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  • Hate me 6 (beautiful stranger)


    Who: Bucky Barnes x Y/n; Y/n x Steve Rogers

    Terrible Summary: The series as a whole is based on the song Hate Me by Ellie Goulding and Juice WRLD…Y/n and Steve get to know each other. Bucky’s point of view at the engagement dinner.

    Warnings: 18+ SEX, CURSING, DRINKING.


    After the engagement party, Steve invited me out for drinks to which I gladly accepted. He seems like a good enough guy and he’s beautiful so why not use him to get Bucky off my mind. G-d he looked good tonight in his black suit with no tie. His beard and hair unkept but I liked it on him. Though I’m not fond of the way his eyes still stare at me broken, I really hate that. His smell was intoxicating, he’s intoxicating. I could’ve let him have me outside. I wish I could’ve felt his rough yet gentle hands gripping my waist, his fingertips brushing my cheek before pulling me in to kiss his perfect pouting lips, or the stubble of his beard tickle my thighs just as his sinfully pleasurable tongue dives inside of me.

    “So that was your ex I’m guessing?” Steve asks taking a sip of his beer.

    “Hmm?” My mind is occupied with dirty thoughts when Steve tries to make conversation.

    “That guy Bucky? He’s your ex or something?”

    “Oh. What makes you think that?” I smirk.

    “Just a tension between you, either love or hate.”

    “Or both?” He smiles through his long lashes. Wow he really is very handsome. “Yea we broke up technically like 2-3 months ago but we had kinda started seeing each other again and you don’t care about any of this.”

    “No i do.” I cock a brow at him “i mean if you want to talk about it i’d like to listen.”

    “Ok whats your deal?”

    “How do you mean?”

    “You’re like the perfect gentleman, fucking gorgeous, and you’re single. What gives?” After he finishes laughing he tells me he also just got out of a relationship. About twenty minutes later we’re at his apartment.

    “Drink?” He asks already headed to the kitchen.

    “What do you have?” Searching the freezer he pulls out a bottle of Jack Daniels. “That’ll work.”

    I take a swig from the bottle then he does. When he sets it down, i kiss him. His hands grip my waist pulling me flush to his front. I reach my palm down his front massaging him through the fabric of his dress pants. We separate a second quickly undressing.

    “Wow.” I reach my hand out touching his chest. Where Bucky is ruggedly handsome and rough around the edges Steve is a beautiful and perfect greek statue of a man. I almost don’t feel good enough to fuck him.

    “G-d you are beautiful.” His hands slowly hold my face to kiss me more delicately this time. When his lips move to my neck I ask if we should go to the bedroom. His response is to run his large firm hands down my body squeezing my ass to lift me on to his kitchen island.

    “Let me take care of you.” He brushes my hair behind my ear. “Lay back.” I do as I’m told. Grabbing an ankle, his lips place kisses up my leg then to my already throbbing wet pussy. I hook it around his back as my hips move at the same rhythm as his brilliant tongue.

    “Oh my G-d!” My hands pull at my hair. Bucky is proficient when it comes to eating me out I’ve never had any complaints for him but Steve, Steve is a fucking master. He licks around his mouth standing back up.

    “That was, lovely.” I laugh hiding my face in my hands.

    “Lovely?” His rubs my thighs while i begin to sit up bringing my arms to hang lazily over his shoulders.

    “Yea 5/5 would recommend.” This time he laughs.

    “How are you so good at that?” The gleam on his lips makes them look more appetizing.

    “I was kind of a late bloomer growing up not too many girls are into short scrawny guys. Had to compensate somehow.”

    “I’d feel bad if it hadn’t made you so unbelievably gifted.” He shakes his head with a smirk.

    “Glad my years of misery could bring you pleasure doll.”

    “Mm how else did you learn to compensate?” My fingers move through his hair as i suck my cum off his lips. Lifting me off the counter top he brings me to his bedroom gently laying me down. Lining himself up he slowly inches inside of me. His hands hold mine above my head as he moves into me. I don’t know if I’m still reeling from his mouth but the moment he starts to thrust his hips i find myself having to hold on to him feeling so close to loosing myself.

    “Can I come inside of you?”

    “Fuck, yes, please.” I manage to moan. G-d it’s like my pussy is sore and he’s massaging every inch of it, he feels so heavenly.


    Originally posted by wtfishappening20

    “You ok?” He asks fingers lightly scratching at my shoulder while i rest on his chest.

    “Perfect.” Nuzzling into him a little more the sudden thought of “what the hell are you doing?” flashes through my mind. I sit up suddenly telling him that I should go.

    “It’s 3am.” He’s looking at me like I’m insane.

    “Uh huh?” Before i can stand he grabs my hand.

    “Hey, it’s ok if you feel you need to go but staying over doesn’t mean we’re in any kind of relationship. This is whatever you’re comfortable with.”

    “I know that.” He makes a face indicating he doesn’t believe me. “Fine I’ll stay but don’t get any ideas.”

    “I’m already picking out the colors of our wedding. What do you think about navy?” He smiles as i move on top of him.

    “Ha ha. Why don’t you put that mouth to better use huh?” He moves me onto my back effortlessly.

    “Yes dear.”

