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  • himbodiaz
    19.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    very unremarkable, but this is one of my favourite shots in the show. just the quiet comfort and support and familiarity and intimacy it shows. i really love it

    #911 rewatch #1.10 #not a fan of buckabby or abby all that much but i think this rewatch is giving me a new perspective on her #or at least shifting the one i already had
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  • madsbuckley
    19.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    here's hopin' by jp saxe for @bobbiamorse

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  • himbodiaz
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    boyfriend buck my MOST beloved <3

    #911 rewatch #1.06 #also like. there’s so much about buckabby that i don’t like. but the way he was with her? and the way he felt with her? i want that for him
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  • himbodiaz
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    “talking to you makes me feel really good, and safe, and curious about life”

    okay but hearing buck talk to abby about how she makes him feel when he barely knows her, and then you compare it to how he is with taylor. like? baby we are going to get you out of that relationships if i have to hunt tim minear down myself

    #911 rewatch #also i can’t believe im saying it but i think i like abby and buck more than buck and taylor #and i hated buckabby <3
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  • theladyandthewolves
    25.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    911ChristmasWeek, day 5: In The Snow

    Pairing: Abby Clark/Buck Buckley
    Summary: Years later, Abby and Buck find each other again when their families decide to spend Christmas in the same ski resort.
    A/N: The fic is a work in progress, started for day 5 of @911christmasweek​ 

    Her heart’s racing in her chest, butterflies fluttering in her stomach at the sound of his laughter. Maybe he’s been the one all along. Maybe they just needed this time apart, to become who they were supposed to be. To love, and fail, and laugh. To rebuild themselves.

    As she stands in front of him, the snowy mountains around them, she’s starting to think that their timing is finally right.

    Find it on AO3
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  • parrishthieves
    12.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    the seven husbands of evelyn hugo, taylor jenkins reid

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  • 911paralleluniverse
    08.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    911 fans keeps saying the writers wanted us to invest to Buck and Taylor's relationship.


    If the writers' intention is to get us invested to them, they would've written them better, similar to Maddie and Chimney or even better. But they didn't. I understand that sometimes these writers aren't that brilliant in writing romance on this show but they know exactly what to do if they wanted us to jump into their relationship.

    Fans also need to understand that this is Buck's first relationship since Ali Martin so they're making this a big deal for him hence the screentime for Taylor. This is never about Taylor, this is all about Buck and what his relationship with Taylor truly means to him in the future.

    Also I would like to add the fans saying Buck is Taylor's Abby. Okay let's cut that crap out. In what sense do you think Buck is similar to Abby for Taylor? I never remember anything Abby did for Buck. In fact, it was Abby who called him first and asked to go out with her similar to Taylor's giving Buck a drink in 2x08 Buck, Actually. Both Buck and Taylor initiated the move first. Ali too. Ali was the one who called Buck first and ask him to have a coffee date with her. But again, even if these women initiated the first move, it was Buck who did all the right things to make them feel needed, wanted, loved.

    What did Taylor do for Buck again? She always keeps pushing him away when all Buck wanted was to be there for her, to be a team with her. Buck giving her a bracelet for her protection in case something terrible happens to her was a very Buck move. Of course he'll do it for the people he cares a lot. But then again Taylor's first thought that it was a tracker. Though played in a teasing cutesy way, the writers know how to convey that subtle message about his and Taylor's relationship. If Buck didn't do something outrageous for her, he'll never get something in return at least an appreciation. Buck following her to Oklahoma to give her comfort was Taylor's I kinda love you for it? That doesn't sound healthy to me. Just like with Abby, Buck did everything he could to comfort and help out Abby. Wanted her to have his back and be a team but she didn't want it. So no way Buck is Taylor's Abby. It's an insult to Evan Buckley's character.

    Even assuming that Buck will initiate the break up with Taylor, it's because their relationship is not moving forward. Because there's not enough trust. Not enough love. Or that Buck feels like he's not enough if he didn't do something for her.

    So no, Buck is not and will never be Taylor's Abby. It's gonna be Taylor's Taylor.

