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  • birdsdroneseyes
    28.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    ISS passed overhead September 28, 2021 at 05:40PM

    From September 28, 2021 at 05:40PM, until September 28, 2021 at 05:51PM, the International Space Station passed over overhead for 629 seconds.

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  • luxealluresims
    28.09.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Luxe Kids Playhouse Daycare

    - Main Office 

    - Nurse

    - Infant Room ( Age 1m-18m )

    - Main Playroom ( Age 2y-5y )

    - Yum Yum Lunchroom

    - Nap time Area

    - Outdoor Playground

    - Kiddie Gardening Area

    This Daycare came out soo Cute !!!

    #sims4#sims4cc #sims 4 custom content #sims 4 build #sims4daycare
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  • dragonofanagod
    28.09.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    A Midnight Conversation

    The fire burned bright in the forest floor, surrounded by rocks and not well enough cleared. Djak stared at the glowing wood in the flames, almost but not quite numb to the world. The twenty-three-year-old human-elf hybrid man was alone, and he couldn't decide if he was okay with that. He knew he didn't like it, but it was that or dealing with people again.

    He didn't want to do that, either. He groaned aloud at the very thought. He let his legs down and sat up to get up, but he couldn't remember what he was going to do. He shook his flask to check the volume. He checked his backpack to see if he had the bigger flask. It was empty. Damn.

    Djak put the drink back in his pocket and he looked around again, trying to remember what it was he wanted to do.


    He needed to sleep, but he didn't want to sleep. He felt like shit.

    Djak leapt to his feet when he heard a tenor voice call, "Hoi!" from the darkness.

    The fire was too bright, Djak realized suddenly. Everything and everyone forever around could see it, and he was sitting out in the open and drunk, and now he couldn't see out of his lit area either...

    "Are you okay?" the voice asked then. Same voice, much closer, to Djak's left. He stumbled when he turned to face it, but he still couldn't see anyone.

    "I've only got a couple hunting knives on me, and they're put up," promised the voice, and Djak finally saw something moving way too close. If he'd been trying to attack, Djak wouldn't have had a chance.

    The man was bestial, Djak realized as he stepped into the light. The fur pattern was why he blended in--jaguar print or something, rosette rings that went from the back of the gold-brown scruffy hair, around his neck and down his chest and some of his arms. He was strong, fit, lean; his face was handsome if effeminate for how soft it was, framed with soft-looking fur mutton chops. Djak recognized the boarskin hide his vest was made from, and he knew that giant serpents could get huge, but that two-foot fang the man carried as a knife was beyond Djak's imagination.

    "You okay?" the man asked again, leaning closer to Djak. Djak turned away and stumbled back to the fire and sat back down where he'd been. If this guy wanted to fight him and take his stuff, he was doomed. He might as well play nice. Gods, but what if...

    "You're not with the ones in the northeast valley, are you?" Djak asked, pointing northeast (he hoped). He looked up at the furrowed brow of the cat-like man and realized how wrong that was to have asked, even if he had asked right. "I mean. Shit. I'm an asshole," he sighed, and he went back to the fire. He got a swig from his flask before he remembered he was trying to save it.

    Djak watched the man's face as he relaxed, then smiled kindly and knelt at the fire so that Djak could see him but was comfortably far away. "You mean the werekin village." He shook his head. "I have a cousin up that way, and my brother stopped there to have a couple kids a few years ago, one of the girls liked him. Few niblings, I think, never sure who's on the path."

    Djak liked the way he spoke. It was gentle and calm. He had missed that warmth. The guy's teeth were cat-like, too, with big fangs.

    He didn't know what to say, now. He just felt like an ass.

    "You have problems with the ones in the northeast valley?" asked the man, now. "You don't have to tell me," he added quickly. "Family's up there, I get it."

    Djak brushed it off and batted the thoughts away with a dismissive hand. "It's old news, some stupid mess that is a lot harder than it has to be," he moaned, and he covered his head. He didn't want to think about it right now.

    "Yeah?" the guy asked. "What's going on?"

    Djak looked up at him again. Still calm, still relaxed. It wasn't even like that time he met with the kid or those hunters with the leathermen. It was like a cat that was well-fed and at home. Djak guessed he was. "You're a nomad?" he asked.

