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  • slasherhousehusband
    25.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I think bubba would like stardew valley or slime rancher

    #perhaps minecraft too #bubba sawyer#slashers#l speaks
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  • zeroforest
    25.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    join the franknub conspiracy

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  • backyardbats
    25.06.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #ask #Thomas and Bubba are 100% my comfort slashers
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  • hopefulgoddess
    25.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    sad, ugly, and a basement camper... AND he’ll shake his head at you! and hit you on hook! my GOD he’s such a perfect Bubba! :)

    #ta da! I'm being facetious. #dbd #dead by daylight #dbd self-archive#dbd bubba#dbd rage#whatever #I got points towards my challenge so I don't care if I die #just so sad to think that people actually feel the need to BE such an asshole just to... idk.. have fun? 'win'? what's the point? #or maybe they WANT to be an asshole #in which case that's on you <3
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    24.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Check out my AO3

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  • janalovehisoka
    24.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Slasher reaction to their fem s/o Giving them a Korean Heart Sign

    Michael Myers

    Confuse, like Really Confused
    Asked you what is the meaning of that and when you told him he was like "Oh, Is that so?"
    Secretly think it was kinda cute though he doesn't show it to you
    Silently hoping for you to do it again

    Jason Voorhees

    The More Confused here
    When you do it he was gonna do it too
    Staring at you Confusingly when you do it again and think that you were cursing him or something
    And when you explained it to him that it means Love his was like "Awww, My Sweet Y/N"
    He Would give you a Hug then planted some Kisses to your Head

    Bubba Sawyer

    This guy was also Confused then Do it also and that's make you Chuckled to his Response
    When you do it again he would let out a Confused sound cuz' he doesn't know what you were doing
    When you told him the Meaning of it he would giving you a Korean Heart Sign All day until you were laughing to death
    Nubbins and Chop Top are gonna do it too with Bubba while staring at you
    While Drayton was Annoyed to death
    #janalovehisoka #Michael Myers x Fem s/o #Jason Voorhees x Fem s/o #Bubba Sawyer x Fem s/o #Slashers x Fem Reader #Slasher x y/n #Headcanon#Halloween #Friday the 13th #Texas chainsaw massacre #Korean Heart Sign
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  • rawrgir
    24.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    nobody asked for this but I’m doing this. How (my favorite) Slashers would react to the question “would you still love me if i were a worm”

    gender neutral pronouns because i’m not a fan of x readers that aren’t inclusive like that, nothing wrong with them they’re just not for me

    Micheal Myers

    He’d look at you really funny, granted the mask would still be on, but you can tell he’s judging you.

    He’d do his little head tilt because he doesn’t understand

    why would you be a worm???

    you’re gonna have to explain it to him and even then he might not get it, prepare for a ton of explaining

    If (and that’s a big if) he comes to understand your weird question he might not be able to answer. Michael is pretty reserved with any and all emotion and admitting he loves you would be very hard for him to actually do.

    If you repeat the question again he’d be like no and that he would squish you, he’d think it’s funny but you’re not a fan of the joke

    Jason Vorhees

    Again, does not understand the question, like one bit

    truthfully he’s probably be really sad if you were a worm!!

    like nooo!! he doesn’t want you to be a worm he wants you to be you!

    but he would probably still love you if you were a worm tho

    he’d get a flower pot and buy you a plant that you could eat and he’s put stones and stuff in the flower pot so you could use them as tables

    he’d be real gentle with you and would probably give you light little pets

    he would be very scared of crushing you

    give this boy a kiss because he’s just about scared himself silly worrying about how he would take care of you if you were a worm

    you’re going to have to snap him out of it, remind him you’re not actually a worm

    Bubba Sawyer

    Of course you would still love you!!

    Bubba is a country boy and you cannot tell me he didn’t play in the mud as a kid!!!

    He loves worms!

    He’d would absolutely take care of you if you were a worm and he’d give you everything a worm needs

    He’d become really distraught if his brothers, especially Drayton, overhear you asking the question because they would say they would squish you

    Que him slightly crying because he doesn’t want them to squish you!!!! He loves you too much!!

    You have to calm him down and reassure him that they aren’t going to squish you because you’re not a worm

    he’d still be upset though, and would probably cling to you for a few days until the whole worm thing left his mind

    would not trust his brothers around you. I mean he already didn’t but now even more, how could they be so cruel to squish you?!



    No seriously What?

    Stu would joke about eating you, meanwhile Billy just straight up says no

    Stu would probably actually still love you if you were a worm, but not the way Bubba or Jason would. You’d be like a ant colony his parents bought him when he was like 8 and it just kinda sat in his corner, every once and awhile he’d pick you up and mess with you but that’s about it

    Billy would not love you if you were a worm. He wouldn’t wanna date a worm that’s weird.

    He’d be a big ol’ Meanie about it too and say he’d feed you to a bird. Jerk.

    Don’t get him wrong he loves you now, but he can’t see himself loving a worm even if it was you

    Prepare to be teased about it in the coming weeks though, no matter what the occasion wether you’re at school, hanging out with a group of friends or just by yourselves they’re gonna take every opportunity to make a joke about you being a worm.

    They’d even call you as Ghostface and make fun of you. These guys are assholes. You can complain into the phone all you want but they’re gonna ask “What’s your favorite scary movie” and proceed to make shitty worm jokes mixed with the titles like “Nightmare on Worm Street” or “Silence of the worms”

    They’re bullies but they’re your bullies

    Freddy Krueger (1984)

    Yes and no? It’s like a mixed bag really. On one hand yeah he’s probably enjoy if you were a worm but on the other hand he’d probably enjoy fucking with you if you were a worm

    You probably wouldn’t last a week if you were a worm

    Thank god you’re not a worm

    I mean this man is a dream demon who has a scene in the movie where there are gross worm creatures coming out of his fucking man titty, so he wouldn’t mind if you were a worm but you wouldn’t be treated very good

    The midnight mangler would eat you. Not even joking like Stu, he would fucking eat you.

    Better yet he’s do that trick where he’d put you in his mouth and then pull you out of his nose.

    What did you expect this man is gross as hell

    Billy Lenz

    He would eat you.

    Brahms Heelshire

    This man doesn’t know what a worm is

    He’s been inside the wall for so long he forgot what the fuck a worm was

    It doesn’t help that even when he was outside as a kid there’s no way his parents let him play in the mud. Playing in the mud was “un-dignified” and “something poor people did”

    So he never really experienced worms

    You could try to show him, like bringing in one after it rained but it would probably scare him


    it’s all gross and slimey y/n get rid of it!!

    He would cry, he doesn’t like how wiggly it is and if you try to bring it anywhere near him he’s gonna freak out

    Safe to say no, he would not still love you if he were a worm he doesn’t like them


    June Marie Heisenberg

    Created by the lovely @ghost-thot69

    Are you high?

    What you smoking and where can she get some?

