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    Concept art for a ceramic teapot I’m making in my studio art class.

    I’ll update on progress as I go.

    #shut up mys #its gonna be garbage #but hey #its creative at least #cyberman#doctor who
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  • Y’all, imagine if Diluc and Kaeya were fluent in french, so whenever they argue and they have proper guests over who don’t know the language, they’ll just throw french curse words at each other-

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    #bruh its fucking snowing #yass #its not sticking #but hey #I'll take it
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  • time is stupid. i turned 15 about a month before we went into lockdown and now as we’re approaching one year, i’m hitting a cultural milestone. the problem is i never got to be fifteen while simultaneously this year has aged me decades, so no matter how i look at it, i’m never gonna get to be or really feel 16

    #emo as fuck #but seriously #this all could’ve been avoided #and it’s out of my control which makes it even worse #but hey #with my grades the way they are i’ll probably at least get another shot at sophomore year #🧍‍♀️
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    So like, I really don’t see Morgoth as able to love anyone besides himself, but I’ve run into the rare pair of young Melkor and Nienna a couple of times before and it’s…darn it it’s compelling

    #my art #course I only recently learned she used to be his and Manwe’s sister instead of Namo and Irmo’s #but hey #we all just pick the canon we want #and this is nubious head canon for me anyway #nienna definitely keeps any feelings waaaay longer then Melkor does #melkor#nienna#valar#Morgoth#tolkien#lotr#silmarillion #I’m still figuring out how I want to portray the valar #melkor x nienna
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  • .

    #ive been having a lot of trauma related dreams lately and im not having fun #and some of them i wont realize theyte dreams for a day or two #:') #i wonder if theyre ever gonna stop #it doesnt feel like it #but hey #im in a way better place rn than last year #ptsd wise #a lot of the fear is gone #havent woke up crying in a few months #but the guilt doesnt go away #honestly id rather have night terrors every night and be afraid to leave my house over keeping this guilt #and its not even just abt the katie thing #its everything before and especially after #to the people that helped me #anf to everyone ive ever been mad at #its just hard #ill mever be able to make anything up #like yeah its in the past and ive made up with these people but #i dont know how theyre just okay with it #idk how they still talk to me #i feel bad for them #and it feels so selfish staying in contact with people #because they deserve better than me and if i wasnt a piece of shit id ghost them all #wish i wasnt a piece of shit lmao
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  • Shoutout to the repair store I visited! Experimax fixed up my iPhone waaaaaay cheaper than Apple’s out-of-warranty price. If you’re in the Massachusetts Methuen area, I gotta give ‘em props!

    I work on computers, very afraid to even touch a phone. They even had a Bernie meme up on Facebook heh, made me do a chuckle.

    #normally wouldn't promo businesses #But the people working there? #They had good vibes #I stopped by twice and they have a chick on staff #Don't see them much #So hella big rep to the people that like computers #Maybe a lil gay at heart I am #But hey #We all got our thing
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  • First day back to work and one of my kids called me “pointy” because when she laid her head on my chest she was like “Ms. Miller your bones are poking me in the eye!!!!”

    #collarbones too sharp i guess #but hey #i like the idea that my figure is getting more sculpted ;) #also i was informed my lead teacher has covid so #guess who's gonna be subbing for that class for the next month #woohoo
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  • I may or may not have drafted 5 fics last night…

    there’s two bucky (one v fluffy other is pure angst which ive never written before so we’ll see how that goes)

    there’s one of dean winchester which ive been meaning to write for a while, its kinda cute and flirty

    and two mando fics which kinda follow the same storyline as love language, like it’s all connected in the same universe but i want to write them in a way that they can also be read as stand alones

    and i really wanna write some stuff for Spencer, like a one shot, but my mind is drawing a complete blank for ideas :(

    anyways, let me know which yall would be interested in me doing first and if yall have any ideas or requests (more so for spencer but ill take any of them), pls send me an ask or message, im always down for fresh ideas on what to write :))

    #idk if yall could tell #but ive just recently come across the revelation that writing is one of my coping mechanisms #ive been unfortunately reliving some trauma lately and ive written the most now than i probably ever have #and like it really makes sense #but hey #on the bright side #i get to put out some content for yall #im doing better now if yall were concerned #just glad that im writing more now :) #even tho i should really be focusing on the spring semester jdshfk
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  • does anyone want to be thrown into the sun? dunno if the radiance would like that but not my problem

