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  • alex12agudelo
    01.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Even though it was yesterday but still Happy Birthday Yukine from Noragami, Louisa May Alcott from Bungou Stray Dogs, Noa Takigawa from Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, Kotaro Enomoto from The Moment You Fall in Love, Seigen Amawaka from Twin Star Excorist, and Yuuri Katsuki from Yuri!!! on Ice who all share the same birthday you guys are the best #yukine #noragami #louisamayalcott #bungoustraydogs #noatakigawa #yamadakunandthesevenwitches #yamadakunto7ninnomajo #kotaroenomoto #themomenyoufallinlove #seigenamawaka #twinstarexcorcist #souseinoonmyouji #yuurikatsuki #yurionice https://www.instagram.com/p/CW7LT-mD5a0/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • trashykawahq
    30.11.2021 - 20 hours ago
    #bsd fanfic#bsd#bsd chuuya #bsd x y/n #bsd x reader #bsd fanfiction #bungou stray dogs headcanons #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs #bungo stray dogs wan #bungou stray dogs x reader #bungo stray dogs headcanons #bungou stray dogs chuuya #bungo stray dogs x reader #bungoustraydogs #chuuya x reader #chuuya nakahara#chuuya#nakahara chuuya #bungou stray dogs chuuya nakahara #chuuya nakahara x reader #chuuya x y/n #fanfic#fanfiction#x reader#x y/n#chūya nakahara#bsd nakahara#nakahara
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  • trashykawahq
    29.11.2021 - 2 days ago
    #bsd#bsd fanfic #bsd x y/n #bsd x reader #bsd fluff#bsd fanfiction #bungou stray dogs headcanons #bungou stray dogs #bungo stray dogs #bungo stray dogs dazai #bungou stray dogs x reader #bungo stray dogs headcanons #bungou stray dogs dazai #bungoustraydogs #bungou stray dogs fanart #bungou stray dogs chuuya #bsd chuuya#nakahara chuuya #chuuya x reader #chuuya#chuuya nakahara #bungou stray dogs chuuya nakahara #chuuya x y/n #chuuya nakahara x reader #chūya nakahara#nakahara #chuuya nakahara headcanons #chuuya nakahara fanart #fanfic#fanfiction
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  • blurrykageyama
    26.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    “Laughing” Dazai x fem!reader

    Warnings: kissing, reader is insecure of their laugh, not proof read, my bad writing 

    Enjoy :D

     It was a gorgeous sunny day, not blindingly bright, but still sunny, clouds dotting the light blue sky. You sat on a bench at the park, speaking freely, until you started laughing at something he said. Beautifully charming brown eyes, dripped in wonder, gazed at your laughing figure. He didn’t even remember what you were laughing at, but he was adoring it immensely. He smiled softly, his brown orbs filling up with content. ‘I’ve never heard her laugh before. It’s pretty and happy…’ He tilted his head, still goggling at you, trying to get a better angle at your delight. What he didn’t realize was that your giggles had stopped and he’d gotten a bit too close. If someone were to walk by: him tilting his head with a gentle smile on his face, close and getting closer to you, and you with your mouth slightly open in surprise, they would think something was up. ‘She’s so pretty………wait...is she looking at me?’ He realized what was going on. He tilted his head a little more, “Hi, Y/n.” He simply said. “H-hi, Dazai.” He pulled back and sat up straight, staring straight ahead. “I’m...sorry.” You say after a moment. He looked at you out of the corner of his eye, his right eyebrow raised. “Hm? Why?” You fiddled with your fingers, avoiding eye contact, “Well..when I laugh, I can’t really control it. It’s really loud. Sorry if it was annoying.” You slowly lifted your head, to meet eyes with the charming man. He turned toward you, making eye contact, and just stared for a moment. He then suddenly leaned so close that your noses were touching and smiled. “No, it was pretty.” Your face began to heat up. He tilted his head, “Like you.” He leaned in and kissed you. It was surprising at first, but after a moment, you adjusted and kissed him back. You put your arms around his neck as you felt his arms around your waist. 

