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  • hey folks quick question do we prefer our fictional sisters to have names or to just be called like Y/S/N, S/N or ___ or something

    #bts x reader #bts imagine#bts smut #time sensitive question thank you!!!
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    • pairings: hoseok x reader x yoongi
    • genre: fluff, very light angst, smut (future)
    • word count: 6k
    • chapters: ch.1, ch.2, ch.3


    Just cause you’re living paycheck to paycheck in a tiny apartment even after graduating college doesn’t mean you’re not happy. So what if your best friend is working her dream job making close to six figures every year?  So what if she’s in a loving, committed relationship with her perfect boyfriend that you’re 99% sure is going to propose to her sometime next year? It doesn’t matter that your idea of a perfect relationship is a $9.99 bottle of wine on Friday nights while you binge watch Netflix specials.

    Ok so maybe you’re a teensy bit miserable. Maybe you have no idea what you’re doing with your life. Maybe all you need to do is accidentally cross paths with two hybrids who will drastically change that.

    Meet “Scarlet” and “Hazel”, two of the most gorgeous hybrid men you have ever laid eyes on. With their help, you learn that life is an adventure, a roller-coaster with ups and downs, and you were too preoccupied with yourself to climb out of your own predicament. And hey, you’re not much of a romantic, but with these two, you just might change your mind.

    • a/n: Hello, Jun here! Whew this took a while to write but thank you for your patience!! (poor Y/N still doesn’t know their real names but maybe she’ll find out soon?) Any feedback is appreciated <3 
    • tag list: @wilhelminalucinda@ghostkat23@ayoo-bangtan​ @sadgurllayha

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    𝑩𝑼𝑻𝑻𝑬𝑹𝑭𝑳𝒀 𝑬𝑭𝑭𝑬𝑪𝑻 ━ in which 8 best friends get stuck in a series of horror games, and the only way to communicate is through text messages.

    𝑷𝑨𝑰𝑹𝑰𝑵𝑮 ━ bts x reader (platonic)

    𝑾𝑨𝑹𝑵𝑰𝑵𝑮𝑺 ━ cursing, Jungkook and Yoongi die bc they’re dumb, insults, dumb but funny tbh

    𝑵𝑶𝑻𝑬 ━ hi! i really hope you’re all enjoying this au so far! this chapter is pretty short, but i’ll make up for it in the next one :)) also does anyone wanna be tagged whenever i post new fics? lmk please!


    #bts#bts imagines #jungkook x reader #taehyung x reader #bts smut #bts social media au #jungkook smut#taehyung smut#jimin smut#bts au#bts crackfic #bts one shot #jungkook#taehyung#jimin#seokjin#namjoon#yoongi#suga#hoseok#hobi #bts x reader #jimin x reader #namjoon x reader #yoongi x reader #hoseok x reader #seokjin x reader #jin x reader
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    𝒮𝓊𝓂𝓂𝒶𝓇𝓎 🥀🥀

    Jung Hoseok x Y/N

    Hoseok is an underground rapper well known in the industrie. Thanks to that he can be very loud or public about his… Special kink…

    One day while scrolling through twitter he founds out about “nsfw Twitter” where Y/N and her 2 friends sell kinky stuff.

    Y/N turns out to fulfil his deepest fantasies 🥀

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  • {🔞 smut ahead 🔞}

    Okay but Namjoon just salivating over hoseok’s ass, dreaming about it. One day he and Hobi are home alone cleaning the apartment and Hoseok’s bent over under the table and namjoon just - snaps. He’s tripping over his own feet to fucking get to Hoseok, ripping his shorts down and burying his face in-between those pretty cheeks.

    Hoseok gasps shrilly, heart hammering in his chest out of surprise. Namjoon has his tongue on Hobi’s hole and it makes Hoseok fall to his elbows, ass up in the air and Namjoon plays with those fat cheeks, bouncing them and smacking them as he tries to devour hobi whole.

    “J-joonie wait i- oh my god!” Hobi screams, pressing his face to the carpet as Namjoon sticks two fingers in his ass and angles them up and up until he finds the older boys prostate, drilling the pads of his fingers into it mercilessly.

