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  • myshipshipsitself
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    In Retrospect || A Bad Buddy Fanfic

    Title: In Retrospect Pairing(s): Korn/Wai Character(s): Korn and Wai Word Count: ~300 Ao3

    In retrospect, Korn should’ve thought it through more.

    He should’ve considered it for longer than 1.5 seconds before he made a non-relationship the talk of the school.

    In the moment though, he was high on adrenaline. The cheers of the fans in the stands filled his ears. His teammates yelled and jumped around him. Hands shook his shoulders, clapped against his back. Grins spread across every face immediately around him.

    Wai looked at him with the brightest eyes and the biggest smile Korn had seen on his face.

    In retrospect, Korn should’ve thought it through more.

    But those bright eyes locked onto his, and the smile didn’t falter. Wai came closer, and Korn wasn’t sure if it was intentional, or if he’d been jostled in the celebration that hadn’t left the field. But still the smile didn’t fade.

    In the moment before his decision was made, Wai’s hand wrapped around the fabric of his jersey, tugging him to another team hug.

    After the fact, he would blame it on the adrenaline. It coursed through Korn’s veins, filling his muscles and his head with ridiculous notions. Impossible notions.

    In the moment before his decision was made, there was a longing, a wish unfilled.

    In the moment after his decision was made, there were cheers turned to gasps, turned to whistles.

    A moment after that, a hand tightening in the front of his jersey again, and lips returned as fervently as they were given.

    In retrospect,  Korn should’ve thought it through more.

    In the moment though? In the moment, they had just won the final game of the season. In the moment, he had almost everything he wanted.

    In retrospect, no one should be surprised. Korn always pursued everything he wanted.

    #waikorn#kornwai #bad buddy fanfic #bad buddy #First kiss fic #Korn is impulsive #But in a good way
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  • bucksmurdock
    20.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I thought I was so close to be done with the Buddie drabble.

    Instead I deleted 90% of it and started again.😑

    I hate my brain.

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  • goldenmorningglory
    20.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    im not projecting im not projecting im not projecting im not projecting-

    #bad buddy#patpran #bad buddy the series #pat#pran #bad buddy series #pranpat #bad buddy fic #wip
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  • eremin0109
    20.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    If Pran doesn't meet Pat on the outskirts of Bangkok when Pat is feeling so alone and then doesn't kneel to the ground to pull out a ring and say "Marry me, Pat. You never have to be alone. I love you and that's all I really know. I'll talk to your dad, go pick out a nice suit, idiot";


    #haha yes I did THAT #i NEED Pran to propose in the finale okay?? And I'll have that by either canon or fics #Ugh#bad buddy #pat and pran
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  • mrskklove
    20.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Looking at Buck, Eddie says “ you are not broken. You had a bad panic attack. I don't blame you. You couldn't stop it. Even though you tried I saw you. It's okay, I was with you the whole time. It didn't help that we were in a crowded restaurant. You have seen when I have had army flashbacks and you supported me the whole time. It was out of everyone's hands. You can stay here. I'll tell Bobby he will understand. Don't you still have to make a list of all the invitations for the party? You can do that. Do you want me to call Abuela or Carla... Maybe Taylor..`` waiting for a response. 

    #911 fox#911buddie #buck x eddie #buckley diaz family #buddie wallpaper#eddie diaz#christopher diaz #evan buck buckely #buddie fic#buddie #evan buck buckley
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  • cadiebug
    20.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Ain't you my baby, ain't you my babe? by Distressed_Ladybug15


    Buddie | 1980 words | Teen and up Audiences

    You can’t see Buck’s rage immediately. You never could. He always kept it tucked away, along with his hateful snark. He made it a point to express his emotions. The happy ones anyway. The emotions that people agreed with and didn’t question.

    He kept his face passive while he slowly ebbed away from the anger and the pain threatening to boil over.

    It seemed to be for the sake of the people around him. Eddie thinks it’s something he learned from his parents. When your mom and dad constantly tell you to suck it up, and be happy, and hide away all the ugly emotions, it sticks.

    #buddie #9 1 1 fic #fic #buck x eddie #eddie diaz #evan buck buckley #911 on fox #roar#my fic#writing#911 headcanons #I hate everything #this might suck ass #idk#we'll see
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  • remorsefulkittens
    20.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    The Trouble With Numbers

    Evan “Buck” Buckley/Eddie Diaz (Buddie)

    Rating: Mature

    Status: Part 2 of 2 (Complete)

    Summary: Trouble comes with numbers...

    Read part 1 here! Or on Ao3

    Read on Ao3

    The Trouble with Numbers

    Buck was in the kitchen marveling at Bobby’s sauce, which was just an excuse to get close to the food and sneak a taste. Absorbed in an explanation on the value of simmering at various temperatures Bobby hardly noticed Buck's unsanctioned snacking, which was perfect for Buck who loved eating, and basking in Bobby’s presence, in near equal measure.

    Chimney and Eddie were sat on opposite couches, handbooks out on the coffee table, rereading and trying to figure out where they went wrong on Bobby’s quiz. Both of them shot disgruntled glances at Buck from time to time, bitter that he somehow passed the first time around.

    “It’s because Cap likes him better.” Chimney voiced his thought, tapping a highlighter against his current page.

    Eddie looked up, contemplating. “Maybe, but he answered all the questions. Damned if I know how. He resents reading road signs.”

    Chimney snorted, too loudly because they caught a ‘look' from Bobby. Eddie ducked turning back to his book and trying to concentrate.

    Hen wandered in then, while Eddie was trying to sort out the chain of command for whistle blowers, and plopped herself down beside him, reading over his shoulder.

    “You missed your Captain,” Hen pointed out. “Always start by speaking with your captain, unless your complaint is about him…why are you reading this? These are quizzes for new hires.”

    Eddie eye balled Chimney irritably before answering. “Because Chimney and Buck are morons who talk too loud.”

    Hen chuckled. “That’s a given. But why isn’t Buck reading too then?”

    Chimney jumped in to field that one. “Because he’s teachers pet and he apparently has the handbook memorized.”

    Hen bit back a laugh, and Buck shouted from the kitchen.

    “I heard that! Jerks.” Or that’s what Eddie thought he said. The words were muffled by a mouthful of bread. “You should have applied yourselves like I did.”

    “That’s enough.” Bobby broke in to scold, slapping Bucks hand away from the food finally. “You two should be busy,” he pointed to the couches, “Hen don’t distract them, and Buck don’t talk with your mouth full.”

    Hen held her hands up in surrender, Chimney stuck his tongue out at Buck, and Eddie moaned. None of it affected the self-satisfied look on Buck’s face.

    “So?” Hen whispered as soon as Bobby turned back to the oven. “What'd you do?”

    Eddie shook his head, but Chimney was apparently happy to rehash the events that led them here.

    “We were just chatting, looking at some pictures on my personal phone, when Bobby went dictator on us.” Chimney informed. “He said our discussion wasn’t work appropriate.”

    Hen gave them a suspicious look. “Bobby is pretty easy going…what were you guys up to?”

    Chimney shrugged innocently. “Just checking out a website I found. Very informative.”

    Hen nodded, unconvinced. “Show me.”

    Eddie squawked in protest when Chimney eagerly pulled out his phone. “Are you insane?” He whisper yelled. “Put that away. Hen, trust me, you don’t want to know.”

    Hen waved him off, reaching for the phone Chimney held out.  “I think I do,” she said, eyes alight with mischief.

    “Whatever, your funeral.” Eddie warned, going back to his reading. It was hard to tune out Hen's squeals, though, then her shared giggles with Chimney.

    “All I said was Eddie and Buck could pull off number 6.” Chimney told her, keeping his voice down at least. Bobby might be focused on his cooking lesson, but he had excellent radar. Eddie had no desire to go down with the troublemakers again, should they attract the wrong sort of attention.

    “Number 6? Really? Nope, no way.” Hen stated as fact.

    Eddie bristled at that, despite his resolve not to be drawn in.

    “If we could it would be none of your business.” He told them haughtily.

    “Sure, Buck’s burly enough, and I bet Eddie's got the stamina.” Chimney argued, as if Eddie hadn’t spoken.

    Eddie blushed when Hen turned a studious gaze on him, fully regretting being drawn in. “Hmmn…maybe. Eddie would be the…uh, upside down one?”

    “Maybe… makes sense. He’s shorter, and more…lithe.” Chimney reasoned, like it was a normal way to talk about your coworkers.

    Hen cocked her head, considering. “I don’t know…Eddie’s a control freak, though.”

    “Knock it off!” Eddie snarled, accidentally dropping his pencil. “Can nothing be private around here?”

    Chimney and Hen both stared at him for a second…then burst out laughing. “No!” They said at the exact same time.

    “Do you all need more to do?” Bobby questioned from the kitchen, unamused.  Buck was at his side grinning smugly.

    “No, no,” Chimney was quick to assuage. “Plenty to do, just talking policy Captain.”