      “OI, DAZAI!” Both of you froze at the familiar voice, your lips still connected. “DAZAI!! Y/N!!” The voice was closer now, and now he was looking for you too. You pulled away first. “Uh-oh.” You say. “Yeah, uh-oh.” Dazai stood up and grabbed your hand. “Time to run.” You say, smiling at him. He smiled and nodded. You ran the opposite way of the voice, dodging traffic and ducking in alleys. You paused in one alley, catching your breath. Dazai peeked his head out of the alley, looking both ways. “Okay, I think we’re good.” You nod, squeezing his hand. “He always comes at the wrong times.” He said moving closer. “I know right.” He pulled you by the waist closer to him, You put your arms around his neck. “But we can’t stay here for-” “OI DAZAI THE PERV!” You froze again, the familiar voice coming from behind you. Dammit Kunikida. You separated, standing next to each other but still holding hands. “Aww, Kunikida-kun, do you always have to yell like that?” Dazai said, pouting cutely. Kunikida finally came out of the shadows. “Stop avoiding work. You still have reports to file.” Kunikida turned to me. “Now you’ve got our newest agent not writing her reports.” You stuck your tongue out, “Aww, Kida-kun. Stop being such a stick in the mud, you should take a break too.” Kunikida pulled out his “Ideals” notebook and began to write. “Maybe I should take a break sometime...Thank you Y/n-” Kunikida finally looked up and realized that you were long gone. “DAZAIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!” 

      You were running, hand in hand, away from the scene. “Aww, why is he yelling my name?” 

    you giggled. “Maybe he just likes yelling it…” 



    “Maybe he likes yelling your name too.” You pouted this time, but it turned to panic as you realized the voice was closer. “Do you...hear that?” Dazai said cautiously. “Hm?” The sound of rapid thuds were echoing throughout the city. You and Dazai turned to each other and spoke at the same time “Uh-oh.” “OOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!” Dazai let go of your hand as he was yanked by the collar. 

    “Ney, Kunikida-kun, you don’t have to be so rough you know?” 

    “Can it, Dazai.” Kunikida walked away, dragging along poor Dazai by the left arm., “aaaaaaaaaaaaa.” He said in the most monotone voice ever. Kunikida stopped briefly, “Come on Y/n. Help me with him.” “Fiiiiiiiine.” You grabbed Dazai’s right arm. “Hi, Y/n. aaaaaaaaaaaaa…” he kept aaa-ing. “Hi, Dazai.”

    #blurrykageyama xreader dazaixreader xdazaixfemreader dazaixfem!reader bungoustraydogs bungoustraydogsxreader dazaixy/n dazaixyou
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  • amaya-writes
    25.11.2021 - 5 days ago


    This is basically a post to have all my taglists in one place. Will be updated on a weekly basis.

    BNHA Taglist:

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    TokRev Taglist:

    @thebrainlessone13 @tigerstripedmushroom @deloreees @emma-pheonix @meshellexplosionmuder @lunastellanova @nevess @killergirl1st @0zero0-0 @pinksilk @haitani-brothers-my-love @mono-dot-jpeg @mirasai-coco

    JJK Taglist:

    @crispmarshmallow @static-in-the-fridge @nanaminswaifu @ekaterinatepes @noticemeakusenpai @syynnaaah @evalynanne @noticemesociety @crispmarshmallow @nevess @naghahabol

    BSD taglist:

    @ravenina14 @aavvaa-ava @louismoriartyishot @jgjkgfuibnhfr596t9uhyu96@imhanako @slyrasteria @1ce-in-a-lifetime @yumicatmaid @questioningmyownexistence @dre4mgirl @imthatdiamond95 @chemiuwu @bunniedazai @simp-for-badboys @k4nzaki @sebtomm @the-foreigner @ouranime @dr-munakaraa @sofisafangirl @gumpopx @fluffyyagiza @crazy007priestess @frogs-are-pretty @cattecatt @chemiuwu @chemichem @yourfavoritecitrusfruit @uwoossiii @miralifox @imobsessedwithskkanditshows @eto-alpaka @mimimineylol @dazaistabletop @iman-srizal @angelus1590 @n-akaharachuuya @axolottller @petraszabo @indigowitch @aki1to @miycutie @aimimey @sp00kyrand0m @ivychan69 @shrimp69

