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    03.12.2021 - 2 hours ago


    It is barely the second day when the biggest change happens. The alphas are presenting, all at the same time.

    Once again, I’m awakened by a sharp scent. I can’t quite pin it but I can pick out the sour coffee and the tangy cinnamon. I take another whiff and almost gag, this time recognising the smell of zesty lemons or oranges and this sickeningly sweet perfume. I hear loud voices and movements from outside my bedroom door. I glance at the clock on the wall; 5.45AM. I can hear Jin’s and Yoongi’s voices, loud and urgent.

    Feeling a little dizzy from the bombardment of different smells, I make my way out of my room to almost bump into Taehyung who has this deep scowl over his face. He is speaking to Jin who is somewhere in Namjoon’s room. “I lock Jiminie and Jungkookie in their rooms but I don’t think we can keep them in there for long.”

    I raise my eyebrows in surprise. “Why? What’s going on?”

    Jin peeks out the doorway, concern written all over his face. “Now’s not a good time, sweetheart. Can you please stay in your room?” He then strides across the floor towards Hoseok’s room opposite of mine.

    Curiosity peaks inside me and I walk over to Hoseok’s room, the door left slightly ajar. Jin is speaking in a hush tone with the lead dancer. The smell of cinnamon, spicy against my nose, is so strong I’m starting to get a headache. I approach the bed where Hoseok is laying in and see him under the blanket squirming around as if he is in pain. Then his eyes shoot open, looking straight at me and he emits this low growl. A shiver runs up my spine.

    Jin rushes to my side. “You need to leave. Now.”

    “What’s wrong with him?” I ask, my voice coming out high. Jin is pushing me out the door but there is a strange pull that keeps me grounded and against his attempt to get me out of the room. For a moment, I can’t hear anything except Hoseok’s heavy breathing and my own heart. Suddenly, Hoseok sits up in bed and yanks me to him so that I fall with my knees on the edge of the bed. He holds me in place, hands gripping tightly around my waist. He starts inhaling me around my chest before his nose goes up to my neck. He nuzzles like his life depends on it, breathing in my scent. I whimper, my hands tangle in his hair loosely as my eyelids flutter shut. I feel Hoseok pressing kisses on my neck and then the kiss turns more wet as he nips the skin around my collarbone.

    “That’s enough.”

    Jin thrusts his wrist under Hoseok’s nose and immediately the younger man relaxes a little, the hold he has on me loosening. Snapping out of a reverie, I collect myself, blinking rapidly as my brain struggles to process the situation. I take a few steps back and stumble out of the room, only to find Taehyung and Yoongi wrestling with Jimin and Jungkook at the bottom of the stairs, trying to get the alphas back upstairs. The moment their eyes fall on me, the struggle becomes one sided as they easily push Taehyung and Yoongi aside and make a beeline for me.

    Jimin gets to me first, pulling me into a bone-crushing embrace as we both fall to the floor with me in his lap. He is kissing my neck, my cheeks, and going back down to suck on the skin where the neck meets the shoulder. Jungkook is behind me, one scorching hot hand finding its way underneath the hem of my shirt and resting there on my side. His other hand is on my chin, turning my head to face him as he presses his lips onto mine fervently. My head is getting light from their combined scents. I feel all my energy drain out of me, no intention of fighting back, falling deeper into Jungkook’s open-mouthed kiss, our teeth clacking.


    A deep voice booms across the hallway and we all freeze. The logical part of my brain is struggling to take control and make sense of everything, mulling over the fact that the voice hadn’t shouted but it was very commanding, taking charge of every fibre of my being. Jimin and Jungkook emit this tiny whine as their heads sink low towards their chest, eyes flitting up and down as if too scared to face whoever that spoke just now.

    I raise my eyes slowly in the direction of the commanding presence to see Namjoon slightly leaning against the doorframe of his bedroom. He is sweating, panting a little with a slight grimace but his demeanour is full of authority. The scent of coffee fills the house and in the corner of my eyes, I see even Yoongi and Taehyung looking down to the floor. There is a shuffling behind me as Jin and Hoseok emerge from the room, eyes downcast. I turn back towards Namjoon who has his eyes locked on me. He uses a finger to beckon me. “Come.”