    And to finish this whatever I'm ranting lol, Buck and Taylor's relationship is bound to be short lived. Any sane person would know that if Taylor is Buck's endgame, they could've written their relationship better. At par with Bathena and Madney. HenRen's even better because they're established though they went through a very rough patch in their relationship.

    So yes, the writers' intention for their relationship is nothing than Buck's character growth.


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  • parrishthieves
    02.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    ocean vuong, on earth we are briefly gorgeous 

    #evanbuckleyedit#evan buckley#911edit#911 fox#911fox#abby clark #evan buck buckely #tuserksn#userisha#userdahlias#useryb #the colour of the first text being different from the rest is bothering me #but I love this quote and I love buck so #buck x abby #buckabby #I cant believe I am using that tag... #piningeddiediaz#photosets
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  • oneawkwardcookie
    02.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Buck and benches

    In 3x18, Buck is looking out at the city, and Abby (the person he wants but doesn’t need), approaches him from behind. He’s blind-sided by her, yet again.

    In 5x09, the bus pulls away and, in the most romantic movie framing of all, Buck appears from behind it. From Buck’s perspective, he’s far more in control this time - he knows what/who he’s expecting to see, he’s facing towards them, he stands up and walks forwards.

    But also, it’s not this triumphant moment that you’d expect from the cinematography - the grand gesture and big reveal that’d fix everything. Yet again, he’s “come all this way for nothing, there are no answers here”.

    #realising that buck is the abby in this relationship just adds layers to EVERYTHING #television#911 fox #911 season 5 #911 season 5a #911 season 5 spoilers #911 spoilers#5x09#evan buckley #911 season 3 #3x18#bucktaylor#buckabby#parallels #this is a half formed thought #but i've seen too many bench gif sets lol #there's no conclusion here but y'all can reach your own #op
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  • parrishthieves
    01.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    hey did buck and abby ever say I love you I need to know for fic purposes 

    #but I would also rather pull my own hair out than watch another buckabby s1 scene ever again #love and light <3
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  • narniangirl1994
    18.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    The scene on the train in 3x18 where Eddie says "It's Abby, his fiancée is Abby" with disgust and then storms off has been interpreted by a lot of people as jealousy. And while I'd like to think that somewhere deep down (or not so deep?) it was, I read it moreso as fear and indignation on behalf of Buck.

    How could Buck, this incredible person who has just as much worth as anyone else, so willingly risk his life (above and beyond the call of duty) to save this man on behalf of the very woman who broke his heart? How can he value himself so little to put himself in danger like this (after everything he'd just been through) all for a woman who didn't value him enough to let him go?

    I read this scene as Eddie having more care for Buck's life than Abby herself. Yes, Abby was desperate and terrified, but she also knows better than most how selflessly reckless Buck can be and how devoted he always was to her. She knew her fiance was likely in a dangerous predicament and didn't once bother to say "be careful" to Buck as he went off, promising to bring her fiance back.

    I know she couldn't know for sure what exactly the situation would entail, but it still struck me as her putting her fiance's life above Buck's own and being ok with any danger he might face as a result of Buck's love for her. Again, I'm not blaming her for the situation or Buck's choices, but as a former first responder who knows what Buck is like, she should know better than anyone what it means for Buck to promise her they'd bring Sam back...

    I wish we could have had her acknowledge his worth in that final scene (after Sam hopefully would have enlightened her about what Buck did on the train). On top of thanking him for everything he did to save Sam and apologizing for the way she left things with Buck, a part of me wishes she would have tried to make him understand that he doesn't have to give everything to someone else in order to deserve love or have worth.

    But if she had, we might never have had Buck's therapy arc where an objective professional is finally helping Buck realize his own worth. Self worth can't truly come from others, ultimately it has to come from within (although support and affirmation from others certainly helps).

    So ultimately I think that scene was critical to Buck's development, but it was still tragic to see Buck (and in some ways, Abby herself) value his life so little. At least it was nice to see just how much Eddie (and Bobby) cared about Buck...

    #911 3x18 #buck and abby #evan buckley#eddie diaz#abby clark#buddie #his fiancee is abby #buckabby #911 on fox
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  • narniangirl1994
    18.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    My thoughts on Abby and Buck's relationship:

    There were a couple things I disliked about their relationship, like how she obtained Buck's contact information and how she (and Carla tbh) initially acted (and maybe referred to Buck as?) a 'boytoy' at a time when we were seeing him struggle to be valued for more than just his body/sex.

