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  • doilookskinny
    18.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I swear moms are the ones who start eating disorders. 2 years ago I asked her how many cals I should be eating and she said 1000. I never forgot that. I had started eating better and trying to recover bc she started getting scared for me and I said I was eating 1500 and she said "why so much" and she wonders why I ate the way I did (and will continue to do now)

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  • doilookskinny
    18.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    This was my first day back into restricting and instead of eating 1500 cals I ate 1214!! (Still a lot but still progress) also I ran a mile and did a 25-30 min workout (would have been at 900 but I had a whole tub of halo top. That's why I ran a mile) hopefully tmrw I'll do better.

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  • doilookskinny
    17.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    I HAVE A NEW FAV SAFE FOOD. (anyone can try ofc) it's also SUPER DUPER easy to make and is so yummy. (especially for summer!) all you will need is ice, water and zero calorie flavoring syrup. (I use orange flavoring) and then you blend it in a blender and then boom you have a zero cal slushy! So yummy and actually filling too! Everyone should try :) <333

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  • 10ll410ll1
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    I really love this picture of me. I wished I always looked like this, I just want to cut all of the fat off. My mom took my scale so I don’t know how much I weigh but I haven’t been eating much. It’s like I don’t even get hungry anymore and when I do get hungry little things fill me up. I just need to keep going until I get to where I want.

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  • anamiabb
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    anyone want to be ana buddies?

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  • fishsis22
    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    June 16🌺

    Breakfast: strawberry actimel (75)

    Lunch: 450ml broth, 200g parsley potato and 100g lettuce (268)

    Dinner: strawberry and rhubarb chutney, 35g Pufuletti puffed corn sticks which are technically for babies but here we are (388)

    Snack: vanilla pudding (108) truly is an addiction and I need to stop

    I did Bretman’s ABSolutely not ab workout and did 2 sets of legs and a set of HIIT. I count them as circuit trainings so they are around 170/180 calories

    All: 838 (660 wo/the burned calories)

    Yesterday I binged and forgot to take laxatives so ig I have to take them today bc tmr is my birthday and I got to have a flat stomach😌

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  • dalay-blogs-blog
    16.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Se supone que cuando llegara a 50kl me sentiría mejor y me vería mejor,ahora tengi 45kl y me veo igual o solo es esa percepción que dicen q se tiene con la bulimia,nolose,solo quiero ser bonita.

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  • fishsis22
    15.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    June 15🌺

    Lunch: 1 toffifee (43) (we were meant to give the whole box to our teacher but we don’t like him so we ate it and didn’t want to miss out😩)

    Snacks: 2 peaches, 500g watermelon, vanilla pudding and a stupid pastry (696🤢)

    Dinner: strawberry and rhubarb chutney (170)

    My mom wants to take me to a doctor cuz we suspect I have ibs, and we have to do sth about it cuz I can’t skip school bc I feel shitty. The point is, she said that I’m always feeling shitty on Fridays bc I eat a bunch of junk of Thursdays, and I said no and she said yes and I got really mad at her bc she doesn’t know that I’m sick cuz I purge but I also wouldn’t tell her that in this lifetime. And bc being mad is a pretty intense emotion, I started emotional eating, but I just did a big ass porridge with apple and now I’m kinda full so hopefully that was the “binge”.

    So ig all: around 1300cals🥶

    Oh and I didn’t workout today but I walked 2.8 km and that burned 35 calories which is basically nothing but yeah

    Thx for coming for my TED talk🤠

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  • bl00dyth1ghs
    15.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    TW: ed/body checking/mention of weight

    this is a photo from 2 days ago? maybe 3 today my parents forced me to eat for absolutely no reason. i’m trying to go two days without eating

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  • fishsis22
    14.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    June 14🌺

    Breakfast: strawberry actimel and espresso (75)

    Lunch: 450ml broth and homemade sweet cottage cheese donuts (mama made it so I had to eat some of it, ngl it was bussin) (395)

