. He only told you stories of the boys, his day at work, the new dance moves he'd learned and what not. What you did notice was that he never spoke about you. He didn't tell you how beautiful he thought you looked, he didn't ask you about your day, he never told you how much he missed you.

    Your heart felt heavy that night when you realised it had been so long since he told you that he loved you. Despite everything, you lifted his head to place a pillow under it, leaning down to place a lingering kiss to his temple, telling him how much you loved him in a soft whisper.

    Your thoughts had consumed you so much that you barely noticed your heavy eyelids beginning to droop. Just when you allowed yourself to fall into a sweet slumber, you felt Jungkook's arm shift from under you. He moved carefully, so as to not wake you up, slowly getting up from the couch. He placed your head behind, moving your hair away from your face and behind your ear. Slipping his phone into the pocket of his sweatpants, he stretched his arms above his head, a tiny squeak leaving his lips.

    Before he could move away, you reached forward and grabbed his wrist, pulling him down onto you. He stumbled slightly, arms falling on either side of your head, pushing into the softness of the couch to hold himself up. His eyes widened in surprise, clearly not expecting you to be awake. You peered up at him, smiling softly.

    "I said I missed you." You repeated your words from a while ago.

    He gulped, looking down at you with unfocused eyes. The sun was beginning to set, and the room began to glow a beautiful shade of gold, a soft breeze from the windows making you feel light and happy. You found the atmosphere incredibly romantic and relaxing and your heart rate picked up, not wanting to lose this opportunity to get closer to Jungkook.

    "And I said I was right here." He whispered, his voice unsteady.

    "But you are too far away," you repeated again, your fingers reaching for the hem of his black T-shirt to pull him closer to you. His eyes closed for a moment, involuntarily leaning into you. Raising your arms further, you held the back of his head with your fingers, inching his head closer to yours.

    Your lips brushed against his, a spark igniting within your chest before you heart him inhale sharply, his eyes opening in panic. His hands pushed himself up and he took a step away from the couch, blinking a few times and shoving his hands into the pockets of his sweatpants.

    "Umm...I- I'll be right back." He stammered, walking into the kitchen. You sat back, confused and hurt, your cheeks still hot. You lifted your finger to trace the area where his lips touched you, the skin burning as if it was set on fire.

    You stood up from the couch and followed Jungkook, watching him nervously pull out a bottle of cold water from the refrigerator, leaning against the counter while he quenched his thirst.

    You took small steps towards him, stopping when you stood right in front of his muscular body. Crossing your arms across your chest, you took a minute to take in his appearance. His shoulders seemed to have broadened quite a bit, and the T-shirt that he wore fit just right against his toned body. His brown hair fell in gentle waves over his forehead, and you resisted the urge to run your fingers through them. It had been so long, was all you could think. You missed him terribly, yet what surprised you the most was the hesitance that was clearly visible in his eyes.

    Normally, when the two of you would be alone, he would want to stay connected to you in some way or the other. He'd either hold your hand, or play with the material of your pants, or run his fingers over your skin, tracing various patterns onto them. He wouldn't give you a chance to ask you for a kiss, blessing you with the glorious softness of his lips when he pressed them against yours. He just knew what you wanted, what you needed, and he never kept you waiting.

    But today was different. Yesterday was different. The past few weeks have been different. You could see him holding back, yet the efforts that he made to cover up his distance, to make it seem as though everything was normal didn't go unnoticed by you. And it made you feel hurt, you couldn't come up with a logical reasoning to explain his behavior.

    He stood against the kitchen counter in front of you, his gorgeous brown orbs desperately searching for places to look at, so that he could avoid your gaze as you studied him.

    "Jungkook?" He looked up instantly, large doe eyes making your heart flutter. You took a step towards him, freezing instantly when you saw him visibly push himself back against the counter, away from you. Your breath caught in your throat.

    "Am I making you uncomfortable?" You spoke slowly, afraid of his response.

    He shook his head after a moment of hesitation. A moment too long. You raised your hand, placing it gingerly on his forearm, swallowing down the pain when you felt his whole body tense under your touch. You let go of him, taking a few steps away from the man who seemed nothing but uncomfortable in your presence.

