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  • bitchassbucky
    18.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    bucky barnes? oh you mean my fucked up little man? yes, i’m quite fond of him

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  • the-soul-witch
    18.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    I started reading this fic, I can't remember the name or the author, and I can't believe I missed liking it. It's a female oc with Steve and Bucky story, where she falls for both of them but they were in their way to priesthood. It also has a sequel where I think she ends up with bucky, and steve leaves.. I just read the summary and can't remember more than the fact that she met steve first at her bestfriend's place. She stumbled on the stairs cause some kid was running, and steve caught her.

    Please help if you know about this..

    Another one that I missed, Steve Rogers and reader, where Steve is a mob boss, and reader is a nurse, set in the decade I can't remember. She helped Steve's son and that's how she captured his attention.. Steve also helped her enroll in NYU to pursue her dream to become a doctor.

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  • sokoviaaccordsarticle16
    18.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    This is maybe a controversial take but… I don’t actually mind the concept of the amends in FATWS (although obviously I prefer Sam’s version to the earlier version). I understand that Bucky was a victim of HYDRA, but from Bucky’s perspective, it’s a lot more complicated than that. He was brainwashed, yes, and he didn’t have a choice, but on the field, on mission, he wasn’t exactly being ordered around every step of the way - he was operating independently, making tactical decisions. It was his hands strangling someone, his hands firing his guns, using his knives. Whether or not he’s ultimately responsible (he’s not), he’s killed a lot of innocent people.

    And frankly, for something like that, I can imagine that to Bucky, hearing “it wasn’t your fault” is probably just… very unhelpful. He knows it wasn’t his fault - he agrees with people when they insist this to him. But that doesn’t matter - at the end of the day, he knows it was his body/his mind being repurposed to kill and hurt people. The amends are an active way for him to try and take control of his own past and actions, and make a difference. Whether or not they’re necessary morally isn’t the point - they’re helping Bucky, as he feels like they’re helping others.

    #frankly if I was in his shoes I’d definitely want to make some amends! #not because I’d done anything wrong #but just because the guilt would weigh on me otherwise #Bucky Barnes#meta #falcon and winter solider series #probably unpopular opinion
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  • make-me-imagine
    18.10.2021 - 30 minutes ago


    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x GN!Reader

    Plot: The reader has recently moved into a new house, and when spending their first night alone there, unusual things start happening. Y/n can't help but think, is this house haunted? And when things start escalating, the reader calls their boyfriend Bucky for help.

    Warnings: Spooky haunting things, like bangs, shadowy figures, footsteps, etc. And also some curse words.

    Word Count: Almost 2.1k

    General Taglist: @criminaly-supernatural, @caswinchester2000, @imaginesfire Bucky/Marvel Taglist: @cosplayingwitch, @aquariuslavenderhoney, @trashywritestrash, @groovygirlie, @marvelouslyme96, @supersourlemon13, @mochamoff, @simsiddy, @bisexualdragongirl Requested Taglist: @spuffyfan394, @fablesrose, @alicenwrites


    You sighed as you opened up yet another box you had lazily labeled "kitchen", hoping to find your coffee pot before you went to bed for the night. You let out an annoyed groan as you saw a knife block, a few bowls and other various utensils, but no coffee pot. Looking over at yet another box, you grabbed the corner, dragging it over to you.


    Stopping, you looked up at the ceiling, having heard a loud creaking noise seemingly come from above you. You frowned, waiting for another noise, as your heartbeat picked up in pace. Hearing no more noise, you shook your head a bit, deciding it must be the house settling. You had been hearing various random noises over the last few hours that you had been in the house.

    It would take a while to get used to all the new noises this house might make. You were renting it for only six months, so you figured by the time you got used to everything, you'd be moving out again.


    You looked back up again, almost straining your neck. You frowned again, feeling goosebumps form up your arms. You strained your ears to listen, trying to figure out what could have made the new noise.


    Out of the corner of your eye, paired with the drawn out creaking, you saw the door leading to the nearby bathroom slowly creak open.

    Watching the door, your felt your defenses rise. Slowly reaching over to the previously opened box, you reached it, and took out a knife from the knife block. You stood slowly, before taking slow, silent steps towards the bathroom. In your mind, you were afraid someone was here to attack you. An enemy of SHIELD, The Avengers. That was what made sense in your mind.

    As you got to the bathroom, you reached out, pushing open the door, you fell into a fighting stance just in case. But as the door fully opened to reveal a completely empty bathroom, you felt confusion take over.

