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  • ksjshoe
    24.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    So I'm new here and don't understand shit, but tbh Seokjin's a whole ass daddy. Needed to say that. Like damn, I'm a hoe for him😭
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  • lillithlfe
    24.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    After a fight. [Vmin ver.]

    Jimin: Ok so on the count of 3, we both apologize. OK?


    Taehyung: *nods*

    Jimin: OK, 1.....2.....3!




    Jimin: See, now I'm disappointed in both of us.

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  • vanteess
    24.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    210924 Seokjin airport

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  • btsfan15
    21.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Wrong Name

    "Let's go on that ride!" Areum said.

    "Areum, we're all hungry. Let's have lunch first and then we go on the ride, okay?" I said.

    "Okay!" She grinned.

    We were at the amusement park, enjoying a great time together. We didn't know what to do today, so we all had the idea to come here. Areum, again, was with us. I knew she would love to go on all the rides with us. The sun was shining and it was hot.

    So far, we've been on the Ferris wheel, roller coasters, and bumper cars. It was lunchtime so went to the food booth. We ordered what we wanted and sat down.

    "I had so much fun on all those rides!" Hoseok exclaimed.

    "Yeah, they were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!" Jimin's eyes were wide.

    "Too bad it had to end, though." Taehyung pouted.

    "That's okay. We can always come back." Namjoon smiled.

    Then, our food came and we dug in.

    "So, what should do after we eat?" Jin asked.

    "Well, Areum wanted to go on a ride." Jungkook said.

    "Yes, I want to and it's a water one!" She said.

    "Oh, that's perfect for a hot day like today." Yoongi said.

    "Yeah, it would cool us all down." I said.

    "Then, it's settled. We'll go there after we finish eating." Hoseok said.

    We agreed and finished eating our food. Then, we headed to the place.

    "Areum, what's the place called?" Taehyung asked.

    "It's called the Grizzly River Run. It's a thrilling whitewater raft adventure that splashes you down a roaring river deep in the mountains."

    "Wow, that sounds really fun! I can't wait to go on it!" Jimin said.

    "Then, what are we waiting for? Let's go!" I run and the other members follow me.

    "Is everyone strapped in and ready?" Jungkook asked.

    "Yes!" We say in unison.

    "Let the fun begin!" I said.

    The ride started moving and we enjoyed the view. We were all in awe at the beautiful trees and plants.

    "Everything here is beautiful." Yoongi said.

    "I know. Nature sure has a lot of things to see and hear." Jin said.

    Then, we saw the drop ahead.

    "Guys, get ready! The drop is about to come!" Areum said.

    "Oooh, I'm so excited!" Taehyung grinned.

    As we neared the edge, Areum couldn't hold her excitement. Her legs were moving up and down and she was grinning widely. Then, our boat went down and we got splashed with tons of water. We all laugh. Everyone's hair and clothes were soaking wet.

    "We're all soaked!" Namjoon said.

    "Yes, but that was so much fun!" Jimin giggled.

    We got out of the boat and headed back into to the sun to dry ourselves off.

    "Whew, that sure was something." Hoseok was in awe.

    "I really enjoyed it! Can we go again?" Areum said. "Pretty please?"

    "But we just went. You want to go again?" I ask.

    "I know, but we might not come back, so I wanna enjoy it again."

    "Good point." Jin said. "It was pretty fun."

    "Yay! So, who's gonna go with me?"

    "Jin-hyung and Navya." Jungkook said.

    Jin and I both look at each other and shrug.

    "Let's go, Areum." I smile.

    She grins and the three of us head back into the ride once more.

    "Ahhhhh!" Areum yells.

    The three of us get soaked even more again. We laugh in excitement and exit the ride. We head back to the other guys.

    "Have fun?" Yoongi crosses his arms.

    "Yeah! I loved it!" Areum said.

    I take a quick glance at Jin.

    Dang, wet Jin is hot.

    "Let's play some games before we head home." Namjoon said.

    "Good idea. We can win some prizes, too." Hoseok said.

    So, the rest of our time, we played games and won tons of prizes. I'm really bad at any game, but I managed to win a huge teddy bear. I squealed when I held it.

    "Omg, it's so adorable and soft!" I giggle.

    Areum, too won a huge kitty cat. She also squealed.

    "So soft and cuddly! It reminds me of Yoongi oppa!"

    We all crack up laughing while Yoongi blushes.

    Jin, on the other hand, was whining like a child cause he didn't get anything.

    "Yah, how are you guys so skilled at these games?! I didn't get a single prize!" He pouted.

    "Hyung, it's just a prize. Besides, we didn't get anything either." Taehyung said.

    "I don't care! I want something soft and cuddly to hug when I'm sleeping."

    We ended up playing one more game, hoping Jin would win something, and he did. He had a huge grin on his face and was giggling like crazy.

    "Yahhhh, an alpaca! Like me!" He hugged it and we all just shake our heads.

    Sometimes, Jin can be a kid, even though he's the oldest member.

    After that, we headed back to the car and Jin drove home. It was a long drive that Areum fell asleep, with her cat plushie in her arms.

    "She's so cute when she sleeps." Jungkook whispered.

    "All that fun must've worn her out." I chuckle.

    Eventually, the other members went to dreamland, including me. We were all exhausted after all that fun.

    "Guys, wake up. We're home." Jin said.

    I open my eyes and rub them. I hear the other members and Areum starting to wake up. We all get out and I unbuckle Areum and she runs into the house.

    "That nap did the trick!" I laugh.

    We head into the house and settle down.

    "How long has it been since we went to an amusement park?" Namjoon scratched his head.

    "I don't know, but I'm glad we went today." Jimin smiled.

    "Yeah, we all had so much fun together, including Areum." I said.

    "Even our clothes are all dried up! We didn't even need to change!" Jin said.

    "Maybe we can go again tomorrow!" Areum suddenly said.

    "Maybe." I chuckle.

    "Navya, can I take a bath?"

    "A bath? Why?"

    "Cause I miss being soaked. I'm all dry now and it's no fun." She pouted.

    "Well, okay. Stay here and I'll get the water running."

    "Yay!" She hugs me and I stand up and head to the bathroom. I turn on the water and wait for it to get warm. A few minutes later, the bath was ready.

    "Areum, it's ready! Come on!" I shout from the bathroom.

    I hear her running footsteps and she had a huge grin on her face. I close the bathroom door and I help her with her clothes. Once she's in the tub, I put soap in the water to form bubbles.

    "Put more! I want lots of soapy suds!"

    "Okay, if you say so." I laugh and squeeze more soap into the tub.

    "This is so much fun! It's better than the ride we went on cause there weren't any bubbles!" She giggled.

    Then, we heard a knock at the door.

    "Come in!" I said.

    The door opened, revealing Jin with a smile on his face. He came in and closed the door behind him.

    "Looks like somebody's having fun." He chuckled, crossing his arms.

    "She is and I was just about to wash her." I said. "Wanna help?"

    "Me?" He pointed to himself.

    "Yeah, I could use a little help."

    "Well, okay. I'd be happy to help."

    Jin kneels down next to me and we both start washing Areum. It was really fun washing her together. Areum kept laughing and splashing in the water. Then, I decided to have a little fun.

    I'm gonna splash water on Jin.

    I moved the water with my hand and threw it on him. He looked at me with a surprised face, his jaw agape, which made me laugh..

    "Hey!" He did the same back.

    "Don't get me wet!" I said.

    "You got me wet first!"

    "Oh, you're on!"

    We both kept splashing water at each other, drenching out clothes and hair. We both kept laughing like little kids.

    "Hey, let me splash you two!" Areum said.

    She started and soon the three of us were splashing each other like crazy. It was so much fun.

    "Okay, okay! Stop!" I said.

    We stopped and catch our breath.

    "Yah, I'm all soaking wet!" Jin exclaimed.

    "I am, too! It's not a big deal!"

    We both look at each other and I scan Jin. His hair was draped on his head and there was water dripping down his face to his neck and down his body. His shirt and pants were completely soaked.

