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  • drawnecromancy
    17.01.2022 - 1 minute ago

    Okay these days I'm hoping I keep the baby face for as long as possible just in hopes that someday someone will ask me what it's like to have just turned 18, and hopefully I can go "I'm 24 :)"

    #i just think it would be funny #people still think I'm younger than my little sister because she looks older lol #also I dress pretty much the same way I did when i was a teen #aka blob #i think there's that to take into account LOL
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  • shift-shaping
    17.01.2022 - 1 minute ago

    Highly unpopular opinion but the characters in oxenfree feel unnatural and don't work on a basic level due in no small part to the obnoxious dialogue system that makes the game difficult to follow if you aren't laser-focused. It incentivizes ignoring what other characters are telling you in favor of reading your own dialogue options so they don't time out before you can choose one and thus miss out on character info in a character driven and dialogue-heavy game

    #i have adhd and oxenfree sucks #okay some parts are dope as hell #all of the spooky stuff fucking rules #but i legit thought the dialogue was skipping/glitched #it sounds like shit and it's a huge part of the game #i googled it to see if it was part of the glitchy spooky aesthetic #and apparently people think it sounds natural???? like what #it sounds so unnatural that it actually works in favor of the game's glitch-flavored horror #but it makes the game really hard to play if you have trouble paying attention #I'll probably delete this later lmao i do not want to get yelled at by people who think i just don't get it #i do get it #it just sucks #if you think interrupting people that much is normal you need to get better friends #the character designs are also fucking rough #they look like the characters in that show 6teen #i can't stop seeing it #off topic#vidya games #to be clear i have not finished the game yet #i just needed to complain
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  • ovisac
    17.01.2022 - 1 minute ago

    starter for @lilackissed​​ !

    he stood within aretuza, down within one of the classrooms where tissaia showed young , fresh mages how to conduct the chaos that grew inside of them . often he would hide with the darkness of the halls and just . . . listen . attempting to learn without them knowing that he could do magic . for them to learn would only give his creator that excited look in his eye . one that chilled his bones . but now the chamber stood empty , except for himself — a rock and a flower . 

    what the hell was he supposed to do ? 

    pale fingers gripped the flower much too tight , his hand shivering as he repeated the words over and over again . how could he not do this ?! he had repaired a ripped scroll when he had torn it by accident ! it was reactionary — ugh ! he had questions and no one to answer them who wouldn’t find it strange how ‘ golem ’ wanted to learn . 

    that was when he heard footsteps — quickly he turned around holding the rock and flower behind his back . 

    “ t-tissaia had asked me to clean here , much too dusty for the girls to learn properly , i-i assure you — oh ! ” golden eyes lit up when he saw the violet ones meet his gaze . “ Yen . . . should really make yourself known a little sooner . nearly gave me a fucking heart attack .”  vis laughed , feeling his cheeks turn that soft shade of blue .

    #lilackissed #⚜ ・I ought to be thy Adam but I am rather the fallen angel.. — THE WITCHER VERSE ! #⚜ ・ i don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. i want to use them. enjoy them. dominate them. — IC ! #( I dont have IRL icons just yet not sure if you have drawn icons #can also go iconless im cool with any!! i hope this is okay :D )
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  • sailor-lunala
    17.01.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    young you ily

    source: x

    #figure skating#young you#<333 #i love her #also this dress is very pretty #all of her dresses are pretty!!
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  • beydameron
    17.01.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    is the trailer out yet? no. have I already made a moon knight playlist? yes.

    #in my defense here i did read a couple issues of the 2021 run soooo #also i made a witcher playlist. feel like that combination here says smth but #tegan speaks
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  • soonshuas
    17.01.2022 - 2 minutes ago
    #why #...... #what are you doing #......... #what's yours <3 #also how do you feel now <33 #n.asks #from: evil sister (affectionate) ✒ #and can i like follow you now-
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  • locktobre
    17.01.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    grinding and gnashing my teeth thinking about how 10 years after this they made MoS and had him kill in his introductory movie

    #mel irl #mel watches smallville #not only that but they also had him let jonathan die????? both of those things happening for NO FUCKING REASON #in what world. IN WHAT FUCKING WORLD is that not heresy.
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  • tex-treasures
    17.01.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    It's 02:00 am i really gonna watch 2007 The Gold//en Comp//ass? I've already watched 2005 Nar///nia.