    Death Note Taglist:

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    Haikyuu Taglist:

    Taglist due (aka haven't actually written anything yet)

    Black Clover Taglist:

    @lovesssss @blazardragon @bolo--lolo @senjuslover @cros-s @ckjwnnbc @tigress445 @mikibkenme @rinnees @anya00 @p-pussyfairy @nyarinaray @whiskers-black-clover-blog @animeshynes @drumcello @ccocogoat @serenathewolf2 @levileftnutsack @fanficloverispog @sinamew @z--phyr @kaedescaras

    Assassination Classroom Taglist:

    Taglist due (aka haven't actually written anything yet)

    If you want to be off of any taglist let me know via message. If you want to be part of my taglist fill out this form

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  • simpforchuchu
    24.11.2021 - 6 days ago


    Dad hcs

    with  s/o who is studying physiotherapy

    with s/o who learns about his past and who he really is

    finds out reader has a crush on them

    with s/o who is struggling financially

    with abused reader

    with  s/o who is terrified of the darkness

    with s/o who is being stalked

    with s/o who has Eating Disorder


    finds out reader has a crush on them

    with abused reader

    with s/o who is cutting herself in the bathtub


    finds out reader has a crush on them

    with s/o who flinched cause she thought he will hit her


    with a fem! teen! reader



    with a s/o who is insecure about her weight and body

    with s/o who is struggling financially

    Forbidden Love

    Part 1

    Part 2 

    Part 3

    Chuuya with s/o during an argument

    with s/o who is Fyodor's little sister and a traitor

    Dad hcs

    finds out reader has a crush on them

    with s/o who is terrified of the darkness

    with s/o who is being stalked

    with s/o who has Eating Disorder

    with reader x their baby who is trying to feed on them

    with reader who seems strong and confident but actually not

    with reader who gets red easily when she is drunk

    with kind Russian reader


    with s/o who is Fyodor's little sister and a traitor


    with s/o who is Fyodor's little sister and a traitor

    finds out reader has a crush on them

    with reader x their baby who is trying to feed on them

    with s/o who gets pregnant despite being told she is infertile


    with reader who seems strong and confident but actually not


    with a fem! teen! reader


    with s/o who has crush for them


    with s/o who has crush for them

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  • simpforchuchu
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #chuuya#bsd#chuuya imagine #chuuya x reader #chuuya x you #chuuyanakahara#bsd chuuya#bsd fanfic#bsd imagine #bsd x reader #bsd hcs#bungoustraydogs #bungou stray dogs #bungou stray dogs hcs #chuuya x y/n #nakahara chuuya#dazai osamu#osamu dazai #dazai x you #dazaibsd #dazai x reader #dazai imagine#dazai hcs #bungou stray dogs dazai
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  • simpforchuchu
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #chuuya#chuuya imagine #chuuya x reader #chuuya x you #chuuyanakahara#bsd chuuya#bsd fanfic#bsd#bsd imagine #bsd x reader #bungoustraydogs #bungou stray dogs #chuuya x y/n #chuuya fluff#bsd tachihara #tachihara x you #tachihara x reader #akutagawa#bsd akutagawa #akutagawa x you #bsd hcs #akutagawa x reader #chuuya hcs
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  • emdlare
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    Oh these? These are for Dazai-san
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  • transtanizaki
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Naomi wears a bunch of Kandi bracelets #twins

    #bungo sd #bungou stray dogs #bungo stray dogs #bungostraydogs#bungoustraydogs#bsd#bsd naomi#naomi bsd #bungo stray dogs naomi
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  • simpforchuchu
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago


    Chuuya x s/o who is Fukuzawa's daughter PART 3

    a/n: Requests are open, if you want me to write something, just let me know 😊

    Sorry for the grammer or spelling mistakes.English is not my main language so...

