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  • celestial-terrestial
    24.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Posting this for archival purposes

    Designs I made weeks ago for Oswald Junior #1 (or Junior as I refer to him) and Oswald Junior #420

    I’m in the mood to design more of the bun buns

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  • thebig-chillqueen
    23.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Cinderace saves his bestie, but in English! 🥰

    He angy >:(

    I can't get over at how ticked Cinderace looks here. 🤣 Goh did comes close to being severely injured....or worse. 😬

    Good thing he has great reflexes. 😤

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  • robotclaws
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    very important detail, when you wear hairstyles with tufts at the top w the bunny it looks like it has a tail 😭💞

    #sky children of the light #i was tempted for like one day but there's a similar item that will be in flight that i like better so #no bunny for me #i also like the days of fortune orange better and it's cheaper so i just have to wait for when that event comes around #(i like it better bc it reminds me of the pic of the capybara with the yuzu on its head lol)
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  • roncheg
    22.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Those bunnies are insanely cute🐰❤️

    #sky children of the light #games#just chilling#bunny
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  • tamerumonos
    22.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    anyways uhm i think the stupid names everyone has is an attempt from childhood to ease them into their roles so when the day comes that they have to take up the mantle and use their character names its not as much of a shock

    #sunset.doc #ever after high #also they HEAVILY prioritize biological children of the same gender #male characters w daughters is okay if theyre not HEROES. darling cant be a hero but maddie and bunny can be HELPERS. #jillian is begrudgingly accepted because jack had no other children. jacks dad is dead in the og story right. i think. so yeah #if youre the son of a female character its not. As fine though by far. alistair is only barely considered ok bc alice isnt a princess #but he cant take alices name fully. there are changes and milton grimm HAS to accept them bc. gestures at wonderland #adoption is pretty much a frowned upon concept assuming the story doesnt require adoption. even then though!!! #girl help sorry for the long post. i like eah yea
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  • vampsharkrin
    22.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    Guess who's back at Office vibing in the clouds again?

    #yes i changed my hair for once #i wanted to try being afro chibi for a bit #yes people are bothering bathroom krill again #i called my bunny hair accessory bunbun #sky children of the light #that sky game #that sky game vault secret area #that sky game office #that sky game office spoilers #sky children of the light office spoilers
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  • jestermoth
    21.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    So am I dumb or is the summer lights lantern not turning up in the shop for anyone else?

    #sky children of the light #sky cotl#thatskygame #I know it’s expensive but Im so blind when it comes to the dark areas I need it #not to mention how useful it’d be in the fire trial like 👀 #also I just rlly like the look of it #But yeah I can’t find it anywhere? the bunny was in the shop but not that :/
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  • ahkeekee-me
    21.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Happy Mid-Autumn festival, everyone!!

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  • hikydd
    20.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Meet my new friend

    🌸🌸This is Pinky🌸🌸

    #this is soooo cute #sky children of the light #skykid#thatskygame#sky cotl#cute bunny #days of summer light
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  • laryna6
    18.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    One of those ‘A Christmas Carol’-based fics with Saotome Eiji.

    Kyousuke’s dad appearing warning of the demons of the Sanzu river and the measuring of karma that awaits the dead, and Saotome going ‘I must have fallen asleep/that’s a foreign Buddhist thing’ because of the... heavy pushing of a... propagandized version of Shinto as part of Japanese nationalism building up to WWII.

    Instead of Christmas it’s Obon (a festival of Buddist/Confucian origin) ofc.

    To fit with ‘the idea that people have to earn the right to live is effed up’ from the original, perhaps as a child he was sent to an orphanage bc his family couldn’t feed him? The additional damage of not knowing who your ancestors were in a culture practicing ancestor worship.

    Other students of psychic research inviting him to hang out at the university but he wanted to get an officer position in the army, so needing to avoid undesirable elements.