    As if under a spell, I get up, untangle myself from the two men and pad softly across the hall to stand in front of him. His gaze is so intense that it feels like my face might catch on fire. There is something feral in the way he is looking at me that makes my stomach do somersaults. Something inside me yearns for him and against my better judgement, I let out a soft purr that shocks all of us, me the most. With a low growl that comes from deep in his chest, Namjoon cups my face in one hand and pulls me close. He leans down and bumps our noses together and I breathe in his scent. There’s a hint of fresh wet earth underneath that coffee. I look up into his eyes again and am met with a burning desire swirling in his dark eyes.

    But he looks away, resting his chin on the top of my head, slightly hunched as I’m only five foot tall, tiny against his giant form. His arm circles my shoulders. He clears his throat. “Jimin, Jungkook, back to your rooms. Hoseok, you’re taking over Taehyung’s room upstairs. Go. Now. All of you.”

    Like stubborn puppies, Jimin and Jungkook drag themselves back up the stairs, stomping with every step. Jin leads Hoseok up, too, one arm around the younger man’s waist as he supports him. Taehyung scurries after them. Yoongi comes up to us, though he keeps his eyes low. “I’ll take over from here.”

    Namjoon nods but doesn’t let go of me. He gulps once before he pries me off of him and Yoongi takes me by the arms. Namjoon gives a pained smile to Yoongi. “Mind if we switch rooms?”

    Yoongi nods before leading me back to my room. He looks at me hard. “Stay,” he says, then closes the door behind him. I hear him talk in a low voice with Namjoon but can’t catch the words. Then, they both make their way up the stairs. Gradually, all four scents weaken a little and my head feels clearer. I run into the bathroom and splash cold water on my face, leaning over the sink and letting the water drip. What the fuck just happened? Why did I let myself be handled like some kind of a ragdoll, passed around like that? But something inside me wants more. Something inside craves their touch even now, wanting to run up the stairs right at this moment and be back in their arms.

    Jungkook kissed me. I look at myself in the mirror, running a finger gingerly over my lips as if they are foreign to me. They look a little swollen, more red than usual. The light pink mark on my neck catches my attention and I move my hand to feel the area. Jimin’s tongue and teeth had sunk there. It’s a little tender. Something inside me flutters, happy to have the hickey like a stupid fifteen-year-old. I pull my t-shirt over it. Something really is changing.

    I heave a long sigh, switch off the bathroom light and make my way back to bed. It feels oddly cold and empty now. I pull the blanket up to my chin, willing for sleep to come. Through the thin curtain, I can see the first light breaking through the horizon but sleep is still out of reach. I toss and turn, trying to get comfortable but it is fruitless. So I decide to just lie there with my eyes closed, counting sheeps in my head to distract from all the clutter thoughts. I feel the presence first before I hear the bedroom door opening. The comforting smell of warm milk fills the air and Jin’s tall figure moves towards the bed, silently slipping under the cover behind me and putting an arm around me.

    I turn towards him, pressing one hand against his chest and the other draping lazily over his waist. I inhale deeply and feel the thoughts in my head melt away. My eyes suddenly feel heavy with sleep and I snuggle in closer. Jin runs a hand through my hair and plants a kiss on my forehead. He whispers against my hair, “Yoongi really downplayed alphas presenting. That was intense.”

    I hum in response. He continues, “Well, at least we have a pack leader now.”

    Namjoon’s burning eyes flash across my mind and my heart skips a beat. Pack leader. It has a sexy ring to it but also familiar, as if deep down I already recognise that authority long before Jin mentioned it. As I drift off to sleep, Jin whispers something that I barely hear. “I’m dreading you presenting, sweetheart. For you and for all of our sakes.”


    It took a few days until the alphas finally fully calmed down. The whole time they stayed in their respective rooms upstairs with Jin, Yoongi and Taehyung taking turns to bring up food.