    Bucky’s POV (Engagement dinner)


    Everyday since Y/n and I, ever since that day I’ve just been going through the motions. Today’s no different. Sam called to say he finally proposed to Wanda and they’re celebrating tonight. I’m happy for him, I am but I’d much rather sit on the couch with a bottle of Jack. The only thing is, I can’t see her from the couch and I really need to see her. I need to hear her voice, her laugh. I need to smell her sweet perfume since it’s faded from her blanket i hid away. I just want her back.

    Bucky: Hey beautiful. How are you?

    Sharon: I’m good how are you?

    Sharon: It’s been awhile.

    Bucky: I was thinking the same thing. Too long. In fact I was wondering if you’d like to go to dinner with me tonight?

    Sharon: That could be arranged 😊

    Bucky: Good I’ll pick you up at 8:30. Dress nice.

    Sharon: Can’t wait!

    Y/n hasn’t posted much on Instagram so bringing Sharon is a gamble but I don’t have much more to lose.


    “Yo.” Sam has made it a habit of calling me every day.


    “You are going to show tonight right?”

    “Just got out of the shower.”

    “And getting ready to head over?”

    “Yea just gotta pick up Sharon first.”

    “Agh. Really Barnes?”


    “What are you doin man?”

    “I’ll see you in a few.”

    Black suit, black shirt, no tie. I didn’t even bother shaving for this and I’m pretty sure i smell more like whisky than cologne but fuck it. Sharon looks nice when I pick her up and doesn’t seem to mind that I’m already on my way to drunk.

    “So where are we going?” She’s all smiles. Poor girl.


    “Really? That place is really nice.”

    “Yea friend of mine just got engaged. They’re having a dinner.”

    “Oh I didn’t realize it was an engagement party. Am I dressed ok?”

    “Ya you look fine.”

    “Who’s all going to be there? Anyone I’ve met?” Who have you met?

    “Uh Sam, Wanda, Clint, Nat. Probably Wandas brother. Y/n.”



    She doesn’t talk the rest of the drive which I’m grateful for. Reaching out my hand she gladly accepts it.

    “Wilson!” I dropped Sharons hand as quickly as i grabbed it to greet Sam and Wanda.

    “Making an entrance? You’re the last one here asshole.”

    “You don’t really need me to celebrate.”

    “Whatever man. Y’all are at the end of the table. Sharon it’s good to meet you.”

    “Thanks, you too. Congratulations.” She shakes Sams hand.

    “Thank you. Excuse me, making the rounds.”

    “Alright.” For a second I thought I saw her with Nat and Clint so I make my way over Sharon close behind.

    “Ay Barnes.” Clint and I hug then I hug Nat who introduces me to Steve.

    “Oh uh this is Sharon. Sharon Clint, Nat, and Steve.”

    “We’ve met.” Nat grins “i think Y/n introduced us briefly.”

    “Oh that’s right. It’s nice to meet you more formally. Where is Y/n? I was hoping to see a familiar face. No offense.”

    “No no I understand. She went for a drink.”

    “Oh.” Sharon looks as disappointed as i do.

    “So Steve what do you do?” I ask to make conversation.

    “I just finished my twenty with the army.”

    “Wow. Congratulations man.”

    “Thank you. Yea i did a lot of cyber security type work so I’m probably going back into that as a civilian.”

    “You know Y/n knows like one of the top guys in that field right here in New York. She could probably introduce you.” Clint’s glance is apologetic when Nat mentions Tony.

    “Did I hear my name?”

    My mouth suddenly goes dry at the sound of her voice and then all but salivates when I see her. Holy fuck she looks sexy. Every curve of hers is on display. I can feel a twitch in my pants from just staring at her. G-d I want to take her right now. What would she do if I just grabbed her by the arm and took her to the bathroom to be fucked like the dirty girl that she is? Shit I’m gonna get hard if I don’t stop thinking like that.

    “Thought you were getting A drink?” Nat asks her.

    “Sorry.” Her eyes meet mine for a second “Did you all get aquatinted?” Her arm slips around Steve’s waist. What the fuck is this? He puts his arm around her shoulders. The sight of his hands on her, pisses me right the fuck off replacing any feelings of arousal with anger.

    “Think so.” Steve looks at her. Fucker likes her.

    “Y/n that dress is stunning.” Sharon smiles a fake smile, it’s too big to be real. What’s her deal with Y/n anyway?

    “Thank you.” She’s being polite.

    “You want my jacket?” Steve asks. The way she looks up at him with those eyes. This whole fucking thing is aggravating me.

    “That would be nice. I just got really cold.”

    “Probably because you’re dressed like I could pick you up off the corner.” My jaw is clenched looking her up and down. Why did I say that? The eyes staring at me tell me what I already know. I’m a dick.

    “You needing to do that kinda thing a lot these days Barnes? Either way, you couldn’t afford me.” That fucking smirk. Thankfully Nat and Clint laugh though at my expense it breaks the tension.

    “I think you look beautiful doll.” Thank G-d for Steve fucking Rogers. He places his jacket around her shoulders with a fucking smile.

    “Thank you Steve.”

    “Do you want to go sit down?” She nods and that’s it that was our interaction. “We’re gonna take our seats.” he says to Nat and Clint then faces me and Sharon. “It was nice meeting you two.” Y/n waves goodbye to us too. When Steves hand slides to her low back i can’t just let her go.

    “Y/n, can I talk to you for a sec?”


    “What are you doing?” My tone sounds more aggressive than I wanted it to.

    “Can you be more specific?” I hate when she acts like this. Fucking brat yet there’s that twitch again.

    “With Rogers Y/n.”

