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  • buddiefanfiction
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Warmness on the Soul by @tabbytabbytabby​​ Complete | Teen Rating | 4.8k

    Eddie is seven years old when he first notices the name behind his ear. The name that will follow him for years, through heartbreak and misunderstandings, love and loss, before finally leading him to where he's supposed to be.

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  • buddiefanfiction
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    pin all of my hopes to your handlebars by spiritsontheroof​​  Complete | General Rating | 4k

    The top of the fire truck is as good of a place as any, really.

    He can climb up, lay on top of the hoses, and be left alone. No one follows him up here, or comes looking for him, and no one who walks by in the truck bay can see him. It’s peaceful and it’s quiet and sometimes it’s the only place Eddie can get one moment’s peace in this place.

    He does it for about six months after the tsunami before anyone finds him.

    And the person who figures it out, of course, is Buck.

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  • thebestbooksaround
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    the handyman can ('cause he fixes it with love) by iphigenias (@oatflatwhite)

    Buddie | 4k | Teen

    Eddie’s first thought when he opens the door is that Hen’s finally getting payback for Eddie hustling her in pool last Friday. The guy standing on the stoop is sweaty, smiling, with biceps that look like they could jaws-of-life a car all on their own and a very pink, very biteable kiss of a birthmark above his crinkled blue eyes. His toolbelt looks like every toolbelt from every bad porn movie ever, slung absurdly low on his hips, and the acid-wash jean shorts he’s wearing absolutely cannot be OSHA-approved.

    Eddie decidedly does not look at the thick muscle of the guy’s thighs when he says, “uh, I think you have the wrong house.”

    #fics i love #buddie#911onfox#eddie diaz #evan 'buck' buckley #iphigenias #911 on fox #911fox#Evan Buckley#9-1-1 #911 fan fiction #9-1-1 fic rec #buddiefanfiction#buddie fic #buddie fic rec #911
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  • buddiefanfiction
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    To Be Whole by mansikka​​ Complete | Teen Rating | 3.5k

    They say that when you and your soulmate are ready to meet, whatever they write on their skin will appear on yours, and vice versa. Which Buck thinks is bullshit. Right up until words start appearing on his arm.

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  • thebestbooksaround
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Encore by Pline (@jaameskirk)

    Buddie | 20k | Teen

    “I’m going insane.”

    “Did something happen?”

    A dark, bitter laugh bubbles out of Buck – a mockery of joy.

    “Everything keeps happening, and it’s still the same fucking day. It’s always the same and every time it’s different and I can’t do anything.”



    Buck keeps reliving the same day, over and over again.

    #fics i love #buddie#eddie diaz #evan 'buck' buckley #911onfox #911 on fox #911fox#Evan Buckley#9-1-1 #911 fan fiction #9-1-1 fic rec #buddiefanfiction#buddie fic #buddie fic rec #911#Pline
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  • thatnerdemryn
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago
    read on ao3 Pairing: Evan “Buck” Buckley/Eddie Diaz Rated: General Prompt: Tree Shopping


    Eddie had no idea what the hell he was doing.

    His wife had left him and he wasn’t quite sure how to be an unmarried man. His son was just old enough to start school and Eddie didn’t know where to start, especially considering Christopher’s educational needs. He had just gotten a job working at a fire station as a firefighter which he had never imagined for his future.

    And to top it all off, he was surrounded by trees with no idea where to start.

    “Jesus Christ,” Eddie cursed under his breath, running a stressful hand through his hair. A small chuckle beside him had him jolting and turning on his heels. “Jesus Christ!” he said much louder and directed at the man that came into view behind a large Christmas tree.

    “You know, we really frown upon using that name in vain, especially so close to his birthday.”

    “Jesus was born in April,” Eddie corrected.

    The man chuckled. “I think you’re confusing him with the Easter Bunny.”

    “Do you normally question other people’s religious knowledge in the middle of a Christmas tree farm or am I just special?” Eddie said, hoping his tone showed how unamused he was by the man’s antics.

    “We’re all a little special, aren’t we?” the man asked with an almost teasing lilt to his voice.

    “Some more than others,” Eddie muttered. He turned away to stare at the tree in front of him that looked like— well, like all the other trees surrounding him.

    “Do you need help?” the man asked. Before Eddie could question why he would even ask, he added, “I work here. My sister owns the place, actually.”

    “Do people often need help picking a Christmas tree?” Eddie asked. He wondered if the question sounded as rhetorical as he hoped and not like the reassurance he desperately needed for his confusion.