    Yes she would still love you if you were a worm, but that’s kinda weird

    She’d prefer if you weren’t a worm mostly just cause you know, she can’t kiss a worm

    I mean she technically could be she doesn’t want to, unless you’re like an inchworm but then she’s gotta be super careful cause you’re super tiny

    She’d build you a tinly little home out of popsicle sticks and would paint it to look like a little cottage and would put it in a flower pot like Jason would

    She’d google what worms need to survive and would provide you with all of it because she loves you 💖

    #slashers #slashers x reader #slashers x you #micheal myers x reader #jason vorhees x reader #bubba sawyer x reader #poly!ghostface x reader #billy loomis x reader #stu macher x reader #freddy krueger x reader #billy lenz x reader #brahms heelshire x reader #June Marie Heisenberg x reader #slasher oc#michaelmyers#jasonvoorhees#freddy krueger#bubba sawyer#billyloomis#stu macher#billy lenz#brahmsheelshire
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  • slashingdisneypasta
    24.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Slashers + Jerry Dandridge x Reader || Oneshot

    Title: New Resident


    Sort of a continuation of the Slashers + Jennifer Check x Reader || Oneshot except with a totally different ‘adventure’. So reader is Jennifer’s friend (And of course is therefore under her protection and no one can hurt her or they will have to deal with Jennifer and she’s really freaken powerful so that would be bad) and visits the house a lot. Except Chucky isn't an option.

    Stu's comments on how this version of Jerry isn't as good is in no way me saying one actor is more attractive then the other- no, they're equally pretty. Its just a Stu quip, showing the meta nature of the Ghostface killers.

    Characters Involved (The ones in red are romantic options for the individual end drabbles): Billy Loomis, Bubba Sawyer, Carrie White, Chucky / Charles Lee Ray, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Jennifer Check, Michael Myers, Patrick Bateman, Stu Macher and, now, Pennywise (Either) and Tiffany Valentine.

    Plot: Jerry is allowed by The Council (Some Horror Villains) to stay, on a trial basis, in the Horror House. But will he be too disruptive towards a certain vulnerable, delicious human who visits the house often to see Jennifer?

    Warnings: Course language, suggestive themes, and threatening situations/graphic descriptions of some gore.

    The room is loud, because 3 mutes does not make a quiet atmosphere when everyone else, sans Carrie, is a loudmouth.

    “Uh. Thanks for coming, everyone… “Billy clears his throat, trying to cut through the busy noise, fixing his grip on his clipboard slightly nervously. He was only newly appointed as house meeting MC.

    He could have gotten out of this mess if someone had been able to keep his big fucking mouth shut! The only quality necessary to take this roll or, *cough*, have it thrust upon you involuntarily, is to be able to talk! And there are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,- Seven persons with that quality in the room right now!! This is so not fair. Just because he got a B on a fluke oral presentation at school once time does not mean that he’s MC potential!! If this fact had not been mentioned by… that someone… Billy flashes a momentary death glare Stu’s way, receiving an oblivious thumbs up of encouragement back, then he would not be in this situation! He feels like fresh meat in this position!!

    He rolls his eyes and lets out a deep, shuddering breath of fury. Nevertheless, he’s stuck with this until the moment he senses that Tiffany is in a benevolent mood- at which time he will pounce. “So. First order of business today is, uh… “He takes a moment to read the first bullet point typed up handily by Carrie while the others all begin to possibly shut up for a bit to hear what’s up.

    Glancing up around the room nervously after reading it, he finds Carrie in the back by Jason and raises his eyebrows at her. A nervous smile of her own quirks up at her lips and he promptly sprints across the room in 3 seconds, jumping onto and hanging off of the back of the couch between them and thrusting the paper to her for proper consideration as if she hadn’t already read that thing a thousand times to make sure it was right. Still, she reads it again.

    Chucky, plopped on the couch beside where Billy’s lower body is flopped, releases a curse at the sudden movement in his bubble. Billy doesn’t bother with him though in favour of focusing on Carrie, exchanging hushed words about the mysterious, and apparently terrible, bullet point.

    Everyone sort of notices, but they’re either too far away to hear, or they’re too busy in their own heads or arguments to care. Freddy gets up to go snoop, but finds that in order to reach his destination he would have to step over Michael’s legs, and Michael’s looking at him in a way that ascertains that if he does try such a thing- he would lose some limbs.

    “Myers I am your senior, move your legs. Move them.”

    Michael just looks, somehow, even more intensely at Freddy.

    “They’re impossibly long and they’re blocking the damn way!!”

    This time, Michael just looks back down at his stolen DS instead of paying any more attention to the nasty burnt nugget.

    Freddy crosses his arms, paraphrasing an old catchphrase icily. “That’s the problem with the young bastards these days… No respect… “

    Jennifer rolls her eyes and continues texting you instead of caring about anything going on in the room, and Pennywise continues successfully staring creepily at Chucky to gage a reaction as the doll looks back, like, ‘You’re looking at me? You’re looking at me?! You better stop’. Tiffany, on the other side of Billy’s legs, minds her own business; Figuring she could ask Carrie later if Billy doesn’t announce it in a minute, and Bubba feels too awkward to have really noticed enough to wonder in the first place because he happens to be, the unlucky duck that got stuck standing beside Patrick because the dolls beat him to the couch.

    He feels very awkward beside the man in his perfect crisp suit and his perfect posture shooting off texts, probably with perfect grammar, to his ‘perfect’ colleagues with his pager, uncaring of the world or the people around him. He’s gotten used to them being around, which is clear as two years ago he wouldn’t even be in the same room as most of them - except Carrie though. She’s small, she bakes cookies, she’s quiet, and adopting her would be good press, -, but that doesn’t mean he won’t ignore their asses like his life depends on it. Hence Bubba’s discomfort.

    Attempting to see what Patrick’s writing, but in such a sly way that the man with great posture does not actually notice him peaking, Leatherface inclines his head, tilts his body and clenches his toes tightly to stay upright, but nearly topples right over.

    Consequently, he decides, because of the mini heart attack he suffers due to Patrick rolling his shoulders back at a coincidental time slotted right next to his near-death experience, that maybe the risk of being caught by the man is just not worth it.

    Bubba looks at his empty hands. Maybe he should get a pager... Then he thinks about all the weird things Chop Top would send him and promptly changes his mind.

    Jason, in the back of the room, is the only one who does hear what’s transpiring quickly between the teenagers, as he’s standing still right next to Carrie. And as listens, he feels acutely like taking that clipboard from Billy, snapping it in half and stuffing it down the gutter outside.

    No clipboard, no topic!

    “I’ll kill it, Tiffany.” Chucky speaks up, glaring at Pennywise with not even half the same focus. His little body is boiling with rage at being stared at by that alien for their creepy amusement. And jesus christ; It sure is amusing Penny. It really is. The doll is breaking before their eyes, - and is about 2 seconds from launching off the couch like Buzz Lightyear duck taped to that rocket.

    “You can’t kill him, honey.”

    “I can motherfucking try.”

    “He wants you to react.”

    “Well that’s good! Because he’s about to get a reaction! Merry fucking Christmas!”

