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    (memories 2020)

    like if you save, repost. x

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    I have romantic feelings for him

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    Beomgyu: Hear me out...

    Beomgyu: You make ten meals, you aren't a cook.

    Beomgyu: You make twenty paintings, you aren't an artist.

    Beomgyu: But you kill ONE PERSON -

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    Huening Kai: If you had to choose between Beomgyu hyung and all the money I have in my wallet, which would you choose?

    Taehyun: That depends, how much money are we taking about

    Beomgyu: Taehyun!

    Huening Kai: 63 won.

    Taehyun: I'll take the money.

    Beomgyu: TAEHYUN!!!

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    Soobin: Look me in the eyes and stay serious with me for a second.

    Yeonjun: *smiling and giggling* Your eyes are so beautiful.

    Soobin: *forcing himself to stop smiling* nO!

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    #just a drawing to relieve stress hihi #bts#yoongi#suga#artmy
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    Pictures of yoongi cause why not 🤨 also thank you so much for all the reblogs, likes, and follows! Makes me really happy 😊🖤🖤🖤
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    yoonmin icons !!

    ★ like/reblog if you save

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    Namjoon: anyone else feel good when their brain releases a bunch of endorphins?

    Yoongi: can’t relate

    Hoseok: why would my brain release a bunch of dolphins!?

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    Little Movie Star ⭐

    Yoongi X Reader (Female)

    Rating: E for Explicit

    Summary/ Prompt #5: Reader wears a crotch less baby pink body suit and rides Yoongi while he's on a business call/ playing video games. He records you and posts it on pornhub only for it to blow up so much that Jin and Jimin send him a link to the video and says it's the hottest thing they've ever seen. They get to see your reaction in real time. (Face hidden ofc with consent)

    Link to prompts I spit balled: Click link and leave a comment!

    During the weekdays Yoongi was all about work so naturally the weekends were yours. You were both career oriented so you understood that sometimes in work, delays and mishaps occur and it takes away from your personal time.

    Yoongi had been working extra hard lately. He was pulling ungodly hours at the studio and dance practice for their upcoming concerts online and he was dead tired when the weekdays returned him to you.

    Currently, it was 10pm on a Friday with Yoongi still dressed in his workout shirt and a cap tipped so low that it covered his eyes, leaving only his mouth exposed. He was talking animatedly to someone on the phone, making obscene gestures with his hands.

    Looks like someone wasn't in a good mood.

    Yoongi stood like a shadow in the corner of the kitchen, dressed all in black and propped on the counter. Based on what you could hear, it seems like work was taking Yoongi's Saturday as well.

    You sighed looking at the untouched takeout perched on the counter, now shining from condensation on the plastic bag. You knew he wouldn't be here when you woke up, Yoongi had an amazing work ethic. Sometimes it was too amazing. So if hypothetically you were to take advantage of the situation, it would be now.

    You took of your coat, revealing a baby pink bodysuit tucked neatly into your (Yoongi's) sweatpants. You planned on fucking him tonight anyways, not even work could take that away from you.

    Stalking closer to him, you wrapped your arms around Yoongi from behind, pressing your bodies closer. He responded innocently by interlocking your fingers above his stomach, unknowing of the treat you had in store for him.

    "Hobi and Jimin are already working overtime Joon-"

    You blocked out his conversation and gently tugged Yoongi over to the couch. He held onto your hand as you guided him to take a seat on the couch. Yoongi immediately made himself comfortable, leaning into the cushions and subconsciously spreading his legs.

    "But we finished the album-"

    You unclasped your hands from Yoongi's, watching his face twist in confusion and hurried to stand behind him. Since he seemed so stress, you decided to ease whatever tension was building up in his shoulders. Slowly and carefully you began massaging the knots around his shoulder and neck. Yoongi's voice was becoming less rough and his tone was smooth and silky.

    He looked up at you, his cap tipping over in the process and falling somewhere close by. You smiled as he tilted his chin up, silently demanding a kiss. And you gave it to him. Quick and flirty.