    Saotome’s present day obon, Kyousuke who was raised in China being taught about Shinto because as a half-Chinese person on top of an esper in an era of nationalism... they worry about the kid and he might be safer if he do all the ‘I am a loyal subject of the emperor’ signaling. Two of the espers in the unit canonically come from traditional priesthood families and have OPINIONS about what these motherfucking nationalists are doing to corrupt and twist everyone’s spirituality and traditions and their sense of connection to their families and their people and the land. Making shinto priests government officials?!

    Saotome going they’re not proper LoyalTM to the army and Japan

    Spirit #2 going ‘was the army ever loyal to them?’

    Fujiko and her father discussing how their family is nobility and the need for the nobiiity to give up power and instead bring about democracy if Japan was going to escape being conquered and exploited by imperialists like the countries around them.

    Fujiko going ‘but the warrior classes all got positions in the military, and now we’re a military dictatorship and Japan has just become one more imperialist power, it’s disgusting and her father going absolutely, and discussion of duty to their ancestors and their country foreshadowing Fujiko making a choice that according to traditional morality and the noble code of conduct was ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLY HORRIBLY WRONG to the point of disgracing her entire family line because what kind of people could have produced a traitor like that... but because of it in the modern day Japan is the second least awful country in how it treats espers.

    Then spirit #3, and Saotome going ‘I’ve seen the precogs, espers going to war with normals, Kyousuke betraying the country/me to serve a queen’

    And then it’s the younger queen and two other girls going ‘Minamoto we want to go to a festival with you’ while a harried man basically shoos them out the door with a broom and goes ‘go! Your families want to see you! Here are your boxed lunches and snacks for the trip’ and the girls are espers who use their powers to get to their normal families. the queen and her big sister get in a wrestling match over the cookies and only belatedly realize their mom’s eaten them all while commentating while they dress for the festival. another girl and her normal father engage in some police brutality towards festival pickpockets as bonding. the third girl, at least, is traditional and proper even if she’s performing a ceremony that comes from non-Japanese origins (and yet... it’s still a tradition that ties them to their ancestors and the gods and who they are, and Shinto says that tradition is sacred, it doesn’t say that traditions that first came from outside aren’t sacred)

    The man is following his mother around as she chatters with everyone and gets up to shenanigans at the festival. ‘Father couldn’t make it again’ mentioning a grandmother who used to stay with him at these. Looking up at the sparks rise above the fire to send the dead home, lonely even though he’s surrounded by people in his hometown... and then he gets tackled by the three girls demanding he take photos with them while they’re all in kimonos

    And then it switches to someone announcing That Bastard is finally dead. Far from the land he was born, with no one in the country he served who cares to claim his body ‘so we should send someone to pretend to be a relative’ and someone declaring that this is now a formal meeting because while obviously they all want to desecrate his grave, they are going to do it in an organized fashion that reflects the gravity of his crimes and pays respects to his innocent victims and continuing victims of that bastard’s legacy of murder and hatred. Eggs and toilet paper are not up for discussion is said with a pointed look at another man, who whines ‘big bro!’

    This is the most diverse group of people Saotome has ever seen, people from all over the world united in their hatred of someone who gets referred to with several different languages’ curse words.

    And then someone walks in and goes ‘here you are, okay, what are you up to? I’ve been raising kids for half a century, I know that when you’re all quiet and busy somewhere you’re up to no good’ and it’s Kyousuke. The guy who went ‘big bro’ gets his ear twisted, and whines ‘dad!’

    It’s revealed that ‘that bastard’ is someone who hurt Kyousuke, who they’re protective of like the unit is (he still looks so young...) but when he gets it out of them he’s no! and there is a whine of ‘dad! He shot you!’ ‘I know’ *bullet scar revealed* ‘I’m the one he shot, so I get to decide what to do with him’

    Kyousuke lifting away a sheet to reveal a body old and twisted and crippled. And Saotome’s. Kyousuke is blank an solemn... and sad.