    Wet Jin is back again and is making my knees weak.

    Suddenly, I see Jin's ears turn pink and his face turns red. I furrow my brows.

    "What's wrong?"

    "Your shirt. It's soaked."

    "I know. Why?"

    "I can see right through it..."

    My eyes widen and I look down and sure enough, Jin was right. It was see through, showing my bra. I was wearing a white blouse with a black bra.

    Bad idea to wear black and white today.

    My cheeks flare with red hot.

    "What did you see?" I mumbled, not making eye contact with him.

    "Not much..."

    "Do you mean her bra?" Areum asked.

    Both our eyes widen and I swallow.

    "N-no..." Jin whispered.

    "Yes, you did! I-"

    "Okay, Areum! I think it's time to get out now. You've been in there long enough."

    I grab the towel from the hanger and wrap her with it.

    "Jin, can you take her out?"

    "Yeah." He grabs Areum and puts her on the floor.

    I wipe her face and body. Luckily, I brought new clothes for her to wear.



    "I didn't get to finish my sentence."

    "I know and I'm sorry I interrupted you. I don't want you to catch a cold from staying in the water for too long." I booped her nose and she giggled.

    "It's okay. I was gonna say it but I forgot what it was."

    Jin and I both laugh.

    "You're so cute." Jin pinches her cheeks.

    "I know." She grins.

    I help her get dressed and I give Jin a hug.

    "Thanks for helping me. You always know when to come." I winked.

    "Ah, don't mention it. It was nothing. I know how she drives you crazy. Sometimes." He chuckles.

    He raises his hand and smiles.

    "High five for a great job working together."

    "And for getting wet." I laugh.

    We both high five and smile at each other. We then head back to the other members.

    "Did you have a fun bath?" Yoongi asked.

    "Yes! There were so many bubbles and Seokjin oppa and Navya splashed each other, getting themselves wet! I also joined in on the fun cause I didn't want to be left out." She exclaimed and I chuckled.

    "Oh, they did? I bet they were flirting, especially Jin-hyung." Hoseok giggled.

    "Yah, J-Hope! Be quiet. And, no I didn't flirt. Don't make me use my hyung card." Jin said.

    "I felt really relaxed with the warm water and soap bubbles!" Areum exclaimed. "I can't wait to do it again with mommy and daddy!

    Areum put a hand on her mouth and her eyes were wide. Our eyes widened, too.

    "She did not just-" Namjoon started.

    "I-I mean to say Seokjin oppa and Navya! I don't know why I said that."

    She looked embarrassed and guilty.

    "Areum-ah, it's fine. Accidents do happen and we learn from them." Taehyung smiled.

    "Yeah, it's okay if you say the wrong thing. We understand." Jungkook said.

    "Really?" Her face brightened.

    We all nod.

    "Ah, thank you." She smiled.

    Then, she started to yawn.

    "You can't be possibly be sleepy. You slept in the car for an hour." Jimin said.

    "I think the bath made me sleepy. I'm going to take a nap." She rubbed her eyes and headed to my room.

    "I'll tuck you in." I follow behind her.

    We both enter the room and Areum gets under the covers. I tuck her in and kiss her forehead.

    "Sleep tight." I smiled.

    She grabbed my wrist before I could leave.

    "I think I know why I said mommy and daddy."

    "Oh, why?"

    "Cause sometimes I think your my mom and Seokjin oppa is my dad, but then I realize that you're my sister and Seokjin oppa is my friend."

    "You think me and Jin are your parents? Is that what you're saying?"

    "Pretty much."

    "Wow, I had no idea and there's no way Jin and I can be your parents cause we're not married."

    "That's easy to solve! Just start dating and one day, Seokjin oppa will get on one knee and say "Navya, I love you so much. Will you marry me?" and then you'll both kiss and happily ever after." She grinned and I chuckled.

    "Don't go overboard, Areum. You're still too young." I smiled.

    "Hey, it could happen! I'm just saying!"

    "Okay, time to go to sleep now. Sweet dreams and I love you." I stood up from the bed.

    "Love you, too."

    We both smile and I close the door, sighing. I headed to the living room, seeing only Jin sitting there on his phone. He looks up and smiles.

    "Is she asleep?" He puts his phone away in his pocket.

    "She's just starting now. We were just talking this whole time." I sat down on the couch next to him, perhaps a bit too close.

    "Oh, what happened?" He turned to face me.

    I filled him about everything and he was surprised.

    "Wow, I didn't know that. And she even talked about marriage at this age? Wow, she has a big imagination."

    "I know, but we're getting used it. I think. Hey, where are the others?"

    "Oh, they went to do their stuff, leaving me alone."

    "Let me guess. Yoongi's sleeping."

    "Mhm." He chuckles and I shake my head.

    "I thought so."

    I rested my head on the couch and my eyes started to droop.

    "You look exhausted. Are you sleepy?"

    "I am, but I'll manage. Areum's just really..."

    "I know how you feel. You can sleep if you want. It's up to you. I'll be right here." He smiled.

    "Thank you." I smiled.

    I wanted to stay awake, but I couldn't. I was so tired after today that I just wanted to go to dreamland.

    "Navya, come cuddle with me. You'll fall asleep." Jin opened his arms wide.

    "That's sweet of you, Jin, but I'm fine."

    "Navya, you are taking care of Areum everyday and you need to rest, so come over here, please."


    There was no use in arguing, so I scooted closer to him and he wrapped his arms around me, his warmth making me feel cozy and comfortable. He was wearing a purple hoodie. I lean my head on his shoulder. I was feeling even more sleepy than before.

    "How do you feel now?"

    "Soft and warm. You don't have to do this."

    "I know, but I want to. I feel like I always have to when you're sleepy."


    "Shh. Enough talking and go to sleep."

    "Okay." I giggle.

    "Oh, and one more thing."


    "Make sure you dream about me."

    I burst out laughing and smacked his chest.

    "You're so extra."

    Then, it was just silence (besides the fan running). Just sitting there in Jin's comfort made me relaxed and calm. My eyelids shut and I fell asleep. I felt someone kissing my head.

    "Sleep tight. princess."

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  • btsfan15
    21.09.2021 - 5 days ago


    Another day of shopping. I sigh. Literally just 2 days ago, we bought so many groceries and now we're out. Again. For the millionth time, I think. Whenever we buy something, we always think it's enough, but later we finish it and it's over. It's really frustrating for all of us to keep on coming back here to get more and more. But, hey. Life goes on.

    The guys decided to split up like last time and yes, I ended up with Jin. I'm not saying I don't like it, it's just that there was some misunderstanding. I hope nothing like that happens today.

    Oh, and one more thing.

    Areum was with us this time. So far, nothing happened so that's a good sign. She was with the other members and I was relieved when I heard that. She's always embarrassing Jin and I, making us both red and flustered. The guys don't tease us cause they know how frustrating it is.

    It's Areum. She blurts out stuff that's true and very inappropriate and one day, she's gonna blurt it out to our parents. Can't wait for that. I know that's gonna be about me and Jin cause she ships us. HARD. Yes, he is my bias, but that doesn't mean I like like him, just in a friendly way.

    Jin and I were wandering around the store, trying to find any other stuff we need. There's something so oddly amusing about seeing him walking cheerfully through the aisles of the grocery store.

    He looks right at home as he strolls slightly ahead of me, nudging the shopping cart along with him and whistling a playful tune as he scrutinizes the items on the shelves.

    He is the picture of domesticity. Period.

    I suddenly feel twelve years old again, as if I'm following my mother around the shop as she places items into the cart, ticking off her list as she goes along.

    I smile to myself at the ridiculous thought, and I suddenly feel inexplicably playful. I skim my eyes over the shelves in the aisle Jin and I are walking down and swiftly grab the closest item to me; a small jar of jam. I skip ahead to the cart and drop it in ostentatiously. Jin looks at me with wild curiosity but says nothing and carries on walking.

