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    Chicago P.D. | 8.13 | Trouble Dolls
    #will i ever stop giffing this scene? #probably not#s8#8x13 #lexi.edits #my edit#adam ruzek#kim burgess#burzek#chicago pd
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    This is pure speculation

    But didn’t Jesse say in an interview that the premiere will pick up a few hours or like the next day after they rescued Kim?

    Am I dreaming of that interview? Lol

    At this point really all we can do is drive ourselves nuts with speculating and theorizing haha

    I’m still hopeful for Adam to see Kim in the hospital. Would they really not do a scene like that?

    I’m excited for it all honestly

    Kim/Adam/Makayla scenes in her apartment and all that good stuff

    Please tell me I’m not the only one that’s hopeful lol

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    If they rob us of a Burzek reunion scene in the hospital...😤

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    Second Chances Chapter 23 - Exams

    Summary: Ally turns one, someone joins the unit, and several big decisions are made. Series Masterlist here

    Words: 3.5k

    Warnings: none, surprisingly.

    Wanna join my taglist?


    They muddled through for a month as a five person unit, but it was quickly evident that there was too much for them to do without another member. They were working extra hours to make up for Al not being there, and Kim knew something would have to give soon. She and Adam were trading off leaving on time to pick up Ally, late nights becoming normal. Even on Ally’s first birthday Adam would have missed it if Hank hadn’t sent him home with a glare to be with his child that day. It was a delight for Kim to see him arrive home, ready to feed Ally her cake and enjoy the day that they had with her. It had been a full year since she was born, she was walking and talking, making attempts to call her family by their names. She’d started calling Trudy “Oody”, which made everyone smile at it whenever Ally ended up in the Precinct. They tried not to let that happen too often, but whenever it did she was kept safe at the desk.

    It was mid August, and Hank came out of his office with a rare smile on his face.

    “We’ve got a new officer joining the unit next week. Vanessa Rojas, she’s coming in from Narcotics. She’s pretty new, but she’s proven herself on undercover ops. Upton, you’ll be training her in. Ruzek, Atwater, you’ll work together, Halstead and Kim you’ll partner up.” They nodded, glad they were finally getting someone new to help lighten the load.

    The day before the new officer began found the three Ruzeks at Wrigley, Ally in Adam’s arms as they watched the game. He’d bought her a Cubs jersey, the three of them cheering when the Cubs won, Adam swinging Ally around. Once they were home and she was in bed that night, Kim curled up beside him on the couch, watching something she would never remember on tv.

    “I never went to Wrigley with Bob before.” The words left Adam’s mouth quickly, nearly like he hadn’t meant to. “I always wanted to go, but he would always pull the overtime shift to do foot patrol for it. I never thought I’d get to do this, y’know? Go to a game with my family, cheer with my kid. I know she didn’t really get it, but she had fun I think.”

    “She did.” Kim’s voice was sure as she spoke. “She enjoyed every minute of it, if she hadn’t she’d have let her feelings be known, you know how she gets.”

    Adam snorted at that. Their daughter had no issue making her complaints known. Her latest was when Al left before she went to bed.

    “Yeah, you’re right. Today was one of the best days of my life.”

    “Just one of them?”

    “You know, our wedding day, the day Ally was born, the day I met you. They’re all up there. Don’t make me choose.”

    Kim reached up and kissed her husband, holding him close for a moment before they made their way to their bedroom, tangled limbs and walking backwards to keep their lips connected.

    The next morning they were at their new desks, the new partnerships settled. She and Jay hadn’t really worked together before, but she trusted him and knew how good at his job he was. They got on well, working easily and getting their jobs done. She was in the passenger seat of the truck with him, looking out the window when Jay spoke.

    “How come you haven’t done the detectives exam yet? You’ve been a cop, what? Ten years?” The question caught Kim off guard, and she turned to look at him.

    “Yeah, ten in a couple of weeks. I was going to do it two years ago, but then I found out I was pregnant so it didn’t happen. Why?”

    “I mean you do the work, you should do the exam and get the pay bump and title. You, Ruz, and Kev deserve it. There was one in March, next one is usually the end of October. Talk to Voight about it, but I think you should.”

    “You just want to not have to do all of the paperwork between you and Hailey.”

    “Look, guilty as charged!”

    The idea went around Kim’s head, trying to decide if it was the right call. It felt like a no brainer, but with Ally she worried about it. She decided to talk to Voight about it once they finished working on the case they were on.

    They were tracking yet another drug ring. Kim never would have thought she’d consider drug cases routine, but her life was completely surreal at times. A cartel had started moving meth to Chicago, and it was purer than had hit the streets before. People were turning up dead on a near daily basis, they’d even called Will Halstead in to get more information about what was happening when they arrived in hospital. It was cases like this that cut into Kim’s heart, being a parent changing how she viewed them. She knew it did the same to Adam, and Hank and Al had both talked to them about how being a parent changed their perspective on cases. Anything involving young people just hit her a different way now.

    But finally they’d managed to track where it was coming from, and she and Jay were in the van while Hailey and Vanessa went to make the meet. They were staying back, listening to the feed while Adam and Kev were the backup on the ground. It wasn’t fully how they’d wanted to do it, but it made sense to keep some of them away.

    “I think I’m gonna sit the exam.” It was the first time Kim had said it out loud, but it solidified what she’d been thinking about in the quiet of the night, the conversations she’d had with Adam. The only reason she’d thought against doing it was because of Ally, but she wanted her daughter to know she could do anything. She could be anything. And Kim was going to be a mother and a detective.

    “That’s great! Are the others?”

    “Kev’s still deciding, but I don’t think Adam will this round. We were talking about it, but if both of us are studying for it then we can’t give Ally everything she needs, and she comes first. So I’m gonna take it now, then he’ll take it in the March sitting. Voight mentioned it in the bullpen last week too, so I think it’s definitely happening sooner rather than later for both of us.”

    “Good. I’ve got all my old study notes at home, I can bring them in tomorrow for you? Have you talked to Voight yet?”

    “That’s for after this case. I know he’ll be for it, but it’s just stressful. I’ve nearly eight weeks to prep at least.”

    They stopped talking when Vanessa started, and the buy went off without a hitch, Vanessa and Hailey successfully arresting the pair. The arrest led to a raid, which led to a large shipment of meth being found and kept off the streets. It was a successful day by anyone’s standards.

    When they got back to the bullpen, Kim knocked on Hank’s office door, walking in when he called her.

    “I wanted to let you know that I’ve decided to take the detective’s exam in October. I think it’s time, I was going to do it two years ago but then I was pregnant and couldn’t. But it’s the right time now.”

    “Good. Is Adam going to take it too?”