    Tiffany sighs in exasperation, and scootches a little closer to her side of the couch in an attempt to get out of the splash zone if a tussle does occur. The likelihood is that Pennywise will just fling Chucky back into his seat, but she wants to be sure. It’s not easy, to find clothes her size that she likes. “At least I know our children won’t put up with bullies, dear… “

    Still stuck beyond the Shape’s legs, Freddy notices Jason’s shoulders dropping in frustration and his breathing getting deeper as he stands beside Carrie. “-OH, HOCKEY PUCK,” Immediately, as soon as that loud noise comes out of the burnt one, Michael raises his head slowly to see why the hell it happened. “Why the long face? I mean, apart from the usual! What are they saying?? Come on- tell me! Captain Kirk won’t let me through!!”

    Oh- Jason knows what’s going on? Michael turns his head to pay attention to Jason himself, seeing how he responds. Unsurprisingly though, Jason but raises his hand, and mimes crushing Freddy’s head.

    Freddy gapes for a moment at it, apparently deeply offended as Jason looks away from them again and Michael return to his game before ultimately closing it, perturbed. “You know… trying to kill you and disrespecting your mother… does not warrant such nasty behaviour, young man!! What would mommy say! Hm!?”

    As Jason turns gruffly back to Freddy and stalks over, stopping just beyond Michael’s legs and initiates a typical, intense stare off, Michael returns to his DS once again- evidently bored by his reluctant acquaintance’s antics. Jennifer, and Stu who was watching the texts firing between you and Jennifer from beyond her shoulder, gasp loudly together suddenly and Stu fumbles with his phone, struggling to rescue it out of his back pocket whilst sitting in a beanbag and opens your WhatsApp to message you himself as Jennifer furiously taps away to you. Back on the couch, Chucky starts rolling up his little rainbow sleeves at Pennywise. Patrick groans and shifts his shoulders at the new tension in the room, and Billy and Carrie finish their conversation.

    Carrie’s eyes widen at the new, restless energy in the room, hugs herself and ducks her head down. “What’s happening?” She asks Billy, who’s just now noticing the tension, too, and shrugs.

    Disconnecting from Carrie and the couch hurriedly, Billy jumps back to the front and throws out his arms. “HEY OKAY! Attention please, before we all lose our minds, and some limbs, -Carrie and I have an announcement!!”

    Crickets. No one responds, no one even stops what they were doing. Except Stu, who spares Billy a transparent ‘Yeah bro, go on. We’re listening’ as he and Jennifer text you back with smoking fingers. He doesn’t even look up from his phone. Chucky stands up on the couch cushion, readying to blast off, so Billy hurriedly continues before he possibly can.


    That… sort of gets some attention. It stops Chucky from jumping just in time at least, causing him to nearly lose his balance on the cushions and fall off the couch before Tiffany manages to catch him just in time; Which of course then causes Pennywise to dissolve into wicked laughter, holding his stomach and bending over his knees in his chair. Freddy abandons the stare off to snap his head around and look confused at Billy. “The… vampire??” Stu looks up at that too, eyes wide.

    “… The Farrell version or the Sarandon version?”

    “Dude, I don’t know! And yes, the vampire.”

    Stu gives a heavy sigh at his friend’s lack of knowledge, looking back at his phone as it dings. “I hope its Sarandon, he’s handsomer.”

    Billy sighs gutturally as well, shaking his head with frustration. “If anyone wants to see the letter, Carrie’s going to put it up on the announcement pin board. Before we continue to the next bullet point,” Rolling his eyes at the paper, Billy also mutters something under his breath about this going to be a hugepain in the ass- none of these people have ever learnt how to deal with change. Including himself. ”Does anyone have any concerns- and let me be clear here. I mean concerns, not comments. If you have a comment, then you can wait till the end, when I leave, because let me be clear on this; I do not care.”

    “Damn, bro... “Stu beseeches, peaking over his phone. “It’s a wonder how you got a B on that oral presentation... What with that nasty pasty attitude, there...“

    Billy thinks he’s going to throw this clipboard at his friend. “Stu! -”

    “Uhhh, yeah. I do.” Jennifer puts down her phone for the first time that meeting, gaining Billy’s reluctant attention. “I think Y/N just met Jerry, they’re on the front lawn. He’s gardening in front of her, like a total sleaze bag… “

    The wholeroom stands to attention, finally, Pennywise even swivelling around in his computer chair to look at her. He’s here already???

    Jason turns his head slowly to Jennifer also at that, smelling horny activity, and Tiffany and Bubba’s mouths drop open too- Y/N’s with the vampire??? But its Patrick that moves first, as his head snaps up from his phone at Jennifer’s words, a vein in his neck simultaneously popping. “He’s doing what to my garden?!”

    She shrugs. “Uh, he’s um- “Glancing at her phone as it buzzes, she reads off it now for efficiency. “Uhh, ’S.O.S. He handed me his shirt and now he is pulling out weeds and he has strong arms. I don’t know what to do. Do I watch? Do I come inside? I’m stuck.’. Horrified Ghostface slash The Scream emoji, ‘Send help.’”

    “-There are no fucking weeds in my fucking- Oooh… “Patrick is the first out the front door, on a mission to save his garden. Quickly followed by Jason sniffing out the lustful behaviour - machete in hand,- , Bubba who is concerned that you’re being seduced, and Billy and Stu because- duh, its Jerry Dandridge. Then Jennifer, Carrie and Pennywise. Chucky and Tiffany head to the window to take a sticky beak themselves, and Freddy fumbles and struggles to wrap a scarf around his face, take off his knife glove and put on his normal gloves and sunglasses quickly by the door before he can possibly head out into the street himself- cursing his burns.

    Michael stretches and saves his game at a leisurely pace before even thinking about moving his ass.


    As soon as the door slams open with accidental force due to Patrick’s hardly controlled fury, and the inhabitants of the murder house start trickling out, starting with the angry man who’s face honestly scares you to silence at the moment, followed by Jason- oh, your gaze clamps in on him and you gasp in secret relief. Oh good grief, thank god, forgive me father for I am having sinful thoughts- “Jason! Hi! Hello- oh! Hi Bubba! Uh, Billy… Stu… Jen, Carrie and Penny?!” Is everyone coming out? You wonder, as you see a line of the homicidal maniacs beyond the door, as you incline your head to. Squinting at the curtains moving, too, in the front window; Your jaw drops. Is that Chucky and Tiffany at the window??

    Jason and Patrick approach the vampire pulling out greens from the ground. You try not to look at him- he’s too handsome. It’s too much. He said you were pretty and called you sweetheart- and if you’ve understood vampires correctly, that means you look delicious.

    And it may also be a marriage proposal, who knows.

    “Those aren’t weeds buddy, those are fucking… “Patrick takes a moment to breathe in deeply and calm himself. “… Those are Baby’s Breath, you nimrod.”

    “Oh, hey, my bad man.” Jerry gets up from the ground, hands dirty from the work and tank top perfectly clean, and white. Like his teeth.

    Patrick’s eye twitches. He can never keep his clothes that clean when he’s gardening- Oh, he doesn’t like this guy one bit. Jerry glances from the simmering Wall Street wolf to the hulking mass that is Jason, with his machete gripped tightly in one gloved hand, and raises his thick ass eyebrows at him. “And you, man? What’s up? Nice to meet you, I’m Jerry. I’m moving in.”