    Hobi’s scrambling for purchase on the carpet, trying to buck his hips away and towards the overwhelming pleasure Namjoon is giving him.

    “Don’t fucking run, sweetheart, you aren’t going anywhere.” Namjoon growls out as he roughly pulls Hobi’s hips back, the older boy crying out as Namjoon presses harshly against his hole.

    “Namjoon I wanna- uh fuck wait- Please!” Tears are traveling down hoseok’s face as Namjoon lands a particularly hard smack to his ass. The younger watches in fasanation as Hobi’s ass jiggles obscenely, the cheeks bruised and red.

    Namjoon unzips his pants in record time, taking himself in hand and stroking his hard dick over Hoseok’s ass.

    Hoseok whimpers at being used so roughly, squirming against Namjoons hold on his hips.

    “J-joonie what’s gotten into you- ah!” He’s silenced by a sharp slap to his ass, the already tender flesh turning a darker shade of red. His pretty cock is leaking steadily, loving the feeling of Namjoons big hands on him.

    Minutes later his poor ass is all red and tender, covered in Namjoons cum. The younger lifts Hobi up and onto the table, ignoring the mess it’s bound to make, and kisses Hobi softly.

    “Sorry hyung, couldn’t help myself.” Namjoon murmers, an amused smile on his lips. He leans to mouth at the older’s neck, hand using his own cum to jerk Hoseok off until the older boy is a whimpering and whining mess, cumming all over Namjoons hand and the black t shirt he’s wearing.

    They’re so engrossed in one another that they don’t notice the front door opening until Seokjin makes an indignant noise from the threshold.

    “Jesus, we eat in here you know!”

    Namjoon and Hoseok burst into a fit of giggle’s.

    “Oh, we know.”

    #hobi said himself that his big fat ass got all them boys shook🤷 #this started off small but i uh git carried away #namseok#namseok smut#bottom hobi#bottom hoseok#bts smut#smutty drabble#bts jhope#bts fic
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  • BTS~Jimin - nfsw a-z

    A=aftercare(what their like after sex)

    he’s such a lil cuddle bug. he will clean you up and give you all the cuddles and kisses in the world. he will get shy thinking back on what y’all did, so expect a flustered chim chim.

    B=body part(fav feature on them and their s/o)

    he loves his lips. like every army ever. the man knows how to use them. jimin will kiss all up and down your body, worshipping it. on you, he loves your thighs. he can’t help but always have his hands squeezing them and gently nibbling on them.

    C=cum(where they like to cum)

    he loves finishing on your stomach or on your privates. it’s like a territorial thing.

    D=dirty secret(self-explanatory)

    jimin has always fantasized about subbing for you. being all dressed up like a good boy. he never mentions it, afraid you will reject his offer.

    E=experience(do they know what they are doing)

    not very experienced. he definitely knows where everything is and what to put in what. ya know common sense. 1 or maybe 2 partners.

    F=favorite position(self-explanatory)

    he loves looking down into your eyes so missionary is a must. he also loves when you ride him so he can run his hands up and down your thighs.

    G=goofy(are they serious during sex or humorous)

    he won’t crack a joke or anything but jimin is such a giggly baby. he can’t be serious for toooooo long but don’t worry it’s always a lot of fun with him.

    H=hairy(how well groomed are they)

    he’s so neatly cleaned. you can just look at the way he acts that the man is fucking CLEAN.

    I=intimacy(how romantic are they during sex)

    he wants to make you feel appreciated and loved so intimacy is a big thing for him.

    J=jackoff(how often do they masturbate)

    he usually will wait until your around because he would much rather have you get him off. unless you are gone for a long time to see family or something thennnn he has to do what he has to do.

    K=kink(one or more of their kinks)

    jimin is big on the visual part of sex. cute lil lingerie or kitty ears with a tail butt plug will make him want to RUIN you.

    L=location(fav places to have sex)

    usually on the bed or picking you up and fucking you up against the wall.

    M=motivation(what turns them on)

    anything that shows off your thighs. shorts/skirts/tight jeans with holes.