    “Not this time.” She looked at the surprise on his face. “With Ally we only have time for one of us to take it at a time. It means he can make sure she’s ok while I’m studying, and we’ll trade off when he decides to take it.”

    Hank shook his head. “He should take it now too. You’ve got two sergeants and a former detective as grandparents for Ally, we can look after her. We’ll take her for weekend days so you can prepare, and then you’ll be able to sit it. I want the three of you to be detectives, you deserve the pay bump and the title, you do the work.”

    The pride he had in her made Kim sit up straighter, that he knew she could do it.

    “Hank…we can’t accept that,. It’s our family, we can work it out. If it takes longer it takes longer. I really appreciate it, but we’ll do this.”

    “Kim. You asked me to be that girl’s grandfather. You asked Trudy and Al to be her grandparents too. And part of being a grandparent is being a parent to the parents. Let us do this for you, let us help you.”

    She smiled, nodding. “I don’t know what to say, Hank. Thank you.” Kim left the office, Adam getting called in. When he came out he looked at her, Kim just nodding.

    They were finished paperwork and packing up to go home when Vanessa came over to Kim’s desk.

    “Hailey and I are going to Molly’s for drinks, are you coming? It’d be nice to spend more time together outside of work.” Kim went to shake her head, but Adam interrupted.

    “I’ll pick up Ally, go out. You deserve a break.” He pressed a kiss to her forehead and Kim nodded.

    “That settles it for me, I guess. Are we leaving now?”

    She squeezed Adam’s hand as she left, their quiet “I love you” barely audible, but Vanessa looked at them like they were too cute. It didn’t take long before the three women were sitting in Molly’s, beers in front of each of them.

    “So. Hailey told me a little bit about you and Adam, but said she doesn’t know everything. What’s gone on with you?”

    Kim laughed at the new officer’s tenacity, but told the full story of their relationship. From the flirting when Adam joined Intelligence, to her being shot, to the engagement and ending things and getting back together and eloping.

    “…so it’s been nearly three and a half years, and I’m still incredibly in love with him, even with a baby. We kept it hidden from everyone except Voight, Trudy and Kev until Ally was born. I’m still not sure how we did it.”

    The night was just what Kim needed, getting to know the new member of the unit. They laughed through a few drinks, and when Sylvie and Stella arrived in Kim introduced them to Vanessa. The two newcomers knew Hailey vaguely, but when they all sat together they quickly made plans for another girls night for the five of them.

    As the month passed what Adam and Kim had affectionately named Operation Grandparents was go. Every time they had a day off, one of Ally’s grandparents arrived to take her for the day and Kev would come over for the three of them to study together. It was stressful and exhilarating and exciting, and they had eight weeks to prepare for the biggest exam of their lives. The three had been doing the work, but actually putting it down on paper was hard. Jay’s notes were invaluable, and the two detectives in the unit had started asking questions whenever they thought of them.

    The one advantage of Ally being taken out was the photos Kim received. One of the days Trudy had her they had to go to Mouch in 51, and Kim’s phone constantly buzzed with pictures of her fourteen month old toddling around the firehouse, sitting on Sylvie’s knee in 61 or hanging out of Mouch in a truck. The photos and updates were a good brain break when they were so stressed.

    But finally it was the exam date, and she, Adam and Kev were at the Ivory Tower in their dress blues to take it. They were divided by surname, she and Adam one desk in front of the other in their room while Kev was a few rooms away.

    She put everything out of her mind as she stared at the scantron sheet, filling out the bubbles and double checking her answers. She was a cop. She was, to quote her hard-ass in work of a sergeant, “a damn good cop”. She could do this. She deserved this. She’d put the work in and she’d get it.

    When the test was over they walked out beside each other, but Kim wouldn’t take Adam’s hand yet. Everyone knew they were married, knew who Adam was and how his pregnant wife had testified against his dad, but this was the one place they didn’t want to publicise it. Once they met up with Kev they all decided to go for lunch before heading home, a chance to unwind for a few moments before life and the nerves of if they passed hit them.

    There was a two week wait to find out if they’d passed, and every single day seemed to stroll by for Kim. Ally was growing so quickly it was nearly scary, watching the little girl who a few months ago could barely walk toddle around on her own two feet. She knew her grandparents, knew Kev and Sylvie, and her cries of “VIE!” made them all laugh when Sylvie arrived to spend time with her. She was revealing who she was as a person, and it was exciting and enthralling at the same time. Ally wasn’t a baby anymore, she was a full child being herself and her parents couldn’t stop marvelling that they’d created an actual person.

    The morning they dropped her to daycare before finding out the results, Kim and Adam were nervous wrecks. She’d never really admitted to herself just how much she had wanted this job. She wanted to pass the exam, wanted to be a detective. Wanted to introduce herself on scenes as Detective Ruzek. But her stomach was in a ball of nerves as they walked in, a reassuring smile from Trudy not helping. Kev was already there, nodding at them with that same sick look on his face.

    The morning passed too slowly, but around noon Hank came out of his office. Every time he walked out Kim wanted to get sick, wondering if this was when she’d be told. She hadn’t felt this sick since she was pregnant with Ally.

    “Detectives Atwater, Ruzek and Ruzek, you need to get your new badges.”

    The words washed over Kim for a moment, shock on her face. They’d passed. They’d all passed. She was a detective. The bullpen erupted in cheers from the other three as the newly promoted trio were staring at each other. Adam was the first to react, standing up and walking over to kiss Kim in celebration. They’d been very careful to never do any form of PDA in the precinct, but this was an exception.

    When they separated Kim hugged Kev, before being the recipient of hugs from everyone else, a firm handshake and hug from Hank topping it off. They’d done it, and the taste of victory was so, so sweet.

    “Congratulations, folks. You’ll have your new badges in a couple of days, I’m getting them sent over here, but you can officially use your new titles. It’s well deserved.”

    Even with it being a paperwork day, the mood upstairs was joyous. Jay ordered pizza for everyone in celebration, and even Trudy came up to congratulate them. She cornered Kim while she was upstairs, looking at her.

    “I’ll take Ally for the night.”

    Kim was confused, looking at Trudy carefully. Had she missed something? Did something happen? “What? We’re picking her up after work, it’s fine. Unless did we pull a raid or something?”

    The familiar exasperated look on Trudy’s face came out in full force, making Kim feel like a moron.

    “No. You and your husband have just spent eight weeks completely stressed and going from work to home to looking after your daughter to studying and back again. Randy and I will keep her tonight for a sleepover, she loves them. Go out for dinner, celebrate. Pick her up in the morning.” Kim hugged Trudy, the gratitude clear on her face.

    “Thank you. For everything, all the help you’ve given Adam and I. It means the world.”