    Jason just breathes, back, and Patrick starts talking again at the speed of light about identifying weeds from purposely planted flowers with the new roommate. “Look, just for future reference, pal… “

    Stu stops at the door, holding up everyone else and tries to turn around and go back inside. “Ugh, its Farrell, never mind- “

    “Move it.” Jennifer snaps, pushing him out and nearly into Patrick’s rose bushes. She comes over to you and flashes a half-apologetic smile, glancing at ‘Jerry’. “So that’s the vampire, huh?” A smirk slowly spreads across her lips. “Your sneaky pic didn’t do him justice.”

    You giggle, nerves from before sort of wearing off a little now that it isn’t just you and the very hot vampire. No, now it’s a group of terrifying murderous monsters.

    Which is only a tad better.

    “Do you think he’d taste any good?”

    She rolls her eyes, smirk dropping immediately. “Probably not.” Bubba comes up hesitantly to you and his gaze fidgets between you and Jerry and the casual, teal, size medium shirt still in your grasp that Jerry had handed you to hold onto for him earlier. Jennifer notices this too, eyes flashing at it and as you’re greeting Bubba, consequently calming him down, she snatches it from your hands and throws it back the man’s way. “Take this back; She’s not your towel girl!”

    “Ah. Thanks Y/N, for holding it for me.” Jerry flashes a charming smile at you, catching the shirt effortlessly with those vampiric reflexes, while you just struggle to come up with words to say back. What is this dark magic?? You open your mouth to talk but only ‘ok’ comes out.

    “So this is the fresh meat, huh?” Pennywise claps his hands together, bouncing from out of nowhere and landing in front of Jerry and between you and him, granting you some reprieve. Sniffing, Penny’s smile drop’s and suddenly he slaps his hands over his nose, pinching the nostrils closed with a squeak. Jerry’s eyebrows shoot up in uncharacteristic surprise. “Eeeeuuuuw! No fear at all!! Gr-ose! He’s all yours, succubus.”

    Jennifer makes a face, linking her arm with yours to give you emotional support, like a good friend. “Uh, no thanks. Maybe Bubba wants him.”

    The cannibal tilts his cute, curly head, and you watch him assessing Jerry around Pennywise’ body, before he shrugs. As if to say ‘Yeah, okay. Not bad, I’ll take it’.

    “Uhh… “Jerry’s voice wafts around Pennywise as he coolly moves on from that particular conversation. You turn to the front door to see Carrie, Billy, Stu, and now Michael too are all lined-up side-by-side on the porch, watching the scene. Billy waives at Jerry.

    “Hey, man, I’m Billy. This is Carrie; She’s the one that got your letter. We’re the chill ones. You wanna come in and I’ll give you a tour?”

    “… Yeah. Yeah, that sounds great. Thanks man. Just give me a minute here.” Jerry laughs lightly, putting his shirt back on over his head.

    Your eyes flicker past the audience on the porch, to the still-open door, and catch sight of Freddy flinging his bladed glove into the umbrella bin and checking himself out in his outside-wear (Basically every article of clothing ever band from a government institution for concealing too much- he looks suspicious as fuck. You can only imagine what the neighbours think when he’s in charge of taking out the bins) in the hallway mirror for a second. Then Jerry speaks again, stealing your attention back immediately.

    “Ah, k... Anyone wanna tell me why the big boy here is just standing here staring at me? Hah, making me a bit nervous, pal.” Inside the house, Tiffany flings a pair of scissors Freddy’s way to hurry him up, wanting him to get out there and translate for Jason. Basically, tell that - admittedly handsome, - man that the not-so-jolly green giant will do much worse than grip his machete at him, if he touches dares to touch you. They end up stuck in the wall, as Krueger ducks just in time.

    “It’s because- “Stu starts, but the resident attention seeker finally emerges from the hallway, flicking the end of a scarf - Carrie’s scarf, - over the back of his shoulder.

    “Cuz, bud. We don’t take kindly to new guy’s- “

    Chucky bangs on the window, sufficiently taking all dignity out of Freddy’s grand entrance (Exit?) for a moment, and seriously devaluing the dramatic essence. “In general!!”

    “- sorry. I thought I heard a rude plastic gremlin bitch interrupting me.” Freddy flashes a deep glare at the window - not that anyone, Chucky included, can actually tell that’s what he’s doing through the dark sunglasses, - before returning his attention to the vampire. Chucky waives back, and Tiffany, beside him, rolls her eyes but is a little preoccupied with sizing up Jerry to be exasperated by her husband. “Ehem. As I was saying- ‘Entering the picture and harassing our girls!’”

    Bubba looks oddly between you and your dropped jaw (‘Our girls’? What the fuck kind of upside down, backwards, 17th century hickville thing to say is that? You’d think he were taking cues from a certain canary yellow wearing, southern doppelganger of his Bubba’s brother), Jerry raising his eyebrows and smirking, and Freddy, before nodding in whole-hearted agreement with his fellow Slasher.

    When no one responds at first, Pennywise makes his face into Freddy’s and does a killer,impression of his voice. “- Like I do!”

    While Jennifer, Billy and Stu sneer and giggle at Penny making fun of Freddy, who flips out his middle finger at the clown, you nervously watch a couple little boy’s walk down the street- hoping to god that they don’t take any notice of Pennywise, Bubba’s or Jason’s peculiar appearances. One of the little boys looks at you, and you flash him a nervous smile and a wave. Just keep walking, just keep walking, just keep walking…

    They safely turn around the corner.

    After a moment, Jennifer sighs and rolls her eyes, leading you inside. “Whatever, you’re all creeps. Y/N and I are going inside- Gerald, or whatever your name is, Y/N’s off limits so don’t even think about it. If you eat her, I will eat you, and I will not enjoy it.”

    Letting Jennifer guide you inside because what else are you going to do, you waive nervously one last time at everyone, before feeling the safety of the door closing behind you and you two go up to her room; Your sanctuary in this house.

    After the two of you have disappeared up the stairs, Billy turns his attention back to Jerry who has managed to keep his composure perfectly throughout all of this- something Patrick is hating him even more right now for. “Well come on Jerry, Stu and I’ll give you a tour. Uh, welcome?”

    “And uh... man?” Stu pockets his phone again, looking bashful. “Hate to break it to you, but Jason only gets like this about hoodlums and horny folk- he’s basically calling you a slut.”

    Billy double takes at Stu, as does everyone else who just stare silently at Stu’s words. Especially those who have been on the receiving end of Jason’s stares before. Because Stu’s not wrong. But… damn, you shouldn’t sayit!! “Stu... “Billy sighs, entirely exasperated.

    Jason just sets the blade of his machete into his other hand, threateningly. In other words; That’s Jerry’s one curtesy warning. Next time, it’s of with his head.

    Freddy is left outside, looking inside where he’s going to have to disengage from his whole costumeonce again after only just getting it on, drops his shoulders and sighs deeply.

    ___TIME SKIP___

    The next morning, you sneak out Jennifer’s room early to grab a cup of water and a slice of cornbread, still in your pyjamas because usually, the scariest thing you’ll run into in the morning is Freddy and he knows that while in the physical realm, Jennifer can kill him before he even makes make’s a fist-so he isn’t much of a threat. And you kinda forgot about Jerry… He was at dinner last night, but he acted completely normal. Didn’t look at you all seductive like as he did before the others got outside yesterday or take off his shirt again, so you figured that Jennifer must’ve made it clear to him and you were safe enough to slip down stairs and back up again at least.