    “Currently? Nothing. Later, well that’s none of your business. Though I’m sure you recall I’m not against sex on the first date.”

    I do remember. We didn’t even make it inside my place before we were tearing each other’s clothes off. I rub my mouth then rest my hands at my hips staring at her. How do I love her so much but hate her just the same? Stepping toward her forces her against the wall of the building. Breathing her in my nose grazes hers. My mouth moves down to her neck. I want to kiss her soft skin. My hands hover in front of her fighting so hard to keep them off her. I place them on the wall at either side of her head.

    “I, hate, you.” I really do she breaks me over and over and I’m the bad guy.

    “Ya, I bet you do.”

    “You’re trash.” You’re not but I need to pretend. “You’re nothing.”

    “Are you trying to convince me or yourself?” Myself because you are literally my everything.

    “I could easily replace you.” I could never. “I’m done waiting for you. Do yourself a favor, forget me, forget what we ever had. This, is over.” It has to be because I can’t take this feeling you left me with. This ache. She moves her mouth closer to my ear and whispers,

    “I think I ended this when I fucked Tony.” She pats my shoulder pushing me away then walks back inside.


    “Are you coming in?” Sharon asks me when we stop at her place.


    “You’re like with her right? That’s what it is? Or you were and you’re still into her.” She huffs out a breath of air looking away from me a second. “Was I just someone to get her off your mind, to make her jealous?” Is she waiting for an answer? “I should be upset but honestly, I get it. I mean obviously, she’s beautiful, but girls like that, they don’t stay Bucky. You saw her tonight,” her hand rests at the nape of my neck the other my inner thigh. “she’s going home with that Rogers guy. You can go home alone and think about her the rest of the night or you can come upstairs with me. I wouldn’t make you feel the way she’s making you feel right now Bucky, ever.” I huff out a laugh feeling the sting of tears threatening my eyes.

    “Is that right?” She places her lips to my cheek but i stop her. “You can go.”


    “Get out!” I don’t raise my voice but the tone is definitely not nice.

    “You’re a dick! Lose my number.” She slams the door.

    “No problem.”

    Ironically my night ends exactly where it began. On my couch, alone, with a bottle of jack.






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  • A/N: this is a kind of short little introduction thing? i think it’s cute though. it’s for @tinymalscoffee​ writing challenge! congratulations on your milestone bby! i’m hoping to have the next part done in like a week? i’m gonna really try to have a posting schedule lmao. i hope y’all like it!

    summary: bucky’s summer takes a turn for the better when he meets you

    main masterlist

    series masterlist


    Originally posted by supercanaries


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    Love the void, my friend
    You don’t know where it ends
    Your time will never stop
    Tick-tock on the big clock

    Palaye Royale x Marvel : Part-2/?

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  • Happy hump day beautiful people.

    Daily dose for today. LOOK AT HIS EYES! Oh my god I’m dead 😍😍😍

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  • Why are people already hating on tfaws? It hasn’t even come out yet and they did the same thing with wandavison. Can people not give their opinions until the show/movie comes out!

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    Happy Writer’s Wednesday!  I am here to spotlight another amazing fandom fanfic writer!  This week is my friend @angrythingstarlight​  Super talented and amazing. Let’s go!

    The Basics

    Any other names you want people to call you?

    Starlight (its better than the random name I let tumblr pick for me)

    How long have you been writing fic?

    About 8 months now, I wrote a lot of poetry before this.

    What fandoms and/ships do you write?

    RPF (Henry Cavill and Chris Evans), MCU (Steve, Bucky and Stucky only), Andy Barber, Sherlock, Clark Kent and August Walker

    How did you get started writing fic?

    I joined Tumbler in April 2020 to read more fics, I stumbled across this site by accident. I only planned on reading/lurking but I had an idea for a story that was purely self indulgent,  I took the leap and wrote it. One story turned into two and snowballed from there.

    Story Recommendations

    Which of your stories are your favorite?

    Ride me Sweetheart, Get Comfy, Nimble Fingers, You’re My Heaven, Love Down Soft and Sweet, Pull It Harder and Golden Boy

    Which story are you most proud of?

    Golden Boy Its a dark Steve story that took on a life of its own.

    Which of your stories do you think is the most underrated?

    I’m honestly surprised anyone reads my stuff so I don’t think anything is underrated.

    Someone is new to reading your stories, which story/stories should they read first? 

    I would start with my newer fics and go from there. My Jan mini list has stories that I enjoy and my newer Bucky stories are some of my favorites. 

    Which Story did you do the most research for?

    Light of My Life which is a dark Bucky story based on The Shining.

    Which Story was the easiest to write? 

    Get Comfy and Nimble Fingers equally. I wrote those so fast, everything flowed out perfectly.

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  • Dangerous woman || Bucky Barnes

    Summary: you’re mysterious, cold, strong and dangerous…and seems that Bucky can’t stay away from you

    Warnings: cursing, violence, mentions of scars, blood and death, ptsd (?)

    Word count: ~4,3k

    A/N: English is not my native language so I apologise for my mistakes, I’m still learning.

    Also, this was so angsty and sad that I couldn’t leave that way, so I added a little happy ending


    “so, we are going to have a new person joining us” Fury announced walking into the conference room.

    “who is he?” Tony asked, placing his palms on the table feeling a little bit wary because it was hard for him to trust new people.

    “she” Fury corrected and smiled when he saw a lot of surprised faces.