    “You don’t even have to thank me for that. We love having her with us.”

    She and Adam drove home and changed, before getting a cab into the restaurant they’d celebrated their first engagement at. It’d been the place they’d said they’d go for the big events in their lives, but this was the first one they really could go to it for. They sat and didn’t even need to speak, just enjoying each other’s company, Adam’s foot running up her calf.

    “So, Detective, how does it feel?” Kim asked, watching the way his eyes darkened slightly as she used his new title.

    “Don’t say it like that, Darlin’. I can’t believe I did it. I knew you would, I knew Kev would. I just didn’t think I’d pass. But I did and we did and now we’re officially detectives. It feels kind of great. What about you? I know you’d wanted this before.”

    “It feels right now.” Kim shrugged as she spoke, the realisation coming over her that it did. “I know the main reason I didn’t take it before was Ally, but now? I kind of feel like I wouldn’t have been as good a cop if I’d passed then. Now it feels firmer, feels better. I won’t believe it till I actually get my badge.”

    “Neither will I.”

    With the luxury of not having to get home to Ally they strolled down the riverwalk arm in arm, looking out at the city lights in the mid November air. It hit Kim just how much she loved her life, her city. Things felt perfect.

    “I love you.” She stood on tiptoes to kiss Adam, the two of them acting like teenagers for a few moments, before separating with a giggle.

    “I love you too, Kim. You and Ally are the best parts of my life. I’m lucky to have you.”

    They went into a brewery that they’d been at before, not even needing to talk. Instead they watched the band that was playing, sipping their beers.

    “I’m going to the restroom, want to head home when we finish this?” Adam nodded, giving her a kiss before she stood. As he watched her leave he pulled out his phone, flicking through his camera roll. He’d gotten into a habit of taking photos of Kim whenever she looked particularly beautiful. He felt incredibly lucky to have her, his beautiful and dangerous wife who he knew could protect herself. He always worried about her, the same way she worried about him, but they’d come home at the end of the day.

    Kim returning surprised him, locking his phone screen to greet her again. Once they finished their drinks she held out her hand.

    “Can I use your phone for the uber? Mine’s about to die.” He handed it over, watching as she unlocked it with her thumbprint and her face lit up. “You took photos of me?”

    It was one of his favourite pictures of her, before they’d gone on a night-time raid. She was in blackout gear, a dark hat on her head and her hair loose around her shoulders. Her thigh holster was just visible, and he’d taken it from the other side of the room while she’d been checking her weapon. She looked beautiful and deadly, and he couldn’t resist the photo.

    “You just looked so good like that, I wanted the photo. I can delete it if you want?” Kim just laughed at it.

    “Adam, I can’t say anything. Here.” She unlocked her own phone, pulling up her camera roll and handing it over to him. In the thirty seconds before the battery died he flicked through photos of him wearing flannel, some from work, some from home, one with Ally in his arms as the toddler reached out for something out of frame.

    “So what you’re saying is we’re both ridiculously in love and take photos of each other because we just love each other?”

    “Yeah, basically.” As they stood on the pavement waiting for the uber he leaned down to kiss his wife, grinning at her smile in between kisses.

    Once they made it home they curled up on the couch to trade yet more lazy kisses. As much as Kim would have loved them to be the way they were when they were newly married, electric touches and constant lust, this was better. They were comfortable with each other. They knew everything about each other, and had gone through some of the worst things that people could have dealt with. But they were still together, and she was in her husband’s arms, they had their daughter. It was nearly perfect.


    “Yeah, Darlin’?” He asked, looking down at her.

    “What do you think about maybe trying for another baby in the future?” With the way his lips joined hers, and Kim moved to straddle his legs, it was obvious that he agreed with her.

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    Adam: Hey, I'm here too.

    #this line will never not make me smile and feel a million things at once #this scene just makes me happy #2x10#adam ruzek#burzek
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    official burzek watch is in play 👀

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    Second Chances Chapter 22 - Endings

    Summary: The Ruzeks host Christmas for everyone, Al makes an announcement, and the unit realises just how oblivious they were. Series Masterlist Here

    Words: 3.3k

    Warnings: None!

    Wanna join my taglist?


    Kim may have gone a little bit crazy Christmas shopping. Just maybe.

    She stared at the pile of presents sitting in the closet, realising that most of them were for their daughter, and honestly Ally would probably prefer to play with the wrapping paper than the actual presents themselves. Oh to be five months old, and get joy out of trash and the ability to sit up.

    It was Christmas Eve, and Adam was on his way home from a last minute grocery store run. They were hosting the entire unit for Christmas this year - plus Will Halstead, who’d managed to get the day off from Med - and Kim had had a panicked moment of not knowing if she had enough stuffing for the next day. So Adam, with his infinite patience and relaxing nature, had agreed to go to the store. By the time he left the house his list had ten items, and she’d texted him multiple times with others. It was their first publicly married Christmas, Ally’s first Christmas, and the first time they were having everyone around for the holidays. With Al’s divorce finalised and he’d moved into his own apartment, she didn’t want him alone for the holidays. Kevin got an immediate invitation as was their normal Christmas tradition. Once they’d been invited everyone else was too.

    “Honey, I’m home,” Adam called, stopping still with grocery bags in his hands as he looked at the presents Kim had pulled out. “Are those all for Ally?”

    “Most of them?” Kim semi-asked, smiling to try head off his look at her purchases.

    “I don’t wanna know. It’s her first Christmas, and we said we wanted more than one kid so they’ll be used. Plus, I want to spoil her this year before she can get used to it.” Kim laughed at his words, not bothering to wrap the presents going under the tree. It was more for them than anything else, but it made them so happy to do it.

    The final thing was Ally’s bedtime story, the three of them curled on the couch together as Adam read from Twas The Night Before Christmas. He did all the voices, but the interest was no match for a sleepy five month old, falling asleep in her parents arms. They still marvelled that they’d made her, that she was half of each of them, and somehow she was the best parts of them. She was so loved, and Kim never wanted to imagine life if they hadn’t had her.

    The next morning they got up as normal, Ally’s cries getting them out of bed by five. But this time the two brought her downstairs, curling up on the sofa and handing toys to her. Most of the presents they’d gotten her were clothes, she was consistently in the top ten percent of babies for her height and weight, so the piles of clothes for up to nine month olds they had just weren’t going to last much longer. Adam made breakfast for them, handing Kim her plate of pancakes with a kiss as she got Ally settled in with breakfast. They’d just started giving her actual food, and Kim fed her pureed banana as Ally cooed and shook her arms around her high chair.

    Adam let Kim cook, and by the time Al arrived things were mostly under control. Ally was immediately swept into her grandfather’s arms, the older man cuddling her close, smiling even when she grasped onto a stray hair. He waved Adam away to help his wife in the kitchen, enjoying spending the time there. Adam and Kim just listened to the coos and baby talk from their living room.