    "What the hell?" You whispered under your breath. Checking the cupboard and shower in the bathroom, just in case, you were even more confused when you found nothing.

    Walking back out into the living room, you looked around, listening closely for footsteps, opening doors, anything. As you stood still for a few moments, the light above you dimmed and became brighter, before flickering once.

    Looking up at the light, a memory suddenly came back to you from the day you did a walk through of the house. The landlord had mentioned the people who lived there a couple months previous, had only lived there for a short time before suddenly leaving. You assumed they had their reasons and didn't ask any questions. But now you were thinking you should have.


    A thump in the room beside you made an intriguing thought come to mind as you quickly walking over to the room. Opening the door and flicking on the light, you let out a sigh as you saw no one there.

    Walking back over to the table, you grabbed your phone. Flicking through the contacts, you called Bucky.


    Another thump from the top floor again. As the phone rang, you headed up the stairs, knife still in hand, mostly for comfort.

    "Hey sweetheart, what's up?." Bucky's voice said as he answered.

    "I rented a haunted house." You said bluntly as you walked from room to room, checking each corner as you did so, part of you actually hoping you would come across a living human being that you would blame for the noises and whose ass you could actually kick out.

    "What?" Bucky asked, amusement and confusion lacing his voice.

    "This place is haunted. I knew I should have asked more about why the previous family left so quickly. Actually, the land lord should have told me! Isn't it necessary for them to tell me something like that?" You babbled as you walked back down the stairs.


    Another thump, coming from one of the rooms you had just left. Stopping, and looking back up the stairs, you let out a nervous breath as you continued back down the stairs.

    "What makes you think it's haunted?" He asked.

    "Bangs coming from empty rooms, the door to the bathroom opened by itself, and the lights flickered." You listed off.


    You gasped as a loud bang echoed through the house, louder than any of the previous noises.

    The noise was also clearly loud enough for Bucky to hear, as his concerned voice spoke loudly "What was that?"

    "That is what I am talking about, noises coming from nowhere. God, I've only been here for a few hours and I already hate it here, how am I supposed to stay here for six months?"

    Bucky could hear the anxiety in your voice. And since the loud bang, he had grabbed his wallet and keys and headed out of his apartment. "There must be something else to it Y/n, I'm coming over."

    You let out a sigh "Okay. But I really don't think it's something else Buck." You said softly as you stared up the staircase, an uneasy feeling taking over.

    "I'll check it out when I get there okay? Call me if anything worse happens."

    "Okay. See you soon." You responded as you hung up. 'I wonder if the landlord will let me cancel my lease...' You thought to yourself. 'He should have told me about this in the first case anyways'

    Letting out a nervous sigh, you walked into the kitchen. Opening the fridge to grab a bottle of water, out of the corner of your eye, you saw a large dark figure in the living room.

    Turning suddenly, you looked around rapidly, seeing nothing. Walking quickly into the living room, you looked around, seeing and hearing nothing, yet again. Your heart was beating heavily in your chest, and your breathing had become heavy and uneven.

    "You've gotta be kidding me." You said quietly, your voice almost shaking. 'Why am I even this scared? I have literally fought monsters and aliens, why am I afraid of ghosts?'

    Thump Thump.....Thump Thump

    Stopping in your tracks, you slowly turned to look towards the darkened hallway leading to the bedroom. The sound of footsteps was coming down the hallway, towards you.

    You stared in anticipation, waiting for someone to appear. But as the sound of footsteps stopped, you slowly, lifted up your phone, glancing down at it, you turned on the flashlight before shining the light down the hall.

    Your heart dropped when you saw each door in the hallway - your bedroom door, the closet, and the door to the laundry room - were all wide open, having previously all been shut.

    "Ohh, Fuck this." You said before quickly heading to the front door, flipping on the outside lights. Opening the door, you walked out onto the porch, deciding to stay here and wait for Bucky to arrive.

    As you waited, you looked back into the house through the window, part of you expecting to see another dark figure in the corner, or maybe the lights flicker. But as the minutes passed, you noticed nothing.

    Hearing a car approaching, you walked down the steps and walked towards the driveway as Bucky parked. Getting out, he could clearly see the fear on your face "Hey, did something else happen?" He asked as he rounded the car.

    You nodded your head, and he gently placed his hands on your arms, listening as you told him about what just happened. He tried to ignore the hairs rising up his neck at the story, not wanting to believe that it was that bad.

    Grabbing your hand he smiled softly at you "Come on."

    Following him back into the house, you swallowed nervously. You wanted something to happen, to prove that you weren't exaggerating, but at the same time, you wanted it to stop.