    But you were wrong.

    Dear lord were you wrong.

    Because you’re stuck in the corner of the kitchen between the bench with the broken toaster and Jerry’s hard, cold body. Your cornbread and cup of water in either hand, you wonder how the hell you’re going to get out of this.

    You would take Patrick’s not-so-sunny disposition for company this early morning if you could swap in this for it. But Patrick’s, unfortunately, probably in his tanning bed or exercising… “Um, good morning Jerry. Did you have a good first night? S- sorry for the business yesterday on the lawn, um.” You shrug, avoiding his eyes. “They’re wierdo’s, so… ”

    “Hah,” Dear god, his chuckle is perfect. Does he practise it? “It’s okay. I’m just glad to get another moment alone together. I just want you to know, I wouldn’t hurt you. You know that, right? You can trust me…”

    Hmmm, your instincts say no, but your heart- oh, actually, let’s just face the facts. Your instincts say no, but your libido, says dear god yes.

    “Umm… sure. Let’s be, uh, friends… “What does he want from you?? Your mind races, but not in a helpful way. You’re so flustered and confused in this moment! Hisbody is way too close to yourbody!! There’s no way logic could shine a light right now.

    His hand finds your hip, and your eyes just about bulge out of your head. Then the other one does the same thing on the other side, a thumb brushing under the thin material of your pyjama’s and, you think you black out for a second? Because the next thing you know, his nose is rubbing yours gently and you’re looking right into his deep, brown eyes because there is literally nowhere else for you to look. His eyes are so deep. Umber, and chocolate, and penny and impossibly dark under those thick eyebrows. Billy’s eyes are romantic, but they don’t have anything, on this.

    You wish you could cross your arms to cover some vital areas, but you’re still holding your breakfast in both hands.

    Heart beating faster than you’re comfortable with, you feel Jerry’s breath on your lips as he opens his mouth again, glancing from your eyes to your lips hungrily like a sexy wolf. Slowly, too. Teasing- because he knows damn well that he has you in the palm of his hand; Right where he wants you to be. “Can you help me with something, Y/N? I just need a sip. I’m so… “He takes a deep sniff, eyes fluttering closed at your smell. “Hungry… and you smell so good. Perfect.”

    “Well, uh… Just… just a little?” What am I saying?? Everything in you wants to scream, but it’s like you’re trapped in his eyes. God- scream, Y/N!

    He sighs in relief, raises his eyebrows reassuringly and leans his head onto yours; Your mouths so close to each other. “Just a little.” He lets go of your with one hand, which feels slightly better, until that hand that you’re totally aware could break you with only minimal force, clamps down on your chin. Carefully, spookily slowly, he tilts your face up to look at the ceiling. And all you can think is how this is such a bad idea! Bad situation, bad guy, bad instincts, bad, bad, bad!- “I promise.”

    “O-Oh… “You’re about to say ‘okay’, and he knows it as his lips trace from the corner of your mouth, over your jaw, and to your throat. His other hand tightens on your hip, gripping you now instead of holding you.


    Billy Loomis:

    Just as soon as you feel Jerry’s sharp, smooth teeth touch your very vulnerable skin, his body flings itself away from you and across the room. You let out a relieved breath, relaxing back down to a more natural state - as your body had seized up in defence as the predator got closer,- and unhood your eyes to see Billy - still in his pyjama’s like you,- standing in front of you.

    He’s holding a spray bottle, and aiming it at a very uncomfortable looking vampire, who’s wiping the back of his neck of the liquid. “What did Jennifer say?? You cannot touch Y/N!”

    “She was alright with it. She was saying okay.”

    Billy’s eyes narrow and he squeezes the spray bottle again, even though the water doesn’t reach Jerry this time. “Don’t care, hands off; Piss off.” Jerry glances at you, but you avoid his gaze this time and take a bite of your cornbread for a distraction. Drayton made this bread and sent it here, you remember distractedly as Jerry inches cautiously around Billy. Oh, think about Drayton.

    Drayton, Drayton, Drayton…

    Ahhh, sweet total reprieve from lustful thoughts. Thank you, Bubba’s older brother.

    As Jerry escapes the room, Billy lowers the bottle and turns to you. You sigh, feeling relieved and stupid as you lean back into the bench. Looking up, you connect gazes with Billy and flash a little smile. Taking a sip of your water, feeling it refresh you as it slips down your dry fucking throat and take in a deep breath. “Thank you.”

    He gestures to the bottle. “Holy water.”

    You nod, putting down your breakfast and crossing your arms under your chest. You still feel unsafe, but you’re glad Billy’s here. You’ve always liked him, maybe even had a bit of a crush on him vaguely, but right now he was especially making your stomach twist. The heroic thing is cute. “I figured.”

    He growls, scowling. “I should’ve thrown a wooden stake.”

    “That’s okay, I think he got the message.” Gaze flickering away from Billy momentarily, unsure, you chew on your bottom lip. “At least, I hope so.”

    “Hey, look. Y/N, don’t worry about that.” Billy comes over, still not overwhelmingly close as Jerry was, but a comfortable closeness that makes the butterflies in your stomach go wild. He’s so cute in his pyjamas, goddamn. A comfy looking green faded t-shirt and worn cotton pyjama pants- cuddly could even be a word used to describe him right now. A smile slips onto your cheeks uncontrollably, making him smile as well and reach up to cup part of your face with one hand. “You’re alright?”

    Rolling a little forward on the balls of your feet, you nod. “Yeah, thank you.”

    Bubba Sawyer:

    As Jerry leans down towards a pulse point in your neck, your eyes start to hood against your better judgement- just before you hear a startled moan and the spell is broken. Your eyes snap open wide to see Bubba in the doorway, over Jerry’s shoulder. “Fuck.” Jerry growls unhappily, but pulls back anyway from your neck, to see what you’re surprised about. Immediately, Bubba hurries forward and guides you gently away from him by the arm, shaking his head.

    “Bubba?” You blink, trying to get your thoughts together.

    Jerry groans, collapsing heavily back against the bench that you were just trapped against just a moment before. “Come on, man… “

    Too busy looking you over, even raising your arms to see any possible blood spots on your - cute, in his opinion, - pyjama set, Bubba doesn’t respond to the vampire. He’s just leaning down and rearing to squat and check more sensitive places like your feet and… crotch area, but you manage to gage where he’s going next and quickly distract him, hurriedly putting your cornbread and water down on the closest bench and dropping your hands gently on shoulders. Ducking your head to see his eyes, you flash a gentle smile. “It’s okay, Bubba, I’m alright. Thank you for worrying!”

    He whimpers quietly in response, nodding okay; He’ll take your word for it. You then reach into the side of you pyjamas, where your phone sticks out of your underwear, and press speed dial.

    Jennifer will see the call on her phone and come down quickly.