    *John Mulaney voice* Yeah, let's be bad! Let's get fries for the table watch 2007 The Gold//en Comp//ass

    Let's just NOT fixate on As//riel

    #i had to call out of work today bc I'm not feeling well and like. yeah. yeah I'll watch TGC for comfort #also jdjfjf gosh Craig's Asriel is the ONLY Asriel I recognize like yeah i HATE Asriel but... Craig is Pretty. so. #prob gonna start spouting daemon au thoughts soon
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  • ohtragedy
    17.01.2022 - 3 minutes ago
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  • verymidnightowl
    17.01.2022 - 4 minutes ago
    #wolfsbanesbite#ask#simi#superpowers fic #ty for the message!! and sorry for whining all the time #i know i shouldn't compare myself to others but sometimes it's hard not to and then you're like... deflated #sighsigh #anyway yeah i'm really happy you like superpowers fic!! #i'm working on it rn actually #i'm not very far ahead of where i've posted up to so i gotta get goingggg #i think the main issue with superpowers fic is that i literally started it unplanned in 2014 one day #just cause i was probably upset about something and i wanted to take it out on seb #so the first 4 chapters are effectively directionless #and then in ch 5 things start moving but by then it's too late #also smut what is smut #f1
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  • sipsteainanxiety
    17.01.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    mentions: 3.9k, pro hero au, no pronouns mentioned i think!, emotionally constipated bakugou, ur quirk is like mt. lady’s except you can grow and shrink to any size and your strength increases depending on how big u are, v rushed i’m sorry if it’s bad lol, reposting bc it didn’t show up in tags >:c gn

    you liked to think that you were on good terms with most of your coworkers. after all, you had to be, with the profession you were in. it was good to have people you trusted both in the office and out in the field. people who you knew would have your back no matter the situation and vice versa.

    that being said, you... didn't think bakugou katsuki was that... fond of you, per se.

    you didn't think you'd done anything wrong. you were perfectly nice to him whenever you saw him walking around his agency. you would greet him with a cheerful smile, maybe a wave, and be on your way to talk to whichever hero you needed to. you didn't pay much attention to him otherwise, and there weren't any instances you could recall where you'd had a proper conversation with him. sure you both had worked together out in the streets to deal with villains, but other than that, you didn't really interact with bakugou katsuki.

    which made you wonder why the fuck he tended to glare at you like you'd ran over his dog when he was fifteen.

    since the agency you were under worked closely with bakugou's, you found yourself wandering back and forth between the two buildings a lot to communicate and deal with all the tedious reports that came with numerous hero missions. that meant that you were at bakugou's agency quite a lot. you didn't mind, not really, since you liked talking to the other pro-heroes who worked there. they were fun and nice and not at all like their grouchy boss that stomped around the place from time to time.

    kirishima eijirou—one of the co-owners of the ground zero agency—told you not to worry about bakugou. that he pretty much tended to glare at everyone he saw.

    "don't take it to heart," he'd said as you both grabbed coffee in the agency's break room. "bakugou's been like that since we were teens."

    you'd frowned but ultimately decided to take bakugou's glares with a grain of salt after that conversation. if that was just his personality, then who were you to judge? admittedly, it was a rather shitty personality, but it was whatever.

    only, the glaring seemed to get worse to you the more you saw him. and to top it all off, it seemed like he just didn't want to talk to you. didn't... didn't like your presence at his agency. he'd huff at your greetings, grumble under his breath whenever you found yourself in the same room as him (then he would leave, the audacity), and just generally be such a piece of shit to you that you were stuck wondering where the hell you'd gone wrong.