    “finally” Natasha muttered and gave a little high five to Wanda. “there is too much testosterone for the two of us here”

    “so who is she?” Steve repeated Tony’s question, eager to know.

    “I will warn you right away, you won’t really have a chance to interact with her much. She’s a very closed up person. So I’ll give you a quick review on her backstory. She has a similar background like Barnes but she’s not old” Steve and Bucky immediately rolled their eyes at Fury’s statement. “she was an agent at Shield. Strong and determined but also sweet, loving and caring, also kinda funny woman. But then Hydra took her when we were on a mission and there was nothing we could do about it. They injected her with the serum, forced her to kill her own parents in order to inform her that they’re in control there. They did a little bit more experiments on her and-“

    Fury’s words were cut off when you walked into the room. Your whole body was covered in red leather clothes as well as knee high boots.

    Natasha widened her eyes. Does she always wear heels or is it for this special occasion?

    You looked…shocking. In the best way possible.

    And also dangerous.

    Your hair was long and black and half of your face was covered with a mask, similar to Bucky’s back in the Winter Soldier times.

    Everyone was staring at you with pure shock. Their eyes were almost falling out of their faces and some of them had their mouth wide open.

    Your dull and heartless eyes scanned everyone across the room as you slowly took of your mask.

    You were beautiful.

    But you looked…lifeless.

    “there she is” Fury smiled. “this is y/n” he motioned with his hands and took a step back. He would never say out loud but he was also kinda scared of you. He knew you when you were bubbly, sweet and always doing your job perfectly. You would always bring positivity with you as soon as you walked into the office. But this version of you scared him.

    This version of you was your evil twin.

    He blames himself for taking away your spark, even tho he didn’t do anything specifically to you, but he could have been there at the right time at the right place to save you before they took you. But he wasn’t. And he blames himself for it.

    “hi, I’m Ste-“

    “I know who you are, Rogers” you rudely cut off Steve. If this was even possible, the team got even more startled by your tone and voice. It was cold as ice.

    Steve slumped down in his chair and gulped. He felt defeated. Now he understood what Fury meant when he said they won’t have a chance to interact with you.

    “uhm yeah okay, I already introduced all of you to her before coming here. So I guess.. y/n you can take a seat and we will discuss our next mission” Fury said.

    You walked past everyone, your heels making a loud and dramatic sound as their eyes were following your every move. You walked to the end of the room and sat down on an empty chair next to Bucky. You laid down your perfectly manicured hands on the table, waiting for Fury to continue.

    Natasha furrowed her eyebrows looking down at your hands. She even has time to do her nails?

    The whole time Fury was talking about your next mission, Bucky couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. You were intimidating him and he just couldn’t sit still. His heart was beating fast in his chest as he was trying to figure out what was going on. Or maybe he was trying to figure out you.

    “stop staring at me, Barnes” you growled not even looking at him and he immediately turned away from you with wide eyes and red cheeks as Wanda was trying her best to stop herself from laughing.

    After the meeting was over, Tony promised to show you around the compound but you declined his offer just asking him to show you where’s your room and get on with your day. Tony was trying his hardest to form a conversation with you while walking to your room but you either simply didn’t answer him or either dropping a dry reply with a hidden warning to stop talking.

    Much to Bucky’s luck and misfortune at the same time, your room was next to his. Not that he was going to do anything about it.

    “this is your room” Tony informed, when the two of you stopped intront of a big, white door. “if you need everything, Bucky’s room is next to yours, also you can find my room on the first floor and we have Friday, so you can call her whenever you need something”

    “who’s Friday?” you raised your eyebrow at him, confused. Fury didn’t say anything about Friday…

    “hey Friday? please introduce yourself miss y/n” Tony said smirking. Crazy old man.

    “hello, miss y/n. I am Friday an AI created by Mr. Stark if you ever need anything just call me” you heard a voice as you looked around.

    You nodded and just walked into your room, closing the door right infront of Tony’s face. He blinked a couple of times and walked away.

    “hey Friday, tell everyone to meet me at training room except for y/n” he said while making his way to the training room.

    “what happened, why are we here?” Thor looked at everyone, hoping to get an answer but only got confused faces.

    “we need to talk about y/n” Tony answered.

    “I don’t think she would like this idea, what if she finds us here?” Wanda nervously fiddled with her fingers.

    “I don’t think she would care” Tony rolled his eyes. “Friday, can you tell me what y/n is doing right now?”

    “this is not right” Steve frowned. “she just got here and you’re trying to invade her privacy”

    “relax, Cap”

    “she’s sitting in her room, writing in her notebook” Friday answered.

    “great, inform us if she decides to come here”

    “okay, sir”

    “what do you want to talk about?” Bucky eyed Tony suspiciously.

    “okay well, she’s definitely doesn’t like talking much. Or smiling or even standing next to us. So we have to make sure to make her as much comfortable as she can get. That girl has been through a lot and is trying to hide it so please don’t drive her crazy”

    “do you trust her?” Steve asked, crossing his arms on his chest.

    “strangely.. I do. There’s something about her that makes me want to trust her” Tony shrugged. “so we need to make her trust us”

    “how can we make her trust us if she’s not even talking to us?” Bruce sighed.

    “I don’t know…I hope that it’ll come up naturally”

    “let’s bring in the kid” Sam suggested.

    “why?” Tony furrowed his eyebrows.