    Going through the Shinsosai funeral rites, all foreign Buddhist influences removed as he would have wanted, and maybe there’s a reason the people of Japan for centuries were happy to have Buddhists to help them usher their families into the next world, because he can see the weight of the kegare on him, how Kyousuke mourns him, is the only one who mourns him. Eventually a woman who treats Kyousuke as both an embarrassing younger brother and as a respected father comes to help, to cheer him up, even though she despises Saotome too, for hurting him.

    A picture of the unit, in Kyousuke’s family shrine. ‘Now everyone in this photograph but Fujiko is dead... He took my family from me, but he, too, was family.’

    Then he grabbed the woman, teleported, and dragged her down with him into the ocean for purification.

    ...then Kyousuke goes to bully the man from before, who is arguing with the three girls about how yes, they are sleepy, Kaoru nearly flew them into the ground getting home, while making them all tea before he shoves them into their bedroom. When he turns around Kyousuke has stolen the cup that was supposed to be for him, and the man at first automatically raises his hackles, but then looks sympathetic.

    Kyousuke looks away, annoyed and pouting, at sympathy from this person.

    ‘...If I try to comfort you you’re going to shove my head in the toilet again,’ the man says, getting himself another cup of tea.

    ‘Absolutely’ Kyousuke agrees.

    Silence, and eventually Kyousuke says, ‘at first I thought you were his reincarnation, even though he would have been offended at the idea of him reincarnating. Then I found he was with the Comericans, had been since the war, and I thought, it would have been better if he was you. Not for the Queen. But for him. If I hadn’t failed to avenge my comrades back then, he could have moved on to a better life or the otherworld. Not been forced to live on a failure and a pawn in a foreign land, unable to return home. He was a proud man.’ Looking down at his tea, ‘when I met him again, he asked me to kill him.’

    ‘..in the precog, I know there’s a nuke on the way when I shoot Kaoru,’ the man says, and now Saotome knows where he’s seen him. ‘even though I want to kill her so she can’t leave again and I want it enough to kill her before she stops that nuke from destroying Tokyo, I still know that I have to die for this. I’m just getting the order wrong. I should die before I do that. Having to live with what I do in that precog would be a fate worse than death.’

    ‘That was why I erased his memories that day. He... there was no point in him continuing to suffer. None of us would have wanted that for him. I thought... didn’t he know our feelings? That we were loyal to him, that we didn’t mind dying for him? And then I saw that he truly didn’t recognize our feelings. Because he didn’t know what it looked like, to recognize when people truly cared for him. But he cared for us, and so when he thought that espers would turn against normals, that it was impossible for us to ever care for him... Those damn precogs. They broke his heart before he put a bullet through mine.’

    ‘Maybe... next obon?’

    a shake of the head. ‘he thought it was too foreign. It’s fine, our comrades will beat sense into him in the afterlife.’ Kyousuke drank the rest of his tea.

    ‘..Some of the parts of the traditional ceremony... PANDRA loves you, but I think that would have made it hard to force them to cooperate,’ the man said. “I don’t want to hear words honoring him either, but you like to do things I don’t want.’

    ‘What, are you going to give me condolences for his loss?”

    ‘I can honestly say that I am very sorry he’s dead, because it means I will never get to strangle him,’ the man vigorously throttled the air, going from kind and patient to a man more than capable of shooting a young woman in love with him, and back, ‘from turning you from such a sweet, good little kid into the godawful brat I have had to deal with.’

    Kyousuke snorted.

    “Do you want another cup of tea, or a cup of milk?”

    “Milk.” Kyousuke said, and when the man was on his way to open a white door, he began, “Utsumi-san said that he graduated first in his class, but he had no family and no background. The esper unit was his proposal, so when he told us that we could serve our country and be accepted, he wagered his own future on the chance that ours could be happy. Utsumi said later that he never trusted Saotome-Taicho, because he knew he didn’t truly care for us. I asked once why he didn’t warn us, if he knew that, but... Utsumi knew his heart, so he knew that Saotome-taicho also was different, was desperately wishing to prove he was valuable enough to accept. He knew what bait to dangle before us because it was the exact same lure that led him to the army. We all wanted him to have that happy future, along with us.’