    Bobby clearly didn’t buy that, but he went back to what he was doing, shooing Buck away from the sauce. Eddie whirled on his teammates, incensed.

    “Yeah well, since just rolling over in bed makes Buck fart, I’m not sure I want his ass that close my face.” Eddie sniffed. Unfortunately, Buck had tuned in and overheard.

    “What the hell Eddie?!” He refuted, red faced. “I do not! That was mean.”

    “How would you know? You’re usually asleep.” Eddie ribbed. He directed his attention back to Hen and Chim. “Same if you tickle him, especially his belly,” he shared with a smirk.

    Hen guffawed, falling back against the couch, clutching her side. “Like a farting Pillsbury dough boy!” Chimney joined in again and soon they were laughing so hard Eddie wondered, vaguely, if they could breathe. Even Bobby had a knuckle pressed to his lips, trying to keep a straight face, and barely managing.

    “I am not a dough boy! I’m at like ten percent body fat, which is ideal you know!” Buck snarked, with a glare in Eddie's direction. “Better than any of you,” he added with a grumble.

    Eddie was about to object to that, but Bobby frowned at him. “Eddie do you need to take some time alone? In the bunk room maybe?” He asked seriously. Eddie spluttered…did his boss just ask if he needed a time out?!

    “I don't!” He snapped, waving a hand wildly at Chimney and Hen. “It's them!”

    “Ok. Eddie you move to the table, please.” Bobby ordered, kindly enough, but ordered all the same. “Hen leave them both be, and Chimney do I need to take that phone?”

    “I don’t fart either, much,” Buck interrupted softly now, cheeks flushed, clearly still irked by Eddie’s accusation. “Geez.”

    So now no one was happy. Hen got up and moved into the kitchen with a huff, Chimney hid his phone with a scowl, Eddie shuffled over to the table, disbelieving the childish treatment, and Buck wore his kicked puppy frown.

    “Thank you,” Bobby said, and there was silence. Briefly.

    “It doesn’t happen that much.” Buck insisted, leaning against the counter, head bowed. Bobby gave him a sympathetic nod.

    “You’re fine. Happens to the best of us.” Bobby assured him, but Eddie saw the corner of his lip twitch before he changed the subject. “You know, the colorful discussion earlier started with Buck's question about station numbers. Does anyone know why Chicago’s engines might be numbered differently than the house they belong to?” Bobby nudged a pouting Buck gently.

    “Aw, Buck, I’m sorry.” Eddie skirted the question to apologize.

    Buck shrugged and started to toss vegetables into the salad bowl with more force than necessary.

    “Engines used to simply be numbered 1, 2, 3 and so on, but as the population expanded, and they added more and more houses it got confusing if every house had an engine one. That’s when they started numbering the engine to match the house, in Chicago, LA, and probably all major cities.” Hen answered, reaching over to rescue the salad from Buck. “So, if the engine number is different than the house it's from, it means it's their secondary engine or truck.”

    “Impressive Hen.” Bobby smiled approvingly.

    “You do weird things too!” Buck exclaimed and thought for a minute. “You love it when I rub your butt! You purr like a kitten.”

    Eddie wondered if he could die of embarrassment, and if Buck had lost his freaking mind… on one hand he deserved that, but Bobby was standing right there!

    “Buck, set the table,” was Bobby's response and he pushed a stack of plates into Buck’s hands. “Work around Eddie,” he amended, “without talking. Thanks.”

    Buck paraded over to do as he was told, making as much noise as he could, continuing his vendetta without words. When he passed behind Eddie’s chair, Eddie snagged his hand and squeezed. Buck tried to pull back, but Eddie pressed a quick kiss to his palm. He could feel Buck start to melt before he let go again.

    “A seminar.” Bobby’s voice startled them after a successful moment or two of silence. “I think the 118 will host one. You could all use a lesson in professionalism.”

    Eddie didn’t dare protest, he was on thin ice, but it didn’t stop Buck or Chimney.

    “No way!” Buck wailed, tossing down a stack of napkins. “Those things are always boring and…and taught by people who wear sweater vests!”

    “Ugh, sweater vests!” Chimney seconded.

    Bobby had started to bring serving dishes to the table that smelled absolutely amazing. Buck trailed behind him, complaining.

    “Besides I didn’t do anything, Bobby.” He pointed out. “I passed the quiz, and then I was in the kitchen minding my own business…and helping with dinner.” Buck threw the rest of them under the bus.

    “You’ll get paid to sit and listen,” Hen told him, bringing the bread over and sitting down.

    “So what? Won’t matter when I’m bored into a coma!” Buck dramatized.  “Remember the Communication in the Workplace one? That dude had a pink sweater vest.”

    Bobby rang the bell for dinner, unperturbed by Buck's obvious distress. “Think how much more organized you’ve been since that one,” Bobby told him cheerily. “You love your lists and clipboard.”

    Everyone started filing in eager as always to eat. Eddie put his book aside, more than happy for a break. Buck took his seat next to Eddie, reaching for the pasta, but not giving up.

    “You have to go too, Cap. To the seminar. Remember you said that number 6 was possible.” Buck shoveled a forkful of food into his mouth.

    Bobby sat at the head of the table with a sigh. “I was joking. But of course, I’ll attend, Buck.”  

    “He wasn’t joking,” Hen teased with a snicker, “we’ve all met Athena.” Bobby ignored her, but Chimney gave her an enthusiastic fist bump.

    “Wait is it because of…you know…” Buck glanced around the table, suddenly uneasy, worried eyes landing on Eddie and lingering. He leaned in close to Bobby, “Eddie and me? Because according to the handbook there’s no rule against ‘fraternizing’ with someone of equal rank. I checked.”

    Hen passed the salad to Eddie and offered her support. “He's right, Captain.” She said with a meaningful look.

    Eddie accepted the bowl and served himself, trying not to appear too invested in Bobby’s response.

    “It’s not because of your…association, per say,” Bobby said, carefully. “It's because I need to rein in the behavior around here. We have gotten too comfortable. This is still a workplace, and…well, I do have concerns Buck.”

    That made Buck's whole face light up again, and he looked around the table again.

    “That’s ok then because we’re family, right? Families get comfortable, then they talk about their concerns. They don’t host horribly boring seminars on their weekends off, Cap.” Buck beamed, satisfied with his conclusion. Eddie passed him the salad, letting their fingers brush, and found he couldn’t keep quiet.

    “It’s not an association, Cap.” Eddie locked eyes with Buck. “It's a relationship. Buck and I. So, if it's a problem, tell us now.”

    Eddie swore he could hear the collective intake of breath from everyone gathered. He wasn’t sure what it meant, but he refused to care what anyone else thought. He wanted Buck to be his partner, not his secret to keep.

    Bobby set down his fork, slowly nodding, wrapping his head around that. He gave another sigh, a heavy one, but he didn’t look unhappy. Not at all.

    “Alright, Diaz, I hear you.” The corners of his mouth were quirking even as he raised an eyebrow. “But you’re finishing that quiz,” he turned his gaze on Buck, “we are having that seminar,” he swept his eyes over everyone at the table, “and no one mentions the number 69 inside these walls again. Now eat!”

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  • remorsefulkittens
    20.01.2022 - 13 hours ago


    Evan “Buck” Buckley/Eddie Diaz (Buddie)

    Rating: Mature

    Status: Part 1 of 2 (Completed)

    Summary: BINGO square “69″

    Read on Ao3

    Read part 2 here! Or on Ao3


    It was a slow day at the 118 station house, they hadn’t seen any action, the trucks were shining, the floors were swept, inventories were taken, and lunch had been eaten and cleared away. Hen wandered away to call her wife, Bobby stayed in the kitchen already prepping for dinner, and Eddie flopped onto a couch across from Chimney, who looked like he could fall asleep at any moment. He barely had time to wonder where Buck had gotten to, before the other man was rolling over the back of Eddie’s couch, landing on its seat with a soft thud.

    “Geez, Buck,” Eddie griped, readjusting himself and shoving Buck’s feet out of his lap, where they had landed. “Can’t you sit like a normal person?”

    Buck grinned, stretched, and shook his head. “Nope, guess not,” he said, putting his feet back up, laughing when Eddie tried to slap them away again. “What’s up with you guys? We should do something.”

    Eddie groaned, letting his head flop back against the couch. “Like what Buck?”

    “Yeah, like what?” Chimney roused enough to ask around a yawn. “You’ll jinx us if you don’t relax. Why not go bug Bobby? I bet he could use you in the kitchen.”

    Eddie snorted, and Chimney held up his hands in a placating gesture, when Bobby shot them a glare. Buck glanced behind him with some interest, and Bobby quickly covered the pot he had been stirring.

    “You need some help, Captain?” Buck asked, kidding aside. He was always serious about helping Bobby.

    Eddie rolled his eyes, and muttered, “kiss ass,” under his breath. Chimney hooted, and Buck chose to ignore the comment, all of his attention directed at Bobby.