    You stood in the living room as Bucky looked around, his eyes lingered on the hallway doors, seeing that they were all open, like you said. Walking down the hall, he looked in each room, checking for someone, or something.

    Quietly following him around the house as he checked every room, you waiting nervously for something, anything to happen. But after walking back down the stairs, after checking the whole house you let out a sigh.

    Turning towards you, he shrugged "See?" He said, as though everything you experienced didn't happen.

    You shrugged back at him "See what? Just because something didn't happen while you were here doesn't mean I was lying."

    "No, no." He said while shaking his head "That's not what I meant. I just...think that maybe it was someone, an actual someone, messing with you, not a ghost."

    You sighed "I checked the whole house beforehand Buck, there has never been anyone here."

    He sighed as he looked around the house "Well...maybe you should get a...I don't know, a priest or something?"

    "This isn't a possession Buck." You chuckled "It's a haunting, I need, like, sage to burn or, or a medium to come." You said as you looked around the house before sighing. "Actually, what I want, is a new house to rent."

    Thump thump, thump thump

    More footsteps above you sent Bucky flying past you and up to the second floor. You watched as he disappeared, knowing he would find nobody, though part of you hoped he did. You hoped this was just some practical joke. But as Bucky appeared again, perplexion written across his face, you knew it wasn't.

    "See?" You said mockingly, having your point somewhat proven.


    All at once, the bedroom door, the closet door, and the laundry room door in the nearby hallway slammed shut at the same time. You jumped and let out an alarmed screech as Bucky jumped in shock.

    As silence filled the house again, you and Bucky locked eyes. He shook his head "You're not staying here." He said suddenly. Slowly walking down the hallway towards your bedroom, he pushed open the door and looked around the room.

    Following behind him, he looked back at you and shook his head before walking into the room "Get your stuff, you're coming back to my apartment with me."

    Feeling relief wash over you, you quickly grabbed your back and began shoving your stuff in it. "What am I gonna do?" You asked as you glanced back at him.

    He shook his head "Get your lease cancelled, you should have been told about this, this is...ridiculous." He said with a sigh.


    Another thump from the top floor, causing you to pause and look up for only a moment before you closed your bag. "I need some stuff from the bathroom." You said as you walked out, Bucky following close behind.


    Letting out a sigh, you all but ran into the bathroom and grabbed your stuff. "Okay lets get out of here." You said as you rushed into the living room, grabbing your keys, bag and slipping on a jacket.

    Heading out the front door, you turned off all the lights, staring into the darkness as you closed the door, you felt as though you were being watched.

    Throwing your bags into the back seat, you climbed in the car "Thanks for coming Buck, I forgot to say that." You said as you felt relief washing over you as you were finally out of the house.

    "Don't worry about it, I'm glad you called me." He said as he patted your leg.

    You smiled at him before glancing back at the house as you began to pull away. As your eyes landed on one of the top-floor windows for a second, your felt your heart jolt as you saw a figure standing in the window, silhouetted by the bright light of the full moon. You did a double take as you looked back, no longer seeing anything in the window.

    "What?" Bucky asked as he glanced back as well.

    "I thought I saw someone in the window." You said lowly.

    Bucky felt his heart jump a bit before he shook his head "Yeah. There is no way you are staying there. You can stay with me until we figure it out."

    You nodded, sliding down in your seat a bit as you tried to calm yourself down. You were unsure of what you were going to do, but you knew you couldn't stay there, not in that house, not with whoever was already there.

    xx End xx

    This was my first time writing something like this (that I can recall); so I'm not sure if it's any good lol.

    #Bucky Barnes#marvel#avengers#fatws#bucky #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes/reader #bucky x reader #marvel reader insert #falcon and the winter soldier #bucky barnes x you #bucky barnes/you #bucky x you #haunting#halloween fic#ghosts #bucky barnes one shot #bucky barnes oneshot #oneshot#one shot#marvel oneshot #marvel one shot #avengers reader insert #halloween oneshot#fatws oneshot #fatws one shot
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  • just-a-nerd-called-frey
    18.10.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    𝗯𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘆, 𝗺𝗲𝗲𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗺𝗮𝘅𝗶𝗺𝗼𝗳𝗳𝘀: so, do all sokovians loudly sing mitski songs when they're drunk, or is that just zemo?