    It is the fourth day today of me not seeing the four of them, only getting whiffs of their scents every now and again making my stomach churn in longing. I push that feeling aside, telling myself that it was baseless, that I barely know these guys apart from what I read or hear from the media. But something deep down is getting more and more convinced that I’m wrong. Case in point: I’m in the living room on the couch with Taehyung’s head in my lap. He is playing a Switch he found in the TV cabinet yesterday, eyes glue to the TV screen, a TV that has no connection to normal channels, non-functional except for when it is connected to a gaming console. His calming scent reminds me of being on the beach on a nice summer day but recently I notice that the betas scents have become more subtle yet much more comforting. The vibe of the room changes almost immediately the moment they step into a room. I’ve never felt safer anywhere else than when I’m with Yoongi, Jin and Taetae (a fond nickname I have slipped into using as naturally as it is to ride a bike to which he had hummed in approval the first time he heard it).

    I’ve noted the changes last night during dinner and Yoongi had casually waved his hand saying that the alphas presenting had somehow pushed them to present, too. Jin was right; if they did, it was the total opposite of the alphas and only overnight. The only one left is me and by this point, it is getting harder to dispute our kidnapper’s absurd claims of his weird, illegitimise experiment. Yoongi and Jin have been going through every book on omegaverse they could find in the house but I’ve been too scared to face the fact. The Master has also ceased to speak to us through the speakers, switching to using only the paper chutes. The paper instructions haven’t been of anything significant other than answering questions from Yoongi who has somehow become the lead beta. He is doing his best to tend to the alphas as well as assume leadership in the absence of the pack leader.

    Other than taking turns to bring food and check up on the alphas, the betas have also been in rotation to sleep together with me. I barely sleep if one of them isn’t holding me in their arms, blanketing me in their balming scents. The omega in me, if I can call it that, is getting louder, too; her needs are growing stronger by the day. I’m almost always lethargic during the day but I’m dismissing that to my fitful nights. Today, I woke up with a dull ache in my joints and Taehyung had been absentmindedly massaging my shoulders before he got distracted with the video game. I didn’t have any appetite for lunch, either.

    Taehyung pauses the game just as there are footsteps coming down the stairs. We both turn to see Jimin, Jungkook, Hoseok and Namjoon trudging downstairs, talking and joking with each other. The last time I saw them, they all had been sweating and in pain, eyes red and wild. This time they look so much better, their complexions glowing, smiling warmly and eyes that look like home. Taehyung stands up and rushes to their sides, happy to have his friends back. They greet him like long-distance lovers reunited once more after months of separation. They bump their noses together, one at a time. Jimin even pets his head. I stand up but don’t move, awkwardly watching them from a distance, unsure how to react. Something inside wants to run to them but I stay my ground, the logical part of my brain chastising me that these guys were, basically, still strangers to me.

    When they are finally finished with Taehyung, they turn to me, the happy smiles melting away into apologetic looks. Feeling flustered at the sudden change of mood, I stay quiet and wait. Namjoon nudges Jimin and Jungkook in the back and they approach me, a sheepish look on their faces. They stand in front of me not saying a word. Then, the older boy leans down and places his forehead against mine, enveloping me in his perfumy licorice smell. Softly, he says, “I’m sorry about that night.”

    I nudge my nose to his, rubbing our cheeks together until I’m leaning against his chest. I hear a small whine and turn to find a waiting Jungkook, eyes wide and lips pouting, looking more like a little bunny than an alpha wolf. I nuzzle against him as he lowers his head to mine, doing the same ritual as Jimin did. “I’m sorry, noona.” Without thinking, I reach up on my tiptoes and peck him lightly on the lips. His lemony scent spikes to Jimin’s dissatisfaction.

    From over Jungkook’s shoulder, I see Hoseok shuffling on his feet, and, feeling a little confident, I walk up to him. Hoseok’s mouth is turned down, eyes focusing on something on the carpet. “I hurt you, didn’t I?” he says in a low voice. I shake my head. He sighs and adds, “But I scared you, right?”

    I close my arms around his waist, pulling him to me. I put my nose to his neck, smelling the spot that is supposed to be where his scent gland is and breathing in that cinnamon smell before nuzzling him and placing a kiss to his collarbone. He turns his head, rubbing our cheeks together. “I’m glad you’re back,” I say into the cusp of his ear and he squeezes my sides in response. I step away to regard him. This close with no make up on his face, he is still breathtaking. “You look much better not growling at me,” I joke, which manages to pull out a small chuckle from him.