    This only fuels the impish mood I'm in and I stifle my giggles as he watches me snatch a pack of diapers off the shelf. His lips purse ever so slightly, but the light in his eyes is dancing. The next five minutes consist of me finding the most outlandish products to dump into our shopping cart, testing the limits of Jin's patience and somehow failing to get a reaction.

    Soon, my eyes lock onto a subtle row of small boxes on shelf in the aisle we have just entered. My heart jumps in anticipation.

    Do I dare?

    I look quickly in Jin's direction. He's relieving a shelf of its deodorant, no doubt stocking up for the men at home. My eyes return to the boxes and my lips set into a determined smirk.

    Yes, yes I do dare.

    Secretly, I sneak over to the targeted shelf, my grin widening with every step. Quickly, my hand whips out, and then I'm walking back to the cart, box in hand, and using all of my willpower to not cackle out loud.

    But as I reach out to sneakily drop the box into our trolley, a hand flashes out and grabs my wrist. The smile drops from my face and I let out a little squeak of surprise, looking up at Jin's face. His eyes are darker than usual, almost obsidian and there is an arrogant smile on his full lips.


    "Condoms, Navya?" The tone of his voice is deeper, vibrating dangerously up from his chest, and I shudder involuntarily. My mind goes blank.

    Gulping, I look away from his eyes, unable to hold his gaze, and peek over my shoulder for an escape route. His warm hand wrapped around my wrist reminds me that running won't actually work.

    At this reminder, my eyes move down to his pale hand, elegantly encircling my wrist and then I see the small, provocative red box in my hand and the full weight of what I've done just crashes down on me. My jaw slackens and my mouth drops open.

    What were you thinking, Navya?

    "I-I...I uh...I w-was just...uh," I let my voice trail into nothingness, the embarrassment having reduced my vocabulary to that of a one year old.

    Heat is creeping up my neck and blossoming in my cheeks and I feel utterly humiliated. A musical chuckle erupts from the tall man in front of me and my eyes snap back up to his. They are bright and amused, and there is a good natural lift to his lips.

    "Looks like I beat you at your at your own game, Navya." he says, winking at me.

    Then the hand around my wrist slowly, luxuriously, slides along over my knuckles, the movement of his skin against mine creating a delicious friction that shoots electricity up my arm and down my spine. I shudder again, my blush darkening even more.

    His slender fingers run themselves over mine, and finally coming to rest on the box of condoms.

    "Hmm...Extra large, huh?" His voice is dark and daring again, and my face scrunches up as I cringe.

    "Shut up." I manage to mumble out. "It was a joke."

    He plucks the box from my grip in one swift movement and strides over to the other side of the aisle to return to its place. When he returns, he has a cheeky grin on his face. He comes to a stop in front of me and leans forward so that there are only centimeters between our noses. My breath catches in my throat.

    "I win, Navya." He whispers.

    For some reason, his soft voice nearly sends me to my knees and my brain muddles up once again. And then he is suddenly at the other end of the aisle again, whistling as if nothing strange happened. I stand frozen in my spot, staring at the back of his glossy-locked head.

    "C'mon, Navya! These groceries ain't gonna buy themselves!" He looks at me over his shoulder with a charming smile.

    I don't even care about the blush on my face anymore and I nod, jogging slightly to catch up with him. While the embarrassment of my failed prank is fading, I stay silent for the rest of the shopping.

    "Ugh, why do we always have to go shopping?" Yoongi complains.

    "Cause we finish everything in a day, hyung." Jimin said.

    "Hopefully, this time, we have enough for all of us." Hoseok said.

    "Yeah, there's no way we're going shopping the next day." Taehyung said.

    "Well, we should at least put the groceries away." I head into the kitchen. "Who wants to help?"

    "I want to!" Areum's hand goes up. "Pretty please?"

    "Okay, you can help." I chuckle. She grins and runs over to me, waiting for my first instruction.

    "Here. You can put these in the pantry first and I'll put the vegetables in the fridge."


    So, we both finish putting the groceries away. For some things, Areum was too little to reach the top, so I had to pick her up.

    "Whew, you're getting big!"

    "I'm a big kid now!" She grins.

    "Yes, you are." I shake my head.

    We both put the last grocery in and do a high five.

    "Great job, Areum!"

    "You too, Navya! I really enjoyed helping you out!"

    "I'm glad." I pat her head. "Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it."

    "No problem!" Then she giggles and hugs me.

    We head back to the living room where the other guys are and sit down.

    "Thanks for that, you both." Jin said.

    "You're welcome, Seokjin oppa!"

    We all laugh and Areum giggles. For a while, we decided to watch some RUN BTS. It was really funny re-watching them. There were so many hilarious and memorable moments we had. One of them was a cooking one, where we were in teams and make a dish.

    Suddenly, I popped up on the screen. I was cutting vegetables when I accidently cut my finger.

    "Oh, yeah! I remember that!" I said.

    "You cut your finger?" Areum asked.

    "Yes, I did, but it wasn't deep, so it healed in a few days."


    We both smiled and turned to the TV. Then, a blush forms on my cheeks. On the TV, was Jin looking at my cut finger. The guys all 'oh'.

    "Hyung!" Namjoon said.

    "H-hey! I just wanted to see if she was okay!" Jin exclaimed.

    "Awwww, that's so precious! Seokjin-oppa is taking care of Navya!" Areum said. "He's so sweet, helping her out!"

    Jin turns red and I bury my face in my hands, flushed with embarrassment while the other members crack out laughing and clapping.

    Every time. She always gets a chance to embarrass the two of us.

    "Yes, Jin-hyung is very nice. He will do anything for Navya." Jungkook giggles.

    "Oh, yes. Even if she gets hurt the slightest, he will help her feel better." Jimin teases.

    "Yah, shut up!" Jin yelled.

    That made Areum laugh. After we all settled down, we watched a couple more episodes then chatted for a while. Suddenly, Areum whined.

    "What's wrong?" I ask.

    "I have to use the bathroom!"

    "Oh, go ahead!"

    She immediately dashed to the bathroom and locked the door.

    "Kids these days and their whining." Yoongi said.

    "It was urgent for her. That's why she whined." Namjoon said.


    We all jump at Areum's loud voice. We turn and see her standing outside the bathroom, with a box in her hand.

    "What's up, Areum?" Taehyung asked.

    "I was doing my business when I found this box sitting on the bathtub."

    "Well, what is it?" Jungkook asked.

    "That's what I'm trying to figure out. Hmm..."

    She thinks for a bit, leaving us curious. Then, her eyes widen.

    "I got it! It's a condom box!"

    We all blink, trying to process the words she just said.

    "Wait, what?" I said.

    "I said it's a condom box."

    "A CONDOM BOX!?" I stand up and rush over to her side, snatching the box from her hand. I read the label and it definitely says 'condoms'. I gasp and look up at the other members.

    "How did you figure it out?!"

    "I've seen it at the grocery store, remember? When you left me with the members."

    "I don't remember buying it, so how would it be there in the first place?" Jin asked.

    We stayed in silent, not knowing the answer. Then, Areum speaks up.

    "Maybe someone accidently put it in the cart."

    "What?" I furrow my brows at her. "Who could've done that?"

    "You, Navya. You were the one who was messing with Seokjin oppa by putting a box of condoms in the cart."

    "You saw all that!?" Jin asked.

    "Mhm. I could even see the darkness in his eyes and the arrogant smile from the other side of the store!"

    My jaw dropped open and I could feel my cheeks burning. Jin, too was also shocked and red.

    "Wow, Navya. So savage." Jimin giggled.

    "Jimin, shut up! It was only a joke!"

    "I put it back where it was. How could it just be in the cart like that? It doesn't have legs."

    Then, Areum giggles.

    "Why are you giggling?" Namjoon asked.

    "Cause I was the one who put it in the cart." She looked at us with an innocent face.

    "YOU DID!?" Hoseok exclaimed.

    She nods vigorously, giggling.

