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  • The case against Devin “Ghost” Sola of Motionless In White* victims name protected ** Part 1:

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  • Someone on Facebook just decided to end our disagreement by deciding to bully me for having cancer instead. Why are people such assholes?

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    Estoy arta de esa gente que se siente superior por descansar a los demas y sentirse chistoso.

    Tus etiquetas o comentarios lastiman a una persona, vos no sabes la historia de esa persona.

    Todos somos diferentes y no somos todos como vos qué se hacen los porongas igual que tu grupito.

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  • “There are MANY differences between the T-ara scandal and the AOA one, but there is one important similarity: we should wait for and listen to the perspectives of everyone involved in and witnessing the situation before we determine our reactions to it.”


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  • It’s raining like it’s the end of the world. Hey everyone, I hope you’re all doing well. I’m stepping my way out of a bit of a depressive state, but working on Eel has definitely given me some power to keep moving, and I hope it does the same for you!

    Thank you for reading, stay safe with all the chaos in the world these days. Take care of each other and spread love and joy when you can!

    #curse of the eel #jorge santiago jr #comics#horror#monster#bullying#high school#webcomics
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  • Anyway heres the triggers of this story: mentions bullying, self harm.

    Chapter 11

    McCoy met up with Spock at lunch, and they dined in the cafeteria. Unlike previous days the hall was busy with shouts.  In between the thunderous beats of crew members entering the cafeteria, and exiting there was the slurp of food, splash of drinks and gurgle of bellies.

    “Come on Spock” McCoy gestured. Spock blinked and slowly walked over. He sat down next to McCoy, a chorus of ‘aws’ from somewhere. He hated the ‘aws’. He was going to kick someones ass.

    “Hello Commander” Chekov greeted like he had never seen him before.

    “Hello” Spock said keeping his voice steady.

    “How old are you now?” Uhura asked

    “Eight” Spock said “how old are you?”

    “Spock” Uhura tsked “don’t you know it’s rude to ask some their age.”

    “Really?” Kirk asked “really?”

    “I apologise, I..” Spock cut off as he stabbed at his own food. He looked up to Doctor McCoy.

    “It’s fine apology accepted” Uhura said regretfully.

    “Oh that reminds me. We’ve got a new mission through” Kirk said and he squinted “it’s another meet and greet.”

    “As long as no one else gets turned into a child” McCoy huffed.

    Kirk smiled leaning across the table with the grin of a trickster “oh come on Bones, I’d love to see you as a child. Where you anything like Spock?”

    “A pest that hides in vents? No.” McCoy said with an eye roll so strong, it could have killed a man from across the room.

    “I wasn’t hiding” Spock says stubbornly “I was just walking away from you.”

    “Thank you Spock, funnily enough that’s also what my ex-wife used to say. I am medically ordering that none of you are allowed to turn into children. Especially you” he hisses at Kirk.

    “Me?” Kirk says surprised, the trickster mask dropping from his face to reveal another mask, but this one is of pure innocence.

    “Well, thats it” Kirk sighed sadly dropping his knife and fork around his untouched salad “there goes my plans for the week.”

                                                 *                 *                    *


    Spock’s bed was huge, and he was finding it a little hard to believe that he slept in it as an adult, that said, he was enjoying being eating by his blanket, it was much warmer compared to the rest of the ship and he quickly found sleep. He awoke some hours later, in the middle of the night, his lights on 15%, and sweat accumulating on the top of his forehead. It was a memory, or something that had just happened. It was an old memory of something that had just happened. Spock pushed the covers off himself and pulled off his jumper to see bruises forming on his back and along his side. Where he had been hit, by his peers. He gasped and held tightly to the blanket as he felt words the cut into him.

    Keep reading

    #self harm#bullying #ahhhHHHHH THROWS MYSELF THRU A BUSH WHY IS THIS SO MEAN #spock#star trek #star trek aos
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  • Statement on Mina and Jimin will be posted later…

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  • How to recognize a presumed person. Basically when someone think they are better than you but they are in your same level.

    They humiliate you!! :( omg, I have been the victim of this all the time. I have a lot of intuition to read when someone is fake or sincere but my foolish ways ignore them.

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  • reblog this post if you think ‘zero tolerance’ school policies unfairly blame students

    like this post if you think 'zero tolerance’ school policies fairly punish students

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  • TWarning: S*uicide, self h*rm

    I just went to read all of AOA’s Mina’s post…and my heart is literally in pieces. Going through all that for TEN YEARS, 10 years…not being able to see your dad for the last time because of fear from someone who is supposed to lead and love you…attempting s*icide 2 times…self harming…having to deal with the fact that your sister has cancer and that your father passed from cancer while being consistently bullied.

    I’m angry, I’m so angry for her…Shin Jimin is literally a horrible person…

    Mina is better than me…cuz honestly I would’ve reacted violently when it was my time to leave the group…

    Please send her messages of love, we’ve lost too many idols to s*icide and I don’t want to hear about another one

    Also, I don’t know how I feel about the other members. Although she said they stuck up for her at times, how can 10 years of bullying go on without management or the other members doing more? Without them and the company speaking? She said they would go out for drinks together without Jimin, so she was definitely okay with them. I don’t know how to fully feel.