    It didn’t take long for everyone to arrive, and the entire unit sitting down around the mish mash of tables and chairs that were there to seat everyone. Both Kev and Hank had brought folding tables and chairs with them so everyone could be there, Kim setting enough places while Adam stirred the gravy under her careful instruction to not let it burn. But finally there were eleven around the makeshift tables, passing sides to each other and laughing. Ally was insistent on being carried instead of in her chair, and she was passed easily from one person to another until Hank insisted he could eat and hold her, settling her against his chest as he did. It was the first big Christmas Kim had had since she was a child, and she couldn’t be happier for it. Everyone at the table meant so much to her, and even with people missing it felt like a gift.

    They’d agreed on a secret Santa for the unit, but Kim made sure to have a little present for everyone at the table. Before her parents had split up it was something her mom had done every Christmas, just a tiny token to say thank you for being there. There were pens, some golf tees for Jay, just small things to make sure everyone knew they were welcomed and cared for.

    But after dinner, Will still laughing at his “World’s worst Best Doctor” mug, they shared out the presents over dessert. Kim had gotten Hailey, who thanked her for the dirt bike trail voucher. In return Al had bought Kim a new thigh holster, after saying he’d heard her complain one too many times about the straps on her old one needing repair. Adam had gotten Kev, buying him tickets for a Blackhawks game. Everyone knew they’d gone over budget on them, but it was the two of them so nobody complained. Adam’s gift from Trudy was a framed photo she’d taken of the three of them when Ally was born. As Kim looked at it she could tell it was just before she’d told everyone Ally’s name, Adam standing just away from her but with so much love clear on his face for the two of them.

    There were presents handed over for Ally, the girl fast asleep up in her crib. The excitement had worn her out, and it didn’t take long for most of their guests to leave with hugs between everyone. She hugged them all, received compliments for the cooking and dished out leftovers to whoever wanted to take some home. But before long it was the two of them and Al still there, The Sound of Music on tv.

    “I’m telling everyone when we’re back in work, I’m retiring in April.” Al’s voice was low, and Kim’s head shot around to look at him. “I’m thirty years, my pension’s maxed out and I’m a couple of years from ageing out. It’s time. Figured I’d spend more time with Lexi, with Ally. I wanted the two of you to know before I make the big announcement.”

    “You can spend as much time with her as you want, we’re never going to stop you doing that,” Kim said, fixing a smile on her face. “We’re really going to miss you in the unit, I wouldn’t be the cop I am without you helping me.”

    “Al…” Adam’s voice trailed off. “I owe you everything. If you hadn’t picked me that day, I wouldn’t have Kim, Ally, my family. None of it. It’s all thanks to you. Feels like this place might fall down without you there.”

    “I mean it might, you’re the second most tenured at this point.” Kim watched as the realisation hit her husband’s face, running his hand through his hair.

    “Oh fuck, we’re all in trouble with that.” The words rushed out of Adam’s mouth, making the other two laugh, Al smiling when he finished.

    “You’re a good cop, both of you. I know Hank wants you three to take the detectives exams soon. You deserve that position, plus the raise is nice. But if I didn’t think the unit would be fine, I wouldn’t retire. But you’ll all be fine.”

    They hugged Al goodbye as he left, Ally awake and holding onto him, not wanting to let him go. It was the first tantrum they had to deal with from her, Ally yelling for Al as he drove off, Kim and Adam feeling utterly helpless. Finally she calmed in their arms, holding onto Adam’s shirt as he walked around with her. But once she was in bed for the night, they shared their own Christmas presents.

    They’d agreed on only small gifts for the other, and this year they’d actually stuck to it. Kim got Adam some of the crime novels he’d become obsessed with when he’d been up with Ally at nights, along with a new kindle to make his reading easier. Once he opened it he pushed a kiss to her, a grin on his face at it. He got her an appointment for a pampering day, a massage, facial, and mani pedi. Kim had said she’d missed getting massages, and that he’d not only listened but done it for her made her so excited. The appointment was two days later, Adam waving her off to her day, he and Ally having a day together.

    On the first day back to work in January Al announced his retirement to the entire unit. Nothing really changed until March, when Al’s retirement date was set for April 10th. He’d already stopped taking lead on cases, unable to testify once he was retired, instead usually being the man behind. They’d organised a section of Molly’s for his retirement party after his last day, Sylvie agreeing to watch Ally for them. But before that, it was their third wedding anniversary.

    Going into work that day felt so surreal for Kim. They’d hidden their marriage for over two years, but they didn’t have to anymore. She wore her rings to work on a daily basis. She even had that indent on her finger when she took them off. But it was their third anniversary, and Kim could very firmly say she was just as in love with Adam as she had been that day in Aurora.

    He’d woken her up that morning with Ally in his arms, her present firmly gripped by Ally and in her mouth. She’d just laughed at it, opening the paper and admiring the multicoloured braided leather wristband he’d bought her. The different strands were different colours, braided together and smooth and supple. He’d wrapped it around her wrist with a kiss, Ally going between her parents and holding them. They had an almost nine month old, who could crawl but much preferred dragging herself around on her butt. She’d stopped looking like a baby, was looking like a mini adult now, with dark curls on her head that Kim had started to clip back.

    “Mama! Dada!” She’d started speaking a few weeks before, calling for her parents whenever she didn’t see them. She loved when they held her between them, a firm barrier from the rest of the world.

    Once Ally was happy with her parents around her Kim had given Adam his present, a new wallet. He’d been complaining for weeks that he needed to buy a new wallet, his was falling apart, but he never did anything about it. So he was given the brown leather wallet, immediately moving everything over to the new one. Trudy had agreed to pick Ally up from daycare so they could have a date that night, something they were eager to do.

    It wasn’t until lunch that Jay spotted Adam’s new wallet when the officer was pulling out bills to cover his share of lunch, cocking an eyebrow.

    “New wallet? Didn’t think you’d pick something like that, it’s nice Ruz.”

    “Yeah, my wife got it for me for our anniversary today.” You could have heard a pin drop in the room as the realisation hit that it was their anniversary.

    “Isn’t leather three years?” Hailey asked, and it dawned on Kim they didn’t say how long they’d been married for. In the excitement of announcing, and Ally being born, and all the changes in their lives it hadn’t even crossed their minds to reveal they’d been married since before Kim had been brought up.

    “Yeah, it is. April Sixth, 2016. Three years.” She watched the shock on the faces around the room, only Kev shrugging at the information.

    “Wait, what? Seriously?” Jay turned around and looked at them, realising it wasn’t a joke. “How did you keep it from us for so long? I just assumed you were sleeping together and got married because of Ally.”