    “Well,” pipes up Jin cheerfully, standing halfway down the stairs, “now that the reunion is done, who wants to help me make dinner?”

    Jungkook replies, “Me, hyung!”

    “What help do you need, hyung?” Jimin asks as he makes his way into the kitchen following the eldest member, Jungkook tailing behind.

    As most of the group piles into the kitchen, I’m left with Namjoon at the foot of the staircase. He smiles reassuringly and holds out a hand. I take it and he pulls me in, using his other hand to grab my waist. “Did the betas take good care of you?” he asks as he nuzzles my neck.

    That thing inside me, the one that yearns the seven men in a more primitive way, is more apparent now in the presence of the pack leader. She preens and purrs against his touch but the more logical me, the more human me, could only hold back so much. I lean against Namjoon, letting his lips linger where my ear is. “They did enough,” I answer before I have time to even think what to say.

    “Good,” he murmurs against my skin. “I apologise for how the members behaved that night. We were...out of our minds.”

    I nod understandingly. “I know. It’s fine.”

    He pulls away a little to look at my face. He does a once over, his eyes raking me from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. He furrows his brows, concern replacing the affectionate look he had just seconds ago. “You’re not that far away from yours. I’ll talk to Yoongi and we’ll figure out the best way to deal with it when it happens.”

    I don’t say anything, dread filling the pit of my stomach instead. Namjoon’s dark coffee scent fills my nose and I immediately relax again. Gently, he presses his lips against my temple. “We’ll take care of you, baby. Don’t worry.”

    Jungkook shouts from the kitchen, “Don’t monopolise our noona, Namjoon-hyung. I want time with her too!”

    Namjoon lets out a low rumble as we walk into the kitchen. Jungkook pouts, mouthing, “So unfair.” I catch Jimin watching me, his eyes narrowing in jealousy. Hoseok nudges him from next to him and his face falls, looking upset, but he continues his job cutting up the vegetables nevertheless. A thought creeps into my head and I’m sure it didn’t come from myself, but the omega in me, struggling to push through, insists that it is the best decision for the pack. I choose to ignore her, but for how long, I’m not sure.

    I feel eyes on me and turn to see Yoongi and Namjoon in a hush conversation with both of them looking at me. A sharp pain in my stomach shoots through me and I double over, holding my sides. Within seconds, both the pack leader and lead beta are by my sides, holding me up. The others circle us, worry looks all around. My stomach churns uncomfortably and somewhere lower than that, I’m starting to get a burning sensation.

    Jin puts a palm to my forehead. “You’re burning, sweetheart.” To Yoongi, he says, “Take her to her room. I think it’s happening.”

    Yoongi sweeps me off my feet and carries me up the stairs so fast the room blurs together. Yoongi’s warm, calming scent is like a bubble around me. My stomach feels funny and every once in a while, I get chills running up my body all the way to the top of my head which is starting to feel heavy. When he finally places me on the bed, that is when I notice the wetness, pooling in my panties and soaking my sweatpants. Yoongi notices, too, and quickly picks me back up and puts me on the chair by the desk instead. I’m feeling hot, parched, even. My head is starting to throb but the wetness is as constant as if I’m peeing myself. My hair sticks to my face from the sweating. I feel gross and sticky all over, wishing to disappear than be in this messy state in front of Min Yoongi, whose songs I’ve rapped along with even if the correct pronunciation of the Korean words elude me. I start to cry, out of frustration from the situation and the embarrassment.

    Yoongi hushes me as he peppers my face with kisses. “It’s okay, it’s okay. I got you, kitten. Let’s get you in the shower. It’ll make you feel better.” As tenderly as he can, as if careful not to break me, he slips the damp sweatpants together with the underwear off of me and chucks them into the laundry basket. He then works on getting my t-shirt and bra off, his fingers working the clasp almost professionally. I’m starting to feel a little delirious, my head is so heavy all I want to do is get into bed and try to sleep it off. My stomach is uncomfortable, my nether region even more so. “Come, kitten.” My legs feel like jelly that Yoongi had to half-carry me to the bathtub.