    “Sorry you had to walk in on that bud, but,” Jerry’s hand clamps down on your shoulder, making you jolt from surprise and Bubba narrow his eyes. “We’re good. She’s fine. I won’t hurt her; You can go.”

    Bubba shakes his head, guiding you behind him again, putting himself - sweet, meaty, human, Bubba who must look like a bundle meal to Jerry, - between the two of you causing your eyes to widen to the size of saucers. Oh no- “Bubba, come on, let’s just go hang out in Jennifer’s room.” Oh jesus. “No need to square up!!”

    “Hey.” An evil smirk tugs at the corners of Jerry’s lips, and he steps closer to the behemoth that is Bubba. He totally blocks your body with his own. Fear for the sweet cannibal absolutely consumes you as you hear the predatory lilt in Jerry’s voice, and you hope Jennifer gets here in time. “No one can say I gender discriminate. Come on buddy, incline your ne- “

    “Hey!” You snap over Bubba’s shoulder, starting to squeeze yourself around Bubba, only for him to just shift over to stop you. “Oof. I- I will climb over him!!”

    “Cute. But just calm down baby. Step back, it’ll just be a sip- “

    “Oh, no.” Jerry’s and your heads snaps around to see Jennifer standing in the kitchen doorway. “You are not really pulling this shit.” She scowls, her perfect nose wrinkling in distaste. “That’s it, you can’t stay here."

    While she appears behind Jerry and forcefully removes him from the home, you take Bubba to the living room and sit down with him on the couch, holding his hand to feel if he’s shaking. He’s not, he just tightens his grip on yours and won’t let go. And you’re alright with that.

    But still- “Bubba! That was really stupid, you know that?? He could’ve killed you!!” You neglect entirely to add that it was also the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for you, putting himself between you and a threat like that, because you’re afraid he’ll start doing it all the time if you encourage it. And your heart couldn’t take that.

    He brings your hand to his lap, and covers the top of it with his remaining hand and looks gently back at you, completely unbothered by your scolding. He’s just happy you’re okay, and the vampire is gone.

    His gentle handling of you honestly has you weak, but you try not to show it.

    Screw it!

    Leaning over, you wrap your arms fearlessly around his neck and bury your face in his shoulder, hugging him tight. He immediately wraps his arms around your waist too, snuggling into the side of your head as well. It’s all warmth, fat, affection, the feel of his heart beating against your chest and the oddly comforting smell of his hair. You’re still shaking yourself, but Bubba rubs your back and you start to feel better. “Thank you Bubba, that was so lovely!”

    Freddy Krueger:

    You feel the heat of his breath as his mouth opens up, and the sharpness of his teeth as they scrape against your neck and that’s all so real, but as soon as pressure starts to build against your skin a squish noise sounds out of nowhere behind him and Jerry suddenly freezes. The pressure disappears as a choked, pained whine comes out of him and your eyebrows knit together watching his face contort in pain, when a hand from behind him yanks the vampire back by the shoulder, revealing Freddy and blood covered blades when you’re allowed to feel cold again; Rather than stifled by Jerry’s body heat. You let out a relieved breath and close your eyes for a moment, stepping towards the other side of the kitchen and putting your breakfast down and the water in order to cover your face and try to calm down.

    “What did I tell you, pal… ” The blades on Freddy’s hand slide together at his side, making a horrible scraping noise as a growl rumbles in his throat at Jerry, who’s wounds are healing slowly. “Hands off.”

    Jerry clutches his gut, blood soaking his shirt. “Dude,” He chokes out, leaning his side against the refrigerator, and points at you; Which you see as you’re peaking through your fingers. “I… ugh. I asked- she said yes. This really didn’t have to be… this.”

    Your hands slip down to just cover your mouth as Freddy turns and looks expectantly at you. God, you’ve never experienced him this serious- Its unnerving. He’s never been exactly menacing, before, especially standing next to Michael or Jason. But right now you want to apologise and call him fucking ‘sir’. “Uh, well, see- I- he- “Oh jeez, how to explain this. “See, my body wouldn’t move, Freddy. But I didn’t want it. So, he’s sorta right, but um. It was… not exactly… like, like that.“

    To your relief, he takes this without argument and turns back to Jerry. “Regardless… “He points a blade, which evidently has been dipped in holy water as Jerry still stands there looking pained. “I told you to keep your hands to your fucking self. And I don’t like that you ignored me bitch.” You watch the scene from the side, the stare off between the intimidating, creepy Jerry and the usually ridiculously campy Freddy - emphasis on the ‘usually’,- and think holy shit.

    This is far too heavy for what time it is.

    You’re also wondering how Freddy is even here. At this time of morning, people are still sleeping. And because of that, the only time’s he has ever shown himself this early have been when he’s injured and he’s certainly fine now.

    Your eyes narrow in suspect. Was the bastard keeping an eye on me??

    As Jerry’s gaze turns on you then, causing every muscle in your body to once again stiffen up, you immediately lose the attitude about it. Fuck, if he was, I am not going to question him. You can take one creep at a time and you choose him.

    Jerry smirks. “Okay… okay, I’ll get going. Service is a little cold here, anyway. See ya, Y/N.”

    “Uh… goodb- “You immediately cut yourself off when Freddy flashes you a cold glare. Damn. Jerry slips past you and out the kitchen door, to the back garden.

    After a moment of silence, Freddy goes to the sink and starts washing his blades of vampire blood and you, suspicious, slide along the bench to peak at his face. "So... you were spying on me, right? Creeper."

    "You flatter yourself, sweetheart. Besides," He glances at you with a foul grin. "I only do that when you're sleeping."

    And he's back to himself.

    You roll your eyes and groan, looking away and leaning back on the counter. "Whatever." Hopefully you can forget that knowledge, which almost certainly is no tease. As you do this, probably making the most grossed out expression ever, Freddy returns his attention to the sink- giggling. "Thanks, though." Sneakily, you peak back at him to see his reaction to the next part, connecting gazes. You smile, teasingly. "You did a good."

    Immediately he groans. "What... " This makes you laugh.

    "My knight in shining armour!"

    "Bite your tongue."

    Smugly, you open you mouth again to add to your teasing- but Freddy suddenly leans in, causing you to inch back a bit out of habit, and beats you to it.

    "Or I'll do it myself."

    "Uh... haha," Highly, and entirely not-yourself, you giggle and step back. "Uhh thats uh... hah, um... " When you realise your cheeks are hot, and goddamnit he did it to you again, you turn around and make your escape from the kitchen to the sound of his raucous laughter. "Nope not today!!"

    Jason Voorhees:

    The very moment you see Jasons infamous form appear in the doorway, seething is the way his shoulders slowly lift and fall heavily tell you anything, the spell is broken.


    You sigh out a deep, relieved breath you had absolutely no clue that you were holding in the first place, and slip out of Jerry's hands like its nothing. Reaching Jason in two seconds flat, your cheeks dusted pink from embarrassment, and discomfort, and your arms covered in goosebumps as you step behind his behemoth form; Getting an appreciative nod from him after his gaze follows your movements, and the predators behind you, until he was sure you were quiye safely tucked behind him. Good. Stay there.