    you didn't want to exhaust yourself over your strained... 'relationship' or whatever the hell you had with bakugou. so you just—stopped trying. you avoided him, not wanting to give him the time of day. why would you, anyways? you knew he would just be rude to you. it wasn't hard to ignore his presence, especially since you were quite busy anyways. wasn't hard to stop greeting him or waving at him whenever you saw him. wasn't hard to look away and pretend you were busy whenever he entered a room. you didn't particularly like getting yelled at, after all.

    and for a good, peaceful time, you were content.

    until you weren't.

    "is it just me or has great explosion murder god dynamight been grouchier than usual?" kaminari denki—one of the pros also working at the ground zero agency—whispered to you one day. you were both hanging around the little desk you were given for whenever you traveled to the agency.

    "what do you mean?" you asked, pausing in your rapid typing on your keyboard as you went through a report for a robbery that had occurred earlier in the day.

    "i mean he's been stomping around all week, yelling at the smallest things!" kaminari exclaimed and you shushed him so he wouldn't bother anyone else working. he lowered his voice and leaned his hip against the side of your desk. "usually he's... chiller, i dunno."

    "i didn't notice," you said sarcastically and returned your focus to your computer. it wasn't hard to tell when bakugou was in a bad mood. but then again, he always seemed to be.

    "no no, denki's onto something here." kirishima slid into the conversation, popping up from behind your monitor to rest his arms lightly on the top. "he's acting like that one time we had to do this massive group project for our final grade at U.A. and tasked himself with micromanaging every detail."

    "yeah!!" kaminari nodded his head vigorously. "it was awful. he was so high strung and mean."

    "isn't that how he always is, though?" you rolled your eyes. you honestly couldn't care less, though you did enjoy the company.

    "well, yeah, but he's gotten better with his temper since U.A., y'know?" kaminari rubbed his forehead thoughtfully. "what could've happened?"

    "maybe the media's giving him a hard time?" kirishima wondered, trying to remember if there were any news about dynamight floating around recently.

    "maybe it's the commission?"

    "something with izuku again? they're always competing—"

    "either way," you interrupted their musings, "i don't care. he's been a piece of shit to me from day one, so... not like he's been acting any different to me."

    kaminari and kirishima looked at each other for a moment, then looked back at you with bewildered expressions.

    "he's been mean to you?" kaminari asked, staring at you with a funny look on his face. "like, meaner than usual?"

    you raised an eyebrow at him. "um, yeah?"

    "hmmmmmmm," kirishima stroked his chin, "well. i know he was pissed at first about having to work with another agency, but you've been here for so long, i thought he would've gotten over it by now."

    "especially since you work under todoroki," kaminari added. he then rolled his eyes. "man, bakugou's just too emotionally constipated to admit he's friends with todo even after all these years."

    "that still doesn't explain why he looks at me like i've spat in his favorite meal," you said dryly. kirishima and kaminari exchanged looks again.

    "i'll talk to him!" kirishima gave you a determined nod as he straightened up and slammed his fist onto his open palm.

    "we'll talk to him!" kaminari corrected with a mischievous grin, one of his arms wrapping around kirishima's shoulders. he gave you a thumbs up that you made a face at.

    "you guys really don't have to—" you started quickly, standing up from your seat to reach out to them, but they only waved you off.

    "we'll be subtle, don't worry." kaminari winked. your eye twitched. kaminari was as subtle as a punch to the face.