    "You little....oh, I can't curse at you cause you're too cute."

    "She's so sneaky, wow." Taehyung said.

    "We gotta watch out for her or she could end us up all in big trouble." Jungkook said.

    "I ain't that innocent, you know." Areum smirks.

    We all laugh and shake our heads at her. I was still holding the box of condoms.

    "So, what should we do this?" I ask.

    "Throw it out. We don't need it." Yoongi said.

    "Or maybe Seokjin oppa and Navya can-" I put my hand over her mouth.

    "Areum, could you please this throw in the trash?" I give her the box and she looks up at me.

    "But, Navya, I-" I turn her around and push her to the kitchen. I let out a sigh of relief and shake my head. I look at the other members and they were teasing Jin. I go to my bedroom fall back on my bed, sighing. I stare at straight at the ceiling, thousands of thoughts swirling in my head.

    "Hey, you okay?"

    I turn my head to the voice coming from the door. I smile and nod. Jin comes in and I sit up.

    "So...she found out, huh?"

    "Yeah..." I sigh. "I honestly don't care anymore at this point. She's gonna keep on embarrassing just two of us or all of us every day. What am I gonna do?"

    "You don't. She will grow out of this phase once she grows up."

    "And what if she doesn't?"

    "Navya. Why are you always negative?"

    I exhale and stand up and head to the door to leave but Jin's voice stops me.

    "Navya, answer me. Why are you always negative about things?"

    I turn around and see him looking at me for an answer. I bit my lip and walk to the middle of the room. Jin stands up and comes over to me and I turn and face him. I take a deep breath and open my mouth.

    "It's because I'm worried about her. Like I said before, she's not supposed to know about this stuff until she's an adult, like us. But, we always happen to get in the most embarrassing situations ever and she gets a chance to use her knowledge of sex or whatever goes in that brain of hers."

    I sigh and continue.

    "She might even do something bizarre which can affect her and all of us. We just don't know when it's gonna happen. That's why I'm always thinking negative and not positive."

    I look up at Jin and meet his eyes. I could tell he was digesting the words I said. I see a small smile appear on the corner of his lips and he chuckles.

    "That's why you're negative? Oh, you don't have to worry."

    "But-" Jin cups my face in his soft, warm hands and my eyes widen of how close he was to my face.

    "I know how much you care about her, but you don't have to worry like that. Like I said before, she will grow out of it. We just have to be patient."

    I was gonna say something, but I knew Jin would stop me, so I closed my mouth and smiled a little.

    "You always give me the best advice." I wrap my arms around his neck and close my eyes.

    "I know." He chuckles and wraps his arms around my waist, squeezing me tight.

    "Thank you for always being there for me. It's like you can sense how I'm feeling."

    "I think so, too. But, when I get that sad thinking look from you, I know something's up."

    "I wish I could sense your feelings."

    "You will one day and you'll also give great advice."

    "I hope." I chuckle.

    We both break and smile at each other. Then, Jin pouts.

    "What's wrong?"

    "I feel like I need makeup on."

    "Why? We're not going anywhere?" I giggle.

    "I don't know...maybe I'm not handsome enough."

    "Shut up." I gasp and smack him in the arm. "You are handsome. With or without makeup."

    "Ah, it feels good to hear that from you." He puts a hand on his chest and steams his bread cheekies.

    "Why are you so extra?" I laugh.

    Then, we both laugh.

    "If you want, you can use my makeup."

    "I was kidding about that. I'm W-W-H, Worldwide Handsome." He winks at me and I roll my eyes.

    "Hey, make in or make out-" I put my hand over my mouth and Jin's eyes widen.

    "What did you just say?!"

    "Uh, will you look at the time, I think I should go now..."

    Before I could leave, Jin grabs my wrist and starts hammering out of my chest. I turn slowly and see Jin has that dark look in his eyes. He even has that arrogant smile spread across his lips.

    Is this deju vu? Definitely.

    He slowly pulls me towards him, my eyes widening and knees weak. His hands rest my waist and my hands grip his biceps.

    "Did you just say 'make out'?" His voice was low and I gulp.

    "N-no, I-I didn't. I-I said 'make in.'"

    "You can't fool me that well." His chuckle was deep and it scared me.

    He closed the gap between us and kissed me passionately. Suddenly, we heard the door banging, which made us break apart.

    "Seokjin oppa! Navya! You two have been in there for so long! Come out and hang out with the rest of us!!!


    Jin rushed to the door and opened it, seeing a very pouty Areum standing there with her arms crossed. We both smile.

    "Sorry, Areum. Jin and I were just having a conversation."

    "Oh." Her face turned into a surprised one. "Are you done chatting?"

    "Yes, we are. Now, come on. Let's head to the other members." Jin smiled.

    We headed back to the other guys, taking a seat. They were still sitting on the couch.

    "You guys are still sitting down?!" I ask.

    "Apparently." Jungkook said.

    "We're too lazy to do anything." Yoongi said.

    "Hyung, that's you." Hoseok laughed.

    We all burst out laughing at Hoseok's words, Yoongi crossing his arms and rolling his eyes.

    "Navya, I have a question." Areum said.

    How many questions does this kids have?

    "Areum...is this about Jin and I?"

    "Kind of. It includes him in the second part."

    Second part? What is she up to?

    "Okay...what's your question?"

    "What's daddy? Not the father or dad. The other one."

    "There is no other one, Areum." Namjoon answered.

    "Yes, there is. It's your duality."

    "What do you mean?" Jimin furrowed his brows.

    "Like, you guys are all adorable and cute on stage, then boom! You turn into hot daddies."

    We all just look at one another, speechless.

    "Yes, that is...true. But, you're not supposed to know this. It's only for adult ARMYs. You're a little ARMY." I said.

    "I know that, but I just can't stop thinking about it. When I see Seokjin oppa performing on MCountdown, he's hot and all daddy, making ARMYs die and scream, especially Navya."

    I bury my face in my hands and groan loudly.

    "Areum, be quiet!" Jin was flushed with embarrassment.

    "I'm not kidding! It's true! Even your fans know about it! Here, I'll show you." She gets up and heads into my room, coming back with my phone. She goes through my camera roll and finds 2 photos of Jin; one cute and one hot."

    She shows us both photos.

    "See, how Seokjin oppa is cute in this one and the other one, he's hot? That's what I mean by daddy!"

    "Okay, you proved your point, now shut up." I said.

    "Navya, I'm just curious! If I didn't know you all, I wouldn't be asking these questions, but since I do, I have to."

    "You have to or you just wanna embarrass Jin-hyung and Navya?" Taehyung raised an eyebrow.

    "A little bit of both." She shrugs.

    "What am I gonna do with you?" I said.

    "Nothing! I'm gonna be like this for a while, so you better get ready for some embarrassment! You too, Seokjin oppa!"

    We all burst out laughing along with Areum at her words. After we settled down, we were exhausted, so we decided to get some rest. I headed up to my room and flopped on my bed, falling asleep.

    Can't wait to see how Areum embarrasses Jin and I tomorrow.

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    21.09.2021 - 5 days ago


    A/N: Whoever did this needs to explain cause I'm devastated 🥺

    "Omg, you guys are so cute!" I exclaim.

    We were all looking at baby pictures of the guys. I was basically dying of cuteness just looking at them.

    "We really were adorable, weren't we?" Namjoon said.

    "Of course, Joon! You all are still adorable now even if you're grown up." I grin.

    "You guys were babies?" Areum asked.

    "Yes, everyone is a baby first." Jin said.

    "Wow, even me?"

    "Yes! Even you!" Yoongi said.

    "Navya, was I cute?"

    "Yes, you were. A bundle of adorableness, that's for sure."

    "Speaking of that, we've never seen you as a baby, Navya." Hoseok said.

    "Yeah! Do you have any with you?" Jimin asked.

    "I do, but I'm not that cute."

    "Don't say that! Of course you were!" Taehyung beamed.