    Dinner:~700g Watermelon (210)

    Snack:~20g tesco grizzly bear gummies (66)


    I walked 5,3km and that burned 63 calories and I also danced for like an hour and a bit

    #anorekic#bulimxa#bulimua #just ana shit #model thin #tw eating stuff #weightloss #just ed stuff #tw ed stuff #anarecia#anorekcia#bulimba#bulimina
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  • reapers-skinny-fairy
    12.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    Today has been a very hard binge/purge cycle. I’m very upset with myself but I can’t stop. I’m pro recovery for everyone except me. I just need to vent because I have no one to talk to and I feel really alone doing this cycle. I was 48 hours into a fast and then broke it with a binge

    Smh 🤦🏼‍♀️...

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  • brisbaneroleplay
    11.06.2021 - 6 days ago
    Age: 42 years old Date of birth: March 3rd, 1979 Gender and preferred pronouns: Cis man - He/Him Occupation: Entrepreneur/ Owner of El Camino Cantina and The Beat Megaclub Place of birth: Santiago, Chile Neighborhood: Bulimba Length of residency in Brisbane: 21 years


    A coward like no other, Alonso moved from Chile to Brisbane after meeting his newborn daughter for the first time. Using the excuse of being young, foolish, and needing to provide, he left his hometown city of Santiago and joined his uncle in Brisbane, learning everything he could from his business expertise, sending money back home as his way of justifying the relief he felt without a baby around.
    Truth be told, being a father was not in his plans and he knew the baby would be surrounded by love. Money he could send, yes, and he did, lots of it, but love? Love is something Alonso could have never provided.
    So years passed, his name grew bigger, his business wider. One, two, three, now almost twelve buildings had his name on, his success undeniable. But it's easy to focus on your job when in your personal life there are only things to avoid.


    + sociable, charming, confident  -  self centered, bossy, arrogant

    portrayed by Pedro Pascal and played by Cami

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  • brisbaneroleplay
    11.06.2021 - 6 days ago
    Age: 31 years old Date of birth: November 23rd, 1989 Gender and preferred pronouns: Cis woman - She/her Occupation: Travel Journalist Place of birth: Brisbane, Australia Neighborhood: Bulimba Length of residency in Brisbane: Been back for three weeks


    María Elena was the result of an affair and an unwanted marriage. Her father was married when María’s mother found herself pregnant with her and without thinking twice, he dissolved his last marriage to be with her. Valeria Alonso was a charming woman, nearly irresistible in her charms. She was a carefree spirit and someone who had gone with the wind her whole life. A pregnancy and marriage for a long time had the meaning of shackles for her and even when she married Alfonso, she had been questioning herself why she had done it exactly. She never really wanted him to leave his then wife. It was far from the plan, but when he did— the poor woman had a one year old girl, she couldn’t help but think that his relationship with her would be tainted for the rest of their lives.
    Alfonso was not a bad man. Just bad at love. His life had not been easy, migrating from Mexico, to Cuba, to finally settling for a life across the globe in Australia when he had finally found his passion in surfing, the man was not a settler either, but there was just something in Valeria. Maybe it was the feel of home of being with someone who was born in the same place as he had. Or maybe it was just his bad choices. He tried his best to balance his life between his old wife and his new one. Alfonso and Valeria didn’t have a fairy tale romance, it was more so of a few nights of heated passion turned into a few years of domestic life neither of them had asked for. María Elena had been the one suffering for it, even though she wouldn’t think it all to be bad.
    Her mother was carefree alright. So carefree that in more than one occasion had them taken impromptu trips to neighboring cities or countries, only for María Elena to be left in an ice cream stand with a sticker on her backpack telling adults who she belonged to and how to get her home. More than once had Valeria felt suffocated in the life she had been trusted upon and running away had always been the motto. It would become María Elena’s too. In some ways, she would become more like her mother than she was up to realizing. She remembers being around 10 when she last saw her mother, they went all the way to Sydney and once María had her ice cream, Valeria turned around and never came back for her or to their family.
    It was hard, while growing up, understand why her father allowed her mother in, each and every time she returned. He could have saved them both a lot of heartache, and it was something María would carry within her, her whole life. Outside of that, she was the perfect balance of the two of them. From her father, she absolutely loved to be in the water, and the fickleness came from her mother, the carefreeness, but in a way where she could absolutely not treat anything the way it was supposed to, with the seriousness it was supposed to have. María was just as charming and alluring, which often got herself in trouble more than not, and most of all, she dreamed about a life outside of Brisbane. She had already done quite a bit of traveling with her father, because of his occupation as a professional surfer, but from the moment she was 18 and forward, María packed her bags and took her first plane and never looked back.
    When she was about 22, somewhere in Africa, she met editor-in-chief of a travel magazine who offered her a good payout for her words. María lived mostly cheaply in her travels and never really thought of something more expensive, her travelling had always been done on a budged and now she was getting paid to write about it. She managed to make it to the mainland for holidays and sometimes, for her father’s birthdays, but more than that, Maria did not want anything else. About three weeks ago, her father suffered an extensive injury in his leg while surfing and asked María to return and take care of his small surfing classes for the time being until at least they figure out what’ll happen. Its been three weeks and María has been itching to run away again, but is doing her best to be around for her father.