    “because he’s a kid. Maybe it’ll melt her heart a little bit I don’t know”

    “I doubt it but we can try” Tony shrugged and grabbed his phone, ready to call Peter.

    “oh boy, he’s going to annoy the shit out of her” Wanda sighed.


    “hello, miss y/n. I’m Peter Parker aka Spider-man” Peter approached you.

    “a what?” you raised your eyebrow looking at the kid in front of you. Going to the kitchen was a bad idea.

    “uhm.. Spider-man, miss” he answered shyly.

    “oh god, she’s going to kill him with her eyes” Tony muttered, watching the scene from far behind.

    “oh yeah, heard about you” you nodded and looked away, thinking he was going to leave soon. He didn’t.

    “I really like your clothes” Peter said giddily and sat down next to you but when you glared at him, he quickly scooted away and sat down on another chair, further from you.

    “thanks” you answered bluntly and popped a grape into your mouth.

    Peter was now fiddling with his fingers on the table, feeling uneasy and embarrassed. “so-“ he started to speak again but you cut him off.

    “why are you here?” your tone sent shivers down Peter’s spine. Jesus.

    “uhm I- uhm well Mr. Stark invited me over”

    “listen, you look like a nice kid but I’m not in the mood to talk. Nor I will ever be. So go do your homework and leave me alone” you replied and stood up to walk away. Peter stared at you, not knowing what to say.

    “bye Spider-boy” you said before leaving.

    “it’s S-spider-man miss…” he stuttered but you were already gone.


    It’s been a month. No progress. Most of the team already gave up but not Bucky. He’s trying to get to talk to you every single day. You’re still pushing him away but that doesn’t make him stop. You even started to talk more to Natasha and Wanda but not him.

    By now Natasha knows that you indeed go to missions in your heels. She’s not sure how you’re able to fight in them but Fury mentioned something about that those shoes were made by Hydra and they can knock someone out with just one kick. Also you hide at least six knives in them.

    You have a mission today and Bucky literally begged Tony to team him up with you, because you always get teamed up with Natasha or Steve. Tony agreed, thinking that maybe it’s a good idea to team you up with different people. Although you didn’t care less.

    “I’ll go right, you go left” Bucky instructed and you just nodded as you walked to your direction. 

    “hey! You can’t be here” a guy shouted before you kicked him in the stomach making him crouch and then punched him in the face as he fell down unconscious.

    After you cleared your side, you went back to where Bucky was and saw him pressed against a wall as a guy was pressing his knife near his throat. “tell me who you are or I will kill you!” he shouted but before he could say or do anything else, you grabbed a knife from your shoe and threw it. He dropped on the ground and Bucky could finally breath normally again.

    “thank you” he panted.

    “I didn’t do anything” you frowned as you picked up your knife and wiped the blood on the same guy’s shirt.

    “you saved my life” Bucky stated as if it was an obvious fact.

    You looked at him and your eyes locked for a few seconds. His heart was beating faster because you usually avoid eye contacts under any circumstance. He was almost positive he saw a glint of concern in your eyes but it was quickly gone as you looked away.

    “I was just doing my job” you mumbled and walked past him. 

    And he thought he was making progress…

    He was quickly brought back from his own thoughts when he heard your loud whine.

    “y/n? are you okay?” you heard Steve’s voice in your earset.

    “yes, but this motherfucker is not” you grumbled and you were ready to stab him but Bucky was one step ahead of you and that guy was already on the floor, next to you.

    “now we are even” Bucky smiled and offered you a hand to help you stand up.

    “I was doing just fine” you ignored his offer and stood up yourself, trying to ignore the pain on your side.

    “oh shit, you’re bleeding” Bucky’s eyes widened as he saw blood leaking out of your jacket.

    “it’s okay. I’m fine” you groaned and tried to walk past him, like you always do but this time he grabbed your elbow and pulled you back immediately.

    You pulled your arm away and looked at him, your eyes filled with rage. “first of all don’t touch me. Second of all what the fuck are you doing? Let’s go, we have work to do”

    “no the fuck we don’t. We’re going back home because you’re hurt”

    “I said I’m fine” you growled and accidentally hissed in pain.

    “mission’s over, y/n. Let’s go home” you heard Tony from behind you so you turned around, seeing him standing there in his suit.

    You just nodded, deciding not to say anything and walked out of the building you were in, clutching your side to stop the bleeding as much as you can.

    “she’s so fucking stubborn” Bucky whined to Tony as they both walked to the same direction you went.

    “I heard you”


    “y/n, you need to let us help you. We need to stitch your wound unless you want to bleed out to death!” Bucky yelled, raising his arms out of frustration.

    “it will heal itself” you answered not even looking at him.

    “you got fucking stabbed. It’s not going to heal itself” Bucky was slowly loosing control.

    Steve placed a palm on his friend’s shoulder, trying to calm him down as Natasha slowly stepped closer to you.

    “y/n. You really do need help. I know you hate when someone helps you but please, let us take care of you just this one time” she insisted carefully.

    “do you know how to stitch?” you asked her. Natasha’s eyes lit up.


    “okay, then I’ll let you do it. But only you” you demanded.

    Everyone was staring at you slightly shocked. This is the first time you agreed to someone to let them help you. However, Bucky felt like he lost again. No matter how much he’s trying to get close to you, he always is the one that you’re pushing out the most.

    You and Natasha walked into a room that looked like a hospital. She locked the door so you could feel more comfortable knowing that nobody is going to walk in.