    "Did I...did I do something wrong?" Your voice came out higher that you wanted it to, making it sound as though you were on the verge of tears. Which you definitely were.

    He shook his head again, rubbing his sweaty palms against his pants. The last time he was this nervous around you was when he first met you, when he didn't know how to approach you, when he didn't know what to say. And it seemed as though he felt the exact same way in this moment.

    "No no, you didn't." He tried to reassure you.

    "Are you sure?" you pushed again.

    "Yes." he answered quickly, too quickly.

    You raised your eyebrows suspiciously, pointing towards his frame.

    "Then why are you so nervous? The last time you were this nervous was when we first met. Are you falling in love with me all over again?" you joked, a bland chuckle leaving his lips at your comment.

    "No, it's not that."

    "You're not falling in love with me?" you teased, yet the fear that laced your words made you feel sick to the stomach. "Do you not love me?" The words left your mouth before you could think rationally, your mouth going dry once your ears heard yourself speak.

    He blinked. Once, twice. His eyes twitched as if he had woken up from a daydream, his mouth opening to speak, but closing after a moment when he couldn't find the words.

    Your heart nearly stopped, eyes widening ever so slightly. They immediately welled up with tears, yet you fought hard to hold them back. "You don't love me anymore?" a whisper of disbelief was all you could manage to produce.

    "I do, I do," he stumbled over his words, hands reaching out for you, but stopping in mid-air, his fingers curling into a fist.

    'Why is he holding back?' you heard the cry of your heart.

    "I did something wrong didn't I?" He winced at the pain evident on your face, shaking his head in denial.

    "You didn't, please stop sayin-"

    "Then tell me what's wrong!" You exploded with a guttural cry, a single tear escaping the corner of your eye and falling onto the floor. His eyes followed the path, staring at the wet spot as his heart began to thump against his chest.

    "Nothing is wrong." Wow. Jungkook mentally facepalmed at how unbelievable he sounded.

    You groaned in frustration, turning around and balling your fists, rubbing them vigorously against your tear-filled eyes. You felt so weak, crying made you feel so weak. Yet what hurt you the most was that you were feeling the weakest you've ever felt in front of the man who had always been your strength.

    "How can you say 'nothing is wrong' Jungkook? I'm not blind, you know? I've seen the way you subtly brush me off, only inviting me over when we have company. You never even come home! I don't even remember the last time you held me, the last time you kissed me. And it's been so long since you told me that you-" you stopped yourself, your palm flying to your chest in a failed attempt to control your emotions. You didn't want to complete your sentence, considering the way he hesitated to answer you when you asked him if he still loved you. The colour from your face drained at the realization.

    "You don't even love me anymore." you finished, mustering up the courage to look him dead in the eyes.

    "(Y/n)!" he gasped, reaching you in a single stride and grasping your face in his large palms. "How can you say that?" he whispered, eyes glassy with tears.

    "I think you've fallen out of love with me." you stated, inhaling sharply when he pulled you into him, your chin hitting his shoulder.

    "Don't you dare," he warned. "Don't you dare say that again."

    "Then why?" you cried, grabbing fistfuls of his T-shirt and sobbing softly into the curve of his collarbone. "Why have you been so distant? Did you find someone else? Did you get enough of me already?"

    His hissed, pulling you away and shaking you by your shoulders.

    "Stop, stop it okay?" he tried to appear stern, yet his voice sounded more desperate and pained.

    Your head dropped down, hands raising to cover your eyes as you broke down. "I've missed you so much, and I feel like you haven't missed me at all." You mumbled, voice muffled by your tears and rapid gasps for air.

    "(Y/n)..." he sighed, pulling you towards him again, a little softly this time. You raised your fist to strike his back.

    "Stop calling me that! You used to never call me by my name. It used to be 'baby' and 'Jagiya'," you whined, hitting him again when you heard him chuckle softly into your hair.

    "I'm sorry Jagiya," he tightened his grip around you.