    + charming, carefree, gregarious - fickle, impulsive, reckless

    portrayed by Melissa Barrera and played by Rosa

    #melissa barrera fc #all#cis woman#bulimba #ab: maria elena
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  • afatbitchedgy
    11.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    English: I did this for encouragement as well as a way to keep it on hand.

    Español: Hice esto para animarme además de una forma de tenerlo a la mano.

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  • anamiabb
    10.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    i am so unhappy with myself

    no one looks at me with admiration

    there’s nothing to admire

    i don’t deserve to be loved

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  • reapers-skinny-fairy
    09.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Downed a whole bottle of delsym and now I feel great💀 I’m not hungry and I’m tripping balls. Also I’m about to go to the dispensary so I’m happy with life rn 💀🤍🍵

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  • brisbaneroleplay
    08.06.2021 - 1 week ago
    Age: 33 years old Date of birth: April 27th, 1988 Gender and preferred pronouns: Cis woman - She/her Occupation: Psychologist at Mater Hospital Place of birth: New York, New York  Neighborhood: Bulimba Length of residency in Brisbane: 2 years


    The best form to summarize Yasemin would be that she’s the perfect problem solver; and yet, she has no control over the outcomes when the subject is personal. Yasemin was the result of a reckless night with a stranger on a trip, and experiencing something new; Elcin just could never know that an adventure would lead to a pregnancy. On a cold night in April, in New York, Elcin had her first experience of staring in the dark eyes of the baby in her arms, and it was enough for her to be certain that Yasemin was the best result she could ask for from days spent outside of the United States. And although she had never been able to contact the person considered Min’s birth father, Elcin promised herself to shower her child with love for as much as she could. 
    At first, stories that merged reality with a beautiful image of countless descriptions for her father kept Yasemin’s faith alive that, one day, she would meet him. Eventually, the truth had to come and perhaps that was why it became harder to accept a new family, to stare in the eyes of Sara and her mother and understand this was her new reality. At least, until she started to see in Sara a friend and in Isabella, a second mother. Family was written unexpectedly in verses that made her life sweeter. Even if, sometimes, questions about her father would scratch their way to the surface, Yasemin was certain that she was lucky to have a family to call her own. And it had been that way from the moment she was finally introduced to pieces of the puzzle that completed her chapters and the Özacar-Yoon family was the picture formed. 
    Though not accepted by the family and hiding it from them due to their negative ideologies, Elcin lived happily with Isabella, which was, in fact, the first relationship the young woman shared with Yasemin. And, at first, unaware of the reasons behind it, Yasemin was rarely visiting her grandparents, and whenever they did pick her up to spend the weekend with them, Elcin would tell her to keep herself quiet about Isabella. When she was old enough, she decided to stop visiting her grandparents altogether, after all, in a way, they were erasing and neglecting Yasemin as well. Besides, in her perspective, her beliefs were far from values her grandparents would live by. Yasemin would focus on the idea that faith’s developed in uncertainty, and that it embraced everybody with unconditional love. 