    With one hand, he turns on the shower and helps me get into the tub. He takes off the shower head from its hook and starts to run the water over my body, my head last. The warm water feels nice and I feel myself feeling a little better. My head feels clearer and I can breathe easier. He turns off the shower, hooks it back up, and turns on the tap to fill the bath. The water rushes in fast and in a couple of minutes, as I sit with my legs under me, my knees slowly go underwater. Yoongi sits on the lip of the tub, one hand in the water checking the temperature.

    As I watch his big hand swirl the water around, as the water level slowly rises, as some common sense comes back to me, I start to feel more aware of the fact that I’m naked with a man sitting right there who had just helped me clean myself. An attractive man at that. I reposition myself to sit hugging my knees, a pathetic attempt at covering up bits he had, undoubtedly, seen. I lower my head to rest my chin on my knees.

    We both stay quiet for a moment. Then, Yoongi, his voice even but kind, says, “You’ve presented. Which means, more things will change from now on, especially for the pack, more so for you.”

    I want to tell him that I feel the changes, even right now. As much as my logical brain is telling me to ask him to leave and that I’m fine now, a huge part of me, the deeper part of me, the part I’m in denial with, is willing him to not just stay, but to do more. Yoongi waits until the water is three-quarter full before he turns the tap off, shakes his hand off the water and stands up to leave. Panic sets in and I grab at his arm, my nail digging into his pale skin. He looks surprised but one look at me, his eyes soften.

    With one hand, he starts to work his shirt off.

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    03.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    News on Writing

    I’m not sure if anyone exists on this page still, but I promised I’d always keep you all up to date on any writing projects if they came up. I honestly haven’t written in a long time, but wanted to start writing something for fun again. I’ve been pretty into BTS lately, and decided to start writing a fanfic for leisure on Wattpad. I’m not even really sure how people put their work out there anymore since it’s been so long, but I’ve definitely enjoyed the flow of writing again. Anyway, I’ll link below in case anyone who’s enjoyed my writing before wants to give it a read. As always, love to you!


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    New BTS piece! V - Inner circle performance. Having fun with this one! Artwork for the Christmas market @btsmontrealarmy . . . #artimasstudio #artimaspurplebts #fanart #v #taehyung #bts #vfanart #taehyungfanart #btsfanart #btsarmy #innerchild #btstaehyung #btsv #vbts #digitalart #digitalillustration #digitaldrawing #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocal #supportlocalartists #btsarmymtl (at Canada) https://www.instagram.com/p/CXALCCaqJgq/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    Pairing: CEO!Taehyung x female OC

    Rating: 16+

    Genre: Suspense, Drama, Romance, Angst

    Warnings: This is an AU, a world beyond one's reach.

    Family drama(?), Yandere! Taehyung falls in love with female OC at first sight but isn't sure if it's love?

    Female OC: Jeon Jiyeon

    Male lead: Kim Taehyung

    Other Characters: Jeon Jungkook, Jeon Jiyoung, Hwang Hyunjae, Kim Namjoon, Santiago Bernardi, Jeon Sayuri, Jeon Jiwook and more? (Will be announced later)


    She became a poisoned apple, his very own poisoned apple.
    A story of a loner who tolerates her covetous family while waiting for her lost brother and an eccentric man who believes to be aromantic.
    Undesirable circumstances arise where the duo learn to stay sane under each other's company while trying to figure out the truth to their concocted life...?
    A/N: Enjoy the masquerade ball at the Cosmos Hotel :)

    The Cosmos Hotel, majestically dressed, had people swirling, eager to witness the night. The hotel lights gleamed under the hooded sky with shadows tracing the windows. The antique arch, a magnificent crown, made it look like a historical palace. Laughs and giggles were decorations to the already blissful event: The Masquerade Ball.

    Etiquette being of utmost importance, Jiyeon graceful led herself amongst the myriad of people, feeling meek in comparison to others. Adorned in a splendid and effeminate outfit, the devilish night submitted himself as the shimmering moon stepped into the spotlight.

    Eyes, striking one another, awe at the presence of an unknown woman with a Colombina mask covering her eyes and upper cheeks. Wandering around oblivious of the others gaping at her, Jiyeon tries to find her sister. Her attempts running aimless, she decided to stop by a buffet section.