    N=NO(turn offs)

    blood. he can most definitely get rough sometimes but he will never ever want to draw blood. if he ever did, he would beat himself up for days.

    O=oral(preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc..)

    HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE LIPS?! this man has perfect lips for oral. he likes to go pretty slow because he wants to draw it out and make it last for as long as possible. when you go down on him, he really tries not to buck his hips towards your mouth but your tongue feels so good on him that he can’t help it. i swear every time i write about oral it’s so long. i’m such a hoe for oral wow.

    P=pace(are they fast and rough? slown and sensual?)

    he tries to go slow but he is so needy that he can’t help but pound into you.

    Q=quickie(opinions on quickies rather than normal sex)

    he kinda likes them. y’all are horny and it gets the job done.

    R=risk(will they experiment, take risks)

    the only time he would take big risks is if you made him mad or he got jealous. daddy jimin will come out. other then that it really all depends on his mood.

    S=stamina(how many rounds, how long do they last)

    he’s a dancer, he can go and go again and then again and then maybe one more. 4-5 rounds.

    T=toy(will they use toys during sex)

    he doesn’t really use them because he is obsessed with making you cum. he definitely owns a few but probably never uses them.

    U=unfair(how much do they like to tease)

    not too much teasing. jimin is all about pleasing YOU. he wants you to feel amazing and doesn’t want to make you wait. but jealous chim is a different story.

    V=volume(how loud are they)

    he is louddddd. jimin is all about moaning and dirty talk. one minute he’s moaning with his beautiful voice and the next he is calling you a dirty slut.

    W=wild card(what is something wild that they have done or like to do during sex)

    really kinda has a thing for anal.

    X=x-ray(what’s going on in their pants)

    less than average but THICC as it can get man.

    Y=yearning(how often do they want sex)

    he has such a high sex drive and is always craving your taste and your beautiful body.

    Z=zzz(how fast they fall asleep after sex)

    likes falling asleep on your chest. if you run your fingers through his hair, he will be out like a light.

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    Originally posted by hobieshopie

    Ships: OT7 x Y/N, BTS x Y/N, Poly!BTS

    Warnings: sexual and nonsexual oral fixation, subspace, little space, nsfw, poly relationship between BTS and y/n  (this is a poly household, if you don’t like it, there’s three doors and about a billion windows, you may see your way out, thanks) (Also, ALSO, Tae said love all 7. I don’t make the rules, Tae does.)

    Author Note: I chose Hobi’s gif because when my oral fixation is strong, I want to nibble on his cheeks. Anyone else feel that way? No? Just me? Oops :) 

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  • birthday | Wrong Person - jjk


    Youtuber/Tweetfamous! Jungkook x Reader

    In which Jungkook mistaken you as his favorite Youtuber, not knowing that he has been texting to the wrong person all this time.

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  • who’s your daddy? - jhs | twelve

    ➸ in order to get over your hopeless crush, you sign up for DADDI, a daddy-dom dating site.  you can’t tell your friends, especially your best friend hoseok.  but as weeks go on, you’re desperate to meet the man behind the screen.


    twelve- fucking dumbass

    a/n- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH is all im gonna say

    *pictures used are not mine!*

    #bts sm au #bts social media au #bts smut#bts hoseok#bts hobi#hoseok smut #bts fake texts #bts imagines
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    title: effortlessly
    pairing: jungkook x reader
    genre: fluff, romance, school!au, smut (watch out bitches!! jk i tried)
    words: ~4.2k (… after i edit it multiple times lol)
    note: this fic is turning out longer than intended………. yep oh well

    series: part one || part two || part three || part four || part five || ongoing

    It’s a series of letters.

    As I sit alone along the shoreline of the beach here in the States, the only sounds are the waves crashing on the rocks that sit by the water; it’s a reminder of how isolated I am. Out of all the people I could be thinking of, you’re still occupying my mind. Maybe it’s how supportive of a friend you are or possibly just how effortlessly convivial you can be amongst a group of people, regardless of the familiarity but I long for that comforting feeling you bestow on those lucky enough to receive. 