    “Hey, it’s not as easy as it looks. How about this? I’m going to ask you three questions and then I’ll know exactly which tree you should take home today.”

    “You’re awfully confident.”

    “What can I say?” The man shrugged. “It’s my special interest.”

    “My son has those. It’s why Christmas is suddenly the talk of the house and I’m stuck getting a real Christmas tree instead of putting up the fake one my wife—ex-wife—bought four years ago and forgot to take with her when she left me.”

    “That sucks, man.”

    “Yeah, well,” Eddie sighed, “that was a lot of information offered that probably didn’t answer any of your questions.”

    “Actually, it answered number one. So you have a kid?” Eddie nodded. “How old? That doesn’t count as a new question since it’s just clarification on the first.”

    Eddie laughed and replied, “He’s five.”

    “So you want something that has needle retention while keeping their softness.” The man nodded and started walking to another section of trees. “Allergies? You or your kid or any other household member?”

    “Just us,” Eddie replied even though that wasn’t really the question he was supposed to answer. “Neither of us have allergies though Christopher—my son—can be sensitive to smells.”

    “Low fragrance. Okay…” the man trailed off before putting his hand on his chin in thought. “What kind of budget are we looking at?”

    “Um, none?” The man’s eyes widened so Eddie second-guessed his response. “I have to afford to buy a five-year-old gifts to put underneath whatever tree I buy,” he expanded.

    “How tall is your ceiling?”

    “My… ceiling?” The man nodded and waited expectantly. “I can touch it if I stand on my toes and reach.”

    “Show me,” the man said, taking a few steps closer. Eddie suddenly smelled an almost sweet scent through the sharpness of the sap surrounding them. “C’mon, don’t be shy. I just need a good idea of length.”

    “I don’t think you’ll find that in the middle of a Christmas tree farm,” Eddie murmured before he could think twice about it. “I didn’t mean to say that out loud…”

    The man just laughed and motioned for Eddie to hold up his arms. He did as he was told and held his breath as the man pressed up against him, chest to broad chest, toe to steel-booted toe. Eddie could feel the man’s breath ghosting across his forehead as he lined a tape measure up to Eddie’s outstretched hands and dropped it down to their feet. Eddie was all too aware of the fact that the man didn’t have to push up onto his own toes to match Eddie’s reach.

    “A little over seven feet,” he said. As he stepped away, Eddie tried not to be sad about it. “That means we want to look for one about six feet six inches to leave room for the star on top.”

    “Angel,” Eddie corrected.

    “You can just call me Buck,” the man shot back easily with a smirk on his face.

    “We have an angel. Family heirloom,” Eddie offered. The man—Buck—nodded and tilted his head toward a bundle of trees to the left of where they were standing.

    “You want a Fraser fir,” Buck said as he wandered through the array of trees. “Feel the needles,” he instructed and Eddie immediately did as he was told. “They’re much softer than the pines, enough that your kid won’t accidentally poke himself and it’s not as messy as you’d find with the spruces. It’s the least fragrant of the firs but will still have your home smelling like Christmas.”

    Eddie stared, a little stunned, as Buck pointed to the most perfect tree Eddie had ever seen, hidden between two that must’ve been over eight feet.

    “It’s not the cheapest but definitely not the most expensive and at six feet, you’re only looking at about—”

    “I’ll take it,” Eddie interrupted. He ran his hand over the branches and imagined his son decorating the dark green needles in the rainbow-colored lights and the ridiculous number of ornaments. “It’s perfect.”

    “I told you I’d find it,” Buck said smugly, leaning against a nearby tree. “I’m not going to help you cut it down, though, that’s all you.”

    “Can I bribe help out of you?” Eddie asked. Buck raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms over his chest.

    “Depends what you’re offering.”

    “I heard this place has really great hot chocolate. Award-winning, I think the sign said.”

    “It’s a family recipe,” Buck noted proudly. “You want to bribe me with hot chocolate to cut down your tree?”

    “It’s either that or convince you to grab a cup of coffee with me this weekend.”

    “How about both?”

    “Are you going to ask me more questions to guess my coffee order?” Eddie teased.

    Buck leaned forward in a flash, their lips so close together that Eddie could feel the warmth of them. Eddie closed his eyes, unsure what exactly had led him to almost being kissed in the middle of a bundle of Christmas trees but choosing not to think too much about it as Buck trailed a hand down Eddie’s chest.

    He pulled away almost as quickly as he had gotten closer and when Eddie opened his eyes, he was holding a receipt between his fingers.

    “Based on my well-tuned senses, I’d say that you’re a latte man. With cinnamon and nutmeg when it’s available.”