    𝗽𝗶𝗲𝘁𝗿𝗼: wait, i've done that-

    𝘄𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗮:...i guess we can't really confirm nor deny that thesis-

    𝗯𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘆, 𝘁𝗼 𝗵𝗶𝗺𝘀𝗲𝗹𝗳: oh my god, i KNEW IT-

    #the three sokovians as incorrect quotes #marvel incorrect quotes #incorrect tfatws #incorrect tfatws quotes #memes#marvel#incorrect quotes#mcu headcanons #the maximoff twins #quicksilver#scarlet witch#baron zemo#bucky barnes
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  • misguidedasgardian
    18.10.2021 - 45 minutes ago


    May I present to you, my Halloween /Kinktober Lineup, one shots I´m writing to celebrate halloween and Kinktober! wuhuuuu, starting Oct 25th and Finishing in October 31 st.

    Classic horror inspired stories, and some more contemporary, and embelished with a kinkyness

    🎃 = Terror // 👻= Dark // 🔪= Graphic Violence //🩸= Gore // 😈 = Sexual acts // ☠️ = death

    Kinktober Lineup

    1. The monster over my bed (DarkStepdad!Ari Levinson x Fem!Reader) 😈🎃👻

    It wasn´t the monster outside the window you had to worry about, nor the one under your bed, but the one that could get over it

    2. YOU (Dark!Andy Barber x Fem!Reader) 😈🎃👻

    It was so wrong to start an affair with your boss, but when you wanted to put an end to it, it was too late, you were already trapped

    3. The Hunt (Winter soldier x Avenger!Fem Reader) 😈👻🔪☠️

    Zemo had managed to turn Bucky back to the winter soldier, and his first command was to come after you and Sam, in his personal hunting ground

    4. Summer Camp (Dark!Steve Rogers x Avenger!Fem Reader x Dark!Bucky Barnes) 🎃👻🔪🩸😈☠️

    C´mon, the new SHIELD hideout was laughable, an old abandoned summer camp? It was actually clever since nobody in their right minds would go near it, you know, because of the legend of Jason and whatnot

    5. Possessed Walls (possessedDark!Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader) 🎃👻🔪😈

    You felt bad, almost scamming that old lady that rented your place. She rented it at a so lost cost, because according to her, the apartment was haunted, you snickered as you moved in, because there wasn't such things as “haunted"

    6. The babySitter (Dark!Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader x Dark!Bucky Barnes Ft. Peter Parker) 😈🎃👻

    You were babysitting your neighbors kids, and decided to invite your boyfriend to join you after hours to watch some horror movies, after all, it was Halloween night

    7. Survivor, (Dark!Avengers VS. Fem!Reader) 🎃👻🔪🩸

    Because in a good movie, the protagonist always survives despite the odds and the deranged characters who were after her

    #kinktober #dark bucky barnes #dark!bucky x y/n #dark!buckybarnes #kink#kinkystuff #dark!bucky smut #dark!steve rogers #dark!steve smut #dark!steve x reader #dark!steve x you #halloweenfics#spooky season
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  • takemedancingmaine
    18.10.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    Would anyone want to beta for me?

    #it's a Bucky Barnes x OC anthology series #about 18k
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  • artisancowbells
    18.10.2021 - 57 minutes ago


    beautiful boy

    KINKS/TROPES: blowjob, sub!bucky, brothers best friend
    PAIRING: brothersbestfriend!sub!bucky b x female!reader

    WARNINGS: smut- oral (m receiving), dom/sub dynamics, nicknames (sweet boy, pretty boy)

    A/N: i love sub!bucky. it’s my favourite thing- i’d do anything for him omg, also had no idea what to call this and the title makes me think of the film and that is v sad so hmm


    He never joined in with them. They’d be arguing about which girl had the best tits in their year or laughing about one of the other guy’s lady troubles, but not once did he join in. a fake laugh would be huffed and then he’d sit. Not really listening or keeping any of the misogynistic information, just zoning out or playing with your puppy, Thor.

    It was refreshing. But you couldn’t decipher why he didn’t. It’s completely unimaginable that he didn’t get any attention from girls. Just look at him. The pouty lips and the fluffy hair. Plus, the flushed cheeks whenever you catch him staring. Anyone sane would be wanting a slice.

    You had overheard your brother talking about how Bucky was just shy. Too nervous to ever possibly make the first move. And you found that… endearing. And in an odd way, exciting.

    Bucky would freeze and stutter with you and ever since you had met him you wanted to have him. Get his eyes all glassy and have his chest panting, just for you. If all you needed to do was make the first move, it was going to be easy.


    That familiar mop of brunette hair trudges up the stairs, towards your brother’s room. You expect, as Bucky let himself it, that your brother isn’t aware he’s here yet. So, you take your chances.