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    pairing: taehyung x reader

    genre: smut, domestic au, 18+

    wc: 1.9

    warnings: cursing, fingering (f, receiving), squirting, marking (hickeys, scratches), choking, unprotected sex, creampie

    date: July 13, 2020


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    #bangtanarmynet#smutcentralnet#btswriterscollective#taehyung smut #taehyung x you #taehyung x yn #bts smut #bts domestic!au #husband!taehyung #bts husband au #bts kim taehyung smut #kim taehyung smut and fluff
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  • ✨💕 One Starry Night 🌌🖤

    : ©️jeonsluttyonii

    It was a starry, beautiful night, the moon was full on the streets of Seoul Korea. As you walked along the streets of Korea enjoying the Spring warm/cool air you received a message, you take out your phone as you seen the message was nun other than you’re best friend, taehyung. You and Tae have been sending each other a lot of mixed feelings lately, you two would share a lot of fun, laughs with the other members and even he would invite you for coffee and out to eat.

    The times where he would ask you out to eat and places he would always send you a dress to wear, because he knows you, your style, what you like, dislike, your pet peeves and your insecurities, he knows everything about you as you knew everything about him, you two share a very very strong bond for each other and you can’t help but smile at the memories you share, someone accidentally bumps into you taking you out of your train of thoughts.

    You texted him back:

    You: “Hiii Tae! What’s Sup?”

    TaeTae: “hey wanna come over and watch movies in my room? Tannie is asleep in JKs room”

    You: “hehe sure thing! I’ll be their in 10 minutes”

    TaeTae: “hehe okie! See you then (;”

    ~ End Of Messages ~

    You felt a smile grow on your face so you decide to head back to your apartment really quickly and change. As you hurry unlocking the door putting down ur bag as you went into your closet to find something to wear, you thought he was in his pajamas so you decided to wear shorts long stocks and the lace bra he bought for you for your 22nd Birthday. Black was his color that he chose for you so you smirked as you get changed quickly.

    You checked your phone it was “9:50pm” it was still early so you decided to take a shower as you showered you wondered why would he be calling you over to watch a movie in his room? On his bed? You have never been in his apartment before, the boys share an apartment so it’ll be your first time so you wanted to make it a special night.

    After your shower you simply packed the shorts and bra in your little backpack as you put on a mini skirt with your white tank top and a jersey and head on out to your car. As you get in your car you started the engine as you turned on your playlist, singularity came on and it already makes you think of Tae, as you drove out of the parking lot and into the streets of Soul.

    During the car ride almost to the boys apartment your mind was wandering, is your bestie really a freak? You’ve had many thoughts like this before but never at this dull moment, could Tae really have plans to do something with you? I mean sure you two always joke and laugh a lot but maybe he could be a freak. But you shake that feeling out of your mind and continue your journey up the hills of the boys apartment, you had finally arrived, nervous to even get out the car, you sat in the car for a few minutes as you collect your thoughts and breath in and out turning the car off.

    You got out, taking your mini backpack with you as soon as you locked the door, the door of the apartment flew open as you see two people running towards you like they wanted to kidnap you, until you heard a voice

    “OMGGGG ITS Y/N!!!!”

    You look and see it was Hobi as he came and gave you the biggest hug after Hobi came Jimin as they both gave you a big hug which made you smile, they pulled from the hug as they guide you inside the house. As you walked in your face immediately dropped, it was so pretty, smelled like summer breeze with cherry blossom scent as you seen yoongi and namjoon on the couch, Jungkook was helping Jin clean as jimin closed the door behind you.

    “Guys!! Look who’s finally here!! I’m so happy you came so what do you think? Do you like it?”

    Jimin smiles asking you a million questions as the members look and saw you and you smiled nodding at jimin in response as everyone came to greet you.

    Everyone except Tae, you didn’t see him where the boys were, so you just kept talking to the boys to by past the time, until you heard a loud “HEY!!” Everyone stopped and moved out the way, you saw him.

    Kim. Taehyung.