    "don't worry! we'll talk to you later!" kirishima told you cheerfully, and before you could protest even further, they left. you watched them head towards the elevator that would take them up to the floor bakugou's office was on, whispering quickly to each other. you sighed loudly and plopped back down on your chair, rubbing at your temples. you hoped this wouldn't cause any unnecessary drama. damn it.


    your tendency to avoid bakugou at every waking moment possible meant that you knew, unfortunately, when he was in his office and when he wasn't. it just made it easier for you to drop reports on his desk that he needed to sign off on. you were in and out of his office whenever you saw him leave on a patrol or go down to the gym his agency had on the second floor.

    you actually saw him go down to the gym a few hours ago. he usually spent a long time down there, doing god knows what, so you knew you had enough time to finish up this report and plop it in his office.

    you finished in record time and found yourself walking up the stairs to bakugou's office. the agency was six floors high, and of course he wanted his office to be on the topmost floor. your desk was down on the third floor, with some of his other interns and sidekicks. you didn't mind the exercise, and you certainly didn't mind the distance.

    you walked right into his office without bothering to knock, aimed straight for his desk, and plopped the cream folder down on top of his keyboard. then, you immediately turned around to walk right back out. only, the door opened before you could reach it and you froze like a goddamn deer in headlights.

    bakugou walked in, decked out in grey sweats and a black tank with a white towel around his neck. he paused when he saw you, one of his hands holding onto a black water bottle. there was a moment where you both just stared at each other. then he let out a tch.

    "fuck are you doing here?" he asked bluntly and you tried to keep your disdain from showing on your face. did he just click his tongue at you? what the fuck you didn't even do anything.

    you pointed behind you at his desk with your thumb. "dropped off a report for you to sign."

    he huffed and pushed past you, the strange smell of burnt caramel following him. your eyes narrowed at him, but you ultimately decided to say nothing else as you continued to walk to the door. no need to poke the sleeping bear.

    "wait," he called out to you just as you'd grabbed the doorknob and pulled the door open slightly. you raised an eyebrow at him as you looked back. ugh, what now? he was standing behind his desk, looking at you impassively. again, he was quiet, and you grumpily noticed that he was staring at you with this intense look in his eyes. was he trying to kill you by glaring or something?

    "what?" you eventually asked when a minute of silence had gone by and he'd done nothing. he stared at you some more, his jaw tensing slightly, before he looked down and flipped open the folder you left on his desk.

    "s'nothin'," he grumbled, refusing to address you any further. you stared at him for a moment, noticing that the tips of his ears were pink, but left anyways with a hmph. you didn't think you'd ever understand him.


    after being called in with bakugou and kirishima to assist in defeating a villain that was wreaking havoc with their earthquake-type quirk, you were helping out with cleanup and evacuation in the aftermath. there was a lot of damage done to surrounding buildings, many of which had not been fully evacuated. it didn't help that the area was still feeling the aftershocks, with the occasional rumble shaking the streets and causing more damage to the unstable buildings. you didn't know how long they would last for, but it was important to get everyone out of the impact zone in case any more buildings collapsed.

    "there are a few families trapped in that building," a police officer said as she came up to you. you'd been overseeing the evacuation of a few people from a store that had its front caved in. the officer pointed to an apartment complex in the distance that looked like it had most of its lower foundation destroyed. the only thing keeping it up was a thick steel beam, though even that looked like it was about to fold. "evac's been going too slowly. we might not get to them in time, the staircases are blocked. can you help?"

    "sure," you gestured to the store you were standing in front of, "make sure this is handled, yeah?" once the officer nodded, you started jogging over to the building she'd pointed at. there were some more officers and firefighters around it, trying to help the families waving down at them from the higher floors.

    right as you got to the building however, a rumble shook through the streets. you stumbled, losing your balance as the ground trembled with the force of an aftershock. something groaned in front of you, and there were a few yells as the unstable complex started to tip to the side the beam was on. your eyes widened as the beam bent even further, threatening to give out.

    "shit!" you cursed as you launched yourself at the building, activating your quirk in the process. you felt that familiar tingle spread throughout your body and you forced yourself to grow bigger, and bigger, and bigger, until you were large and strong enough to shove yourself under the complex. the beam broke just as you raised your hands to catch the floor above you.

    the weight of an eight-story complex nearly crushed you.

    you groaned, your body nearly folding as you strained your muscles to hold up tons and tons and tons of brick and metal. you were brought to your knees, the building's weight literally on your shoulders. debris crumbled to the ground and the screams from the families still inside the complex made you grit your teeth. you huffed and activated your quirk again, growing a bit bigger until you were standing with your legs bent slightly. you shifted until most of the weight was on your shoulders and back, with your palms pressed against the concrete of the floor you were holding up.