    “Hello, James.” You interrupt, with a smile and a tilt of your head. He whips around like he’s been shocked and wide eyes stare at you. Those baby blues look at your body, gazing at the mini skirt and the tank top which showcases your boobs perfectly. Utterly flattering and enough to have him gulping and finding the floor a more interesting view.

    “Hi, Y/n.” he replies. His voice is meek and unsure; it makes you hungry.

    “You know that book we were talking about last week? The Bell Jar? I have a copy in my bedroom if you want it.” you try your best not to sound too overly convincing. Not wanting him to feel trapped. Although he might like that.

    “Oh, I should probably,” he gestures behind his shoulders to your brother’s closed door. But his answer fizzles out when you lead one of his hands with you back to yours. It’s not a surprise when he follows you like a puppy. A good boy. Already well trained.

    He takes a moment to look around. Eyes like saucers as he looks at the bookshelves lining the walls.

    “You’ve been in here before, what’s so different this time?” Sat on the bed just letting him wander. You like watching him, not in a creepy way, he’s just pretty.

    “Yeah, but I- I’ve never been in here with just… you.” It dies in volume as he says it and he busies himself with the spines littered on the shelves.

    You watch as his body tenses up when you stand. Freezing when you come closer. Even if you’re a meter away you still render a physical effect on him.

    “Do I make you nervous, James?” you’re looking at him and he can only meet your eyes for a split second before they dart away.

    His answer is a short laugh, glazed with anxiety and you shouldn’t be enjoying this as much as you are.

    “You’re the only one that calls me that. James.” Now he looks at you and despite the height difference, he seems so small. So weak and you feel protective. A foreign feeling stirs in you and it’s the one that is in a different language, but you hear it a lot. Like living in a city where you have no idea what everyone’s saying but you know its all the same language. The same complex, misunderstood strange syllables in beautiful accents. But unknown to you. You’re an outsider when you look at him. And somehow its comfortable. “Why do you do it? Call me James, that is.”

    “Because you react so beautifully.” Its honest and simple and its enough to have him fucking whimper. “Just like that.” You smirk.

    Its in quick succession that his large hands frame your face, pulling you in so your nose touches but he doesn’t go further. Instead, his eyes wait for yours, he waits for your permission.

    His lips are soft and plush, cushioning the blow that was your desire. He’s hesitant at first but once you slip your tongue in and invite his he’s all in.

    Quite happy to let you have your way with him, he lets you dominate it. When you bit his lip and soothe it with a kiss he moans and if you were to pull away you would be met with a pink blush spreading from his neck to his cheeks. Embarrassment floods him momentarily but when you pull him closer, messing up his hair and touching him all over it retreats.

    He’d been hard since he saw you on the landing so when you softly cup him through his trousers, he tries to hide his face in your neck.

    “Don’t hide from me baby, love how responsive you are.” Placing kisses in his ruffled hair and rubbing gently over his rock-hard cock. Its big and you just know its as pretty as he is.

    He speaks and you try your hardest not to outright moan yourself at just how sweet he sounds. “Feels s’good.” Its mumbled and said between sloppy kisses on your neck.

    “Gonna let me make you feel good? You want that?”

    You feel the hair move in a nod, “Need words, use your words sweet boy.”

    “Yes please.”

    You move him over to the bed, letting him sit down and spreading his legs. Kneeling between them and cupping his cheeks for a kiss. Distracting him whilst you unbuckle his belt and stroke his cock under his pants. His kisses become sloppier and more desperate, and you pull him away just so he remembers to breathe. But the whine that pulls from his lungs is his way of saying he’d rather kiss you than breathe.

    When you do pull him out the high-pitched gasp that soaks the air is enough to have you reeling off praises. The tip is furious, deep red, it looks painful. He’s bigger than you expected, and you make sure to tell him. Bringing your head and mouth closer but making sure you can still see his warm face. Mumbling a “You’re so big. So pretty for me, pretty boy.”

    Easing him into it, you start with kisses up and down the shaft. Holding him firmly in you hand and gradually starting to pump him. His head is tipped back and you release him quickly just to get his attention, commanding him to look at you, before you start licking.

    His mouth falls open in sync with your own. His moans fall freely and they’re gorgeous. Addictive and sickly sweet. you play around him, mainly just because you can, but you do give in. Once a few pleas have been begged by him.

    The precum leaks from the tip which you lap up, drinking him in and then placing him in your mouth. You work up to deep throating him, first just enjoying it. a heavy weight you welcome on your tongue, the outline in your throat as you take him deeper. Anything to hear the strangled noises crawling up from his chest.