    You couldn’t help but stare, his messy hair, his baggy clothes he wore with his silk pants that fits his so well as he came towards you and the members he gives you a genuine yet gentle smile making your heart warm as you gave him a hug like you haven’t seen him in a long time and he whispers “i missed you so much y/n, welcome”

    You smiled enjoying his embrace as his arms wrapped around you guiding you towards his room he says his good nights as you entered his room you were surprised, his room is huge, the bed was a nice size as he has a projector in his room like an actual theater as he locked his room door to prevent his member’s from coming in he walks to you and smiles.

    “Tae, you have a nice room and it’s so aesthetically pleasing and relaxing, better than my apartment I’ll say that”

    You giggled and so did he as he sits on his bed looking for a movie for you two to watch he asks you

    “So did you bring your night clothes?”

    How did he know…. you nodded your head as you jumped on the bed where he was still searching for a movie for you two to watch, he says “you can change in the bathroom Bestie! I’ll be here finding us a movie to watch okay?”

    You nodded as you head towards the bathroom turning on the lights closing the door, you don’t know why but you felt the butterflies in your stomach as you change from your skirt to the shorts and socks and the bra he bought for you, you smirked as you put your hair into a ponytail, putting your clothes in your bag as you walked out.

    “Hey y/n I thought maybe we could- watch- oh my goodness-“

    His words started to fade as you came out the bathroom he couldn’t help but stare and your body as you started to feel a little nervous, this was your first time showing off your body, and your breasts fits well with the bra he bought you as you put your bag down you saw his glare as you blushed.

    “T-Tae? Don’t stare like that- it’s rude you tubby custard” you stick your tongue out as he snapped from his trans as you made it to his bed he starts the movie forgot to even tell you what movie you two were watching.

    The movie you two watched was one of your fav movies ever since it came out Sonic The Hedgehog as you two watched the movie you shared laughs and smiles you felt his arm going around your waist, you getting flustered as you made a little noise to his reaction, he smiled as you blushed a little.

    As the movie was ending you have already fallen asleep, resting your head on his pillows as his arm was still wrapped around you, as you moved you started to have fallen into a deep sleep, into your dream, as you were dreaming you felt like it was all real, you had a dream where Tae was kissing your lips as his was so nice, soft and wet, as the kiss gets deeper he starts to go down on your neck sucking and giving it soft kisses as he marks you, he goes down as you heard him saying something you couldn’t make out what he said but it was in a deep voice.

    As he keeps going down you feel as if he was pulling your shorts down along side with your panties making you shy, as you started to wake up you realize it wasn’t a dream… it was all happening while you were asleep, with your eyes still trying to open you you seen his fingers in his mouth as one of his wet fingers traces your core making you jump and moan a little as he sees you are awake he smirks and crawls back to you.

    “Y/N listen, i know you like me, and I know what you are feeling, and honestly, I feel the same way about you, but this, i don’t know what you were planning but…it worked and I can’t help but love every inch of you..”

    Tae with his deep voice making your body feel as if it was on fire making your desires growing into a deeper passion, your core was burning needed his touch, needing him nothing even matters but his love and his desires for you. You whined a little bit rubbing your core onto his hands as he slaps your pussy making you whine a bit.

    He shakes his head no as he starts taking off his shirt seeing his body makes you even more needy than before, you can see the bulge in his silky pants making your mouth water and your thoughts run, as he sits down in a position as he motions you to come to him.

    “Be a good little kitty and suck me off, that’s if you dare want me to fuck you so badly”

    You didn’t hesitate, you teased him kissing his soft lips as you rubbed your hands on his grown print, as he groans in anticipation, as you went down you tugged on his pants, noticing he wasn’t wearing any underwear you pulled his pants down as his dick sprung hitting his stomach your eyes widen, seeing this size you knew your best friend was big but not “THIS” big, so you take it into your hand as you looked at it seeing the precum, coming out you licked the tip blushing as he groans in pleasures.

    As you kitty licked the tip, you started to take his length into your mouth as you pulled back up slowly looking at him with your eyes as he bit his lips so you continue to suck him off, the moist noises making in the room filled up alongside with his groaning you moan a little while sucking as he takes a full hand of your hair speeding of the pace.