    Now that he was calm and in an approachable mood, you decided to get started with tonight's main event. As Yoongi was busy chatting away into his phone, you hovered until you were seated between his legs.

    As Yoongi took in your new position, he gave you a questionable look with his eyebrows raised as if to ask 'What are you doing?'. You smiled innocently in return and sat with your legs bent beneath you. His conversation was far from finished, but so were you.

    "I already sent the tracks to her Joon and I did some stuff for TXT-"

    You ran you hands up Yoongi's leg touching his calf, knees and thigh through his black slacks. The way he sat made everything so easy for you. Yoongi was easily excitable once you knew what made him tick. He loved slow touches. He loved dragging out an orgasm and making it last long. It was about making him feel good. It was about making you feel good.

    Your hands were now running up the inside of his thigh, nearing closer to his zipper. Yoongi knowingly raised his hips to meet your touch, disguising it as him adjusting his seating. He was trying to move closer to you.

    Yoongi spoke into his phone, but his eyes were on you. His deep gaze monitoring your every move. It would be intimidating if his hair hadn't look so ruffled from wearing a cap all day.

    When you finally decide to graze you hands across his clothed cock you saw how much it affected him visibly. His body jerked slightly with the bare minimum. Yoongi was pent up and you were happy and willing to be his release.

    You decided to ditch the teasing tonight. The way he chewed his bottom lip told you how needy he really was. You pressed your palm into his crotch and almost giggled at the way he squirmed and bucked into your palm.

    Feeling a bit naughty you mouthed something generically dirty to him, marveling at the way his face scrunched in attempt to understand.

    You had him literally in the palm of your hands and feeling restless. Yoongi impatiently smacked your hands away and undid his button and zipper with his free hand. You weren't surprised when you saw that even his underwear was coloured black.

    "This can be done by next week, I have no complaints but I do think that-"

    Upon tugging Yoongi's pants, it was revealed that his cock was hard and rubbing against the material of his underwear. His head was thrown back with his eyes shut as you took him into your hand and stroked along his length. His arousal made his cock swell. It was thick and heavy, dripping with sticky precum the more you rubbed him.

    "Mmmm, Mmhmm." He groaned, eyes bulging in realization that he just moaned into the phone. "Ahemmmm, I agree Joon."

    His rousing prompted your own arousal. Your pussy was already hot and clinging to your body suit.

    You pumped him a couple more times using your own spit as lubrication and enjoyed watching him hold back. Yoongi's free hand was around your own and he was guiding your movements to make it slower. He squeezed his hand firmly over yours and guided the movements up to the tip of his cock.

    For now you followed his desired movement and stroked his cock the way he liked it. You knew he loved getting the tip sucked and played with, he was a sucker for overstimulation and sensitivity. You drew your face closer and stuck your entire tongue out, making it a show for Yoongi.

    You licked around the head of his cock in a teasing manner, loving the way he hummed on the phone. Namjoon was getting quite an eargasm an wasn't even aware.

    His hips jerked from side to side, finding it difficult to contain himself with both your hands and mouth on him. Before you completely indulge in your own fantasies, you sucked in the tip and licked away clean all that was bared to you. Making sure that Yoongi's eyes were on yours, you sunk your head lower taking in more of his thick cock into your mouth. You sucked generously and rubbed your tongue lightly along that one sensitive area on the underside of his cock that you knew he licked. You had him scrunching his nose and biting his lips to prevent himself from doing something embarrassing on the phone.

    He reached out to you and held you by the chin, swiping his thumb to collect the mixture of spit and precum. Yoongi held your face for a while and gave you a look as if begging and pleading for you to do something. Unless he told you what he wanted, you were just going to do as you please.

    Smiling, you broke away from Yoongi's hold and stood up. As if putting on a show, you swayed your hips and tugged at the waistband, enjoying the way that this man's eyes were all on you. You faced your back to him, looking over your shoulder with a smirk as you shimmied your way out of the sweats. You make it a point to bend over without bending your knees with your legs spread slightly.