    #zettai karen children #hyoubu kyousuke#saotome eiji#minamoto kouichi #all of the bunnies #I want to turn this into fic but aargh so much work
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  • little-sweets-witch
    17.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    So I had to redraw some of my old art for school.

    #five nights at freddy's #fnaf#freddy fazbear #bonnie the bunny #chica the chicken #foxy the pirate #golden freddy#fredbear #missing children fnaf #gabriel fnaf#jeremy fnaf#susie fnaf#fritz fnaf#cassidy fnaf#redraw#stella’s art
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  • trixabellian
    15.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    "omg if you have a bunny hat youre not alternative" ok how about i stomp on your throat

    #please its a cute hat #stop bullying#LITERAL children #ur monthly post defending the tiktok bunny hat kids #brought to you by #someone who doesnt own the hat
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  • ooohhotsausage
    15.09.2021 - 1 week ago
    #ben willbond#sophie willan #almas not normal #tv#sexytimes ahead #shield your eyes children #not me #I’ll keep looking #👀 #ngl I like the bunny mask #shades of Geralt
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  • thebig-chillqueen
    13.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    It's Raboot casually vibing on Goh's shoulder hours.

    He might be a bit bigger than he was as Scorbunny, but Raboot still tries. 😭

    Shame he can't do it now that he evolved into Cinderace. 🥺

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  • misforgotten2
    13.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    After accidentally catching a glimpse up a skirt, Fluffy realizes she’s really really happy she’s not a human.

    365 Bedtime Stories  illustrated by Jill Elgin   1955

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  • cycloplasm
    13.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Daiquiri redesign! And introducing his employees, or as he calls them, ‘minions’. All of them are tied to one of the casino’s games, and are ‘in charge’ of them- which means tending to the games and being available to play the games against to the guests. The games the employees are in charge of is always the one they’re most skilled at, to keep a maximum of money and induce gambling addictions. From left to right:

    Daiquiri: Daiquiri is the boss of a quite popular casino in Futh, full of rigged games that will always go to his favor; he’s a very sore loser and call anyone who wins a cheater. He considers himself Tobleron the Ringmaster’s rival, ever since the latter cheated in what was supposed to be a friendly game between the two. Also, Daiquiri is a FTM trans guy, and inherited his dishonest behavior from his grandmother- the only person in his family who’d accept his identity, but also happened to get rich via illegal means.

    Epsad: Daiquiri chose to make his 4 most-trusted employees debt collectors, to threaten guests and players that haven't payed their due to the casino, and called the 4 of them the 'Poker Gang'. Epsad was initially the 'leader' of the Poker Gang, due to his natural charisma, pride and habit to tell others what to do. Unfortunately, Daiquiri couldn't predict the fact that while Epsad is a good leader, he has zero creativity- as the name he gave himself suggests, who's just spade backwards. He is able to lead, but is incapable of making plans, predict what an indebted person might do, or have any type of thought that requires imagination. So since, he works with his teammate the triclops bunny girl, and relies on her for a great number of things. Though he’s doing alright with his current work, which involves threatening and pressuring the indebted. Due to his lack of imagination, he isn't good at predicting potential moves in poker and is pretty bad at it- so instead of tending to games, he watches others play. Not to learn anything, but instead to get to know people- because Epsad is quite the flirt.

    Cordat: One of the poker gang members- they're usually working with Carreau. Their little team is specialized in killing cheaters and indebted people that try to escape.Cordat is skilled at many things they enjoy- such as 'disposing' of indebted people and cheaters with their venom, playing poker, and flirting with customers/guests. They even dated Epsad, but it ended badly enough to have the two refuse to talk to each other ever since. Daiquiri desperately praises and gives raises to Cordat, hoping they'd have flirt with him too, but they don't seem interested, much to Daiquiri's chagrin. He's very stubborn and as long as he doesn't have a concrete negative reaction, he'll keep trying to get them to love him.