    #moth posts #random post of the day #guess i'll be writing random posts to try and keep being consistent or smth #consistence is not real #who can be consistent #i am very not consistent #but hey #i want to throw someone into the sun #idk if this counts as spoilers aaa
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    ✨ Two sides of the same coin ✨

    #this has been done like what #a 10000 times already?? #but I needed to relax and this was the first thing that my overworked brain came up with #i know it’s rather simple #but hey #at least I had fun #bbc Merlin#Merlin#arthur pendragon #two sides of the same coin #merthur#my art#merlin emrys
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  • i already have you ; george weasley

    george weasley x reader

    warnings: mentions of losing someone you love, very very brief mentiones of blood, georgie losing his ear, lack of capitalization and probably grammar mistakes. let me know if there’s anything else :)

    : hello! this is my first very short fic and if it sucks, i am so very sorry. i just wanted to see what it would be like if i posted this. bit scared that it’s too rushed sojsjs. i’d love to hear your thoughts on this this and thanks for the support @cedricsbrowncurls! (here it is) ily thank you :)

    i hope y’all enjoyjsjs

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    #george weasley #george weasley x reader #george weasley imagines #george weasley imagine #george weasley oneshot #george weasley fanfiction #harry potter #harry potter fanfictions #harry potter imagines #so fucking scared rn #but hey #we’ll never know what happens til we try
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  • today i was talking to my mom and she told me my bf is her favorite son-in-law to which I responded “not that the other one was much competition” referring to my toxic ex.

    and this woman


    and said

    “but do you remember how cute he was when he washed his dish whenever he came over to eat?”

    and I just-

    we’re talking about the guy that pressured me into having sex when I was 16 and had never had a relationship before, that gaslighted me to the point I could not trust my own thoughts, that left me with a fucking eating disorder

    but yeah, I guess him washing his own plate whenever he came over was pretty fucking cute

    #i don't know what else to tag this #i don't know how to tag this #i'm a little tired #a little upset #a little sad #a little depressed #a little confused about the fact that my mother still has fond memories of the guy how fucked up his daughter #but hey #it's all good #what happened to your innocence #your brightness#idk mom #the guy who washed his own dishes must have it
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  • #I’m v v far from fluent in any of them tho #like I’m able to piece together v basic sentences which probably aren’t even right #but hey #if grammatically incorrect blogs are your kink than howdy
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  • friend; you can be a dumbass sometimes, you know

    me; you think I’m not aware? i thought the letter grey was a number the other day

    #but hey #at least i wasn't the one left confused #then i went and solved some calculus without any problems
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  • shoutout to the guy in the giant pick up truck who is taking up 3(!!!) parking spaces in the tiny animal hospital parking lot even though he really only needs like 1 and a half. really cool dude. love that for u.

    #i lit rally do not know if I’m allowed to park where I ended up parking and I could barely get out of my car #but hey #you do you #totally cool to take up 3 whole entire parking spaces out of the like. five that are available for this place #jeka jabber
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  • #glitchtrap #idk how to draw animals IM SORRY #but hey #it didn't turned out that bad! #fnaf fanart#fnaf vr #five nights at freddy's #blep art#fnaf glitchtrap#anon#ask#request
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  • back in nyc and god I love living here so much. like I can just order a space heater and they’ll deliver it to me TODAY because the living room is just too cold for my snake. that doesn’t happen back home, you have to go to the store. which is fine. when we’re not in a pandemic and not I’m supposed to be quarantining because I’ve been out of state. 

    #...one could make the argument that it's better to live literally anywhere else #because literally anywhere else most apartments have thermostats and not radiators #over which I have zero control #but hey
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  • you’ll be pleased to know that i tore myself away from stardew enough yesterday to make some posts for the gianlerette today. uwu

    #madebycoffee speaks #granted... the last one of the day i need to still edit... #but hey #better than pretending i do not see them
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  • It was pretty metal of me to wake up drowning in blood.

    #perks of being a woman i guess #personal #and yeah i complain about this and then i'm making stupid jokes about it #but hey #it felt really metal the raining blood thing
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