    “Look, we’re not that dumb. That would have been the worst decision. We got back together, we were in love, we realised we wanted to be married. With the whole Voight not wanting couples working together, we said we’d just not tell people. Nobody ever asked if we were married.” The realisation went through everyone’s head, Al looking at them.

    “So every ‘double date’, every time you mentioned that you’d met the other’s partner, you were talking about yourself?” Kim nodded in response to his question.

    “Wait! That day at the grocery store with Ruz’s car! That’s why he lent it to you, cause you were already married?”

    “I mean her car was in the shop, but yeah. We just didn’t tell the full truth. We did live in the same building.” It was quiet for a moment, as the realisation of just how hard they’d fought for their privacy to be kept hit everyone.

    “Well happy anniversary. Molly’s after work?” Hailey asked, but they shook their heads.

    “Date night, Platt’s watching Ally for us to actually go have a night to ourselves. Thanks, though,” Kim said, smiling at her partner.

    “Soon. And I want details on how you did it!”

    They got stuck into the case, but by five they were sent out, Kim and Adam waving goodbye before getting into the car together. Adam had organised their anniversary date, and they pulled up at the valet parking for the CIBC Theater. Kim looked at him in shock, Adam pulling out their tickets for Hamilton for that night. You’ll Be Back had become a lullaby for Ally, rocking her gently to get her to sleep. But they walked in hand in hand, being directed to their seats and watching the show. When it had blown up they’d been in new engagement bliss, so it had ended up being that musical that random songs popped onto their playlists from. Watching it had Kim sobbing, Adam tearing up as well. It was fantastic, but they were slightly weepy getting the car back.

    “That was your best and worst idea ever,” Kim remarked checking her eyes in the mirror. “Because it was amazing, but now all I want to do is cuddle Ally and never let her out of our sight.”

    “I’m the same,” her husband replied, reaching over to squeeze Kim’s hand. “Dinner and we can head home and check on her before she sleeps?”


    They went to a brewery nearby that they’d wanted to go to before, sitting with a beer and splitting a couple of appetisers between them. They laughed and joked, talking about things that weren’t just work and their daughter - how the Hawks were doing, the tickets that Adam had already bought for the three of them to go to a Cubs game in a couple of months. When they walked outside and got to the car Kim reached up, kissing him soft and slow. They made out like teenagers against the car for a moment until they remembered where they were, separating with a blush.

    “Not that I’m complaining, but what was that for Darlin’?” He asked, a grin on his face.

    “Because I love you. And I’m so, so grateful that you went with my impulsive decision to get married that day. And because I have another present for you on under my clothes…” She watched her words sink in, lust clear on his face. Kim didn’t wear lingerie often - it was usually uncomfortable, and she was still not fully comfortable in her body after having Ally - but the look of delight on Adam’s face when she did wear it made all the difference to her.

    The drive home was filled with flirty touches, Adam’s hand grazing up and down her thigh as he drove. They said goodnight to Trudy, attempting to pay her for babysitting but getting a firm refusal. Instead after they looked in on their daughter with a whispered goodnight they made it to their room, staying up far too late but it was oh so worth it.

    It was the kind of week Kim could remember only having once before in Intelligence. All of them were in and out of court, so instead of the unit taking on cases they were dispatched in their pairs to different scenes. It always amused her when she and Hailey arrived at a scene and asked for information, the look they’d receive from the detectives and officers there. They always looked at the two plain clothes young female cops oddly, until one of them introduced themselves as Upton and Ruzek from Intelligence. They never used titles, there’d been one too many times of the on scene cops trying to send her to be with patrol when she was introduced as Officer Ruzek. Plus the looks from the ones who’d known Bob, who knew who she was.

    But by Friday they were on an easy day, although nobody would say it. Kim left early to pick up Ally from daycare, agreeing to meet everyone at Molly’s for Al’s drinks. It didn’t take too long for Sylvie to arrive at the house, Ally excited to see her godmother, Ever since Sylvie and Antonio had split up her best friend had felt weird coming over, but Kim just wanted both of them to be happy. If it couldn’t be together, that was fine.

    She was last to Molly’s, sitting in the seat Adam had saved for her, a beer in front of her. The seven were in their own world, conversations between them. She and Hailey were explaining the look on the Sergeant’s face at their scene when the two of them arrived up, the glare they got from him as they introduced themselves until they said they were from Intelligence, making the rest of the table laugh. Adam’s hand was on her thigh, and she leaned into him as they sat.

    Al cleared his throat as Jay arrived back with fresh drinks, raising his glass.

    “This unit has been an honour to work with. You’re all exceptional cops, exceptional people, and I’ve been lucky to know you all. It’s not like I’ll never see any of you again, mind.” They raised their glasses to toast the detective, grinning at him.

    It didn’t take long for them all to decide to leave. It was mostly handshakes with Al and the team, but Kim wrapped him in a hug. She didn’t know how to thank him for everything. Her entire life - her husband, her marriage, her daughter, her home, even her job - wouldn’t have existed if Al hadn’t picked Adam that day in the Academy.

    “Thank you. For everything.” The words didn’t feel enough, but she could tell from the way he clasped her shoulders he understood exactly what she meant.

    “Always. I’ll be over to see that girl over the weekend.”

    The car was quiet on the way home, both of them thinking over what had happened. There was hugs and goodbyes to Sylvie, and plans made for coffee over the weekend. But when they got into bed that night, Kim curled up beside Adam, cosy in his arms. They had their daughter, their marriage, their family. There was nothing else she could have asked for in her life.

    “I can hear you thinking. What’s going on?” Adam mumbled, pressing a kiss to her forehead in his half asleep haze.

    “I love you. I love you, and I love Ally, and I’m so happy about us.” She reached up and captured his lips, Adam rolling them over as they kissed.

    Chapter 23>>

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    chicago pd 2.10 “shouldn’t have been alone”

    hey, should i be expecting ruzek at some point?” -voight
    “well i talked to him. uh, burgess is, uh… i told him to stay with her.” - al

    how did i forget about this moment 🥺 the way al was looking out for kim and adam

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    chapter five: interlude pt. 1

    story summary: burzek/upstead/unit. Intelligence had been through the worst of the worst trying to get one of their own back alive. Each member has been to their own personal hell. Will everyone make it back, or will the cracks in Intelligence be big enough for the entire team to shatter?

    chapter summary: the first night of the team’s weekend off before returning to work proves to be more difficult than relaxing. hailey and jay try to work things out, kim enlists help from a friend when facing difficulties falling asleep, and adam faces a new problem.

    a/n: writing has definitely hit a low point for me. it’s like i want to write, and i even know what i want the plot line to be, but getting it written out seems to be giving me a hard time. but i finally got something together and even though it’s not my favorite, i still want to get something out for you.

    word count: 5.9k. half is here, rest is on ao3!

    read on ao3!