    The man nodded happily. "I'll come down here for the fish on the river, I like to escort the Scribes around, hunting's great in the Edged Lands."

    Djak knew the stories about the shifters on the river. "Walker?" he asked. "Waterwalker?" he added, trying to remember. "What was it?"

    "Ancestors," the guy agreed, slightly less comfortable now.

    "Hundreds of years later and there's still nightmare stories told about them," Djak muttered. "Sorry, that's just. I'm. Having. A shitty time." He moaned again. "You're bein' nice and I'm being an asshole."

    If the man minded at all, it didn't show. Instead, he used a stick to arrange Djak's fire for him, getting it lower and less hungry but keeping the light. "You seem like you've been having a shitty time," the man agreed. "What's up with these other werekin in the valley? Are they why you're having a shitty time?"

    Djak rolled the question in his head. "Naw," he finally admitted. "They're not helping, but it's the whole thing, it's a mess, the guild and Ag and Vic and them, and this kid, it's a mess."

    "What's going on?"

    Djak was afraid he'd heard about them, but apparently not. He hoped that stayed that way. "Territory thing," he finally admitted. "Only. We're being the assholes. Easy. It's not. I can't. I don't know, I hate it. Ag and Vic won't let us back down, and the guild won't let us back down, but I hate it and it's stupid. I don't see why they won't come off it--it's just this big ass patch of land they won't let us trap in, only they won't hunt in it, either, and it's right on the border of territory and it's even easier for us to get to it than them, but they won't let us have it!"

    The man nodded slowly. "What's wrong with that? Isn't enough outside of the place?"

    Djak burned with shame. He knew he was fucking up, he knew he was letting the others get him into shit he knew better than to do, but telling someone else aloud...

    He chewed on it.

    "You still don't have to talk about it," the man said, and he picked at the fire. "You're a hunter?" He looked over Djak's pack. He didn't have his traps on him right now, he left them with Vic back at the shack.

    "Trapper," Djak said softly. That had become another source of shame, that damn kid kept rubbing it in...

    The man kept his face straight, but Djak felt like he was being laughed at anyway. He hid his face as it flushed, and the man leaned toward him to look, but then rocked away again.

    "You're really having a shitty time," he agreed with Djak again. "You can talk to me if you want. If you don't, that's fine, but I can see you need the company right now, so I'm gonna be here, okay?"

    Djak's eyes watered, and he fought down a sob that tightened his chest. He wasn't going to cry because a stranger was nice to him, dammit. Gods, but that was more than he'd gotten out of even his 'friends' in ages.

    Djak did want to talk about it, but he felt like the guy might get mad at him. "I just don't get why they won't come off the land," he complained again, and he tried to brush off the looping thoughts of shame.

    "It's kinda like farming. You know how a field wouldn't look used if you watched it? That's why you feel like it's not being used. They're using it. They're making sure everything flourishes as freely as it can in that spot, so it'll eat well and breed well. However big it is, it's probably a real important part of the forest life around here."

    The man's tones were not condescending. They weren't angry. They were calm and informative, and Djak felt like the guy would be a good teacher in a lot of ways.

    But now he just felt worse, and he curled up into a ball to cover his head and moan into his legs. "Fuck."

    The stranger waited for Djak to come out of himself, and Djak saw him smiling kindly as he peeked out from under his arm. "I'm sorry the help was unpleasant," he said eventually. "Why did that make you feel worse?"

    "For fuck's sake," Djak moaned. "Vic's got us started on this half-ass fucking proxy war, or some shit, that's what he said, but the territory agreements were made and he didn't like 'em and since he wasn't there when they put the lines down, he decided he was gonna be a jerk about it until they came off it, just put traps there anyway."

    The stranger didn't respond, instead waiting patiently, and Djak felt the need to continue. "And his traps started turning up set off but empty, and then they started turning up broken. And these traps are metal, they're tough, they're made to hold bears and somehow they were coming up broken! At first it was just the traps in that area, but then they started breaking all of his traps, and then they started breaking all of everyone's traps for, like, miles, fucking miles."