    Then he turns back to Jerry, who's quick to explain himself. "Look, big guy, this isnt what you're thinking I promise. We were just... " Clearly not truly understanding the danger he is, for being horny on main where Jason saw, Jerry shrugs and smirks; Daring to confidently stare Jason right in the eyes. "Talking."

    Oh, boy. You think, slowly turnung your gaze up to Jason. This wont be good. Patrick is going to be pissed when he has to clean up vampire off the walls of his damn kitchen.

    You watch Jasons grip change on his machete, tightening itself before he raises it and you step the hell back, into the hall.

    But- the thing is- Jerry does not move. He stays right there, giving Jason the cockiest, smuggest look ever as the machete and Jasons body inch closer and closer to his face. All he says is fuck this is going to suck, just before the blade hacks right onto his shoulder. Blood spurts out and Jerry makes a pained groan sound, hand coming up to the wound, looking genuinly pained... but smirking. Horribly, toothily, smirking at Jason.

    Who's eyes narrow, back.

    A gasp sounds beside you and you jump tonsee Carrie there, and lay a hand on her shoulder- both of you shocked, fascinated and opting to stay quiet and watch the scene.

    "You, fatty, have been a pain in my ass since I got here. Sure, the others run their fucking," He grunts as he yanks the blade out if his shoulder, and you, Carrie and Jason all watch the skin, tendons and meat repair itself through the rip in his shirt as he catches his breath, wiping some blood from the now flawless skin of his shoulder. And- you gape at him; Fatty!? Carrie pats your shoulder comfortingly. "Mouths, but... but you. You had your eye on me from the moment you walked out that door. Like man, come on; You wont even say hey?" Then Jerry waives a dismissive hand, rolling his eyes. "Oh yeah, nevermind. Mute."

    You feel cold right down to your centre when his dark, brooding eyes turn on you then. "Now, I'm gonna continue talking to Y/N. And... " He tilts his head, assessing Carrie too as she shrinks back half behind you. Thats one of those demons her momma always talked about... "Maybe the little girl, too. You should get out, if you dont wanna see it."

    As Jerry approaches you again, a smirk slithering across his lips once again, you shrink back against the wall- eyes flickering from the oncoming threat and the predatory gaze in his eyes, to Jason, to Carrie, to down the hall. Where's Jennifer? Fuck fuck fuck!

    Your heart's beating a million miles a second, hurting your chest as his fingers graze your skin again and you squeeze your eyes closed. Jason's breathing so heavily that you can hear him-

    When his big, gloved hand wraps tightly around Jerry's throat.

    Then he's yanking him away and dragging the vampire out the kitchen door and to the backyard by it, leaving you and Carrie to colapse against the wall and try to calm the hell down, taking slow breaths; Some invulnerability wont stop Jason from releasing the wrath of god down upon this man for, not only being a hoodlum- but also for threatening you.

    You put your hand to your chest, and slide down to the ground- exhausted. Why did you ever doubt, Jason? Even for a damn second.

    Michael Myers:

    As the smooth feel of teeth nearly penetrates the skin of your neck, Michael appears in the kitchen doorway.

    And tilts his head at the sight.

    ... the hell is happening, here?

    Michael does nothing but watch, as the canines disappear into your soft flesh and even stands to just listen to a few of your pained sounds; A choked gasp, a strangled whine, the sound of your nails scraping against the counter as your shoulders seize up- the life force being slowly, languidly sucked out of you. He's mesmerised by these sounds- especially coming from you. You're one catch that he's never experienced; Not the feel of your throat under his fingers, not the subtle throbbing of your pulse breath his palm are under his boot, and not the comforting squish that comes with embedding a knife deep in your colon.

    Hearing this just causes him to get a bit star struck for a hot moment- Its only when your eyes, your pretty and comforting hues, start slowly disappearing into the back of your head that he seems to break free. What? What's happening? What did he miss?

    When your body gives an awful, distorted twitch is when Michael sees red. Yes, its true, he loves to imagine playing with you himself (The thoughts live in his favourite dreams), fantasising about what your gits would feel like in his hands... But he sure as fuck doesn't want you dead. And he knows that when he realises that he misses your eye colour as your irises bob lazily under your eyelids, your skin going pale. He likes how they look flitting from him and back to what you were doing before when you realise he's staring right back, and he loves the awkward way you stare up at him when you ask him if you can get by, or for the salt at dinner. He doesn't want those eyes, or the person attached to them, going anywhere he cant follow.

    ... and he knows what the twitching means.

    ... and it pisses


    o f f.

    The signature, shiny kitchen knife is wrenched out of his coveralls before he even quite realises and shoved between Jerry's shoulder blades the very next second. Michael's other hand digs into the vampire's side, jerking the bastard off you and to the floor, where drips of your blood - beginning to soak your shirt now that Jerry's lips aren't there to take it all, - and splashes of his - dying his shirt a deep, dark red, - paint the tiles.

    A whimper comes out of you as you grip the bench, trying to stay up but failing- slipping to your knees. Your eyelids are heavy but at least theirs no suction now, as you look up in a daze to Michael- who is really, really blurry.


    "... Dad?"

    Michael just rolls his eyes, deeply, as you slump back against the cabinets eyes slipping closed. He does notice Jerry slithering away toward the door, but figures he'll deal with it later as he plucks you up and heads for Patricks room (The only one in the house with any basic knowledge of first aid).


    Exactly 12 minutes later, Jennifer finds out what happened because Patrick needs to know your blood type, and he tells her how much damage was done (That you lost a l o t of blood) and who dropped you unceremoniously on his bed, she slowly, furiously turns to Michael. "HOW LONG DID YOU JUST STAND THERE, YOU DICK!?"

    He just shrugs.

    Stu Macher:

    "Holy shit!!"

    The feeling of hot breath on your neck suddenly feels a lot more wet, then comforting and your eyes promptly snap open. Jerry sighs, and presses you with his hands more into the counter - so his prey doesn't get away, - and turns frustrated, with a humouring smile, to Stu in the kitchen doorway.

    "Dude." Is all Jerry says. Like, deeply, 'Dude', with all the frustrations of someone who was just about to eat after a long work shift but got interrupted by their annoying kid. Like, why did I even have that kid? Can I eat that kid??

    "Ehh," Despite Jerry's more casual response to his presence, Stu recognises the dire situation with you, Y/N, Jennifer's hot friend, in the pythons vice like grip and your delicious little neck bare and looks around in a panic. Something to use as a weapon, something to use as a weapon- maybe he can rip a leg off a chair and use that as a stake?

    "Nah, you couldn't." Jerry shakes his head at Stu, following the boys gaze, then rolls his eyes up towards the heavens. Wasn't this stupid place supposed to be a sanctuary from dumb do-gooders trying to stop him from feeding??

    You narrow your eyes at Jerry, who's only holding onto you with one hand now as he turned to watch this idiot boy try to save you, and when Stu looks over at you - a definite sense of alarm about him, - you lift your brows up your head, and nod carefully to the cabinets.

    Carefully, slowly, you mouth the word 'GARLIC'.

    "Okay, you getting as tired of this standing shit-useless thing as I am?" Jerry pipes up, snatching your attentions before you can sense any understanding on Stu's part. "Because I am bored. If you want, you can watch; but I'm not offering up any of my feed man. See ya."