    “no, we didn’t catch roy… forget about roy walton.”

    the breath escaped hailey as soon as the words left voight’s mouth, and it never returned. she felt time froze around her. she couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe. she felt like she was drowning in all of the lies. all of her lies.

    she hated lying. especially to the team, to jay. but she didn’t know what to do. she thought after seeing voight, she would feel better for some reason. maybe he would’ve told the team the truth, she figured. but he didn’t. and he didn’t even give her any sort of attention. barely even looked over towards her. she tried to search for his eyes, trying to detect any bit of truth, but she couldn’t. and then when voight started storytelling, it took everything in her to keep her eyes from watering. she thought, maybe seeing her boss would give her a sense of relief, but it didn’t. it gave her the opposite. it made her feel more anxious and scared. and it made her feel not credible. it made her feel like she was a poor cop, a bad cop.

    hailey didn’t know what to do, how to feel. hours ago, pulling up to that warehouse, hearing the sounds of brute torture, believing her sergeant was in trouble only to run inside and realize it was the opposite. her mind couldn’t process it fast enough. then staring down the end of a gun, watching as her boss, someone she once trusted her own life with, put her life in danger. she felt betrayed. she was hurt. yet, she still managed to feel guilty for coming in the first place. for going against protocol and for going rogue. but then she finally laid eyes on roy, and all she could think of was everything the team went through the past few months. how much they had progressed to right policing. how much voight progressed. and now it had all gone away. it was all for nothing.

    but even though she knew it was all for nothing, she didn’t know if she could live with herself if she just laid down and gave into the pressure. so she fought. and she pleaded with voight to try to do the right thing. and as much as she tried staying tough on the outside, she was terrified. but it must’ve worked because voight was persuaded. or so she thought. and then all hell broke loose. the worst thing that hailey could’ve possibly imagined happened. roy grabbed the gun and it was aimed towards her sergeant, who just began to do the right thing. so hailey did what she had to do in order to keep her boss alive. and so she was on the other side. but the question was, can she handle being on the other side?

    the answer? hailey didn’t even know. on one hand, she can’t even try to think about what she did, what voight did, because if she did, she might spiral and never unravel. but yet, the image of roy walton’s face won’t get out of her mind. it was eating her from the inside out. but then she saw kim. saw her for the first time, bruised, hurt, and broken. she couldn’t even recognize her usual strong, tenacious friend lying in that hospital bed. and that’s when, deep deep down, she didn’t feel guilty for what she did. because after looking at how panicked kim was, hailey knew roy walton got what he deserved. and the fact that hailey doesn’t feel guilty makes her scared for what’s to come.

    she was lost in her thoughts when she heard a familiar voice coming to the surface.

    “hailey. hailey..”

    hailey snapped out of it and found herself in jay’s truck, with his hand on her arm, shaking it.

    hailey was genuinely confused, looking around. the last thing she could remember was standing in the hospital icu room. “how… how did i get here?”

    jay looked concerned and retreated back to his seat area. “um, we walked..??”

    hailey just sat there in silence, letting herself catch up. she was so lost in her inner demons that she didn’t even recognize what her body was doing.

    jay saw how confused hailey was and to be honest, he was a bit confused himself. he never saw hailey this rattled, ever. and why she was, he didn’t know. all he knew was that hailey came out of this case different.

    he continued, “hailey, are you okay?” he looked straight into her eyes, searching and pleading for a honest truth.

    hailey’s mind still hasn’t fully caught up to her actions, but she needed to play it off if jay was going to get off her case.

    “yeah. yeah i’m just still trying to wrap my mind around this case, you know? how it ended and all.” she wiped her hand through her hair and leaned back into the car seat, closing her eyes.

    jay followed suit with hailey, sighing. “agreed. but hey, you heard voight. we need to put this case behind us, forget about it. the sooner we do, the quicker we can all get on with our lives.”

    “yeah, sure…” hailey trailed off, staring off into the hospital parking garage.

    jay looked at hailey, worried, nonetheless. as much as he wanted to be there for hailey, she was making it difficult by leaving him in the wind. and his patience was starting to run thin.

    after a while hailey recouped from her trance and held on to her seatbelt. “let’s get out of here.”

    jay just nodded and put the truck in reverse, leaving the hospital and hopefully the confusion with it.


    icu hospital rooms hold a different air to them. surrounding them is this sense of cold, emptiness, and lifeless. yet there is always this glimmer of hope, of life, just waiting. for kim, her hope was lying next to her. it was her daughter. makayla ward burgess, asleep, cuddled up under the extra hospital blanket under kim’s good arm. her body weight was a little overbearing for kim’s bruised ribs, but she dare not say anything to ruin this precious moment.

    mere hours ago, kim could only dream of this moment. she could only hope to go back to her secure lifestyle. a roof over her head, a job, and her daughter, safe. and then all of that changed in an instant. and to be honest, kim doesn’t know how. she did everything by the book. radioed in, turned her headlights off a block away, notified her team, did the undercover pass. then suddenly, all went to hell. and no matter how many times kim tried to find an excuse, a reason for her ending up the way she did, she just couldn’t. and that wasn’t good. because when she talks to irt and the ivory tower, they’re going to be nitpicking, searching her up and down for a reason. and if kim can’t give them one, then she may be out of a job. and worse, her team could be at risk of an investigation. and like hell were her team going to be at risk because of her and her shit luck.

    kim stared down at makayla, how calm and peaceful she was. she noticed her ponytails were a little uneven, which made kim grin. she had to give it to adam for attempting foreign territory.

    adam. taking care of makayla. kim couldn’t believe adam took makayla in. cared for her. but yet, she could, because it was adam. but she still was shocked. and, happy. ever since the situation with bob, adam hasn’t been too keen on her, and why should he. but he really stepped up when the time came, and kim did not let that go unnoticed. but at the same time, everything that went down motivated her to not let this ever happen again. she will not have makayla go through losing a mother again.

    kim carefully lowered and lightly kissed the top of makayla’s head, surely not to wake her. at the same time she heard footsteps and turned to see adam reentering her room.

    he made is way to the chair and half whispered, “hey. the nurse said you should be transported to a regular room in a couple hours or so.”

    kim could tell adam was excited, and she was too. this was an obvious sign that she was getting better.

    kim nodded, “great.”

    a comfortable silence fell between them. both of them were lost in their thoughts before kim spoke, trying to fill the space and beat around the bush.