    The man was still waiting, and Djak gave up. "And we fought with them and fought with them about stopping whoever that was in our territory, we thought it was all of them, or at least a bunch--and finally they tell us that it's one kid that's been doing all this damage, and they tell us they can't stop her from breaking stuff in their territory--she's allowed to be there and anything she can get her hands on there is stuff she's allowed to get her hands on , and it's such bullshit!"

    The man didn't laugh when Djak said it was a kid. Instead, he looked thoughtful, maybe a little concerned. "You think the villagers are lying?"

    "I did, but I know they're not now." Djak got to his feet and walked quickly in a circle, then began to half-circle the fire. "I've seen the little girl, she likes to fuck with us by showing up and then fucking disappearing, it's like losing a snake in the leaves the way this kid goes into the trees, it's fucked, and she's always laughing at us! She's always breaking our traps, stealing our food; she's put snakes in our sleeping bags, she used to rip the hammocks up and all kinds of shit! Calls us bad hunters! She's just fucking awful!"

    The man was still frowning with concern. "Does she still bother you guys in your territory?"

    But Djak was already going off. He'd remembered and each memory brought back another one. "She buried my whole backpack!" he cried. "One time she stole all our boots and she put each one in a trap she locked shut! Ruined all of them!"

    The man waited for Djak to finish before he asked again, "Does she still invade? Steal your things or break traps in your territory?

    "Nah. She only got caught the once, but they knew it was her, so she had to pay Vic back in furs." Djak hated that, too. If he'd had to hunt down enough fur to pay for repairs on five traps, he'd still be going.

    "Why'd you call it a proxy war?" asked the stranger. If anything, he had gotten calmer in the face of Djak's upset. He was still sitting back on his hands, legs folded.

    "'cos Vic did," he sighed. "He had to tell me what it meant, but I think he's right. The shifters... werekin," he muttered. "Kin to weres, I like that. But the werekin village up there and the trappers' guild. Vic says they're the ones fighting, and me and him and Ag and the kid are all just the champions or representatives or fighters or soldiers or whatever. But--we say that--the kid has rules. They've been letting her fuck with us with rules. They won't tell us, 'cos they're not our rules, but they did say that every step we go into their territory, she's allowed in ours! She's allowed to hide stuff but not keep it! She doesn't even steal the furs, she says we're no good at collecting them!"

    The man didn't say anything, but Djak felt the look and he wanted to cry again. "It wouldn't be so bad if we weren't losing like this."

    That, the stranger did think was funny. "You feel like you're losing? How come?"

    Djak roared with anger and stomped around the fire. "She makes our lives hell! If we even step half a foot out of the bounds--and we're supposed to have a gap between!--she's right there, stealing every ounce of cheese in our backpacks!"

    "Well you can't really blame anyone for that," the stranger laughed. "I'd steal your cheese, too!"

    Shit, so would Djak. He tried to stew on it, but his brain wouldn't let him, and now he just wanted some cheese. He was still burning with the embers of his rage, and Djak felt like he needed to fight or something, but then the stranger interrupted him.

    "So why not just stop?"

    Djak moaned again. He almost had it. "'cos Ag and Vic won't let us. They don't wanna lose to a kid. Especially that kid."

    The stranger chuckled softly. "I guess I understand that. But you do realize--she's werekin, right? I guess she's small, 'cos you keep calling her a kid, and she's probably even younger than a human her size would be--but she's a beast, she's not a furry human. She's probably even better in that forest than a nomad child would be just because she knows it so well. If she's running in circles around you, it's because she's a cub in her own forest; not because there's something small or weak about you."

    Djak tried not to feel it, and he failed, and he hid his face as he choked on the sob forcing its way out. He had needed that badly. But now he didn't know what to do with that reassurance.

    "Hey, so, is that why you're having a shitty time?" the man asked. "The friends making you feel like you have to be an asshole, and that kid making you feel small?"

    Djak heard it and he thought about the drink and her and he let it go again. "Got a few more fuckups under my belt," he admitted.

    But the man didn't mind. Instead, he smiled again. "Yeah, that's life for you. Gotta fuck it up a few times before you get it right." He grinned, then. "You got any better ideas than trapping? You're out in the Edged Lands, I reckon you could run off and start doing something else pretty safely."