    As you gagged as he slowly pulls you up, saliva was falling from your mouth to his tip and he formed a smirk across his face

    “God look at you, I never seen my own best friend this nasty, you must want daddy’s cock huh?”

    His words are so deep, as he pushed you back on your back as he gets on top of you planting kissing down your neck all the way to your core he can see the wet marks were running down your tights as he smirks and goes down to your heated sex, swiping one tongue licking it making you jump and relive a moan he grabbed both of your tights as he started to suck on your clit making you moan as he starts licking your folds putting in one finger making you grab the bedsheets as your pussy makes noises filling the quiet room as ur moans were making up for most of it.

    As you feel that you were about to reach your climax he stops and pulls his fingers out making you taste your juices while looking at him

    “Wow you are this wet, needy and submissive for me? Y/N, this was the right time to show you how much of a dom I can be and your such a submissive girl, but you do be doing bad things and all bad things Must Be Punished…. on all fours now”

    As you did what he says you arched your back showing off your back dimples that formed his hands rubbing your nice shaped ass, as if he has always wanted to touch it before, you felt the sensation of his hands rubbing your ass until you heard a loud smack across one cheek making you jolt and cry in pain to pleasure

    “Just hearing you cry in pain for me just makes me wanna keep going, such a good little girl for me”

    As he smacks it again making you jump, he continues to do this until he starts running his dick along your folds making you need and hot and as he went in as it tries to fit you have never had sex before and it was your first time

    “T-Tae, p-please be gentle this- AH TAE”

    You screamed and your arch went deeper as Tae finally put it all in, making you cry a little and in pain because of how big he was, he started to move his hips in a rough way making you cry for mercy, but once you have gotten used to it, the pain went to pleasures making you moan he went out making you feel empty and need and goes back in harder making you throw your head back for pleasure.

    As Tae gripped your waist pulling you back and forth making skins meeting each other making you moan for his name, one of his hands was reach to your neck making you look up at him as he pounds your tight little pussy harder making you moan in so much pleasure the room was practically filled with noise as he pulls you in for a kiss he keeps going as he makes your pussy feel like heaven.

    He pulls from the kiss and slams into you making you fall down as he flips you over and now your laying on your back facing him, he gives himself a handjob before entering back into your entrance, slowly and teasing you as his dick was all the way in he starts moving his hips as you position yourself to meet with his as you felt great pleasure into the heated sex you two are having it’s was “12:59AM” and you two were sharing the most memorable moment of them all, he starts to buck his hips hitting your core which caused you to moan his name.

    He couldn’t help but pull you up close to him as the position was different causing you to moan a lot more

    “Tell me, what’s my name? who’s fucking you this good?”

    You couldn’t barley even speak a sentence as the pleasure was too unbearable making you moan and lose your thought, you took too long to answer as he smacked your ass with one hand causing you to throw your head back

    “no hesitation, now, what’s my name?”

    He says as he makes you look at him with his beautiful eyes as you spoke up “d-daddy…” while moaning with the little breath you had you feel your walls clutching tightly onto his dick

    “T- daddy…I’m a-about t-to c-“

    You couldn’t speak anymore because the wave of passion and pleasure was taking over as he knew what was happening he stopped moving as he positioned himself and his hips thrusting faster and faster going harder and harder into you as the skin noises was getting louder you both moan in pleasure as you both reached your climax at the same time making you both exhausted.

    You both fell onto the bed, Tae got the blankets and turned on his AC as you both covered up and cuddle together, out of breath as you both looked up and saw his room was filled with stars because he has a star projector, he smiled as he embraced your scent and after math of what happened.

    With the last breath you had left before falling asleep you told him

    “Tae, I love you…”

    As you feel asleep, Tae smiles and kisses your forehead and gets comfortable, before he fell asleep he told you while you were asleep.

    “I wanna be with you y/n…together and forever”

    As he cuddles you to sleep not leaving your side it was a beautiful moment you both cherished with each other especially when you have been friends for so long, you both felt glad you had the chance to even go out with one another.