    But I think it was nice for her to get a glimpse of her own desires and needs through Buck's interest in and support of her, at a time when her life was all about other people's needs. And I think it was good for Buck to receive some guidance and gain some experience when it comes to having a deeper romantic relationship (though tbh, some of that guidance came from external sources about Abby, rather than Abby herself).

    And I completely understood what Abby was going through with her mom and why she had to leave to truly discover herself and her identity after everything she went through. I don't fault her for leaving and starting over somewhere else after losing her mom (and realizing just how much her mom gave up in life, and deciding she didn't want that for herself).

    As with most of the rest of the fandom though, I obviously don't like the way she didn't make a clean break with Buck, especially after she realized at some point while abroad that she would never be coming back. Although she didn't ask him to wait for her, she knew he would for a long time and knew he was still waiting in her place (for her).

    Although it would have been hard for the both of them, Buck deserved an open, honest conversation about how she felt and what that meant for their relationship. Not to mention, it could have shown Abby's own personal development to have her finally express her wants/needs openly.

    Should Buck have caught on sooner, sure! But his waiting around didn't actually hurt anyone. And it's understandable with his abandonment issues, love for Abby, previous inexperience with a 'real' relationship, and how open-ended her exit was that he was willing to wait so long. Her actions however, did hurt him. And he deserved better than her prevarication/ghosting.

    So while I don't dislike Abby as much as some fans and don't fault her in any way for leaving Buck, I had a few qualms with their relationship and most importantly, with how she chose to end it...

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  • cinematicnomad
    23.06.2021 - 7 monts ago
    #ask#anonymous #also i think i said this a few days ago but #911 is actually really terrible about building up to relationships #madney is the only relationship they've done it successfully with #bobby and athena went from? exchanging some professional words together? to going on a first date to being COMMITTED #eddieana bombed #buckali similarly bombed #buckabby was? i guess a decent enough attempt but s1 feels like a totally different show tbh #this got long and rambly so i apologize!
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  • imcatchingteardropsinmyhands
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #tania's first responses
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  • bobbiamorse
    31.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    creator tag game

    I was tagged by @katebishps who also originated this game, thanks Hella! :)

    rules: pick your 5 favourite gifsets of 2021 that got less than 1000 notes and then pick 10 gifsets of someone else’s from 2021 that got less than 1000 notes (its really easy to see note counts and lots of posts in the archive page)

    all of my gifs got less than 1000 notes, so this is just my five favorite gifsets of the year :)

    anti everything (philinda)

    good things come in threes (bobbi, hunter, and mack) (via aosedit)

    i love you the most (huntingbird)

    parting shot (aos team)

    sos parts 1 and 2 (aos team) (via aosedit)

    and others’:

    #besties (hunter and mack) by @elizabeth-henstridge (via aosedit)

    #disasterteam (daisy and hunter and mack) by @dearemma​

    and if the devil was to see you (sharon carter) by @katebishps

    bobbi morse in the hen in the wolf house by @cindylouwhos (via marvelladiesdaily)

    full moon (buckabby) by @madsbuckley

    ivy (huntingbird) by @swanthief

    let it hurt let it bleed let it heal let it go (daisy) by @monae

    the bellweather unit by @lilapittss

    they’ve got red in their ledger (aos team) by @benoitblanc

    this is not the end of a love story (huntingbird) by @katherineebishop

    There were so many other amazing sets that it was so hard to choose!!! Tagging everyone above as well as anyone else who sees this and would like to spread the love <3

    #tag meme #looking back on this year was wacky #i made more gifs than i thought i did! #which is not saying much but whatever #also mich if you're reading this it is a goddamn TRAVESTY how few notes your bellweather unit set has #they're everything to me #also i know teresa's set was technically in 2020 but december 30 2020 is basically 2021 #and i love it so there
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  • oatflatwhite
    16.11.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #i only started listening to taylor when 1989 came out #then i skipped rep and came back with lover #so anything before that just doesn't carry the same nostalgia value? #but i'll probably listen eventually! #anon#answered#buck
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  • deareddie
    28.09.2021 - 3 monts ago
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  • very-feral-lesbian
    28.09.2021 - 3 monts ago

    honestly I love the fucking eddieana and buckabby parallel. i think it’s going to really help eddie realize he needs to breakup w her asap, along with carlas advice. and I think it’ll make him realize how he feels about buck especially when he mentioned the whole sticking around for a long time thing.

    we are gonna get the canon guys let’s go.