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  • I probably will get hate for this even tho that’s the whole fucking point why I’m even posting this.. but hear we go…

    I am a human being. You know nothing about me. We know each other through social media. If you have a problem with anything I say, DM me. But the difference between me and celebrities is, maybe 0-1000 people will see this for me. But for a celebrity? Try 10,000- 3 million! I can block people who I offend and would make their life easier that way. But in the thousands? You can either get off social media, just ignore it, or speak up.

    According to Arryn, she tried to ignore the hate people sending her way for over a year, including hate calls to her mother. Then when it got extremely bad, she spoke up. I don’t know why she did, if she needed to speak about Bobs abuse or just to get haters off her back. It doesn’t matter, it’s what SHE needed. It’s not about any of us. It never was. All people involved are people we don’t know.

    My step sister was my best friend for a long while, then I learned she told our parents about half the things I would say in confidence. Including the fact that I first had sex in a public place when I was 15. She denied it, even after I was told by my father that she did. He just hoped she was lying. Now suddenly I have a shitty relationship with my father for the rest of my life. I lost her as a best friend and as a sister, and she continued to bully me on social media but blocked our family members but me for 2 years. I eventually left my dads at 17, barely have a relationship with him now(at 25). I hardly know my niece and nephew because they are her kids. This is my story. I tried to tell my family about the bullying a few times but no one believed me to the point I was so depressed I tried to commit suicide. Finally they listened, 2-3 years after the fact.

    I stayed quiet and it almost killed me. Almost dying, saved my life. So I can understand Arryns point of view. But I also don’t know her, I only know my story.

    Like I say in my tweets(pics attached) I’m not on anyone’s side. Whether Bob speaks up or not. It’s none of my business. Just stop bulling others. You don’t know Bob or Arryn or Eliza. You don’t know the people who support one or the other. You don’t know the people who are staying out of it. You can not like their opinions and “hate” them for it. But instead of bringing them down for it, report them, block them, get off social media. Do ANYTHING else.

    I didn’t wanna post anything at all because what difference can my voice make. I’m just one person. But maybe, just maybe, I might reach just one other.

    I just don’t want to see anyone hate themselves because of what others say. It’s not the world we should be living in. #StopBulling Please!

    … Until next time…

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  • If you shame someone for being fat or for being abnormally skinny you are responsible for dysmorphia and insecurity and if you are following me and you bully body types just because they dont fit your standards then you can get right the fuck off my page rn.

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  • i was bullied for several years for my apperance and because i wanted to be a singer to the point i would try to change myself for people, the way i acted and also i almost gave up on my dream so don’t tell me bullying doesn’t affect how people think about themselves bc i can tell you first hand IT DOES problems i had to deal with back then still affect how i act with people and how i treat myself it wasn’t as damaging to me but every person has a different experience with bullying and the damage can be way more severe in several cases! so when people expose their bullies please listen to them and what they have to say don’t disgard them bc the bully is a “good person” to you i can’t tell you how awful that is to hear i just wanna ask anyone that reads this to take bullying seriously for once!! it destroys lives most of the time so don’t take this lightly or as a joke

    #that is all i have to say #bullying #tris.txt
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  • If FNC has any shame at all, they’ll say somethin’. Besides the obvious things bein’ wrong, the issue is probably gonna end up affectin’ everybody else, too, if they don’t do or say somethin’.

    Another thing is, people goin’ around spreadin’ rumors, whether about people related to the situation or people who ain’t related to the situation, ain’t gonna help anything. In this or any other situation, people gotta get it through their heads that respondin’ to negativity or negative actions with more of the same ain’t gonna help anything either. It’s just gonna create an endless cycle of the same crap.

    On top of that, nobody really does what they do without a reason. It doesn’t excuse whatever wrong things they decide to do, but you gotta understand that people’s own life circumstances lead ‘em to treat other people n act the way they do. Whatever the situation, people gotta learn to show compassion even for people who do bad stuff. Nothin’s ever gonna improve in general otherwise.

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  • I honestly cannot understand the logic in calling out a bully by bullying them. I’m in no way supporting Jimin but that’s not how shit works. Just show love to Mina and let the company etc deal with Jimin’s issues. Bullying a bully is idiotic

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  • I’m writing this post to vent a bit, i feel heavy with all i past during this current week, i had a big argument with my first boyfriend at the start of the week, after this event for the first time i asked for help to go for a therapist with my mom (maybe it was a bad idea…).