    Thank you and love you 🥰

    Warnings: Just fluff and overdose CUTENESS

    • You couldn't help but think about the situation you were in while looking at yourself in a sweet dress in the mirror.

    • It had been a few days since the war with the guild had ended and things had calmed down. You took this opportunity to remind Chuuya of your dinner promise and you were going out for dinner tonight.

    • You had booked a place in a luxurious but quiet restaurant and you were getting ready.

    • You panicked with the message "I'll be there in 5 minutes" from Chuuya and you finished your preparations quickly.

    • When he texted that he came, you took your bag and coat, locked the door of the apartment and went out.

    • Even though you were stunned by the luxury car in front of the door, you remembered that he was a member of the mafia and quite rich, and you shook your head.

    • When he wanted to get out of the car and open the door and told him that you wanted to walk and that the weather was beautiful, he shook his head and locked his car and started walking beside you.

    • Simple conversations were passing along the way, you were rather shy. He was quieter than before.

    • When you arrived at the restaurant, you went upstairs and sat at your table. After ordering your meals and a wine of his choice, you continued to chat.

    • When you talked about your lives, your family and your childhood, he was watching you with his hand on his chin attentively and smiling. When he didn't talk about his own family and past, you chose not to ask questions about it and not to upset him.

    • You both talked to each other about your favorite things, favorite drinks, and meals without talking about enemy organizations all night long, and you both made a mental note of it.

    • But there was a small problem..

    • You were drinking glasses so fast one after the other with excitement and happiness that you started to get drunk after only half an hour. Chuuya drank in a controlled manner, as he knew his body was intolerant to alcohol and thought he should hold you back if something went wrong.

    • Your sweet laugh and his melodious laugh filled the restaurant. After a while, when you started to talk nonsense and silly things, Chuuya thought that no matter how amused he was, he should stop you and gently took the glass from your hand.

    • "That's enough love, you're drinking too fast."

    • You muttered, "I still haven't had enough for some things," even though you thought he hadn't heard it, he did, and he grinned. But since you were shameless now, didn't care.

    • When you put your hand on your chin and smile looking at him, he smiled at you and raised his eyebrows and asked curiously.

    • "Why are you looking at me ?"

    • "You're so cute, you know that right?"

    • His wine-red cheeks were starting to turn even redder at your compliment.He squinted at you as you gave a small laugh at his reaction, which made you laugh even more.

    • "You're a fucking mafia executive and you turn red at the slightest compliment? THAT IS SO CUTE"

    • He coughed up fake and looked at you.

    • "You do realize you're drunk right 'y/n'?"

    • "Yes, but I don't care."

    • You laughed and he laughed at your reaction. When he realized that you were going to leak later in the night, it was time to go and you left the restaurant.

    • He held you tight so you wouldn't fall as you staggered along the empty streets.

    • "Chuuya-saaan, I'm tired." Laughing at your reaction, he took off his jacket and wrapped it around your legs and took you in his arms.

    • He was praying that when you lay your head on his chest and close your eyes, you wouldn't hear the voice of his heart.

    • There was only one thing he could think of: SHE IS SO SWEET

    • When you got to your house he gently put you down and asked for your keys to open the door. When you gave him the keys, he opened the door and helped you take off your shoes.

    • "Don't forget to drink lots of water love and please go to sleep now."

    • You shook your head with a silly laugh and he smiled at you.

    • "Thanks for everything, it was a great night."

    • He smiled again at what you said and patted your head.

    • When you kissed his cheek saying "Good night Chuuya" he looked at you in shock for a few seconds and blushed.

    • You didn't laugh this time because you were too drunk and waved and went inside.

    • After you entered, he stroked his cheek with his hand for a few minutes and went down the stairs with a smile.


    • Until he meets your father on the last step...