    "holy shit, are you okay!?" you heard kirishima call out your name and you peeked your eyes open to squint down at him standing on the road in front of you. you hadn't even realized he was there. by now the aftershock had stopped, thankfully.

    "yeah," you were just barely able to force out. fuck, this shit was heavy. your muscles screamed with the effort to hold everything up. sweat was starting to form on your face, droplets sliding down your nose.

    "are you fuckin' CRAZY?!" another rough voice yelled at you, an explosion following right after. bakugou landed heavily on the ground, face contorted in a vicious snarl as he glared up at you with those intense crimson eyes of his. "what were you thinkin'?!"

    "i was thinking," you strained out through clenched teeth, "that there are still families trapped in here. so hurry up and get them out already!" you let out a pained sound as the building's foundations groaned again. everything seemed to get heavier, and you found yourself bending down further.

    "got it!" kirishima saluted you, a worried look on his face. he tugged at bakugou's arm. "c'mon bro, we don't know how much time we've got."

    bakugou glared at you some more, but when you gave him a pointed look through your scrunched up features, he growled out a "fine!" and exploded himself up into the air. you would've let out a huff at his attitude, but you didn't think you could.

    you felt like you were going to die, standing there holding up this goddamn building. your legs were starting to shake and you found yourself slowly sinking to your knees. which was bad, since that caused the building to tip even further. you did your best to hold out, knowing that in addition to the families being evacuated from the complex, they also had to clear out the surrounding area for when the building inevitably collapsed.

    kirishima and a few firefighters occasionally checked on how you were doing. you could hear bakugou's explosions from time to time as well, letting you know he was working to evacuate the families until the firefighters could get a safety net set up.

    "i can't... hold it much longer!" you strained out after what felt like hours, one of your knees now on the ground and the other propped up to form a right angle. dust rained down from the ceiling, coating your hair and shoulders.

    "so you're jus' gonna let a fuckin' building defeat you?" bakugou scoffed from somewhere beneath you. you squinted at him standing close to your knee. when did he get there? he looked tiny down there. like a little action figure.

    "what are you doing?!" you grounded out instead. "get away from the building, dumbass." why the hell was he so close?! wasn't he aware the complex was going to collapse at any moment now?

    "no." bakugou looked up at you, his jaw tensing. "evac's done. get ready to let go and run."

    you let out a grunt, peering around to see the area around you was clear. you could see kirishima in the distance with the other police and firefighters, safe. you looked back down at bakugou. "not until you get outta here."

    bakugou bared his teeth at you, irate. "worry about yourself first, idiot. the building's gonna tip this way," he pointed his thumb in the direction of the tilt, "so once you let go, aim for that alley over there and run like hell." he then pointed to an alley in the opposite direction, across the road.

    you gave him a nod and inhaled deeply, shifting yourself so you could activate your quirk again. you felt yourself grow until you were able to stand up again on shaky legs. you shifted around so that it would be easy to launch yourself from under the complex.

    "if you even think," bakugou suddenly snarled, "of getting caught under the fucking complex, i'll kill you."

    "what the hell, man—" before you could even roll your eyes at him, the ground shook again with an aftershock.