    I talk to the therapist about my depression that first sign appeared at my 12 and my first suicide attempt, about some of my self harm tendencies (that my mom told the therapist “that’s more like attention seeking”). On how it declined at my 16 that i thought regularly about offing myself, and my emotions and my anxiety getting worse to the point i can’t really go out with my first bf friends or play online game when he is with his friends, and that he blames me for being problematic about my random memory loss, my random rage outburst and gifted child “talent” at school ( i didn’t even really need to study , i didn’t really knew how to study , but got 60 to 70% easily) he got angry because i didn’t keep the promise about me studying, along side other promises that i forgot…

    Here today, i was feeling empty and numb, even eating was difficult for me, but my mom keep nagging me and “bully” me into saying i’m depressed because i’m a sex addict and that i’m more happy when my other bf is there, “but it was a joke, laugh a bit”,” how other family would react when their daughter would react like this”, at some point i wanted to go into my comfort zone ( my room) but she threaten me to get out the house if i try to go upstairs (well not the first time..),and then i closed the door with my now rage and she threaten me that wouldn’t hesitate on beating me ,” the therapist should give you schizophrenic meds for your reactions”  and she didn’t apologies to me.

    Now i’m a bit sad because of this, how a mom could do such thing to her only child, threatening them to leave the house, and beating them and never take in count the child mental illness(es) , 10/10 mom (/s) .

    Sorry on how badly the english is, i’m belgian and i’m speaking french, english, and a bit of italian. 
    sorry for the vent i needed to post this, to not forget that because my mom will tell that didn’t happen or that i’m exaggerating.
    Note: also for first and “other” bfs , i’m poly, pan and nonbinary , i didn’t want to mention their names, and i love them both

    #mental problems#abuse#suicide_mention#self_harm_mention#bullying#s*x mention#personal vent#problematic#search_mental_help#depression#anxiety #couple_problem? #I am slowly getting mad because of this situation #i didn't search a therapist to get after bully by the same person that know my depression problem #bad_week #sorry for the vent
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  • @nirvhannahcornell i am beginning the process of watermarking my drawings, beginning from two months ago, i.e., my mermay drawings and the ones you stole from me. i have blocked you from viewing my art blog - i’m sacrificing reblogging art from there onto here and i also am not posting any more art on main here because it’s blatantly obvious to me that you don’t give two fucks about an artist’s well-being. 

    if you seriously believe that i’m doing all of this because of “guilty conscious”, to say you are sorely mistaken is an understatement.

    i’m doing this to protect myself. my craft. my life’s work. protecting myself from people like you who like to manipulate and play the victim and believe your own petty squabble for absolutely no reason.

    i’ve talked about ignoring trolls and cyberbullies in the past but i can’t ignore you. it’s directly threatening me, my livelihood, and my reputation, while taking other souls down with it as collateral damage.

    i mean, it’s bad enough that i’m having to go out of my way to make an uproar about art theft when all everyone seems to talk about is anti-bullying (while being inexplicably passive-aggressive about it, what the fuck?), when art theft in this day and age is a very specific form of bullying. but as far as i can tell, the only one i have to make a stink about is you.

    i gave you every opportunity to stop this by going quiet and watching to see what you would do in the future, because i’m not going to lie… this terrified me a bit. i started experiencing anxiety this morning because i started wondering what you might do with me and my art.
    but since you’re choosing to be a complete broken record about everything and spreading lies and cheating by knocking all the pawns over to go after my king and queen, i’m going to make the most out of every bit of this because you are robbing me of what’s rightfully mine all because of my desire to change my main url to something i love with a passion.

    like i said, i have a weird respect for people who keep me on my toes. i really do. want an example that doesn’t involve you (unless you really are that deaf)?

    last night, almost out of the blue at around the eight o’clock hour, the hit counter in my blog description showed me something… rather interesting: 3 people (not counting myself) viewing my blog in the wake of everything and my talking about it on instagram the other night. someone viewing from the l.a. area, someone from upstate new york, and someone from around the new york city area.

    it could only lead me to assume one thing and one thing only, especially in the wake of a certain someone liking my drawings and his following the instagram tag of his own name. if you know anything about them, and i’m assuming you don’t…


    i have anthrax on my side. you don’t.

    don’t believe me? click on that link and check out the graphs and map trackers for yourself. obviously i don’t direct proof but it’s easy to come to that conclusion given the events that went down this spring and knowing a little about them in the process.

    also, don’t forget: you’re making that url name a thing whether you like it or not. it’s a pseud on my ao3. it’s my registered name on the sketchbook project.

    that was a name i made up for myself and you took it away like it was nothing. it’s obvious that i mean nothing to you seeing as you have absolutely no remorse for what you’ve done to me.

    you want to pose as me and call me a liar, but look at what you’ve done to me. look at what you’ve done to that name. you made it into an interesting subject to talk about over a dinner party!

    you could continue to do all these things but bear in mind that the joke’s on you. everyone knows me as both nirvhannah as well as josie.

    you forced my hand. you’re not getting away with this. you’re not burying me alive and getting away with it. you’re not giving me a fit of anxiety so intense that i feel psychosomatic pains in my chest. i don’t deserve to lose almost 14 years of cartooning and i don’t deserve to feel pain to a melodramatic, angry person who feels the need to screw me over out of unwarranted spite.

    no remorse or not.

    look at what you have done to me.

    now do me a huge solid and

    get the hell away from me and leave my friends alone.

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