    #chuuya#bsd#chuuya imagine #chuuya x reader #chuuya x you #chuuyanakahara#bsd chuuya#bsd fanfic#bsd imagine #bsd x reader #chuuya x y/n #chuuya fic#chuuya hcs#chuuya fluff#nakahara chuuya #chuya nakahara x reader #bsd hcs#bungoustraydogs #bungou stray dogs #fukuzawa
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    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Akutagawa Ryuunosuke Aesthetic Wallpaper

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    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • xbookmanx
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Anyways so i've been thinking about dark era Dazai and i realise (only in my case),that he might have been right- not in a bad way ofc but that whole finding reason to live among bloodshed and death doesn't sound too unfamiliar. Unfamiliar in the sense that me (a psych degree student) whos planning to further study criminal psychology- but either way in my case, finding reason to live among death and bloodshed might just be valid.

    Reason to live as in that i'd like to research more on this topic and also help them out (unlike Dazai lol) .

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  • simpforchuchu
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago


    Chuuya x s/o who is Fukuzawa's daughter PART 2

    a/n: Requests are open, if you want me to write something, just let me know 😊

    Sorry for the grammer or spelling mistakes.English is not my main language so...

    Thank you and love you <3

    Warnings: violence, swearing, Overdose CUTENESS

    • It had been about 3 weeks since the events and all you could think of was a red-haired mafia member.

    • Dazai had warned you not to get the wrong feeling, but it was too late, your heart was saying the opposite.

    • If he was as bad as he described, why did he save your life?

    • When you got back to the office, your father was quite worried and upset when he found out what had happened to you. It was the last thing you wanted to upset him and he knew it.

    • He warned you to be more careful and forbade you to go out alone, at least until the Guild war was over.

    • You could understand their fears and anxieties, it was quite normal for your father to fret over you after losing your mother in a conflict.

    • Although it worried him that you had been asking questions about the mafia and mentioning the man who saved you for the past few weeks, he didn't tell you anything about it and asked Kunikida to keep an eye on you.

    • Dazai is dangerous man, we all know that :) Kunikida, on the other hand, sent you shopping with Kenji because he had to look at a report that day.

    • You loved Kenji, he could have been the cutest person in the world. Even though he was a little naive and too well-intentioned - yes, even more than you - you felt safe when he was around. And daddy Fukuzawa feels that way too

    • You felt like you were being followed on your way back to the office after your shopping at the mall.

    • When you warned Kenji and decided to part ways, when you realized that the suspicious person was following you, your heart started to beat like it was going to explode and you continued running on the streets.

    • When you entered a street full of dead ends, you didn't know what to do and you anxiously looked for a way out.

    • You closed your eyes in fear and struggled as a hand suddenly covered your mouth and pulled you in. You opened your eyes in shock as that person's voice whispered in your ear.

    • "Hey beautiful, will I save your life every time like this?"

    • You swallowed hard when you saw a smile on his face as you slowly turn your head towards him.

    • "Yes it's me doll, calm down. I'll take my hand now, don't shout okay?"

    • You nodded slowly and he pulled his hands away from your mouth and released you.

    • "Chuuya-san ? What are you doing here ? How did you know ?"

    • "I didn't know," he smiled and continued. "I was just watching the city from the roof of one of the buildings, I couldn't resist when I saw a bad guy chasing a familiar and pretty sweet lady"

    • Fearing that he might hear your heart beating with a grin on his face, you put your hand on your chest and pressed it. You knew it wouldn't work, but-

    • “This is your second time saving me Chuuya-san. Thank you very much, how can I repay you?”

    • Chuuya smiled and patted your head and patted lightly.

    • "You don't owe me anything, love, but if you really want it, I won't say no to a nice dinner with such a beautiful woman."

    • You blushed and smiled shyly at the strange sensations you felt between surprise and happiness.

    • Chuuya found this reaction quite sweet and a small laugh escaped his lips.

    • "I have to go now, 'y/n' . A mafia executive shouldn't be seen with the ADA's boss's daughter." he laughed, but you both knew it wasn't just a joke.

