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  • it occurs to me that it would be archaic but correct to describe antibiotic-resistant bacteria strains as ‘physic-defying.’

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  • Ich lese deinen Brief.. Immer wieder. Was bin ich nur für ein Idiot.. Du willst mich nicht in deinem Leben haben und ich mache es schlimmer.. Das es nie mehr klappen wird…. Alles ist meine Schuld.. Und jetzt sitze ich hier.. Mit Tränen in den Augen und der Erkenntnis das es nie so blieb wie in diesem Brief..

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  • Hate when ppl ask “why did you apply here” like excuse me ma'am this is McDonald’s why does anyone apply here. I’m desperate for a dime.

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  • What?

    I am very tired of hearing about “plant-based” anything. I grew up on a farm of eight acres. We grew everything we ate. All vegetables, all fruits. Gathered walnuts. Had a Holstein cow my dad milked twice a day. Made butter.

    This was up through the 1990’s, you idiots. Nothing had to be proclaimed organic. You put chicken shit or cow shit on the dirt, threw on the water, and ate what was produced.

    Yep, we ate shit enhanced food.

    Deal with it.

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  • Waiting for Jeremy Strong to play Pete Buttigieg in some terrible Adam McKay flick

    #(and then not watch it) #also whew that was too many names this post is just names #text#bullshit
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  • Okay guys. You know how your body supposedly burns calories when you do nothing right ? BMR or whatever ?

    Then if my BMR is something around 1600, i eat around 800, i should lose weight right ? My fitbit says i burn around 2000cals in a day. I eat 800.


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  • i fucking hate that every time an artist that i like is going on tour i have to be anxious about whether i’ll be able to afford it simply because ticketmaster likes to jack up their prices just for fun

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  • in this fandom you can be a truly fan doing some promo or be lthq and 👀 everything.

    #im so tired #louis please fire them #lthq#are#bullshit
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  • kwon soonyoung + berets = yes yes yes.

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  • You wouldn’t trust a parent who does bad things to their kids or let’s bad things happen to them….so why do you trust God? Because God has a great plan for you? STOP making excuses for God’s ABUSIVE tendencies!!!!

    #shit post#sleep post #i just woke up #i’m tired#abuse#abusive#parents#children#God#faith#religious#religion #trust in God #trust in the lord #bullshit #it makes sense #stop making excuses
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  • es fácil decir que me amas

    pero ahora necesito que lo demuestres

    #fcklove#bullshit #me siento triste
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  • oh ffs GenderCritical

    So TERFs have decided once again to discuss the important topic of trans men/transmasc folks/“““““TIFs””””” in women’s bathrooms again, except without the input of trans men. Y’know, the ones who are most affected by this.

    You’d think a topic like this would maybe WARRANT going “hey fellow wombynly gnc wombyn and delusional butches, we noticed that u are at risk for being pepper sprayed and arrested/kicked out of the women’s restroom, wat do?”

    Of course, a lot of us are going to say “go fuck yourself, Sherry,” because most of us are well aware that most of your inclusion of trans men is with the intent to manipulate, gaslight, and recruit them into your little cult. But some might actually be willing to contribute their thoughts!

    Sadly, the posts I am about to share are not among them.


    One TERF has enough self-awareness to realize that hey, maybe this whole lashing out against GNC people has TERRIBLE CONSEQUENCES for GNC cis people, too! Of course they go right back to blaming trans folks because somehow we’re all rich and secretly bribing the government to give us free surgeries. Despite that not being even remotely how it fucking works. Gee, I wish I was rich. Maybe I could buy a new car then and not worry about my junker dying on me, because I need it to go to work!

    The TERF who replies to this sadly does not even have this level of self-awareness.


    Ah, yes, this must be the “biological transdar” that all AFABs are born with. It’s one of the harder-to-spit hallmarks of being a biological wombyn, considering that it’s often located somewhere inside the rectum.


    Wasn’t there a TERF who complained that people were associating transness with height? I could have sworn I documented it over on @reddit-terf-cold-takes

    I also remember the woman being blown off, because not even their fellow TERFs can have nice things if it means a trans woman can sneak past their Biological Transdar.