    "Let's go and sit, we can talk about this okay?" He tried to walk you two out of the kitchen with you still in his arms, but you shrugged him off, reaching for his hands and looking up into his eyes with a wide and expectant look.

    "Have you not missed me?" you inquired. "You didn't even want to kiss me. I can't believe you." you pouted.

    "I wanted to, I just-" he ran his fingers through his hair, shutting his eyes as he tried to gather his thoughts.

    "Let's sit and talk." he decided, grabbing your wrist and pulling you into the lounge before you could stop him. He made you sit on the couch, taking his righteous place right next to you, turning to face you while holding your hands in his. He let out a shaky breath and looked up at you, his eyes filled with unshed tears.

    "I have missed you so, so much." He began, his thumb carressing your skin carefully. He searched your eyes, desperate to make sure you knew he was being genuine.

    "I'm sorry I made you think otherwise, I just-" he coughed, trying to cover up the sob that was pleading to escape his lips. He cleared his throat and looked away, lips trembling.

    "I've been so, I don't know...it's just-" he struggled, turning his head towards lap to hide his face from you.

    "Jungkook..." You whispered to make him look at you, leaning closer to wrap your arms around his shoulders. He melted into your embrace, his fingers slipping into the belt loops of your pant. He exhaled loudly, the tears that he managed to keep at bay finally flowing freely. Only he knew how much he missed you, how much he wanted to lay in your arms and just escape from all the troubles that he fought with everyday.

    His shoulders were heavy with burdens that he faced alone, burdens that he didn't let you know about. It dawned on him in that moment just how difficult it was to keep it away from you, when you were right there, by his side. He felt guilty to let you even come to the conclusion that he didn't love you anymore. In that moment when you questioned him, he was simply shocked beyond measure, and couldn't bring his mind around the fact that you had really asked him such an absurd question. But then again, he himself knew how long it had been since he told you, since he showed you, just how much he loved you.

    "I've been feeling so insecure," he muttered through gritted teeth, chest heaving everytime a sob racked through his body.

    "Why baby?" You spoke gently, rubbing your arms over his back in a comforting manner. There were tears flowing from your eyes as well, the feeling of Jungkook crying in your arms scaring you. You'd never seen him so weak, so vulnerable, so broken.

    He shook his head and slipped one hand across your back, pulling you even closer to him.

    "I can't believe I made you feel like I don't love you anymore. I love you, I love you so much it hurts," he cried into your shoulder.

    A tiny smile grew on your lips, your heart melting at the words you had been dying to hear for so long.

    "And I love you more."

    He pulled back immediately, holding your face in his hands and intently studying your features.

    "Do you believe me?" His words were so quiet, so fearful, so genuine. Tears were still escaping his eyes, rolling down his cheek and collecting near under his jaw. You reached up and wiped them away, letting your fingers linger on his skin as you spoke, "I do."

    He nodded, almost as if he was reassuring himself that things would finally be okay again. He wanted to tell you everything, he wanted to let go of the weight he found too heavy to carry any longer. But he didn't know how, he didn't know where to begin.

    He stayed quiet for a few minutes, occasionally running his fingers across your cheek, drawing circles on the material of your jeans, lacing his fingers with yours in a firm grip before repeating it all over again.

    "I don't know where to start," he admitted, feeling ashamed. You caught his hand, squeezing it lightly, smiling up at him.

    "It's okay. You don't need to say anything just yet." Your voice was soft, gently, careful, as if you were dealing with a new born baby, tending to his needs and making sure nothing would hurt him.

    "I want to, I have to get this off of my chest. I can't carry this any more." He sighed, wiping away the last of his tears with the back of his hand. "No pressures, my love. Take your time."

    He gazed up at your face, unable to understand how blessed he was. Despite how much he pushed you away, you were still here with him, comforting him. Jungkook made a promise to himself to never make you feel so dejected and lonely.

    "I love you." He confessed, eyes glazing over with tears again.