    Starting to bob your head, you look up at him. Veins prominent in his hands where he fists the duvet and eyes screwed shut as he drowns in the pleasure. You don’t think there’s a sight as pretty as this. he gives himself to you, letting you have control and eagerly drinking anything you give him.

    When your nose hits the patch of hair that stretches from his navel he gasps. A heavenly noise that rips from him and he looks down at you. All you can do is blink at him, a smile dancing in your eyes.

    “Please,” he whispers, the quietest he’s been so far.  

    It’s his own type of command that you fall to. Wanting to make him feel good because nobody deserves it more than him. So, you start bobbing down quicker. Tugging on his balls, increasing his pleasure as much as you can. Dragging your tongue on the underside. When you know he’s struggling because he’s so close, you pull off with a wet pop. Continuing to pump him with your hand.

    “James, you can come whenever you want, sweet boy.” Your voice is scratchy, but it has its desired effect. It may even help. “Come for me.”

    His release shoots onto you, you instantly stick out your tongue for a taste. He’s salty and sweet and delicious. You want him always.

    The moan he lets out is the best thing you’ve ever heard. You want to make your ears bleed with it, its weak and whiny but strong and loud, all fuelled by the desire for you he has and the feeling you’re giving him. It’s a long time before he finishes entirely.

    Prolonging his orgasm as much as you can, making sure to milk him for everything until he shudders away from your touch.

    The aftershocks wrack his body, and he looks so pretty. Beautiful boy.

    After this there was no way you were letting him go.



    join my taglist?!

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    #bucky barns#batman #????? what
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    fuck enemies to lovers, i want "we were dating but didn't know that we were dating" >:(

    #bucky #this is ab sambucky #just spruceleavees thinking about sambucky at school #james barnes #sam wilson#tfatws#caatws#capatin america#mcu#marvel
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  • puwaasuru
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Welp why does Marvel get a pass when they had Sebastian Stan play the Winter Soldier, a character who does not have an arm, when the actor himself is perfectly abled.

    But a certain RWBY artist draws an actor au with Fleshy arms is somehow deplorable. I thought a lot of the RWBY FNDM had a lot of braincells, turns out they don't lol.

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    Sam *staring at pics of bucky in his phone*: god i miss that stupid old man.

    Sharon: sam, he literally just went to sarah's to get some food she's made for you both.

    Sam *crying*: i miss him.

    Sharon: but it's just been two minutes–

    Sam: *cries even harder*

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    Be My Sidekick | Bucky Barnes x Reader

    This is one of my favorite songs by Walk the Moon! I was listening to it today and wanted to write something inspired by it :)

    “When we walk out the cinema,

    about to go out separate ways and I,

    I almost waved goodbye

    when you let your hair fall in your face.

    And I often wonder why the things that I want

    are so hard to find,

    And I often fail to see the things that I need

    are right here by my side.”

    Fridays were your favorite days-not because the work week was over, but because it meant that you got to go see a movie with Bucky. It had become a weekly tradition and it was the thing you looked forward to most. You and Bucky often spent time together during the week too, but those hang outs were usually interrupted by Sam or Natasha barging in and joining.

    These nights at the movies were guaranteed alone time with Bucky, which you so desperately wanted. You’d share a large popcorn and talk during the trailers, making plans to see the new releases. Every time the two of you reached for popcorn at the same time and your hand brushed his, your heart skipped a beat.

    The crush you had on him was bad. It had started when the two of you accidentally stayed up talking until 6am. He opened up to you about everything that he’d been through and said that he felt comfortable confiding in you. When you first realized you had feelings for him, you assumed they’d dissipate quickly. He was sweet and fun and handsome and so of course you’d started to think of him in a romantic sense. You waited and waited for your crush to go away, but it only got worse. Each time you hung out with him your feelings grew stronger and stronger. Late night talks, dinners, coffee, and movie nights left your heart aching for him. But the last thing you wanted to do was ruin your friendship by telling him how you felt.

    “Hey, you okay?” you heard your favorite voice ask. You’d been so lost in thoughts of Bucky that you didn’t even notice him walk into your office. Your eyes snapped up to meet his deep blue ones and your heart began to race. “Oh, hey, Buck. Um, yeah! I’m good. Just thinking about some work stuff,” you stammered. “You ready for Sharknado 9: The Sharkening?” His laugh filled your office; it was your favorite sound in the whole world. He rolled his eyes playfully and gestured toward the door. “Let’s do this” he said with a wink.