    "Come on, show us! Please?" Jungkook pouted.

    They all give me doe eyes, pleading.

    Why so cute?

    "Fine." I sigh. "I'll show you."

    They all erupt in cheers and I laugh.

    I sit on the couch and the members all gather around. I scroll through my phone and show them.

    "Omg, you're so adorable!" Jimin giggled.

    "What a precious little bundle of joy." Namjoon said.

    "Yah, Navya! What do you mean you're not cute? Look at you! You're so cute!" Jin exclaimed.

    "I know that now, but I'm not cute now!"

    "Yes, you are!" Taehyung exclaimed.

    "Just you said for us! We're still cute even if we're grown up!" Jungkook said.

    "I guess you guys are right. We're still cute even if we're all adults. Besides, ARMY loves when their favorite boys are cute." I laugh.

    They all laugh.

    "You always know what to say to make us laugh." Jin chuckled.

    "Yeah, I know."

    "I have a question." Areum speaks up.

    "What is it?" Hoseok asked.

    "How are babies made?"

    We just blink at her, processing her question. She looks at us. waiting for the answer.

    "Well, let's just say it's complicated." I said.

    "Yeah, it's a step-by-step process, Areum." Namjoon said.

    "Oh. I heard women get pregnant with babies in their stomachs."

    "Yes, that is true..." Jin scratches the back of his neck.

    There's no way we're saying what happens. It's not appropriate for her age.

    "So, how are babies made?! Tell me!"

    "By eating food!" Taehyung blurts out.

    "Y-yes! When you eat food and it digests in your stomach, it turns into a baby." Jimin looked at us and we all nod at Areum.

    "Does that mean I can make a baby!?"

    The maknae line tries not to laugh and I bite my lip.

    "Not yet, Areum. First, you have to be an adult, like me."

    "Oh, why don't you try, Navya?!"

    Jin and Hoseok try to hold their laugh in.

    This kid, I swear to god.

    "I-I can't do that. I'm not ready yet to have a baby."

    "But, I wanna see a baby!" Areum whined.

    "The time will come. You just have to wait." I put my hands on her shoulders.

    "Awww...okay." She pouts.

    I look at the other members and they all sigh of relief.


    Areum's sudden breakout makes us jump.

    "That's not true!!! Food doesn't turn into a baby!!! You're lying!!!"

    "W-we're not lying! It's true!" Jungkook stuttered.

    "Yes, you are! Remember that day when we went shopping and Seokjin oppa 'proposed' to Navya?!"

    How could I forget?

    "Well, I remember saying that if Seokjin oppa and Navya get married, then you'll kiss and make out with Jin in bed and Navya will get pregnant and have kids!"

    Jin's eyes widen and a magenta blush creeps up my neck.

    She still remembers that?!

    "So, doesn't that mean in order to make a baby, you need to...to..." She stops mid-sentence, trying to figure out the word.

    "What was that word again? Ugh, I forgot!"

    All of us pray for her not to figure it out.

    Please don't figure it out...please don't figure it out...

    "God, I can't remember! Come on brain! Work with me!" She hits her head.

    I could hear my own heartbeat beating out of my chest. I take a look at Jin and I could tell he was about to expect something to happen.

    "Oh, I remember now! It's..."

    Here it comes.


    I groan and bury my face in my hands.

    She figured it out!

    "Now, let me finish my sentence fully. In order to make a baby, you need to have sex!"

    "How..." Jin was too speechless. All of us were.

    "Areum, would you excuse us for a second?" I plaster a fake smile on my face.


    I nod and gather all the guys in a corner of the room.

    "She's driving us crazy with this." I sigh.

    "How much longer can we keep up with this?" Namjoon asked.

    "I don't know, but we have to." Yoongi said.

    "God, she's tearing us apart little by little." Jin groans and rubs his face.

    "What I don't get is how she knows all about this stuff." Hoseok shakes his head.

    "Yeah, we really didn't say much that time, but I think she must've figured it out herself." Jimin said.

    "She's very wise, guys." I cross my arms together. "Even if it's about...you know."

    "I kinda think that she's doing this cause maybe she wants Jin-hyung and you to..." Taehyung bites his lip.

    "Yah, Taehyung! If you don't shut up, I swear to god..." Jin said.

    "I'm just saying, hyung." He puts his hands up.

    "That really can't be the case here, right?" Jungkook asked.

    "Pfft, no way." I wave my hand. "Although...I never really thought about that."

    "Navya, ask her!" Yoongi said.

    "Really? Is it necessary cause she's not old enough yet."

    "Maybe, but if we find out, we can at least know the answer and try to find a way to solve this." Namjoon said.

    "Well, okay. I'll ask her."

    "Hey, I'm feeling lonely over here! What are you guys doing?"

    We turn around and see Areum looking at us. We all smile at her.

    "Nothing, Areum. We're just talking about the comeback show coming up in a few days." I lied.

    "Oh, alright!" She grinned.

    "Thank god she at least believes these lies we tell her." Jimin whispered.

    "Just for now, then we'll tell her once she's big enough." I whispered.

    We sat back on the couch again and sighed.

    "Hoseok-oppa! Why are you sitting there?!" Areum asked.

    "What's wrong with that, Areum?" He asked.

    "I don't want you to sit there! I want Seokjin-oppa to sit there!" She whined.

    "Areum-ah, it doesn't matter who sits next to Navya." Jin said.

    "Well, it does to me, so go and sit! Or else..." She crossed her arms and pouted.

    "Or else what?" Yoongi raised an eyebrow.

    "I will...uh...I will go on Google and read what is sex! Yeah, that's what'll do!"

    Immediately, Hobi gets up and Jin dashes to me, sitting down.

    I really shouldn't bring her here anymore. I really shouldn't.

    When she sees Jin sitting next to me, she squeals and claps her hands together.

    "Yay! I got what I wanted! Seokjin oppa sitting next to Navya! Hooray!" She jumped.

    Jin and I both facepalm and shake our heads. Areum started running around the house.

    "Jin and Navya, sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!!" She sang while running.

    I hide my face of embarrassment in Jin's chest and he covers his red face with both hands.

    Deju vu of when we went on a picnic.

    Well, not everything.

    The other members just laugh at Areum's silliness while Jin and I sit just there, totally red and embarrassed. Areum stops running and looks at us.

    "Did I embarrass you both?"

    I come out from hiding and nod.

    "Areum-ah, why do you always embarrass me and Navya?" Jin asked.

    "Because I ship you both so much!!! You're so cute together!!! And, Navya has you as her bias!!!"

    "I guess that's a decent explanation." Jin sighed.

    "But, I wanna know something." I said.

    "Oh, what is it?" Her eyes were wide with curiosity.

    "How do you know about all this?"

    "Oh! I don't know. I just...kinda figured it out at one point, I guess." She shrugged.

    Jin and I look at the other guys, knowing we were right. We turn back to Areum.

    "I wanna know something, too." Jin said. "Why do you always mention Navya and I?"

    "Because I want you two to do it."

    We all furrow our brows in confusion.

    "What do you mean by that, Areum?" Namjoon asked.

    "It. You don't know what 'it' is?"

    Then, it clicks.

    "Ohhhh, Areum. We can't do that now."

    "What is it, Navya?" Jungkook asked.

    I turn and look at them and bit my lip, but they still were confused.

    "No clue." Jimin shook his head.

    "Maybe this might help." I sigh. "What's long, purple, and thick?"

    The members think for a minute then realize, their eyes widening.

    "I knew it!" Taehyung shouted.

    "Areum-ah, there's no way Jin-hyung can do that." Hoseok said.

    "Yeah, PD will kill us if he finds out." Yoongi said.

    "I'm not saying they should do it now." Areum turns to us. "Do it when you feel like it's the right time."

    "Okay, I'm going to my room. I'm exhausted and tired of this stuff." I stand up and head upstairs.

    I fall face first on my bed and sigh.