    Originally posted by softjeon

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  • #bts#bts suga#suga #bts x oc #suga x oc #suga x jeong-sun #yoongi#min yoongi#bts scenarios #yoongi x jeong-sun #bangtan sonyeondan#bts ask#bts asks #bts ask us anything #bts ask me anything #bts smut#Bts fluff#bts fanfiction #bts fan fiction #bts fanfic
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  • image

    — pairing; hockey player!taehyung x coach’s daughter!reader

    — genre; fluff, mild angst, smut / best friends to lovers / mutual pining

    rating; 18+

    — word count; teaser: 259

    — warnings; none for the teaser, full warnings will be posted with story

    — summary; You’ve been in love with Taehyung since you were kids. Being the hockey coach’s daughter is what brings the two of you together– but at a frat party your freshman year of college, the world threatens to tear the two of you apart. Faced with a confession from your best friend of eleven years, you must overcome your own fears, doubts, and pride if you want to have a chance at the future you’ve dreamed of.



    thank you to my amazingly wonderfully perfect friend @parksfilter​​​ for outlining this with me!


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    #taehyung x reader #bts hockey au #taehyung x you #bts au#taehyung smut#bts smut
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  • Sk8er Boi - 03

    Pairing: Jungkook x reader

    Genre: sm au, college au, e2l, angst, fluff, smut

    『You’ve been working your whole life towards this point, senior year and preparing for the biggest ballet audition of your life. Everything has been going to plan and is absolutely perfect. Until a boy comes crashing into your life in the most spactacular way. Now you feel like everything is spiraling out of your control. Is he the problem? Or the answer you didn’t know you needed?』

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    a/n: If you want to be added to the taglist for the series, just send me a message! My ask box is always open! 💙💙

    Taglist: @theneighborhoodfangirl, @deolly, @bitchpleasexx, @preciouschimine

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    (Joon just looks fine AF, Kook ain’t got shit to do with this one shot) 

    Pairing : Namjoon X Reader

    About- Namjoon eats you out the minute you walk in the door because well…that’s the kinda husband he is! 

    Or- Jimin text’s Namjoon to brace him for the mood you’ll more than likely be in after finally firing the front desk receptionist..……which essentially read “Make Y/n come until she passes out….then order her take out for Nobu because I’m pretty sure she’s pmsing and irritable…” In which Namjoon had no issues with…because he loves taking care of you..especially when your sensitive and needy AF!

    Note: This is a stand alone smut drabble within my OT7 poly universe called “7 DEEP”. Short AU SUMMARY: Your husband Namjoon and yourself run a successful Adult Film Entertainment Company called “Onyx” with your 5 best friends from college who you also happen to be in an open relationship with!


    WARNINGS: Oral( F Receiving)/ Fingering/Light dirty talk/Cum play/Light choking (M Receiving)/ Over stimulation/Pet names/Not fully vanilla but it is kinda chill..nothing too wild the OC has had a long ass day!

    Song Reference: Case Ft Foxy Brown “Touch Me Tease Me” 


    “Baby?” Namjoon’s voice rings through your apartment the minute the door opens, though you can’t physically see him you still feel that honey coated baritone run down your spine as it bounces off every wall. You close the door, leaning against it letting as if your life depended on it, eyes fluttering shut immediately, more so mentally drained than anything else! 

    “Yea?” Your response comes out dryer than intended but you know Namjoon knows you well enough to not even be phased by it. You hear his feet patter into the foyer, still not bothering to open your eyes yet, everything just feels so damn heavy that even that alone seems exhausting! Until eventually you start to feel the steam radiating off his body, followed by the owe so familiar scent of pine and vanilla…His allergies have been killing him lately so he opted to work from home today instead…clearly fresh out the shower. 

    The weight shifts against the door as he braces his hands on either side of your head, leaning down to nose at your face like a cat until your eyes flutter open. Only to be met by those beautiful brown eyes of his…skin still holding a slight sheen over is tattooed chest..hair damp, face flushed. Nothing discrete in the ways yours eyes greedily unravel his body...not that there’s much to unravel he’s only wearing joggers for fucks sake.