    “okay, take off your jacket and whatever you have underneath” Nat politely asked you.

    This is it. You thought.

    You slowly unzipped your leather jacket and threw it to the side then you took a deep breath in before lifting your shirt and wincing at the pain when the material touched your wound.

    Natasha was trying hard not to gasp loudly as she took in the sight in front of her. Your whole upper body was covered in deep, ugly scars. There was a big letter H imprinted on your back and random lines scattered all over your front.

    Now she understood why you act the way you do. You never let anyone touch you, you always wear tight clothes that fully cover your body and you always decline any help. This is why.

    “Please… Don’t tell anyone” your voice startled her. It was soft and you can hear how hurt you actually are. She’s just not sure if it’s because of your wound or because of your life.

    “I won’t. I promise” Natasha reassured you and decided to not waste any more time when you hissed in pain again while the blood was dripping down your side on the floor.


    It was later that night when you heard a small knock on your door.

    “It’s Mr. Stark” Friday informed you since you asked her before to always notify you who’s at the door.

    You opened the door and let him in before quickly closing after you. Tony sat down on your bed and gestured you to sit next to him. You obeyed and sat down still keeping your distance.

    “Are you okay?” he asked you.


    He didn’t expect any other answer from you so he just nodded. “We have another mission tomorrow but you’re not going” he announced and before you could say anything else he added “and don’t argue with me”

    You shut your mouth. You knew he was in the right here and it annoyed you but you also know that there’s no chance you would win this argument because he could easily lock you up in your bedroom and that wouldn’t be a good idea.

    “Okay” you replied quietly which made Tony look at you with a surprised face. He didn’t think it would be that easy. He already made about ten arguments in his head about why you can’t go and what will happen if you don’t listen to him.

    “I know I always tell you this and I know you never do it but if you need any help or anything at all. Just ask. It doesn’t have to be me, you could ask anyone you’re comfortable with and they’ll gladly help you. I want you to know that you’re home now. This is your home. And we are your family and we just want you to feel safe and loved” he looked at you and smiled softly before standing up.

    He was about to walk out the door when you suddenly stood up and quickly wrapped your arms around his waist. He was stunned for a second before wrapping his arms around your shoulders carefully embracing you into a hug.

    He stroked your back in a comforting way and kissed the top of your head. Just like your dad always did.


    Even tho you had a hard time moving because of the pain you still couldn’t stay still in your place, knowing that everyone else is out on a mission and might get hurt. No matter how much you tried to ignore the feelings inside of you, you can’t deny that you deeply care about every single one of them.

    Especially now that you’re not with Bucky and the last time he almost got killed. What if no one saves him this time?

    “hey Friday, where is everyone?” you looked at the ceiling.

    “Mr. Stark said not to tell you where they are and stay home” the AI answered.

    You groaned. Ofcourse Tony knew that you would still try to come. It annoys you that he managed to figure you out no matter how hard you tried to hide yourself.

    You took off your shirt and stood infront of the mirror. Disgusting.

    Your body was covered in scars and they’re not going everywhere. You will be reminded what you did all your life. A big bandage covering your side to keep the -now stitched- wound in place reminded you how weak you were yesterday.

    Natasha saw you scars. She didn’t say anything but it was enough to see the look in her eyes to know what she was thinking. She was sorry for you. And you hate it.

    Suddenly your door bursted open and you jumped in your places. Before you could grab your shirt to hide yourself it was too late. Bucky’s eyes scanned your body.

    “get the fuck out” you snapped and wanted to put on your shirt but he was quicker than you as he grabbed the shirt out of your hands. “what the fuck are you doing?”

    He didn’t answer. He stood infront of you. Staring. But what surprised you that there was no sympathy or disgust in his eyes. He just…stared.

    “y/n-“ he started.

    “no” you cut off. “why are you even here? Weren’t you suppose to be on a mission?”

    “they told me to stay. To look after you”

    “I don’t need a babysitter” you rolled your eyes. You even forgot that you were standing without a shirt on infront of him.

    “I’m not your babysitter, y/n. I’m your friend and I care about you. You got hurt and now you need help so stop being such a bitch and let people take care of you because-“


    “no, stop interrupting me and listen for once in your goddamn life. We care about you. We love you and we know you’ve been through a lot. Shit, me from all those people know the best because I’ve been there too. And still, somehow I’m the only person you push out the most. I don’t know what I’ve done to you that you hate me that much. I’m sorry if I ever offended you but since you walked through that door I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stay away from you. I want to help you even tho you think you don’t need help. We all need help. So please… let me in and let me be there for you”

    You were shocked. His words crossed straight to your heart. And for the first time in forever, you don’t know what to say. “I- I can’t. I’ve learned from my mistakes” you said quietly.

    “what mistakes?”

    “being nice means you will get hurt. Getting too close to people means you will lose them”

    His eyes softened. He understood what you meant and it hurt him. Because he knew exactly what you’re going through. “y/n… I know you’re scared but being shutting out is not an answer. You get, you lose. That’s life. But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to start over”

    “I was pregnant” you blurted out. His eyes widened and you cursed at yourself for letting those words fall from your mouth. But still, you decided to continue. “It was an accident. One night stand with a guy I met at the bar and never saw again but still…I was happy, I wanted that baby. I wanted to be a mother. But they fucking killed my baby. They left me bleeding on the floor untill I passed out. And after that they put me into some kind of fucking trance and made me kill my own parents. My own parents, James. They snapped me out of it seconds after they were dead on the floor infront of me, so I could see what I’ve done. My hands were covered in my own parents blood”

    “I’m so sorry, y/n” Bucky was lost at words. He knew about your parents, but he didn’t know about the baby and everything else actually.