    Then in a second flat, Jerry's teeth are out again and your heart's beating hard and fast against your chest in terror because he's about to bite into you like a tasty apple, struggling as hard as you can against him suddenly, causing him to sigh in annoyance and take your two wrists in one hand- when-

    A garbled whine comes out of him, as he slowly pulls back; Limbs weirdly stiff and taught as slowly lets... you... go?

    "Eep!" You yelp, as Stu's hand makes contact with your arm this time and yanks you away from Jerry and across the room. You sigh in relief when you look back and see Jerry basically incapacitated, if the way he's moving slowly like a robot is anything to go by... but... raising one eyebrow, you look confusedly at Stu. "What the heck did you do??"

    "Uh-uhhhhhh... " He looks shamefully down at the ground for a moment, then around the room as he attempts to be casual and leans against the counter, watching Jerry struggle. "Save-saved your life, right? Lets move on. How about a kiss for a payment, huh?" He sticks out his tongue down his chin, in excitement.

    But you're not having of this, setting your hands on your hips. "Stu!"

    "Oh look at the time, its time to go find your keeper before Jerry recovers." Stu grabs your wrists again, guiding/dragging you out of the room and up the stairs towards Jennifer's room.

    But- just before you escape from the kitchen- you see a bit of garlic on the floor behind Jerry... and some slipping out the back of his pants as he... stands there clenched... and deeply, pained.

    You immediately shut your mouth and try really hard not to laugh. Jesus christ, Stuart.

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    Daniela: Honestly, I’m just so evil. So full of darkness. I feed off the souls of the living. I strike fear into -

    Cassandra: You sleep with a teddy bear...


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    The Sawyer and The Hewitts Apocalypse

    Chapter 2

    "So I still haven't learned ya'lls names" Hunter says "OH Right! Sorry I'm Verna Saywer, these are my three sons Jedidah, NubNubs and DrayDray" Verna says ""I'm Luda Mae and these are my sons Thomas and Charlie" Luda Says "Mama I told you Charlie's dead its Hoyt now Sheriff Hoy" Hoyt says annoyed "I'm Drayton Sawyer and these are my sons Nubbins and Bubba" Drayton says "Sawyers huh? Ya'll family or somethin?" Hunter asks "Yes sir" Nubbins says "OH no need to call me sir, there are no formalities in this house, well...... kind of" Hunter says "So let's get ya'lls sleeping arrangement set" Hunter says "Luna could you go get the table set while I show them their rooms please?" Hunter asks "Okie Dokie see ya'll around!" Luna says. "Alright ya'll, your rooms are right this way." Hunter says "So Drayton and his sons are going to be sleeping together, Luda and her sons will be as well, and the same goes for Verna" Hunter says "Ya'll can go rest explore the house whatever ya'll want just don't go outside" Hunter says "Why?" Verna asks "Because after dark, all different kinds of zombies roam the night, and gthey are extremely deadly" Hunter says "OH there are different kinds?" NubsNubs asks "Why Yes, Theres Crawlers. Crawlers are zombies that crawl on the ground like spiders and they have a lot of stamina and I mean a lot, they hunt during the day, they are attracted to horn sounds don't know why but, they just run towards them, don't know what happens when they find em" Hunter says

    "OH Ma! I think the Zombie that attacked us was one of em!" NubsNubs says "wait you were attacked?" Hunter asks worryingly "Yeah we were" Nubbins says "Were any of you bitten?" Hunter asks "No" Luda says "OK good" Hunter says with relief in his voice "Well anyway any of ya'll hungry?" Hunter asks "Hell yeah I'm starving my asks off" Nubbins says "NUBBINS LANGUAGE YOU GOD DAMN PIECE OF-" "ok! Yup were hungry!" Luda interrupts Drayton "alright follow me" Hunter says, They all follow Hunter into the dining room and they see the table all set, just then Luna walks out with a steaming pot of soup "Here let me get that for yah sweets" Hunter says while taking the pot from Luna "Thanks big bro! I'll be right back ima go get drinks, does anybody want any specific drink?" Luna asks the group "Yeah do ya'll have any beers?" Drayton asks "DRAYTON!" Luda and Verna shout "WHAT THE KID ASKED WHAT DRINK WE WANTED I ANSWERED" Drayton shouts angrily "oh its alright I drink beer from time to time so we have some, though the only beer we have is red bull" Hunter says "Good enough" Drayton says "Alrighty! Anybody else?" Luna asks, everybody shakes their head "Alrighty 2 red bulls coming up!" Luna says walking out of the dining room into the kitchen "So how long have ya'll been here?" Hunter asks "we just got here today" Verna says "Wow really? Huh what a coincidence" Hunter says "Whats a coincidence?" Luda asks "Today was the only day I decided to go get more supplies, me and my Lil sis normally stay inside at all times" Hunter says "If you don't mind me asking, how exactly did your lil sis get those scars on her face" Hoyt asks "HOYT" Luda shouts "no no its fine, well you see...... she's not my biological sister, I kind of adopted her, she was the daughter of a friend of mine, we were very close, but then the Apocalypse started, my friend and his wife were in their house when zombies broke into their home and ate the parents they were also going to eat Luna but luckily I got there in time, well....... kind of... Luna is infected but somehow she still has that brain of hers, she was bit in the cheek and scratched in the eye, dont know how she survived or how she wasn't fully infected" Hunter says "What about your parents?" "NUBBI-" "They were long dead eyesore the Apocalypse even started" Hunter says "wait what? How old are you?" NubNubs asks "34" Hunter says "Ooooh ok I thought you were 20 19 or somethin" Nubbins says "srsly?" Hunter asks "Yeah oh and when are you gonna remove those horns and eye contacts?" NubNubs asks "wha?" Hunter asks "you still have the costume on" Nubbins says

    "Oooooooh hehe sorry I've gotten so used to wearing this it just feels normal now" Hunter says "Hey big bro?" Luna says walking out the kitchen "Yeah?" Hunter asks "there's a Zombie in the kitchen" Luna says "........."



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  • lovelvly
    24.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    bokuto is the biggest baby when he’s sick

    “cutie i don’t feel good i need youuuuuuu, i want a huuuuuug cmereeee 🥺”

    suddenly i’m a nurse

    #velv rambles❤️✨#heart throb❤️🥺 #like im just like bubbas i don’t wanna get sick tho 🥺
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    Are any of my fellow slasher bloggers on tiktok?? I’d love to see more slasher vids on my fyp 🥺 mine’s sedated.smiles.. it’s really just an art page, tbh

    #well to be fair #the only slasher related vid I have up on my tiktok page is the Ghostface drawing #but I'd love to follow some of you guys if you do slasher fanart or content on there??? #I also plan on adding more slasher related stuff #eventually... #slashers#delete later#jason voorhees#michael myers#bubba sawyer#thomas hewitt#billy lenz#ghostface#bo sinclair#vincent sinclair#lester sinclair#asa emory#jesse cromeans#yautja#ghostly groans
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    From Adventures of the T-Rex ( T-レックス ) 

    Art from an official Coloring book that was released in Mexico in the 90s.

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