    Family is important to her and has always been, she’ll quite often put them first in her life and would do anything for them. It was also why in high school she was constantly having her sibling’s back whenever it was needed.
    It was transparent to anyone in her life how important studies were for her. Yasemin wanted to leave her mark in the world, to construct something important, or to, at least offer her knowledge to those who needed it. Her type of intelligence came in the shape of interpersonal intelligence mostly. Min adored observing people, and it was easy to find her studying instead of partying, hardly being the troubling teenager Elcin had expected her to be. It wasn’t to say that Yasemin wouldn’t give her mothers a headache, it just didn’t happen as often as it usually happened to the few teenagers Min was friends with.
    Time passed by and Yasemin Graduated in Psychology at Columbia University. It was the best years of her life, not only because of what she was able to accomplish in the work field she had chosen, but also because it gave her the chance of meeting the person she considered the love of her life. She had two significant others in her entire life that the woman actually considered as serious relationships, and the second one proposed to her during the last year of her doctorate degree. Their relationship lasted for a little bit more than eight years and one week before their wedding, he decided to call it off. There wasn’t much that was shared with Yasemin besides a vague excuse that he couldn’t do that anymore. She was left heartbroken and alone to deal with all the headache to return gifts and let all the family know about his decision and that the wedding would no longer occur. It’s been two years but it doesn’t mean that it hurts any less. 
    Though she didn’t tell her mothers at first — mostly due to the issues that came with the knowledge of Sara wanting to meet her parents back in the day —, Yasemin found out that her biological father lived in Brisbane and after being left by her fiance, it became the perfect excuse to have a change of scenario, leaving New York behind and everything she had built in the city only finding comfort in the invitation to have her sister tagging along in this journey. She hasn’t yet shared that information with the man that’s her father — after all in a big city that has more than one person with that name, she has yet to figure out who’s really her father, and Yasemin is, deep down, afraid of the consequences that such information could bring to all of their lives. 
    For now, she’s solely focusing on her career after getting a job at Mater Hospital, building a life for herself in the city and getting used to the idea of not being someone’s wife. In fact, learning how to be single all over again. 


    + warmhearted, honest, charming -  impatient, temperamental, workaholic

    portrayed by Melisa Aslı Pamuk and played by Vee

    #melisa pamuk fc #all#bulimba#ab: yasemin #homophobia mention tw
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  • brisbaneroleplay
    07.06.2021 - 1 week ago
    Age: 30 years old Date of birth: March 20th, 1991 Gender and preferred pronouns: Cis woman - She/Her Occupation: Personal assistant & aspiring Stylist Place of birth: Seoul, South Korea Neighborhood: Bulimba Length of residency in Brisbane: 2 years