    "Is the belle here without a date?" asked someone as Jiyeon turned to see a man. Snow flashing his style and the blonde hair complimenting his attire, he looked as heavenly as white snow. With his lips crowned into a smile, attracted by the woman in black.

    "Not really. I-, uh, am waiting for my sister," she stammered, not used to the attention.

    "Let me accompany you until then," he stated, standing next to her. A server passes by with a tray of glasses served with varieties of expensive alcohols and cocktails while the unidentified man picked up a glass of some golden liquid. "Do you do well with alcohol?" he inquired.

    "I don't drink," Jiyeon answered, straightforwardly.

    The man who was caught off-guard with the reply exclaimed, "Oh! Fruit juice then?" Seeing Jiyeon nod, he instantly turned to the server who was distributing glasses to the guests. "A glass of any fruit juice, please," he added as the server walked away.

    "So," the man dragged, breaking the silence between the two. "What brought you here, belle?" His face highlighted inquisitiveness.

    Jiyeon questioned herself if it was alright to answer him. The fact that he calls her 'belle' sounded weird but she shrugged it away. The classical music graciously resonating in that hall calmed her to an extent.

    "Well, I'm just attending I guess." Her eyes wander off to the entirety of the room. The golden pillars and the structure. Swirls and curls, the design catches her eye. If it weren't was the loud music, she was sure the whole room could hear her gasp in awe. It baffled her to realize there was such a Hotel in existence. People melodiously dance to the music with different colours blending. It was mesmerizing and overall: alluring.

    She heard a chuckle as she turned to look at the man. "From the way you're admiring, I'd say it's your first time at an event like this. Am I wrong?"

    She doesn't utter a word because she figured it was obvious, drooling over the dexterity of the dynamic hall.

    "I'll take that as a yes. But it also seems like you don't talk much, do you?"

    Jiyeon wanted to reply instead of creating an awkward atmosphere but she couldn't. The coordination disappeared, tranquillizing her throat.

    Thankfully, her saviour arrived in the identity of a server who handed over a glass of fruit juice to the man. He stared at the purple grape juice curiously. Nonetheless handed over the glass to Jiyeon which she gulped a sip of and immediately coughs it out.

    "There, there, belle. Take it easy." He rubbed her back to help her as she stiffened her stance. Taking out a handkerchief, he gave it to Jiyeon as she accepted it.

    "Thanks." She gave a gruff reply, frowning at the weird sour taste. Not wanting to prolong her stay with the man she had just met, she was determined to leave. "Thanks for the juice and the company. I better go search for my sister."


    Taehyung was ready for the night after his tiny bursts of annoyance curtailed. His presence at the Cosmos Hotel was eye-catching. Some would call it a spiritual happening to be blessed to see the Heir of the Kims.

    He wouldn't have attended the masquerade ball if it weren't for Namjoon who forced him by telling 'There will be thousands of people who'd have come just to see you, the 'Kim Taehyung': Owner of the Cosmos Hotel.'

    It isn't that surprising that Taehyung owned a lot of contracts with various companies and personal agreements. For one, he was the Heir of Kims, the owner of the Kim Corps: A famous multinational company.

    Taehyung knows his worth. He does so much more than just "working." He skimmed past the hall trying to stay low-key not wanting to gather any attention towards him.

    "Excuse me?" He heard a female voice that made him curse under this breath. Someone recognized him though he wore a mask. Composing himself, he turned to meet the woman's eyes. There was something about them. So unusual and so mysterious - her pallid skin radiating heat, her cheeks flushed with a seemingly drunk look. 'Classy for a woman in black', he thought.

    "Is there anything I can help you with?" Taehyung asked a little concerned as she faltered to stand. A half-full glass of juice tightly held against the walls of her palm, she quivered.

    With a random push and a glide, she wobbled as the gentleman in front swept her by her waist. She tussled under his hold, something unknowingly new to her while the music never interrupted the silence of their position.

    "Sorry for the inconvenience, sir," said the man who had previously stumbled the poor woman and walked away, tipsily.

    Taehyung took in more of her appearance now. The indecipherable power that her eyes held, pulled him in. He was in haze, with her becoming more distinct as each second passed by. He inhaled the scent of grapes that was emerging out of the glass she held.