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  • dearbuck
    23.09.2021 - 4 monts ago

    here's the thing...

    just because buck and taylor are dating doesn't mean bucktaylor is endgame, especially when you consider buck's dating history.

    in the pilot we see that buck tends to put himself out there and has a number of hookups, but in the very first one he tries to take that further by asking her out and gets shut down. so from the start he isn't just looking for sex, he just keeps ending up in bed with people who are. enter abby

    right off the bat, abby is a break from the norm. she doesnt even want to meet him in person at first. they form a connection before they ever hook up (and one could argue phone sex is even a little more intimate in some ways because there's an added layer of vulnerability to it). she shows buck how far emotional investment can elevate a relationship. unfortunately, she can't invest nearly as much as buck can, and ends up leaving him high and dry when he's ready to take the next step with her.

    lesson learned: he needs someone he can keep pace with. enter taylor (phase i)

    at first taylor seems like a good, safe bet, but buck is once more seeking connection ("call me?") and taylor's career is taking off - which is just so sexy of her, i might add - and their false start leads them nowhere. but it does have the benefit of helping him put abby out of his mind. enter ali

    i dont care what anyone says, ali and buck were cute together. the scene where they're touring the loft? adorable. ali helps buck move forward from abby in multiple ways, including getting him out of that goddamn apartment and into his own place. they operated well together, shared equal footing, had great chemisty; everything buck had with abby, but with someone in the same phase of their life.

    by the end of season 3 we know that while buck may have moved forward from abby, he hasn't fully moved on. closure is a powerful, powerful thing. and man, can i just say im such a sucker for "right place wrong time" love stories? age gap aside, i was alright with buckabby until we learn she ghosted him in season 2.

    in the end, while ali cares deeply for buck, knowing he's always in danger and seeing it for herself are just too much to stomach. lesson learned: he needs someone who will be able to handle the stress of dating a firefighter. enter taylor (phase ii)

    disaster bis are back, baby! they start off as friends, but something is off from the beginning. buck jumps the gun, dropping hints that hes looking for more. taylor jumps the gun too, showing up to a double date thinking it's just a hookup. there is a significant lack of communication between them.

    even before they get together we see that taylor often retreats into her own head when they're running on different wavelengths, leaving him behind instead of meeting him halfway. even dragging him along would be better; at least that would show she values his input.

    we see this displayed most prominently in the treasure hunt; they have a couple moments where they're perfectly in sync (which visibly bothers eddie, and god i love that for me) and others where taylor hits the ground running and leaves buck standing in a cloud of dust.

    we didnt get to see their honeymoon phase (tragic; i may not ship bucktaylor but i sure as hell like seeing hot people make out, bless you season 5 premiere) but if we extrapolate from monday's episode, buck is still resorting to using his body to get her attention - and even that fails sometimes.

    we havent seen them hit any bumps just yet, but i think bucktaylor will reach a crossroads sooner rather than later. there will come a time when buck needs her to be there for him emotionally, and taylor either won't be able to OR she'll try, and it won't be what buck needs.

    the lesson he hasn't learned yet: relationships need equal footing.

    relationships that dont work out are important. they teach you what kind of person is right for you, the kind of person you want by your side forever. bucktaylor needs to run its course, or she will just end up taking abby's place.

    and the thing is....

    buck already has someone in his life keeping pace with him. buck already has someone in his life who understands why he puts himself in danger. buck's already (almost perfectly) in sync with someone who has been his equal since the day they met - and even went far enough to make that somewhat legally binding.

    you can have my back any day. you could have mine.

    #holy hell this got long and im so sorry #i just needed to explain why i think bucktaylor is a GOOD thing #and it needs to run its course #griff.txt #911 meta#long post#anti bt #just in case #(thanks nova)
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