    Carreau: One of the poker gang members- he's usually working with Cordat. Their little team is specialized in killing cheaters and indebted people that try to escape. By far the quietest employee of Daiquiri, Carreau only speaks when absolutely needed. He wears his gas mask constantly, and it's unknown if anyone ever saw how his body looks without his cloak. He never questions orders and always does what he has been told to, in a quick manner to boot- even when that includes killing. Carreau uses sharp diamond shaped slates of metal to cut throats. His efficient work usually makes him earn praise from Daiquiri, which Carreau wouldn't really care about if it wasn't for the fact that said praise is usually done in front of every other employees and makes things awkward.Carreau doesn't actually enjoy killing people, and prefers to play games that require strategy; his favorite being poker. He's been known to spare indebted but skilled adversaries.

    Clover Bunny girl (no name yet): One of the poker gang members- she's usually working with Epsad. She's a bunny+triclops hybrid.She's almost always covered by her big, snug coat- even during hot days. She might seem quiet at first glance, but it's just that she prefers to listen, and Epsadd tends to talk over her anyway (it's unclear if she minds). She's not actually that good at poker, and is much more skilled at Pinball; which is also her favorite game to play!

    BigFrog (no name yet): A buff amphibian who's the main body guard in the casino. His arms are ridiculously buff while his legs are like a regular frog's, so he actually walks using his arms. He's very intimidating, but he CAN be bested and even fooled- he's pretty impulsive and don't usually pay attention to details, so one can easily hide from him. He's very good at playing darts, and tends to every dart game in the casino. But he usually has no strategy and just always go for bull’s eye or as close to it as possible.

    Fortune: the least trustworthy one by far. An harlequin who’s actually a chaos cedraite+spider hybrid. He wants the casino for himself, to rig every game even more than they already are, and make even more people be indebted, suffer and live in fear constantly. His body is almost entirely prosthetics- only his torso and half of his head are made of flesh. His eyes/slots have many types of pictures to go along with his expressions. Unlike Daiquiri’s other employees, Fortune doesn’t dislike Tobleron in the slightest- he actually secretly respects him, and if his plan of taking over the casino succeeds, Fortune would like to financially support Tobleron’s circus.

    #o#rose'socs#daiquiri#Epsad#Cordat oc#Carreau oc#Fortune oc #There's other employees in the works; like a bunny suit bunny and a cyclops cowboy #and a magician who is so bad at 'magic' that he's been banned from children birthday parties bc his tricks sucks that bad #the poker gang are actually characters i made in 2014 LOL #they're mostly the same as they used to be except for the bunny girl
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  • groovyathletefestivalegg
    10.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #artists on tumblr #drawing#idk#art#draw#drawings#sketch #ross the bunny #grovyathletefestival ocs #my ocs are my children #my ocs#oc's #my oc art #practice#no color
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  • thebig-chillqueen
    09.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Goh and his Pokémon partner and best friend, Scorbunny/Raboot/Cinderace. 🥰

    Just a simple edit to show the boys' height differences. 😆

    #Pokémon#Pokémon Journeys #Pokemon Journeys spoilers #Pokeani spoilers#Pokemon: Goh #**my precious children <3** #Scorbunny#Raboot#Cinderace #**pyro bunny bebby <3** #favorite characters#my edits
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  • unfortunate-arrow
    08.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #benedict x sophie #benedict bridgerton#sophie beckett #modern bridgerton au #bridgerton#bridgerton au#modern au#my writing #okay so the context for the first one is that daphne clobbered benedict with a jenga block when he was ten #in her defense he had beheaded her favorite doll the week before #the second one was just random but it still kept coming back #working on chap 7 so once that’s done it’ll be halfway finished #also i have what stuffed animal each of the bridgerton siblings were attached as children #anthony a bear; colin a dog; daphne a doll; eloise a lion; francesca a bunny; gregory an elephant; hyacinth a unicorn #and of course benedict’s monkey
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