    • "Keep walking from there, I'll watch you from above until you reach the office safely. Don't forget to tell the detectives what happened, you may not always be so lucky. You are a big trump card for your father's enemies, be careful."

    • He gently patted your arm and began to float upward using his ability.

    • As you watched his leave, there was only one thing on your mind: HE DID NOT FORGET MY FUCKING NAME.

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  • simpforchuchu
    20.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Chuuya with a s/o who is insecure about her weight and body

    a/n: Requests are open, if you want me to write something, just let me know 😊

    Sorry for the grammer or spelling mistakes.English is not my main language so...

    Thank you and love you <3

    Warnings: none

    • Let's be honest this guy is such a gentleman. He buys you gifts and compliments at every opportunity. He makes you feel how much he loves you every day...

    • But they were starting to make your problems even more unbearable.

    • Chuuya was so good to you that you constantly felt inadequate.You've been insecure all your life, and your self-confidence is made worse by gossip when people see how handsome your boyfriend is.

    • The last time someone called you fat and said you didn't deserve that guy, you were really so upset and agreed with her.

    • You knew Chuuya would be back late, so you curled up on the bed and cried for hours

    • Hours later you startled with arms slowly hugging you while you sniffed still little sobs, and you felt really bad when you smelled the familiar scent.

    • Every time he hugged you, you felt safer than ever and slept peacefully, but not tonight.

    • Your crying got even louder as he placed small kisses on your hair, Chuuya tightened his arms even more.

    • The only thing you repeated to yourself was "I don't deserve you".

    • "Baby, I don't know what the problem is but Im here, you know this right ? Whatever it is you can tell me.I wanna help-"

    • "I don't deserve you" You were able to say these things even if it was difficult between your sobs.

    • He slowly turned you towards him and looked into your eyes. He had a more serious expression than ever before. He didn't look angry, just serious...

    • "What happened ?"

    • "Nothing!"

    • "Love, if nothings happened why do you think like this ? Come on, tell me what's wrong ?"

    • "Why are you so nice to me Chuuya? You're a great person, handsome, strong... You deserve someone better than me. I don't suit you"

    • He gently stroked your hair and wiped your eyes with his thumb. He bent over your face and placed small kisses on your cheeks and smiled.

    • "I don't know what makes you think of this, or what it is. You don't want to tell me, I won't force you. But I want you to know that your hair, eyes, lips, body and everything you have... I love you for being you, I love you for your beautiful heart. I don't know what you think about the person you see when you look in the mirror and why you think that way but I only see the woman I'm in love with. There is no one who can suit me better than you 'y/n'. Besides, I'm not as perfect as you say, none of them would mean anything if it wasn't for you. I love you, I love you with everything. Please don't forget that okay? I can't stand to see you cry."

    • You didn't know what to say, the things he said were so beautiful that you couldn't even react.

    • You laid your head on his chest and hugged him tightly.

    • “I love you so much Chuuya, more than anything.”

    • You smiled when a small kiss accompanied the hands running through your hair.

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  • thelasticirrus
    19.11.2021 - 1 week ago



    #bsd#bungoustraydogs #I LOVE BUNGOU STRAY DOGS #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs beast #bungo stray dogs s4 #hype#excited#sad#happy#tags
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  • transtanizaki
    17.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Dazai has long nails !!!! Pretty hands

    #bungou stray dogs dazai #dazai bsd #dazai bungou stray dogs #dazai hcs#osamu dazai#dazai osamu#bsd dazai#dazai#bungo sd#bungoustraydogs#bungostraydogs #bungou stray dogs #bungo stray dogs
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  • transtanizaki
    17.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Dazai has deff been some stupid thing 4 Halloween like a box

    #bsd headcanons#bsd#bungoustraydogs#bungostraydogs #bungou stray dogs #bungo stray dogs #bungo sd#dazai hcs#bsd dazai#dazai#dazai osamu#osamu dazai #dazai bungou stray dogs #dazai bsd #bungou stray dogs dazai
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