    “so, what did i miss when i was gone?”

    adam was glad to see that kim didn’t lose her humor, but he wasn’t in the mood to open up to her just yet. it wasn’t the right time.

    adam huffed, “what didn’t you miss?”

    kim followed suit, letting out a laugh. “i’m serious. please. tell me what happened while i was gone.” kim could feel the tension in the room when everyone was together, and it was deafening.

    adam let out a sigh. “i don’t even know. tensions were high, everything was a blur. all i cared about was finding you. and being there for makayla.”

    kim nodded. she knew he wasn’t telling the complete story, but it seems that she wasn’t getting much else out of him. before kim could respond adam asked her a question.

    “what did we miss when you were gone?”

    adam went on a limb to ask kim this, but he wanted to know what happened to her. what those bastards did to her. and while it would be awful and painful to recall, maybe it could be the first step to actually healing, for both kim and himself.

    kim just stared at the wall ahead of her. her mind was still processing it all, she didn’t even know if she had the right answer.

    “i.. i don’t know. it’s all still hazy. and. and i don’t really want to think about that right now.” kim was being honest. she didn’t want to rehash it all.

    adam pursed his lips. “you know, you’re going to need to try to recall it for when irt asks you.”

    kim snapped, “i know.”

    makayla began to stir so kim quieted down and luckily, makayla stayed asleep. kim took a deep breath and whispered, “i know. i just, not right now. i can’t.”

    adam nodded, not wanting to exert too much on kim. “i’m sorry. i was just trying to help.”

    kim nodded, accepting his apology. she knew he had right intentions, but she also didn’t want him to keep pushing her when she wasn’t ready yet.

    kim’s perception caught her and she looked at the clock on the wall.

    “it’s already an hour past makaya’s bedtime.”

    “oh,” adam said, racking his mind with the next game plan. “but do you want us to stay with you until you move to the other room?”

    kim shook her head, “no. no i’ll be fine. i’m getting pretty tired anyways.”

    adam just agreed, waiting for the next move.

    kim hesitated, trying to find the right words. “i know this is a lot to ask. but do you mind staying with her again tonight? i just need to figure out this situation.”

    adam immediately cut her off, “of course i will. kim, i’ll stay with her until you can come home. i’ll stay with her forever.” he only realized what he said after the fact. but kim just grinned, taking in what adam just said.

    she had tears welled up in her eyes, “thank you.”

    adam just gently patted kim on the shoulder, and then ran down to makayla’s back.

    then, all of a sudden, kim’s motherly instincts kicked in. “she usually wakes up around 8 on the weekends. and we usually go to a diner for breakfast to celebrate the long week and then we’ll always take 30 minutes to walk outside. most weekends she will take a nap, especially if we walk in the mornings. and um, you might want to ask her about how she wants her hair styled. she’s quite the fashionista.”

    adam just nodded and gave his goofy grin. he heard maybe about half of kim’s advice and only retained about half of that. before adam could speak kim continued.

    “and… makayla can have night terrors. it’s gotten better in the last few weeks, but when she has them, they’re pretty bad. screaming crying… just. if you need me, call me. i’ll see if i can help.”

    adam was able to understand most of what kim was saying, “everything will be fine. you can trust me.” he reassured her.

    kim just nodded, taking in a slow, deep breath. even if it was adam, letting go of your child just takes a toll on you.

    adam calmly bent down and picked makayla up, who was still fast asleep. before he stood up, kim sat up and kissed makayla’s forehead. she whispered, “goodnight, buddy.”

    and she then put her hand on adam’s forearm and whispered, “i appreciate you.”

    adam just nodded and walked out the door and towards the exit. yes sure, right now he could’ve hoped to have been in different circumstances. but in this particular situation, he was content.

    kim watched as two of the most important people in her life walked away. makayla. and adam.

    she sighed, letting her eyes naturally fall heavy and sleep consume her. but instead of getting a peaceful, must needed sleep, she got her worst nightmare.

    every time kim closed her eyes, all she could see was red. blood red. and hardened eyes of roy walton. and kent darby’s cold still body. immediately kim opened her eyes to the bright lights, but the images still evaded her brain. she couldn’t sleep. she couldn’t rest, not like this. not alone.

    kim thought for a split second and decided to make in impulse decision. she pulled out her phone from under the blanket and quickly dialed the number before talking herself out of it. she let it ring, and when the person on the other line picked up, she spoke first.

    “hey. can you come here?”


    the entire car ride was silent back to their place. back to hailey’s place. sure jay had been staying there for a while, but he still had his place that he would occasionally go to for a change of clothes. him and hailey were meaning to have a conversation about consolidating to one place, but with everything going on, it looks like that’ll be pushed back to a less busier time.

    jay was conflicted. and stressed. and confused. and upset. he couldn’t understand what was going on with hailey, and he couldn’t understand why she wasn’t being honest with him. and it upset jay even more that hailey was just starting to open up to him, yet something made her instantly shut herself off again. and he had a strong feeling that whatever made hailey this way happened when they weren’t together.

    back at hailey’s apartment, she quietly got out of the truck and made her way to her room, not waiting on jay. once jay caught up to her, she had already walked inside and sat on the couch, not even turning the lights on.

    “didn’t pay your light bill?” jay joked, coming in and closing the door behind him.

    hailey didn’t bother to laugh. “i’m tired.”

    jay gave a huff and sat down, not too near her. he studied her for a minute before speaking, noticing her furrowed eyebrows, how tired she really was. “where were you when kevin and i found kim?” jay asked, not faltering or stuttering, staring right at hailey.

    hailey took a breath. not this again, she thought to herself.

    “i’m tired, jay…”

    jay didn’t let her finish. “hailey… where were you?”

    hailey sat up, looking at jay with her droopy eyes, “why are you so adamant about knowing where i was?”

    jay replied with a question, “why are you so adamant about not answering the question?”

    hailey stuttered for a moment, “be,because there’s no reason for us to backtrack…”

    jay stood up, tired of hailey’s excuses. “yes, there is, hailey. you’ve been acting different, ever since you came back to the apartment, ever since we split up. and you’re not telling me something. i can tell.”

    hailey began to grow frustrated. she stood up, matching off with jay. “okay, yeah, maybe i’ve been acting different. maybe i’ve been acting strange and impulsive, but you want to know why? you really want to know why? because my friend, our friend jay, almost died. and i hadn’t seen her alive for almost 24 hours. and i hadn’t slept. so yeah, forgive me for acting ‘different.’ i mean, god, jay. you were the one who said to forget the case. so why can’t you seem to?”

    hailey had worked herself up, beginning to pace back and forth and pointing her finger at jay. she was beginning to unravel, beginning to spill the truth to jay. but she managed to steer the conversation in a different way, still concealing the truth while not lying.