    "And I love you more." You confirmed, leaning forward to kiss the tip of his nose. He blinked a few times, deciding that he had held himself back long enough. Jungkook's fingers slipped into your hair, gripping your jaw with his palm and pulling your face towards him, leaning forward to meet your lips halfway. The suddenness of his movement caused him to only catch the side of your upper lip, pulling back and laughing softly. "Sorry,"

    "Lack of practice?" You teased him, giggling under your breath.

    He hummed in response, beaming down at you.

    "Come here," he whispered, pulling you towards him again, this time his plump lips perfectly fitting into the dip of your own. He sighed softly when your hands snaked around his neck, leaning up on your knees to move closer into him. His heart fluttered when he heard a soft moan leave you mouth, tightening his grip on you. Yet, when he felt a pressure on his cheek, he pulled back in shock to see that you were crying softly into the kiss.

    "Baby...don't cry, please." He begged, his eyes wide and innocent.

    You shook your head and wiped your eyes. "I didn't mean to cry, it's just been so long since we've kissed," you laughed lightly.

    He pouted, feeling the guilt increase within him. He kept you waiting too long.

    "I will make it up to you." He promised, leaning forward in a swift motion to place a lingering kiss to your lips.


    After a warm cup of coffee, Jungkook and you sat snuggled on the couch, his legs spread out and head resting on the armrest while you lay next to him, your arms wrapped around his stomach. He would often bend to kiss your hair, his fingers playing with the shirt that you were wearing. His fingers would occasionally slip under the fabric to carress the skin of your back, absentmindedly drawing circles and hearts over it.

    This was your Jungkook. This was the man who you had fallen in love with. This was the man whom you missed so terribly. Words didn't have to be spoke while the two of you enjoyed in each others embrace. He held you close to his heart, all the worries of the world seemingly small in comparison to the peace he felt with you in his arms. And for you? You were on top of the world.

    You didn't push him to talk about his distant behaviour, neither did you demand an explanation. You gave him his time, constantly letting him know through your touch that you were there.

    Several hours passed, the sun had set and the only light in the room was from the kitchen, a dull glow just enough for you to make out the shadows of your lovers face. Neither of you were in a hurry to end the night, simply enjoying the happiness that you both had been deprived of. Simply loving each other.

    "(Y/n)?" He whispered quietly, being careful not to startle you.

    "Hmm?" You shifted in his arms, moving your head up to face him.

    "I love you." His serious tone made you giggle.

    "I love you more."

    "And I love you the most." He responded quickly.

    You snuggled your nose into his neck, smiling happily. You raised your hand to his biceps, rubbing your thumb gently across his skin.

    "I'm ashamed to tell you why I behaved the way I did." He admitted, his voice wavering.

    You frowned, pushing yourself up so that your arms rested on his chest, giving you a better view of his face. "Why baby?"

    His eyes travelled to the window, fixing his gaze on the moon, taking in a deep breath in an attempt to collect and segregate his thoughts.

    "A few weeks ago, when the boys and me were practicing, I was fooling around with Jimin. We were acting like kids basically, but Hoseok hyung kept getting irritated that we were not being serious. To get me to stop, he told me something about you." He tried to explaining, and you could see his eyes gloss over with tears. You felt a pinch in your heart, raising your hand to gently touch the skin under his eyes.

    "He said- he told me that...he told me that he couldn't understand how you fell in love with someone so immature." Jungkook's voice cracked slightly. You gasped, your eyes widening in surprise. "Why would he-" he cut you off with a shake of his head, patting your hip slightly.

    "Let me complete."

    "Okay," you frowned, lowering your head to lay it against his shoulder.

    "It didn't really affect me that much initially, but then Jin hyung cracked a joke after that, something along the lines of you needing someone more mature like Namjoon hyung. Everyone laughed along to the joke, and I did too. But for some reason I felt so insecure when he said that." He pouted, pulling you closer to him, placing his cheek flat against the top of your head.

    "That night when I came to your place, you were talking to Namjoon hyung about something weirdly philosophical, you were so serious about it and Namjoon hyung seemed to know everything about what you were saying. I was really upset that I didn't know anything about something you were so passionate about," Jungkook sighed.