    “Um…no, really, the sauce just needs to simmer. You’re fine Buck.” Bobby assured him warily. Buck gave a nod, turning back to Eddie and Chim.

    “Do you think the 132 is getting all the calls?”

    Eddie sighed, leafing through texts on his phone. “It doesn’t work like that. We all have an area to cover.”

    “Unless the fire is too big for one crew,” Chimney put in, laying back on his own couch and settling in. “Then we all get to go.”

    Buck thought that over, propping his head up on a throw cushion. “Right…so what do the numbers mean? Why are we 118? Why are they 132?”

    “Same reason you’re Buck and I’m Eddie…because that’s what someone named them.” Eddie told him, pinching Buck’s baby toe. “Your feet stink, man.”

    Affronted, Buck leaned up to punch Eddie in the shoulder. “They do not! And there must be a reason…a system…right Bobby?”

    “Sure there is Buck,” their boss replied from where he was rifling through his secret spice cabinet, that everyone knew about. “I’ll explain it to you one day.”

    Buck laid back on the couch, and he was quiet, but Eddie knew by the furrow in his brow that it was temporary. When Buck was bored he dragged everyone into it, and he didn’t give up easy.

    “Think about it…we are the 118, we met the 126 from Austin at the wildfires, but there was a crew from Chicago and they were the 38, and their engine, I think, was number 48…weird right? And why are they only in the double digits, Cap?” Buck forged on, despite Bobby’s promise of ‘later'.

    “Not weird, different system Buck.” Bobby replied.

    Buck chewed on the corner of his lip in the most adorable way, thinking some more. “Why give the engine a different number? Isn’t that confusing?”

    Before Bobby could answer, Chimney piped up again, ever helpful. “Hey, I bet they have a 69 in Chicago!” He laughed uproariously, Eddie smirked, Bobby shot them a warning look, and Buck tilted his head, propping himself up on his elbows.

    “Probably,” Buck said, turning his curious gaze on Chimney, likely happy someone was showing genuine interest. Chimney just laughed harder.

    “Real mature, Chim.” Eddie chided, patting at Buck’s leg. “69, like the sex position,” Eddie clarified, keeping his voice low, and nodding toward Chimney, “he thinks he's hilarious.”

    Bucks face lit up with understanding, and he leaned over to high five Chimney, chuckling along with him. “Now that'd be a fun house,” Buck chortled, and Chimney winked, which got them laughing all over again.

    “Grow up,” Eddie groaned

    “Keep it appropriate over there,” Bobby pointed a wooden spoon at them. “There are lots of seminars on sexual harassment coming up.”

    “Sorry!” All three chorused in Bobby’s general direction, but Chimney already had his phone in hand, moving to perch on the coffee table closer to his teammates. “Check this out, number 6,” Chimney whispered, smiling widely.

    If Eddie thought that Chimney had found the mysterious code by which fire houses are numbered, he would have been way off base.

    “Whoa,” Buck breathed out, eyes riveted on Chimneys phone. “Even I’ve never done that!”

    “I’m not even sure it’s possible,” Chimney replied, motioning Eddie closer. “What do you think?”

    Eddie rolled his eyes again, but he couldn’t resist shimmying over to see what had them so focused. Chimney had pulled up a web site that claimed to have compiled every possible variation on the ‘69’ position, complete with lewd illustrations.

    “The upright 69-that’s not even-seriously?!” He cried, wincing at his own volume, and lowering his voice. “Why do you think those are drawings, and not real people? No human could pull that off.”

    “Thor could.” Buck put in decisively.

    Eddie quirked an eyebrow at him. “Thor isn’t real. And he’s a God.”

    “Dwayne Johnson? The Rock?” Chimney suggested. “He could. I bet he has.”

    “No way. No one could.” Eddie disagreed. “Besides, why would anyone want to?” He waved his hand at the screen.

    “Who wouldn’t want to?” Buck chirped.

    Chimney looked toward Bobby, who was rifling through the pots and pans. “I bet you two could,” he hissed, eyes wide, grinning like the Cheshire cat.

    Eddie felt his cheeks heat instantly, and Buck’s hand flew to cover his mouth. Eddie pinned Chimney with a furious glare and could happily have throttled him.

    “Shut up, man.”

    Chimney tapped a finger to his chin, nodding slowly, infuriatingly. “Oh gosh, my bad! I forgot we are all pretending not to know about you two.”

    Buck was covering his whole face with his hands now, and Eddie reached over to squeeze his shoulder comfortingly. “Out of bounds, Chim.” Eddie growled, before turning all his attention to his partner and friend.

    “It’s ok, Buck. No one heard.” He reassured. Buck shook his head, and Eddie went back to glowering at Chimney.

    “I don’t know, Ed…” Buck dropped his hands, biting down on his lower lip before he continued. “I think he's right…we could do it!” He barely got the words out before dissolving into what could only be described as giggles.

    Eddie face palmed, wondering if he had entered an alternate realm where no one wanted to keep their jobs.

    “You know,” Bobby spoke up, leaning his palms on the counter. “It’s not just the numbers in Chicago, the entire set up is different. They run elite rescue squads out of some of their stations, complete with their own specially equipped trucks.”

    “Um...oh yeah?” Eddie responded, eyes flickering from Bobby, to Buck, then Chim. Everyone had pretty much forgotten about the numbers at that point.

    “Wait,” Buck struggled his way up to drape over the back of the couch. “More elite than us? We rescue people all the time.”

    Bobby smiled indulgently. “Sure do, Buckley. I’m just saying, it’s very different.”

    “Right.” Buck nodded. “Whatever. Weird if you ask me.”

    “Maybe,” Bobby allowed, stirring the pot in front of him again. “Another thing about Chicago,” he paused for effect, “in house fraternization is frowned upon, and strongly discouraged.”

    Eddie and Buck gulped in tandem, and Chimney had the decency to look apologetic, finally. They all tensed when Bobby left his pot to come around the counter, swaggering over to where they sat hunched, and crossing his arms to assess them. Buck shrunk away, Chimney cleared his throat nervously, and Eddie sucked in his breath, wishing the floor would open up and swallow him…but of course the building was full of firefighters who would just rescue him anyway.

    “Pass me that phone,” Bobby held out a hand expectantly, his expression unreadable.

    Chimney, who bravely faced emergency situations on a near daily basis… car accidents, raging fires, collapsed buildings…chose that moment to panic.  

    “No, it’s mine.” He blurted, hiding it behind his back. It would have been funny, Eddie thought, under circumstances that didn’t involve him.

    “Firefighter Han, that was an order.” Bobby didn’t raise his voice, but authority dripped from every clipped word. Chimney tossed the phone to Buck, reluctantly, and given no other choice, Buck placed it in Bobby’s open hand.

    The three of them watched, horrified, as Bobby scrolled down the page they had just been ogling. Chimney groaned audibly, frozen to his perch on the coffee table, Buck snaked a hand out to squeeze one of Eddie's, and Eddie reminded himself never to play poker with their captain, because his face gave nothing away as he read.

    Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, Bobby raised his eyes, and unsmiling, handed the phone back to Buck, who fumbled and almost dropped it. Quickly he passed it to Chimney who stuffed it into his pocket. No one knew what to say, so they waited, shifting uncomfortably in their seats, while their boss stared them down.

    “Not appropriate for work,” Bobby admonished at long last, pointing a finger at each of them in turn. “I want you all to dig out your employee hand books and review the sections on professionalism and harassment. See me when you’re finished, I’ll be in my office.”

    With that he turned on his heel, and Buck and Eddie directed matching murderous glares at Chimney, who shrugged helplessly.

    “I mean now guys,” Bobby called over his shoulder, “oh and number 6? Totally possible. For someone who knows what he's doing.”

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  • thisyearsloveisnow
    20.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Does anyone else not really like established relationship fics for Buddie? Like I’m POSITIVE they are all fabulous, but I want to see them work for it. I want the angst and pining, longing and uncertainty. And then the sweet pay off at the end when they finally get their shit together.

    Is it just me? 🤣

    #buddie#911onfox #buck x eddie #eddie diaz #evan buck buckely #buddie fic
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  • thecookiemonster77
    20.01.2022 - 15 hours ago
    #bad buddy #the title is more beautiful than this fic deserves #one day ill finish one of my more serious fic for them but for now: SHENANIGANS #idk what it is about prankorn that hits all the crack buttons so well but it DOES #because boy o boy do i have more like this in my drafts folder ajdjkfjk #anyways heres baby tattoo fic because patpran tattoos def arent gonna be finished by tmr rip 😂😂 #im closing my eyes and posting so i can go back to the two au docs open in my tabs
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  • ocfairygodmother
    20.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    @misshiraeth98 - your godson has been “resting” on my head and demanded that “we” must make something for you. So here’s a gift from Merlin and me! :)

    #friend's fic#cory tag#pillow buddy #oc: emily rose #fic: close your eyes #fd: chronicles of narnia #graphic#banner
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  • inawickedlittletown
    19.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Serendipity - Buddie Soulmate Au - 8/?