    jay took a step forward in efforts to calm hailey down. he put his hands in his pockets apologetically. “hey, you’re right. and i’m sorry. i shouldn’t have judged your behavior in that moment. i didn’t mean to upset you.”

    hearing hailey’s words, seeing her emotion, make jay regret asking that question. she was right. everyone was running off of adrenaline, and he couldn’t blame hailey for acting the way she was. but he still didn’t get the explanation he was hoping for. however, he figured he would just have to settle for not knowing where she was. or at least, he would have to settle not getting the answer from hailey. yet, jay was tired, and he was tired of fighting, so he wasn’t going to try anything else today.

    hailey took a few deep breaths, calming herself down. “i need sleep. i’m going to head off to bed.” she didn’t verbally accept jay’s apology, but she took note of it. and down inside, she felt guilty that he even had to apologize. but all she wanted to do was avoid the situation, and right now sleep was her excuse.

    jay was flabbergasted, he couldn’t understand what had happened in the last few conversations with hailey. she had just begun to open up, they were rather living together, they were spending their lives together. and then within mere hours of them split apart, everything changed. and now, when jay is trying to figure out why, hailey isn’t giving him much hints. jay can’t help but wonder if hailey doesn’t want to fight to go back to what it was, what they were. it was like their relationship was in an interlude, except the next part was to be determined and soon to be bad.


    adam’s ride back to kim’s apartment was uneventful, with most people off the street and makayla sleeping the whole way. once he arrived, he eased his door closed and unstrapped makayla from her car seat. he carried her up the stairs and straight to her room. fortunately, she had worn her comfy pajamas to the hospital so adam had one less thing he had to do, which is mindfully thanked trudy for. he laid makayla down and tucked her in, not forgetting to snuggle her platypus next to her. he then headed towards the couch. kim’s room was not foreign territory, but it didn’t feel right not having kim there, and it brought up too many memories. all he wanted to do was sleep through the night so he could get back to her, and having a blank mind would help more than hurt.

    he snuggled down into the couch, trying to make it as comfy as he can. he grabbed a spare blanket from one of the seats and covered up. before letting sleep consume him, he glanced around kim’s living room, noticing all of the changes she’s made since he last stayed here. all of the newly designed artwork from makayla’s school, the kid-proofed plastic dish ware in the kitchen. he grinned to himself, proud of all that kim has overcome. he knew she would be a hell of a good mom. he’s just glad that she’s proving to everyone else how she’s committed to both her job and her daughter. and as adam drifted off to sleep, his last thoughts were hopes of being apart of this family for a long long time.

    it wasn’t but less than an hour of adam’s sleep when he awoke to terrible screams, so awful it made his blood curdle. he jumped awake, trying to gain his senses, remember where he was. when he heard the second scream he was up and headed straight towards it. straight to her. his head and heart were pounding, his mind only focused on makayla and getting to her. because based on the screams, she needed help fast.

    as adam rounded the corner he opened the bedroom door, turned on the lights and took in the sight. makayla was still asleep but her body was tense, paralyzed with fear. her eyes were glued shut and she had broken into a cold sweat. adam eased his way on the bed and gulped.

    it’s a night terror, adam thought to himself. kim told me about them.

    adam racked his mind, trying to remember what kim said about makayla having them. he tried to remember anything useful that she said, but he was drawing a blank. but it doesn’t matter, he’ll have to just do it.

    he reluctantly reached out, trying to calm makayla and see if she’ll settle. instead, as soon as he touched her shoulder she jolted awake, sitting up in bed. she grasped adam’s arms for fear life and looked around the room, terrified.

    “hey hey hey, kiddo. you’re okay. you’re safe. it was just a nightmare.” adam cooed, trying to soother her.

    makayla took a breath and shook her head, “i, i had a bad dream.” she realized as tears were in her eyes.

    adam just stroked makayla’s arm, trying to get her to calm down. but inside his mind he was in overdrive, not knowing what to do or what to say. he just continued to soothe makayla, trying to find the right words.

    “what does kim do now?” adam asked himself out loud for a sheer chance that an idea might spring up on him. when none came, he went with his gut.

    “do you want to talk about it?” adam asked, slouching to makayla’s level.

    at his question makayla frantically shook her head, the thoughts from her nightmare creeping back up to her. she was getting worked up again. “no, no, no, no.”

    instincts failed, adam thought to himself. shit.

    he immediately backtracked, going back to soothing her. “it’s okay. you don’t have to. it’s okay now.”

    makayla looked up at adam, piercing through his eyes. “what if they come back for her?”

    adam stopped, confused at makayla’s question. “what if who comes back for her? who is her?”

    makayla swallowed, gathering up the courage to answer. she whispered ever so quietly, adam having to lean in to hear her. “kim. what if they come back for her?”

    makayla’s words broke adam’s heart. shattered. he was at a lost for words. because he didn’t know what to say to her and because he didn’t have the answer. he didn’t know himself. and looking into those deep big brown eyes, so full of fear of losing another mom. he swallowed hard and took makayla’s shoulders, firm but comforting. he wanted to make sure she heard everything he was about to say.

    “i won’t let that happen, makayla. i will protect her. i will protect both of you.”

    he pulled makayla in for a tight hug, and surprisingly makayla gave in and relaxed in his arms. how she went from being reluctant of him to embracing his tough within 24 hours he didn’t know, but he appreciated earning her trust. and he wasn’t going to ruin it. after hearing makayla’s scares, he was more determined than ever to fight for them, her and kim. and this time he wasn’t going to let it go unknown how much he loved kim. he was going to make it right.


    kim was trying to keep herself awake, find something to do to occupy her mind. every time she would even close her eyes the images of that warehouse flashed through her mind, and kim couldn’t think about that. she would only have to wait a little bit longer until he came anyways. only a few more minutes.

    kim’s eyes grazed across the room and landed on the duffel bag at the foot of the bed. she had almost forgotten adam brought it. she slowly sat up and reached to grab it. once within her grasp, she lowered back onto the bed and zipped it open. what she saw on top almost made her lose her breath. one of adam’s old tshirt, one of her favorites. it was worn and stretched out and still held some form of his scent somehow. kim was slightly embarrassed that adam knew she still had it. when they called off the engagement, she had packed up most of his things the following day, trying to detoxify the situation as quick as possible, but she still kept that shirt because it was his favorite on her. and she kept it for the good memories of throwing it on in the morning before walking out to breakfast being made.

    kim felt like it was almost foreign territory but still picked it up and ran her fingers over the soft fabric. she held it close, almost as giving it a hug, giving into the comfort. she was about to close her eyes, just now feeling safe when she heard a knock on the wall.

    “hey i came as soon as you hung up.”


    read the rest here on ao3!

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