    The two of you traded off picking a movie each week. You’d realized that going to see movies with even a hint of romance in them made your feelings for Bucky even more amplified. That’s why you started picking action movies or dumb comedies just to be safe. You couldn’t stop him from picking romcoms, though. It surprised you at first that he liked them so much, but it actually made sense. They were predictable, quiet, and safe. You made sure to never pick anything that might bring up unpleasant memories for him, so it seemed like Sharknado would be a safe bet.

    Bucky opened the car door for you, as he always did, and then joined you in the driver’s seat. You loved riding with him; his car always smelled like him, an intoxicating mixture of teakwood and leather. You could so easily lean over the center console and kiss him, but you’d managed to hold yourself back every time. When he’d first started picking you up for your hang outs, he’d tried to find some music he thought you’d like. He’d scroll through top 40 hits and “today’s best mix” radio stations, but you could tell he hated it. You’d suggested he put on some of his music, and his face had lit up. Now, he’d always put on his favorite tunes from the 40’s, and the romantic lyrics filled your brain.

    Arriving at the movies, you ordered a large popcorn for the two of you to share while he got the tickets. You entered the theatre together and took your seats, settling in for what was sure to be a truly terrible piece of cinema. For some reason, the theatre was freezing cold today. You saw goosebumps rising on your skin and felt a chill run down your spine. You gave a little shiver and tried to figure out how to get through two hours of chilly temperatures in just the dress you’d worn to work. Bucky looked over at you, concern on his face. “You wanna wear my jacket, sweets?”

    Your heart exploded. Yes, you wanted to wear his jacket. Of course you did. And dear god, every time he used a pet name for you, you could feel your heart leap up into your throat. But you knew that if you put on his jacket, it would be even harder for you to continue walking the thin line between friends and more than friends. And that was dangerous. “Bucky is just a nice guy” you thought. “of course he offered you his jacket. He would’ve done the same thing for Wanda or Natasha or even Sam.” You tried to ground yourself and stop your mind from wondering how Bucky felt about you and whether of not him offering you his jacket meant anything significant.

    You shook your head no, and murmured “um, no, that’s okay. I’m good. But thanks”. Your performance was clearly not convincing, because before you knew it Bucky was playfully whispering “you’re a terrible liar” in your ear and slinging his large leather jacket around your shoulders. It was warm from his body heat and smelled just like him. Your heart swelled and you closed your eyes for just a second to enjoy the moment. You looked at him and he seemed so happy to be able to help you. “Thanks, Buck” you murmured. The movie was starting, so Bucky leaned in close to you and whispered back “any time, doll face”.———————————————

    The movie ended and the lights came up. “Well, that was…something,” Bucky said with a chuckle, “Did you like it?”. You hated the movie, but you didn’t want him to know the reasoning behind your movie picks. “Yeah, it was wild! I love stuff like that,” you lied. He offered you his hand to help you out of your seat and flashed you a smile. “glad you enjoyed it,” he said.

    As the two of you made your way out of the theatre, you knew Bucky would ask if you wanted to go grab a coffee or something. You’d usually say yes without even skipping a beat, but today had been a lot. You were still wearing his jacket and you weren’t sure you could resist telling him how you felt for much longer. You needed to go home alone.

    The cool evening wind curled around you as you walked outside. You shivered again and Bucky pulled his jacket around you even tighter. “So what do you think, babe? Wanna grab a coffee?” he brushed your hair out of your face and smiled, waiting for your response. You wanted nothing more than to go get coffee with him, to invite him to your apartment, to spend the whole night with him. But you knew you needed to be strong. “Um, not tonight,” you began. “I had a really long day, I kinda just wanna go to bed”. You could see the disappointment in Bucky’s face, but he was never one to push.

    “That’s alright, sweets. Next time,” he said with a wink. “Come on, I’ll take you home.” You knew that if he drove you home you’d end up inviting him in, and that was definitely not a good idea. “You know what? It’s actually not that long of a walk. Only a few blocks. You don’t have to drive me,” you lied. It was actually way more than a few blocks and you were definitely not dressed for the chilly weather. Bucky rolled his eyes at you and let out a chuckle. “Yeah, sweets. Cause I’m gonna let you walk home all by yourself. at night. when you’re clearly freezing.”

    He took your hand in his. It was big and warm and slightly rough. “Come on, let me take you home.” He looked deep into your eyes and waited for a response. You couldn’t get any words out, all you could think about was that Bucky was holding your hand. You nodded, and the two of you began your walk to his car. He held your hand the entire walk and you thought maybe he didn’t notice, but you definitely did.