    Summary: Soulmate Marks were personal, they were the most personal thing that a person could have. They were the connection to your other half, the thing that linked you so completely to someone in a way that was magical and unexplainable and they were supposed to be yours and your Soulmates and no one else’s.

    When Buck’s Soulmate Mark is leaked to the world, ruining his plans of meeting his Soulmate organically, he has no idea that fate has him covered.

    Meanwhile, Eddie has never watched an episode of Serendipity, but starting the show involves becoming a fan of one Evan Buckley and finding out that the Soulmate he wasn’t looking for is a famous actor responsible for his new favorite show.

    Notes: Serendipity is defined as: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

    Read on Ao3



    Chapter Eight

    The world was confusing. Everything spun, his vision blurring when he opened his eyes and his head pounding. It took several attempts before opening his eyes didn’t bring with it pain. At least, the car was mostly dark. Gravity had pushed him down to the left window and his shoulder had been crushed into it painfully. Buck found a way to stretch out his legs so he could push himself up. It was only marginally more comfortable.  

     “Hey, is everyone alright?” He asked. 

     Buck heard groaning, but no response. Despite how painful it felt, he pushed himself up, leaning forward and as he did so the car itself seemed to wobble, so he stayed completely still. Matt was passed out against the cracked glass and Buck thought that he saw blood, but it was too dark and he had no idea where his phone had gone. Amy looked shaken up, her seatbelt keeping her in her seat awkwardly, but she was awake. 

     “Amy?” Buck asked. 

     She turned her head slowly. “Buck,” she whispered. 

     “Hey, hey, are you alright? Are you bleeding? Are you in pain?” 

     “I’m — I think I’m okay,” she said, her voice shaky. “You?”

     “Good. I’m good too,” Buck said. “I’m sure help is coming soon.” 

     Buck thought about Maddie, about how she was the person that dealt with calls about accidents like this one every day. Buck hoped someone had made that call already and that help really was coming. The minivan was on its side, driver-side down, and Buck had no idea if there was going to be an easy way out of the car. 

     “Amy, you’re closer, can you check if Matt has a pulse? Don’t…don’t move too fast.” 

     Amy didn’t say anything, but Buck could tell that she was crying. He watched her shakily reach over. Buck didn’t know what he would do if Matt didn’t have a pulse or if he wasn’t breathing. 

     “Josh!” Buck called out next. “Josh! Say something, anything.” 

     His vision blurred again, and his head throbbed. 

     “I’m here. I’m okay,” Josh said. “The driver is — Oh god. Oh god. There’s a lot of blood. So much blood. What do I — what do I do?” 

     Buck didn’t know what to say. His head felt heavy and floaty. 

     “I think — I think there’s a pulse,” Amy said. 

     Buck let out a sigh of relief. “That’s good. We just gotta hold on. Help should be coming. Just stay calm, assess your injuries.”

     Buck turned as much as he could, looking out through the back window. They weren’t the only accident, but it was possible they were the most dire. 

     “Matt’s bleeding,” Amy said. “He’s not — he’s not awake. My neck hurts. A few cuts.” 

     “Dave isn’t — he’s out and there’s a lot of blood,” Josh said. “I’m — my shoulder really hurts.” 

     Buck didn’t know how much time passed, he just knew that eventually he heard a siren. As happy as he was to hear it, the noise only intensified how much his head hurt. It throbbed fiercely and Buck thought that he saw spots. He had to close his eyes. 


     “Oh, wow,” Hen said as they got out of the truck. 

    Eddie stepping down behind her stopped and had to pause to take a breath. The accident had happened at an intersection and there were several crashes. The worst was the minivan that was on its side. Chim and Hen had already headed to it, but Eddie hung back, grabbing everything they would need to stabilize the car. Hen was talking to the people inside the car. 

     “Five people. Two passed out. Driver is bleeding heavily,” Hen said, joining him to help bring everything over. “We have to move quick.” 

     Chim had taken her place. The front windshield was cracked and broken in places, but the windows on the doors were in place. Chim was standing on the roof-side, talking to the front passenger. 

     “—we’re working on getting you all out, Josh. We’re here,” Chim was saying. 

     “Dave…is he—” Josh’s voice trailed off. 

     “Josh, I need you to try and touch his neck. Feel for a pulse. Can you tell if he’s breathing?” 

     “Okay. Okay. There’s just a lot of blood. I’ll try,” Josh said. 

     Eddie thought the voice sounded familiar, but he didn’t give it a thought as he worked to get everything in place to keep the car from moving so they could get everyone out safely. Chim stayed talking to Josh, but over the sound of other sirens there wasn’t much that Eddie could make out from their conversation. 

     When Chim stood back up, he let out a breath. “Pulse is weak. We have to move fast.” 

     It felt like it took an age, and Eddie was the one that wound up climbing on top of the car to make it easier to cut the roof open. Through the windows he could see inside the car. He had a better view of the passengers in the back. There was a young man whose head was tipped back against the broken window beneath him. The girl was hanging down, held by the seatbelt, and she was sobbing. Another voice from the furthermost seat was trying to calm her down, but Eddie couldn’t see them. 

     After getting the roof off, Eddie climbed back down, helping the other firefighters to remove the roof, pulling it back and away from the car which was the first time that Eddie noticed that the Josh that Chim had been speaking to the entire time was not any Josh but Josh Russo, the actor that played Henry in Serendipity. 

     The shock of it was pushed away by professionalism, but he and Hen shared a knowing look for a split second. Their focus returned to the job, that’s what being a firefighter entailed. They couldn’t care about who they were helping, they just had to do it. What Eddie was not expecting was to have the passenger in the back of the car climb out on his own, landing next to Eddie and then immediately rushing not away from the car, but towards where Chim was helping to get Josh down. 

     “Sir! Sir!” Eddie said. “You can’t — sir, you need to let us work. We’ll get your friend out in—” Eddie trailed off, losing his words because as the guy turned, Eddie was struck by blue eyes. Evan Buckley’s blue eyes which left him at once to turn back to Chimney and Josh, overlooking Eddie as unimportant. 

     And Eddie was. He was so inconsequential to someone like Buck. Eddie had been convinced by Abuela that he and Buck were probably Soulmates, but it didn’t make sense for that to be true. Eddie was a single father and Buck was a famous actor. How could the universe ever think they were Soulmates? 

     “Eddie,” Hen said. “Earth to Eddie. What are you doing?” 

     Eddie shook his head and as difficult as it was, ignoring Hen’s eyebrow raise he and Hen got Amy out of the car. She was shaking, but she didn’t shy away from them as Hen checked her over. Eddie handed Hen a neck brace and then they had her on a backboard and two paramedics rolled her away on the stretcher. 

     Other paramedics had jumped in to work on the driver and the guy in the seat behind him.

     “You froze,” Hen said. “I know it’s hard, with Shannon and all.” 

     Eddie shook his head. He didn’t know what to say, or how to explain and luckily, Chim called Hen over to help him which meant that Eddie had a moment to look around and his eyes found Buck without trying. 

     Josh was sitting on a stretcher, a blanket wrapped around his shoulders. Eddie could see dried blood on his hands and on his temple. He was slumped down. Buck hovered next to him and on closer inspection was actually checking on injuries on Josh. 

     He watched as Josh grabbed Buck’s wrists and said something that made him laugh. The two men hugged and when they pulled back, Buck took a seat next to Josh. They leaned into each other and then Josh wrapped a corner of his blanket around Buck, wincing as he did. Buck watched them as they whispered to each other. 

     “Eddie. Eddie.” 

     Eddie turned. 

     “Hey, are you doing alright? I know this probably brings back memories. But how about you help them load Matt so I can go check on them.” Chim motioned first at the stretcher and then towards Buck and Josh. “They didn’t let me before.” 

     He wanted to protest, to say that he would do it, but words didn’t seem to work. Chim pat his shoulder and then he was off and Eddie focused on Matt and the stretcher. Matt was passed out, wearing a neckbrace. A bandage was around his bicep and it looked like his hair was caked in blood too. He and Hen pushed the stretcher to the ambulance right behind where Buck and Josh were sitting. Eddie tried not to look back at them again. 

     “I think Chim knows them,” Hen said. 


     Hen motioned behind her. 

     “I guess it was time for me to see you in action, Chim,” Buck was saying. “And I’m fine. Promise. It’s this guy I’m worried about.”

     “See?” Hen said. 

     Eddie hadn’t really given it a lot of thought, because they all tended to get very familiar with the people they were helping. It built rapport and made them trust you faster, but that was different. 

     “You hit your head, Buck,” Josh said. “And your balance is off.” 

     “So did you. You’re bleeding. And you said your shoulder hurt.”

     Chim chuckled. “You’re both in shock and Maddie is going to kill you and me if you don’t let me check you over, Buck.” 

     Hen and Eddie exchanged a glance. 

     “Did he say Maddie?” Hen asked. 

     Eddie nodded. 

     Another paramedic climbed into the ambulance with Matt. Eddie closed the door behind them and then the ambulance was on its way. 