    “You’ll just have to find out if you’re right,” Eddie noted when he could finally think straight again.

    “Excuse me, do you work here?” Another voice chimed in and Eddie internally groaned as Buck pressed his lips together like he was suppressing his own.

    “Duty calls,” Buck said, voice full of regret that had Eddie feeling pretty smug. “Once you’re done with the tree, come find me. I’ll help you bring it to your car.”

    “You don’t think I can do it myself?” Eddie asked with a wiggle of his eyebrows.

    “Oh, I’m sure you can, but you can’t leave without my number.” The woman called over to Buck again and he sighed outwardly that time earning a small laugh from Eddie. “Just… don’t leave without it?”

    “Wouldn’t dream of it,” Eddie said truthfully, smiling widely when Buck tossed a beautiful grin in his direction before he jogged off.

    Eddie turned back to the tree behind him and the saw left on the ground beside it, confusion pulling his eyebrows together as his lips pursed together.

    Eddie had no idea what he was doing but at least he knew someone who could help that time.

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  • thebestbooksaround
    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    A Sound You Can't Quite Hear by HMSLusitania (@hmslusitania)

    Buddie | 5k | General

    It feels weird to think it, but their drives to and from Eddie’s therapist’s office possibly amount to more alone time than they’ve had in the entire rest of their relationship to date.

    “Make sure you’re following your heart, not just Christopher’s,” Carla had said, and Eddie…

    Is not doing that.

    #fics i love #buddie#eddie diaz #evan 'buck' buckley #evan buckley#911onfox#hmslusitania #911 on fox #911fox#Evan Buckley#9-1-1 #911 fan fiction #9-1-1 fic rec #buddiefanfiction#buddie fic #buddie fic rec #911
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  • buddiefanfiction
    30.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Pull me Under by @dancer-me​​  Complete | Teen Rating | 3.4k

    Buck makes the choice to get back under a fire truck to save Eddie.

    Eddie hopes that he's enough to save Buck from himself.

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  • buddiefanfiction
    30.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    This is a group rec for fluffy fics under 2k words. I thought that it would nice to have some short comfort fics that feel like a warm hug today. If you have a favorite fic that wasn’t included on this list, you can send it in for part 2.


    a home is what we make it by @thisissirius​​ ​Complete | Teen Rating | 871

    redamancy by @tylerhunklin Complete | Not Rated | 866 

    falling by @elisela Complete | General Rating | 1.2k

    until you say i do by @astronautdiaz Complete | General Rating | 1.4k

    come back soon by @nogamediaz Complete | Not Rated | 288

    what’s mine is yours. always. by @buckleyblueyes Complete | Not Rated | 1k 

    don't wanna dance (if I'm not dancing with you) by spiritsontheroof Complete | General Rating | 1.2k

    kiss me by @capseycartwright Complete | Not Rated | 622

    Before You Go by JessicaMDawn Complete | General Rating | 1.2k

    of a feather by @renecdote Complete | General Rating | 1.4k


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  • thebestbooksaround
    30.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    dancing under red skies by dayswithout

    Buddie | 30k | General

    Buck hates Eddie Diaz on sight.

    aka, a soulmate au.

    #fics i love #buddie#eddie diaz #evan 'buck' buckley #911onfox#dayswithout #911 on fox #911fox#Evan Buckley#9-1-1 #911 fan fiction #9-1-1 fic rec #buddiefanfiction#buddie fic #buddie fic rec #911
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  • buddiefanfiction
    29.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    You make it easier (when life gets hard) by @depthandcharacter Complete | Teen Rating | 12.8k

    “I know you’re awake.”

    His best friend is standing inches away from the bed, arms crossed over his chest, looking right into his eyes.

    “Were you watching me sleep?”

    Eddie’s blush is the only answer Buck needs.


    Or 5 times Buck wakes up with Eddie by his side + 1 time Eddie does

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  • oatflatwhite
    29.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    75 best knitting puns that will have you hooked by iphigenias (ao3)

    for @kitkatpancakestack

    Eddie’s not sure what Buck’s doing at first.

    He’s joined the others in the loft late, finishing up a Facetime with Christopher about his latest science project, to find Bobby and Buck squished on the couch together and Hen and Chimney hovering close by with twin expressions of bewilderment (Chim) and delight (Hen).

    “No dinner?” Eddie asks, a little bummed out, because it’s been an annoyingly slow shift and Bobby promised tacos on their last call.

    “Ravi’s on it,” Bobby replies—and sure enough, when Eddie turns around he sees probie on veggie prep.