    What's gonna happen when mom and dad find out? God, that's gonna be so embarrassing. They might not let Areum come back, which might make her upset. She always has a smile on her face whenever she comes over it makes me and the guys happy. I can't bare to see her sad if she doesn't get to see the only people that make her happy.

    I don't know what to do.

    I hear a knock on the door.

    "Navya? Are you okay?"

    The door opens and it's Jin. He comes over and sits on my bed.

    "Do you wanna talk? It might help."

    I get up and sit next to Jin, looking at my feet.

    "Look, I know Areum is a bit into her imagination, but we just gotta deal with it. If there was a solution, then we would do it, but there isn't."

    "It's just so frustrating with this. She's not supposed to know about this stuff and it's driving me nuts." I bury my face in my hands and groan. "Who knows how mom and dad will react."

    "Navya, don't stress yourself out with this. It's bad for your body. It'll be okay."

    He rubs my back. It was very relaxing.

    "I just wish there's a day where we can all have a decent day together without talking about that."

    "Me too, but we just gotta wait patiently. But, for now, let's just stay happy, okay?"

    I look up and find Jin smiling at me. I smile back.


    I suddenly jump on him and wrap my arms around his neck, resting my chin on his shoulder. Jin was shocked by sudden outburst.

    "You always know how to make me feel better. Thank you so much."

    He chuckles and wraps his arms around my waist.

    "Anytime. I can't see you frustrated and exhausted. It makes me sad."

    I break and find him pouting. I giggle.

    "And I can't see you pouting. It makes me all soft inside."

    He rolls his eyes and we both laugh. All of a sudden, the door bursts open and Areum jumps on me.

    "Navya, I'm sorry I embarrassed you and Seokjin oppa so much. I didn't mean to, I was just curious, I guess. Can you forgive me?" She gave me doe eyes and pouted.

    "Aw, you don't need to apologize, but yes. I forgive you."

    "Thank you!" She squeezes me in a big hug.

    "But, promise us one thing." Jin said.


    "Don't do this in front of our parents."

    "Hmm...I can't make any promises about that."


    "Just kidding! I will!" Jin and I both hug her and she giggles.

    The three of us head back out to the living room, where the other members were relaxing.

    "Feel better, Navya?" Hoseok asked.

    "Mhm." I smile. "Thanks to Jin. He listened to me while I ranted."

    "Oh, hyung!" Taehyung grinned.

    "Ah, it was nothing." He waves his hand. "It feels better to let everything out then to hold it in."

    "That's right, Seokjin oppa! It's better to tell someone what's bothering you than bottle it in!" Areum exclaimed.

    We all laugh and the three of us sit on the couch. Jin was right. I do feel better after telling him how I felt. Holding all those thoughts did make me feel frustrated, but I'm glad I at least told someone.

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    21.09.2021 - 5 days ago


    "Where are the sandwiches?" Jungkook roars, frantically scrambling through the kitchen.

    "How should I know?" Yoongi snaps back, his hand rummaging through one of the cupboards.

    "How should yo-?" Jungkook throws his hands in exasperation.

    "Hyung, you helped me make it!"

    "That means nothing to me now!" Yoongi retaliates, and I have to step between the men before things get heated up.

    It's chaos.

    Namjoon decided that it was a wonderful idea to go on a picnic. All of eight of us.

    Which sounds great in theory. In practice? Another story completely.

    Areum had come over cause she really wanted to see me and the boys. Although things are embarrassing with her, we still have a great time together.

    The kitchen is in pandemonium, with the men hastily gathering food and drinks together and stuffing them into two huge picnic baskets and a cooler box.

    Taehyung darts through the living room with a giant blanket, laughing hysterically as a red-faced Jimin chases after him. Hoseok follows shortly thereafter, skipping through the lounge singing "Tae Tae's gonna get it~!" and waving a giant speaker on his head .

    There's a thump from outside, a yelp, and a muffled "Ow! Jimin, what the heck?" which forces Jin to leave his position next to me and investigate whatever heinous crime has just happened outside.

    And to think that Areum was a pain in the neck.

    Namjoon snickers at the noise wafting in from outside and then heaves one of the picnic baskets into his arms. He lugs it outside, followed by Yoongi and Jungkook, who carry the last basket between them.

    "Navya, would you mind bringing the cooler box?" Yoongi calls over his shoulder.

    "Sure." I respond, and pick it up, grunting at the surprising weight of it, before a crooked-fingered hand reaches out to help me.

    "Need some help?"

    A magenta blush instantly sweeps across my cheeks at the sound of his voice and when I look up, his beautiful face is centimeters from my own.

    By reflex, I straighten up and move backwards to allow for some space between us, my lower back jabbing straight into the counter, sending a sharp pain up my spine.

    I grimace and groan softly and suddenly, Jin's hands are on the counter on either side of me, caging me in, a cheeky grin gracing his angular features.

    "I believe I asked you a question, Navya." His breath tingles as it hits me and I stutter my words.


    "Yes, what?"

    "Yes, please."

    "That's better." He chuckles as he boops the tip of my nose.


    We both jump and turn to the doorway, seeing Areum with a huge smile on her face.


    Immediately, my cheeks turn even red and my breathe gets caught in my throat. I take a glance at Jin and his ENTIRE face was bright red. Areum jumps and down, squealing.

    "I always knew my big sister would find her true love!"

    Jin and I were both VERY embarrassed. Areum saw us do whatever we just did, which isn't appropriate for her age. She still had a big grin on plastered across her face.

    "Well, let's go!" She runs back outside, leaving just the two of us in a flustered mess.

    Jin takes the cooler box and heads to the doorway. I follow him and don't say a word.

    Soon, we're all packed in and on our way and the men have dissolved into loud and boisterous singing and I resist the urge to cover my ears, not because they're bad, in fact, they're all incredibly talented, but because the sheer volume is enough to vibrate my bones.

    "Hey, guys! I wanna tell you something about Navya!" Areum said.

    Oh, no, no, no, no...

    Everyone stops what they're doing and they give all ears to her.

    "I went back inside the house to get her, but I saw Jin oppa with her!"

    "OHHHHHHHHH!" The guys all exclaim.

    "You know what else?! They were so close to each other!"

    Jin sank into his seat, including me. We both cover our eyes.

    "Areum-ah!" I whine. She giggles.

    "He even booped her nose!"

    The red tint on my cheeks were getting darker as seconds passed by. Jin thought it would be best to hide his face and settle with mentally cursing to himself cause he was too embarrassed to even say a word.

    "No wonder you both took a little longer with the cooler box!" Taehyung exclaimed.

    "Areum!!!" Jin yelled.

    "I had to tell! Besides, it's sooooo cute seeing you two together!"

    "Wow, Areum saw all of that!" Jimin said.

    "Yes, I did and I'll tell you everything that Jin and Navya do together, even the most embarrassing ones!"

    "Well, it looks like we can count on Areum to tell everything between Jin-hyung and Navya!" Jungkook laughed.

    Note to self: Watch out for Areum.

    The rest of the ride to the park was silent, expect for the maknae line arguing about something. Jin and I didn't say a word to each other. We were both still flustered that we didn't even make eye contact.

    We're lounging around on the huge blanket laid out over the lawn of the botanical gardens we've stopped at for the day. The food baskets are steadily emptying, along with the cooler box of drinks and everyone is immersed in their own lazy conversation. Areum was playing on the playground with other kids.

    Rolling on his stomach and propping himself on his elbows, Jimin looks me.

    "Did Jin-hyung kiss you?"

    A ripple effect overtakes the men as they all stop what they're doing and turn to hear my answer. Jin's eyes widen a little and a blush appears on my cheeks.

    "N-no. Why would you think that?"

    "Well, maybe cause he-" Yoongi gets stopped by Jin.

    "Yah, why do you guys always do this? This is a picnic and we're supposed to have fun, not talk about me and Navya." He complained while pouting.

    "I was just wondering, hyung..." Jimin whispered.

    "Yah, Jimin!"