     “Shit. Should call her, shouldn’t I?” Buck said. 

     “It can wait until — hey, Hen, can you come check him over.”

     Eddie watched as Hen moved towards them. He urged his feet to follow after her. This could be his moment, and yet his feet didn’t want to move. As if he had felt Eddie’s eyes on him, Buck looked up, but he rubbed his forehead with a hand and then closed his eyes. 

     “So, how is it you two know this guy?” Hen asked. 

     Eddie listened intently, frozen on the spot. 

     “Maddie is Buck’s sister,” Chimney said. 

     “So you’ve been holding out on us,” Hen said. 

     Buck laughed. It was a nice laugh, full bodied and real. 

     That was Buck. The man that was possibly his Soulmate. And Eddie didn’t know how to approach him in a moment after he had just survived a car accident, when Eddie had so many other emotions about car accidents and he didn’t want to make a fool of himself if Buck wasn’t it. 

     “Hey, I need you to open your eyes for me,” Hen said. 

     Buck did, turning to look at her. He winced when she shone light in his eyes. Eddie turned away, and he could hear Chim laughing. He gulped. 

     Most of the other accidents had been taken care of, but Bobby was still helping the extraction of a driver from a car. Eddie went over to help, letting the job take over. Even then, his eyes couldn’t help but straying over to Buck, drawn like a moth to flame. He missed when Buck and Josh left and felt disappointment when he looked up and they were gone. It was regret mixed with relief because the choice to meet him was taken away. 

     “Are you alright?” Bobby asked when they had made it back to the truck and they started taking inventory of all their tools. 

     There was a fatherly energy to Bobby, it was one of the things that made him such a good Captain. Eddie had been drawn to him from the moment they met because of it, the warmth and the acceptance, and the understanding. Eddie didn’t imagine that he could do the job he did without Bobby and the way that in those first few weeks when Eddie was still struggling to have consistent childcare he’d been far too understanding. 

     “I’m…” Eddie trailed off. “No. I’m not.” 

     Bobby didn’t press him for more. 

     “Eddie, if you need time away. If the job is too—”

     “No,” Eddie said. “This isn’t about — I can’t say that I’m over what happened to Shannon because she’s Christopher’s mother and he’s growing up without her, but this isn’t about that. It’s not entirely about that.”

     “Then, what is it?” Bobby said. 

     Eddie leaned against the truck. Bobby stood in front of him, patient even though they might need to leave the scene at any moment. 

     “My Soulmate,” Eddie said. “Well, I don’t know if it is him or not, but—”

     “The one whose picture you saw,” Bobby said. 

     “Yes. I’m going to feel so dumb if I’m wrong,” Eddie said, shaking his head. “It’s — I think it’s Evan Buckley.”

     “The guy from Serendipity,” Bobby said, eyebrows raised. 

     Eddie nodded quickly. “Bobby, he was in the mini van. He was right there in front of me and I just froze and I think Chim knows him somehow but that isn’t even the point because I’ve been trying to find a way to meet him and he was standing right in front of me and I couldn’t even say a word to him.” 

     “Well,” Bobby said, “Maybe this wasn’t the right time for you to meet. Maybe the circumstances and the stress of the situation made it harder. You lost your wife to an accident similar to this one, and now your possible Soulmate was involved in one. Eddie, no one can blame you for not wanting to meet him in the midst of all that.” 

     Everything Bobby said made sense and yet, it didn’t mean Eddie felt any better about it. It felt like a lost chance. Even though Buck’s agent had reached out to him, and they were setting up a day and time to meet, the shortcut to that meeting had been right in front of him and Eddie had squandered it. 

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  • bvckleysibs
    19.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    this love that's more than love | 1.8k

    implied sexual content, tooth rotting fluff.

    read on ao3

    eddie couldn’t stop looking at buck.

    he hadn’t been able to take his eyes off of him all day, actually. they’d stared at each-other from across the room, constantly half absent from the conversation they were in. their family and friends, all of their favourite people in one room, yet like always, they gravitate towards eachother. like two magnets just within range of one another, eddie was drawn to buck, but not quite close enough to touch.

    the dj announced a change of song, and the dancefloor emptied except for the pair of them. the moment their eyes locked, chocolate meeting cobalt, fire meeting ice, eddie was cast back to the fateful day, all those years ago, when he knew buck was something special.

    in many ways, it was the same instinct that led eddie on the battlefield that led him into that ambulance in LA. he was used to fighting every battle alone, trying to minimise the damage to those he cared about. people around him tended to get hurt where he was concerned, so he strapped on his armour and did what he could to avoid those around him getting into danger. he was perfectly fine with waging war solo.

    then came along evan buckley.

    stupid, arrogant evan buckley with his arrogance and his peacocking around the fire station. eddie knew plenty of his kind; plenty of soldiers who thought they were the bees knees, until it came down to the nitty gritty, getting their hands dirty. they always folded, and eddie was always left to sweep up the pieces. not where buck was concerned though.

    because from that very first day, from the first call that they went on together, eddie knew buck was different. sure, he talked the talk, but the difference was, buck could actually walk the walk where a lot of guys couldn’t. he was daring and adventurous and brave, and eddie knew that for once his instincts had been all wrong. he knew that buck was something special the moment he strapped on a bomb vest and followed eddie into the line of fire.

    they worked seamlessly in tandem with one another, knowing just when to move and how to complement the other. working with a synchronicity that eddie had previously experienced only with medics that he’d been working with for years, they managed to extract the bomb from charlie’s leg. they passed charlie off to the hospital staff, clambering out of the ambulance with a giddy relief, the high of knowing that someone’s life had been saved.

    “you’re a badass under pressure, brother.” eddie had admitted, and the words didn’t taste like admitting defeat.

    “who…me?” buck had asked, and a slow, shy smile burst across his face like the first beam of sunlight breaking through the clouds after a storm. it warmed eddie from the top of his head to the tips of his toes and he knew in that moment that buck was golden.

    “hell yeah, you can have my back any day.” an olive branch and a promise.

    “yeah! or you know, you could…you could have mine.” buck had replied, quiet and shy again, but holding the door open just a crack for eddie, allowing him in in a way eddie thought he wouldn’t get to be. he grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

    nothing had been the same since.

    as eddie stepped towards buck, his eye caught on the light reflecting off of the golden promise on the ring finger of buck’s left hand, mirrored in his own. a promise to have each other’s back, no matter what. and eddie knew buck’d meant every word he’d said in his vows, knew that buck wouldn’t make a promise he couldn’t keep. not to eddie. he’d never lie to eddie.

    “i had this big elaborate speech planned, eddie, but honestly? with you stood up here, i’ve kind of forgotten it all.” the guests all chuckled, as did eddie, buck grinned at him before continuing. “you and i - in a lot of ways, we did things very backwards. you entrusted me with christopher, who you know i’d go to hell and back for, and i think i knew then how much i wanted you. i’ve always needed you, eddie. and those few months without you by my side at work? well, they were hell.”

    “but it took that distance, i think, it took the separation from you, the glimpse at what my life would be without you for me to realise exactly how much it is i want you. and i do. i’ve wanted you more than i’ve wanted anything in my life. i want this life, with you, with our son. i’ve always been a little bit unsure of my place in the world, maddie could tell you that for free. but this decision, the decision to spend forever with you? nothing’s ever felt more right, eddie. i’ve never felt as sure of anything. i love you, and the one promise i’ll make is that that’s never going to change.”

    eddie was stunned speechless, and didn’t even realise he’d started crying before buck leant over with a gentle smile, tears shimmering in his own eyes as he cupped eddie’s cheek, catching a stray tear with his thumb. eddie cleared his throat, shaking his limbs out a little before he began, voice gravelly but so, so sincere.

    “buck. the first day i met you, i honestly thought you were a bit of an asshole.” cue more laughing from their nearest and dearest. buck grinned cheekily, eddie taking it as a sign to continue. “you were stand-offish and rude, and i remember being so confused about it because bobby had told me what an amazing firefighter, what an amazing person you were. you got my hackles up, i must admit. but then, i saw you out in the field, and we worked together, and i instantly took back every thought i had, because i could tell you were special. and you are, you’re so special, buck. not only to me, but to christopher.”

    “you took the time to get to know me, which no-one really did before you. you somehow managed to break down every single wall i’d managed to construct over the years, and i thank my lucky stars every single night that you were the one to do it. buck - evan, no words will ever be enough to describe the way i feel about you, but i will spend the rest of the time we get together, our piece of forever, trying to show you. because right now, in this moment, with you, i know that loving you is what i was made to do. and i promise that i’m going to love you and our family, whatever form that takes, as long and as hard as i can. i love you, evan. for forever and a day.”

    buck and eddie met in the middle of the dancefloor, eddie linking his arms around buck’s shoulders and buck holding eddie’s waist delicately as they began to move together, just as in sync as they always have been. eddie stared into buck’s eyes and couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face. smiling had never come any easier than it had with buck, who answered with a broad smile of his own.