    Her name meant 'love' in Korean. Sarang. But love was not something familiar to her, even as a baby. Sara had been born out of wedlock to a young woman who, after having to suffer through the amount of judgement that was placed upon her shoulders for being a single mother, couldn’t afford to keep her anymore. She was left at a train station at the age of two and taken to an orphanage. Sara was then offered to a couple in the United States, which was when she first came into the life of Isabella Yoon, the woman who fostered her until her US family was ready to take her home.
    They changed her name to Sara to make it more suitable to her new reality. They tried to create bonds with her, however, having a weak immune system as a child, in a few months Sara had paid more visits to the hospital than the couple could afford, which resulted in them sending her back to the care of Isabella until a new family was found suitable for her. The Dumas couple fell in love with her as soon as they laid eyes on her; a couple who had been trying to get pregnant on their own, but to no end, and so, to their house she went… and in their house she stayed until Mrs. Dumas discovered she was pregnant a few months later. The couple decided not to go further with the adoption process.
    Isabella, as a woman of faith, saw it as a sign. Having no children of her own and already being used to the little girl, Isabella decided to adopt her. All the process and adoption paperwork were finalized around Sara’s 4th birthday. And, as a way for life to redeem itself for having put her through hell and back at such a young age, as a bonus, Sara also won another mother and an adoptive sister, when Isabella and her partner Elcin, officialized their union by moving in together. Growing up in a house with different languages, cultures and religions, both Sara and her sister Yasemin were taught respect from the get go. Not only how to respect others, but also, to demand to be respected by others.
    Her curiosity about her biological family started rising inside of her when she was in middle school, but Sara only made it known to her mothers a few years later, when she asked Isabella to help her track them down. This caused some tension to arise between Isabella and her, and it took a toll on both women. Isabella couldn’t understand why, after all of this time, Sara wanted to meet the person who had forced her to have gone through everything had gone through as a small child.
    Despite not agreeing with it, Isabella still got in contact with her friends in adoption agencies across the city and after a lot of effort being put into it, lots of heated arguments and tears in the Ozacar-Yoon household, there was finally word that they had managed to track down Sara’s birth mother. Aiming to find that woman and looking to improve her Korean, Sara put her college classes on hold and moved to South Korea a little before her 20th birthday.
    She got a temporary job as a secretary in a company, then on another, and another, until she ended up as a secretary for one of the members of the Seong family, who owned one of Seoul’s most dependable and richest companies in the technology field. Not that she cared about any of that. Her plans were to stay in Seoul just until her next birthday, anyways. The reason why it took some time between her arrival and the meeting with her birth mother, was because the older woman remained hesitant about it until the very last minute… and she decided not to meet Sara.
    Heartbroken and devastated, the sudden change in her demeanor was noticed even by her boss’s brother, who one day found her crying during her lunch break and took an interest in her life. She didn’t think much of Moon Bin Seong at first, and, being one of the heirs to this empire, Sara kept her distance. His charming ways and the way he seemed to genuinely care for her, however, ended up easing her heart. Before she could fight her own feelings, Sara was looking forward to seeing him every day.
    Their daily conversations turned into dates, which turned into being in a relationship with someone who treated her like no one outside her family had before. Sara was thrown into the mess that was his family, and it was just like things she’d only seen in movies: people stabbing others in the back, plotting schemes to ruin other people’s reputations, not to mention, the poisonous words and glares Moon Bin’s mother would profess to the ones she did not like… and if there was someone that woman didn’t like, that person was Sara. The woman deemed their relationship to be improper due to Sara’s background and made sure to tell her that. It only worsened after they went against everyone’s wishes and announced their engagement. No matter how hard both she and Moon Bin tried, there seemed not to be a way to change his mother’s mind about it.
    When Moon Bin filed for the divorce a few years later, it completely blindsided Sara. Things weren’t perfect, but she didn’t think her husband would ever comply with his mother’s wishes, either. As much as she didn’t want to give up on them, when Sara found out that she was expecting a child a few weeks later, she realized that this divorce needed to happen. Knowing how powerful her husband’s family was and fearing the type of hold they’d have on their child, Sara agreed on signing the divorce papers if it meant that Moon Bin would leave his family out of her and their son’s life. He agreed.
    Sara returned to New York to be with her family and there was where her son was born, in the beginning of a colorful October, surrounded by the kind of love that only the Narvaez and Ozacar women knew how to give. That same love was what led Sara to accompany her sister Yasemin to Brisbane about a year later, when the other woman decided to start fresh somewhere else. They both needed this and Sara, although still struggling to understand where she fits in this world, whether as a mother, as a professional or as a woman, has found enough strength to keep going through her own self-discovery journey.


    + sweet, dependable, resilient -  emotional, reserved, skeptical

    portrayed by Im Jin Ah and played by Bru

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