    "Okay, guys! Let's not fight. Jin's right. Namjoon said to have a picnic so we can spend some quality time together, not bicker, so let's just put whatever happened away and focus on having fun."

    "Wah, Navya, you're like a mom teaching her kids how to behave." Hoseok laughed.

    "Well, kind of. Only cause you guys keep on talking about me and Jin. Talk about each other, too! Not just us!"

    At that moment, Areum comes over running.

    "Navya, come play with me on the playground! You too, Seokjin oppa!"

    We all laugh at her cuteness.

    "But, we're too big for the playground. How can we fit?"

    "It doesn't matter! Adults can have fun, too, so come on!"

    I look at Jin and he smiles. I smile back.

    "Alright. Let's go!" Jin stands up and helps me. Areum takes our hands and pulls us to the playground.

    "Slow down, Areum!" Jin said.

    "She's excited." I said.

    Apparently, Jin and I fit cause the playground was huge. We played tag with Areum and chased her around the park. All three of us were laughing and giggling like crazy. It was so much fun.

    Little did we know that the other members were watching.

    "They look like a family." Taehyung said.

    "I agree. No one would believe that's Navya's sister and Kim Seokjin of BTS." Namjoon chuckled.

    "You know, I think Navya would be a great mom." Jungkook said.

    "Yeah, she takes such great care of us and her family, so I think she would definitely pull it off." Hoseok said.

    "What about Jin-hyung?" Jimin asks.

    "I doubt it." Yoongi snorts. "He will always talk about how handsome he looks and that no one can resist it."

    "Yes, but he's also very caring and is a very good cook, so he can make food for the whole family, hyung." Taehyung said.

    "And he likes making dad jokes, blowing air kisses, playing video games, snowboarding, etc." Jungkook said.

    "So, that pretty much sums up that hyung will be a great dad. Case closed." Jimin said.

    Meanwhile, the three of us were still playing tag. I stop to catch my breathe and see Jin chasing Areum around. I smile at the sight. It's so cute seeing him playing with her. Then, they both run towards me.

    "Navya, Seokjin oppa is it! Run!" Areum said.

    "Oh no!" He chases me, with Areum following.

    We were running on the beautiful green grass. Suddenly, I trip and fall to the ground. Jin and Areum both catch up and Jin gets on top of me, pinning my wrists to the ground.

    "Gotcha!" Then, Areum falls on top of us. We couldn't stop laughing.

    "Alright, alright. You got me."

    Jin gets off me and helps me up. We all brush ourselves off.

    "That was so much fun! Let's do it again!" Areum exclaimed.

    "We would love to, but we're exhausted. How about a break then maybe we can play again?" Jin said.

    "Hmmm....Okay!" She agreed.

    We head back to the other members and sit down, taking a drink.

    "Look who's back." Namjoon said.

    "Did you all have fun?" Hoseok asked.

    "Yes, but now we're worn out." I said.

    "I had so much fun! Seokjin oppa kept chasing me and then he tagged Navya! It was so hilarious!" Areum said.

    We all chuckle.

    "Hey, I heard there was a butterfly garden here. Namjoon, why don't you take the other others there?" Jin suggested.

    Namjoon's eyes lock on mine for a minute and nods in understanding, gesturing to the others to stand up. They stretch out their lethargic bodies, and give me a warm smile before following Namjoon, including Areum.

    "Areum sure is a little bundle of joy, isn't she?" I ask.

    "Yeah, but she has a very big imagination. Maybe a bit too big." Jin chuckles.

    "That's what little kids are." I chuckle. "They have wide imaginations which are pretty crazy."

    "And embarrassing. Don't forget that."

    We both laugh.

    "Besides that, she's very upgoing and excited whenever she comes over." I said.

    "Of course she is. She loves all of us as much as you do." He smiles.

    "She does. Sometimes, I think that she's my kid."

    "Really?" Jin laughs.

    "Mhm. But then I realize she isn't. She's my lil sis who knows a lot of things that she isn't supposed to know for her age."

    Jin and I both laugh again. He moves closer to me that I can smell his scent.

    "You know, sometimes I think she's my kid, too."

    "Wait, really? How?"

    "I don't know...it's like for a second it happens then I snap back to reality and realize."

    "Hmmm...does that means you'll be a good dad and take good care of your own son or daughter?"

    "Yes. And will you be a good mom and take care of your own son or daughter?"

    "You bet." We both turn and realize how close we were.

    "I think we'll be great parents." Jin smiles.

    "Me too." I smile back.

    We both lock eyes and lean closer and closer as we sit side-by-side on the picnic blanket. He's so close now that I could count each and every individual eyelash bordering his eyes, which are now dark and deep and limitless.

    Jin reaches a hand up to gently cup my cheek and our lips are inches away.


    We break immediately away from each other to see the others returning.

    "Hyung! Navya!" Jimin calls to us, running towards us with an excited smile pushing his eyes into small crescents. "One of the butterflies landed on my-"

    Jimin grunts and his head snaps forward, followed by the rest of his body as hurtles to the ground, a soccer ball bouncing away from the impact it made with his skull.

    "Ha! Revenge!" Taehyung yells triumphantly, his hand reaching up to the angry red lump on his own head.

    "Taehyung, you fuc-" Jimin's angry retort turns into a howl of pain as jumps on top of him.

    "No swearing, especially in front of kids!" Hoseok hollers cheerfully, while Namjoon and Yoongi wheeze on all fours in the background.

    Jin, Areum, and I both start wheezing. We were crying and clutching our stomachs.

    "Are you guys okay?!" I was still laughing.

    "Does it look like we're okay!?" Jimin yells.

    That made me laugh even more. Once we stopped laughing and the boys had calmed down, we settled back on the blanket, Jin resting his head on my stomach. We chatted for a while before heading home.

    "What a fun day we all had today." Jungkook said.

    "Yeah, great idea of a picnic, hyung." Taehyung said.

    "Just thought we needed some fresh air and some fun in the park." Namjoon shrugs.

    "Well, it sure worked cause I'm tired after a long day of running around." I said.

    "We all are. Oh, wait. Who's gonna clean the dishes?" Hoseok asked.

    "Don't worry. I will." Jin stood up.

    "I'll help, too. Besides, it'll get the job done faster." I said.

    They all smile and Jin and I head to the kitchen. We start washing the dishes while the other members play with Areum.

    "I'll wash while you dry and put them in the dishwasher." Jin said.

    "Okay." I smile.

    We both work as a team to get everything done and not make a mess. I hear a squirting noise.

    "Oh, we're out of soap. Could you go and get some?" Jin asked.

    I nod and head to the closet to find one. Once I do, I come back and give it to Jin.

    "Thank you." He gives me a small smile and I smile back.

    "You're welcome."

    We finish washing the dishes and I put the last one in the dishwasher.

    "Nice work!" I raise my hand up and Jin gives me a high five.

    "We do make quite the team, don't we?" Jin smirked.

    "Of course." I smirked.

    Suddenly, Jin steps on something and loses his balance, falling backwards. I try to grab him by the arm, but ended up falling on top of him, our lips crashing against each other. Both our eyes widen at the situation, but close and enjoy the kiss.

    Jin's fingers tangle in my hair while my hands clutch on his shirt. We break and look at each other, still processing what happened. I snap back to reality.

    "Oh, I'm so sorry!" I get off him and give him a hand. He takes my hand and I pull him off the floor.

    "I guess that makes up for the kiss we didn't have earlier at the park." Jin chuckled, rubbing the back of his nape.

    "Yeah, I guess so." I look down, a blush forming on my cheeks.

    "Hey, you guys done yet?"

    We both turn and look at the other members, looking at us.

    "Yeah, we're done!" Jin said.

    We head back to the living room.

    "Now we don't have to the dishes until dinner. Thank god." Yoongi sighed.

    "You're welcome." I said.

    For the rest of the time, we played games with Areum. We always have a blast with her. Today was pretty crazy again, but at least I had fun with the guys and Areum.