    Suddenly your face turned cold again and you snatched your shirt from his hands and put it on. “leave”

    “no” Bucky protested. He didn’t understand the sudden coldness in you again.

    “I said leave, James”

    “no, I’ve learned from my mistakes too. I’m not leaving. You don’t have to talk to me but I’m going to stay here whether you like it or not and I’ll stay here as long as I need”

    He sat down on your bed and stared at you once again. You turned around so your back was facing him. “do you wanna know why I push you out so much?” you asked, at this point you didn’t care about anything.

    “yes” you heard his voice behind you as he slowly stood up and walked closer to you but still facing your back.

    “because I knew you were going to be the one who’s going to pull me out of my shell. I knew you were going to be my strength and my weakness. I couldn’t let that happen, that’s why I was pushing you out the most and still…I failed, because right now you’re standing behind me while I’m telling you things I never thought I was going to say outloud ever again. Yesterday, when that guy almost slit your throat, my soul left my body. And then I knew that I couldn’t escape it. I couldn’t escape you” you felt his arms around your waist but in his surprise, you didn’t pull away. He laid his head on your shoulder, his hot breath hitting your cheek. “and even tho I tried to stay strong, I still worry everytime we go on a mission. I worry about you. I worry that you won’t come back and I don’t want to feel that way. I don’t want to lose another person” you continued.

    “you’re not going to lose me. I worry about you too and seeing you shutting out from everyone. From me. It hurts, you know? Because I know that you’re going through some tough time and you’re doing this alone. No one holds you when you cry yourself to sleep, no one hugs you and tells you that it’ll get better, no one tells you how much they care and want to be there for you even when you’re breaking. And you have no idea how much I wanted to be that person” Bucky sighed when your palms touched his hands.

    “and you were. For the past month, whenever I wanted to just give up - you showed up. Either in my mind or in front of me. I didn’t want to let you down because I knew you believed in me”

    “and I still do and I hope that now, you’ll let me be there for you. That’s all I’m asking”



    Another month later and you made a lot of progress. You talk more. You even smiled a little bit. Hugging was still off the table with some people but they were still grateful and happy that you at least talk to them.

    Now, after another successful mission, Tony brought in the alcohol to celebrate. You all sat in the living room, enjoying each other’s company while everyone was trying to lift up Thor’s hammer.

    “come on, y/n. Try it” Natasha nudged you.

    “I killed atleast a thousand people and you think I would be worthy?” you looked at her hoping that she’s joking, but she just shrugged.


    You rolled your eyes and sighed heavily before standing up. Everyone was staring at you as you stood up infront of the hammer and wrapped one hand around the handle.

    “oh.my.god” Thor muttered when the hammer was in your hand. Off the table.

    “I knew it” Steve smiled at you as you investigated the hammer in your hands.

    I’m worthy?

    You smiled brightly and Bucky almost melted. Your smile was a rare sight at the compound, especially a genuine one. And he couldn’t be more proud.

    #bucky barnes#sebastian stan #bucky barnes angst #bucky barnes imagine #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes smut #marvel #bucky barnes fluff #captain america#marvel imagine #the avengers imagine #the winter soldier x reader #the winter soldier #sebastian stan imagine #sebastian stan x reader
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  • I’m thinking about bucky in the beginning, slowly having his memories erased, starting to lose pieces of himself, thinking ‘just hold onto this one, don’t let it get away’ and it’s something trivial like “steve has blonde hair steve has blonde hair steve has blonde hair” repeated like a mantra and everytime it gets more and more faded until he doesn’t even know why he’s saying it because he can’t even remember what steve looks like anymore, something about blue eyes, and that’s it

    #sorry I’ll go #bucky Barnes #the winter soldier #catfa#captain america#catws#angst#ca:tfa#ca:tws#Steve Rogers#bucky angst #captain america the winter solider #captain america the first avenger #stucky#hydra#origin
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  • uptown girl

    A/N: hi! i think this is a really cute idea! it’s for @tinymalscoffee​ writing challenge with the song prompt uptown girl. it turned into like a the notebook vibes kinda thing? and my mind turned it into a series because of course it did. in the future, it’ll have steve/peggy and sam/natasha, just btw. i hope y’all like it!

    summary: bucky spends a summer with you that changes his life forever


    main masterlist


    something as simple as this

    #bucky barnes x reader #james bucky barnes #james bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes#rebeccawrites
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  • Steve: I didn’t know you had so many guns

    Bucky: Wait ‘til you see the knives

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  • bucky with the good hair

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  • image

    Square fill: “He has no idea she’s still alive” @anyfandomgoesbingo; Angry Mob @badthingshappenbingo 

    Word Count: 710

    Rating: Teen

    Warnings: Light violence, flirting, a swear word.

    A/N: Happy birthday, Sarah! I wrote this for @zombitch-cas’s birthday challenge (I’m a few days late so happy belated birthday, darling!) and used a dialogue prompt (bolded), plus platonic soulmates, bar fight, panic, and assassin AU. It’s my first time writing outside of the Supernatural fandom but I love these two characters so very, very  much. If you’re a fan of Andy Weir and The Martian, you’ll also catch a nod to that!