    “what’re you thinking about?” he murmured softly.

    “you.” eddie replied automatically, raising a brow. “always you.”

    buck raised an eyebrow in response, a slow, lazy smirk crawling across his lips that caused warmth to pool in eddie’s gut. “is that right?”

    eddie simply nodded in response, allowing himself to drag his eyes over his husband’s suit clad body. buck had ditched his jacket at some point during the evening, the sleeves of his crisp white shirt rolled up to just below his elbows. the fitted navy pants hugging his legs and somehow managing to make them look even longer. the product in buck’s hair had loosened somewhat, curls falling slightly onto his forehead. eddie wasn’t religious, nor did he believe in any kind of deity, but in that moment, stood holding him and looking somehow like all of his wildest dreams come true, buck had never looked more godly.

    “you know,” eddie began, pausing as buck twirled him in his arms before continuing. “i’ve seen you in a lot of different ways. covered in flour after you’ve helped chris bake for the bake sale. covered in ash and grime after a particularly intense call. shirtless in our bedroom first thing in the morning. sweaty in a t-shirt after the gym. wrapped up in a pile of blankets when you’re sick but refuse to admit it.”

    “okay, so you’ve seen me in a lot of different messes, i get it. you know i’m all for gentle humiliation, but is our wedding really the right p-”

    “i’ve seen you in many wonderful ways, evan. i wouldn’t change any of it for the world.” eddie admitted, a wide smile on his face, eyes tender and loving. “but i’ve never seen anything quite like this, like you.”

    buck tilted his head a little, confusion doing little to stop the serene smile spreading across his face. “what do you mean? you’ve seen me in suits before, eds.”

    eddie shook his head. “i didn’t mean the suit. i mean you. you just seem…happier than you ever have, lighter i mean. like a weight’s off your shoulders. it’s a good look on you.”

    buck tipped his head back a little, laughter spilling from his lips unabashed and carefree and so, so jubilant. “eddie, i am happier than ever. i’m pretty sure i’m gonna be riding this wave for the rest of my life, in all honesty.”

    the song was drawing to its climax, and eddie stepped closer to buck, not quite ready to let go as of yet. “want to show me how happy you are?”

    buck’s grin turned salacious. “oh don’t you worry, diaz.” he teased, leaning down to brush his lips against eddie’s. “i will.” and he didn’t say the words, but they felt like a promise as they met eddie’s skin anyways. and buck never made a promise he wouldn’t keep. buck sighed softly, the song ending as he took a step back. “but for now, duty calls.”

    buck moved to take a step away towards their friends, but eddie caught his hand before he could, reeling him back in to place a tender kiss to his lips. he poured all of his pent up emotions from the day into the kiss, turning it into a decree and another promise. buck pulled away slightly, resting his forehead against eddie’s, eyes slightly glazed.

    “what was that for?”

    “i just love you.” eddie shrugged. “and i wanted to show you that.”

    “well,” buck murmured, voice low and stoking that all too familiar inferno in eddie’s stomach. “please, feel free to show me again later.”

    (and he did.)

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  • a-beautiful-struggle-of-life
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    #i've already made changes or added things that i didn't expect to add and umm...i'm kinda looking forward to writing it?? #so fingers crossed i don't lose motivation #9-1-1#buddie #operator!buck fic #asks
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  • rikotin
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    currently the only downside to having a creative job is that after working so many years in non-creative jobs, my brain has gone into a complete overdrive and i want to do everything creative, simultaneously, all the time

    #i shit you not like not only do i have about 4 fleshed out fic plan and 712 000 small fic ideas i also want to paint knit sing play ukulele #join a theatre group write an original novel draw write poetry #I'm also dancing again?? #I'm in the works of an aesthetic photo set series for bad buddy #i want to make an mv about them too to waves by dean lewis #i should get back into practicing vectors #I'M PHYSICALLY CONSTANTLY VIBRATING I NEED TO RINSE MY BRAIN WITH ICE COLD WATER AND PLACE IT IN RICE FOR 3 MONTHS #rambles
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  • forasecondtherewedwon
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    Shuck Buddies - chapter three

    Fandom: Nancy Drew Pairing: Nancy x Ace Rating: E Chapter: 3/4 Word Count: 4396

    Chapter summary: Nancy’s the girl of Ace’s dreams. Literally.

    Read: chapter one | chapter two

    With a squirm, a kick of his leg, and a flop, Ace tossed himself from his stomach to his back. He exhaled following the burst of effort, but not loud enough to wake himself up.

    Beneath him, Nancy sighs as he runs a hand up her thigh. Her face is so close that it’s indistinct. Her hair has the colour and glow of the sun behind his eyelids, when he closes them to grab a noon nap on summer beach days. Maybe they’re at the beach now… Yeah, that’s right. Ace’s toes dig into the sand as he repositions himself over Nancy…

    Ace’s legs shifted restlessly under the covers, twisting the sheet.

    ..and Nancy sighs again: his name. It echoes, his name in her voice, blurring with the rhythmic sound of the waves he can hear behind them. Ace holds her hip and kisses her. He can’t really feel himself kissing her, but he can sense that it’s the best kiss he’s ever had, that there’s nothing he’s wanted more than a kiss like this…

    Turning his face into the pillow, Ace nuzzled in. He huffed, then turned his face the other way, shunning the morning light that was starting to seep in around the edges of his bedroom curtains.

    His hand wanders higher, but instead of landing on the slippery nylon of a bikini top, his fingers trace Nancy’s nametag.

    “I’m hot,” she says.

    “I know,” he tells her, ducking to lick the side of her neck as his hips press hers.

    “I’m hot,” she repeats, and she grabs the skirt of her blue uniform and hitches it up her legs.

    “I told you to wear a bathing suit.”

    Nancy smiles and says, “I came straight from work.”

    And this is ok, this is wonderful, and Ace is not at all disappointed to remove her Claw uniform instead of a bikini, especially not when he’s suddenly done it. He doesn’t remember the effort, but Nancy’s naked and so is he. She moans as he slides inside her.

    Flushed, Ace skated a desperate hand across the sheet, finding his leg, finding the front of his pajama bottoms. He gripped himself through the fabric.

    “I’m glad we can finally do this,” he tells her.

    Nancy arches, rocking her hips to greet his next thrust.

    “You feel more than ‘glad,’” she says, reliably facetious.

    “I’ve wanted this,” Ace says, Ace groans, wrapping his arms around her and dropping his forehead to her chest. “Haven’t you wanted this? I’ve wanted this so bad.”

    Nancy doesn’t say anything and it doesn’t bother him. He’s used to her not saying anything. Anyway, the words don’t matter because she’s here, she came to be with him in public, like regular people are. They aren’t hiding it anymore…

    Ace woke up with a jolt. Awareness raced down his body from his rapidly blinking eyes to the unconscious hold he’d taken of himself, pulsing beneath his palm and pants as the sensation of bucking into Nancy disintegrated like a sandcastle when the waves rushed in.

    “Fuck,” he muttered, forcing his hands to his sides to bunch the sheet in frustrated fists.

    He’d dreamt of her like that before—of course he had—except it’d never felt that good or fallen apart that quickly. What the hell had woken him up? There wasn’t a thunderstorm booming over the house and vibrating the junk on his dresser. He couldn’t hear any heavy trucks rumbling down the street. Ace closed his eyes and tried to get the dream back. He could recall Nancy being there (obviously). There was… there was a feeling of total contentment… but then…

    Oh shit. Sex on the beach? Sandy but fine! In the open? In the middle of the day? No problem! The one element of the fantasy his mind hadn’t been able to accept was Nancy being ok with it all. Ace had realized he was dreaming because there was no secrecy. Man, that was messed up.

    His brain said bummer, but his dick said I’m waiting, so Ace grumbled and climbed gingerly out of bed, adjusting himself in his PJ bottoms. He paused to check his phone. He frowned. No messages meant no mystical emergencies, but he’d kinda thought… he’d kinda hoped… Jeeze, he just needed to shower so he’d be more alert, more able to separate the sleeping fantasy where Nancy wanted to be with him from the waking reality where she did not.

    He padded to the bathroom. Door locked, clothes stripped, hot water pelting down when he stepped into the spray. Ace clamped his eyes shut and slicked his hair back. The slosh of water it sent down his spine reminded him too much of the heat of his dream, Nancy’s phantom fingers trailing over his skin. He put his back to the flow and picked up the soap, lathering his hands and deciding to confront both his problems at once.

    Ok, not problems, but dilemmas. Issues. Preoccupations.

    A few loose passes along his persistent hard-on had it proudly and fully rigid in his grip. Ace’s eyes flickered shut—the glide of his soapy palm, the swell of steam between the shower’s glass walls, the lambent streamer of Nancy’s face, her body, her sounds in his dream—but he fought it. He stared hard at the wall and tried, for what felt like the millionth day in a row, to understand how everything (everything between him and Nancy, which basically felt like everything in his whole entire world with the dreamy remnants of her smile in his head and that smile’s very real consequences in his grip) had gotten fucked up. If he really pondered it, maybe he could successfully un-fuck it. That was the goal.