    The woman in black shied away from his hold faltering to stand for the second time as she scrunches her nose in annoyance. Taehyung found the woman oddly cute which made him overthink where the flutters were erupting from. His spine could clearly remember the several tingles and spasms soaring through.

    "Where can I find a restroom?" she abruptly asked, surprising him. Regardless, he pointed towards the direction along the side where the restroom was.

    "Thank you so much. Sorry for the disturbance," she said and trotted away immediately.

    Taehyung stood as still as a mannequin questioning his existence. He subconsciously hoped that the woman would be alright. His mind wanted to check up on her but he remained still, in reverie.

    But, the feeling was familiar. She reminded him of the girl at the airport. For god's sake, he had almost forgotten about her, that was, until now. Something told him to go after the woman he had just met. He didn't like how drunk she looked, she was alone.

    The commotion within him was odd. Not every day do you have these intense feelings, that shove you, wanting to be around someone, to care and protect.

    Was that it?

    To care and to protect.

    "Hey, you can't just run away like that!" Namjoon cried out, earning a frustrated sigh from the gentleman in return. That was also when he realized, he wasn't out of his reverie. Unable to gather the right words to characterize her, he aimed to ignore it.

    "Fine. You caught me," Taehyung huffed, "But, can we leave now? We have another important stuff in our schedule."

    With that, the two men exit the hall to attend an important matter leaving the masquerade ball in its pristine form.


    Jiyeon tried refreshing herself in the restroom. No amount of water was too much to help her snap out of whatever she was feeling. The black mask that highlighted her feature now lied on the sink.

    Looking at her reflection in the mirror never changed her flustered self. The pink never faded, her eyes further dulling. Soon, her breathing escalated with her chest heaving, spiralling the waves of exhaustion into her system.

    It was one of the two: Stay here in the restroom or walk home as soon as possible. The innermost conscience knew that her body would last any longer. As much as the first option sounded plausible, she agreed to get out of the hotel.

    Jiyeon's thoughts ran a million miles per hour to figure out what put her in this state. The flood seemed floaty, while she ambled out of the restroom, cautious of her surrounding. Walking out of the event hall, her path became steeper. An illusion so clear blinded her to an extent she could neither feel herself nor could she see others around her.

    Additionally, a spark of lightning jolted her body. That's when she knew she might have made it alive if she'd have stayed back in the restroom.

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  • mochiarcher
    02.12.2021 - 17 hours ago


    Pairing: CEO!Taehyung x female OC

    Rating: 16+

    Genre: Suspense, Drama, Romance, Angst

    Warnings: This is an AU, a world beyond one's reach.

    Family drama(?), Yandere! Taehyung falls in love with female OC at first sight but isn't sure if it's love?

    Female OC: Jeon Jiyeon

    Male lead: Kim Taehyung

    Other Characters: Jeon Jungkook, Jeon Jiyoung, Hwang Hyunjae, Kim Namjoon, Santiago Bernardi, Jeon Sayuri, Jeon Jiwook and more? (Will be announced later)


    She became a poisoned apple, his very own poisoned apple.
    A story of a loner who tolerates her covetous family while waiting for her lost brother and an eccentric man who believes to be aromantic.
    Undesirable circumstances arise where the duo learn to stay sane under each other's company while trying to figure out the truth to their concocted life...?
    A/N: Looks like there's going to be more unveiling. ;)


    /ˌmɑːskəˈreɪd, ˌmaskəˈreɪd/

    They meet here. Two known souls with an orb of light gleaming around. With the knight taking an oath to protect the one he possesses.

    The grandiose unpenetrable, a mask separating the two. Time ticking past along with their rhythmic hearts. Icy wind and pale skin scurrying past the heated room. Clouded crowns and enigmatic wings awaiting the forthcoming occasion.

    The estuary swells gloriously and soon ebbs attaining its lowest point. The stars glimmer the brightest ever as the clouds dissipate, prolonging the already everlasting night.

    The masquerade darkening, angels and demons witnessing the night. Here forth, the romance surges with the protector creating his way.

    The Knight meets his damsel.

    O! For the love of God, step foot into paradise.

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