    “Okay,” Eddie says, pocketing his phone and moving towards the couch. “Then what are you—oh.” Oh, because Buck—Buck is knitting.

    Eddie blinks, rubs his eyes. Yeah, Buck is knitting: thick fingers a little clumsy as Bobby shows him how to purl stitch with a soft-looking ball of pink ombre wool. “You’re knitting,” Eddie says, flummoxed, because Buck’s hands look huge and ridiculous on the needles, but the way he’s holding them so carefully, the pink tip of his tongue pursed between his lips as he concentrates, is making Eddie feel—well, something. He’s not sure what. And then Buck pulls the stitch from one needle to the other, looks up to meet Eddie’s eyes with an embarrassed smile, and, yeah, okay. He knows what he’s feeling.

    Eddie squishes it down, tight, and perches on the armrest of the sofa.

    “Okay, so for a knit stitch, where’s the wool?” Bobby is asking. Buck thinks for a second then pulls the thread behind the needle. “Good! That’s great, Buck.”

    The four of them watch Buck knit, purl, knit, purl for several long moments. Buck’s tongue remains firmly placed between his lips and Eddie has to dig his nails into his palm to force himself to look away.

    “I’ve never seen you concentrate so hard on anything, Buckaroo,” Hen says, raising her eyebrows as she sips her coffee.

    “I didn’t know you could,” Chim chimes in.

    “See,” Buck says, pausing to count his stitches, “I feel like I should be offended.”

    “But?” Chim prompts.

    Buck finishes counting. “But knitting is hard,” he says.

    “It’s muscle memory,” Bobby protests.

    “It’s hard.”

    “Hey Cap?” Bobby springs from the couch to the kitchen at Ravi’s question, Hen and Chim following behind. Eddie slides from the armrest to the sofa proper, peering over Buck’s shoulder to look more closely at his hands.

    “What are you making, anyway?”

    “A beanie for Chris,” Buck replies, matter-of-factly, and Eddie’s heart does something real fucking weird in his chest.

    keep reading on ao3
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  • buddiefanfiction
    28.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    and it'll follow you still by @buttercupbuck Complete | Mature Rating | 1k

    “Hey, I’m back!”

    The house is quiet for a moment, which he’s not entirely surprised by - Carla had texted him a few hours ago letting him know that she had dropped Chris off with Pepa for the night, so it was just Eddie in the house. He toes his shoes off and starts to head towards the living room when the unmistakable sound of retching penetrates the silence.


    There’s no response but he moves anyway, following the sound towards the kitchen where he finds Eddie bent over the counter, a harsh sob racking his frame as he throws up in the sink. His knuckles are nearly white with how hard he’s clinging to the edge and Buck doesn’t even think before coming up behind him and supporting his weight.

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  • buddiefanfiction
    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    hands that map a communion by @evcndiaz Complete | Mature Rating | 1.3k

    "War was safe in a way. In war, he knew what to expect. In war, people wanted him dead, a cacophonous symphony of explosions and blood, bullets and battered bodies being rushed off the field.

    War was easy.

    Eddie knows the sound of violence better than he knows his own voice. Knows it like a song he’s played so many times it’s burned into all the ruts and curves of his brain like a scar. Because it’s always been easier to sew on a severed limb under a spray of bullets, heart in is throat, than it is to look at someone he’s hurt and beg them to open up their heart up to his wreckage again. So yeah, war was easy. But this thing with Buck feels like a war in itself, only it’s not easy. It’s fucking brutal. Every step feels like a minefield, feels like being one step away from being blown to bits."

    or; eddie has a thing for buck, and also buck's hands

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  • thatnerdemryn
    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Evan “Buck” Buckley/Eddie Diaz | Rated M | Chapters 3/10 | WIP

    High school sweethearts, Buck and Eddie, couldn’t imagine a life apart after graduation. Together, they followed Eddie’s dream of enlisting in the military because Buck would go anywhere with him. During a mission gone wrong, Buck goes missing—presumed dead. Eddie is discharged and struggles to figure out life without the love of his own.
    Ten years later, Eddie—as unhappy as ever—is getting divorced from his wife and trying to deal with being the sudden primary caregiver of his disabled son all while balancing his career and the found family around him.
    Then Buck shows up on his doorstep.



    (Banner by the incredible, @floralbuckleys ♥️ )
    #buddie#buddie fic#911#911 fic#evan buckley#eddie diaz #911 on fox #buddiefanfiction#tidesfic#my writing#YEEEET #hope you enjoy!! #this is one of my favorite chapters
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