    For starters, he believed he’d done what she’d wanted, back on New Year’s Eve. On every occasion that the possibility of telling their friends about the two of them had arisen, Nancy had grown wide-eyed and skittish. She’d confirmed her stance that night when he’d joked about Nick handing over the keys to the hookup apartment and she’d panicked. By then, he’d been absolutely positive she didn’t want anybody to know.

    Ace twisted his wrist, soaping the base of his cock before proceeding with long, smooth strokes of his full length. The panting burst out of him and he knew he was going too fast, that he wouldn’t have time to figure out how to fix him and Nancy before he came, but it wasn’t like he’d managed it any other morning since New Year’s.

    The handshake. The handshake had been a mistake, and he’d felt like a humungous asshole offering it, but he’d seen Bess coming their way. Nancy was probably mad because all she’d been going in for was a hug—that was all it could have been, right?—and he’d awkwardly rebuffed that perfectly friendly gesture. They were allowed to hug. Hugging would’ve been normal for them (or as normal as it could be since the hug she’d given him after saving his life, the hug that started all this). Against all logic, against the precedent Nancy herself had set of them only interacting a certain way, Ace had thought he’d seen something. Something in Nancy’s eyes when she’d turned to him that night, before she’d even reached for him. Her face had said it all.

    …Or it would’ve if that weren’t impossible. Because Nancy had never planned on kissing him, so she’d definitely never needed Ace to save her from herself by insisting on an idiotic handshake.

    He needed to trust her, he reminded himself, pumping faster. Trust her even though she told him too little. Trust her when it seemed like even talking about that night or them or anything at all was somehow forbidden. Trust her when she’d left Nick’s party without a word of explanation. Where was her heart at while his was circling the drain at his feet, in danger of being washed down alongside the soap and the false memory of easier circumstances, sand in her hair and sun on his skin?

    Ace erupted. His free hand skidded down a dewy pane of glass, fruitlessly seeking purchase, while the other jerked himself until he couldn’t stand it. He panted with the release as well as the remaining frustration. He could do this every morning (lately, he did do this every morning) but his hand was no replacement for Nancy’s touch, and exploring the same cyclical thoughts felt like running laps in a round room with no doors. He needed Nancy to let him out—to let them out.

    He washed his hair and finished his shower.

    After whiling away the morning, Ace headed in for his 11 o’clock shift at the Claw. He didn’t bother trying to trade for dawn shifts anymore; he’d only arrive to find that Nancy had switched hers too. That letdown made him grouchy and short with the other kitchen guys, or drew worried looks from Bess, when it was her Nancy’d managed to swap with. Platanchors were there for each other, perennially prepared to provide emotional support and/or advice, but the more Nancy had ignored Ace, the more he’d ignored the look that Bess would give him that begged permission to help. He hadn’t told her everything, but she knew he liked Nancy and was stuck in a crappy, heartache-y limbo, waiting for Nancy to feel the same. That wasn’t something Bess had the power to change. At this point, Ace just preferred not to talk about it.

    He walked in to find Jesse setting up for lunch. After a nod hello, he made his way back to the lockers. He could hear George’s voice coming from the kitchen. No sign of Nancy though. Ace sighed and closed his locker. It’d be uncool of him to corner her at work anyway. There’d be a time and a place to hash this out, and, fine, he wasn’t actually sure when or where that would happen, but he couldn’t imagine the sound of potatoes frying in the background when it did.

    Partway into his shift, George came up to him.



    She jerked her head for him to join her in the office.

    “You stopped switching your shifts,” George noted, standing behind her desk.

    Ace squinted at her. She didn’t look mad, but something was up. She’d barely glanced down at the printout of the weekly schedule she had in front of her.

    “Thought you’d be, uh, happy about that,” he ventured.

    “Yeah, I am, except now Nancy’s started switching hers. What the hell’s going on?” George crossed her arms.

    The last thing he felt like doing was speculating about all of Nancy’s possible reasons for keeping the hell away from him, so Ace just pushed his hat up and scraped his fingers through his hair, trying to look more thoughtful than he was willing to let himself be at the moment.

    “I don’t know.”

    “Nothing she’s told you about?”

    Heart sinking just that little bit more in his chest, Ace said, “Nope.”

    “So it’s just this thing then,” George concluded.

    His eyebrows lifted, seeking elaboration.

    “This thing? What thing?”

    George sighed and gave him a look before going to shut the office door.

    “The thing between you and Nancy,” she explained. “Whatever the hell that is.”

    Ace’s mouth opened to produce a careful diversion, but George looked so sure and so fed up that he responded honestly instead.

    “You know about the thing?” He turned his face away, then glanced back at George from the corner of his eye. “Did Nancy tell you?”

    “As if Nancy tells anybody anything unless she’s on the threshold of death. No. Bess told me.”

    Ace turned, surprised.

    “Bess told you? How come?”

    “Because I’m a pillar of strength,” George said flatly. Seconds later, her expression softened. “She’s concerned. You’re pining. It’s unnatural.”

    “Sometimes people pine, George.”

    She snorted out a laugh.

    “Not you! Women chase you down and try to seduce you into relocating to Paris!”

    “I don’t think one incident—”

    “How do we fix this? For the sake of my staffing woes, if nothing else?” But George’s mouth flicked up. Ace knew it wasn’t about the schedule; if anything were ever really about the schedule, they all would’ve been fired months ago.

    Ace rubbed his fingers across his mouth, deliberating.

    “I think I hurt her,” he said eventually.

    Nancy had hurt him too, but nobody could heal that ache but Nancy herself.

    “When?” George asked.

    “New Year’s Eve?”

    “I noticed she left early.” She tapped her fingers against her arm. “Maybe she’s just got other stuff going on, you know? And the holidays can be hard. Maybe it’s not about you.”

    “I want it to be about me!” The words shot out of Ace’s mouth before he could overthink them. George blinked at him. He took his hat off and brushed his hair out of his face, then put the hat on again. “If it’s about me… I don’t know. If it’s about me, then maybe Nancy will finally tell me how she’s feeling. I can wait on the other stuff, if she isn’t ready, but this? I gotta know because I lo—”

    He swallowed the rest of the word, but George was staring at him.

    “Ok, Ace, you have to tell her,” she said emphatically.

    “I can’t say that. She’s already avoiding me,” Ace pointed out. “Don’t you think saying… those words… that it would be too much?”

    George put her hands on her hips.

    “Are you happy?” she asked.


    “Right now. Are you happy?”

    He didn’t have to answer; George nodded in understanding.

    “Things can always get worse,” she said.

    “That’s not exactly encouraging.”

    George rolled her eyes.

    “What I’m saying is that, sometimes, you gotta lay it on the line. It might seem fairer for Nancy to step up first, since she’s the one who’s running away, but you can’t wait for that.” Her eyes searched his. “Ok? Good meeting.”

    Dazed and dismissed, Ace went to open the door.

    Nancy was standing on the other side, fist raised to knock.

    “Oh,” Ace said. “Hi.”

    He hadn’t kissed her since New Year’s Eve. They hadn’t stood this close, or even spoken very many words, since he’d handshake’d (handshaken? Handshook?) his way onto Nancy’s avoid list. He was pretty sure their standing record was four sentences, exchanged the week before: “This the order for table four?” “Uh, yep.” “No mustard on the BLT?” “No mustard.”

    Her smile was uncertain, caught off-guard, but then she dropped her hand and took a quick step backwards out of his path. It took him a second to remember to move. Once he did, he was skirting around Nancy and practically hurtling into the kitchen. He didn’t want to know why Nancy was talking to George, but the cruelest, most paranoid part of his imagination was eager to suggest that she was there to change more of her shifts to prevent them from bumping into each other. Maybe she was quitting outright!

    “No,” Ace barked out.

    Their new dishwasher looked up at him with eyes like a baby woodland creature. The hand he had wrapped around the handle of a pan below the sink’s murky water trembled, making ripples.

    “Not you, bud,” Ace promised, clapping the kid on the shoulder. “Nice technique. Good suds.”

    “Thanks, Ace.”

    “You betcha.”

    He spent too much of the rest of his shift stealing glances at Nancy whenever she couldn’t be looking at him. His eyes were on her back each time she pushed out of the kitchen and into the dining room. He manufactured reasons to be at the transom while she was out there taking people’s orders, his forehead scrunched with yearning every time she stood in profile, unwittingly offering him half the smile she was directing at the customer.

    George intercepted one of those longing glances while she was crossing the dining room to clear a table. Her stern stare told him to cut it out with the pining and just do something about it. But for fuck’s sake, Ace, the stare also said, not right now!

    Nancy shouldn’t have been leaving when he was—her shift had started three hours after his and she’d been seven minutes late, not that he’d been obsessively checking the clock—but he turned at the sound of footsteps as he was unlocking Florence, and there she was.