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  • uglierthanyou09
    15.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    [ Text Conversation]

    Jin: how was your day at school, sweetie?

    Jeongguk: there was a fire today on campus I think

    Jin: omg!!! did anyone get hurt? 😮

    Jin: hope you and taehyung are ok ❤️


    Jeongguk: there was a fire at school today

    Namjoon: did you start it?

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  • uglierthanyou09
    15.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Jeongguk: Jin-hyung, do you believe in ghosts?

    Jin: there's no such thing as ghosts

    Jeongguk: but our maid said there's ghosts..

    Jin: pack your bags!! Meet me out in the car now!!! Call your hyungs too!!!

    Jeongguk: why?


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  • btsfan15
    13.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Love in London

    It was time for the encore of the Love Yourself in London. It was the last day and the members were getting ready, so I gave them their privacy. I was also dressed like them. Black LYS t-shirt, ripped jeans, and black Converse. My hair was curled and I had little makeup on.

    Finally, the members rushed to the lift and got on.

    "Good luck, guys! Have fun!" I say.

    They all smile at me and give me a thumbs up. The lift goes up and So What starts playing. So What is really addicting. It's so good and I love singing along. There was a TV where you can watch them perform under the stage, so I dashed there and got settled. The lights were flashing beautiful colors and I could hear ARMY cheering.

    I wish I could join them on stage....

    It was sad to think about not being able to join them on stage, but I didn't let that get to me. I shook the thought and enjoyed the performance. I laughed cause Jin was behind Jungkook, being silly and swinging his ARMY bomb.

    The performance ended and Anpanman was next. This is one of my all-time favorite songs cause it's about superheroes and the song really gets me going, like So What. I was enjoying the performance when the camera showed Jin. My eyes widened and I gasped so much that I forgot to breathe.

    His hair was thrown back, exposing his entire forehead. He looked really handsome...and hot.

    Every time I see Jin with his forehead exposed, he gets more hotter and handsomer. I go feral for his gorgeous forehead and here I am, controlling myself from screaming. I manage to enjoy the rest of the song without going crazy and I clap and cheer.

    Now, it was time for the boys to talk how they feel. I listened to each member carefully. What they said made my heart hurt.

    Awww...they really love their fans a lot.

    I cheered for each member after they finished. I gasped and jumped out of my seat when Jin appeared. He was wearing glasses and holy shit, did he look even hotter.

    First the forehead, and now this?

    Lord, kill me now, please.

    I ignored my heart beating fast and listened to Jin's words. The rest of the members went and they performed the last song, Love Myself. They said bye to all their fans and confetti was falling all over the stage. I pouted. Saying goodbyes is always hard to see.

    The lift comes down and the staff and I clap. The members all bow their heads and thank us. We head to the waiting room and I give each a member a hug.

    "Amazing performance! I really loved it!" I grinned.

    "Yep, we always put the best concerts ever!" Namjoon said.

    "That's right! Our fans love our concerts!" Yoongi said.

    We chatted for a while and the members went to do their things. Hoseok and Taehyung came up to me and we talked for a while. We talked about some funny things that happened during the concert and I laughed.

    Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Jin looking at me. I wanted to look, but I was busy with Hoseok and Taehyung, so I ignored him. A few minutes later, Jin came into our conversation.

    "Hyung, why do you always interrupt our conversations?" Taehyung asked.

    "Yah, no I don't! I didn't even say anything!"

    "Always teasing the oldest, huh?" I giggle.

    "It's a daily thing for us." Hoseok said.

    I roll my eyes and shake my head. Jin shakes his head.

    Then, Taehyung whispers something in Hoseok's ear and he nods.

    "I think we should leave you two alone. We'll go back to the others." Taehyung said.

    "Oh, you guys don't have to. You can stay." Jin said.

    "That's nice of you, hyung, but we have other stuff to talk about. Let's go, Taehyung." Hoseok drags Taehyung, leaving me and Jin alone.

    I stare at them for a little longer and turn to Jin. My eyes widen a little. He was even more beautiful up close than on the TV screen. My breath was taken away and I was staring at him, totally zoned out.

    "I heard that you had fun." His voice snaps me back to reality. I smile at him.

    "Yes, I did, but I think you guys had way more fun since you were the ones up there on stage."

    "Yeah, it was! I really enjoyed being our fans. It makes me really happy."

    "If you're happy, then I'm happy. I just want to see you all happy."

    We both smile at each other.


    "But, what?"

    "It's just that...I really wish I was up there with you guys. It looked really fun singing and dancing with ARMY. I always think that whenever you have a concert, but I don't let it affect me. I want to be happy and see you all perform together. I know that it won't happen anytime soon."

    I look down at my feet, not making eye contact with Jin. We just stood there for a while until Jin spoke up.

    "Yes, it will."

    I look up at him and there was a small smile on his lips.


    "I said it will happen."

    "How? I'm not Korean or a K-Pop star and there's no way Bighit will let me."

    "I'll convince them."

    My eyes widen.



    "Jin, you don't have to-"

    "No, Navya. I want to do this."

    I could feel the tears coming, so I looked down. I didn't want Jin to see me cry. He took a step forward and put his finger under my chin, forcing me to look up at him. He stared right into my eyes and my heart was pounding out of my chest.

    I blinked and the tears roll down my cheeks, but Jin cups my face with both hands and wipes the tears away with his thumb. His hands felt soft and warm against my face. His face was inches away from mine.

    "Navya, there's no need to cry. Don't worry. You will get to be on stage with us, okay?"

    I sniffle and nod.

    "Thank you, Jin." I whisper.

    "You're welcome."

    Then, I wrap my arms around his neck and squeeze him tight. He wraps his arms around my waist, squeezing me even more. I could feel my cheeks heating up, not to mention how warm and safe I felt in his arms.

    "What would I do without you?"

    He chuckles.

    I break and look at him right in his eyes. The glasses on him...the forehead, god, he's so fine. And hot. Just looking at him made my knees weak. We both just stand there, staring into each other's orbs. Jin still had his arms wrapped around my waist and I still had my arms wrapped around his neck.

    "Feeling better?" He asks.

    "Yeah...I'm fine."

    We both lean in and our lips touch. I feel his fingers rub circles on my waist. We break and catch our breath. I take his glasses off and put them on me. Jin laughs.


    "You look cute in them."

    A blush forms on my cheeks.

    "No, I look like a nerd."

    "Yah, don't say that!" Jin comes to my ear and his breath tickles.

    "You're beautiful just the way you are." He backs away and I smile at him. I punch him in the chest.

    "You really need to stop making me blush."

    "Same goes to you."

    We both laugh and I shake my head. We chat for a little longer and then join the other guys.

    "Finally decided to join us, huh?" Jimin raised an eyebrow.

    "We just wanted to join you." I roll my eyes.

    "So...what did you and hyung talk about?" Taehyung wiggled his eyebrows.

    "About the concert. What else?" Jin said.

    "Oh, I think you know." Jungkook giggled.

    "Shut up, or no food for you tonight."

    Jungkook pouted and we all laugh. We chatted together for a while. The members kept on teasing Jin and I for all that lovey dovey stuff we did. Jin kept telling them that we're just friends, but they didn't believe him.

    "Hey, guys! The fireworks are going off! Come on!" Namjoon said.

    We all rush outside and gasp at the beautiful fireworks.

    "Wow, so pretty!" Hoseok exclaimed.

    "OMG, I love all the colors!" I grin.

    Then, I feel someone's fingers intertwine with mine. I gasp a little. I had a hunch on who it was and I was correct.

    "They're so bright and beautiful."

    I turn and see him smiling at me. I smile back and turn back. I rest my head on his shoulder and enjoy the rest of the fireworks. It felt like a dream, but it wasn't. I was standing right here, at the stadium, with my wonderful friends, enjoying the fireworks.

    It was simply magnificent.

    A/N: This is one of the LYS concerts I cannot forget cause of Jin's exposed forehead and glasses. I think we're all feral for his forehead and him with glasses on. 😅

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