    Djak frowned. "Like what?"

    The man frowned back. "I dunno," he admitted. "I'm a hunter. You smell like salt, you from the ocean? Or the strait? Think you could try fishing?"

    Djak rocked harder than he meant to, and he fell back to sitting. "I smell like salt?" he asked incredulously. He hadn't been home in years, how could he still smell like salt?

    The man tapped his nose. "Keen nose." He grinned again. "You thought about fishing any?"

    Djak frowned. "Maybe?"

    The stranger beamed. "Good. This life is no good for you."

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  • dirtydragonthoughts
    28.09.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    The Cracks Beneath Your Feet: Part 4 (IDW2 Review Issue 10)

    Pitch: Fear spreads through Cybertron, leading more and more citizens into the waiting arms of the Ascenticon movement—making Bumblebee’s new job as part of the Guard much more difficult. Meanwhile, Chromia and Windblade follow-up on a lead, but digging up the dirt will put them face-to-face with a new foe…


    After the action of the last issue, we are back to more politicking and positioning of pieces on the chessboard. People who read Transformers comics for the explosions and battles would be disappointed in this issue, but it's definitely helping set up the explosion that everyone can see sparking on the horizon.

    There are some very interesting dynamics being set up in this issue, most notably between Megatron and Shockwave. The scheming scientist is back to his Marvel role as someone who's not totally onside with Megatron's aims (and would prefer to be the one calling the shots), but who is quite willing to use Megatron as a means to an end. To that light, it's very clear that Megatron has set some things in motion – some purposefully, some not – that are starting to roll in the wrong direction.

    To use the chess analogy again, Shockwave is a piece that Megatron plays poorly.

    The issue ends with the previously-announced return of Sentinal Prime, and he is PISSED.

    Favourite Panel

    Angry Prowl is always an easy way to get my undivided attention.


    The issue starts off with a silent march for Brainstorm and Rubble, a protest in their honour. Elita-1 also mentions that there are similar marches happening all over the planet, in places like Uraya and Crystal City.


    Um. Skitters apparently go squish when you run over them.


    And we have our first real sighting of a titan! Sentinel Prime's ship is actually a titan named Lodestar, who we get to meet in a future issue. She lands and transformers after her passengers disembark, and I loved her as soon as I saw her. 💗

    Politics and History

    When I picture a Senate, I think of a large gathering of representatives. However, Orion and Megatron attend a meeting of Senators that looks like it's only got six people in attendance. So I presume that this is a special council (perhaps one given to lead while Sentinel Prime is away). This is backed up by the little circles over each of their chairs. Orion mentions that the Autobots hold twice the Senate seats of any other faction. On their seats, Orion's got four orbs, Megatron has two, Heretech and Crisscross have one each. I thought that was a neat little way to show their relative importance!

    In his meeting with Megatron, Shockwave mentions he was one of the people exiled by Nominus Prime.

    Final Thoughts

    Definitely not as action-packed as the last one, and yet another setup issue, but I can kind of see where we're going. But again, this part of the continuity definitely reads better in a chunk, rather than issue-by-issue.


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    28.09.2021 - 17 minutes ago


    #IM BUILDING UP FUCK #suicide joke tw
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    28.09.2021 - 23 minutes ago


    #only murders #only murders in the building #omitb
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  • louderthanabombb
    28.09.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    I haven't been this excited about a murder mystery since How To Get Away With Murder season 1!

    #only murders in the building #omitb
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  • imposterogers
    28.09.2021 - 25 minutes ago
    #only murders in the building
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  • sidleyparkhermit
    28.09.2021 - 25 minutes ago
    #omitb theories#jan (omitb) #only murders in the building #omitb #also I really wanna know if the suspiciously quick arrival of jan's note under charles's door is a clue or just a slight editing problem #THIS is the perennial problem with tv mysteries. all collaborative human endeavors are jam packed with randomness #that's just how it is
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  • bawdza
    28.09.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    Tamara Frasier took away a girlboss/malewife dynamic. For that she is forever on thin ice