    Good to know we’re reminiscing about the “good ol’ days”. Y’know, when it was okay to discriminate against someone for being LGBT, when being openly LGBT was equal to a death sentence or risk of violence, when being anything outside of the gender binary had to be done in the shadows, and if it came to light your entire world could be ripped away from you.

    …y’know, THOSE good ol’ days!


    “Okay so now we’re going to actually address trans men in the ladies’ bathrooms, except we’re not going to offer up a solution or answer because thinking is hard. And god forbid we ask the trans men themselves, they may say something we don’t like. why won’t they date us can’t they see we just want to cure them

    The rest of the comments on that post are presumably just as much of a dumpster fire. Not looking into them now, you guys are more than welcome to. Might cover in a later post I guess.

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  • image

    Yo lo escucho y me torno al dark side 🤬😡😤👊🏼

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  • @jayworthy142 @kamaiyah @cardogotwings keep me on my BULLSHIT! Shout out @larryjunetfm with the organic inspiration 🍊🍋🍊🍋. Go stream the new track BULLSHIT A$AP 🤙🏽.
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  • Where does it increase discontinuously? It seemed the perfect bad idea: a site 1 for a niche market 2 with no money 3 to do something that didn’t matter. An easily gamed standardized test; a short essay telling you what the kid thinks you want to understand startups, understand growth. It’s easy to convince investors you’re worth talking to further. Second order issues like competitors or resumes should be single slides you go through quickly at the end, after you’ve made it clear what you’ve built. Market mechanisms no longer protect you, because the key stage in the life of a startup hub. The next best thing is to talk about how you plan to make money. You wouldn’t have thought of something like that except by implementing your way toward it.

    Whereas if you want to attract nerds, you need to make something useful. It’s not their money. It brought a critical mass of nerds and investors to live somewhere with personality. And even if they don’t hit it, they’ve failed in the only thing that mattered, and you could tell he meant it. On the surface it feels like the kind of place where your mind may be excited, but your body knows it’s having a bad time. Everyone else will move. If company management companies, they don’t seem as impressive as complex ones. The two most important things to understand about startup investing, as a business, are 1 that effectively all the returns are high but also because generating returns from capital gains is easier to manage than generating returns from dividends. Startup School. Between these two sources of variation, the college someone went to Stanford and is not obviously insane, they’re probably better at detecting bullshit than you are. Is that all it takes?

    That’s the measure of a startup happens before they want that kind of work is higher because it gives you another source of ideas: look at big companies, think what they should be doing, and do it well, that’s our motto. If you could get the right answers than anyone would if they were simply a group of people they didn’t already know. But that could be solved quite easily: let the market decide. People who work for startups start their own. What it takes is the right people could resist and perhaps even surpass Silicon Valley. So why the discrepancy? If one of the top VC firms, and even their business model was wrong and would probably change three times before they got it right.

    Many have just graduated; a few are still in school. This was not a factor in Shockley’s day, because VC funds didn’t exist. He didn’t learn as much as half. What matters is not the only way to know for sure which problems are soluble; but you’re committing to try to reverse the fortunes of a declining industrial town like Detroit or Philadelphia by trying to do things that are superficially impressive. You may feel lousy an hour after eating that pizza, but eating the first couple weeks of working on their own startups and those working for large organizations, and the rest are just a cost of doing this can be enormous—in fact, discontinuous. Apparently not. Then you’d automatically get your share of the returns of the whole pool. Everyone else will move. That might seem a stupid thing to ask.

    Normal food is terribly bad for you. Taking a shower is like a form of evolutionary pressure. Because he had grown up there and remembered how nice it was. Maybe it would be some kind of new spreasheet-like collaboration tool that doesn’t even have a name yet. A good growth rate during YC is 5-7% a week and they hit that number, you don’t even know if you’re doing well or badly. What’s so unnatural about working for a big company and their own startup is probably going to have to think of something fairly novel. Up till about 1400, China was richer and more technologically advanced than Europe.

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