    "...when I sat down to think about it, I was somewhat convinced that you deserved someone better, someone more mature than me. I thought you'd eventually realise that too, and that thought broke my heart. Everytime I spent time with you, there was this nudging pain in my gut, the guilt that I couldn't be what you needed me to be. So I started spending lesser time with you. It hurt me so much, I wanted nothing more than to jump on you and kiss the hell out of you." He giggled softly, twisting his head to kiss your lips.

    "I'm sorry Jagiya. I shouldn't have done what I did. I never saw how much it was affecting you, how much it was hurting you as well. Without even knowing, I deprived you of so much of love that you deserved to be showered with every single moment." A tear escaped his right eye and your hand flew up to catch it in time.

    You moved up a little to kiss the side of his eye, letting your lips linger there. You began to kiss every inch of his face, lacing your fingers with his and bringing it up to your mouth, kissing each of his knuckles, his fingertips and then his palm, moving it to place it against your cheek.

    "Namjoon may be smart, he may have known what I was talking about. But only you know how to love me the way I need to be loved Kookie. Only you know how to make my heart skip a beat, and only you can satisfy me. Only you can kiss me just right, your hands are the only hands that fit with mine like a puzzle piece. You're also the only one that I want to love." Your words were gentle, soft, loving.

    He began to cry softly, covering his eyes with his hand. "I'm sorry."

    "It's okay baby, we're fine now. It's all fine now. Don't dwell on it." You hugged him close to you, your heart swelling at the way he opened up to you. He nodded, sitting up with you in his arms. You moved your legs so that you were sitting on his lap, your thighs on either side of his. He burried his head into your neck, his lips brushing across your skin, your breath hitching at the contact.

    "I love you so much." He mumbled. "I'm never letting you go, never." Jungkook promised you, his voice quiet and afraid.

    "I know baby, I love you more."

    He pulled away, holding your face in his hands, his lips pursed into a pout.

    "Let me love you more." His big doe eyes were pleading with yours. You giggled again, holding his face the same way he did.







    This turned out to be way longer than I thought it would! Do you guys have any requests? Send them to me, I'll try my best to write one for you!!

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    Purple!BTS Butter Icon Pack ⇢ Seokjin

    please like or reblog if you save! do not repost or claim as your own

    download on desktop for best results! credits aren’t necessary but appreciated :)

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    i finished something!! so today you get these tannies ~(˘▾˘)~
    they're from specific eras because i have a soft spot for these particular looks, also i'm trying to experiment with style and colors what do you think???
    #my art#bts fanart#bts#artmy#btsfanart#kim seokjin#min yoongi#jung hoseok#kim namjoon#park jimin#kim taehyung#jeon jungkook#jin#suga#jhope#rm#jimin#v#jungkook #i don't know how to tag forgive me #should i tag each person fanart???? #send help #let's see how this one goes for next time
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    Jin: Wait, how many kids DO you have?

    Namjoon: Biologically, emotionally, or legally?

    #bts#bangtan#bangtan seonyandan#bangtan boys #bulletproof boy scouts #beyond the scene #bts incorrect quotes #bts incorrect quote #incorrect bts quotes #incorrect bts quote #kpop incorrect quotes #incorrect kpop quotes #bts text #bts text post #bts imagines#bts reactions#bts scenarios#namjin#kim seokjin#min yoongi#jung hoseok#kim namjoon#park jimin#kim taehyung#jeon jungkook
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    Fruits of my labour // ch3

    America here we come.

    Ot7 x reader

    Warnings: yandere, implied yandere, child neglect, smut, lots of smut, more will be added as the story goes along

    You couldn't believe it. What were you going to do now?

    You were panicking, you knew the boys were possessive and didn't want your growing spawn to get hurt while you were taking care of their older brothers. But it felt weird to go to another country while pregnant. Was it even safe?

    The boys seemed to know what you were thinking, and once upon a time you would've found it sweet but now it just seemed creepy.