    Credits: @firefly-graphics for the divider, no beta, header by me, image from google

    Masterlist || Tag List Request


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  • Test Me, I’m Mortal

    A Bucky x Fem!Reader One-shot

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader

    Word Count: 852

    Summary: Bucky is in a very sour mood (for good reason). Unfortunately, he takes it out on you (for no good reason). Luckily, you have the balls to put him in his place. Your assertive attitude stirs something in him that he hasn’t felt since the 40’s.

    Warnings: Language, Bucky is a bit rude, Badass reader standing up for herself, Implication of masturbation

    A/N: This is my first one-shot :D It’s pretty rad, if you ask me. And yes, that was a Melanie Martinez reference.


    The Bucky Grumps™ was at an all-time high right now. Who knew? Maybe it was the fact that he barely got a few hours of sleep throughout the week, due to the mission demanding a lot of effort on the team’s part. Maybe it was what Sam said: ancient 100 year old men tend to be grumpy, super soldier or not.

    Either way, Bucky was a big Coca Cola bottle of sleep deprivation, stress, and grumpiness… ever so slowly waiting to burst.

    After hours of him wallowing in the Quinjet, he quickly unbuckled his seat and strode into the compound upon landing. His feet automatically took him to the kitchen, as they usually did.

    There you were, tending to an omelette on the stove. It became a tradition that you feed your oh so sweet friendly neighborhood Bucko Barno whenever he returned from missions. You figured the dude could be less moody when his hunger was satisfied.

    “Hey there, Bucky! I’m cooking you some eggs! Sit down,” you chirped.

    He plopped his heavy body and soul ungracefully on a kitchen chair, grunting in response.

    Sam, Steve and Natasha entered the room as you moved your attention to the coffee machine to make some decaffeinated coffee. You figured they’d want to enjoy something warm as they got some well deserved sleep. However, you grew up on powder coffee mixes. The ones that you just pour into hot water, stir and boom! Drinkable caffeine. Unfortunately, the compound pantry had none of that, but instead these coffee machines that you never bothered to use until now.

    And how you wished you asked someone to teach you how to operate it, because as your focus was directed on fussing about how utterly confused you are at the coffee machine, smoke filled your nose.

    Your omelette was burning.

    “Aw shit! It’s burnt!” You cursed, throwing the charred omelette and starting anew. You turned to grab some eggs near the table where Bucky was sat, when suddenly…

    “You know what? Stop. Just fucking leave it. I don’t want it anymore if you’re just gonna burn it.” Bucky boomed, his emotions getting the best of him.

    If the room wasn’t silent before, it sure as hell was now.

    Your eyes widened at the sudden anger burst. You teared up and your shoulders sagged as your mood dropped from being at the receiving end of his frustration.

    But you thought better of it.

    You did NOT appreciate his meanness.

    Anger lit up a fire in your chest and made you stomp your way in front of him, the fury in your eyes making him subtly flinch in sudden unexpected fear.

    “No,” you seethed. “You don’t GET to talk to me like that. You don’t GET to take your anger out on me. I did nothing bad to you. Fuck you, Bucky.” you continued, right finger pointed right in his face as you spoke, trying to simmer your rage down to get your message across.

    Right then, Bucky sobered up and realized his mistake. His face was one of shock with a hint of intimidation, but he didn’t get the chance to speak before you snapped your fingers and pointed towards the direction of his room.

    “Get the fuck in your room, clean up, and go to sleep. And don’t even THINK about walking in the same room as me unless it’s to apologize.”

    Guilty and intimidated, Bucky immediately stood up and turned away to obey your command without saying another word.

    You shut your eyes and took a few deep breaths to settle down your emotions and adrenaline, before facing the trio in the room.

    “Anyway, sorry about that. You guys want eggs and decaf?”

    Sam whistled, “Goddamn! I’ve never seen that old grump be put in his place before. How do you do it?”

    You smiled timidly and shrugged, grabbing a handful of eggs from the table.

    Meanwhile, Natasha wore a proud smirk on her face as Steve rushed to apologize for his best friend’s outburst. “I’m so sorry about him, doll. He barely slept all week on this mission. Must’ve caught up on him.”

    “Nothing to be sorry for, Cap.” You assured him. “Anyway, I can cook you guys some eggs but if you want coffee, make it yourself, ‘cause I don’t know how that damn machine works.”

    Bucky now laid on his bed, freshly showered and wearing clean comfy clothes. He can’t stop thinking about how you stood up for yourself when he had unrightfully lashed out on you.

    Your fire, your ferocity, the furiously confident glare that you gave him… God, he thought he liked his women timid and dainty, but the fact that his cock twitched in his sweatpants at the image of you in his mind’s eye said otherwise.

    Fuck, he thought while lazily palming himself. He still needed to sleep. His eyes were begging to be closed, but his cock was starting to wake up. What a dilemma. He’ll apologize to you after he wakes up, he decided.

    Bucky eyed the bottle of lotion on his nightstand.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Let me know what you think! If you have any requests, go ahead and comment or send an ask. All are welcome :)

    #bucky x reader #bucky x you #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes x you #bucky x fem!reader #bucky x female reader #female reader insert #bucky barnes x fem!reader #bucky barnes #bucky barnes angst #bucky barnes fluff #bucky barnes fanfiction #bucky barnes fanfic #marvel fanfic#marvel fanfiction #hurt!reader #emotional!bucky #angry!bucky
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