    When he pulled up into a parking spot in front of your apartment and turned off the car, you got nervous. “Oh, you don’t have to walk me in, Buck. It’s okay” you said in attempt to sound casual. He looked at you and laughed “did you ever think that maybe I have to pee? Geez, not everything is about you, doll” he said with a wink. The two of you made your way to the front of the building and he held the door open for you. While waiting for the elevator, Bucky wouldn’t stop staring at you and you did everything you could to avoid his gaze.

    “You alright, sweets? You seem kind of…off,” Bucky asked as the elevator doors opened. You pushed the button for the 9th floor and watched the doors shut in an almost comically slow fashion. The old elevator lurched upward and slowly began to ascend. Your stomach did a somersault and you felt your cheeks get hot. You tried to laugh it off, but Bucky knew you too well. “I can see right through you, you know” he chuckled. “If you’re mad at me or something, you can just tell me”.

    “Wait, what? Buck I- I’m not mad at you” you stammered. He looked confused. “Oh. Okay. Well then, what’s the deal?” he asked, concern leaking into his voice. You groaned a little. You knew that you weren’t the best with words and feelings but you couldn’t stop yourself. “Umm. Okay so-I feel like….you and me are-” but before you could finish your sentence you were cut off.

    Bucky had pressed his lips to yours and wrapped his arms around your waist. It took you a moment to register what was happening before you melted into the kiss. It was everything you’d hoped: intense, passionate, hungry. He had pressed you up against the wall of the elevator, squeezing you tight and pulling you close to his body. ———————————————

    “Keys left hanging in the door,

    a trail of shoes and winter coats,

    and we’re kissin’ on the kitchen floor,

    our friendship up against the ropes.

    And don’t you wonder why

    the things that you want are so hard to find.

    Well it just occurred to me the one that I need

    could be right here by my side.”

    You felt like you were practically dragging Bucky back to your apartment; you couldn’t believe this was actually happening. You dug your hand into your bag and fished around for your keys. Feeling Bucky’s hot breath in your ear and his stubble lightly scratching your neck, you finally got the door open the two of you basically fell inside.

    You tumbled in to the kitchen, kicking off your shoes. He pulled his jacket off of you, throwing it to the ground, and you realized how much you preferred him taking clothes off of you over putting clothes on you. Him giving you his jacket at the movies was sweet but this was much better. You lightly tugged at his chestnut brown hair as you felt him gently bite your bottom lip.

    He quickly helped you out of your dress and dropped it to the floor. You snuck your hands up his henley and pulled it up over his head. You leaned in to kiss him again and he stopped you. He took your face in his hands and looked deep into your eyes. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this,” he whispered. You gave him another quick kiss before saying “that makes two of us” and leading him by the hand into your bedroom.


    You and Bucky were sprawled out across your bed. His jeans had been dropped in the doorway and your underwear had found a resting place at the foot of the bed. You were both sweaty and quiet, not knowing exactly what to say. The silence was getting to you, and your mind started to move a mile a minute.

    “So, I guess we’re really close friends now” you joked. He laughed out loud and pulled you close to place a kiss on the top of your head. “Really really close” he replied. “I don’t want to make this awkward, but…wow, we really should’ve done that sooner,” you added. He laughed again and nodded emphatically. “You said it, doll”.

    You sat up quickly, feeling the gravity of the situation starting to settle in. “Hey, um. You’re my best friend-by a long shot” you began. “And that was…great. Really great, actually. But I don’t wanna mess this up with you. I don’t know what I’d do without you, Buck... So if you don’t have like, romantic feelings for me and just wanted to, um, bang one out, that’s fine…and you don’t have to like, stay tonight, if you don’t want. You just gotta let me know, because” Bucky sat up and gave you a light kiss, cutting off your anxious rambling.

    “I didn’t want to just um, ‘bang one out’” he said with a chuckle. He brushed some hair behind your ear and cradled the side of your face in his large hand. “I’ve had feelings for you for…a long time. Ever since we stayed up late that one night and you heard my whole life story. Oh man, and then the night we had that scary movie marathon at the compound with Nat and Sam”. He laughed, getting slightly lost in the memory of that night. “You kept getting closer and closer to me every time you got scared, and all I wanted to do was wrap my arms around you…” he moved even closer to you and took your hand in his.

    “I’ve wanted to do this for months, babe. And I’d fucking love to stay the night. Hell, I want to stay the night every time I drive you home” he said with a chuckle as he leaned in for another kiss. “Well then,” you murmured, “my door is always open.”


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