    Namjoon lets out a low hum, as he places a couple kisses along the hinge of your jaw “I heard someone had a shitty ass day….” He phrases it more of a statement than a question as he nips at your skin, leaning down to press a lingering kiss on the side of your neck as he unties your jacket. Soothing his hands down your arms as he helps you step out of it..letting it fall where it may. Lacing your arms around his neck, releasing a breath that you didn’t even know you were holding, but that’s what he does to you. Effortlessly, he puts your mind and body at ease… titling your chin upwards silently,asking and he gives it to you, because of course he does, this man can’t deny you a damn thing even if he tried. 

    He gently brings your lips together, coaxing your mouth open in a way that has you moaning out instantly, letting your hands slide down his sides gripping his waist. Namjoon lets a hand trickle up your back until it meets the nape of your beck, taking an almost possessive grip to keep you in place as he deepens the kiss. Your suddenly feeling really desperate and to be honest you don’t quite know why, however your clawing at your husband’s chest like your touch starved knowing damn well your far from it. Namjoon has always been a very..versatile lover..he doesn’t need to always be in daddy dom mode, and he knows you like the back of his hand. Well aware you need some kind of anchor, some form of control right now after the day you just had so he lets you take it. He lets you lick into his mouth as you please and he swallows every moan that slips past your lips as he rocks his hips into yours making your knees weak and your chest feel like it’s caving in on itself. 

    You swear your apartment feels at least 10 degrees hotter than it was when you walked in, suddenly Namjoon is impatiently tugging at your dress. Alternating between stretching it and balling it into a fist. “This… fuckin dress” You instantly knew he wanted skin on skin, so you gave it too him. Pulling back just enough so he can tug your dress over your head leaving you in front of him in nothing but your bar, panties and high heels. “What do you need, baby?” He pants into your mouth “Just tell me what it is and I’ll give it to you…” Without responding you tug him closer, caging him between your thighs and the 6 inches on your feet putting the two of you damn near at eye level for once!  

    HIIIIIIIIIII lol I know, I know..a bitch is active and consent? Who TF is she!? Nah actually I’d been working on this “Universe” on and off since like quarantine first started so some of this has been sitting in a google drive folder TBH….

    But yeah, the full thing coming 7/14 around 3PM EST…. AU MASTER LIST BELOW… this is 90% smut btw theirs like a little plot at the end….  Also if you follow this universe the OC mentions firing the receptions in “Pretty please” but officially fires the receptionist in “Got me loosin all my cool”- Which I posted a sneak Peak for last night! So this is technically from that “day” just once she gets home from work if that make sense…


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    shirtless vampire


    girl code rule #1: never, ever, under any circumstances fall for your best friend’s crush. but what happens when your best friend’s crush checks all the boxes of your ideal guy… and to make matters worse… he’s crazy about you too.


    ⇝ taglist:  @randomkoalablog  @hehehehahahohohuhu @smoljams @dee-ehn @jaiuneamesolitaiire @sw33tnight @butterflylion @honeyoongles @withlovestudyblr @soulstaes @bangtansonyeondayyum @samros95 @korkanswers @houseofarmanto @marifujioka @tae165 @uxwi @trynavibewhileicry @jinhitwhore @preciouschimine @yeontanie21 @aa-ronpa @taefect94 @lee-karliah @codeinebelle @mochibabycakes @diminieshoe @fuddyize @soloikeadates @0xmysticx0 @bbyjoonies @amoreguk @diminieshoe @jayyayyy17 @softlyjins @bangtan-noona @fan-atic-blog–c @fuck-expectations-people @paradisetaemin @nyamjinnie @lilacdreams-00 @vsugakookie0104@koostime@la-evforia@betysotelo18@sunskook@pastelpinksunflower@kookiesjoonies@sopetv@tricethecharm

    A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. to be added to the taglist, send me an ask !! feedback is highly !! appreciated, it’s the motivation i need to keep the fic going nd fun for you guys!!<33

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