    "ack!" you coughed out as you staggered, your back bending forward to keep the building from tipping over and crushing you and bakugou. you hissed, pieces of debris falling to the ground around bakugou. he opened his mouth to say something, but you gave him a little kick to his front to send him away from the building. "just go! i have to let go now!"

    he only glared at you, but eventually used his explosions to shoot himself into the air. you inhaled deeply, bracing yourself as you stood as solidly as you could with the ground trembling beneath you. as carefully as you could, you shifted yourself inch by inch until you were at the edge of the building. you activated your quirk and slowly slid yourself out from underneath it until you were struggling to hold up the building with your hands alone instead of with your entire body.

    then, you let go.

    you lunged away from the building, not looking behind you as you shrunk yourself with every step you took towards the alley. you could hear the crumbling of the complex behind you, crashing harshly onto the ground that shook with its impact. you stumbled around, hands covering your head to give you some sort of protection. a few things hit the back of your arms and thighs, but you only ran, managing to dive into the alley in the nick of time. your legs felt like jello, but you just continued on until you were sure you were out of harm's way.

    you let out a loud exhale, then started coughing dust out of your lungs. you leaned against one of the walls in the alley, your legs shaking beneath you. every single muscle in your body ached. you weren't sure if you could move after all that. you spent a moment just catching your breath and listening to the remaining rumbles of the collapsed complex in the distance.

    an explosion erupted somewhere above you. you didn't even have the energy to jump as a figure landed heavily in front of you, sending dust into the air again. he stormed over to you, gloved hand gripping you by the face so he could turn it this way and that.

    "y'good?" bakugou grunted, crimson eyes flicking over your face before moving to check your arms. you batted him away, befuddled by the way he was acting.

    "yeah, i'm fine." you sighed and stood up straighter to shake out your legs. bakugou glanced down to watch your actions for a moment before he tugged at your arm and wrapped it around his shoulders. his other arm wrapped around the middle of your back. you gaped at him as you stumbled, forced to follow along as he practically dragged you down the alley. "hey—?!"

    "'m gonna bring you to the fuckin' ambulance," he growled, his eyes firmly focused ahead of him. you had to activate your quirk to make yourself a bit taller since it was awkward to have him practically holding you up by the arm. "they're gonna check y'over and then 'm gonna take you out."

    take me out?! you choked on your spit. "like, with a gun?!"

    "no! dumbass!" bakugou looked down at you with a scowl. you stared, with wide eyes, at the flush on his cheeks. his ears were tinged red as well. what the hell. he looked away from you and grumbled lowly, "like on a date." his flush deepened.

    you stared at him for a second. two seconds. you were having a hard time processing what he'd just said. you shook your head and abruptly tugged yourself out of his hold, coming to a stop so you could rub at your temples. bakugou let you go in surprise and turned around to stare at you standing a few feet behind him.

    "hold up," you raised a hand at him before he could take a step closer, "i thought you fucking hated me?! where the fuck is this coming from?!" you were confused. when had he ever shown interest in you... in you like that?!

    bakugou let out a huff and crossed his thick arms. he looked to the side, staring at a random brick. you took that moment to observe him. him, decked out in his hero suit with dust coating his body here and there, his ash-blond hair ruffled all over the place. there were a few rips in his shirt from the battle with the villain, exposing some shallow cuts. his ears got redder.

    "i don't..." he mumbled and you had to strain your ears to hear him properly. "i don't... hate you, or anythin'." you stared at him some more.

    "coulda fooled me," you eventually said, a burning feeling in your cheeks. and that's when you realized you were both standing in the middle of a fucking dirty alley. you stepped forward and brushed past him, your gaze focused ahead of you as you walked towards the open streets.

    "oi!" bakugou called out to you and jogged so he could catch up and fall in stride with your shaky steps. you didn't look at him, too embarrassed by what you were slowly coming to realize. bakugou katsuki wanted to go on a date with you. fuck. he snarled when you didn't pay him any attention. "don't just—"

    "one," you interrupted him, holding up your index finger. "you get one date. and be glad i'm giving you a chance at all with how shitty you've treated me."

    bakugou gaped at you for a moment then nodded determinedly. "i'll take ya on the best fuckin' date you've ever been on." you hated how your heart jumped at his words. this man was going to be the death of you.

    "yeah, whatever," you mumbled, rubbing at your face as though that could get rid of the blush you had on your cheeks.