    "Don't worry about the babe, there will be a doctor on board and since your coming we are going on a private plane to make sure there aren't any crazed fans" Hoseok said, his smile was face-splitting. You always wondered how he kept that smile on all the time.

    Your entire relationship with them didn't feel right anymore, it hadn't for a long time. But you struggled through for your kids. They needed both a mother and a father around. Even though they had plenty of fathers.

    All you could do was just nod soundlessly before picking up Douhyun.

    "What toys did you pick up baby?" you smiled as Douhyun mirrored the action. "Oh I got mr carrot and mrs onion" you giggled at the strange names your son had picked. The toys had been gifts from Jungkook on Douhyun's last birthday. He was so happy. But the little babe would be grateful even if you didn't get him anything. He was such a good boy.

    Hoseok was watching the interaction between the two of you and hoped that the baby you were carrying was his. Hoseok thought you treated Douhyun so lovingly was because he was the youngest and he wanted that for his child. He was wrong though, you didn't love any of your children more then the others. Douhyun was just so sensitive and hadn't detached himself from you yet.

    "Oh yeah, are they going to be coming with us?" You asked smiling but felt confused when Douhyun's previous grin faded.

    "Oh bubble what's wrong?"

    "Daddy said I can't take them, he said I needed to grow up" you didn't even need to ask who he was talking about. Only one person could show that type of insensitivity. You were furious.

    "Oh did he? How about you stay with daddy Hobi while I go and speak to your dad about bringing mr carrot and mrs onion" you plastered on a fake smile to convey that you were going to have a harmless chat when in reality punches could be thrown.

    Douhyun bit his lip, looking between you and his dad before bedding hesitantly.

    "Hoseok do you mind?"

    "Of course not doll face"


    You stomped your the stairs and you were sure the whole house heard you when you screamed his name.

    "Yoongi! Yoongi! What have you been telling your son" you were positive that after today your voice would be lost for a short while.

    "He needs to grow up y/n,"

    "No he needs to stay a kid for as long as possible, you think he'll experience no pain in this world? Because he will, I know he will. But it is your job as a parent to make him enjoy his childhood and let it go on as long as possible. He's only six for fuck sake Yoongi"

    "Don't you dare take that tone with me, Namjoon is already mad at you, you don't want me to be as well" his tone was darker then what you were used to. How dare he threaten you?

    "Oh yeah what are you going to do? Big feet"  you strutted out of your shared bedroom slamming the wooden door behind you.

    When you came down stairs you saw Tae with  all three of your boys.

    "Hey guys what are you doing here? I thought you were in school" you were glad that they were here but you were confused on why they were pulled out in the middle of the day. "Because we are coming to America with mammy and daddies" Douhyun beamed.

    "I went to pick them up, are plain is leaving earlier then expected" Tae butted in, his smile made you feel uneasy.

    You pulled your attention away from the boxy smiling man and onto your kids.

    "Are you excited?"

    "Yeah!" Hyungsik

    "I guess" Yerum

    "I wanna sit by mama!" Douhyun.

    "No! Me" Hyungsik screeched.

    "No I'm sitting by her" Douhyun whined.

    You turned to Yerum who was busy on his phone.

    "Yerum sweetie do you wanna sit by your mother?" The six and seven year olds were still fighting behind you.

    "As long as I don't have to sit by Namjoon" you cringed.

    You never found it very good when a kid calls their parents by their first name. But after the incident at Yerum's old primary school he never looked at Namjoon the same. It was very hard for you to watch considering before that, Namjoon was his favourite.


    Leaving the house was a hassle but you eventually made it through traffic and at the airport. Douhyun had been whining the whole time about how it wasn't fair that his mama wasn't going to sit by him.

    The seating arrangements had been made before hand.

    "Mama I'm excited" you could see Douhyun leaning down to see you past Hoseok.

    "Oh really baby, me to" you put your hand out, and he smacked it, smiling.

    "High five!" Douhyun giggles.

    "Please keep it down I'm trying to sleep" Hoseok moaned, "jeez when did you turn into yoongi" you said earning a frightening glare making you shut your mouth.

    You just hoped this flight wouldn’t take to long.

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