    From the way he went silent you assumed he was gawking at the way your pussy was unveiled to him through your crotchless bodysuit. He stuttered out a response to Namjoon but you wasted no time. You bent over a little more, grabbing onto your ankles and wiggling your hips for your own amusement- and partly his.

    You now stood in front of him in a cute baby pink body suit with the neck dipping slightly. It was high cut thong bodysuit, so it covered enough of your pussy in the front but barely anything from behind.

    Now that Yoongi paid attention and had a good look at you, he was drooling. You weren't sure if he was still talking to Namjoon, but his eyes were glued to your front, still gawking at the way the material darkened with your arousal.

    "Mhmm, yeah. I guess."

    With his responses growing shorter and his attention on you increasing, Yoongi was sitting up reaching out for you to come to him. His naturally lazy gaze was widened and his tongue darted out playfully at the thought of you.

    'I'm gonna ride you' You mouthed, watching Yoongi's expression brighten.

    He patted his lap and stroked his cock a couple times before holding it steady for you to indulge. You turned around and bent over once more, enjoying the way Yoongi laughed into the phone. His hands stumbled to help you guide his cock into you, but once the tip slid past your pussy lips, you were already sinking all the way to the hilt.

    Your really tried not to let the burn of Yoongi's thick cock stir you, but the feeling of having him inside you was something you came to love. The stretch was something you had to get used to, but once you bounced a couple times and circle your hips, you were all set to go.

    Both your hands were placed on Yoongi's thighs for support, your knees were pressed together and your back arched as you slowly fucked yourself onto his cock. From the way he was hissing, you knew that this position was tight on his cock, squeezing and teasing him with each movement.

    "Mhmm. Joon, I'll call you back."

    Yoongi hung up the call and groaned loudly as you dropped yourself onto him, whimpering in the process. With your back arched and the curve of his cock, he was rubbing you all the right ways.

    "Oh fucking hell. You're like my personal porn star. So pretty baby." Yoongi sputtered.

    He jerked his hips up, meeting your movements halfway. You let him fuck you like this until his hands tangled into your hair pulling harshly to halt your movements.

    "Baby do you trust me?" Yoongi asked, peeking your interest.

    You turned to see his phone in his hand pointed towards you. "Yes?"

    "Can I record you riding me? I won't get your face."

    You pondered for a while, grinding down on his hard cock. "You want to record me?"


    "Okay, you can record me. Just make sure I look pretty okay."

    "You always look pretty baby."

    Once Yoongi had the angle right, he tapped your hips with his free hand, signaling you to start. The angle captured the back of your neck all the way down to Yoongi's cock buried into your pussy. Part of Yoongi stomach was also captured.

    He let you find your own rhythm as you bounce on his cock, and he marveled in amazement as his thick length disappeared into you each time you grinded down on him.

    "Good girl, make yourself cum baby." He cooed, rubbing your hips.

    He playfully hooked his thumb inside the thong backing of the bodysuit and pushed it aside, exposing you to the camera. His hum of appreciation made you feel like the prettiest thing in the world.

    "Put your knees on either sides of me baby."

    You listened to Yoongi and put your feet up. You were now straddling him backwards with a fire burning deep in your stomach. It just hit you that he was recording you, possibly to look at when he was away on tour or generally busy. If it was for Yoongi, you might as well make it good.

    "Good girl."

    You bend over and your hands found purchase on Yoongi's knees. Your entire ass and pussy was bared to him as you desperately grind back and forth. Your moans were growing louder and needier.



    "Cum in me, please. Please want you to cum in me Yo- Ahhh-"

    Yoongi's hand was on your ass in a swift motion, slapping the skin until it stung. Before you could protest, Yoongi did it again loving the way your ass giggled on camera.

    "Want my cum baby?" Yoongi taunted.


    "Then take it baby. Bounce on my cock and you'll get to have all of it."