    #aka the fic where bkg thinks ur sooo hot and a total baddie #but is too emotionally constipated to tell u #bakugou katsuki x reader #bakugou x reader #katsuki x reader #bnha x reader #mha x reader #my hero academia x reader #boku no hero academia x reader #bakugou x you #bakugo x reader #bakugo katuski x reader #someone ask me for a part two i love the reader's quirk #like can u imagine being shorter than bkg #but bc of ur quirk #whenever he gets on ur nerves u just grow a few feet until u look down on him #and inside hes like how dare u #but hes also like fck thats sooo hot #also alternatively: being pissed at him that u shrink urself and hide somewhere he cant find u
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  • jjunis
    17.01.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    not the official hybe writers lowkey shipping soule and eugene 💀

    #the wattpad version is so funny there was just some random as picture of soobin in the middle of a scene i lost it all #it's good but it's funny #i wasn't expecting that #also the yeonbin-shipping writers are a big fat mood #star seekers spoilers #? i guess idk #dani's thoughts 💭
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  • isthisadrawingiseebeforeme
    17.01.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    yeah i gave him a 🌈rainbow🌈 road star powerup inspired tattoo yes im v original

    #dnp#dnp art#amazingphil#phil lester#phil art #crisis twink phil #is he still a twink if hes on the brink of 35? #is there an age range? or is it a mood? somebody pls educate me #also i accidentally drew everything on one layer -_- so it is what it is
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  • neverdoingmuch
    17.01.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    to the anon who sent me in an as about the meta ages ago i swear im working on it!! ive got a response that ive been working on!!

    see!! its just taking a while!! i think im about 2/3 of the way through though!! so hopefully i should be able to post that soon

    #legal talks #its babys first meta and these things are Hard #but also im very behind on asks bc ive been very busy for the past couple of months so im really sorry about that #but im working on it!!
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  • vviciously
    17.01.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    my gpa almost 90 got covid and lung cancer after having bowel cancer last year and being severely underweight and breaking the base of his spine a week ago but still kicking yeah he not vaxxed

    #nic minute imma be here like my gpa passed away goodnight #in all honesty pray for him he going to heaven but just pray he is okay nobody can visit him because of melbournes stupid hospital rules #also his 95 year old wife and him miss each other dearly so pray for her too i never loved them like i love them now
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  • flavia-draws
    17.01.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    Reblog and tag what mythical creature you'd be compared to if you were a prog musician. Bonus points if you actually are a prog musician.

    #well ice said ruly and i would be brownies #but also maybe we'd be gems from steven universe #because my gemsona is where my stage name came from #we're not really prog #maybe minisculely prog #for ruly
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  • mint-silver
    17.01.2022 - 9 minutes ago
    #art#video#multiversal mayhem#MM #Fern is my favourite though #started back during scpmesa #with the sour patch kids #lmao #also this was very rushed sorry
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  • deadkenndy
    17.01.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    my stupid ass 4th wall breaking brain: what if the games and movies were just based off of their lives and it was some hollywood idea of what happened vs what actually happened.

    #some of it's totally embellished. #ooc. #leon not being happy at the distastefulness of hollywood making shit out of raccoon city and profiting off of it #but he also gets used to it #he also finds his 'hollywood' image hilariously inaccurate
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  • flamboyant-king
    17.01.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    It’s Aggie Night, Boys! Happy Dragon Day!

    Tonight’s challenge was: Draw your sweetest character unhinged/feral/OOC. Do not worry, none of these are canon~

    #blood #me and agent are the reason for the blood waarning. I THOUGHT WE WERE ALL  GOING BLOODY #aggie night #aggie.io #oc stuff #also the cammy and enoki thing was unplanned. Len and I are just on the same wavelength *clenches fist*
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  • nsfwitchy2
    17.01.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    Child characters seducing adults,,, choice,,,

    #nsfwitchytalks #i feel like I make my worst posts at night #but also I regret nothing this concept slaps
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