    “Hi,” she said, then added, “Belated.”


    When Nancy hesitated, Ace sighed.

    “You better get back inside,” he said. “If the cold doesn’t get you, George will.”

    “Ah, George can miss me for a few minutes. Absence makes the heart grow fonder?” Nancy tried.

    Ace’s smile was closer to a wince.

    “Not sure that saying applies to boss/employee relationships.”

    He watched Nancy fold her arms over her chest, gripping her upper arms. Although he wasn’t well-versed in nephology, the shifting grey of the thin clouds overhead could’ve meant snow, and she was already cold.

    Walking around Florence’s hood, he unlocked the passenger door first.

    “Get in for a sec,” he invited, swinging it wide.

    After he’d slipped in behind the wheel and cranked the heat to warm Nancy’s bare legs, he shifted to face her as well as he could.

    “What’s wrong?” he asked gently.

    “George is being a tyrant about the chowder,” Nancy said with a disbelieving laugh. “Ever since we—”

    “No, what’s wrong with us?”

    “Nothing’s wrong with us.” She was looking down at the gearshift and not into his eyes.

    “If you thought that, you wouldn’t have followed me out here to talk.”

    “Maybe I wanted to talk about something innocuous.” Her gaze drifted up and out the windshield. “The weather, maybe? Looks like snow.”

    “You’re avoiding me,” Ace stated bluntly.

    “I… am trying.”

    “To do what?”

    Nancy blinked repeatedly, seemingly at a loss before she suddenly looked at him and focused.

    “Figure this out. If there’s anything to figure out.”

    “What, like, is this worth figuring out? Yeah,” he assured her. “It is.”

    “I don’t think we’ve been on the same page,” Nancy said, looking pained.

    “Ironically, we are on the same page about that.”

    They sat there. The vents blew hot and loud.

    Ace could remember what George had said—that he should tell Nancy how he felt, even if she wasn’t laying out the emotional welcome mat he’d need in order to feel like this might end well. He might not get that in this first shaky conversation since she’d left Nick’s party. He might not get that ever. He had to be the one to make himself vulnerable, and then he’d know he’d done everything he could.

    He was still deciding how to work up to those three crucial words when Nancy blurted, “I miss you.”

    For the first time that year, every thought he had either disappeared or went quiet; Ace leaned across the seat and angled Nancy’s face with his hand as his lips landed on hers.

    Yes, he’d missed her too, and he hoped his actions were saying that because his words were not available. Her fingers were winding through his hair, her hands gripping insistently, and he didn’t even care about breathing. He had to get more of Nancy, kiss her deeper. New Year’s Eve felt like forever ago.

    Ace tilted his head and swept his tongue across her closed mouth as they kissed. Her lips parted, sending a rush of heat through him that put the air vents to shame. He pulled her closer, clutching her face, the back of her neck, her hair. It didn’t stir up the scent of her perfume, but Ace missed that smell way less than he’d missed this proximity to Nancy; he was over the absent perfume in about half a second.

    Nancy placed her palm on his chest, keeping her balance while they made out, and with the two of them secure in the kiss, Ace’s hands lowered too. He was alright when he clutched her shoulder, fine when he grazed his fingers up her thin sleeve, but then he touched her back and felt the thicker material of her uniform. That morning’s dream came back to him. Uniform. Beach. No more hiding. And what were they doing now? Was this public enough to stop feeling like a secret? When the parking lot was mostly empty and Nancy had probably slipped out of the Claw without telling George?

    Ace pulled back. Nancy leaned to follow him, but he shook his head.

    “I can’t do it, Nancy.”


    “I need more than this.”

    “Hold on,” Nancy said, turning serious. “You pushed me away. Almost literally. Now you need more?”

    “I always wanted more.”

    “But… New Year’s? I felt like an idiot and I thought that maybe this just didn’t matter that much to you—” There was a collapsing house of cards in his chest and his heart was freefalling from its peak. “—so I stepped back, and I’ve been trying to loosen my grip a little, and now…? Now I’m trying to be ok with casual and that’s not what you want either.”

    Ace was totally confused. There probably wasn’t a whole lot of difference between the inside of his head and George’s pot of chowder.

    “Nancy, wait—”

    But she was already getting out of the car. Even through her emotional turbulence, she didn’t slam the door.

    “Yeah,” Ace told Florence, slumping forward to rest his forehead on the wheel, “I want her back too, girl.”

    It did snow. It snowed hard all night and it was still snowing in the morning—thick, clinging flakes that settled into marshmallow-y drifts and coated the sides of trees. George sent out a mass email to the Claw staff that they’d be closed that day due to the weather (fucking inclement! the email said). The blizzard struck fiercely enough to fill in roads, bury sidewalks, and block cell reception. That was what Ace told himself, even though he had three bars in his bedroom, where he sat composing and deleting texts to Nancy.

    No part of what I feel for you is casual, he finally sent.

    The snowfall began to taper off, so he trudged outside to start clearing the driveway. Methodically, he scraped and lifted, steadily uncovering the asphalt. His hands got hot inside his gloves. He unwound the wool scarf from his neck. He barely noticed the time going by.

    When Ace reached the bottom of the driveway, he turned and walked back up to the house, leaving footprints in the fluffy inch of new powder that had fallen while he worked. He dumped his scarf and sweatshirt inside, then rezipped his coat and let his mom know that he was going to help the neighbours dig out. She kissed his cheek while he shook the snow from his hat onto the mat in the foyer. It was no surprise to her; he’d been going driveway-to-driveway with his shovel every winter since he was eight years old.

    He started next door, helping their neighbour finish the final third of their shovelling, then jogged over to clear the one-car drive and curving stone path that belonged to the old man across the street. He turned down offers of a warm drink from adults and gently declined kids’ invitations to build forts (though he did set the head on a snowman an ambitious set of twins had made way too tall). The quiet was the nicest. Scrape, lift, turn. Scrape, lift, turn. Snow on his eyelashes, cold air biting his cheeks.

    The realization that it was probably time to head back for lunch hit Ace about the same moment that Nancy’s car nearly did.

    With a yell, Ace scrambled backwards up the small mountain he’d piled at the end of somebody’s driveway (he was several streets over from his own now and no longer knew who each house belonged to). Nancy’s distinctive blue Sunbeam slipped and swerved to a stop in front of him. Maybe it was the narrow avoidance of becoming a victim of vehicular manslaughter, or maybe the sight of her smiling at him through that windshield just always had this effect, but Ace felt somehow relieved. He stabbed his shovel into the packed hill of snow and climbed into Nancy’s passenger seat.

    “Have you considered snow tires?” he asked mildly, pulling off his gloves and flexing his fingers. They were stiff from gripping the shovel.

    “I’d like to get some,” Nancy said, “but I haven’t had a chance to look for a new mechanic since Nick became a millionaire and we found out Josh was a murderer.”

    “Fair enough.”

    She sighed and checked her mirrors. Ace got the feeling it was more of a delay tactic than anything, since nobody was out on the roads. The snowplough had been down this particular street, but that had to have been hours ago, before Ace got here. The icy patches on the pavement dusted with a layer of snow were exactly the right conditions to send an unprepared car like Nancy’s into a heart-stopping spin.

    He observed her while her eyes were on the rear-view and felt deeply, for the millionth time, that she needed to let somebody take care of her. Just a little.

    She shifted in her seat and looked over to meet his eyes.

    “So. I, uh, got your text.”

    “The text that I sent. Yeah. Good,” Ace said, the words staggering from his mouth like drunks. He pressed his lips together and watched her.

    “I needed some time to think after yesterday, but the text helped.”

    “I’m glad.”

    “I can talk about it now,” Nancy volunteered, “if you want to.”

    Ace glanced around outside the car. Snow was still coming down lazily, and they were idling at the bottom of this person’s driveway.

    “Maybe not here,” he said.

    “Where do you want to go?” Nancy asked, shifting into reverse before pulling into the cleared driveway.


    She began backing out, turning the wheel to point the front of the Sunbeam back the way Ace had travelled on his snow-shovelling pilgrimage. He touched her shoulder. The contact raised a whiff of her perfume, violets and honey, and his heart flipped end over end. Nancy braked, swivelling her gaze from the back window to his face.

    “Yours,” he clarified.

    Nancy smiled.

    “I was hoping you’d say that.”

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    after 5 whole days of wallowing in despair of going through a fictional breakup, it has finally sunk in that we're getting the last ep in a few days.

    despite what may come, may it be a happy ending or an open/sad one, i can't wait to fully rewatch the show cause bbs is still one of the best queer series ive ever seen. i fell in love with the characters, the angst, the fluff and the heartbreak all in equal amounts. so even if patpran struggles to end up together, im glad i was able to watch their journey with everyone.

    probably the best part of the show for me is the whole casualness of their love. im yet to see queer works where intimacy and romance is as casual as theirs, which makes me a little bit hopeful for mine.

    that being said, i still have immense trust in p'aof. don't let us down dude.

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