    You wasted no time in switching up your movement, carelessly bouncing on Yoongi's cock. The only sounds that can be heard was the loud slapping as you dropped down on him. Wanting to look pretty for Yoongi you teased your fingers into your hair, whining whenever his cock would make your toes curl.

    "Mmmm, just like that pretty."

    That was all it took to encourage you to bounce faster and harder. Yoongi cried out and held you down by the waist as he fucked into you, his own orgasm washing over him.

    "Mmmm, love it when you cum in me." You whined, rolling your hips around his cock. It was still hard but judging from Yoongi's high pitched squirms, he was oversensitive.

    "Let me see baby. Stand up."

    You grind against him one last as if teasing and lifted your hips, revealing his wet sticky cock. Your wetness was clinging to him and his cum was stuffed so deep inside you that Yoongi had to bend you over so that the camera could get a good view.

    You held onto the coffee table for support as you bent over for Yoongi's pleasure. He dipped a finger into you, easing the cum to drip out of your tight clenching core. Both the camera and Yoongi seemed to love you. You still hadn't cum yet and Yoongi knew that. You were looking for any kind of stimulating touch from him.

    "Want me to make you cum pretty?"

    "Yes please."

    "Good girl. Let me take care of you."

    Yoongi inserted two fingers inside you, both of them pressing forward to rub blissfully at your sensitive G spot. He pumped his fingers with a loud watery squelching sound echoing in the room. Yoongi was so good with his hands and his mouth. So when he swiped his thumb across your clit, the unexpected sensation was enough to drive you up a wall and soar high as an intense pussy clenching orgasm hit. It was so loud and powerful that your legs trembled as proof to show how good Yoongi was to you.

    And he got it all on camera too. The way you screamed. The way your pussy clenched around his fingers and the way your body just naturally gravitated towards his own.

    "Come here pretty."

    With his phone now discarded and you in his lap, Yoongi cooed at how perfect you were and how he loved his surprise. You snuggle into him, still feeling high from your orgasm.

    "Your fingers are talented Yoongi."

    He laughed, pressing kisses up the side of your face.

    "I'm glad I could be of use. Come on lets take a shower and go to bed. Namjoon wants me in the office tomorrow so I won't be here in the morning. I promise to make you cum when I get back. And I'll make lunch."

    "Hmm. A man after my pussy, my stomach and my heart. I have no reason to reject your terms Min."

    "Glad I could rearrange your guts tonight baby. I'll re-rearrange them tomorrow. Just you wait. That's a promise."

    As the Saturday dawned upon you, you quickly realized that you were alone in bed. The space next to you was painfully empty and judging by the time on your alarm clock it was almost 6pm. It was past lunch time and Yoongi was still at work.

    You hopped off the bed and carried on as usual, freshening up and making breakfast at 6pm. When you did settle down and checked your phone, you were surprised to see a bunch of texts from Yoongi telling you how excited he was about some video he edited during lunch.


    Baby I want you to see this video so bad.

    You're literally a goddess.

    I can't even think about it without getting hard.

    You sound like an expensive porn star.

    You snorted at the last one and scrolled through all of the high praises you got from him. Apparently he had some free time to edit your sex tape into something so aesthetic that Min Yoongi was gushing poetry about your pussy and the sounds you made while fucking him.


    Dear Mr Min, I am deeply devastated that my appointment for re-rearranging my guts was compromised because you felt the need to edit and polish our sex tape. I was looking forward to feeling the ghost of your cock re-rearranging me, blessing my insides bright and early Monday morning as I walk into work.

    I would also like to inform you that I missed lunch thanks to your tardiness and I didn't have that orgasm you promised me. It seems as though a Min's promise is an empty promise.

    I am tired, horny and starved and it's all your fault. Don't come home tonight.

    Love truly,

    Your porn star.