    #carmen sandiego#dexter wolfe#vera cruz#carlotta valdez #breaking news: man who used to parkour off buildings scared of monkey bars thanks to daughter #i love carmen's canon journey but her parents story just reallyyy mmmm parallels #i downloaded a square brush and it SLAps but it gets really pixelated so :// #my art #cs team really went off when designing the parents #Julias mom absolute goddess #carmens mom *chefs kiss* #if i was interested in men shadowsan and wolfe would definitely be dilfs #this blade reminds me of my wife strong and very sexy #wolfe probably #im trying something new with drawing but idk how i feel about it
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  • serenasims
    28.09.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Семья Берг-Ваторе, часть 3

    Переехали в отель получше. С собственным пляжем и рестораном. До полудня не регистрировались, чтобы не сняли дважды плату за сутки. Строили замки на песке, загорали и искали ракушки. Ракушки наверное выкопали другие гости отеля, потому что нашли только крабов XD 

    Пробил полдень, можно выбирать номер. Портье - В отеле очень дорого! Лучше купите дачу! Угу, вас забыли спросить, где нам лучше отдыхать XD 

    Пообедали в ресторане и снова на экскурсию. На этот раз повезло и получили по баллу логики :)

    #ts2 #build a city challenge #bacc berg-vatore 3
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  • mgicorp
    28.09.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    —Steel and concrete made for hammering.

    #demolition #construction #heavyduty #mgiconstruction #build #heavyequipment #constructinghistory #mgicorp

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  • louderthanabombb
    28.09.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Oh this was the best episode of the season so far. It felt so stylized and respectful. What a phenomenal episode of television.

    #only murders in the building #omitb spoilers#omitb
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  • staticspaces
    28.09.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    The Key House

    Here is the link to the brand new video!!


    To kick off this new location today we have some photos of the exterior of the home as well as some teaser photos from the inside!! Look at how overgrown the front of the house is!!

    I don't know what to say about this house, it had a kitchen, a fireplace and a staircase. lol Seriously though, it was a very simple large home with white walls and nothing that stood out all that much to me other than being a very nice house.  The staircase had a nice stained finish to it and the kitchen was large with lots of cupboard space, the fireplaces had metal wooden ornaments hanging above them as well.

    The home still had power and the basement was gutted about two feet up from the floor.  They obviously had some flooding at one point as the furnace, ductwork and metal railing on the stairs were all very rusted.  There was what was once new drywall but had since been covered in mold and has started to disintegrate.  A sump pump running in the basement that sounds like it is past its useful life hints to the fact that the pump failed at some point when nobody was living there.  There are other hints throughout the home at a failed renovation with a few paint cans, newish trim work and a few small tools laying about.  It seems as though they will not be returning to continue the work that was started!

    Several years ago, the owners were trying to rent out the home for $3200 per month which is a lot of money but probably average given the area and the fact that it is for the entire house.  The listing had seen been removed.  Judging by the price of other similar properties in the area, I would imagine that this one would sell for at least $4,000,000, other mansions nearby that are newer are selling anywhere from $7-$12 million, it's a fairly pricey area!  I don't know why this home is sitting here in this state, maybe it's an investment property, maybe they plan to tear it down and build new or maybe the owners ran out of money while renovating or changed their plan.

    What do you think happened here? Let me know down in the comments!! Also what do you think about this house in general, would you live here?

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  • bio-stims
    28.09.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    the camera obscura for anon

    x x x / x x x / x x x

    ( x )

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  • beingmature
    28.09.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    A shady grayscale hideaway

    The jungle-look house fascinated me.

    It's a rare sight in a hot dry city.

    I could sense its tranquility from a far.

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  • serenasims
    28.09.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    Семья Берг-Ваторе, часть 3

    На следующий день навестили жреца. Жрец обозначил фронт работ и ушел спать в гамаке. Серега занялся починкой электроприборов, а Калеб - сантехникой и уборкой. Когда все было отремонтировано, жрец подарил гостям ненужную ему куклу вуду и улегся в пенную ванну. Когда еще к нему в хижину занесет чудаков, а эти ванны так быстро ломаются! Надо пользоваться моментом. 

    #ts2 #build a city challenge #bacc berg-vatore 3
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