    You gigged pressing send, knowing that it would rile him up. Yoongi had always boasted about how being a Min meant that you always delivered. And it was true, he did deliver in many ways. Instantly your phone lit up with a string of apologies and just him pinning all the blame on Namjoon. As if Namjoon didn't get ear fucked last night blissfully unaware of the fact.


    Babe, Namjoon's been keeping me here.

    Not my fault.

    I tried to escape but he kept guilt tripping me.

    I pretended to work for a while but he wanted to see the progress so I actually had to prepare something because I was too busy looking at you.


    Dear Mr Min, I would like to gently let you know that next time you need your dick polished you can ask Namjoon. I hope he can sound and look as pretty as me.

    Signing off, You pretty porn star.

    For a while there was no response. Seeing as Yoongi always had something smart to say, you were a little disappointed that he didn't retaliate with the same snappy attitude.

    Instead of dwelling over it, you hummed as you bit into your toast and scurried off to make a cup of coffee. Your phone dinged from the coffee table and you curiously peeped to see a response from your boyfriend.


    To my pretty little porn star, I am deeply regretful for my negligence. I would just like to inform you that Namjoon could never hold a flame to your mouth, hands or pussy. He could never sound as angelic as you.

    Tonight when I get home, I will be re-rearranging your entire digestive system and that's a promise. I look forward to our encounter.

    Love your boyfriend who always keeps his promise (except this one time), Min Yoongi <3

    You almost choked at how ridiculous he was. So he was going after your whole digestive system. There was one thing you could do guaranteed to set him off enough for him to come running home.


    Bet ;)

    After you sent the text you threw your phone on the couch and settled for Netflix and whatever snacks you had laying around. Seeing as you missed lunch your appetite was quite demanding.

    You were exactly two episode into modern family with a small tub of ice cream perched on you lap when Min Yoongi came barreling in. He was hot and sweaty with a red face. He dropped whatever bags he carried and rushed over to you.

    "Bet?" He asked annoyed, rolling his eyes. "You need to stop texting Jungkook. It annoys me when you say that."

    "It got you here didn't it, now I was promised my whole digestive system being destroyed so please get to it. I might even call you Daddy."

    That night was spent with Yoongi bending you over the couch handle and fucking into you like his life depended on it. It was rough with hair pulling and heated touches. He never let you have a second to breathe. When he finally made you cum, he swiftly switched positions and stuffed his cock down your throat. You found yourself pliant under his touch and swallowing when he told to do so, you even received compliments about how much of a good girl you were.

    "Fuck Yoongi, I think you broke my neck and my back." You complained.

    "Serves you right for that cursed text 'bet' and winky face."

    "Your a literal child."

    "A child cannot make and edit a sex tape, now come watch our masterpiece."

    Yoongi connected his phone to the Tv and casted the video on the big screen. As soon as he did your breathy moans filled the screen and all you could see was your tiny body bouncing on Yoongi's thick cock in that pink body suit. It was beyond hot, knowing that it was you and him.

    You watched with a permanent blush as you mutter curse words and grind onto Yoongi's cock. This must be what he sees when he fuck you. As the video near the end, you quite literally screamed out as you saw yourself bent over with Yoongi's finger dipping into you with his cum leaking out.

    "Yoongi, that's-" You found it difficult to find the right words.

    "The hottest thing I've ever seen in my life. You're a goddess and you deserve to have all your fantasies come true. I will help."

    He was clearly buttering you up.

    You drew the last straw when you heard yourself beg Yoongi to make you cum. The noises were unlike you, it was like a different person on screen. It felt obscene and erotic seeing the way you looked when you orgasmed.

    "Baby, I haven't stopped playing it."

    "Yoongi, it's very...I look nice but it's...dirty?"

    "Of course it's dirty, I filmed your pussy the entire time. You can see how perfect you are, literally."

    "I guess, I'm just shy about seeing myself and hearing how I sound."

    "You're perfect. I'm sure a lot of people would agree." He said smiling proudly.

    "Who are you gonna show...Namjoon?"

    "Ugh, Namjoon isn't worthy of you. But to prove it, since we can't see your face or mine maybe we can upload it on the Hub and check our reviews in a month."

    You pondered for a hot minute before you grew hot at the idea of other people watching you. It wasn't like your face was in the video. Yoongi's identity was hidden so you figured why not.

    "Bet." You smirked.

    "I will kill you."

    You laughed.

    Work had been busy, both you and Yoongi were trying your best to do something other than nap together but you were both so god damn tired. It hadn't even been a month since Yoongi uploaded your sex tape.

    The title and username he chose still haunts you to this day 'POV of Tiny Girlfriend Riding My Thick Cock and Cums on My Fingers (Whiny Sub pleasing Dom with Creampie)- by DickTechnology93

    You were both impatiently waiting for the month to end to check the views and comments, if there were any. Yoongi was the owner of the account and you knew he had incredible self control. Had it been you, your notifications would've been on with you obsessively checking every hour.

    "The boys wanna have lunch together. We could ditch."

    "Yoongi! That's mean, lets eat with them."


    You were all settled in Jin's apartment sitting around the living room in a circle. They ordered fried chicken and a mixture of different Korean food. You were already full from all the stuffing.

    After hours of chatting a few members left, leaving behind Namjoon, Jin and Jimin. Namjoon's girlfriend was too busy talking his ear off about working late so you opted to join Jin and Jimin's conversation.

    "Hyung it was a good porno." Jimin gigged loudly.

    That caught Yoongi's attention. He soon dived into a conversation with Jimin about porn and it left you thinking about your own sex tape. Only one more week left to find out.

    "Jimin's right Yoongi, I'll send you a link. It's hot for all the right reasons. The girl rides dick like it was made for her."

    Yoongi snorted eying you. You took the bait and joined in the conversation with the guys, wanting to see what they were talking about.

    "She can't be that good." You taunted.

    "See for yourself." Jimin said, raising both his hands to his defense.

    The video started playing, looking oddly familiar. As soon as it registered in your head that Jin and Jimin were raving about the POV porno you made with Yoongi, you felt like you died a little on the inside. They were busy arguing about what made the video so hot. Had they only paid attention to the dialogue, they would've figured out it was Yoongi. It quite literally sounds exactly like him, just slower and breathier.

    "Want me to make you cum pretty?"

    "Yes please."

    "Good girl. Let me take care of you."

    You laughed. You actually laughed out loud at their bickering. Instead of giving an excuse you agreed with Jimin when he said that 'she' was hot. You could see the wheels in Yoongi's head turning as Jin added a comment about the moans you made. If only they knew that they were thirsting after you.

    "She looks fuckable. If I had her in real, I'd make sure she never walks again." Jin said.

    "Hyung, look at her pussy. She should be eaten out every day of the week." Jimin argued

    "She's flexible too." You added.

    "Ahem, looks like it's time to go babe."

    You said your goodbyes and left with Yoongi's hand tightly wound around your waist.

    "I fucking told you. Pretty everywhere. Fuck, two hundred thousand views. Most of the guys want to fuck you." He groaned.

    "Are we talking about the thirst comments or BTS." You laughed, earning a glare.

    "I will end all of them, you know I will." Yoongi rolled his eyes and hugged you closer. "What the fuck does Park even know about eating pussy."

    "I couldn't even begin to tell you."

    "Fucking video made everyone's dick wet for you."

    "Just wait till I wear that bodysuit next time I see the guys."

    "You're just asking to choke on my cock baby. Settle down or I will dispose of that bodysuit."

    "I got it in baby blue, black and green. Knock yourself out"

    "I demand a try on haul."

    After an hour of bickering and a couple heated kisses later, Yoongi was sat on your bed with you modelling the bodysuits. It was safe to say that you guys fucked that night. At least three times. And one more time for the sake of reminiscing your first POV sex tape.

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    I hope this lived up to whatever you imagined when you read the prompt. Thanks for responding to my post and I hope you enjoyed this <3

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    love him, also last one for the night.

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